parent Form nested Rails
NHibernate KeyNotFoundException on delete
Why does Play's PushEnumerator need to close() before the iterator will complete?
Is there an equivalent to java's setFocusable() in C#?
How to iterate through a cvMat matrix in JavaCV?
jquery skipping tables that have a specific css class
Google translate is not working in android webview
Method error handling for user friendly messages
wxpython HtmlWindow: show full content?
JDBC Driver not found error in Crystal Reports XI?
When do we use interface extends interface
How to set margin for every element inside a div using jquery?
Cannot quite get my head around django mixins
Unix code wanted to change column values
ASP.NET MVC4 Returning a different view not triggering javascript events
Retrieve user from database and cast to an user object
jQuery: Select data attributes that aren't empty?
Efficient programming techniques
iText Pdf Page Byte Size
inject static method with *args, receiving type as the first argument
SSH2 returning 鈥渞esource(2) of type (stream)鈥�(PHP)
Scala : why can't I filter my Int List properly with placeholder ? e.g : myList.filter(_:Int => _ % 5 == 0)
How do I sudo if in Bash?
Zend Framework: Route assemble and GET parameters
AWS SES - Bounces Not Being Delivered To ReturnPath Address
Hide or collapse branches beginning with prefix/ when using git branch -a
ListView column highest value
Handling an exception thrown from inside a dll
Return some information from a website in java
ItelliJ Idea F5 equivalent in Resharper [duplicate]
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pydebug'
Add a single constructor method in template specialization
google like search of backbone collection
<a> tag link will not work in firefox, but will work in IE
State of HTML5 Audio
how i can save output in matlab?
Variable identity with Python __init__ function - can anyone explain?
onComplete div removal
onComplete div removal
Using output parameters with ARC
prevent conflicting edits in a gridview
Login to website with javascript submit button (Using Java)
Specify NuGet sources for build server to use with NuGet Package Restore?
How does do this? [closed]
Clicking checkbox label doesn't work in ajax modal
Repeating UIAlert code over and over
JavaScript isCurrency() failing
google visualization table. Insert an image in a cell (from GDocs)
Chrome Console Error: chromeHidden.Port.dispatchOnDisconnect
Excel scatterplot chart from List(Of Decimal) values - VB.NET
LoL API query for multiple titles from array
rawQuery in Android not showing database contents
VBA: How to run another application from MS Access
Reading files from a dir on the sdcard
Difference between getContext() , getApplicationContext() , getBaseContext() and 鈥渢his鈥�
Django: How to access session_key in middleware
print multi-page gridview
Div height transition when children visibility change
Custom validation using web service in silverlight
OnTap on a PinPoint in MapView
Here's The CA Animation Sequencing Sitch
Efficiency of LINQ in simple operations
Ember.js Is there a way to create a custom #ID .class name instead of default ember?
Rufus Scheduler not running
Can't subscribe onClick event
linking back to facebook tab url
how to overwrite portion of one string with another starting from a given position? [closed]
Are Python serial write and socket send commands blocking?
curl runs from command line, but not in ruby script
MPI runtime error: Either Scatterv count error, segmentationfault, or gets stuck
iOS StoreKit app (In-app purchase app) - When internet is not available reading delimited files with text qualifiers
Is there any reason not to serve https content on a page served over http?
jquery plugin using Vimeo Froogaloop seeTo jumps
The CSS Rule object
JSNI call a Java method with a Long param
Using Yahoo Pipes to remove a table
Windows Workflow Foundation speed of an Activity vs a Business Rule Engine (BRE)
SQL Server 2008: Case Matrix? Selective Case? Case Association?
Did LinkedIn use PhoneGap or Trigger.IO for its iPhone app? [closed]
Restrict the use of an attribute validation (ValidationAttribute ) for only one property type
javascript library from gwt's java
Calling function with interval but until some time passed Iphone
Firefox 12.0 and Selenium 2 : Native Events are not supported
Is there a relationship between untyped/typed code quotations in F# and macro hygiene?
Using PyQT for a command prompt (Python) program [closed]
using ctypes to link c++ and python in linux
How to implement more than one Images in form and new Date instances
Is it possible to hide Facebook app activity, so 鈥淴 friends used it in the past month鈥�doesn't show on hover?
Make a database connection to Sage Abra Suite
calling outside javascript function within jquery code
SQL Server 2008 RegEx CLR Use
Reloading gdbinit
Hiberante and SQL Server Column name
What is the max setting for heap you can set for the 32 bit Sun Java 6 JVM on 64 bit linux? [duplicate]
Java Arrays Index out of Bounds
Object Oriented Code vs. MVC pattern - which to follow when initializing page?
Mixed mode assembly is built against version 'v1.1.4322' of the runtime and cannot
Is it possible to (emulate?) AUTOINCREMENT on a compound-PK in Sqlite?
How do I match a string up to a number in python using regular expressions?
JSoup Post Throws 404 For a Working Site
color detection algorithm
Generate all combinations of a Map of Lists into a List of Lists
Ideas for a SPOJ FISHER
How do pass one array and one string as arguments to a function?
Any way to rerun a jQuery plugin after DOM modification?
Process UITableViewController with didSelectRowAtIndexPath
When to favor untyped over typed quotations in F#?
in css if i set a background image to repeat will it be downloaded once ?
Move left and right div when you use the scrollTop method
Adding selector for elements which have some parameters
What's a good thing to start with for developing a simple filtering filesystem? [closed]
what's a productive environment for nodeunit?
How to draw 1024 cross 1024 grid cells in java on a JFrame?
Node.js : module exports, only object
PHP generate a random number using todays date
Comparison and assignment between pointer and integer C
iOS Push notifications not working on for ad hoc distributions with Test Flight
Rails custom foreign_key name on both table
How to make a method to accept any object and check if it contains method?
REST WCF Service from URI - ArrayOf - Null Elements
MacVim: share named registers across windows?
Hibernate PooledOptimizer primary key violation in Cluster environment
Seeking & reading arbitrary file data in Metro
Wordpress PHP: Unexpected $End Error
Android: Creating a grid of squares that scales without distortion
Perforce: Can I put a 'watch' on a file, so that I am notified when the file changes?
ASP.NET MVC 2 Data Collection on Site.Master Page
xdebug: var_dump not printing my object?
Google Maps Interactivity
Using Tcp Sockets on real Android devices
ValueError: unsupported format character '{' (0x7b) in defining dictionary
Why doesn't this code deadlock?
How to know the source ip address used by nc to connect to the destination
nHibernate, caching, webfarms and multi-tenancy
Access elements of an unsigned char array as integers
3 page navigation issue
3 page navigation issue
PHP variable into mySQL table: not working?
Return View from Asp.Net MVC 4 Web API
What is the most efficient method of applying CSS styling using jQuery?
How can I capture audio from my phone's analogue radio to mp3 format?
turn off all css3
Duration not appearing for after Video
TDD iOS tutorial
Accessing the AppKernel environment variable in symfony 2
Open With 鈥減rogram鈥�is empty
how to perform https requests over an SSLsocket in python
Why can't I connect to an external database in Django?
Changing header size dynamically in Reporting services
Mysql - Grab default records if specific records arent found
esri map display info window without clicking on the map
Max Length for a Vector in R
Control a text box using javascript
Minimum output value for NSSound setVolume: method (Cocoa / ObjC)?
How do I enable php to work with postgresql?
VIM: function name autocomplete with paramters
TFS 'Get Latest' does not really get latest
OpenCart - Display child category images - Whilst in the parent category.
Reversing a linked list
Twitter gem - how to get the ID of a new tweet? mvc. Display html string form database
how to add lines to existing file using python
Does the Rails model validate method check the current data as part of the validation process, before the save is attempted?
How can I move an Image around the screen using DragAndDrop
How to share code versioned Ruby Modules between developers
PHP array sort by 2nd key
How to use unicode with enlive for web-scraping
Django workflow to convert model superclass to subclass
Calling an applet from html
String array property returns text property of textboxes on form
Disable Magnifying Glass in UITextview
Entity Framework Code First - No Real Relationship
Internationalized XML and XSL Styles
How to load static field?
WPF expand a style
Symfony2 + Doctrine2 + SQL Server - Transaction Support
Use created .so file in another application - Android NDK
How to get the cumulative distribution function with NumPy?
How to utilize Hebbian learning?
Gallery of SWF files in WordPress
Access the list of valid values for an Enum field in a Mongoose.js Schema
lazy load public class data member in PHP
SQL query, join multiple tables, Oracle
Fast way to append blank strings.
Dynamic HQL query using hql expressions rather than Criteria?
Remove a specific node's Checkbox
lazy load public class data member in PHP
SQL query, join multiple tables, Oracle
Fast way to append blank strings.
Dynamic HQL query using hql expressions rather than Criteria?
Remove a specific node's Checkbox
Where are directshow media types documented?
Localhost Server Refusing Connection
cannot create bitmap with transparent background on blackberry
How to name a nested template in a templated base class?
Sencha2 - How do I get data from Panel to child fieldset components?
No description for object of class 鈥渟tuff鈥�in symfony
How to add pagination to a REST API?
Applying texture to a wire frame
ViewModel is empty on Add [HttpPost] method
Simple JQuery UI variable pass issue (syntax)
are virtual destructors in novtable interfaces okay?
Streaming video to PCIE slot
Javascript wildcard?
Config error with NamespaceHandler for XML
How can I regex this array/string?
Why am I getting duplicated row inserts?
Is there a tool to manage multiple installations of PHP on one machine (e.g. to support different versions)?
How do I tell if my ActiveMQ message was delivered to the final destination?
Android: Default attributes for custom views
how can Firefox add-on access user's bookmarks folders
Android: starting activity using intent on button click
Meaning of prepended plus sign in javascript
100% height div inside td elements
Google query beyond 2048 char limit
Multiple columns in group by clause in hibernate
Why is my PDO not working?
troubleshooting qmail delivery failure
How do you use underscore's chain method to return the first item in a multidimensional array?
Is there a decent way of creating a copy constructor in python?
IP Connection limit exceeded
Proper use of private constructors
iText - Fail on second attempt to generate PDF
Custom PMD rule not being highlighted by PMD Eclipse plugin
npm package build failing, how best to debug?
NotificationCenter : -[NSRunLoop ]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
How to share sessions between two sites when suhosin is enabled?
Store database (PDO) connection
Custom type and using Settings Designer for use with persisting user settings
What are the best practices for creating a Nexus private repository group for proxy repositories requiring authentication
Global keybinding on X using Python gtk3
What is the most elegant way in javascript to convert bytes into a readable format
JQuery wrapInner trigers jQuery(document).ready twice
Printing Output in an Embedded Boost::Python terminal
linear regession model testing with regsubsets time and correctness
How do I use jQuery to trigger an event when a checkbox is checked/unchecked repeatedly? [duplicate]
How do I use jQuery to trigger an event when a checkbox is checked/unchecked repeatedly? [duplicate]
Removing duplicate objects in a Java ArrayList causes concurrent modification error [duplicate]
How to stretch jQuery slider to its contents
Develop for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)/Windows Phone 7 - WinRT (JavaScript) vs. Silverlight (C#) [closed]
In Grails, how do I tell if an object is transient or not?
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin in .htaccess doesn't work
JavaScript variable assignment?
How to wrap an div with another div - jQuery Wrap
鈥渋Pad app lookAndFeel鈥�with php website
mapping/xslt challenge - grouping, key
Citrus Engine Flash Game not compiling correctly
Language switch using cookie but only visible after manual page refresh
Paperclip dosnt save attachments if password has attr_accessor
Action Script select XML element with ':' symbol on tag name
Simple multiplication in model's attribute django?
Python ConfigParser Name [duplicate]
prolog - extracting information
How can I upload a list of images from a folder into my xcode project?
Pointer_traits.h of Thrust show an error when compiled library with scons
Reference a solution item in VB project
mysql-db request: how to get the db-name and the db-type as output of the request
PHP Loop do action for each 10, 20, 30 etc
In Ruby, what is the class AboutClasses?
what does this ssl error in python mean?
Entity Framework throwing error when updating records
How to extract first letter from each line from a file using batch?
How to get Rails Heroku log backtrace from Heroku error
using mips instructions
Why does my SQL query return rows with NULL? It should never return rows with NULL
Python database WITHOUT using Django (for Heroku)
How to pass parameters to an action that's called on JQuery dialog() Open event
Chrome Extension and Content Security Policy and GWT RPC
Return from Camera when called with startActivityForResult()
Action Bar Library 4.0.2 with 鈥淪upportActivity cannot be resolved鈥�
AJAX load in CakePHP 2
PHP Parse Error on Line that Doesn't Exist [closed]
How to configure email accounts like or on AWS
Jquery Load Thumbnails w/ CloudZoom
'sharedDispatcher' is deprecated
CSS <div> positioning and inheritance of height settings
Reading and writing files python
How do I use a function argument for this jquery code, or is there a better solution?
Layout as a handle of SlidingDrawer on Android
ANR on some devices when starting activitys
Grails 2.x service injection in Groovy/src
How can i name object 鈥渒eys鈥�programmatically in JavaScript?
How to make a wordpress plugin interact with posts & pages
Visual Studio 2008 and Business Intelligence Development Studio
Vaadin Widgetset does not display on all networks
How do I simplify this code in Groovy that sets properties on an object if they are null?
Add headers to column data using a macro
Convert Month Date Time Year format to MM-DD-YYYY format in Perl [closed]
How can I add JADE to Eclipse and make a program using JADE? [closed]
Re-pack xps extraction to zip again
mysql performance with select not in
Python ConfigParser Question
How the get PHP to print the number of comments from MySQL database
What is the equivalent of jQuery's $(鈥�cell:first鈥� in D3?
Click on row table is not working when I use AJAX
jQueryUI Sortable - Make Two Sortables Move Simultaneously
MVC Action Filters - What Causes the Controller Code to not execute?
Hide/show series in Achartengine
g++ compilation of a separately preprocessed file gives error depending on the architecture
Runtime Error '1004':, Method 'Intersect' of object '_Global' failed
Java displaytag - hide checkbox for particular records
Connecting Touch Up Inside event to File's Owner
MySQL select all distinct values from column a for each distinct column b, where count distinct a >1
MySQL / how to join a few rows to one
Get only a simple number in C/C++
How to do this on one line?
why does macports 鈥�-set ipython ipython32鈥�fail?
How to show my own design button in a QCommandLinkButton
Equivalent of exec 3<>/dev/tcp/ in ash
Can the Semaphore class enter a deadlock even if the permit is being released?
Does a PrintWriter / PrintStream need to be flushed?
C++ convert string to typedef OR istream overload
Safe to not specify revisions with SVN merge?
How to 鈥渄iscard鈥�form changes?
Android library calls setContentView using its own resource, but fails with 鈥渦nable to resolve static field鈥�
Send GPS coordinate every n minutes to a web service in background in Ios
using an llvm backend (Mips, Sparc etc)
Why shouldn't I access elements more 鈥渄irectly鈥�(elemId.innerHTML)
How to compare characters vectors for partial matches in R
HttpModule ATL Server Service InputStream Failure
ecommerce templates
#define directive clarification
Uninstalling macports when 'port' doesn't work
Android GPS Listener in Application
Failing to understand how to fix this memory leak
Reuse TSQLQuery Missing Params
StackOverflowException when trying to create a form that begins minimized
Handling database results that include the ' n' escape sequence
Java development in Nvidia Eclipse-Nsight
IE 9 thead positioning issue
How to plot every second timestep? [r]
getting 鈥渋nvalid column鈥�when trying to use column alias in a query
Wrapping meteor.js handlebars templates in coffeescript classes
Questions about node.js
Lexx and Yacc parsing in C with c syntax into symbol table
Backbone.Js - what's the difference between el and $el?
Backbone.Js - what's the difference between el and $el?
Get to number from an array and assign to one int
When is doPut() called in a servlet?
How can I check if the integer value of a string is less than something in LINQ?
Symfony2: How to create entity form with creation of multiple subentities?
TSQL query for Week Comparison
How can I force user to enter password with symbol(s) inside?
how do i obtain system info from my app?
Cannot open particular file name to append
ember data: Manually send model to updated state
Nuget Ignores Default Project
My if statement is not working. [closed]
Sending email directly from my OSX app
What's the difference between glBindRenderbufferOES and glBindRenderbuffer?
Default container arguments
PHP OOP Design Pattern
Is :on => :create valid for a before_save callback in Rails 3.2.3
How to write multiple COUNT(*) subqueries in Rails?
Connecting to Data Sources in the Script Task
Can I union an object from multiple databases in Entity Framework?
Set Header in the web service server side java
Cannot change height of div.
Session with mod_rewrite
Android combine pictures
Joomla PHPmaker authentication
How to detect arguments object in ie8?
displaying varying results in a view from same controller action
Handling JS Events from SoundCloud Widgets
Example function in haskell needed - function :: Num b => b -> a -> [a]
How do i overwrite the default drupal6 block template?
Rails and Passenger: ActionView::Template::Error (application.css isn't precompiled): [duplicate]
WebDriver. How can I run test in multiple browsers using C#?
E-Mail Contents of a Webpage
Can I make a Derby sql script with parameters?
Call to GetRequestStream works in ASP.Net but not for console application
Showing a Container Item in a Repeater only if it exists (is not Null) in the Database
C# - Get specific text from output
Is this database design proper for storing the survey results?
The type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to an object
Key for javascript dictionary is not stored as value but as variable name
Access Denied (SQLEditors)
Batch script capture output from cmd
How can I create fixed-width paragraphs with PDFbox?
Android: Use different views for tabs andicator states
How to create MapView that displays markers at several locations on a map?
PHP/ARRAY/TABLE - My table has too many <tr></tr>
Why does getEnum return null when the enum object exists?
Can I specify custom attributes on members in Objective-C?
How do I implement server affinity or sticky sessions on App Engine?
Make private keychain specific to an app
Optimizing an embedded linux system's root file system size
Overlay two same sized images in Python
redirect external ads link by php and seo
How to syncronize a signal receiver clock?
Can only access app on the server
Ada interrupt handlers
What prospects for C++ targeted for web-browser apps?
Stretch stackpanel
Efficient method to check for matching files in Java
Java Class using a static String variable
Cannot delete rejected IAP
Jsoup getting different html compared to Firefox and other browsers
Mail Script not working
Why does ffmpeg report different durations?
libfann undefined symbol
how do i subclipse plugin in eclispe to revise files then run in tomcat
Button in different position in listview when click should display different toast at different position
Is it possible to save a video to the videos application rather than the photos application?
check/log network utilization(shown in task manager) for remote systems
Android MediaPlayer unable to play media file from local storage
grep for lines with semicolon in unix
Compiler not keeping track of updated method declaration
C# Thread Sleep or Wait until there is work MUTEX or MONITOR
PHP shell_exec only works for certain commands
Receiving multiple HTTP requests from Firefox 12.0 on an App Engine handler
Grouping query for mongo and rails
Google Maps API - (Using OverlayView) Only have one map marker open at a time?
How do you configure Firefox to allow Javascript to intercept a value pasted from the clipboard?
Java escpos charset encoding
Java - Writing to DB tables
How to reset grid row height after using splitter?
Enabling Popovers using Twitter Bootstrap's 鈥渂ootstrap-popover.js鈥�in Rails 3.2
How to rerender a div in template xhtml page
preg_match kills page
Target specific tabs of a p:tabView in p:printer
Dialogic - how do I set my BTN (billing telephone number) for outgoing calls
What is wrong with my SQL CASE syntax?
Complex Linq Query with multiple joins
Minimize ssh windows when Eclipse retrieves info from svn repository
google app engine: how to add information to the connect/disconnect channel 鈥減ing鈥漵?
SelectNextControl() a bad idea in a GotFocus event?
Data manipulation in cloud environments
SQL Query with a subquery
Why is this query abnormally long?
jquery ajax array null
Connecting to localhost from a remote site
Does link.exe have an equivalent to ld's 鈥�-wrap鈥�option?
Sockets remaining active on abrupt termination of the program
Postgres Dynamic Query Function
How to use StyleSelector without losing the global style set?
Connecting printer Zebra MZ 220 to Sony Ericsson via bluetooth
MySQL server has gone away (PHP)
How do I retrieve the UIScrollView programatically? (iOS 5 Storyboard)
how to set gaps between lines
Nginx redirect to
Why does this simple code not work (ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
How to compare string from file to input string? (Android)
sql query don't show duplication records
how to find the closest vector to a given vector in matlab?
Steps on how to install PyQT for Windows 7?
debugger-linecache install error
Is there a way to get Bing's photo of the day?
Haproxy websocket proxy always falls back to long polling
How to stop jQuery functions from executing multiple times in this case?
Make cells in a grid non-editable
Can an iOS device be secure while being Jailbroken?
Restore SQL Database using C#
Playing embedded YouTube Videos
Setting up config files for WCF with SSL and certificates
Confused by error in AsyncTask
Change Icon on jQuery Mobile Collapsible Sets
Listbox not staying populated in Firefox
load jw player on click
implied datatype with DIM statement - Breaking change from .net 2.0 to 3.5
Why do I not need to declare UIAlertViewDelegate in the header?
Class-in-class object constructor/initialization fails
Reloading a page; anchor link is being ignored and previous scroll position is favored?
Updating issue with JIRA rest api 4.4
oneToMany copy between different entityManagers
Python prime generator in one-line
Javascript window.navigator.standalone broken
Zend creating forms based on requests within one controller/action
C# HashSet<T> search performance (compared to an ObservableCollection<T>)?
CSS :target pseudo class and sibling issue
Returning XmlTextReader object, can I call .Close()
Rails 3.1 - Conditional statements in a model?
Hiding parts of my code from a programmer employee
What's the difference between a vector and a vertex?
Ordering backbone views together with collection
How can you put Admob ID in app when you only get ID after you publish the app
Should I pass a list of menu items from every control action to a view or should I pull the list?
How do I pass a C++ callback to a C library function?
interning confusion
MVC3 Application Inside Webforms Application Routing is throwing a HttpContext.SetSessionStateBehavior Error in IIS7.5
How to upload a file using Apache Commons file upload from a servlet?
how to add more arrow styles for a google maps infobubble
Entity Framework deletes valid content without permission in a non-deterministic way?
Cannot change content/child page control with css
Create a android library with intents in it
Uninstalling Twitter Bootstrap from a Rails app
Entity Framework deletes valid content without permission in a non-deterministic way?
Cannot change content/child page control with css
Create a android library with intents in it
Uninstalling Twitter Bootstrap from a Rails app
VBA returning database varchar values as windings square characters?
Does repeated identical assignment going to lead to the same id() value?
301 Redirect using wildcards
How to make a menu button similar to the one in the Path app?
Image displaying next to the list
Persist and flush - Doctrine and MongoDB
How to remove duplicate title tags in K2 and Kunena Joomla Components?
How can I find out what 500 error am I getting in Django?
Getting error when using addTo in bootstrap to preload db
How Codename One works?
When should I use JSON and when should I use SOAP?
Calling wait() on Thread instance in java
How to draw on buffered image with java graphics?
Connect to a SQL Server database on another network via and c#
ajax success but not sending post data
MVC 4 Beta with Mobile Project FIle Upload does not work
WebRequest with UTF8
Memory error: Dereference null pointer/ SSE misalignment
Lucene.Net: Searching multiple date/date-range in same document
IOS/Android - Best approach for animated site
grep in all directories
In django, can I have multiple instances of static app?
Load Thumbnail into Div and use cloud-zoom
Is there any php api for google + like facebook graph api? [duplicate]
Linq with a dictionary
html fileupload control doesnt upload file in Chrome
Echo out information from database using php
How to SELECT a record per category in mysql query?
jQuery ajax load() file not working in localhost - ( jQuery AJAX sample tutorial)
Correctly structuring this LinqToSql code
WP7 - Check for QWERTY Keyboard
Is it possible to animate a property in a subclass of UIView with Core Animation
gtkmm/c++ first hello world example leaking memory
Maven exec:java and UncaughtExceptionHandler
calling view methods from view model
PHP: Parsing/Saving XML formatted Wordpress feed
Multi Step Form JavaScript Validation to prevent proceeding to other steps
Copy multiple files with control
Return a string instead of field value when condition is met in MySQL
Log4Net RollingFileAppender generates duplicate logs
File -> byte[] -> String -> byte[] -> File Conversion
How can I test Google AdSense for iOS
Search by SKU but show Grouped Products that have that SKU associated
How do I find the first letter in each word?
How can I get the value of a custom attribute using jQuery? [closed]
I can't make a new instance of NSManagedObject on background thread with non-main MOC
Replacing r n with preg_replace, since nl2br() doesn't work after real_escape [duplicate]
Cannot Edit or Add Path to Reference File in Visual Studio 2010
Making a backup of a corrupted OSX hard disk [closed]
Where is the resources.GetObject(鈥溾�) executing at?
proper way to start and interface with a service and statusbar/notification
Wordpress Index.php not loading throws out of memory Exception
Is it possible to change google map colours gradually?
Detecting the mood of a tweet or message
Displaying a boolean as a checkbox within a Webgrid
Strange behaviour with Zend_Form_Element_Select
Subtracting opacity in javascript
Duplicate content in ASP.NET MVC because of Query String
Storing ViewState on filesystem
try to catch the full urls in regex [duplicate]
Looking to develop my own small C++ browser that basically will display HTML, Javascript, and Flash, where to start? [closed]
select elements multiple of 3 in parent element
How can I solve this XAML Binding error?
using recaptcha - relative path issue?
CakePHP 2.0 - How do I send email from AppController?
How To Set Image From Server As Background Image Of Rect Button
Finding a reference to an Object among a list of Objects based on the name of a property
Avoiding GLES20 compilation error on lower Android versions
Facebook app mobile url settings
What is the Cassandra CQL equivalent for INCR (increment a CounterColumn)?
'from' attribute missing in ejabberd offline message Packet
Adding CookieManager to android Childbrowser
Linux Zero-Copy: Transfer memory pages between two processes with vmsplice
How to overcome template installation problems in Joomla 1.5?
ZF + PHPUnit: How to assert existence of html elements within ajax response?
Combine array values into a single value to display in a single column of a grid
Overlay Help Tips with jQuery
Can't send selected table data to DataTable [closed]
xml validation issue with 茅 (xE9) character
Unable to resolve property: Id
Core Data - How to disable faulting mechanism
consolidating and Adding data to new lines to a field in a column in mysql table
How to determine if an (x, y) point is within a polygon defined by a list of boundary points
Schedule e-mail notification 24 hours before certain event?
pros of using webservice libraries(RESTKIT/ASIHTTP Request) over NSURLconnection for ios webservices
Exception when undoing deletion of managed objects: 鈥淚llegal attempt to establish a relationship between objects in different contexts鈥�
Plotting Route with Multiple Points in iOS
SQL Server Reporting Services 2008: How do I embed a subreport in a table with nested row groups that can be expanded or collapsed
Android startActivity() works for one class but not the other
How to replace one JPanel with another?
IsolatedStorageException: Unable to create the store directory. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131468)
Java GetInputStream Method Not Returning Back
Loading image in picturebox control repeatedly from local machine
Android startActivity() works for one class but not the other
How to replace one JPanel with another?
IsolatedStorageException: Unable to create the store directory. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131468)
Java GetInputStream Method Not Returning Back
Loading image in picturebox control repeatedly from local machine
Context sensitive help in Visio
Rails 3.1 - Inheriting values from a join table?
how to solve z-index of webview control in XAML in metro style app?
Adding tags to images in RefineryCMS
How to insert Image in my Canvas?
Reorder of SQLAlchemy Query results based on external ranking
Faster to access numeric property by string or integer?
How to draw triangles on sub-pixels in OpenGL ES?
WPF CollectionViewSource sorting issues with null values
Is there a non-klunky way to perform special-case formatting with bound data?
error with QML/ C++ compilation
How can I allow my NSFetchedResultsController to delete rows but not the user?
What happens if you exclude a version of IE in the conditional comments?
How do I SUM a query result from SQL database table column and display result in a label?
Reference to external project doesn't work
How to define uniqueidentifier column in SQL Server CE
iPad DecimalPad Entry - any good options? [closed]
XML to treeview based on ParentId
Python version of a Perl regular expression
Eclipse complaining about Java errors that exist [closed]
Google Maps API Terms of Service - Mobile Applications Exception
How to set autoUpload option to Jquery File Upload
Emacs, Linux and international keyboard layouts
Aptana sftp connection failed
Linq is not giving data in proper order
ifstream returning empty string?
Strange issue of output via NSPipe when execute shell command using NSTask
Where would I find Mac OS X sample program MoreSCF?
Sharepoint Workflow dependencies [closed]
ssl certificate authentication in python
Using maven tomcat plugin to deply war produced in different module
Does auto increment affect when creating foreign keys?
How to build Lucene Query x AND (y OR z)
Android GestureOverlayView margin to paintable area
Getting json object
There are multiple root elements. Line 1, position 21. XML Error
jQuery get multiple rel values from anchor
Using NOT in Excel Advanced Filter
jQuery + AJAX + This Form
Register addressing
JDBC - automatically shrink VARCHAR to fit
Avatars : default image
PHP $_REQUEST Variable
Gzip compression c#
Closing an application and having it trigger a batch file to run?
new and old trigger code
How to directly access class instances through class dictionary in Python
How can I specify the default JVM arguments for programs I run from eclipse?
Command Line Parser with mutually exclusive required parameters
Porting Crystal Reports application (VB 2003, Framework 1.1)
How to go back to the previous activity?
LINQ - Select the elements from array A depending on values on Array B
Using dynamicHelpers in routes setup with Express and node.js
Sunspot_solr rails gem indexing incorrectly for one type in production environment only
Rails is displaying an empty value and an id in my model view
Populating an Android Spinner from an SQLite but with two fields?
jQuery break if the AJAX response is null
Implementing Tile Controls in Silverlight
Notifying consumer threads from generator thread
How to avoid Filewatcher lock file during System.IO.File.Copy
Creating an array of clients
Override Drupal Node Template
why wont Xcode save my files?
Can I set a single thread's priority above 15 for a normal priority process?
Deleting and updating Many-to-Many Relationships using OpenJPA
Background worker 鈥渃ause鈥�to freeze my form
One connection shared between two fragments
DataTrigger Error
Showing point values by default on ZedGraph
@font-face not working in firefox only
Controlled serialization in .NET
How to convert time.gmtime()-like tuple to UNIX time?
How can I update the GWT CellTable columns dynamically
Enterprise level SaaS - Relevant frameworks and methodology
split html table
Including headers in an Xcode 4.2.1 project
Add/Edit Tags of XML File Using PHP
How to forward Username and Password in SoapHeader to a Java WebService
Inserting multiple SQL statements in codeIgniter
dojo.cookie delete completely
Orchard CMS: Is it possible to add BeforeContent, Content, and AfterContent content when editing a content page?
is there a way to listen to events using JavaScript, Jquery in mvc 3
How do I store a Ordered Dictionary in Google Datastore on Google App Engine?
Python id of name and '__main__' different
What is the way to embed Google Spreadsheet into GWT page?
How to deal with NIC frames in c++
Why UserThread running with ScheduleExecutorService does not get garbage collected
AVPlayer & AVAudioSession
magento: the requested URL MAGENTO/FURNITURE was not found on this server
Python Hashtable won't save list slices I pass to it
Pass collection via ActionLink
How to Mole an instance field?
regex any urls or links in php
Entity Framework with SQL Service Broker
What is the best structure to use for associating a master-detail list
What is the best structure to use for associating a master-detail list
Android - User paints lines with his finger
how to insert header or footer to a word document using c++ automation
Android app that identify an object
UITextField cuts off descenders on Unicode characters
How to use htaccess / mod_rewrite for Search Engine Friendly URLs?
Does a private inaccessible field need to be final?
How can I reposition an entry form and button correctly on a background image?
access common property file inside bundle with osgi
gzip truncating large XML files in under Windows 7/PowerShell?
EF Code First, exposing a linked table/object from a many to many relationship?
Eclipse / Java: Any way to re-scan path so Eclipse does not show errors?
create additional new functions of a compiled library
WCF4 REST Cross Domain Issue with Jquery
How to create view model for display?
java free memory usages
Views added to TableLayout programmatically not showing
how to do $filename=images/$filename2.jpg [closed]
When creating multiple log files in Log4Net the output is always NULL
Adding a new line character at the end of the sentence
How do I find out what javascript function is being called by an object's onclick event?
Linux Rename file with only time/date stamp
Codeigniter file upload - filename checking
Using jQuery to clone form elements with dynamically added values
Created jQuery element doesn't parse tags in `text` parameter
how to display one article with two styles in two different pages? [closed]
Refresh information on page as time elapses?
How to programmaticaly stop workflows in Dynamics 2011?
html5 line blurred and not sold
Setting a cell ID in ExtJS 4 Grid
PyMySQL error/exception on (file) data load to remote MySQL instance
Name lookups in C++ templates
How to allow nullable Guid in class property?
Mochiweb: Include and compile other libraries
How to use ListSelectionListener in 3 table with database
Backbone.js: POST request with empty value
Having troubles renaming a file in the RubyMine 鈥淛etbrains鈥�IDE
When trying to reference a DLL project in the same solution as my EXE project, I get an error Cannot open include file: 'iostream'
mysql: how to group by date? [duplicate]
different application signatures error? [duplicate]
Trying to walk the tree to a RelativeLayout in a ListView
JS Warning in Drupal 7
Custom has_many?
HashSet<T> performance (compared to ObservableCollection<T>)?
How to store many-to-many relationships in MongoDB
soap4r authentication error
Unable to call external servlet from Flex app
Makefile for CUDA and C
reverse timestamp
Send Outlook email contents to page
How to hide anova significance levels on the bottom of the table
Set the default font style, color, and size for an xcode project
Metaprogramming C/C++ using the preprocessor
Mock XMPP Server with Mina works only part of the time
Extremely Simple jQuery Plugin Tutorial? [closed]
Add dynamic div-layers (overlay) with a Greasemonkey script?
MySQL error on form submit
Slider images not working otherthen IE
How can I input data to Javascript for client-side processing?
How to get JSON post data in Noir
Java Abstraction and Generic Types
XML Schema validator for key / keyref
Fragment$InstantiationException for PreferenceFragment
Doctrine DQL QueryBuilder Excluding Entities where relationship exists
Python subprocess call would not invoke due to memory issue
How can I dynamically place an image of same size and position over an another div?
how to add user information to a powershell table
How to achieve `git rm --cached` and `git rm -f`with LibGit2Sharp?
create a process and redirect its input/output and dont inherit socket handles
Is it possible to add multiple, column-aligned controls as ListViewItems within XAML?
Binders Design Patterns in Android - Proxy,Mediator and Bridge Pattern?
Cloning SVN repository for Git
JDBC - Not updating data
Regex to evaluate a string with commas only integers VB.NET
How to refresh a local pip cache
Mixed Mode Cookieless/Cookie Sessions in ASP.NET
How to implement smooth scrolling using both a UIScrollView and an UITableView?
CakePHP 2.1 - Unit Testing Controllers $this->view and $this->contents equals null
SQL Server to Cross Platform Mobile Applications
Resize windows console to fullscreen in C
Trying to edit all <a> in a string
Horizontal scroll bars on programmatic dojox.grid.DataGrid
Is it possible to edit multiple arrays with a for-loop?
creating a json output
How to keep jquery ui datepicker in place (stick to the input control) while scrolling?
Trouble sending HTTP response with Java Socket
OSGI service versioning practices?
How to read xxx bytes from a file, output to variable(s)
Why is my query only updating odd numbered rows
PowerBuilder AcceptText not calling ItemChanged
Java reflection - impact of setAccessible(true)
JavaScript variable scoping not expecting result
Subset Inference NP-complete?
Losing :hover status on <tr> between <td>'s in Chrome
Trouble using a DataTrigger with Rectangle in WPF
web2py new controller invalid functions
What's the strategy in game engines to perform secure state changes?
How to remove API logic from view in Rails Way?
Liferay: Showing Related Assets for Calendar Event in the list page
Backbone.js and JQueryUI Dialog - events not binding
What's the strategy in game engines to perform secure state changes?
How to remove API logic from view in Rails Way?
Liferay: Showing Related Assets for Calendar Event in the list page
Backbone.js and JQueryUI Dialog - events not binding
Model Binding a List MVC3 not reading vaules
Ruby .count operation truncates input file
List all packages available on CRAN to console [duplicate]
How to access file in the static resources(WEB-INF) folder from the referencing java project?
How to copy a file from local hard drive to a mapped drive with password using cmd?
iPhone - UI Automation - Type with UIAKeyboard
How can i get 100x100 square picture from facebook graph api?
How to call (and sleep) on gen_tcp:accept and still process system messages at the same time?
AOP (AspectJ) : Is there a way to get context args of enclosing method within a handler advice?
How do I merge and concatenate the data from each row in two separate source files?
In javascript, how to trigger event when a variable's value is changed?
Is this a bug in the node.js http module?
Ruby on Rails - Paperclip getting Image
How to list down vertices passed in Floyd-Warshall algorithm
How to hide treecols in treeview?
Error running MBUnit test from Visual Studio using TestDriven.Net
T-SQL: Selecting column from an alternate table when null
How to implement computable observables in knockout.js
SQL Server 2008 OPENXML Insert
Can someone explain what the third expression in python's indexing syntax represents? [duplicate]
Share one table between two different CMS, possible?
jQuery(document).ready() wont work on ajax loaded jQuery-UI widgets
Bash - POST : send image in message content
Add spaces after numbers
Undefined reference to error in c++ (using a singleton class)
Gzip compression to html website through PHP
Parsing XML with DataSet- Performance
How to define a route with two parameters in this situation?
decipher not working correctly
how to setup windows Live email with gmail imap to filter msgs to folders
Why doesn't it work (SQL command in C#?
Select oldest toggled class after a certain amount have been toggled
How to use lein to manage the dependency of a dependency?
Generating queries by string concatenation in java 鈥�variable values are not substituted
Android How to capture two consecutive frames from camera
ASPxGridView change height on resize, possible?
Create Excel Export from html table MVC3 C# [closed]
php apache on linux
convert drop down list box to UL LI?
wildcards in node-http-proxy router table
vim: search and replace for 鈥�amp;鈥�
How do I update to addEventListener?
How to set ICarousel to slide one time for one one image
Delete row from EditorGridPanel in Ext JS 2.0.2
multi language font issue on C# textboxes
Add a local variable to every row of a result set
Add a local variable to every row of a result set
FFT using C++ fixed-point for optimizing performance for ARM devices
Reference to Command Buttons Added During Runtime with VBA in Excel
Jquery partial validation
How do I create a series of methods in expression engine for actions and output of a bespoke page in the admin area?
Anonymous-ish Online Voting System[closed]
Url rewrite with php
Is it a bad practice to put Insert/Update/Delete/Select into a single stored procedure?
Android: HTTP-Request fails often and is slow
Minimum Edit Distance Reconstruction
Zend Server Job predecessor fails dependent
How to find which property is calling the subscribed method in Knockout?
UIImagePickerController gives me a black preview
makefile include by parsing variable
Move indexes to other filegroup
Should I own the site that I create Chrome Web App for?
Carousel in jQuery mobile
How can I get image created date time or last modified date time from iOS Photos (like camera roll)?
Benefits and detriments of multiple MySQL DB connections
WPF dataGgridCell Edit Mode
Preload data from database in Ruby on Rails
Display jQuery UI Icons properly
SVG generation by Visio
Google checkout not available in my country, how can i publicate paid apps in GooglePlay?
3-way mergesort
SmartGWT: TreeGrid expand empty folder resets the tree
why doesn't priorityQueue require comparable interface at compile time?
Split string with bash with symbol
Android sqlite insert Null Error
knockout.js - mapping plugin plus other properties
Android Calendar API
How to parse a date in format 鈥淵YYYmmdd鈥�in JavaScript?
At what condition is the default constructor generated?
Change UINavigationBar's background image dynamically (Pre-iOS5)
how to assert a tuple in conditional
Is it safe to use perform SQL functions in public .net application?
How to change the layering of KML and Tile Overlays in Google Maps?
Why does the .apk file in eclipse keep disappearing when i run it
shift/reduce conflict in Happy
Django: Facebook comments integration
remove delete button on first set of fields
So Many Tutorial Guides, But How Can I Filter A Drupal 7 View To Show Nodes With A Taxonomy Term?
RestKit Entity Mapping and Parent Entity Mapping
Magento shipping USPS not working after production mode
How to return an image from my custom camera app called from other app via intent ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE
DB2 Commit and Then Get Diagnostics
Oracle specific selection
Font awesome not displaying properly on Firefox
Image from file, Server MapPath
smallest javascript framework [closed]
What is the VB.NET equivalent of List<?> in Java
Entity framework 5.0 code-first with MySQL in WPF
How does configuring a service reference affect my project?
鈥渃ontinue鈥�and 鈥渂reak鈥�for static analysis [closed]
storing cookies and retrieving them in the html form values using php
Update model multiple times from one controller action
How to extract text content from tags in .NET?
How does C compiler decide whether to call library function or system call
Not displayed the main application panel
How do I write a unit test when the class to test is complicated?
SQL Trim after first space [closed]
How to arrange multiple views within an RCP floating window?
How to set the touch event for the view only
JNI callback system from Java to a 3rd party C++ lib
memcpy uint32_t and char* into char*
Stored procedure list and parameter number used in conjunction with ComboBox
How to use Moq.MockRepository.Of() method
How do I make my program find the record store?
PHP PDO Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined using Q-mark parameters
Loading html file inside server directory tree into iframe fails
Keeping a Footer DIV at the bottom of a page
Choosing category for uploading text
Using .play() to play/pause a video by pressing the enterkey
Changing Silverlight view
Check date format in javascript
Execute function with array as parameters
How can I pass a parameter based on if the user is in a role to an extension from Razor
How can I know if a method was invoked on the unit under test?
ExtJS collapsible panel not render toolbar on expand?
Paypal recurring payment
Multi-Project sln. Into their own separate slns
What is a reverse line feed
JBoss AS 7.x Binding IP / DNS to access server from internet / intranet [duplicate]
Common Lisp - flatting a list that may contain symbols
Non web-safe fonts for body text
JSON error parsing a dictionary from a ruby on rails server in objective c app
Suitable hash function for matrix sparsity pattern
How to click on soft keyboard 'search' button with Robotium test?
Fastest way to create checkboxes
adding images to the label suggestion
Registration and Login best practise
Is there any functional difference between `should be_invalid` and `should_not be_valid`?
making __builtin__'s from your class attributes?
Last two rows not formatted, but are copied over correctly, with no reason why
Magazine/Journal Class Structure and/or Design pattern
URI Encoding issue for Characters like Pound symbol (拢 or 鈧�
How do I get all the public properties and method from any .net class?
SQL: How can I make sure all SELECT Cases are represented even if not all are executed?
JQuery Onclick get value from span and add it to input value
Django: select hot/most popular articles
JQuery Onclick get value from span and add it to input value
Django: select hot/most popular articles
Translate animation to correct position in Android
How do I pass a custom argument to myself through Facebook's graph API?
android adview admob ad back button wont return to original activity
Update css of <li> when dropped into droppable area
Mediawiki build a page from other pages content
Pointer events allow on certain items
PeopleSoft Rowset copy current row only
Use multiple voice processing IO audio unit in iOS
ForeignKey vs OneToOne field django [duplicate]
unique_ptr setup
jQuery UI sortable
Can 鈥淭ext file busy鈥�happen when two processes trying to execute a perl file in the same time?
For loop with counter in PHP not working
jquery drop down validation submit
JQUERY sortable plugin, inititate function when the draggable element hovers a specified one
TreeTable scroll to item
Microsoft HTTP Server API - using SSL, how to demand client certificate?
Uninstall nginx installed by passenger
What can be stored in DOM Storage?
Do I still need to set IBOutlet properties to null in viewDidUnload with ARC
Finding the least used CPU core with c#
blackberry playbook no-index flag
'Autofac Circular Component Dependency Detected' Error
SQL Merge statement works in Oracle 11g but not 9i
Changing the selector of a bar button item on touch
How to calculating date value in XSL鈥�
Drop table resolved but how do it cleanly?
Typemock Auto-Deploy and Build Definition Errors
IIS7 401 Error Redirecting (Mixed Authentication)
Converting Mule 1.3 鈥渕odel鈥�element to Mule 3 equivalent
How to integrate sugarcrm on magento?
passing data from javascript to django view when uploading a file
MultiConverter usage
Deploy a project for app engine including concatenating files and moving files around and stuff
mapping network drive with Array
Display labels for marker Google Map API
Reg Free COM and Click Once Winform
Update field value to a single value for all entries - mongodb
Avoid repeating SQL fragment in query?
Center vertical in Firefox
Client-Server database application: how to notify clients that data was changed?
Compiler directive for ARC
I can't @POST data from a javascript client to a jersey WS
Opera input scrolling marquee?
error installing .apk in android emulator
Respecting MVC framework
Get CheckBox value from child form
CRM 2011 Post Operation Plugin - Primary entity does not exist when attempting to save a referenced entity
Respecting MVC framework
Get CheckBox value from child form
CRM 2011 Post Operation Plugin - Primary entity does not exist when attempting to save a referenced entity
.net SiteMap menu display
MySQL select in column search
AS3 / AIR / Mobile - Save bitmap to file
CGContextClip() using an inverted path
boost::interprocess::map - how to update value with basic_string as type
Find out number of lines for a string with a font in a rect?
Thumb Instruction in ARM
How to find out data being buffered between two clients connected using unix domain socket on Linux
Get a specific value from a string in Java [closed]