Cannot serialize issue in KSOAP in android
Subscribing to AJAX events in Facebook
Where in windows registry the console width is stored?
Android development manifest
Divide a number into equal parts and store their cumulative sum
How to develop stateful servers in Java EE without Jax-ws
How it is possible to clear the textbox in the web page using html element
How to parse a JSON having no quotes with its KEY string?
jQuery code still being executed even after being commented out using double slash
Facebook ignores Default Activity Privacy setting
jquery focus not working in IE
I can't see how many that has installed my android game
Hide empty console window in a all GUI Powershell script?
CSS: Why doesn't the photo scale? [closed]
Pass string variable to struts tag
Fastest way to rotate big size bitmap
Sending and storing data from BlackBerry to Google App Engine
objective c custom class init from array element
Memory leak in UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions?
Zend Framework: Form Validation - Please Fill In 'A' or 'B'
Evaluation of a logical formula at many values in Z3
Crystal Report error Missing parameter values when move to next page
Windows form not display in correct format when preview
using jQuery .load() when user scrolls to the end of page
C++/VC++ alternatives for PHP's SplFileObject class
Load custom page between place-order-click and thank-you-page
Visual Studio 2010: Fatal Error C1902 about 鈥減rogram database manager鈥�
f.collection_select from 2 tables in rails 3
missing reference in visual studio 2010
PHP Regex specify multiple paths using glob()
Tomcat 6 doesn't serve webapps remotely
Minimalising/Optimising Repetitious Code
USB device registration - logging only at stop request
AS3 Cast Vector to Array
Why getAnnotation does not accept Class<? extends Annotation>
how to get the same certificate if I want to load certificate from specific provider, from keystore?
Asus transformer is not visible through adb [closed]
character decoding failed error
How to download images in background in Android GridView?
Could not read bytes ERROR after setting up Thrift
How to create a grouped select from a flat hash of values?
Creating a CXF client from a remote WSDL which references localhost
Should I explicitly create SQLite tables in my app?
Muliple div creation, jquery/javascript, performance/best practice
How to generate a PDF mail merge with Ruby on Rails?
Creating a CXF client from a remote WSDL which references localhost
Should I explicitly create SQLite tables in my app?
Muliple div creation, jquery/javascript, performance/best practice
How to generate a PDF mail merge with Ruby on Rails?
Is there a way to have jQuery expand across multiple DIVs?
calling Thread.sleep() from synchronized context in Java
The page should display in a certain div without reload
Create / Update and other SQL commands denied to user
Using Zend Search Lucene with Symfony 2
How to limit mysql result according to the values in resultset?
Cell border change affects whole table markup
how to make visible list in sencha touch2
1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods
Android: System.out: 鈥渞esolveUri failed on bad bitmap Uri:[B@4072aa78鈥�Prompt when resotre image stream to ListView
osx style pop-up using SimpleModal jquery can't get it to work [closed]
Forced change on a select list
How to select part of 鈥渟elect鈥�
C# - A simple way to call a method async?
How can I prevent such automated attack on websites?
Is there any good Haskell indentation script for Vim?
install app - push notification alertview callback
Android database query not working properly
javascript - how to understand if two different spans are in the same line?
User.Identity.IsAuthenticated true after logout mvc
How do I easily store user account details?
CGI programming in C
NSFetchedResultsController add Objects manually
Android TelephonyManager And PhoneStateListener
WPF : Validating three Textboxes, two required, minimum length
Centroid algorithm for text classification, tools?
Heavy tail parameter estimation with R
Facebook php :How To Skip an Warning
Excel Advanced Filter Unique Values on a Filtered List - Multiple Criteria
XNA libraries are not getting registered. Unable to compile or debug project
Replace letter 賷 with letter 蹖 in linq?
joining two select queries results in one row for each value?
How to get new sms from the device?
Send event to Google Analytics from GWT using JSNI
Any Objective-C libraries for
Flip animation between two UIViews on a UIViewController
XPATH : Extract data from Soap Message
Does Service starts automatically?
NSExpression and Core Data
CSS: Sidebar 100% height no scrolling
Add HTML Codes to XML file using PHP
Calling a private static method from __callStatic
Why does `Term::ReadKey::SetTerminalSize` behave different in a test?
How do I use Node.js clusters with my simple Express app?
How to pass a selection argument in 鈥渜uery鈥�method
Sending an update broadcast to an app widget
How to make sphinx behave like postgres similarity?
SQL query with date
Androidpass data from dialog to screen on which dialog pops up
Hibernate - NonUniqueDiscoveredSqlAliasException when two table has same column names
Replacing image in imageview does not work properly in Android
ImageMagick get web-optimized pictures
Spring MVC AND Ajax Request
Google place API integration
creating a class that returns a b2Body issue
With git, how do I reset the local deployment branch to origin's version?
Why difference in localhost vs regarding SESSIONS
haskell pattern maching - many conditions matching with one expression
Django: how to filter on a sum of two fields in a related model?
Best way to iterate this json code using PHP
Redrawing custom CALayer subclass on custom property change
php unicode basic zone conversion spreading are
Chrome extension doesn't work first time
How to set the X,Y position of button in frame?
Changing AVPlayerItem's videoComposition property (AVMutableVideoComposition) during playback
check if string is image
detect device using modernizr
Entity framework, insert object based on specific condition
converting a time string to seconds in python
Does cp -r do the same thing as cp -recurse?
PHP/MYSQL Add batch of records
.htaccess redirect www. to non-www but leave sub-domains
Blog CMS Some questions
Blowfish cost vs time
How to use repeat method?
Using someone elses library which has a value within a name
building flex applications in eclipse
ubuntu linux in rackspace cloud but www-data user does not show www-data@server1 for login shell
extjs 鈥渉elloworld鈥�example, does not run?
Changing from string to array not working as expected in Bash
Entity Framework DbUpdateException when storing m:n relationship
java with eclipse - lost design page
OpenCV Android initializing Mat crashing the application with unsatisfiedLinkedError
Matlab: How can I change a push button's property in the other function?
3d Canvas Frame on php
AppEngine datastore entities stats not available. But it works locally.
Spring locale resolver - current locale in url
Anatomy of a class in Ruby? [closed]
Umbraco CMS or PHP CMS
Emacs lisp define-syntax
Django / Apache / WGSI
Switch case in VB
Removing left recursion in DCG - Prolog
how to view logo depending upon screen resolution?
Display special page if website server is down. Is there a way to do this without nginx proxy?
Easy way to create my output stream and keep with with a specific format in C++?
Can I include View in Model in MVC3
Spotify embed Play button on iOS
How to avoid ANR in standalone android Service
table not updating using hibernate
Database/Object/Query Change Notification in Sybase
Terminating app due to uncaught 'NSUnknownKeyException',
how to get domain url in initializer file, rails
@constructor in spring with dynamic parameters
C# Access a form's comboBox items from another form
Is this model structure prone to infinite loop?
iptables allow host access for mac address, and deny all rest
Gray out parent window when child window is up
SQL Server Left join 鈥淲ith鈥�table
I created two tables try to create foreign key for the second in first, it doesn't work, but I am able to get when I create it from second why?
Differences between 'extends' in coffeescript and 'util.inherits' in node.js
Bypassing method()/function() code upon ACL check failure. Without using IF statement, or return;
Save multiple UISwitch states
Tic Tac Toe with Minimax: Computer sometimes losing when Player goes first; works otherwise
validates vs db check up in rails 3.1 for field presence
Fullscreen graphical app in Ubuntu 12.04 without gnome desktop
Accessing Front and Back Camera in Android at the same time
Implement simple algorithm using divide and conquer
update the same field twise
Android Memory Leak, no static variables
Sencha Touch 2 Calculator Real Time Binding
Version of iteration which takes 鈥済roups鈥�of elements
GAE repeated structured properties with nested repeated structured properties
Repeat Javascript Function For Each Value
Apply CSS StyleSheet to single UserControl Only
How can I manage the location of my application icon in android
How to query the expiration time of Facebook access-token?
php sort multidimensional array by alphanumeric value
Cocoa Error 256 when getting file list in application resources folder
How do you set the Content-Type header for an HttpClient request?
Highchart does not produce the bar using highchart.visualize
Drawing anti-aliased lines without color change due to background?
NullReferenceExeption was Unhandled 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�
How to count duplicate in linq? [duplicate]
I cant load Ruby Gems
Query with a PHP foreach using OR and LIKE %?
How to return a wrong message if there is no device connected when I use VISA?
iphone - how to scroll uiscrollview from event touched by uibutton in scrollview
conditional statement specifying css property [closed]
Casing arrow keys in bash
Can I host a RAP application (Rich Ajax Platform) in Heroku?
script to check if a video is playing and not restart
How to add annotations on a classes properties, and iterate on properties?
ruby mailman remove header from email body
How to open crystal report in java swing application?
Trouble with WCF and generic interface
what's the difference between -source and -target compatibility?
Updating UIImage within arrayed UIImageview
POST method always return 403 Forbidden
Malformed query generated by sqlalchemy when using a union with a CTE
ResponseText is null even tough it should be set JavaScript
DELETE FROM not working for multiple tables - clueless with mysql
Listening to database changes using PHP
running another script and sending arguments in BASH?
How do I prevent default checkbox event from overriding my jQuery check/uncheck function?
jQuery Appending content in a list
How to handle <embed> tag inside Android TextView
Android: how to avoid blink effect when clicking a webView item
QTKitServer remaining in Activity Monitor
Why did I get this error on Mac OS Lion?
which is the best plugin for wordpress mobile version website?
How to print all friends's name?
Combine JQuery Click() and C# Button OnClick() events
How to alert / see log in mysql
Android XmlPullParser parse asx file
A linux distro to use inside an existing environment [closed]
Method of object failed, missing formula
updating variable after eventListener
Writing specific SaveAs as Google Extension
Michael Hartl's RoR Tutorial chapter 3 rails generate integration_test does nothing [closed]
How does one configure Unity to resolve the correct HttpControllerContext instance for an ASP.NET Web API application?
How to include a jsp page in velocity template?
iterate through table to check which checkboxes have been clicked
Symfony2.1: The CSRF token is invalid. Only in browser, PHPUnit WebTestCase works without error
profiling with g++
DIV's height automatic adjust
error with iis while returning large size string through webservice
Browse and diff Android sources
How to re-generate an unresolved git merge file
WPF: DataGridTemplateColumn not to affect the last row
How to invoke C# webservice via JavaScript code
Extract elements from html using javascript
Oracle 11g: XQuery results concatenated in a single SQLXML type
String issue in Java with slashes [duplicate]
How to check for multiple urls if exist?
Whats are the advantages/disadvantages of different package configuration in ssis
YouTube API - Get video ratings from list of URLs
I need Primary keys of the affected rows to be returned after updating a table in MYSQL.
Background sharing in GridView
Is each object's instance variable unique in Ruby?
About assignment operator over loading error
Mysql database structure webshop
Why Google Chrome and XCode shares keyword on their search box?
Category on NSObject implementing protocol causes Unimplemented Method warnings
PHP SimpleXml - Retrieving attributes of namespaced children
How to get the model number of any connected printer in vb .net
How to run PHP mail scripts in Windows 7?
Access denied in ajax call only existing on IE9
What is the quickest way to implement a blog into a pre-existing page?
How can I use an instance of a class that was created by a different class?
can i trigger a js function without mouse or keyboard
read content of File
Button Onclick event and backbone.js view
Unsuccessful malloc?
struts 2 and Jasper chart
Php preg_match issue
Pass the index of a for loop to a different function
IIS URL rewrite rule redirect with mask?
Dutch national flag sort
Android: Change text within ViewPager
Does IE9 load SVG dom in document order?
Issue with Sending DHCP OFFER Packet
One Large Table or Multiple Tables?
Switching Primary Gmail Accounts
How to configure NGinx to point wildcard style urls back to the same filesystem path
Bits and Bytes of Computer Science
x86 assembly - masm32: Issues with waiting for response
Modifying a predefined program structure
Can I have multiple $_GET with the same key, different values?
Convert Specific variable in XML to string C#
why this regex cannot find the result
Sprites are not rendered after pc formating
I can't connect internet emulator with android 4.0
Background Slider Issue
Opengl Es 2.0 Shader Manager
How can run GWT with google app engine application in Production Mode don't need Deploy to App Engine
F# Explicit Interface Method for Two Interfaces
SSH Connection to Amazon EC2 Instance Via PHP
How to make html textbox lowercase by default
jQuery Mobile intolerably slow on older ipod?
django virtual host
how to move data from mysql to redis
CountDownLatch issue in android
pass parameter from jqgrid to spring controller?
How to pass a char pointer by address to be accepted to char**?
What is the best practice for sharing code between projects in Eclipse PDT whilst retaining test-ability with a web server?
Javascript Rotating Image Width needs to conform to window
Rails + jQuery-tokeninput + Draper decorator method
Android Screen Not Turning Off
equivalent of a python dict in R
Need to process hundreds of text to wav conversions using Swift
geocoding location from input box
backbone-forms plugin error with matching inputs
What is the Design Class property of a file in a project?
Towers of Hanoi solution better than O(2^n)?
Populate a table with Foreign keys in it
Evaluate sympy expression from an array of values
jQuery return all Array [closed]
regex for getting word right before brackets
regex format for two strings
Omniauth with facebook tokken
Submitting values with $_POST in PHP
about idekey and xdebug_session of xdebug
Can Nunit able to test Stylecop custom rules?
CMake recompilation
Phonegap somehow breaks app when launch the second time
Prevent multiple JQuery scripts from breaking the code
Can we create static google maps with directions
Defining reduced arity partial functions
Grant permission java.lang.RuntimePermission modify thread
Android: Can not connect to postgresql server via jdbc through GPRS/3G on android device, when it's okay through Wi-Fi
How to use Apache Commons Net to fetch an email via IMAP?
x86 assembly - masm32: How to create an empty string variable to transfer input to and print
Parsing foreach within foreach
Navigation with li and jquery not working
Javascript form won't submit
Save attribute of a UIButton
Debug a Java project which is invoked through a perl script
Debugging Rails with Passenger and Apache
Two Foreign Keys in one Column. How to split?
Default value for height and width of components in UIPickerView
Difficulty parsing a double - String
HTML5 and a Decibel meter
Why doesn't VC++ 2010 Express require stdio.h in this program but gcc++ does?
Where to use WITH?
Split a string in R
Add mailto link to static email with JQuery
How can I send an image from an sql database to an android client?
Flash to jQuery using animate
Java Sudoku: Generic Array Creation [duplicate]
How to store universities and departments in database in an efficient way?
Javabean Where to put the bean class file?
quick jquery slide, universal event
Triple Boot 2 Linux Distros With A Win 7 Installation [closed]
SQL Server secure connection using Windows Azure Connect
Can Haskell pretend to be a database, and if so, how?
How do I create conditional ValidationAttribute error messages?
Changing JAX-WS default XML namespace prefix
How to generate a random class result from a button using onClick for android?
Find rectangle in 2d space
In Python 3.2, I can open and read an HTTPS web page with http.client, but urllib.request is failing to open the same page
Strange behaviour of vertical uiscrollbar at uitableview
C# recursion limit when returning JSON
How to pass and read arguments to a lua program?
Transactions with MySQL?
How to use NSRange or NSScanner in iOS
Regular expression for US phone number not working
Why does gcc create redundant assembly code?
empty a dialog after its closed
Array List in C# without a loop
Sync GitHub repository with local directory
different between SOAP and restful parsing
Focus input on blur event not working
Add / edit pop-up with Plone
CSS PHP that i am struggling with
module or component in joomla
Enabling MPLS in my tcl script
$_FILES error - undefined index: image
make div appear instead of sliding to location
ElasticSearch all documents returned even when escaped
specifying characters that cannot be typed
Create parameterized URL for my Search box
SharePoint 2010 - Create liste items with looping workflow - limitation of 5?
Visual C++ get string from Cedit
android adding calendar events crashes in android 4.0
CGI::Session in modperl data is inconsistent
Is there a infinite content scroll that will scroll horizontally?
How to run some code when user click on the notification?
SQL query to get rows depending on month_year
Check whether a file is an image or not?
Attaching an image and posting to a JSON API
Is there any way to identify whether the user is 鈥淵ahoo鈥� 鈥淕oogle Accounts鈥�or 鈥淕oogle Marketplace鈥�user using Java OpenID?
CSS 鈥渙utline鈥�different behavior behavior on Webkit & Gecko
When rotate the device , the gridview went wrong
C# parse string split
Draw rect from array of CGPoints in ios
Validate a form using JavaScript
Avoid previous ajax request on calling the same ajax request again in jquery
Installing android market on Emulator 2.2
Insert element after several characters [duplicate]
Mongodb java api: WriteResult#getN()
Backbone.js Model previous method not working?
Facing difficulties using keypad in android 4.0.3?
Tutorials for php yii? [closed]
Windows Azure Paging Large Datasets Solution
XSLT transform in xmlSignature java?
Adding both the title and image to an NSStatusItem
How to change SHA1 and SALT encrypted passwords in table
Core Data many-to-many relationship & data integrity
Performing Bitmap conversion in background
'wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003' in iPhone
Regular expression to match Excel Formula
Changing background of tabhost workds in ICS but is causing problems in lower versions
How can I draw a simple histogram with three variables?
Why does receiving an Intent calls onPause()
Rails 3 Tutorial Chapter 11 HTML not showing for Follow/Unfollow button
InetAddress in Android
Get a Value in a Listbox On Change First list box
table get the cell from the row
delete row using jquey
How to uncheck the Checkbox on removing the Item in Android?
SimpleXML Dynamic element names
Stying the Form element using Jquery - OnClick event does not capture it
Gem not outputting the expected text
Assignment of malloc'ed array to stack'ed array
Access to elements of string that contains html elements
Change all my documents nested document value
csv data import into mysql database using php
Implementing drag and drop with image array using JavaScript in HTML5?
Making dashed lines to run using css3
Pic programming: what is the variable type of a port bit in MikroC?
how to initialize array to -1 fast? [duplicate]
How do I load PHP 5.4.3 with Apache 2.2.3?
How to create a linked server in SQL Server for remote MySQL (website mysql)
iphone:Apply voice modulation and save that modulated sound file
javascript event doesn't recognize my function
Two Form Threading in one Need:鈥淢ainForm鈥�Load Behind 鈥淪plash Form鈥�
Encode audio and video in same format and then merge
Application State Migration Framework - .Net
ruby block questions loop variables
PhoneGap Display Accelerometer Value
How to notify mouseEvents from Java Script to Cocoa?
How to create a Visual Studio add-in to generate files?
Submitting a Command Buffer DX vs. OpenCL
How do I do the equivalent of println in Objective-C?
parse csv file in gaej using blobstore
Android populate Radio Button from a database table
remove table row using jquery
How can I set up buttons to call different using jQuery, AJAX, JSON and MVC?
Tab host scroll and bring to center using HorizontalScrollview
jquery get image width returns 0 first time
Is there any statistical data on the most common Android version on tablets?
iPhone: Use apple sample code AVCam to open new view controller after capturing video
Import a CSV file into MySQL using PHP
Can I use the Microsoft Lync API to communicate with Communicator 2007/2007 R2?
NullReferenceExeption was Unhandled 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�
p:fileUpload NullPointerException
Need help understanding this macro from ltp testsuite file tst_res.c
Sql group by, convertion
MySQL GROUP BY rand()?
How can I use NTLM authentication in a DataSnap Server/Client Application?
Count how many times each word from a word list appears in a file?
How integrate RapidMiner in a PHP web applicaion?
Need Help Determining Which Image is Displayed in Animation [duplicate]
Gem::LoadError installing ruby 1.9.2, in macbook snow leopard
Escape SQL statement passed to initWithFormat / stringWithFormat
Solr Merge results
C++ 2011 : range-based loop unrolling?
Display JSON data in UITableView : Access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission modifyThread)
Domain object construction responsibility: Should I use domain objects in service layer interface?
How to make CSS compatible with all browsers?
Should I use a join instead of loop
Apache running static content and flask app
A program worked fine on my computer but when I sent it on another one with a Dutch Windows it has problems with the DateTimePicker
I am working on my first mobile app and I cannot get the right navbar button to work
How to make a Jbutton show a menuitem list?
obtaining type from type name in scala
Find the directory for a FileStore
Executing and object's method from EL
jQuery Mobile load a specific set of icons for a theme?
Android SQLite Null Pointer Exception
VSTO Excel Workbook add-in not loading via Visual Studio debugger on 1 computer
managing CSS in master page, content page and user control?
Pushing to C2DM with node.js
Possible multiple enumeration of IEnumerable when counting and skipping
Class 'COM' not found
Launching Safari using UIApplication:OpenURL not working
Get sql values before wpf page loads
How to 鈥淚nsert text from file鈥�using OpenXml SDK 2.0
Javascript Bind function to Ajax load event
N-way merge sort a 2G file of strings
May I use UIViews to manage a large number of animated sprites? Or is it better to stick with CALayers?
Can I recursively call a method from child to parent, using an inherited method?
From Lua to C++
How to access nested object in JSON returned by Wikipedia API
get texbox value
Add Method Into Android Copy/Paste Global Contextual Menu?
Can you use Lua scripting to make Redis throw events?
Using PHP to Add Facebook Open Graph Read Action
An assignment requires that I gather a name with 2 scanf's
Edit/Add objects using the same django form
Insert user ID value into messages table where user division = division.divisionid
How to speed up scaling in android
The Following simple query does not complete. Prepared Statement
pycharm ctrl pageup/pagedown to tab between open files
Developing Abstract Syntax Tree
MongoDB share-nothing slaves
Java or Android [closed]
Send Email Types
Update portion of page using Ajax without jQuery
Subversion permission
How do I access HttpContext.Current in Task.Factory.StartNew?
Doing a bulk SQL insert in django
How do I add ITelephony.aidl to eclipse?
Android: R cannot be resolved after adding a new class
Saving Euro currency value in database [closed]
How to constrain 3D rotations (Euler)
Invalid heap address and fatal signal 11
Tokenizing a string in xquery [duplicate]
PHP Expression Woes
Where can I find the source code of JBoss servlet api
Setting (0,0) to bottom-left without switching X- and Y-axis in Processing(.org)
Python In Maya - Recreating an existing shape, just from code
How to make pdf read only in itext
How to savexaml page content into a jpeg image in windows phone?
UITabBarViewController wont display as expect
Is there a Facebook API to publish content to the FaceBook page using PHP?
Infinite loop for a pokerhand dealer
autofill this html field?
A program to recognize words made up from any combination of given three words [closed]
Design complex layout(Scrollview, Listview..)
Get Single MembershipUser from MembershipUserCollection
Multiple missiles/bullets in a space invader clone (First go at a game with python)
How to get /test/?grid-view or /test/?list-view' in Django view
filtering out empty columns from mysql query with php
RavenDB and Constructor Injection
can't load when integrated with primefaces
shape recognition on IOS objective-c
Compiler errors due to missing variables (the variable is defined in a different class)
Can not get uitoolbar in expandable cell to hide
In Linux how to add a build step in Qt Creator that uses su privileges without getting the wrong password attempts on builds?
Is there any easy way to copy QPainter state?
How to make String.Format work in conjunction with Resource File values from Javascript?
how to achieve something like 鈥渇inish鈥�in a non-activity class in android?
How to listen to thousands of imap idle inboxes via spring/amqp/rabbit
how to give access permission to the files on godaddy server web hosting?
using canvas kinetic in html5 to draw many text and edit them
how to move a control on mousemove in runtime?
Downloading a music file instead of playing it in the browser
What is a subroutine and a convenience initializer?
In templates in Ember.js, how do you refer to a value in the parent context when you are inside an #each block?
Python sorted with list of alpha-numeric strings?
How to implement Flipboard ipad page turning animation for view flipper in android?
Asynchronous loading of full page
Iframe issues on iOS when not in viewport when overflow is scroll
how does the text change color while scrolling?
pass parameters from C++ to Assembly in android
M2M between two different apps
How to show SPECIFIC hidden files on mac?
AccessDenied in Orchard CMS 1.4.1
Netbeans keeps on restarting
Can I validate to make sure that the posted data from a Symfony2 choice form field is within its choice list?
CSS Rounded corners in Tabs little issue
MVC3 - Having trouble passing int[] to controller action on RedicrectToAction from a different action
Extract frames from a video file as rgb array
jquery if statement to hide elements
How to know if iPhone camera is ready to take picture?
Threads read/writing at the same time
Is mono a viable alternative to
How to insert data from textfields into database using hibernate?
iPhone: NSTimer won't respond to invalidate and XCode insists the variable is undeclared
SQL Server 2008 data type for day of week [duplicate]
Javascript code not running well on IE9
Constructor must be called super error in JSP, JDBC, servlet and forms
Building command strings using variables with various quote levels and spaces
How to display message inline
Can an if statement be run inside an existing if statement in python [closed]
Fastest way to access data in Objective C
Google Chrome Heap Snapshots (closure), (array), (system), (complied code) under programmer control?
Imageslide with jQuery (Maybe with PHP)
Download Data from SQL Database for use in iPhone App
How to auto crop an image white border in Java?
Prefill web form with data stored in app
Generic Pointers in C and memory allocation
Django ~ WSGIRequest with a form added via get_context_data method
Getting to prompt with GitBash in Windows 7
Injection order in Opera extensions
SQL Azure Compatibility Level
Disable validator via ajax
GameQuery collision detection not working properly
What are the int and multiplication signs doing here?
jsplumb - hide connectors when scrolled out of view
How to get around the Twitter 3200 status limit? [duplicate]
writing JavaScript with PHP
Beginning Development in Visual Studio 11 Beta [closed]
How to determine error code on broken images with mootools
What would cause a thread blocked on a socket send or receive to throw an exception?
use the JavaScript new keyword with variable length arguments array
How to generate six random hex colors and put them in a Ruby array?
setResult is not calling parent activity back
Block other connection in c3p0 with java
DDL generation and general persistence.xml settings (OpenJPA)
Average Case Complexity of a trivial algorithm
PHP writing CSV, outputting the entire webpage for some reason
C++ Game Design - What Library/API? [closed]
Setting-up Application.ini in Zend Framework for Model
Fluent nhibernate copy of a child object
word.sub-word.sub-sub-word [closed]
Django posts and responses
How to declare many JSF managed beans at once
How to convert a display toggle effect to CSS 3 Transitions effect
Code outputting html instead of an image?
knockout.js data-bind loop with if
How do I implement this class expression in Java OWLAPI?
How do I upload a file from iOS to my website?
Jinja globals in django - using coffin
How to get data from list in sencha touch2 [duplicate]
cannot install .NET Framework 3.5
How do I change a field in an inner class from an outer class in Python?
Cassandra Super Column Family Schema Creation
Email notification when 'updated_at' become 2 hours before current time
MySQL - can't get a left outer join with a count(*) to return the items where count = 0
Guidelines in file namingin iOS and Android
Import emails from a string
insert selected option into table
Need help to send email with PHPMailer
How can I refresh a tab from another using Javascript
Alias column not mapping to property on entity when using SqlQuery in Entity Framework
Flex Mobile Listen for Event in <s:View>
Identity Property in Cayley Table
Listen on Eclipse Editor Events
ErrorDocument works on it's own, adding anything else results in 500 - .htaccess
How to export postgreSQL database to excel
301 redirect htaccess on a database driven website
Passing the input value of prompt boxes
Image of imageview not remove?
PHP Date / GMT Weirdness
CSS loaded dynamically from jQuery plugin - CSS must be loaded because it's required for the function
Use a JComboBox to call information from an array?
Drop Down Menu returns a null error
How does git-receive-pack work?
Cannot invalidate timer in iOS
How to use different images for different points on google map in android?
Creating a floating view on iPad
dotcloud supervisord twistd exiting early
What is the name of the keyboard shortcut &/or method in an IDE which allows me to jump past automatically generated </endtags>?
Entity framework data loading strategy comparison
git staging server
Python prime number list wrong?
App crashes when loaded after user presses back button
Finding the median of an unsorted array
Website DNS issue from my machine only
How do I change accordion header with plus and minus symbol?
JQUERY fadeOut Maque
Rewrite a sub DIR
Xkb: How to increase the number of KeySyms in the client map of an XkbDescRec keyboard description?
How to save GVIM settings? [closed]
How to loop data at code behind ASP.NET (VB)
Can the taskbar moving be detected?
PHP PDO Params - Empty strings in $data array cause query to fail
cloud9 + mongodb + nodejs
multiple pagebeforecreate events caused by nested listviews w/ jsfiddle
Customized DevExpress LookupeditSettings
Saving as jpeg from memorystream in c#
how do i combine multiple single dimensional arrays into a multi-dimensional arrays which results in a listed display
How to reliably determine which PaaS is my project running on?
What JavaScript should be included in the <head> and what included in the <body>? [closed]
Why do I keep getting a routing error when running my Rails application? [duplicate]
The 鈥渓ang鈥�attribute changed my font settings in Google Chrome
What is the cleanest way to handle validation errors with PHP?
Another undefined reference to class::function in c++ [duplicate]
What is the variable $x used for in Chrome?
Jquery Mobile, PhoneGap and JavaScript
Make a list of equal length vectors
update attribute for rails model
Array initialization in C
Div Extend and menu issues
Python's random.shuffle limitation
Android debug - crash on deleting TextView,Button and Layout
PHP: Filename cannot be empty in file_get_contents
New Google App Engine Datastore API doesn't seem to throw as many exceptions?
How can I set the width for a text area attached by the autoSuggest plug-in for jQuery?
Inserting values in a Python list
Spring mvc ,debug application
How to use fortran to read irregular lines
Assorting elements in a list into a list of lists of specific lengths
Are there alternatives to jQuery scrollTop?
XML Menu Background Memory Issues
How do I skip past an automatically generated end </tag> in my IDE without lifting my hands off the keyboard (or using arrow keys)?
SQLiteException: near 鈥渘ull鈥� syntax error when inserting in database
Android animation with layout rows
Python Boolean Mapping
Why is Hibernate throwing a SQLGrammarException saying table/view does not exist when I've set to create?
What is the difference between string and StringBuilder?
CodeIgniter: How can I display single validation error?
Pyramid url incorrectly generated, served on nginx+phusion passenger and Mako templates
Javascript methods: this & that
Java - Writing TO standard in?
How do I get the java db sql to have a 'Order by lastname'?
CSS Button Over Thumbnail
Wordpress: Using the category slug get the category ID using mysql query
HTML5 canvas, image on/in polygon possible?
How do I make a layout occupy 1/2 the screen?
Pass multiple integer value from jni to java
IPython: how do I pipe something into a Python script
Cryptic compiler error, maybe to do with use of 鈥渧irtual鈥�
how to draw a trajectory on Android
How to install the boost for CodeBlocks? [duplicate]
Dynamic Database Driven CSS 2.0
How can i convert a list of objects to an array anf then pass it to my java script
embedded Tk - hangs on ctrl+d
BuddyPress: subscribers can't change password
Editing a single form field with rails
Switch and default: for C
Rails, change db value when user selects combobox value
Why can't I see node.js hello world server on my mac?
Hosting two website in on one aws ec2 instance [closed]
Parsing html with Jsoup and removing spans with certain style
Program not running in emulator
Junk data when using fread
Special Javascript function in
Display Date time in UK and US
Control Size To Fit Window Size
Ruby regexp to turn snake_casing to PascalCasing?
Elementwise multiplication of arrays of different shapes in python
CoreData: Fetch an object that has a given property AND a given relationship?
No exception will be raised if a null parameter is passed to the action method
Cocoa : Notification if unmount request fails?
Adding dynamic content to Google Maps marker
scala list type mismatch
CSS for inverted curved tabs
how to get specific nested-prone block content using regex
Check if the Nth number of Fibonacci is NthFib or not - arithmetic error fail
Get menuitem from context menu in firefox
Codeignter's image manipulation(using GD library) doesn't resize some JPEG images
SQLAlchemy ORM: modify the columns returned from a query
Can child elements evenly fill Grid?
How to have a typed random-access read-only array structure
Page specific scripts are not loading with jquery mobile
How to overlay images using OpenCv?
Fetch data from MYSQL and display in JSON file
HTTPHandler failing on IIS 7.5, using system.webserver
How can I monitor/manage queue in ZeroMQ?
WinAPI SendMessage from .NET
How to get Meteor.Call to return value for template?
sendto() fails, cuts telnet connection and blocks program
Is it possible to cache a CGRect in NSCache?
Implementing a hash table in C
str_replace for a utf8 string
php - how to parse XML returned by an api call from a website?
How do I open / edit a .sdb file
Android connection with .apk
how to programmatically select text (primary selection) in a gtk text buffer
UITextField Target/Action vs Delegate Methods
How to use geonames API to get city name?
C# HttpWebRequest invalid URI
PHP Header() redirect shows old URI briefly before redirecting to new
Stop node.js process exiting when using process.on to listen for messages
Is there a PyQT equivalent to wx.FutureCall (calling a function after window is initialized and drawn)?
Is it possible to use a rgY color space?
Result is empty after while loop
Flex/ActionScript 3: Overriding parameter names in data service's superclass
ios - show core data results in a UILabel?
Execute CommandA A% of time, CommandB B% of time, CommandC C% of time --鈥�CommandZ Z% of time by using Random Number
How to find all words appearing between parenthesis?
Java Encryption setup fails with InvalidKeySpecException
Adding Sub Children to RDF using Jena
How to count lines in a netbeans project
If a gem is not listed using the following command, does that mean it's not installed?
Matching two images in OpenCv
Save image from url with HTMLUnit
how to make this sass work
RSpec errors when run en masse, but not individually
NodeJS Formidable Sockets
Need to select a drop down list element with a particular attribute value from a list of drop down lists and set its selected value
Download iPhone backups from iCloud
jQueryUI detect when element is dragged
If it carries out, how can an addition and deletion of application be performed using MDM?
Rails 3: My view is not being rendered
Implement a tree iterator
Zend Framework $this->_forward to send POST/GET parameters
HTML5 div styles not working
Monodevelop - pad layout and docking
Special Regular Expression syntax in Java
Nested form error in Rails app
Understanding the javascript THIS keyword
CGContextDrawLinearGradient versus cagradientlayer?
jQuery Form Submit, with form validation, send email beforeSubmit
rails ActiveRecord find in console
Specific Machine Learning Query about Estimating Training Values and Adjusting Weights
menu is not showing properly
How to prevent a part of arbitrary code to be compiled in Python?
How to add additional data into join table for has_and_belongs_to_many relation?
Regex Help Python?
Why do I keep getting a routing error when visiting a users page in my Ruby on Rails application?
jQuery jPlayer change media not working
Use datareader.GetSchemaTable to create SQL Server CE table
Return html string from controller and display in view
Can't get this java code to run faster
How to prevent WPF trigger from resetting original value upon exit
Use TokeParser in perl to extract a value from a self contained tag
Building an Access connection string using .NET to find the current directory>
Getting index from mutli-dimensional array dynamically in PHP
Determine whether Activity was closed or re-drawn
How to redirect from to
Program will not execute unless using System.out.println()
Web Browser control defaults to IE7 with IE9 Installed
Idea needed about vehicle counting by analysing the white pixels of the binary foreground image
How to align a struct member in D?
increase status textview everytime moneynum variable is increased by 100?
Shooting sprite android
How to align a struct member in D?
increase status textview everytime moneynum variable is increased by 100?
Shooting sprite android
How to play audio in an extension?
using base class pointer as argument to method
Connecting to C# Server from iOS
Passing parameter to sqldatasource that's bound to a dropdownlist in a gridview update
How can I have separate arrays in this shared prototype? [duplicate]
Remove a specific word from a string
Winforms MDI toolbar button causes open forms to resize?
Where to start when creating a PhoneGap based app?
overlapping photos
Solr query results - need searched text and a few lines around it
Bizarre behavior for mp3 mimeMap in IIS 7
Secure server-side output from a client-side app
Hibernate null constraint violation on @Id with @GeneratedValue
dtmf signal generation in C or C++ [closed]
Why does shell=True eat my subprocess.Popen stdout?
Transform html table
Calling VBScript Procedure results type mismatch error
Objective C - UserDefaults Over Writing
DOM object of XML, to HTML
Android: Proper way to download lots of files
How to write Apache Combined Log into mongoDB with custom attributes using fluentd
UpshotContext handle post
Cleanest (reasonably efficient) way to read an entire file into a std::string using boost and/or stdlib [duplicate]
Eclipse and APK and BAR
Clearing Dirty Pages with Checkpoint, and getting results from MemoryStatus
Best Way to Host a Rails App on a Windows Server?
How to input 0xA ( n) with Bash in Mac OS X 10.7.4
Why is setCenter implementation inconsistent on mobile v. laptop?
referencing matrix for DEM
Why does from 鈥�import appear to bind to value at import time in Python?
Rails form to database setup
how to combine/concat two bags in pig latin
Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius:Project 10:Radical Racing-The Cars
Generating animated SVG with python
App Crashes on iPhone but not in Simulator and jquery ui draggable beginners
Can I accept connection from both Lan and Internet only listen on INADDR_ANY
Find a string in all DataTable columns
How to convert string key and IV to byte arrays for Rijndael
Mapping function from 2D to 1D
active record contains query
Why wont all of this string print?
GWT. How does internationalization work in UiBinder?
Any simple tutorial to load custom objects asynchronous on uitableview cells while scrolling
Expanding a shortened url to its original full length url in java
Create my own android app/ launcher
Stateful session beans vs Stateless session beans, Instance variable dilemma
301 redirect ALL to a folder
CSS3: add rounded corners to images
handling exception while converting to double in c++
Java on MacOSX: how to access files in the bundle
Rails 3 level deep nested resources
Ubuntu php mkdir
How can I rewrite a URL, splitting the path into separate querystring arguments?
Invoking Javascript method in HTML
Will this JavaScript code affect other keypress events too by disabling one key?
apply a function over groups of columns
Split UIImage in half?
Coldfusion HQL query with relationships - unable to resolve path
converting string to list of int64
Django admin 鈥淧review PDF鈥�button
ios implicit conversion of an indirect pointer to an objective c pointer to id is disallowed with arc
Media Query Cursor keeps returning null on emulator and device鈥ut why?
How do I pass data from a tab bar controller to one of its tabs?
Starting JQuery Mobile on PhoneGap with Android
as3 document class doesn't load
Best way to parse this string in java?
Django ORM - How to combine annotate and filter
Javascript Funky Functions
InstaPaper API - /api/1/bookmarks/get_text
appMobi xhr.js loses jquery post return data
Why can't I create a MacOS framework with unresolved symbols?
rename a zend module with routes
parse JSON from a jQuery AJAX call
php code doesn't enter loop (mysqli)
Why is a MySQL join retruning a circular set?
CSS selectors and conditionals in a ruby script
Joomla 1.5->2.5 menus missing
What significance does the parameter 鈥渂egin鈥�of urls yotube?
Make command-line application for jailbroken iphone
Copy-constructor of multiply-inherited classes
How to continously retrieve jpeg from ipcam using timers.timer
exceptions.TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not 鈥渋nt鈥� to tuple
chmod 777 security leak on a log directory?
Retrieve Value From MySQL Table and Save in Variable
How to implement auto starting and exiting daemons in rails
KOL PBitmap to PJpeg
How do I merge selected changes in a Git branch?
open file dialog on ipad using objective-c
use php command line
Php Session unset() with firefox
PHP: An efficient way to insert a list to database
How to use inset box-shadow on select element?
BackgroundWorker not raising RunWorkerCompleted event
When do I use () when calling a javascript function
declaring tuple with list of long in c#
C++: How to create a constant at compile time?
Using AdMob from within an Android Fragment?
Run adt (Adobe's AIR developer tool) from SSH
How do I get the classes of all columns in a data frame?
how to inherit mysql tables
Minix version of source code
android: passing variable through classes?
CSS - top property
Search by country and keyword/term?
Image inside <li> hiding numbers?
What is best practice to develop resizable widget?
aync and await in monotouch
How would you draw a oval from the following coordinates?
CancellableFormController and 2 submit buttons
mysqldump blocks inserts on innodb database?
What is using for their code documentation?
when is drawMapRect called besides for setNeedsDisplayInMapRect?
Persist Data through multiple form POSTs
PHP: using SQL result in a loop without re-executing query
clicked() Signal for QListView
Passing Dictionary to ObjectForScripting with WPF WebBrowser
How do I include a javascript variable inside a jQuery method?
Using enter to submit a form breaks after input fields are inserted - why and how to fix?
Python - Matplotlib - Setting X axis range - Plotting Packets Per Second
How can I get a list of all possible partitions of a vector in R?
Get EventHandler by name?
Attempting a rich many2many rails assoc with the :through method, error: 鈥淐ouldn't find association 'section_edits' in model AdminUser鈥�
Android: Binding to remote service only succeeds when debugging the service
Challenge: LINQ to Convert Hierarchy XML to Linked Objects
SQL Query with days of month as columns
js setTimeout recursion return-continue
How to install PerlMagick on Mac OSX using Homebrew?
ETL Pentaho advice (or SQL advice) on convertin CSV into this table format
Java - Does returning a value break a loop?
Restricting Python's syntax to execute user code safely. Is this a safe approach?
Win32 LoadImage() from File Error
Update multiple objects using EntityFramework in ASP.NET MVC 3 with TryUpdateModel method
UIImagePickerController custom editing mode
MVC 3 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
Distributing a python workload across multiple processes
Include HelveticaNeue-Medium in iOS4
How can I declare a template friend function to a template class?
CARP hash in Python
Glade with Tkinter?
MPMoviePlayerController quirck? Can't tap its view when playing the video again after user exits with 鈥淒one鈥�
python get and re-use session-cookie help please?
CGPoint rotation changes distance from origin
Is break needed if case is in parenthesis? [duplicate]
deploying redis to heroku unable to connect
Why won't this regex work with file reading and PHP? It works for other files though
Since iOS does not allow you to run JS in the background, is it possible to keep your app (alive/running) in the foregound?
WinHTTP Multiple Asynchronous Requests
Is Mobile Web URL enough to add an app domain in Facebook apps?
Managing a sqlite database using activity list
Rails 3 Tutorial Michael Hartl - Section 9.4.1 Revisiting attr_accessible - malicious PUT requests
Fadein and Fadeout on scroll
Sublime Text 2: can't create symlink to subl, says 鈥渂in/subl: No such file or directory鈥�
鈥淟ock鈥�Screen On Mac App
How do I set fields in ModelForm externally in Django?
actionscript 3:converting percent to decimal (SOLVED)
C# server scalability issue on linux
Need to get Start Menu Paths in Java
Test fails in but succeeds in python shell
How can I bold a context menu item?
Backbone JS conceptualization: I'm refactoring a menus app to use Backbone.js: what views/models should I use?
Android - OpenGL - Emulator vs Actual Device
Entity framwork, consuming context in webform app
What is the reference magnetic field of my iPhone user's location?
Redirect single directory to HTTPS
Model that is used in several modules. Where should it be located?
Why does EUnit compile .beam files into .eunit/ebin?
Asynchronous file upload in Spring
Counting a Loop [closed]
JSON hierarchical objects to reduce duplicate data
Git rebase edit and a few branches
Make Ivy recognize ant#ant and ant#org.apache.ant are conflicts
Are some keyboards more loquacious than others?
Check if table exists, before performing operations on it? [closed]
Android 4/ICS Context menu not showing up
How do you iterate through permutations in order of least to most non-zero elements?
setImage animated - NSImageView
How to pack file using 7z with Delphi and show percent done?
How to Bind multiple properties of one class to another using Entity Framework (EF) 4.1 Code First for use with Upshot.js?
How to select a submit button using jQuery
LWJGL Slow rendering
Android Chat Application Development
How can I create a constructor (c++) that creates a null object when it fails?
Calling a C# .dll from Ruby via COM
Problems with hover CSS
How to pass url as parameter in javascript function?
ios - generating a PDF populated from CoreData
need to make calendar
Form GET removes current URI
request uri php: get first level
Error with PHP/XML [duplicate]
Real world Algorithm - Measuring uniqueness of input values
Outlook OpenSharedItem lose User properties
How to do Java logging on console and also to file?
d language concurrency with recursion
Fixed floating banner not working in IE6
Compiling MPC-0.8.1
Java Shaped window with Outline
Viewing database records realtime in WPF application
change the rails routing standard
Oddity with MoreArgs in mapply() - passing multiple values of an argument
git push from development server to production server