lbmethod_heartbeat:notice - No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor --error after installing apache2.4.2
Rails 3 railscast #196, 3.times loop not working
Authentication and Authorization in servlets
Error 500 - Internal server error with my server
JSP/servlet version in WAS 8?
jQuery Ajax request issue
Boost python, compare raw pointer to managed pointer?
FileDialog with Remoting C#
How to render mapview as a circle?
to compare double and decimal should I cast double to decimal or decimal to double?
Thumb rule for when an exception should be advertised and when should it be handled
how to wait to append the data until after the form data has been added?
Is there any tool for me to easy understand the git conflict file?
How do I add foreign key constraints in my innodb table without indexing the columns?
Convert .txt to .xml
_.each in BackboneJS
Troubleshooting 鈥淲arning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent鈥�
How To extract the values from csv file in ant?
Storing an input, and printing out a string depending on the input - Java
API for Processing large XLSX file
How to change Xlab,Ylab and values of XY-axis color and font size in R plot
How do i know how long the application is running in background in android?
Webmatrix multilingual in Razor
Transactional table and Reporting table within same database
Implication in using Knockout.js in MVC
MVC 3.0 Protect form content from modification using firebug/developer tools
How do I get the text part only from Mailman email?
php_memcache.dll for zf2.0 and php5.4
Printing text at a particular position on pre printed paper form using C#
new template in joomla not working properly
Apache Tomcat sendRedirect
void arithmetic in C++
Datastore throwing exceptions when getting entities by Key
Generating satellite assembly externally
jquery dialog box issue
Why is the second fade in not working?
Add element to grandchild collection in MongoDb
reverse lookup in a map
ObservableArray only updating UI after Remove
Replace a DIV with multiple class with a new class on click
storing large integer
Can you have a Socket.IO (express) server be loaded from a web browser?
How to stop activity when user presses Home?
VBA excel code to delete the rows if N/A is found
Is this an iOS app error in Xcode? What's causing it?
How can I make this struct instance volatile in C?
Does CUDA use an interpreter or a compiler?
require() in large, multi-file Node projects
multiple facebook comments, multiple tweets(multiaccount)
Get the value of an option button in jQuery mobile
Not able to initialize org.apache.poi.xslf.usermodel.XMLSlideShow in coldfusion
Issues hiding password to MySQL Database in PHP file
ASP.NET Photo Upload
Php regexp get the strings from array print_r like string
How to assign properties of a component inside an MC loaded from a Library?
How to get inbetween jquery file upload options.done callback?
MySQL delete after timeout
Difficulty using removeCharAt() in java
event trigger on class change
Identify onItemClick for two different Gallery items in Android
NetBeans Installer Plugin
CSS IE8 Photos are hidden
C# Adding Combobox dynamically losing selected items in others Combobox
How to show the total number of employees and participants, and participation percentage in all departments?
Jackson SAX parser throws exception when parsing huge JSON
how to delete a contact data from Menu delete in ContextItemSelected listview android
Jquery close toggle when other toggle is open
How do I split my HABTM tags?
Taking Snapshots from a Webcam using JMF
Add an Expires Header inside a file that is included into another page
I need a sql statement that allows me to split a description column into 4 columns
How to add data to datagridview from different form (not main form)
KSOAP fault exception
Unit Testing in With A Static Library
call actionSheet clickedButtonAtIndex make a crash
Kinect Body Color
UIToolbar translucent like photos app
MVC Partial View with List
Backbone.js not rendering
Bug in TextArea control of Flash
Android SharedActionProvider without displaying latest used action
How can I speed up the creation of 5,000 records for my rspec tests?
How to initialize an array with values to later be realloced in C
How to use a custom Project Template in Middleman on Windows
Automate clicking in a website and performing tasks
php, how to send a manual post within the zend framework?
dynamic uitableviewcell height according to custom cell height
Javascript help needed with bookmark
Facebook Like button: how it choose image to display
How to implement a Data Extender for populating a List in the component creation page?
How to efficiently implement infinity and minus infinity supporting arithmetic in C++?
SimpleCursorTreeAdapter and CursorLoader for ExpandableListView
Using $(this) in Dashcode with JQuery
Application.Idle event triggering everytime
Configuring Google Drive API and SDK
XCode 4.2 Custom Template Creation?
turning a list into columns
Need help for the SQL Distinct
appending to a list with dynamic names, R
ToggleButton multiply self checking in custom ArrayAdapter<T>
PHP String literals and compiler optimization [duplicate]
StatusBar based Orientation detection misses
compiling multiple .cpp files in a Qt application
How to redirect portal view JSP to another JSP inside same WAR File on click of a link?
Using altFormat and altField in jquery UI datepicker range
PHP Include Path. Can it always be from the root directory?
How to delete zero rows and zero colomns of a matrix in C programming
Warning: imagejpeg() [function:imagejpeg]: gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error
Displaying Data Using DataGridView_CellFormatting very slowly
Getting user input in a Firefox addon
How to change font on Textmate 2 file browser?
how to check the operator precedence
How can I select the clicked link from a defined function?
'No tests were found' when trying to run rspec on Rubymine
How to remove border in WPF Visual Studio designer
how to display list and other labels in single page using sencha touch2
How to display FB icon on a Facebook avatar?
Merging multiple columns into one creating one row for each column in mysql
Is there a more compact form of JSON for table data?
Rails 3 after_save for tracking history of updates
Export To Excel - Issue with 鈥�amp;鈥�in a QueryString
Where I can find database schema comparison java API? [closed]
How to disable keypad popup when on edittext?
UItextView dismiss keyboard on tap outside the textview
use custom fonts with wkhtmltopdf
Cross Platform/Architecture Assembly Language
ipod 4th gen wont load app
SBT compiles source files regardless of the time stamp
Shell: How to move all files but the last modified to another directory
How to make an image transparent android
visual studio 11 working with vs2005 solutions
Grails 2.0.3 Integration test failing for strange reason(save() on domain model not available for second call to setup method)
How to prevent words from repeating in a 鈥渆cho鈥�command?
Is there any way to load a local JS file dynamically?
How to combine two conditions in a where clause?
what is poco in mvvm?
How to change the color of the selected value of Select Field in sencha?
SpriteSheet animation in cocos2D windows Phone
How to get iPhone's Unique Identifier (UDID) using iwebkit? [duplicate]
Is my code broken? Ftp script under windows
Flash: text antialiasing bug in first line
Download infopath form as XML file using C#
Android Custom RadioButton Override onDraw called constantly
WSO2 Data Services Server and LDAP Integration
Anyone know of a cool jquery evolving picture? [closed]
rewrite url for images
Div has black background on ios5
Cakephp: $session->flash(); gives error to me
JavaScript issue for Zoom To, Pan To button and XY coordinate textbox with GoToLocation control
PHP upload file limit
Can ajax communicate calls of functions between two clients?
Resize Image in Actionscript
Compile Openjdk with Ubuntu 10.10
Multiple Replace in VB.NET
Android Application Development Environment ? [duplicate]
Direct access to Winform message pump in C#
VS Server Explorer - column does not appear in the Columns list?
Creating an array in Verilog using ModelSim
How to generate numbers with a normal distribution in SQL Server
Specify class of link_to in embedded ruby
HQL , Getting a Map as a result
Java constructor is not so intuitive. Or perhaps it's not Java, it's C# that is not intuitive
creating a new MVC files fails to work
How to set location for desktop in Windows 8?
ASP.Net Image Button Delete confirmation using jQuery UI Dialog
Why does SSL handshaking sometimes kill my CPU?
How can I extend UIViewController which is created by XIB?
UPS Address validation using only Zipcode
Dynamically created LinkButton posts back but does not call onClick Method
Erlang binary optimization known integer
foreach mysqli delete loop trouble
Read access only applet in a dynamic enviroment
GCDAsyncSocket read data issue
if statement for input (cin)
what is the use of datacontract?
Erlang binary matching efficiency
What can Devise do that Authlogic can't?
downloading the images from server and save in the database in android
Android: how do i parse this mixed up json response
Can't issue http requests from Android to Django webserver with Apache
admob click after return it wrong layout
PHP Composite Design Pattern with Symfony2 and Doctrine
Populating a tree recursively with database contents
Error when str_replace in html code
Is there a way to list out all the active connections to a relying party application in a Service Namespace?
Android TextView offset downwards
Can't Play RTSP Stream (3gp encode) on Android 2.2
JQuery Datepicker should display date only
Display More Divs when Anchor is Clicked?
mysql error 鈥淐an't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock鈥�
Checking textbox for valid input in a loop or try catch c#
Use TDictionary in C++ Builder XE2
Prove log(n) is big-o of (sqrt(n)) [closed]
JavaScript waiting until facebook button loads
Where to store static info like about, history, terms, contact info
SQL Code to add a number to a record based on category
My App Suspended from Google Play, Suggestions? [closed]
How to format a table to display images in PHP
function write(message) not working
Get list of sets where the sum of each set is X
Java 2d game not using a tiled map
No response from port 8080 in apache2/Ubuntu10.10
NHibernate and Utc datetimes in SQLite
UITableView updates dataSource
Styling a Separator Nav with round edges stricly in CSS
Extract pages from DOC to new DOC
Launch command in Tkinter based on selected radio button?
how to send a 鈥渂reak鈥�when debuging embeded system?
Eclipse 鈥淗TML Preview鈥�is not showing my changes
Audio signal processing from a CMSampleBufferRef source
Reflection: Set a property of a generic object using delegates
Does WCF+AzureServiceBus provide outgoing queue capabilities similar to WCF+MSMQ?
How to write byte data from socket into an unsigned char vector in C? [closed]
My Facebook app can't be seen by users who do not have secure browsing enabled
Are there any rules for using callbacks in Javascript? [closed]
Multiple Pointers in Fixed(){} initialized with 鈥渘ew鈥�does not work
How do I update module without deleting module table records in PyroCMS?
Adding Pins To A MKMapView
How to select available date slice
Why AppointmentItem's send event will be called many times?
Implementing more than one type of purchase for In-App purchase
Adding Quests to my game
How do I selectively copy text from a series of files and paste into one?
Developer License Agreement required to develop Google Chrome Extensions
Show/hide div on mouse over on Rails partial
Duplicating an ActiveRecord in Rails, issues creating new object using existing paramters
ProgressMonitor for OSGi services [closed]
how to let click on bullet against setInterval in my gallery?
how to recursively loop this?
how to let click on bullet against setInterval in my gallery?
how to recursively loop this?
How to write and split a datatable on different pages using itextsharp?
What is the use of HeaderedContentControl in wpf?
Next ios sdk version might not have the complete(/any) google map implementation. Is using google map logic a smart option for ios dev now?
I'm getting the error 鈥淟INK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _WinMainCRTStartup鈥�
jQuery - How to auto load content every one minute using load()
about AT&T assembly syntax (%esp,1)
Must I always declare different webkit styles for each browser?
how to call child handler inside base HTTPHandler?
Variadic Templates with MSVC
Lambda function and variable scope
Core Graphics text is way faster than Core Text - I feel like I am missing something
When should an object be put in a 鈥渞esting鈥�state for physics?
Reset Password Validation Error: Password is too short error even though password is within range
what is character encoding
adding new elements to a select not always work in IE (jquery)
How to use make_cudaExtent to define a cudaExtent correctly?
About d3.js: How can i make the csv support chinese data?
Warnings on Visual studio 2010 but no errors. [closed]
How is `let` implemented in Clojure and what is its overhead?
Composite Hash of Ordered List
Easygui - Image File Not Found
IE9 Float Duplication/Drop Bug?
KeychainItemWrapper linking error
How do I let each control in a listbox set its own height and then mirror this height to all other items in the listbox?
Have a repeating image extend outside of its containing/parent element?
ContentOffset on Dynamic UITableView
Equivalent of 'Except' method in Java
Is it possible to change meteor default html extension
jQuery Passing Contents of a Variable into a Selector
In my UIViewController I want the user to select either of two options. What would be the simple ui element in xcode to implement this?
How to enter array objects into NSMutableArray?
How to create customized ruleset using the codenarc plugin?
GoodFeatureToTrackDetector gives inconsistent time results - opencv
Google Prediction API: programmatic vs. API Explorer access and 鈥淯ser Rate Limit Exceeded鈥�error.
How can I use FMOD_SOUND in a function?
Disable Multi-line Input on Textarea
Android deployment customization
Greasemonkey: Remove event handler added by plugin
Error occurs while compiling C++ project on VS11 with Bullseye Coverage
Unbalanced parenthesis using __attribute__ in g++
X12 support for wso2?
Regex - split/separate after 2 occurrences of the separator
how to make text a class object in python
Show/Hide multiple divs on click function
Haskell 鈥渆xceptions鈥�
Settings.Secure.HTTP_PROXY deprecated in ICS but no information on replacement
Open Image in UIWebview
Clickable Bars in js Highcharts?
Will a series of facebook scrapable html files allow for a correctly posting like message from a site that's dynamically altered with Jquery?
Android and SOAP Calls
404 Error, not loading result jsp from servlet
iOS CoreData NSPredicate to query multiple properties at once
Plug-in architecture for ASP.NET MVC from ServiceStack
How to disable Windows wireless power saving on the fly?
How to reference a class that is not inherited
any good resources about how to implement various image filters in java
Marry RouteData.Values with Action Parameters
Facebook Like button, responsive design, dark/light background
hardware volume+- button bug on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510), it can not trigger onKeyDown event when system volume bar is appeared
how to connect the database to my SEARCH button for android
PHP registered shutdown function not called sometimes
Format Nanoseconds in Python
How to inject library into Android zygote process?
how display.newImage() to image from another directory in lua - corona
High resolution timing in wx.Python
jQuery Event Subscriber - how to get event params
AD Groups with spaces used for roles authorization
Boost spirit lex write token value back to input stream
How to access MySQL database when given localhost access?
full-text search issue
Scrapy's HTMLXPathSelector cause 'segmentation fault' when parsing html page
rails undefined method for a model object
Reading analog-in on BeagleBone, avoiding 鈥渟egmentation fault鈥�error
Testing only project in Django
Google CSE not Loading Right when Dynamically loaded using Jquery.Load()
Need help in understanding a small part of a basic class in c++?
How To Print And Read Strings From stdio
How to fix title bar using phonegap
Cookie expires on session out in Codeigniter
calculate time in postgresql
Appengine: upload data to different entity kind
iOS ViewController Tableview Delegate Functions Not Being Called
mysql, install phpmyadmin on amazon/bitnami
How can I create a model/UML in Eclipse easily?
SQLite validation in Qt
Observer for postNotification gets called multiple times
Why isn't the 鈥渙bject鈥�parent class for new-style classes in Python2.x written as 鈥淥bject鈥�
Spring 2.5 SpringJUnit4ClassRunner can not autowire when tx:annotation-driven is used
Model first junction table using foreign keys as composite primary key?
Checking Facebook user login status [closed]
Setting up less (lesscss) client-side is not working even though I followed the directions
R: eval(parse()) error message: cannot open file even though 鈥渢ext=鈥�is specified in parse
What is the method that parses the request format?
jQuery Plugin this.attr(鈥渋d鈥� undefined
How can I send data from a Java client to a C++ server?
What is the proper use of Regex in this situation?
Create an overlay after clicking on DIV1 with DIV1 content in it
avoid user from accessing web page using old session/other user session
collection select with condition
real world example of memoization in javascript?
How perform an IN() like operation when you need a pair of fields to both match?
Object removes itself from its container
Soundcloud API - order results by created_at
Will iOS load the maps data in MKMapView while there is no network connectivity
New Date By Ticks Not Working (Calculating Next Time Timer Will Fire)
Input box text alignment in IE9 vs IE7/8
How to use jQuery(this) to target specific items
Linking to Shared Libraries Linux
POI Formula Evaluater IFERROR
ON drawing on screen, it draw and replace the layout that make it jump
If we know a CFG only generates regular language, can we get the corresponding regular expression?
How to set value of input text using jQuery
jquery email form using AJAX/JSON/PHP?
How to restart nginx on webfaction?
trying to implement a back button but keep getting a crash
Can I install the 鈥渁pp store鈥�in an IOS simulator?
Why does '/>' cause a text-coloring error in an html doc in gedit?
How can I write Join without any conditions
Overflow:hidden property not working Jquery vertical slider on iphone, ipad
First file loaded in cakephp
How would I make this work?
why $(鈥渋mg鈥�[0] doen't work?
How do I make a JavaScript Array in PHP going of the last array number id +1?
Select Example Records From Table
Match word and any amount of first sequential characters of the word
Fixing HTML attribute values with double quotes in them
SaveFileDialog displaying only file with specific extension
how can I see the differences in a designated file between a local branch and a remote branch?
MySQL Sorting Error in EAV Table
window.location.replace : permission denied and uncaught exception
get data from a website
Initialization file not loading in Emacs?
鈥淪ign in to facebook鈥�button not showing on iPhone, showing on iPad
How to find out what has an EXE open in windows
What happens to comments after the java files are compiled in Android?
Hibernate complaining undefined alias. What does it mean?
JTA Transaction with weblogic doesn't work as expected
PHP XML calling attributes
Why is my raw HTML content appearing below the footer?
How to run reg file in Java Netbeans Code
How do determine user's IE setting for 鈥淚nitialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe鈥�
Are there any 'tricks' to speed up sampling of a very large knapsack combination type prob?
Android Device Compatibilities
Implicit DLL linking and class-internal functions
Call java function from javascript in play framework
Android. that this does not work well? is a bug? SetMargins
Need Delphi 6 example for updating a progress bar during TIdSmtp send operation, especially for large attachments
Simple way to parse a WSDL
Need Delphi 6 example for updating a progress bar during TIdSmtp send operation, especially for large attachments
Simple way to parse a WSDL
Is there a viewstate event before postback?
Cannot drop to frame?
How to update ViewPager content?
spring security and httpinvoker integration [closed]
Converting PHP to .Net C#
cannot generate XML output from cppcheck
Iterate through a foreach loop backwards in PHP
Forgot to add IPad storyboard and now Simulator is always running IPhone storyboard
What is the expected behavior of a relative max-width
Image background issue android
Consumer Connection error with django and celery+rabbitmq?
SQL statement won't run without 鈥渀鈥�around the field names
Transition DB2 sql to SQL Server
Javascript Form Calculation w/Radio Buttons & Textboxes
MySQL Summing with an algebraic expression for every row
'Warning: Non-executables were installed to 鈥渂in鈥�' when installing elasticsearch via homebrew
c5 Filemanager and TinyMCE
Difference between BFMatcher and FlannBasedMatcher
Garbage collection: object properties
How to Position a table HTML?
How to display a Toast inside a Handler/thread?
Problems using 鈥渞ealloc鈥�in C
How to union across multiple tables in SQLAlchemy?
HTTPS subdomain redirecting pages to main domain
Shell script to traverse directories
PreparedStatement setString(鈥� for all, even if corrsponding data type is an integer
Xcode TableView Issue
Carrierwave upload works in rails console but not in spec
Gridlayout + ScrollView
Search and replace using DOM and jquery
Why doesn't MongooseJS correctly populate my fields?
Other way to optimize this C# Code?
How to make selecting a timezone more user-friendly?
Searching for the user using OleDb Connection but i am getting error while adding parameter value to OLEDB COMMAND
How to set a time range by month
Jquery .keyup .keydown .keypress don't detect browser autofill
Devise: New Errors (Encrytable)
Which programming language to choose for making a pattern classifier with GUI锛�[closed]
Global.asax List resets itself
coffeescript instance variable undefined [closed]
Arraylists and Flatfile Databases
Clarification with recursion in java
display wordpress page content externaly
Disable Browser Window Resize
Passing parameter to a webservice via createObject or CFINVOKE
Positioning windows with applescript on dual monitors
Databinding of observablecollection in wpf and fill the gui in a special order
Efficient method of changing columns in a DataGridView
AndEngine锛欼s there any file or read-online site to describe AndEngine in detail?
Updating Attribute through reference
HTML5 Textarea Max-Length Ends Early
Jsoup connection 501 error
.clearfix class vs :after regex validator conundrum
HTML5 Canvas alternative to Spritely?
MySQL pid ended (cannot start mysql)
can't get jasmine.any(Function) to work
Creating of a dynamic iframe with a jquery click event
PHP if/else statement issue
how not to show category name in magento breadcrumb?
How does this ActiveRecord 'where' clause work?
How to export data from umbraco CMS?
Determine date and time from obscure hex encoding scheme
Unity 3D Spinning a gameobject
EditText won't wrap its text
Can't get Rails 3 Active Scaffold Nested Forms/Records to work properly
Server authentication using Faye on Node.js
How to Move a NamedRange in Excel - VSTO not VBA
addCountry nullpointer error
Speech Recognition - get all languages supported - Android
Can an array of numbers be transformed into an array of functions?
Python: shortcut for writing decorators which accept arguments?
SVG function for rollover and rollout
Apache camel to aggregate multiple REST service responses
Creating a random Integer[] array of images from another Integer[] array in Android
PKI - card reader replacement
Font face not working on mac but works fine on pc
Flash builder Mobile AS3 project: Screen DPI, Application DPI, image DPI, center image
How to make a gmail gadget change a message label?
Design of the 'model' for QTableView in PySide + SQLAlchemy.
Hide entire list when all list items are hidden
CodeIgniter: urlencoded URL in URI segment does not work
How to set the number of intervals in an elasticsearch histogram
jruby, rake db:migrate fails. stack level too deep
Dynamically ViewPager flow of pages
QFtp hasPendingCommands() returns true, but never emits commandStarted(int) signal
Can you modify the DotNetNuke Breadcrumb skin object programmatically?
Opt-in / Opt-out Checkbox
why does `x[0]` return a zero-length vector?
How do I access DOM elements on a php page with php?
Crenshaw's 鈥淟et's Build a Compiler鈥� Transcription to C and x86 Assembler? [closed]
How to Add 鈥淕o to App鈥�Button to Existing Page [closed]
android: how thread safe are shared preference objects?
How to embed a form inside a userform in VBA
Want to Make a UI Similar to theChive app [closed]
Configure Maven or Nexus to link trunk artifact at static URL
How do I access the contents of a variable from a file imported in a console?
Javascript: Add a class where class [closed]
How do I access the contents of a variable from a file imported in a console?
Javascript: Add a class where class [closed]
Android browser's screen.width, screen.height & window.innerWidth & window.innerHeight are unreliable
iOS SDK 5.0 iPhone Application Trouble
ASP.NET MVC 4 + EF5 beta2 + DbGeography types + MiniProfiler throws error
NSDateFormatter crash. How come?
Jquery tooltip is very jumpy
JQuery lightbox plugin: Scaling very large images to fit screen
OpenGL: Multiple Overlapping Viewports Flickering
Can memory leaks lead to segfaults?
iOS Create custom photo album in Photos (addAssetsGroupAlbumWithName under iOS 5?)
From database to datetime picker
How to override KML colors in Google Map?
geolocation yahoo maps api
how to create multiple list in java outputed to a iterate tag [duplicate]
Data Densification Oracle query not efficient and slowly
Using built in general midi on OS X using RtMidi?
AdapterView Anonymous Object
Is no sql database a good solution for a small application?
php/mysql with multiple queries
Trouble with the speed of using in_time_zone
Preg Replace text to links with domains filter
Is currying the same as overloading?
How to setup WebSocket Secure connection with PHP?
Calling function defined in an object
Mercurial one head, two deviations
Can PHP error_log function generate a fatal error inside buffer?
css3 flex-box internet explorer not aligning properly
Is it possible to have a DLL without a DLLMain function?
node.js - Emit events from an object
Determine the current page in PHP within a wordpress plug-in
set html in tinymce editor
What is the equivalent of CUME_DIST() in SQL Server 2008?
How do you obtain the DOM position of a nested element among identical sibling elements with jQuery?
How do I combine map with to_s?
find domain name server with ASP or
Safari browser tags for iPhone and iPad
Finding number of concurrent events given start and end times
DIV not showing up on load
htaccess clean url not working
thre's a whole empty block and meta tags under my <body>
Parse: cURL HTTP Post
Site Load Timer Tool To Demo Effectiveness
jquery dialog button to trigger ajax
SQL Arithmetic on Specific Category/Value pairs
In EmberJS, what is the function called to execute jQuery plugin after the templates are done rendering?
Best (NoSQL?) DB for small docs/records, unchanging data, lots of writes, quick reads?
Read and Format page based on Cookie read by Javascript makes visible Delay
back button hangs/functionality is delayed when exiting an activity in android
How do I get started with android game development? [closed]
Specifying types and patterns using argparse choices
Puppet Server/Client Connection Failed
Cookie is not being saved when logging in with the Reddit API
Dramatic memory leak in wxpython application
Clearinterval name isn't defined after JS while loop
Video thumbnails in PhoneGap?
Convert binary to ASCII and from ASCII to Letter in C function?
Android with maven? Apk unknown
What does this mean? int i = (i = 20);
Exit program if i get any char
Make border-image overlap main image
In IOS 5, calls to [webView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:] are changed to lowercase
Simple Server for Hosting XML in Java
How to access parent directory from ActionBean?
Mismatch in timing
git add/rm (committing)
A secure and better than a normal login and check if user is login script. PHP/MYSQL code, web development
Xpath select n-th node
getCountry method error
soql query in apex?
Reset runtime changes to a dataset with a design time schema .NET
Mysql join and count foreign key according to its value
Can I call route internally?
publish command is keep failing to windows azure
What Is Wrong In This Code? (It does not recognize kernel32 and more)
Java applet open network sockets?
Disable corkscrew for local addresses
R google maps, adding longer paths
Drag and drop onto a QStandardItemModel in a QTreeView not working
how to use jquery mobile to update the index.html from function called from secondpage.html
Build Table in Sqlite/Android and want to give a pooled List
put options in FTP client
Signing requests in Amazon S3 for .NET SDK through HTTP Header
jQuery's CDN and Far-Future Expire Headers
How to run java from php with exec
Html table with vertical <tr> and php arrays
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol 鈥�鈥�when expecting one of the following 鈥�[PL/SQL]
jquery .each iterating
Pivot and filter
How can I check which values in an array are in MySQL?
Why specify primary key not null when creating a table?
What is wrong with the syntax of this CREATE TRIGGER statement in MySQL?
Nested generic syntax ambiguity >>
PHP: Getting variables from a php file?
Jquery Adding an 鈥淥ther鈥�to a form - Passing correct Variable into database
When to set the rootViewController or to addSubview to main window
Python list transpose and fill
filestream fileshare access by 2 process to read and write at the same time
reCAPTCHA MVC3 problems
RailsDevTweaks: Skipping ActionDispatch::Reloader hooks for this request
RailsDevTweaks: Skipping ActionDispatch::Reloader hooks for this request
Error after moving from ASP.Net 3.5 to 4.0 using Nginx + FastCGI-Mono-Server4
GMFBridge setup in CLR C++
Tree search (on data from a db) in php [closed]
CASE (Contains) rather than equal statement
Eclipse vs Netbeans Benchmark
How to convert a 48-bit byte array into an 64-bit integer in C?
Can I convert every C++ lib into a header-only library?
JavaScript - Replace all commas in a string
How do you overload the caret (^) operator in python
How can I Mock HttpRequest[] indexer property
Python Beginner - How to equate a regression line from clicks and display graphically?
regex for validate URL without http/https
Jquery wont work in the included php file if address is via get
How can i enter with test accounts to Paypal sandbox in android?
Add random to a css3 animation loop
How can I keep my UIGestureRecognizers from crashing?
Memory leak at a function over an array [closed]
Integrate Supersized into a custom Wordpress theme
Android Orientation Sensor Different for Different Devices?
Batik - calculating bounds of cubic spline
Comparing Multiple Lists of Data in Excel to Find Correlating Data
Random error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Loader
ASP.NET MVC Razor Won't Accept My Valid Markup
How to add custom soap headers or use username auth under http?
Grails 鈥渕ax鈥�subquery with an association, to get only the latest of a hasMany
Javascript cookies do not function
Stop Safari/Firefox from Cacheing my page
Delete all local git branches
Rails Guides - Step 11 - Multi Model Form - MassAssignmentSecurity error
Having trouble saving multiple items to Isolated Storage
How do Javascript getters work?
copy only a particular data from one table to another
Using 2 public/private key pairs at the 鈥渟ame鈥�time
Tricky Encryption Algorithm Design [closed]
Am I reinventing the wheel with this trivial method call forwarding class?
Django profile id may not not null using get_or_create, how does it relate to the db?
Add prefix for matches in string
How to wrap SVG elements into the svg element?
finding list of elements in the local storage
Deciding which mode the device is opened
How do i use the OnItemClickListener to start a new intent based on which item is clicked?
Performing operations on a DataTable/DataView
Changing display output on Nvidia graphics card(NVCPL.DLL)
AngularJS - Value attribute on an input text box is ignored when there is a ng-model used?
Meteor how to serve multiple css for different media types?
Easiest way to display POST data from form, with WordPress backend?
How to delete database row in this php script
LocationError on Products.Five.viewlet.metaconfigure.DublinCoreViewlet for metatags
Test page_caching with RSpec
PHP - stop all curl_multi requests at a certain point
Can't install compass via rvm
How to make AfterBeanDiscovery get triggered in JUnit
Prevent checkbox from ticking/checking COMPLETELY
files name with c++
ClassNotFoundException in MapActivity?
Does the Visual C++ compiler optimize out undefined macro blocks?
Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 - route-me library, ad hoc only
Issue in integrating OpenCV 2.0 with Visual c++ project
Stop .replace() from replacing same string if found within a word
Looking for an MVC 3 + IoC for DI sample NTier empty solution stack
Linux C stat() octal permissions masks, concatenate to send to function?
Finding distinct count in rails
Is it bad to use NSPersistentDocument with an alternate save format?
How would you populate asp:GridView with List<List<string>> in c#?
Specify default value in Hibernate's XML configuration file
My javascript chews up 100% CPU [closed]
c# SmartDevice Cab Installer with .net runtime installer included
ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested resource
Call-ID and Branch tags in SIP protocol
Creating a set from a variable instead of a file
Recursive method doesn't work - ArrayList<String>
java commandline including .jar
Create MPEG-2 Transfer Stream with AVFoundation
Hibernate: Mapping many-to-many without a join table
Trying to create instance of class throws vtable error in XCode
how to offset the memory location indicated by an object in C++
jQuery won't send HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header?
How can I load an iFrame with only textual content?
WPF binding to a datagrid's SelectedItem
std::ostringstream operator overload search order?
WordPress page child
Detecting Facebook OAuth token expiration
How do I convert string characters into a list? [duplicate]
extjs grid column text wrap around
Why are emails not getting in the ActionMailer::Base.deliveries table?
What realy means PHYSICAL_ADDRESS value in WDK drivers?
I'm trying to merge all the excel spreadsheet into one Master spreadsheet
iOS Animation 1+2 = 3. 3-2 != 1
Jquery selector with 鈥�鈥�鈥淿鈥�not working
Can I automate logging in to the widget?
How to convert Object into Array in
Call Different Task Based on their Percentage
Checking if a field contains a string
Qt: How do I make loops that wait for user input on each iteration?
Copy number of bytes to a position in memory
Assigning a hyperlink to <p></p> in html [closed]
PHP form validation alerts without redirecting page
FB Open Graph script with default 'Watch' action does not work
throwing exception in try block in c# - debugging by attaching nunit to VSS debugger
Objective-c Parse JSON Response
JPA/Hibernate select element not in collection
Better way to handle arrays in Objective-C?
get size of string pointed to by a position memory pointer
appending regex matches to a dictionary
a-law/raw audio data
Installing packages upon starting R session
How to use an alternative JDBC pool implementation in JBoss
Why doesn't the result of input() match what I expect to get? [closed]
Image caption on Tumblr Text posts
How to periodically poll data from server on a background thread?
how to access the labels using tags in objective-c
How to get Image from HashMap in android?
getting a column by 鈥渘ame鈥�in an activerecord
Solr search all
Button tag with Image while submit issue
Convert leading spaces to tabs in ruby
jQuery .get caching working too well?
How can i read sms using flex in android?
Ingesting data into MongoDB causes 鈥渟tack level too deep鈥�
A DropDownList.SelectedIndexChanged inside an UpdatePanel causes an ObjectDataSource.SelectMethod OUTSIDE the UpdatePanel to be invoked
Google drive dredit token error
Javascript style.left is empty string
How does authorization work in application that runs on local network?
ios change storyboard default view controller at run time
superimpose UIActivityInidicator on UISwitch
Some python date manipulation [closed]
Where I can find a list of all the CategoryName and their CounterName for System.Diagnostics?
Rewrite problems, Wordpress permalink
is there an efficient way of transfering all the rows of one table to another table, one record at a time
Do I have to worry about inconsistencies with multiple instances of Doctrine2 EntityManagers?
Synchronizing Client and Server interaction
UDP DatagramSocket and Multicast IP
Creating migrations for auth app in django
Nested 鈥淐ASE when鈥�statement
Python - Simplest method of stripping the last byte from a file?
Understanding WSGI
Why am I recieving the error 'document.write can be a form of eval'?
When making a javascript library, where is a good place to document the API?
Getting Location of Tweets found with Twitter Search API
Mapping a Java program to an Operating System process
Facebook Likes for multiple pages in a domain
Why is it so uncommon to use type signatures in where clauses?
WPF TextBox obtain and set caret position from mouse pointer
Dygraph troubleshoot CSV
How to avoid the performance cost of overflow:hidden?
Is it possible to load symbols with just ipsw (without device) for symbolicate?
android multiplayer gam
Retrieve facebook uses who have posted a url
how to create a look up table
How does git, for example, create the database they use?
how to stop preg_match_all returning full pattern matches number?
include tag not up-to-date on App Engine 1.6.5
Unable to set focus in Firefox/Opera
Comparison of fragments using tags in navigation bar
iPhone: After UIWebView opens external browser, then retruning to app opens it a second time
PYTHONPATH is not working for multiple path
Continuous rotation animation using css3 or js?
Incompatible pointer types sending 'NSString *' to parameter of type 'NSInteger *' (aka 'int *')
Print with the zebra mz 220 using android
Java Convert Int to Hex and stick it in byte array element
Limit the array list in php [closed]
Is it possible to specify an empty std::vector as a default parameter?
More beans in page
Facebook Apps that actually redirect to an external website [closed]
Browser in DesignMode wrapping orphan LI elements in UL - Firefox and Chrome
System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized in WCF hosted in Windows Service
How do I represent 鈥� AM EST鈥�in Joda Time?
Mathematica integrating over set of points to get analytical form of function
Does not contain a definition for 'Show' and no extension method 'Show' error
Editing Fortran referenced code from R
Rails PostgreSQL numeric field overflow ERROR
REST (Jersey) Call Taking Forever Certain Number of Requests
Apply filter to MPMoviePlayer thumbnails without lag
Maven Assembly plugin -Multi module project- source and javadoc not getting added to zip file
Do not necessary require(s) matter?
Does some JavaScript library use dynamic aspects of the prototype system?
Can I generate an image result from ZedGraph?
Emulation: Unconditional jumps and PC increment through CPU cycles
How to Install libz.1.2.3.dylib on OS X 10.7?
Maven Invalid content was found starting with element 'packaging'
PHP Recursively delete empty directories with SPL iterators
is call_user_func_array too slow?
MVC3 how to post a list within a class in controller?
What is the contents of the Request[] collection
LazyList OutOfMemoryError: memory Exhausted in android
java write to the end of file with new line
Labeling contiguous chunks of observations without a for loop
What is the best way to get rows from different databases?
AM and PM values of calendar wrong at 12?
鈥淯RL is unreachable鈥�error for Facebook comments box being cached?
ActiveX control file copy doesn't release handle
Executing a script after a form has been submitted
Generic implementation of IXmlSerializable
Store javascript codes in velocity vm template file and included in the page
How do I implement basic camera operations in OpenGL?
What is a good zip library for iOS that is ARC compatible? [closed]
Can't load second iframe in html page
Javascript comparison between string and number [closed]
Android unregisterReceiver with onPause
Error trying to add widgets to QTabWidget
Enumerate Microsoft SQL database servers on the local network, using delphi
LINQ order by syntax
inject html from parent to child window when the child window is ready, using jquery
What Thread sleep method is most precise: Monitor.Wait vs System.Timer vs DispatchTimer vs Threading.Timer
FB Login doesn't launch window
ASP.NET MVC 3 - Nick and Email taken validation (Ajax calls)
For loop, repetitive calculation in Python
Extract irregular CSV data into structured array - trying with PHP
Reusing expression in asp.NET regex validation control
Efficiently delete orphaned m2m objects/tags in Django
How do I add a namespace to only ref elements in C#?
Rails 3.2 session_id never changes
Backbone.js remove event not triggering
How to pass hidden data between two executables?
Is any class considered a Context in android or is there something specific that must be done?
Android Begineer: java.lang.NullPointerException
If opera - something different in css?
Django formset difficulties
RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ for both android and iphone
Parsing documents including angle brackets using TouchXML on iOS
D6 Views field-override.tpl.php - [field] tokens not getting overridden output?
How to convert a nested for-loop to a recursion?
Operation Must Use An Updateable Query Error with Access 2007 and SQL 2005 Backend
jQuery cubes overlap eachother sometimes
How to use sed to find and replace items, only if the match is not bound by letters or numbers?
Trigger <input type='file'/> with Icon or button
Pattern matching to iterate over a list
localStorage not persisting in OSX app (Xcode 4.3)
mysql indexes and optimizations, Using where; using temporary; using filesort
Calling a web service from http to https
Trying to run slui.exe from within a method using ProcessStartInfo and Process
Regex matching a dll but not the directory
fastest way to fill a vector (SSE2) with a certain value. Templates friendly
Is there a way to load language resources per user with html5?
Less CSS and local storage issue
Augmented Reality object motion tracking (without markers)
Where to start to modify an open source software? [closed]
Passing arbitrary data to a function without void pointers
semantics behind _ in Scala method calls
Django templates - not displaying dynamic images
What are the potential status codes for AWS Auto Scaling Activities?
Access Denied? JAVA
How to tell openmp not to synchronize an array
Combine QuickSort and Median selection algorithm
How to trigger maven specific job in Jenkins with Gerrit
Comparing date strings in Java
suggestions to refactoring ajax form with submit button?
Control stops working after animating it
How to use shared memory between kernel call of CUDA?
Trying to create an app with while loops
Alternative to extending more than one class [duplicate]
Cakephp 1.3.8 upgrade to 2.1.2
Prevent drawing @2x in HTML5 Canvas on iPad 3
How do I get my jQuery Validator Code to run a second time after a form has already been submitted?
SocketIO + MySQL Authentication
jQueryMobile button down color
How do I convert a date from the format mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy in PHP now the function split() is deprecated?
JUnit's own sample tests fail?
Stop Advance to Next Page if conditions are not met
PHP - Writing your own function VS using built-in functions [closed]
Perl Matching Special Characters
Extract infos from html source? [closed]
How to Upload Barcode Data and Scale Data
specifying quote level for email replies
Reinventing the Mouse sanity check [closed] copy user data from one table to another table using button click
Specifying height of divs as 100% of container minus height of sibling div
adding a count feature from a tags drop down using json, jquery and rails
Use option select to trigger jquery without button
Unable to code View and Edit actions in Cakephp
Web API PUT request results in 400 Bad Request
Javascript Url Parameter parsing
lock or not with message queue
How to implement object properties in two directions
Can I use the value Bob from a URL like [duplicate]
Normalize a serialized table
Hide Text and Add a Button to make it show up
Does win32security.LogonUser() Update Last Logon Timestamp?
Doclets vs DocLava [closed]
Build using production keystore using emulator Android
Why did RVM/Bundler integration break RVM from loading with Terminal?
Ruby::test/unit - How do I dynamically insert tests in to the middle of a testcase?
mySQL - SELECT date range overlap in single table
MSBuild - How to copy files that are outside the Project directory
How to save an onActivityResult result?
Converting OSM data to Prolog facts?
Convert timestamp to date format
Android How to move View with finger
Mailchimp and old users
What is the equivalent of security-role-ref and role-link in Spring Security 3.0?
two-way, repeated-measures ANOVA for mixed design in python?
How to Change Logging Levels of OpenEJB in Apache TomEE
The right way to use a webkit selector with webkit gradients
Redirect to customized view via custom Action Filter in ASP.NET MVC
Image Sequence Annotation Tool
Animate property with storyboard
Overriding form template for repeating fields in Symfony 2
Datagridview information load very slow with multiple records
Is it possible to use the iPhone camera inside an iAd?
unhandled exceptions in a windows service
Stream exception & System.Xml.XmlException: '--' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ''
Check if dynamically loaded images are complete
Outputing blocks of text in Linux based on its contents
UITableView Doesn't Scroll (iOS)
Visual c++ and SAX
Making a simple post request with parameters and receiving a response
Android: Creating a checked list with multiple, sortable, columns
How to return multiple dictionaries from my Python main function
How to get out variable from recurrence in Java?
Remove parameter on page with gridview connected to dropdown selection
Difference between KeyBindings and KeyListeners
Linq To XML with Isolated Storage - Root Element is missing
What's the smarter option: Ruby logic or SQL function?
How to remove bullet in Html using css in php
creating a json object in PHP
sql find missing associations
Case Statement Error at Both End Lines
C# Domino LDAP Query
How to customize appearance of UIPrintInteractionController
Do I need Celery (distributed task queue) in this use case?
python wait until connection active
AsynchTask crashes on return from doInBackground
Force tt_news to always retrieve new posts
jquery is setting a inline style for height when i slideToggle鈥ss3?
RSpec - Uninitialized variable outside of tests
Trying to embed vlcj media player in a WindowsCanvas inside a JPanel
Issues with background position in IE
Why isn't this simple JPA ManyToOne relationship working?
XSS safety - remove all scripts, allow everything else
iOS Compare Arrays and Sets + ajaxcontroltoolkit 4 + html editor extender + sanitizer
How to copy or concatenate two char*
Prolog: a(b,c) and a(X,Y):-a(Y,X), query a(c,b) returns infinite true?
jquery pass each element from selector to function, make array that choose last element
Dependency Issue with Gemfiles and Webrick
Groovy Operator Overloading Increment/Decrement Error
How make Popover from annotation on MKMapView scroll with map like Apple?
represent numpy ellipsis
Hide the element, but show for that place blank
passing variable from flash to php and mysql
Regex multiple lines with html code?
Render function not called when fetching collection
Moving the browser view around a huge html page without using scrollbars
Console apps execution in serial
Android ImageView in HorizontalScrollView get's twice the width of screen
Bug negative margin with anchor
Simperium doesn't tell 鈥淪imperium managing x MyEntity object instances鈥�
Is there any helper tool for creating graphedit files 鈥渙n the fly鈥�(programmatically)
Managing counters in c++ using CQL prepared queries
Bug negative margin with anchor
Simperium doesn't tell 鈥淪imperium managing x MyEntity object instances鈥�
Is there any helper tool for creating graphedit files 鈥渙n the fly鈥�(programmatically)
Managing counters in c++ using CQL prepared queries
Difference between Fragment And FragmentActivity
Rails 3: How to implement a query cache in MongoDB
Python server and Game Client: Message overload?
How to check if string exists on external page with JavsScript?
SQL Server 2008 Select performance on 10 Mil records table - slow?
I am attempting to add phonegap to my local maven repository for an android application, I'm looking for help on the steps I took
Gradle: configuration injection vs inheritance
Is it possible to modify data in each page footer? The date for instance?
How do you use :as and match a route correctly?
iOS Calling Objective-C from Javascript: Some calls are ignored?
Code to tap anywhere on screen to take photo
WSO2 ESB 4.0.3 and governance registry configuration
Android create and populate list layout programmatically
Chrome vs. FF button click behavior
iText table is not getting rendered
Why is PostgreSQL telling me a schema doesn't exist?
Gradle - Extracting a zip into a specific directory
Get IP address of visitor after an AJAX form submit
jQuery - Wrap <span> around selected text - duplicate instance bug
How to handle indices in Neo4j server via javascript REST client?
Retrieve dynamic data over json
Qaptcha - is it effective?
Why am I getting a DefferedDocumentImpl when trying to create a JDOM Document?
Jar file execution through use of BAT file
How to count the number of bytes which lies in some range using SSE?
getting text from string with regex
鈥淒ata may still be loading鈥濃� but it's already there?
How to disable printing the Logback pattern in log files
How to count a position of element, relative to another element using regex?
Dynamic Depending Lists in Separated WorkSheets in VBA (2)
How do I scrape something after JS has changed the DOM?
Using jQuery Plugin Hooks
c# string padded now want it short
XDomainRequest - not calling鈥ot doing anything
app.config in other directory
Get triggering element
How can I exclude database.yml from a git repo while still being able to push to dotCloud?
rails 3 rendering error div_for?
Does an Upsert violate the Single Responsibility Principle?
WP7 - Updating a listbox
Adding CSS class on pseudo-element
Div above iframe with flash content
how to optimize build in linux
Internet Explorer shiv and usage?
rails 3 simple_form_for :defaults
Why is IIS 6 / Windows 2003, forcing a Website to use .NET 2.0?
Cache-control and Rails localizations: good practice?
Browser steps when opening HTTPS page
Is it possible to turn off ActionMailer emails when cucumber testing is happening on development?
Threaded compositing for producing iOS-like scrolling?
Remove gray bg behind the tabs in JFX
Cocoa Touch ProgressView in Loop not displaying update
Store create not saving to database
Python: create human-friendly string from a list of datetimes
mongoDB Collection LRU Policy +java
Send data from list to another list then edit in controller
How to return JavaScript from PHP file through AJAX?
Is it possible to indent HTML generated by a view helper in Rails using ERB?
Function binding not set after model is injected
With jQuery, why Success Callback isn't executed when a JSON is returned via Ajax?
Comparing strings after strtok
Remote access of Stratos Account Manager from IS
how to make a shell script function able to either specify arguments in command line or get them from a pipe?
Java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException JApplet/HTML
php login behaving strangely
Using Shoulda to test for an object expecting a method