ScrollView doesn't work
jQuery append data to li's level
Pattern of component with callback system with stdcall calling convention
How to save the button state using NSUserDefaults
Winforms: Wait Cursor with info-text
Document constructor with multiple signatures
Async POST fails on WP7 and F#
Variable in a table
Does not want to resize columns in Flexigrid
Prevent left navigation menu to be refreshed with Response.Redirect()
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
Coming back from suspended state - iOS
In wpf how can I set the value of a dependency property in a custom control
Implementing JQuery Datepicker
Rails redirect issue with HTTPS because of symlink
Value from DatePicker in Silverlight
Line-height inheritance
Reading a csv file
I received the above error on deploying the file to WebLogic. Could someone help me on what is this error related to?
How can I get all the initialized managed beans in the session?
Filtering api - similar to hibernate criteria API [closed]
Jersey multipart streaming without disk buffering
How to use five digit long Unicode characters in JavaScript
How to format string to money
JS Compiler deleting escape ( ) characters in regular expressions
Strip IFRAME from ASP String
CSS cursor : pointer in a row ( IE )
OpenJPA executing prepared statement when none exist in the project
Check destruction order constraints at compile time
blazeds push message not working when tomcat is fronted by apache server (though the rpc works)
how to make Mobiscroll work in IPhone 5 when date format other than yyyy-mm-dd used
Why Tomcat Server do not Change name of a copied JSF Project
Find and replace in python
Inheriting mapping annotations
unittesting with ServletContextListener
(How) can I access struts action fields directly in Javascript?
I can't seem to crash my program to get the error I want
Drupal unique login
How to vertically align spans with text and image
allow only one connection on the same login with FOSUserBundle
Display datepicker/combobox instead of keyboard
Android - Help me with ArrayList
DotNetNuke 'TrueFalse' profile property labels
C# how to Open excel file if it exists, create excel file if it doesn't, from WinForm?
display the word or particular string on the image
Plotting axis labels with Greek symbols from a vector
Adobe AIR and Google Play incompatible device obstruction
ExtJS 4 returning the records of a store when using a filterFn function
iPhone - How to download big amount of files
Jquery, get label value inside a user control
UITableViewCell with custom UIButton
Taking uri data through intent in android
Xcode 4.3.1 - Switch to Output/Console Window shortcut
IE9 not playing MP4 in video tag
Phonegap / Cordova: Storing password securely?
How to connect a Windows CE Ethernet device on ActiveSync Remote Display on Windows 7?
IPv6 equivalent of ETH_P_ARP
NERDTree - how to delete file
how do you get the ticket_id on vimeo api with scribe
How can I keep the spacing in this Javascript regex?
Processing large files in PHP
Select data from a CSV before loading it with javascript (d3 library)
Changing multiple image extension using jquery
How to load distinct items into llblgen pro collection
Add image UIBarItem to UINavigationController or alternative
order by multiple columns
Referenced Project gets lost at Compile Time in VS 2008
Trouble migrating from twitter search api to status api
Why does this javascript return undefined?
GBM in R for adaBoost ~ predict() values lie outside of [0,1]
How to read tcp/ip headers in PHP?
What is the proper way to use the radius parameter in the Google Places API?
OpenGL flickering/damaged with window resize and DWM active
ada syntax issues
How do I use parameters of parent class method with the same method name?
MySQL query order by SUM field of another table
How to delete the specific folder from the directory [closed]
Entity framework 4.1 - inheritance with foreign key on same column
How can I write this as a jQuery deffered function
Open Context menu on click of Menu button in android
Python access to SQL Server 2008
How to retrieve data the following JSON Output?
NSFileManager not deleting a file that exists
Use of UIPanGestureRecognizer
PHP ob_start() and ob_start('ob_gzhandler')
Targeting classes instead of ID with jQuery tabs
Xml serialization of enum in c#
Python how to load an object stored inside a simple cookie by python
OpenGL ES 1.x programmable pipeline
colMeans function in R and running into problems with columns of size 1
Protocol is also inherited in obj-c?
url response time
How to get WP marketplace like listbox?
Check how many elements from a list fall within a specified range (Python)
Datasnap and TObject references
Autocompletion with the #import directive in XCode 4
JPA with Jboss Exception
fill ListBox according to input control value in onKeyUp function
How to find UISwipeGestureRecognizer & UIPanGestureRecognizer for the same view in different direction?
Repository like pattern with Node and mongoose
Why we need to maintain our own matrices to transform Game objects?
Different titles for standard and wide tile (Metro-style app)
How to vertically center multiline text with an image on its left?
MODX - how to listing Static Resources of certain document ID?
DevExpress eXpressApp 鈥�Database updates
hash code for string objects
How to set timer control in ajax javascript?
Android Application Strange behavior on some devices
encryption in javascript and decryption in Ruby
Difference between web services and web application
Catch an pre-defined int exception
Jacoco w/ Jetty + Selenium RC
In Perl, how can I transform an array of hashes in to an array of values?
How to solve memory leak problems?
Struct with auto-implemented properties and constructor initializer
Scroll the content at set intervals?
Can temporaries bind to non-const references?
A substitute for doc.evaluate
Getting hidden field value from content-page after cross-page post
How can I load a password-protected private key from a .pem file with M2Crypto?
C# Excel Interop: can't read all data from excel
Instance of OWL-class with unionOf (n3)
Serialize list with base type into derived type json
Request & Response to a 3rd party domain via javascript
How to marshal work onto single thread c#
How to load initial_data (fixture) after migration and not after syncdb?
How to launch an iOS application in Simulator from Terminal and AppleScript
TinyMCE Preview Not Working in IE 8 and IE 7
twitvid video upload issue 鈥渃ode鈥� 鈥�002鈥� 鈥渕sg鈥� 鈥淣o file specified to upload鈥�
using 鈥渓ike鈥�in cakephp to return search results
using 鈥渓ike鈥�in cakephp to return search results
Characters 脜 脛 脰 is not getting displayed in my DDL, how can I tell restclient to utilize a specific charset?
How to pass value from jsp to some methods in controller on click of certain option?
Render engine within application layout
ActiveRecord - Find next user in group model
HTML, CSS issue: HTML fieldset placing/positioning
MySQL joins + sub-query confusion
Which one of Django app is better for image resizing (easy-thumbnails or django-imagekit)? [closed]
Maven Eclipse Runtime Plugin Dependency
How to update (refresh) console screen?
SVN: How to work together with several files in a folder?
AVPlayer seektoTime iPhone
Htaccess Redirect Rule Not Working
retrieve GSM CellId,mnc,mcc using java script
Sort multidimensional array based on multiple values
Get property names via reflection of a COM object
Dereferencing the void pointer in C++
Extract domain name suffix from any url
How to tell real and virtual keypresses apart?
Php use $_SESSION for storing my vars
Qt::QueuedConnection from QML
Removing colon from a time stamp
Checking posted contact using php to sent to selected contacts email using mail() function
How do I translate this Perl upload script to C#?
Custom style for a vector layer
How to trap 403 errors in C#
Grid-like WPF control
How to get POST and GET parameters from Web Page in python
Push Notifications stopped working after recent update
How to create custom keyboard like real keyboard in iOS?
Setting Tomcat 7 sessionid and value to be identified via Hardware Load Balancing for session affinity
Tweaking performance of Java's sockets
SQL displays results for months - how to display only for current year?
The grouping of the keys by name
Google Plus: How to use php to post on a user's Stream?
Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button, Open Graph meta tags - Application ID or Admin IDs?
Changing rhinoslider direction after init
CustomTextField (Does get a StackOverFlow error)
How can I remove MVC2's validation messages?
How to save the registers value using inline Assembler
Load() with page and ID
Incomplete ResultSet data
Extjs window doesnt show elements well in IE
Query by date to mysql database
How to send an email in android 2.2?
jQuery tablesorter plugin - how to have multiple tables on a page
ServiceThrottling default values?
Blend removes animation
WCFDataService Returning Boolean
Tamil and English language supporting web site in mvc3?
android: inflate Toast not get clickEvents on 2.3.3
Set default value for jQuery slider and override when needed
My program hangs on a line when reading input from a server.. Java
Show random swf banners in HTML
Rotate sprite to face a point (cocos2d)
Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length
Jquery Webcam on webpage help needed
HD screenshots for Chrome extensions by Google
Socket.IO - cannot load XMLHttpRequest in Google Chrome
Mysql query with criteria value > 10 for consecutive date periode of 3 hours does not exist
Web forms and URL rewriting: Hide ID, show name?
Coloured Boxplot
What is the feature of field 鈥渓eft鈥�and 鈥渞ight鈥�in jstree jquery plugin?
onMouseOver for span inside div
how to use parameters inside look up transformation in ssis
Sprite loading multiple times, not caching as I would expect
Selecting file using javascript then upload
Removing spaces after all commas
JqueryUI Tabs - need change URL onSelect Tab
Set integer range for primefaces selectonemenu values
Setting LocationManager to default accuracy
How to pass data in sidebar just after calling toggelsidebar()
using the Netty pipeline efficiently
Cache/offline website script
concat string with 0 does not work in vbScript
Invalid JSon error for JQuery.parseJSON
Zooming / stretching a picturebox on current mouse position?
How to avoid page being refreshed when using SetFocusOnError=鈥渢rue鈥�
Add an child image on a parent image at exact location , even if i will increase/decrease the parent image size using jquery
jQuery: create any new object after creation of one object
Unit Test case using Rspec for each loop
Updating multiple columns in Mysql using C# Textboxes
IOS: entitlement.plist for appstore process
What is the fastest, reliable baud rate that can be used using radio modems? [closed]
Flushing output stream is ignored in a Servlet under Tomcat via AJP
Java SimpleDateFormat pattern for W3C XML dates with timezone
Joomla 1.5.24 Plugin ratings
Execute webservice method async before RootFrame.Navigating event windows phone 7
Hadoop Block Management
Multiple target patterns?
What is naive about Naive bayes?
How to avoid having duplicate code for fetching location and data in every activity?
Check whether the first character is a space
Link to Controller does not work within pdf 0.6
Decoupling Java Application using Queue: is is a best practice?
AS3 - Facebook.init returning both null for success and fail objects
Mootools inject code Revise it for .each
what is the type of initialize list in C++ array?
/admin loads from http://<>/index.php/admin, but not from http://<>
/admin loads from http://<>/index.php/admin, but not from http://<>
Manage JSON error on Play2 controller with scala
vim: how to quit vim when I split window?
Wicket RadioChoice default selected
Centering content of field in centre of field
symfony jquery prototype dynamic form
How to validate dynamically generated fields server side
Eclipse Indigo Outline (PHP Mode, Subclipse) is flickering with large classes
How to Read a PDF File
Mac control-A/E shortcut in Netbeans
Ternary IF causes out of memory
NHibernate filter collection and parent
ListView animations issue with bottom row
Modify only in specific files in Python
Python list of tuples: organize by unique elements to a dictionary
How to pass parameters to OnClickListener?
Resque and redis server not playing well with each other
Access a linux user's public_html from a WHM user's account
Data List populated from stored procedure
Corba marshalling and proxy using writeReplace [duplicate]
jquery ajax calls form authentication issue
MS Word won't read ODF file written with QTextDocumentWriter
Python - return to the start of a function if an invalid input is made?
no viable alternative at input
Case insensitive sub-string first appearance replacement in PHP
Gnuplot legend order
Netty wrapper around smack XMPP
Validation for non-required field
Array and Split commands to create a 2 dimensional array
Tomcat, Session Administrator. What does mean session with negative TTL?
Performance issue in attaching template programmatically
How to manage logs' preservation period using RollingFlatFileTraceListener on Enterprise Library Logging Application Block?
Android Coding more efficiently and effectively
Attach random file to a pdf using itText
oracle bitand function
Saving large data in vector c++
DateAdd() in Special Format
Hijacking communication between application and network in Linux
Can't access label in content place holder in master page
Superclass/Interface providing TextAlignment and FontFamily properties
How can independent processes running on the same Ubuntu Machine communicate with each other?
Freezes (not crashes) with GCD, blocks and Core Data
Cakephp with Translate Behavior
How to write Yii extensions? Any good reference?
Image gallery for jQuery mobile
decimal in c# misunderstanding?
Read attributes of movie files in Flash / Flex
Crash when storing NSMutableArray with NSFilemanager
add comments to a button
Creating a standalone windows application from an ASP.NET website
Entity Framework, get type of child classes?
get current location on blackberry without gps
Address assignment on a 64 bit linux host to a 64 bit pcie card
Entity Framework code first unique column
Does PayPal Payments Advanced support requiring payment (subscribe button)?
How to avoid multiple instances of same Activity?
storing the values into the cookie and displaying those values on page load
I want to add navigation controller in tabbed Application
Error 1920 Insufficient Privileges when installing service on XP
jQuery UI nestedSortable using connectWith and maxLevels not working correctly
Autocompletion using Java not JavaScript
Is there a Linq to REST library for C#
C++ exam, who gets the first one correct? [duplicate]
Show video stream from Video Server (axis 240Q) to WPF/WINFORM and draw Ellipse on the video (on run time)
Why does this work with Mysql but not Postgres
Upload file In MVC 3
Oracle materialized views or aggregated tables in datawarehouse
External Photo viewer (Windows Phone)
global replace with negative lookahead?
Google Spreadsheets: Adding Columns using the GData API
setTimeout not working with jquery.each, this
iterating over a range of rows using ws.iter_rows in the optimised reader of openpyxl
procedure in pl/sql
How to select theme based on URL in Orchard CMS
Window functions and more 鈥渓ocal鈥�aggregation
Post and redirect to external site from Rails controller?
How to convert list of numbers into (temp) table using SQL (SQL Server)
*.ANE for extend iPhone app i receive 鈥渓d: absolute addressing鈥�ERROR when add it to my Main Flex Project and compile it
Create instance for a class(resides in B.vbs) from another .VBS file
Why do I need to control-drag some kind of UI-widgets into yellow sphere representing the view controller?
Windows authentication still bringing up login form
Read DynamicMethod's LocalSignature: non standard type tokens?
What's the best way to distinguish if a ClearCase element is part of UCM environment?
Disable double-tap 鈥渮oom鈥�option in browser on touch devices
@RequestMapping servlet not being found
Event Handlers and Interfaces
htaccess redirect rule help please (wildcard in URL)
How to not persist an object that is part of an active session (and is mapped)
How to get ID of the currently viewing Product in mvc?
subsrcibe the letter on newstand+iphone
easeljs not working on Android 2
How to modify time regexp?
Get text of element within same parent
How add image in Apple Local/Push notification message?
PHP Heroku background workers?
Joomla-links don't work
Updating FK relationships in Entity Framework 4.1
jQuery flicker when using animate-scrollTo
CSS: percent min-height element nested within percent min-height element
Runtime dynamic bundling and minifying in MVC 4
File rotation using winston works unexpected
Vspace in Outlook 2007/2010
Expect: Getting string at run time
Divide the video to bytes
Reading according to a mask in Fortran
Creating Temporary File: cant write to it
jni problems when system load the .so file
how to show percent % with value on pie chart in iPhone app
window.location not working
Pass variables into mongo updates?
C++11: How to access targets of std::functions with different types?
Element of listView highlight not fully
How can I model this relational database, and have all the data in collection classes
How to combine 4 arrays together of different sizes so that the resultant array's elements alternates between each of the 4 array's elements
Code First conventions confusion
How to display popupMenu after clicking a link in html file for Android
FTP folders mounted locally used for SVN repository
how to know which button is clicked 鈥�first鈥� [closed]
Hibernate enum inserting starts from 0 should start from 1
Cannot resolve symbol issue with resharper but code compiles
How to initialize a public static final read-only LinkedMap (bidirectionnal map)
Why is django-south not included in django.contrib? [duplicate]
Are hardware watchpoints available only for certain memory addresses?
Create stored procedure to add with auto increment as its primary field?
How to develop role based workflow in SharePoint Server?
Error when setting new routes in codeigniter
javafx 1.3 jnlp not working
Problems with symbol &oslash;
jQuery plugin best practice
accepts_nested_attributes_for giving error: Can't mass-assign protected attribute
Do firewalls block non-HTTP traffic on port 80?
Documentation for Android style attributtes
Opening swf in flash player from javascript
Compiling exe or dll by webserver
Need to set up a customised date range validator in Ruby On Rails
Is it considered okay (standards-wise) to mix HTML 4 and HTML 5? [closed]
how to get data from an html5 form without using php in phonegap
Edit and continue does not work anymore
Difference between @class and import [duplicate]
#SOLVED# How to display weight from weighing scale into a textbox via serial port RS-232 or usb converter using C#?
Value cannot be null Exception in Windows Form C#
Breaking a list of character strings into partitions
Clone or Copy UIViewController or UIView
Describing Oracle Schema
Changing Twitter application OAuth access level and re-authorizing Users
Insert data to sqlite from json file
How to test and log multiple times -nosetest unittest - python
How to parsing xml that have unlimited subsection to dataset
how to give condition to loop through a variable containing data from different models
identifier GetClientRect not found
identifier GetClientRect not found
RequestParam and sessions Spring MVC
WePay payment gateway integration in PHP
Tridion 2011 - Engine.GetObject overloads
<h:graphicImage> is not getting refreshed in JSF
How to check if a file corrupt (downloading has failed) in java? (Android)
Saving the state of the button using NSUserDefaults
Rhinomock non-primitive object in expectations
How can I access a field in an array, where the name of the field in stored in a variable?
Timer object in a class library?
Building programs which run without extra dlls of MinGW and MSYS
Is there a way to select the first character? :first-letter does not seem to work [duplicate]
set containing a class with CString member variables stores only first letters
magic for detecting boost::serialization file
JavaScript updating an array element with index
Cannot inject any service annotated with @Transactional into any controller in 1.3.7
Check for overlapping views after transform
Delphi Chromium - launch a command in Delphi application when button in web page is clicked by user
Online travel agent database design (rates table) for hotels in mysql
what is better with null parameter checks, assertions or exception? [closed]
Jquery Mobile Android Native Select Menu not working when html is embedded in Sharepoint Content Editor Webpart
MSEXCEL Transpose data into database format
Determine who called delegate method
can i take control of function inside xul javascript file?
How to change the format of 鈥淎ssigned To鈥�field
Dropdownlist(ddlState) value loss when acess in Javascript after AsyncPostBackTrigger in update panel
What's the best practise for multi-modules maven project in multi svn branch
Drawing a view on different screen resolution
Compiling C# Code in Visual C# 2010 Express
Can i do this on return to handle Exception
How can I dynamically add controls to a form based on JComboBox selection?
SQL query to get records even if count is 0 in one table
Using Dojo dgrid with selector column plugin without a store?
In WCF app.config, why does the base address require the prefix http:// or net.tcp?
Regarding NoClassDefFoundError
Why does this XML file not display anything? [duplicate]
How to send values from Unity& receive in Java for my plugin?
Memory allocated in char * var; declaration
How to upgrade EasyPhp to php 5.4?
Stop Browser at any spot
How to remove XML declation from the document while transforming the file
i have a listbox and check box and how can i find the how much check box checked in wpf
Make PNG Image with PHP
Eclipse code quality check - find ocurrences of comparing Integers using ==?
Where to store db access password in winforms app
How to use Moq in TFS
filtering a sublist of strings in C#
Memory leak in MBProgressHUD
Adding a custom field to the sign-in in Devise
XSLT: Looping and setting a variable when condition met at least once
Is AndEngine a game engine?
Zend Framework 1.0 project is how to migrate to the zend framework 2.0? [closed]
How to remove negative values from a list using lambda functions by python
Is threre a RoboCode like Game or Challenge for Python? [closed]
show a drop down list from 2 dimensional tuple
libcurl console progress bar for file download
How to implement a 鈥渞emote鈥�Domain?
Spotify API: How to crossfade songs
Clear Hibernate validator messages
Read Unknown-sized Array in Ajax from XML
char* to char[] - free necessary?
How to properly use factories having multiple associations to the same model?
Use filename to average data by month
MySQL: Searching same table multiple times with joins
How can i disable sorting in outline view in xcode 4?
Spring security securing the service layer, the web-service layer or both?
more type on a column of an entity in doctrine
how do you invoke a browse to url in netbeans IDE
Android app path on emulator
AdsConnection not closed?
How filter() and get() are implemented in GAE queries?
How to Identify currency note using color?
Decompressing Tiled TMX file contents with PHP
Buddypress custom avatar upload page
Strange behaviour with NOT IN
namespace look-up in main?
Resizing a char* on the fly - why does this code *work*?
Poor performance of ActiveMQ rest message services?
A simple python server using SimpleHTTPServer and SocketServer, how do I close the socket down before rerunning .py file?
how to get id of the imagesource of image like getImageResource
Changes to group membership not respected by existing sessions
Exposing and Hiding WCF service contracts
How can add new field to an event with dhtmlx scheduler?
How to know which application the user chose when using an intent chooser?
Insert/Update in PL/SQL
Postgresql Column Not Found, But Shows in Describe
How to share file or folder using ios Api?
Does core django supports migration without django-south or similar app?
WP7 Debugging without Tethering over USB?
Assign UIButtons Titles of NSMutableArray To UIButtons of NSMutableArray?
Algorithm for sum of integers [duplicate]
how to clone an Amazon EBS volume into another one of smaller size
Best practices for injecting Swing components using Guice?
INSERT INTO table1 values FROM table2 WHERE
How browser zoom affect the iframe's position? when browser zoom, the iframe's origin moves
Java input error. I can't validate the string entered [duplicate]
how do i keep jquery accordion disabled but still change its active state?
Android - Stop (Intercept) C2DM Push Notification if app is running?
In a WSDL file, via a free solution can the XPath of a response element be determined without invoking the service?
Java Cache Query Results
Inexplicable growth in data-base file
Programming Python [closed]
How to fetch and replace image's background color in onTouch event
get the jquery index of 鈥渢d鈥�element
perform contains operation for hashtable
Using image as a background for NSTextField
How to snap the screen to a View's edge inside scrollview?
Broken images when saving in Xuggler
Sending an email [closed]
How to Direct3D Alpha Blending
Inconsistent result for fetching photos using FQL multiquery
How would I mimic this conditional inclusion of resources in JSF 2?
Creating an object in a static way
Extract sequences from an array
How can I catch event from InputStream?
create table with sequence.nextval in oracle
How to add Bulk Table into Database using
@Named not working on weblogic while integrating JSF 2.0 and spring 3.0.6
Mixture of Gaussians - C
how to delete files with rest web services
LoadRunner and terminal services use
How do I make Flask SQLAlchemy reuse db connections?
Getting FTP error for timeout with PHP & Codeigniter
is there a way to reference all items except $(this) - Jquery / JS
compiling opencv with gpu cuda support
CodeIgniter Wanwizard DM Join other field
Entity framework and transcations
Navigate using Primefaces Tree
How do I get this function to return a value?
Download a file in php not working
Get the names of the customer with the most expensive Orders
C / how to bind multiple sockets for incoming and outgoing data
Binding click event in jquery coffeescript
Query Optimisation on table with 3,500,000 rows, indexing
script is not working on click,its working on hover only..??c
Disable href function is not working with onmouseup event
Testing file on ipad device gives error
how to determine when the is done playing mp3? lua
How to create UISwitch in for loop in iphone?
Connect active directory with the support of ssl (ldaps)
Make a spell checker
Customizing the entity in the entity framework
antlr global rule scope declaration vs @members declaration
Number of cores in CPU [closed]
How to get between Records from lookup when we are passing range:
Accessing SSAS via HTTP
Find all possilbe combinations from 4 input numbers which can add up to 24
鈥淚nvalid attempt to read when no data is present鈥�when starting a foreach loop on query result
error when restarting Apache webserver
getPsc() using GsmCellLocation always returns -1
Sencha Touch 2 Offline Caching with JsonP Proxy
click a menu item content to be displayed in the right side div in the same page without refresh?
How to get pvob name by a given element name?
Run dynamically compiled C# code at native speed鈥�how?
Set Application Name inMSBuildParameters
Updating DataSet - in which layer?
Error when accessing a COM dll with Threading Model Apartment from Multithread Apartment
How can I arrange items in a table - MVC3 view (Index.cshtml)
what can be the sql query?
Blogger wont save template with this javascript in it
How to generate a working jar file for my program?
Bind Error in TCP echo server
Internal server error when modperl use module
Java apps can't connect to IP, but I can ping it
Error Binding DropDownListbox with dataset?
itemClick in tile list not working as expected
Status of email sending in android [duplicate]
how to clean cache JAVA application
Cast function output as column name
replace a unknown string between two known strings with sed
How to create a For_Each_With_Condition_With_Index Extension method (EM)
Upgrading Sharp Architecture from 1.9.6 to 2.0.x
Dealock in Java Help in interpretation of Jstack in Groovy
ruby on rails using bootstrap - prepend text and append button to an input field in a form
How can i select facebook user friends in facebook application?
Java Swing - UI Block
Removing duplicate XML node by keeping the first occurence using XSLT
Want to stretch the last column in Flexigrid
curl Apache setup access python script
Ruby on Rails Functional Test
JQUERY + Browser Autocomplete
StackOverflowError in JBoss 7 when trying to explore a hierarchy
MBProgressHud is not changing with device orientation.?
Usercontrol event Handler
How to create a singleton Qt application on windows? [duplicate]
Change gridview header text when i choose dropdownlist
Properties & methods missing in TLB generated out of a DLL via Visual Studio 2010
Why ASIHttpRequest use cache only when the request method is 鈥淕ET鈥濓紵
SyntaxError while restoring MongoDB dump
How to use the cached Array's length in CoffeeScript's 鈥渇or in鈥�loop?
i want to store single string values in array but its save only last value and remove all first values
Not saving data with the FormToWizard Jquery plugin
Android draw shadow below view: dispatchDraw called often - any cache missed
Render a pdf stream on a jsp using struts2
Undefined index error PHP
Adding borders to image on click or mouse hover [closed]
fork and copy-on-write
WPF Style Validation Trigger Command
Scrollbar showing and not working
How to Tune the Java GC for vanilla benchmarks?
Undefined index error PHP
Adding borders to image on click or mouse hover [closed]
fork and copy-on-write
WPF Style Validation Trigger Command
Scrollbar showing and not working
How to Tune the Java GC for vanilla benchmarks?
Failure while calling nsIX509CertDB.nsIX509CertDB from command line
htaccess file not working
Speech Recognition on Kinect
How to go back to the last accessed activity?
Show hide fields in Jasper Report on the Fly at runtime
Pinned groups in ExpandableListView
create a htmlhelper to split the text
automatically run an application on Android phone startup
how does a network provider send OTA settings for GPRS/MMS activation
Why hotmail don't show the body of this html email?
How to add values from a form to a table?
Android : RemoteViews and setOnClickPendingIntent
SQL script syntax error
How do I post a message on multiple friends wall with a single request?
How can I combine two lambda expressions without using Invoke method?
jQuery .offset() getting undefined for class `top` of var object
Can't find the mistake, error shown unexpected token ILLEGAL
testing a download file link using JWebUnit
Google Docs and export to Word (and back)
How to store large number of images in server for easy retrieval in html page?
Grails Spring Security plugin @Secured annotation not resolved
How to figure out integer boundaries in C
Sql INSERT into Statement error
How to get a slice data of a huge video file
java multithreading and mysql
Positioning problems - Adding/Deleting Dynamically in a JPanel
Overloading constructor VS passing null while createing objects in Java
How to extend ASPNET_ISAPI filter?
Rails - undefined method `find' for nil:NilClass (ActiveAdmin)
unable to loadrequest for webview from another viewcontroller
Java's HashSet equivalent in PHP
CSS dynamic height based on child elements
json format requirements for markers in google maps
Rspec confusion of some gems and starting method
How to expand a list row when we tap on it in listview
Best way to get data image for processing
how to set imagebutton src in onCreateView?
ASP.NET and google maps. Add marker when button clicked
Looking for NSMutableDate class
Dynamic call to a database from web application
Argument passing in Matlab
jQuery Mobile - Dialog not applying jQuery styling second time around?
How to create this type of Layout in android [closed]
How to set Adapter to Auto Complete Text view?
setFocusable not working
Common Context Menu at application level
How do I calculate PayPal's fees (2.9% + .30) on a fixed number?
Error on publishing apps to Google Chrome Store from the Developer dashboard
Caml query with UniqueID in SharePoint 2010
R Programming: How to put a label above the bar of the qplot? [duplicate]
Adapt interface to window width
Catch event on the Flash particular file close
How to check and replace null value in C#
How can I give file extentions list using FileDialog?
How to handle if internet connectivity of a windows phone 7 app is lost in between when the app is running?
how to check jre version using java application
Javascript matching 鈥渞gb(xx,xx,xx)鈥�with regular expression regEx?
How do i click this button in capybara
How to Store Dynamic Edit text Value in Hashmap in android [closed]
Can鈥檛 Find A Way To Configure Any TinyMCE Image Upload Plugin in CodeIgniter
get selected item from selectmenu in jQuery/jQuerymobile?
C# Threading error + Backgroundworker component
classcastexception in Android
How can I maintain the state of a CheckBox even after navigating to different activities in android?
Displaying multiple layers in Google Maps API V3
JPcap capturing null packets
Live event on iFrame element with jQuery
accessing request headers on django/python
How To Write *nix's basename in C
file open in ofstream fails with no admin privileges c++
MySQL error #1064 - Noob
how to export .req file by using PEMWriter?
editable composite primary key
Javascript Keydown event works perfect in Fireforx, Chrome but only once in Internet Explorer
Get unmarked data from db
Best practices for Axis2 with Maven
How to clone a jQuery object and add it as a sibling?
Trigger to update values
How to zoom a imageview that was passed to bitmap
to call Controller of one project from other project's controller
EclipseLink how to use two @OneToMany and @ManyToOne to replace @ManyToMany
Datagridview column index changing when binding to a datatable
Compile C code with out making a .C file
The concept of how NodeJS runs and the space for each request
not able to handling ajax request from a small chat module
Scripting for graphics [closed]
Change Group Name in Crystal Reports to non-Database Value using Formula
How to Get Start distance and end distance on label
Codeigniter - Adding values to database
How to convert a string which is holding a hexadecimal number into a hexadecimal format in c? [duplicate]
Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments
Best jquery form wizard for a rails app
How to differentiate the applications with same name in android?
How to make MSP430 Sleep in mode 4?
Codeigniter - Adding values to database
How to convert a string which is holding a hexadecimal number into a hexadecimal format in c? [duplicate]
Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments
Best jquery form wizard for a rails app
How to differentiate the applications with same name in android?
How to make MSP430 Sleep in mode 4?
Interpreting Django Source Code
Replace page no with custom string
Missing data while sending large string over TCP. (client/server)
How to control opener page which is opened by method
git commit -a did not work
Can I directly use the accented syllable in database?
How to blur the subject field in a compose mail inspector?
Fixing in-range nested loops
After calculation of arrays, it shows that cannot implicitly convert type 'decimal' , even though I used decimal data
Django model instance not saving but no errors thrown
How to remove space betwen node icon and node text in XtraTreeList
how to deal with Python BaseHTTPServer killed,but the port is still be occupied?
Android Transition Images (TransitionDrawable) for Splash Screen
Priority queue implementation in C# [closed]
spring generating wrong path to forward
Override java string methods
Partition a positive definite square matrix into two indentical matrix
textbox in Mapoverlay/ textbox in custom view to display on a map
Facebook Authentication - adding permission for accessing email address
DOB in database,after one year i wan to increment age and update into database also [closed]
How to use jquery selector to search through a list
Custom attributes to ServiceStack Methods
How to open an image from a shared folder with authentication?
How can I combine the results of different variables into one variable?
Using multiple local folders as source in hadoop mapreduce job
How to access List elements
How to use optional arguments in defprotocol?
What are the differences between -std=c++11 and -std=gnu++11?
(WPF C#) Image watermark and resize
UILabel UILongPressGestureRecognizer not working?
Getting Null value from request.getParameter()
Connecting second UITableView in 2nd tab of UITabBarController to class file?
Get request using Jquery from another domain not working?
htaccess redirection using regular expression
Array of Freebase MIDs and sending multiple queries to freebase
Python Delegate Pattern - How to avoid circular reference?
Disable control for a single page when the control runs from masterpase in
What is the difference and relation between winforms and web applications in .net [closed]
PHP Class Extension Exceeds RAM- CodeIgniter
How can I make sure RTTI is available for a class without instantiating it?
How to get LinkedIn Company status update comments using API?
ftp web client to connection to ftp server
markers on google map
Create a new project with xcode 4.3.2 without a storyboard
c++ Elements lost when stored in a map
Profiling Wicket applications
Let VB Form prepare working environment in chosen directory
Memory leak using blocks
Assigning a unique 賽master page to page layout In publishing portal in sharepoint
how to move focus on dropdown on after validation?
download image from web and store in sd card. then after retrieve this from sd card and want to show in list view
Setting more than one cookie in integration test causes NoMethodError after upgrading rails 2.3
Getting MAC address of a bluetooth using BluetoothManager private framework
Create general purpose DataTemplateSelector
How can i use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] to find that user came from google?
Collections for getting data in the inserted order
Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name
How to show custom annotationView in RMMapview, when tap on the pinpoint?
What data is cached during a 鈥渟elect鈥�in sqlite3/Python, and can this be done manually from the start?
can not crop thumbnail of passed size
Check for changed text
How to make JasperReports ask for a parameter upon program load?
How to check if user has liked the facebook application?
Obtaining connection to database in JBoss?
pass object stream use intent method
R- Query: Order_count<-aggregate(Order_level[鈥渙rder_no鈥漖,by=Order_level[2:i],FUN=length) [closed]
sparse and dense in hyperion
How to go about testing a django app which extensively uses sphinxsearch?
Sending users location to JavaScript Google maps API [closed]
Make the UIView Auto resize after Hiding some elements from the view
fetch request for entity.attribute == @鈥渟omevalue鈥�
ASP.NET MVC intranet application based on a workgroup
How download application in zendframe work
Using ILSpy, how do I navigate to the Resource string?
How to write query for the below scenario in Entity Framework?
Android SharedPreferences How is it mean to be used?
How to publish a Div as an image
How to track open instances of an application in C#
GridView auto recycle views?
Sony Xperia Play Controls Mapping
carrierwave doesn't render, path exists but image doesn't show up
Show all posts in database on homepage
How to create video stream from a sequence of bitmaps with Flash/wowza
Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang++ failed with exit code 1
Detect Touch event in UIWebView
jQuery alternative to PHP foreach()
Is it necessary to add mobileprovision file on ipad to test the ipa file
How to Play a Random Sound with NSArray in Cocos2d
Adding a second use of a date input which uses JS makes neither of them work
H264 parsing - slice header detection
jQuery - can someone give me a standalone code of the jQuery css function?
jqxGrid with SQL Binding and LargeJsonResult is empty
How to choose my image according to the windows phone theme in xaml
How to Play a Random Sound with NSArray in Cocos2d
Adding a second use of a date input which uses JS makes neither of them work
H264 parsing - slice header detection
jQuery - can someone give me a standalone code of the jQuery css function?
jqxGrid with SQL Binding and LargeJsonResult is empty
How to choose my image according to the windows phone theme in xaml
Undefined Opencv References when using Qt + Opencv
how to filter data in Multiple table view
difference between gl_position and varying variable?
Overload Function with List as a Parameter
How do I use layouts and view scripts outside of controllers?
How to use FFMPEG with java?
twitter4j configuration
can any one explain how uksort() in php works?
How to parse output from 'db2 list utilities show detail' in php?
Is there a sample web project of integrating Spring-MVC and Spring-Data-JPA?
Makefile for input/output pairs
Error query with single quote
AppleScript, InDesign, and colour swatches
How to fulfill new requirement for built-in read actions to generate action only after 10 seconds of loading page?
鈥渆lem.type is undefined鈥�in typewatch
Mouse Hover effect runs on each item
Unable to download the artifact maven-compiler-plugin from repository
Tetrahedron orientation for triangle meshes
How to find index of the lowest value in the listbox c#
Getting null value from request.getParameter
Local Storage implementation
Zend Registry not working
jdbc to MYSQL error: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test?user='root'&password=''
Spring 3.1 Cache Abstraction without parameters
A Good jQuery Image Slideshow - (Like the jQuery Cycle plugin)
XUL JS printing error to console
intellij idea can't setup jdk
How to use the `exec_insert` method?
Enable/Disable tabs using HTML and Javascript
How to intercept and change httprequests with c#
Python: What is a 'from import * safe' module?
Ivy not ignored jars marked as exclusion in pom
Parsing password protected HTML
How retain focus on the same field, where user was, after page refresh in MVC3 reset fields and ConfirmCancel
PHP MYSQL - Mutliple Queries and Outputs
How can I featch result from xml through php?
How to bind data from a database to a listbox using a disconnected database
Android Video Privacy [closed]
Right location for class enum
difference between char *myString and myString[] [duplicate]
How to identify which button is clicked in Objective-C?
How to configure bulkloader.yaml to upload data from csv to datastore
Why is the function argument 鈥渪鈥�is not checked for 鈥渦ndefined鈥�when using 鈥渪?鈥�
Android - Handle app crash
STL Map doesn't erase
c++ how to include (circular dependency)?
Building website for domino server
Will too many tags cause any issues in Git?
Is Touch will Detect While a View is in Invisible State?
Failed to install ClubDangoV2Released.apk on device: Too many open files
How to reduce size of apk file?
Get click event of a button placed in App.xaml
My Dynamic Array template class is doing weird things
How can we freeze first column and header(which have multiple rows) in html table
conditional filter SSRS
Vertically aligning table within container div
Which scripting language should be used for automating .net build
How to use sfRequest instance in a static method?
ignore new lines in vimdiff output
Unwrap mp4 from flv video
how to render a float to 2 spaces only if it is less than 1
Returning tab content in two seperate places using Twitter Bootstrap's data-toggle=鈥渢ab鈥�
Ubuntu: cannot buid C++ projects in netbeans
Failed to use xming to run eclipse in Centos
Create XML playlist from mysql DB for Flash FLV player in C#
Java executable jar file is not running properly
How can I resolve multiple versioned jar dependency on android?
Oracle Forms to J2EE migration bulk update
I cannot create object that contains arrays of property inside object
jQuery swap div on hover with delay
How to show the last item in the List View when scrolled to get new items dynamically?
Automatic Reference Counting off,
Create html table from comma separated strings javascript
SmartGWT - how to create a .jar file for a smartGWT UI dialog
regex for matching particular word in whole sentence using perl
Select Max() with 鈥済roup by鈥�in mongodb
Is there a way to detect when value is set via jquery?
Chaining function applications in python
Jquery Autocomplete token input does'nt work in safari and chrome
Delete file in windows 7 using VB.NET
How to count rating?
Implementing a drop-down combobox in PHP
how to declare SQLCA.SQLERRD?
Is there any way other than thumbnail method to take a screenshot of an video in Iphone?
<Div> tags are repeating in IE9
OpenGL context selection in wxPython application on linux
JSF 2.0 page navigation not working
how jdk1.0 lacked clean separation between native and Java code?
change img source with attr not working on ios5
Nested List toolbar
SQL Server 2008 R2 Missing Parameter
Animated arrow pointer
Pickuping the Common 1d sequence in 1d array's?
Facebook new app id not working while old id is working in same program
block motion compensated encoder - how to deal with block-noise in reference frame?
Introduce joined JPA inheritance into already existing database
checkbox checked function for two set of checkboxes in a single page, cant calll functions individually
Google plusone button shows its popup broken
PresentViewController not presenting the view
Unable to change forecolor of exception in visual studio
Display of product versions?
Android how to observe Opera and Dolphin Browsers or all the Browsers
How do I share documents using dropbox Api in iPhone app?
How to determine the maximum scale according to Image resolution
Recycle bin for Android that can store deleted messages,videos, files etc
Any mature solution of automatic testing for iOS apps?
Arrange tableview data in alphabetical order in sections
VHDL output declarations with State machine
Running a real-time clock with AJAX
Qt program fails to compile
Change value of hidden field when image clicked (rails and jquery)
NULL appended to array passed to function
How to show a newsletter in popup in magento
Error when closing an opened workbook in VBA Userform
url rewriting and htaccess rule
Android Preference OnPreferenceClickListener( ) OnPreferenceClick( ) argument, is it irrelevant?
Disable all SELECTs with jquery?
jQuery not working in child window?
Who initiates Leader Election
PyQt4 custom widget (uic loaded) added to layout is invisible
Header expire doesn't work
Any Java api similar to open xml sdk 2.0?
How many controllers should I create in this situation to stick to the 鈥淩ails Way鈥�
Use SQLite database in iPhone iOS 5 apps? [closed]
jsp calls 2 servlets through jquery
how can i change it to touch event so that it will work on ipad?
Activity in Android
Getting crash location ios
How to identify a key press from a bluetooth low energy tag on the iPhone?
Script to Format and Mount all available instance store devices
Javascript reload the page with hash value
Unable to execute all statements in code block using threading
Removing viewcontrollers from navigation stack in the right way
Dynamic Changes for Webmaster's Code
semaphore implementation for counting no. of instances currently running
Silverlight/XNA Data Binding Irregularity
jQuery numbers scrolling effect up & down
Passing Primitive data types by reference in JNI
import csv containing mulitibyte content (Arabic and Japanese ) to mysql tables using php
Understand about termination
PHP Secure Log in / Log Out: Log Out Issue
Why does wget give me two different total download times?
jQuery numbers scrolling effect up & down
Passing Primitive data types by reference in JNI
import csv containing mulitibyte content (Arabic and Japanese ) to mysql tables using php
Understand about termination
PHP Secure Log in / Log Out: Log Out Issue
Why does wget give me two different total download times?
Rails 3.2 Nested Forms Not showing
In C#, how do I use the Excel Interop to speed up writing several cell values
Eftpos Hypercom T4220 .net integration
Add UITabBarController or similar User Interface View on the UIViewController other than rootViewController
base url redirecting for absolute urls
What is the best way to wait for a loop of UIView animations to finish?
In search and replacing using VIM, how do I keep a grouped text and reuse it in the replacement part?
excel - combine multiple columns to a single column
Strings in C++ class file for Arduino not compiling
please assist in executing this t-sql code , thanks [closed]
Get rid of space underneath inline-block image
Jquery hide() all elements with certain class except one
String to jQuery function
How to draw textfitting in a given rectangle on a canvas?
Why can't I read file after my for loops python using ubuntu
trim away duplicates using Linq
Inconvenient render partial view MVC 3
Access: Text is truncated in display of a textbox with Can Grow=Yes in report
Setting up gVim on windows
Web Host DNS - How Does It Identify Your Account? [closed]
SQL Query - How to not include some results
How Global.asax Works? [closed]
UIAlertView not showing correctly in iPhone app
sizeof(struct ExampleStruct) or sizeof( *VarExampleStruct) - Which is a better coding practice?
Phone Script Stop Working - After client clicks to another page, the phone number stops showing correctly
Parsing search query from referrer using PHP
My java for loop skips a step
which of the two is a better way of creating and destroying objects?
Sphinx extension not working
Moving EditETxt Cursor to the end of spannable text?
SQLite Encryption in BlackBerry
javascript:window.close(); doesn't close the tab in IE 8
joining two lines perfectly like snap in photoshop on iPhone sdk
warning when dissmiss the UIAlertView in iphone
Detail procedure to generate a har file from a given url via command line tool
Creating a pay slip in PDF format using progress 4gl and email to employee
How to get total number of open HTTP connections on a server?
store values inside Magento attributes
Adjusting Height of a Listbox in Windows Phone 7?
How to get DNS name from REST service which is consumed by startuptask of Azure webrole
How to make method private and inherit it in Coffeescript?
How to put give a name to s2ui submit button
How to create php pagination without page numbers
The TDB dataset created in windows can not be used in Linux
How to create php pagination without page numbers
The TDB dataset created in windows can not be used in Linux
Creating dynamic sublists from a list /sequence in python
Enhancing regex of thousands separator?
How to set button not clickable while animating on Android?
Java 2D Array Issue
Accessing a web service WSDL file
MST Kruskal's Algorithm (Timelimit)
How to get sent and received email information?
How to get current Field Name in a custom field type
how to get the immediate previous node and next node of the Current selected TreeNode in
Refreshing an HTML page [duplicate]
Using open graph actions to invite a user to your app?
Dealing with point lights and exact reflections in path tracing
Array taking up waay too much memory
Is offsetting portions of grids possible when using a grid system?
sorting objects in NSMutableArray
How to add backspace on string in php
Send user's geolocation to server every minute
鈥渕ysql -v鈥�command line error(linux/ubuntu)