Multiple tableview issue
Why is this Paypal IPN script not executing fully?
Use Renderer on VirtualColumn in Admin Grid
Mouseover during scroll
How to make flash as header background
Replace Spaces with Underscores in Uploaded File
How to fast forward a remote branch
Login screen sometimes appears if user uses back button then clicks link
RubyTest errors - installing into sublime text 2
How do I read ext2 root directory from mapped memory?
Access on attribute of extended class from SuperClass
How to acess images and videos from android SD Card and internal storage
Google Map not working in Jquery Tool Overlays modal dialog
Is it possible to save files outside of the sandbox via the built-in apps?
Quotes around $VARIABLE?
Having trouble with LinqPad Adding a Connection to Entity Framework
Creation of Stateless Components
Phonegap Build Universal cordova.js? Windows iOS using Build Service
WPF Gridview bind to columns
Statically link OpenCV 2.3.1 (Linux)
What does Instruction.Offset represent in mono.cecil?
How to 鈥淓nable textmate links鈥�in NewRelic
Notice : Undefined variable when concatenating
Print Panel in Windows Form C# [closed]
Get full path of VBScript script file when WScript not available
Managing User Preferences on Future Visits
update database via SQL
get the last row of which one of its column value is less than the rows of interest within a set
Create connection to SQL Server 2008 in Jaspersoft iReport Designer 4.0.2?
Add paths onto a D3.js map
PHP equivalent to C# `: base`
Transversing & replacing classes
Meteor with mysql
Best way to store a ztable in c++?
Centering an element to the viewable area with Jquery
Plot charts from excel data in Android
javascript document.getElementById changing .value to .href not working
JQuery Undefined and $ Undefined Errors in Firefox 4 [closed]
Send email with Java, Gmail and Bouncy Castle Provider
Encoding error on Rails 2.3.4
Allocating a Thread's Stack on a specific NUMA memory
UIButton will not disable when referenced from IBOutlet but does when referenced from IBAction
sql - group by in ranges to include ranges without values
iOS 5 XCODE 4.3.2 Can a dynamic prototyped tableview use groups?
How to access a DevExpress ASPx control via JSProperties on the client
0..* Child Elements in Any Order With an 鈥淎ny鈥�Child Element
jquery attached event with class execute more than once
Custom QLPreviewController or UIDocumentInteractionController that can intercept touch events
Centering Div Element vertically
Remove an attribute from a Backbone.js model
Report Viewer issue rendering reports
Adding images dynamically to photoswipe
Block with link_to on one line
external asynchronous method inside asynchronous method
SSO GMail or GDocs with an access_token
Pointer to QMainWindow Changing
Simple UITapGestureRecognizer. IBAction not firing
UIWebView to display both local image and facebook comment
.Net Web Service Client SoapExtension Screwed Up Response Message from Java Web Service
Pass variable between functions
String Type getting input from user with 'space'
Flash CS4 ActionScript 2.0 - Change MovieClip Color using as2
Visual studio2010 CrystalReports authentication?
xcode tabbar application - device rotation issues
Programmatically created view crashing
Refine Using Awk or Sed with Curl
jQuery load multiple html files in one element
visual c++ 2010 mysql connect
Create CGContext for CoreText
use signal on m2m_changed
How to access DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles before it has completed
Converting char* to float or double
Return nothing when condition is not met
Android: Make parent selector trigger when selecting child
history.state not working in Chrome
should i use @font-face or an image for a complicated fancy heading
Out of memory error when installing Moodle 2.2.2+
Android: Make parent selector trigger when selecting child
history.state not working in Chrome
should i use @font-face or an image for a complicated fancy heading
Out of memory error when installing Moodle 2.2.2+
`Timer` Component not accurate enough, is there an alternative?
Postgres 9.x - Is there a way to avoid hard coding database connection info into views?
problems converting data in cllocationdistance
Convert NSString to different Charset
wpf datagrid background color
c# Numerical Polynomial Regression
Issue Deploying COM Components with ClickOnce
How can I export from DB2 with * or WHERE clause defining string
Using two different tables in same view
How to kill a process based on its argument
Is there an extension or add-in for VS to extend a partial class?
Pop/push view under modal
convert long [] data to ArrayList<BigInteger>
Issue with coldfusion cffile delete
How to reverse a chain of character ? fortran 90
how to make data available outside
Get width even if not set
jsf ajax call: executing javascript function in the end
how to append a string after a command?
Tableview First row not aligned
Offline support for web application in ipad
How do you take high resolution images using Camera.takePicture()?
Randomised select in python, working unexpectedly
Update tags lists - or updating has_many relationships
Sed won't pipe to a file
Drawing upscaled image with no smoothing
RoR generated sql has where
Sonata Admin Bundle: possible to add a child admin object that can have different parents?
A simple wsgi website with python, but the .css file does not load. Why?
spring mvc 3 showcase not working
Triggering an exception in a main thread from a daemon thread in Python
Pythonic and concise way to construct this list?
How to put application user username on the picture as a result to post on wall?
Get random line from CSV file in Python and find corresponding word, like a quiz
Visual Studio 2010 locks up entirely during debugging with 0xC0000005 Access Violation error
ASP textboxes do not exist in context of Codebehind file
Advantage of depth first search over breadth first search or vice versa
Using BoostTest to run unit tests multiple times without quitting test runner
my query is giving me the wrong ID
How do I grab meta data from other websites and display on mine in ruby on rails?
How can I Check whether file exists with a specific extension in a folder [duplicate]
Android 2.3.3 emulator shows 鈥淎ndroid_鈥�when started
How to compute Discrete Cosine Transform
How to make a image transparent out of defined area?
XMLHttpRequest and calling Javascript
Scheduled Task or Timer Class
Adjusting the DIV event segments that hold the events and not an event 鈥渞esize鈥�
Styling WordPress's wp_link_pages()
Selecting One row from MYSQL Query php
Segmentation fault GCC
Is there a way to get recursive mocks on a class return value with NSubstitute
How to calculate the miss rate of Data and Instruction Caches
need to upload the contents of HTML5 canvas
Doctrine2 Caching of updated Elements
openSessionInView implementation and LOCK
Multiple user taps in a tableview in main thread in iOS
Oracle Client set oracle home
How to use jQuery UI Tabs on DotNetNuke 6.2+
For iOS, has anyone created NSDate extensions for commonly used date-related operations? [closed]
how to remove a IO::Async::Listener (or its notifier) object from a IO::Async::Loop event in perl
doing something with a variable inside a block tag
Convert a dateString from a browser to java.util.Date?
Force SSL for specific routes in Rails 3.1
Java - paycheck issue
What does each of the [y,n,q,a,d,/,K,j,J,g,e,?] stand for in context of git -p
XACML on Android
OpenErp Server Error [closed]
Bootstrapping data in backbone.js?
GWT CellTable Custom Selection Model
Should Unit Tests Be Run On A Local Machine?
MySQL: Creating a table with auto increment and concatenating the values generated with the values of a different column of the same table
Ignore Twitter Gem Exceptions
Can't get web browser to show on my phone page
iOS App Crash on startup
Threaded scripts stall after ending without closing
OpenCV binary deployment (Linux)
Manually Supply Referral URL to Spring Security
How to open multiple files using 鈥渙pen with鈥� (command line arguments)
Java3D Zoon- Object starts disppearing az I zoom on it
Android Countdown Timer crash and wrong values
RavenDB Concurrent Update Using .NET Client
How to use Jquery UI plugins with Backbone.js?
Prolog list issue
How can I tell if a Joda DateTime is, say, between the hours of 4-8pm?
Converting a long hexadecimal string to a decimal string
Azure / WCF diagnostics don't seem to be working, and now I've been looking at it for too long. What's wrong?
Processing heavy operation in background in Firefox extensions
Do I have to manually enter info from an 4 email into an MS Database?
Default values for varchar and int mysql data types
What is Card Board's filterBoard() function?
two words separated by comma not getting matched via RegEx
ios UITableView -> UITableViewCellSeparatorStyleNone leaves a line of one pixel height blank
Prevent collisions applying impulse in Bullet physics
Deploy/Publish Silverlight application in LAN
Bash - How to get the name a folder inside the current folder?
Application crashes when taking photo
How can I create some specific content with a cron job [closed]
adjusting line size based on ouput screen in perl
Problems using the Apps Script GUI builder
How to map root of Web App in Stripes to an ActionBean
Anonymous function consuming another anonymous function - clojure koan
What could be causing this javascript NaN in IE 7?
Creation of GLCM texture images using MATLAB
Android background operation while activity is active
symfony2 setter for related entity id
Adding Regex Validators with CreateUserWizard they are not Working
How to show the participation percentage in each department?
How would I give the GWT-compiler more memory when using GWT-Maven?
Ambiguous match found, simply dropping Infragistics XamMonthCalendar onto WPF dialog
Is there any way to get average values from an array when using a Twig template?
Set UITableView frame height - incorrect number of rows displayed
Why does my self-hosted WCF service take IIS offline?
UTF8 troubles in a php contact form [closed]
Why doesn't static route work here?
TSQL - Have seperate queries show data side by side?
Git - Determine when a revision was pulled/fetched/merged at this site
testing for support for history API returns true in IE
Setup Failed: Visual Studio 2010 Pro installation
Android: Looping through a string array - help needed on logic for intent method
Accessing a Java Resource as a File
Excel VBA userform to Select Outlook folder to copy from
.load() and relative paths
Detect if user is scrolling
iOS SDK Recording video without saving it to Photo Album
Labels not changing values when combobox value changes in vb
jQuery Selector of a particular class inside a particular id
Windows 7 select text on double click, configure [closed]
Android Pass Data to Activity via ContextMenu Item [duplicate]
how to change firefox proxy settings using xpcom
Can I run Asp.Net Cassini Web Server in 32 bit mode?
Fullcalendar's remoteEventSource is removing all sources
C encapsulation using const pointers to const data
Different download link to different country visitors
opencv VideoWriter under OSX producing no output
Save simple large view to bitmap
Data lost on receiver side in python socket programming
Syntax check does not work for modules (*.pm) in Perl Eclipse Plugin (EPIC)
ListItem Value not updating on ItemUpdated, only after hitting Refresh
Error when trying to pass audio file path from javascript to html via innerHTML
Do I really need to define java minimum heap size
Drupal Editable Page Section
apache wsgi route url to wordpress
PHP 5.4.3 RPM and steps of installation? [closed]
At FlxG.collide() callback function: killing an item from a group kills the rest of the group
Symfony 1.4: Updating form after embedding an i18n forms doesn't work
How can I enable the 鈥淧ublish to SharePoint鈥︹� option in SketchFlow?
Do I really need to define java minimum heap size
Drupal Editable Page Section
apache wsgi route url to wordpress
PHP 5.4.3 RPM and steps of installation? [closed]
At FlxG.collide() callback function: killing an item from a group kills the rest of the group
Symfony 1.4: Updating form after embedding an i18n forms doesn't work
How can I enable the 鈥淧ublish to SharePoint鈥︹� option in SketchFlow?
Grabbing a piece of a returned match on a regular expression (PHP)
How to search in modern linux core dumps with c/c++?
C++ / Qt Coding style - where should a #define go
C# How to save textbox info in excel specific rows?
XSLT convert date format to ISO
Copying Directories in a non-static environment?
python asyncore keep track of clients
Reading from file and storing into an array of structs
Can anyone explain why document.cookie is not getting set
Bitmapped indexes not enabled in Oracle XE
Is there anything that {worksheet}.Cells.Clear will not remove?
how to dynamic add <div> on html and write php inside html
Difference between two columns for a specific time interval
How do I stop pushing to multiple remote branches in git? (aka, How do I untrack remote git branches?)
How to implement Meunchain Grouping in below Scenario
Ajax Polling for User Notifications
How to Convert MS PowerPoint 2003/2007 into HTML using APACHE POI or Else?
Java JSSE SSLEngine cannot resume SSL session
IPython magic function %paste issues
Can not find the class in php
Testing ActiveRecord models inside a gem?
How to secure SyndicationFeeds For display in MVC view
How do I prevent 鈥渆nd process tree鈥�from terminating the programs mine has started?
Why does one of these listeners work for a Media API event but not the other?
Django - Using F() expression but obtaining non atomic update
GWT - image upload and GAE
Passing argument to controller in Symfony2
Remove default REST services from Jersey
Downloading multiple files with data-downloadurl
'index 17 beyond bounds for empty array' TableView
acces to objects in/out the object tag
Application context from a Grails plugin?
iOS animation block: ignores animation commands
Django ModelForm, custom validation
Regex - Unable to parse100% between <param and the end (>)
Android - Tabs as part of Activity
Can't connect to MySQL server on localhost (10061) on window XP. Error connecting to mysql
HTML/CSS Items disappear when scrolling.
Get enum values(from .dll) to list
Hide/Override notification on android
Dragging image inside canvas to change its position
Formating a MAC Address in WinForms
How far can an object literal be nested? [closed]
Run and get output from a background process
How to modify highcharts legend item click event?
How to implement event notification mechanism in AIR
Twitter share button bigger or smaller than G+ and Facebook
How to find the correlation between scatter data and theoretical formula MATLAB?
NHibernate linq provider datediff
MiniTest behaving strangely, and skips right over integration tests folder
C++ object oriented return value of virtual function in base class
PHP pages won't load, show source code
How do I open a url on a background process in Django?
Is this SEO advice really good? [closed]
Mvc web api deployment
How to invoke a JSF bean action from a link?
php loop with validate class
How to get the correct UTC starting date of friends events (or basically of any event not created by me) through fql
Android: How to get the reason for 鈥淭his app is incompatible with all of your devices.鈥�
Candy webclient with Openfire, not working complete
Missing last bytes of a file
QMovie animated gif functionalty is not working on windows systems
What is the best way to do a redirect from / with ASP MVC3 Routes?
how to create textarea in j2me
Can you load only a smaller rectangular portion of a larger on-disk image into memory?
Synchronizing Users Action in Objective-C
Efficient JavaScript Event Tracking
CSS transition with JavaScript
Why am I getting a NullPointerException when executing macroexpand-1 on this Clojure macro?
Capture video from iPhone camera with overlay view
Mapping a FunctionalJava Option<Type> with Hibernate
Google Map Gets Cropped When Using Display:Inherit;
How to pass parameters to XSLT from JBoss Actions Pipeline
Android how to reuse Socket?
C# (Windows Forms) Input Output Keyboard and Mouse States
PhoneGap: load data from external sources
Lua C API: Stack empty after pcall error
New to supervisor - how to make a daemon that works
How to verify whether service exists in Services.msc
Ajax-TabPanel error: make sure the AjaxToolkit.Properties.Resources.NET4.resources are properly imbedded or linked to assembly
Developing an app/game for iPad 3 in air
Lightest UI Element
python beautiful soup ascii error
Event Listener for IME closing
How check some class has background color or not and change background color if it has
Retrieve a list of filenames in folder and all subfolders quickly
Check for domain extension with PHP or JS
@InitBinder using command object in property editors鈥�
Reading images from a sprite sheet Java
jQuery.ajax Why not access the item from php json_encode?
Which file contains Localization info in an iPhone Xcode project?
Fault tolerant JSON parsing
How programmatically to get Jenkins user id?
How to get XML type data from aspx using JSONP and .NET 2.0
FATAL EXCEPTION: Main Android Eclipse
Convert std::tuple to std::array C++11
jquery droppable, dropping on invisible item when container set to overflow:auto
ListViewCollection Move* methods dont fire Changed event
Speeding slicing of big numpy array
dataStream.Length and .Position threw an exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException'
How are passwords sent for websocket's authentication in CF10?
Can this attribute be controlled?
Set array elements (string) as variable name in Ruby
Installation Error with CouchDB
Dotcloud uWSGI Error
How to measure the time of an event in flash?
Linq to XML infanticide - Is there a simple expedient way to promote grandchildren to replace children?
The best way to execute code AFTER a sound has finished playing
PHP Page Failed to Load
Trim Function Results
Chain of people in xna4
transaction in cakephp 1.3
Expected behaviour? MATLAB ignores errors on deserialization, except when in debug mode
SDL Tridion UI Using .Net master pages
How do I append more objects to a json file?
Recommended gems for accessing Fusion Tables API using OAuth 2.0 on a Rails app
Regex works on Regexpal but not on Java
Architecting/Designing a new Program
convert classes from 4 to 3.5 (Massive Lib)
How to perform RESTful request through rest proxy in Sencha Touch2
Output a JUNG visualisation to PDF using iText
Fastest Sorting Technique
Noise/distortion after doing filters with vDSP_deq22 (biquad IIR filter)
not able to integrate to master branch because of earlier revert
Measuring frame rate in View-based apps
Best way to create animated text in an iPad app?
Java objects cannot be deserialized after the packagename of a class has been changed. What can I do about it?
Rails 3.2 and thin
Pixelate video stream with HTML5
Adding Annotation from Property List - use of undeclared identifier
Issue with correctly displaying a USB Camera input to winforms picturebox
Rails 3 - Validating Multiple Instances of a Model Against Each Other
How to Clone Menu Items for TPopupMenu?
Add html extension to files in one directory only
Problems about ActionListener.image editing
Simperium login screen cancel/edit
Where is task_struct stored?
if I only have one component, is it safe to use AWT in a JFrame?
What's the 鈥渂est鈥�way to ensure your module is imported if running Python 3?
How can I build this string in my C# program? [duplicate]
jquery plugin scrollTo not working
adding li to ul using jquery works just one time
Is there a way to test responsive CSS with Selenium?
Where is task_struct stored?
if I only have one component, is it safe to use AWT in a JFrame?
What's the 鈥渂est鈥�way to ensure your module is imported if running Python 3?
How can I build this string in my C# program? [duplicate]
jquery plugin scrollTo not working
adding li to ul using jquery works just one time
Is there a way to test responsive CSS with Selenium?
Is there a way to specify which drawable folder a device should use?
Laying out floated and cleared page elements with CSS
correct use of iterator to return an object from a list
Putting module in modal box Joomla
How to hover over 1 image but change multiple images in a table
Windows Azure: Serializing an object that is inherited by TableServiceEntity
javascript getelementbyid not working because id changed
Parallel for-loop in Windows
Get two date formats from jQuery datepicker?
Initializing a multidimensional array, and then printing contents in C
c++ make the base class use overridden methods in the child class
Divide file up by values into equal sections
How do you use regex to scan a query from commands like drop, truncate, etc..? [closed]
javascript in twig file do not execute
Android - MediaPlayer freeze / surfaceview
FFMPEG ignores bitrate
Need help locating syntax error in large 16MB JSON file
WP7 - Using RX, Subscribe only triggering once but OnNext() always triggering?
How is twisted's Deferred implemented?
Failed opening required file
How to detect styling applied to DataGridView via e.CellStyle.BackColor in the CellFormatting event?
How can I regain program control after <cfheader> opens a PDF file?
Cannot Set Status Code
IIS forcing log in when already logged in MVC3
PCA Implementation in Java
Using generics to refactor
What choices of ORM allow for near 'flick a switch' to change RDBMS between鈥QL Server / SQL Azure and PostgreSQL / 'Cloud' PostgreSQL
SBJSON encode Object who contain an array of another Object
MySQL optimization - large table joins
How can I enable a text field when a button is clicked?
Can a method know the type of Object that is calling it (i.e. the subtype that is calling it)
How to update the axis scale on change events in cubism/d3
Reading NSobject property from within NSArray
Creating Layered Custom Control Templates (WPF 4 / .net 4.0 / C#)
Awk: loop & save different lines to different files?
Adobe AIR bar code scanner
Knockout JS: Removing selected values from other, identical dropdowns
Java: I'd like a JLabel to respond to mouse events only sometimes. Is there a way to hide a mouse listener until wanted?
Create Labels and Values for HTML DropDownList in MVC View
Dynamics AX Axapta XPO: Setting image property to relative path instead of absolute path?
google api to access history data of stock/bond prices
Are mysql_query commands executed in a top->bottom fashion as a .php file is executed?
getting errors while instantiating pointer for structs of native c++ code from c++/cli
Accessing Global Variables in VBA (Excel)
How to check for a local Drawable, and lacking one, how to make one from a remote resource? [closed]
Unfortunately MySQL Slow Query Log does not log replication queries
MSLinqToSQLGenerator warning
Pressing multiple buttons at the same time
How to change the data source of a ComboBox?
Tire gem - Does it support document boosting?
Retrieving User Token (found in Access Token Tool) via code C#/PHP
Enterprise Web Library web.config not currently compatible with Azure?
php can't add data to array
SQL Query - Join two tables
Developing Applications with Metro UI for Windows XP/7
Browser extension support in Google Chrome on mobile
HTML5 API drag and drop images
if then else vs the ternary operator ( ? :) in c#
Sublime Text 2 console input
Application of Oracle 11g compound triggers
Why is is not possible to test anything other than a boolean? [duplicate]
How to make a fading effect with Core Graphics?
Handling timeouts in OTP
Img source changes on hover and focus change to red X in IE when clicked
How to copy the top 10 most recent files from one directory to another?
WPF Text Rendering issue - Letters are rendered as squares
How do I apply CSS3 transition to all properties except background-position?
Printing custom url with javascript not working
How do I add to an ICollection property when iterating object type?
Where do I define index?
How do I include or autoload external libraries in a TYPO3 Extbase Extension? + Dependecy Injection?
WPF performance issue when trying to update listbox real-time based on user input
Creating displays to interact with data using multiple Panels
How to add to linq2sql entity set for master detail if I can't explicitly define the detail?
Full size assigned right from the start when downloading a file using Indy
ASP.NET Validators only do date compare check if valid date time
Detect if a tab was POSTed to from Google Chrome extension
How can I hide the API calls that a c# app makes?
ASP.NET 2.0 Gridview bit checkbox
php stream two files as binary to show download prompt
What is the most stable and complete crypto Library in JavaScript? [closed]
Progress bar loading message doesn't show in JQuery mobile
how to display an image saved in my database
jQuery: how to replace .live with .on? [duplicate]
Can i load tga file in picturebox? [closed]
Do jQuery's val() and prop() methods html-escape values?
How do I delete only files created by the installer during update with install4j
Where can I find this LinkedIn Plugin?
Sending UDP packet from android platform
Intercept socket functions (windows)
How to recognize original domain name from cname
Spring: @Component versus @Bean
PowerPoint add-in - calling add-in functionality from a document shape
OrchardCMS pull down to visual studio
Connecting to Oracle Advance Queueing With Oracle Object Type Messages
Cocoa - Application Freezes During Loading Data From XML
Fiscal Year To-Date in Where Clause (T-SQL)
Are there any implementations of a parallel version of the Rete algorithm?
Is there a bug in MVC3 Razor @if
Redirect in .htaccess if condition is not true
Building ATL projects
Call elements inside $(this)? [duplicate]
Search for a string in a normal file
outofmemory exception when reading xml from file
call stack corruption in win32 vs2010 null dereference, but not in x64
matlab assign a 鈥渆xport settings鈥�-> 鈥渓oad settings from鈥�for figures programmatically
Confusion about r-value references
Version change jquery error
SSAS with SSRS drilldown
how to change action (route) before it reaches the controller
What does attributes_table do?
Mysql: When exactly an event is logged in the binary log on the master
Is it possible to dereference a reference in PHP?
Moving away from Itanium [closed]
Monotouch UIDatePicker SetDate always 1Hours and 5 Minutes
Skipping locked section already in use
Get user name from application string
Assign value to Registered Hidden Field in page ClientScript
Only the last call to a TextField updates it
Django caching in a custom context processor
How to spawn threads once with openmp
Long length lines in Qt
return user details after ldap authentication ( vb)
JSON file reading and data handling
Testing for an Application level dialog in Excel 2010
how to count the number of items in a php associative array
How to scope closure's variables in CF10?
GAE multiple WSGI files for multiple URL handlers
How to allow data truncation in a single DB transaction?
Will GLSurfaceView render a bitmap faster than SurfaceView?
instantiate and setting arrays in another array
ASP.NET MVC3 Need to change default fields for web application
Are WinRT .net classes Managed code?
Jquery colorbox display location
Assign Variable to another Variable and have changes in one be mirrored in the other
Google BigQuery Delete Rows?
How do I search a string for an ASCII character in Jython?
How can I clear the Scanner buffer in Java?
How to Initialize HtmlDiv
ASP.NET: Is it possible to inject CSS or Javascript into every page in my web app?
Dynamically defined classes incorrectly sharing data - bug, or coding error?
Encode in silverlight and web
MS Access - go to another subform using the same record id
Regular Expression in java and javascript
How to setup JBoss-EAP with Eclipse and carry out debugging; using 鈥渕inimal鈥�server configuration
js toFixed issue?
With Cocoa Bindings, changing the value of NSTextField programmatically does not update the model
Embedding images into video on Linux
Wordpress site inherits main nav from other Wordpress site
Django models - normalization
Where should the configuration file be placed?
iOS animating a view including subviews
Preventing direct access but allowing file downloads from within a page
Data from mysql database in to text fields via php?
Showing two simultaneously Activities (one smaller), the bigger one doesn't listen to finger events
Using PhoneGap Plugin: Child Browser
Accessing text within <li> tag
python isdigit() function return true for non digit character u' u2466'
How do you replace multiple instances of '+' in a string in JavaScript?
Duplicating partial rows using Excel VBA
hyper-v , VMs have no internet access
How to Scroll a Panel through code?
C# Library for working with HyperTable
Trouble with opening JFrames if the class is being called from another JFrame class
Bash beginner: Error when tries to copy directory itself when making subdirectories
Pythonic way to fix broken xml
Setting Up ViewPort for OpenGL ES - Android
One to Many Database field uniqueness rule in YII
Running continually tasks alongside the django app
Java Object Oriented Design
iPad Safari reloads main page constantly
how to use GANTracker for long running iOS apps, including background audio
How does ASP.NET webservices route requests do WebMethods?
Facebook Sign up using android application [closed]
How to get all cookies from CookieManager android ?
SVN and different IDES (commit + add)
How to combine several run configurations in Intellij together?
How to draw unfilled circle and rectangle on android?
how to return multiple variables with jsonresult mvc3
Java How to get the time when timer is stopped?
Code in the thread pool runs much slower than unthreaded
Windows Phone 7 - dynamic items for a ListBox
Maven: compiling and testing on different source levels
Oracle Complex Sort - Multiple Children
How to send simple http post request with post parameters in java
Original Google Web-Search with Autocomplete on own Homepage
How do I set my application to default on a rooted device
Convert a class to Fragment Object
Contravariance in Scala
MonoTouch AOT Compiler - large methods fail
Securing an API for use with Javascript widget
Map overlays in android
HttpsURLConnection gets SSLHandshakeException on alternate invocations
Linux/Ubuntu faking a network connection
a matrix file load into Perl
Global NSOperationQueue
how to use jquery to get value out of div
Stop recursion and start over
Semicolon on jQuery
How to Build a Json Object by Sending it Part by Part to a File in Python 2.7?
How do you set a 鈥淣o fill鈥�Fill on a autoshape with the PowerPoint 2010 interop
How to store lat-lon geolocation point in a document for GAE search?
Key-Value Observing in iOS. Error in changes dictionary
choose what column to include in select based on a second select statment
crontab executing jar with properties files
custom shape vertical Slider
Android: Incrementing an integer causes an allocation
Fetch data from date range
How to handle different xmpp priorities from the same user [closed]
Update an internal android app not on Google Play?
I use Include() in EF but show me error that my object reference is not set
What is the Equivalent of SetResourceReference in a Metro Application?
The Pythonic way to do this? (multiply certain elements in string)
Placing two wx Grids side by side
how to get all JPA objects for a list of IDs, or how to make a JPA query out of this SQL query?
ASP.Net MVC3 Right click menu (within an Index function of a Controller) does not show 鈥淎dd View鈥�or 鈥淕o To View鈥�options
Query syntax error near 鈥淪ELECT * FROM user鈥� [duplicate]
Which cloud based, scalable web service is best for DDOS prevention? [closed]
Way(s) to detect nearby mobile devices using the Android SDK?
Pull for new results inside jQuery's getJSON
Why do I get 鈥淣o module name users鈥�when trying to run a newly upgraded Django 1.4 project?
Get Google Map bounds, given a bounding box, without loading map?
signed applet doesn't work on browser
BOOST_FOREACH enters infinite loop when using 鈥渂reak鈥�
How to tab to next element from code behind?
PHP Web App was Hacked, how did they do it, how do I keep it from happening again? [closed]
Very simple Node.js client throws error ENOBUFS after many http requests
Large Offline Storage with Sencha Touch 2
CSS3 transition behavior has odd effect with text wrap on floating element
TortoiseSVN-Like Repo Browser for TFS 2010
Is it possible to append to multi-valued attributes in DynamoDB?
Why does ResourceBundle in null (in application with FXML and JavaFX 2.0)
Enabled guard malloc on the real device and got unknown error code
Writing Arabic in a Netbeans Web Application
clientHeight of blocks using @font-face declarations with overflow: hidden
How do i correctly initialize Object streams with a cipher
PHP DOMDocument is not working well
jQuery datepicker changes in date format
jQuery timeout plugin with iFrames
Disable Joomla 1.5 Session Cookie for guests
Blank TIF image when using MATLAB TIFF class
jQuery timeout plugin with iFrames
Disable Joomla 1.5 Session Cookie for guests
Blank TIF image when using MATLAB TIFF class
how to access objective-c methods from c++ callback
Advance Keyword Search in php mysql
Get The Current Application Virtual Path in ASP.Net
Asserting Exceptions for Private Methods
Is there a way to do a .Where(function(x) in [array])?
Automatic Picture Capture on PhoneGap
restricting user input + loop
converting C# to C++ with Marshal problems
Creating Sample Data in MySQL Rails Database with Faker
Retrieve username and invite friends on django-facebook
What are the available client libraries for the Mobli API? [closed]
Pagination with search in codeigniter
With OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android, is there a way preserve multisampling when rendering on a framebuffer?
Preloading audio + gif with html5 and jQuery
Magento - using custom variables to allow end user to modify styling from admin panel - Cached?
Smooth Line View Changing Color
Upgrading SQL Server Express to Developer performance counter registry consistency error
iOS webview shouldStartLoadWithRequest not triggered using javascript
Why am I getting a 404 error when accessing a controller method in Ajax? [closed]
Using of PhotoChooserTask
Reduce the size of a PDF file generated with PHPExcel
Proper form for JQuery Ajax call
Can't connect to MongoDB 2.0.5 database with pymongo 2.2
how to get related mysql php records?
i got exception 鈥淯nable to open the database file鈥�how to solve it
I have defined my pointer image and pointer location for my google map. Why is it not displaying?
Using Google API's to get optimal path between multiple locations
JPQL - avoid using join
Select where timestampdiff is more than 1 day and there is some null
How to get all sublists possible from a list by removing one element in Scala?
Confusion regarding calling a class that has specialized templates
OAuth and Handshakes Confusion
A Closure Cannot Call Any User-Defined Function in CF 10? why?
NCover: Exclude unexecutable line of code from coverage
Saving an image from url obtained via google book api
Numerically sorting a php .txt file
It麓s possible to change the expand/collapse button icon from the jqGrid header?
algorithm to merge x lists of y elements to a cap of z elements each
Map Entity Framework Entities to POCOs and Maintain Hierarchy
How can I send the rows of a matrix to another process with mpi?
.push breaking in for loop
Logging strategy to generate efficient diagnostic messages
Compiler Error Message: CS0433
css page break in ie8 (iframe)
PHP email script always emailing plus syntax error?
Three tables that are related in some ways need to be plotted on map as markers. Best way to generate JSON files to plot them?
Multiple forms: how to get form values from used form?
git how to add a local repo and treat it as a remote one
Comparing WSDL files
Onclick input field select all IE8
Several hashes into grid
WPF/MVVM Datagrid: Minimum Row Count
What causes 鈥淣on-terminating decimal expansion鈥�exception from BigDecimal.divide? [duplicate]
Capturing the auto-increment value and storing it with query
Jquery, getting input value with a variable
Check if a form input exists
Loading a 1bpp bitmap from byte array
Reshape three column data frame to a matrix in Matlab
XPages: Dynamically include a custom control based on a value from a repeat?
How can I check Shiro permissions for list of elements?
c++ message lookup table (iostream)
popup with JS and innerHTML with parameters
Emacs other-window-or-previous-buffer
Tinymce theme modification renderHTML
Maven central only contains pom. How to add jar?
Signaling between threads in Python
Why does my Eclipse debugger fail to step into for the first time?
C# building menus at runtime, commandHandlers and hashtable
Eclipse plugin for Notepad++
How to open window but show it below my splash screen?
jquerymobile and mvc 3 has navbar in popup dialog
Finding previous value of radio button when I select other option of radio button in knockoujs
Flex3 - Passing flashvars to the swf in the html wrapper
HTML label elements on PHP includes on IE
Webdriver 鈥渟endkeys鈥�method doesn't enter password correctly
Can a windows service start an application without being logged in?
Is there an implementation of 'expect' or an expect-like library that works in python3?
Java called method return value as a switch case value
How to get an element of a FieldSet
The proper use of MSXML replaceChild
Placing variables inside public variable in PHP
Scrollview touch event in Corona SDK?
Get Closest Date in php
Humane PostgreSQL interface for non-technical people?
SOLR: Range query with sum
How to run a CruiseControl task as an administrator in Windows Server 2008
Modifying file name of a file in a Django ModelForm on save, VS 2010, C# 鈥�how to find a control on a different page?
Spring Batch for File Processing
Hibernate Annotation Bidirectional relationship cascade delete with non null foreign key
Response.End() vs HttpContext.Current.ApplicationInstance.CompleteRequest() [duplicate]
CSS: line-break ignores padding?
ListDataModel not serializable==won麓t run on GAE
Asp.Net Application Loads slowly in the initial load
Attach File into Access database using Classic ASP
Perl ssl client auth using certificate
Segmenting an audio signal
Segmenting an audio signal
Struts 1 Action Redirect to Struts 2 Action
textarea in table
How to remove trailing white spaces and 鈥�amp;nbsp;鈥�from the start and end of a string in PHP?
In Xcode, make a button look like a text field or a textfield look like a button
Execute code after Glassfish Web Deployment
Strings with 0 behave weird in Java
Content-Type header value missing after upgrade to WCF Data Services 5.0
Android - Help me with NodeList
WPF: Binding to a Directory
Server Call Functions on Client in Java
fadeOut time for a div
iAd + mobclix separate integration
How to loop and write all HTTp Header name/value pairs
Google Maps API v3 - how to save map into cookie/localstorage
Allow multiple locales as a qualification test in Mechanical Turk
Rel PreRender/PreFetch, does it execute JS?
Is WSF / WSO2 compatible with ruby 1.9.3p0?
Mule 3: How to get the HTTP headers from a MuleMessage
How can I get a random cartesian product in PostgreSQL?
How to parse this XML ajax response?
Can't save my view to image, but can save other views
Logical operator sql query going weirdly wrong
UIButton shadow not looking right
get16bits macro in hash function
Multiple opening of temporary file only in same process
WPF: Is it possible to do a row/column span in UniformGrid?
multiDimensional Array need as
Fuzzy Matching, Confidence Score, C#
Multiple Column Conditional Count SQL
wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) when passing Model.where(鈥� collection to delayed_job
Sharing a linux driver between multiple /dev files
Changing background color of unused area (not cell background) on DataGrid control
Good free lib for compression
jQuery has detected parents incorrectly
Anyway to get my Jasmine tests to run against the local gae server
Can JavaFX call and embedd OCX Components
How to implement countdown timer in django
.htaccess redirect for dynamic search pages
android HttpResponse always dies second time it is called
Animating the drawing of a line
Using Google + API and LinkedIn API within a desktop application (without prompting user for username-password)
Binary difference between two files
How to replace tags with jquery?
Jquery How to sum in a radio button
algorithm to remove elements in the intersection of two sets
Dragging and Dropping in Javascript
Unicode issue when parsing html in Google App Engine
Where I could find google maps' stylesheet
Need to work with $FILE attachments and I cannot access them
Ignore headphones on Android 2.2.2
Can one iterate a dictionary being modified by another thread without raising exceptions?
Tell me if invalid SQL login, but continue with script鈥�How?
Can't add one node to another
Access and modify property(ies) of an Application-Scoped Managed Bean from Session Listener
How to Edit the Uploaded scripts in the HP Performance Centre?
How to append a new node in Hpricot
XML serialization and deserialization
Playing Freq Specific Tones in Ruby [closed]
Cross domain request in jQuery only works on certain files
Unable to use property access on @Embedded
Opening a txt file automatically using OnSelectedIndexChanged
BigDecimal floor rounding goes wrong
A page should be opened only in a window
how we can tune this Delete query?
hibernate different types of one-to-one relationships on a single class
Where can I find this kind of control for making Electronic album on iPad [closed]
Drupal Block Configuration
Confusion with initializing char[]
Shipping Based on Geo Location(Country)
Signal strength in p2p connection with Wifi Direct?
how to return internal structure from template class
Re-size web pages to suits visitors monitor resolution
Import contacts into Android application?
UITableView lazy loading optimization
Tastypie foreignkey set to null
div with an image behind wrapper not working
Close colorPicker via Photoshop SDK
Save multiple objects from different classes in one commit
ActiveRecord, how to trigger a process when column time is met
Can I publish an ASPX page and its code-behind file from Tridion?
Mapping restful architecture to CRUD functionality
xml to treeview using dataset
WCF Service object serialization
using C++ code in XCode
Django update the entry
Java testing verifying constructor
using a MapLoader for a Hazelcast distributed map within a client
split function in xts
How to get a reference to an object in a .nib file?
How do I remove the content on my input field with jquery if the value is 0, 00, 000 and so on?
For an Xcode project, is it good to add .xcodeproj files to the source control as well?
Segmentation fault when using FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEX with long regular expressions in PHP
Allowing a Node Form to Submit More than Once
Configuring multiple Activities each containing a GLSurfaceView within a TabHost
In PlayFramework with Morphia, how do I update an object?
excel 2010 add-in setup project with setup factory
How to add language pack to the android os , version 2.3.3
Android adding a relative view to a merge adapter
How do I get value out of formView->EditItemTemplate->Textbox?
How do i use KeyListener in java?
Whats the url that displays all posts in wordpress?
zip a folder using fzip
Nullable Func<T, TResult>
Entity Framework constraints cardinality
Modify native contact programmatically
What does 鈥渞ange(鈥滷:F鈥�鈥�mean in an Excel macro?
Why can't I update HiddenFields on PostBack?
I don't understand why compiler is giving me error with this code
Checking what 'DROP' queries were ran on SQL Server
Ajax + Spring Webflow
Split tags and submit them to database
Locating records while in transaction
iOS Master-Detail Application using Storyboards
Detecting iPhone Swipe with jQuery
type=鈥渪s:string鈥�OR type=鈥渪sd:string鈥�in SOAP protocol
XMPP FileTransfer - Why does the bytestreams protocol fail?
Adobe Air: why does this DataProvider create error? file upload (how to create a hyperlink to uploaded documents, displayed in my gridview)
Mysql join with sorting
return null UITextView tag in UITableViewCell
Wrapping c++ functions for use in C# [duplicate]
Add member to marketing list in CRM 2011 plugin
how to embed raw html in active_admin formtastic
Drag and drop containers with link anchors using Yahoo API
how to Get Number Of Users Online for each role using ASP.NET
TCHAR and _tprintf under Mac OSX
PowerShell Conditional Efficiency: -match vs. -like
How do I write a regular expression for multiple words/phrases in Ruby?
HQL query for non-standard ManyToMany relationship
Couldn't write integer file into a file in java
EXT3 JS Grid - Change a specific JsonStore Value before rendering and ordering
The difference between initrd and initramfs?
What are valid Identifiers for ISO14882 and ECMA335 standards?
Jquery UI cross frame drag and drop
Performance of outer apply with function
Program to redirect all queries
Calculating histogram of a 2 dimensional array in Parallel
Reserve space between elements
how to use like operator for complex query in sqlite
Rotate String without g2d .rotate
Placing two inline <div>s side by side in DTCoreText in objective C?
Which of (unsigned char)str vs str + 0xff or (unsigned int)value vs value + 0xffff Is Faster and Preferred Method? [closed]
Make Gradle NOT use a source set directory as Eclipse source folder
Platform conditional makefiles
How can we place the activity indication until we get the response from server side
Textures and colours not showing properly in OpenGL ES
Android Fragments with compatible library
Can I change Submit Action based on Drop Down Selection?
How to convert image into Hex String in android?
Highlighting and return fields Solr
linking issue with qttestrunner in cppunit
Can't get powershell to cast as int correctly
DataGridView ComboBox Columns
MongoDB embedded document BSON ID
passing 鈥渢his鈥�dom element -jquerymobile, zend-
Android USB Driver not installing [closed]
Data binding to observable in metro style app with javascript
Viewing n and r characters in Vim?
duck typing in C++ (specialize a template function by the value of its non-type template parameter)
Rotated element without padding or margin is not glued to the side
SQL Server 2008 table change (insert/update/delete) notification push on broker
How to display values from database in jsp page using java class??
Does IE9 limit the javascript array size?
VIM: turn off autocomplete but keep hint
oracle plsql aggregate error: ORA-06502: character string buffer too small
Extend MVC3 razor Html.LabelFor to add css class
setSelectionProvider over two different controls not working
My <nav> element isn't showing up in IE7 at all
Java Getting remote machine time
Extracting Database Information
How to get access to the input of textbox at aspx web page?
When I am using ajax to render the Scroller part iScroll doesn't work
New COM component in old codebase does not expose new properties
Create a batch script to automatically unzip music and create directory to put it in
android asynchronous sockets (android app as server waiting for clients to connect)
Parse JS only using JS
When moved, the area under a UINavigationBar is no longer touchable
get data by id in grid view
Magento 1.7 - setting customer group price programmatically
DropDownList RequiredFieldValidator is not working
How does google analytics track user exit
free() crashes, but only if more than a certain size of memory is allocated
How to adjust to the Paginator CakePHP2?
How can I observe Array field in Ember.Object?
Font looks weird on mac
Creating an an embedded image link that returns a parameter andredirects?
Can stringstream parse something like this?
NetBeans 7.1 and Subversion 1.7
Custom jQuery form validation, hooks into additional checks
how retrieve the last portion of the url using regex or jquery
creating c++ queue with more than one datatype?
C++ - Access private members of class from outside the class
How do you hide labels in a form class in symfony2?
generating import using Jcodemodel
jQuery + slider plugin: fixed-width continuous slider with varied-width images
Comparing regression models with R
What is the real use of a sealed abstract class in OOP and C#? [closed]
ToDecimal from string not returning expected result
jQuery and Validation plugin
running r scriptsor commands with interpretor in unix for unix-layman
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver (in jre's libs)
Are there any mocking libraries/services for Facebook's APIs?
ScrollViewer in Windows 8: always show vertical scrollbar
NT Service BadImageFormat, but works under forms app
is using git fetch upstream better or can I just clone the parent (someone else's) repo separatly?
Visual Studio Automatically generate XML Documentation with XSLT
Wildcard for a column name in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement?
Why doesn't MPI supply serialization interface?
Are font libraries binary programs?
Is it possible to use the values method for a HashMap if the values are ArrayLists?
how to avoid the refreshing of view1 while switching from view1 to view2 via Segue
Regex to find specific url type
wicket - table - dynamically inserting rows without complete refresh of the table
Questions about Request Animation Frame
MySQL rollback on duplicate key
Why WCF Service hosted inside windows service dies after some time
How can i calculate and show how much time left and will take to download each file?
How to prompt user to enter a valid mobile phone number?
ie7 position absolute bug
Recompiling the object during runtime
Issue in searching for the existing Jobs stored in DBJobStore of Quartz scheduler
Parsing GUID from string line
No error displayed and files cached with (access denied) error
jQuery compability issue and undefined result in Internet Explorer
SIP stack for silverlight OOB application
sorting of div data using jquery or javascript
Class not found when using SwingUtilities.invokeLater in OSGi Bundle
Pairwise Kullback Leibler (or Jensen-Shannon) divergence distance matrix in Python
Remove duplicate arrays
Wrong urls generated by ASP.NET MVC in staging
c# multiple web.config files in a single project under different folders?
Getting max and min times from tomcat access log
PowerShell equavalent code for C#
what is the difference between bounded and unbounded device?
How to use ViewPagers in Tabs?
My own function firing like onclick
Is it possible with Git to retrieve a list of tags that exist only in a certain branch?
Bookmark works in IE and FireFox, not Chrome or Safari
file_put_contents give me a specific error
java, putting non local files in a zip
Calling JCrop in GWT JSNI
setting nillable=false with WCF
Hide secret key in public repository
replacing string with a period isn't working
ActionResult parameter null control
x-webkit-speech: onwebkitspeechchange not resting the value
Scala Ordered by multiple fields
Digit grouping in C's printf
Xcode/LLVM catch clause not matching derived types
Digit grouping in C's printf
Xcode/LLVM catch clause not matching derived types
Reusing the same variable
ASP.NET MVC 3 not generating validation data attributes
Mimic browser's behavior from code
How do i check if a file is within any folder and all its subfolders in C#?
Android in-app with remote server:how to get verified list of all purchases
Error images to download android 3.0
How to define Button click handler in programmatic XAML definition
Is there a way to list all calls of equals() of a certain class using Eclipse?
Dynamically Load Collapsible Set in Jquery Mobile
Valdiating JSON response before another function call
jqgrid under jquery ui tabs loading only when i give selected index of its tab
Linux Disk Clean Up
How to use migrations on an existing db in production created using Entity Framework 4.1?
Android - safest way to connect to MySQL database
What parts of a web application should be moved to a WorkerRole in Azure
How to draw random shapes in python? [closed]
Simple photo gallery gem
Writing an RSS Reader for a password-protected feed, connection timing out
Why does this script work in FF and IE, but not in Google Chrome?
How to ignore sortDescriptor in NSFetchedResultsController
Block pages for non logged in users with the AuthComponent in CakePHP