android progress bar movement with audio
Python 2.6 complains about missing a math module - I cannot use it after some (other) software update. Any tips?
clipsToBounds isn't working with my UIButton
PHP MVC sessions
Play Framework: Keystore for internal web services
Converting a JSON string to C++ object and converting it back to a string using Boost
Discrete wavelet transformation of image using D4 wavelet
Defining CSS @Font-Face bold italic
How do I read and write data to/from COM port in HTML pages?
Jquery UI autocomplete select
2 rows presented as 1
How do you call url from localStorage [closed]
Javascript URL redirect based on input and referenced data?
Does Linq to Entity add administration overhead for syncronization with the dbms? [closed]
How do I stop ValueInjecter from mapping null values?
Fancy Box 1.3.4 not working
Autowired Fails with Spring Junit Test
How to share scope between functions in d3.js?
Dynamic Binding in <option> inside Ember.Select
Python - Create a group of lists using numbers
Python Lambda Mutability
Clustering of sparse matrix in python and scipy
Connect PHP to a local SQL 2008 Express database?
How do I stop the RabbitMQ server on localhost
Visual Studio cannot find custom tool RazorGenerator
VB.NET Generate Random Confirmation Numbers
DataRow Delete without firing CurrentChanged Event
VB.NET Generate Random Confirmation Numbers
DataRow Delete without firing CurrentChanged Event
Form feed in c# printing
Issues with LogCat
Django using AJAX with Forms, Views
c++ boost library cannot open file
how can i efficiently overwrite content script
Ruby on Rails - One layout page different content
select multiple contact from the phonebook in j2me
capturing simultaneous left and right mouse button clicks in javascript
How to populate JList with certain words from txt file
If no index, then does it matter if it's nonsargable?
Sending an array through form in hidden input
header image dimensions layout and layout-land
What's wrong with declaration of this routed event?
Java Regex Matching, 2 simple regex questions
element not placed on desired location : class=鈥渢en columns鈥�has no effect on the place of the element
Jquery Slider is not working with Magento 1.6.2 in Internet Explorer
javascript sum calculation not functioning
Websocket - 鈥淎ddress already in use鈥�
eclipse file name pattern search with regular expression
Memory Friendly Fast Key-Value Access Solution for Android
Styling dynamic content where there isn't always content
Android Calendar Set Am or Pm time not 24 Hour
Javascript smooth method chaining
Database Creation in android
CSS padding looks different per graphics card
side by side divs in full width
HTML: Why i can't see elements with html legend tag in browser for mobiles?
Replace the old value with the new value
SOQL requesting VersionData from ContentVersion causes drama
NSPrintOperation Never Calls drawRect:
Server? Android mobile application which displays data (text, images) from our web portal on our mobile app
Delphi TFrame Create/Destroy
For loop that takes input file is not working
API for android/iphone app towards database and Oauth 2
ArcGIS 10 python - Conditional statement checking to see if a raster value is in a set
Get ID of created OpenLayers Marker Box
Populating Table Widget from Text File in Qt
PHP Localization - gettext or array?
Backbone: how to render myView into the DOM
Java Swing Storing & Rendering Text with Tabs
Deleting a node from a linked list LUT?
How to communicate between two embedded devices over ethernet?
How to implement Reference counting in C?
questions regarding char* and char[] basics [duplicate]
Setting size of UIBarButtonItem [duplicate]
Titanium Video Player in Landscape mode
Post a form with multiple partial views
How to write a rails query that returns the count by Month?
Mongoid and embedding tags
AQGridView didSelectItemAtIndex delegate not called
Remove scroll bars from Jquery Mobile during page transition
Make qmake not append .so
Draw Shadow For Transparent Shape
Default destructor issue, it isn't detected
Stack overflow when compiling a dwscript containing a TForm.Create(nil)
OutOfMemoryError: memory exhausted
How do I display another websites meta data such as title and logo on my website?
Jquery select value from drop down
Set modification date on symbolic link in Cocoa
Reading TXT Lines into Character
There is not PhoneGap.plist in my Phonegap-Project
wifi direct with laptop [closed]
JDBCRealm with JPA
Stitch grid of 375x375 images together into one
c++ String is shortening double when printing
Nested query and grouping by unions (SQL)
Micheal Hartls Chapter 11 rails tutorial
Yammer - How to post via api to activity stream? (php)
how to test 鈥渞ender to template鈥�functions in django? (TDD)
Growl notification in python
Jquery slider into wordpress or plugin
Why does this if-statement based on short-circuited evaluation not work?
iOS selected tab
PHP UserID to database
java - is initializing a temporary variable for simple getters better or not?
Entity Framework stored procedure Insert custom sequential number
Bars does not show up when loading JSON encoded data from PHP in Highcharts
Declare a global variable from inside a function
How to show link only to person logged in?
Unable to use id of Facebook Page as value for fb:admins when adding insights for website
jquery .keyup event on input not firing
cat command in unix shell script
ListFragment does not accept my layout
Using Dictionary<Foo, Foo> Instead of List<Foo> to Speed up Calls to Contains()
How can I trigger a content script to run when I click the popup icon of a Google Chrome extension?
What is the best practice way to send control signals back to the client from ajax request?
ContinueWith method isn't waiting until the Asyncronous Task is completed
Google Sites API - How to get all domain sites via 2-legged oAuth
Sublime Text 2 RubyTest problems, no output
Can a Haskell or Haskell OS thread waiting on Network.Socket.accept not be killed on Windows?
Using one image png file for retina and normal screen in UIImageView
I'm Initializing two NSArrays. Why might one work and the other fail?
apostrophe php issue
Thumbnail of a Portion of an Image While Maintaining Aspect Ratio
I want to call a named template when apply-templates has no match
simplexml gives Fatal error: Call to a member function attributes() on a non-object in line 136 and when commented out line 156
AIR/Android NFC tags are opening the Browser
How to keep user from seeing 鈥渦gly鈥�HTML precursor when using jQuery UI and RequireJs?
AIR/Android NFC tags are opening the Browser
How to keep user from seeing 鈥渦gly鈥�HTML precursor when using jQuery UI and RequireJs?
StreamReader with delimiter in VC++
Solr SnowballPorterFilterFactory for index and query analyzers
I want Apache only to listen to port 80 on the addresses I specify. Can I?
How can I mollify the compiler re: returning the result within a try block?
gcc vector extensions don't work as stated in docs
Rails: simplest way to put a blog on a subdomain
Sleep(suspend) and Resuming windows form starts program on worker thread instead of main thread
Ajax to read PHP
Visible Image buildup from top to bottom: is there a way to show in one stroke?
Glassfish v3 clustering
Error importing HoloEverywhere
DevExpress - Apply same Conditional Formatting for selected cells
Is there an IPC transport implementation for Thrift ? or low latency SOA solutions
Downloaded Panorama background image is cropped to screen size
How to have data persist between screens of iOS app?
writing a matrix to a file, without a header and row numbers
Selenium RC CSS Locator for Select Element
query from two datepickers
ORM lirbary for Riak on Node.js
Using Multi-page template by jquery mobile to display search result
Error 404 in Spring MVC with Default STS Template
call wcf service from javascript or method
Will Google Analytics code for main domain pages and sub-domain be same?
CSS3 how to make animation go in a loop and never stop?
What tools to use as api for building a generic performance profiler for .net applications?
Querying Solr in different than English language
Fixing malformed html that html tidy doesn't fix
Build approach for creating ClickOnce packages for multiple environments
UIActivtyIndicator while searching
How do insert row into Child Table?
Merge two pngs via command line tool in windows?
How to get current Windows Login Name in c# Web APP?
jQuery modal user delete option with mysql
Working with time, date, timedelta
Batch to compare two files with different modifications dates [closed]
Obtain all keys of a Neo4j index
Compiling Visual Studio 2010 project in Qt Creator?
How can i download .cs files from the site?
Twitter API timeline information for iOS 5
Virtual Host not honouring the ServerName property
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/htmlparser/util/ParserException
Scroll view scrolling always back to the top
Add .chm documentation file of external library to MonoDevelop project?
Negative Margin in Internet Explorer
build libcurl with nss support
MySQL - Unknown column 'article.mycount' in 'where clause'
Calling a controls event handler
Displaying html text in loop only once php
Displaying html text in loop only once php
How to modify a specific character in an existing XFA PDF?
Photo Not Uploading on Check In Using Facebook iOS
Generating functions with macros in C++
how to write a command on linux
jquery ajax form submission issue - form data is submitted but returns error not success
Convert week number to a date [duplicate]
Non-Native Scroller Performance within Android Webviews
Core Data 鈥�Modelling groups and users
NSTableView reload automatically when i resize window How to disable it
Positioning the Tab Bar in the side
How would I sync a SQL database using a Smart Phone to store and forward changes? (No direct connection between source and target)
hibernate 2nd level cache via ehcache with Terracotta - Not caching at all?
decimal delimiter in mysql for cakephp app
food for thought: return in if statement
Mouse directives behave strangely in nested AngularJS environment
Animation file crashes application using SherlockActionBar
WCF replacement for cross process/machine communcation
Two form in WinForm App
Godaddy鈥�Removing file extension via .htaccess
how can I get only data for nested element in xml using simple xml android
Possible Meteor bug in manual publish/subscribe scenario
How do I wait for a large file to be downloaded?
Discover output class from
Make CSS background-position reference an image from right to left
location counter in linker script
What is the wrong with this dojo code?
How append id to path in php
Securely posting data to https endpoint programmatically, no browser
PHP & API for IP Geolocation
Weird jquery event bubbling
jQuery-ui slider animation when setting value programmatically
OAuth2: Why do we need redirect URI for user agent
Changing a data column from varchar(max) to nvarchar(max) in SQL Server 2008
Disabling OBSOLETE error in C#
Using mod_rewrite or htaccess to apply 301's to entire site structure, with URL's built using query strings
Both a UIImage and a 鈥渂ack鈥�button appearing in my viewController
wsgen and App Engine
flash builder 4.6 - native application issues -
Cross platform image processing library
powershell outlook automation namespace
Adding leading characters to string in SQL
Permission denied error when using Github deploy keys
python server game
Should I create a function to enter data into another function?
ncftp only download folders, but not files inside folders
MATLAB - understanding structure of Event location function
Need a solution for PHP header and relative links
I don't know why this code keeps getting t_string error
PHP Can the order of array elements (as initialized) be counted on as a behavior?
How to do a streaming query?
Why does ComboBox not initially show the ComboBoxItem with IsSelected==true?
C# How to check if array contains a value between 2 integers
How to add a vertical scroll bar to Android layout when there many children in the layout?
system() c++ wont run in VirtualBox
Using onSubmitAction within Spring 3
fileExist() does not recognize any files I provide it
How to write ASCII and BINARY data to the same file at the same time
Hide Scrolling Content Under Transparent Header
What is the GUID in my WP7 application?
How can I interpolate points in 3D space?
Magento admin issue
java - volatile keyword also for non-primitives
Asp.Net MVC3, returning success JsonResult
Find a dynamical generated element by listening to a custom event (JavaScript)
Need to separate the data from one column into multiple columns
Augmented reality: algorithm for projecting width of object with iPad camera?
How can I deserialize a JSON object that uses unspecified and variable property names
Making a javascript call work for multiple div boxes
<%= will_paginate @posts %> not showing links in production(Heroku)
Using crossfilter to dynamically return results in JavaScript
How to call EJB running on remote machine over internet from standalone client on another machine without JSP/Servlet as intermediate?
Assigning administrator role to HomePage application in lotus connections
Advanced iOS databases [closed]
Passing session information to the repository layer
Is this an overflow?
XSL transformation of complicated XML
How can I find the size of an uploaded file in Ruby on Rails?
_mm_cmpistri in reverse
How to access session property ProductName in vbscript silent mode installshield express
Sunspot's in_radius method does not work as part of any_of disjunction
Push Notifcation Woes with Titanium & XCode
File extension type to be downloaded C# retrieve data from sql according to passed querystring
Can I hide or disable Aloha Editor toolbar?
ORA-01861 error
plot only a select few facets in facet_grid
Two Google Chart on a single web page
Installing PECL OAuth (PHP) in WAMP environment
Modify Property Code At Runtime in VB.NET
Windows Phone 7 - Incoming Call Screen
knockoutjs: custom data-bind 'with' to pass function by reference
Wordpress url and folder structure
Django - two views, one page mvc 3 json does not work
Sort a table_for in rails activeadmin
Add icon to menu item from java code (android 2.3)
Submit Opportunity for Approval (ProcessSubmitRequest through Salesforce SOAP API?
Preventing reset of VBA variables from excel recompile
PHP - Convert a string with dashes while removing first word
Submit Opportunity for Approval (ProcessSubmitRequest through Salesforce SOAP API?
Preventing reset of VBA variables from excel recompile
PHP - Convert a string with dashes while removing first word
Sharp images in iPhone app but grainy images in iPad app
Entity Framework - ASP MVC Models - Relationships
Ignore microphone input with AVAudioRecorder and AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord
Android - Dummy ad appears in emulator but not on phone
I have an error with OutputStream
how can I auto-clear the text box and hide the keypad in android Service Programming and using TCP Sockets
Excluding columns from a dataframe based on column sums
Placing Javascript in a HTML file [duplicate]
How to use Microsoft Excel as a Grid control in C# winforms?
UIWebView and basic authentication in MonoTouch
HtmlEncoding using Razor view engine
BroadcastReceiver how often does it listen for Intents
Symfony 2 websockets
Turn off copy and copy/move (from workbook to workbook) without promting A formulas or sheet..?
How to Retrieve Page Hyperlinks after Requesting a URL using MVC3?
Deploying a Firebreath plugin on a webpage without manual installation
Retrieve the .class attribute of a generic class
Is there a way to test the loss of GPS provider on Android? (onProviderDisabled())
Conditional Aliasing with Multiple Lookups
What am I doing wrong in binding to a class?
jquery: submit form does not work
How to set a specific member of a struct, using indexing in C#
How to avoid the prompting for user name and passwords when anonymous user click an item in Lists?
Use jQuery object as a data source for jqGrid
Auto-install packages from inside makefile
How can I delete rows from related tables in EF 4?
Nodejs, serving a constant image
Problems with JSF 2.0 and parametrized EL Expressions
How should I copy Strings in Java?
MvcBuildViews Versus Razor Generator
3D API Debugger
Adding Facebook Comments to Dreamweaver Template
Make javascript function and prototype definition in same declaration?
C++ : efficient copy of a list of vectors in a vector
Using Xcode 4, can I get rid of a git repository but keep my whole project in its current state?
Why am I losing the two decimal points in this cast expression?
Spring Security 3.1 intercept urls
Strip all tags from an XML file
Unrecognized selector error
building and customization Mozilla browser [closed]
Use drawelements in OPENGL ES 1.x with .OBJ and multiple indices
Symfony2 forms ignores attributes in custom fields when same defined in buidler
formatting formset results values not input
Stored procedure to return a specific interval of records
Convert Returned String (YYYYMMDD) to Date
Adding vertical field manager within a horizontal field manager that itself lies in a vertical field manager-Blackberry
Run svnserve *and* git-shell on the *same* server?
Django-Mysql Data Migration
Does appengine-mapreduce have a limit on operations?
Swapping a cursor with SimpleAdapterCursor swapCursor()
DropShadowExtender in ie9
Jquery script doesn't work in IE 7-8
Jquery in aspx vs html
Chosing datagrid event
skip_before_filter when api_key is present
Set backbone model attribute value to another model
Reader-Writer using semaphores and shared memory in C
Component link in custom metadata on Keyword
Play a remote MOV in a UiWebView
MS ACCESS Retrieving 鈥淭able Description鈥�Through Query possible?
Read Files from Floder in Flash / Flex
Configuration of JRebel isn't working
UF_TRACKED file flag from stat.h
SQL query data join has null values that it ignores
How does a segue create the destination ViewController?
$object->($string) [closed]
Ldap error code 32
git push to origin error git-http-push died of signal 11
Outlook and Gmail blocking images off an SSL Newsletter
Select distinct user_id from a table for each request type
Mongoid does not complain if I insert a object with duplicate _id
Is there an easy way to switch PHP versions while developing?
How to test time-dependent methods?
How does inline Javascript (in HTML) work?
Using namespace to avoid name collisions
Algorithm for topological sorting if cycles exist
What are the available charting software for web / desktop (preferrably both) application
Allow Roles does not work
How to edit/rename Column total field in crosstab of crystal report?
Detect Fast User Switch Linux
Unstoppable Timer
objective-c file size formatter
Django: How to get/set model field value if it is put into any data structure?
Connect to a SQL Server database
Swapping Image in ImageView
Android: OpenGL: When to load textures?
In XMPP MUC is it possible to publish geolocation information?
OpenFaces tutorials
How to detect water level on an image?
Bind selenium to a specific IP - Possible?
showing 'loading content message'
Setting up a rails model association
When opening another tab part of the page goes empty
Wordpress Slider
SoRayPickAction in Open Inventor?
Building inverted indexing system with MySQL
mysql design tips needed when using 鈥渟et鈥�field type
jQuery Mobile close dialog and load a different page
Matlab - can't display manually set axes
How to automatically authenticate LDAP in Windows using PHP
Linq to Entities add Where clause for EXISTS lookup in another table
calling WCF services using SOAP
CodeIgniter 2.1 - No validation_errors() displayed when validation fails on checkbox array?
what does this usage of apply() means in Javascript
PostgreSQL timestamps - indexing
Import data from a SQL DB Table's Column (a DataSet) into a TextBox?
Symfony2 Admin Generator error
Log in to website using Active Directory with a two-way trust
Defensive anti-multithreading class implementation
Tools to measure MPI communication costs [closed]
Strange behaviour : CGImage returns nil
Avoiding race conditions in Python 3's multiprocessing Queues
Perl Subdirectory Traversal
How to ignore a character through strtok?
Multiline text file, how to put into an environment variable
Put a String from Facebook API in to a Listbox
Add new row not working when I change position from first to last
How to use and activate bluetooth for phonegap?
How to access the parentNode of a d3.js selection?
How do you get the seed fieldname from a table programmatically?
Adding headers to Spring controllers
Visual Studio 2010 Unit test allways gives NullReferenceException error
How to specify default transaction isolation level in Grails
How can I concatenate two files in hadoop into one using Hadoop FS shell?
wordpress: filter customposttype via checkbox by meta_value
selenium web driver - css selector/locator for table hearder
WordPress Widget is not saving new instance
Accessing multiple Editboxes in MFC
Spring Security: custom userdetails
how to create a file name with the current date & time in python?
Youtube video thumbnail issue. Black space on top and bottom of the image
maxItemsInObjectGraph in web service?
Agile Web Development with Rails Chapter 14
Set django form as erroneous after is_valid()
CSS Percentages completely fails in IE
Android. How to determine screen orientation if application supports only portrait mode?
When controls are hidden/disabled in the Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox?
Combining a cms and an mvc
Windows Phone 7 overflow clipping
Make mysql querie to find all people from some table
Manipulating drawing from app
Invoke Static Method of a .NET Generic Class in MATLAB?
Code Signing Error with iPhone Configuration utility for in-house distribution
Finding culprit rows on constraint failure
Populate Spinner using SQLite3 row entries (Cursor) AND a String
Code Signing Error with iPhone Configuration utility for in-house distribution
Finding culprit rows on constraint failure
Populate Spinner using SQLite3 row entries (Cursor) AND a String
jPlayer - Safari not receiving headers on play - unable to buffer correctly
Using GIT and Bitbucket, should I push to Bitbucket from local dev or import and clone?
How to append multiple Paths to PYTHONPATH programatically
The modifier 'private' is not valid for this item in C#
Slower Upload Rate on WIndows Machine Compare to Mac
C++ low-level file encryption function
Proper use of Get-Childitem with Foreach Loop (Powershell)
HttpServer within junit fails with address in use error after first test
iOS - Category method not getting called when testing of device
Ajax - jQuery - JSON - PHP login
update two tables with one Store Procedure in SQL server?
Retrieve NSString from core-data error
Proguard saving mapping.txt
using Mousedown and setTimeout function to trigger a function over and over
how to create a SEARCH button like to database SELECT statement in android
A simple website with python using SimpleHTTPServer and SocketServer, how to only display the html file and not the whole directory?
Spring: How to ignore RequestMappings found in a Controller's super class?
Using sip in android
Percentage of Random Calls to Different Command in Text File
If some text is rotated x degrees then how would I work out how far the leftmost point is from the original leftmost point?
I have multiple installed versions of the same haskell/cabal package. Which one is put into use?
Query on Mac OsX
How to pass variables between my wordpress page content and sidebar widget
Communication between two applications
WSO2 BPS Shared HTTP Cookies
asp:LoginView, Needs register link beside login
Which of these two loops is faster?
Defining 鈥済roups鈥�of tokens
How do I get the maximum value of strings like '' and ''?
javascript click event, keypress event and doc ready - make functions more efficient [closed]
I'm having some trouble with view in my Ruby on Rails project
Displaying rows between two values in Fusion-Tables OAuth problems in php
JavaScript replace() uppercase or lowercase
How to find which project has log4j property configured
ignore retina on universal app and force retina ipad to use ipad2 version of app
How to read value from encrypted cookie?
The best way to have a persistent object ready to use
Core Data - Possible to model an OR relationship
Python multiprocessing queue: what to do when the receiving process quits?
WPF - Bind UserControl visibility to a property
Sending emails through SMTP client using current logged in user
Django virtualenv, pythonpath issues
Is there any native PHP function which throws an built-in Exception?
How to embed a webview within the activity rather than opening another window
Aptana Studio 3 install using yum
How to return the parent on a one-to-many association?
no spaces betwen two tr tags [closed]
SQL Query selecting users personal rating, or if that doesn't exist the average rating
Giving MYSQL error again and again
Facebook Opengraph for TV app posting shows that users are going to watch in the future
Java Socket with VPN connection
Android appWidget multiple instances
Drop down with grouping - Avoid selecting parent
In XMPP pubsub is it possible for a subscriber to retrieve the Subscriptions List or combine it with MUC?
struts logic iterate tag to loop through table rows
JavaFX 2 blank label refresh issue
Error when using OleDb conneciton for SalesLogix using error message available, result code: E_FAIL(0x80004005)
Get a value of for in a label using prototype
Flatten the xml file
Applet calculation & listener issue & appearance
Generic (almost) self-describing parameters in C++ coupled with a GUI?
Adding a boolean type field to a table using SQL
Securing Web Logic WebServices with WS-policy
validity of oauth_token over time and linkedin API
Samsung Emulator missing Google API - Maps?
KeyUp moving to end of input value
Android get width of Screen
How to reduce the image file size using PIL
build a menu from file structure
Deploying Flask on VPS
jquery list box plugin
Constructor that takes arguments - Define as ordinary object or spring bean?
Android memmory leaks
How to define jobs in Jenkins/Hudson to run in parallel?
Android Browser HTML Select Events onclick/onblur not working
Working example of the 鈥淕roup by鈥�in aggregations?
Circular dependency with shared pointers
ImportError: No module named array_import
Difference between a DOM tree parsing and a syntax tree parsing?
Shazam App like loading screen
jqueryui + ajax + radio button
Understanding git: connect branch to a remote repository
Why isn't it require to declare method viewDidLoad, viewDidUnload, etc.?
ListView text color change?
How does jsp work?
Maven Eclipse (m2e) and Nexus - Add Dependency Search Results Limited
Spring MVC, resources mapping failure in file upload / download app
push automatically to other view controller
how to return a stream from WCF service [nettcpbinding]?
Entity Framework 1-to-1 insertions
Custom global Application class breaks with 鈥渁 cannot be cast to鈥�
Create Index - Elastic Search - Java API
jQuery animating droppable element does not animate it's 'target droppable area'
In an array, how do you make a value ( in a key / value pair ) equal to a variable?
Java Youtube api
best way to test a character for being from some category in .net
Create Index - Elastic Search - Java API
jQuery animating droppable element does not animate it's 'target droppable area'
In an array, how do you make a value ( in a key / value pair ) equal to a variable?
Java Youtube api
best way to test a character for being from some category in .net
PHP rename() doesn't throws exception on error
require.js text plugin adds 鈥�js鈥�to the file name
Render a .js controller request as html
Internet Explorer CSS - Center Div
Using LINQtoCSV in MvcScaffolding ASP.NET Web Page
Formatting a Javascript counter into 00:26
Android send SMS automatically on button click
Dynamically added Select Box is not being posted
Modular serialization with pickle (Python)
鈥淩elease unlocked lock鈥�error in Google App Engine python 2.7 with threadsafe=No
#eval phone number in gridview
CUDA /openCL; rewriting branches as non-branching expression
Can I submit a form with only hidden fields?
Rails 3 site running on passenger with php front page
Maven exec with multiple system properties
PHP Warning: SQLite3Stmt::execute(): Unable to execute statement: database is locked
Array storing in FORTRAN-90
Cannot compile PLSQL procedure
What does it mean to define constants in an interface?
Sharepoint OWA using Windows Based Authentication?
Why does the display in Eclipse not support recursive functions in Java?
MVC POCO Controllers and fluent routes
Opposite of Force_SSL in Rails?
display data dynamically
Nested arguments in python not compiling
JSF 2.0 - change component style
Getting value from Nested HashMap into another Map
Client stopps reacting to server's messages
Regex to match a string having escaped characters
TidHttp file download trows Out of memory Exception
Is it possible to modify the definition of a state machine windows workflow programmatically?
Is there Google Group API to access the post information
How do I write CSS selectors with CSS Counters to apply formatting to a specific element?
Use ddply to find variable values based on a date value
htaccess, folder to folder redirect has some problems [closed]
Can't build any MonoMac samples on MonoDevelop 3.0 in OS X
namespace in static functions
Joomla - filter content by IP addresses (intranet / extranet)
Cannot Uploading Image in MVC3 when I press the submit button and it does not go to POST action method
Interface Builder's User Defined Runtime Attributes not accepting floats?
Open an Excel file in running instance of Excel with Task Scheduler
SetTimeout function still makes UI unresponsive until its operation over
what should action='' be set to so that <form> submits to same page?
Django 1.4 Creating an Edit User Profile Account Settings View
Facebook Javascript SDK difference between these events?
String comparison not working (android)
Slider Loads each slide before rendering correctly
How many versions of a gem can I install?
Web application architecture design
New version release to app store under completely different profiles
Simplest TBB example
Where are HashedSet.cs & DictionarySet.cs from NHibernate/Iesi.Collections?
How to access the object created by a cffile upload in coldfusion
Python <p = Popen([鈥渃ommand鈥漖, stdout=PIPE)> when is blocked
Sorting Information in an array by weeks
how to decide user's timezone withount depending on javascript
Confused about screen density/resolution/size in Android, Why they look different?
codeigniter url segments contaning leading slash
Can't close popover after selecting item within table view
How to make this jQuery code works with GridView control
div height in percent, and unwanted scrollbar
How to get database metadata from entity manager
SQL Server 2008. Difficulty in setting date and time 鈥渢imestamp鈥�
java Rule engine for validating data
Calling a virtual function: compare base versus derived reference calls?
How do I create a 鈥渘ew鈥�flashing button?
Mocking/Stubbing an Object of a class that implements arrayaccess in PHPUnit
@property assign
Nightmare Class - floats/strings
Unit testing with Spring and the Jersey Test Framework
Android - Set image over home screen?
Entity Framework 4.3 CF many - to - many relationship saving object?
Prevent android webview from loading certain url
OleDBException was unhandled NO value given for one or more parameters
Error! The first argument to the non-static Java function 'replace' is not a valid object reference
JavaCV - strange black screen when playing a file with FFmpegFrameGrabber
How do I refresh dynamic content loaded into a web part inside my existing jvacscript/jquery code?
Function crashing in Internet Explorer
I need a setup that runs in silent mode and 鈥渓oud鈥�mode. Installshield express. Does not appear to work
Is there a way to open a file that is on a local network on a users computer from a link on a webpage?
Galaxy Nexus: Sensor Sampling Rate becomes faster when sampling more Sensors
Connecting to my remote SqlServer database
Facebook for desktop apps [closed]
mediaelement.js Fullscreen button pops out of line in firefox
Pik on Windows 7 doesn't remember the selection
LINQ query for string.replace
Is there a way to mark the end of each protobuf-net record
WebApi with Linq 鈥淓xtra content at the end of the document鈥�error
Uninitialized string offset notice when using one to five variable variables
How to add vertical line to RemoteView for custom Android Notifications?
鈥淭his assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be loaded鈥�
Texture Mapping - Cocos2d/OpenGL ES 1.0
html form field validation
How can I access the form submit button value in Django?
Cannot save tag_list when using multi-step forms
Where would I store static/constant values in a rails application?
Regex in perl/sed replacement not matching whitespace/characters
Trying to extract course lists from University Catalog
Why does my jQuery Validation require 2 clicks to invoke?
Join or add column?
Android: moving through activities
JAXB with similar elements and prefixed names
Changing style of an image fails sometimes (JavaScript)
Tutorial 鈥�Android Map Pin drop animation 鈥�Working right [closed]
mysql insert to a table his name contains dash
Sounds for my javascript game with pure js?
Ant not rebuilding newer source?
mupdf and freetype: why are fonts blurred?
Reading from file and using strtod program has issues with last line in file [closed]
Creating a bullet list in HTML
Creating a dynamic range between two named ranges without VBA?
ListView will not refresh only on return to Activty
C++ thread not stopping in gdb async mode using user-defined or python command sequence
Copying in Excel while picking up multiple rows that are feeding input into the copied Excel formula
How do you handle single table inheritance in SimpleForm so a single helper handles all models?
Best way to build ISO-date in SQL Server
Store data when switching screens [duplicate]
Reformatting a lot of classes
How to turn on speaker programmatically in android
Should getSystemService(鈥� result be cached?
HIPAA Compliant Android Apps I Can Invoke Via Intents
Hyperlink inside dynamic userControl
Java How to Control a Animated GIF?
Google Earth API and ASP.NET WebParts
Problems installing srilm 1.6.0 with llvm-gcc 4.x
Make an ajax POST request to a server through ajax/jQuery
MemcacheService Expiration
How to find Gmail account associated with Android Market?
Calculation with in Bash Shell
Text-To-Speech via notification stream blocking music via media stream when headphone plugged in
Filtering VoIP calls with tshark
make kml layer from a string (GWT)
How do I automatically input a password when I run a bash script? [duplicate]
How to show message asynchronously on deliver a sms message?
How to plot historic country data (USSR, East Germany, etc) in GoogleMaps?
Select a Valid Choice XXX is not one of the available choices 鈥�but value appears in selection
Setting XAML property value into user control from a consumer view
jQuery Mobile handling of input[type=submit] vs button[type=submit]
Different Generics T in the same collection
cx_freeze: How do I add package files into
Fix shipping method name in Magento
How to delete a db row after cancel button is clicked
Fixing 鈥渟tretched鈥�XPage extension library Name Picker in IE?
Transfer data to another table and make previous GridView empty
Jersey Resource .class loading
Trigger a click when handling a focus event (jQuery)
Subclass a UITextField and detect when it becomes or resigns first responder
How to return Generic T.ToString()
Buffers getting corrupted? web service login
Accessing Constants Static Class That References App Settings Config File
How to securely store a connection string in a WinForms application?
Freeze app鈥�so i dont lose data on restarting phone
WebMatrix Database with Timestamp
C++ Multiple new on single pointer
System.Net.Mail.SmtpException : SMTP command timeout - closing connection
can this block of code be written in a shorter way?
Stream audio from URL in java Swing App
Avoid object multiple inheritance
Facebook SDK Linker Error
The ViewData item that has the key 'message' is of type 'System.String' but must be of type 'IEnumerable<SelectListItem>'
How can I connect an iOS device to non iOS device (Arduino devices) via Bluetooth?
Import Error for User Model
How can I get a property name for a type without the need to instantiate an object of that type?
Having trouble with basic recursion in python
CSS Working in Chrome but not Firefox ( div height )
Updating dialog title with jQuery
c# lambda expression complexity
Objective C access variable from different view controller
Effect of changing screen orientation on the soft keyboard
Check if a class is a new instance or has at least once property populated before saving to database
Get a list of google contacts on Android phones
How to upload image to mysql database iOS application
DADiskEject causing problems with error code 12 (kDAReturnUnsupported)
readline with console.log in the background
GIT equivalence of SVN Changelist?
Terminal cd command not working from Scala script
Single and double quotes in C/C++
How do i set a variable using conditional statements?
FosUserBundle integration with FosRestBundle
Value of type '1-dimensional array of Byte' cannot be converted to Byte
Can't run UIAutomationTest from command line
UITableView edit mode delete button padding-right
jquery css background image works only on firefox
javadoc: referring to concepts in the class header?
Is it possible to override only one ViewState of a native control?
cd into another directory to execute a script
fmincon convergence time
SQL Query Performance Degrades Depending on the Order of the Search Values
EOFException on file based inter process communication
Loop through all properties of a variable. Including complex types
In eclipse how to add existing maven project as web project
rails 3 polymorphic association with paperclip and multiple models
Php: Hit Count . Error :mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource [duplicate]
jquery menu-show onclick in left side
How do I get a div to overflow without pushing other content down in an email in IE?
What are recursive arrays good for?
Programatically create a resource id for a view
Finding path length along points in postgis
Fastest way to search a list of names in C#
Batch count in Active Record or mysql
Is the String method isEmpty really not available in Android API Levels < 10?
How to find children within this <a> parent?
Auto-property vs. protected variable with public accessors
Automatic failover with SQL mirroring and connection strings
Cannot add/subtract from large doubles in Objective C
Stored Procedure Union All issue
Mysql big table vs joins
Can I make WSDL to Java generate constructors rather than beans?
how to get variable in desktop c# program from web javascript application
Selenium WebDriver - How to set Page Load Timeout using C#
Afterthought seems not working, simple code
PHP while loop, update information to page using ajax
Subtotal less coupons/discounts on order confirmation page of Magento
Display directory tree output like tree command
Query multiple Rails models
Running Jmeter remotely from command line
MySQL SELECT against varbinary column
Direcly outputting to a CSV from an array without saving to a CSV file
InnoDB missing from MySQL
Stored procedure not returning value when executed from code, works fine from management studio
Three20 Presenting ViewController on top of Navigation Controller
How do I run Gnuplot Scripts from a Java environment?
Dependency Issue
WebChromeClient Websocket support?
How to make TabActivity call onActivityResult? (EDITED TITLE)
jquery get values from table cells
Cocos2D android background image gets messed up
Delete from table with foreign key
Plot numbers / data points onto a World Map using RSCript
Referencing button clicks to retrieve appropriate values from array
Jquery html() cannot convert all xhtml to html standard
OpenDialog in combination with csv reading
Nested rails forms with Simple Form?
Change visual c++ application font
Dynamically Start Event on File Input
How can I set up a SPOOL script in Oracle APEX to export view data as a CSV?
Building an API with/without OAuth and OpenID
Writing MySQL databases in Python using mySQLdb
Why is enumerate files returning the same file more than once?
Ruby on Rails - Heroku deployment issues
select single node from Xpath query
strange string convertion using form helper
Downloading exe files from database
What do the git statistics mean?
How can I set up a SPOOL script in Oracle APEX to export view data as a CSV?
Building an API with/without OAuth and OpenID
Writing MySQL databases in Python using mySQLdb
Why is enumerate files returning the same file more than once?
Ruby on Rails - Heroku deployment issues
select single node from Xpath query
strange string convertion using form helper
Downloading exe files from database
What do the git statistics mean?
document.location = 鈥渄ata:text/attachment;,鈥�not working in Chrome/Ubuntu
Arvixe shared hosting, Form Authentication Error with MYSQL database
Ring buffer in C tail pointer issue (for audio streaming)
How to insert data once in a mysql database, and then keep updating that? Java / Android
How to attach PDF to email using PHP mail function
How do I apply a circular mask to a texture in XNA?
Cannot find symbol - constructor item()
UIimageview plus Text overlay saved as NEW image?
Check for character format in Oracle
How to load dynamically generated kml/xml file into embedded Google Maps
Multidimensional array in C
When am I supposed to instantiate Activity class?
Jquery doesn't work on IE9
`git svn rebase` vs `git rebase trunk`
How to search XML files with XPath, returning line and column number(s) of found node(s) with C#?
mvc3 search results with Jquery
Zend Soap on 1and1
Editing .XML File Using a PHP
How to build a string in ruby by calling block methods?
Image Will Not Show Up Next To Text
Display the information of a JTable row when selected
Android, launching intent through webview
Image rewrite on NGINX
What does this mean in the Parallel Stack window?
Postback issue for reportviewer control in MVC3
Issue with Javascript - JQuery and selectors [duplicate]
t-test loop returns 'object not found' error
mysql variables between two queries
Are there downsides to loading javascript or CSS via server-side conditionals?
jQueryTools Validator - combine all error messages and display one alert()
How can I expand a setting or variable in a vim regular expression?
SSE: reciprocal if not zero
How to detect blocked youtube videos through javascript
UIImageView with iOS GLES
Android using ellipsize on widget text
Optimizing an algorithm using map::count
Oracle explicit lock timeout
Where to get guid for debugging the PhoneGap app?
Google AdWords - How to correctly use Auto-Tagging and UTM variables in AdWords?
Does the Page_SchemaGenerator class work in Agiletoolkit?
Importing modules, Levenshtein
specifying simplepie cache location?
I have three days to teach a HTML guy Rails. Where to start, and what should I cover? [closed]
jQuery drag to scroll disable
Using a PID controller to manage resources in programs
Detect Clipboard text change with unicode support in
CSS - Cut or merge shared border between divs
Transparent background in gnuplot multiplot
Problems with manipulating divs within simplemodal dialog popup - Further Edit
twitter bootstrap as our 鈥済o to鈥�framework?
NInject InRequestScope does not return the same instance for MVC4
How to output MVC / C# object to Javascript object?
Android canvas drawText y-position of text
Automatically log Android lifecycle events using ActivityLifecycleCallbacks?
Reuse Trigger Conditions or MultiBinding in WPF
xpage - sessionID and DomAuthsessId
Changing global stack size, GNU Prolog
Best way to do async programming with Asp.Net
child nodes of treeview node
How do search engines analyze dynamic content?
didSelectRowAtIndexPath won't fire when moved offscreen
Having trouble starting a program with the Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command)
how to use well html5 tags into a specific service web site
NullReferenceException in SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() after calling SqlCommand.Prepare()
IE9 memory leak
Profiling code built from ifort 11.1 yields __powr8i4 routine, what is it?
What causes an invalid file identifier in MATLAB?
Performing multiple string replacements with metacharacter regex patterns
iOS: Application missing from Location Services list
how to delete log from last call only?
Load file into mysql
How to Implement MVC3 Model URL Validation?
Netty Thread Execution - MemoryAwareThreadPoolExecutor
Using PrincipalSearcher to find users with 鈥渙r鈥�parameters
RewriteCond appending querystring
Main Page Login also logs user into Wordpress section
Bouncing images with jQuery
Why isn't there an asynchronous file delete in .net?
Bug in sqlfiddle OR I don't understand INSERT 鈥�ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
Using SSL / HTTPS with Meteor?
Data-Binding Syntax error
Merge two xts time-series in a single stream
Newbie with Node JS how to set and get a cookie
javascript global variable breaks chrome
Load a DLL from another directory at program start
Converting a Portable Class Library Project .csproj file from Version 2 (Beta) back to Version 1
Grabbing sibling's html to set as element's title tag with jQuery
From Auto.arima to forecast in R
Java Maven MOJO - getting information from project POM
Ruby Net::SSH Change directories using variable interpolation
How to pass arguments in function in this case?
security issues in ASP EnableEventValidation
Aggregate Functions in SQLite
Tool to detect C++ template issues
Macros like 鈥渃ase_GETOPT_HELP_CHAR鈥�risky?
airbrake notify_airbrake method not working in controller
jQuery, editing inline style tag
Recreating SVN wc.db
How to access shared preference boolean value from another class
Why does Google Map view over to the left?
What does it mean to 鈥渋nstall鈥�a language on your machine?
Using multithreading, not able to launch multiple IE instances in webdriver
What's that feature of PHP with a section of html/text closed off with start/end functions?
Jdbctemplate query for string: EmptyResultDataAccessException: Incorrect result size: expected 1, actual 0
Randbetween return only odd numbers
How to version control CMS content (e.g. Drupal), given that we use git for code [closed]
Trying to Load php file ( with image tag ) into fancybox
JQuery forms reloading unexpectedly
Significance of request.getSession() and request.getSession(boolean createNew)
Keeping Files Secure On A Server - Is Changing Permissions Enough?
COMException E_UNEXPECTED on RDPSession no matter what
Big O complexity for recursive anagram algorithm
Want to use google script to create calendar event from UI form
Twitter Stream API to Collect Tweets
Appending a string inside another string using regex/ruby
Simulator freezes in a arc4random-method
JavaScript: how to make my IDE hint classes correctly
How to access a file from a different war which is in the same ear on a Java EE Server (JBoss)?
UIView updates when it is a tableHeaderView, but not when it is a subview
How to stretch any div height up to the end of the browser window from the middle
How to get class name only, not full path?
Trying to pass multiple command line parameters to javaws launch application?
What are the alternatives for accomplishing this same task?
In Hibernate JPA; even after I am committing transaction; the transient variables values are intact
Exclude HTML attributes when using PHP DOMXpath and wildcards
Deal with null value in sqlite
Creating/Deleting folders using c++
function CvDistTransform in OpenCV
render :layout with rss
Capybara::ElementNotFound: Unable to find xpath 鈥�html鈥�
Assign ActionLink to jQuery button in MVC
Creating a list of CheckBoxes
Deletion of a Glib dispatcher (in the gtk thread as well) causes segfault
Where to place this if statment in the php script
Binding not working when set the itemssource to itemscontrol
How to send user agent in requests library in python?
Rail Devise creat own sign_in and sign_out actions
Incorrect date parsing using SimpleDateFormat, Java
Android: calling getExternalFilesDir( null ) from Application.onCreate() returns null
ModalView only inside SubViewControllers
jQuery UI menubar styling
Deletion of a Glib dispatcher (in the gtk thread as well) causes segfault
Where to place this if statment in the php script
Binding not working when set the itemssource to itemscontrol
How to send user agent in requests library in python?
Rail Devise creat own sign_in and sign_out actions
Incorrect date parsing using SimpleDateFormat, Java
Android: calling getExternalFilesDir( null ) from Application.onCreate() returns null
ModalView only inside SubViewControllers
jQuery UI menubar styling
LinkedIn Signin script won't work on PHP page - only HTML pages
Transparent controls in .NET
Rails 3 Nested Query avoid SQL
Automatically Add All Submodules to a Repo
PHP Map: back-and-forth
Getting the PHP IF statement right
Separate command for clicking each line in Python Tkinter Text Widget
Mask to format int 1, 10, 100, to string 鈥�01鈥� 鈥�10鈥� 鈥�00鈥�
I have conflict with Smarty engine and type=鈥渢ext/x-tmpl鈥�
Is there a way to print a calculated time format string in C#?
Show and hide dynamic jQuery UI Dialogs
Syntax of H.264 SPS/PPS in SIP/SDP offer
Creating an object similar to an array or extending the Array prototype
Html5 var in JSP
In java, can the use of synchronized methods be unreliable?
Getting database results from Array of IDs
The T-SQL error 鈥渋nvalid column name鈥�cites my procedure name when running it
Regression analysis or Anova?
session variable for username
File format of spool files with .tmp extensions?
How to start two animations at same time in android?
How to add whole section to a bunch of html elements using jquery?
Using Scaleform for Game Asset Rendering, not just UI
need UIButton inside custom UIView respond to touches
How can I efficiently get a list of matching Amazon S3 files?
make new page without standard button [closed]
Undefined index: in PHP codeigniter while sending variable
Optionally calling a block in ruby
Decimal values for yAxis categories in Highcharts
Hover li change image using css
How to calculate the sum of a column in an SQL table for a given date and patching missed values with those of the closest previous date?
How can i put a whole array of pixels on screen with pygame?
Upscaling a bitmap with no smoothing is inaccurate somehow, how to make it right?
Permission error in maven 3
Best way to pass a jQuery array to a C# page
Classpath, Compile, and Run with Ant?
JavaScript - how can I check if a string is part or equal to another string
Fixed position on 2 different div ids
MultiSelectCombobox issue in dojo
jquery-mobile: fieldcontain with small textbox
Creating an initializer
jquery-mobile: fieldcontain with small textbox
Creating an initializer
Can you target an element with CSS when inherited classes are present?
Local variable becoming NoneType and I'm not sure why
Asp.Net + JQuery - Set CSS in function.Ready
Is using dropbox (or similar) instead of a simple server a valid solution?
C# getting item from class
How do I carry a cookie from a System.Net.HttpWebResponse to the next System.Net.HttpWebRequest?
AVAudioRecorder and AVAudioPlayer
What is the django command to delete all tables?
Print XML node using XPath in PHP
Using FQL or Graph API to retrieve comments from legacy fb:comments widgets
SQL to Determine Tee Order in Golf Application
MySQL search for item with all tags
Jquery wrapping my content with divs using append
SEAM Entity Query on field of sub object
how to Prevent Css Inheritance when a webpage is embeded inside a Div
Adding modal view controller to parent-child view controller hierarchy
Presenting a view controller that doesn't have a nib file
PHP File Upload Folder
mock cake request to stub out the data function
iOS: Loading data in one tab, viewing it another but the table won't reload