how to allocate space for read_string
Changing the image on a picture box on mouse click to give the user some feed back
Deferred's then and other callbacks or errbacks
Posting variable to correct row
List view control loses performance with large number of columns
firebug javascript/jquery debugging
MVC 3: Javascript After client side validation event
Local variable access - synchronization
How to save facebook birthday_date?
Compatibility issue with Chrome/Firefox
Retrieve the last month rows from table
Check if a directory (symlink) still points to the same place
Resize GtkMessageDialog in php
Display a chart in PartialVIew on layout not working?
unitPngFix doesn't show PNGs
Change control in property window for custom activity
Renew long lived access token server side
intermittent capacity was less than the current size Error
string-array inside string-array
Telerik Graph - How to implement OnPropertyChanged method
Singleton class on main thread - iPhone
Force a calculation result if less than zero to equal zero in
How to quiet SimpleHTTPServer?
Add a new linkbuton on gridview for viewing row details view
White spaces are required
Android get month as a two digit number
set minimum variable
related to high chart loading time in django server
Detecting 3rd-party cookies [duplicate]
Using HBase to fetch data to calculate Text Similarities using Mahout
Why doesn't my checkbox map to an MVC model member?
what is the difference between IProvideValueTarget and IServiceProvider?
SQLite: Update a Null Value to Data in Prior Row
Having a hard time with jquery autocomplete
iPhone muliti laanguage support application
Keyboard hides the custom cell
Fancybox doesn't work with links like ?i=
Generating JSON from NSObject
Add date to to Crystal Report Text Object
smtp telnet python
How to compass compile in rake task
How to do fuzzing testing with Selenium
Connection Timeout in Blackberry
Adding rows to a WPF datagrid where columns are not known until runtime
Contextual Action Bar text selection
Phonegap Childbrowser onLocationChanged (iOS)
How to code sign for blackberry smartphone application using command prompt?
get details on file then insert to database
How to use a [WebMethod] in server script blocks in the aspx page?
Release resources from the threads
Concurrent programming in Python and Qt
Can I develop an Adobe AIR application without Flash Builder?
How to call NSMenu validateMenuItem ?
Using generics to get class methods via reflection in Java
minimize the UIImagePickerController view
how to set two volume control in media player for two simultaneously playing sound in android
Merge two Qt/C++ projects: redefinition errors
HibernateException: Flush during cascade is dangerous
PHP explode array then loop through values and output to variable
Custom positioning for p:growl
How to access jar file from Unity with different bundle identifier in Unity & package name in Java?
how to set orientation to correct device orientation after dismissModalViewController?
please help me to find the error
UITableView should go beyond its frame when scrolled
How to check if one array elements entirely exists in another array in php [duplicate]
Issue in canvas view saving mode using SPenSdk libraries
Property file dot separated key names
Build nginx with Lua on RPM system
C++ Constructor for derived class where base class contain a class member
Facebook Ask new permissons
how set up a single symfony application able to allow multiple users, each with a dedicated database?
Change the Font of UINavigationBar title
How to parellize a PDF generation in Python
Shell write to file if variable is lower than float
ProgressDialog appears only AFTER the background work (Using AsyncTask). Need it
rtp statistics of poor voice quality
Tomcat default application without changing context
Column names don't appear when using AbstractTableModel
Atomicity of `write(2)` to a local filesystem
Error in Spring : Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace []
Why javascript setTimeout does all at once?
<embed> tag not working for mozila firefox 4.0 but work in IE
Is there any difference between 鈥�=鈥�and 鈥�lt;>鈥�in Oracle Sql?
Link app to dropbox
Value empty when parsing XML Data Binding Wizard
How to call sql server function from java(netbeans)
Unloading resources before Activity finish() in AndEngine
Slicing string in OpenCL
How to get the parent ID in child page
Facebook Page Tab iFrame App - invite friend requests
Eclipse: How to add include path to be used by autocompletion
How to call sql server function from java(netbeans)
Unloading resources before Activity finish() in AndEngine
Slicing string in OpenCL
How to get the parent ID in child page
Facebook Page Tab iFrame App - invite friend requests
Eclipse: How to add include path to be used by autocompletion
Filtering Arrays/Vectors in Matlab
Twitter working fine in emulator but not in device
how to change the default text of application delete in iphone sdk?
SIGSEGV backtrace with libc is repeating entries
How can I play a sound at a specified volume in Java?
Bring control to view
How do you get the identity value after using MERGE when there is a match?
while i am entering text in one field it is diplaying same text in some other textfield too
jQuery Selector equivalent of javascript
Use of undefined constant - assumed ' ' - a blank constant?
Declare different variables according to property value
return array from function by passing string
show no result for default value of exposed filters
Android app in three languages
SplashScreenImage as Background: little jump at the start?
How to use libcurl for HTTP post?
JPA one-to-many relationship update fails
How can I use keyboard keys to scroll between elements on same page? [duplicate]
How to make tomcat 5.5 to support servlet 3.0?
jqtouch b4 issue with compiling scss
Executing Javascript to populate a drop down before HTML page loads
Facebook Graph API : get larger pictures in one request
Django-haystack - highlighting NgramField
iOS transition between two html files on a uiwebview
When the performance of Distinct and Group By are different?
Meteor on Rails integration within MVVM model [closed]
Print preview function using jquery
Python, double autoenumerated defaultdict
To disable telerik:RadEditor c#
Yellow warning triangle when implementing sounds i dont undertsand
Sencha Touch: how to add a table view as rootView in left side & a view with a button as detailsView in right side of this split view in sencha touch
Flash CS5 Actionscript 3
Google App Engine Jinja2 and Markupsafe
How to make a tag in SVN using eclipse?
How to supervise a webserver with daemontools?
reload the data of specific uitableview cell [duplicate]
xml to php and parse encoding error
filter directory in python
python web extraction of iframe (ajax ) content
SQL: Compare if column values in two tables are equal
鈥渉ttps://鈥�clears all the google cookies in browser
which is simple way to create layout android
How to store uitextfield values from a textfield in an alertview?
Keeping Sessions between Jboss AS 7 restarts/deployments
Javascript loading locally but not on server
Android: bitmapfactory.decodestream returns null
Perl HTML Cleaning
End of the line delimiter conversion between Windows and Linux
Sum using XQUERY
cakephp combining associated array fields
Python: Calculate Voronoi Tesselation from Scipy's Delaunay Triangulation in 3D
Hide column in dgrid dynamically
using the querystring parameter in my where clause to generate insert operation
How to dynamically bind images from store to carousel in sencha touch
KML polygon points altitude relative to starting point
Print number one by one using setInterval, I get Uncaught ReferenceError
How to get headless raw audio data from iPhone's mic into NSData
sorting search result by distance
ETL for processing history records
I can't upload the video to YouTube
Netbeans autocomplete not following style guide
Need to make a jQuery script working in most browsers (cross-browser)
MVC 3 : Routing to Static Pages
Parsing a lot of text based on a constant set of search terms
How to know which file is selected in open dialog in c#
Getting relative frequency of each character in a string in java
How to get the Location of incoming number in android
PHP code and html are not rendering in webpages
Launch activity from widget and then back to widget
SQL Server error creating stored procedure
C# mvc Username regex
Unable to import .js file into Rockmongo with mongodb
How does one dynamically set a color of a country through a var?
how to insert content to Ajax.ActionLink
How to Select the current class of DIV
Looping and interrupting animation
Can i find the number of people who are currently checked-in in a facebook place?
Maven donwloading a pom and executing goals
change the formula in a string format into a real formula in a stored procedure
create forum with xmpp pubsub
How to show how much functions register in netfilter hooks锛�
the unknown steps to convert a hex string to a int [closed]
WCF SOAP Service make parsing many date formats
Python Flask + nginx fcgi - output large response?
Hibernate UnUniqueify a column in table
In Perl, how can I extract part of the hostname from a URI?
Access to path **** is denied
accurate facebook api?
Pointers and memory allocation in C++
Distribute ad-hoc app
Implement Pass-Through Authentication in C#
WPF LISTBOX collapsible
Hibernate sql named query with entities
Multiple Ordering in MySql
Intersection of data using CPU Address Bus
reading json object data
side-by-side configuration issure in an windows azure virtual machine
Windows Gadget for Sharepoint 2007 List using SOAP, Javascript, C#, Webservices, jQuery
app crashes when I try to call dismissViewController
How to plug SOAPHandler (JAX-WS)?
Knockout mapping of observable array not seem to work
Capabilities showing wrong information
How to print an interval of values from $rbp in gdb?
getting error while creating dynamic action and passing variable to request mapping in spring
The FB.getLoginStatus() no response
Java static ArrayList<Object> remove issue
Import records from CSV in small chunks (ruby on rails)
JavaScript regular expression 鈥淣othing to repeat鈥�error
Javascript Regular Expression for facebook-like profile badge
Build Wicket from sources using IDEA
Reading JSON response in java and storing it in an array
Add http://www. in the text if not Exist
onclick submit check php
How to use 鈥渟trftime鈥�in SQLite (for Android app)
How to fade out, fade in a div on window scroll?
urls redirection from domain to sub domain
How to get bluetooth icon on status bar in 5.1.1 version when bluetooth is on?
When to create a new exception type
Requred field validate MVC
php: how to shoow session variable on every php page [duplicate]
dissapear div onblur
objective c afterDelay
Fastest way to retrieve Http response status in Java
jQuery Cycle plugin 鈥淶oom in鈥�instead of fadeIn
XML Parsing in Android: Getting Exception
FstCGI: How to clear the out stream?
Deleted files still present in Git remote repo after push?
How to perform multiple js actions from one button in atk4
Multilingual site: switching languages
Android Memory leak in activity
NullReferenceException while adding to dictionary [duplicate]
What context is in onPostExecute() of an AsyncTask?
How can I create a update trigger for this situation
How to consume or use the HTTPS contained URL of a webservices from different server location to aspx page ??
Facebook SDK - how to get started [closed]
How to get NSData value in NSString
EntityManager returning NULL in Seam3 using Hibernate 4
What is the easiest way to implement a Scala PartialFunction in Java?
How do you retrieve the WiFi Direct MAC address?
Mouse move event in gxt grid
ToString.Format for decimals but only if needed
Cake PHP joining same model on two tables
How do call a javascript function from its method name in string?
jQuery multiple div show hide function using anchor point
jQuery appendTo - Append specific <p> tags to specific <div> tags simultaneously
Does scaling of barcode image damages it?
How to completely empty input text even when empty by default
how to know file exist on server or not in android
How to customize ontology merge in OWL API? [closed]
In which version od Android SDK was SDK Setup.exe and SDK Manager.exe introduced?
django memcached and ajax requests
Portlet session logout in GateIn
Modifying a column type with data, without deleting the data
Background worker for jQuery Mobile App
PC Assembly Language (Paul Carter) - Prime.Asm Example Help AboutJO And JE
Unable to connect with the Windows desktop application using the Windows Sql Azure connection string?
jQuery hide() flicker
Axis2 and Webservices: File Upload
Oracle: Select at least one record foreach cluster
I am given a warning to include android:targetSdkVersion in my AndroidManifest, but it is already included?
stopwatch not work in java
Cascading dropdown with jQuery
Why Eclipse (DLTK) show a lot of syntax errors in ruby files?
NSArray from one view controller become NULL when using at viewWillApper method of another view controller?
Twitter engine SA_OAuthTwitterEngine integration?
checked = 鈥渃hecked鈥�vs checked = true
Locking and Redis
Weird: can not change the value of Integer in jni
XMLTextReader C#
Issue Related to Xcode Setting
Regex to find image from content
Try catch exception handling C++
Zend findParentRow: Unrecognized method
Adding a external PDF as appendix with ReStructuredText DPM Page redirection
df nice output format in emails
Double tap/Longpress event on Mapview in android
Upload a wav file using J2ME
How to configure MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter while using spring annotation-based configuration?
fancybox 2: call to all iframes with JS?
Eclipse - How to config android sdk to helios
Jquery hover but not on active
NSPoint and IMKCandidate Window Placement
Ext.js Combo Box - List issue
How to get Text Widget Code over Wordpress Page?
A text book on how to design a language
Validating email addresses in Google Forms
Why is String Interpolation Failing in erb Template?
Is it possible to change the JSESSIONID cookie path?
how to set visible/invisible the buttons when i place pointer/touch the buttons?
TypeError when adding row to Google spreadsheet (using Python)
postgresql: any on subquery returning array
search for http:// and https:// in a string
MIX 11 knockout code sample and my mistake
Horizontal navigation in internet explorer
How to disable set selected of item (gallery) in the middle of the screen when I touch on it in android
Wait for BackgroundWorker to complete?
Unable to install specific gem
How to downgrade iPad 2 from iOS 5.1 to 5.0 for development
Is it posible to format a mysql decimal value output?
ASP.NET MVC 4 and Ninject InRequestScope with RavenDb IDocumentSession in embedded HttpServer mode
Capture AJAX responses like Firebug with the c# webbrowser control
Custom UITableViewCell Button and RowSelected (iOS/Monotouch)
Spring / AOP: Best way to implement an activities log in the database
About Jeditable jquery plugin in the context of Backbone.View RegularExpressionValidator: ValidationExpression=鈥�?i)^[ w s0-9.-]+ .(pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx)$鈥�
math.Mod in Go returns integer part instead of floating-point remainder
Matplotlib: Draw pie chart with wedge breakdown into barchart
Where is GetAllUsers in membership provider?
C++ dynamic byte signatures
Is the order of elements in a JSON list maintained when doing [鈥? [closed]
JQuery auto complete and form auto submit
List Filenames and Date
Eclipse java editor bar
SQL Server engine or stand-alone
Taking a 鈥渟creenshot鈥�of a specific layout in Android
MongoDB highlights
How does C# set a read-only property on anonymous object initialization
Mysql Select rows with same values in one column and different in another
Global partial behaviour in Controllers
Telnet to cisco switch using php
Android: time listener
Jetty runner is not executing the war file
GD library doesn't work from bash call?
R: convert variable to csv string
local python proxy for web browser
Realtime form - on submit clear textfield
Open Graph API facebook IOS SDK sample
What difference between VC++ 2010 Express and Borland C++ 3.1 in compiling simple c++ code file?
How to read properties file in ant
Zipping together unicode strings in Python
android wireless game
i want to validate username from database using jquery
SQL Many To Many Select With Link Table
WPF ListBox ItemTemplate Image
Create large amount of user accounts in OS X Lion Server's Server App/Server Admin/Workgroup Manager
JQuery OptGroup alpha sort
Display text/plain in iframe without wordwrap?
java.lang.nullpointerexception in j2me
Use Dojo Grid in OpenSocial Gadget
SEARCH API: Adding Documents To An Index
Create new multidimensional array from flat array - directory paths - PHP
How can I demux audio from video playing on HTML browser and mux it back to play
Dynamic html table with jQuery
Android NOT autoComplete or spinner
Google Maps API Terms of Service
Phonegap iOS custom context menu
Accessing a parent class's protected method from outside a child class (with reflection or anything that would work)
Auto Increment two fields in SQL?
ASP.NET MVC 3 View Save Variable Without using HTML
Custom XML attributes are not recognized in android layout files
Ruby script to telnet switch
Is there any way to get notified when some application is completely installed or uninstalled
Game State Management Android?
Android How to get selected word in Edittext?
Can we apply stored procedure in mvvm? explain with reason
Boundary conditions for image transformations with meshgrid
switch/case to strategy pattern
Close UIButton Flicker animation
Better way of calculating document Similarity using Lucene
On Joomla html tabs default code, how to change the active tag using external javascript
Misleading information for FrameworkElement.IsLoaded on MSDN?
Howto zoom in/out in WinRT Image Control
Google Prediction API Service Authentication in .NET
Native Collection with smallest memory use in java
Jquery selector input[type=text]')
Should a Javascript function be written and called inside jQuery document ready or outside?
Secure my web service from being called without an active Facebook session
TinyMCE Template
want to share a string among multiple instances in C#
Filter query based on user in Django Admin
Sharing branches and labels between 2 VoB Clearcase
How to give maximum executionTimeout to the application?
How to get a property loaded by spring in non-spring loaded java classes
How To Handle NM_CUSTOMDRAW event to retrieve List items
Dependency errors when releasing multi module .Net projects with NPanday and Jenkins
Extjs component inside Ext.XTemplate on EXTJS 4
PHP Get XML from Remote URL with Authentication - 403 Error
Determining Array Size in C [duplicate]
Looking for a replacement for i18ndude, or an improved version
Set UILabel length according to NSString size in pixel : Objective C
Get last git tag from a remote repo without cloning
How to create a social network app on Android [closed]
Symbols don't change colour when changing Eclipse color theme
Android app with Google API works on emulator but not on phone
Javascript month range picker
Combining Sibling XML Tags
NMS 鈥淓rror: Bad or Missing Recipient鈥�
how to execute sql queries from a shell script
validateOptions gets error
android in Camera how to set focusable Area in api 14 or greater
ActionBar spinner with an icon (like Google Maps), how can I achieve that?
SSIS DB2 and Distributed Transactions
Java : Cannot format given Object as a Date
Display more than 9 products on home
Create Converter for foreground
Railwayjs csrf - how to get it right
gql inside transactions
Installed elasticsearch using homebrew and cannot locate the config files
How to find root-nodes
JavaScript object not destroyed?
Categories and Subcategories Android
How OSGi solves the task of casting bundle-defined classes to rt.jar-defined classes?
Why does the background color of my CheckBox change when ListView is touched?
How to find change in an Open Source JAR from the original JAR
how can i connect my phone to my laptop? [closed]
MySQL Stored procedure variables from SELECT statements
Pdf viewer in Java applet
Asynchronically: 1. Posting URL and 2. Image downloading (from the given URL)
View PrintDocument on screen in WPF?
Does reading an I/O port have any side effects? What about in Programmed I/O?
GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE should be used in NPOT textures
UDP socket. How to determine if data is sent to wire?
HQL subquery alias
Publish a website on IIS server
backbone.js - bind or join models from two collections
Test a single instance in Weka
Maven: mvn command not found
Pull images (programmatically) corresponding to botanical names
How do i show a full HEX in string?
How do I stop my FSUnit tests using F# full syntax
How to return immediately from forked child process in Linux?
single-click vs double-click dilemma in wp7
Using @EmbeddedId with JpaRepository
How to upload an image ON THE PAGE with AJAX
Where to keep the css, javascript and image files with respect to html/jsp pages in Spring IDE?
How do I get top tweeps by country?
How to regroup commands in a shell to avoid repeated redirections?
how to query where multiple many to many relations are involved
Specifying a date range in a Symfony2 form
How to generate a fully connected subgraph from node list using python's networkx module
How to set width in Android/Phonegap?
Rails assets precompile failes with Too many connections
Sorting a list without Linq [closed]
Toggle DOM elements one after the other using jQuery
Starting new proces outside taskhost on WindowsPhone
Dynamic html table on JS without jQuery (resolved)
javascript function is not calling from html file
Are there some default bordered backgrounds?
how to make sure that browser opened by webdriver is always in focus
Lazy ByteString built from Socket handle cannot be consumed and GCed lazily
MVC - Validate form on click on input type button
Any downsides to excessively using JSNI calls in GWT?
Preventing application from hanging while image is downloading?
Performing schema evolution after OSGi bundle started / stopped
What kind of JOIN do I need to perform this type of query?
Passing an object to phonegap plugin instead of a string
handle responses of multiple parallel ajax requests
Iphone/Android - general approach for connect from application to db
Symfony2: Error when saving a one-to-many relationship
How to extract AST from Objective-C code?
How to avoid Linq exception using aggregate operators on empty collection?
How are counted calls per day in Facebook Graph API.
Continue installation of gem that breaks at certain point
Tokenization, and indexing with Lucene, how to handle external tokenize and part-of-speech?
Java Regex: find word that matches begin and end
How to refer to a variable declared inside a static library?
Using com4j and Quality Center to add design steps to test
div stretching containing canvas
Getting encoding straight in Access 2007
Ordering the execution of Threads in Java
Can VBA be used to check whether a workbook specified using a named range is open?
WPF Custom Control Creation.?
How get text between two closed tags Snoopy PHP
Triggering profiles associated with an item in Sitecore
How can i provide horizontal menu with subitems Rounded Corners?
Maximum Sum less than a Limit
Mysql joining table data, needing to drag out data from both in 1 query
How to retrieve records from the database where at least 3 of 10 column values are present?
How to debug uBoot?
Custom JSP tag file <%@ variable ..> doesn't work?
What's wrong with running this server?
Allow users to add disqus/facebook comments plugin
Using OpenGL VAO for different VBOs
How to load an unmanaged DLL from a stream?
Change header Infos binary and write it back
Retrieving X & Y position of jQuery element
TortoiseGit鈥�pull remote branch into different local branch
Storing data in an object. Which method is faster?
remove all the lines from file starting from 鈥渰鈥�to 鈥渳鈥�using sed
Searching for a specific string in a text file using 2010
SVN Commit failled - Access is denied : 500 Internal Server error
Extracting correctly the text from a pdf (UTF-8)
ExpandableListView collapse when a rotation change occurs in Android
cocos 2d inherit CCSprite, can't acces method
MessageBox.Show not working on button click
How does ASP.NET extract the submit button name which causes postback and how to raise its event?
NETCF how do I pass a struct by ref to DeviceIoControl
Mediawiki editor reftoolbar missing?
Sort an array with special characters in PHP
Show dialog in case of error
How do I map checkboxes onto MVC model members?
iOS - Facebook Connect logout not deleting login details?
Sort an array with special characters in PHP
Show dialog in case of error
How do I map checkboxes onto MVC model members?
iOS - Facebook Connect logout not deleting login details?
Arabic symbols in PHP mail subject
failed to map segment from shared object: Resource temporarily unavailable
How to convert a byte to a char, e.g. 1 -> '1'?
LINQ: Sort a list depending on parameter
How can I copy picture and text from one file into another file dynamically using node.js
SQL and HQL retrieve data from two tables
Tcpdump doesn't work in vlan [closed]
Defining a minor of an array
Maintain a cmake project (from Eclipse CDT4)
Memory leak introduced in V3.8 of Google Maps Javascript (observed in IE 9)
Pivot Tables PHP/MySQL
Datagridview (focus or update) not getting correct data
etree.ElementTree parses xml which then builds a tree, is it an efficiently-searchable data structure?
2 Table Views in one View
Line break in a SSI
dup2, pipe and fork in C
How do I check if a string is NOT a floating number?
How to verify the text displayed on Jquery dialog using Capybara
wants to have multiple text display styles in a single textview
Symfony2 : no extension to load Buzz
jQuery plugin activation bug
Disable specific keys on the keyboard
Azure Platform Ready - HTTPS test case failure
How to dynamically set field value in views?
hitTestForEvent:inRect:ofView is invoked twice in my NSOutlineView cells
how to use geometry datatype to postgres table?
Simple Passing of variables between classes in Xcode
Implementing method without conforming protocol
Gitolite macro to expand to user name?
read yml file in a Symfony action
Setting connection info using XQJ with Oracle 11g
USB host APIs public or blocked on Samsung Galaxy S3
Spring @ResponseBody Jackson JsonSerializer with JodaTime
Shell script to sync ubuntu time with gps device
PyQT4 - communication between 2 windows
Putting a division of 10 px more then the size of image
How to attach a Visual Studio debugger to a Managed type process?
Google Chrome Frame - Open local links in Windows Explorer
Zend-Logging: Where is 鈥�php://output鈥�
how to know which online databases are available to connect
Split long string WP7
php mkdir, folder name and structure
understanding websockets on the server side
JQGrid - JQuery loading data with IE9
How does Sql Server compile execution plans for logic flow in stored procedures?
refresh data after $_POST on same page
Delphi Chromium component - how to notify button's click event (Ajax call)
vbObjectError how to use this one into c# code
Get the id of elements dynamically created
Get theLinearLayout inside a ListView from an Async Task onRetainNonConfigurationInstance()
Determine what Javascript function is called when you click an element
Secure OpenID user authentication
How good is JMeter for testing ASP .NET webpages?
How to save the Custom cell Content
How Instagram for Android uses offline_access? - Object aggregation of inherited classes
How to add code to a function outside of its main body?
Get/Set error 鈥淎n object reference is required for the non-static field 鈥︹�
How to keep the subplot sizes unchanged after putting a colorbar
Cache locking with static object in generic base class
How to enable actions on my published post
How to alert pop up if no wifi or Internet 3G connected?
Unable to resize the thumbnail in WordPress
Unable To Parse A Response Object Array In PHP
where is the definition of extern char **environ?
C errors with method [closed]
Create a ASP.NET webservice with a JSON communication to iPhone
In C# is it possible to create a model of entities regardless of the database initially?
Yii: .htaccess and urlManager for separate backend and frontend
alert() in DIV's onclick is not displayed after click
Ninject: Bind Constructor Argument to Property of Other Object
Global Python Lists
'Render to Texture' and multipass rendering
Suggest Page to friends using PHP-SDK
why XML file is not rendered properly in firefox?
Is Mapper.Map in AutoMapper thread-safe?
Spring Framework 3.0.5 - spring form data binding - comma delimiter
DIDL XML conversion to HTML using XSLT
developer tags in youtube php api
bean class instantiation in spring for a class without default constructor
select list title is not showing on mouse hover
Is it an undefined behavior when you return a ref. to a local variable? [duplicate]
add values to textbox history without submitting the form using javascript or Jquery
associating jobject with a value
Automatically comparing Java profiling results for a single unit test
How to send serial data from Python script to Arduino on Windows - Nothing Works
error when calling virtual destructor using a function pointer in VC 6.0
Is it safe to use base64_encode instead of mysql_real_escape_string?
Can I use GPL license pyqt like this锛�
Generate uique url of form results
Zend_Form: identical fields returning false when actually identical
Chrome not showing background images or colour on body
App does not run on device anymore鈥�freaking out
server error when reading in an xml file
In Java 7 64-bit my program freezes on a loop
Trying to add node at the end of a list
Zend_Form: identical fields returning false when actually identical
Chrome not showing background images or colour on body
App does not run on device anymore鈥�freaking out
server error when reading in an xml file
In Java 7 64-bit my program freezes on a loop
Trying to add node at the end of a list
jQuery: getResponseHeader not working in IE when used inside error function
NETWORK_PROVIDER always returns 0.0 0.0
binary value not getting updated in database through php
view sql deleted rows log
PEP 8: How should __future__ imports be grouped?
Android AES Encryption error during decrypting
mysql amazon ec2 鈥淐an't create test file鈥�error
Get bitmap from URI
Google maps causes invisible html elements only on iPad, strange behaviour why?
Calling native method twice of third party library in an Activity causes the Android application to close down
Which Design Pattern suits Canvas Drawing in WPF
Can't Get Path Of Photos Taken By ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE
See history of a merged branch
Update page content after jQuery UI Slider change
Querying author info from wordpress database
Generating large Excel files from MySQL data with PHP from corporate applications
Maximize window for firefox / selenium / c#
how to send multiple sets of different sizes to a matlab function?
pop up to another user of same application in php
Spring JavaMailSender: Making it asynchronous and persistent
Howcome I populate selectlist with list of categories
PSI new task custom fields are not being written
What to use as WCF net.tcp host baseAddress on different servers?
how to create a pop-up that displays a generic information
asp:dropdownlist change dynamically
WPF : Get particular field from ObservableCollection
How to use regex for currency
ASP.NET MVC 3 Data Annotation for Mobile and Phone Numbers (Edited)
Use push notifications also if user doesn't accept them
How to get integer values from nsstring Evalution in iPhone?
Gmail app --> Open with --> myapp --> download --> show data of file
Android Http Post/Get The operation timed out
Rails 3 validating multiple fields if unique field value exists
Using the JXMapkit in java
Creating date with numbers (new Date(2012, 03, 鈥� gives wrong month (+1)
Is there a maximum number of simple Polylines on Google Maps?
Dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (?) with PCI compliance
How can I create trac tickets from an svn commit?
iOS: How to get pngs with transparency when read from disk
Nothing displayed in Output window (Visual Studio 2008) while initializing EncryptionManager
Javascript event after the dom is ready but not rendered
Android VideoView crashing
jquery when the user clicks an element, i need to toggle a checkbox from unchecked to check how do i do this?
How to access a calculated field of a backbone model from handlebars template?
mysql_num_rows() Error being thrown in my Query
Java API Example for abstract class. unable to understand the concept properly so reposted
PHP sessions that have already been started
Creating a Trigger which will insert record in a table on update of another table
GWT (eclipse) - only seeing static html in welcome page
How do I setup virtualenv on a production Windows server using IIS and Helicon Zoo?
AVPlayer buffering, pausing notification, and poster frame
how to get Apple 鈥渃ommand button鈥�key code programmatically?
Selecting an item from a list rendered using a partial view per item
isolate the action of a button from the action of it's div
How to bind a list of objects to a DataGrid?
How iis distinguish between mvc request and asp.netpage request
PHP - difficulty Passing encrypted string to another page via string encryption
Stack in Assembler under MS-DOS
Adding imageView over another imageView cause resizing of the bottom one.How to prevent?
How to parse multiple JSON data from single stream in Java continuously?
How to get available memory in IOS ? [duplicate]
Cursor appears at center of EditBox
How can I adding a fade animation to tiny carousel script
Creating a Custom Loading Screen
How to Create a bean validation framework using Spring
Amazon Advertising API - EditorialReviews sometimes returns null even if it should not for given ISBN
Checking value in an multi-dim array?
SQL days available using a not exists on current financial year
Get post from a Facebook Page without login
Does c++ realloc function applies delete operation for old data block if moving data to different block?
'foreman start' is stuck
How to insert records using the Entity Manager without defining the Primary Key field?
Query 3 separate data sets or 1 joined set?
What does the + operator do in cout?
Is cudaHostRegister equivalent to mlock() system call?
Clear object memory in javascript
is it possible to make a c-like binary data(structure) in PHP
how to set attribute to jquery tabs
Enclose try-catch in a public method and invoke when needed
How to generate all possible combinations of values from n different sets?
c++ dynamically accessing member variables
see values of chart points when the mouse is on points
Google App Engine Java Can't Run Application HTTP 500
How can I check an EditTextPreference value before the User validate it?
Java Image Handling
Facebook Page - change attributes and settings via Graph API
Modify FTP to add session recovery
Calculating total data size of BLOB column in a table
Optimizing filter function in PIG
jpa left join eclipse-link
How can I create and save file in Program File directory in Windows 7?
Deployment of published code?
PHP request name from textbox with same name
How to pass Delphi empty string to com visible .net assembly
Facebook connect to Facebook iframe
Split container Panelissues in winforms C# Visual Studio
How to use postgres extensions on Heroku? And how to handle their migrations?
Testing links using rspec?
Error Loading a Form
How can I check on which element the event was triggered?
Dump entire ELF binary into readable headers and sections
Load the SDK Asynchronously without server web
Insert value from select box into database
SEVERE: Null component Catalina:type=JspMonitor,name=jsp,WebModule=//localhost/myproject,J2EEApplication=none,J2EEServer=none
How do i simulate this particular post request in mechanize
CodeIgniter : Unable to load the requested file:
Custom Dropdown List for Spinner
how can i use preg_match and get value?
retrieving latest post from Tumblr via jquery
Ajax Control Toolkit HtmlEditorExtender: Xss Attacks
Accessing Jquery object [] and get error
Mongo: avoid duplicate files in gridfs
chrome can not set -webkit-animation-name
How to convert a String into a File Object in java?
ExecuteNonQuery requires the command to have a transaction error in my code
Create Custom Cultures and then modify them using 鈥淩egion and Language鈥�dialog in Windows
Capture backspace key press in BlackBerry with jQueryMobile
iPhone refreshing tabcontroller and content
How can I tell when an SVG is finished rendering
.bgi library or equivalent in java [closed]
Cname records for SAAS customers
php hyperlink to uncpath IE
Powershell and Lotus Notes - How to extract user names with employees numbers?
Get the Windows ProductID via registry, in JAVA
how to enable package level logging in log4j
File transfer using XMPPFramework
Get users that inserted a row everyday
Voice recording with speaker ON in Android phone
change start menu name during minor version upgrade in installshield
Sticky footer A VERY small ISSUE
Do I need to know web application development to make mobile apps? [closed]
How to preserve XML nodes that are not bound to an object when using SAX for parsing
Testing palindrome with nested loops
Executing Javascript Submit form functions using scrapy in python
How to form multi-dimentional array from several 2-d arrays in NumPy / PyTables?
Enable G729 codec in linphone for iPhone
Show UIAlert if UITextField is empty
Rendering rectangle texture with GLSL
How do I hide xml file?
Javascript form fields not clickable
Cover polygons with the minimum number of circles of a given diameter
Dump in PyYaml as utf-8
Convert Java Long value to value in php
Java ME - Bluetooth Document Scanner
Basic database design and complexity
Connection was reset / file upload in azure with ssl only
retrieving data from php website to an Android App
Shellcode searching for Bytes String: 0C330408Bh
Append strings in UILabel?
How to size a ScrollView to fit 60% of the screen from bottom?
Android AsyncTask process (logcat) does not output messages (on emulator)
Mediaelement.js setCurrentTime sets the time incorrectly in Firefox and when using flash
Web Client - Asynchronous operations are not allowed in this context
UIFont size unset prior to UITableCell display - how to cleanly calculculate height
Append directories to ignored list in SVN
Serialize prefix tree
event.DataTransfer doesn't transfer ID of dragged object when running in Jetty
How to get stream video(m3u8 format) resolution from url link, android2.3.3?
mail.log equivalent in php<5.3
Destroying PHP Session
iOS Dev - Adding Storyboard Manually
How do I submit a twitter-like micropost and show the post without reloading the page?
browser in host can not see vagrant box, portforward does not work
Is it possible to print IKImageBrowserView In Cocoa programmatically?
Header in jQuery mobile
How do I disable a button bound to a current item's ICommand when there is no current item?
403 after Ruby on Rails Install
how to make the closer word have higher weight in sphinx
what is the difference between these two statement? [duplicate]
Heroku console not loading file in /lib?
Pass data though @selector to textField
Simplexml & php rss feed for newbie
CSV line splitting into an array [duplicate]
Windows Azure Node.js SDK
Issue with cts:and-query in Marklogic
Using @Version in spring-data project
preg_match not working in php when count result return
Chef - Unable to configure service resource to reload when a template resource is modified
Why is NSFetchedResultsChangeDelete not triggered when object is deleted?
Multiple SPGridView filtering issue
How to record local sounds in Flash AIR?
IE Compatibility Issue. Images overflowing onto the line below
Manipulate Strings in ArrayList Java
PHP - Facebook API - Get friendlist in french
Jmeter vs LoadRunner in terms of vusers
Removing first appearance of word from a string?
commented out code causing runtime error in clojure
Error converting data type nvarchar to bit in asp
E-Tag in http header
Need to start agent job and wait until completes and get success or failure
Group Collection of Items by Category in ListView (WPF)
Loop through links on site and click links javascript/jquery
How to play audio and video files in web browser?
wordpress change home name to blog
How Can I Improve Function to Use In PHP Script
HTML5 vs Native App : Which to choose ?? [closed]
Fixing website for IE etc
jqgrid gridComplete setRowData onclick function is not defined
How do I set a EditText to the input of only hexadecimal numbers?
I need row-level locking
Date format issue in ssis
SQL Server trigger to other SQL Server (both 2005)
How to identify an edge or a corner of a parallelepiped at mouse click in a 3D space?
jpa setMaxResults extra query
Getting first Array in variable data (a number of arrays)
If Statement in Jquery dependent on a checkbox being checked?
HTML5 canvas text vs normal text with CSS3 styling?
JAXB instance nullability/validity with JAX-RS
Access content on a server through http?
moving a label in a circular path in java
android image scaling methods for very large images;
How to get a long term access token
FlipView SelectedItem is not showing when Changing View State?
How should I handle incomming call in iphone/ipad
How data-role=鈥減age鈥�height property will work on Samsung galaxy 10.1 tab?
Expansion of the Model to take credit card verification code value is Null
How to establish a condition to check two frame have huge difference in openCV?
Android Bluetooth Device Locator
How to schedule Phone call event?
Need help to get sql query output like this
iOS app applicationWillEnterForeground and it stucked for a while
How to make managed preferences permanent on a client Mac without Lion Server?
UIPopOver is disappearing unnecessarily
Change event not Working
Passing a reference of a UIView to the next UIViewController
how to drag and drop UIButton
spring jersey jackson - StdDeserializer class not found exception
Make it 100% of all
what's the difference between output of 鈥渦limit鈥�command and the content of file 鈥�etc/security/limits.conf鈥�
Is number in JavaScript immutable? [duplicate]
app crashes when deleting an object from core data in iphone
How to not insert database row if file upload is canceled
hiddenfield have to change on every onclick [closed]
Where does tomcat store txt files used by web applications
Is returning va_list safe in C?
How to find a location on Map from a address which has been input by user?
Interleaving multiple iterables randomly while preserving their order in python
Android smooth game loop
How to deserialize an array from XML body?
Displaying UIImageviews from an array
open source frameworks for Interactive World Map
Not able to Pass customer_id Value in the form to a partial as hidden field value in ruby on rails
How to use a case classes when hierarchy is needed?
Get the YouTube playlist and the video ID of a channel in Android
Average calculator - Why doesn't 鈥渧ar += var;鈥�nested in a while loop work?
Html parser with java [closed]
SQL Server - using default values
how to change the default height of navigation bar in iPhone
CBC in hill cipher encryption
how to clean register_shutdown_function
What is 鈥�Stub 鈥�and 鈥淎IDL鈥�for in java?
New Z3 .NET API for fixed point
how to add a new item in crm 2011 option set by jscript
Uploading python third party libraries with Google App engine
Update only changed items in observableArray when fetching from datasource
Array values transfer between 2 functions
How to resize the UITableViewCell based on size of image to be inserted?
Fixed-Dynamic block in AndEngine
Fetching the registeroutparameter of mysql procedure in java
What's wrong with the gemspec?
How to upload a excel file using tomcat 5.5?
Windows Phone 7 Page Navigation and Data Retrieving
Ways to Encrypt and Decrypt pdf files android
Shape of the region in region monitoring iOS
Mutex are needed to protect the Condition Variables
Given a datehow do I get the first and the last date of that month using classic asp
how to parse Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files using perl or javascript?
Symfony2 form collection
How to change floating sidebar js code so that it works with ajax pagination?
compute a shape from a list of geographical coordinates
why does this on() trigger right away instead of just binding?
how is the code for parsing Json parsing?
Visio automation: get process ID
passing and retrieving variables in cakephp from javascript using GET METHOD
How to deal with ViewController being released, after firing off background thread which referes to now released ViewController?
What does 'int kk = 2 , 3;' mean?
Find length of json string
Unable to send email from localhost using gmail smtp?
Chunk arguments for noweb
How to display Time Line in android Calender
mysql datetime mapped to JPA Temporal.Type TIMESTAMP. Getting only date, no time in JSON response
How to fetch record in mysql ORDER BY user_id DESC AND created_date ASE
Second execution of the same criteriaQuery generates wrong sql
Get different and common items in two arrays with LINQ [closed]
Android PopupWindow showAtLocation() vs showAsDropDown() - first one is working for me and second is not
For google maps query string, how to correctly locate addresses written in Chinese (or other asian languages)?
Set Progressbar in the Center of WebView in FrameLayout
Do I need an Alarm or a Service to perform a repetative task?
binding validation error using ElementName path
UIImage resizing. OK on simulator, not on device
How to add wildcard to DNS for wordpress multisite in Kloxo?
SKPaymentQueue restoreCompletedTransactions restores same transaction multiple times
How to resume from the last screen of the app after the user has pressed home once?
How to execute a Javascript submit form function in scrapy function
How to reopen a file immediately after it closes via my C# application
how to do cross app automation testing for android
Update Statement for Entity Model
getting garbage values when accessing the global variable
will go support mips in the future [closed]
php foreach generating trash
How to split the string obtained from 鈥淭ime.now鈥�in ruby
android httppost why use $_REQUEST and not $_POST in PHP/MySQL?
Retrieving HTML files with images and style sheets from Amazon S3 using AWS SDK for .NET or REST API
Wordpress footer in header when viewed in IE
How to redirect to the same page
Play remote video over slow network
Domain Name Availability
Running MMU-less Linux on ARM Cortex-R4
How to update custom listview text view posistion in android
How to avoid abnormal stop of windows service? [closed]
JavaScriptDeseializer : Can not serialize array
JFreeChart ThermometerPlot multiple CRITICAL subrange
VB code functions Randomize() and like more in c#
UIStepper doesn't work in ios 4.1 [closed]
Rails: Act_as_taggable_on vs. Rocket_tag
Single click listener for two in android
Tumblr audio/video players not working when you add infinite scrolling code [duplicate]
Android create layers in canvas
How can I exclude some records in MySql
How to get elasticsearch to perform similar to SQL 'LIKE'
Why the Class cannot be seen in its source file Java
Parallel test execution in Perl
Jquery validation ' require ' is not working with html editor
How to get the child div in jquery
How to limit JVM creation?
Debugging using a virtual machine like VMWare/VirtualBox?
Compiling Groovy class with existing java classes?
how to extract the value of a parameter within a parameter and then print in ant
cannot get proper xml parsed in android
Not able to read from stdout
Change hover color on nav-tabs
How to set a high res Image in xml?
unable to bind data to listbox in windows phone using mvvm architecture
Web page/part page rewind animation, like github
Accessing global variables in a separate PHP script?
Can we open an android apk in the browser?
dynamic selection country city using javascript
Adding array as a source to jQuery autocomplete
How can I get the index of the current element in jQuery each() loop?
unable to Fetch the value in datatables select box [duplicate]
Compiling Flex Air apps for PC, Android and Mac from one codebase?
Extjs 4 Live search combo How to reduce the 4 character limit
Modelling blogs and ratings in mongodb and nodejs
unable to bind data to listbox in windows phone using mvvm architecture
Web page/part page rewind animation, like github
Accessing global variables in a separate PHP script?
Can we open an android apk in the browser?
dynamic selection country city using javascript
Adding array as a source to jQuery autocomplete
How can I get the index of the current element in jQuery each() loop?
unable to Fetch the value in datatables select box [duplicate]
Compiling Flex Air apps for PC, Android and Mac from one codebase?
Extjs 4 Live search combo How to reduce the 4 character limit
Modelling blogs and ratings in mongodb and nodejs
How to send list through COM
Search data in data table by passing ID
PHP Regular Expression for currency
Searching a particular word in a matrix of characters
export mysql data into pdf file
How to add retweet and favorite buttons using jquery?
How to make json api
Is there a way to show a multiselect list box as combobox(single select) but on opening should give multi select
BlackBerry HttpConnection Cookies
How do I set up nginx to serve data from a port?
Using Bluetooth Share to transfer file in android
Choose program to send email
Creating websocket Java APIs
Tool for parsing nginx log
iAd is not loading in iPhone but loading in iPad after approval from apple
Tornado Error In line 58 - NameError global name 'CONVERSIONS' is not defined
mouse gestures don't work over windows form items
Declare interface inside implementation file (Objective-C)
What files are generated by SVCUTIL.EXE
Integers are set to random values after msgrcv
UIView CATransform3DMakeRotation horizontally from left to right
How to make a `for` loop work like a `while` loop?
Create Nested Hashes from a List of Hashes in Ruby
Object reference not set to an instance of an object when adding element using xpath for xml
Generate parse tree from parse description
using multi level Auto complete in search query
How to identify the file string when upload is cancelled?
I look for template engine with special concept
NSTableview won't sort in Core Data application
Trying to implement hash and salted password into login form
Can't filter on category in loop when using Custom Post Type in Wordpress
This code for splash screen doesn't work. Please help me out.
Sync FaceBook Birthdays with iOS Calendar
how to refresh or reload a uiviewcontroller
Cannot set jquery dialog.InnerHtml(some-content) without refreshing the page
Binding extra info in JiBX
Getting Hard Disk Speed using C#
How to retrieve UIImage from particular folder in document directory in iPhone
Backbone.js:how can I cancel the view add parent element to the template
Does Oracle 11gR2 actually support IPV6?
Issue of pagination in Spring Data JPA
Is it possible to make your Qt application not lock file with itself while running?
How to get the validation in rules() method?
Architecting a Neo4j-Based Application - stick to vanilla API using plain nodes & relationships or use Spring/GORM?
Spring Bean Extensions
Python: Cannot open converted bitmap image file, converted using PIL
List of Characters that are equivalent in unicode collation
sliding drawer with content below it