Scrptservice Webservice in MS VS 2005 and HTTP POST/CORS/Firefox
Right way to access Java Singleton private members
Anagram Algorithm in PHP
How to populate JTextArea with file from JList
Can a DataMapper scope use an associated model's scope?
Building a gateway between two web applications?
Importing files in the header
max_input_vars set even if commented in php.ini
SQL Query result via .net webservice to a non .net- Python client
dijit.tree with empty folders
How to check if a process is running or not using C++
How to find which element inside visual tree is creating some visual part of control
鈥淎lias鈥�git authors/committers?
Replace a single character within a match via Regex
Javascript Debugging line by line using Google Chrome
nested record can't validate because its nested belongs_to doesn't save
How is Live Streaming of Audio or Video done?
Silverlight 4 app, controls disappeared?
Rails: some attr_accessors are showing up in view, but not all
Can't find template StringTemplate
toggle element doesn't work with jQuery
How can I upload a windows installer on a custom pypi repository?
Saving a DICOM file in another format to a specified location in disk - MFC
T4 relationship generation
How to locate row within a hierarchy
main.xml file is not reachable/accessible mvc3, which layer should I put my code in?
Rails form No Method Error
Reverse foreach results
Is it possible to set multiple functions for one onkeypress event
accessing java files in android plugin for Unity
how to auto open an entity created in a workflow
Issues with variable passing in JS,Slideshows of video
If tab button pushed, it moves through controls left to right. Is there a way to force the movement of tab button pushed?
image resize on upload imagemagick
UML for specification [closed]
Why isn't this module displaying in the django 1.4 admin interface?
How do you check if IDENTITY_INSERT is set to ON or OFF in SQL Server?
Syntax error with DROP CONSTRAINT within TRY/CATCH
Create a custom NANT file with C#
Open URL periodically, without web browser
ios iphone app - set value to a variable in init function
Two indexes in Ruby for loop
How to update all properties after store.sync()?
How do I import a .bak file into Microsoft SQL Server 2012?
System Event log for Windows CE 5.0 and above
How to block external http requests? (securing AJAX calls)
With Boost datetime how do i create a month string padded with zero?
Running a regular expression on a String using Linq
Any example of matrix operations with JavaCV?
pause called in state 0
CSS or jQuery height inheritance problems
UIWebView clear cache only if necessary
Insert colons to numbers in string
Render 3D Volume from 2D Image Stack
Adding an Index degraded execution time
Which versions of Android SDK support coding in which versions of Java?
NSMutableArray UIButtons Action?
How To Use OleDb To Create Excel Database
Two way receive port without Orchestration
Simulate button click in a Metro Style App
Compile error while generalizing function - complex error message
Onclick event to remove default value in a text input field
Return from a parent function when a callback is complete
Probem Setting Other Class Variable
I don't see c/c++ project after update of eclipse
Why would Hibernate ignore
Loading a jQuery dialog with a partial view with the launch button inside Html.BeginForm
Unable to display usernames on Assets index page
VBA Application.Undo method throws error when filter mode is active
Java / Xpath鈥�pulling a specific value among similar entities
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in Hadoop-1.0.1
zend subdomains auth doesn't carry over
Trouble animating an image, Seems Storyboard doesn't start
Passing value into editorfor when click on a link
C median of values pre-processor macro
How to cancel a threaded task according to app condition
highly optimized algo to sort an array consisting of only 0s n 1s
Serializing / Deserializing the derived class
Facebook Graph Basic Root Information returns false (Likes)
iOS/Objective-C Design Pattern for UI Themes
Define custom String method
is there an offline installer for lxml?
When binding to a combobox SelectedItem the change is only notified on lost focus. How to notify when selection is changed?
Extjs Menu insert new items with override
Substitution string highlighting in python triple quoted strings
How to find the duration of .swf file using JavaScript or jQuery
How to find the duration of .swf file using JavaScript or jQuery
PHP checkbox mailer foreach error
Fire an event on input.checked=true/false _without_ jQuery
jQuery Deferred, trouble getting a value in a chain
Ninject assembly does not match referenced assembly
return var-type variable
Seek through CSV for column with specific header
How to map inner animations into layers in flash files?
Getting users email from facebook api or using socialauth-net
Custom facebook app doesn't work on a PC with IE 9 in some cases
JPanel within JFrame
Animating a UIButton using the imageView.animationImages property
Is it possible to link to an existing product image using the Magento Soap API V2?
Modifying HTML attributes passed to custom HtmlHelper extensions
To disable a partial selection in li while using sortable
how to disable a table and iframe in javascript
JApplet GUI looks malformed when loaded in firefox extension
TVirtualStringTree - How to change the [-] / [+] buttons?
Make doesn't rebuild headers when changed
Import tables from Access into SQL
LINQ Group By and select collection
Field Validations in MVC
Iterate over bash arrays, substitute array name dynamically, is this possible?
PHP corrupted when echo data from database to ajax
CSS - Allow an div to stick out of its parent
How to undo a logging.disable() command in logging module in Python?
How to select text input by typed text in xpath?
Google Oauth2 via Phonegap?
Javascript function doesn't receive an argument correctly [duplicate]
Magento SQL Deadlock on custom table
URL rewriting in MVC3
Add contacts to Outlook Distribution List
How to properly store images (with numeric names) in server's filesystem
How to test SQL scripts? (Data Integrity/Migration Testing)
JQuery dialog in JSF page
ASP.Net MVC 3 No Default Selection for RadioButon
Attach Camera with Flash Builder 4.6
Regular Expression Match Filenames
Salvage a nice mobile phone to learn embedded programming? [closed]
Why is my Rails model custom setter/getter method failing?
Adding extra column to reduce complex queries
Use a reference inside an ArrayList to call a method, and change the current state of the referenced object?
Can I add a 鈥淕o to App鈥�button to my Facebook page, or migrate my page to an app community page?
How do i let search engines to display products from my website?
Python: For loop not iterating as expected
Eclipse: quick search on filename
Routing in MVC3
MySQL to Excel charset issue
Postpone execution of try-catch
Why is cruisecontrol restarting in the middle of a build?
Which FP language follows lambda calculus the closest? [closed]
Iterating through results MongoDB & GridFS (PHP)
Function in SQL Server 2008 to put single quotes around each element of a list
Problems with single quotes in a bash script
Concurrent collection for storing objects [closed]
Jquery appending objects multiplication issue
Creating a KhanAcademy clone via Google App Engine - issues with application name in app.yaml
how to change first loading view
Variable might not have been initialized?
Communicating with the OLE Server or ActiveX Control
yahoo finance api in java [closed]
How to get last sms from the device?
How do I iterate through 10 TextBox's in a GroupBox?
Android emulator not connecting with internet
jQuery dropdown menu over and out
Slow Type Creation in System.Reflection.Emit [closed]
Why am I getting a 'source not found' error when calling a class with an interface as the argument in the constructor?
CoreData accessing objects across models
Doesn't Ruby have isalpha?
Calculating double neighbours of a decimal value
Prevent postback on button click and multiple client function
Crystal Reports: Distinct Header Rows
jsch session.connect() problems
Native Library sqljdbc_auth.dll already loaded in another classloader
How to do a non-fast-forward git merge to a branch that isn't checked out?
MySQL date format DD/MM/YYYY select query?
Having a AutoComplete combobox that does NOT allow custom text
Query first five requests for companies using sql
Bootstrap scaffolding: Table in some row lie one under the other
Why am I getting 鈥淐an't convert Array to String鈥�error?
Oracle: Multi-Column 鈥淐losest Match鈥�Autocomplete Strategy
What is the default accuracy in the Android location service?
Multi module maven-soapUI project issue
Number of likes given by facebook graph API not the same from facebook
Join two tables together and condense multiple rows in a single row
popViewController animated:YES not animating
What would be a good way to design this core data database?
How do I globally apply an XmlAdapter to a JAXB program?
What algorithm could I use to apply a fisheye distortion on an image?
Automated integration testing of OS X installer?
Detecting external content with TEmbeddedWB or TWebBrowser
Coldfusion CFDOCUMENT creates a red X
Package VS2008 install project in XP for Win7
How to define a complex (1 to 0,n) entity framework relationship with fluent api?
How to make a reference to object with C++
PL/SQL between day's of week
Grails 鈥淥ne to Many鈥�relationship without a table join
Stored procedure only partially executes from PHP
SSL Authentication
How to make a reference to object with C++
PL/SQL between day's of week
Grails 鈥淥ne to Many鈥�relationship without a table join
Stored procedure only partially executes from PHP
SSL Authentication
Drag and drop model exported
How generics work in C++/CX
Query in objectdb
Displaying an image in WebBrowser from a link (fitting the image!)
reference on how to use libXml2 parsing
Fallback to Virtual Currency or Give Free Items via FB Credits?
cakephp find returns empty array for spanish characters
Spring Security session-management session-fixation-protection not working
exporting database of html to excel
How to get the last URL fetched by cURL?
Unable to call javascript class method from FB.api response block
How to delete parts of array efficiently
ASP.NET adding files to zip-archive in memory
How to select between two point range in google map
Help getting VISA data types working in python
prevent javascript from breaking when xml has an empty node value
Play background sound for a fixed custom interval?
Android - NullPointerException with popup window
Unable to import Python package universally
PHP: string with decimals strips decimals when converting to float
How to hide console with Popen on Windows?
Linux bash - reprint user's input
In an if statement in javascript what is the difference between == and ===? [duplicate]
amazon api for retrieving products information
JDO - datanucleus - HSQL error
Issues with using .not() and :has() jquery
Nodejs event handling
'git clone' respects umask, except for top level project directory
What info is availble inside the pinfo parameter in a lua tshark listener? 502 Error
If this but not that, then if that but not this鈥�Logic
creating a simple static app [facebook app]
Unexpected empty results of GQL Query
Initialize an NSArray with the numbers in a sequential manner when the count of the array is known
SQL Developer and TOAD 9.7 conflict
Alphanumeric Shellcode Ensuring Jumps
Converting 'System::Drawing::PointF* to 'System::Drawing::PointF error
Android VideoView RTSP delay
Setting Background Image for a ListView
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space on my ant junit task even when I have setted maxmemory=鈥�024m鈥�
A quick c++ query [duplicate]
load a page using POST to iframe
How do I convert a bare git repository into a normal one (in-place)?
Import Error - No module named numpyio
Ant build file to compile NSIS script
Ant build file to compile NSIS script
Compact way to create Guava Multimaps?
ALAssetsLibrary - crash after receiving ALAssetsLibraryChangedNotification
typedef of templates having incomplete type [duplicate]
How do I finish this query?
Get file information through api
Can I send a SMS when I reach a location-XCODE
Creating a linked list, templated Stack
My .exe file is considered as threat on other computers .. Why?
Flask: IOError when saving uploaded files
jqPlot - How to catch double click event
Direct Carrier Billing providers
Can we upload .mp3 files from the music library to a remote server?
Comparing two tables with a LIKE and CONCAT %
Capistrano ignoring netrc file
MVC Ignore Route
Advanced Queries in Mongo or MySQL [closed]
Can't get basic Hello World Spring MVC project to work
Want to know a request is served by which dyno at heroku
End line characters prevent java from removing substrings from a string
How to pull a array element (which is document) in mongodb?
Activity Indicator on MapView
How do I create a view in iOS 5 which can scroll in any direction, like a map?
How to avoid disabled background on alert messages in Flex
opencart affiliate tracking not working
Publish to TestFlight menu not enabled in monodevelop
Improving with Regex Exercises [closed]
Foursquare Venues: Combing Results: Is this approach allowed for missing results?
Text area replacing a link when clicking on that link
Find coordinates that were clicked on within a ScrollView
How to add the image to Image View
Read Only Error on incident form in plugin CRM 2011 Plugin
Does RCHAR include READ_BYTES (proc/<pid>/io)?
INSERT statement that checks if an equivalent row already exists
Pass character package name to help function
How to make images in Flex Slider be responsive?
Label x-axis by days of the week
Why check for !document.xmlVersion in bookmarklets?
Searching the properties of a list of a custom class
How to post Imageview image to server?
Automation Peer of IScrollProvider is always null
Using cv::waitKey without having to call cv::namedWindow or cv::imshow first
Unexpected output when reading and writing to a text file
Griffon/Groovy Spring plugin: eager/lazy creation?
Appending a java String one character at a time
Refresh the jquery Data table
Shortest code for input
Nokogiri xpath query results in String instead of NodeSet
PHP: Why when I print the contents of the session ignores the leading zero?
How can I divide properly using BigDecimal
Could not open input file app/console
How to set apache to rewrite anything after a file extention to the filename itself?
how to use datetime fields as period range? are there some alternatives?
Timezone Date parsing
Sort an array on date
C++ template with default parameters
Improper table layout when applying display:block to table cell td
Execute VBA to Change Reminder Time Based on Calendar
SSE Instructions: Byte+Short
How to get error-response packet from apple's Enhanced notification format with javapns
Creating stored procedure in informix
For loop not working? [closed]
Dynamic XML tags and JAXB
Time-decoupling interactions?
DOM Challenge -> Get text that is not in any element
how dismissModalViewcontroller works,iphone
How to get form fields in jQuery after emptying the form
How can I restrict the Google Maps Places Library's Autocomplete to suggestions of only one city's places?
URL encoding a string from JS to Drupal
Code Igniter + i18n multilanguages library -> redirections & SEO
jQuery: lose focus on the element
How can I convert this small code snippet from aspx to MVC Razor
Error in Http Header in SOAP Message 鈥淯nable to parse mediaType ' *; q=.2'鈥�using JibXWS 1.2.3
Dynamic form and model creation based on user's input
Android Application with twitter integration
SQLCipher CREATE TABLE android_metadata failed
Rails db migration same timestamp
How to resolve error with fileentry.copyTo(), Cordova 1.6.1
How does ASP.NET know which Button was clicked in order to raise its event
waiting for animations on mutiple elements with $.deferred
Overriding Loading Resources in WebView
Use of JSON-P with Sensitive Information
Graceful way of closing a broken SSH pipe on OSX?
Display data table for a pie chart in excel using
Unable to restart Redmine Server after installing plugin
Using DisplayMemberPath to select an Image when binding a ListBox to an ObservableCollection
bitmap on canvas drawing problems
Html.imageGetter don't show img in Base64 android
PATCH request method in Backbone.js
How do I deconflict multiple ABRecord when the uniqueid fails and I have people with the same first and last name?
ServletActionContext.getRequest().removeAttribute() not working
moving a spinning 3D object across the screen, making it face the correct way when it stops
jQuery UI sortable tolerance option not working as expected
AudioInputStream not working
Javascript count keys in braces of function
MySQL Error 1005 on Create Table
How do I fully specialize a function template with a class template?
What is the best way to display data in a template in Django?
Insert in to a nested array Using C# Official Driver MongoDB
Drop down Menu -> Firefox shows lines when body margin is set to 0
URL regex - not getting it to work
Why do I have to click a button twice in an ASP.NET repeater to get the command to fire?
How to handle login logout session and gcache in PHP?
Create BitmapImage and apply to it a specific Color
FOSUserBundle login form and achitecture of symfony2
built in way to identify each browser window
How do I extract Unicode character sequences from an MZ executable file?
CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation Movement
Reasons to use a persistence framework in Java EE?
C# - Design Thoughts on Passing by Reference
Linux equivalent header for synch.h
replacing while loop with list comprehension
Initializing a nested struct with const members
Finding n-th biggest product in a large matrix of numbers, fast
Using Java HttpsURLConnection to upload file
NewID() - Is there a high chance of exposing the previous/next GUIDs
How should I write a pointcut expression for an inner class?
Prefilling HTML fields in IE7 & IE8
Stop port 80 on windows server 2008 r2
How to add 12 text fields in a table view cell and access each text field's text by its tag value?
4 standard type of objects in JSF
Jquery Countdown Date Format
Data synchronization from an android content provider to my remote server
incorporate word press into a website
how to put value in select option
KVO Unexpected Crash
php code turned gibberish?
compare between two tagged objects?
How to get log in user's on local machine with the help of C#?
Reuse a facelet in multiple beans
SQL ERROR mysql_fetch_array(): not valid?
ie7 - display link as image doesn't work
RF JsonRpcProxy 鈥渋s neither a getter nor a setter鈥�
Is there a syntax completion mode or a way to do this in emacs?
Android SDK layout_width and layout_height xml attributes inheritance?
Android select closest points within a radius on long press
Why in OpenGL's LookAt, if our face is facing almost up the sky, we can still see things right in front of us? [duplicate]
How to initialize the already added app widget on application start?
I can't understand the reason behind ORA-00904
passing value from one domain to nother domain
Git plugin for Zend Studio 9 (eclipse) not Pushing upstream
Git ignore and unversioned local files
Facebook Auth. Permissions screen appears every time user logs in on iPhone but not on Browser
Replace the end of a File Name (SRC)
jQuery - convert .live() to .on()
jPlayer multi-video demo code?
Logging into popup webpage with WebRequest
Facebook image sharing working in emulator but not in device
glfwLoadTexture2D not loading texture, displaying yellow filled quads instead
hover and old/new browser
Background Image to appear on Hover
Hibernate select batch-size
Responsive web: SVG visualization?
How to Linq through DataGrid SelectedItems in WPF?
How do you use ToList with an SQL view in C#? Pains with Invalid object name dbo.*
Could not find endpoint element
__FRONTEND__ constant not working properly
Fast load data into file split to tables connect by id
jQuery dynamically position link-able image icon over draggable image
Using OpenID for simple leaderboard authentication in a video game leaderboard
Hide UIMenuController in UITextView
PHP - nested output buffering
How does C# version, VS version, and .NET framework version, etc fit together?
Silverlight - How to close a page in Navigation Framework
Ordinal string compare in JavaScript?
Get list of all registered .net and .com domain names
WinForms application design - moving documents from SQL Server to file storage
What's the difference between async.log and async.dir?
SQL - How do I create a table with values as columns and a new format?
Blackberry map with user defined images as pin and click events
Kohana 2 deleted page warning
Informix: using stored procedures in Java
cpp gdb crash without core & gdb attach to working process
Scala foldLeft adding one more element?
Documentation of html dom Event object?
Printing with the zebra sdk through usb android
select inputs won't align inside table
Mysql Count Several fields
how to set route without di/instance/alias in zf2?
Nodes and relationships are not persisting
android new screen does not load correctly [duplicate]
Getting failure while making http call from javascript
Creating a proxy through svcutil.exe for referring WCF service
Get current nodes xpath
ASP.NET alter SOAP body
What is the best approach to create new tables in existing db with data?
PhoneGap: Email Composer fails if alert fires first (iOS)
jquery validation ?
NavigationCacheMode. the page is cached for a split second, then renewed
jQuery date sorting [duplicate]
How to instantiate a class from string FQN in database in hibernate?
draw a vertical line where the screen was tapped
NSValueTransformer, inserting NULL into core data
Does getenv cache the result?
Is it safe to store an eventmachine websocket connection on the class level?
Getting ReleaseHandled failed using Entity framework
Google App Engine - Link for Datastore Admin gives Error: Not Found
How can I ensure that decimal separator will always be 鈥�鈥�
sqlite3 library undefined reference error
How can I ensure that decimal separator will always be 鈥�鈥�
sqlite3 library undefined reference error
android app db.execSQL - create two databases sqlite
Developing a simple memory game
Border-Radius & Box-Shadow Not Rendering Correctly
Performing different actions on same button click during Runtime (Similar to twitter Follow/UnFollow)? [Solved]
SSRS Convert date and groupby
How best to structure a page on which instances of a single model can be created or updated
Cannot create archetype from existing maven project
Character conversion in ruby 1.8.7 from pdftk unicode conversion results
Word lexical families
How to navigate user to a facebook page via Android's facebook api? [duplicate]
Why are DHCP Offer and Ack broadcasted?
Using CSS how can I achieve this result?
PHP Framework to support mssql_connect and stored procs
How to update a posted object in RestKit with different primary key attributes?
Interceptors in Spring 2.5
How to maintain the huge result of xml parsing
How do I get a QGraphicsRectItem's location during a mouseMove?
Cloned object also clones new data, how to prevent that?
Connecting one message flow to another message flow
NHibernate 3.3 partial sql logs
jQuery stops working after loading content into a div
Bootstrap modal appearing under background
Remote node.js http server doesnt start or fails to listen
Foursquare API request not working once deployed, crossdomain issues?
How to do a http request with callback on response from php?
insert a string at specific position in a file by SED awk
why is spine.js Module.init implemented like this?
Using Advanced Installer in Jenkins
Disable keyboard on EditText
Storing small files in cassandra
Entity Framework Code First: Doesn't load referenced object
CSS: Firefox 12 behaving strangely for top position
Generate huge image in C#
google Closure Compiler reports: JSC_TRAILING_COMMA
XProc: multiple XSLT tranformation with intermediate files
How does Access-Control-Allow-Origin header work?
urllib2.urlopen fails in Django
nodejs where declare variable using require
squashfs filesystem index to disk block mapping
Custom Classes - this vs prototype? [duplicate]
How to configure custom log file in java web project
jQuery: how to trigger hover out?
Why str.scan not working when running file?
create table view in 5.0 OS in blackberry?
Default validators in Symfony 2
CAST as float with local variable SQL Server 2008
Perform division of a 22 digit number in lotus script
Unit testing REST Controller with spring-test-mvc
How to save an edited image in Actionscript?
Checkstyle rule for 鈥淍annotations must be on separate line鈥�
Visual Studio 2010 Profesional edition and CPU Usage
Finding encoding of a string in XML
How to convert one date string into another format in objective C
android list view with cursor adapter scrolling issue
Error linking thrift server c++
Running only the tests of a specific file
What is Backed Collection in Java?
syslogd writes one remote message into log file in 5 seconds
Return list without last element in common lisp
How can I return a key-value pair from EF ExectureStoreQuery()?
Powershell and passing metacharacters through select-string -Allmatches (2.0)
drupal 6 crashes apache running xampp
Can I use Applescript to control a program without bringing that program to the foreground?
How to fetch the current logged in user in Mvc3
How to read post curl request in android and read response
android: showing only part of page using webview
Overlay item OnTap method is being called for every items in a map
How I can do this using skip and take in linq
Apply opacity for Grid and don't apply for its children Controls
How to find a result from four tables based on keywords and the last time the result was found
Generating a Hibernate Criteria query from parameters
MySQL - How to parse string value inside of INSERT to find a sub-string
'NewPageIndex' is not a member of 'System.Event.Args'
How can I make IntelliJ IDEA understand my null-checking method?
Java regex grouping
innerHTML by node id
@font-face not working in IE6
Transaction email(s) sender address
Building (and running) RInside examples under windows
jQuery UI sliders and scrolling elements in table
XMLHttpRequest cannot load 鈥渦rl鈥� Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
How to access request.META in a template custom tag in django?
Requesting Location updates in oncreate method
Read/Write Remote File using WMI C#
Java Arrays.sort resets results to all zeros
Selecting a default picture with radio button in a new nested attributes form
Response Codes Net::Twitter:Stream
Facebook canvas app with rails3
Extra text is written to file c#
How to run a Apache Tomcat Webserver on my PC and access if from a real Android Device?
Update a column in a table
Issue receiving messages using Tcp with Async
why mode isn't enabled?
How to wrap text on a jQM image button?
Using NSOutlineView as a file browser, starting from a given directory
Error saving variables into a database
Modifying Sublime Text 2 for JS
Python psycopg2 + mod_wsgi: connection is very slow and automatically close
Java 鈥渘ew String[-1]鈥�passes compilation. How come?
android libgdx and rotate actions in sequence
How to edit getter & setter templates in NetBeans?
Running a focused Groovy unit test from SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)
Error inserting ordered list
SQL - OleDbCommand not changing Sql Parameter
Remove last digit from B_NBR
Php export file nice to view with wordpad not notepad
Dojo dijit.layout.TabContainer - how to add class to tab?
Duplicate fields because of my SQL
Regex to match numbers inside a text
Order CSS based on Selector Specificity
If user is already logged in, redirect to a different page
Can I assign a function in an excel add-in to a button in the workbook?
Differences between Guile Scheme and Standard Scheme (in Racket IDE)?
Loading content with Jquery dynamically through ajax breaks jquery ui sliders [closed]
Animate a sprite by using two images
How update just specific cell in primefaces dataTable
PHP difference between int and integer
How can I display several images from within a for loop
Why does this image not center with margin auto?
Can we programmatically access Process Control Block in MS Windows?
Problems connecting two laptops using a cross-over cable?
jQuery Toggle random refreshs screen
Padding for table inside div with and without scrollbar
communicate from flash to jquery - jquery scroll path Vs flash buttons
validate string based on a format
With iOS, how to check if URL is empty
jQuery Mobile 鈥渕obileinit鈥�event firing twice?
Is there a way to retrieve corresponding data from JSON Output to show that data in a spinner?
Java generics, using child class instead of Parent
Read each line of a text file to a new array element
Calling Windows-Auth secured OData Service Cross Domain in Silverlight 5
I can't understand why this code is not working. (C#)
System for generating websites
set scroll bar position in JTable/SWT Table
how to capture part of a form
How to My own textField and add a redirection method in it
StreamWriter not overwriting while writing a stream
Unable to set instance attributes in Python signal handler
Dynamic object creation
creating own jQuery content slider / fade
Synchronization streams in a specific queue using Mutex
Android Wirelessconnectivity to Bluetooth printer
Restrictions on Bundle Identifiers
zero byte .lis files generated in Linux
Display malayalam text in my app [duplicate]
Simple loop for all elements of an etree object?
Java Annotations values provided in dynamic manner
Additional include directories in VS2010 for an 鈥渆mpty C++鈥�project
Java FX 2 Alert sound
Can you please tell me what this error means?
Html tags and Xmlparser
Google Chrome gestures on mac
removing a value from a list<String> in java throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
Generating Scripts for Specific Records in SQL Server
PHP Apostrophe/single quote pattern matching
How do I display only datepart of datetime field in LINQ query?
OpenGL ES 2.0 GLKit with transparent background
Windows GUI builder for iPhone/Android?
Mjsip register the client on asterisk server?
How can I know witch web site load my image?
MySQL - How to parse a string value to DATETIME format inside an INSERT statement?
Recolorable SVG icons in a web page?
Get batch SVN log info most efficiently
iOS FFT Accerelate.framework draw spectrum during playback
iPhone User-Agent
xcopy /d copy all files every time, even unchanged files
accessing a custom library in Zend with proper naming conventions
Using Arduino GSM library to switch on IComSat GSM board
How to close application shortcut in android?
Check if bool is defined in mixed C/C++
How to upload huge files in DataBase?
Custom styling jQuery UI's Datepicker?
I can't understand the reason behind ORA-01722: invalid number
php upload/download move uploaded file
Upload a file in Alfresco using java implementation
Why can't I divide a datetime.timedelta by a float?
Having a form element appear based on Drop Down List selection
Getting Data from a SOAP envelope
SSRS 2008 Filter missing 'not in'?
How to get value of dropdown in javascript when it is in update panel
How does stealth port scan protection work?
Use adb command in a Mac app
How do I specify a weak entity that refers to two other weak entities, which both share a fourth entity?
assert() showing Warning in php 5.3.1
How to override js function in jquery plugin and access private members
Same images are appearing multiple times in grid view
DataTrigger Usage
Building long-life background agent (more than 2 weeks) in WP7
Coldfusion Button to Save a Value to a Variable
How to create a simple screensaver in Android?
What are the differences between these 2 LINQ statements?
Input tag value to change color on hover
Keyboard obscures the entry field
popup windows and AnimationSet vs AnimationStyle
Directly Set Column of BelongsTo Association in Castle ActiveRecord
change background color of JqGrid row after editing is completed
Simple XML Framework Parser Issue - XML Parsing in Android
Controls inside UpdatePanel inside templates
Python / Pandas - GUI for viewing a DataFrame or Matrix
Clicking on UIButton added as subview to UILabel opens popup away from button.?
physical Memory management in ios
Automate multiple registrations of 'sender' accounts for Android C2DM?
Using Git for Collaboration
Multiple lengths for substring?
Change document.getElementById in Javascript
Why does Eclipse have to be constantly cleaned/refreshed?
Writing directly into vertex buffer
json data on server side (grails controller) is null
JDBC is there a way to detect if a column has a default?
Type or Namespace 'var' could not be found
Exception in query
Emacs org-agenda-list destroy my windows splits
Soundcloud + SoundManager bug: reading a stream's eqData
jQuery Mobile Collapsible div too wide
Print multiple pages to a %printer% when -sDEVICE is an image format?
Reflection to make DTO objects in WCF
Watching network usage level from Java on Windows
IOCP: notifications without bytes copy
How to turn off the axis name in Matlab?
Portrait and Landscape view capability to my Iphone application
What exactly is the UP vector in OpenGL's LookAt function?
DbDataConttoller UpdateEntity throws an exception
UITableViewCell 鈥淥nClick鈥�Method for iPad
NSArray removeLastObject is not declared?
I want the 鈥渇acebook like鈥�div on the top of the page to be on the right side, but it doesn't let me [closed]
How to capture data from post using webhook and PHP
google contact api with php - can't get it set up
Error target in makefile
Fallback font for UILabel on iOS 4?
MPMoviePlayer setCurrentPlaybackTime iOS
Android: activate sms reciever for limited time
Compare two hashsets?
Is there a way to limit or prioritize how much processing power an OpenCL application can use?
How to get all links (URL) in text?
Check if string starts with X letter in Ruby
Not able to view the Graphical Layout of XML files
What exactly is MVC3 doing during what mini-profiler calls the Find: Index step?
Getting simple Javascript / jQuery to work (ScrollTo by Ariel Flesler)
Error handler in python
Slow imshow when zooming or panning with several synced subplots
append NSString to file atomically?
Entity Framework not respecting lazy evaluation
Facebook Authentication / Connect
Opening in new tab: how is 'Bing' doing this? (IE9)
How to place a Dijit Combobox inside a specific contentpane using javascript
On the basis of position accepted, how to display the image?
Hibernate transfer data between 2 databases
Regex and preg_match - get href for a with specific anchor text
On the basis of position accepted, how to display the image?
Hibernate transfer data between 2 databases
Regex and preg_match - get href for a with specific anchor text
How to insert a second menu into a Wordpress template?
CRM Dynamics 2011 - How to create report (contracts, cases, actions)
Access Tomcat running on Mac os x 10.6.8 DatagridviewComboBoxCell how to set selected value
Define Dependencies in POM XML
update center in k-means use cosine similarity
CDI @Target warning message on Netbeans
ios 5 - how to play video with a web url
Hardware Print directly using Qt without using QPrintDialog
IIS 6 + JBoss 7 web application URL configuration
Printing pdf conditionally from a web page
Getting a sum of distinct counts from two databases
What is 'Object鈥� parameter type in java? [duplicate]
x86 assembly - how to use Windows API _WriteConsole@4 - masm32 syntax
HTML5 Offline Cache only certain files
How to Delete all contents of a 鈥淔ile with no extension鈥漸sing windows batch Command
Conversion of Word document to EPUB
how to store data using mongoid and rails
Why does Intranet site NOT cache form values but same site deployed to Internet does?
Ruby on rails? The choice of web application framework with oracle backend
waiting for binaries to complete in shell script
Comparing datetime values in different ways
Getting all my events via Facebook iOS SDK
AWT-EventQueue-0 is running all the time and program become very slow in java
how to clone an object in android?
unable to post an image to twitter using sharekit
running application C# on windows 2003
to test channels for wifi access point other than UK channels
Microdata on Products
How to inject custom class object into Junit environment?
C# display images and text in list
History.go(-1) not working for the page that has links to the sections of same page
Using axioms for deductions in z3
How to remove XUL item from toolbar programatically
Why EXC_BAD_ACCESS does not happen?
Schema for user roles/permissions
search for the values from the tree and return node value
Only counting from one drop down check list?
Access denied to login in mysql from remote system using virtual ip
sql server trigger for custom PK
jQuery: Highlight Table Row on Checkbox Change Event
How do I delay a jQuery animation after a page loads? sessions: AttributeError: 'ThreadedDict' object has no attribute 'count'
Find all the numbers in the range [a, b] that are not in the given std::set S
Mifare Classic 4K Authentication failed- how to make it Work?
Booting linux from SD Card
how to implement Rabbitmq high availability without using DRBD?
Mifare Classic 4K Authentication failed- how to make it Work?
Booting linux from SD Card
how to implement Rabbitmq high availability without using DRBD?
Using preg_replace for PHP security
Show Back Stack of Android
ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE in .NET app with winscard.dll
Design critique for sending SMS via external gateway
How do I make multiple celery workers run the same tasks?
Determining string length in Node JS when string may be null
asp:GridView change header cell style
XSLT remove child element based on parent-child element's value
Crystal Reports 鈥淔ailed to open the connection鈥�error in ASP.NET
NetBeans SSL and command line arguments: Server doesn't receive the message
Use ant,How to open a url with multiple parameters
Error retrieving LDAP info with search
Array entries from string don't map to the hash
cannot in parsing nested xml structure
How can I lower the scale as much as possible?
Does anyone know a free compiler for Delphi? [closed]
How to make a floating sidebar continue floating while ajax content is being loaded
How to preserve Object data without passing between activities within Android?
How do I calculate letter frequency percentage?
What is the wrong withe code python
ActiveRecord::HasManyThroughSourceAssociationNotFoundError in rails 3.0.10
Convert from binary to floating point
How to hide Ruby generated JavaScript code in a separate file?
What's the best way to work with MapView on multiple workstations?
Intermitent Base64 Task Conversion Errors
How to pull results into a variable returned from using the collections.Counter function in Python
External Linkge drawbacks
Changed the textbox type in after run web application
Android - Grow Heap (Frag Case) - Byte Allocation.. Not Loading any bitmaps
Communications with Two user Ip
How would I specify a spring module validation 鈥淍RegExp鈥�annotation using a regular expression from a .properties file or database
CSS Help - Footer for Mobile Website
Using RelativeLayout to control a ListView row height
NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey crashes before iOS 5.1
Check if a field content is not in the multiple field in other table
few locations not showing up on google map
jQuery move left
Html form onsubmit edit a text field in the form?
try catch block to display Error message
web browser stopped opening on project run
Get first word from a string, but different dividers
Why does PDO manual say that SQL injection is still possible with PDO?
Best way to put vectorized symbols on button? Wingdings button title
Method with Parameters on Upload MVC Web API 4 Beta
How to copy a file from Windows to AS/400 IFS using cmd?
Map composite key sort
Whitelisting RegEx to allow youtube iframe
Modify alert() title (Javascript in Android Webview)
Pass Variable From HTML Page To PHP Script
Play back Bluetooth audio Streaming using Gstreamer
Android persist global preferences?
Ubuntu 11.10 dhclient-enter-hook.d scripts not invoked
check for element presence in jquery
Convert from string to id
Add letters to image source through javascript
StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
How To echo a line break in the browser?
PyGTK: copy matplotlib figure to clipboard
SharePoint File Upload Column
PHP how to set variable1 if variable 2 equals certain value
How to sort products
Capturing WndProc message of a certain button click
Android Tamil font between english word
Android In-App billing: Null Pointer Exception
Foreign key sqlite 3 remove 1-n register
Database CURRENT_TIMESTAMP comparison
random bounce direction in Cocoa?
Why does GCC add assembly commands to my inline assembly?
What is the simplest pluginManagement section on can add to a pom to get m2e and eclipse indigo to play together?
presponse parameter WTSSendMessage
game in iframe keeps my screen moving
how can we drag and drop image inside scrollview
Running an android activity in background
Assigning the random password value to a particular column (cells)
Calling constant function from another class object
function returning released objects
Hide toolbar in WindowBuilder for Eclipse
Java Client accessing .net WCF service
How can i play a video on device from server?
Facebook Integration with IOS
Mail sent in localhost but not in server
Why is the Django ORM not finding items that are clearly in my database?
How to efficiently use DirectoryIterator?
How to write the below piece of code using macro function?
MYSQL request from two tables
2 versions of pg_dump on my OSX Lion
Getting specific folder path
hit enter to click button VC#
How can I use my GMAIL account to send out emails using PHP?
RealURL Extension: preVar or postVar?
What are the conditions in naming the xml layout in android? [closed]
Starting a service and activity at same instance
SAS: Data Step and additional row
How to insert bulk data into database at a time?
Should I use 鈥渞eal鈥�or 鈥渦ser+sys鈥�on the time function?
Defining a function with multiple implicit arguments in Scala
Are the Drivers and Controllers in Orchard somewhat the same?
File upload ExtJS 4
Java Junit test HTTP POST request
phonegap : html5 database wiped on os update or sync
Lazy load class in PHP
How to use a ContextMenu UserControl in WPF? identity_insert error message
jEditable custom editor, getting data from server to create dropdownlist
Omit the msvcr100.dll when developing in C/C++ for windows?
OpenGL - Explain glutInitDisplayMode()
How to use C++11 <thread> designing a system which pulls data from sources
WPF GridView order rows with drag and drop
Multiple forms of authentication for a single field
Does Autofac allow specifying what dependency type should be injected into constructor
Record MP3 on IOS
Is there any plugin for goto Flickr Page for jQuery?
SQL number decimals
Problems with synchronization inside event dispatch thread
Lastest version of BPS with WS-Humantask and BPEL4People
Android c2dm registration id format
How to insert character in all possible positions of a string?
How to call the Rest Api that is present in Solr from Grails?
Changing properties class in custom component at designtime
json_encode() UTF-8 error
No Make or GCC on my OSX
Edit manifest file of chrome extension
text[] in postgresql?
Output 300 png images with correct filenames from svg or svg via canvas?
ScrollView and layout_weight=鈥�鈥�
is it possible to store pointers to global memory in shared memory in CUDA?
Cookie automatically destroyed when browser is closed
Drupal Tableselects
.htaccess directories but on server in the same directory
Limit included php file
Android Share User ID between two apps
Put the title of the first post in the subject of a MailChimp RSS campaign
CIFilter integration only works with CISepiaTone
AS3 Current Scene name for if else statement?
Multiple dynamic mod_rewrite in htaccess
Call super class method automatically
Microsoft.Web.Helpers with Remote File
The DataReader Is Incompatible
cakephp relation habtm condition
Two click events fired: on fixed positioned <div> and <a>
Good place to find different procedual and non-procedual generation algorithms
PHP: Split array of data into alphabetical order
Mysql function change to default value automatically after restart mysql server
Migration of data stored in RavenDB
Send files over PSSession
I want to make a popup window with an image
Facebook link to share message [closed]
python - >how to print a 'block' using ascii #219 in mac
C# technique for deleting a file from web server immediately after closing
How to delete a contact in Android?
ListView and size
error:'GridView' must be placed inside a form tag with runat=server
Draw a 3D border [closed]
Digest authentication in django
Saving and Serving static index page in Wordpress
How do I add this row and column data to a HashMap?
How to get the Camerapreview data in monodroid
Can't save images using python ImageEnhance module
Moving Data from one column to another similar column in another table MYSQL
How to create a triple nested command line string for Shell function in VBA?
How to intercept key strokes in Matlab while GUI is running
How to read content between tags of server control
Objective-C blocks usage
Buffer overflow Xuggler
Java: Convert between iterator types (interface / implementing class)?
how to convert password from dnn4 to dnn6
curb gem is not installing in linux redhat
Parsing json output and insert to a container
Would it be OK to run ALL Mysqli queries (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.) through this one-size-fits-all function?
Integrating prolog into other environments
Self message return value in UML
LINQ TO ENTITY: Removing special characters inside the 鈥渨here鈥�expression
Web reference for WCF service
About <ol> and style [duplicate]
Custom soundcloud player, change waveform png colour?
What is the ownerType in attached property?
boost::bind and virtual functions
Removing the last column of an HTML table - using preg_replace
Identify old gen in heap dump (or take heap dump of old gen only)
Variable Div height with toggle slide
Android twitter tweet with image [duplicate]
change Background same time like people Hub
WebSphere Portal behind reverse proxy and getServerPort()
Serial Communication using MSCOMM32.OCX in Forms 6i
How to write manipulated raster values to ASCII grid with GDAL?
Enabling/Disabling feature specific flags for compiling
How to prevent adding items that are already present in list in sencha touch 2.0
Overriding/Overlaying a XUL method
What is the best way to upgrade Vim 7.2 to 7.3 in Ubuntu 10.10 [closed]
Got Exception 鈥淓numeration has either not started or has already finished鈥�when try to get column from Dataset
Cannot find the object 鈥渄igitalcamera鈥�because it does not exist or you do not have permissions
How can I pass xml data from the controller to the view
jQuery callback freezing up
Selenium Failed to start Socket listener
how to shift my card image after drag in java applet
Compile a userscript to a Safari and an Opera extension?
How should I pass and get data from the user?
MVC 3 htmlhelper extension method to wrap around content
Is is possible to have dynamic COUNT (CASE WHEN ) statement?
Desktop and Mobile versions with HMVC
insert or update keys in a python dictionary
Moved PHP from Linux & Apache to Windows & IIS - Problems
Android webview script tag not loading source web page
Excel error 1004 鈥淯nable to get 鈥�property of WorksheetFunction class鈥�appearing inconsistently
Playframework embedded lib for statistics timer/counter
php paginate recordset with order by random
PHP Webservice with PDO
How to detect overlapping polygons?
How to capture response sent from a website
Python: Understanding object __del__ method
Zurich font is not working in Internet explorer
stored procedures in phpmyadmin server
Multiple criteria for sumif google spreadsheet
ClassnotFound exception using java reflection
Get number of posts per day in wordpress
Creating a tail-recursive power function in scheme
Close all activities of my application
unresolved external symbol _main referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup
Issues with signed applet
Multiple one-to-many/one-to-one relationships to the same class in Hibernate
Core Data - Having an input screen not as my initial screen?
Overlapping images/ position not coming out right when using Jquery Masonry on Rails 3 app
Python 2.x return values for cmp
how to read digit start with 0 by Streamtokenizer in java
ajax async solution
What methods are used for recognizing language a text is written in?
Center point estimation from Matched keypoints
Using Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC with Membership
JTextField with JLabel style using GTKLookAndFeel
Java, EJB, Lock - synchronization for private fields?
sed command to edit stream on given rule
Invoke an overloaded generic method on a static class
image redirect rewriterule
SQL Server 2k8 Fulltext search on 鈥渦nrelated鈥�tables using view or?
CSS - Align div to the right of text box
sgslufread: Hard error on read, OS error = 104 Linux
Creating a Panel of Button GUI
Optimization techniques in inserting huge amount of data in mysql database
how to identify table row id dynamically
Rails 3.2.3 MySQL 5.5.1 Mysql2 gem install fails with ld incompatibilities
Console App Interface from another DLL Implementation Error
File extention for xaml package
Foreman not reflecting changes
datatable with some custom search fields
Assert that a function gets called
Align the ylabel in subplots
Drag a UIView along straight path and corners
SetText to EditTextBox from Dialog content?
How to pass variables to a stored procedure's body statement?
How can I do string interning in C or C++?
How to detect slider open in Xperia Play
Accessibility and Android WebView
How can I make an image uploader for a webpage using JavaScript & HTML without using PHP/XML etc?
JSON array with an object in a different object
How can I scroll programmatically a div with its own scrollbars?
Android: onActivityResult not getting called in tab bar activity - zxing
Outlook VB Macro - what am i doing wrong?
Javascript: Undefined
What method will be called if I call the inherited overload?
Redirect wrongly mistyped URL to main domain