HttpServletRequest request = this.getThreadLocalRequest() return null?
How to add a user control .ascx to a web form which is in another project in the same solution
Communications links failure
Java:how come 2 literals(the same contents) in 2 classes use the same interned string?
How do I transfer production database to staging on Heroku using pgbackups? Getting error
Implementing OnClickListener for dynamically created buttons in Android
Clone a git repository into subdirectory of a subversion repository
how to run the NBIS software package 'mindtct' in matlab? i mean what should be the input commands?
QML Symbian hide app
How to reset IplImage if i load another one from an openFileDialog in VC++
Dynamic Generated Script Should Appear on all pages in DNN
Typecasting in Visual C++ DLL Programming
Wordpress use standard rewrite and then set function to do rewrite page_id
List with apps icon in android
鈥淪how more鈥� google, anchors and Ajax
Problems in run tornado Demos of 鈥渂log鈥�
Wait for jquery .html method to finish rendering
Test cases for algorithm puzzle
Class ASP with JavaScript - handle the condition when a query param in Request.QueryString is missing [duplicate]
When I clone a draggable div, why isn't the clone draggable?
Rails 3.2 and yui compressor
SQL aggregate unique pairs
sorting by mmyy (month and year)
How to redirect urls on a NGINX environment?
Start thread with member function
jquery animating dynamic height div
What is the best way to implement the new UK cookie law on websites, as a web developer using PHP or javascript etc? [closed]
Calculations on sliding windows and memoization
Presenting Data to Cross Platform Devices
How to access mail from gmail
Can inline member functions differing across compilation units break binary compatibility?
How to change cell color in a listgrid
Count number of lines in a txt file with Python - but exclude blank lines
Linq To SQL InsertAllOnSubmit and DeleteAllOnSubmit
Why am I getting a 0x8000500c error when enumerating a SearchResultCollection in .Net
Mybb forum automatically logs out a user
how can I add the rule to this program?
Discount for Twitter or Facebook post
How to get facebook authentication from Android login form
send data from app engine(python) to remote server (linux with php)
Assigning 2d arrays C
how to properly execute if in android?
Migrate from MagentoGo to Magento Enterprise Edition
XHR Garbage collect optimisation
STL copy efficency
Call Function When WebView Changes
setMaxForRoute does not work in ThreadSafeClientConnManager
Javascript / PHP string encode / decode with key
jQuery fadeOut CSS3 replacement
I have modulus and private exponent. How to construct RSA private key and sign a message?
Ajax is not giving output
Some concern about putting a payment/transactional app on GAE
How to programatically determine which XML layout my Android apps is using?
Should hardcoded passwords be salted/hashed?
selecting certain points to be plotted
Strategies to mitigate polling effects in ring buffers
JSF/PrimeFaces - Template with <p:layout>
New SQL table value won't stay
Globally disable update/delete from Access VBA?
How do I recognize 鈥�VALUE鈥�in Excel spreadsheets?
Process Timing when Scraping
imagettftext(): calculate font size to ensure text fits image width
Inline initialization blocks in java
Hex To Binary Converter
Access 鈥淢ore Info鈥�of File using Ruby
SlickGrid: unselect all rows in
rails: how to not encode on attribute of model when calling render :json => model
Turning off NSPredicateEditor animation
Javascript updating window location using history.pushState
Entity Framework: Get Inherited Types directly through Context
Use CookieContainer with WebBrowser control?
execute file from defined directory with Runtime.getRuntime().exec
Returning data to the original process that invoke a subprocess
Can I pass in 鈥渏ust now鈥�as a time for JQuery Timeago?
can netty suport http (tcp short connection) and Google protobuf
Build tool: Coffeescript/Node project with multiple components
Overlapping HTML Content In WebView, when using: webview.getSettings().setLayoutAlgorithm(LayoutAlgorithm.SINGLE_COLUMN);
Rails 3 - Incorrect MySQL client library version! Gem compiled for the wrong client library version
How to start a service upon device boot up? [duplicate]
Reusing an jQuery UI dialog clears all its fields
Call PHP Function from Action Form
Output all variables into Mako template
Method taking Seq[T] to return String rather than Seq[Char]
Is it dangerous to use synchronize in a non-VCL application?
How to pass a property name as an argument to a mixin in less
How can I search for files in a directory using a wildcard
Mysterious Java Runtime Error
C with microcontrollers: starting address of struct to be a specific address?
Are foreach and the use of collections slow?
WordPress Plugin Development Idea? Is this possible? Am I on the right track?
SOLR faceting slower than manual count?
Creating a file exceeding filepath limit
SQL job failed to run a console application
Are ISP / email providers following links automatically within the email body for some reason? [closed]
performSegueWithIdentifier if-statement not working
How do I validate TinyMCE length in Ruby on Rails?
Creating website template which is independent from source code in webforms
How to make sure a parameter isn't changed during a recursive call?
SQL job failed to run a console application
Are ISP / email providers following links automatically within the email body for some reason? [closed]
performSegueWithIdentifier if-statement not working
How do I validate TinyMCE length in Ruby on Rails?
Creating website template which is independent from source code in webforms
How to make sure a parameter isn't changed during a recursive call?
What is the meaning of this directory
DateTime EditorFor Template - Setting id and name attributes?
Expanding datetime ranges in XSLT 1.0
pan and zoom images for jQuery Mobile
How to bound tile layers in Bing Maps AJAX Control, Version 7.0
initializing a vector based on a 2d array
ASP:CHART legend check box series control
Check whether an integer is palindrome or not in PHP? [duplicate]
How to provide conversion when using Reflection.SetValue?
NSArray and fast enumeration, always go in index order?
Most efficient way to implement this nav effect?
can not read object property in javascript
SDL - Cross platform development
Google custom search - manual load/execute from url params
Minify Extjs4 for production
Are there any useful logs for debugging client side Flex issues?
Need To Read One Line At A Time From A .Csv File Using .Bat and assign tokens to vars
Synchronize (Replicate) IMAP Messages
R - Making loops faster
Both pattern and color for background [closed]
Fluent NHibernate - IndexOutOfRange
Symfony2: blank page and no logs on new Linux machine
Find until that line and replace with another text file windows batch script
Does Cloudfoundry support apps that require larger memory?
remove white space line from same named files in multiple subdirectories in unix
How to include *.so file in makefile
Log4Net Exception to Appender?
Mocking Hibernate's SessionFactory using EasyMock
Prolog family tree
Why does Mathematica use an underscore when defining parameters?
regexp for catch specific content in nested html tags
C# Multiple HTTP posting issue with invalid URL
SQL database unable to update using ADO
Synchronise contents to Orchard CMS from another source - regularly
Codeigniter PHP Warning
cakephp211 css issue (not correctly used)
ExtJS: JsonStore is not loading at all
Jquery Ajax Post -> Works only when I step through the ajax call and only some times鈥ny ideas?
Sending Sms through Android Emulator
WCF data service no refresh changes from database updates
Using BinaryWriter to seek and insert data
Why would this common function fail?
TransitionDrawable as background in TextView not working as expected
How to dynamicaly show pop-up message
Get twitter public timeline, json+C#, no 3rd party libraries
Shortcut of your app in to home, automatically
file path structures ajax and php sessions
signature with SHA256
Monggomapper : Sort data with its Association Model's keys
Intent for opening folders
UrlFetchApp fetch post to Zoho Creator API, Zoho needs the session to be closed
How To Save Canvas As An Image With canvas.toDataURL()?
Does the MVC concept apply to static PHP pages?
Intercepting and changing request url Using Stripes framework
NoClassDefFoundError with jdbc applet
How to set multiple values for one value in pickerview in iPhone?
Container with constant time for accessing any element, pop from front and push back?
Can this mysql/myisam table be optimized?
Using grok.traversable() for five.grok Plone view methods
How to check response of every element in list comprehension
Error in HMM package in R
How to disable days of the week and holidays with jQuery DatePicker
Hibernate detached criteria join with restriction
Android Computer Vision JavaCv OpenCV Fastv comparison
QT SDK MySQL nmake error
SQL comparing to the rightmost characters of a column in a very large table
Selecting multiple max timestamps from database
Using substring of a GUID for ID, all GUIDs generated on same machine with Asp.NET
SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) installed via the update site is not working
<animate> CSS-attr on XHTML <foreignObject> in SVG
Why does Scala's require method in Predef allow a String as argument?
Excel Advanced Filter Unique Values on a Filtered List
Clip to image mask with Cocoa
insert $_SESSION['MM_Username'] in to log message
Single threaded game and rendering
UITableView won't scroll to very bottom
How does split inside map work?
objective c avaudioplayer not playing sound
Visual Studio reports that property has no getter, even though intellisense says it does
TSQL: Swap two values of the same type in diffrent tables
insert login time using php mysql
C++ nested classes issue
where to handle spring DataAccessException
Table not mapped to Entity Framework Data Model
Highly available API - is this solution a good one?
log4j jdbcappender pass username to database table
Drawing ellipse in C#
Select each element inside parent that parent is a variable
How would I sort names (first and last name) alphabetically in PHP, case insensitive?
No code is executed after jquery .each function
Voice Over alternative for Core Plot graph?
trim whitespace around PNG in PHP
Two Imagebutton with same OnClick event.
Incrementing a binary number in python
How to test file upload with Jasmine BDD
When scanning Wi-Fi networks with Android's WifiManager, how do I avoid seeing cached networks?
Converting echo calls to gettext calls
Show bit strings with count(1s) = count(0s) isn't regular
Copy and past a app?
Export FileContentResult files to ZIP
How to find the entire device's CPU consumption from my iPhone Application?
How to properly configure djcelery results backend to database
What is the best practice to create add/Edit page
Export template haskell generated definitions
delegate is not respond
How do I close this php statement correctly?
SimpleAudioEngine always play the same effect?
add 'a jar file and its dependencies' to final .Zip via Maven Assembly Plugin
Creating a response document via a button
Java RegExp: Replacing quotes 鈥溾� for english ones 鈥溾� (mind context) [closed]
How to set values in rails without form field
Rectangle colouring logic
Which database model should I use for dynamic modification of entities/properties during runtime?
Design pattern required - Facade to multiple interchangable libraries
How to update gridview when upon click submit button?
Hibernate error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/cfg/Configuration
how to create counter by jquery count down by num of days
pyrss2gen, syntax error
Visual Studio 2010 performance analyze wizard. OpenMP
MySQL - How to query for one value but default to another?
.htaccess redirect everything uknown except a few defined ones
Node.js shrinkwrapped package.json causes npm install to update new versions regardless
Is it possible to ship linux on my old samsung mobile? [closed]
Fixed proportion of layout on screen
how can i display images using grid
FlagSort - Divide and Conquer - Minor trouble
serialization (pickling / marshalling) in scala?
How to return another value from method in 鈥渢hird party鈥�lib?
interleave protobuf-net and file
Grails - access static config object in codec class
Date Pick Day Month Year
Android - do I need transparent images for header, or with text already on the images?
Get position of div in relation to other divs
How to count the characters in a string with Batch? [closed]
Why Rangy library doesn't work with contenteditable in Opera?
Can I use spring DataAccessException directly in service layer
SQL SELECT query causing different column error
CSS and HTML boxes smallest on top but not in order
machine representation of natural text
pass int variable to UITableView Through UINavigationController
Detect incorrect file type
I have a sqlite syntax error. What is incorrect?
Using skeleton with 24 column grid sytem
Regex Repeating Pattern
Using skeleton with 24 column grid sytem
Regex Repeating Pattern
Chrome extension converting backbone.js collections to regular JavaScript array
Can someone tell me why garbage is being printed from the my linked list? [closed]
How to pass signals to child process
Placement script for dwm
how to use javascript to drag&drop the div for touch screen
how to build a tree structure in C++ using std::map
Unable to get right file path through StreamReader
wcf config tcp and http
Django form with list of foreign key fields
ImageJ - How to import and display a mesh?
How to change spaces to <br>s in a text node?
Developing iOS app with Phonegap *entirely* on Ubuntu?
Return binary data by webob.Response
Why STAThread attribute is ignored?
Local-only text segment is displayed outside markers in conflict file
How to code for a UIButton in a Storyboard scene
Like a FB page and share link to web page with a single click
Jquery selecting images in a link in and out of a table then adding to fancybox
RMS stored values are not permanently available in J2ME emulator
Rotating a cube so that the front facing face remains square
Mysql row always = 1 [closed]
Is this why the move constructor in C++ 11 makes sense?
Common /Cross browser CSS [closed]
Looped animation in ImageView
django-pipeline not compiling sass files
Generating Java from WSDL with Axis2
Incrementing an index on a has_many dependent resource
My char device can't open
Unhandled exception by running winform application
How to get full file path?
Visual Studio relative paths
How to upload a text file without saving and parse the content into a database with RoR
Nested Unit of Work in Entity Framework
How to play different video files as one file?
Inserting HTML elements on rails view
android : AES encryption / decryption using openSSL
calling a jsp file but keeping the same webpage
Position bigger child out of and above parent?
python import site failed
Padding in floated elements
Method sets for T and *T
Solid background for android dialog
Stop layout rendering for Ajax request with custom routing
Chrome window types. What do they stand for?
Command line arguments to make for working in Linux and Windows
How to give the h:selectManyCheckbox a fixed name attribute?
form is not valid鈥�WHY?
Convert UTF-8 characters to nearest equivalent ASCII characters using c++ (without winapi)
Python: Optimizing imports
Tried and tested ways to automate load tests with Maven
http request to webhdfs, but empty reply from server
Telerik MVC grid, ajax binding and MVC areas
display FULL NEWS using ASP.NET RSS
email enconding improper result, send from php mailer in zencart 1.3.8
javascript error form validation: all inputs fields are cleared on submitting
Rails 3.2 - jQuery-UI images are not displayed on production mode
On iOS, after we create a layer from context and get the layer's context, how do these contexts relate to each other?
Unable to map base64 encoded string to Restful Implementation in JAXRS
Print document and attach event for printer spooler
Python: How do I change this code so that I can doWork() once in every 60 seconds?
Zend Paginate - find a specific record within the result
django-nginx-gunicorn - not working
How secure is my cipher (python script)?
Show Posts feature in a blog
Android PayPal In-App Integration for upgrade to premium
OpenSSL error 鈥渁ssertion failed鈥�
unserialize or array slice?
LinkDemand warning during code analysis. Error CA2122
Mercurial: How to push a bookmarked changeset which creates a new remote head as if I was pushing a new branch?
XML Namespaces and Unprefixed Attributes
Stop propagation on live elements
How to really rasterize text in Actionscript 3?
How to show different icons in a specs2 index page?
Running preprocessor based on using make command or makefile
How to put form class into tab control in anotherone
<h:selectOneListbox disabled=true causing NullPointerException
switching SVN branch in local without checking out all the content
On iPad [MFMessageComposeViewCont canSendText] returns YES?
live new message notification
How to get users' shared links by using Facebook open graph API?
Onbeforeunload doesn't work if user go back
How can I send only some of the GET parameters
Fastest file reading in C++ with SSE instructions available
representing BLOBs in C++
How to make select elements shrink to max-width percent style within fieldset
Can we customize Deployer using .NET? [closed]
PHP + MYSQL: select/update/insert from(into) many tables
Breezingforms change encoding
Twitter Web Intents - Get follower screenname?
Extract Video Frames In Python
Is there any way where I could add the previous random number with next random number?
Which kind of lock on MySQL when I use @Transactional on a load method锛�
Django: how can I tell if the post_save signal triggers on a new object?
Different fields for different users (people or organizations)
Rails arel grouping and counting with associations
compare alphabets in bash
Avoid returning resultset under certain conditions
Django Templates: How to detect a request method?
fetch images from multiple mysql tables using php
Issue with draggable cloned elements[duplicate]
Javascript: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'add' of undefined when referencing created object
Displaying session based conditional username & logout link in account page
Retrieving database into an iphone app
Get facebook app install timestamp
How to enable high resolution display on iPhone 4 using Flash Builder 4.6
as3-fb-api: how is it possible to have an accesstoken BEFORE Facebook.init()
NSScroller draws above NSView
C++ create a counter macros increasing along all files
C++ illegal operation on bound member function
android sound based notification from send background
calculating offset
How to change an iOS project to not use the nib at all and just work with Objective-C code?
Able to insert duplicate values as primary key
Cannot find protocol declaration for changeMapTyp iOS
How to populate a list of generic lists in Java?
how to set Eclipse editor screen & package explorer view?
Does a thread start have implicit memory barrier?
A loader screen in java that doesn't appear on the screen
How can I improve this price calculation code doing 4 calculations now, but more coming in the near future?
JavaScript function execution on onBlur event of textbox
insert object in selected linq array
JDBC MySQL query error?
How can I use IF(bool, a, b) clause in CakePHP's order parameter?
Use Wildcard SSL in nopcommerce
Is the checking Special Character in Java better or in MYSQL?
How to get the first and the last dates (day and month) of a specified week number (1-53) in a particular year?
Want to add a button that changes Celsius to Fahrenheit in a weather app
How to create char[][] from txt file in C?
IO Exception when writing files to Google Cloud Storage
Merging xps documents make last one duplicate
Position of UITableView of UITalbeViewController
How to place a tile by tapping on a isometric tiled map which uses CCLayerPanZoom class
Variable inside function __construct() in Codeigniter
When i'm trying to launch application on iphone it's not displaying TableView
UIWindow makeKeyWindow: versus makeKeyAndVisible:
How can I find out, if type is created inside namespace?
how to stop multithread chat client
How register Javascripts against a specific view in Plone
Something wrong with imagedashedline?
Regex Extract String
Class constants in python
Are there tutorials and examples of how to interpret PDF documents
wrapping text in css div
How to detect visibility change in parent element using jquery
Are iCloud images being cached in iOS device after being retrieved by application?
Java:literal strings
QtAppWrapper: Unable to find a runtime version
why the animation in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions failed?
using arrays in where clause as an AND(not OR) operator in dynamic sql
Coping with big ints in 32 bit PHP
ProtocolException Received when Calling WCF service
call two ajax function inside each other
Accessing data to display as search results in Android app
How to not inherit width in css?
Background image sizes in android
How to set zero flag
Setting tab size in vim on mingW32 windows
PHP: replace relative urls to absolute urls in a textarea
No visible @interface for 'NSManagedObject' [closed]
C# SKYPE4COMLib Facebook
Quartz : Getting the diff images of two images
Is there a way to have multiple phpt tests in one file?
What is wrong with this SQLAlchemy intersect?
Best way to organize methods and properties in a JavaScript object literal
How to implement two method with same name and different return type? [closed]
Getting NullPointerException while accessing TextView
i cant delete record on sms.db
Python: How to call methods with various signature dynamically
Numpy matrix modified through a copy
Text doesn't get toggled back
How to make scrolling to target smooth
boolean list reset
While inside while php
Very Strange: Every other time an array is updated its values are screwed up
Nowrap inheritance bug in IE6 (and earlier version)
Qt Parent child relationship for independent qmainwindows
Memory bandwidth in C++ on Windows platform
Verilog: Pass a vector as a port to a module
Spotify/iPod like now playing view
FMDB : Linker command failed with exit code 1
PHP preg_replace replace text unless inside brackets
My android app crashes when using the onClick callback
How can I make a div stretch to fit the height of a textarea?
how to query class inheritance in c#?
Why items change order upon scrolling in Android GridView?
SVM versus MLP (Neural Network): compared by performance and prediction accuracy
model.bind and model.on: Are these methods equivalent? Which one should I prefer?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.urbanairship.UAirship
out parameter and 鈥淪howMessage鈥�function
Add array 2Dinto content array of Ember.View
Short VHDL for loop code i dont understand
CSS overlapping when I shorten the browser window
MySQL Update with a fulltext search
How do I associate colors with a a specific user in a datatable
鈥淚nstall鈥�- Saxon
Webservice cannot be serialized because it does not have a parameterless constructor
ms access max count
Android layout width?
How do I correct these errors with a NSString in a View Controller?
ANTLR generating c++ code inside c# file for a given grammar
add rows to data table with foreach loop is very slow data table is very large
draw diagram using modisco
Git - Problems with Interactive Rebase and Squashing
Step by Step guide to tomcat web application loading
Rails counter cache is not working on production
Array replacing last value, not adding [PHP]
Magento store back URL
Most standard calendar exchange data format
Create GLKView in two class in OpenGLES?
Creating a release branching cycle with shared projects
WP7.1 Compass: is it mandatory to call stop?
filling a array with uniqe random numbers between 0-9 in c#
why cURL opens a new TAB on explorer < 9 , php
ssl socket in an iphone, is it possible?
Spring Data JPA fails to invoke JtaTransactionManager
How to add support for new HW accelerator into Android system?
Spring's conversion service not calling converter to String (for display purposes)
How can I erase all the characters from the console?
how can I force ssh to open a connection from a specific port to an host?
How to request certificate from code
50 random unique elements from an array of 1000 elemens?
Aligning a photo after capturing it, for display wp7
How to set permissions with xcacls.vbs
jCarouselLite - Forcing List Items onto Single Line
Weird behavior with styles in XAML
How to fix 'may not respond to' for selector introduced in newer SDK?
Generate a list of datetimes between an interval in python
Server side for datatables in MVC not working on deployment
Post data from form to email
Javascript - Benefit gained from sorting DOM collection
Could not find Control in ControlParameter inside EditItemTemplate
Replace a String (like g1) by adding a number (100) to it like (g101) in a file
Write string with encoding of UTF-8 to a file
MVC Action returning a CSV File
Space at the bottom and right side of my page (Q2)
how to redirect all /?[xyz] to 404
Bind WPF DataGrid to LINQ Query (Entity Framework)
Display Modal Pop-up window during controller action execution
Delete from a table with JOIN, GROUP BY and HAVING
Good beginner tutorial resources for developing servlets to connect Java and JSP using Tomcat [closed]
Optimal DB Schema
Android: flashLight
Java + jar file
How does one determine the height of a data point using the ASP.Net charting controls?
Razor MVC application failed to load FreeTextBox but it doesn't have a FreeTextBox
android position TextView on 鈥渇ixed鈥�possition on image
JQuery to change a <map> image source when clicking and/or hovering over an <area> - what am I doing wrong?
PHP: How can I cache a page using output buffer?
Using Autocomplete populate more than one field
how to call a function inside if else statement in Jquery
google maps api 3 route finder (distance of POI from route)
Seperating nltk.FreqDist words into two lists?
Rails mongoDB single connection required
Jmenu Accordion
Add a new SPView to an SPList
Detecting an action performed to an instance in xform
Eclipse, Tomcat 7 NoClassDefFoundError
Maven-surefire-plugin with TestNg : how to specify the directory where test suites xml files are stored?
std::isalpha throws bad_cast when using with boost::locale
How to compare a double value to a decimal from database and if they are alike, then return true
Static Single Assignment: not all possible paths define a variable - how to insert PHI?
Java: Connections to HBase with HTable - handling of connection loss
jQuery console says gmap function does not exist? Is this the addition of jQuery script files?
Shell script containing a Perl one-liner has blank results
JQuery Form Injection Not Appearing in Submit [closed]
Send file via Jersey and x-www-form-urlencoded
Updating a column based on values in related rows
How do you import a maven EJB project in eclipse? (without m2e)
How do I get past the 404 with Activiti Explorer
Moving from multiprocessing to threading
Using DI to set a property in an NLog Target
Django csrf forbidden on url variation
String that cannnot be generated by SHA1
excel vba autofilter not filtering on dates
regex for specific html tag in c# [duplicate]
How can I combine multiple rows into a comma-delimited list in SQL Server? [duplicate]
fb.login response always returns true
Task.Factory.StartNew or Parallel.ForEach for many long-running tasks? [duplicate]
Compare Lists with custom objects, which have a common superclass
Image format to put inside PDF's to have fast rendering
Setting up Twitter OAuth without 3rd party libraries
How to get the id of the user that send the request?
How to use Ruby on Rails 3.2 with 'yui 3.5'?
How do i access the information in an hl7 message parsed with nHapi
Sphinx search: Connection to on 9312 failed. Connection refused - connect(2)
Consolidating CSS/JS with conflicts on separate pages
WPF. Using Grid. Cell's size is changed
Javascript - Uncheck all elements not listed by an array
How secure are Cookies when set by an ASP.NET web application?
Groovy: How to write on a line on the same position on screen? (Windows)
How to use spl_autoload() as __autoload() goes DEPRECATED
Database table design Issue
JavaScript cross browser window close issue
鈥淎nonymous鈥�appears in the top-left corner of my Wordpress page
Which type of beans are injectible?
Is Ajax 鈥渦pdate鈥�ok after 鈥渞ender鈥�was false?
ComboBoxEdit SelectedIndex always -1
Coldfusion SerializeJSON creating blank values
Get image width
models with uninterpreted sorts
How to change muitl divs the display which have some special id?
Entity Framework Migrations: Timeout SqlException during migrating
Android: string can't convert to JSONArray?
how to match a particular tag value and the get the result from the previous tag after matching?
Unit testing App engine - Eclipse - Maven
CSS 3 how to build dynamic border with dynamic title
Renaming Sub-directories in Perl
JSON output in Umbraco 5
Matrix operation in python, maximum value
Framework for algorithmic decision process
Bootstrap Modals misbehaving
Kohana: What is the best way to serve robots.txt?
How do I flatten a hierarchy in LINQ to Entities?
How to set a background image in a static UITableViewCell?
jquery handling key combinations
How to know what table a result came from when using UNION in MySQL
Watch expression doesnt show value in eclipse with java
Any Sencha touch2 examples about REST proxy?
Arduino: String to int gets strange values
Plot explicit cdf over ecdf
Hooking bash commands?
Search for string and output array
understanding format of file
Iterate ArrayList and get match items Id
Sql query to display data from table A and data from table B where parent_id of table A is found in table B using join
How to make a 'makefile' in c
Updates in xml file not visible for flash program
Targeting correct viewport for mobile
Lucene Prefix Search for Indexed data through Standard Analyzer
configure and run scheduled tasks (Cron Jobs!) using php
Best way to merge two Datatables
Avoiding re-rendering of a flash object from scratch when view is reactivated
Cannot inject dependencies to Azure WorkerRole object using Spring.NET
Build sqlcipher on ubuntu
Unable to install JBoss Tools 3.3 on Eclipse Java EE IDE
How to configure Mac MAMP so I don't have to 777 folders
Recursive template
Unable to find the type or namespace name after moving files
Android openGL es 2.0 RGB Values not correct when using GL_fragcolor
Divide timespan by 2?
Creating PL/SQL Package with procedures
How to visualize sequentially many matrices in matlab on the same canvas to make video?
Generic Array Creation Compilation Error From Inner Class
ASP.Net url routing structure
Keep command history between (i)python sessions
Relative versus Absolute path to cv::imread OpenCV
VHDL If Statements
performance hit from lots of member functions in a C++ class?
Relative versus Absolute path to cv::imread OpenCV
VHDL If Statements
performance hit from lots of member functions in a C++ class?
Calling lists.asmx Webservices using Script out of sharepoint environment
Detect Focus Change for UITextField
How to activate chosen() for my dropdown box
mongodb on VMPlayer ubuntu
how to get var from other classes
Where is Schedular.Dispatcher?
how to cast superclass into subclass
Should I be using a SQLite db for my Android app or just JSON?
How to switch views using UIActionSheet?
mongodb: upserting: only set value if document is being inserted
Serializing and De serializing problems in ANSI C
How to run MinGW with a script?
How to generate lib for a Visual C++ dll project
Android - KML Parser using DOM Parser
How to calculate day between two dates?
PHP Get Domain With http
Complex C++ data types and COM
Is it possible to code Windows Mobile 7 using a Linux Environment?
How to fix git repository broken by interrupted git fetch?
Php variable precendence
How to load an image in imagebox in After clicking browse button? [closed]
Cakephp shell :Shell class HelloShell could not be found
AndEngine ClassNotFoundException
Is event handler code 鈥減ersistent鈥�after disabling JS?
Ad shows with a scrollbar
Custom validator error not getting displayed
Jquery - image,animate
Runtime error of Console()
JSON.parse() in Swig (Node.js)?
application shows force close only on booting of emulator/phone as the broadcast receiver shows exception
How to control the width of select tag?
How to find out if a feed has updated without etag and modified headers in response?
Can't mass-assign protected attributes: password_confrimation [closed]
Absolute Positioning a JButton
Python to C converter / interpreter [closed]
Should I explicitly set thread reference to null after thread completes it's work?
relation between cross site request forgery and login
What's alternative of eval function?
Why does printf( %.6g, <value>) ignore zeroes after decimal point?
Update Tile from web API on application exit (WP7)
PyQt Compiling .qrc file with pyrcc4 for use in Maya under OSX
How to add an icon to System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem?
video array not working
Android - What customized file format can be used for transferring multimedia?
ActionbarSerlock sample project not generating R file
How to access user's video or other media files stored in iphone?
How to change Dojo ComboButton label by MenuItem choice?
Assembler simple calculation
jQuery: animate complete() event executes on stop()
Maximum track binary tree
How do I populate tables in netbeans
Ajax call method from class php
AS3 - Building a Dynamic Menu based on External Images
Perform string search with Linq to Entities
WM_CHAR lParam extended key (24 bit) always 0
Write an .htaccess rewrite rule excluding one file
ASP CheckBox1_CheckedChanged event not working.
Including images in phonegap with xcode; finding 鈥淭argets鈥�
Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo after adding google map functionality
How to stop a intent.ACTION_CALL once started?
Launching iOS messenger from phonegap
Insert non conventional data into Sqite3 using Python
how to enhance tomcat thread pool behaviour
Sending HTTP Post request with SOAP action using org.apache.http
More warnings with -Os
What is the use of barcode in php? [closed]
div's size dynamic to text - clear both does not work
MVC4 Partial view not loading values into 鈥渃ontainer鈥�model on post back
Why dot operator can not access array elements? [closed]
Yii not redirecting properly with the CController::redirect() function
How to store image into postgres database using hibernate
jquery trying to delete the highlighted element using keypress event
Check if the time and date is between a particular date and time
Can't Authenticate TMG via php curl
How change url from client to webservice in WCF C#?
create RSS reader in ASP.NET
Restart the service even if app is force-stopped and Keep running service in background even after closing the app How?
Events timetable [closed]
ctype.h isdigit not working on argv
How can I idealy use iframe with login system?
How to scrape products from site with ruby/anemone/nokogiri
Java swing questions in ActionListener
Error configuring jython 2.5.1 on Eclipse 3.7.2 on Ubuntu 12.04
XSLT - add <p> into text strings instead of n
Drawing Textures in OpenGL using gluOrtho2D
Stream or file is not closing
Execute JavaScript code in an iframe after the iframe is loaded?
Simple Backbone search page - how would you do it?
how to use Map data structure in ruby on rails
how to properly inform the user of reading progress
jQuery .post Post Elements
Eclipse Project Explorer - Where is project list stored?
How to inherit from a style and to overwrite something?
WCF service calls service
Usage of JSTL with jsf 2.0
C++ confusing attribute name for member template
Trouble initializing dynamic 2d c array in obj-c project
tcl tk teacup install from file
Android: Cursor out of bounds
Access javascript cookie in module file in drupal
AJAX Not Running On Dialog Box Button Click
Querying delimited column value in SQL Server
UDP receiving data on multiple ports
Calling web service from Javascript file
how do I compose multiple functors using boost bind?
IndexedDb - Check table exists and contains data
Installing Groovy Mac OSX (10.6.8) using macports
Bash declaratively defining a list to loop on
Why do Twitter Bootstrap tables always have 100% width?
How do I declare a one-time simple trigger with the Quartz XML plugin?
How to sort a observablecollection(of String)
Django Syndication Framework
Auto text scroll for text area (JTextArea) with caret position set to the beginning of the last line
CSS Dropdown Menu, Parent not clickable
How to create and structure a Virtual Credits System using PHP/MySQL
Convert image to byte with php
How do I animate changing of div height from the bottom up using jquery
Dynamically replace text in vba
change t4template to add Long Description
Background Image for UITextView
iOS 4 app icon not showing
Check return true fails
What object should be the GCDAsyncSocket delegate for a 鈥渞emote control鈥�app?
Why isn't my radio button transparent?
Tomcat6 - Any difference in datasource when run as standalone app and as service?
When Git tells you it failed to push some refs,
Python dictionary with objects into dictionary with strings
Copy of EC2 machine made ejabberd stop [closed]
Loading a different .XIB when swipe to the left
Update files at multiple sites at once
how to take screen shot and that screen shot save in album
How to set glDrawElements (x,y,z) to be relative to view port. Android
Google Maps API v3 draggableCursor options such as position
Team Foundation Server for 2 developpers
File upload with MVC3
Call an *.exe-file through a *.dll-file and submit parameters, too
Java 7 and Could not generate DH keypair
how to reverse engineer sqlplus login from jdbc connection parameters?
Loading file from eclipse self
How to make vim alphabetically sort CSS rules within a single line?
Inno Setup - Setting Java Environment Variable
How to configure RockMongo for Mongo replicaSet
Stop refresh of page when updating iFrame
How server-logic-heavy should a view be?
Changing a JPanel to another JPanel doesn't repaint the change
Are there any decent css template generators?
How to tell gcc to stop using built-in functions?
gdb follow execv
RESTful api for dynamic showform on top of spring mvc
Pandas FloatingPoint Error
Does AbstractionAction's putValue() method work with subclasses of JMenuItem, etc?
Check that click isn't on grid elements
Can Installshield Express create patches (.msp)?
Panel not appearing on clicking button
How to use the concept behind listview in php?
How to center a DIV with unknown size horizontaly and vertically on screen
How to make sure that highcharts spline graphs stays between 0 and 1?
How can I make a function return IEnumerable<string> instead of a string in C#
omitting a printf causes an incorrect answer
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to initiate a navigation change for frame with URL - How to try catch it
Check if CGPoint is close to another CGPoint
Is it possible to sync only the source codes of xcode project with dropbox?
EXP point system for actions on website
Changing button text onclick
Sending file via email from Cache directory
Plot time(x axis) and time of day & duration(y axis) of episodes
Comparing two ArrayLists [duplicate]
Is there any differnce between buffer and console to make use鈥�
Select query from multiple tables
android version compatibilty
android Shared Preferences issue
How do x86 page tables work?
Flip background using CSS or LESS
jQuery map breaking up a plain string and adding <br> when not needed
Cannot bind (function pointer) lvalue to (function pointer) rvalue when launching std::thread?
How do I update a menu bar in a calling template
rtf difference format on mac os x and windows
how could I use neocomplcache? [closed]
Front View background transparent
How to add items to listview with socket connection in C#
Run MonDevelop gtk# program without mono runtime terminal showing - Ubuntu
No source parameter in real-time response from API checkin
When wouldn't I want to protect a page from CSRF?
Jquery UI Tab - ajax tab wont finish loading when not clicked
jquery dialog close function
How to save the Canvas in Fabric.js? [closed]
Javascript this Context in a Callback Method
Eclipse JPA project (eclipselink, derby) 鈥�鈥渃reate tables from entities鈥�produces tables in schema. yet not for SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME;
Which jQuery attribute do I need to use to find specific text?
str_word_count() without HTML
Passing data between pages with jQuery Mobile?
TTImageView inside UIScrollview not receiving touches
Check if string will convert to date in PHP
keep assoc array checkbox checked
Windows Java child process doesn't input or output when set to parent's standard IO (Command Prompt)
Splitting PATH environ variable into individual filepaths
Registering Method on Generic Factory with StructureMap
Splitting PATH environ variable into individual filepaths
Registering Method on Generic Factory with StructureMap
Add a javascript alert when a user tries to close the current tab in browser
PersistenceException occured : org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not insert: [models.User]
What happens when you disable interrupts, and what do you do with interrupts you don't know how to handle?
Pass generated string as variables in javascript function
What tags do I use for adding copyright notices to xml files?
What is the best way to read/parse the XML files [closed]
If conditional with or
OSV method's return statement
WVGA apps on 1024 X 600 resolution
ios writeToFile changes don't save
Android AsyncTask strangely publishing duplicates
Is there a Haskell library for music compatible with OpenAL?
How to gracefully shutdown any WSGI server?
AJAX Program Not running on Webstie but working fine on Local WAMP Server
Objective-C Framework Error Handling
Make scala map addition generic
How should I display the content of the database in CActiveForm?
How to go from a single view to a tab bar view
PHP parse error and error code spilling into other pages [closed]
HTML layouts.. is there an easier way out?
Practice with sharepoint 2010 online
Applying a vortex / whirlpool effect in Box2d / Cocos2d for iPhone
I need help developing a polymorphism engine - instruction dependency trees
iOS - Saving multiple images to Documents folder
Binding nested JSON Data Object to easyUi dataGrid
margin: 0 auto; not centering content
Date functions in PHP
Facebook Integration to Android App with appId
Sending an array from websocket to clients
C# - How to simulate CD DRIVE? [closed]
HTML/CSS invisible margins by default, but not when using position:absolute [closed]
C structure to JSON
Procfile gunicorn custom module name
Is it necessary to use/make a script that make django development easier? [closed]
Define column in android tableLayout in java code
How do I get the raw Android camera buffer in C using JNI?
How are clustered indexes updated when Snapshot Isolation is ON in SQL Server?
Eclipse CDT won't run compiled exe files
Is there a setting on Google Adsense to suppress use of cookies for users who have not yet given consent
JPA/EclipseLink - Undesirable Foreign Key created during table create/update on startup
Having trouble with css navigation bar
Zend Server 鈥淐aching鈥�of JS and CSS files
Thread management pattern or package in Java SE?
a clear example of how to use Google UI Builder and Apps script
how to [professionally/correct way] insert php code into javascript and/or html?
Formula for auto filling cells
Using two insert statements for two different tables
Javascript: Comma operator, var, and scope - why does it work the way it does?
maintaining graphs without cycles or diamonds
Shadow Separator Between Android Fragments
Iphone XML data accentuation?
WP7 VB.NET Tombstone listbox items
Memory Corruption/Double Free issue in C Program
Can browsers execute JS via CSS? [duplicate]
How to get a date picker for dates?
importing module
Waiting for completion block to complete in an AFNetworking request
jquery/css wrap text bottom up [closed]
How to do this transformation using XSLT to identify whether node in XML has been deleted or re-created?
Why won't my tank rotate properly?
Heroku rails errror trying to bring up console - sh: rails: not found
Permissions on phone while debugging?
LyX: Undefined control sequence hline
In objective-c is it possible to get the position of a regex match within the string
how to get values from multiple select/listboxes in php?
Cannot update simperium user from localhost:8000
Flex: Syntax Error expecting right brace before right paren
Procedure inside a procedure?
If android restarts a Service is onCreate called again?
Why using $self in EventEmitter.prototype.once in node鈥�
changing device orientation to landscape programmatically doesn't work
An scala collection container with next and previous methods
Execute linux command from web interface (just like in Django CMS demo generator)
CSS: Overflow:Hidden - Issues with hiding specific elements and showing others
Curl and htmlentities stripping XML tags
jquery autoselect find if name exists
Java to find nearest value in array
What test harness tool/framework can test concurrent requests in a Rails app?
(SQL) Join tables and order the final result
Explanation of using recursion
Mac LWJGL Display no maximization option
The clock on the emulator is not sync with the computer clock
when dealing with my NSMutableArray, it seems like my containsObject isn't working
Cant get the text input to align vertically
How to get the number of respondents for each choice of answers?
Parse out all characters before the last space
Emacs lisp highlighting
鈥淣O tuple鈥�message while running spork on Windows7
How to disable screen saver in WinRT
GetElementsByTagName alternative to DOMDocument
PHP Session Expiration - When does it refresh?
How to create a .jar file that actually runs?
Optimal Oracle SQL Query to complete group-by on multiple columns in single table containing ~ 7,000,000 records
Apache Installation
I don't understand some libgdx compilation errors
R - plot human body in 2d
How to allow mail through iptables?
How do I count the number of words in a string?
Sql statement to find difference of dates from group of records based on [closed]
Add / Delete Item from NSMutableDictionary through UITableView
How can I preserve case of element attributes?
Optimal integer encoding that still sorts
Access named item inside ItemTemplate
Using php to create customized google map
Hexadecimals adding and subtracting
WSF/PHP install error - Making all in savanc /bin/bash: line 17: cd: savanc: No such file or directory
Should I move a parameter check from my controller to my model?
How do you code a cross join in LINQ?
Capture and Encode Webcam Video in Silverlight4/5 Not Possible?
Chromium and Silverlight (Delphi)?
How to show something only when user prints?
Is there a way to obscure my android source code?
Retrieve all objects with errors from model on ActiveRecord
JQuery newly added to web app, getting not defined & 302 Moved Temporarily
Flex Mobile StyleableTextField Truncate Text Based on Orientation
Java Font Advance, Char Width
Python Daemon Quits After an Hour or Two
Absolute Path Problems
Java encapsulated Array mutator method
Initialise Jagged Array Java
Any workarounds for extreme typing latency using Resharper 6.1 with VS-2010?
mvc 3 - Model with multiple IEnumerable
Setting defaults for Rendered form in Rails
Convert KM to Polyline overlay in Google Maps V3?
Altering existing jquery script for Wordpress
FOSUserBundle + login_check
Azure - Deployment already in use - How to publish a Worker Role and Web Role to the same hosted service
Error when installing Rails on OS X
Why isn't shadow appearing?
Why we can't call 'println()' method with help of PrintStream class where out is object of this class?
Debugging in Android Webkit: unhelpful exception
perform jquery .click() on page using iframe's content
Can not understand the error code in ftputil
Robot that can understand what user's say to it [closed]
print carriage return in OSX bash
Is there any library for facebook css styles?
How do I keep my tank from going haywire?
How can I get decimal from string hexdecimal
Confusion in updating data from multiple checkboxes
Redefinition; different basic types (typedef struct)
How to fix this exception?
Right way to change titles based on domain website is being accessed from?
How to use the_permalink as redirect url in Facebook app?
append data to html page from CS in windows form
Eclipse + Pydev wont keep interpreter setting within the same session.
MVC3 ajax validation - error message showing when partial view first shown
can not scroll page by mouse after tmux split pane [closed]
Deploy iPhone application to AppStore
My option parsing snippet
Making WPF User Control transformations internal
What is pixel value in Hu Calculation DICOM
how can I monitor an FTP server without the SNMP protoocl
Why does the login method of Flask use 'GET'?
PHP + Modify string
Doxygen problems with paths in file command
MailChimp form in iFrame, how to configure the 鈥渞eturn to our homepage鈥�link?
Retrieve only a portion of a string
Alternative to CGPathAddEllipseInRect
Why do <a href=#A> and jquery click function not work together?
Devise authentication - what is the standard behaviour of this gem?
File reading issues in Nokia Asha 303
Unset item in complex array
Create windows right click context menu for SPECIFIC folders
cakephp form habtm jquery autocomplete and add multiple
How to star a post on a facebook fanpage using graph api?
Link native items in my HTML project?
Confusing output from epubcheck
how to solve this error of Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Source type 1 not available'
Oracle Optimizer Unexpected Results
move_uploded_file is not working while using curl in php
Width of different elements in Xaml
When to call ReleaseDesignerOutlets when ViewDidUnload does not exist
How to read .rtf File from URL in iPhone App
how to test java program using Junit? [closed]
Open two jquery datepickers simultaneously
div onclick only in viewable area
File transfer using TCP on Linux
Telerik Extensions DatePicker and JQuery DatePicker
Guice: how to print a module's bindings?
ScopeBar in SearchBar
IBM Rational Build Forge Adaptors
How to stop asynchronous tcp .NET code from using up an entire system's resources
Installing Xpather for Firefox 10
How to manage the same code on two domains?
Save array in mysql database
Populate Text Input Via Dropdown Jquery
Edit all files in subdirectories with python
Inner Join and Outer Joins Producing the same Result
Database Supported Haskell on MS Windows
FormClosing shutdown event doesn't write to file
How do I undeploy a meteor application?
web page sketch [closed]
@OrderBy ignored by hibernate & eclipselink?
Referencing a port in an orchestration via a string variable
scaffolding seems not to work properly
Bandwidth Consumption on a deeper level [closed]
How to get orientation of device in android?
A gradient shade for my view?
using jquery trim in IE