Magento - Can't Access Checkout with SSL
GWO: Using trigger Exit page to start test variation
What are some NLP libraries that include feature selection and preprocessing techniques for document classification?
javascript array objects
htaccess and GET for subpages
Lojban and artificial intelligence?
MPMoviePlayerController audio doubles after resuming paused video
What happens when creating string in smalltalk?
ImageBrush for Grid programmatically
Need a HTML to show a SQL table
Building Perl Soap Services that are Consumed by .NET
Using iframe to embed an ASP page in html doc
How to get control back to application (outside Webview)?
Parallax escrolling effect
hta - ajax call to php script on webserver
Excel - populating a column header with contents from a row on a different sheet
Jquery ajax - passing params as variable
Use cases and user stories in TFS 2010
SoundClip only plays ONCE on button_Click
RelativeLayout in a ListView
How to use JQuery .on() to catch the scroll event
how to (programmatically) scroll to a specific line in gtktextview/gtksourceview
Extracting first n columns of a numpy matrix
Compiling data from a standard template file into a master spreadsheet
VHDL keypad issues
Can data contract serialization be used with BasicHttpBinding?
running a bunch of SQL files in a folder
New FB Comments export to a db
Html page shows up locally but not when published on the server
Input from physical keyboard
How do I dynamically generate buttons using Primefaces?
JTable Row Header Text
Rails: non matching asset digests
Ruby AWS - Programmatically generate list of available AWS instance types
Public Test Swarm for JSUnit testing?
Java, local TCP server accepting HTTP requests from a browser
What is equivalent to the following inside a successful XHR request?
DateTimePicker wpf toolkit binding
how to implement Spring Security SpEL isFullyAuthenticated() programmitcally in a controller?
One way Sync b/w Sql Server 2008 & SQL CE 4.0 (WPF)
What is the benefit of the Javascript Module Pattern?
AccessViolationException reading email sender in Outlook 2007
JQuery banner drop down - animation is jumpy and end 32 pixels too high
JPA 2.0 Map two collections of the same type using one @JoinedTable
Can't figure out where a value is being set
Two divs with shadows looks like one part. Is it possible in CSS?
How to to find a domain name inside a query string value
Looping through child list using jQuery
view change algorithm and paxos
deep clone a List of object in c#
Compare same date using java
How to get HttpResponse size
f:setPropertyActionListener not invoked
How do I render favicons in Lithium?
.htacess condition that rewrites if there is a subdirectory?
Primefaces. AjaxStatus Dialog loads of behind the new dialog! What can this be?
include scala.html files in play 2.0 scala
Allocating memory for 2d matrix using 1 malloc call
How to use JTA transactions with Infinispan?
Multiple dropdownlist postback in MVC3
searching for data and removing data from a text file using php
Django email backend with local smtp
What's the fastest way to copy a collection within the same database?
Zend view script path setup
Postgresql Update Based on count, min and group by
how to count with multiple criteria in mongo php
set cookie in theme header.php based on page - wordpress
Generating Crystal Report by month?
how to link table output (also available by url in json format) and google maps by clicking a button?
Convert datetime object to a String of date only in Python
Javascript (NOT JQuery) ..calling the OnClick event of an <a> anchor
Hashing password in WPF C# application
Background code runs on any popup click
action behavior is not fired when used in CommandLink
Challenge with Android communicating to GAE using restlet
annotated copy of d3.js source code like the one for jQuery?
Reduce EM slant with CSS?
Interpreting: def __iter__(self): return iter(self.file)
Perl IRC Bot Badwords Function
Migrate MySQL database to Oracle 11g with SQL Developer 3
Jsoup Timeout not working properly
Loading jars at runtime
I need a javascript/html plug-in that allows me to post news without editing .html file [closed]
Migrate MySQL database to Oracle 11g with SQL Developer 3
Jsoup Timeout not working properly
Loading jars at runtime
I need a javascript/html plug-in that allows me to post news without editing .html file [closed]
SQL moving average
Overwrite instantiated object with object from mock.Expect() call
Multithreading a massive file read
Login to a website using perl web api generate url for a resource
TSQL : Error 鈥淪ubquery returns more than one row鈥�on update, but select runs
PHP while does not return first column from mysql query
get sorted list of files from a directory
How to post opengraph objects
Flex component to identify phone number and email ids in a multiline string
MySQL String replacement with multiple values?
What properties does nodejs express's Error object exposes?
Console.WriteLine(ArrayList) wrong output
MySQL - Confusing RegEx Variable Issue
N Choose K function in R not working--what am I missing?
mysql query - multilevel locations
Android, Eclipse: what does 鈥淣o expanded opcode鈥�error mean?
transpose column headers to rows in postgresql
How to add parameter to page
Use variable other than :id in rails 3 routes
Rails - JSON parser crashing on a random line
variable value is two strings
CakePHP 2.1 Contact Form Data Won't Save
Need help to use Expression Tree to build a LINQ query
Primefaces calendar component from Timestamp JPA model field
jQuery UI Autocomplete - No Response Causes Functionality to Abort
Is it possible to associate a POCO entity with a standard entity?
Assign String variable to an String array
web app on mobiles with phonegap
Connecting to Oracle using UCP and DataDirect driver
Win32Exeption: The operation completed successfully鈥�graphics
Is it possible to dynamically add tabs in blackberry
FindFirstFile returns access denied
Recieve an image file using ajax from a direct url to an image file
How can I use bigint with c#? [duplicate]
How to extract string at a certain character that is repeated within string?
How to properly handle audio interruptions?
HQL: Is it possible to perform an INNER JOIN on a subquery?
Is there a way to make transparent / invisible PHP redirects?
iOS - Capture UIWebView to Image
Iframe with no border? [duplicate]
Using a URL parameter for a results message on different page? What is a better way to accomplish this?
Css Sibling Absolute Positioning
C++11 rvalue calls destructior twice
RegEx to extract parameters from url hash in JavaScript
store session data to a table
OpenMP program is slower than sequential one
Flash Object Positioning Issues
SimpleDateFormat timezone bug on Android
assembly programming sonyericson arc s arm processor
Silverlight DataGrid control customizing column headers
/etc/init.d/openibd: line 147: syntax error near unexpected token `;&'
Swig error with Nested enums in C++
Flash success message not showing
mvc 3 assign class for all textboxes
HTML5 JavaScript Pasting Image Data in Chrome
Inheriting properties of a separate class in Python
Jersey Client message body reader for Java type not found
Bevel effect in HLSL
Old java program not compiling properly?
Android C2DM send extras from server side
trouble with example google maps code
jQuery Roundabout redraw/resize issue
Display data only once
How to import data stored in an Access Query into SQL
Asigning postback trigger to control inside ListView
Count the number of Leap Year Days in a temporal difference in xcode
Get a BackButton on UINavigationBar saying 'Back' using localizations defined by iOS
Jquery works in every browser other than IE
Execute API call until desirable response is returned
Calculate Time Difference between current time and a time in future , after every second
Python script to search PII
How to copy rows using Excel VBA based upon a condition
JavaFX Query - launching from Java Application
Codeigniter model is not loading in controller
Display folder selection dialog in Visual C++ 6
upload file to server
Dealloc in NavigationController
File Download: Object not Visible
World Bank JSONP Parsing
Get a limit on arrays (Javascript)
Arrays and Rvalues (as parameters)
SWT Text set scroll value
Order of Ant Task Arguments
jQuery Autocomplete - Key Down to results
JavaFX 2.0 resizing everything on scene
Need to output 1095 fields in Rails app
ctype equivalent of the variable type word
Ecological simulation, how to compare multiple numbers in a matrix to make a decision
How can I prevent horizontal scrolling when child elements extend beyond the width of the parent div?
Can I present google analytics data to users within my application?
Javascript to Grab the Selected Value from a list of Form Radio Options OR text field, whichever is used, and output to text?
Class imagick not found when ran from CLI
Yii JUI Autocomplete - Pass javascript into sourceUrl
Find which reference dll contains a method
Extjs4, how to retrieve single textfield value?
jdbc to MYSQL error: 鈥渢able airportdetails doesn't exist鈥�
PHP Executes File Twice When Link Is Clicked
For each file: Walk line by line and grep for string (incorrect output)
Use PHP to load XML Data into Oracle
Simple Unix statement not working
distance calculation in for loop dosen't work
how to draw lines in a quartz context that aren't connected end to end?
Is it possible to overload operators in C?
How to prevent jQuery 鈥渇adeToggle鈥�from looping over and over again?
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo after SDK update
How to capture a certain group of lines using perl regex?
How to make a grid view with different item sizes adjusted to different sizes?
Upgrade python without breaking yum
looking for a strategy to avoid cyclic dependency in PostgreSQL schemas
If <video> is specified with a remote url, and the user plays the file, does the file get streamed or downloaded?
control spaces? in a note of products
how to make phpmyadmin work with kohana site? (.htaccess)
java string split regular expression
Bluetooth gaming on Android/iOS
Crystal Reports Details Section Suppression Blank Section Locked
symfony2 - error when trying to persist form data used in one-to-many/many-to-one
Capybara is giving my NoElementFound error from possible routing issue in testing?
Using a referenced variable VS a public class variable for custom method call
Record audio on html5 app
Add Swipe Event to my WP jQuery // Slide Show?
Is there a way to get the Perl interpreter to list all the global variables in a pl file?
Can static class functions of a templated class be used without a template parameter?
the way to update a list of dom item with java script?
Which is more efficient, getLogger(String name) or getLogger(Class clazz)?
CakeEmail response of mail send
Increase Snippet Size on Google Search Appliance
Multiple IQueryable in one controller?
OBJECT Serialized using XML Serializer, when passed to the service using HTTPPOST, The values of the object are null or empty
Symfony2 and Twig sidebar
Will Google Places Autocomplete return places my app has added via place report?
Rails 3: trigger submit on remote form via js/prototype
Hide on body click exept item id = something
Set width to 110
How can I position a form with controls over a Google Map?
Password protecting pages simply with rails - what should I do?
Display Invoice via HTML rathen than PDF?
Jquery select input that is within a TD
File Dialog from a Background Worker
Javascript - Regex for letters,numbers,underscore comma-seperated tags
Android Edit Call Log
php mvc + templating engine
Reuse javascript code across multiple Metro-style apps
How to open a file in C
Return Unique Dates in Range of Days
How can I execute code before DataSource.groovy is evaluated in Grails?
SQL Server User-Defined Table Type and .NET
replying to email adress on the from
YUV to RGB in iOS5 with OpenGLES
Why can't you put multiple selectors in this jQuery code?
Convert oracle date string to SQL Server datetime
Runtime error in OOP class (Corona)
Facebook OpenGraph: Submitting an new action
.NET and Oracle data access
How to parse a line and result in array - stuck
Getting the width of an html element in percent % with jQuery
How to apply css and keep that css to a textbox
Why does CoCreateInstance return error 0x8007007f 鈥淭he specified procedure could not be found鈥�
Convert datetime in Python list to year only
DIstinct edges in arbor.js
Ending a loop when nothing is entered
something wrong with audio data
How do I get Facebook to return to my app after login if using phonegap plain on iPhone?
When to switch from Sandbox to production StoreKit server?
Fluent NHibernate Relationships that Share Columns
Hibernate, (netbeans 7.1.2, maven) unable to use ElementCollection attribute
Objective C - Scientific Notation 鈥淪tring鈥�into Double
Is it possible to manipulate routing so it looks like a subdomain in mvc .net
MPMoviePlayerController won't load an HTTP audio stream
Pulling AD info into Excel using C#
CakePHP ajax post keeps returning 400 Bad Request
Price update working but not with multiple select and discounting the price at the end
Is it possible to use an extender on a calculation?
how to migrate from xampp to appserv?
interactive prompts with proc_open() on psql query
Android not importing
Linq to SQL Querying Column with spaces in column Data [closed]
Whats wrong with installing facebooker rails?
Cant connect to SQL Server 2005 localhost
How to use SQL against a CSV file
Dynamics CRM 2011 Sharepoint Reference in JavaScript
Regular expression non-matches numbers and letters
Programming Sockets in C, error to send and receive files
Service Broker in Database/Programming
Analyzer warning in Facebook API for iOS
Parse string 鈥�comes from a file 鈥�to integer
possible to reference CSS selector in code-behind ASP.NET
Silverlight callback mystery behavior
Android: jUnit Test Android Library
JQuery/Ajax calling function incorrectly
Change Phonegap User Agent
Pointers giving errors when building an old unix C project in Xcode?
Set a text in the drawing area
Process only input fields whose values have been modified?
JQuery Autocomplete (Pengoworks Version) findValue() Function - How To Use
need awk script for some xml node concat
JQuery Autocomplete (Pengoworks Version) findValue() Function - How To Use
need awk script for some xml node concat
Two Forms In PHP
Ruby on Rails - how to parse this object
Android/Java error
Performance penalty of String.intern()
Compare dates using Calendar class using java
Unable to access facebook's Open Graph settings as the link 404's
Change view alternative
Need help getting control of my computer's main output Speaker
Infrastructure - Maven + Nexus
how to add gif image into iOS app icon?
How to use Entity Framework 5.0?
Ajax and returning data limit (jquery)
Why the connection to Gmail server is change my mails situation from 鈥淯nread鈥�to 鈥淩ead鈥�
rangevalidator rejects wrong values and makes my submit button unresponsive
Printing a PDF in an iFrame from the parent frame in Firefox
Google Federated Login (OpenID + OAuth 2)
Cleaning up URLs to remove personal information
HTML5 progress bar for chunk file
Freezing main window after adding some items from childwindow
Modal Dialog in WPF
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name
MFC dialog frozen
find which spring context file loaded bean
C++ Copy one struct value to other
Echo variable and HTML in PHP IF statement
remove dashes from each value in an array, then rebuild array
Using Bass.Net to stream audio from RTSP on C#
How to install EF 4.3?
QtScript Javascript Object loses property
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException only on 2 telephones
noob: organizing input fields in wxpython dialogs
NullReferenceException from ClientRuntimeChannel.cs
SQL: How to join 2 temp tables?
Is it safe or an okay practice to spawn process from ASP.NET?
One database to log in, use different database depending on person
A lot of (program) entries in the Scripts drop-down in Developer Tools in Google Chrome [closed]
Deleting data from a huge table
Changing color of gallery that is open
Determining the favicon file (.ico extension) on the client side?
defining ctype equivalent structure in python
Stopping circular references in DataContract Serialiser
Swiping activities after ListView
Magento featured products by category
Pass array from javascript to C# in Metro app
When using the Supervising Presenter pattern with C# WinForms, how do you accommodate for UI thread constraints?
Remove-DistributionGroupMember - Specify a unique user
Assign a column of a data.frame with string name in R
What type of Android apps are the hardest to support (fragmentation worry) [closed]
Stopping circular references in DataContract Serialiser
Swiping activities after ListView
Magento featured products by category
Pass array from javascript to C# in Metro app
When using the Supervising Presenter pattern with C# WinForms, how do you accommodate for UI thread constraints?
Remove-DistributionGroupMember - Specify a unique user
Assign a column of a data.frame with string name in R
What type of Android apps are the hardest to support (fragmentation worry) [closed]
Cygwin: Using cronjob for starting an Windows batch-file
Get name as String from a Javascript function reference?
Where do you put -Dvar=value arguments in Eclipse debug configurations?
be subscribed to pubsub but publish anonymously like in MUC
trying to read text file using Perl
msbuild under cygwin mintty stops working
Symfony2 and the MVC concept of view model
How to write user defined exceptions in Visual C++ unmanaged code?
How to Perform a TFS get to a supplied or current directory path, ignoring workspace settings
How to use international internet domains (.it,, .es, 鈥� to the best for SEO
application redundancy with multithreading
Hide sub-nav option from Buddypress Profile Page
Specifiying invoation count from XML invocation
package javax.servlet.http does not exist but servlet-api.jar does
What difference between some-prefix-gcc and gcc --target=some-prefix?
datagrid with Comboboxcolumn - AddNew Error
Rails 3 localized routes and show resources
collapsing date records if the value does not change
EJS (embedded javascript) vs backbone.js 鈥�quick summary of differences
Accessing data member across Android application and activity
client_side_validations doesn't work - validations-hash is always empty :(
Jenkins : Report results of intermediate [windows batch] build steps in email body
C2712: Cannot use __try in functions that require object unwinding
Google Static Maps api v2 custom marker offset wrong without shadow
Oracle Database package compilation history and errors logging
What is the symbol for the Spacebar Key when creating custom Key-Bindings in OS 10.7?
MySQL: query structure, 2x2 JOINS - not getting any results
Include headers of both base and inherited class in main
FTPing to MainFrame - Need Return Code
Site not working on iphone/ipad.. Resize issue
What would be the correct routes when finding a parent and then creating a child?
Can't seem to find record by simple ID query
Learning Ruby from a JavaScript Background [closed]
Adding a JPanel to a JFrame in Netbeans
Setting up a django develop-environment on OS X 10.6.8
Refer to one single SQL query 3 times on a page, and create 3 separate loops off that query?
how make JavaScript .load work without window.location.reload()
Efficient index for strings to do full text indexing
Calculate dropwdown list prices
Transfering to ftp site using HttpWebRequest
Can I override a private method in Java?
Null coalescing in powershell
Using functions that require roles for permissions within services
Uploaded File not Posting
Scala types: least upper bounds
Warning saying `Id` exist and should be destroyed
SystemState.PhoneSignalStrength in WinCE
What is thread local when we use this? [duplicate]
Can a silverlight control have both a DataTemplate and a ControlTemplate at once?
populating sql variable with select statement works but if i put that same statement in variable and try exec() it doesn't work
Auto-populate Forms From CurrentRecord - MS Access
OAuth with Android
sqlsvr_connect() not connecting!? Trying to connect with php
How to add a new rt_field In Sphinx RT on a pre-existing index?
Django: 鈥淪oft鈥�ForeignField without database integrity checks
removeEvents by className
Text from Code Code Behind into Textblock with Different Font Style
what are pros and cons of web client interacting with server via message queue service vs via ajax?
Why is space shown in browsers when in source code ' n' is used?
How make such interactive clicable map with marks?
onkeylistener don't work on imagebutton
/usr/bin/env: python2.6: No such file or directory error
Dynamically Altering Relationship Criteria
.htaccess rewrite rule /directory/ to php files?
VB.NET DragAndDrop not working on controls
Div Height help, child elements position absolute
Generate XML schema from database table in Java
How do we create an iOS project with a clean slate (with no Interface Builder files)?
Trouble using PHP Twitter libraries to send tweet
Get bounding box of element accounting for its transform
How to use NonNullByDefault on a package
turn.js Swipe and Pinch on iPad
CUnit failures in hudson show success
Writing node.js stream into a string variable
Ant: get directory of file from a **/* fileset selector
CSS: Repeating linear gradients for Internet Explorer supported?
Custom List property not being updated from MVC View
file_get_contents() misses some important data
DirectX 11 framebuffer capture (C++, no Win32 or D3DX)
Zend Feed: How to get the whole feed from a website
Express Lucene queries into Solr
Ruby on Rails Webservice - access via ajax request
how to count number of active users in kernel
UIMA ConceptMapper not finding dictionary terms in document
Spring Security Preauth 鈥渇ilters=none鈥�not working
Detecting loops using patterns in the Program Counter (Instruction Pointer) values
How to save a jpa object within a for loop
Android about button to rate on market
How to handle white spaces in lexer implemented as finite automata?
Substituting ASPX file
Google Spreadsheet API form PHP on a Cron Job
How to create variables from arguments in python
HTML Tag Showing in View of Rails App when Using Internet Explorer
Suitable stacks/frameworks for REST and/or SOAP Web service development on Linux [closed]
Copying a file from withing a apk to the internal storage
Python spacing and aligning strings
How Sip or HTTP Listener works in Java
How to access an exact XML node and not the value of it in an XSL stylesheet
Foundation baseline different in snapshot view than when created
How can I tie a VBA macro to a button in Excel
embedded polymorphic association model form
Disable javascript in WinForms WebBrowser control?
Comparing two JSON files objective c
Use $(window).height as Animation Value
What's the difference between UISaveVideoAtPathToSavedPhotosAlbum: and writeVideoAtPathToSavedPhotosAlbum:?
when and where to use int vs Integer
HTML5 Canvas - How to Draw a line over an image background?
facebook post a youtube video to stream.publish
Running Uncrustify by selecting Behavior in Xcode does nothing
Mercurial on Mac. hg commitabort: no username supplied (see 鈥渉g help config鈥�
Streamreader to a relative filepath
Why won't the browser cache my http response?
locking Issue - Multiple Threads makes LOOP out of sequence
What kind of example url I can use that will immediately cause a request to fail?
SQL wildcard issue
POCO and Validation Application Block error
Mac ssh terminal
Can't install FuzzyFinder in vim
Combine 2 arrays into a multidimensional array?
Java: How to check whether the computer has been changed [duplicate]
How to authenticate external web app to post to facebook app's page?
Null stackTrace in
show multiple items based on submitted id?
Solr query and double quotes
Ruby array hash keys
Yacc file parsing
Can't get right-handed jQuery tabs to animate properly
ASP.Net MVC Refresh other element in another view after ajax post
converting a 2d dictionary to a numpy matrix
EF not create table on database
Calling a Stored Procedure Within a Cursor Loop, Without Tripping the Continue Handler
How to get the user's time zone in the JIRA API?
how to add click for next image in jquery slideshow [closed]
How to delete document from a referenced array of documents in doctrine ODM with mongodb
Android Development, SDK Version
Error when starting Couchdb
How to programmatically re-apply a 9-patch image to an ImageView?
Call a spinner's onClickListener with another button or control
Possible to set fill level below value for Gtk::Scale?
iOS - Unable to add image objects to a NSMutableArray
BufferedReader error in loop
(java) Making sure a specific constructor exists for a plugin factory
system test run error message
How do I get this detail view to animate to the correct height?
Can't import .h file from Tapku
Append WPF resource strings
Ink recognition api for android
Displaying image from sqlite database in android?
Updating a ListBox from a FileSystemWatcher event
How to determine the exact reason, why does berkeley db return EINVAL on db->open?
attaching an object to the Zend form
How to get SQL code to send error message when writing in C#
Convert a primary key field that is set as a varchar to become a int field
How can you do window functions in postges 8.3
Lockout an user during change password
Echo foreach loop inside array [closed]
One way function to hash a variable length string into a 12 digit number in Groovy
What can cause git to mess with character encoding?
A kind of github ruby gem?
Thread locks in if statements
Jquery sortable while dragging on hover
What time format is this and how do I convert it to a standardized dd/mm/yyyy date?
Grabbing an image from an HTTP response with C#
Should I modify JPA generated beans or is that bad practise?
Does mysql encrypt behave differently on INSERT vs UPDATE?
WebKit: Is there any css trick to bring elements to front without scaling it?
Python csv.reader automatically converting ISO dates?
Crontab is working but PHP script isn't working as planned?
Manual drag and drop in Flex 4 while avoiding collision with other draggables
java FileChannel writing to a file and adding n at the end
How to sort a collection of objects in JavaScript without converting it to an array
In WPF, can I somehow use TemplateBinding to set the CornerRadius of a templated Button?
MVC - html.dropdownlist - calling javascript or controller/method directly?
How can I use Hamcrest to check if each element in an array of doubles is 鈥渃lose鈥�to each element in another array?
Is there a way to run servlet Filter only once?
Running Weblogic from JDeveloper and accessibility from remote
How implement an inner class?
Making Gaussians Constrained by the FWHM
Threading error in datagrid combobox control
String comparison AND print-object in Xcode4 not behaving as expected
Smoothing colors between vertices
Haskell How to convert Char to Word8
Add a css class to <%= @quest.text %>
AVQueuePlayer not playing sounds
Sample C++ code for Zaber devices
PHP and ZIP creation: Can standard zip 鈥渙ptions鈥�be applied
How to control mobile browser scroll behavior with jQuery?
Use Phonegap-BarcodeScanner-Plugin for scanning existing Pictures without Camera
PHP: gethostbyname bug
MySQLi prepared update statment
Why are my Wordpress widgets not saving?
I'm Having Trouble With a SQL Query in LINQ
PHP and ZIP creation: Can standard zip 鈥渙ptions鈥�be applied
How to control mobile browser scroll behavior with jQuery?
Use Phonegap-BarcodeScanner-Plugin for scanning existing Pictures without Camera
PHP: gethostbyname bug
MySQLi prepared update statment
Why are my Wordpress widgets not saving?
I'm Having Trouble With a SQL Query in LINQ
Decrypting value in 3Des using Java
Defining a wordpress page in a plugin, not in the sidebar
Is it worth it to host user uploaded videos?
Page render without CSS to some users
How to know that the device is galaxy note (or any other specific handset model)
Override Spring:message tag with database values
how to render motion of a 3d rigid object using povray
Opening a shared file inside a DLL
CodeIgniter with encrypted URLs
Finding difference between data in 2 columns in Excel
Interrupt JS in an iframe
how do you call multiple files from command line into your applicaiton?
Change Button Text jQuery
Getting an erro/warning while integrating camera
Run Processes as TrustedInstaller in .NET
Drupal Form 鈥�no output
Imagemagick: generate several files at once
Dynamic Index for paged table
Reboot after uninstall using WiX
Defer updating knockoutjs model until validation / save
Check out file from VS2010 VsPackage
Spell checker error: null cannot be parsed to a squiggly dictionary
Repeat Images under WPF in the manner of CSS
Sencha JSON to SelectField Options
CXF return list of elements
Uploading from AS3 to S3 using presigned url
How do I find Jqgrid index number?
iOS Mapkit - How to filter annotations (show/hide)?
Where store downloaded images in app?
Run Application_Start immediately when application pool restarts in IIS
How assignment works with python list slice
Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Filename cannot be empty in
Is there an alternative to PVS-Studio? [closed]
What happens when Heroku SQL query times out?
Access to OSGi bundle deployed on JBoss7.1 via https(SSL)
Android Map activity using longitude and latitude
mod_rewrite and GET parameters
Csh eval statement?
What is a way to extract data from this file type?
Array not an Array? [closed]
Is it normal behaviour that CakePHP creates hundreds of session files in app/tmp/sessions with only a few users?
VS2008 SP1 hot-fixes for C++ development: where can I found a comprehensive list?
How to read PLIST in a structure manner
VS2008 SP1 hot-fixes for C++ development: where can I found a comprehensive list?
How to read PLIST in a structure manner
How to detect if the current location is inside an area with CoreLocation
Ranking/Counting Rows based on Column Value
Session.Query returns empty list (nHibernate)
Viewing changes in branch using Xcode Version Editor?
How can I disable model compatibility checking in Entity Framework 4.3?
Upload File HTTP Post
SerializationException when adding a Windows control to an Excel 2007 Worksheet
Getting a certain decimal length from a model
mod_rewrite apache for custom flat links gets stuck
NSXML parse image
NHibernate not restricting subquery using 鈥渢op (x)鈥�
MySQL select rows with multiple rows in another table
Trouble populating ArrayList
ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in PostsController#create
Apparent imprecision when incrementing and displaying double values [duplicate]
How to use Excel to view a proprietary delimited file
Setup Solaris 11 name server to manage domain
Java Generics compile error
Which is quicker for searches in Oracle
jQuery focus when leaving a window in IE8
How to read the latest thread of an email in gmail using JavaMail?
How to style links within other elements
Threading with Semaphore
jqGrid select row from code behind in c#?
Unknown column in where clause in C# app
Is it possible to programmically turn on the iSight camera?
SSAS Partitions, how many is too many
Identify a portlet first render phase
Draw a rotating rectangle on applet
How to get to NSDates of the midnights bracketing any date?
Positioning Across Different Browsers
Is there a fully implemented REST javascript client?
Pattern Recognition Algorithms in Node.js or PHP?
Convert NSData to base64encoded AND a byte array in C#
Problems with singleton in android
get timezone in 鈥�0100鈥�(for example) format
Razor helper method not working after upgrade from MVC 3 to 4
Transmitting and receiving ARP data on Windows from user mode programs
#1005 - Can't create table 'testt.rating' (errno: 150) with MySQL
'Computed field' controll and disableOutputTag=鈥渢rue鈥�doesnt work? [duplicate]
Webpage navigation (trouble with bold)
Will structs with only 鈥渄ouble鈥�element have padding?
How do I process the result of a form action without redirecting to that form action page?
Struggling to store encrpted info in database field
Textmate 2 Command Line Support not installing
How do I make dragging SVG elements in Chrome with jQuery work without getting offsets? (Firefox is OK)
Limit textarea based on number of lines? [duplicate]
Is there a way to invoke Gmaps4rails.geocode(address) from within javascript?
Operation on 鈥�may be undefined?
Save key_name value GAE and WTforms
Customize Compound Control on monodroid
postData is not sent to server in jqgrid
setting margin to single header tag in a div issue
Passing an optional parameter in formtastic url
Reading data from a various terminals using PHP
Ensuring an inline item always appears last
python: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'open' referenced before assignment
exec stored procedure on c# error
Insert random data from one column to a column in another table
Oracle: merging two different queries into one, LIKE & IN
BackReferences, R1, R2 in URL Redirect rule questions
WPF TextWrapping differences between ListBox and ContentControl
Want to upload and parse a json text and load it to my index page by a click of a button using ajax
jQuery validation plugin addMethod to be accessible through attributes
How to submit a disabled drop down list in ASP.NET MVC?
is there a variable with the tag name generated by the maven-release-plugin?
How do you pass variables into MongoDB via node-mongo-native?
Displaying files in a listbox in C# [closed]
Checkbox size different from IE8 to IE9 Compatibility Mode?
Static left-hand column
I have problems in retrieving data from sharedpreferences of one activity to another activity
Windows Work flow - Exposing Multiple Service Receives using Pick activity
Is there any xml-include-like thing for Java class?
Access to static member by non-static method
Display a specific field using drupal arguments aka鈥渋f statement鈥�
placing existing div over an existing div and then switching between them
White Screen in IE9 鈥淐ompatibility Mode鈥�when using jqueryui
Create a variable in an IF statement
Paging my GridView within an UpdatePanel causes a full postback.
prnadminlib fails to set processor on winxp when running as SYSTEM, works when domain user
e.Row.Cells[x] not indexing correctly
Executing api in while loop, gives 500 internal server error
How to get the id of a edge from its two id vertex in C and Igraph?
Namespace of model(ASP MVC3) isn't visible in WorkerRole
htaccess allow access to specific user
How to retain date formatting during CSV export
Mysql INSERT data in Table 2 for each row in Table 1
Site showing up different on macs
wrong height of display: table in opera - box model issue?
Bourne Shell: how to terminate when inner shell command returns nonzero exit code?
How to read certain data from mysql results in C#
Microformats for a product page in magento
Get the network transforming data bytes and save them
WPF: Is it possible to get all elements on which certain attached property set?
How to get all parent folders of a file path
SQL: How to select the earliest date and data that corresponds to it
How to find the third party module that is refering to MSVCR80.dll
Incompatible pointer types returning **'from a function with result type '*'
Incompatible pointer types returning **'from a function with result type '*'
I am trying to get data from row to match into defined columns Nested Event not Parsing Correctly
Regexp to detect a word only if it is not part of longer word?
ios binding UIControlEventTouchUpInside to container does not make views in container to respond event
How do I change all the values in a column whose value is contained in more than one row?
class and paint relationship in OOPS
How use GROUP BY DAY at DataSetTableAdapter in Report of Visual 2010
joining tables with diff number fo columns
Wildcard search in the node selector with HTML agility pack
Automatically send an Email when the VBA code gives an error
Restrict opening of all tabs in blackberry application
Building ImageMagick for Android NDK with more image format support
Java HtmlCleaner: Does not handle extended ascii characters
Can I lock a particular Google Apps worksheet using a script?
Modifying the Microstrategy SQL Generator
Executing Java code from String safely
WPF button style with icon throws System.Windows.Data Error only at runtime
kobject_init issue in 2.6.30 kernel
How to pass the Array collection from flex to java servlet
XML Merge Optimization with PHP
Xui.js .children() alternative
android tablelayout trouble, adding views
Optimizing/profiling CSS/JS concatenation
How to handle with 鈥渟eparate including鈥�from different files in php?
opening a web from my android app, post values
How do I access libraries other than the Cocoa Storyboard library in Xcode?
Drupal Form API
Oracle Grouping
The EU Cookie Law and blocking cookies from Google Analytics [closed]
Does iOS keep file modification dates updated?
JqueryMobile DateBox plugin take 6-7 seconds to load
Task Space 6.7 SP1 issue with JRE 1.7.0_03
python coordinate transformation / interpolation possible?
jQuery plugin Flot crushes web site
DevExpress aspxCallbackPanel behavior and control state
What am I doing wrong when calling return in a django model?
How do I count the number of words in a text using regex?
can we enforce restrictions on jaxb globalbindings for mapping xs:dateTime to java.util.Date
QRcode Reader for Monodroid
How to change the 鈥淩eturn-Path鈥�header on email notification
Have legacy VB6 code that needs to be converted to
Solr date range query
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in C: wamp www CRM login1.php on line 15 [closed]
鈥渢f get鈥�when file has local changes and a new version is available gridview with drop down , text box and checkbox
How to import python script from submodule?
Loading data from multiple text files, with different number of columns to 1 big table
Getting a product attribute from within another product attribute?
customize emacs mode and font-lock-defaults
How to import python script from submodule?
Loading data from multiple text files, with different number of columns to 1 big table
Getting a product attribute from within another product attribute?
customize emacs mode and font-lock-defaults
Form method = 鈥済et鈥�pretty URL
Build JSON output from a nested list
Covering only part of the window with a JQuery modal (optionally SimpleModal)
Weather API for email?
How to localize date format in rails, form builders and error messages?
'Where' clause in LINQ To XML not selecting anything
JSON Response for Visual Studio 2010 project
download file from web service in python 3
NetBeans Maven {tomcat_base}/bin folder as false classpath
How to find if an address belongs to the code or data sections
Django ForeignKey Instance vs Raw ID
What type of array is this?
Can I inject an object of an inner class?
Constructing a co-occurrence matrix from dummycoded observations in R
Know if a MovieClip will trigger a function
How to use JBuilder outside of Rails app?
Java synchronization between different JVMs
AdMob even the template does not work
Audio Level Detect
Facebook - problems with 鈥渁ugust_2012鈥�platform migration
How to access php variable using concatenation [duplicate]
I'm confused about Sqlite comparisons on a text column
Does exists any agnostic library validation framework in javascript?
Detecting change to Knockout view model
Generate barcode [closed]
Zend Soap and MindBody
Handling Unsupported Types
When is necessary to use LDM in wicket?
JDBC sql request compression
How to avoid boilerplate code in my models?
How to use NSUserDefaults and UIApplicationWillTerminateNotification to store the present state of Application when the user Logs Out?
Chart creating dynamically. in .net, c#
Python.h header missing
How to do GeoFencing on Windows Phone mango
Java - Superclass/Subclass
Getting File Directory in C#
How to make Facebook like button narrower than 225px?
SystemConfiguration.dll. Is part of the 2.0 or 3.5 Framework?
winforms namespace order - 'Security' does not exist in the namespace 'AAA.System'
Custom ListView Adapter - NullPointerException
How can I position a JButton under a JTable?
Android browser doesn't work with geolocation
Fetch a file from web: in GTK using C
How to get an instance of java.lang.Class from a .class file?
Why XmlDocument is using in Windows8 engine?
Need to redirect after back button pushed. How?
How to populate JList with .java and .class files
Is it safe and recommended to make a one to many relation within the same table?
Pass data between pages
Why are the properties of my view model not displaying?
Does all network traffic go through the RMI registry?
Google Api .NET Library OAuth2 Authentication
Python holding an webpage active
CharInSet accepting Unicode NULL character
passing multiple WSDL header variables to SOAP server
Store 1000 Preset Words?
How do I sort a dictionary?
Strange jQuery error message
Need help on keeping build numbers and assemblies in sync using TFSBuild
gets elements from array?
How to process a string char by char in the XS code
Fastest way to copy table contet from one server to another
cocos2d: Trigger code on SneakyJoystick down movement
Primefaces PickList update target list on transfer
Django HTML quality and tutorials
php's digit precision how to extend it
How do I display a collection of editable entities in MVC3 and process them on postback to the Action?
Xcode Building from non-existant Project File
Facebook Open Graph returns false
Paste VBA recordset into excel?
Odd error when attaching files with System.Net.Mail
Why does my window.navigate code fail?
How to render HTML and Rails helpers in a Devise flash message?
form input boxes and labels Alignment way off in IE9
MVCContrib Grid Paging customization
Converting SML to OCaml (syntax issues)
Does exists a Validation framework in ExtJs 3.4? [closed]
Landing Page Video Cost
jQuery won't let me do if blocks? [closed]
Determine redirect destination using AJAX
Can I add a hyperlink inside a message box of a Google Apps spreadsheet
Add jsp file to ear
remove print button
How to use external diff viewers in eclipse? Is there any diff viewer available for eclipse inbuilt?
ContextMenuOpening event not firing in WPF?
MasterPage needs property from abstract generic class derived from System.Web.UI.Page
Can't upload an image to my domain
java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException: object not locked by thread before wait()
Passing Values to a Crystal Report
Pushing a file from within a apk
Selection tab and onselect code conflict - infinite reloading of page
How to get a Text type instead of String type in liferay service
How can I debug JavaScript code with FireBug [closed]
Hibernate column nullness default
Authenticate user in Linkedin on Windows Phone 7 using oAuth
JavaScript - Video Tag
Cmake: How to hold off finding libraries?
add two json objets [duplicate]
HTML/DOM for a page with random image which will post properly in facebook and google+
Richfaces:a4j:commandLink with both onclick and actionListener
Can't save my view to image, but can save other views? [duplicate]
How does remote debugging work? Does code need to be compiled on the local box?
Selecting data from row above and below selected row in query鈥ossible?
How do big sites do a maintenance notice page?
Java Thread Serialization , why serialized Thread Object can be started
Wrapping words in a SQL query string with regex
Duplicate ListFragment entries when changing orientation
clearInterval not working on click [closed]
Writing to a text file on form closing event
ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer extension-InvalidOperationException
MVC App Ajax call Controller or WCF
Jquery not working in IE 9
How to get IP of VPN / Network with specific name and if it is connected?
d3.json works but $.getJson fails
Text box disabled on the client side still enabled on the server side
Bad practice to have a Response.Redirect within a class in ASP.NET?
Why isn't this CSS3 animation working in Safari & Chrome?
Modeling non-standard actions in Backbone.js with Models and Collections
Implementing Barabasi-Albert Method for Creating Scale-Free Networks
How to subtract a number of workdays from a date in excel
Select nodes from the node in htmlagility pack
What kind of database connecting string is needed to run application in different computers
why is PHP hanging, when a bash call forks
Best Practices on BackgroundWorker
How can I handle java.lang.OutOfMemoryError bitmap size exceeds VM budget pageradapter?
Change HUE of a Bitmap but retain background color?
SelectedIndex auto select on page load
Exporting a Windows Forms control created from Visual Studio 2010 Designer
Combining mousenter / mouseleave into one function
Windows AMIs with .NET 4?
Merge two tables, inheriting values from one to another
Incorrect assign symbol to char or string [closed]
How can i filter data by checkbox check or uncheck
How to redirect jsp/servlets from apache server to tomcat via tomcat conector mod_jk
What code to use related to PHP Encoding?
WordPress Media Library Issue
Can a literal assignment to int in C++ throw an exception?
Python subclasses calling parent function
Initiate object through an array
Using custom controls in Visual Studio 2010 Designer
Submitting Dates between Date Range - mySQL
PNG file Content-Type is Text from Response.ContentType
Can I access a remote registry key without administrative access on the remote computer?
android.view.InflateException: on Intent
Navigating through images in a database
Loading animated GIF in JLabel weirdness
Using custom controls in Visual Studio 2010 Designer
Submitting Dates between Date Range - mySQL
PNG file Content-Type is Text from Response.ContentType
Can I access a remote registry key without administrative access on the remote computer?
android.view.InflateException: on Intent
Navigating through images in a database
Loading animated GIF in JLabel weirdness
Regular expression for matching n amount of parenthesis
What should I use for a Client/Server Multi-player survival game? Java
Using SED with RegEx to put underlines back in links in hundreds of CSS files
Can I call a Perl OO function without first saving the object to a variable?
writing multiple lines to file in java
Keychain for ssh-add [closed]
Trouble with jQuery index()
Dynamic C # Subscribe to an event is lost on postback
PHPUnit Selenium2 - No Browser Instance
Getting the count of 2 different columns in one statement
Discovering the iOS App Purchase Date
Accessing variables from IPython interactive namespace in a script
ContractClassFor attribute
Is there a more 鈥渁ctive record鈥�proper way of writing this query?
How do you query an int column for any value?
Git Extensions has pending changes that aren't my own?
How to get the XmlTextWriter to actually write the & (without CDATA)
git merge: is there a way to force --squash?
Dynamically Draggable, Editable and self resizing TextField
Rewrite all html pages
How do I set the value of an input field via javascript
UserControl vs LayoutAwarePage (Windows 8 XAML)
Why is document.getElementById().setAttribute not working correctly in Chrome and IE?
Twitter Follow us feature with the ShareKit in iOS
CSS preprocessor with anti-FOUC support
socket exception 鈥渁ccess to path is denied鈥�
AS3 syntax to call a method of another class by its name in a variable? (Chained callbacks)
UINavigationItem BackBarButtonItem not replaced
Test if file under version control in pysvn (python subversion)
ScalaMacros and Eclipse
Google Chrome JavaScript debugging line by line
How to programmatically group (shift select) sheets in Excel
how to retrieve password in django
PHP drop down menu with Javascript alert
iis7 windowsauthentication(how to reterive username from domain?)
Async WCF call from WPC MVVM app Timing out and hanging the UI
XCode archive not including files in referenced folder
Am I using lock properly here? Should I try and wrap less code with it?
How to find/identify large files/commits in Git history?
What the right time for registering listener for Share/Search charms
Object reference not set to an instance of an object with no NULL fields present
Using SIMPLEPIE to fetch Facebook Fan Page RSS
Amazon-SQS + Django-Celery creates thousands of queues (a queue for every message)
Paginate SQL query
Android intents, close previous when opening next
Can't access NSDictionary values
offset().top not working in IE7?
Android Development: Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY
Best way to load content into application
fullscreen mode doesn't work properly
Windows CE 6.0 platform builder copying wrong bib files into postproc directory for fmerge
Extjs4, Summary value of a grid column that even not checked(selected)
Alert/ Dialog box in AS3
iOS custom status bar that only replaces carrier icon
Reuse code first model between different clients
Why is template typedef an issue in C++ (not C++11)
Using Reflection to discover an objects property list
Is it a good idea to use !Important in a CSS file
Xcode 4 project template script execution
Removing git repository objects entirely from all branches and tags and pushing changes to remote
Possible to modify existing class file using jcodemodel
xslt aggregation sum
How can I make a good use of the JSF 2.0 framework?
Authentication and authorization in a Rails Engine
Logic for UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark
Using ternary operator to output a string containing whitespace in Razor
Android: Positioning in file (similar to fseek in C++)?
Updating overlay on Google Maps API idle event
Starting threads, logics for this type of functionality?
Android How to set an xml shape as widget background?
C# DateTimePicker time
Indentation Error -Python frames
Close C# Console Application after MessageBox click
Backbone event not firing
Cant get logo to appear in right place plus cross-browser issues
How do I de-serialize 2 objects that I have created?
Accessing Iframe Variable in Parent With Javascript
MongoDB capped collection replication & extremely high CPU usage
Routes in Symfony2
PHP/MySQL Table with Hyperlinks
JVM reuse in Hadoop mapreduce job
Entity Framework v5 release candidate throws exceptions when using enums in model
ColdFusion - java object method call
CS0103: The name 'ViewBag' does not exist in the current context [duplicate]
Python, printing things a select number of times
How to identify a separator and how to use it with a path Open Inventor
time javascript
Cannot build SSCatalog project
iOS - NSString with Hash # and Star * reversed when localized
suggest like google with postgresql trigrams and full text search
R - Add a map layer to geographical mapping
deleteObject error in UITableView, can't duplicate
How to make all the view appear
How to make all the view appear
Python client producing and consuming JMS messages ( HornetQ)
Adding new grouped buttons with Jquery Mobile
How to stream Bitmap from Android to Google App Engine Servlet?
Android service notification and contentIntent
JQuery UI autocomplete for multiple search words in any order
Slider control with Move-To-Position behavior
Mongo and Rails newbie - trying to query for user and getting syntax error
DIV transparent border not showing underlying background in IE7
jquery autocomplete source function request sender
Confusing about the behavior of same kind of code?
JS: Get number of same values
Reading the regional location setting (country code) in Windows using Ruby?
Notification default text color
Not able to find Console Output Parsing Section in Jenkins
Webview Link Controls for Cocoa App
Sharing a private URL in google plus