ASP.NET Web Application. How do I change the default page when app is enetered [duplicate]
Reordering columns in the ASP.NET GridView after it is rendered
jquery webcam take picture
Is 'photocount' parameter deprecated?
Symfony2 : --reinstall issue
SQL Server procedure returning no results
how find value of javascript variable with regex?
LINQ to Entities Does not Support Invoke
iTextSharp exception: PDF header signature not found
jsPlumb: how to make Flowchart connectors avoid intersecting elements?
Clearing UIWindow cocos2d scene
Is SurfaceView hardware-accelerated?
Zend Framework : cant access controller and action other than index
Sharepoint 2010 Updating fields on XsltListViewWebPart view giving error adding a field using powershell
How can I resolve my CoreGraphics Memory Leak without crashing?
Rails uniqueness => true encoding issue
Is this the right way to delete a contact from the iPhone?
Must Declare Scalar Variable when it is already defined, and Sytax error near 'nvarchar' when updating
Replace blank spaces with null values
How to migrate a Magento Installation to localhost
0 is null or not an object error
Regular expressions in Smart Mobile Studio
How to convert ARGB to RGB array of bytes?
MVC Design in iOS
Anything wrong with nested Perl subs, that are only called locally?
Adding Sparkle framework in Xcode 4
How can I make XmlSerializer work with xsi:type?
How do I define a static array to member functions of a templated class?
Best Practice for laying out images for printing in a WYSIWYG Mac app?
Using TransferHandler to drag and drop from one JFrame into another JFrame
SQL sum function with where clause
How to get Orbeon Forms embedded into an ASP.Net MVC3 app?
iOS: TouchXML xmlReadMemory VS xmlParseMemory
Add class to a table row that contains columns with certain values
jquery chain actions
Generalized Steps for configuring imported jsf project's libraries in eclipse
check which flash plugin version between 鈥渋nternet explorer鈥�or 鈥淥ther browsers鈥�is installed on the client
Can I create a search engine friendly URL from this custom ColdFusion CMS URL?
ChangePassword() method not working
sed + removes all leading and trailing whitespace from each line on solaris system
Flixel - FlxWeapon not showing any bullet
How to get a class member to behave like a function pointer using Boost
Custom attribute issue
java:netbeans gui buttons not working simultaneously
Bind User Control To Parent Window
Mnesia exception exit: {aborted,{bad_type, Record}}
SPContext.Current.Web.Url returns http instead of https
Is it possible to set event listenerin XML?
Twisted-PyQt4 segmentation faults
ASP.NET MVC C# Data Annotations: Compare two values
Using HTTPS to encrypt data sent from mobile
GZipStream on large data
LinqToEntities code for Query needing one entity returned foreach root node?
Is there epoll equivalent in Java?
CakePHP X hasMany Y, find X that has = 鈥渧alue1鈥�AND at the same time has = 鈥渧alue2鈥�
MassTransit with RabbitMQ: MT timing out on second Request/Response
CSS Span Float Left
how to access a specific nested checkbox group
Excel VBA Multicollumn Listbox add non contiguous range
Identifying data outliers
String to BigNumber conversion, a particular solution
Java BufferedImage / Android Bitmap
jquery drop down .val .html
Localhost subfolder PHP
How do you stub external interfaces (e.g., a web service) in AS3 if you can't access/stub private interfaces?
Get file extension by its name
Bi-Dimensional array Tic Tac Toe AI Algorithm
branch if not equal to PC address
How to find max value grouped by multiple keys in array of hashes?
ModelAndView object not returned to jsp
Node.JS HTTPS client requests doesn't validate the server certificate against it's given ca certificate [duplicate]
jQuery remove fade and just have show? [closed]
akeeba backup error with database connection
Is it possible to 'embed' cache manifest directly in HTML?
Launch metadata driven app in android
jqGrid: sorting not working, have specified index, sortable, sorttype in colmodel
How to get full path directory from File Chooser
my app post header is gray and the name and app name is not clickable
Call Jquery datepicker in JSF page
catching parallel tasks if they stop prematurely
Beautify the tooltips in a Win32 application
Convert excel to xml in php
Most efficient way of selecting a set of elements
Isolate a value with BeautifulSoup in a bad written script
jquery .trigger('click') works only once (in < IE9)
What is the standard SOAP library to use in groovy?
unsplitting audio file in python
QSystemTrayIcon popup menus are not displaying if the application is busy
How to force browser to use specific adobe reader version
Displaying based on a string c#
How to access variable from a static method
How does Spring MVC handle headers for a 1-page app?
Adobe Air: scroller throws error when changes focus between different applications
geoxml3 - Google Maps with KML layer control
What is the simplest way to create an empty iterable using yield in Python?
jQuery plugin: Define defaults for NESTED options
Batch loading XML data to SQL Server 2008
create an extension (android application) for mobile firefox (fennec)
ZLib unzip a zip containing multiple files
MonoDroid MVVMCross handle back button pressed on a TabHost
Android: Exception passing anonymous class as Intent parameter
Executing HTTP requests from native code
Center with margin auto doesn't work
How to get the Servlet Context from ServletRequest in Servlet 2.5?
Deserialization of json objects in Restsharp
DOT Overwide node error
How to detect IE version inside IE
Periodically deleting expired records in MVC3
How do I create an array of a class that I only have the textual name for?
jQuery-UI: resizable - how to increase size of draggable edge?
How to prevent page margin from expanding in HTML/CSS code when window is resized
Eclipse RCP multithreading
Ajax Html Editor Extender - Cannot get height
why is the disclaimer at the bottom of this site not clearing all the content? [closed]
Windbg Cant get values of locals
How to insert a picture followed by text into an Excel file
Bind a python library TO C
Can multiple versions of same application can be submitted to Apple for review at the same time?
How to update a portlet contents periodically?
file name is undefined
Monitoring what goals are invoked by m2e while building project
Simulate Screen Size in OpenGL and Display Scaled Image
Getting error while using Proguard
Is canvas drawing slow?
Silverlight/OSX: TCP Socket stops working on one end?
recvfrom function returns -1 with no error
Is there a way to allow multiple programs to subscribe to the same multicast group on windows?
Load a webpage in DIV
Python inheritance --Frames
Detect TouchesEnded after changing the superview of the target
Passing variables values
Evaluating a score that indicates a state of a group of elements based on the counts of specific properties of the elements
Evaluating a score that indicates a state of a group of elements based on the counts of specific properties of the elements
Echo value of an array without Loop
Bash function that changes directory
SQL Update with grouping
Simple Abstract class concept
Menu Bar similar to Ribbon
Scrollto while scrolling
Mass produce JTables
SSRS: Deploy a report to my reporting server
How to notify the json object value change using Object.defineProperty?
WMI Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration 鈥淓nableStatic鈥�call fails with return result 0x80041003
Http get ungzip response in bash
Phirehose exits when using setFollow
weird gdb message when debugging C++ program
Problems running c# app on another machine
'VisualTree' is set more than once
How to convert from java.sql.Timestamp to java.util.Date?
Query model with many associations in nHibernate
Error: Element q not found鈥eleniumRC in Eclipse鈥tacktrace and Code provided..Resolutions pls?
time in Magento
How to animate scroll position? How to scroll smoothly?
How to get a HWND handle out of a System.Windows.Forms.Form
Any Hints on Saving an Invocation of a Macro/Function?
Visual Studio 2010 designer not displaying AJAX tab container correctly
using maven scm plugin
jQuery find using wildcard for xml tagname?
SASS 3.2 Media Queries and Internet Explorer Support
SymmetricDS system tables on a different schema other than public
Entity Framework no columns from simple query
WIX: COM registration does not work with UAC
Android Calculation error - analytic geometry
Service Broker leaving closed items in sys.conversation_endpoints after 30 mins
Jsoup malformed url
Query the database for laptops with price close to entered price
How do I use chrome driver to click a button in a frame in a pop up window, then get back to my original window?
Android Animation doesn't start until second touch
How to format date value before setting to a date picker input field?
How do I add a precompiled header file to my ios project?
Generating triangulated road geometry from a graph
Assign value to cell in column depending on name of column - matrix
Is OAuth overkill in this situation?
how do i create random letters in selenium ide?
How to add non HTML attribute in Yii's chtml::image htmloptions
Cutting out a fat stroke
Render frame from ISO file
If # is present, calculate the total, if all #s are not calculated, let the total still be calculated
PHPExcel load file from link
Objective-c: How to use NSPipe output the illegal command echo in a NSTask?
Search database with lat and long by radius using php mysql
What libraries exist for multitenant/conditional configurations for Java?
Standalone DB with Hibernate
MDX parent child nesting query
Spring, Hibernate, transaction management, not committed
Translate this JavaScript Gibberish please? [closed]
How to decide the field marked or not (Optical mark recognition)?
Background extraction in Python using open CV
How to add code to initialize sql database
How do I form a Github API POST request to add a new comment to a gist?
change distinguished name format in OpenLDAP
UIPageViewController Page Number on Toolbar
Is there any way to ignore application resources in contentpresenter
openCV filter image - replace kernel with local maximum
Override mvc.Controller.template()
鈥淭ab Slide Out鈥�plug-in not visible in IE8 or lower
How to open and run an excel macro using a batch file
sending an email with codeigniter doesn't work when they contain a link
Highlighting the selected row in a ComponentView?
vagrant to use yum instead of apt-get for centos boxes
C# how to receive system close or exit events in a commandline application
How to use multiple servers inside single Report
how do i run a development rails app / website on an ipod
Simple Java regular expression
Optimize slow search algorithm - javascript, JSON and localstorage
Mysql ordering and then grouping a query in mysql
struts Extjs integration
Trouble setting combobox selectedindex from another form
User.Identity for user account page
Android StringBuilder out of memory with large XML file
Can there be two or more :target selectors on one page without them interfering each other?
UITableCellView viewWithTag
Removing elements from an object with changing indexes
How to solve this error in tab menu with database?
Application Specific routing?
Find absent values in a junction table, rectify SQL Server 2008
Java: Generating list of possibilities from the given details
Hiding and showing a span
Jquery .on click not working on first click
Input variable list without manually adding a comma between them
Codeigniter file upload - possible to use callbacks? (v2)
ASP.NET creating RSS feed, no error but no data
Putting WPF MVVM and ADO.Net Entity Framework
Regex in Notepad++ for replacement
Some of my application initializers don't seem to trigger?
How SVN can tell you which files to add
Call commandlink action from Javascript
SSRS 2012 reporting services security issue
update table inside for loop
looping through a dictionary and printing it in a certain format
Android WebView canGoBack always true
PowerShell code works interactively, but not inside a script
intelij ide shortcut
Why the object is not moving on Keyboard Right/Left Key Press XNA
Pythonic way of reading NUL in a file
SQLite [Err] 21 - not an error
Parsing NSString. How do I check for a specific string using if & else statements?
How to kill JVM loaded by Ruby-Java Bridge (Rjb)
Reading multiple sheets - CSV - Using Java
Can Tomcat give me different cookies for different paths?
How to embed .swf file with jPlayer
MySQL - get sum() of group
Returning values C#/COM to C++ client?
.NET Code First Latitude Longitude Interface
How do I merge multiple SVN repositories and keep one Branches and Tags folder
What's the official word on binding to non-Properties (i.e. fields)?
How do you create a Visual Studio Solution File (.sln) and add more projects
How do you provide builds for clients, when they do not want to give you access to their developer account?
Test if any app can handle a url scheme in mobile safari on iOS
VB.Net Json Serialization Format
Split groups in SVG into sub-images positioned around the contents
How to prevent number from getting to large from wave passing values to the User control then display them
Couldn't find User without an ID
AxWindowsMediaPlayer, Volume change is not occuring while playing Midi File
What is a TTL 0 in CloudFront useful for?
web2py - translate long texts
Nlog not creating file relative to website project
jQuery UI Sortable: Cannot add first element to linked element
Get application element
JSF for drawing graphs (not a chart, but a DAG) in HTML5
Why do my users' downloads randomly stall in IE?
Jquery/Ajax - XML Parsing - extract record according to criteria
set initial graphs on highcharts
Wix ServiceInstall Arguments
Form not adding parameters in GET submission in production in Rails
what is cardinality in Databases?
Toggling navigation sidebar (CSS and JQuery)
How can i get full url to include in newsletter sent with Symfony2?
outlineView:dataCellForTableColumn:tableColumn is called more than necessary?
jQuery+Check if a array contains only IP adresses
CakePHP site not working after installing PayPal plugin - where do I start?
Select statement setting DateTime precision
Eclipse spell checker - How do I remove a word I didn't add?
Converting String to a Short Array - Java
Color syntax highlighting in Bash while using R
FFMPEG: preset not found in Windows Vista
how can i flag the read files to avoid reading them again in java?
No 'inherited' item within FlashBuilder variables view
Get session bean from another session in Spring
Using cast3d in flash actionscript error:
Table or list: what should I use here?
Python Lists(Slice method)
Show a dialog with a text input field and an image in AppleScript
iOS: Compiling Static Libraries
break; statement in PHP function
Does ThreadPriority affect Timer accuracy?
Cannot destroy existing nested association
Pop-up stops watir-webdriver script from executing any further
Struts2 prepare method can not be handled
Knockout binding doesn't update using array of simple observables
Should I be using multiple events or a more verbose eventargs class?
AspxGridView: how to update the control from client side
DLL not found while executing the program (c++)
How to run a command before BUILD_EXECUTABLE is called in Android?
Getting actual InvokePattern object from a list of AutomationPattern objects
Any Low Level Programming language based on java syntax and features?
Mysql Join and echo all rows, with condition
How do you code a typewriter effect in visual basic 2010?
How to change element name while loading data with Record Loader?
Loading assembly and running a method
Selectively restore files using VSS
How to Stop SSMS 2012 from scripting SPs using sp_executesql
Calculating convexityDefects using OpenCV 2.4 in c++
How to pretty print STL data structures in CppUnit?
RabbitMQ / AMQP: single queue, multiple consumers for same message?
How do I use twitter bootstrap mixins such as .border-radius(10px) in my meteor .less files?
JFreeChart Histogram with constant number of bins while zooming
Redirect response to download file
Datepicker does not select any dates if instantiated after AJAX
Setting foreign key id to null in EF is very VERY slow
Best Practice to Develop IPhone and Android App UI using Titanium
Custom back button in application
Precompiled JSP and Servlets on a Weblogic server (UNIX)
Importing JAR file in Titanium
UINavigationBar and UIScrollView resizing
ASP.NET MVC 3 and App_Code folder
Disparity between SqlReader execution times on same .NET project but different computers
Why is Zend DB Update not posting?
Checkstyle custom check access property value?
Form field not recognized in codebehind
How to best do EXCEL VBA on a production server
How do I make my HtmlMenuItem open a URL in a new tab?
xaml Twoway binding to a property in PhoneApplicationPage code behind
Javascript Loop through Validation Form
Is there something similar to MobileSubstrate for android? [closed]
groovy binding issue
currentFrame of swc returns 1
ASP.NET confirm delete in a grid
How to find out Joomla JTable column/field names?
Android - Notification alarm sound
Validate 1 field(unobtrusive) when other field changes, and check only 1 rule
currentFrame of swc returns 1
ASP.NET confirm delete in a grid
How to find out Joomla JTable column/field names?
Android - Notification alarm sound
Validate 1 field(unobtrusive) when other field changes, and check only 1 rule
How to use for each loop to help load large dataset
Jpanel in a JScrollPane, drawing over scroll bars
C compiler cannot create executables Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Clustering Data
jQuery DataTables - Serialize is not working
Can an Android UI completely designed in Photoshop (using only invisible buttons in xml) work without compatibility issues on different resolutions? [closed]
How do I setup a Rails association where one model belongs to two instances of another model?
Fix to prevent Firefox from Highlighting Select Option set
Use different center than the prime meridian in plotting a world map
Run time error Unrecognized database while exporting data from excel 2010 to Access table 2010 using excel vba
How do I create a shell-extension / file container dll like winzip?
Why am I getting a undefined variable error?
Using a Hash of function names, search file and return with line numbers
Terracotta DSO with spring security THROWS NotSerializableException for
Empty sharepoint spgridview
pushState in Android 4.0
Twitter Profile Widget - load inside specific div & include javascript in footer
dealloc doesn't seem to release all image memory
Listing image files from a directory for SlidesJS to make into a slider on a Wordpress website.
Format lookup column to display Name (FileLeafRef)
DropDownList Substring to Populate Textbox for Stored Procedure
UploadedFile is null when submit jsf upload request with Tomahawk
Initializing a zend form with variable data length
Codeigniter link issue
best way to put ajax data into html and display on page
recursively run script on each file in a directory and pipe each output to new file
Reflection: Setting properties of lots of objects using Dynamic Methods
detect the distance walked
Getting error in joining tables using hibernate
Getting a ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' error and don't know why
How can I clear the ColdFusion template cache as part of a deployment?
Checkbox doesn't work as expected after append with Jquery
Need working example of how to call/consume Java Web service from an Android Activity
EF Fluent API: Use Two Columns for Descriminator
How can I avoid an infinite loop of these trigger updates recursing?
doctrine migrations 2 + zend framework 2 = is it possibile?
Move Nested SVN Repository
remove all white space in a input text field before bindrequest
Apply Chart Template to Excel Chart
update column with values obtained from joining two tables in MySQL
jqplot cannot display legend and y axis label correctly
External iFrame inside a pyramid project. No refresh when its updated
Can boost::serialization::access dynamically change versions at run time/programatically?
How can I debug an SQL Server data issue that I can't seem to reproduce in any test environment?
Detecting files in a folder with PHP
Unable to load client print control
.php pages not working on xampp
how to 鈥淥R鈥�few conditions in mongodb - using java driver
Bounds of custom UIView not correct during awakeFromNib - when are they set?
List search in Prolog
Calculator-like spotlight tool
Rails - can't make database migration on Heroku for app using Devise authentication
Block schema in Visual Studio
xjc inverse package name order
breakpoint after page reload
Efficiently removing subdirectories in dirnames from os.walk
using Generic interface type as basis for interface parameter type
Creating Scala Project with Eclipse, sbteclipse 鈥�directory layout
HOWTO Resolve warning messages of 鈥渞estributing to another node鈥�when using Spymemcached client library for memcached server
SharePoint InputFormTextBox only returning <div></div>
TortoiseSVN - How to know from which working copy a file was checked in?
Is it possible to define the key when inserting into mongodb
How to print test summary using boost unit test
No onclick for button, div, img with IE 9
MongoDB reference vs nested
How do I use to run python as an apache module? [closed]
RXTX not working in ubuntu
Can I use AdSense in a local web page?
Why volatile in java 5+ doesn't synchronize cached copies of variables with main memory?
Why I get 鈥淓rror #1069: Property softKeyboardRect not found on flash.display.Stage and there is no default value.鈥�when I add a DateField component?
Why code stops working after this function?
JSF2 LogicalViews - Losing the Current Page From the Map
Android - Bitmap quality loss?
How to specify path in Apache tomcat catalina for folder on different server?
Problems in making stylish radio buttons work on load
How do I tell IntelliJ about TinyMCE dynamic properties?
Possibility of launching an iOS simulator session through a shell command with an argument for screen orientation
How can I edit dynamically created elements all associated with the same end number?
How do I make an editor for a table of true/false values that was generated with a ViewModel?
Merging two tables, duplicate keys
How come my with _parent does not work in IE?
Advanced Wordle-like computation
Add a JLabel in the JTabbedPane header
WPF Arched Text Around Radial Menu
ostringstream conversion from VS6 to VS2010
HTML5 audio player for mobile with 鈥淧lugins on demand鈥�setting active
Titanium studio not finding android 2.2 even though it's installed
Kill 鈥渓oginwindow鈥�process using command line in Mac OS X
Blackberry - Show Dialog on startup and wait until dialog closes
Options on XSD attributes
A Regex replace case in .NET
Portable serialisation of IEEE754 floating-point values
java web start JARSigningException via remote access thought the jar is signed
terminal output from Python's behave package
Why does a connection have to be open for a nonquery but not to fill a dataset?
Why does a connection have to be open for a nonquery but not to fill a dataset?
How much work should my constructor do in this particular case?
Displaying Infowindow in Overlays for Google Maps
How do I run Python through Apache Similar to PHP? [closed]
What is dependency in package.json - nodejs
Word too long for radio button
Two threads + InvokeMember on different files = NullReference?
How can I use full-text search with Dynamics CRM Online?
How to access c++ dll class in c# code
Java Inline Debug Code
Nested SplitviewControllers
How to check if user subscribe to another user via Open Graph Facebook?
How to make an application server on Websphere dependent on another application server, so that it starts and stops together?
Countinuous Running Business Process
How to loop over radiobuttons Itemrenderers in datagrid in Flex
Connect to WMI of remote machine when running as a service
Questions Combobox in a JTable
file_get_html gets an empty page
tool or method to detect tcl syntax errors
How to NOT apply CSS styles from an iframe to parent site
Issue with CoreWLAN on MAC 10.7 (CoreWLAN Wireless manager sample)
Updating an Entity Framework entity mapped to a view
Is there a way to store long html script in an html object
Get the target element that will be hovered by mouse
Removing anonymous event handlers with some parameters
Auto highlight return lines
How do I determine the zoom level of a LatLngBounds before using map.fitBounds?
Running java pipe to mutt
WPF 4 DataGrid in a combobox
How can I get powershell to return the correct exit code when called with the -File argument?
Multi Kml Layer on Google maps
i want know system system localhost IP address in PHP?
using Navigation property to get Data
separation of concerns vs loose coupling
How to add a function to a form
C# Installation - Install software on multiple computers simultaneously
Set a dynamic value as default on a dropdown list on pageload
Searching through objects with multiple criteria
Access Team Foundation Server (TFS) for non-AD users
Excluding a folder from applying them in Web.Config
simple cursor adapter query
Timing operations yielding impossible results
Returning a value from a void method in Java
Hide navigation bar in storyboard
Default input CSS changes in different browsers. Why?
Reinstall application apk programmatically without downloading
Efficient algorithm to generate all solutions of a linear diophantine equation with ai=1
GM_log and other GM functions don't work in Greasemonkey scripts
Imaginary margin in IE8?
Fetching a lazy loaded property in NHibernate that *isn't* a reference
select with multiple dropdown list with condition php mysql
Installing GPG tools via terminal on mac
Most simple code to populate JTable from ResultSet
Azure toolkit for windows phone publish issue
Google Maps border on Canvas
KendoUI grid display total number of records
Box-shadow covered by content?
iPhone Certificate Fog
Perl and MySQL - Return a field from last row of a table using DBI possibly with last_insert_id?
How is it possible to have a good EXPLAIN and a slow query?
What's the difference between Screen Orientation and -Rotation on Android?
Can't compile a self programmed function on ModelSim
Access local file in a WebView
Printing a multi-page HTML5 canvas element
Initializing a static pointer in C++
In XSLT, how do I get the filepath of the xml file of a certain element if that xml file was included with xinclude?
Version and Build Information Error Xcode 4
Appending session data to automatic Cake error/debug logs
Updating user in Django with Backbone.js and Tastypie
Foreach in MYSQL
Is there a way to customize UISearchDisplayController cell
How to join tables using hibernate criteria
Error in MANIFEST.MF of SWTBot test plugin
Android add a pull to refresh function to a merge adapter
Zen Coding (Selected Text) in Aptana Studio 3
Error when trying to use memory_profiler module MVC Test of Create action method with NUnit and Nsubstitute always fails
Spring 3 get context real path on startup
Can't connect Java program to Access 2010 Database Using ODBC Driver
XSLT: compare letters used as grouping key
Questions about Controller and Class in JavaScriptMVC framework
How to post a UIImage to Facebook wall (iPhone/iPad)?
Silverlight, SSL, HTTPS, WCF, MVC, and Forms Authentication
How to add to a List while using Multi-Threading?
Discarding message for event 0 because of too many unprocessed messages
window.location.href does not work
GAE/GWT server side data inconsistent / not persisting between instances
Spring Security 3 + Random Salt
Looking for a easy way to buildt a scrollbar with jquery
php page access. linked page
Configure WCF over SSL
Can std::async be use with template functions
How to pass phone number to mms
Jackson Json parse .json to map error
OpenGL ES crash on move background, iOS 5.1
Query Subset of Columns of an attribute object with Gorm
How can Sweave users collaborate with Word users? [closed]
grouping by time in mysql
enabling and disabling clicks using jquery
TinyMCE Issues one certain Domains
ScrollView not working in iPad simulator?
Count of comments and likes are not shown in feed and comments
SQL Query result, comparison and where clause
Android. How to invoke a search
i am using component one c1 input currency that time came this error
convert multidimensional array into two seperated
Convert textbox to float regardless of culturename, currency sign?
APC not giving any performance gains for a Symfony1.4/Doctrine application?
UIScrollView with pattern image as background
Allowing connections given the number of threads in server
How can I separate a filename from folders in ActionScript?
File suffix usage in Google Drive (SDK)
JPA / Hibernate Cascade.Remove use case for @ManyToOne
how do i filter data while fetching data from database using hibernate?
List of used Tables/View in Linq DBML file diagram
Calling a static method of class type C#
firing query / javascript functions in the right order
How to handling heap Space without increase JVM?
Is it possible to pass variables to jquery's css function?
Error deploying ADF App (Fusion Web Application) to JBOSS 7 AS
How can i Open .pdf file in java
International Region Identifier
log all handled exception using log4net + AutoFac interceptor
How to detect handheld device iOS browsers with JavaScript?
Context has null properties when entities in another project
Push APIs like gmail, twitter and facebook does
Indices cycling
Tables using Perl
Can't call the second activity in android
postMessage between two websites
how to check if IIS or ASP.NET worker process has restarted my website automatically?
FizzBuzz without AND operator
Aligning text inside an <option> tag
Return a List of Counted, Unique Items
C++ Builder XE - customizing TCategoryPanel
Can some one write assembly code for the c program above that converts into machine code that is less than 100 bytes?
Ensuring Programs Run In Ordered Sequence
Calling a combobox from another form
Is returning a cursor to fewer columns of a database more efficient
tableLayout strechcolumns doesn't work
Compilation Fail In require while using perl [closed]
Windows 8 Metro: Implementing Validation
c# public class that can only be instantiated by its parent
Why doesn't jquery tablesorter filter work in IE 9?
Connecting android to a web-service
Error with trained LBP cascade in OpenCV 2.4 on OSX lion
Running liquibase within Java code
grouping elements in tkinter
how to send log to a remote log server through rsyslog?
Display 2nd field based on the selection in the dropdownlist
Android - No Activity found (What am I missing and How did you know)
Joomla Permissions
CSS margins on blackberry browser
How to get lyrics from here? [closed]
Is it safe for unity 3d to access an online database through a web service?
OpenXml - iterate through a paragraph's runs and find if a run has italic or bold text
ElasticSearch filter to match a single date
I have problems in storing two different items in one shared preferences
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 create quote product records with Workflow
Android: App wont install to phone
How to create 鈥淣o Activate鈥�window in Mac OS
Explicit cast to T on generic method required in some cases
why output comes different everytime instead of synchronized block
Appache Camel Route - RegEx for multiple HTTP Reqest
Trying to pass a sf::Image has a parameter for a class
Fancybox - view thumbs after page load?
Application data in Sinatra
Add custom HTML attributes to generated controls
How to fix the error on command 鈥渕ysql -v鈥�[closed]
Create class instance using Delphi inline assembler
set has data of one row but i get an exception when i try to retrieve the data
Can I set delegate for input textfield in UIWebView?
CaptureFromFile in OpenCV on Android in Java
sfinae for g++ 4.1.2
CI2 hmvc datamapper
How can I have multiple onClick events linked to one element in HTML? And can I have them change href's?
How to perform a button click after a postback to open a modal window
Display RSS feed item on intranet via php
Set a temporary / relative root CSS selector?
Access 2010: Automatic update of a value of a field
Is it possible to check if users are online without using ajax request?
setup for an xll on a computer where visual is not installed Fullscreen not working in windows 7 IE
javascript date format
Symfony2 : send a HTTP Request
WPF VisualBrush stretches instead of tileing
Example of Single Responsibility Principle
Verify Selected Radio Button - Selenium IDE
Forming NSString 鈥�012-06-29鈥�into NSDate's 鈥淣SDateFormatterMediumStyle鈥�
Explanation of a prolog algorithm
IE long link wrong break
Cannot dynamically load JavaScript file twice in IE
struts2 how to get the namespace value?
change Uislider value on tapping at particular point
Near realtime updating of Solr/Sunspot index issue on Websolr/Heroku
Iterate over multiple Paragraphs in TextPointer Object
HTML5 -webkit-transition doesn't work if I set it right before setting something else using javascript on chrome
Order of Javascript includes in Orchard
hta - Equivalents in Firefox, Chrome - Is this old technology?
js/jq form validation issue/help(jquery)
HTML5 -webkit-transition doesn't work if I set it right before setting something else using javascript on chrome
Order of Javascript includes in Orchard
hta - Equivalents in Firefox, Chrome - Is this old technology?
js/jq form validation issue/help(jquery)
Nexus can't find artifact that is in Maven Central
Why is # unrecognized in a Rails SQL statement?
Using dates with the Graphview library
how to make dynamically stretchable table in html/javascript
Can a FieldExpression within the Search API use custom functions?
Removing some html code using jquery
jQuery FAQ presentation - expand and collapse
Custom ResourceProviderFactory Dependency Injection
How can i save my result persistently?
Last time Row was updated
How to completely destroy a socket connection in C
Joomla authentication Return URL
rails select box options default not from the array
Tons of direct views in Google Analytics [closed]
Parsing string to float
LINQ query finding object with closest data variable to query input variable
android set expandablelistview item's height programmatically
tcp client with (nodejs)
Replacing a task in Capistrano / Capifony
cannot parse JSON in android
Service invoked too many times for one day: gmail read
how to use ffmpeg on android
how to search in a java file using java?
DisplayForModel vs globalization
How do I pass back a string and a boolean in one function in C#?
Connect to MDB from java jar File - Failure
Quicksort a list containing lists using python
changing supplementary group of a running process [closed]
How to get error if FTP server is invalid.?
Image galleries with possibilities to remove and rotate image using jquery
Vlan State from MIB-2
jquery unbind events still appearing to be live outside of functions
Exceeded the maximum instruction count while exporting 600 contacts + groups
Calling A bounded taskflow from another
Adobe Flex Android Mobile - Preventing inactivity causing loss of control values?
Cached data with PDF report in reportlab
iPhone iOS5 CLGeocoder how to geocode a large (200) set of addresses?
The exact solution of the 鈥淕et Phone Number in Android鈥�
Random crash on UDP packet sent
clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/waterskiingmithrill/Development/iPhone/Event/Event_Prefix.pch'
Constrained optimization for nonlinear multivariable function in Java
Break down address into array
Form fields post to scripts on local host but on live server no values get passed
Android In-app billing : 鈥淩ESULT_DEVELOPER_ERROR鈥�
How to get the entity with the newest date
Error thrown when trying to run Silverlight Business Application
Java Hibernate - Transaction is not active while retriving values from data base
Cocos2d text list
PHP Captcha not generating text
Getting strange format when recieving a System.DateTime from web API
Are there any CSS properties that can not be inlined?
Why fetch() does not work?
JQuery Append ajaxComplete Events to a Specific Element
NodeJs step by step execution my actions
C Char multidimensional Array Definition
Where is memory allocated for a T-SQL variable?
How to catch an EditText's text's length on input?
take a single picture
Windows service message in system tray
The Swing project crashed
VB6 Excel.Application Object 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�
What is the better way to check for an empty string in Delphi?
How can I save an arrayList permanently without database as well as without Shared preferences in Android?
can loggly be used to store activity streams
what's the best way to use application constants in spring xml configuration?
Rails 3 multi-level join
Using a JsonRequest to grab TeamCity User names: Internal
Woorksheet event inside Class Module
How do I do an Android Calendar import of recurring events with syncronizing?
android AES encryption/ decryption
Windows phone push channel expiration
Android Resources Why does java think the string is integer?
Webdriver focus event : js.executeScript (鈥渄ocument.getElementByName(' ').focus()鈥�;
NSFetchedResultsController trying to limit number of records displayed
how to write Arabic data to pdf using iText in java
Ads in android app, worth it? [closed]
Ugly Hibernate Composite PK Mapping Issue
Get the Schema name in CRM 2011 Javascript
How to import specific classes from a whole jar?
Use REST in Spring without MVC
NetBeans: Starting a .exe from the run (F6) button
Mac OS X Script to Install New Keyboard Layout
Why does jQuery selected collect duplicate elements
Is there a Rails macro to dynamically add many similar methods to a Model?
Outputting a line of 90 equals signs to the console, with blank lines either side [closed]
can I pass argv from main to execv?
Running many SQL scripts as a whole Job in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
An issue for Data binding at datagridview
Why won't my string travel correctly through sockets?
Using ReaderT to create a modifiable environment
Find all flash elements/videos on page via javascript
Android : java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo: java.lang.NullPointerException
Send url in php mail
Drupal How to Log Content creators IP address httpcontext and its working with IIS
insert into statement in c#
Drupal How to Log Content creators IP address httpcontext and its working with IIS
insert into statement in c#
JQuery mobile external links issue
Delete functionality similar to iOS delete messages [closed]
IIS, incomplete data transmission, and status code 400
Exclude table from Database Logging
Kdialog unable to cancel job with ffmpeg from progressbar , with other command it works :S
Validation for textfield to allow upCase as first letter-Blackberry
Actionbar: inflate new menu resource
Install Driver Cuda
PowerShell - What's the use of global variables?
Spring expression language (SpEL): parse String to int
Can't center in <DIV> tag
Need jQuery auto function
Mapping Business Objects with Core Data in iOS
How is this simple gap achieved?
Is there any better tutorial to learn symfony 1.4?
Assigning NoneType to Dict
Convert Array to Google Lat/Lng Array?
Making a WPF TextBox binding fire on each new character?
JavaScript, failing to detect line break
Passing arguments with AudioServicesAddSystemSoundCompletion
Symfony 2 forms - access parameters.ini from the form class
WPF program auto software update
JQuery animation in Pre-IE9
Toggle boolean attribute via checkbox instantly
Read a text file and write to several text file for filtering/extraction
JQgrid json date format
How can i display date in a 1 by 1 array when i use datestr?
Is it possible to have separate domain alias & redirection depending on subdirectory?
Div cut into the mask
Check when user leaves page with PHP
MonoDevelop Error synchronizing with XCode. IsDerivedFrom() must be from the same compilation
How jQuery define object structure?
unicode findall python
Fluent Nhibernate HasMany to One Table from Several Tables
How do you set binary metadata as part of XCode build?
JSP tag attribute cannot be set more than once?
Prevent Replacing Escaped Sequence in JavaScript Regular Expressions
How to Deattach event and attach new one in jQuery
Finding li by data-order value and append content
GWT JSONPRequestBuilder - 鈥淯nknown Token :鈥�error in browser console with Timeout exception at the end
Define Result Fields if blank then another field
IIS6 app pool credential causes site to say 鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�
Default Apache index page parameters
git svn clone encounters error when an empty branch is created
Map Activity Android
Jade with Express - how to disable ReferenceError
Background methods always as private class?
WebSocket JavaScript: Sending complex objects
How do I make multiple combinations with a string in ruby?
Create read action as custom one?
how to get image from MySQL table [closed]
sqlite in yii framework
PRISM 4.0 project gives build error
The prefered way of creating a new element with jQuery
How to display a binary image in pictureBox VC++
How to filter items by some value using filter form?
Prevent movement of user inteface when keyboard appears
java - create Process from memory
Getting FreeeMarker exceptions in server logs even though Struts2 f/w being used for a web application
Spannabletext background image android
jQuery .height() doesn't work as expected
emacs Semantic/senator : autocomplete for external lib's
Wordpress - Magic Fields - Sort by custom magic field using WP_Query
creating csv file by datatable plugin
c++ more effective way to write this two lines of code comperison to one short line
CSS styles path for ACE components
Double index numbering to linear numbering
French Character Encoding in Webapp
jsf - el function with bean
SQL Select highest values from table on two (or more) columns
Nginx & PHP split file to download
How to recover missing SKPaymentTransactions?
Injection of EntityManager in Servlet?
ResourceBundle.getBundle and Websphere
When to use actors in libgdx? What are cons and pros?
listView removing rows and updating
Known values for variables in a linear program written in Mathprog
GCC4 - ARMv5 register allocations
Programmatically adding files to the FileSystem in a .NET Install Project
mapping polar angle to 0..1
Detecting siblings of a CRTP base class
How to programmatically load an XLL file into Excel?
How to load 1000+ Google Earth markers effectively?
Simple message to display on file upload
.innerHTML does not update the page - AJAX
LocalStorage, JavaScript and Objects
Box API: Get_managed_users returning all users
Convert seconds to hh:mm:ss format (or whatever format Excel or LibreOffice likes) and insert it back to a csv file in Bash
undefined reference to GUID_DEVINTERFACE_XXX
poll implemenation on linux vs poll implementation on solaris
How to categorize build failures with jenkins?
edit google earth polygon
Text/Font rendering in Web browsers. How is it achieved?
SQL Server + conditional updating
Accessing the request body of a SOAP request with Savon (Ruby on Rails)
drop a column with a default constraint
Spring MVC and Tiles Integration Issue
Select All childrens in all levels
Sending/Receiving a string through PostMessage cannot open shared object file
Blackberry: KeywordFilterField Search UI Improvement
CRM 2011 OData relationship query tutorials
Can't get performance improvements by using the Oj JSON parser
Connect to VPN by Powershell
updating a row in a mysql database?
How to remove attributes using PHP DOMDocument?
Javascript code error
How to search through sub views of navigation bar [closed]
PHP relative date filters in Drupal 7 view
Simple file upload with php and ExtJs not working
LAR import failure on Liferay 6 with Weblogic 10.3
Server side video converter
Get jQuery from masterpage working on contentpage
How to change view on button click in iPhone without navigation?
Saving and loading data from a form without submitting
Adding external rar files to Cloud Foundry
Translate SQL into LINQ
<apptags:SQLIteratorTag query=鈥�lt;%=myQuery%>鈥�gt; where myQuery returns no results results in strange HTML behaviour
how to insert a count record column into an existing table
What can be used to pull xml data besides http request?
use AuthToken from AccountManager for Google Client API requests
Picker list in Manipulator resets to NULL after a selection is made (R)
getting images from external sd card folder and displaying them in a list
Umbraco - how to set the value of a property using razor script
General-purpose distributed scheduling library for Java
Restrict the user that is already connected with ftp in php
Symfony 1.4 set default application for command line tasks
JQuery AJAX append to appended element
QueryPath or DOMDocument for editing large XML files?
SQL query to create and update the colum in the same query
Android canvas paint can't set dark color
Language content tree
Trying to use extern int, told it's now a pointer
Setting up connection to Facebook not working as expected (iPhone)
See the code behind of an aspx page deployed [closed]
Why is there a red line next to my logo?
QtWebKit not rendering Japanese (Shift_JIS charset)
how to bind model property to html helper textboxfor in mvc3
Efficient way to define an introspective C++ class hierararchy description ?
Struts2 multiple .xml files
how do I use the grep --include option for multiple file types?
WordPress posting HTML and CSS code
Javascript slow to populate ActiveXObject Excel.Application
PHP file includes inside function, need to retain global variables. (Trying to wrap HTML comments)
Why is WAMP not displaying any of my files? Just showing a blank white page?
FTP in PHP not copy index.php file
App crashing on count and dialog box
how do I use the grep --include option for multiple file types?
WordPress posting HTML and CSS code
Javascript slow to populate ActiveXObject Excel.Application
PHP file includes inside function, need to retain global variables. (Trying to wrap HTML comments)
Why is WAMP not displaying any of my files? Just showing a blank white page?
FTP in PHP not copy index.php file
App crashing on count and dialog box
How to print line number for the root cause of memory leak using valgrind 3.7.0?
can configured to disallow doctype?
Why static const members cannot appear in a constant expression like 'switch'
Make sure string is a valid CSS ID name
Drupal 7 - image module and contrib module
Amazon S3 PUT Error鈥adDigest?
How to create a LINQ to Entities query including both tag class name and text string
Is there an algorithm to 鈥渟implify鈥�a dependency graph?
ruby: connection to mysql closes after a single query
Correct XPath yields empty result
Entity Framework: create entity and insert data in table without primary key
jpa cascade persist many to one
Select DOM elements in jQuery - Dynamically Added
Regex replacing a string while saving parts of it
What is a good way to split strings here?
Loading data from an XML (WPF)
C++ framework for search and indexing like clucene
Rounded screen corners throughout the app with status bar
How to show only certain rows from a table in my DB?
How to Reveal in Project Navigator automatically
PHP Reports failed when copy() but the file is actually copied
Umlauts / mutated vowels not showing correctly in Postgresql (difference text type and character type)
Search GridView
How do I communicate using an event between an iOS app and a Windows Service?
Adding a JScrollPane to a JTable component
google maps change Icon of marker
Gwt perfomance due to converting in to Java script
Python - GUI - Tkinter listboxes
Flash CS5.5 Output Error
Deleting CSS Rule does not work in Firefox
MYSQL Inner Select Query
Getting instance name of a WebSphere app Server
appent text to input field
Setting Liferay Tomcat Runtime
retrieving data by sql and codeigniter
jquery append data to html according to order number
Arbitrary ordering of Django objects
How to make the threads run in the correct order
printing files using php
Can I bundle App_Themes css files with Microsoft.Web.Optimization?
Building RCP with support for Eclipse projects
get all JSON entries over x amount of calls
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string:鈥�鈥�
Gracefully quit from mex file if there is a memory allocation error
Problems getting object names
copy.deepcopy raises TypeError on objects with self-defined __new__() method
Bug in rails autoload_paths?
how to create slides like PowerPoint slides at run time in c#? [closed]
Verilog I/O reading a character
Force Logoff from - BASIC 鈥淎ctive Directory鈥�Authentication
Toll Rates and Information API
Using jquery or pure javascript for copy the style of a dom element
mongoJS parsing JSON output
jQuery post not working, data not defined
Need Thin Table Borders in PDF Generated by cfDocument
LIKE using subquery returning multiple rows
Fix warning: cannot pair a synthesized setter/getter with a user defined setter/getter
HTTP Request PHP header
How to do trivial algorithm for GUI calculator on C#?
Web cam showing low resolution video when using flash cs3
jQuery off() not working with an events-map
Printing Multiple PDF Files In Order In VB.NET
Jquery: get name of option field
Sikuli and Python function
Odd behaviour Singleton
WPF Listbox binding: SelectedItem not setting
Linux how to debug OS freeze issue
SQL how to sum events in one hour between two dates and show it in one row
getting xml response calling with JQuery $.ajax
java a stack and queue in a single array
what is sprintf(鈥�!ld鈥�?
How to get the child projects consolidated data in parent project details in Rally SOAP APIs?
Backbone.js View Tagname set dynamically?
Simple version/history on ndb/Google App Engine
ClassCastException in ServiceConnection.onServiceConnected(). Bound Services
Getting error for converting IBinder to ISurface in Android 4.0.3
How to using current_user in devise without hitting database
deleting text only after comment(--)
Why $(elem).height() returns height in pixels?
PHP Word Censor help, censor word based on a criteria using regex
Joining two partial data tables, keeping all x and all y
960 Grid System nested grid units
how to use fixtures for test and development rails
rename a file in javascript
Trying to convert some PHP array code to VB.NET
Manipulating Text Position CSS/HTML
JavaScript doesn't append script
facebook and twitter appid and app secretid
How to pass values from an child page to the parent page
Spinner exception at on click to select
Oracle trigger efficiency vs scheduled jobs
How to check programmatically whether a user is logged in to the app store
Decorator to register Python methods in PyCLIPS
Oracle trigger efficiency vs scheduled jobs
How to check programmatically whether a user is logged in to the app store
Decorator to register Python methods in PyCLIPS
Email validation for a ValidationTextBox in dojo?
removing new line character from incoming stream using sed
Htaccess 301 redirect for domain only
How To use Row Level Write or Update Lock In Mysql?
horizontal scrollbar with css
Drawing paths in an OSM map
JQuery Ajax not updating record
how to Run Websocket in IE
Knockout - How to set Observable Property to JSON REsult from MVC
Monitoring current tab location.href in Firefox
Typecast a property as an object
Why disappears the JavaFX content on my TopComponent?
Django - How to reload(library) in a django application?
Which jdbc driver is used for java 1.6?
Create failed for Database