CSS - how do I align these elements?
Remember the page after session timeout
C# The attempted operation is not supported for the type of object referenced
COM+ component not finding reference
Is it a bad style of using key: value instead of :key => value in a hash of Ruby 1.9 [closed]
Hibernate configuration in both file and code
Executing wkhtmltopdf from PHP fails
unsigned long long vs unsigned long(portability point of view)
android ngn stack and motorola XT912 android chashes
Removing Bootstrap from Rails
Email sending approaches [closed]
Create RDBMS like sequence in Pig relation
Replacing some values with an hyperlink with jQuery
How to insert in a table according to two temp tables without a foreign key?
How to delete items in BeginCollectionItem combined with Entity framework
Scan through txt file, translate certain words found in dictionary [Python]
visual studio skybound.gecko component disable right click?
How to manually kill a specific HttpSession by ID
How to repeat a background diagonally (only 1 time per line)
Explode after Implode
Binding data to Datagrid inside treeview
iPad Filemaker Go 12 append PDF issues
How to bold specific text of tree item?
Regex: How could I avoid a character class?
Error on JSON.parse when parsing a big number
Grails - MySQL query results in error: Bad format for Time
Specific date format from date string in java
MySQL OR statement output does not make sense
VB to C# Code Translator
'str' object does not support item assignment in Python
Return a list of rows since a specified date
Facebook Social Plugin: How do I add an event handler for 鈥淰iew More鈥�comments on the Facebook comment box?
Want a code for the difference between synchonized and asynchronized menthod
Regenerated R file, but not detecing previous view controls
How to wait for onLocationChanged() in LocationListener in the same place that invoked requestLocationUpdates()?
How to wait for onLocationChanged() in LocationListener in the same place that invoked requestLocationUpdates()?
store posted variables from a form long time
No height and width of images in IE during page load
Is there a way to improve this LINQ?
Sending JSON request to uservoice
perl - child process signaling parent
How to position the untitled section in a UITableView
How to add 鈥淕o Back鈥�function in WebView inside Fragment?
How to read from first to last row in excel using poi in java?
Python GIL: is django save() blocking?
How do I compile a groovy user entered script at runtime
How to create an infinitely long line
Programmatically jumping to specific page in a docx file
Dojo 1.7 how to use dojo components outside of require()
How can I create a dynamic webpage using PHP and XML?
PHP parse string
Multiple Div Jquery Animated Hover
get url twitter trends return always null
Apache 2.4.1 mod_wsgi configuration
How to put an indicator of whether a drive is almost full in an ASP .NET Datalist?
1030 Got error 28 from storage engine
Redirect to parent after deleting an object with DeleteObject generic view
Algorithm for laying out a directed acyclic graph in memory to maxmise data locality
Database count query returns different result to equivalent select
After removal of a overlay view which method get called [closed]
What's the better way to addObserver/removeObserver with NSNotificationCenter?
.NET desktop app to run on all screen size
How to use 鈥淪imple Validation API鈥�to validate Java Swing forms in Netbeans
Cloning a server Farm
how to calculate program performance
Weirdness Using Google Guava Collections2.transform
Virtual host not working
Facebook link posting through Graph API
Callin java from perl script
Integrate web with desktop application
What features of Zepto do not work on ie9?
Google Maps API Javascript pull data into variable from MySQL table
Metro Style Application code file missing ReadLine feature?
Difference between Select Into and Insert Into from old table?
after effects looping for web
Data not being displayed from Mysql DB
php regular expression. Alphabet with spaces only after the first word
Save Dictionary to XML file
Best way to bind the constant values into view (MVC3)
Make Installer for Netbeans (JAVA) Project
ajaxcontroltoolkit combobox listitem does not show in proper place
C: String assignment to character array
Different approaches on getting captured video frames in DirectShow
Template correction in XSLT
How will i know whether inline function is actually replaced at the place where it is called or not?
Best looking texture mapping for characters (NPCs, Enemies).
Add a Control into two containers
jQuery selector for divs with a dash on the class name?
JNDI name is not binding in jboss
GSON not calling my TypeAdapter for a type which is an interface
Setting ManagedBean values in another ManagedBean's method
How to zoom secondary y axis in mschart
How to exit the whole application by clicking one created button? [duplicate]
Get frames from video, edit and save in iPhone
what is root cause of 'child pid 10708 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)' error?
Implementing twitter like user flow interface?
Cannot find a particular Google I/O video
Navigation issue in my Iphone application?
html5 boilerplate w3c validator error
Could not find a base address that matches scheme https for the endpoint with binding BasicHttpBinding
How to add views in relative layout programatically[closed]
force gcc compilation / ignore error messages
How to put location information into photo and uploading into facebook using android facebook SDK
Log4j on Linux server
Google Maps JavaScript API v3 remove markers
checkbox in custom listview
TextView FontSize according to Different Resolution and ScreenSize
Import an XSLT style-sheet with applied style-sheet parameter
is there any simple way to install Apche and php in the Windows7?
accessing local variables from other functions
UItextfiled how to make border radius and keep the border shadow also radius
Picture from one dc to another
Mysql timestamp query insert
Joining two results sets in mysql without join or union
Symfony2 and zclip: apostrophe turn into & # 0 3 9 ;
What is this Jini technology?
How to compile Objective C in windows7? [duplicate]
codeigniter SELECT query function
css3 animation visible
How to add an XML file to eXist db form java script?
How to add custom namespaces to an incoming XML message?
Why can I add random code to my Ruby class definition?
Ignore mouse click and send keyboard Input to external application
You tube integration in iPhone/iPad Application
What restrictions are there during HBase compactions?
Error when running query using Sql Server Management Object
Can't ssh to cygwin sshd from remote location
XamGrid - Set GroupByRowStyle based on indentation level
ws-trust with wso2 php framework
webservices 405 error in Xcode
Change Image size from 150*150 to 70*70 in using sql query?
How to make an interactive map with jQuery?
emulator is throwing error
Amazon s3- Paperclip can't upload images to proper path
Change row data mySQL using PHP
How to make an interactive map with jQuery?
emulator is throwing error
Amazon s3- Paperclip can't upload images to proper path
Change row data mySQL using PHP
How can I intercept the domain services generated by RIA tooling during compile?
Setting in Visual Studio where indent style is set?
When would $DLN_LIBRARY_PATH be useful?
How to solve index exceeds matrix dimensions - MATLAB
Can we use openoffice documents directly in red5/openmeetings
Resource file(.R) cannot be resolved in content view Layout
Need help loading another instance of jquery-notif tooltip
Are Longs in java too harsh ? Why so?
How can we parse this json data? [duplicate]
Determining if a particular query produces any results or has any results using Linq
Writting to external XML using DOM
Python mechanize connection failed issue
How to encrypt the NSString value using DES in iPhone?
iPhone simulator crashes when I add an entry to my CoreData entity, any ideas?
how to install 'savon' gems on windows machine
Find Entity with matching multiple records in one/zero to many relationship
How to find out whether child widget of QScrollArea is visible?
SharePoint 2010 List View webpart XSLT
How to use CUDA to transcode video files in Linux
How can I pass arbitrary user-defined values into a CarrierWave image processor?
Display tool tip when scrollbar is scrolled using mouse in silverlight
Hiding fields in the entity and adding computed columns
Python planning a trip - unique path
Mongoose select everything in a list
auto scroll chatbox
Google spreadsheet as a database in php
C# Compare Time between Two Time Intervals
Show the list of Facebook friends in IPhone app
How to generate access token using refresh token through google drive API?
Resizing/Specificing Width & Height MongoDB + GridFS + PHP
Images in table view displayed in simulator but not displayed in my iPod device
How to return to previous page after Devise sign in
Android Activity not found exception on playing a youtube video on an emulator
vBulletin CSS & HTML
Need Text Correction feature
How to get TemlpateField data from a gridview in asp.net 2.0 using c#?
Redis vs Memcached for serving JSON on Heroku
How to use a variable as a key inside object initialiser
Filtered search in elasticsearch
how to remove text from canvas in javascript
Should we always put validation group
Block a specific page in Robots.txt
Android Nine patch Image [duplicate]
Android facebook authentication [closed]
Foreach loop for two arrays?
Facebook Pay Dialog : There Was a issue Processing Your Payment
Gradient + Rounded Corner CSS Issue in IE9
Draw Route from my location to destination location using google API
How to show data in tool tip on item template in datalist in asp.net C#?
Are there any major differences between the original Scintilla and ScnitillaNet control?
Proper way to push values to an array PHP?
Layout inflator not detecting xml layout
How to upload images to imgur using knitr and R Markdown after 鈥淓mpty reply from server鈥�error?
Building SDL2 on OS X 10.7: 鈥渞anlib: file: 鈥�has no symbols鈥�
Ajax file uploading with multiple file upload button in PHP
plotting 2 graph in same window using matplotlib in python
Datastore is putting a different ID value when importing from csv file
How to know existing children of an entity in Google App Engine (python)?
How to host workflow service (.xamlx) with net.tcp binding on IIS 7.0?
tnsping result with more than 0 ms. what is solution?
ATK 4.2 Auth with MD5 won't match password
Apache web server is not Restarting? with php?
gwt width using columnformatter throwing Invalid Argument
How to draw a line dynamically in android [duplicate]
How to make clickable Flash Video or open a url by click on flash video in asp.net?
How to show/hide div in WinJS Template dynamically
Java: NumberFormatException in converting string to integer
Finding devices on network with Bonjour / Zeroconf / jmDNS on PlayBook / Blackberry
NHibernate: Always evict entity after insertion
How to import tables without losing indexes and keys in SQL Server 2008
regex to match any capital or small letter for a fixed word
How to resetup Animator?
How to check if File exists in the Dropbox account of a certain user using Dropbox iOS SDK 1.1?
Maven build failed for org.eclipse.equinox
Need to place the header of the collapsible item at center in Jquery Mobile 1.1.0
Spinner is not displaying items list in Android using AsyncTask
Do xunit tests run in total isolation?
CoreText manual line breaking: How to position the text, vertical alignment?
Calculating iOS SDK size
Want to print date&time together in one text field in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format in android
Change values of select box of 鈥渟how 10 entries鈥�of jquery datatable
How to use urllib2 and urllib in python to make a script that automatically login into my wordpress blog?
Attempting to loop through 2 arrays simultaneously [duplicate]
How to add two lines of number from a file in bash shell scripting?
PHP + Forms + wordpress: Removing accented characters from $_GET['s'] on search submit
HTML5 video doesn't work in Firefox and IE when I use video files locally
PHP Complex String Parse, JSON'able?
How can I animate a storyboard instantly from a new value back to the original value before the animation was applied?
Wrap a Table in a div Then appened a new div
Adding Items to ToolStrip at RunTime
How to get texture coordinate to GLSL in version 150?
Inserting data into entire range of excel sheet from delimited file
Unable to set parameter to select command using dataadapter
Flex Components are not getting refreshed
Android: Listview nullpointer exception without cause
How to execute SQLCLR UDF added directly to SSDT sqlproj and resolve reference error SQL71501
TWRequest post reply NSURLErrorDomain
Very Simple C Program Crashing
Signing Apk files programmatically in java
Passing values from list to list when navigate to another page
Excel download stuck 188kb
UIViewController do not call dealloc in ARC project?
NSString operators (if string is bigger the other string)
Using rake db:migrate inside another task leaves pending migrations
C# get directory name
undefined method `database_authenticatable' for #<ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::TableDefinition:0x9dee690>
Sort an array based on the length of each element
Asana: Adding a task to a project when you create it
Array displaying repeated object in table view cell
'must' function not working in elasticsearch
how to capture screen with angle parameter in c#
how to read a specific row from the excel based some unique value in java using POI?
DirectorySearcher.FindAll() sometimes works, sometimes not
converting the *.lm to *.dmp file for building the language model for speech recognation
Why am failing to compute Amazon S3 authorizations correctly
PHP: Undefined variable
How to set String's font size,style in java using Font class?
How to stop a thread created by implementing runnable interface?
No module named Image tk
Drawing Multiple HTML Canvas Element in a Single HTML page
Is there a cleaner way to implement a Multi-tenant database with the following requirements? [closed]
How to change the style property of anchor tag inside a Panel?
How could I know the button is showing in RemoteViews?
Widevine DRM in ICS
Computing the Reflection Vector with Directional Light source
How to obtain Pay API key from PayPal for Adaptive Payments
How do i create an offscreen image in smart mobile studio?
Importing UIView to UIViewController
OpenCV : how to get raw YUY2 image from webcam?
Invoke a Operation Contract through web browser
Error : Multiple annotations found at this line:
Windows 8 metro apps Share Target Issue to save image in disk C#
Access Denied Federated Users Amazon S3
Maintaining different repositories under a master project repository
How do I install and setup RESTSharp without NuGet?
Computing in base 16 for pi calculations
ACL feed for the document
OnSetContentView not working in andengine with admob
Tab Widget in jquery - Seaside- Pharo smalltalk
Apache POI set cell Font and font color
Device 鈥淢obile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family鈥�( . DISPLAY1) initialization failed :
insert data into a table - primary key constraint
extjs 4 combobox , How to disabled tab and enter key
Getting Altitude(height from sea level) of my location in iphone SDK
The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state
Algorithm for expressing reordering, as minimum number of object moves
Apache POI set cell Font and font color
Device 鈥淢obile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family鈥�( . DISPLAY1) initialization failed :
insert data into a table - primary key constraint
extjs 4 combobox , How to disabled tab and enter key
Getting Altitude(height from sea level) of my location in iphone SDK
The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state
Algorithm for expressing reordering, as minimum number of object moves
Batch file could not copy the specific line
How to publish binding details of the WCF web service to clients on the internet?
Function calling convention Powerpc vs Intel
Regex to match contents in last pair of brackets
Node.js web app vs Java Web App (Spring MVC on Tomcat 6)
How to preprocess individual source file with several #include files spread across in large project?
dyanmic drop down menu :D
Image Correspondence - Matching regions of images
Creating consistant controllers on YII framework
In which order RTL language (Hebrew, Arabic, etc) strings are stored in memory?
If an Exception is thrown in a List<T>.ForEach, does the iteration stop?
Custom iframe shapes
Jar file created in netbeans is not working
ASP.NET Sample Websites [closed]
Sencha Touch: After scrolling a panel using a button tap it back to initial position again when scroll end
Using Exceptions to notify if the username is available or not
Two equal jQuery scripts with different behavior
What is the difference between Isolated Storage Site setting and application setings?
CEdit read-only background color in CPropertyPage
Cross threading exception when trying to access object from another thread , wpf , c#
Longitude and latitude are not being displayed
I am using jquery to find geographic location of the visitors of my website, i want it to run in .cs file as i want to store the output in database
How avoid ruby rode reading the database for the second time?
Is Core Data BLOB data encrypted when stored in 鈥淓xternal Storage鈥�
Relative URL's/paths in php
Setting Facebook redirect_uri
MySQL PHP: Return rows based on a column
Can we create a csv file using vb.net with desired number of columns?
Does the latest version of Rails require my db migration files to have 鈥渄own鈥�(undo) commands for the db?
Trigger Populating Event in AutoCompleteBox
How do you access an Azure / IIS certificate directly from Java?
CData string unfinished?
compiling library for arm architecture
Upload pdf on a server with Spring MVC
Not able to add a string to array from a variable in php:
how to apply different Images to DataGridViewImageColumn in Windows form
Browser downloads JSON result instead of passing back to script
Calendar control in Windows phone 7? [closed]
How to create different log files for different packages using same log4j logger?
Whether it is fine to use class name like UserCreate or CreateUser? [closed]
I want to quit background threads when I touch back button . in ios
Jquery - manipulating classes in a simple dropdown menu
Getting an Image from My Java Web Server
Master/content page and Request.Form / Control Name
segmentation fault with scanf for const char*
Selenium 2 :- selenium.isTextPresent fails assertion in IE8 while it passes in Chrome or firefox
Passing a pair of String and Integer to the onProgressUpdate() via publishProgress() in AsyncTask
iOS asihttp request how to log form
Apple's Reachability without ARC
getTime() not working in chrome
Javascript: Replace string in html without destroying the elements for future event handlers
Unrecognized attribute 'targetFramework'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive
Track mouse over event in Windows CE
Crash when running a .NET 3.5 app on .NET 4
Can we hide/unhide one or more components in a single UIPickerview?
SQL Reporting - multipage EMF report issues
Image expected but null value returned
hadoop: difference between 0 reducer and identity reducer?
how to append arraylist and display in listview in android
Assigning a value to list by index out of range [duplicate]
How to fix header of table and allow data to move vertically and also at same time allow both header and data move vertically
NSIS Replace Line in File: Never reads file & never identifies the correct line
monotouch layer
carrierwave, Excon::Errors::MovedPermanently in RegistrationsController#update error
using perl open a new command prompt in parallel and execute a file in it
Validation Dependent on check box?
DLL import char * pointer from C#
Composed texture
XobotOS: Why does the C# binary tree benchmark use a struct?
WebClient.UploadStringAsync does not POST data to the server correctly
Using JQuery Validity on DropDownBoxes
iPhone Orientation change frame of view
XSD Choice between three elements
Unable to login into a site using www:Mechanize
How to make a regex to calculate something like this 5.5 + 0.5 * 56
Coldfusion How to authenticate webservice getShipmentSimpleQuote of WWEx?
GWT has never heard of java.io.BufferedReader?
Calling javascript from php script issue
What's wrong in my alert dialog builder class?
page redirect , before ajax call success
How to create a Backbone model from a POJO or a JavaBean?
How to keep multiple selection of rows in datagrid after double click in flex
margin value in negative not working for IE6
Android Image View Pinch Zooming
How to implement a page slide effect on iOS
Inheritance in UIViewController
How to execute one task every hour?
Customized color on progressbar delegate
c# async calls UI not responding
Quick book integration for PHP Website
In which cases is SQL Statement object automatically closed?
How to access an image in a different folder?
MySQL: Apply ORDER BY on a field having datatype varchar
String concatenation with 鈥淸鈥�鈥淽鈥�results in 0 in shell script
DDL Script for installation anti-agile?
Clear CSS Transitions
Is it legal to use MKMapKit to record the users location in real time
Seeking aid for desigining and developing a UML Tool from scratch [closed]
Backbone - Render client views then create them on save
smart gwt remove hilite and change background color
How to configure correctly Google App Engine Java Application?
Complex string parsing issues
Check username availabilit using AJAX and JSP error
Validation for inviting members to join website
Resizing radio button
Make a table fill the entire window
Starting as iPad Developer and Web Designer [closed]
upload a file to the target folder based on the categories defined
Java - Process.destroy() source code for Linux
How to send keystrokes to another process in objective-c
How to pass argument between php web and c# WP7
Placing Nivo-Slider Loading Screen
Facing trouble to cancel acoustic echo using speex in Android
How can I load a nib/xib file within a web view in Cocoa?
Get last activated Excel instance from Silverlight application
Redirecting after a json call?
OLE Error 8013150A with Delphi using .NET assembly (Run as Admin oddity)
C++ Remote Unit Testing
Alfresco maximum and minimum length of default property like cm:name, cm:title
I want to update a calendar with holidays in a separate db
How to create a list or every permutation in a group of objects N-deep
unable to load images of my iOS application on device [closed]
WPF C# Passing xaml object as parameter
How to create one time screen (like Terms and Condition screen) for Windows 8 metro style app using XAML and C#
Error integrating facebook SDK wih XCode 4.3.2 on Lion MacOSX
Radio button setId store and able to get between different Activity
How to overcome access denied error in share point?
Convert an assembly to equivalent c code [closed]
鈥淎pplication not installed鈥� is it a bug of ADT?
translate div on click
Try/Catch/Finally, use exception from Catch in Finally?
Why does my gem take so long to load?
How to determine if outlook item is displayed
How to include external javascript file in a facelet page?
Web services on iphone sdk
Using YAML Files as data provider in PHPUnit (CIUnit)
Why simplified chinese is not supported in Android Play Market [closed]
XMLHttpRequest behaving differently in Chrome 19 鈥�'faking' requests?
Reducing sliding drawer velocity
Using a regexp to match my string content?
Why does GPS not work on certain devices if the screen is off?
how to mock HTTPcontext using Moq
Upload bulk image in background thread
Cakephp MeioUpload removeOrginal
Need multiple connections in C socket
aggregate a few rows and display in oracle
Blackberry application not signed Completely?
set focus on textbox on a button click in mvc3
Clear WinInet DNS cache programmatically
Sort XML Attributes in SQL
What is the best way to reduce Memory Leak?
cvQueryFrame(capture) always returns null
Selenium Webdriver - Fetching Table Data
An UnHandled Exception of type 'System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException' occured in System.Data.Dll
How to capture photo programmatically without user interaction [closed]
Converting a lat/lon values to a small map
download pdf file in blackberry in my applicaiton?
How to autogenerate the username with specific string?
Converting logical addresses to physical address using a segment table
Umbraco: Set document property from xslt
Strange behaviour of AES algorithm
asp.net membership, notify administrators when account about to expire
How to specify a property in replaceregexp
How to replace position of string in php?
how to change the color of navigation toolbar [duplicate]
What is a good Linux HTML, CSS, PHP editor for somebody recently migrated from dreamweaver? [closed]
If bool is a macro for int, why is it a different size?
Partial duplicate detection in Excel
How to define Ability.rb (CanCan) correctly?
Extra Space at bottom of page in some browsers
why is this simple bash trap failing
How to trigger a reminder mail for an event using Plone 4.1
Mono Development Environment on Win 7 64bit gmcs hello.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0 can't find files
what is the mistake? (sending email in asp.net)
Regular Expression to split a string with comma and double quotes in c#
Colouring cells in Google Docs with cell value
How do you specify a variable to be binary in SAS?
C#: Why are accessibility modifiers for members optional (rather than required)?
Target Pseudo Class using jQuery
Creating a custom Stackpanel with Transparent 鈥淲indows鈥�
How to do Fortran90 code Auto-Completion in Visual Studio 2008 with Intel Visual Fortran Compiler?
how to resolve the error occurred in .Net SqlClient Data Provider?
wicked_pdf using image tag helper in css file
Which is more correct in the sense of performance
rotate a texture2d till 540 degrees with touchmove
Factory pattern with 4 layer architecture
I would like to remove listitem
OOP Design Patterns using C++
How to display html content depending on result in onload function
Why isn't rectangle black in HTML 5 canvas?
How to pass parameters in Rails routes helper methods?
How to create virtual hosts in apache ubuntu 11.04
how to provide updates of published app on google play
I would like to remove listitem
OOP Design Patterns using C++
How to display html content depending on result in onload function
Why isn't rectangle black in HTML 5 canvas?
How to pass parameters in Rails routes helper methods?
How to create virtual hosts in apache ubuntu 11.04
how to provide updates of published app on google play
Ways to save data without NSUserDefaults
Need to format JSON from MVC4 Web API where base object is 'data:' and has JsonResult object included
Maxmind Lat/Lon Values
.htaccess different directory mapping
Regex for price sort url
How to send a POJO from client to server using mina
How to convert a string 鈥�60,000鈥�into an integer 560000 when importing from csv into database in Rails
Transaction Deadlock and DBContext
How do I reopen MDI forms that were open during last application run?
Perforce :Deleted file in client space : Unable to recover the file from server
What is the need to subclass a UIView instead of creating our own view and adding it to
EJBQL - Find all rows that have more than 'x' relationships
Using template in Django tutorial
Why does line-height property not work with hyperlinks?
Converting a string from user input to an expression
MySQL database setup issue
How do I diagnose a temp file 鈥渓eak鈥�
UITableViewCell with dynamic number of UILables
Filtering the chart webpart based on dates in sharepoint 2010
How can I use the pointy back button for my own buttons/navbar items?
Get extended error information when an error 11004 occurs using TIdSmtp.Connect() method?
Tab gets half cuts at certain event like lock/unlock screen
posting on facebook newsfeed is not working
.net: How to get data from array index?
Accessing IMEI # From Web Application
Passing Data to Next Step in a Wicked Wizzard
I want to create a scrollable dialog box? [duplicate]
primefaces default css theme overriden by custom template
How can we make SVG transparent on Canvas?
routing action within mvc4 area not able to map action
Scroll an ASP page to an error message
Can't delete records, duplicated when creating
bring the activity front of all the running application
ASP.NET MVC - Session is null
The channel file and CDN
csmanage or powershell commandlets, which one to choose?
Make a viewcontroller a splitviewcontroller
jQuery - Assign label text
multi client error with java multithreading
Uitableview loaddata issue
In Javascript Regex, how do I match hash tags, but not with the HTML code?
Github ERROR: Repository not found (yes, another one)
How can I indirectly call a macro in a Jinja2 template?
How can I indirectly call a macro in a Jinja2 template?
Hide UISplitview's masterDetailview programmetically
Android Horizontal orientation while rotation some parts missing
Spring webflow 2 - url mapping not working
Retrieve within Cookies from C# to jquery
Go back to Previous Application (not Activity) in Android
Handle multiple window in Python
I am trying to create a table from a jsfiddle example but its not working ANGULAR.JS
Soundpool or media player?
Multithreading and lock
get the current location of mobile when device GPS is off. mobile web application
Why does this code only loop twice?
Adding elements into ArrayList at position larger than the current size
Can I pass an explicit cursor to a function/procedure for use in FOR loop?
jquery ui dialog is creating two dialogs
Tipfy How to use secure cookies to store a cookie in google app engine
Why does background service close when application is launched a second time?
Opengl ES emulator versus Android Hardware
Using Linux Static Library with JS-Ctypes
Does number of Activities matter in Android App?
android sms intent bundle where is the phone number?
ForeColor with codes color
Why do calls to the subprocess modele in Python under Windows change the working directory?
how to solve netCDF library : Attempt to convert between text & numbers
Multiple IntentServices listening to one unique Intent
Align spinner values to right instead of left
Difference between BezierBy and BezierTo in Cocos2d?
Copy content from one system to another
How to designate unique items in a datagridview combobox dropdown list
How to manually set/propagate security context information e.g. Principal for JBoss 7 (over JBoss remoting 2)
How can pass the user name / password to iOS external browser for authentication?
HTML: Keep checkbox and associated text together while its container is resized
Given a facebook ID, what metrics can I use to mark the profile as fake?
MySQL connection via terminal failing
Convert 3d 4x4 Rotation Matrix into 2d
Unable to catch MS Chart control exception
Set image Id to image added using drag and drop
Yii - How to print SQL used by findAll
How to use custom ant rule regexpression to change property in propertyfile
Best practice in server side vs client side coding
how to dispaly a child value of jsp using struts2
Combinator Reduction Wolfram Mathematica
Android: give textfield 'id' in java
Updating another property based on a property, vice versa
Register FileObserver after mounting SD card
How limit the width of a table with CSS or event HTML?
Batch file : Extract substring based on presence of another substring
Saving the name of the uploaded file into this table on my SQL database
Custom list View with edit text and check boxes
Generate a link_to on the fly if a URL is found inside the contents of a db text field?
c++ compile error:expected initializer before 鈥�lt;鈥�token
How to use 鈥渃svread鈥�when the contents in the file have different formats?
FFMPEG command for video and audio
How to implement security in a SOAP webservice?
Autocomplete TextField in swing
Why am i getting nonstop message boxes?
How to use Dtos with NHibernate loaded objects
Using Html.RadioButtonFor with a boolean isn't writing Checked=鈥淐hecked鈥�
Display Tag cloud of links on Google maps?
Text in Silverlight Textblock keeps changing its size as text changes
account balance
Saxparser not parsing HTML numeric character reference. question mark displayed
CakePHP can't return value in array (soapUi)
Executing php script in command line using only file name and no php command
Static variable reinitialization in gcc under linux
Unable to run RPC programs using rpcgen
telnet send a http request [closed]
Android Search Bar [duplicate]
Create a program that takes a parameter a two-dimensional list of integers and returns True if each row of the table sums up to an odd number
URL to download latest version of Apache (httpd)? [closed]
how to get data from cookie to view, C# in mvc3 using Viewbag
updatable and insertable on @MapKeyColumn for Map based @ElementCollection
How does traditional:true affect the order of events firing?
Android facebook SDK, upload pictures to wall with profile in different language?
How to get two number from a string and convert to int in one variable?
JQuery Solution to copy specific title from one item to another within a div
Can't pass row 999 in mysql database why?
Alt-R broken in Eclipse indigo
OPENGL additive drawing of dark image with alpha over lighter image, results in lighter image coming through
HTML tag attribute referenced to an object
determining type of selected file in javascript in all browsers
Harmonic Series
Tooltip stops mouseMoveEvent
How to draw a line like chalk?
How to extract a specific sentences from html text With php
script error in mozilla firefox when i use tinymce editor
belongs_to with has_many through
Read XML Document using C# or Java
Thinking of memory fragmentation while you code: Premature Optimization or not?
Why it's very slow to visit the asp.net page for the first time even after pre-compiled the web app
REGEX Help for alpha dot alpha pattern
Order by Year element of DateTime in sqlalchemy query
Batch file text processing - find consecutive numbers
How can I send/export the whole content of a variable to a text file/xml file/clipboard?
How to call another Java file in ActionListener?
Easiest platform to scrape/store/display and search data?
Scroll to new content inserted
changing the color of items in matching lists
Sending HTTP Request to PHP Function on Websever
Building a Utility to get the path to External Removable storage every time
PHP Variables, classes and inheritance understanding the basics
Confused with Java Memory Management (Stacks and Heaps)
as3 gotoandplay frame on child movie clip
C# antivirus block smtp check
UIScrollView objectAtIndex
Drupal search like in yelp
Skipped Code causing program to end early
Debug/Handle Java/Restlet application SEGFAULT
Setting window state takes away the keyboard focus
window.location in jquery file in objective-c showing jquery file location instead of window.location argument
Muting refresh sound in webbrowser control c# winform
socket.io and node.js to send message to particular client
Add entity to entities collection?
ios Cordova 1.7.0 Capture and upload a photo example
Ruby: Treating a class like a number?
Best way to print a balanced BST in random order?
How can I get the real table name of the entity in EF, even if I modify the name of the entity
Array not inserting Data Correctly in Java/Android
Why is Selenium browser test reverting back to the dev database in my Cucumber scenario?
delphi 7 function result can be undefined
How to generate calendar image like on ios
Spring MVC controller JUnit: failed to load application context
Clear HTML form that has its reset Value
R quantreg - get effect at each level of a covariate
Can the dot operator have an expression as right operand? Why?
777 Alternative for PHP
How to I alter a string like 'santa maria' into Santa Maria'?
Spring JMS Oracle AQ - Specifying Dequeue Options
Ajax Limits in Web Worker
How to copy an object in ARC
iPad launch image and orientation鈥gain
Using Emacs TRAMP with an ssh server that doesn't provide /bin/sh?
NSData Exception - 鈥渋ncomprehensible archive鈥�
Backbone.js rendering a reset collection with a single view
How to Redirect All urls to a new domain in apache, except one
How to access constant values described in java class using jstl
How do you use async data to load NSTableView?
ASP.NET MVC3 - Site.css
Aligning title and close text in jquery ui dialog not working IE7 and 6
Is there an R Markdown equivalent to Sexpr{} in Sweave?
How to direct traffic in MVC application: CodeIgniter $routes or __remap() for controller selection?
Exception with using akka promise/future with playframework2.0
AJAX: Request has string appened, messing up call
ios: colorWithPatternImage , stretch image full screen
Can a viewcontroller access the identifier of an incoming segue?
Present bitmap while entry point activity is loading?
How to disable HTTP Strict Transport Security?
I'm using rake for a non-rails app, and migrations using active-record. How to run seeds?
Removing Duplicates in Dictionary
Issue of download picture from internet using java code
Depth First Search with Adjacency Matrix
SoapClient PHP 5 got 500 internal Server Error
Task.ContinueWith method requires task argument?
Microsoft SQL rounding off to whole number, need to 1 decimal place [duplicate]
Text centering cross-browser issue
How to count the words of a ms word 97-2003 doc file with c++?
Strange crashes during CUFFT 1-D FFT
Looking for easy to setup version control for website development
C#/XNA - Playing a generated tone based on frequency
safe and performing way to save site wide variable
How can I terminate a connection to particular peerID?
MKMapRectIntersectsRect throws EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Cannot connect with a standalone SSH Client / Can connect from the browser using the Java SSH Client
literal object and jquery selectors DRY
Android In-App purchases. Can I retrieve the Title And Description?
How can I submit checkbox value with xmlhttp in Excel VBA?
how do I keep immutability having a mutual dependency between 2 objects
Assign links and classes in JavaScript
Is there a way to find the id of an ajax xmlhttprequest?
how do I install the qt demos/examples in my Opensuse?
version v2 is little limited [closed]
AdWhirl causing java.lang.NullPointerException after shutdown network
async http requests in c#
node js common practices
How can I get a convert a Graphics object to a Bitmap (or access it as a Bitmap)
Java ssl/https client using a self-signed certificate
Margins on responsive design do not work on mobile
How do I remove the 'Applet Started' message in the status bar of Firefox/Chrome on Ubuntu?
Single IP, Multiple SSL Certs, NOT using wildcard, TLS on IIS 7 possible?
runtime exception for xpath
UITabViewController, viewWillAppear does not invoked?
How can I figure out which object created this object
chain named_scopes across models ? (ActiveRecord,Rails)
print new line after each card suit
What exactly did Scala improve with pattern matching in 2.10?
CSS fluid layout: margin-top based on percentage grows when container width increases [duplicate]
Open Graph custom object properties: pairing objects?
AndEngine Two scenes with ScrollDetector
Finding collisions in hash table
solr sort,i want Specify a particular document at the first
Strange order of firing of Validation.Error event - Added fired before Removed
Issues reading zip containing UTF-8 xml files
Grails Spring Security Core Plugin
Can BufferedReader continue to read line in text file when pass to another function?
Do I need multi-threading for this project?
Fetch website mobile version?
Font Size Changer
Using arrays in str_replace
Program developed by .net 4.0 sometimes cannot start after reboot
Comparing strings in C
Font Size Changer
Using arrays in str_replace
Program developed by .net 4.0 sometimes cannot start after reboot
Comparing strings in C
Symfony2 redirect to https route fails (uses wrong port)
Access FTP via Proxy using command line
How to wire a Backbone View to a meteor handlebars template?
Proper way to show loading activity in a Backbone application
Unexpected button padding on ICS
Wordpress Menu Disappears when $query->query_vars['meta_key'] is set
Avoid multi-click in image view android
update 鈥減ublic鈥�鈥減rivate鈥�status of Asana tasks?
ant custom rule to set debuggable on or off in AndroidManifest.xml
AngularJs: Customizing the template within a Directive
Results of multiple queries with aggregates combined
Convert all EOL (dos->unix) of all files in a directory and sub-directories recursively without dos2unix
Segmentation Fault: 鈥溾�no such file or directory鈥�
Redirecting from a legacy Servlet to Spring 3 and from Spring 3 to a legacy Servlet
Android ICS Launcher 4.0.x cannot keep screen orientation
Using RestKit with local server
How can I control which fields to serialize with YAML
Automatically List Dependencies For a Project
Prevent up/down arrow keys from changing focused select's selection
Implementing/graphing square waves into neuronal model
Can I use System.IO.Ports.SerialPort to read USB [duplicate]
Entering username password into popup with C#
How to use find function for more than two tables and how to display data retrieved through Find(list) to view.ctp (cakephp)
Detecting window onblur() event in FF, IE and Chrome?
What's wrong with this shell/sed script?
Using which Query Implementation to get a row from Cassandra
iPhone background app to update the screen when a phone call is received
iTextSharp SetListSymbol does not work
How to implement HTTPS access using MyEclipse Tomcat?
Rails: validate PayPal email?
Twitter Bootstrap: hiding a row-fluid container without the row's other containers to the right sliding left?
How do I derive physical path of a relative directory inside Config.groovy?
Confirmation pop-up with coffescript buttons
Why each time I use Adapter.notifyDataSetChanged()锛宨t will call getView twice
javascript how to use class instead of id for dropdown menu
System.Addin - Creating secured ASP.NET MVC plugins
how to use front camera using flex4
Piped Variable Into FINDSTR w/ Regular Expressions and Escaped Double Quotes
How to setup web.config to see the complete error message for ASP.NET MVC3 project
Will a function be added to Gmail App Script API to get the type of star assigned to a message?
MySQL Select Not Returning resource
Simple dbunit table comparison fails
bad javascript? hello bar solo only working on homepage - no other pages
Determine which process created shared memory in Windows
How to merge gridview rows
Pygame won't import to python
add a info bar under the Navigation bar
Why doesn't my ftp upload in php work?
organize a deck of cards in accending order
regarding gef selection
How to move my apps from Eclipse IDE to my Android phone [closed]
Inserting an id into a div using Prototype/JS
OAuth inside Spotify app
Java: Arrays.sort(鈥� with Objects and nulls
AIR Browser invocation not getting arguments
Unexplained behavior in Safari with negative array indices
How to convert JSON array to JavaScript Array?
Successive calls to UIViewController's presentViewController method
Generic Object Debugger
Error message: 鈥淎MDEP鈥�was never defined
Git ignore .htaccess file for test subdomain or better method?
How to use Financial Function in c#, like EXCEL
typing indicator in xcode
Spring with remote DB. How to minimize network delay overhead?
Naming convention for class that interact with database
(wordpress) How can I run a function in my plugin when the plugin is activated
Random requests to website
Trying To Set Up Rails To Store Sessions In A Postgresql Database
Logging of fatal crashes
Deriving a specific motion equation for animation
Capturing the zoomed in portion of a UIImage as if it was it's own image
CI: form validation then inserting data securely (but without characters converted to html code)
django-tastypie and many to many 鈥渢hrough鈥�relationships
realtime replication of Sql Server 2008
Why does PrintWriter work for outputting to Process, but BufferedWriter does not?
Render marker-specific content alongside GMap
how to avoid list index out of range
OS X, Cocoa: how can an app be signaled when a network connection becomes available?
ror export csv bring a serious performance problems
watir-webdriver load failure in Ruby 1.9 on Ubuntu
Simple algorithm analysis
Where did this second match come from?
.change function in a for loop
Why is my jQuery function causing a 'Stack Overflow' error in IE 8?
dereferencing just-inserted std::map value sometimes leads to access violation
Including <sstring> header - file not found?
sub-queries inside check constraint
Can Python's garbage collection guarantee the reclaiming of circular referenced objects under all circumstances?
How to optimize my if statements or make less if statements?
GLSurfaceView inside fragment not rendering when restarted
Oracle error ORA-00933 (SQL command not properly ended) with Pivot function
Newbie 1st atempt at prefetch_related - returns blank
Does loading a php file count as a HTTP request?
How to encode and compress captured video to mp4 format like Viddy app? [closed]
how to grep listening on port 80 that can also filter other port contain 80 such as 8080 8088 鈥�
Difference between these 2 padding/margin scenarious
Javascript regex. Need to extract value from a SVG string
set value for a dropdown
arrays and counters in mips
AppleScript, InDesign errors
YouTube iFrame embed over top of CSS Hover Submenu in Chrome
How to use jQuery appendTo() to insert elements before the children
clearing cache for if(file_exists)
jquery mobile slide reverse transition shows blank page in middle of transition
Sort multidimensional array by value that is combinded with stdClass Object
What is the best way to load test a SignalR hubs application?
ios - combine/concatenate multiple audio files
Sidebar Div Pushing Main Navigation Down
Rails reports can't find a column that is there
MembershipProvider Class include reference in Class Project
Javascript - commands before alert > return false
How can I reproduce a 鈥渂ox鈥�transition animation in iOS?
Google Analytics on iOS returning NO on dispatch, no debug output
Using rails tagged logging, how can I log the log level of a message?
How to reload page with specifing query string on IE7?
can't see distribution tab as a admin of ios
message transmission from windows c# program to web-based javascript [duplicate]
Android 4.0 Debugging Issue - DDMS Error?
xcode: trying to capture a partial screen
Boost Graph Library - weight property from external vector
Issues in inserting currentDate into WebSQL from javascript in WebSQL
google maps overlay drawing on canvas from asynctask onPostExecute
Deleting everything that is enclosed with quotes or is a number in Python?
Java3D: Rotating the universe by increments
mysql_insert_id() 0, but insert is done successfuly
How to use setValue:forKey: function with NSArray
How to reference object variable from within method
How to programatically change ACRA 'interaction mode' setting
Objective-C: Avoiding EXCEPTIONS when NSConnection to Distributed Objects fail
How to stick a iAddBanner above the tab bar and keep it there
Show a prompt before page gets refreshed in mobile safari
How do I move files to appropriate folder based on Month and Year?
Get properties of outlook emails
What should getBoundingClientRect() on a transformed SVG element return?
geom_boxplot with precomputed values
Text Wrapping issue in silverlight for Windows Phone
Submit method by enter key?
JSON parsing using GSON - Setting up class hierarchy
jquery tablesorter zebra on fadein not working?
How to use multi language stemming in SQL Server 2008 Full Text Indexing
Mvc 3 How to list all available routes?
Testing for value in set of tuples
FileNotFoundException why trying to open an image
HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() does not work on consecutive request
Plotting cities in a specific state using Google Geochart
How to change the column data in sqlite database browser in android?
When using the 鈥渓ike鈥�social plugin, can I get the like message to display in the same way as the object preview in the Open Graph dashboard?
Visual studio Solution Explorer; adding a new filter vs a new folder
how can I get a url segment?
NSSearchField continuously calls method
Can I delete a message with Facebook API?
asp.net mvc3 persisting form data when user navigates to unrelated page
Converting Collection of Strings to Dictionary
python recursive pascal triangle
Captcha solution using omniauth-identity without devise
AppleScript - Change prefs when home
TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_PAN event does not fire
Detecting a loop in a Binary Tree
Starting bash scripting
Is there a way to exclude certain interfaces/address from dbus-monitor output?
Decryption in PHP
How to get a youtube playlist thumbnail?
Updating a node and its accompanying indexes in neo4j using neography
How do I parse a string to an object's name?
Overriden Properties and TargetInvocationException
Size changing paragraphs in web page
Post to fan page as admin worked yesterday, not today
Backbone - Passing the right model returned from fetch
Recursive floodFill function? C++
Java generics and interfaces, using types as method parameters
How to reset Disqus within Wordpress?
Internal images need of many resolutions?
Can't figure it out: Redirection showing old url
How to get current date and time in websql?
Getting animation to work correctly with Java KeyEvent
JavaScript Change Table Row Class based on Date
08 is less than 1, but 07 is greater than 1 in DOS/Batch. Why?
.net Operator Overloading
Sprite is just visible not totally disappear
dbpedia resource for wiki portals
How to cancel a request made in a UIWebView?
Secure SQL Server connection through client application (how to protect reverse engineering)
How to get Facebook Page analytics data
Symbol clashing of inner and outer structs, C++ vs C
Optimal way of generating a large sequence of letters for future manipulation
How to pause JavaScript execution in Internet Explorer?
How to set cache=FALSE for a knitr markdown document and override code chunk settings?
MySql request returns duplicates on LEFT JOIN
How to determine what coordinate is further North in objective-c
unable to read azure cached data from a different application
JS CORS issue with IE - how to resolve?
Fancybox dialog is not coming using cakephp
MPMoviePlayerViewController dismisses on screen-lock
Use mecurial branch name as maven version
iOS : kCCDecodeError -4304
Get Full MySQL Query String on Insert or Update
Magento attribute sort order and count [closed]
.load() jQuery with div selector causing <script> to be overlooked
ClassCast Exception can't cast String to Boolean [duplicate]
Validation by annotations?
Why do Matlab surfaces disappear when the camera is too close?
MVC - Dictionary requires a model item of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1
Got PN however application:application didReceiveRemoteNotification: not triggered when app icon is selected
Ant: putting classes on the classpath, but they are not seen
Using comparison in Strings in SOQL
C order of operations
loading local storage in one read
making a GLView from a View in a nib
Forbidden You don't have permission to accesss at Bitnami Ruby Rails
Can you access Questions attached to Event via Facebook Graph API?
Android - Fragments and multi-page forms
Problems with git submodules when submodules are private Github repos
how to adjust exposure in java?
Pass individual parameter from a set to SQL stored procedure
Error: too much recursion jquery drupal
Python: matplotlib - Black and White Scatter
Not sure why this short processing assignment isn't working
Disabling Resume [duplicate]
MIPS vs Intel x86 vs LLVM as the first assembly language to learn?
Do i need to 鈥渘ew鈥�a array in order to do memset later? in c++
Processing SVG Gradient
Does it make sense to have three primary keys, two of which are foreign keys, in one table?
Use superscripts in R axis labels
Simple GLSL Spotlight Shader
when retrieving an array element, how can I use a variable as the element number
php mysql download link
Deploying Play 2.1-SNAPSHOT based application to Heroku
Unable to use whitelisted https sources in chrome extension
Searching browser contents after automated form submission
Rails image capture with drag and drop for Pinterest API
Android: onCreate before OnDestroy between Activities
Javascript setTimeout not stopping on clearInterval()
Dynamic Graphics Object Painting
User defined database location
Developer tools and switching between tabs
Devise Omniauth with google open-id access token information
Trying to use Rhino Mocks in VS2010 鈥�tests don't run
NSMutableArray addObject overwrites data
MVC3: PRG Pattern with Search Filters on Action Method
How do I limit socket speed in C? [duplicate]
How long should I wait before making a Facebook query with FQL
Xcode build but not run on device
Simple FB inquiry: FB login screen in a canvas app?
In objective C, how do I programmatically access a UIViewController?
Testing on a second iPhone
Limitation for data-set (items) with Highstock/Highcharts?
How to find cursor row in TextArea in JS when it has soft-wrapped lines?
Bootstrap collapse within table/between table rows not working - Rails
using blocks that returns and takes a parameter
Jquery Pagination - handling the non visible pages
3D: Javascript API to develop an immersive 3D app for Facebook
Copying from stringstream to char * array return as function parameter
jqgrid dynamic row that spans all columns?
HTML XPath: Selectively avoiding tags when extracting text
Referencing a particular block when building xml
Should I use an XML file or an API on a micro site?
Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/鈥�yet again
Eclipse plugin to view image while debugging
Jquery, accessing data from a click within a function
How to use SOAP from Android?
MySQL subquery error on multiple tables