Java EE TCP Server
Automatically Generate max 'N' values from javascript array [duplicate]
Check that I don't receive the GPS signal since x period of time
How do you create a REST API in PHP? [closed]
Django form submission - avoid page redirect
How to create Floor Plan using HTML maps
WatermarkExtender blinking when when UpdatePanel triggers on Timer
How to put `throws IOException` to the statement
unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts
jQuery grep method for more than one type of filter
TypeError: native Qt signal is not callable
com.sun.jdi.InvocationException in Eclipse
How to set correct value for JRUBY_HOME if I am using rbenv
Bypass WebView crossdomain security
two different user controls in same page
Javascript anonymous function use-case
How can i take video using iphone camera [closed]
How to make data remain after success validation?
how i can read images from multiple folder in matlab?
Unclosed GSP expression in grails 2.0.3 although it's closed
how to know the device orientation correctly
Should I use a ContentControl or Template?
Best Json library for Windows phone 7 App development [closed]
PowerShell - Why 鈥淒ivide By Zero Exception鈥�is not being Caught?
How to draw a png-osm-map with coordinates
Two colour scatter plot in R or in python
c# : how to convert c# string to c++ wstring and vice-versa
pass object from an array when clicked in knockout.js
Context Menu for listboxitem bound to observablecollection MVVM style
Android: Save an instance state when app is closed [duplicate]
How to erase draw in graphics screen
Context Menu for listboxitem bound to observablecollection MVVM style
Android: Save an instance state when app is closed [duplicate]
How to erase draw in graphics screen
Structuring A Database with Multiple Foreign Keys For High Performance
qTranslate for Wordpress doesn't automatic give me the correct language
implement a 80 http port listener
restrict selected columns in cakephp query
sending a looping thread a message java/android
Force flushing MessageQueue of UiThread android
VideoView vs WebView for playing youtube videos
Mistake with receiving bool variable between two forms
Git server access on windows using windows auth and logged in user
How can I add / download web development settings to my existing Visual Studio installation?
Javascript scrollIntoView is not working with the update panel
Listview and data
how to convert iqueryable to datatable
Attempting to move around iframe in DOM without refreshing. Chrome's 鈥渁doptNode鈥�seems to not be working
How do I force compilation of ASP.NET MVC views?
Best way to update an existing third party reference to that from NuGet
Is it possible to make use of mspn service without registering to app hub for testing my app?
Is it possible to stream video files using mms:// url in windows phone 7
hex string to character in python
App fails to be built when Titanium Appcelerator Module with EventKit is integrated
Difference between java ' assert 'and ' if () {} else exit;'
Creating dynamic keyvalue pairs within a config section
Crossover function for genetic
Error in executing web method
Android - How to convert KeyEvent KeyCode to Char?
utf8 jquery and ie
Webapp2 custom tags
Using JSON to update app's content in iOS
inserting file name or file path in php
XSL/Saxon collations / command line
creating a pdf with itext directly to a database
Ignore outliers in ggplot2 boxplot + faceting + 鈥渇ree鈥�options
Jeditable - Maxlength on inputfield, and flicker on blur
Why does adding nodes in (reverse) order make for inefficient searching?
doctrine2: in a one-to-many bidirectional relationship, how to save from the inverse side?
How to set proper path to TNSNAMES file in C# application?
How to write a file in Raw folder in android
Advanced Search on Github?
Cannot Update. Database or Object is Read-only after Requery
Updating multiple fields at once [closed]
Making one css class be dominant over the other
Heroku app calling external web service on a VPN
Air application developed with Flex stops unexpectedly on Android 2.2.x
How do i get PortletContext in
My centered div isn't quite centered
Debug Installed version - C#
Is this C++ code portable? (assuming multidimensional arrays have continuous memory layout)
Javascript error at start
Apache/PHP + LibreOffice
Backbone.js Sending Variables with destroy/delete
Add key value to array without triggering an array
Java: read from binary file, send bytes over socket
how to work cancel button in share kit in main SHKItem file
Command to get svn diff of current and previous revision number
parsing XML located inside the project
Tabbarcontroller with navigation controller iphone application
SoftKeyBoard shows and disappears on EditText in Android DialogFragment developed using support v4 package
Mount remote FTP server on windows machine
How access session in JavaScript?
Railway.js + Jade crashes when a route to '/client' is defined
Creating directory in internal storage android
Facebook iOS SDK - jumping to another view
Using sessions in PHP with native mobile app
How can I implement virtual directories with node.js and express?
how to get udid value from iPhone by using php command?
how to use the jcoverage java tool by using ANT in eclipse
Magento - changes to template file not showing up - /customer/form/register.phml
How to check if multiple instances of an Activity are present
jscrollpane breaks image gallery (simple image gallery pro)
How to redirect to action of another controller of an referenced project
Magento - How to set Payment Information in backend for a custom Payment module
Purpose of scan.TheCallingAssembly, scan.WithDefaultConventions in StructureMap-MVC3
Optimizing this code block
How to get (osm) way by node using osmosis
Organizing WF4 workflow xaml
Django 鈥渃annot import name Member鈥�
is it possible to control frame rate on iOS
Sorting a concordance?
How to get the onclick event params with jquery
Issue with selected checkboxes in Datagrid Item renderer
Map a dataset to a custom .NET object in ASP.NET
audio finger: write blocked ,delayed writes
Finding an index in an ObservableCollection
Can you geo-tag a facebook post?
Sort based on column in child table using GORM?
Is it possible to change multiple images along with their respective mouseover commands?
URL Encoding Error
Unity3D for Android and iOS: GUI Tutorial or free GUI Manager alternatives to EZ GUI and NGUI
how to get null values in textboxes in jquery?
How to strip unwanted lines from a text file
Calculate source RGBA value from overlay
android twitter4j retrieve oauth and oauth_token_secret automatically?
WPF Listview databinding from list
Selective Lazy Loading of child object in EF
How to Create a Blob from Bitmap in Android Activity?
Text coloring when 鈥減iping鈥�output from Cucumber
Calculate source RGBA value from overlay
android twitter4j retrieve oauth and oauth_token_secret automatically?
WPF Listview databinding from list
Selective Lazy Loading of child object in EF
How to Create a Blob from Bitmap in Android Activity?
Text coloring when 鈥減iping鈥�output from Cucumber
SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Converter
jQuery SlideDown in IE8 doesn't push down the next element
UNION ALL takes too long
How to update yiiactiveform settings when form is dynamically modified by js?
Android: Change Screens [duplicate]
AutoSizing Flex Mobile spark textarea component
BitmapEffect replace with Effects
M2Crypto.rsa privat key components
Call outer function inside Backbone.js's View initialize method
Submit an universal app as iPhone onlly
Preventing the same IP from executing an action for 24 hours
Test Coverage with Sonar for .NET
Unit testing a method that uses (dynamic) using Moq
XSL conflict while parsing BBCode
My query takes too much time in hibernate with index
RETURNING 鈥�INTO 鈥�clause throwing an error with Oracle and ColdFusion
css3 column-width: content falls away when horizontal scrolling
python equivalent of this short java code
Facebook App dashboard Open Graph tab not available
Highlighting text in document (JavaScript) Efficiently
Coldfusion server mapping to sql server
a color change in transparency
Why does SQL display an & as &? [duplicate]
How would you calculate the age in C# using date of birth (considering leap years)
Prolog recursion stopping
How to handle in spring validation of json request / bean if the json cannot be converted to the bean?
URL showing wordpress directory - Can I remove this?
How to find a asp control id using java script?
How to change the color of shape set in imageview
HTML/ Javascript onchange won't work
rails gem or plugins for reading and writing excel and csv files both
c++/cli delegates + lambda + overload funcions
Binding a click event to tr elements in jQuery Datatable on() doesn't work
Visual Studio 2010 crashes when creating or opening new xamarin/mono Android application solution
Sorting ObservableCollection Using Custom Logic
There was an error downloading metadata from the address
PHP: how to subtract e.g 9 days from filectime()
ColdFusion oAuth Authorization header not passing
Creating a gem with init.rb Rails 3
How do I create a WPF DataGrid Text + Button Column?
facing cache issue in activecollab routers
How do I show quick fixes when I hover over an error in my custom editor
how to properly bind jquery ui behaviors in meteor?
Customizing a Firefox/Chrome Stylesheet for IE
std::thread problems
yii framework Insert Contact Form in Home Page
java.lang.IllegalStateException: getAttributeNames: Session already invalidated
Text-to-Speech engine for Windows Phone
Python data analysis plugin used by Java
MVC3 - ajax on login page doesn't work after unauthorized user trial, but works normally
flex: list of files
Close context menu for Databound items in WP7
How to re-inject a transient @ManagedProperty at deserializing?
Leave object in cache unchanged
How to modify XML Soap response with XSLT?
Osmdroid example not working
Regular expression for Date and Time validation
YII probably import limit issue / importing model from other module
Getting value from multi-valued field in 8.5.1 and 8.5.3
read output of shell script in ANT Java task
I sometimes can't get the method name from my method in Silverlight
Regular expressions: fetch certain xml attributes from a specific xml element
Search filter : minimum characters
How download an image from browser in a single click using JQuery?
No text in textbox on save
findAndResignFirstResponder not dismissing keyboard
Color coded Sharepoint Enterprise Wiki templates?
Remove Euro Value and money format with JQuery
Win SSPI(Schannel) - who is responsible to allocate and clean memory?
Using Hibernate with MS ACCESS 2007 Database (Free JDBC Driver)
Android and SqlServer 2005
How to post more parameters with image upload code in iOS?
Ground-truth data collection and evaluation for computer vision
Toast Notification not working correctly on Sony Tablet S
Handling windows notifications in derived C# user control
Converting windows form in C# to PDF using PdfSharp
How to draw something on UIImageView in UIViewController Class
google map api chart
soapUI and JUnit dependency issue
Keep images loaded in a scrolling DIV
how to use phpunit and xdebug to get code coverage
HTML XPath: Extracting text mixed in with multiple tags?
bash parse filename
I have a string with link-text + link-adress, how do I present it in UIWebView?
How do I pass along context from MenuItem onOptionsItemSelected to ASyncTask?
How to run single testcase with Monkeyrunner
How to add xml-stylesheet tag in a XML File using libxml2?
problems with eval() in IE
JavaScript mouseover/mouseout issue with child element
Getting data from xml by attribute vlaue
Correct use of Grand Central Dispatch - start, suspend, resume, cancel a thread?
Binary operator with Option arguments
strange behavior getting count of records
how to show the locale that the browser is showing in gwt I18N?
JavaScript mouseover/mouseout issue with child element
Getting data from xml by attribute vlaue
Correct use of Grand Central Dispatch - start, suspend, resume, cancel a thread?
Binary operator with Option arguments
strange behavior getting count of records
how to show the locale that the browser is showing in gwt I18N?
EKCalender creates calendar but can't see it in iCal
Why we use interface and abstract class and in which situation one should use abract class and interface [duplicate]
How to replace SwipeGestureRecognizer action in a UIWebView
commandlink action doesn't fire inside p:accordion
Android how to get feeds from a .aspx feed?
MsWord WYSIWYG Editor for my Website [closed]
Chrome doesn't delete session cookies
Maven and JPA (Dali) project in Ecplise - Reverse Engineer
Drawing 256 squares/rectangles in MATLAB
Remove non-ASCII characters
How to play 360潞 video in iPhone SDK
Google analytics and Event names
sorting according to a custom comparator is not working in IE8
u00C2 is not defined error in javascript?
Accidentally merged other branches when using `git pull` with no arguments
How to run javascript(external url) in adress bar in Safari
Extract sequence values from a long column in Excel
Specified cast is not valid. Stored Procedure in Linq
Wordpress - thumbnail images to articles on direct links (without upload img)
Adding Button to android application layout remotely
Setting PDO/MySQL LIMIT with Named Placeholders
Callback function in JSON Response
How to reload just a div inside the page, not load a new page into the div, just reload it
NSurl connection delegates are not called
Extjs: Nested Apps
jQueryMobile alternative for windows phone 7?
Generate xml attributes
DataList and stored procedures
How can I implement a live Javascript Regex for phone numbers?
Including a file multiple times (for templates)
Commit/rollback using java from jsp Page
How to reduce the time consuming when i covert a normal image to Sepia colored image?
stop called in state 1
Auto scroll listbox wp7
java modal frame with maximize button
Ray Tracing Calculations
INNER JOIN to more than one table
Labled break inside java methods
Why is ActiveRelation returning an array when I call merge?
How to change of the text color of checked TreeNodes in Treeview in
DCPU-16 won't accept input from keyboard
Where can i find spring-dojo.js for dojo Version 1.7.2?
Using MTOM with StreamingAttachment - failing on jetty start
Disposing Camera before initialization is ready
Magento error with layered navigation
boost::unordered_map missing reserve() like std::unordered_map
'ctags' command is not creating tags for C header files
Exclude records in AVG SQL function? (can't use WHERE in main query because of another count)
How can i find location and ip adress of users registering on my website?
Select First Element by jQuery
Redirect ajax post action to some other actioin
Please help deciphering vim regex
MVC3 Partial model validation
How to use 3d texture in opengl and cg shaders?
Horizontal Scrolling andTextField Error
ignore certain files in all folders using a single .gitignore file
phpMyAdmin: check table for fields with different values
for loop not executing the code when a condition is meet
Determine schema name of actual query in function
webapp-tracking tool to analyse user behaviour
How to calculate process CPU usage in C?
Include CakePHP constants into external web application
HDF5 Viewer does not show all groups at root level
If or return statment syntax of javascript
Improve performance of reading event log
jQuery mobile does not hide the popup div
Get id of tab using button
AutoPointer with objects not allocated on heap
Lazarus/LCL draws only in a little corner of the canvas
hunspell: Printing the line number of the corrected word
jQuery select span class not working
Python: Why does equality comparing an int with a string not throw an error?
In JNI, how do I cache the class, methodID, and fieldIDs per IBM's performance recommendations?
walking along and processing files in directory in python
regular expression help for import data in database by array loop
How to use For-loop in xquery?
Animation with transitionWithView not found the first time
What is the current situation with as3/Flash/Flex and the RESTful web?
How to convert jpg image to png using javascript
Strict weak ordering of different types in stl algorithms
Convert a matrix of type double to image in Matlab
How come the class containing the main method is not instantiated and is still OK in Java?
R remove part of string after 鈥�鈥�
show image (visible in map popup) outside the map
Medical dataset for annotation tool
How to export MS Chart control to Excel
Unexpected poor performance of delegates in C#
Resurrecting MFC/Visual Studio 6.0 project in VS2010
How to change Custom Font in UIWebView?
java.sql.SQLException [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [SQL Server] Invalid object name 'table name'
Not able to display 2*2 buttons in a panel in the bottom along with the carousel on the top in the screen using sencha
JQuery Table Row click not working (only in IE)
Escaping MySQL reserved words with Python dbapi
Powershell via VB.NET. Which method and why?
Sort an array instead of an ArrayList
Where is the user's Subversion config file stored on the major operating systems?
How to link 'belongs_to' and 'many' in MongoDB
Creating and Freeing a TMenuItem used by a TPopupMenu
Synchronizing alternatively two processes in Linux C
.net navigation menu manipulation
How to loop through AJAX loaded checkboxes?
WPF datagrid styling errors IDataErrorInfo
Javascript Count click on link and store it in cookie
parse KML in Google Web Toolkit
Wordpress conditional value query issue
return the data at webservices
HTTP Post not sending data to database?
Hiding horizontal scroll bars without using overflow-x
Is it possible to sort the user result returned by facebook search request according to mutual friends
Java ByteBuffer 鈥減ut鈥�method - preventing buffer overflow
How to do with hibernate Criteria to get the right result
How to send a message in android 2.2?
Animation callback in CreateJS/EaselJS Framework
Can I include link to a third-party app store in Google Play app description?
8021 failed on connection exception: Connection refused at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client.wrapException(
removing text between 鈥�*鈥�and 鈥�/鈥�(Block Comments)
Why would it be beneficial to have a separate projection matrix, yet combine model and view matrix?
is it feasible to add multiple index parameters in , Full text search API ? google app engine
How to keep the previous version of an entity?
Firefox background-image bug
read 05_16_2012 from BALASB_1234_05_16_2012:14:31:37.tar file name
Pie Chart Not Showing Inside ScrollView in iPhone
AVPlayerStatus for local file not ready
Switch subtypes
Reach element without tag with CSS
swt layout suggestion
Best way to keep session ongoing when going to other tab
How Call private method that existes in a private inner class
Fire jquery script on first page load, and then never again for that user?
SwiftMailer does not send mail, why?
ComboBox.Items.AddRange Performance
PHP json_encode() returns nothing
Will singleton class be duplicated if is not directly referenced?
Hadoop Cannot set Reducers > 1
Default routing in Zend Framework after defining some routes
Can I use with twisted.web?
Replace odd matches with typographic opening quote, and even matches with typographic closing quote
How to create different versions of a site in Liferay?
How to pass object from PlayPlugin
insert a lot of data into sqlite in android
Android (2.2.1) Bluetooth: HTC Wildfire: Connecting to PC from Android: Have to change UUID every time?
need to override inline css
git public issue - ubuntu users
Mutiple NSFetchedResultsController's with one UITableView?
How to catch the name of the shared application clicked?
Android FATAL EXCEPTION: IntentService[]
Running only paperclip validations in Rails
How do you use jQuery with Win8 in a Metro application?
Creating a back up table trigger in Oracle
How to pass element of ArrayList<Integer[]> to method that takes only arrays?
How can I get audio from AVISplitter output pin into a MemoryStream in C#?
in YII How to write rules for datepicker in model class?
iOS Table View Finding A Cell
Combining selectors?
JPA2 Criteria API: What is the difference between using Entity.class and the EntityType of the Metamodel in the from clause
Extjs4 - Data store duplicate records. is it possible?
How are floats are converted to hex - decompiling using apktool
Select tables rows matching where condition based on two columns
ignore files in a specific repository
How to set default render for all action
Validation on caliburn micro
Add new li inJcarousel
How to put indicators on the JQuery's JSlider?
How to sort products into categories Magento
CoreData predicate for foreign key with NSObject
aspx file content replaced by whitespace characters, Is there anyway to recover aspx files? [closed]
Scala Lift Tomcat 6 - Define webroot
PHP If statement to display more than 1 field if a value more than 1 is selected
IIS7 URL Rerwrite - how to replace all underscores with hyphens in a regex?
How to remove duplicate words from a file in ant?
phonegap, Strophe.js and xmpp pubsub push notifications when app is offline
Pre-fill a form (no control over form code)
Advantages of SVM over decion trees and AdaBoost algorithm
Javascript: Splitting a string by comma but ignoring commas in quotes
How to prevent Android to restart application after calling camera intent?
Routing issues in .NET MVC [duplicate]
Google Map Options
Adobe Flash Player error #2000
Windows Azure Local Blob Storage Access?
Create PicasawebService
Can I safely delete the Temporary ASP.Net folder's contents?
Jersey consume json objects with arrays
iPhone: UITextView not expanding while editing
Where sould I place the onClickListener on a Custom ListView?
Which is the best way to store a pdf around ~4mb in sqlite with javascript?
merge data with partial match in r
Is someone have idea to recover file form Dreamweaver cs6 in windows?
Orchard CMS WCF Service with ServiceRoute
How can you find available WiFi devices? [closed]
UITableView detailTextLabel not working with custom cell
F# compiler throws OutOfMemoryException
How to update main activity to know that prefs are changed?
How can I define a different target folder for some dependencies in Maven
PHP - Removing one array layer
How to display the names of the sheets of xls file using PHPexcel?
How to get message of particular date from pop3
MySql log time in UTC
What is the most efficient way to display multiple pixmaps into a scroll area?
Android how to add text form a JSON Feed into a Lazy adapter
How does ScriptProperties work?
How to show Windows Login Dialog?
PL/SQL: numeric or value error%s error converting character to number
UISearchBar in UINavigationBar changes width when rotating orientation
Regarding deletion of one to one relation in Ruby on Rails
How to browse and display the image in the same page?
Change command menu background in LWUIT
Getting SqlException, Timeout error
IOS: verify an empty NSHomeDirectory
Facebook Logout issue
Rendering and delete multiple views鈥�
New Bulletproof @font-face syntax using Data URIs in Compass
installing LDAP sdk for java in eclipse
checkbox images reset on browsers back button
can't make an iframe content overlap neighboring div as per z index
Transformation of web.config
Corrupt playback of .flv when using JW Player
Getting Type error while opening an uploaded CSV File
Why are my mongodb indexes so large
Linq group by multiple columns and sum them together
how to check whether a connection is established in the server side in C
2D Cluster algorithm
JAXB, annotations for setter/getter
How to integrate Selenium 2.21.0(previously Selenium RC) libraries with Eclipse?
How to get the class that the method is defined, not that of the instance that the method is called?
How To Join and Print Two MongoDB Collections Using PHP
What is the correct way to create a resized Bitmap from an Uri?
Android: Application becomes unresponsive after short delay
Disabling button in javascript not working in IE
SQL INSERT statement for TWO TABLES at time with INNER JOIN
Vim syntax highlighting: overlapping regex
Get class with jQuery
How to create multi ARRAY with PHP [closed]
MS ACCESS- Editing and undoing SQL causes error
KSOAP null pointer exception [duplicate]
Cocos2d effects slow down FPS drammatically and how to initialize EAGLView properly
How to write your own code generator backend for gcc?
Overriding of factory methods: how to return the child class object type?
css table gets wrong properties
Displaying images from sd card in gridview android
Pip creates build/ directories
develop a class that can hold various types (primitive, list, map) in one field
Textmate - search data in directory
Specifying the output directory of XSLT splitting transformations in LXML
Textmate - search data in directory
Specifying the output directory of XSLT splitting transformations in LXML
Why can I not download files from some sites like this?
.NET - Mail server doesn't send mail through SmtpClient.Send
Search:Search API not returning correct output
Mysql - deleting second entry
How to clear the Cookies in UIWebView
knockoutjs two way binding example needed
Does jquery validation Plugin validate alphabets/characters
Compatible LITE version and Incompatible PRO
Dropdown lists and Calling from MySQL in PHP
loading rss feed into php
How to compare image string (name?) and change the image
Why is signal keyword not working in mySQL 5.1.48?
Multiple Holes in Polygon Google Maps when iterating over array
java sql connections via class
Horizontal ListView [duplicate]
creating a new db connection based on an existing one in Zend Framework
Javascript - Associative array with alphabets as keys
Maximum Filesize of JavaScript Files in Firefox
Modal Dialog Jquery UI Blackberry Curve Issue
Facebook API: can't delete event post, returns: (#100) Invalid post id
Need help about jquery each animation
how to split a file with space and tab differenciation
ListView, and ArrayAdapter issue, How do I proceed?
Send image through iphone [closed]
Recover corrupted aspx file [closed]
icon error while updating app to appStore iPhone?
TinyIoc - how do I configure all interface registrations AsPerRequestSingleton?
how to Register an Event of Dynamically created element in HTML using JQuery?
Pushing files on one git-branch
How to measure execution time of javascript code with callbacks
Bash background process initiate by PHP doesn't work
how can i delete it data row from table view in sqlite
Does PDO always use emulated prepared statements by default?
Removing area name from route in MVC
Dropdown Menu change
Webservice working in wifi but not working in 2G
problems using position fixed
Rendering a pdf/ppt document in a jquery mobile web page
tshark stopping criteria
Style radio button with custom images
How to create a fix size list in python?
How to run this code in list
Throw statement outside of catch statement
How to bypass media selection command to printer when using Ghostscript rip ps files?
Execute a exe file with arguments using cmd in winforms
Converting a PIDL to file path with SHGetPathFromIDList
Image in ImageView not scaling properly
Step back and forth in DataInputStream in Java
Step back and forth in DataInputStream in Java
Get rendering parameters when multiple sublayouts of the same type are on the page
jQuery plugin multiple instantiation
How to specify which classes to be added in @SuiteClasses in junit4
JavaScript Event prototype in IE8
mysql query to generate a commision report based on referred members
How to disable hyperlink button in devexpress gridview
FileNotFoundException: No content provider when decoding stream
Support of jQuery mobile in Aptana
Purpose of @keyframes in css3
how to make vimeo embed start full screen on smarrtphones
WCF 3.5 find the url the client used to get to the service (server side)
I'm trying to retrieve all http and https links from a websites but sometimes im getting null exception
Can a class be nullified from within the class itself?
jQuery popup box height positioning relative to page position
Import a class from another project or make a class in current project (NetBeans)
Multiple non-url parameters in WCF post request
simulator or test environment for web application
Should GUID be used as a foreign key to many tables
Pass GridView Template Field <asp:LinkButton control data to javascript function in my .aspx page
Enabling disabled CheckBoxList in javascript - checked items not recognized after postback
Can a database row be deleted if a file is moved into a different destination?
find the nearest location among locations from our location
Getting sum of field in mysql selecting max values in case of duplicate field
How to check if the HTML code is valid via PHP or Javascript
Replace AEAddressDesc in apple event
gitk replacement allowing to view changes in files
Sencha Touch on Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame plugin
<a href=鈥溾�> is not executing script of target html page
JSF 2.1 & IE Conditional Comments
Reading date value from excel cell as a String
Enabling & Disabling UI Toolbar in Expanded Cell
redirection not happening without refresh page (php+jqmobile)
Ninject, how to bind Interface with generics
Which OSGi specification implementation am I using when building against the Eclipse 3.7 Target Platform?
What is getFileFormat() Method in Lotus Notes Java API and what is the value it returns?
SimpleXML: Element declared twice
Optimizing an MYSQL COUNT ORDER BY query
Customizing jquery ui Date Picker
How to init text input for Arabic / Persian keyboard?
Drag SVG object from one canvas to another canvas
Can't add reference to a dll on Visual web developer 2010 Express
How to make 2 ImageView clipped in RelativeLayout
Order configurable attributes dropdown alphabetically, in Magento with Magmi import
how to convert double between host and network byte order?
Books on Android packages? [closed]
Zend_Db_Expr('NOW()') and datetime in Mysql
How to display image in DataTemplate based on 2 bound properties on object
Creating a Managed Services Tool [closed]
Monitoring command prompt executed programs with Fiddler2
Is it worth making get and set methods in OOP?
iOS app raising 0x8badf00d only on some random devices [duplicate]
Django-mptt does not display 鈥渘ame鈥�attribute
change date format to query database
Preventing SQL injections in 2012
Silverlight 5: 3D with XNA on Macintosh
Link to anchor inside tabbed content from an external link
How to use string.format with string array in powershell
Load JavaScript file inside another JavaScript file
Log file viewer needed with web interface
Netbeans Database Explorer and Microsoft SQL Server not getting along
Change startpage on Windows Phone / PhoneGap 1.7
How to not drag an Image out of the frame?
Load desktop version of website in iphone
Many UIButton in .xib with different tags
create a game like crosswords in Android [closed]
How to read JSON data return by the Facebook access_token
Canvas element with Spotify API
redirecting to
multithread launching order
Incorrect focusing in chosen jquery plugin in FireFox
How can I access class instance(object) pointer in 鈥渂oost::function鈥�
how to merge to two bitmap one over another
XSLT - replace a node with a tree
Enumerating composite device nodes
Reflecting sub records in PHP from MySQL
Sending blob or byte array in XML
Duplicate a control on two windows on two screens
Google maps API, showing and hiding markers according to id
Why does PHP strip_tags(鈥渋s<isvery interesting <thatthis willbe stripped鈥� return is?
extract body from raw email with regex
How to insert element after the iterator position
How to configure iOS app to work on specific devices?
Can someone please explain how paths work in PHP include() situations
Change body of method when is compiled for GWT client
Troubles with Codeigniter's Native Session
Android sdk. Send bytes directly to videoview/Mediaplayer
Issue about to start developing an application in windows phone 7
Javascript document.getElementById concatenating
Insert into MySql failed
JDBC connection hangs at executing
time stamp display is incorrect sometimes (database automatically changes time)
Can't compile gSOAP with WS-Security support (i.e. wsse-plugin)
iconv in Mac OS X 10.7.3 does nothing
Best Practise to check Internet connection in javascript
rails console error require './example_user'
Where can I get the latest DirectShow developer runtime?
Exception seems to be thrown repeatedly when debugging
How to print a UITextField text by AirPrint
Add PDF page in iOS
Use jQuery Media Plugin with audio/video stored in database
GAE Search API - useful for twitter style fan-out?
Different CSS for different screen size?
javascript anonymous function
How to validate mobile phone number entered?
Calling Clarion DLL from C#
How to include <cuda_runtime.h> in .cpp file
How to hide canvas content from parent rounded corners in any webkit for Mac?
WCF solution needed for a service class
How to delete database row if the success = 2 message appears?
C memory mapping
spring acl in jsf
without entering username and password my application is logging
How to make iOS app name localizable?
Running an Excel macro on multiple files
WPF Scrollviewer with two canvases sharing a transform
/system/bin/app_process stack corruption detected: aborted ? What is this?
Vaadin Form TextField multiline caption
SQL Server Data Insert
Android Listview jumps on change in adapter content
Optimizing a huge Unordered List with Javascript
iPhone:import Video from iphone library
How do you show a loading screen while creating database?
NSURLConnection sends data twice
Javascript - reading a file (not uploaded file,but file present in the same directory as the html file)
@PostConstruct not working in JBoss 5
Fetch values from 3 tables without redundancy-SQLite
jNavigate refresh current page
What does the time on executing perl tests specify
A view loaded from the nib doesn't receive touch events
How can I start some work as soon as a stored procedure that is called from a Spring Services finishes its work?
How to insert cookie data into mysql database php?
How to create simple short hash value? C#
How to listen the keypress in the soft keyboard?
Wrong library version when moving web application from Tomcat to WebLogic
ObservableDictionary for c#
Chrome gives 鈥淴MLHttpRequest Exception 101鈥�in some cases when doing an Ajax request
Unable to get provider mono.MonoRuntimeProvider
Code block in a C++ preprocessor macro does not work without braces
jQuery Mobile pageinit, script loading and other things
Implementing a clickable image for delete action in CakePHP?
How to collapse DataGridTextColumns with Binding
Is the master branch of symfony production ready?
GridView selection color in WinRT Metro
Yii - Can we use Form widgets functionality with jquery mobile
Is there a good emacs mode for displaying and editing huge delimiter separated files?
Matching hierarchical keywords to a document
How to let the user switch language in playframework 2
Elliptical Background Gradient
how to reference an alias in an oracle nested query?
How to let the user switch language in playframework 2
Elliptical Background Gradient
how to reference an alias in an oracle nested query?
Is TimeStamp column unique?
Trying to write a M3U file in Qt with ID3_Tag info
How to show data stored in local storage in my table
How I can check my website work in Safari mobile?
Can sqlcmd.exe path be configured?
Marshalling IntPtrs within structs in C#
Mod-rewrite problems with REQUEST_FILENAME
Android create a String[] from a Json Feed
Can I use ember.js with jquery-ui accordion
xsl regex variable which has a url
Creation of Forms having widgets in SmartGWT
Merge cells in org-mode tables
MySQL/PDO: Select different columns depending on parameters
How to display a 鈥渓oading鈥�dialog while navigating between pages?
Server side MVC +Client side MVC
Generate weekly range between two dates based on day of the week
how can i make a thread sleep for a while and then start working again?
How to customize the header of bootstrap
Javascript How to call a function when we choose Stay on Page in Chrome
Zend Model Class - Select queries being declared as static methods
primefaces selectOnMenu ajax not working in iphone
Getting user information from Facebook using graph API
Jquery Drag interface like on
how to save the audio recording file in iphone
Read images from a image sheet
editting a taglib of a plugin. and then how to commit it to svn?
Debugging core files generated on a Customer's box
UITableViewCell background image not displaying
multi thread launch arrangement
ASP.NET MVC and Payement gateway
How to install MySQL 5.5 using Source from non-root linux user?
Is it possible to choose whether to generate heap dump or not on the fly?
Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in
XCode auto code generation
dynamically adding activeX button in a loop not working in Excel VBA
Which is better: Parcelable or Context?
/dev/tcp not present in LINUX
Decode a string
Automatic translation while uploading a document using Google documents list API does not work
How to know the path of Compass executable?
C# Web Browser Control blocks parent's Load event
ajax.actionlink updating divs
Show a RadDesktopAlert on form
jQuery slideDown, IE7 bug when child has position:relative
Raphael animate based on position not time
Convert Old Netbeans 3.6 Large Java Project (2 GB Source) to New Netbeans 7 IDE
Can't send app request, apparently sent but do not appear notifying users
how to restart a subsystem in alfresco 4 community?
Replacing Java 7 with Java 6 [closed]
Compiling OpenMP code to C code
Not working cursor:pointer in Google Chrome browser for option tag ?
Java/Swing: reference a component from another class
How to display the Binary Value of an Integer in PHP
Using DataContractResolver in WF4
Easy Asynchronous Image Download UIImage View
send html email using php deliver message as html code
PDO Informix SQLDriverConnect: -鈥�17鈥�
perfmon using EntLib - no instance in perfmon
android - showing listView in PreferenceActivity
Is there any alternative other than Process to execute built-in shell commands in C#
How do I validate a phone number with javascript?
SQL Query results into dropdown list
Unwanted white space area when using float in two column layout in FireFox
PHP - How do I find the position of the first occurrence of ANY CHARACTER BUT a pre-specified character in a string?
Ember data and Ember StateManager
search an nsarray for nearest values
Can I use #ifdef in a .def?
how to do nested parsing using SAX Parser in android
Removing text between 鈥�-鈥�and 鈥� cr鈥�
jQuery scroll() Event doesn't work with if/else condition depending on scrollPosition
url links in Zend Layout automatically appended by ~username on server
How to load base64 string in webview?
tcp server does not return from accept()
Infrastructure for Automatic User Logon (SSO) with Active Directory / LDAP / NTLM
Android - Spinner: text in several lines
tomcat +oci +oracle11
Do you use google protocol buffers only in datagram mode?
Javascript not working in firefox: undefined variables?
How to extract text from image using openCV or OCR tesseract? [duplicate]
CKFinder Not Actually Uploading Images
Why again and again my Flash builder shutdown/close during development after coming this alert?
parent-child controller
PHP Curl does not return a values from url
How to associate custom Tasks list with workflow?
Validation does not work when returning view with ajax
Grid inside a scrollviewer with multiple user controls inside
LdapAuthenticationProvider throws NullPointerException at AbstractContextSource.getReadOnlyContext
Why does isEmpty() skip many lines in BufferedReader?
Work around Hibernate's errors in multithreaded applications
Need help to hide the ego_bar in facebook Uploading excel file using blkCopy and adding user defined column
Dynamically loaded user control not rendering
Git restore deleted branch merged without --no-ff
Perl equivalent to Php foreach loop
Having Two Columns With Primary Keys Not Two Columns With One Primary Keys
Create sql server functions from an assembly dll automatically
Git restore deleted branch merged without --no-ff
Having Two Columns With Primary Keys Not Two Columns With One Primary Keys
Create sql server functions from an assembly dll automatically
How to Populate Xib in a different Class
Exporting db table from SQL Server 2008 R2 to Excel 2007
Crash Consensus Algorithm
WCF connect to Websocket server
Two renderers in same adavanced data grid in Flash builder
What method should i use to store text and pictures on the phone?
Execute external PHP script in CakePHP 2
fade jquery picture gallery
Frame rate too slow when creating movie from individually-downloaded JPEGs
Regex to extract host
How to store configurable strings in C# project?
How can I put a view center in any orientation
phonegap 1.5 & jquery mobile, backbutton event not fire (Android)?
WPF Datagrid with AlternatingRowBackground scrolls differently when scrolled up and down
Repository pattern - Why exactly do we need Interfaces?
How to loop through all text files in a directory C#
Need Rewrite To Fix Bad Indexed Pages
jquery dropdownchecklist not working
Show unread/read messages
PHP multiplication
as3 facebook api: why does Facebook need js api
Android SDK & Eclipse Indigo bug on Ubuntu Linux
Cancel adialog created using AlertDialog.Builder
Thrift server facade for clients
multiplying and rounding numbers using sed
Symfony2 bindRequset displaying property doesn't exist
Postgres date overlapping constraint
Passing DatePicker value to Controller and Views
jquery fadein NOT working in all browsers
Overlay graphic border on img tags
Web API - Rendering Razor view by default?
JSpinner (Time) in JTable
Form performance when adding Outer Join DataSource
output via echo for an input value
Reformat array in <select> tag
How do edit a line item associated with has_many relationship but uses a single class?
Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: get field slot from row 0 col 2 failed in Android
Oracle query output to be comma-separated
MVC3 Razor Editor/Display templates and generics
Is it possible to obtain an instance of Class<SomeGenericClass<SomeType>>
Jumping down in HTML when clicking onto a tab
Developing a RMI application
unresolved externals of creating a static instance in C++
Create a 2d html5 click and play game with scala and play2 framework or playN?
Rails 3 - Windows + Mongrel (Error with dispatcher)
unresolved constrain in bundle that had a dependency excluded in maven
php singlequote not working on sprintf properly
Using AppSettings.AllKeys
Using CheckBoxes in Silverlight
Getting top twitter trends by country
Import CSV to SQL using schema.ini as validator
Menu links with ajax loading
Default return value for a stored procedure
Error when using str_replace in php?
hibernate simultaneous updates
Accessing Mysql using dapper [closed]
Telerik mvc grid ForeignKey column
Div css overflor auto and not used style table
Compare two couchdb databases
Webservice client to connect SugarCRM web service from PhoneGap
Shared content root in IntelliJ (share source across modules)
Processing this form
JQuery Horizontal Scrolling of Lists
Set `scheduledend` on Appointment to null with Javascript
Best practice for a simple encryption class. Am I using crypt and mcrypt well?
Static linking wxHaskell on Mac OS X
Compiling 3.2 Antlr grammar with gradle
GWT Printing PDF Issue
Security issue accessing microsoft interop dll sending email
Matplotlib: Add strings as custom x-ticks but also keep existing (numeric) tick labels? Alternatives to matplotlib.pyplot.annotate?
radio button not visible in a HorizontalFieldManager in blackberry?
Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'long long' to 'NSInteger' (aka 'int')
UINavigationController Title Overlap
convert 鈥� hour and 10 minutes鈥�into 01:10:00 in php
Make a nice router with sencha touch 2
Mvc Telerik Window does not post values of partial view
Logging on Windows 6 Mobile application
Response 500 when sending utf-8
Data connection to Internet
Android Export application using ProGuard
Web2py ajax ':eval' action is not returning HTML functions
Android custom Event to javascript EventListener
how to resolve fatelexception in android
How to automate downloading of a data, which is available through an html form? What should I learn?
How to get the value of the selected Item in a Drop down list?
Is it better to pass reference to an object or pass individual attributes in an object in Java?
python: Importing seems to prevent sys.exit() to work properly
How to make vim not break strings when autoformating?
How to let user change iphone app theme?
Custom Tab Bar iOS - 3 Buttons
Trim whitespace using PIL
One to zero or many association and FK usage in third table
Serialize hashtable using Protocol Buffers (.NET)
convert string array of byte values to a byte array
MySQL infrastructure and PHP $_SESSION handling
change dbgrid options at runtime
How to save and retrieve a cookie by tipfy
How to save and retrieve a cookie by tipfy
Client-side templating, server-side templating or raw cloning&editing stub DOM elements client-side?
What to write in webconfig file when use Web Authentication in
bootstrap: align input with button
Creating the UITextFields as per array count
Maven java project in eclipse doesn't see classes in same package
How to integrate lync with a windows form application
Uncaught SoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: xxxx already defined
File writing and reading objects using Threads
TFS2010 gated check-in 鈥渇ailed to apply label鈥�when adding new files
script installed under crontab not running
How to use Selenium features from Selenium2 class?
Https requests are not working in Windows Azure
Website - Change image depending on mouse position (2 zones)
Zip a folder in as3
How do I get the browser scroll position in jQuery?
Nginx - how to implement hotlinking prevention?
How to force Mysql to use primary Index in IN clause鈥�
html table layout is not fixed in outlook,for a email template
Generating Unique ID (reproducible) for a system
Java: Creating a file from a non-hierarchical URI which points to a directory in a jar
How to use timezone offset in Nodejs?
Should i insert current Datetime in code behind or set in database server
DirectX 9 Shading not linear?
google oauth2 grant_type=authorization_code returns Error processing OAuth 2 request
How to select all fields from datatable
Using PrimeFaces' RequestContext to update a component in another page
Incorrect Syntax near the keyword DECLARE
How to do recursively grep when there is a FIFO in the path
Strange Connection refuse from HBase
Response header in Symfony2 dosen't change
Utility of HTTP header 鈥淐ontent-Type: application/force-download鈥�for mobile?
Two TrackBar mirror
Android: I added another button but now the app crashes
How can I retrieve the value of a MSI property on the time of Uninstallation?
Flip animation in sub-UIView don麓t found
SqlDataAdapter Fill method jumps execution
Unit test exception handling
How can I address specific XML-Elements with C# when using namespaces?
Saving updated values of a dojo data grid
PHP bulk insert foreach
java SVD JAMA wrong results
Implement Progress bar in android
How to get the user initials programmatically in Windows Forms
JS Fiddle & Dreamweaver
Retaining 鈥�鈥�in .csv Format
Converting a context-free grammar into a LL(1) grammar
How can I define a nonstandard file counterpart in Xcode 4?
AChartEngine add second series
Best practise when storing contact information in SQL, should I encrypt?
how to make use of a class which implements IExtenderProvider?
stack of actions for one sparite in cocos2d
Why AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges don't works
Java parse oracle timestamp to
iOS zip with gzipDeflate
how to customize kwrite to execute programs
populate NSMutableArray from JSON - Empty =o
Can somebody explain the eclipse.p2.profile
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淗andles clause requires a WithEvents variable defined in the containing type or one of its base types鈥�
How can I connect to a DataBase using EJB2.0
Client / Server application connection reset Java
Android C2DM - What to send in http post?
jQuery / CSS Issue
Upper limit on facebook user logins for mobile
Using visa to interface with GPIB always gives me VisaIOError
Can we pass xml formatted text to inner xml?
Theory of Computation: Design a 2-stack PDA for this language?
Expand and select node in Ext GWT 3.0 Tree
upload photo to page timeline Facebook SDK
Spring Web - Restful Webservice - pass/receive ArrayList as an argument/parameter in client/server side
How to retrieve values from json
PDF to EPUB in [closed]
How do I construct the cake when using Scalaxb to connect to a SOAP service?
splitting text file data into columns
Link dropdown menus populated by mysql php
Associate a division with a case
Regular expression in tcl - String
Android : Audio Recorder With TImer
How to use Telugu font in blackberry application
How to display RSS feeds from other sites
Apche POI get cell color when reading xlsx file
how to convert NSData of image to CGImageRef with out memory leaks
How to hyperlink to deep Doxygen content?
How to use Hibernate Criteria API without Entity classes?
Can we store multiple values for a single column in sqlite
handling repeating-time consuming codes by calling controllers from view?
MySQL Unknown column in fieldlist error
Java rotate an image in the center
symfony2 jquery ui datepicker images
Rails Dev Enviroment - Any Tips?
Set postion of dialog box
How to trigger a datagrid event when a checkbox is checked?
How to pull the public information from GitHub repos using Ruby
SVG Matrix to Android Graphics Matrix
CA0055 error in FxCop
IIS 7.5 URL Rewrite - Rewrite a Folder from an URL
What's wrong in my code for show/hide function?
update in mysql need good statement
Deleting line of text from from.txt file
jdbc connection error
Redirect from a Service in Symfony2
Verifying type of data
Create Environment in IOS application
Run SpecFlow tests without Visual Studio
How to use dynamic grammar in c#?
RestEasy: WARN NoClassDefFoundError DocumentProvider
Regex validate sequence
Receving an email via a Python script
callcc 鈥�Call-with-current-continuation
Calculate distance and speed when button is pressed [closed]
Update values in a list with reflection
Android Irrlicht Bullet random memory management crash
UDP : opening socket failed
same referencefor multiple objects..? [duplicate]
How come python did not refer to this very simple scenario? [closed]
Data getting overridden in hashtable
How to programmatically bulk create/update aliases in Drupal 7
Function with string as return type in C
ActionBarSherlock - Show overflowed action items as icon + text