Fetch Wordpress Comments to iPhone
Popup window and on close return the value to main page
Skip reading a line in a INI file if its length greater than n in C++
How can we Re-write the Source Code of the website [closed]
Interleaving split strings as a list c#
Reverse of number in PHP not showing correct output
C# Calculate selected item from list of different popup forms
Android Fragments recreated on orientation change
Opposite of SELECT TOP?
How do I know the current user liked corresponding link?
XCODE: How to get/verify ACCURATE timestamp from device
Flex Error for alternatingItemColors property of spark datagrid component
Unable to correctly install MS Speech Platform 11 on Win 7 x64
Android button error
ActionBar not scaling onto ActionBar height
How to listen onClick event for notififation bar on Android?
How can we replace the Net Send with MSG .NET Application?
WPF tab control dynamically load another xbap
interactive floor plans with photos website [closed]
Detect the load balanced client IP
javax.faces.el.ReferenceSyntaxException: Missing closing quote
String into integer array without second array
php explode product array throwing up errors
Adding content to facebook feed from Android app
C Linux Tracing all function calls including function inside library
function work window resize [closed]
validator plugin error is visible on startup
How to write to the windows syslog using Python 2.7 when NTEventLogHandler throws an exception
Getting a place object for user's location using twitter4j
Filehelpers CSV parsing. How to use FieldQuoted attribute?
Sencha 1.1 picker - xtype is not being registered
adding an object or a function to a html dom element (specifically canvas)
php Extract Best guess for this image result from google image search?
Store a pdf into the application file and extract to the browser Spring MVC
Should I use a combination of mysql_*, PDO's and Prepared statement instead of just PDO's?
MSXML parser and external entities
Rails: best practice to count key values in hash
Grid splitter with three columns
How to Start with SQlite and .net 4.0?
Android MediaPlayer gives null exception
__cxa_finalize and __attribute__
On delete cascade android 2.2
One-to-many relationship: Update removed children with JPA 2.0
Call Excel Macro using java on a linux box
.Net DLL vs C++ DLL
Using subtree-merge strategy, history is not merging
PHP array print statement
Grab current first and last day in week in php
Simple Logger apache common
What does horizontalAccuracy exactly mean?
pdf viewer control for asp.net page?
reason: actual argument Class<ie_home_com> cannot be converted to Class<? extends TestCase> by method invocation conversion
overlapping canvas with another canvas in html5?
Override bool ProcessKeyPreview in C#
How to set the text node value using jQuery
How to Make Container Fill The Form in LWUIT
using $.post has character limits?
Capturing Session ID from URL in Joomla
custom cell renderer for particular row and column
Python: Troubleshooting ping script
Flash/Flex Builder (Eclipse) - TortoiseSVN 1.7 with Subclipse 1.8 - svn options not in IDE?
Overwrite Visual Basic label text
Scalatra 鈥�byte array/image stream in request body
AJAX request confusion in jQuery
Enumerating via interface - performance loss
Error with print(): 鈥淥utput argument 鈥漹arargout鈥�(and maybe others) not assigned鈥�
Use next and prev() in jquery
How can i check if i have already logged in salesforce in android application?
ruby inside slim strings
Which task is called after cap deploy:update_code fails?
MessageBox that allows a process to continue automatically
UITableView delegates are not called
problems in php and javascript
how browsers clean the cache when the cache reach the limit?
how to call the array in $$variable
Taxonomy menu - translation of terms
JSF view parameter fails when accessing method defined with generics
Crash when installing the app on ipad,works fine in simulator
XNA TCP Socket multiple sending packet loss
how can i set jquerymobile framework dialog box custom height/width?
What are the usage differences between size_t and off_t?
How do I exclude folders from ASP.NET precompilation?
can i give my own id to a connected socket in nodejs
How to call ObjectContext.Refresh() when using ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator
element is rendered without layout
What is the default format of the raw data in the external uvc -usb Camera - yuv420 or yuv422?
What are the usage differences between size_t and off_t?
How do I exclude folders from ASP.NET precompilation?
can i give my own id to a connected socket in nodejs
How to call ObjectContext.Refresh() when using ADO.NET Unit Testable Repository Generator
element is rendered without layout
What is the default format of the raw data in the external uvc -usb Camera - yuv420 or yuv422?
How to define custom wicket tag
C++11 thread doesn't work with virtual member function
NSDictionary Inside An NSDictionary
Error iterating a std::vector of pointers
Unable to start process in ASP.Net
How I can to see request headers of Flash in Extension Google Chrome?
Css display none in actionscript
Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'B' was corrupted
javascript declaring, and inserting to a multi-dimensional array
libsvm in Python : getting error
Creating a NSIS Page that contains a Bitmap covering the whole window
Statically-typed cross-OS Web platforms: Java, Mono, and what else?
(solved) Restrict user from selecting content on double click w/css & javascript
In Akka (Java), how can I have my Supervisors log any exceptions caught?
jQuery reduce the width from left to right
iPhone: Can .caf file be saved in Photo Library?
Header android 9patch
Dismissal Issues in UIPopOverViewControler
V4l2 : difference between : Enque, Deque and Queue(ing) of the buffer?
DOM Document - How to get the text inside a tag without the inner tags
WinForms and disposing custom controls
add usercontrol with buttons and texboxes in a string at runtime
Jira Gadget - Reload AJAX on Config Screen
How to Terminate Threads that started within foreach loop in C#
HBase UI doesn't show any region servers
How to control the stack overflow of my alogrithm in merge sort
Different opacity for UILabel and the text of the UILabel
make Folder in sdcard with password protected: android
How to load the application in Web-View in a specific browser like Chrome or Firefox in Android
XSLT 1.0 dynamic imports of different xsl into master xsl
How can I display the href as the text too?
Wanted: Matlab example of an anonymous function returning more than 1 output
Why is Java HashMap slowing down?
Apache .htaccess - what is the meaning of following lines
Unable to save video on Red 5 server using Flash cs3 and AS3
How to make part of the code to be processed every 5 sec
asp site will not work when uploading to web server?
as3 parse a string into URLVariables
How to trim the spaces in url with parameters in jsp?
WTSSendmessage before stopping a service
REST application POST and redirect
Using WWW::Mechanize to navigate forms on Amazon site
java.io implementations for GWT?
How to override default Liferay Login authentication?
How to know if object address is 0x0?
How to remote restart an IIS7 Application pool
DIV attribute TAB=鈥�(NOT tabIndex!)
Error in Execute SQL Task when Updating Master Table comparing with Temp Table in SSIS
Files getting deleted mysteriously from the Documents Folder
NSBlockOperation leaks ARC
Get Date and Time Difference in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds in Android
Reusing session across controllers in C# MVC3
image resize to fit on JPanel
Android orientation changing -> Database dropped
android - how can i use the 鈥渁ndroid:layoutDirection鈥�
How to run activity, if app in background?
Is there an Iterable which allows Iterable.remove() to be called by another instance?
Magento Admin Category Toggle menu error
How do i get the drive letter of a USB Drive in Powershell?
set name on method arguments
Spotify web-api pause event listener
Edit XML file using JDOM
Downgrade NodeJs Version and express version
Wordpress page content not displaying
Enterprise Architect: What is the class 鈥淒ataType鈥�for?
Publish to Twitter from a web app to users' timeline with jQuery
Using UNION select inside a view
dropdown menu for ipad tapping
MVC Controller vs IHttpHandler or another suggestion?
Facebook UI method feed is not displaying picture on wall post
Can you refer to an external macro with excel?
How do I get the releated object names?
Rails Multiple Databases with many-to-many association
How can I filter all except requests app engine dev console in web.xml
What could prevent TBPF_INDETERMINATE progress bar from being displayed in taskbar?
Solr title search failing
How to extract phone number from the selected contact?
Dynamic Input Text Boxes using jQuery Mobile?
Javascript login using cURL in bash script
Single column DGV to accept clipboard data
How to switch between ad networks randomly?
A different html each time [closed]
'self' implicit change previous data item in Python iteration
How to implement CView::OnUpdate in derived view class
Can Adobe air make advanced Android Applications?
how to populate textbox with the database value based on combobox change in access
java tomcat: java.lang.NullPointerException
Why am I getting an initialized Carrierwave uploader error when I migrate the database on Heroku
Storing an ascii lookup table in a file in Python
Xcode says: 鈥淚dentity ___ is not trusted.鈥�and won't allow me to submit my app
Linux Commad Line Zip with Regex
how to get the font-style from the psd file using PS script
How to save state in an Erlang process?
php registration mysql not a valid resource
Office PIA Visual Studio 2010 References
How to make a continuous animation movement of an image in jquery on window load function
How to trigger the fetch method and how to set the url
In extjs when dragdrop 'offsetWidth' is null or not an object error for IE7
Get the first link in a Wikipedia article not inside parentheses
php - how to redirect to be 100% sure that REFFERAL cleaned after redirect
How to send image in Restful Jax-rs
output to be displayed in a tabbed window using Java Swing
Cant store socket as object in an array
Using method parameter as generic type argument
Parse xml file - PHP - html tags
My table is not getting sorted with Jquery's tablesorter plugin
How to capture image from webcam WHILST already streaming from webcam too with Java Gstreamer?
Heap Dump On Java 1.4.1
TSQLUnit for SQL Server 2000?
store a file in an array word by word [closed]
How to Display current time that changes dynamically for every second in android
Android SDK Manager Proxy Settings in LINUX
Find center of multiple locations in Google Maps
HTTP POST request to PHP server with the signup details encrypted as HTTP parameters
LL(2) language that is not LL(1)
How to Set PublishUrl of ClickOnce Application From CommandLine
Spring bean initialization - Clojure
How to make multiple query in php using checkbox?
AJAX not working on localhost
Popup window unload issue
How to set Spinner Default by its Value instead of Postion?
1px gap when positioning absolute inside a display table element in chrome
How to create webservice in java using apache tomcat using PostgreSQL [closed]
JTA EntityManager cannot use getTransaction() [Spring + Hibernate + EntityManager]
identifying and removing groups in a dataframe of a specified length
OData request show showing up in Fiddler (SharePoint & Silverlight 5)
Accessing Microsoft SQL Server from Tcl running on GNU/Linux
Admin role global filter with Role and AllowAnonymous overrides?
iphone storyboard tab bar controller become fat
Google maps API V3 circle icons
Zend_Validate_Float fails to validate zero
improving a friends list query : counting the mutual friends
Facebook Publish
JSF : Passing data between 2 views
Using invokeLater( ) in UiApplication
What is `$?` in Powershell?
Movie Player goes blank with white screen once the movie is completely played
How to move a bar button item within a nav bar
The LookAt target location doesn't matter if it is z = 0 or z = 1000 or -1000?
How to validate fields that are dynamically created in table in MVC using JQuery
NSThread Not Loading Selector Method
Oracle Export Import
required field validator with javascript confirm function not validating
RunWorkerAsync close BackgroundWorker on complete
Wait for multiple events in iOS?
Maven clean install is equal mvn clean and after mvn install?
Magento SEO friendly URL module only rewrites categories, products showing old URL
JSOUP: -1 error loading URL
Any way to remove children of a specific component in jsf?
encyption using provided key using DES with padding
SQL query help needed to get the data from same table with parent child
xslt adds 鈥渘s0鈥�with the namespace attribute with root element, how to avoid this?
Issue when trying to use IN() in wpdb
cocos2d-x how to read plist into an array
Codeigniter & $_GET variables w/Sagepay
best performance way to stream with using http-client through the proxy network
MongoDB query from Mongoid criteria object
call a function onclick a button in html5
Unable to get item object properly for db operation
Gmail eml files viewer in PHP
Grails filter sequence [duplicate]
How do I split an output file into multiple blocks based on a pattern
Can we create an object of a class inside another class in php?
Making a textbox readonly on dropdown list selection without a postback
Quickstart on Windows 8 tablet
Selecting jtable Row Without User Interaction
socket.io emit to C# using Newtonsoft.json and socketIOClient
performance issue of watir table object processing. How to make Nokogiri html table into array?
C# WPF : Fail in populating DataGrid
Flash message not displaying (only :notice does)
Simple Sinatra proxy not behaving as expected with jQuery POST calls
Why value is not passed from service to receiver?
EF many-to-many can't load one end
sql query to display records ordered by date in descending order, i have an error
Fail to build makefile in eclipse cdt
Looking for suitable Objective-C object to wrap C void * pointer
Need help in implementing date-picker in spring -mvc
WAMP PHP page not receiving data from C# code
How can i view a video inside a videoview at some specific position?
Set background color only partially with stylesheets
Android Email Intent
Error assigning an object rescued from database to another object
Best way to add column with default value while under load
Can we set NuGet URLs with domain policy
Set annotation's title as current address
How to programmatically force EGORefreshTableHeaderView to update
Select the UITableViewCell over the UITextView losing ability to call didSelectRowAtIndexPath Delegate Method?
pause and resume listeners not working in phonegap on iOS4.3 and iOS 5
How to make Session variable last longer than the login
Cast a null into something?
Form keydown in C#
calculating the top-right offset of div while rotating it
How to change position of marker, created in run-time (Google Maps v3)
Testing in Objective c
Testing in Objective c
how to find that which signal is received in perl?
To implement Foursquare in my app
Is it possible to access functions within a WPF applications using HTML5?
CrashData Report and feedback user ios App, use a server
EMC Documentum: Get previous version of IDfSysObject
Sending alert to pages in asp.net
VB6 text appears as gibberish in one EXE but Hebrew in another
Format cell for comma-separated values
Strophe.js server sends unavailable status even for users actively chatting at the moment
GAE Python: How to acquire user name and additional information?
Delete record from file C++
user profile and file upload
Facebook dialog fails and stops the activity
Rails 3.1 - Drag Drop Re-order without acts_as_list?
Perl email changing from option
Linker error on MS Visual Studio 2008
decimal type - odd behaviour displaying to the console with redundant zeros when parsing from a string
Read Message From Alert and click on OK
How to get Entity at the servlet using MultipartEntity?
SQL Dump upload to phpmyadmin
How to copy a python bytearray buffer?
Current date minus 4 month?
Access local variable from another function
Web service authentication outside of webmethods body
can I convert css to scss and scss to css parallelly?
Online Compiler
symfony2 / behat / mink login troubles when testing in the browser
Backgroundworker wait for user to fill in a filed in the GUI
In Android, How can I consume NFC actions without having a foreground activity =
curlopt_cookie doesn't seem to be working
tiny-mce textarea not displayed correctly with grails
Greater number of activity classes increase the app size ?? Help needed
Nexus: Unable to get artifact from a proxy repository
Calling a PHP login function
Python sqlite3 executescript() error with multiple inserts
Categorizing the list of array in python
Should the AWS Token Vending Machine be deployed on its own instance or can I merge it with my apps instance?
How to trigger a Jenkins build when a push is made to a private github repository
Play .mov file on custom player
cakePHP save to multiple models
Multiple calls to $(document).ready on the same page [duplicate]
Using ntohs() with stringstream
andengine position a bullet or projectile [duplicate]
{} + [] - Erroneous?
Java: Writing with FileChannel to a file make the file shrink?
Change column width irrespective of its content
Facebook doesnt fetch meta tags from new pages
Continuously Insert Data to Database through asmx Web Service
Run console application with elevated permissions in MonoDevelop
Incorrect Route getting picked up and ActionLink is generating wrong hyperlink
Android : Where to store my Database : Service or Activity?
SSRS 2008- user type in multiple values as parameter
how to set height of imageview as parent height dynamically?
Titanium Appcelerator Module with FastPDFKit fails to be built
Trigger custom event in jQuery for use with live()
How to do area-weighted regridding of regular lat-lon data using python
WIX reinstalling a feature increases the size of installer
C++ Error C2102: '&' requires l-value
How to debug less css variables
Png Image inside a UIWebView Glitches
Nmap not retrieving MAC address and Vendor
python -> replace escape character to convert hexa string from 0x to x
JAWS - Submitted form in iframe reads source URL even though there is a title
Namespace issues (.NET & WPF)
Priority between stylesheet and file .ui?
String.prototype.tokenize = tokenize;
Zend Framework 1.11.2 cache_dir not writable
Google Analytics not tracking quantity in transactions
How can I dynamically set the size of the imageView according to the size of the image
how to display a horizontal scroll bar on a website [closed]
I can not find the controls of lblCategoryName and ddlBlogCategoty the Edit button click in Gridview
permission for exported service in android
How to listen for email messages
how to change permission of DDMS / File Explorer / sdcard?
Using MAT in eclipse and resolving memory leaks
Sorting a VARCHAR column as FLOAT using the CAST operator don't work in MySQL [closed]
Image in reused cell in a TableView not being cleared from ImageVIew
implementing stack with linked list in C
how to detect screen resolution in javascript
Can I use percentage for the entire width of my site?
Android - MediaController of VideoView within dialog appears behind the dialog
Symfony2 Twig stop escaping path
WP7 - XNA to Silverlight navigation back Gesture issue
SQL Query not updating data
what is exception propagation?
disable event handler in c# on textchanged
cURL response is 200, but it doesn't really post the values
Columns reaching the same bottom, without the same top
Penetration testing with PHP and Linux
Getting List data using Javascript in a Vista Gadget
Please, help me with MySQL query
asp.net / javascript: How to open a link in a new web page set to a width 640px and height 480px?
how to store checked value of listview in array or database?
Binding GridView in Code-Behind Not Working
Struts2 interceptor change action
slicing array based on selection masks
How to return the value of query from function?
Summing historic cost rates over booked time (single effective date)
Tabbar controller with navigation controller in a single application
Storing data in isolated storage
Classic ASP - display records from databse in the table Week-wise or month-wise
Adding/Subtracting a time period to current time (Javascript)
Json Response how to remove return statement
Setting up a Wavecom M1206B-ON USB0
DB data lost for each cloudfoundry deploy of grails application
Coldfusion wddx with indentation
JQuery UI $.widget is not a function with autocomplete combobox
sed - what's wrong with my replacement?
clear form values after submission ajax
Div need vertical center of the screen after page scrolling
How to determine if a cell contains a button
Java ZIP - how to unzip folder?
How do I know when do put my properties and methods in the .h file and when to put them in the .m interface?
fetching logged in user data in activecollab by $this->logged_user
Insert query speed up while using index
J Oliver EventStore - Examples exception
Select rows that match multiple rows in related table
Is it possible to define a list of Defined Resource in Puppet?
Determining if an image has a particular colour spectrum
How does one change the language of the command line interface of Git?
XSLT: Passing URL querystring as a parameter
How do I implement an iOS table view with letters on the side to navigate?
Issue installing gems on windows 7 with proxy
Strange code Amiga 鈥�+[>++++++<-]>.>+鈥�
QuickStart on Xbox 360 application development
Changing the text color
Rails 3.2 single file upload with jquery
Firefox session development issue
Tooltip is not refreshing in WPF
visual studio 2010 setup project menu order
Facebook, allow application to manage only one page
Prevent empty lines collapsing in IE on contenteditable=false
Race condition in Rails 2.3 and phantomJS
How to create multiple relations between the same models
.is(鈥�animated鈥� vs stop()
Website gives a white page instead of an 404 error
Android: Nullpointer Exception in addOnGesturePerformedListener
Sql Between Clause for multiple columns
Rules for formatting the border of cells in a grouped tablix report
Linq to Xml - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Split text on page [closed]
Algorithm of boost::math::erf
How to get sound portion of an MP4 (video file)?
Binding form controls based on table fields in asp.net
Screensaver doesn't install in other machines Preferences Pane
unable to read/write data to .plist file in iPhone
Build directory .js files missing, css link broken, jpegs not processing - common issue?
Put text news into a box? [closed]
Force a postback when the back button is pressed
How to easily iterate over all strings within the 鈥渟trings.xml鈥�resource file?
Canvas context 鈥渂ezierCurveTo鈥�has a bug under Chrome 16+ / Safari 5+
Read CSS rule values with JavaScript in the most recent browser
Is it a good idea to store pictures / images in SQLite DB from the App?
Multiple dispatchHandler Actionscript 3
Javascript - Split by whitespace
How efficiently store and sort hashes for birthday attack
Calling constructors for element objects in the constructor of a parent class
LONG TEXT or thousands of rows, or maybe something else?
Exception not raised while opening TargetDataLine
Access violation writing location 0xaaaaaaaa
Trajectory Tree
extjs4 form still empty after loading json data
Can a system call cause a system panic in linux?
Calculating top 5 users with the most points in the current category or category below it
Android fastScroll on the left
Table join sql to rails active record query
Hide/show search bar with pressing a button
UIDatePicker not Displaying correct time
Rotate bitmap by real angle
How to implement one validation message in checking all the required fields in ASP.net MVC 3?
adding separate custom header for inner pages of wordpress
Unable to deploy webservice on server
cakephp: abstract classes, factory, return objects
asp.net c# validation on tab change event
Programatically inserting click event code for dynamically generated label not working
iPhone : How to get values from class in viewForAnnotation method?
Averaging multiple columns inside an SQL table join
C# Linq intersect/except with one part of object
How to get valid html from the invalid?
Send xml over curl
Save to Downloads folder, DataWriter.FlushAsync hangs for 90 seconds
how to unpack resources.pak from google chrome?
PDFlib library PHP background image
PHP: passing parameters in the URL dynamically
What is the actual use of Tree in Java
Getting the value of included jsp in js
How can I stop cycle 鈥淔OR鈥�after mistake
Send API key with json when model is synching
Get row selected index value in Mouse Left Button Down in Silverlight
which is best to use Fusionchart or Highcharts? [closed]
Pathspec upstream/master is ambiguous
WP7 Download addition content to app (sound lib)
Cannot debug EmbeddedResource views loaded via custom VirtualPathProvider
wait notify in java
Issue related to Keeping Jquery in Seperate .js file
Populate textbox based on selected radio button
jQuery UI Multiselect widget clear all check boxes
Capture photo using Webcam using Actionscript
Dynamic Registeration with IOCTLs
How to validate a number with format *** *** ****?
Define multi-character parentheses in Emacs
Insert method of SQLiteDatabase
Flow analysis in javac - variable a might not have been initialized
set font size in email body using twig
Jquery doesnt assign CSS class
Silverlight Testing EnqueueCallback in loops
How to save Matrix<float> to XML file?
Model compatibility exception in Entity Framework
Validation of ip-address using tcl
Linux kernel add_timer
The actual difference between rivert to base and override and update over a particular file
HTML Table Header Styling using jQUery
How to code my app to receive content from other apps
What is the use of hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto property in hibernate config?
I want to select a comment node based on attribute value
Jquery Datatable Checkbox checked count Error
Which animated file types are supported by iOS?
Glassfish port unification causes web service deployment exception
Request-Response with HTML5 WebServices
Cannot traverse a tree- nodes are re-traversed a huge amount of times but still acyclical
Assembly clarification: bitwise operators
how to remove scroll bars inrrespective of the browser height
Spring, JPA transactions works only in JUnit test but not in application
Calling an event on radiofield check
Android set margin of buttons declared in xml file programmatically? [duplicate]
JGIT pull error: No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration
All columns being set to the same value
Template Class Vs Class Template [duplicate]
Display data in crystal report in column
Navigate to another page after sending a long XMLHttpRequest
What is the different Between 'Bind' and 'Activate
SQL-JOIN error => same column names in multiple tables
Is there a programmatic way to find out if my app has been rated?
Getting HtmlDocument from string without using browser control
access ipv6 website over ipv4 network
Javascript: Global Variable Behaviour in IE8
Loop Subviews of a UIView
Facebook api is opening two popups
Why dynamic method invocation fails when validation used in struts2 action
What is the logic behind django password encryption
WSDL Repository
as3 php variables
Change link in UITableview didSelectRowAtIndexPath
Can't read a UTF8 encoded file using fopen(file, 鈥渞,ccs=UTF-8鈥�
asp.net webapi backbone fetch() quirk?
Set a limit on a registration form
Only show one instance off return array using explode
NullPointerException using ShareActionProvider + actionbarsherlock
Only show one instance off return array using explode
NullPointerException using ShareActionProvider + actionbarsherlock
How to customize the tab bar of a UITabBarController?
Sending Mail with an attachment using SMTP
Java - Convert character or string into a shape / area
my session is storing the values on the server not in the client?
Calling a method from another view controller for the Facebook API iOS
Variable property
How to detect all file handlers that are open in order to close then?
Computer spec and user name checking when installation application vb.net
Failed opening 'SiteTest: Firefox.php' when running Yii Functional Test
Insert data from remote table takes too long to finish
django 1.2 modelAdmin inherited class, error 鈥済et_form() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)鈥�
Sharepoint 2010 cannot open Word document in browser [closed]
Cant display text from database
executenonquery connection property has not been initialized
Google Maps JavaScript API v3 dynamic infowindow
asp.net mvc webgrid update selected rows(checkbox)
Android getting result of AsyncTask in main Activity and add views to XML layout outside onCreate method
browser is not expanding as div width increases
Page wont accept login information
Must declare the scalar variable 鈥淍LoggedInUser鈥� Error when trying to add parameter to SqlDataSource
Running in a collection where you need to perform logic also
Expression Engine Template Re-use
Jquery .after not working in IE9
g++ expected ';' before return [closed]
C# different MSDN guidelines about Equals implementation
How to make button non transparent?
16-bit numbers multiplication
apply JAXB annotation to an existing data model
Localhost in Mac development
Pushing a commit in git when local repo has not already merged origin HEAD
cocos2d view as a part of a UIView
Git and DB state
ReflectionClass or class_exists method?
How to setup flexible box CSS through jQuery? css( display, '-moz-box') doesn't seem to work?
How to occupy the less memory at the time of xml parsing
Generate unit tests for hashcode,equals and toString methods
thread safe sql server from c++
get div width jquery
objective-c parsing of objects that contain objects of the same type within
Jenkins won't start
Update foreign key references
Shortest Paths Graph Too Big
Select elements text and add a comma
Supporting various Image formats and strong them in sqlite
How do I create a list when using a has_and_belongs_to_many join table?
How to call super methods defined in a serial of modules in ruby
Static class/method/property in unit test, stop it or not
Sublime Text 2 : focus on the python console
Sublime Text 2 : focus on the python console
JQuery/Spring: Posting json object to spring controller not working
Packaging android code into jar file
Generate custom proxy methods for doctrine2 entities
javascript: removeChild followed by an innerHTML call?
get an special substring from NSURL string
Asp.net MVC layered Architecture
Strange border in Youtube thumbnail
Xcode tableview subtitle
What is the advantages and disadvantages using UdpClient over Socket
android connectivity check
Practical example for Zend RESTful API
How Does 3rd Party Component Licensing work in WPF?
How to load UIWebview on different thread in new view class? Before object's presentModalViewController is called?
How to generate forms dynamically based on the model objects in TurboGears?
Windows mobile 6.5 Remotely see status
Add button in Actionscript
How do i send a .bmp file using socket apis in c at one go?
Mysql group by 15min does not match total sum
How to create a cluster of pins with OpenLayers?
Visual Studio 2008, Prerequisites could not be found for bootstrapping
Android how to print sqlite data inside normal string array?
Best type for stochastic matrices 鈥�need a source
UIWebView - loading a page
volume in PreferenceActivity doesn't save if changed
How do I get a single line per customer including the first line of an order in SQL
TFS Autobuild succeeds if manually queued but fails if scheduled
Table cell slide
Where is the Primefaces 3.2 Client Side API docs?
SharePoint 2010 web service API in the cloud (BPOS / Office 265)
Simple substring search (brute force)
jquery select child elements
Compare hashset with file
Best way to make xml file editable on web
converting al class to bytes for sending via tcp client
I am confused with the wording of the code
How can i export contacts to .vcf file
windows workflow foundation state machine transaction
How to parse XML using SAX XML parser
rally api is not connecting
In Matlab, how to change axis orientation?
MySQL how do I sort this query?
Memory Analyzer Tool - Android
Adding class to show div has no effect on Android when event is jQuery keyup
PHP: Undefined offset error
Boost Fusion invoke and SFINAE
How to represent terrain as physics objects in Box2D/Farseer
Calling derived class static method from base class static method
What is the width of a pixel in Google Maps for given zoom level and view?
Python: transform 鈥渓ist of tuples鈥�in to 1 flat list, or 1 matrix
MySQL order by return of PHP function
How to trigger component refresh from javascript in primefaces?
How to have a unique identifier under the same foreign key on SQL Server
Sharepoint DateTimeControl not firing event when blanked
External PHP scripts to use on multiple pages
databinding list to asp.net dropdown control
Fade in animation for Activity
What relation do two branches have after a git merge (on Xcode)?
System.NullReferenceException 鈥�Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Read URL from XML data
Error in returning the value from the function
Why am I getting a 500 Internal Server Error?
How to find the URL path to a local postgres database?
working with large string
How to search using Sphinx from JSON formatted File?
How to add view inside of Gallery widget in android
CSV File create in Google Apps
How to get exact date in lxml parsing?
How to add listener to a GroupLayer in playn?
Where do I put a configuration when using windows services, webservices and websites?
Can not find test class 'junit.test.DepartmentTest' in project 'jyxxw'
c# returning arrays via properties
Fastest way to Remove Duplicate Value from a list<> by lambda
JSON.Net deserialize particular object
SudzC workaround for SOAPRequest to deserialize into NSMutableArray of custom objects
Check bit or use boolean?
Check condition only display and dynamically listview all items with difference height
Email sending approaches in asp.net
Android - downloading compressed answer from http
access to property of another class
Is EJB a good fit for a game server? [closed]
Transforming XSL with XSL
Merge Self-tracking entities
Cakephp 2.0 implementing jquery UI
Chrome -> Inspect element -> Network (XHR) -> Preview Tab (HTML) issue
Test if a date matches an iCalendar recurring event
New users vs Update user for iOS app
Does a developer have to pay for publishing a SaaS app on Windows Azure Marketplace?
C#: Using a enum to cast one object to a specific object
Rails query object class are different?
How can I get list of top Facebook applications and top performing developers?
mvc3 MultiLine EditFor
How to implement a UITextField similar to email Text Field in MFMailComposeController
Symfony2 forms. Using 2 form fields and 3 tables to return one id for a 4th table's record?
how do I open an image using the python image library?
WPF Tree View event
Matplotlib and Pyplot.close() not releasing memory? - backend related Qt4Agg
detect if a checkbox array has been ticked with Smarty 2
cvDecodeImage fail in a cgi program
how to do this query with active record
cvDecodeImage fail in a cgi program
how to do this query with active record
Relational condition in mongodb
Vim: Function copy
Haskell: effective computation of recursively-defined function values
Using a variable with changing value in setTimeout function approach?
Mobile Web App with Printing Report
Spring Security message codes are sometimes not replaced
setting recorded macro to be a dynamic code
Regression from v4.3.7204.0836 (beta) - GE shows wrong polygon orientation & face smashed
Adding a grid on top of a tif image in python
Aptana Studio 3 + Zend Framework SETUP
UpdateData function in VC++
C# winService calling webService via http GET
What are the available approaches to calculate expressions using .Net library for a bulk data in Oracle?
Diff merge : view difference between two folders and ignore file version number
vim: FuzzyFinder and the numbers of the list of the matching file names
How to remove black part from the image?
dataUrl in edit option does not work in JqGrid when using to refresh the select box
Using spring in a stand alone jar for dependency injectection
Showing an image preview in Android
How can I find out a users name and role in MVC?
Changing an image in a gridview when clicked, when certain other criteria are met
Does this code use Bcrypt or just plain blowfish?
how to load aplication from start up page each time in iphone
Literals are objects in python?
Jquery tools tooltip misplaced
What is the best way to send worth 10 mb of data to the client side grid?
unable to drop the foreign key
Does not implement interface member (C#)
iPhone - Wakeup my App Window
how to get input parameters of any method of a class in PHP?
Where to change order status messages in magento?
logging out automatically from other browser tabs
handle segments with in controller class in codeigniter 2.1
Adjusting aspect ratio of my wpf window using Viewbox
Why Dismiss keyguard is not working in Samsung Galaxy tab?
Using Forms authentication cross domain
Find common entities in 2 seperate entity collections
wrapping the contents of List in SWT
Libgdx - Hiero tool create mirrored font
MVC 3 - _Layout.cshtml. Add a logo to the site
IXamlType interface implementation - weird behavior
NSAlert bug with beginSheetModalForWindow
Getting a sprite to smoothly track a touchpoint
Passing a table's just one value to another table in SQL stored procedure
The best way to fetch and render a collection for a given object_id
hashlib.sha256 returned some weird characters in python
how to adjust ListView' height when there are ExpandableListView embedded in ListView
How to have two versions of the same application installed on the same PC?
Page zoomed-in on the iPhone and iPad when shifting from Portrait to Landscape
significance of 鈥減ower of 2鈥�in java.util.HashMap implementation [duplicate]
view sqlite files on ipad
sencha touch charts tooltip display
Can I use mysql_real_escape_string together with strip_tags?
Why my app get different expiration time of Facebook access token?
How to GET checkbox values in PHP [duplicate]
How to get definitive url from href value?
How to show PSDs online without letting others download it?
How to catch PSQLException value too long for type character varying
How to dynamically add markers to countries?
How to Maintain Open Nodes On a Flex Grouping Collection
pushState() and popState(): manipulating browsers' history
Hashing a password in login form using WPF based on C#
How to get rect of selected portion on image in iphone
How to construct an array of objects programmatically
Programmatically apply a theme so that it will apply to control attributes that have NOT already been defined
How can I create a part of a filled circle using Core Graphics/Quartz
Styling email link / href=鈥渕ailto:鈥�with CSS
How to display progress bar when uploading images In PHP
how to add css to selected row in treegrid GXT 3
Efficient way of checking if a location is inside a rectangular perimeter?
MJPEG Stream Information
Does calling Thread.interrupt() before a Thread.join() cause the join() to throw an InterruptedException immediately?
Parsing XML file from Internet and Storing in Into SQLite
cannot access url
Kinvey Javascript Method Not Working in iPad but woks in simulator
How to resolve Error 80072F76 while updating windows phone? [closed]
MongoDB schema for this specific csv dataset? (for data vis. purposes)
Black Border While Resizing
How do I operate on a huge matrix (100000x100000) stored as nested list?
Changing string in 'list format' to a string
Send message in GoogleChat, using library jabber-net
iPhone Multi touch interactive to CorePlot
How can I manage two versions of the same service?
Test if string exists in file with Python
Newbie IOS Class Method
CCJump a basic bug
java: dynamically generated textbox by clicking on button
My.Settings.Save debugging clean
Can Maven access a repository without exposing my keystore password?
Iphone detection php
Entity Framework search expression
add id dynamically to jquery tabs
Move javascript code from top of file, possible use of design pattern?
NodeJs ExpressJS Error Handling Trouble
Attach csv file to django request
Animate around a point - Raphael
How to apply the Theme in iOS Native apps
Simple SSO system like Google Identity Toolkit but without the locked UI?
href= javascript:Function() how does it work
Static background w/ objects in openGL. Best way to 鈥渂ake鈥�
jQuery plugin works on localhost but not when I publish it to the server
Permission denied Exception when creating new file
鈥淩estore from Backup鈥�iCloud and Ad-Hoc Apps
Can't to fit a layout into tabcontent
how to format a Date in MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss format in javascript? [duplicate]
How to intercept a Javascript/CSS file request from the Webpage at the cleint side, and load alternative files insted?
is there any limit to print the values on console in eclipse indigo or any other IDE?
Usb data cable comunication in Android
Telerik MVC Grid insert button text
Boost in VS2010 Express - redefinition and invalid calling convention errors
git: download a folder
how does Git handle deltas of files
SQLite from custom path
Surface Flinger,SurfaceView,Surface,SurfaceHolder and Bitmap is Android
how to know if the url is crawled by robots or clicked by user?
Eclipse - create an ant task for running a class
Stretching the ul-li menu with padding to fit the full width
Tablesorter and surnames
Best way to trim value in textbox before save/insert using formview into datasource
what is the ultimate solution for png transprant when using css sprite in ie<7
Overriding jquery ui after addClass
Nightly build - do we delete files in 鈥渢arget鈥�first?
BlackBerry: create COD from JAR source file in Ant script
convert cygwin bash into tcsh
undefined reference to template function
Handling exception in Rails in dev/production mode
Upgraded to Cassandra 1.1.0 and could not find CassandraStorage()
NPOI copy range to another worksheet
Any C compiler where 鈥�=鈥�evaluates to larger than one?
Cannot run application in Eclipse CDT on Windows 7
Android ndk-r8-windows : Android NDK: Your APP_BUILD_SCRIPT points to an unknown file: ./jni/Android.mk
Adding a custom filter to jinja2 under pyramid
How to enter some values in installation wizard in c#
Retrieve value in home page
Modifying XML PARENT NODE using VB script
How to load tinymce text area via ajax
mysql update query not working?
JPA EntityManagerFactory with persistence.xml and Properties Map
svn: Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to DELETE request for
Childbrowser plugin in Phonegap 1.7 can open only for the first time
Strange @@IDENTITY scope behaviour?
Define image ROI with opencv in C
Why do I get an error installing bson_ext?
how to add items to an array dynamically in javascript
J2ME Bluetooth service registry when app is off
Logback - How to set roll log with a new start and a new day by configuration file
Active UI Datepicker for Rails
Zebra striping with CSS selectors
jquery color picker plugin
How is open nfc organized and how is open API used in application programming?
Some C++ code is giving error in one project and compiles fine in another project?
Android: Calling crop activity after taking photo
asp.net MVC3 razor webgrid EditColumn
ASP.NET 4 web forms routing and page resources
Does Android supports In-App payment mode through PayPal? [duplicate]
PHP: reading data from SQL query into the array
Boost.Asio socket, cannot receive data from socket
ANR come when move other activity?
MongoDB GridFS Embedding Images (PHP/HTML)
Unit Test for n tier architecture
How to encrypt and decrypt image file in PHP?
Whitespace char sequence to Whitespace
How to flatten a hetrogenous list of list into a single list in python?
Function with parameter called from object
How to find files asssociated with a ClearCase UCM activity?
how can i start dragging one of several drawn canvas by touching that one
How i run my AIR application instance that is already running in the system tray?
prolog issue output every 2 elements
hypen in MVC 3 routes
detect duplicates in excel
Best practices in ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms Url Rewriting (Mask URL address link)
How to select one row only? [closed]
Draw images for documentation [closed]
How to deploy a RESTful Jersey webservice through eclipse on Tomcat that is bound to a particular IP Address
CurrentCulture is ignored in DateTime.TryParse() C# MVC3 web application?
Can't change RVM default
Get symbol at address
Local Storage multiple key storage
Effectiveness vs efficiency of algorithms
Digital/electronic signature basic concepts and Example
How to Draw SMOOTH curve using different points in coreplot ios?
iOS: How to sent a UIInterfaceOrientation object via NSNotification
jQuery ajax post success - saving data to variable
how to pass command line argument in Mac Application
Javascript works in chrome but not firefox [closed]
Prioritize folders in URL rewrite for IIS7
FTP Client for PIC microcontroller
How can I make and query read only snapshots in Postgres (or MySql)?
Blobstore Together with Other Input in GAE
Getting my nav menu to work with CodeIgniter
IQueryOver from ICriteria
how to change radio field style
In a textarea, change the direction of the current line from 鈥渞tl鈥�to 鈥渓tr鈥�
MPMoviePlayerController full screen orientation issue
Advanced screen resolution for Corona application development
A Function to Remove the Decimal Places
Copying Message Array
Mongo on Linux, From Java App, throwing Exception can't find a master
A Function to Remove the Decimal Places
Copying Message Array
Mongo on Linux, From Java App, throwing Exception can't find a master
In SQL Server 2005 and 2008, how to tell I'm using pessimistic concurrency model or optimistic one?
鈥淧adding is invalid and cannot be removed鈥�when decrypting with Rijndael
how determine the writing language in c# win application [closed]
media query for orientation change in android
How to pass select value by javascript?
Send sms via usb 3g [closed]
Moving Cell/Row from one UITableView to another
Android: Cannot navigate from one Activity to another
JNI GetObjectField() returns NULL for one of two DirectByteBuffers
Box2dWeb Revolute Joint falling through the ground
ruby comparing groups of objects on a specific property [duplicate]
Service in android crashes after several hours
Validate Mobile Number using Hibernate annotation
Problems with rendering a templated asp.net mvc telerik grid
Save data into mysql from hive hadoop through sqoop?
CustomTableModel + JTable = table isn't filled
Returning pointers from C++ to C# using SWIG
Why is fread() stopping at a string of 0s?
Get date in the 17-05-2012 format
YUI3 DataSourceXMLSchema don't get HTML tags
Delete all attributes but keep specified in html tag with regex
Open Map in fancybox
Nginx 鈥�static file serving confusion with root & alias
Comparing Contours
Magento layered product collection
MS SQL pattern for like
Sort Array in the bases of another array
Team City Reports Tab not showing, base path set to target folder
How do I get the functionality of printf to an EditControl in MFC
jpa - application is not working after adding @Transient
XML Schema Multiple Element Occurances
UIScrollView and Autoration issues
How to stop a timer in iphone?
The advice rotation charges again my webviews class
Executing commands in normal mode inside vim function
Multiple arrays in one file in Perl
how to show the date only when the time is 12:00 AM on the xaxis jquery flot
PHP:Postgresql issue on Windows
How to change EF decimal truncation behaviour
fseek does not work when file is opened in 鈥渁鈥�(append) mode
How to determine QtWebkit Version from source code
MIME type to satisfyHTML, email, images and plain text?
AWS SDK NoClassDefFoundError: com.amazonaws.services.s3.AmazonS3Client
鈥淔irst Steps鈥�shortcut is missing after successful DB2 installation
Byte code in java [closed]
Why does only one of these CouchDB views work?
Including Zend library issue
run for -loop to new linkedlist c#
SQL trigger on INSERT, and DELETE with 2 Tables
How to append javascript into UIWebView in iOS?
Mod rewrite - make link readable
MERGE in Vertica
i keep getting java.lang.NullPointerException in my developer console error report, but i can't reproduce it in the emulator or on my phone
Unable to cast object of type System.DBNull to type System.String [duplicate]
Javascript toFixed equivalent in java
How to know the positioning mode is WIFI or 2G/3G cell tower in Android?
Changing relative layout programmatically
JasperReport - wrap text to show long text in textfield
How to reset slider in the <div>?/ How to clear elements in <div>
how toget .jasper and .bak and also view direct excel in iReport 2.0.2
Phone Number Length Validation in MVC3
Adding package to Java project structure
NumericUpDown backcolor not working as expected
windows phone 7 EventDispatcher Thread and UIThread
Android - Picasa Upload Image
instanceOf keyword in JAVA [duplicate]
Application killed while performing onPause(). Any tips on how to handle such a case?
Read multi level XML in and write back to single data base table
Converting array and objects in array to pure array
PHP controller code
Zend_Form with CSS
How can I call a function by touching a button in html5
Create public fork of private code, with private pushing changes to the public
MVVM pattern violation: MediaElement.Play()
php convert textarea value to valid html
Issue with ELC Image Picker when too many images are selected iPhone
Product status changed after clicking place order in magento
Multiple parameters for form_for()
vertical align issue in IE7
using ldirectord for load balancing GIT servers
Resizable and maximizable window in Qt
How i use superparent class method from child class
Call a WCF service from Silverlight
stop rendering UIImage when scrolling
splitting a comma separated string
can not sending mail by php script
Why do we always see this number 32767px in css file
iScroll does not work in android unless you do a orientation change and back
Sunspot SOLR KeywordTokenizer - search won't return proper results
How do I select a field from the result of a select?
How can I find index of an object where key is a specific value?
Joining several terms into one table?
Are there any plugins available in groovy?
Mysql search on longblob db field containing arabic text data
Fetch the Latest xml (url) in WinForm C#
HttpSession API
Sonar Plugin for Eclipse, not able to map JSP files for Sonar Analysis
which msi database contains the product type details?
How to detect, that server is started in Sinatra/Thin
How to consume a web service in java which returns the data in json format
Adding custom jquery plugin of twitter search api to Drupal
Regex match for php tags ignoring xml tags
menu not displayed after creating new menu in joomla
how can I create a custom clean method for admin site?
URL for the apps registered on Facebook
How would I paginate this data?
how to get gps and network location together with j2me location API
Template property of type ControlTemplate accepts both 'DataTemplate & ControlTemplate' in style?
Volatile Violates its main job?
Android tabHost and tabWidget icon issue
Is the filecmp being removed for Python 3.x? Why?