How to convert 3D models to SVG line art?
BCRYPT and Random SALTS together in database
Different WebView-Results
Business logic in domain objects
Printing received parameters in Bash
How to write htaccess wildcard condition
Is traditional user/password login required if using OAuth authentication?
What does 鈥渁lignTop鈥�do?
What Is Causing The Undefined Reference In make?
Need to add an extra section to menu bar but code doesn't change it
Actionbar progress indicator and refresh button
Changing the style of an linked element after the element was clicked and page has reloaded?
Fetching data from database but not filling text boxes with correct data in Java
Android button with transperent png image and background colour
Factory pattern allocating memory at compile time, and how to print compile time info
Parse PE header in java
generating unique random strings and insering into db
Parse CSV and import to PHP is slow
has_many through sql
Accessing with credentials
Why doesn't my current_user helper method work during tests?
import native c++ classes
Mod rewrite string to image directory
ASP.NET 4.0 site displaying error - ISAPI 鈥淩estriction鈥�column is missing
In-memory cache for saving strings or NSNumbers
CSS: parent has overflow-y but my absolute child wants to have negative left
Java Protobuf (ver. 2.4.1) and Protobuf-net (ver. r480) inheritance compatibility
.net winforms custom control with wrong sizes in designer
.load vs .on(鈥渓oad鈥�
How to benchmark logins per second with omniauth / oauth ? (ruby+rspec)
Java Youtube api rate comment
startsWith endsWith matches contains regular expression
Android: how to create this kind of dynamic layout?
Chrome API - What does the chrome.webstore API do?
Am I loading my character array correctly?
Why does GCC do not use builtins in strict mode?
difference between perl's hash and python's dictionary
SQLiteQueryBuilder multiple selection
Tapestry5-JQuery Dialog Button Events not firing
How to execute an remote .sql in mysql command line
How do you properly handle device orientation from an android native only application?
Calling variables dynamically in SCSS
MoSync linking with external library
Using Ruby How To Avoid Writing Extra Lines To File
Add dynamically created form elements to jquery.validate?
three.js WebGLRenderer()
Cygwin bash prompt not returned after starting servers
VS2010 Performance Analysis: How can I identify Worker Threads? (CurrentThread.Name generates an exception)
Wordpress - How can i show subpages, but not the parent of those subpage?
Data value dependencies, updates and memoisation
Why SurfaceView dosn't display 3gp video in android
How do I index for a nested date in RavenDB
pyqt setting colour to QMenuBar
UITableView cell layout when cells are recycled
Shell-Script: Cronjob vs. user rights
JqGrid search in client side
Rails scope testing for nil
Calling validation through ajax function
MySQL PHP id from on table to another
copy contents from one excel workbook to another in java
PHP Warnings, Notices and Errors
Is there way to boost original term more while using Solr synonyms?
How do I create a C Pointer in MacRuby?
Why am I getting a compilation warning when converting a unichar to a string in vala?
what is the easiest setup for Selenium 2 + Selenium Grid2?
iPad safari mobile: How can I make one frame pinch-to-zoom while the other remains un-zoomed
AutoMapper map from source nested collection to another collection
CSS and HTML transition to RoR made over sprites turn to black boxes
DynamoDB with PHP, error with update_item
Alternative to waiting in a method with a while loop
Checkbox and page reload
Cannot delete directory or files created with PHP (a.k.a permissions hell)
In Rails 3.2.3, can a migration to add index be created on the command line?
How do you read the binary data of an Excel file (.xls) using .NET?
Android: Camera preview orientation in portrait mode
Unexpected Character '#' deploying to Heroku
Method inheritance for Core Data Entities (one's the parent)
Update predicate on arraycontroller
Is it possible to react to user cancellations of android notifications?
How to get calling URL in URL Redirection
Reading specific elements from a CSV file in C++
Store and Retrieve path with Paper.js, Meteor, and MongoDB
Jquery issue for adding rows from one table to another
What is App Domain in Facebook Apps?
jQuery - Do UI change after other UI change is finished
Simple logic statement in powershell using WMI
django - test is_authenticated() in middleware instead of views
How do I resolve conflicting session cookies on specific subdomain?
Trying to return data from the web api
Rspec collection misunderstanding
2d mobile game development: OpenGL ES 2.0 or cocos2d-x?
Mailto Link Not Working in Hotmail
adding WCF reference to a workflow project
Error building Boost 1.49.0 with GCC 4.7.0
What's the correct approach for a Twitter Application on Google App Engine?
Grails as remoting/web service only [closed]
2 anchor texts targetting the same url
WMP library in C# - playlist from a list
鈥渉ello world鈥�launchd plist not working
Jquery dialog on submit returns Json data in white viewport
android audio recording - Timing issue
using doctrine2 sluggable extension with silex
Django order foreign key items in queryset
How can i show and hide div
How can I send and receive variables to and from javascript functions using Dart?
Should I differentiate bad login and bad password error codes?
How can I get the current URL or route in TWIG?
how add html elements to head element of page using javascript? (Cross Browser -> such as IE)
Cannot execute xsd.exe on xslt.xsd
Redrawing a graph dynamically every second
dropdown output using JS
Service.onUnbind() called even if there are active clients?
glpkerl (glpk erlang library) compile error
UNIX: Using egrep or sed to find the line with the first occurrence of a string?
How to make the images in the nivoslider loaded asynchronised?
How to pause a loop after 2 runs, insert code in between once, then continue loop where it left off?
What is wrong here? I get a java.lang.ClassCastException error but I can't see where I have gone wrong
Facebook page accidently created by Like button with wrong URL
Android: How to make a Surface View and button on the same screen?
C++. Could anyone help me find error in my code for solving equation with simple iterations method? i getting solution like -1.#IND00
block mobile (iOS / Android) access to a single CMS page in magento
Git lists same file modified and not staged for commit?
Quickest way of Importing 500GB Text File taking only the sections wanted
Count the number of times objects of a certain class have been instantiated
Progress bar change colour
Core Graphics Pattern crashes (only on the device)
URL rewrite regex to allow alphanumeric underscores and hyphens
Ways to access elements of an array that's within an object
Google maps V3 custom marker images and fitBounds()
How to eliminitate the first part of the URL
How can I use ImageJ as a library for a separate Java application?
What's the use of XFL ( Uncompressed ) file in flash?
Dropdown menu (display:none) blocks clicking other divs that are positioned in it's space while it's not in use - can I click through?
Remove deleted files from git history
Need an anchor link that only moves Overflow text box without Scrolling Browser
How to get value at X Position on a dropdown field?
Unable to invoke the methods of a WCF service hosted in Azure with https
Need Container, the keys known from the start but the value don't
Why do link paths in JavaScript not require a precedding / but paths in PHP includes do?
jQuery Tools Tabs + History - Preventing jumping in IE 6 and 7
C++ Construction Behaviour
Racket flymake-mode for emacs
Track OutOfMemory exception?
Local multiplayer in XNA
Why there are two separate patterns:Abstract Factory and Factory Method
Cannot run project after updating Xcode project settings
How to change image names quickly in a folder with php by using mysql?
Java annotation - how to get properties and class in processor
Command-click doesn't open a new tab, but middle-click does
how to set up jsonp on the client and server side
Posting image does not show up on wall
Using Implicit Type Syntax on Method Return
Store Procedures in SQuirrel 3.2.1 when using it with a JDBC driver for a DB2 database
Error in readRDS(file) : unknown input format
Keep Label on top of TabControl .NET
My php code gets commented out by the browser [duplicate]
use Cube Functions to get filtered dimensions
If I want a faster camera preview FPS, will I have to use the NDK?
rails 3.1.3 has_many/belongs_to fixtures are not equal?
How can I get the Apache POI Powerpoint code?
ExternalAcessory Framework for iOS: using the iphone as a usb device
Is it possible to add transparency to jpg in Java and Android
Android: Recommendations for background image sizes for different screen densities?
Build-Depends dependency for python2.6 cannot be satisfied because package libffi4-dev has no candidate version
How do I plot a collection of csv files in gnuplot?
Is there any ways for me to optimize this java code? [closed]
redirect to the previous page automatically in tcl
Highlight elements in WebDriver during runtime
Apache HttpClient HttpGet url with colon
Rails 3 Sort Scope By Self-Accumulated Count
How to improve searching with os.walk and fnmatch in python 2.7.2
Where to host a Flask + SQLite3 web app?
android: how do I know if the home screen is in focus
Custom Annotation JSF
Allow user to dynamically add fields and values to a node in Drupal
Terminal app in Mac OS X Lion 10.7 stuck?
Python program into a standard assembly?
Html ActionLink Method Sometimes includes the ID
send location updates to server from web app
datetime value in database
What are my options to check for viruses on a php upload?
Cannot configure email app on emulator
Time slot from table with available hours (not time slots in table)
automated mdb to sql server
How to check and uncheck the select all check box using jquery
Why would I write doctests in restructured text?
Get selected value from select tag
How to encode/decode MVC (Multiview video coding) video?
default value 'password' for input field, show it?
Android Drawing App Crashes
Importing records from a CSV and writing at the same time to same CSV?
Filter Records from buttonclick event
Remove over 100,000 rows from mysql table - server crashes
Android: Clean up AsyncTask
How To:remove one character from from one textbox with backspace and it will remove more than one character from other textbox
ncurses: window color don't work
Sp_msforeachtable Returns Just First Table In C#
No resource file in Qt Creator
J2ME to Android Port , How to handle thread?
鈥淭he real object has been deleted鈥�in logcat
Open Source Plug-Play Enterprise Search Engine Options?
FlurryAnalytics simple installation not registering any app activity [closed]
Textmate, automatically closing indentation when closing html tag
Can't figure out why this is not working right(rand)
Video program freezing while saving frames
How can I save a session variable in the object?
nested list inlisp
opengl es 2.0 source code location in android source code
proper array use in php
How to read line by line from a file?inside AWK [closed]
how to assign one property of viewmodel to another property of another viewmodel for different views?
How to close (kill, release?) a socket, which is in FIN_WAIT_2 state?
unable to logout using facebook api php sdk
Draw a separator line on UIView in Storyboard
Wrong buffer length (const char FAR*)
Get/Set CSS property values via Javascript: questions
How do you stop the content of a <div> from starting a new line when resized?
How to know if a given user has read and/or write permissions for a given path
Get value from parentform
Access HttpApplicationState (Application[鈥渒ey鈥漖) data from inside a class
chef-solo error Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - solo.rb
iOS memory management with autorelease
visible word in a wordwrap element
How to get contents of class through JavaScript
Ruby - Savon - JIRA SOAP - set component while creating a new issue
Failed To Convert Parameter Value From A String To A Int32
Java convert .obj to OpenGL for Android
Converting GAE model into JSON
Paypal IPN 503 error with Rails 3.0.10 and Heroku (Solved)
Combining 2 queries in Google Fusion
Error MSB4014: The build was aborted because of an internal failure
List generation in Haskell
Reading Cell Java POI null error
MYSQL WHERE condition depends upon SELECT column
Why do I have to give it a name?
Many MySQL queries vs one big query? [duplicate]
knockout.js dynamic field binding with variable
Disable or modify functions of physical buttons throughout phone
Android - Rounded Rectangle within Rounded Rectangle
Serializing Int values to char* buffer in ANSI C
flipping a polygon with boost:geometry
Why can't I access the private variables of the superclass in Python?
Powershell: Filtering unwanted values from get-wmiobject win32_product
Looping an image frame in android
jQuery: Call a function twice
Linking search results to specified pages
ASP File Extension Split
Why does switching to Apache break all static files in my Django application?
OOP - design patterns that deal with configuration classes [closed]
How do I bind C-= in emacs?
Is it possible to find a delegated event on an element?
draw a simple line graph using C# console application project
implementing ASP strategy in ASP.NET
git repository with folders in different locations
How to trim or split variable name in VBA word
How to write SPARQL query that efficiently matches string literals while ignoring case
how to insert datetime into time(0) field
Exception while using SiteEdit with a Page Template in Template Builder
Setting a view alpha
Good tool for document indexing and parsing? [closed]
Alternative to CDATA
show 'loading' text/icon while external page gets loaded in phonegap, html5
generic CMS system - Does it exist?
EF Code First - Object coming from database is null
Comparing two strings using SQL
IE error with rallyGrid
Why won't jQuery submit this form?
Class based selectors for AppleScript list items failing for UI element objects
open_basedir restriction Error with CodeIgniter App in Subdirectory
Proxy generated for component binding throws ClassCastException by NullPayload
XSL: Using a dynamic select list to generate a filtered list
Why is IE9 failing with cached jQuery selector vars?
Does Async have better performance than threads
How to merge two or more bitmaps using NDK?
Uncaught TypeError锛欳annot read properties of undefined
Exception 鈥淭he specified named connection鈥�with the EntityClient provider, or not valid.鈥�while loading WPF designer
is it possible to send mail via SMTP with error_log()?
google maps api v3 exporting kml file of current map
Java PreparedStatement.executeBatch() in SQLite not working
Flex Mobile View Component Access Main Application
How do I properly use escape javascript for <%= link_to %>?
Android get Screen Size deprecated?
Socket Error 10060 while connecting to IO Modules
Database Design: Building Hours with Tenants
Gnome-shell extension. Working with windows
With Gosu 0.9-14, do I need to download it, or will my IntelliJ plugin automatically pull the update?
Is it possible to connect to SqlServer (MSSQL) with Haskell and Linux?
memcpy on gcc code sourcery for ARM
FFMPEG produce sharper image from audio to video
How to dynamically generate collapsible-set in jQuery?
Process percent-encoded string with special characters in PHP
UITableView array returns nil
What symbol namespaces are there in Haskell?
Recommended JS library for origami-like paper folding animation
didFinishWithResult is not getting invoked for MFMailComposeViewController
Using Jinja2 with CherryPy 3.2
VoiceOver: force an accessibility element to be selected after a screen transition
In PHP, is there a function that returns an array made up of the value of a key from an array of associative arrays?
SQL - Remove Duplicate Results
How can I add a listview to a dialog via X++ code?
How to make a button pull up a webview?
Difference between Stream.CopyTo and MemoryStream.WriteTo
Localized storyboard is ignored (?)
Is interface required on a class extending an abstract class already implementing the interface?
Ant JavaScript identical string compare gives false result, but char compare gives true for each char in string?
Setting the FileUpload value using inside of a WebBrowser Control
How to create windows installer for pyqt project
Mysql Count Distinct results
MapPoint Excel VBA. Why the RAM used increase until to freeze the script?
Tweaking class generation in Entity Framework to use Stored Procedures
Enforce Memory alignment in C++
SMTP email via PHP - through Send Grid
Loading CoreData in a background thread
RedirectToRouteResult Refresh page instead of updating div
Facebook open graph warnings that should be fixed: Parser Mismatched Metadata
Searching For Newly Added Command Button Procedure in VBA Excel
Aspxmemo -> Is it possible to set the text color and boldness via the clientside?
sql time stamp to millisecond
Unable to Interrupt bulk update (inserts) to a list from a stream
Ncurses: movement
Android - Let others test and review my (paid) app for free? error when creating directory (Linux)
Print atom web feed how to
Tiered Parallel Execution w/ Failure Recovery in Jenkins
how Start PHP Session when click with jquery
Why isn't my config object available in my other rake tasks?
Long block of text in Jade textarea?
Run one ajax after another one
backbone template nested in another template
AsyncTask ProgressDialog not showing with .get()
Verifying clients when using interprocess communication
Authenticated communication b/w Android app And GAE server using OAuth2
android is there Bluetooth receiver like sms?
Unable to fix eol whitespace issue in git
VS 2010 Ultimate web performance test always pending
Disable an button postback
How can I use a query with placeholder inside quotes? (perl / postgresql)
jQuery cookie not writing
Detecting toast messages
use rounded corners with clipped images
Query Fusion Table and display COUNT()
Saving values from a time select into a string
Setting the application badge number to 0 is not clearing notifications [duplicate]
android detect if user swiped
Detecting toast messages
use rounded corners with clipped images
Query Fusion Table and display COUNT()
Saving values from a time select into a string
Setting the application badge number to 0 is not clearing notifications [duplicate]
android detect if user swiped
Install MySQL in fedora
how to set headers using node-soap in node.js
Disable local debugging when start debug of a solution containing Server Project?
Magento multistore issue when switching from secondary store
Access to w.location.href in popup window, in background page, in chrome extension
java RMI - unexpected error
Displaying Large Amounts of Data in an HTML Table
Symfony form framework: validate form fields depending on the others fileds value [duplicate]
Environment Path - Terminal OSX
very well sync programming editor for both of osx and windows 7
Knockout template using data-bind to image src property not working
Get property value of control in a dynamically created usercontrol
Compass gem throwing error
Change values on screen after flipping view gesture detects
heroku newbie: 鈥渨eb dyno + work dyno鈥�mode v.s. 'classical' mode
Haskell bind socket to specific IP
Unresolved sibling dependency when building one module
Python mysqldb returns inserted row but mysql returns an emptyset
iTunes Podcast feed doesn't show episodes
Loading in Lua Modules via Require (TLC)
Seeking a replacement for DDX
Accessing selection from jQuery Mobile selection list in another page with PHP
Create Auto adjustable divs based on mouse over behavior
iOS: location services authorization alert view is not displayed when app is started
jquery countdown restart countdown without push any button
Get records that doesn't have connection
How to instrument java methods?
How can I force to load / create pdb files for a dll
Keep UITableView selected value after data reload
Monodroid Deleteing GetExternalFilesDir On Every Debug Session (Unwanted Behavior)
SharePoint 2010 send WorkFlow email on form submit/save click
Django Issue Setting Empty String
Changing directory in a CakeFile task
Apache rewrite rule for whole directory
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'replace' of null
Very peculiar :HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed
Ugly character in NSMenuItem's key equivalent
NSTimer how to disable while timer is still active?
How to get the list of critical sections in a process
disable hover and active pseudo class for mobile devices
clojure-solr-0.2.0 and solr4
Java monitoring: JMX vs. Servlets
Trying to make a class return a string
Posix / Thread with join
How does JPA know that entity is new or detached?
Jquery trying to hide a form
Should Presence Be Broadcast to an XMPP Server When Attaching (not connecting) via Strophe?
Regex to Limit Input To Only Numeric Values To 10 Occurences
Best way to create animated hotspots/image maps
How to pipe parameter string to excutable in python?
Getting facebook deeplinks to work on emulator facebook android
jquery apply numerical class to child elements
Checking code against the web
Binding a listbox to an Observable Collection of type string in WPF
Pipe Read fails on Azure
Duplicate code and method overloading/overriding
Creating a generic class where the parameter is an array
How to go about working with a Web Service
I can't insert to my database rails
How to get the exact local time of client?
Knockout data-bind scope variable 鈥渢his鈥�
How to sort array of version number strings in VBScript?
Does the WebStorm Javascript IDE (or any IDE) understand SMD (Service Mapping Description) files
How do I measure the FLOPS my C# app uses?
Fastest way to check for update using PHP,AJAX and MySQL
Pipe a Zend View into the Google Translate service?
SQL rows from different tables
UDP Health Check
Setting data attribute for object element in html
Executing Javascript immediately on UpdatePanel postback
PHP - Count number of times string appears in file
Connect Heroku postgres from localclient
Iterating through a table of rows with beautiful soup in python
split the source of images depending upon selection
PHP not outputting the whole value
What happens if I add the same target/action to a gesture multiple times?
GWT: Disable dragging in DialogBox
Starting with a forward slash in html for 鈥渉ref鈥�
Security in Play 2.0
parsing dynamic JSON Response
Loading Backbone.Relational using Use! plugin
Long url is not being set in $_GET array
Is there way to get two objects to line up inside of a button in IE7?
Data input to a two dimensional array in pseudo code
Using an existing Java class as a type in XSD
Mobile version Google Chrome on PC (for developers)
How to to end an incoming call using monkeyrunner?
IOS urban Airship. How to Handling notifications
How to join an associative array into a string
need install an iPhone application pre-release
Should I wrap launching a python process in another executable?
adding new rows in excel without breaking a vba macro that uses Range.Value
ASP.NET MVC read controller other entity
Is there a way for to receive comment notifications using disqus without registering?
Using of Task Parallel Library in app for Windows Phone throws ThreadAbortException
NSUserDefaults and .hidden state
Backbone.js doesn't send request with model name
convert a list to other type
Panel resizing behaviour
Make a UITableView narrower than the default size
Deleting multiple table view sections with individual animations for each section
Make a SQL Server plugin using C#
windows phone 7 wrappanel is not working
Cakephp regarding Security Component and CSRF protection
Error with linker for a extern variable declared in a header file
Using Object interfaces in Magento modules
PHP Passing Array of Objects to Javascript [duplicate]
How many threads may an application generate before beeing terminated by the JVM
Rapid Application Development?
Android emulater will not start from eclipse for 2.0 projects
Android Wallpaper Background
How to print dictionary's values from left to right?
MySQL Multiple joins and max date
Android + Phonegap + XML data
FDT: Is there a good workflow to follow if I'm building Haxe / NME project with FDT
Newbie - datepicker and to string VB
Standard form elements, where to place the code in MVC architecture
Method Resolution Order Error
Read Custom tag using linq2xml [duplicate]
Using Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll instead of System.Data.Services.Client.dll causes issues with Azure.StorageClient
How do I refactor my CSS? [duplicate]
Correct use of connections with C# and MySQL
Creating a class in runtime in Android
jquery bubble pop up on updation of content not working
scroll to bottom using .animate scrollTop finishes before defined time
VS2008 C++ 鈥渋nterface鈥�as a parameter name fails to compile
Java constructor extending [closed]
Google Maps V3, Map won't display when wrapped in a second div
inline::java and strawberry perl
Is the register keyword still used?
Is there a lib(cross-platform) to handling operating system date?
Multiple TypeFace in single TextView
rewrite dynamic url
find duplicates of a vector and delete ,preserving the order of parallel vectors
Prevent application hanging while getting webpage
how to align axis in R so that two axes intersects
Mysql syntax error issue
Detect height of a div. Then subtract value from 126 to set 'top' value of absolute positioned div
Issue with controls on tabControl - no data refreshing before clicking on all tabPages
How to import a module in Python with importlib.import_module
CaptureDeviceManager.getDeviceList() returns null
Is it better to support a single language strings.xml or many languages, but badly?
Greasemonkey: add parameters to URL
how to set the selected option of a select element without triggering a change event?
Getting list of MySQL Databases without logging in
Error while trying to Deploy GWT application to GAE
Passing a pointer by reference (insert into binary search tree)
Update Facebook Status From Android App
displaying json response from jquery ajax call
HQL ManyToMany Query not exists
Is it considered unsafe if users can see your php code? [closed]
why does using set_error_handler() squelch my errors?
php DOMDocument - manipulating and encoding
SQL is trying to execute statements enclosed in an IF block even when the condition is not satisfied
CheckBox doesn't change state
Iterate through a list of integer and lists in Python
Visual Studio 2010 -> Open javascript file (.js) -> Window shows garbled mess, rendering issue?
Fetching records one by one from PostgreSql DB
Javascript hide div (is:empty) issue
Display Number of Markers on Google Map and Data for that Marker
AdSense SDK download
Java Map<Integer, HashMap<String, String>>
Local Variables Within aes
How to count number of rows in table while using a where condition in the same query
How to get whats NOT in a List<T>
Neo4j: which query-approach for selecting single node based on node property and position?
Python Requests and CAS
Can an event be be triggered if that event is attached to an element that doesn't exist
ftp_get memory leak
One-to-many and many-to-many relationship between two classes? (Grails ORM)
Cannot connect to database from wpf outside development machine
Internet lost connection Webbrowser
How to retrieve topic title while in flow
c++ linked list to skiplist conversion
Is there an easy way to override one of the fields in an extjs store to hard coded values while the backend is figuring out how to add the new object?
Please help me understand type attribute of web.config custom settings?
jquery get selected option from dropdown
How to express as Matrix operations?
Symfony2: Database schema and entities not updating with changed metadata
C# protected field access [duplicate]
Go to last row from result set in jdbc with sql server
Operating system loading
Unable to load 鈥渞ails c鈥�(error: 鈥淪witch to inspect mode鈥� from within the otherwise functional command line inside of the RubyMine Jetbrains IDE
element.tagname doesn't return <a> on links
Styling twitter bootstrap buttons
iPhone Detect Volume key press when application is in background
limit of char sprintf() handle
operator overloading << for enum to ostringstream
Registry permission in Windows
Define properties like CSS class types using ASP.NET
OneToMany not populated in view but populated if loaded by Controller
MySQL query remove rows
Ruby CSV does not understand r n as row end
Cygwin - auto install OpenSSH server
Ruby CSV does not understand r n as row end
Cygwin - auto install OpenSSH server
Decoding html in a scala template
simple xml getName does not work
Do not display the entire contents of an EditText
Nested array in Linq Select
Cannot Run Grails 2.0.3 project in STS 2.8.1?
Generating Automated Reports from Google App Engine Dashboard
How do I create a MonoTouch Binding for a (^Something) block?
remove an iframe from parent from within the iframe itself
bufferTime on OSMF
Change bootstrap webpage font size when
Flash External Preloader or Self Preloader
How can I send a message to a device using C2DM from a server that has been authenticated with OAuth2?
Vertical Thumbnails Gallery with auto play
Dynamic Web Project differences on Eclipse Indigo Release 2
How to disable automatic TAB change and just do it from code
executing scripts
Set UIView to resize based on UILabel
Using Graphics.DrawImage() to Draw Image with Transparency/Alpha Channel
MYSQL php Error 1064
Absolute positioning within div
Losing last row after table execute in SQL Server
'Make' command not found (associated with Less)
Linux (ubuntu) permissions for webapp - UNIQUE SITUATION
EntityFramework collections of navigation properties
Silverlight is calling a service that no longer exists
How to grab a field name's value in a CURL response
Django version not updating from 1.3.1 to 1.4 after BitNami install
Can't connect to sql server computer uses guest instead of user account
Can't loop through values in a hash
setting up page tabs on more than one page I admin
Upgrade openssh on OS X with homebrew for PCI compliance
PDFSharp seems to be failing to open certain PDF documents
Getting checkbox value(s) from a Servlet
Access session scoped bean from request scoped bean
Set the keyboard modifier for process exec
Connecting To OleDb From WinForm Or
Storing a List of Arrays Efficiently in Java
jQuery Mobile Swipe Event inside containers
RegularExpressionValidator and JQuery Dialog crashing on postback
How to find the Set - Subset of two files from the command line?
Scaling a fill pattern in svg smoothly
Jenkins Test Trend Graph Not Updating
scala equivalent of python __getattr__ / __setattr__
C# double type math operation probem [duplicate]
linking lapack issue
What is the best way to pass objects to 鈥渘avigated to鈥�viewmodel in MVVMCross?
Unable to Install with easy_install or pip on mac
Excel macro for selecting only half of the total number of rows in a worksheet
Extract text from element-less section of page
Youtube javascript api onStateChange doesn't always work
Horizontally transition on Fancybox 2
html or javascript, how to find out where is the program files folder?
Is there an OCR-Phonegap plugin? [closed]
Keep border height the same for all LIs
SVG to PNG Conversion with ImageMagick doesn't handle defs?
gcc and libstdc++ forward compatibility
Calculating pdf of Dirichlet distribution in python
In PHP + PDO fetch the details of the query last executed or fill the question marks in query with corresponding entries
Best binding time in jquery mobile
How can you check Search API Quota usage in GAE?
How to force VisualStudio to do a check for .Net Service Pack compatibility?
Fluent NHibernate Mapping for Table in multiple HasMany Relationships
transparency of form controls in c#
Regex for a specific number or specific word
How to temporarly disable segue?
z3c.forms dynamic sources provider returns empty dictionary as a context object
In iBook Author how can I create a hyperlink to a chapter or section page?
Is it possible to move a unit test and maintain the test lists?
Vignette in Android
Chrome: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
sign in view controller , iphone
Saving/Loading lists in Python
Java Unparseable date: America/Chicago Timezone
Infinite windows message loop
How to determine whether a group of rows contains more than one distinct value in a certain column
Creating a custom 'actions' formatter - jqgrid
How to connect to a database created in using ANT
How to make a sprite follow a trail?
Difference in Ways of executing sql queries in android?
Connecting to a SQL Compact file (.sdf) using an ADO connection in Delphi
EF Code-First cached bad table name?
How to capture secreen in android when application is runing in background?
PHP search page problems
Update MySQL table with Java
In my mvc 2 application, why are parameters passed via RedirectToAction sometimes lost?
issue with deleting unix file
adding an item to at array in NSUserdefault
C# wpf saving 鈥渇iles鈥� settings, state
Django if statement not correct
How to remove entire div with preg_replace
UnmarshalException: unexpected element while parsing xml of referenced type
htaccess: how to deny complete access to an existing directory?
Multi File Upload: Javascript and SQL Insert
display text if value is 2 in echo statement?
Math.pow in Java gives unexpected decimal precision
Scala List toString()
How to save a new record when the id key is auto incremented
Determine Internet Speed
Determine Internet Speed
Javascript: How to check if button's click function is assigned
How to change Exchange user's password in an automated fashion
Pipeline Datapaths
How would I go about doing this?
Spinner doesn't look appropriate
Gridview just stays in page one
Flash 11.2 sdk definition of base class Sprite was not found
VBA Dialogue FileFilter Partial File Name
500 Internal Server Error while trying to Rewrite URL in .htaccess
I want to redirect output from our code review tool that we run in VS2010, so that we can click on output to goto file, line, column
Linq OrderBy(Byte[]) values
Bjam for gcov coverage analysis?
Capybara won't fill in field with duplicate labels
How to use threads for collision detection simultaneously for different pair of objects
Error getting too many character literals
Remove From List After One Postback
Saxon in Java: XSLT for CSV to XML
jQuery textarea keyUp is breaking all following code
The device freezes when there are a lot of UIView animation running with UILabels using shadows and I press the Home button
File (.plist) stored at /Library/MyAppData/userstatus.plist keeps getting deleted in release builds. What's going on?
Does adding trivial handler to event cause significant overhead?
Where can I find a simple but flexible JSON parser for C#?
android: application crash when i hit back button (activitygroup + TabWidget)
how to pop up alarm even when the application is closed
Excessive unneeded system-invoked GC on android 2.3.5 during animation
Codeigniter caching - suggestions to refresh after new post
Where does anonymous function body variables saved ?
Chrome HTML5 Videos stop working if too many tabs are open - Memory issue?
Access child methods via parent class using this in dojo
Enable Client Validation dosen't work
How does ASP.NET Web.api handle two methods with names starting with GET?
add button to outlook message tab using custom ui xml
New to Ant, ClassNotFoundException with JUnit
pass CSS .class as a parameter to javascript function
Last Row of Filtered DataView in C#
Creating a dead activity
SQL Server using XML to perform mass updates in single query
How do I set the width and height of a textarea using CSS?
How to use ON DUPLICATE KEY for multiple entries?
Load Powershell module via .NET code
Searching tool/guide to read a 1998 file with 鈥渕agic number鈥�SFS
Active Directory using secured Global Catalog failed
After running paster, I have a few eggs in my product
OSQL command in batch, how to insert multiple chunks into a record
PHP document expired on form post
1d DFT of 3d function [video] in C using openCV
ckeditor - how to manage config changes
Perl Hash Keys + Values to variable
Ipad Viewport Dimesnions
Can't make MXBean to connect to database through JConsole
SQLiteException: near 鈥�'鈥�in Android 2.1
Django admin menu labeling
how to get Roles associated with a user from FormsAuthentication object?
Programming advice on creating a class using class name
Get MethodInfo Signature
How to configure GIT repository in Xcode Workspace with multiple projects
Performance indicator gem for Ruby on Rails
Difference between query() in ContentProvider and ContentResolver classes
How to remove duplicate values from an array while keeping count of them?
How to get pixel color at location from UIimage scaled within a UIimageView
If statement using KeyCharaters
Using distinct Doctrine2
Passing parsed variables into different models form
centering image resource in new, larger image (PHP/imagecopy)
Any way to stretch background image
JQuery Table Show Head, When Hover Show Body, When Click Show Body. Need for MANY tables
How to test USPS shippings
Many to many relation with the same table with EF4.3 Code First
HTML on select option, redirect to another page [duplicate]
iTextSharp, code to submit all fields on post
Django says all Images invalid, but PIL works
android check duplicate values before inserting data into database
loading flickr photos by a set in div jquery mobile
how can i push to two repo at the same time [duplicate]
Failure to deploy grails app with cloudfoundry plugin
primary key is always indexed in sql server?
How to throw an exception from JavaScript's callback if it is executed via Selenium's executeAsyncScript
File churn in CVS
Can I have a c# dictionary<type,type> use those types in a foreach loop?
notepad++ zen coding 'wrap with abreviation'
using dbpedia spotlight in java or scala
Copying .rtf text into the body of an email with AppleScript
LoadRunner, vusers limits based on licence
Ambiguous type variable `f0' in the constraint: Haskell
Concurrent Modification Exceptions
Sending Custom Header via iFrame src
3px extra height on a div with an image inside it
What happens when I call update/insert on a strictly client side collection?
jdbc begin failed
DateTimePicker for WPF 4.0
Checking boxes with associated with HABTM in CakePHP
RegEx in php - need to remove [sometext 鈥�] from variable
Reading a Text File w/ WIN32
How to set header titles to wrap in QTableWidget
Detect system tray taskbar orientation(X11)
Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'IImageList'
save Gtk# Textbuffer content to a file
Do PHP session use cookie internally ? What is session cookie?
Do PHP session use cookie internally ? What is session cookie?
Android- Create a list with names of all image folders only
UIKit.h not found error
Python and Google Checkout
Better way than ''.html_safe when building html string in Rails?
did you ever get Highchart series
Error with lxml syntax to parse table elements while validating column contents
X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM in firefox and chrome
Using indices with Box2D?
Content of tabs does not change after initialisation, latest pressed tab remains
Setting .change function on dropdown in iFrame using Jquery
Improving the code that parses a Text File
Get HTML code from rich text editor into database [closed]
Facebook JS SDK not loading on Safari Mobile (using iPad)
run jaxb1 code on jdk1.6
Need to write SQL statement to copy a value from one field to another where a condition is true
How to calculate Storage when ftping to MainFrame
STS (Spring Tools Suite) writes STS.ini any time I get updated, merging with my own configuration
How to add a custom update on a pull refresh? web api not setting content length header
Ruby: window print screen win32API call
Pagination With Special Recent Posts Plugin (WordPress)
How to get rid of strange black navigation bar in UIPopoverController in iOS 4
Shell one-liner to add a line to a sorted file
Python Attribute Error with multiple classes and Tkinter
How to determine latency and packet loss with access point I am connected to in wireless network?
Adding css with jQuery based on class
jQuery dynamiclly added from field wont submit
Is there another way to write this in Ruby on Rails?
xna 4 taking desktop screenshot
Regex to replace html src attribute in PHP
Java chained inequality if (5<i<10)
For every column in a sheet search for a value in a cell, then select that column and insert a column before that one
phonegap how to store files in the local filesystem
Show settings under accounts & sync menu for android app
OpenGL ES 2.0 GLKit GL_LINE_SMOOTH error
Query two tables for email addresses, list each only once
skeletonization OpenCV In C#
Set jtable column to image button, but dynamically change image on specific row/column, not all rows in column
Do I have to worry about garbage collection in this c# EF scenario?
CUDA arrays and c++ vectors
How to disable web-tier auto update in roo(only update JPA entity)?
jQuery show then hide with code in beween, show not rendering
StackOverflow while generating random numbers without having two numbers fall in a certain range
Grouping characters in Python
Setting up subdomain for local development
Add custom UIButton to UIKeyboard's accessory view for a UIWebView
Internationalization - Python MySQLDb and ISO-8859-7
R gsub add leading line break
Postgresql trigger notification
Setting up subdomain for local development
Add custom UIButton to UIKeyboard's accessory view for a UIWebView
Internationalization - Python MySQLDb and ISO-8859-7
R gsub add leading line break
Postgresql trigger notification
Android ListView image resize
Quadrant Queries [closed]
aptana studio 3, recognize php files
Python plotting time versus packets based on csv file
MVC3.0+c#+razor: How to create ONE page where posts are shown and comment create part
WCF Remove xmlns:tem=鈥渉ttp://鈥�
Xcode says Build is successful, but app is not installed on iPhone
Different ways to enter the kernel mode from the user mode?Is NETLINK Socket one of them ?How?
calculations on big satellite image crashes python and computer freezes [duplicate]
Saving data to persistent store bug in BlackBerry 6
Can static variables be initialized in static methods? [closed]
Why do I get an undefined method error when trying to loop through a hash?
Message Passing Broken in Chrome 19?
Is there a way to pass a method to a method of the same object?
Is it possible to point to templated class without knowing the template type?
Extend Maven POM XML
List all constraints in SQL Server that aren't PK/FK
MinGW: reading binary data fail
jquery - filtering of html elements on page issue
Acessing files from a Server remotely
How to delete until end of delimiter?
Closing auto focus to jquery dialog when it is opened
Iterate focus components in javascript
mongoose dynamically attaching schema to validate against on the fly
database access issue in qt webkit
Feature Request: udp server with netty: create a channel for each remote address
OpenGl Solid Cube in C++
Using AutoMapper with F#
Should UIViews have properties?
Dragging items from one list view to a second list view
HttpRequestMessage and Digest Authentication
Logging jboss without adjusting log4j.xml
Check if php mysql query result column is empty
Simple Sequence of GIT Commands
jquery selector isnt working when trying to NOT include something
How can a JLabel containing only text be aligned within a JPanel?
library found during configure, but not make
Testing Form Submit
How do i stop glassfish from trying to connect to a database cluster node that is down, during deployment?
graph top and bottom scoring teams
How would I apply the Mid function to this string in Excel?
Move topics system in my forums script
How to track down 鈥淐ould not load type鈥�error message
Order by column in another table PHP
Styling 鈥減opovers鈥�in Twitter Bootstrap's 鈥渂ootstrap-popover.js鈥�in Rails 3.2
Selecting div withing another container w jQuery
CA2000: Dispose objects before losing scope and Form.Show()
Do I need this code for the Facebook Like box to work? mvc3 - external includes or sharing layouts across projects?
Force WPF ListBox to contain exactly x elements
Jquery Error in ie8 and ie9 with Wordpress theme. (Object doesnt support this property or method)
How to work around javac incremental build in the Android Tools not detecting changes that should cause recompilation?
phpMyAdmin BLOB issue
mailto: doesn't work in html pages loaded by UIWebView
How to list all the files in a custom Directory
Building all dependencies in Maven
add users with login on phonegap
Local Variables, Object references and it's memory allocation
My DIV width is not expanding with the size of its children
jQuery $(this) optimization [duplicate]
GHCi runtime linker issue when using FFI declarations
Setup several jquery dialogs in one mvc html file
custom authorization and page protection in
Django and mongo really schemaless
Can I put a client's Google analytics code in an Iframe ad that's running on my site?
Using MVC3 WebGrid - Column does not exist error
Basics asset lines when building a phonegap app
C# ODP.NET Load file or assembly
Add/Remove Class with jquery function
cannot add new column (Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'COLUMN')
Authorizing user uploads
Site was just attacked and javascript was injected at the header, what does it mean?
Installing python2.6 build dependencies
Does using Eigen types with boost::bind automatically violate Eigen's 鈥渙nly pass by reference鈥�rule?
Calling page method from javascript not working
Can onCheckedChanged method be called with no interaction?
System.Runtime.Caching Configuration via Code?
How much space there is to use for CACHE MANIFEST downloads? (per web app)
Java class for implementing a SAX Parser with inner classes
'rvm get head' unrecognized command line argument: 'get' (see: 'rvm usage') on Ubuntu 11.10 oneric
Devise authentication logs in after password change
Client credentials to get TOKEN of Facebook
.Net SDK for Biometric scanning
Trouble filling a c++ array, only last item at every index
Importing an existing maven project with a .git subdir
How to restructure a mercurial repository with two main, parallel branches
Gem::LoadError: Could not find rubygems-bundler (>= 0) amongst []
How to keep a particular class member in proguard? Error Expecting separating ',' or closing ')' before arg
Articles about Javascript security [closed]
Trouble Inserting An Array of Information into a MySQL Database
Apache error: _default_ virtualhost overlap on port 443
pass variable from hover to offhover
mysql error with insert command
Database / Software pattern for recommending items with similar taste?
Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted
How can web pages be coded so that search engines assign a higher page rank to the latest version?
Create Ruby on Rails project from an sql file
pthread sched_get_priority_min/max implementation for SCHED_OTHER/SCHED_FIFO
Add all values in a CSV column in Python
What is equivalent of .gdbinit file for dbx?
Elmah error logging FromCurrentContext breaks when unit testing
Can an image be made resizing itself using HTML?
How to simulate a full browser's request to an HTML document?
Reproducing the border of a UITextField
Show images in IMG element without specifying extensions
How to put facebook like button in and customize it with different colors wordpress
Object reference not set to an instance of an object when checking for PostBack
How to reproduce low state memory on Android device
highcharts - error when updating a series to have less categories than previously
Adsense Ads not displaying in android
issue with XML (specific DTD) edit with powershell
Setting a watchpoint on errno in gdb
.htaccess, adjusting the rewrite base, based on subdirectory
OpenGL on Windows/MFC: FBOs? [closed]
LibreOffice / OpenOffice Calc: VBscript, export of XLS sheets to CSV
Win Form and interface
Missing template error even though template exists
HTML onClick go to another div
Redefine class of an object in R
How to fill in blank cells with correct data without overwriting the data above it
Uniquely Joining Rows in SQL when Tables Have Unequal Row Counts
CouchBase Maximum DB Capacity
C++ template class inheriting from a template class
How can I preserve spaces in user input for bat scripts?
How can an image converted to binary be converted back to an image?
Non-clickable Listview Item with Visible Divider
Backbone.js: Cannot bind events
Spine.js relations questions (controllers, and destroying children when destroying the parent)
VBA Regular Expression to match a time range like 鈥�:30pm - 12:00am鈥�
Select textbox value using jquery , modifications in selector syntax
java this(null)
Blocks not working with nodejs and jade
Any activity similar to 鈥淔or Each鈥�in Workflow Foundation?
Get reference of ParameterInfo parameter
Avoid back page rendering after sign out in
How to configure a core and/or JMS bridge programmatically?
Is cv::Mat thread-safe (atomic assignment + refcounting)?
Python evaluation returning False even though individual items are shown as equivalent in interpreter
Streaming Graph: two questions
Is there an atoi implementation for C#
Javascript replace image text links with images but ignore existing IMG tags
How can I avoid very slow model build times when iterating on tests with Entity Framework Code First?
Tricky Highlight Rotation JQuery - Timer and Selector
Phonegap upload photos to a website
Git Plugin parameter for branch and repository urls?
How can i put radiobutton in listview
Joomla 2.5.3: MySQL-db: #1064 USING BTREE) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8
set drop-down values based on vlookup
What are the differences between security policy and security mechanism with operating systems
Apply Easing Function to DiscreteObjectKeyFrame Animation in Windows Phone
How to use a separate table to filter data
Inserting html characters into a page title helper
warning: Time#succ is obsolete; use time + 1
Ignore 鈥渆nter鈥�key and move Focus after 5 characters in Text Input
ASP.NET MVC ViewModel binded decimal empty when using floating point numbers
How to disable select/clipboard behavior in WP7 IE when using PhoneGap / Cordova
MVC 3 Client side validation stop working after POST
How to create a single object from multiple databases/tables in Entity Framework
Updating Google Fusion Table Row via $.ajax() POST
Writing a Zsh function that auto reruns a command on file save
Custom animation in Sencha Touch
Error(5,3): PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol 鈥淏EGIN鈥�when expecting one of the following: language
Database Schema for News System
Error connecting to HDFS from a java client
Why won't code in the Worksheet_Change() event run?
Error on HTTP Stream PHP
Difference between setModel( ) and getModel( ) in tabbed panes
program skips over getline
.NET - Print stack trace with variables
Why does Android have its own way to get the current locale?
How can I modify my C# project file so that Resources.resx is compiled into the satellite assembly for my UICulture?
Change Activity Background while using ActionBarSherlock
TFS, changing states of different work items
Parser for JSON in Servlet just like SAX for XML
Sencha Touch 2.0 Manifest Query String
How do I do an animated imageView in appcelerator?
Server returned HTTP response code: 400 using Spring-Security AuthenticationProvider
adding latency to a web application
JQuery Fancybox - Multiple inline instances
Is it possible to detect namespace membership in C++?
Qt spell check on mac
Variable not working in mail form?
Don't upload to aws s3 if exact file already exists in bucket
Convert date string to datetime object
How to access in IE9?
can't use CreateProcess in Child process using simulating fork code on Windows 7 based on ZwCreateProcess
change from deny specific extensions to allow only specific extensions
Phase correlation char
Open stream from uri
Spring Security - Random salt + Hash + Custom UserDetailsService
Error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException in my Activity using Google API in Android
Change order of columns appearing in results, without changing select order
Handwriting Recognition for Windows Phone 7 [closed]
SelectCommand.Connection property has not been initialized
Get div direction when using dir=鈥渁uto鈥�in HTML5 using javascript
SSRS Report runs sometimes
crash when hit rate us button and back to app
working with merged core data models
Looping through Array and assigning values to variables
How to send latest records from database to html texbox after submitting a form?
AccountManager getUserData returning null despite it being set