ViewPager programmatically scrolling
Android - CustomAdapter keep looping
How to map all routes into a subdomain in Rails
screenshot of all tabs chrome extension
Calling non static method from static method on Objective C
Back button stay after setActiveItem on a Ext.navigation.View
How to create the pagination correctly?
My own personal Div 100% height nemisis - jquery tabs
using profiler4j for profiling
SOLR 3.6 and query-time join
MySQL - NOT IN (鈥�a gazillion items 鈥�), will it scale?
Why is first HQL query taking longer than other queries?
Synchronize Exchange copies in Apache Camel
PHP anything with string
Jsoup, determine between a timeout and a 404
Python For Loop from How to think like a computer scientist
CakePHP mysql select day of month
java web start jar file not found via remote access
Can't set the usb drivers to debug in Galaxy Nexus
Subversion on Perforce Projects
Rails issue with using Jquery to select only one checkbox from multiple
Return to activity with MapView, maintain previous overlays with points, add new points to those overlays
Xslt Blank Namespace
Set image as background
How to use 'debugger' and 'pry' when developing a gem? (Ruby)
How do I return a binding from an ActiveRecord record?
Java - GUI Add the same button to two different panels
One table vs multiple tables
jquery calculate the sum of columns then add to existing total
How to create a shortcut for a tab in Console2?
Phonegap Plugins Conflict with Camera
javac error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype
How to add groupby in query over nhibernate?
WPF ListBox apply general Style to ListBoxItems
Reload parent shadowbox iframe page without losing POST data
How do I use the jQuery script for multiple divisions?
C# Enum or int constants
Is it possible to implement custom components for Eclipse XML Editor?
How to load the image,with only adding the img link into the fileField? [duplicate]
VBS Script to Check Port Availability in Windows
Put check mark in pdf using itext
err: No persister for: web.BackEndModel.TeamDetailsDb
Row gutter with 960gs
iphone : remove CALayer when animation stop, CALayer flash before disappear
How does user.js work in firefox in detail
Numpy finding 3d coordinate distance from a specified point
jquery - how to select for this, get a count, and get the current position within the selected group
grails spring security redirect after fail to Authorize
How to check if object is in the array?
Batch file to open tor browser and several websites
What is the best way to split css files for IE through assets:precompile assets pipeline
Changing ConnectionString
Rendering entities in queues?
simple CakePHP router to JSON
Error when upload files on ftp server
Check Internetconnection and Online Status of Server
submitting a form when a checkbox is checked
Closing a web page automatically
How to find the windows installer version number?
How to return search results from solr extension in typo3?
how do i stop tabs from re-ordering inside JetBrains IntelliJ?
CMake - Add a global build step (not specifict to any project)
Bootstrap scrollspy works strange
Must Declare Scalar Variable
How to escape a question mark in R?
Like Button with Meta-tags
How to make a threadpool in c++ TBB?
How to access contents of a jar using resource path?
Getting string inside an array form simplexml xpath query result
Xcode: Tableview checkmarks
Why passing derived class type as parameter when calling base class copy constructor (C++)?
Compile classes with overlapping dependencies
Need to delete the search field using datatable jquery
Query optimizing suggession needed
Why is BFS better suited to parallelization than DFS?
How to truncate table using Nhibernate [closed]
.net object size padding?
Save a string with a photo and return them
StructureMap and Generics - How do I specify a default constructor?
Replace an object in a List<Object> when Object is a List? Java
knockout.js - add/remove items from child list of model
Validate.js - error on regular type=鈥渢ext鈥�
getting 鈥淓numeration yielded no results鈥�error in LINQ statement?
Integer and string conflicts
Getting HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, Webservice PHP/NuSOAP on resultset with more than 1000 rows
Bouncing div not working
X-UA-Compatible in DotNetNuke
How to fill dropdownlist with an array based on another dropdownlist, using jquery in MVC
dijit.form.FilteringSelect css
How to use constants shared by two projects?
Override custom content page markup Drupal 7
How do I set up an event listener on a Hibernate 4 entity?
Passing extra data from an Activity to an Intent
Tridion OData/CDS Examples
remove extra space in spark button
Calculating a page number from list of IDs
jquery- how to run ajax in document ready?
disable touch event of web view when another event is happened
Deserialize XML element presence to bool in C#
PHP: Building array out of values of another, associative, multidimensional array
How to get the event invoking div with jquery
Directions with Google Maps API
Set sqldatasource string insertparameter's defaultvalue as 鈥溾� creating NULL error
Best way to check if a Variable is nil?
How to iterate over a sequence of spaces?
How Max-SMT solvers do work?
Disabling swipe in my webviews for my panorama to get it
How to share individual product image in facebook
What is the use of DECIMAL(x,0)?
Dropdownmenu selecting and showing next items in the other dropdownmenu
How to SELECT rows on a table with COUNT from other table in a range of time?
Python-Pygame always crashing and Not Responding when running a module in IDLE
What does the (number of) cookies sent to server depend on?
automatic closing of result-set in Java SQL
WebSphere 6.1 -precompiling jsps but can't find class file until I visit the page
Can I access the height/width of an HTML control I just created in C#?
C: binary tree searching method
Using Moq to verify calls are made in the correct order
nhibernate HbmMapping to Xml
Make prompt in text field disappear/reappear when user types/erases [closed]
how to get current process ID and machine name in C++
change column backcolor to default in C# Datagridview
How to change background color of storyboard in xcode?
calculate if circle overlaps rectangle [duplicate]
Hibernate List key doesn't have a default value
Comparing DateTime with ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server
Why calls when jmps would suffice?
Downloading a file but returning Ajax response when there is an exception in 3
Linq to SQL insert - ID not incrementing
Local file blob save
How to pass spaces in a REST call using HttpGet in java
JQuery Add Class every 6 LI's
Merge sort in parallel
what is this compound CSS selector means?
Is there any way to force a schema to be respected?
Mobile Optimized site
Create dynamic tables in android. New view vs inflater
Deadlock using Control.Invoke?
Joomla 1.5.24: Why does the user gets logged out?
Text won't wrap correctly when using padding-left
Store DB Design
Multiplatform multiprocessing?
Implementing (secure) Api Keys in an app
Dynamic Hosts and Parallel Tasks with Fabric library
Not able to force my JSP module application to display results.
How to use dynamic column in insert query?
SVN working copy upgrade failure
The class that implements the interface doesn't work because 鈥淐lass is not abstract and does not override abstract method鈥︹�. What is the mistake?
php mysql inner join - get a particular row
downloading images using javascript from a single Chrome tab
Condition tests in a do while loop
NSLocalizedDescription=Could not authenticate with OAuth.. error when using twitvid objective c library
How to create a comment to an oracle database view
Text input to bring up capitalized on screen keyboard
Uploading files to SQL Server without using too much memory
maskedinput doesn't work with percents
jqGrid sum a column in JS when column as null and 鈥溾� values
How to track twitter follow us & facebook like us?
Application won't die on unhandled exception?
App Store -鈥淧er language鈥�versions of an app with many assets
Access VBA with custom function in SQL
Disable ability to deselect an item
SQL - Return distinct hours between two periods
XOR, MD5 and Base64 encoding issue
as3 for loop 'stairs'
Controling duplicates in SQL database
How to check in Java if a string isn't drawn over another string?
mod_rewrite remove www for all domains
How to parse nested JSON arrays in Objective C
Possible way to parse the text alone from an xml document using java dom
Expression matches on Windows but not on Mac
Problems with adding a GWT app in an iFrame
Redirect one jsp folder into another jsp folder is not working in spring mvc 2.5
Weird floor rounding [duplicate]
How to migrate Oracle View to Teradata
Keeping Tab's Focus on PostBack
How to parse nested JSON arrays in Objective C
Possible way to parse the text alone from an xml document using java dom
Expression matches on Windows but not on Mac
Problems with adding a GWT app in an iFrame
Redirect one jsp folder into another jsp folder is not working in spring mvc 2.5
Weird floor rounding [duplicate]
How to migrate Oracle View to Teradata
Keeping Tab's Focus on PostBack
Javascript - reload page with different QueryString
Following users like twitter in Django, how would you do it?
How do I open Microsoft Word and display a specific .doc containing a mail-merge by using Visual C# Express?
Pass displayname property as parameter
Inserting rows to a UITableView with out changing the position of the previous content
Conditionally load js file based on Wordpress theme file
Scaling with kettle, concurrency issues
Time function not working in c
FMDB sqlite insert failed
Java Directed Graph framework [closed]
Why does python specify IPv4 or IPv6 with SOCK_STREAM or SOCK_DGRAM when it also accepts `proto` in the intantiation of socket objects?
Set default Format property value for every DateTimePicker control I add from Toolbox in VS 2010
How do I capture instant message traffic on an Android?
How to display values using three different Tables Using Access
PlayN.Net returning empty String in HTML
Is there any way to specify a descriptor in my pom file instead of a separate xml file?
How to list everyone full control shares on network computers [closed]
Unable to Override OnCreate of an Activity [closed]
Static const error [Flash]
How do I insert a 鈥淭witter Ticker鈥�into Google Sites?
How to return a temporary collection in the callback of a mongodb find() using node-mongodb-native?
Convert some data into json format but not sure if its working
CAS on confluence TicketValidationException
How to display a PDF in its true scale with Poppler?
convert audio file into float array
Error on cursor when selecting from database SQLite
Is it a security issue to show the current server load?
Is CouchDB per-user database approach feasible for users with lots of shared data?
Asynchronous view call in backbone.js when model is updated
Rails ActiveResource - Is it possible to bind only the model, and not the controller as well?
Changing Image on selected state of UITablView cell
Partial rendering locally but can't be found in production
Creating a C function that initialises a struct and returns back a pointer
PHP Version 5.3.10 , missing finfo.php?
FireFox browser control in visual studio
windows service from batch file failed to execute
Adding a new page at runtime
Concurrency in sqlalchemy
enforce order of function calls?
Why does an HTML link appear blue in Outlook 2010?
Web Single Signon accross domains
Example of scala MultiMap where the entry types differ
Android dev on Eclipse: what else can I do toget rid of 鈥渙ut of heap space鈥�
iptables recent module --set option [closed]
How can I access directories from internal server from corporate intranet page?
Magento : Call an attribute within an email template? get actual message text
ListView - vertical scrollbar on left side
Calling a php function as a parameter inside a function call
Practice final exam questions, 鈥淒ata Structures鈥�class
jQuery: how to check focus on <select>?
Passing application configuration settings to entities
Encrypt Transformed Web Config
An error occurred in phase mojoExecution with the exception org.apache.maven.plugin.MojoExecutionException: Obfuscation failed (result=1)
Make Mac program work without Window Server [duplicate]
Subversion 1.1.4: How do I add a file that is labeled as not currently under version control?
Search over MultiFields lucene
DELETE row from different tables using SQL and C#
Which is better: meta-refresh-url-redirect or htaccess 301 redirect?
Check the validity of a UTF8 encoded string
Mailitem Replication - Shared Mailbox with Multiple Users (code behind)
For loop / if statement java
What is the difference between sql server 2008 64 bit and sql server 2008?
Custom SeekBar failed to instantiate - java.lang.NullPointerException
Sunspot Solr Search like Rails active record 'LIKE' search
How to find time complexity of anagram Algo
Hide NavBarButton
Bubble sort with threads
z-index an absolutely positioned element under a relatively positioned one
Lucene: How to use StandardTokenizer in conjunction with my own Tokenizer
Getting the name of a function
Using UI Controls in BackgroundWorker?
Calling the S3BotoStorage Save() method from a subclass
document.write and innerHTML in function call
How do I cancel a file upload started by ajaxSubmit() in jQuery?
Store Rails 3 engine in different Github repository
Callback validation with parameter using Codeigniter and setting rules using an Array?
How can I use Rspec to check for the absence of certain CSS classes?
Send packet to usb endpoint
Dropdown navigation bar
Deleting images with javascript function
Apache Bench - how to force PUT, DELETE and POST method
Render differences between iPad simulator and device?
I want to fill a ListView with db elements.. Now I append those in a TextView
Webview Doesn't shows the images in android 4.0?
how to retrive base64 string to android from webservice
Unauthorizedaccessexception for a directory that the application created (IIS locked file)
Undefined reference to C++ libraries
Inserting multiple record on a form submit - Yii
Off-Screen Toggle Show Not Showing
Google Maps API V3 Event
Extract number from string with jquery
Windows phone7 ListPicker
Is it permitted to take a ''screenshot'' of an MKMapView and allow users to post to twitter, facebook, etc. ? (iPhone / iPad)
Condition not checked
C++ nested classes in Scala
How to show Error message from FBgraph API
RemoveExistingProducts decision
How to jump from page 1 to the specific section in page 2 if there are no anchor tags
Jquery autocomplete in select function get textbox's object(node)
Retrieving deleted files in git
Debug Android app installation errors?
MySQL - How to get hostname/IP and which user making hacking attempts to MySQL server?
Removing certain elements from array?
How read out data from textfiles dynamically?
Why are functions like escape, unescape, etc, not methods on the String object? [closed]
Use String.Join to Build Linq to SQL ContainsTable Search Condition
Ajax.Updater to execute js
set hex color code 鈥�ededed鈥�as a background color of my mainscreen in blackberry?
Need pointers for iphone app where a graphical object follows your finger
Pass arguments between Objective-C applications
JQuery Tabbing Issue
Calculating max flow in a generalized network
(c++) Declaring a class member in a class
Does ASP.NET Web-api support Odata resource path?
Is it possible to use WP7 AesManaged to reproduce NIST/FIPS197 results (AES128)?
Primefaces selectOneMenu listener not called with Objects other than Strings
find slow-running code [closed]
How can I iteratively query a large MySQL dataset from within Solr's data importer?
LINQ to Entities: Age calculation in a LINQ query causes 鈥淢ethod cannot be translated into a store expression鈥�
MySQL Procedure Create Fails when Using CONCAT
GitX-L: missing object 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
How To Remove Line in Core Graphics
WPF Datagrid scrolls up a bit when scrolled to end
Generating months between two dates?
Multiplot in Gnuplot via Python
Soft limit handling for maximum number of open files
Display a webpage inside a swing application
Deleting an exactly matching line from file in shell Script
space separated data into a dict
posting url with string parameter that contains LINE BREAKS using java
service builder in Liferay 6.0.6portal + 6.1 plugins SDK not working
How Can I Save a Generated Symbol File?
IndexAt with condition
Tomcat redirection for a Flex/java web app
how to change the text of TextField in java fx 2
How to highlight JSF row when the row is clicked
Checking a checkbox based on a database entry on a JSP page
run time error while im show the data in list view
Retrieving user info from id
鈥淧rinterException: Paper's imageable width is too small鈥�I can see what's wrong, but how can I fix it?
Retrieving ActionLink parameter from URL
How to select n rows around a given row
deliberately failing a yacc rule
XPage is forcing expires: -1 header
MVC .NET Unit Test: how to test arguments are sent to view from controller
Maven POM Error in Execution Section
Populating a Python dictionary
Change MS Word Ribbon control items Text using Visual C++
String object in pool [duplicate]
Hibernate - How to ignore a not mapped field while insert
How to delete previous builds on AppHarbor?
Cannot get selected listbox
Passing variables as parameters from one function to multiple functions
Weka output of attribute selection
MVVM and Entity Framework: Fields in model class is not always present in database
Script to fire an event as soon as an element exists?
Javascript Chart that supports Knockout.js [closed]
Proper Use of Static Libraries in Eclipse CDT
Jquery: how do I reference this selector
Telerik Javascript - can it be customized?
Weird issue, putting session_start() causes pages not to load
JBoss and log4j extras
Encrypt in PHP, Decrypt in Perl
Android custom Overflow-menu (Without actionbar and no menubutton)
Hide ?ref string in URL but pass it to script
Draw curve connecting N points [closed]
Clang 3.1 and C++11 support status
How can I reduce memory usage when rendering a PDF page into a CGBitmapContext?
low performance while loading records from another mdb file on Backend
Getting Value within Wordpress Shortcode
Smarter rebase avoiding redundant work?
ActionBarSherlock static attachment menu
Crash with MPMoviePlayerViewController after switching app between background and foreground
Rails - routing when nesting with rails - beginner
I am getting an undefined when it is suppose to display the name of a file
secure php mysql login script for production environment [closed]
Preventing Blocking of os.system
How to provide an asynchronous RESTful API wrapping a synchronous API
rails 3 making a <tr> onclick do the same ajax as a :remote => true link
BouncyCastle on the server side with Android phones as clients
Difficulty displaying row counts using WebMatrix
Access Form Property with Instance
Dynamic property vs. fixed property query speeds on Google App Engine
Pitfalls of creating extensions to the .net System libraries inside the System namespace
filter mysql inner join one to many results using and
Select 鈥渟rc鈥�value with XPath to HtmlAgilityPack
FileSystemWatcher for ListBoxes
how to handle Checkbox and AlertDialog same time
What are the advantages of Space reclamation by DB2?
Why Xcode 4.3.2 shows white icon when archived?
How can I get a blinking cursor after calling .focus() on a text area?
How can I get a blinking cursor after calling .focus() on a text area?
MVC3 鈥�Adding additional items to List<> with Jquery
How to design D-PAD keybord in android? [closed]
billSafe payment module not show in prestashop
ListBox.SelectedItem is null notification
sql retrieval value in java is null
Trying to get the shortest path (bfs) in directed graph in Erlang
Android Service to fetch GPS Locations not works in HTC explorer A310e
Create a Partition Function in SQL
How to retrieve value from attribute in XML?
The program does not compile when I run it in VS2010
Select records from n1 to n2
NUnit get results programmatically during run session
Inspecting Hover-state in Firebug or Chrome DevTools
Creating a Label via a method in a class
Wordpress shows additional category text
Simulation of lock screen android
How to get value from two models in a single view
ipad not syncing with itunes [closed]
Django Error Message: You can't set team_name (a non-nullable field) to None
PHP LI count divisions
SQL performance when querying tables
Supervisord: is there any way to touch-reload a child?
PDO, Variable SQL Query, bindParam and Loop
Passing $this to function
jquery hover and adding class
remove the border of uitextfield in uisearchbar
Is there a get_account method in version 2.0 of the API?
Display a collection in a cell?
Search display controller prevent hiding the cancel button if the search text field is empty?
Linq to Entities Group By DateTime
gevent.StreamServer and non-blocking raw_input()?
How can I add my website to IIS again?
Getting the sum of similar values in a Python dictionary
How to hide line graph with its legend in coreplot?
Preventing Time Zone values from host DB from overriding by client
Template specialization for subclasses of template base class
show online user in chatroom sidebar
Objective-C Distributed Objects with ARC sever and 32bit proxy?
Chrome CSS3 3D Transform bug
About Android programming
PHP Object inheritance and method overriding
How to remove line below header and above $html in TCPDF?
Postgres function from Newbee
Should individual products of a company have separate domains?
ul element can never be a child of p element
Exiting application on MessageBox call in constructor
Can I set a default picture for all contacts added later?
Can I use Nhibernate QueryOver to group and count by a collection's count of an entity?
Calling method from Java Applet with Javascript returning [Ljava.lang.String;@7ac79dfa
How to get Date part from given String?
gridview checkbox select all uplevel and downlevel
stored procedure with wildcard parameters
How do I calculate similarity of two integers?
Port Sharing Enabled Issue with a WCF Net Tcp Service (windows host)
Mod rewrite regex
how to declare and close InputSteam?
Fill input form value in modal
Worker Role in Azure working?
Maven can't download artifacts from HTTPS Nexus with mandatory authentication
Facebook javascript: how to get the list of actions that user did with the app
How to sort NSArray by NSMutableDictonary's value [duplicate]
Multiple Lifecycles for one interface with more than one implementation
Binding to a control's FocusState in Windows 8 Metro Style Application
AS3 Event.ENTER_FRAME tips for game developer
Unable to Delete a file
CakePHP - MySQL query in Find method
WiX c++ :: Proper way of using dll entries in deferred ca
Is there a SUMIF function to sum across identifiers in a dictionary in Python?
Netbeans - importing project
Reading cookie information from a WebSocket request
Javascript in JSF - 鈥渂ody onload=鈥�vs </redirect> tag
calling java script in AS3
Any issues with LAMP stack for web app? (security, scalability, speed, functionality, etc.) [closed]
How do I build from a Git repository subdirectory with Jenkins & Ant?
ARM Assembler - How do I use CMP, BLT and BGT?
Cache large volume of json result on client side
when i run targets->push_back(body); program is crash
Selecting div by id and class
Strongly typed object vs Plain XML as response from rest API service ? Which one is best
lcov for multiple directories containing gcda files
How to Make Excel Range of cells as uneditable using C#
Make MySQL default to a NULL when an enum field is set to an invalid value
plan a route in prolog
locking a table just for my query during an update?
How can I have one @Html.dropdownfor drive another in the MVC 3 View?
Parsing column-based ASCII data in C
sqlBuddy doesn't accept this .sql file to import
Method overloading in Controller
How to import javascript files / library into GWT (Eclipse) [duplicate]
css sub-menu hover issues in ie7
iOS - core data - save unsuccesful after using remove methods in NSManagedObject Subclasses
how to setup up sprite classes without redundancy?
mod rewrite rule for complicated 301 redirects
Firebug can't set local storage
How to append content of one textfile to another textfile using batchscript?
go / geany : configure build command
How to auto Shift primary keys to start from 1 again
Arithmetic in Visual Studio Visualizer (pow, etc.)
How to auto Shift primary keys to start from 1 again
Arithmetic in Visual Studio Visualizer (pow, etc.)
visibility of accounts and activities across business units
How to create and enter a directory in linux? [closed]
Checkbox onclick Event Handler and show/hide function
C# method as parameter
How to start/stop Runnable/Handler?
Program crash when trying to work on the vector member of a class
Broadcast Receiver for sms - how to block/delete sms before it is read by default messaging app
EXCEL VBA copy cells + loop + delimit
Raven DB: What's wrong with this multi-map/reduce index?
UITableView/UIScrollView scroll optimization/performance
How to boost up XAML designer in visual studio 2010?
How do I pass data to a template in Django? and library: How to fire an event on key return?
Undefined error Accessing Android Camera
How do I pass build arguments to my .NET Unit Tests
Efficient URL masking/cloacking/hiding in existing ASP.NET 4 solution
Function polymorphism in Python
Funny XML tag: <brand/>
AS3: hitTestObject vs hitTestPoint for Bullet vs Enemy
Ninject ToFactory works in Resharper unit tests, but not NCrunch
Facebook public posts I make using the Open Graph API are not seen by friends
Test Application Data in 鈥淭est鈥�action of project's scheme
How to compile tight vnc with debug information enabled?
Backbone.View: Delete different views related to different models
Is it necessary to initialize a private list class member in a constructor?
Set different callback with ASIHTTPRequest
table with detail editable info (below table) [closed]
Get unique records from a table + sum if the record is not distinct
Why are saving xml files very slow in Visual Studio 2010?
jquery expander plugin custom 鈥渞ead-more鈥�link
Image Magick create thumbnail
Need some tools to review managed C++ code in Visual Studio IDE
spec helper doesn't access default_url_options in ApplicationController
Pandas: where's the memory leak here?
HLSL beginner needs some directions
Can an Excel column or graph show a sorted version of a linked column?
How to count number of rows in SQL Server database?
Jquery Deferred for an async function
How do I perform XOR of const char in objective C?
list of logs in Qt
Nivo slider not showing images on the first page load but loading on refresh
To comunicate a service an intent
debugging and intellisensing pyramid application
How to upload multiple images to facebook from iphone sdk
CakePHP ajax call loads wrong layout
Upload files to the folder outside root folder in Linux server?
how to change the size of text input element in a mobile application?
profile confidence intervals in R: mle2
std::logic_error instead of return false
how to add a ready-to-use project ( created and started with application delegate but without xib,nib) to another project
matlab how to detect circle or triangle on an image?
Android store array of Bitmaps
php website : measure time between user click and displayed response
Malloc in uC/OS-III RTOS of Micrium
Source Code not working when uploaded to webserver?
MongoDB amount of entries
How to create virtual card in android programmatically?
Directory.GetFiles Not returning a file
How can we use search for a file under particular directory in ant
change button color cause application crash [closed]
Jquery POST doesn't work in Chrome
jQuery UI Widget not able to find enclosed function
How to setup validation for my knockout observables, that i created using Mappings plugin
VSTO project with multiple versions of office installed
Array iteration issue in Javascript
how to sort out repeated entry from a column in python
Exception Handling syntax problems in a simple manner
Calculating the are of overlap between polygons in the same table
Customize WCF Rest error responses
I want DatePicker to restore the date to today's after the user changed it
How to load list data into struts combobox tag
Fastest remove directory under Unix
Overlaying DIVs with z-index
dispatcher-servlet: Invalid content was found starting with element 'repositories'
How to get webcam on webpage with jquery?
Sort view by a node reference field
Getting SQLException errors in connection pool
How to select specfic column in LINQ?
H Tags Wont Sit On Baseline Grid
Drop Down List values in databind
PHP multidimentional array values check
Java BatchUpdateException in SQL processing
How can I block custom applications using URL schemes in iPhone?
How to add 鈥渄ont show me again鈥�checkbox to an alertbox?
Javascript get image source and inject into another image source
DELETE row from different tables using SQL
textbox round corner
Filtering a Seq of Tuple3 using one element of each Tuple
iOS application crash without any error message
Accessing Static Fields From FreeMarker Template (Spring)
Built-in function to read __slots__
Fastest and easiest way to get max, min, mean from multiple objects
Password verification does not login just reloads login page
In ASP.Net C# would the Application end when and error occurs on the site or when Application_Error is triggered
WAMP Server ERROR 鈥淔orbidden You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server.鈥�
Webkit support for local storage on Samsung TV browser
DECE Common File Format (UltraViolet)
Tab Index in JQGrid cells/rows
Disable the window resize on JFace WizardPage
How do I make go find my package?
Calculate coefficient to get normal speed animation
How to Display An Exception Thrown From A Catch, From A Public Static WebMethod
wordpress delete user by id
Jquery table with array of data/ grouping of data
Is it possible to use drawables (not images) in WebView? [duplicate]
Spring Web Flow: setting request parameter for JUnit test
Java Switch and Or statement [duplicate]
Python - loading file - dictionary
Convert an array of dates into a date range
How come we write programs in context-free languages? Shouldn't programs be in recursively enumerable languages in order to be Turing complete? [closed]
Approach for the recipe application [closed]
Select query to get the any format of datetime value from the Excel file
How to initialize viewcontroller every time in uinavigationcontroller which is inside uitabbarcontroller on user selection
How to relocate the applet viewer window?
setInterval and setTimeout clear
A quick way to select a line in netBeans
How do I return TRUE or FALSE from MySQL within PHP function?
iOS: Tabs and document directory
Implementing File upload in a QML WebView
I am getting a 'this is not a function' error
How do I use Hibernate's second level cache with JPA?
Reorganise Stored Procedures display in SQL Server Management Studio
cannot redeclare function after upgrading to php 5.3
Codeigniter ajax function not redirecting to login page if session does not exists
extract one column from a var using linq
How can i access a form element using this keyword
Loading image with jquery: Additional request in IE9
ugly Qt app look under ubuntu
SQLIteDatabase.query method
Convert a property to a path
How to customize WRITEFUNCTION in libcurl to receive large data stream(up to 10K)?
Google Finance style control for Java?
Switching between fragmentTabs giving unexpected results
OAuth token invalid: Error 2500
Number of running clients in GWT Application?
How can this knight's tour algorithm be fixed?
PST handling using Ruby
Play sound while phone is asleep
Joomla and 鈥淔atal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 78 bytes)鈥�
CFReadStreamRef vs. NSInputStream *
TinyMCE Edit Panel
Dynamically referencing properties in NHibernate?
iOS Image Orientation has Strange Behavior
Client side scripting for DataTables Server Side Scripting
How to solve Out of Memory Error in android?
Get connectionId outside of Hub, SignalR
Math in echo inside FOR loop
Facebook send button: no flyout
Programmatically remove specific class name from HTML element
little error in mysql query
Understanding Spring Repository Documentation
Download all pop3 mail [closed]
The meaning of: O__b_variable_function__b__
Increment array when cloning jQuery
Nexus index of Maven Central is not up to date (new installation)
How to show search Dialog in Android Application?
Is it possible to save and restore a complete aspx page?
Wamp Server isn't executing php code
directshow RedenStream Fails for Capture
how to use regex to replace the : character in encoded string?
Add a disclosure to a fieldset field
DateTime?.ToString(format) [duplicate]
How to check if Git is enabled on an ongoing XCode project
How to find duplicates in a column in a datatable and make them with a star vb
knockoutjs strange/(maybe im too dumb to understand) dropdown behaviour
Run selenium with Ant
JPA2.0 Criteria API : getRestriction() doesn't work properly?
DB2 9.5 . Select distinct values from first column , but seeing 2 other coluns values
iPhone:App crashes while fetching the character from array to unichar
Regular expression, matching word in sentence
php array_search() does not return key
JMeter - simulating new and old visitors
Ajax UpdatePanel does not working with Ext.Net ViewPort. Please suggest what can be done for this issue?
Is there any jquery menu plugin like this one ?
fwrite and fprintf not working in c
Loop for loading and saving .mat files
OpenERP : create new record ,one2many many2one relationship
Could not load type 'CwizBankApp.HomeLogin'
Datepicker max value not being validated
Phpstorm: xdebug and an unkown file call
Passing a condition as a parameter to an iterator
Regular expression task in Perl
CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT gives an empty row at the bottom of a drop-down combobox
Sending messages client->server->client on on node.js
How To Write a perl cgi script which keeps on flushing with current time in the same browser instead of printing alist of times [duplicate]
Error in Google App Engine 鈥淐ould not change permissions on the launch config file鈥�
hibernate mapping create table
How to get total value of dynamic value from mysql?
Multiple Couchbase bucket configuration in .NET
How to set up a FitNesse suite hierarchy that allows for multiple 鈥淪uiteSetUp鈥�
embeds_many, get grandchildren
With a template how to use {{attribute}} with one 'record' compared to #each using a find() cursor?
How to Scroll multiple lists in one vertical layout in Qt
Is there some php_info-like method in ruby?
javascript onclick event in global custom text in views fields
Can someone expalin me how facebook stores the start and end time of events?
Overloading method of comparison for custom class
Using sum in having clause
javascript onclick event in global custom text in views fields
Can someone expalin me how facebook stores the start and end time of events?
Overloading method of comparison for custom class
Using sum in having clause
php array how to dynamically insert data into mysql table when field names not known in advance?
Ajax call with module helper
How comment can execute?
Dynamically importing dependencies?
Insert statement takes too long on SSIS package
RichTextEdit in ASP.NET page
IIS without Admin privileges
IntelliJ IDEA - add library from Eclipse
Exception use in database class iPhone
Jquery mobile HTML5 application online & oflline issue
read message and attachment name of the same mail using javamail
Browser ignoring cache settings
A file is not moving from temp to upload folder
Quickest way to comma separate a Tridion multivalue field
Android emulator finds text file but phone cannot writeline
javascript inner html keep updating
Delete Rows with NOW() using time zone
FadeIn FadeOut Animation on UIButtons
jquery-mobile: Collapsible inside list-view
add microseconds to a time in php
How can I populate Zend_Layout variables with backend data?
Parsing a JSON which condition use
Good practices for designing private methode
encoding php output to produce a new line without html
Get access_token with django and REST-api
How to show a 鈥淟oading鈥︹� gif image above the Splash image in objective c?
CXF: Unmarshalling error: unexpected elements, what {} means?
defining a global function in kohana
mercurial ssl access allow pull BUT require authentication for push
soapUI: Running testcases unattended at sheduled time
How to launch a URL in IE10 from within a Windows 8 WInJS application?
supports screen doesnt work?
Move section to new file in vim
Eclipse RCP table dynamic update
How can i succesfully copy a file from server to local hard disk? [closed]
Maintaining user session in Android
iOS: Communicating to parent view controller
Reflect actions for the same object in different windows using Java 3D
Choosing MATLAB Vector element based on Simulink model argument
How to constantly check for new message with setInterval without constantly notifying user?
Eclipse notification when all JUnit tests run
android tesseract ocr force close
What are the advantages of using pointers to function?
Given text file path, how to Fetch and Store TextFile Contents into DataTable
Getting error org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionInitializationException: Password not set for Password Based Encryptor
Best way to show message in Controller
Order of the selected rows are not remembered when I refresh a JSF page
Check WeakReference Target Reference Count
Calculate at runtime vs Lookup from SQL Server Table
How to use more complex datasource with UIPickerView
WCF Compression with .net 4
MS Access Query For Combining rows
Can not execute Sonar: Fail to decorate
How to do calculations on generalized types in Java?
phpunit testcase for file upload
How can I apply .rotate() mixing to an <i> Icon Glyph element of Bootstrap?
Strange java.sql.SQLException: Column 'fk_Content' not found
Mysql Database Recovery
generate a CSV file in salesforce and transfer this into another server
is it necessary to call pthread_join()
android list all folders that has an image
Time update using Calendar
A python socket client that outputs the source code of a website, why isn't this working?
Opposite of array_chunk
How to load some js scripts asynchronous by jquery?
How we access google fonts through jquery [duplicate]
how to use setX() and setY() method in android version less then 3.0
compiler doesn't know my include file
How to reach a dynamic UIView from another function that called by a UIButton
Ruby On Rails - Use endless loop when server starts
How to make form-flip (likes card-flip effect) on a web technologies
Usign XMLSerializer to add attributes to a Class Member
How can we convert pdf to images in same resolution?
How can i switch between adjacency and nested modes in jqGrid tree grid jqGrid
OData free text keyword search by many/all columns
HTTP status code in form submission Symfony2
Glassfish 3.1 @Resource(..) DataSource is null at run-time
PHP: fill array from resultset
Different routes for prod and dev in play 2.0
Get started with monitoring health of Java application on server
debugging solutions for opera and internet explorer
NERDTree and vim-windows
Makefile : syntax ?=
Why does FindType fail to get RTTI when GetType succeeds?
How to call a java script function in class of our webpage using c#?
web services Datasets, custom fields outputted
Android/ Java - Zooming in on my drawn canvas
Androidplot legend overlapping
Posting to twitter with PHP & oAuth [closed]
How to Convert colors from Hex to RGB
Play video file from internal storage android using VideoView
What the overhead of Java ORM for MongoDB
Why is infinite loop protection being triggered on my CRM workflow?
Error in printing a base64 encoded print command using Thermal Printer
Are there tools for branch-level test coverage tracking for Pharo/Squeak?
What the overhead of Java ORM for MongoDB
Why is infinite loop protection being triggered on my CRM workflow?
Error in printing a base64 encoded print command using Thermal Printer
Are there tools for branch-level test coverage tracking for Pharo/Squeak?
how to show only two digits after the decimal in float value in iphone
Group by and count in List
Android: Prevent music volume from being changed
WPF DataGrid Get Dirty Cell Data Without Committing
Live streaming in android
Oracle Merge statement with conditional insert
CSS: How to make an input text border to cover the text around it?
Whats the difference between CVImage and IplImage?
Error #1010 after splicing from array
multiple arguments to CreateThread function
How to display List of Download Links for URL from the Internet in android
Duplicate declaration of method objective-c
How can I logg a messages to a txt file with Nlog in MVC?
Getting a working .NET web service to be consumed by php via SOAP
Deploy the MVC 2 web application to the IIS 7.5 getting issues
User-friendly boolean printing in PHP
CUDA performance test
UIWebView - Frame displaying current page/total pages
UIViewController check for showing modal view?
getJSON on wamp
Python Beautifulsoup img tag parsing
How to open a popup with lock the remain screen in HTML?
How do I load ManyToOne Entities with YML
Remove duplicate words in a line with sed
rotating cogs in java
MEF Plugin manager with references and settings in database
Stop page refreshing when 'enter' is pressed in input text element
Exceptions inside evaluate
JSONObject wont parse all the data from HTTP Post response
How to read the whole message with Chilkat socket?
Android 'Fullscreen' menu design?
Jndi spring issue
Http 415 on file Upload using jersey
Avoiding failed inserts to avoid spurious autoincrement
How can I hide a CSS modal overlay from screenshots
Cassandra Hector: how to insert null as a column value?
Write I/O file to shared network drive using credentials
IDataErrorInfo() interface in WPF MVVM
didDeselectRowAtIndexPath not called from UITableViewController added to UIViewController from story board
Scala code as data [duplicate]
How to programmatically clear all replication options in a Lotus Database using java
How to use StreamReader in XNA
Masm on Windows 7
Your developer license has expired (Windows 8)
Call C#.Net functions in Java using Web Services
Umbraco Data Insert
Svn commit in PHP [closed]
Align controls to center in a FlowLayout
Selecting single cell data from selected row - DataGridView
Is this JAX-WS client call thread safe?
How can I tell definitively, for a given browser, which elements supports which events?
CSS-border not lining with an image
Drawing a rectangle or bar between two points in a 3D scatter plot in Python and matplotlib
module unsafe for SAFESEH image C++
Convert long number into abbreviated string in JavaScript, with a special shortness requirement
MaintainJ with 鈥淪ysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher plugin鈥�
How can I stick an image to an other with jQuery?
Jquery validation in tabbed
what is the limit of the folder created in app directory iPhone
Avoid jQuery (pre)loading images
Setlocale() is not working to uppercase accented characters
Telerik ComboBox FindControl inside item template
Why 鈥� n鈥�doesnt work
Encryption using BouncyCastle's Elliptic Curve Crypto API in Java
what is sandbox solution in sharepoint server 2010? [closed]
change splash with image from ws
Getting text from <li>麓s & check duplicates & .append it鈥�by jQuery
dllimport and templates in MS Visual C++
Segfault with x86 code [closed]
AJAX Lightbox Spinner PopUp to appear from Page to Page
Poor performance
Grails - Date binding in Controller
Is it possible to have a computed observable with parameters in Knockout [duplicate]
PHP How to split a string with 2 delimiters with php starting by the right
make turn on/off or deauthorized user from my app, and list action of user from app
Memcached different type of cache
displaying processing or waiting page in Struts1.3.8 using JSP, When AJAX request made?
Cast a Class without Directly Knowing it?
Convert a irr::c8 to a wchar_t*
jsf 2.0 search form that redirects to results page
Mysql query where column is white space?
Extension method returning lambda expression through compare
How to use case statement in MySQL
Allow action resources to role
How to count cell values based on the background color in Spreadsheet
Listbox outofbound error
How do I make sense of the nitty gritty of this makefile rule?
What is the best practice when hosting more then one tomcat based web application
drupal dont send emails
remove latitude and longitude fraction part after 6 digit
progress bar not updating with threads
deploying javafx 1.3 application with swing.filechooser
Get Nearest Date in php
Multiple Projects one Source
PHP MVC Class Structure
Grouping table rows and page breaks
stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString: won't return any string
environment mapping using OpenGL and Cg
HttpExchange getRequestURI ends before the first ampersand 鈥�amp;鈥�
TCP read write issue .net
Use ActionBar without Activity
how can I enable auth_basic_module?
Jenkins dependencies from sbt dependencies?
SSO Website-Network with Facebook Login
adding SBJson framwork + ShareKit/ShareKit to the same XCode Project
How do I make global changes throughout my app in Android?
Reload jqgrid but also reload the select list which is dynamically loaded through ajax in add/edit modal
Creating Framework in corona [closed]
How to loop through subfolders showing jpg in Tkinter?
Attach to 'screen' session with creating a new screen window
Why strtotime returns false?
VB6 to C# XML String Conversion Special Characters
jquery custom transition like uncover - need to set direction on the fly
Implementing Non -Renewable subscriptions Using MKstorekit4?
Does android webview browsers support html5 features?
How do I check if element is in viewport?
Compiler tree api: get fully qualified name
How do I start cycling in an array from the 2nd element using each? - Ruby
Call number from QR code
How to get results from database in mvc 3 using ADO.NET
GUI testing framework for JavaFX 2
Email-ext Jenkins plugin localization
Merge multiple geometry lines into a single geometry line
how to popToViewController with ARC and Storyboard
Mysql Database shows 'b' in place of bit type field
Facebook Issue on live
R: proper use of table()
WeakHashMap example
Bad routing or rails bug?
Difference between read.table and read.delim functions
UpdatePanel doesnt reflect changes if the function is called by delegates
Taming 'span' classes in twitter bootstrap
TeamCity v7 - Receive notification if SVN Externals path is invalid
Putting tomcat access logs in SQL server database
How to do a Post while using RestKit
AudioUnitInitialize throws error while initializing AudioComponentInstance
Spring: Object stored and used in Sitemesh decorator
E1012 Constant expression violates subrange bounds ; why does it work with variable?
Why does filter: alpha(opacity=100) break my printouts? (IE7 & IE8)
Do I get INSTALL_REFERRER intent from amazon app store?
Facing an issue in hiding the overlay in sencha touch2.0
SyndicationItem Content encoding
Running Gollum wiki produces NoMethodError at
How to integrate drupal with elgg1.7 or 1.8 as a cms
Email address via google places API
WP Document Revisions and user groups with different permissions per group
Change Windows [Ctrl+Tab] Key Binding to the Emacs Key Binding Ctrl + x o which changes windows
bit matrix (algorithm)
Customized message for endpoints not found in WCF Rest Service
try and except not working
Positioning background relatively to right bottom using px values
Android: Photos force captured in Landscape mode
Gem on Ruby 1.8 gives 鈥渦ndefined method `dirs' for Gem::Specification:Class (NoMethodError)鈥�
Does the navigation through result set depend on driver type being used?
Is there any tool for software FEATURES management?
Sort hierarchical table CTE query
What is solution for database versions in Visual Studio 2010?
Log table Schema changes
Zipping up a Web Root: Why didn't nice reduce CPU load?
Trying to save images to hard disk give me error: URI formats are not supported
TParam.LoadFromStream is not working in Delphi XE2?
Compress and decompress a Stream with Compression.DeflateStream
Why does 禄 show up as 芦 when I use the font quicksand in google fonts?
System.AccessViolationException when calling Active Directory FindAll()
How can one compile CoffeeScript during the build phase of a Python packages' distutils installation?
Allow: Domains, protocols and ports must match
jQuery form validation alert
cakePHP login, multiple controllers possible?
Access contacts and get email address
Async.js waterfall (functions defined outside of the array)
Batch file find string in string
Guava and SQL: cast int to Ints
Checking website redirection, programmatically
How to get namespace of xml
Magento edit the 'items' table in order emails
how to encrypte Image in blackberry
Drop and recreate primary key
mysql host on internet using hp cloud and xeround
Countdown Timer Skipping Time in C#
Example/Tutorial for using Jersey InMemoryTestContainerFactory
OS X - POST reciver (server)
Django: reading from STATIC_ROOT during testing
<h:selectOneMenu> selectOne item and rendered an 鈥渋nputText鈥�
How to get coordinates,height,width of a view or LinearLayout
Scheduling algorithms in linux kernel
how to generate a identified filename from url?
pure.js must work with the existing page nodes?
Could not launch Mac OS X 10.7 application archived with RestKit
Valums uploader and DB save on multiple files
knockoutjs click binding not working in nested foreach
Rows are not highlighted when I switch between pages
safe to access shared data structure from signal handler
Accessing the database created on SQL Server 2008 R2 on a SQL Server 2005 installation on a different server
UIDocument saveToURL: causing severe lag
HTTP header for entity signature
Getting all tweets of a specific twitter account?
How to customize a UITableViewCell so the text doesn't overlap
RegEx Test pattern for LxWxH
Detecting onClick of a button present in another frame
Android View Extends Class Force Close Error
Creating and scaling SVG for printer output
CakePHP 2.0: How to redirect a url like /details.php?id=1234 to /articles/show/1234?
Problems using a validation rule with a REGEX component
How to merge the output of 2 java programs?
loop inside another loop
Is it possible to combine unity3d with php?
HPDPIC portability with mplab or picc compiler
Is there any good PowerShell plugin for intellij IDEA?
What is the purpose of the printf() function in PHP?
Multiple Cascade Paths
Hashing Similar Strings to same Hash Value
ZendFramework - Why the results of isValid always failing?
Open GWT cell tree to specific node
Differences between SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM
<a href> tag to open excel file
How can I add a header to the NSIS license page?
Save model with many to many relationship with Yii
Performing a Mark All for checkboxes in Android
Object-based default value in SQLAlchemy declarative