Syntax error in Macro expansion
Css Center Aligning A Menu?
Getting an intersection with Google Places/Geocoding API
Global Socket Starts (AsyncSocket)
Prevent animation of an element in a custom cell when entering and exiting edit mode
Android Opencv cvt color
Reducing memory consumption of mysql on ubuntu@aws micro instance
Setting this to a var causes possible strict violation: [duplicate]
download count29.php whene loading site
How to manage memcached cluster across fluctuating aws ec2 instances of django servers
how can i go about checking if a file exists [duplicate]
Momentarily disable buttons enabled through dependency properties
Why does using None fix Python's mutable default argument issue?
flyspell correct the previous to previous mistake
Core Data: Deleting causes 'NSObjectInaccessibleException' from NSOperation with a reference to a deleted object
Hiding all jScrollpane scrollbars when page load
Is there any difference between `ListView.invalidateViews()` and 'Adapter.notifyDataSetChanged()'?
Hide window that show when we use NSPrintOperation
ExpandableListView with two TextViews per Item
backbone.js + require.js + user authentication
How can I set 鈥渁llow_dynamic_fields鈥�on a per collection basis in Mongoid?
Procedure or Function Expects Parameter Which Was Not Supplied #2
How to access a controller in another bundle in Symfony?
How to avoid the 鈥淥pen IME鈥�popup in a StringGrid?
Can't access public non-static class attribute from secondary class
Read all fields in a form [closed]
Create a tree structure from nested Braces php
Exception while creating EntityManagerFactory - Lookup failed for 'persistence/myPU' in SerialContext
How to set default port for Webrick?
Can't Install MSVCP100.dll
Simple domain objects attribute values
Coldfusion query conversion to msword
Play 2.0 Scala Heroku instance isn't seeing every variable in the Procfile
jquery drill down
How to refresh cache of Amazon S3 Storage for static webpage?
Global Variable for ASP.Net MasterPage
Duplicating PHP lines
Passing parameters to jQuery from Django View and using callback functions based on if else condition
how to make a fixed-number-of-words-search dynamic in Coldfusion/MySql?
Attach window to window of another process
Fading photos in slideshow using CSS
Sending array as one variable from JavaScript to PHP
Database over internet
C++ Circular Inheritance and Class
Google Maps api v3 (Javascript): Image in infowindow
Sinatra render and passing rendering options for Redcarpet
Twitter bootstrap navbar not responsive to small screens
Bubble Sorting a linked list, by names
node.js runs concurrently, or does it?
SQL not working unless multiple db_connect(); statements
Rails file uploading and Heroku
Are either of these methods more optimized for querying using Mongo Db Driver for C# than the other?
How i can play streaming audio over Ethernet in Qt?
iPhone sockets working over WIFI but not 3G
MVC3 JSON Telerik MVC TreeView Javascript
Encode response of HTTP , it's MIME but dont' show final part of its
merge json object with arrays
Internet Explorer form submit with target to iframe not working
Jagged images in IE7
AJAX callbacks without jquery [duplicate]
Jquery setTimeOut Delay
Alignment of elements on a web page
adding a list field in mongo (python)
Rails. Sum a specific attribute on a collection
Copying all file contents into new files - Batch
Creating an Arraylist of the specified parameter's type or its subtype
ASP.NET - button visibility change in DetailsView HeaderTemplate not working in OnModeChanging handler
WPF Window size Issues
Is it possible to run multiple elseif blocks in the same if block?
Django 1.4 Modifying Custom Account Model for Uniqueness of E-mail Addresses
How to create vbscript or bat file to overrite an existing xml file
Proper html attribute highlighting in Vim?
Setting BIRT datasource through its API
I am using apache shiro under camel and I cannot map groups to roles with ldap/active directory
Add fast scroll to a AlertDialog.Builder scrolllist
Setting WPF text backcolor with focus and image
My bit-wise swapping isn't working
d3.js Tag Cloud size from a Json/array?
How to bind a property inside a class inside another singleton?
Junit HTML report generated from Teamcity does not show System.out statements
Print to network printer from PHP
Fluid width block element links in fixed position footer
If my Mac App works, do I have to fix sandboxing 鈥渧iolations鈥�
compare the block Integral [closed]
FTP cpanel permissions
HTTPWebRequest Body Formatting
Hidden element with visible :after - CSS
Django Tastypie User Registration
RSS feed not showing in Android, working on web
Simplest way to run Sphinx on one python file
Newbie: In Django, how to I change the object display names?
ScreenShot of an UIWebView that is not currently on screen
Node.js Mongoosejs Crud scaffolding can't send two consecutive messages?
how to get this sql data with a join and non unique key relating two tables
Excel VBA: How to Extend a Range Given a Current Selection
Large SQL Queries From Sharepoint Causing Performance Issues
Writing to linux console without using printk
Magento - Make side navigation links be SEO Friendly
Factory pattern allocating memory at compile time, and how to print compile time info
Parse PE header in java
generating unique random strings and insering into db
Parse CSV and import to PHP is slow
has_many through sql
Accessing with credentials
Why doesn't my current_user helper method work during tests?
import native c++ classes
Mod rewrite string to image directory
ASP.NET 4.0 site displaying error - ISAPI 鈥淩estriction鈥�column is missing
In-memory cache for saving strings or NSNumbers
CSS: parent has overflow-y but my absolute child wants to have negative left
Java Protobuf (ver. 2.4.1) and Protobuf-net (ver. r480) inheritance compatibility
.net winforms custom control with wrong sizes in designer
.load vs .on(鈥渓oad鈥�
How to benchmark logins per second with omniauth / oauth ? (ruby+rspec)
Java Youtube api rate comment
startsWith endsWith matches contains regular expression
Android: how to create this kind of dynamic layout?
Chrome API - What does the chrome.webstore API do?
Am I loading my character array correctly?
Why does GCC do not use builtins in strict mode?
difference between perl's hash and python's dictionary
SQLiteQueryBuilder multiple selection
Tapestry5-JQuery Dialog Button Events not firing
How to execute an remote .sql in mysql command line
How do you properly handle device orientation from an android native only application?
Calling variables dynamically in SCSS
MoSync linking with external library
Using Ruby How To Avoid Writing Extra Lines To File
setOnLongClickListener in ListView, applies to 2 rows instead of 1
Validation Error message in mvc3
modal dialog jquery rules
how to disable native android apps
What is the best architecture to use at the back end for a java client based client/server setup?
Using MySQL and Mongodb together
File.Exists - Wrong?
Android Gallery with Gridview & Thumbnails
Error handling issue when using ReCaptcha
Javascript error at position鈥�: Object required? I can't fix this? [closed]
how to get a value in Customized listview with button .. (android)
how to build shoes and ruby 1.9.3?
Core Image CIPerspectiveTransform Filter: How to use CIVectors?
NSTableView contents not being refreshed properly
to_json exception 'undefined method `[]=' for #<JSON::Ext::Generator::State:0x108823cd8>'
Simple regex replace in R
Finding the index of a set of characters in huge sequence of characters
PHP convert an image made in the file into base64
ob_start /ob_get_clean to Email html php content/results
How To Set A RadGrid's Page Size Programmatically Without Triggering A PageSizeChanged Event
ASP.Net MVC: Change ViewData in Child Action
simple regex matching
Retrieving data from object
Limit queryset results based on model field, are there better ways?
Which library should I use for server-side image manipulation on Node.JS? [closed]
How to use boost::tuple as attribute in a boost::spirit rule?
Pseudo variable
Structure for storing data from thousands of files on a mobile device
How to webscrape secured pages in R (https links) (using readHTMLTable from XML package)?
Pass data between GWT and PHP
[Android]How do i save layoutBackground image (choice from apdater) when i quitting and playing app background still not change?
IIS not accepting external (internet) network requests [closed]
Variables between List
Compatibility for SwitchPreference (pre ICS)?
javaCV UnsatisfiedLinkError
Exact width integers in C++/Qt: Is typedef int qint32 really correct?
rails n:m how to have rails associations when the db table names are different
Use Visual Studio solution in ci server or maintain a separate build file
making bayesian plate diagrams in javascript
Excel 2007 VBA Code- Splitting Cells
SQLBulkCopy Don't Copy Primary Keys
Phonegap (Cordova) picture upload to server is too big
Get a count of one column based on another column
jQueryMobile on one page of a Phonegap app
Fixing the size of layouts
gamekit UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities
Fixing Powershell Inactive User Script
libclang get primitive value
Java - Flex 4 AIR 2.0 Native Process
How to handle an interrupted HTTP connection in C#
Detecting certain keys on an AZERTY keyboard?
jquery and php ajax sessions
What's the best way to back out multiple changesets in mercurial?
Finding a Nested <li>, and modifying it
Disable ssl session cache on android or java/activemq/tomcat
foursquare website venue search not matching up to api search
jQuery Fancybox 2 individual slide timer plus 鈥減lay slide/panel #1 once鈥�
Create elegant urls avoiding querystrings using native RegisterRoutes
PHP: Best way to make all database fields accessible inside my class?
iOS library for signing in with Twitter
binding an function to unordered list used as submenu
How do you use the DrawBorder event in ToolTip Draw method?
javascript project compiler
extraneous arguments [closed]
What are possible languages/syntaxes in Sublime Text 2 settings creation?
SAS Two-way count table: How to produce?
Problems with Applets that contains Java3d in Mac OS Lion and Snow Leopard
Check if variable is a valid date with PHP
get a session variable when clicked on link through foreach loop
Quickest way of Importing 500GB Text File taking only the sections wanted
Count the number of times objects of a certain class have been instantiated
Progress bar change colour
Core Graphics Pattern crashes (only on the device)
URL rewrite regex to allow alphanumeric underscores and hyphens
Ways to access elements of an array that's within an object
Google maps V3 custom marker images and fitBounds()
How to eliminitate the first part of the URL
How can I use ImageJ as a library for a separate Java application?
What's the use of XFL ( Uncompressed ) file in flash?
Dropdown menu (display:none) blocks clicking other divs that are positioned in it's space while it's not in use - can I click through?
Remove deleted files from git history
Need an anchor link that only moves Overflow text box without Scrolling Browser
How to get value at X Position on a dropdown field?
Unable to invoke the methods of a WCF service hosted in Azure with https
Need Container, the keys known from the start but the value don't
Why do link paths in JavaScript not require a precedding / but paths in PHP includes do?
jQuery Tools Tabs + History - Preventing jumping in IE 6 and 7
C++ Construction Behaviour
Racket flymake-mode for emacs
Track OutOfMemory exception?
Local multiplayer in XNA
How to auto include?
why python AST module parse a source code to a tree of it's node don't have point of parent
Creating a filter from parent class?
php inner classes support
How to GET current page number of PDF document in C#
What is the easiest way to update a rails button_to after an ajax post?
Implementation of abstract traits in with clause [duplicate]
2D interactive animation engine in HTML5
Smarty / PHP after print_r check in PHP result are shown in Array. But in Smarty shows only first letter, within foreach loop
An issue about WM_INPUT and GetPixel
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' - Python
jquery accessing all elements who have id attribute
What is wrong with my htaccess subdomain rewrite?
Accessing a Collection
The master method - why can't it solve T(n) = T(n/2) + n^2/logn?
UITableView horizontal row
easiest way to create free standing Mac OS X perl applications
Codeigniter/Mysql: Column count doesn't match value count with insert_batch()?
security safe to disable csrf tokens for json rails calls?
On iOS, what is a good way to implement a slide-out panel full of widgets?
Return value from a mongodb call from nodejs
Initialising new rails project after upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3
ASP.NET MVC 4 how do I automatically make an action load and redirect if fail
why I got Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) Error Group when I enabled a second location?
Hover Popups with Additional links on Image
Need help using jQueryUi in Plone
C# Nested classes
getApplicationContext returning null in TabActivity
Return value from a mongodb call from nodejs
Initialising new rails project after upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3
ASP.NET MVC 4 how do I automatically make an action load and redirect if fail
why I got Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) Error Group when I enabled a second location?
Hover Popups with Additional links on Image
Need help using jQueryUi in Plone
C# Nested classes
getApplicationContext returning null in TabActivity
running amixer through cgi
鈥淭emporary error retrieving documents. 鈥�in full text search
Callbackoncollecteddelegate was detected error
Time difference in nlog
show tables like 'year%' >=2010
Android: Autocomplete for multiple input
Why are interfaces slower than abstract classes [duplicate]
MYSQL PHP query to get data from one table to another
http post - android application
How to use Admob Phonegap plugin with iOS
How to operate Active Directory with DNS on another computer?
How To:remove one character from from one textbox with backspace and it will remove more than one character from other textbox
ncurses: window color don't work
Sp_msforeachtable Returns Just First Table In C#
No resource file in Qt Creator
J2ME to Android Port , How to handle thread?
鈥淭he real object has been deleted鈥�in logcat
Open Source Plug-Play Enterprise Search Engine Options?
FlurryAnalytics simple installation not registering any app activity [closed]
Textmate, automatically closing indentation when closing html tag
Can't figure out why this is not working right(rand)
Video program freezing while saving frames
How can I save a session variable in the object?
nested list inlisp
opengl es 2.0 source code location in android source code
proper array use in php
How to read line by line from a file?inside AWK [closed]
how to assign one property of viewmodel to another property of another viewmodel for different views?
How to close (kill, release?) a socket, which is in FIN_WAIT_2 state?
unable to logout using facebook api php sdk
Draw a separator line on UIView in Storyboard
Wrong buffer length (const char FAR*)
Get/Set CSS property values via Javascript: questions
How do you stop the content of a <div> from starting a new line when resized?
How to know if a given user has read and/or write permissions for a given path
Get value from parentform
Access HttpApplicationState (Application[鈥渒ey鈥漖) data from inside a class
chef-solo error Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - solo.rb
iOS memory management with autorelease
visible word in a wordwrap element
How to get contents of class through JavaScript
Ruby - Savon - JIRA SOAP - set component while creating a new issue
Failed To Convert Parameter Value From A String To A Int32
Java convert .obj to OpenGL for Android
Converting GAE model into JSON
Paypal IPN 503 error with Rails 3.0.10 and Heroku (Solved)
Combining 2 queries in Google Fusion
Error MSB4014: The build was aborted because of an internal failure
List generation in Haskell
Reading Cell Java POI null error
MYSQL WHERE condition depends upon SELECT column
Why do I have to give it a name?
Many MySQL queries vs one big query? [duplicate]
knockout.js dynamic field binding with variable
Disable or modify functions of physical buttons throughout phone
Android - Rounded Rectangle within Rounded Rectangle
Serializing Int values to char* buffer in ANSI C
flipping a polygon with boost:geometry
Why can't I access the private variables of the superclass in Python?
Powershell: Filtering unwanted values from get-wmiobject win32_product
Looping an image frame in android
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, How can i free memory?
Using custom tagging in Rails
Are Hibernate queries vulnerable to SQL injection
d3.js Stacked bar chart with Logarithmic Scaling
C# BackgroundWorker_DoWork only does some of the work
Xcode: Zoom image in a scroll view
reloadData not working for UITableView dataSource?
Creating WIX MSI Dynamically without Candle/Light
first video in array is always first or second to play on next video function
read pdf document properties from terminal as seen in nautilus
Filter Custom Listview Using BaseAdapter
PHP: replacing absolute urls in a textarea
Using Jama to calculate eigenvalues/eigenvectors?
Executing script file in h2 database
What is wrong with printing a path in graph?
Anti - virus : How an antivirus checks a file infected by virus? [closed]
Adding keylistener to panel in CardLayout
jquery dynamic url
Django: 鈥済lobal name 'xxx' is not defined鈥�in custom template tag Node
Can I access a user's friend status using Facebook Graph API?
How to include same random result in 2 diffrent php page?
Android: pre- and post-HONEYCOMB heap usage due to bitmaps?
Play 2.0 ManyToMany and ManyToOne
Prevent specific css and js file from being cached htacesss
How do I print the list of changeset hashes on a given branch, in Mercurial?
How to check block adding characters if the input text is a special character?
How to get the screen size of Console Application?
Output of Google Analytics reports of my site
Adding Django and Joomla site to Apache
linking a NSTimer to a NSProgressIndicator
How to zip the selected files of a HTML form
PHP class properties without 鈥�this鈥�
How do I configure the web.xml for multiple restlet applications?
Spring source suite spring3 + Hibernate4 + maven 3 + MySQL 5
Android : programmatically copying apk to /system/app
Could not execute JDBC batch update Hibernate
Creating own object storage similar to shared preferences
Code Contracts and MVVM
How to import a large wikipedia sql file into a mysql database?
Inconsistency when creating a Date from milis
Why would a .NET EXE, compiled as x86, run as x64?
Is it possible to read another url's dom structure?
unexpected PREG_MATCH behavior
Dreamweaver CS5 MAMP Site Definition Error
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淭he property 'background' was not found in type 'TextBox.鈥�
AWS EC2 pricing [closed]
How to set default text in the combobox using MVVM
how to load data from multiple requests to one store with one model
Combine multiple columns into a single column in new table
In an MVP ASP.NET app using IoC, what should call the IoC container?
How do I get PRIMARY KEY from database using another column's value? (Android, SQLite)
Adding a simple spacer to twitter bootstrap
Should I stop using OpenCV?
Build steps: 鈥渋nvoke ant鈥�vs. 鈥渞unning ant from shell鈥�
dyld: symbol not found in Snow Leopard, thinks it's in a different framework, okay in Lion
Copy folders with applescript
Google analytics doesn't track IE visitors?
Last line of css-run gallery overlaps
ActionBar menu inflation error from SherlockFragment (ClassCastException)
add new element at the beginning of a JSON
Run a C# Console Application from SQL Server Agent (Job)?
Getting text from another application window
usage of js calendar in multiple tabs
php - Best way to define Global Constant(available in all files)
Array declaration in fortran
How to Insert Snippets via Component Link from Rich Text Fields in Tridion Razor Templates
Setting up htaccess file
Deploying MVC3 EF Code First Site
Polymorphic association with validation [Is it even possible ??]
Sencha Touch 2 get record
Why is the Ordered By disregarded?
Android: Listview with Webview not clickable
MergeSort Implementation
Facebook API for the siderbar feed
Rails: Delete the temporary object from
First image selected in coolbar (Eclipse RCP)
Glassfish 3.1.2 Faces Servlet xhtml not processing properly / missing output
Using Delta in Dropbox API with iOS
Difference between [abc] and (a,b,c)
Blit transparent images with Allegro
Algorithm for unique elements in n number of arrays (or objects)
Can anybody help convert this script from as2 to as3 [closed]
I can't find `Web Form Using Master Page` in Visual Studio 2010 Professional
Error in Javascript: Object not defined
using authentication with custom authentication
CSimpleIniA - method of wrapper class doesn't read config file value
Execute Fade-In as Page initiallyloads?
Tutorial on how to host VST plugins using JUCE?
Is there a script that can create a simple dynamic paginated list of products with an admin page for managing products on a static website?
Changing a request's referer doesn't work
Disable default home launcher
Android OpenGL ES 2.0 : Can a GL_FLOAT texture be assigned to a FBO as a COLOR attachment?
How are variables made available to expression evaluator scope? how to add my own?
django-recaptcha making no sense
validation error - undefined method `zero?'
C++ return type does not match function type
How to include a random array with 2 variable
Accessing application helpers from RailsEngine
can get it work htpasswd
Creating a lock for a console applicaiton
C get compilation options inside the code
Weird Wordpress Bold Sidebar. Auto generating <b> tags
IObservable of keys pressed
concatenating a number of .txt files in java [closed]
List implementation that maintains ordering
Gallery with thumbs, too many foreach loops (?) (PHP)
Error converting miles to kilometers
add items on top of the listview android
How to highlight syntax inside <blockquote> tag?
Error while installing Google App Engine SDK in eclipse 3.7
How to align td elements in center
C++ speed differences of 鈥渂y value鈥�vs 鈥渂y reference鈥�[closed]
Need a default search engine for web browser control
Repeater in updatepanel not showing rows correctly
response of sending email in android
how to get started with ejabberd xmpp server ?? how to set up database for ejabberd [closed]
Add subviews to AppDelegate
Use the value of a where variable in other parts of a query
Cannot connect to MySql database [closed]
Threadsafe collection without lock
Why can't the size of a static array be made variable? [duplicate]
better system than regex
Unit testing code that requires Request & Framework context
iPhone iOS how to serialize / save UIColor to JSON File?
R: How to Label Specific Contours using direct.label
Running VNC fullscreen with multiple monitors
Android - How to access sqlite database from internal memory phone?
DB filled DropDownList in EditorTemplate
Get the first empty select box recursively
Hibernate - Issue saving generic object to database
The union of two determinstic finite automata?
How to use a Gzip file as a link
jQuery not working in IE AHHH?
UTF-8 file output in R
Touchscreen gestures list and names
Composite foreign key and DDL generation in JPA 2
How to maintain inclusion references while loading a new form on PHP?
Make First Item on Dropdownlist鈥�-select--鈥�
Client-side clustering: Could someone explain what this line does?
Cannot display XML ,error at the end of document
Android - what is the good-practice way of handling button clicks on the header of an app
How to convert an array into a number in PHP?
Count set of values in MongoDB
Checking json output status using if in php
jQuery sortable margin issues
setsockopt(鈥� cannot recognize IP_TTL for IPPROTO_IP on Ubuntu
android storage persistence SharedPreferences vs localstorage
Is there any way that HTML Audio tag could play mp3 in Firefox
Custom rendering of a 鈥渞epeated鈥�field from Symfony 2 in Twig
Populating an autocompletetextview with results from a php powered webservice
Get current IP from adapter name?
Not able to Ajax post knockout (KO) data in XML format
Java Paint component not working
How to pass request parameters to dopost() method in a Servlet on a in Backbone.js
Android, Parcelable and am I doing this correctly
How to Pass continue url to Login Required Decorator
beginning_of_day error when updating my Event model
How to get the hWnd of Window instance?
Div that reveals another image
QR code Reader Exception for Zxing
How to handle relationship in rails 3.1 between a table and 2 other mutually exclusive tables?
鈥渕ach-o, but wrong architecture鈥�in OpenCv (Leopard)
Do we need to specify the cardinality of a relation when we create a table?
Rails engine test/dummy with Spork, Guard, RSpec?
How to get the elevations points from Google maps in C#?
Deploy project with database in WPF
Keep instance of activity when call this activity second time
iOS <-> PHP encryption
How to pass data from detail view to master view in iOS
Rails gem for cassandra
Blocks callback crash
Learning EJB JavaEE 1.4 Spec without an IDE [closed]
Google Maps API v3 with custom map image - markers repeating horizontally
Add prefixes and namespaces to XML serialization
How to check which photo is liked by current_user from photos collection?
Greek characters and images using iText and htmlWorker
Why won't the Google Maps API add markers?
Why can't Passenger find Gemfile in deployment?
GWT + HTML5 lightweight mobile library to support animations
C# lock does not work on invoked method
iOS - Calculating percent of a color in an area
Multiple markers on one location
Solution loading error on Visual Studio 11 (BETA)
Cross-domain getJson request with Simple PHP proxy
Call a Method from EventTrigger
Want to hide the textbox in a web browser app for wp7
Exchange Web Services API - Contact.ItemProperties Equivalent
PHP Red Bean ORM Performance issue
Undefined symbols, using C++ in iOS
How to move the cursor to a specific position in a specific line in ScintillaNet control?
Loading XML file into JavaScript Array
Capturing Date issue in my query
generate random numbers with no repeat in c#
SQL Server connect error: Instance failure
prevent sphinx from executing inherited doctests
can we use 鈥渏avascript鈥�codes in css 鈥渂ackground鈥� [duplicate]
Android screen off animation
JPQL join 2 tables: Writing jpql
In R data.table, how do I pass variable parameters to an expression?
Using of Task Parallel Library in app for Windows Phone throws ThreadAbortException
NSUserDefaults and .hidden state
Backbone.js doesn't send request with model name
convert a list to other type
Panel resizing behaviour
Make a UITableView narrower than the default size
Deleting multiple table view sections with individual animations for each section
Make a SQL Server plugin using C#
windows phone 7 wrappanel is not working
Cakephp regarding Security Component and CSRF protection
Error with linker for a extern variable declared in a header file
Using Object interfaces in Magento modules
PHP Passing Array of Objects to Javascript [duplicate]
How many threads may an application generate before beeing terminated by the JVM
Rapid Application Development?
Android emulater will not start from eclipse for 2.0 projects
Android Wallpaper Background
How to print dictionary's values from left to right?
MySQL Multiple joins and max date
Android + Phonegap + XML data
FDT: Is there a good workflow to follow if I'm building Haxe / NME project with FDT
Newbie - datepicker and to string VB
Standard form elements, where to place the code in MVC architecture
Method Resolution Order Error
Read Custom tag using linq2xml [duplicate]
Using Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll instead of System.Data.Services.Client.dll causes issues with Azure.StorageClient
How do I refactor my CSS? [duplicate]
Correct use of connections with C# and MySQL
Creating a class in runtime in Android
jquery bubble pop up on updation of content not working
scroll to bottom using .animate scrollTop finishes before defined time
How do I refactor my CSS? [duplicate]
Correct use of connections with C# and MySQL
Creating a class in runtime in Android
jquery bubble pop up on updation of content not working
scroll to bottom using .animate scrollTop finishes before defined time
VS2008 C++ 鈥渋nterface鈥�as a parameter name fails to compile
Java constructor extending [closed]
Google Maps V3, Map won't display when wrapped in a second div
inline::java and strawberry perl
Is the register keyword still used?
Is there a lib(cross-platform) to handling operating system date?
Multiple TypeFace in single TextView
rewrite dynamic url
find duplicates of a vector and delete ,preserving the order of parallel vectors
Prevent application hanging while getting webpage
how to align axis in R so that two axes intersects
Mysql syntax error issue
Detect height of a div. Then subtract value from 126 to set 'top' value of absolute positioned div
Issue with controls on tabControl - no data refreshing before clicking on all tabPages
How to import a module in Python with importlib.import_module
CaptureDeviceManager.getDeviceList() returns null
Is it better to support a single language strings.xml or many languages, but badly?
Greasemonkey: add parameters to URL
how to set the selected option of a select element without triggering a change event?
Matching ',' (Vertical Line) Charachter in C++
Why to use prototype when we can just add a property
What reshaping problems can melt/cast not solve in a single step?
Android - how to make the header buttons not have space behind them?
How can I find real client ip address? [closed]
How to delay or set durration with Element Method morph or tween in motools?
Clipboard.Flush() always fails in wxpython app
SQL Server 2008 r2 - T-SQL LIKE or PATINDEX to match characters OTHER than A-Z, 0-9, hyphen, period, underscore and tilde
Orchard CMS Multi-tenancy crash beware
Double and triple button is shown (DOMNodeInserted)
play youtube video in android
One Server, one domain Many Reverse DNS
Is CLLocation latitude equal to zero?
pre-visualize an image
netbeans not recognizing ArrayUtil
Convert a character vector of mixed numbers, fractions, and integers to numeric
the value of y is assigned how
Get file contents via xp_cmdshell
android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException 鈥�Twitter Client for Android
How to compare two fileStat.mtime in nodejs?
When I use a block in C++, will objects be copied or referenced?
Saving audio files and navigating between views
Calculating the sum oftwo variables in a batch script
Friendly URLs for Sinatra
Is it possible to develop a browser plugin which can redirect the users to a new url automatically when they try to visit some sites?
Ruby blocks - wrapping and customizing superclass methods (using define_method and blocks)
Cross Origin Resource Sharing Headers not working only for safari
error 1064 in trigger mysql
How I can validate only some validation groups based on some fields in the form itself in Symfony2
Using For loop to select data from excel_vba syntax
Pointer set in function returning as correct type
PDO Error with function
Configure CAS from existing .NET Usernames/Passwords
Deserialize a restful uri
RC4 on .net for decryption in Ruby
What is the best way to create a slide effect on a canvas?
HTML textarea covered with Traslucent Black Navigation bar
importing not working
Can I export my .apk to my phone just for testing? [duplicate]
Removing dynamically added form fields
too many indentation when checking a string with many regular expressions serially in python
Can a web page handle two versions of jQuery?
picture won't show after segue passing
jTreeModel does not expand after sending over a socket connection
Return a row number that matches multiple criteria in vbs excel
ActiveRecord ArgumentError: negative string size (or size too big) ***RESOLVED***
trying to implement session per web request, No current session context configure
Array Diff not finding array
960 grid system, extending the color
Django - use different for two different domain names?
Can I setup guard gem in ruby to notify me in GNU screen instead of libnotify?
How to log in to Facebook automatically via Facebook C# SDK
cannot read zip file entry
Duplicate jquery when using unobtrusiveValidationMode
Hibernate/SQL add names/keys to results
Trying to split javascript string, says undefined
jQuery DataTable creating issue
How do you shut down a Linux system? [closed]
Error when installing node.js on ubuntu 12.04- 鈥淧roject not configured (run 'waf configure' first) 鈥�
can't add to database through Ajax
How can i prevent multiple posts to the same page at the same time in jquery?
Generalizing a C++ pattern
How to deploy a ruby on rails project to a ruby only server?
running parallel junit tests on (multiple) remote machines
How to set the split view control within a UITabbarController
Copy to different user clipboard -Xorg linux
Android button not clickable after animation
Adding a margin above and below a ListView in Android
How to get the correct Different View on RedirectToAction using Jquery Post MVC 2 C#
Coldfusion CFPDF reading a binary database column
When clicking on a link, show alert box?
Java NoClassDefFoundError with Google App Engine Project Reference
Problems compiling DLL using GCC on Windows
Displaying XML in IE
Determine if a ftp file is a regular file or folder with python ftp lib
How do you access AVCaptureConnections formed by addInput and addOutput calls to AVCaptureSession?
How to disable text shaking when I click a button?
Copy memory with offset in Delphi
PHP displaying Chinese characters: SET NAMES 'utf8' not working
Difference between SQL View and WITH clause
Practical example of MVD3: (transitivity) If X 鈫�Y and Y 鈫�Z, then X 鈫�(Z 鈭�Y)
Does SPDY compress all my contents on default?
Setting NSDate from NSString not working
Extracting RGB & aplha value of an image [duplicate]
Mongo index of array item
Selecting the most popular entry from the last ten values entered
How to set mod_proxy to serve some files while others to be served by apache [closed]
Save referenced resource on update_attributes (create nested resource on edit)
In PostgreSQL What is g(i) in: FROM generate_subscripts($1, 1) g(i)?
Spring transaction propagation_required issue
squishit gives 304 (not modified) instead of 200 (from cache)
Clinical Device interface programming using ASTM protocol in .Net
Using argument char argv[] in system()
One to many dynamic database relations issue
jQuery code proceeds in an unexpected manner
Forcing a package's function to use user-provided function
NSStream does not call it's delegate when closed everytime
Required Windows Phone 7 page transition/ flipping card animation for iOS
.htaccess subdomain creation
Postfix dovecot SASL smtp auth [closed]
Why can't I display images in such a way?
Use Build-in android attr in APi7?
Filter in ManyToManyField with through
Trigger async tasks from other activity?
How to add a textbox programmatically to another page using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Resize the .resize class dependant on screen size
hash collisions between hg/mercurial and git?
Writing text on the image with PHP and GD
mergesorting 3 sub-arrays at once
Why don't I see any value from autocomplete search in jQuery
How to send request one by one?
How to construct SSIS expression?
Using BufferedOutputStream to write bytes to file with while loop. Help needed
Database first and ORMs
integrating websockets using Netty with Spring web app running in tomcat
Firebug can't choose script
Deterministic Monitor Pulse/ Wait and implementing timeout in producer-consumer collection
Eval-when uses?
Adding a div inside of an ActionLink
composer.lock: how does it work?
rectangle without border
Adding Simperium to existing Core Data project crashes with Assertion failure
Use an SQL database as a word dictionary
JQuery Mobile Content Padding Top is Incorrect on first load
Line deleting trouble in bash: passing user-input to sed vs to grep?
Detect if text field is empty or not and trigger code once, unless the state changes
Parsing text with HTML tags into NSAttributedString
How to pass dynamic value to another plugins options in Jquery (from accordion to localscroll)
Hide div 24hr cookie javascript? [closed]
IndexError messages with python lists and split
Export all objects in node.js
A Practical Case [closed]
Pre-cache UIView's animation?
how to import external JSON jar file into ANDROID project
Android - Character Encoding with Ant Release
Localization of the Application Title for Windows Phone 7 app - windows marketplace hickup
How to programmatically select value in ASPxComboBox in ASpxGridView
How to resample an array of n elements into an array of m elements
Is a 鈥渂ack to previous page鈥�link redundant? [closed]
how to get an openstack token and validate it?
Cakephp how to redirect back to http protocol from https
what is the proper way to use 鈥渋nclude makefile鈥� [duplicate]
No Method Error for 鈥渃omments鈥� can't find and correct the nil value to make the comment post
Get-WinEvent start and end dates not filtering records
Generate every possible combination of a set of numbers in C# [closed]
Porting windows application to linux
Fatal error in PHP: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded
Parse JSON in ANSI C [closed]
Full abstract factory pattern to use for Code Igniter models
How to convert linearlayout to image
Backbone.js: Save Method Always Return Error Callback
Three.js: tiling textures, buffering and browser compatibility
Java Sockets: Connection but no Stream?
.htaccess doesn't work
How to assign javascript variable with a django template variable that consist of multiple lines?
Codeigniter form validation errors stuck in a loop
change element value nsmutablearray
Disabling Aero glass/transparency for WPF window?
How to display a user's foursquare name and photo in a rails app?
Get Instance of self writen Zend_Controller
Powershell: function parameters
Using one AdMob AdRequest for multiple AdViews?
Specific complex SQL query and Django ORM?
Query of past events for a 鈥渓ike鈥�page is not returning full list (as shown on actual page)
Validating OR condition in PHP defined function
mysqldumpslow write output to file
how to add decimals (.00) to a variable if it doesn't already have them?
MVC3 - Model to HTML table
Compiling Fortran code
files saved in External Cache do not delete on uninstall
Hadoop Operationalization
Segmentation fault after scatterv
C++ new, delete, new[] and delete[]
For SQL row count, is it more efficient to use PDO rowCount or count(*) AS?
MongoDb aggregate: Select all group by x
Dynamic forms in Yii
Adding a line break as separator
Java - is it bad practice to do a try/catch inside a try/catch?
Finding the shortest route using Dijkstra algorithm
Norm of a arrays of vectors in python
Can't login via php curl
how to to create the path of the view to subscribe ,to a message published by bayeux.getClient().publish(
Open Source Glassfish 3.1.1 and clustering
UIPopoverController on UITableViewCell
how to get the sum of field 'size' from my database and print it in my php page
Avoid 鈥渦ser cross access鈥�in Symfony
how to initialize a org.apache.commons.math3.geometry.Vector?
Rendering form in a model: undefined method `host_with_port' for nil:NilClass
Adding backbutton event listener only to a specific page
I got an installation error, and don't know what to do
Server Performance going down while we trying to get some data from Tridion 2009 broker LINK_INFO table using C# 2.0
Python supports a limited form of multiple inheritance. In what way limited?
jQuery Modal Confirmation Error
Bash/Python : open url & print top 10 words
BBCode parse quotes
named entity tagged corpus
How to decrease the response time when dealing with SQL Server remotely?
how to pass value data between classes/activity in Android?
WHOIS query object
NullPointerException from getExtras()
Adding a border color on a form in visual C#
Python regular expression with raw string prefix
Why the difference in size when declaring a string in C++?
BluetoothManager Framework Notifications List
can't remove more than one table row, without refreshing the page
Programmatically associate a class with document
codeigniter .htaccess in shared hosting (mochahost)
Nested arrays in JavaScript
How to use complex query by using ADO.NET
SNMP: ifAdminStatus vs ifOperStatus
Twitter API - Is it broken or am I using it wrong?
Android - Translating view bigger than screen size causes smearing
I have a PGM format image with 8bpp 1024 X 1024 size and need to calculate GLCM (Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix) from it
Reading CodeIgniter config values from database instead of config file
Check availability for rentals
How can i change background according to category in magento
Why does the Google Maps DirectionsService return different routes?
Highlighting multiple selections on a form after submitting
How to set box shadow via javascript?
CSS, how do i change 鈥渦l鈥�position?
JTextPane: KeyBindings are not working on StyledEditorKit
Need suggestion of a good way to find content of a div
How to attach source of com.sun.script.javascript for debugging RhinoScriptEngine in Eclipse
apply different colours to rectangle
Use external header files in MPLAB X IDE
illegal character with when I call my webservice from android ADB
Shouldn't this power function return 12 when fed $2^4$?
Is there an equivalent of vector::reserve() for an std::list?
symfony2 doctrine with 2 bundles
Problems with ArrayList and file transfer
How can the original contributer be shown in a Tumblr theme?
Linq To SQL delete a mapping object with dual primary keys
submit a value from span field
Sorting with combobox?
code coloring in github README
NSMutableDictionary sets objects incorrectly
Two dimensional array in Javascript with a certain cell size [closed]
Execute a method before saving a model in Play Framework 1.x
Not jar file in library plugin - a toolbar button
Removing a fixture on body (cocos2d/box2d)
Drop Down menu going up instead of down
how to design a fixed TIME length circular buffer?
Is applying Minimax possible with 4 * 4 board Tic Tac Toe or need Alpha-Beta pruning?
Documentation for python-software-properties
Replacing a variable by its value in a Select query
What are pros and cons of using same constant value in test method?
Form with Rounded Borders in C#?
Custom initializer in subclass of UIImageView - is it necessary to override initWithImage or initWithFrame initializers?
I want to make the squares in a row
Comparing a NSMutableArray using block
ExecuteNonQuery is returning Random numbers instead of returning actual rows
How to set TextView style separator programmatically
Drupal: Calendar navigator, placement
Mod-rewrite.htaccess not working
WinRT: How to email a message to a specific person?
div & iframe beside each other in a page
Using lattice to plot histograms of sorted categorical data
How to specify iOS hardware support?
Catalyst Not Accepting DBIx Generated Schema
How do I get the output from one page printed to another page (cross domain)?
Entity SQL selecting from more then 3 tables
Can I reuse the id of a select element inside a .change function for that element using jQuery?
Caching POST: What are appropriate headers?
How to create a link with CLASS in javascript?
Repositiong absolute elements with javascript [closed]
How to serialize object to JSON string using classes from 鈥渙rg.json鈥�package?
Custom UITableViewCell crashing on [super dealloc]
Passing queue as parameter in c
change background color of div with jquery that has an !important tag
What Is The Reason For The Lein Cyclic Dependency Error When I build uberwar?
Setting code as an atribute when calling a method
how broadcasting works theoritically if server gets any update and need to notify to all its clients
Injecting into controllers within an Area with Ninject
Making my own website analytics access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessDeclaredMembers)
Injecting into controllers within an Area with Ninject
Making my own website analytics access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessDeclaredMembers)
Regular Expressions in F#
Apache Lucene - How to update an existing index without concurrency issues?
How to determine string encoding in cocoa?
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in C: apache2triad htdocs imagedisplay.php on line 28 [closed]
private key distribution techniques?
R: Find function minimum with genetic programming
mysql sum multiple groups of data in a single table
Execute commands withintsql
How do I dispose this code properly?
What is the best practice to store twitter profile images
Creating instances in a loop with different variables
How would I shorten this jQuery?
Which proxy is best in sencha touch 2 in my situation?
Left Column Not 100% Height
Build android open source project
ls this code thread-safe?
DOMNodeInserted event loop
Bypassing Captcha with curl in PHP
Cheap Android 7' tablet (800x480): wrong aspect ratio, circles look like ellipsis
php/javascript functions to read modify text file and update form field value to add to mysql db
Addressing Backends
Resources for comparing libraries?
Printing in Excel 2007
Sticky Scroll with no content scroll underneath jQuery
How to deal with DATE-type in MYSQL & PHP?
Using Spring, JPA with Hibernate to access multiple databases/datasources configured in Jboss
Setting up zend framework
jquery not() not working as expected
FontMetrics setFont?
scrolling content between fixed header & footer with variable height
A PostgreSQL query with 'ANY' is not working
In Sublime Text 2 - reopen build output
SQL/ PHP Joining table, ignoring multiple records
Outlook C# - How do I determine if user replied to a message?
On iOS, how do applicationDidBecomeActive, loadView, and viewDidLoad get called?
My iOS simulator doesn't work from the root account, but works from the user's accounts
No routes matches, for named route in rails 3 mvc 3 web application does not working after deploy
Vlcj fails to open the mrl
Android - what should be the dimensions of the background images of the header?
Reading variable in prolog multible times
iOS: Keep application running in background
Maven error when importing jpetstore of Spring3.0 to Springsource Tool Suite
How can I mimic facebooks behavior when clicking an external link
namespace and private static class members
Best Practice - Binding Service to an Activity
How do i get all the stops from this XML? Windows phone
Creating a deterministic finite automata
wait for single object function usage
remove_action() not working in WordPress plugin
Python scipy.ndimage.morphology.dilation
Is there anything bad about reusing an NSFetchRequest for several different fetches with Core Data?
Merging two xml documents using javascript?
Can't re-play audio file from Mercurial repositiory in Chrome
This acts on inner Class
Installing Wordpress - 404 Error [closed]
Load image from folder in solution?
UINavigationBar editable title?
UVA#523 Minimum Transport Cost
How to convert LPWSTR to LPBYTE
Transposing one column in a dataset but by year and another column
Inserting line by line into SQL Server CE database
How to download the template page including css, js and associated images using jquery
NSMutableString is not appending, it's allways null
Keypoint detection and matching for large images in opencv
Why is this IgnoreRoute call matching these requests?
Find all locations in a region through methods of CLGeocoder
Test multiple apps on facebook
I have troubles reconstructing decomposed tensor in matlab
Crawl again from the exceptional page using Python
java flickr and flickrj download user pictures
Regular expression to match single dot but not two dots?
Custom Array Item Name for DTO
the database of a website that i connect to from a application is not updated
Android App to open html fetched from SQL server
CancellableFormController in Spring
rt.jar com.sun.istack.internal packages
what technologies inside liferay portal [closed]
Handling Casting exceptions in a foreach statement
How to get a JInternalFrame in the order i add it
Ensuring a test case can delete the temporary directory it created
weka - normalize nominal values
How to get an array of object arrays from a hashmap values?
Set a function pointer to a static address
Google Drive vs Google Doc for iOS?
Android - Hide date field in datepickerdialog
Listview Custom Layout Multiple Choice
Translation to hebrew with PHP/Gettext fails
mysql order by with duplicates, optional parameter?
PDO : How different is mysql from postgresql [closed]
Android app keeps force closing when setting ListView Adapter
How do you build Xalan-C with Visual Studio 2010?
Difference between api call '/me' and '/<fbid>'
ASP.Net Web page in C# , Facebook LIKE & Comment button needed
Using static libraby in MFC
Unable to connect from local mysql server to AWS RDS db instance
dealing with the cursor in chai3d
JUICEUI-Block error
Allowing my application to be used by other applications
How do I generalize a list comprehension of this kind in Python?
Issues in using address book framework of IOS
When pressed back button, i got Force Close in Android
Is it possible to use rooted glob patterns in .hgignore?
Master not running
php usort on different values
How do i remove an outer div with jquery
Facebook Graph API - get full name without using file_get_contents
Duplicate GLX FBConfigs from glXChooseFBConfig
JSON service calling return nothing
Can not install php5-curl on Debian
aaply: Why does aaply(data,2,class) returns 鈥渄ata.frame鈥�for all columns?
Multiple lines of text in ListView
select all checkboxes doesn't work on internet explorer 9
Unknown column 'x' in 'where clause'
how to find memory eating programs [closed]
.NET Dynamic method. Best performance
cakePHP setFlash cannot find element
Robotium Sdk v17 doesnt appear test result on Emulator or Junit
Major time differences according to position of '@' in query string - why?
How to check if a point (x,y) is inside a polygon in the Cartesian coordinate system? [duplicate]
SQL Server 2008 Express calendar table
Direct access to the values created by the jQuery autoSuggest plug-in from Delphi 6 using Chromium?
OpenMP time and clock() calculates two different results
correct method of testing for SQL Injections
ASP.NET MVC redirect to logon page always
StackOverflow for Android Samsung GalaxyTab 7.0 (SCH-I800)
iOS - inserting dictionary in SKDatabase
Can't find a particular version of a dependent lib (Django/Pinax)
how to normalize rows of an opencv Mat without a loop?
How do I fix a leaked object with a retain count of +1?
How to set programmatically 鈥淗ides bottom bar on push鈥�
jquery position() seems not perfect
Package manager NPM and node.js Integrity
Can I call the fortran log function with a number?
Retrieving system values in WPF
Key.from_path: confusing python code in app engine datastore docs
fixing null pointer error
Send HTTP Request manually via socket
Pass the Id from Button to timePicker dialog
How could I remove the space of the top?
XMLHttpRequest error when geocoding with Google
Android - accessing assets from another class isn't working
Count distinct cells in one column with zend_db_select PHP
create a variable xsl
How to delete DataGridView Row by pressing DeleteKey? mvc 3 razor deploy IIS7 [duplicate]
The best way to organize editing of the property in ASP.NET MVC3
Zip files is not getting created