set Latitude and Longitude in map
Unable to instantiate activity error? how to solve it?
ruby on rails3 :Error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: name, position
sorting a list in linq
Write batch variable into specific line in a text file
The permissions granted to user 'suresh admin' are insufficient for performing this operation
phonegap rename file with moveTo
How to set a background image to right center and still use a sprite?
HTML iframe change height event
How to print multi-digit numbers like a 7-segment display
C++ Visual Studio 2008, delete() operation crashes program
force any running process to crash
Clojure's Fleet Templates: how to use 鈥渇leet-ns鈥�
What is the best way to deploy Thrift Java service implementations?
How do I add a default value in SQL Server after the table has been created?
Rendering inconsistency between Fancybox v2.0.6and v2.0.4 ?
php regex parsing parameters from a string [duplicate]
Attaching a PDF to an Email from Android App - File Size is Zero
Responding to LDAP queries in a .NET Server MVC dependency injection with unity(DI container); how to inject dependency alias(specific types) based on the different controller types
Update dataset from sql C#
Where to set The receiving account for in App purchase android?
Virtuemart Payment Method Not Showing
Unable to convert string (containing a number) to int?
Inverse of a matrix in java
CTFramesetterSuggestFrameSizeWithConstraints does not limit result to constrain size
Creating PDFs with CSS - body height not being set properly
Pipe Vim buffer to stdout
autocomplete ajax g.nodename is undefined
Convert long to two int and vice versa
put files to sftp server using LFTP client [closed]
How to create a MVC3 Route having dot '.' in it
Sublime text 2 : highlight/color a line by plugin
How to add new line character in sms using gammu/wammu
Error when Including a library in NDK
Wordpress: the_content filter kills gallery shortcode
existential instantiation and generalization in coq
Border of continents for Google maps API
pivoting (row/column transpose) in django template
Add Current User To Admin Group
How to adjust 鈥渮oom鈥�of image/div in a JQuery masked area?
Replace everything on that line after equals sign
Application failed codesign verification (-19011)
Drop Down Navigation
How could I get those values exactly
HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error鈥�with Dynamic Data
How do I create a popup window for Twitter authorization?
What is the difference between PropertyChangedEventHandler and NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler?
Exception loading C# StringCollection Setting
Rails 3 RESTful web services with json
Search-like highlighting in NSTextView
Agda, Boolean Proposition
MoveWindow - set minimum width/height?
Android::Xoom: Camera Preview Orientation
How would I go about creating a php script to execute a shell command to write text to another php file?
How to change this pseudocode to C syntax
Getting started with blackberry Push notification
Paramiko 鈥淯nknown Server鈥�
Efficiency: char array vs int array
Need my document.write out put on the same line as my on click button?
put an image div on top of image(s) with retina effect
Disadvantages of using HTTPS? [duplicate]
Post a status to Twitter with only Login+Pass
python install syntax error
django: linking contact form with file uploads and recaptcha
Website Scraping with Python/General
Progress dialog on while starting a new activity
Jquery rest api post call
NodeJS everyauth get access token
get value of selected <select> element in dart
R software-Make table combining a table and a vector
Android tablet development - resolution looks like phone?
Permission denied for 鈥渉eroku create鈥�command
Can't trigger POST-method form from outside <form>
How to grep the pattern within parenthesis?
How can I populate a multi-dimensional Array with my Model properties
Why isn't my tank showing up?
not sure how to fix this invalid pointer issue with my program
How do I make a ListBox refresh the text?
When loading AS2 swf into AS3 with swfLoader on Android skips through frames like mad
Saving coordinates of path in recursive maze solver?
shortening a .txt location to read it with scanner?
Why does this query only show one result?
test web-services with netbeans
In C++11 lambda syntax, heap-allocated closures?
remap NERDTree Double Click to 'T'
what is the value taken by value.(entityname)?
This configuration section cannot be used at this path. with 鈥�lt;anonymousAuthentication enabled=鈥漷rue鈥�/>鈥�
quickly extract the contents of an xml tag in php
an API to connect to a shared resource on a Novell server
passing a lua table from C++ to .Lua script
perspective correction, texture interpolation opengl
SQL Query With Calculated MIN, Requesting Other Column Returns All Rows
How can I scale font size of text to fit inside a div that also scales when the browser window is resized?
Selected option does not keep focus
Creating timer algorithm in php
Windows Azure - Can I run a Web Role and Worker Role on the same VM?
Extracting the first item of a NSCFConstantString
Select TOP 1 from records with weight taken into account
ASP.NET reportviewer running batch reports in background
eBay API - How to get large item pictures?
Query: Show the name of the salesmen with more that 4 invoices in the same month
How does Google Analytics avoid Spoofing? [closed]
my application doesn't respond with orientation of ipad
Positioning DIV above image in IE8
CSS Transition causing jQuery animation to fail
Lua automated tests with JUnit-style xml output?
How to combine a SELECT query and a COUNT(*) query?
How Get type of format QR Code in zxing?
Where are dependent libraries stored in Heroku?
Python Class Inheritance AttributeError - why? how to fix?
How to I do a simple 鈥淥R鈥�query? [closed]
EntityCommandExecutionException in MVC3
Android: How to get pixels of a single channel 16bit PNG Bitmap
Customizing 鈥淎bout鈥�dialog for OSX Java Swing application
Detect matching parentheses
Access Violation: Bad pointer
Akka scheduler can't find my actor?
鈥測our device isn't compatible with this version鈥�
How to check checkbox in each loop
xerces c issue with creating an object from a just serialized object
Scope of final local variable in java
Change animation frames to only when tank moves
How to replace all spaces except those appearing after a TeX command?
Correct/Incorrect usage of delegates for achieving extensibility
How to get time remaining in Groupon Html?
Rails RuntimeError: 鈥淐alled id for nil鈥� Rails is telling me that the instance variable I'm passing in through params[:id] is null [closed]
Uploadify (or other) file selector dialog with checkboxes or greyed prior uploads
Rails tutorial - Section 5.2 Routing/Rspec error
Strange behavior with algorithm to find combination bits
AlertDialog is this a bug?
netty in android has error could not find class ClientBootstrap
How can I measure the elapsed time when ecnrypting using Openssl in linux
Setting the rails cache store for fragment_caching to be different
When calling recv() the program works very slowly
What was the 鈧�symbol used for?
find: Arguments to -type should contain only one letter
Editing .plist file [closed]
How to structure factor variable spread in many columns
Change/remove default marking/focus on elements
How can I OR together to gnumakefile conditions?
WCF ChannelFactory and OperationBehavior
Handling physical buttons on Android
Zend Navigation setting language parameter for route doesnt reflect in app
HTML form - value depends on two different drop-down menus
Convert Notepad++ Regex to PHP Regular Expression
eclipse: C - Console Window Input
Load content via AJAX in jQuery (CodeIgniter view)
Android sending open mp4 (videocamera) file to server
Graph API calls via Facebook JavaScript SDK
Rails REST API for mobile apps. Sessions
Javascript serialization and performance with V8 and PostgreSQL
Twisted Socket Send Message Immediately
C# window height only gets bigger, not smaller
Tell don't ask 鈥�how does it apply to this example?
Ie doesnt like range
Reading file and adding text to random character location
Fill array of points in windows forms
Redirecting a mobile site url with mod_rewrite
Javascript (jQuery) Touch/Swipe Vertical Carousel with Scrolling / Acceleration
bash: simpler way to get multiple elements of array at once?
Android ScrollView is not working
Accessing other Document fields with Coded UI Word Add-In
Reload data into UIPickerView
How to execute text as PHP
How to use the webbrowser from a function within another class file?
Calling JavaScript functions from HTML
Preventing reuse of file descriptors
Rails - children of multiple parents
Eclipse: 鈥淧ython not configured鈥�
How to customize the full page of a listpicker? [duplicate]
what is the difference between raisepropertychanged and PropertyChanged?
Java ArrayList - Return ArrayList
Can't Open Existing Project in Eclipse
Saving Images to S3 from External URL with Node.js and MongoDB
Phonegap - Force Screen Pop up Alert
RedirectToAction with unknown number of URL variables
Capture key stroke from separate process in Java
Does Django Scale (2012)? [closed]
Possible compiler bug in Xcode?
NSMutableArray removeAllObjects issue
Can't add my application to autostart
Facebook API query for groups where user is admin
Sizing a custom view based upon the screen size
static struct in anonymous namespace
Assigning data from file to matrix C++
Receive an HTTP request and respond with a Java program
process facebook feeds dynamically in adobe flash builder
How to call a variable by a string value in jQuery?
How to add corners to a view
Efficiency of Plain Functions vs. Immediate Functions?
Change background of htmltablerowelement in jquery
Getting a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for every jar file
Create a sub-image from a larger image
Multiple search fields in rails
MVC routing - what im doing wrong?
Creating new database handles with mod_perl
Compiling OpenCV / C++ application on server
Reduce resolution of array through summation
Submitting multiple forms in scrapy and acheiving pagination
Restore 鈥淐ontinuous鈥�form behavior in MS Access after subform is added
Best way to delete from two pk's (pivot) table in MySQL
Ibatis Spring Stored Procedure with Multiple OUT
css background colour is not displaying
How to use SetWindowsHookEx function with java?
How to write a query to get the latest employee record given the effective date in oracle?
Magento 1.7 with Wamp 2.2
Communication between Zend modules
Receiving video stream from an IP camera on android
teamcity xbuild on linux
Auto Launch application after Installation in default user (not in SYSTEM user)
localization in MySql5.0
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'com_exception' with message. while converting ppt to jpg
Post content without params using DefaultHttpClient in android
Set unicorn timeout
Loop through CSV file with batch - Space issue
SharePoint 2010 timer job: Execute method is not executed
initWithCoder for loading xib example [duplicate]
Salesforce update master record when child objects updated
jqGrid getRootNodes method is returning empty array
Automatic Email Notifications using jquery php
Android actionbar fragment tabs
Size of folder in s3 bucket
PHP Echo $info's at descending order
how to get the NSRange of String highlighted
facebook tab userid is 0 after page like
Passing object from function to another function
Finding the query that is associated to a scheduled job
How to view direct excel report from iReport 2.0.2
Read decisions from Sharepoint 2010 Task in C#
Trigger the jQuery's keypress event on an input text
CSS alignment: left and right issue
Host Existing WCF Service On Azure
Determine number of images to place in a fixed layer
CSS: dynamic min-height depending on resolution
Regex Find string if it comes after another string
Using Backbone-relational with CoffeeScript
Android - Getting volume button long clicks
Reducing the size of pdf figure file in matplotlib
Set max time a user can be logged in, regardless of their activity
Creating Objective-C string using stringification
ScreenToClient function for visual c++ picturebox
Search Engine Optimization: How do sites like Yellow Pages get all their listings found by search engines
wordpress how to manage web and mobile sites with one database
Space at the bottom and right side of my page
Android resources 鈥渂est match鈥�fallback logic
Rails, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, Pow, domains, subdomains and javascript
Yii transactions and validations issue
Python IOError: Unable to Open Two Files
Windows Azure Role Unresponsive
Efficient multiprocessing of massive, brute force maximization in Python 3
Project Euler #4
How do I create a Git remote repository that omits certain files from the original repository?
Self-delete File at Unknown Path with .bat
$ is undefined error in WordPress when including Graph Library for Jquery
how to know the ID of the inserted row
Background css in php
Object reference to itself
Handling Node.js Async Returns with 鈥渞equire鈥�(Node ORM)
Log-in Only Works When Submit button is clicked Twice
Bypass attr_accessible in seeds.rb
EJB Performance optimisation between different containers [closed]
VB.NET assigning string value -鈥�String1 = String1+String2
printing text to webpage using python
How to automatically add _blank to anchor links in Ruby on Rails
How to return answer of three fourths of Booleans in java
many buffers in char buffer
Daily updates to page in phone gap android app
Prevent css being updated on drop
i can't see files in git repository
formatting string from settings bundle
write/read struct to file using functions , Visual C++ 2008 express
New dijit.form.Button keeps autoclicking upon declaration
Non-linear arithmetic and uninterpreted functions
CSS Overflow fall back?
rails generate rspec:install returns 'Could not find addressable-2.2.8 in any of the sources'
Including a locally developed python package in a buildout interpreter
Rails: Detecting bot IPs to get around shortener pings
php: I want a code to be executed every 1 minute
Write into a global array from another viewController
Native Code Profiling on Android multicore phones
ParNew and CMS-Initial Corelation
What's calling CFStringCreateFromExternalRepresentation?
Mongoid update_attributes not persisting
Load properties file in Spring depending on profile
Unable to fire event in Streetview
What's wrong with Bundler working with RubyGems to push a Git repo to Heroku?
How to call external web service using PHP
Setting camera and frustum in OpenGL
Inspecting a .exe to understand with what version of Visual C++ it was built
According to a screencast, rails is supposed to be generating a button using the form_for (view) method, but it's not
Multiplatform Git server
Playing around with ARC: Force release irritation?
I keep getting NullPointerException using a public array
If Returns Value Then Include </br> If no Value Returned then No </br>
Constantly checking with the server iOS?
GET & POST operation using RESTSharp in WP7
Constantly checking with the server iOS?
GET & POST operation using RESTSharp in WP7
Bootstrap Carousel Interval False Not working
Vertical line on highchart, with position tied to animation frame from another div?
Django 1.4 import error in urls invalid syntax
What's the proper way to get values for a dropdown from a table?
Rails 3.2: requiring different js file in application.js.erb
How to find the active page of the first pageinit in jQM?
how to reduce the size with imagemagick when the original file is too big
Poco C++ 1.4.3p1's DatagramSocket ReceiveBytes() never returns. Am I misusing the function?
seeking autocomplete functionality in emacs
In-App Purchasing?
PHP - instanceof v === null
Google markers Start not clickable
Use echo inside of a query [closed]
Managing Per User Data with SQL Azure
Display checkbox values in HTML after select, submit and email results from process.php
PHP curl talking to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Sending invitation from contact list in iPhone
Issue running rails app on localhost
switching canvas / rendertarget in three.js
DateTimePicker BindingSource NULL if not manually changed
Test if value is an integer in Sass
How do I execute a jQuery method on an element added to the page via ajax?
running a Unit test from irb or pry
Detect other objects near in a circle
How to make a particular label blink in JList
Calling event listeners - one of two ways works, what's the differnce?
UITableView scroll to a specific point when scrollViewDidEndDragging
When using $(document).ready why must it be in an anonymous function?
How to introduce JavaScript alert window inside PHP code
CakePHP: Model Returning Null Values
Is there a way to disable a button for 24 hours?
UIView with many circles
Aggregate-function for sum and product in XPath
how does omniauth intercept /auth/facebook in rails?
How to position text in a navigation 鈥渄iv.鈥�
Database engine for a (big) Python project
Mp3-player in Rails 3 app
How to output feet and inches? [closed]
replacing zend placeholder contents from the view script
How to override created_at field in model when importing a CSV?
How to parse entries followed by semicolon or newline (boost::spirit)?
How can I zero the intercept in a multivariate regression using python?
Display error text only for a specific amount of time?
Register a logger type with unique logger name
Python numpy memmap matrix multiplication
How to get the PNG name instead of the whole directory path in Xcode?
Accelerator Example Phonegap not functioning
Using a stopwatch to benchmark application usage
How to get the PNG name instead of the whole directory path in Xcode?
Accelerator Example Phonegap not functioning
Using a stopwatch to benchmark application usage
wysiwyg remove markup
Numeric Monetory Formatting in Python
Maven build Failure on annotation
box-shadow is not working
Why is my code doing a Bad Request bad URI [object%20Object]?
Accessing fonts in different directory
Take screenshot of the window
similarity matching calculation in python
efficient functional data structure for finite bijections
Database solutions for a prospective (not retrospective) search
PHP: If statement issue
Accessing anchor with href/Javascript
How to apply column alignment to datagrid
UITableView Setting different Images
Core Data - Reordering TableView won't save
Target only the 'li' that is the parent of an 'a' with a specific class [duplicate]
Running Jasmine tests automatically and continuously during development
How to change hash /#/ for /#!/
MVCCrud Using LinqToEntities
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.awt.Component
Visual studio 2010, PortAudio DLL compile and linking issues, C++
Displaying a Tile Map on Screen (HTML5/JavaScript)
C# Threading - How to start and stop a thread
Stop floating sticky sidebar div at footer (almost working)
Insert two form fields together in loop [closed]
How does the GC update references after compaction occurs
Java Read / Write To File - BufferedReader BufferedWriter
Android network connection
Jquery: select all elements except one with specific child with specific attribute
Get element that called qTip?
trying to set dependent list validation w/ VBA, getting 鈥淎pplication-defined or object-defined error鈥�
dynamically populating maps in android
Copy an entire row to another worksheet if a cell has content matches the condition VBA-EXCEL
NASM 'org' directive with '-fobj'
UITableView scrolling slow, memory leak issue
pydev will not install in Eclipse 3.72
Python Regex match or potential match
How to teach maven CAS Authentification
mongo native ensureIndex does not create index
Split the screen on android tablet
javascript grid control for ipad
C++11 - std::function, templates and function objects, weird issues
setting up a servlet on tomcat
Add space and change the font in this code
How to get Text property of TextBox after ItemCommand event
Dynamic Input Fields in a Table
jQuery jump to 100px above anchor
Convert XML file to CSV with Header in PHP
Nodejs grunt obfuscate
How to calculate gamma correction value from camera captured display test test image?
Rubber gem having issue with graphite server
Italicize text containing a link
odd sql error, variable not being recognized correctly
Persistent Uneditable Browser (Client-Side) Storage Object
using SHAutoComplete with CEdit control
How can I transfer my login system from sqlexpress to my own server?
How to draw diagrams using draw2d?
solr increment numeric fields that are indexed but not stored
Compare XML to TXT C#
Getter method for final field name
Data model for logic gates simulation
Is there an existing library or api I can use to separate words in character based languages?
Set parameter for movieclips to determine the frequency they'll show up on stage on Flash Builder
How can I get the list of PNG names that are in my supporting files?
JavaScript not firing in other browsers than opera
How to start/stop autocomplete plugin by clicking an href?
How do I create a smoothly resizable circular UIView?
jQuery-ui breaks animation
Widget automatically resizes image
How to make Java look like Windows programs?
jqgrid - $page isn't working
How do I access and read individual lines from files in C++?
Azure, Oracle SQL Developer, and JDBC Driver
why does this syntax error return HTTP error 500 when 'display_errors' is on?
OrientationEventListener (Tablet vs Mobile) 90 degree difference
Identifying displays
Automatically Catch Exceptions for PDO in PHP
Parsing C files without preprocessing it
Is it possible to turn on spaceless mode only in certain situations in twig?
How can I make a TextBox scroll when the mouse wheel is turned in another control?
imagejpeg() Issue with unicode characters
How to discern touch events on stacked HTML elements in UIWebView
Where is this 2nd /head tag coming from, and how to I remove it?
Defining Project Paths in a Solution via Macro/Environment Variable
How to force JPG export using Timthumb.php?
NLP library for determining if a sentence is equivalent to another sentence?
Weird behavior while subclassing CCSprite
Program crashes when SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail is called
Should this be stored in a variable when referencing to an objects methods? (JavaScript)
Cannot update tables in MySQL with PHP
Expression tree - compile inner lambda in outer lambda - scoping resolution
sencha touch 2 optimization
Drop shadows on transparent shapes?
Xcode: Switching between views
Lua metatable variable declaring
How to avoid clipping after scaling custom page?
Notification in Phonegap While App is not running
Exclude Test Classes in dependend Maven JAR
NSMutableData: deleted data but memory doesn't decrease
Access 2007 can VBA code be fired following direct data upload to tables?
Getting Error while running my project in netbeans鈥�
Java generics passing parameters
jQuery Draggable object list - Setting offset from start?
Solr Spellcheck
getting error when trying to use TOP
crystal report and sql command
Stopping an Action to be accessible from outside an application [closed]
javascript events with loops [duplicate]
Rhino Mock and WPF Window Dialog
Getting isometric grid coordinates from standard X,Y coordinates
sonata admin bundle acl-class-field and acl-object-field
Adding menus in main class derived from QWidget
Superclasses for a CCSprite
array to string convert and str_replace usage
How to implement comet in AS3
Detect touch in custom UITableViewCell
Load local html file in WebView Metro Style app
ASP.NET Web API Questions - Authorization / Authentication
x86 assembly - masm32: absolute breakdown of multiplication and division [closed]
How to include all ancestral SetUp pages in FitNesse subwikis?
Multi-line y label in plot
ADO.NET select a row from datagrid1 for show rows in datagrid2
jQuery: hiding pictures on page load
Prevent output parameters from being marshaled when an exception occurs
multidimensional array exceeding max execution time
Submit a q's on SharePoint 2007 that directs it to an email address
html5 canvas doesn't work in IE8
Removing Scatter view item
IE erroring on return View() where Chrome doing it correctly (ASP.Net MVC 3)
Texture loading with OpenGL in Qt
Unable to Extend DataView in Sencha 1.1
e-mail alert set for CRON job on a PHP file?
MVC 3 Hidden Fields
What JavaScript object to object mapping libraries exist?
Simple: how to make the test for a false case?
Issue to getting flickr contact list
jQuery UI Datepicker with date range,starting from current date
How can I select DISTINCT rows for SUM()?
Django: Python global variables overlap, even for separate runs
Requirejs + jQuery fails, but only when served remotely
Jplayer 2.1.0 dosen't work on IE9
MediaPLayer gets errors
DataGrid not displaying data
Store and read hash and array in files in Perl
Tooltips (Titles) in XUL browser content are not working?
Can we have JSON object as input parameter to http get for RESTful web services?
Looking for a good introduction on trie [closed]
Remove option to drop onto area once item is dropped
How to set NHibernate session to eager fetch
Call a code-behind function with ajax?
Need .NET solution to detect if 鈥淓ast Asian languages鈥�are installed in Windows XP
AutoSuggestion in Combobox
Python is messing the for loop
tablesorter breaks with AJAX call to Iframe
What does the error code E/dalvikvm(328) mean?
Can you use a URL to embed an image inline in MVCMailer
PHP file upload / move_uploaded_file not working, not like other questions
Removing duplicates while keeping parallel lists in sync
why is sizeof(str.substr(0,3).c_str()) giving me 8?
Regexp ignore certain parts in string
Trouble understanding a line of code in PyQt
What are some libraries that do some of the follow image manipulation?
Understanding different website URLs
How to get Wifi and cellular datausage in iphone? [duplicate]
C: scanf and strings
How to find the difference between two text files with PHP
How to repeatedly run Wicket/Maven/Jetty project in Eclipse?
Windows C++ Filter Sound Output
testing MVC 3 business/data logic
wxWebView and JavaScript
How to snap app programmatically in windows 8?
Why does UIButton not change its image when its handler is called programmatically?
Backbone view event atacched to all views
Transaction aware objects in stateless EJB
combine elements on form
DAG graphs and topological sorting confusion on fundamentals
Can <uses-library> be used to check if an app is installed and how? As opposed to a shared library?
How to filter CGPoints in an NSArray by CGRect
How can I add a cache manifest to a Meteor app?
How to query an Entity based on its descendant properties in App Engine Datastore using Java
Why does an anonymous function have access to a variable from the function it is defined in?
PHP: fill array from multiple sources
Android launch system apps
Recursive PCRE search with patterns
Content Flow and Shadow Box not working in Firefox
Algorithm to express n! as product of powers of prime
Python: How to get HTML body of an email message using poplib?
What is a good way to store binary files on Heroku?
Good examples on custom Rest using Django Restframework
Is there a way to link a Google Maps Polygon to other content on my page?
Python calling C Shared Library with ctypes custom structures
jQuery date sorting li divbrowsers problems
UIToolbar in RootViewController
Self reference in interfaces
Sign in page for custom admin model
Java - BufferedImage (ImageIO.Read) OutOfMemory Heap Space
jQuery get the input value in an .each loop
handle buttonEvent for UITableViewCell?
How to access a URL which needs authentication in iOS
Creating Asana tasks by email
Checking if the input is checked always returns true
VS Team Test: .Net Unit Testing with Excel as Data Source: Adapter Failed
Inner tags not parsing with Expression Engine 2 custom plugin
Aggregate values and Pivot
Sprockets not refreshing with Sinatra
How to Drag and Drop between two UITableView in Monotouch USing C# language
Posix pthread_cond_t shared by two thread classes doesn't work
Curious on Starting Page (ASP.NET related)
Rails Server command returns CL error
HTML5 getUserStream live broadcasting
copy / restore - mongo db
Get the first Day and Last day of the week of a given date [duplicate]
Processor ID Python 3
How do I Retrieve -> View -> Delete File in PHP?
Can I force text to print as white?
Invite user to promotion after 鈥渓iking鈥�a post
HTML message or login pages intercepting web service requests
What are some ways to deploy an ASP.NET application to multiple EC2 instances?
Is mmap a built in function?
Album artwork from mp3
ensure filter printable char in jquery on keyup event
Is there a md5 checksum generator for windows ce
Removing / clearing comments in Excel with EPPlus
trying to display a map with gmap object in JSF
How do I optimize sql for reading multiple trees?
Adding tags to selection
File Not download completely
Poor IO performance under heavy load
Why does Resharper complain when I compare a double to zero?
Linking FB from website鈥anding on sign-in page [closed]
How can I read the incoming sms in my Windows Phone 7 application? [duplicate]
Performance difference in and
TYPO3 - show license agreement before download
Using .NET ThreadPool on AWS EC2
Set the default value of a Facebook Registration Plugin 鈥淭ext Field鈥�
Automated subscription service using PayPal or other payment processor?
How does the WPF event system know about the event route?
InitWithNibName and viewDidLoad? [duplicate]
android Jquery Mobile example doesn't work
App crashes while playing large files in MPMoviePlayerViewController?
How to embed fbApp within fbPage in a specific way?
iPhone - After facebook login, status of UISwitch is not setting to 'On' in -(void)fbDidLogin method
Codeigniter : displaying query result in controller
Ajax Call in MVP asp.Net
ListView Jumbled on scroll
Android, Is there any adwhirl selected ad loaded event?
Errors running builder 'Android Package Builder' on project 'HelloAndroid'. sun/security/x509/X500Name
Update dynamic where clause using while loop counter?
Using a binary semaphore as a Mutex - is it Starvation free?
Stretch div to max size
Failure to transfer dependency, was cached in the local repository
Round div height up to certain amounts
EL variables not working in WAS 8
Which MySQL Query is faster?
Error When Using Geb, Selenium And Spock For Functional Testing in Grails 1.3.7
How can I write Xml.linq in powershell?
How to show the department name in this query?
Hidden Field value returns null when i access it from javascript function on the same page
Why and how to get rid of NullReferenceException
Why is this Rails inclusion validation failing?
html5 image is not loaded into canvas
Convert Windows-1256 to UTF-8
How to bind a class object into grid view through a different class object?
Generate Unique Id for client server authentication
Why is my JTable not showing up?
when php's mysql_query returns 0, it produces an error. how to fix?
powershell or .net - how to receive domain accounts with domain names
Read a Java server from an iPhone
Trouble installing rmagick gem in Ubuntu (already installed ImageMagick successfully)
XML Schema's IDREF and ENTITY use cases
JQuery implementing if statement issue
change default value of Date
One to many + many to many in the same model
Finding specific table head using jQuery
Using NHibernate and Repository pattern - how to handle mocking the context and filter expressions
DBCP - validationQuery for different Databases
Asp.Net with C# textbox value 0
Strange struts2 exceptions in Tomcat6 logs (There is no Action mapped for action name [some HTML Code!!!!].)
Get Cookies & Session and set again using HttpClient
Weak linking C function
selecting fields from multiple MySQL tables and what does (1=2) mean?
Configure AJAX enabled WCF Service in WebApp to receive large data
Failing at passing the title to android calendar
Need all joomla pages <jdoc:include type=鈥渉ead鈥�/>in header except home page
manipulating luma in YUV color space
Jquery dialog not working if there are multiple buttons on the page
Scrollspy jquery doesn't work in firefox, opera
XQuery and XSLT are no use after Extension Class
Make First Button fixed on scroll view
How to set multiple UISwitches ON which are created in loop programatically in iphone?
What is the difference between $ and $$
How do get PlotAreaPoint with multi touch events in core plot on ios?
Web App Deployment in Jetty Web Server
android : extract and encrypt header part of a file
LuaSocket requires superuser to create server
Extract words from string with preg_match_all
gnuplot with errorbars plotting
How do you visually distinct your Rails app for dev/test/production modes?
Create 3D array using Python
Real objecs instead of drawing in canvas
php xml parsing with attributes
Correct use of the module pattern sytnax?
Why would sTimebaseInfo.denom be 0?
Difference between findViewById( and getRootView() [closed]
CakePHP - Cannot access logged in user's password in Model using Authcomponent::user
鈥淪ource Not Found鈥�in ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity
How to enumerate running ec2 instances and load them into a database using ruby?
Use a PHP variable in JQuery
How to simultaneously display a splash screen and then my JFrame?
Sentiment Classification from own Text Data using NLTK
as3 TWEEN-ing to a equal proportion?
How to get to the parent directory of the app after drag'n'drop starting it? (C#)
Issue with Border or padding on html elements
Is it possible to change the display name of EntitySet fields?
Is there a setting on Google Analytics to suppress use of cookies for users who have not yet given consent
Static UITableViewCell backgroundView
App.Current.Shutdown not letting DataSet.WriteXml complete results in corrupt config file
ActionMethodSelectorAttribute unable to access types?
what are other alternative methods available for ChainMapper and ChainReducer?
one-liner to check if at least one item in list exists in another list?
Flattened string of fields from an associated table in the result sets as a comma separated string
mySQL Boolean full-text search not returning any results [duplicate]
Javascript timer doesn't run if page not active page viewed
Global Variables in MVC best pratice
AlertDialog with custom content view looks nothing like AlertDialog
Fomatting issue. Passing values to javascript in php vs div
Understanding how a property of type List<> works
UPDATE using INNER JOIN on SUBQUERY not working as expected
How can I transparently rewrite an old host url to a new host url?
Adding attributes in ListView
PHP: Filter array by date range
Getting information from an array when a form field is left empty in php
Nginx alias parent dir redirecting weirdly and auth not covering site
On iOS, why UIBezierPath drawing doesn't require a context?
Apply lines() to columns of a data frame/matrix; each line with a different color
How does cloud foundry handle process isolation?
How can I detect landscape orientation in a WP7 template using SketchFlow?
Change button label & action for submit/save button in Twitter Bootstrap? Do it when form is unsaved?
Extracting lines from .txt file, then store words into separate arrays , C++
CSS Transform + White Space
OSGi bundles dependency management in Eclipse
Changing value of input box with Javascript defeats following call to focus method
Tips on storing Query values and passing them between activities?
uncaught reference error $ is not defined ajax-jquery
Is the following statement a function overload or a function partial specialization?
applying style to menu in
Ruby on Rails Syntax Error
Is there a C# equivalent of PHP's array_key_exists?
Mysql using a variable to as a table name to preform a select
Active Check delete whole ul
Best practice for query to select a column twice
How to read UTF strings from web
What does browserConnectionEnabled capability mean?
How to convert javascript associative array to json and use later using parseJSON?
Zend Framework horizontal elements and vertical elements in zend form
array can't read data from plist
Is there any interactive tool on web to understand common code bases?
javascript variable = x or y possible?
Need to move some text to the start of a line in Vim
Simple open source MVC with a good desgn pattern [closed]
How Can I test Virtual Includes on my local machine
How does one add source to a .class file on eclipse?
Faking Post Request with PHP Curl - Rejection
song playing on the speakerphone and on headphone at the same time
IsNULL and Coalesce proper usage
Django - Input values in form not taken - always error 鈥淭his field is required鈥�
Set iFrame source to 鈥渧iew-source: {URL}鈥�not working
Pyramid: Views registered with `view_config` not being associated with routes
Cursor getCount() not working [duplicate]
Printing out std::string
Google App Engine - JSF - Facelets - Why not *.xhtml as a url-pattern?
pygame vs tkinter.
jshint expects the new 'prefix' for functions
iTextSharp watermark multiline text
Routing: The current request for action [鈥 is ambiguous between the following action methods
Is there any method to know how many rows Resultset contains? Java and MSSQL
ActionLink Fails to Render within 鈥渋f鈥�Block
What are the risks of wrapping Async/Await IAsyncOperations with Task.Wait() code?
Automatic Textarea cursor movement
Calculating height of item relative to location [closed]
Changing width of h1 when img is hovered over
jQuery fancybox not working in IE7
How can I determine which encoding the file uses before I read the file?
iOS - RIghtbarbutton exists but not visible
# Link to non-name elements
BCP issues - where am I going wrong here?
Linear Layout Embeded in Another Linear Layout
Developing a step counter in Android
in drupal 7, need a simple module example for ajax, json and drupal.behavior for jquery?
In CSS how do you change font size of h1 and h2
Fill DIV containers
Taking adress of temporary error while using overloaded operator
How to break lines at a specific character in Notepad++?
How to populate aspxcombobox with selected value
printing the next line from file c coding
How to use servlet in slim3 with GWT to upload BlobStore
how to use jquery autocomplete/combobox events handler?
how to use jquery autocomplete/combobox events handler?
Why there are gaps between shapes?
Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'long'
Message queues vs sockets
Including jQuery Mobile on one page affects all of them?
How to use different implementation for ebean SqlLimiter in playframework
How to use unsupported language?
can not Insert more than one records in sqlite database
Buddypress get link from bp-members-adminbar.php
Why sid required in 'KILL SESSION' (Oracle SQL)?
createFileAtPath:contents:attributes storing a NSString
image uploading done but no response
Line Chart Highcharts
QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths C: (can't watch Windows drives)
Slow parent::__construct in extended mysqli class
Javascript touch events glitchy
Yii join using CDbCriteria not showing columns from second table
How to convert string array response to javascript 2D array?
Suppress 鈥渇ile does not exist鈥�error of svn remove
C++ popen()'s output to a string
null reference exception array 2d
Min-height in CSS and HTML
Python Requests throwing up SSLError
At which point does it become better to use canvas?
How to stop database data from breaking an HTML page?
jquery UI autocomplete remote multiple value option
Is it possible to hide menu items in Emacs in a selective way?
What don't I understand about using strcpy() in Visual Studio 2010?
Chris Pine Passing Block (not Procs) into Methods
C# GetHashCode() High Performance Hashing Algorithm [duplicate]
Are Comparators newable or injectable objects?
Add an element when 鈥淒OMNodeInserted鈥�event called
Defining and initializing a static const array of non-const function pointers in C++
Audio not working in html5
word (password) displays in asterisks - Console application
Call Jquery dialog and pass a string for message
Login page reading details from SQLite database does not work [duplicate]
jQuery Queue with more than on element
How to search through multiple large files without your cpu getting crazy?
What is the data type for Facebook's third_party_id?
Error running python program using UNIX cSh
Disable 鈥淪aving Snapshot鈥�in NetBeans
How do i work on multiple branches at the same time without commiting in Git?
Fortran makefile
Generate model records/fields through an integer
WebHttpBinding message size quota exceeded
Defining multiple rows with css table display
What's the order between pushing a view and viewWillAppear?
Change default select behavior for entire document or window
Does VIM come in distributions for specific purposes like Eclipse or a specialized Linux Distro?
Recovering tablespace using datafiles
junit tests fail with NoSuchMethodError BridgeMethodResolver.isVisibilityBridgeMethodPair
Ogre dotScene saving
Rails: Run initializer before creating classes
Knockout error: dataToRetain is undefined
How to create sliders
Custom UserControl with Dependency Properties Not Updating on UI?
Find the number of ways a sequence can be rearranged
NSFileHandle Seektoendoffile app crashing for large file
MFC - Magnifying Glass VC++
Django unable to create default table using 鈥減ython syncdb鈥�command
jquery animate hover and stop after certain time
WebView with SSL Client Certificate on Android 4 ICS
google maps to display friendly inline error
chrome extension programing
UDP Streaming to a PHP webpage on Android?
Why is the jquery option selection not working
Android: UUID cannot serialize
Exclude records verifying two conditions
How to Create multiple Sockets in a same program.?
Combination hibernate @Transactional & ehcache @Cacheable always creates DB transaction
Google Geocoder + google maps adding marker
Efficiently calculating boundary-adapted neighbourhood average
can't receive Netgroup events
How to update single table with no common fields inbetween and with two conditions?
Multiprocessing Queue do not release memory
How to rotate custom marker image on google map v3
log4j not printing anything in groovy on ubuntu
Need SQL to remove data where it matches with other table field but only before a given date
Design pattern for Method parameter
Could you please suggest JAVA API wrapper around GSM AT commands?
The controller for path '/' was not found or does not implement IController
WPF routed command enabling works with menu but not with a button
Updating Datagridview values into database
jQuery doesn't fire automatically on new created elements
ajax zend params
ssh keyphrase flag for password [closed]
How do i bind a ListViewItem to Grid?
post on ticker and activity recent but not on the wall with php
SQL*Plus disable or skip ACCEPT PROMPT
Cut triangulation effectively (find subtriangulation)
Git repo - on a webserver
Are there different priority in otp gen_server's info, call, cast message queue?
Distance calculation from my location to destination location in android
Issues in css3 button
Tomcat 7 Multipart formdata
Modal Dialog Confirmation Box Text Disappears
How do I implement a redirects-only rack-based heroku application?
implement methods when i use Self-Tracking Entities
Django inline login processing: getting current active reverse url name
Select into sql - User Function
Bootstrap Fluid grid system Issue Opera 11.64
Extracting entire column of data from HTML table into array using jQuery
How to implement a smart maintenance page for nginx that appears when the underlying server is down?
Explicitly specify a DOM parser for mule
Passing an array into a var function
Apache URL point to root
Listbox with multiple columns
Use of Behavior in WPF MVVM?
how to implement automatic update feature in iphone?
How to get the image from drawable folder in android?
Android: How to Know an IP Address is a Wifi IP Address?
Read data from Dictionary
Exporting Android library to JAR and encrypting using progruard
nested queries in Elasticsearch
Assigne static file up-loadervalue with jquery
bash: input password automatically
selectOneMenu validation error
UINavigationController suggestion
Jersey + Eclipse + Jetty : Serialization of polymorphic types results to a java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: EXTERNAL_PROPERTY exception on Ubuntu 12.04
How can I center an element of an SVG file displayed in a UIWebView?
SQL Server Duplicate Records deleting oldest record and keeping newest
How to call a function from Masterpage into new form in c#
MVC3 REST service - how do I access the request body content for a PUT or POST request?
Facebook IOS SDK optional permissions
Robotic Navigation using Kinect
JSDoc: How do I document the 鈥渙ptions鈥�object literal?
is there way (like debugger or something) to get WPF graphics source code generating effect equivalent to XAML specification?
how convert remote pid to node name
Wrap segments of HTML with divs (and generate table of contents from HTML-tags) with PHP
Node app.js - Reading files synchronously?
adding subviews in uiviewcontroller make it goes will
How to prevent javascript library load for IE8
Android source build error: 鈥渦nknown pseudo-op: .cfi_sections鈥�
How do I get all uploaded video from my user account in iPhone
Retrieve Vertex Coordinates
Restart windows service on server (Windows 2008 R2) having UAC turned ON (from ASP.NET application)
Ess wav file loading and playing
cp: cannot create directory Permission denied [closed]
iOS app's cookies get wiped out when terminated. How to prevent this, or persist this cookie?
Set fragments parameters programatically in android
Drag items out of Outlook - record message ids
Javascript check div style then if empty then add text to div
Set Display Text Of ComboBox In Datagridview
How do I create a QUOTENAME function in mySQL
Gradient not working in Chrome, but works in Firefox
Steps to add a cocos2d scene to a UIView
Reconnect a running daemon to stdout
querySelectorAll of IE COM does not work in IE 8
Forcing bash to expand variables in a string loaded from a file
adb push does not copy well
XSLT - Appending strings to variable and printing it in a different file
Is there a way to get h:panelGrid accessible?
slow performance on iPad 3 when displaying image
How can I detect an upward-facing arrow in an image on iOS?
how to add multiple different types of product to cart
Using JSlider to move JScrollPanel?
svn pre-commit hook to block commits without merging
Facebook Comments widget makes page jump to bottom in IE7 IE8
call default windows executables in C program
sax parsing in blackberry
boost asio,how to cancel an asynchronous operation
ASP.NET MVC 3 Server Error [closed]
Using 鈥渋s less than鈥�character (<) in a XML document and parse it
show image based on presence of a URL
jquery UI disable theme styling
Pentaho Kettle error: 鈥淓rror closing prepared statement鈥�
Passing HTML to javascript function
How to call gesture swipe method from another method in Objective-c
SQL 2000 Row numbering with GROUP BY
how to auto Expand Dropdownlist in Ie8
WCF how to have buffered and streaming mode side by side
Set multiple options javascript (MooTools) object at once
how to display two surfaces over each other?
How create separate DataBase for each user
How to find out, if ReentrantReadWriteLock's ReadLock is held before API Level 9
nginx + varnish redirect server IP to url
How to switch database connection at runtime in crystal reports using java swing
How to display images from /vendors/assets on Heroku
NSMutableArray EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1)
Fragments Overlapping
Stop Java canvas from clearing on repaint
How to do i resolve 鈥淩esource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html鈥�
Can I customize the check mark position in UITableView?
Netbeans GUI: JTable with Double cell adds to current entry when typing instead of replacing
obtain hour from DateTime vector mvc3, c#
How to download a file from the server using Servlet
Dynamic dispatch to derived class in C#
Trouble with array outputs and prompting for user-input outputs
jquery popup is not working
including using in namespace
How to get the filename from input type=file html element using JavaScript or JQuery?
checking for duplicate file while uploading multiple file in Javascript
sql error 'query was empty'
Piping popen stderr and stdout
JQuery - Can't make my animation loop restart
Text file is created when running code from the terminal, but not when running it in Java
Kinect, Warning: An ImageFrame instance was not Disposed
servlet mapping is shown as the project name on the URL. do i need ibm-web-bnd.xmi?
count direct children in html list
django_nose unit tests fail (no such option)
Chrome: how to remap Ctrl+D to focus on the address bar?
space at the bottom of my page
How to use non-blocking sockets with multiple threads?
application gets close automatically
datepicker dont save date
Trouble expanding container DIV
Using a proxy server vs. Local main IP
Erlang Apple Push notification not getting response-error before disconnect
Sliding in android
ArrayAdapter and Thread
jquery functions inside of document.ready are not being called
Side By Side Edit Fields
C++ WinAPI 'AnimateWindow' has not been declared (SOLVED)
What scope are variables globally defined by 鈥渧ar鈥�
php parse errors won't show
Counting number of files on a drive
how to add google map in a page using php,jquery
Google voice recognition to search text issue
Powershell: i want to get the unique values
C# with datagridView
What is the name of this control in android
Re-order list of divs with the mouse using pure JavaScript
Converting ArrayList of bytes to byte[]
Chris Pine Tut Blocks and Procs
How to make a jQuery function for html5 canvas
java.lang.NullPointerException when trying to access SQLite database
鈥淯nload鈥�lazy loaded entities
negate group using regular expression
Interpret Apple crash report for
Node package ( Grunt ) installed but not available
How to pass jQuery input values to Google Maps JS API v3?
How to plot a colormap?
array inside structs c++
RubyGem Environment incorrect (gem env)
Python 3: tokenize library changes
qwt save plot configuration?
getting data from website using C#/
keyup on div for backspace not alerting keycode
parent doesn't create child?
Why doesn't the favicon icon show in Firebug Net Panel
Xcode - Show database table value in text field
How can I prevent iPad web app from moving whilst allowing internal elements to scroll?
Can I make those three SQL queries fit into just one?
KOL - Load a PStream to an TImage
How can I synchronize access to stored data?
How is the session created in a JSF application?
Doing a 'grails clean' or STS->Project->Clean鈥�doesn't remove .class files
Android JavaScript vs Java performance
Updating Entity Framework Model
App Server Clustering vs Terracotta