jQueryUI's resizeable() causes resize events to fire to all ancestors鈥�why?
Dynamic title with Lift [closed]
Attach sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin to objects
Why can't scalac parse postfix notation without a semicolon or blank line?
How can I reference a DLL regardless of version?
Core Data Lightweight Migration: what's required to trigger it?
Insert Multiple Rows in Mysql Using Foreach array
Play movies from an album in 鈥淧hotos鈥�
Disabling a button prevents click event to server
Jython 2.2.1 how can I decompress a gzip stream?
Need a small & simple embedded db in java: SQLJet vs. JavaDB/Apache Derby [closed]
Is this an Android context leak?
Which technology its better to make a voice chat: Cirrus, FMS or XMPP?
Using AutoFilter with Criteria
changing label on linkbutton click inside repeater
HighCharts Dynamically Change Chart Type
Need a formula to calculate a sum in a column if a condition is met
HTML/CSS: How to have a container's scrollbar control the scroll of an inner-inner div?
ContentPlaceHolderID added as prefix to my form fields
How to place contents of Excel rows into arrays based on condition
How do I compile and code from a Ruby on Rails web server, limiting CPU and memory usage?
Amazon App Store Authorship
DefaultTextFormat vs SetTextFormat
Overloading a android application?
SwingWorker JTextArea Updates
Creating associations with FactoryGirl
Where to find deploy log file for a ruby on rails app
Tridion CM reports 鈥淐ouldn't retrieve data from 1 datasources鈥�
How to restrict the results of a Twitter search to one country
Simple Rails SQL error
initializing a class using a property in c# -
addCSRFProtection Not Working in public function configure()
copy to void* pointer
C# accessing protected member in derived class [duplicate]
Applying a default theme to a Chart series
How to install .NET 4.5?
Change bean representation in SOAP Service (JAX-WS/METRO)
how can be added Mediaelement in WPF in windows form
XML/XSLT in JavaScript
After ajax post, appended div not displaying in IE 8
c++/cli calling a native c++ method
Error when cancel the showInputDialog
webview.db is empty in android 4
webview.db is empty in android 4
Is it possible to modify let bindings?
Initialization of Net .dll's through a RegFree Com-visible wrapper fails only from one specific directory
Git always pulls files that I cant edit
Android MapView not reloading while zooming
How to use more than one custom structure for permalink on wordpress
Find running median from a stream of integers [duplicate]
Regex to match YouTube links, need to omit end of line from match [duplicate]
C# Convert from .NET 3.5 to 3.0
Debugging with GDB over several processes
Dynamically linking to a shared Java Library in Android
Pass a value from aspx to ascx
Append element in tag right before contents with Javascript
how to rename a module in the url with mod_rewrite
ods generic caching and sorting
Implementing List Enumerator OfType<T> in Delphi
How to calculate the length of a polynomial of degree 4 (within a square root)
Multiple File Type Parser
Event Handler for a dynamically created control
How to get get a month and date in Objective C?
How can I configure my Phonegap App to scale its viewport accordingly with the phone's resolution?
Eclipse variable error in Java time zone enum
WPF Resize UserControl with aspect ratio
Grep exclude folder and search using linux
JSON conversion issue
C# address Button using a string
How would one display a prompt after installation of an extension?
How can I convert an NSString with printer commands into NSData
Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers Multiple Themes Not Working
Arranging business logic in application package
How do I get the output of a command run by QProcess in PySide?
Callback function running inside object context?
accessing params passed into update_attribute/create in before_save
jgrid is not showing array data
How to login to Facebook without a login dialog in C#
Custom Font xCode 3.2 is not working
Java Number formatting for many fields in the data object
Stitching Photos together
Dynamic operator in Hibernate filters
Achieving FTP/SFTP without 3rd party dll with FtpWebRequest if possible in C#
display validation messages using JsonResult
Loading external JSON file as a javascript variable
Installing PIL on OS X Lion
Mysql Input/Output query
How do I convert DateTime to another format?
Python regex number adding 0x
IntentService prevents activity from destroying
Cannot connect to SQL server - client side issue
Detect Alt Gr (Alt Graph) modifier on key press
IndexOf does not correctly identify if a line starts with a value
How do I transcode a xerces XMLCh array with a limited length?
chart visualisation of data
C++ MEX compilation in MATLAB
SQL Server 2005 Killing Query by time
Adding components into Component[] array
SQL compilation
Popup won't popup in MVC
Facebook-like friend selection checkbox
C++ Clean String to int cast
Git merge left HEAD marks in my files
jQuery / underscore.js templating - Compatible with IE 6+?
Drupal Backup and Restoring
Drupal. Redirect to default language front page
WordPress Author Page with posts separated by category
Directed Graph Vs. Finite State Machine
Convert java.lang.Boolean[][] to usable MATLAB array?
Will be a bug of SimpleDateFormat.parse
jQuery UI draggable containment area changes with screen size
iCarousel View in View?
Numpy array of rank > 1 and one of dimensions == 0
Writing JRuby code that depends on gems and Maven projects
Why my rails associations don't work in controller but they work in views?
How to implement Frobenius pseudoprime algorithm?
WPF: add to margin without overriding existing value
Deleted libxml2.dylib
Where Exists query returning incorrect results
SSAS Partition Slice Expression
Android + Phonegap/Cordova + Sencha : Drag/scrolling
Storing a cfwindow as a coldfusion module
IOS Plist whitelist errors when *.url.com or * is added to Plist
Load a .rtf File into a RichTextBox and Maintain/Persist the Formatting
jQuery how to append advanced
Javafx 2 set generic class for mouse pointer plot
Flickr API: API key keeps getting invalid?
JMapViewer ADD tiles for offline view
GLSurfaceView sometimes black on Honeycomb, works on ICS
Does CGI stand for anything in Rails?
<select> window not updating after change in selected attribute in <option>
Calculating modelview matrix for 2D camera using Eigen
Embedding Facebook Albums in a Website
Audio conference between WPF Applications
Sikuli in Jython vs Sikuli in Java, is there any difference?
How to setup my remote slave with Jenkins?
PHP/MYSQL Upload, import .csv file to mysql-process-table design
How to make gets() wait only particular time for input from STDIN in C?
border-image implementation for old browser
Adobe Air - FileMode.APPEND
set combobox text from textbox
using jquery to keep pure css nav tab active while on parent page
Changing browser tabs undesirably fires the focus event, especially in Google Chrome
Placing a TextBox on top of a header column in a DataGridView
Child frame opens a popup. How do I check if that popup is opened from the parent?
Ajax form submitting multiple times. Sometimes
Break points in Android
Calling C++ DLLs from C# ESP value
Is it possible watch the caret position in a textarea without polling?
An entity object cannot be referenced by multiple instances of IEntityChangeTracker
Python script distribution
Implementing bash in c , each line holds { >, <, >> , & , , }
Allow Form1 to close without closing Application in C#?
Mapper and Reducer for K means algorithm in Hadoop in Java
changing property or adding controls dispears suspendlayout() and resumelayout() in designer.cs
WCF Asynch works locally, not on IIS
Grails: Create a select with 鈥渏umps鈥�on a range
Can we make phonegap application for blackberry by eclipse IDE?
Compute days between two dates in Java
Finding Line segment-Rectangle intersection point
cpp - std average
Draw lines on HTML page from one div to another
Referencing current assembly with CompilerParameters
Autofocus on fields with a default value
iOS UIImage returns null after downloading from NSURL
ul#menu vs #menu?
google app engine outgoing traffic costs [closed]
How to check if column does not exist using PHP, PDO, MySQL?
How to do an http request and then retrieving the token?
patch is too strict on diff files
Javascript Error on getelementsbytagname
Determine if point is in a rectangle using map coordiates
Run processbuilder and get in and output
How to get an icon associated with specific Account from AccountManager.getAccounts()
Comboboxcolumn created using the designer
Calculating the angle between the user and POI (Points of Interest) in android
Converting Unix Time with Offset to .NET DateTime
Perl MySQL Cruddy! Assistance
Communication with embedded (UI)Webviews in existing iOS and Android Apps
WCF - Implementing a ServiceHostFactory to use into IIS context (svc file)
Is it possible to apply panel.resize in panel itself
Save actions or funcs on secondary memory
How to add one array data into multiple dynamic arrays
OpenSSL win32 without libeay32.dll
Jquery working with Multiple Text boxes , array of text boxes
what will happen if assign a weak property to a strong property?
new to windows azure powershell and can not connect to my azure app
jQuery Mobile + Flexslider2
jQuery: Check if an object has class
MATLAB: advance ode45 just one time step
C# SQL query returns nothing
jQuery.noConflict causes conflict
Restructing nodes
Restructing nodes
Four quadrant chart
Python TypeError: 'str' object is not callable for class
How to find socket's ip C# BeginReceive
Best practice for using Balanced API on mobile app
Is there a way to use multiprocessing with Python's Sphinx to make it faster?
Creating a Min heap or a Max heap
Dynamically adding domains to scrapy crawlspider deny_domains list
one WPF xbaps hosted on two IIS virtual applications pointing to the same physical location.. one is trusted, the other isn't.. How can this be?
fisheriris data and perceptron
Sending location to emulator
Week of the year for weeks starting with Saturday
How can i get the number of members in a event on facebook?
Why AJAX over iFrames?
Restrict viewing the domain from subdomain with htaccess
Convert GUID array to int array
Why can't I place an Adview after a ListView?
Possible to insert a line into a file without having to read the entire file in C#
Atomic doubles/floats in Intel TBB
Rails 3.1 UJS link_to remote true have to reload page to work
jQuery .css not working in chrome but works in FF, Safari, IE9
CALayer delegation causes zombie crash 鈥�why?
Passing form entries to query a database passed and updated to a div tag using AJAX [closed]
Testing backwards compatibility?
Is there a Javascript iCalendar lib?
dateFromString: returns nil
Can I facillitate 鈥渦ploads鈥�in Mobile Safari with cloud API's?
conversion of boost::shared_ptr in boost::python function call
redis + gevent - Poor performance - what am I doing wrong?
How to store a percentage value?
Why after_commit not running even with use_transactional_fixtures = false
Can not update Column bound by an Image field in gridview asp.net
UIButton with transparent image background not drawing transparent
UNIX Command to add image dimensions to filename?
JavaScript API for Adobe Acrobat - how to create a relative link to a non-PDF document with JavaScript?
Regarding @symbol impact on JSON key
persistent connection in xpages and domino
java thread synchronization : i get 鈥渦ndefined value鈥�
Content delivery service reports 鈥淯nable to retrieve desired results.鈥�
How to Log a Loop inside Eclipse Console (Java)
CSS hover written within rich textbox
Validation is not working in Textbox
'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 鈥淔oo鈥�is not a subclass of NSManagedObject
Eclipse CDT default makefile: read CXXFLAGS variable?
HTML5 validation is skipping
how we can generate pojo classes with annotations using jibx? or jibx does not support this?
Yii Using mongo DB and MySQL at the same time
Can't seem to get fortran executable to run correctly through python
Why are my Amazon S3 images loading slow?
Change attribute using checkbox, AJAX, jQuery
'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 鈥淔oo鈥�is not a subclass of NSManagedObject
Eclipse CDT default makefile: read CXXFLAGS variable?
HTML5 validation is skipping
how we can generate pojo classes with annotations using jibx? or jibx does not support this?
Yii Using mongo DB and MySQL at the same time
Can't seem to get fortran executable to run correctly through python
Why are my Amazon S3 images loading slow?
Change attribute using checkbox, AJAX, jQuery
django mkdir permission in apache
ANSI C - Comparison Oddity
Build Pipelines in TFS
What am I doing wrong with core.cache?
json.net check if children exists
Razor display template fails XHTML 1.0 Transitional validation
Console App launched from windows service has no file system access
Powershell UNC Path not supported exception
Robolectric - ShadowCanvas - NullPointerException on InvocationPlan.toString()
How to get GET parameters with ASP.NET MVC ApiController
Python logging: different logging destination per process
Remove Alphabetic Characters in SQL Server
PayPal recurring payment cancelled with remaining days
Akka and built in Scala Actors: What's the difference for local use?
Javascript problems after .NET 4.0 conversion
MVC3 - IgnoreRoute RegEX
Phonegap Google authentication
how to check whether a hadoop sequence file is empty or not
Loading twitter hashtag feed in UIWebView
Problems with ASIHTTPRequest and jpeg Upload
How to include HTML document in .NET application with variable fields?
jersey http client custom request method
When are Scala Semicolons required
Team Foundation Server 2010: How to report Code Reviewers
PDO: row name as index of result array
Is a function-returned temporary object not always r-value?
Why do large files still exist in my packfile, after scrubbing them with filter-branch?
Capistano deploy:update fails at git clone
Is there a way to look up the method structure of JavaScript in IntelliJ?
Ubuntu - Jail user to home folder (BASH session)
uptime remote counter php
Posting a facebook status update from a website
I need some help understanding Exceptions in Android application development
Gathering multiple multiple lists together
Handling collection updates with JPA
How would I setup a networked list of inherited classes in Rails
How to convert the name of a dataframe to a string in R?
Make Windows Shortcuts Using Java
How to create sessions for a login page?
Changing GEvent addlistener google maps
How to set cells for table view with sections
TortoiseSVN patch file is incorrectly applied
How to offset the center point in Google maps api V3
Spring LDAP transactional manager
OpenSSL AES wrong encryption
Do RDLCs require anything different from the broswer than RDLs?
android change appearance of Spinner Button using styles
How do I get FFMPEG Progress in order to create a progress bar?
Sqlite Encryption Layer
Grails complicated unique variable from list of repeated names
XOR or other simple file obfuscation method ios objective c
Git how to merge conflict after mergetool
How to generate 16-bit executable BINARY RAW format from C by Watcom compiler?
How do I open a mongodb connection before all tests running, and close it after all tests running, in mocha?
Google App Engine : Get User Object from Webapp2 Cached Property (current_user)
unit testing an object that takes a 鈥渢raits鈥�template parameter
divs side by side in container
R merge reodering rows
box layout with overflow auto in chrome
Cannot send image through cURL
query and get also information 2 backrefs deep
Powershell: Scheduled task running script in background instead of foreground
Can I change the XML comment template in Visual Studio?
Code Igniter custom library
Make cell reference between a row and columns with a jump between columns using Excel VBA
mysql db structure
Better way to define static method
How to implement JQuery confirm dialog with JSF
Running PHP on IIS - file permissions are correct but uploads don't work
ios 5 twitter initial log in
Removing the indeterminate mode of JProgressBar
Remove duplicates from django list_filter
Java Regex Matching Strings
TLFTextField onFocusInHander setting field to empty
Fetching data from JSON containing an array
How do I process a collection of collections asynchronously?
shell script with variable length parameters
@Model or @Html.DisplayFor doesnt work in editortemplates in mvc4
Unit test for Handler postDelayed() on Android [duplicate]
Oracle sqlplus line size
Programmatically Add a Control to a TabPage
jQuery Masonry stretching images
Finding out whether a website returns 200
Need Help Structuring a Page
python remove all whitespace from entries in a list
PHP - Can I build a dynamic Mongo query using a form?
Cannot process transaction using PayPal module
What are Design pattern headings?
Detect if a listbox is empty (has no options)
Why shouldn't I use pixels as unit with Box2D?
TFS 2010 Updated Start/Finish Dates not being published from MS Project 2010
ASPxGridView GetSelectedFieldValues not working
Actionbar not visible
ninject (or other IoC) with Task scope?
Convert Facebook feed into some data source
Excel formatting of numbers
How to prevent XSS attacks in ASP.NET
how to capture the phone screen programmatically in android
Apache Camel integration with Spring Batch
Facebook: how to setup the Auth Dialog Button to Display 鈥淥kay, Watch Video鈥�instead of 鈥淕o to App鈥�
Can not send mail through PHPMailer
SQL Where ANY column equals a value
click on key during the Call on android
Rendering a view after logging in which contains imputed information before being logged in
Updating SQLite Database in Android
Programmatically move files from cache directory to SDCard
Qt connect 鈥渘o such slot鈥�when slot definitely does exist
Use JavaScript confirm dialog to make a PHP call in the background
Push data to array and then iterate?
How can I set a document as a DBref in Mongoose and still have access to the document
Query or read only properties in doctrine 2
is it possible to trigger a function from a html page to an iphone app?
Adding an image to a container background using css
How to select (highlight) an Item in an already existing listbox
subtract two datetime
Custom view's state is saved, but never restored
Qt - Not using correct source files
Android/Java: Can't access getContentResolver() from context?
Quickgraph and nested graphs
What is the fastest and lightest way to send some task to background?
Jpa ejbql query by list property
Are groovy list literals ArrayLists or LinkedLists?
Performance differences between ArrayList and LinkedList
Oracle NLS_UPPER Index Columns
Powershell Run History Removal
grails spring secruity plugin redirect after login
How to create crystal report in asp.net c# with ext.net?
How can I create an idle layout where no any button can wake it up?
Global Keyboard hook call back function
Having Trouble Applying HTTPS to Proper Site Areas
Creating ZIP files on the fly from Amazon S3 using Node.js
Faster proportion tables in R
Spelling suggestions give redundant values with android.text.TextWatcher
.htaccess is working fine on localhost but not on server?
Include gson in my java program
SQLAlchemy Example Projects
Is there a difference between i==0 and 0==i? [duplicate]
how to delete from cursor until end of line with VS or Power Tool
Parsing a remote file with and create a Dynamic SELECT control with JSON and JQUERY
FileHelpers: Optional fields in non-quoted CSV
How do I include page-specific JavaScript?
dataTables jquery make any part of the row clickable
Is it possible to program and check invariants in haskell?
activity stack corrupted after update?
window.location conflict with jQuery Mobile
simple delete mysql row with 2 of 3 fields specified
jQuery Mobile loading spinner not spinning after update to v1.1.0 (in an ASP MVC3 application)
Using flask MethodView
Event handler scope in Javascript
Necessary to increment PDO variables
The term 'connect-nacontroller' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program
Format text as blocks (aligning second column)
How can we work out the timezones in PHP and MySQL
How to create an executable version of my OSGi project?
php `:` symbol usage [closed]
NSString from a large amount of items
Getting error org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException
How does make choose which rule to use
jQuery: Assign class based on index
How to save the access token in php?
strange sql behavior when do deleting relation for many-to-many in JPA
How can I listen for when the screen insets change?
access violation while stereo calibration?
reopen infowindow after it's closed in Google map
Do I need to have a corresponding MPI::Irecv for an MPI::Isend?
Probability of event
In a CLI gem where do I store third-party binary executables?
Printing std::string via printf() in Visual Studio
Using TOUCH BEGIN/MOVE/END to create TAP / SWIPE events for four concurrent users
Javascript - what's my URL? [duplicate]
Why is my MySqlCommand not actually updating my table?
Concatenating Fields in Excel
iPhone: Open new view controller after capturing video from camera
Possible to position Jquery ui dialog box not relative to the viewport
why i see this session errors with cakephp
鈥渦pdate-rc.d: /etc/init.d/unicorn_app: file does not exist鈥�in ubuntu 10.04
Android FragmentStatePagerAdapter
How do I reintegrate a feature branch with broken merge history in SVN?
How do I extract text from a number of PDF files contained in subfolders?
Garbage Collection and threshold values of various generations
find text in html with javascript and return following string
Sencha Touch success callback from JSONP proxy?
How to make a button do the same thing on every screen in iOS?
AS3 Camera input gets distorted when exported to AIR
Is it possible to combine mysqli prepared statement with multiple inserts?
asp.net mvc error redirect to wrong location
How to use finfo to determine multiple file types?
Wait then execute code in C#?
Generating a SHA1 hash in Windows Phone outputs a different hash
Trying to set buying price of an object according to rank using php
Cocoa URL APIs: how can I return an error from the server *and* still download the data requested?
What database module in VB.net will allow me to connect to both SQL Server and a MDF file?
http errors - page processing
call sqlserver function in netbeans
How to get access JTable from another class java
Gnuplot graph crashes when running from shell [closed]
Which CMS supports ASP.NET MVC [closed]
Proc GLM ODS number format
Change variable value when passing as argument (vb.net)
Use entry combobox when migrating to pygobject, glade and gtk3
How to programmatically find a menu item which an article is assigned to in Joomla 2.5?
Cross browser margin issue on wordpress
Can I specify a formatter for XML in Eclipse?
Disable ssl in apache on port 443
Using cin.get(); Twice
XML stylesheet: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it
link data from Textbox to SQL Database in ASP.net (C#)
How to autopostback textchange after get return value from telerik windows
Creating home button [closed]
Access Violation Reading Location: Linked List c++
java sql syntax error insert into
Sort SharePoint Folder Content by Date [closed]
Eclipse Display Window doesn't work I can't run anything there
How do I test if a PHP variable is part of a specific array?
Can anyone tell me which font is used in the built-in Weather app on the iphone? [closed]
Mysql: Set variable using a case from a variable
updating to addEventListerner may cause return value of function not to propagate?
Is there a field in which PDF files specify their encoding?
Using two profile provider in one mvc application
How can I deliver an an encrypted file from my web server?
When using SetLength() in Delphi, what is the proper way to deallocate that memory?
Database modeling for a weak entity
Can a CSS background URL be passed a dynamic query string, and if so, how?
jQuery multiply this.index
Getting an auth token for appengine in ICS
Real World Object Oriented PHP Application [closed]
How do I keep my Django server running even after I close my ssh session?
Dynamically change the name of the resource file to be used?
Ruby yard doc not showing any files
EWS: Accessing an appointments recurrence pattern
How to set element size to 100% + padding [duplicate]
Enumerating over a directory gives me an error when I try to follow aliases
set some view variable in controller constructer
Regular Expression - Remove HTML comment spanning multiple line breaks
limit results of twitter.lookupUser method?
Javascript get reference to parent object/class from event handler
Make my function set variables in the current scope
Access javascript object attribute in dynamically generated handler function
How do I make a report that constantly updates when I set values?
Finalizer not called after unhandled exception even with CriticalFinalizerObject
Core Data Optimize Fetch Request
PowerShell: Comparing 2 variables
Signing PDFs on a server document using a signature from the user
ASP.NET MVC 3 action result not accepting integer from ajax request, only when a string
RadWindow Restriction Zone (Full Screen - Browser)
Change mock object return value dynamically
Interrupt jquery .load()
Code sharing between MonoTouch and MonoForAndroid
how to: insert into, select - but one field is from somewhere else?
What is wrong with my app.config file?
鈥渕ember of type foo has private copy constructor鈥�error: why's it an error?
NSOperation subclass not calling delegate methods and NSOperationQueue not waiting until finished
Can't manage to use tabs with Sherlock
TLFTextField text property not accessible in constructor
Adding jquery validation to a file upload
How to make javascript confirm box from asp:buttonfield?
Does ESXi 5 support local storage for storing VM images?
How to freeze one dataset in report builder?
How to mimic iOS Maps application for an iPad based survey/diagram application where instead of a map I have a image (building or site plan)
how to call c++/cli constructor in c# and how to include the dlls of cli
How to make the Facebook Like Box responsive?
How to populate a CSV column by column in a loop with Python?
targeting an 'a' sibling of a hovered list item [closed]
How to predict a spike using neural network (preferably using neurolab or pybrain in python)
Java good practice - Declarations of interface types instead of declarations of implementation types
Smooth Div Scroll Manuel Scrolling Option
Mobile - Animated game - best tool?
Google maps API - geocoder doesn't find 'Carson, CA'
MySQL Removing duplicated set of rows
Mapping inheritance in NHibernate 3.3
How to make website appear as a fullsite on mobile device?
How can I calculate the average of a list of tuples in python?
How to see number of total queries made to Oracle over time period?
rake asset:precompile takes 28 minutes on 1.9.2
Adding where 'id IN ' clause to Model with addCondition()
Xml Parse in Android:: using DOM
How to make a full page JS and CSS menu
PHP rename directory failed
html tabs and links
Using XmlSerializer to seriailze custom faults in WCF REST based Application
Constraint two jobs not to run simultaneously in Quartz-Scheduler
How to extends WindowBuilder Pro Eclipse plugin to add other wizards
Go to url if value is null
What is the best/preferred method for freeing a dynamic array of variants?
.net localization for non-strings
Concrete5 internationalization - how to duplicate pages with content inside
Java Generics and Array types
Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 E-mail Router forward mailbox in 3 environments
Having session cookies expire when the browser closes but still sent to server
How I can access elements via a non-standard html property?
How to remove validator on id field in wtforms
is this correct syntax in jquery/javascript?
WiX minor upgrade remove Windows 7 taskbar pinned shortcut
How to stop asp.net mvc from redirecting to an error controller when an exception occurs during a json post
Android: activity transition
ASP.NET Chart axis is displayed discrete rather than continuous for point chart
Update DataSet in Crystal Reports
jQuery Datatables reorder columns from ajax source
MinGW portability
jQuery Poll Results Bubble Output
What is the simplest way to run some command once every 5 min in Window OS / VS?
If I increase the char value in my mysql database, will it blow up?
How to create a Zip file on a remote server in perl
yepnope.js ie7/ie8 jquery
How to use $.extend() with variables
get back to the previous location after 'cd' command?
how to load content from another page using ajax
Remove empty lines from string, but allow one empty between every line
what do end parenthesis() and semicolon ;
<a> tag will not work in firefox, only in IE
Can preg_match functions be used to parse HTML now that it appears to support recursion?
iOS view transitions using blocks
Git - How to verify that a git-rebase --interactive did not change the final state of the project
Convert trial output to junit xml
Better understanding of the SimpleAdapter's ViewBinder
How to read / write geography data using C#, Entity Framework and SQL Server 2008?
Bind TextArea linebreaks to html
python split string on multiple delimeters without regex
Creating a changeset for SlickGrid to save data
Identify roles from Azure ACS
Do you need belongs_to through?
What is the memory overhead of a .NET Object
How to create own XML Schema for Microsoft Word 2010 [closed]
Compute expectation when multiple vectors are involved [closed]
Android: How to find if an activity is invoked by a service
Disable telephone anchor
How to Twitter.update in Rails model
Sinatra converting backslash to forward slash
plot markers on map from locations in a JSON file
Core Plot annotation hiding my plot
LayoutInflater NullPointerException
LESS stylesheet(update class B when class A hovers)
How to compile PHP with parameters on Mac OS X Lion?
Horizontal scrolling list
Powershell set-content and out-file what is the difference?
Make Telerik Grid to show the number of records but display only a few at a time
Javascript disabling input fields
How do you obscure publicly published code?
Quickest method of finding unclosed SqlConnection's
Is the ex-Microsoft SLP Code Protector still available and usable?
What causes this deadlock in my Ruby `trap` block?
Last-modified of a file - loop
Powershell set-content and out-file what is the difference?
Make Telerik Grid to show the number of records but display only a few at a time
Javascript disabling input fields
How do you obscure publicly published code?
Quickest method of finding unclosed SqlConnection's
Is the ex-Microsoft SLP Code Protector still available and usable?
What causes this deadlock in my Ruby `trap` block?
Last-modified of a file - loop
XSLT: CSV (or Flat File, or Plain Text) to XML
Convert string into func
Truncating leading zeros in sql server
Any decent opt-out solutions to comply with the EU Cookie Directive?
Powershell - search for string, remove excess whitespace, print second field
XPath, Java and serialized xml
Missing Page/Item Counts
deserialize complex object with generics List object C#
Xcode instruments generated lots of __CFCachedURLResponse memory leak
Array Type Declaration C#
Troubles with cbc.read.table function in R [duplicate]
Command line to start visual studio and disable add ins/Extensions for that instance
quantize result has too many digits for current context
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How to implement infinite loop
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Serialize an object to XML and append for 1 day
Layout does not Appear Right in iPad/Safari
FileInfo.Length is not giving me the correct file size always
Having trouble submitting form and calling queued events after asynchronous event
custom role provider not working on IIS but work fine in VS development server
add a check to validate the field doesn't receive some type of char
EXTJS 4 form population with JSON read
What does Android's getMaxAmplitude() function for the MediaRecorder actually give me?
Embedding fonts on Android, iOS, and Blackberry - is there a bulletproof solution?
Joomla plugin to display github code into articles
php oop is there way to automatically set this variables
What is the syntax to assign multiple enum values to a property in F#?
Validating price in java regex
result-dependent for-loop optimization in R?
C enumerated types name scoping
Checking iframe is called from the approved domain? [duplicate]
passing data between views using tabBar
Background color (listview?)
How to get floating divs to register as content in their parent?
Appropriate method to integrate a JS array of doubles (possibly containing null-entries) to a Java object using GWT
Char type in a switch statement
Run a 鈥渂reakpoint command list鈥�for all breakpoints /iterate over breakpoints [GDB]
What are reference assemblies in .Net? How are they created? Can we create one ourselves?
Rails: Validating a Date Greater than Another
Unexpected behaviour from versions-maven-plugin. Can someone explain?
How to define column order for non-clustered index
Java negative indexOf (counting from the end [length()] )
where does the virtual table store? [duplicate]
How are CFX tags executed in Coldfusion 8?
Javascript combobox
Why do Core Data inserts takes longer and longer?
cloning 1 member variable within a java class
To view svn diff result in Notepad++/Eclipse?
functions not working in proper order of ios5 iPad
Absolute element width 100% ignoring padding content-box [closed]
why is this spec failing when it should be passing?
ejabberdctl dump errors with 鈥淭oo short cookie string鈥�
How do I receive Response.Write?
What is the reason for inconsistency of Chrome Task Manager Info Vs Windows Task Manager Info of Chrome Processes?
Thread 1: EXEC_BAD_ACCESS on MFMailComposeViewController's dismissModalViewController (tried iOS 5.1 , 5 , 4.3)
closing django mysql connections
What is the nUnit equivalent for a mstest XML file DataSource?
time.h in ST Visual Develop
Detect a img src change
Fragmenting a table for distribution ORACLE SQL
How can i create cool gui effects in OpenGL ES 1.1 game?
I want to set the line of an ASCII file equal to a variable in my batch file
Read Specific Data with Buffered Filereader
How to get eclipse to use jars installed on application server
How do you determine if a column has UNIQUE constraint set in an SQLite database?
How to keep my style theme in NP++?
Programmatically log a user in to asp.net membership and roles?
HttpClient getting status codes and follow redirects to get end page status code
Google TV is not playing via https but can play http
Path pom.xml in local .m2 repo in plugin
Wildcards in OGNL?
How to start an app in the foreground on Mac OS X with Python?
Financial Charts for iPhone application
Sencha touch displaying image within tab panel
navigation that pans to markers on a saved google map
Core Data: attributes in many-to-many relationships
How do I use a .resx file in a class library inside a WPF control?
WP7 file prepackaging / download OTA into isostore
Displaying contents of an object in the query result
How do I find the package for the time conversion implicits in Scala?
Break Data out of one column into multiple columns
How to implement a isDirty flag onLeave for a single page application?
How to figure out which SQLDependency triggered change function?
Is it possible to have separate git ignore rules for each remote?
Wordpress meta_value_num not working
Conversion error in WF
TCP Client can't read data from server
Rename one named column in R
how to display value to the select tag in struts2
Split my list up by financial institution
Using FindControl to find a DropDownList within a Gridview EditItemTemplate
How do you prevent the base class constructor from being called with Moq?
How to find s and t on euclide's algorithm [closed]
Best Practice For Creating HTML (PHP Or Jquery)?
How to remove xml 鈥�amp;鈥�symbol
PhoneGap Device Ready fires when device is not ready
Unexpected result using ^ and $ in PHP regular expression? [duplicate]
How can I put spaces in my VBA project name?
Oracle sys_refcursor from normal SQL
Vaadin - generate table dynamically
Create JRuby library jar for use in larger Java application
How to avoid MySQLSyntaxErrorException
Generated JAR file is not executing
Strace Multithreaded Program
CakePHP in nested folder with wrong routes
Visualizing a toroidal surface in Matlab
Limiting asynchronous requests without blocking
Generate XML and HTML from MemoryStream
DataGrid SelectedItem Being Bound to Wrong DataContext MVVM Pattern
CSS/jQuery Problems in Mobile App
List of countries in native language
Delayed Background Process and Result in jQuery?
getting a checkbox array value from POST
Getting friends status updates using graph API
Returning http status code from ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Api controller
JSF-2 f:selectItems with Map does not display itemLabel
Standard approach to assign default value in Java
Video playback on Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2 using VideoView
css syntax to get only a element inside another element
Access SQL Server temporary tables created in different scope
Battleship-java games
How to simultaneously sort 2 lists using LINQ?
Sauce labs alternative
Droppable code called when just dragging
How to display friendly error message on page and cancel controller action
Problems with multiple jquery .ajax function calls
-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch breaks on iPad when toggeling visibility of div on iPad
Trouble in Grouping similar files using Multi processing and ssdeep Python
How to update widget content after another widget updates same content in qt
Matlab xlsread cutting off file after row 1048576
Php - Remove repeated words in a string
How could I use jQuery .closest() to determine nearest image and pass the path to PHP function
In which versions of the C++ standard does 鈥�i+=10)+=10鈥�have undefined behaviour?
Test Admob url to android market
R, deep vs. shallow copies, pass by reference
Selecting items in the Library with AS3
NetBeans Platform: Toolbar and Actions
Spring 3.0 MVC error: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name 'login' available as request attribute
Thread initialized to null in java
Set Fan Speed in C#
Active Control Change Event - MS Access
How BigDecimal is implemented?
Change the appearance of a Spinner in Android
how i know what is my actual Error occur?
Rehashing process in hashmap or hashtable
SQL Server CLR - SqlDataRecord.SetValue InvalidCastException
Dynamic Google-like search
Issues with session variables and cffileupload
Multiple matching substring selectors
DropdownListFor selected value not selecting in the rendered html
Facebook Connect - Install GIT,#import 鈥淔acebook.h鈥濃�file not found鈥�
ipython notebook --pylab inline: zooming of a plot
Notification of WiFi connection (CaptiveNetwork)
How to change drop down list value in ASP.NET (VB)
How to Pass camera image from one intent to other intent in android?
perl: extending code to get particular information from website
Detect multiple keys on single keypress event on jQuery
C# - errors downloading Excel 2010
Publishing test results from Jenkins nightly build to QC
Git Submodule Files showing red in XCode when moving to different Mac
How to stop image shrinking when page is resized horizontally in CSS
Ruby gems not seen within system call
Store contents of text for as array with VB
How to show tabbar icon full size in iPhone SDK?
Friend Requests
How To Show Which Process Owns Disk Space In Linux
Updating css within div not working
regex to replace filepath to just filename in a string using php
(ASP.NET) Master Page has a BG image,Unable to load that BG image in content pages
Android FileInputStream Code causes Crash
Gmaps4Rails Gmaps.triggerOldOnload method not found javascript error
Subtract Pixels From Percentage in SASS?
How would I get the number after a decimal point in VB.NET
Duplicate radio button group in Javascript
faster way to append value
python: weird list elements combination
Wicket - Losing Session with target _blank
Determine type of content received via Intent Filter
trending based on twitter mentions and facebook likes
How to get handles of different controls with the same class name ?
How can you get unnecessarily tight coupling if you have too low encapsulation
memcache php caching js css and images
鈥淚tem Cannot Be Found In The Collection鈥�when calling stored procedure
Modifying HTML tag elements using PHP
jQuery UI custom build - how do I find out which components are included?
Define an End-Date for repeated Local Notification
Declared object not working in include
What is this parameter in this vector class?
Table difference in height of about 2 pixels visible in Firefox and IE9
How to convert Persian Calendar date string to DateTime?
Modifying HTML tag elements using PHP
jQuery UI custom build - how do I find out which components are included?
Define an End-Date for repeated Local Notification
Declared object not working in include
What is this parameter in this vector class?
Table difference in height of about 2 pixels visible in Firefox and IE9
How to convert Persian Calendar date string to DateTime?
How to implement database security in windows application?
Simple Tree-Viewer Library
How to set Source Control plug-in (VS2P4) persistently?
Load library by passing parameter to constructor in codeigniter
Query data, trying to avoid using a Union
How to have a left and right sidebar after main content?
How to change element's view in JList after adding to ListModel?
How do i use events at design time in Smart Mobile Studio?
asp.net mvc 3 view looping through model with foreach
print directory tree
HTML5 Canvas Scrolling Messes with Mouse Position
UTF-8 characters are corrupted after being Parsed with GWT XMLParser
Skype4Com how to login?
Mass assignment failure in Nested form
github add <<<<<<< HEAD
XElement/LinQ Code Failure
c# ASP.NET Datalist and HTML radio buttons
Creating a html table dynamically based on Yii (relations)database table?
How to use light theme for android in titanium
jsonData is null error for one day running ok to next day giving this error
How to know if slideToggle() moves upward or downward?
Intent ActionView AUDIO (Custom)
GCM Multiplication Implementation
StructureMap and open generic types
aptana - Is there a way to have a command line inside aptana in pyDev?
How to create global variable in prolog
Java KeyLister: How to perform an action when two keys are pressed?
Accessing Methods in my WCF Services
Windows Phone 7 jQuery mobile horizontal scrolling failure
Docmd.Runsql Updating Select Max records by group
How to get collection of keys in javascript dictionary?
How Add user into 鈥淎ccess to this computer from the network鈥�Local Policy by adding a registry key?
How to manage Heap Space in Java
php for loop with array
org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException when doing in query openJPA
In Crystal Reports XI, can I populate stored two procedure parameters from a dynamic cascading parameter?
Create Text file from String using JS and html5
Image GrideView display Large Image when user Click
What's the purpose of renewable access tokens?
Solr pdf indexing -only does some content
Need a workaround for cross domain ajax post in IE7
Weird MVC Sitemap error once ever few days on the live production boxes only. Multiple nodes with the same URL '/Home.mvc.aspx/Index' were found
How do I substract two XmlGregorianCalendar to create one Duration object?
How do I substract two XmlGregorianCalendar to create one Duration object?
Why GtkWindow does not fire 鈥渄raw鈥�event?
Self signed certificate 鈥渄oesn' contain CN or DNS subjectAlt鈥�
Preserving state in an extension method
How to animate as a callback to another animate function
CXX0017: Error: symbol not found in static library
Making a minor change to a large 鈥渙ptions鈥�data structure
Converting BGRA to ARGB
Backing up files before installation of MSI with Visual Studio 2005 MSI/Setup creator automatically
Guice inject injector or generic provider somehow
google maps API v3 in an iFrame doesnt work - issue in IE
SignalR and Joining Groups
Automatic JOIN generation in Doctrine 2
Make web api serialize dictionary with the key value as key using data attribute
Pass variables from properties file into distributionManagement tag in pom.xml
What kind of security does a website without user login functionality need?
for each logic on multi dim array PHP
SQL Azure Data Sync not possible when a trigger is set
Magento and Google Sitemap - Cron
Preserve line breaks with htmlentities?
Change attribute value basing on existing value with Javascript
EXTJS generation of bar chart
flash socket not reading from Java Server properly
numpy non-integer grid
Image source UriKind
How to generate partial checksum of a file
need help automatically creating multiple paragraphs in a google doc from a google script
Why backup to 鈥�In C # does not work
Android String contains two values
pointer swap weirdness
AndEngine multiple activity error when switching
Emaling attachments with long names and accents
In Sencha touch2 How to enable browser's scrollbar
jQuery colorbox onclose update parent
Reload/refresh a page in JSON
A Tool for linking JavaScript files [closed]
Alternative methods to do SQL query with a long long IN conditions
Entitystate.Modified mvc3 reference object not saved
Passing optional number of arguments into another function
lua variables scope
how add item in choice when i press button?
passing objects from no arc compiled class to arc enabled class?
Can't center 3 adjacent photos using CSS
Avoid showing empty page after unsuccessful authentication
Checking a session variable in a PHP class
iOS switch between views of same viewController
Why is my DNN friendly url redirect not taking effect?
Entity Framework Doesn't Work Correctly ( Table Properties Not Loads with Intelligence )
how do i define an isset($_GET['id']) statement in an $_POST update query
No route found for GET /portfolio
How can I use VBA to list all worksheets in a workbook within a string?
LDAP filter boolean expression maximum number of arguments
How to run/execute form in a PHP page loaded in another using Javascript .load() without refreshing the parent PHP page?
Customize 鈥渃d鈥�in bash
Replace eregi_replace preg_replace [duplicate]
Batch Obtain Usernames and PWD Expiration From AD
How do I get to see DbgPrint output from my kernel-mode driver?
DateTimePicker Calendar defaults to last Month/Year selected
Implementing sharding with CUBRID DB
Node.js mailparser module error: Cannot find module 'iconv'
Changing user's profile picture
which is more efficient, one method call with a list of values or multiple calls for each value?
Generics, Copy Constructor, Clone method
Extend scale of BigDecimal number
What's the shortest bit of code that returns keys/elements from a dictionary in random order?
Google Analytics Event Tracking not working Magento
Converting CMTime to human readable time in objective-c
Is this a valid SQL query?
Error converting 0 to double on user's machine with Silverlight
How can i do a http get request in Blackberry
Getting the orientation dependent screen dimensions (IPad) in javascript
Java Do you need an else after an else if? Also, do you need to cast an extended class?
JQuery add form elements iterate ids
VB.NET Linq to SQL - Query from table
How to plot min and max of two columns per row as a scatterplot
ios Help Screen semi-transparent overlay
Blackberry OS version limit
How to use DotNetZip
Flowplayer playlist should start playing only after clicking Play
Access div id within droppable
None of my validators are working
How can I select a specific point in a LineSeries
No module named zlib found
Android Multiple Canvas.Drawline
Can a HTML5 web application access the camera on a Windows 7 tablet
Store ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets as an object to refer to later
How to keep the states of views? Should one view have only one ViewModel?
PHP Todo CheckList Checked Feature
Websphere Commerce shipping charge customization
Is SignalR a suitable substitute for jQuery Ajax (or similar)
Redmine add watchers after bug creation
Spring Roo webapp on Glassfish 3.1 persistence errors
None of the Wordpress widgets are configured
Javascript window
How do I make a new local branch track the same remote branch as the local branch it's created from?
Animations not restarting when moving between view controllers
Why i can't load the Facebook SDK into Firefox Extention?
extract css classes and ID's from source with php
How to make non-Localizable SplashScreen in WPF
symfony2 + doctrine2@postgresql setting a schema
Easy to remember guid
remove year for date format in respect to the users locale
Where does ASP.NET look for binaries when you compile an ASP.NET 4 web project under x86 (32-bit)?
Using Sencha GXT 3, generate a line chart populated with a dynamic number of line series fields?
Akka for REST polling
iPad - UIBarButtonItem Disappears After Hiding UIToolbar
(ab)using Django form wizard to do my bidding- is this even possible?
How to CSS style a table such that cells is at most 30% of screen height and use a scroll bar when it's taller?
GUID API key generation from SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Azure for WCF communication
each time iframe create new iframe when i called iframe parent page
IOS Global Variables
Delete empty rows
Mustache Rendering Issue with Javascript
Sublime text 2: Is there a way to store .workspace in a separate folder?
Add SOAP header object using pure JAX-WS
how to create a policy template that defines a fixed value type
Symfony - how to add embed Forms?
Matching a substring of any length and characters using RegEx
Making a Wizard in Silverlight + Xaml
jquery setting hidden input value not working as expected in IE7 and IE8
Java JMenuBar : Vertical JSeparator
Handling input from script piped to netcat
JS/jQuery event does not fire after addEventListener
How to Scroll a Cell to visible location automatically when i tap the cell
SQL date insert
Exception when using mkbundle(mono) to compile Simple Winforms Application
Specify PDB path in Visual Studio 2003
Referencing outlets with Tab Bar Application vs. View Based Application
Hibernate Search Automatic Indexing
Visual Studio 2010 Exceptions checking extension
Error messages 鈥�when / what/ where to use? [closed]
How to use Java.sql.Connection.setNetworkTimeout?
JSF 2.0 deployment on Websphere 7.0 exception
Spring integration queue, any way to get current queue size?
PRAM( parallel) algo for Merge sort
How to center a succession of icons and captions on the same line (UIWebView)
Can not assign to method group
SQL Server throwing errors on Drop
Is there a TYPO3 DAM API guide?
Why does java de/serialization succeed even between incompatible object versions?
Check if a role is granted using a regular expression in Symfony2?
How to shown one form screen while waiting event to trigger
How to highlight a jqplot bar chart with javascript
ask about deliver message between client to client
T-SQL query update null values
Zend Debugger - Wamp2.2 + Eclipse PHP
InputText binded to a null double filed present 鈥�.0鈥�
Removing duplicate keys from python dictionary but summing the values
Flash Media Gateway with SIP refer
File I/O with KEXT on Mac
PHP/MYSQL Import Contacts [closed]
How can I arrange to have my favicon cached in MVC3?
Desgin convention regarding event handlers in VS c++ for MFC apps
nested lists issue in Internet Explorer
Image not displaying in span
Speech recognition in a text area
Undefined method 'devise' when including User model outside Rails