Opening Notepad on remote system using RMI
Adding StatusBar at the bottom of iPhone
QuadTree or Octree templatized implementation in C++
how to Hide dropdownfor in razor view in mvc 3?
AS3 Facebook API JSON.encode compiler error
what exceptions get thrown for these annotations in java?
iOS UIBezierPath that follows the shape of a font
View logic in the Model
How to process URLs with Python
Default value for optional argument in Python:
How is dead device identification done in windows phone
Android ViewPager with android:layout_weight=鈥�鈥�is not shown
LINQ Dictionary Non-Distinct Values
How can I Make Dynamic Unorderlist with MVC Razor View Engine from a sql Datatable?
Error loading store with ExtJS
How to select all data from oracle database table in human readable format?
Need to validate for invalid xml characters in SWT/AWT Text box
How to find duplicates in a column of a datatable vb
Autoincrement field is not being automatically set
Should I use elif if I have already returned from the function in a previous block?
jQuery - check if mousedown
Assign model to CActiveForm permanently
reduce compilation time of C program when there are 30 simultaneous programs
SAX finding nodes at max depth
Setting first a PNG as background canvas image in ANDROID and then using another image on top but does not work
Cant Append text to twitter profile widget in web form using jQuery
Prevent Window Location Movement On Hash Tags (With Jquery Tabs)
Facebook feeds on iOS app?
nhibernate upgrade 2.1 to 3.3, exception when using DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer
Why can't I insert/update data without locking the entire table in SQL Server 2005?
mysql_affected_rows returns 0
codeigniter index.php file mod rewrite
How can i determine which link with the same name is pressed
How can i format decimal numbers upto two decimal points in java? [duplicate]
Replace a character in a String iPhone
Why does weblogic not use my deployment plan?
PHP mcrypt_module_open causes 500 error
Graph Visualization on android
map in webview add marker
Convert href link to image link use with thumbshots
Which could be the cause of a slower connection (on localhost) to the online DB?
How to log JSON requests of web services
HTML tag specifically for storing arbitrary data
Extjs4:Multiselect Option
How to change description text on new image selected?
How can I featch result from xml through php?
How to skip invalid rows when reading data frame from file in R?
Getting new Date with FMT and SpringMVC
Twitter search API doesn't return tweets if name contains numbers
Running ssh from ruby on rails app in apache server is not working but it works with the WEBrick
Need to add an option like 鈥渁dd word to dictionary鈥�in longpress context menu
Is the shiftkey held down in JavaScript
Understanding User class in django
DateTime Conversion and Parsing DateTime.Now.ToString(鈥淢M/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.fff鈥�
not finding jdk on my system windows 7?
How to link to a specific preference pane in iOS 5
How feasible is to use other delegates in app delegate file in ios 4.2
Email Newsletter HTML: Table Cellspacing in Gmail Viewed in IE
Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) Select * limit
Iterate all cells in s UITableView
Mousemove event in C# on Windows 7
Javascript physics engine and simulated infinite curve
how will my web service identify mspn service
Format null DateTime in DataGridView WinForm
Highlight a select / dropdown with a class when its open or is has a option other than the initial default selected
jQuery: get value of child element where other child element matches string
WCF ServiceKnownType design issue
Javascript function to change div visibility onmouseover of an image
How do I get the current time only in JavaScript
Save unicode in redis but fetch error
copy_from_user returns error
How to pass array for a POST request in HTTPBuilder
Insert Russian Language data into database from an array
JQuery Ui Slider Handler not getting dragged with mouse in PhoneGap Application
Restrict Squid access to only one site
How to pass array for a POST request in HTTPBuilder
Insert Russian Language data into database from an array
JQuery Ui Slider Handler not getting dragged with mouse in PhoneGap Application
Restrict Squid access to only one site
How to convert a local date to GMT [duplicate]
How to move and animate a image in android?
Reordering elements in Rss20FeedFormatter serialisation
qn error in JOIN operation
Validation Issues on Hidden DropDownListFor's ASP.NET MVC3
Jsoup trying to test javascript link
jQuery selector not this child
Declaring stores, models and views in app.js?
Unnecessary asterisk in regex that finds CSS comment
How do I return the value pointed to by a pointer?
how to use Linq or extension methods to satisy this condition on CanExecute?
Android: parsing JSON date
how to show $ sign in the y-axis on the graph value in iphone app
How do I print bytes as hexadecimal?
how to retrieve session value from one servlet to other servlet
What is wrong in this higher order function?
Thickbox in mvc
How to juggle multiple DataContexts on one XAML window?
image flip effect using animation in android
Can I skip cmake compiler tests or avoid 鈥渆rror: unrecognized option '-rdynamic'鈥�
Class nesting and access modifiers
2 Variable outcomes cant have two?
grails removeFrom removes only one at a time
Android list selection
VSIX: subscribe to command
In SSMS copied string has different behaviour to original string
jQuery on class removing event
SetWindowsHookEx returns 0, GetLastWin32Error() returns 0 too
SelectSingleNode returns the wrong result on a foreach
RMySQL error 'configure' exists but is not executable
Rails: Troubleshooting a memory leak on Heroku ( perhaps Nokogiri)
Where to place c3p0 properties in configuration file?
Adding class to link in JQuery
json jquery iteration
UIStepper only show minus sign
Alert dialog box in android
iPad disable document scroll but not div overflow scroll
Jasper sub report error
How to create plugin system in php [closed]
Jquery toggle on 3 divs
Integrating paypal recurring
JQuery carousel slideshow issue
How to restrict user to type in textfield after typing some characters
Django: rename items in values()
MS.Access VBA - Error 3061: Too Few Parameters.Expected 2
URL Scheme for opening the iCal app at a date or event?
I need to get the value of the array [closed]
Access localhost from another computer not on network
iOS UITextField with gradien background
Using Fusion Tables tiles in Leaflet.js or on non-Google map base?
XPath - How to extract specific part of the text from one text node
Is it possible to create a PDF of a webpage's print view?
Single TextBox style to show negative numbers in red for all of them
How to use grouped collection select to show multiple selection?
Mockito NumberFormat mocking NullPointer in when() method
How to generate a sitemap ?( mvc3)
Regex for Gmail-like search
JBoss7: loader constraint violation with ReastEasy and httpclient with custom HttpRequestInterceptor
Adding a datarow by dynamically reading a text file
table cell resizing past max-width
Single step batch delete in Ruby on Rails
How to read some columns from a CSV file with C++?
How to add dynamically growing array into another dynamic array
Quickest Way to Manage Git over a network
Is Android Context thread safe?
Can't open Xpages in database after updating extlib
Getting the source of a specific image element with jQuery
Adobe Flex 4.6 WebService request timeout
Update Panel, Update method won't update a Control
borderlayout in swt or swing
How to determine if the account is a Google apps account?
How can I implement this dual-gradient menu design?
Run time polymorphism with pointers in C++
Exclude the lag at 0 from ACF/PACF plot in Matlab
Archive data under certain conditions
Disabling input box using Jquery makes all the attribute return as null
Update Price based on dropdown list selection
Move HTML5 SVG path
Develop a trial version of the paid version of an iPhone app
Ocaml efficient quicksort
Working Linqpad query not working in Entity Framework
minibuffer input: word completion with custom dictionary
get NSMuatbleArray from iPhone to PHP using post and respond [duplicate]
How do I wake from display sleep in OSX 10.7.4?
AsyncTask cannot modify UIThread after changing from portrait to landscape
Which value should be used for SP for booting process?
Differences between command-line and GUI converting (*.html, *.odt, *.doc)
How could we know that monetDB is using Index?
CJuiDatePicker widget from Yii issue
$(鈥�lt;div/>鈥�.text(value).html is not a function error
$PATH confusion Postgres and Rails on OSX Lion
Why isn't my interrupt handler firing?
Rails 3.1 - Displaying form values on Edit?
Distance based query advice
How to select the products that have same name and same categories in a Magento collection
Is there possible make push notification without APNS
Get month from datetime
Avoiding error rows during Oracle dump import
Create 2 tabs dynamically with different contents wpf
How to make QList<Type*> work with indexOf() and custom operator==()?
How do I ignore requests to a certain route in Sinatra when using NewRelic?
How to Create extra menu's clicking 鈥淢ore鈥�menu
Jeditable + Datepicker query plugins to get the data on div element
Placing Additional Legend at the bottom of existing legend in R
startActivityForResult not working TabGroupActivity in android
ApplyCurrentValues method issue when scope changes
How to know about the progress of uiprogressview?
basic parallel programming concept: cost of search with N processors
javascript - how to process functions in order not all at once
TCL: get the class name of an object?
Users and companies - database scheme
Webservice SOAP in Android
How to use WHERE in LINQ? [closed]
mysql stored procedure: flow control
Transparency of Icons In Windows 7 Explorer
JSF2 render retraining old values
How to retrieve and read large text files efficiently in Android
how to translate this php code into python? [closed]
Is there a quick, easy way to reverse nested arrays in PHP?
no such file or directory found in php
Websphere Portal Pagebuilder Theme Migration from 6.1.5 to
How to execute one single test using Test::Class
Access 2010: How to make a query result updateable?
error C2552: 'MyConfigVariables' : non-aggregates cannot be initialized with initializer list
SoundPool error 鈥渆rase can not get the lock鈥�
How to access a specific start_url in a Scrapy CrawlSpider?
XmlSerialization for custom type in WCF service
function with parameter initialize
Google Maps on Dojox mobile view
Directly evaluate subquery in SQL Server
How this error occure [closed]
Get & display Data from another mysql table - Opencart
how to use C++ load a COM server written in C#?
How to disable hierarchical dotted lines in SWT Tree on Windows?
C++ code into MIPS, the code in MIPS runs without error messages, but does not display results
Converting AS3 to AS2
php create folder owner/group
Need a slider on jQuery with scroll bar and arrows in the same time
Jquery -Validation, Moving to diffrent parts of div
The Heroku's Python doesn't find redis(redistogo) for import
Android: Cast View to View
How to disable column-reordering in a JavaFX2 TableView?
My HTML header and footer does not streh when a scroll bar appears
Emacs: move the cursor to the last character of a word
chrome.devtools.* support across versions
OnDelete cascade fails with constraint violation error () Hibernate
Sip settings without domain name
Get file names into NSString loaded from directory
scons detecting dependency cycle
App is not at full screen after lock - unlock
Googlecheckout,Payment completion XML
partially missing tiles in Android MapView if you rotate - log shows IOException, EOFException in DataInputStream.readFully
move directories created before a date to another directory?
Add a honeypot-field to Devise registration form
Passing & jQuery.hide() as parameter to be applied on an element
polymorphism on models and modules
how to display only first 10 characters of file name that they upload in the html page
Where can i find NSSearchField and NSTableView tutorials for Cocoa?
Browser close on Paypal site
iOS UiTextField Limit input causing keybard issue
how to get other column when we use distinct in mysql query
Tuckey URL Rewriting => Issue with ? and & chars
Sonata Admin Bundle Error opening jQuery Dialog
Using PHP to execute terminal commands
auto focus the same textbox on blur
Android Canvas Off Screen Drawing Performance
MSMQ messages disappear from outbound queue but never arrive in the inbound queue
how to set TextView from another Class (Android) [closed]
How to use coroutines from Handle -implementation of IResult in Caliburn Micro
including libaries in Maven Proguard plugin
How to ignore unexpected method calls in JUnit/easymock?
jquery slide delay for jooml yt megamenu plugin
I'm trying to get a list of images from website and also save them to hard disk but it doesn't work
Can JQGrid Form Editing Div Tag Hide and Show?
How to generate .xsd from a .cs using xsd.exe tool?
Cron job and folders permissions - permission denied
Object-oriented vs. parameter based WCF calls?
friend function issues
Version Control concepts and best practices
How to detect if the path of a url starts with a certain word
MySQL delete trigger not updating other table column
run php file using command line when i worked on WAMP
Plist to string type in ios
how to zip two lists of tuples in python
ldSilverlight child window losts focus
How can I invoke a button on an example web page programattically
dynamic id not worked with chrome and safari
Configuring Hibernate in Eclipse Indigo
Analize camera data with AndAR without showing on screen
Google Maps API: setCenter using search keyword?
Closing tags in HTML5
I change some text inside draggable node, then i drag this node in another container and the old value is back
How to deploy HTML5 application in sdcard of device and access it as like .apk apps
Blocking queue design
how to get list of subscribers for a particular channel on pubnub
Run/fire/trigger javascript on button click?
How to send apprequest using actionscript without FB.ui or PHP?
How to display buttons with background in whole width and height blackberry?
Protecting PHP CLI scripts
Animate CCSprite
Android ListView selector not working well
Play video in a Java Desktop Application
cloud based 鈥渒nowledge base鈥�approach with links, snippets and excerpts for google chrome
Schedule the execution of function using CodeIgniter
XPCOM registration on Firefox with Gecko 12.0
Clearing elements with div:after
Invalidating a NSTimer from within its invocation method
Crystal Reports: how to show master report page numbers in subreport?
Cannot load a plain text file generated by a PHP - script using curl utility
How to rebase after a merge?
Submitting data from template to controller in symfony2
ArrayList of Array of Strings
Device Driver Compilation
SQL query to find rows
PHP json_decode(), used with a class defined by me, returns a stdClass
Android Coverflow - Focus the image whose position is known
initializing a database connection object once and reusing it - jboss
How to verfiy whether my application apk is properly obfuscated or not?
JPA Hibernate Typedef
VS2010 (C#) Environment.SpecialFolder.ProgramFiles is where in the Solution Project? mvc 3 razor get one element from IEnumerable
bash ldap too long output
Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango):: Page destructor is not firing
how to get a transformed xml file with all child tags of every occurance of parent tag under only one parent tag
Why is my JPQL not working?
Button text in winform app
How to keep n values in an array?
Checking if character is newline
SQL request type
PHP random string generator more random than expected
Multiple selection in custom ListView with CAB
Insert data to sqlite from json
Insert Iframe Into a Div Using Javascript - for Greasemonkey
Hyperlink to Eclipse editor page
Custom cell label text color
Convert a div and contents inside it to image
find out current position in OSMdroid
iPhone: How to draw line between two points on MapKit?
how to getselected string spinner another class
Amazon Elastic BeanStalk, WAR Files, Hot Reloading
Trouble importing model from other app with Django
Java-Commands on Android Shell [closed]
Communicate With Command Prompt Through Delphi
Slider overlay menu and toggle
Java encryption issue with data type conversion
select query using multiple OR and AND conditions
jQuery cycle: generating pager thumbnail when cycling divs
Position: Fixed, Relative container. Fixed height design
threads inside a thread?
How to exact the value from a array
ItemizedOverlay and custom marker on OsmDroid for Android, no more touch event
JavaScript creating DOM elements behind the scences
backbone.js / underscore.js innerHTML instead of html()
User-Generated Content View Validation
List<> collection does not update the View in MVVM
Register dll to gac as another user
AndEngine: list of SpriteGroup. Don't draw on the scene
Why does `Random` not contain a static `Next` method by default? [duplicate]
How to change the Title of the window in Qt?
Faltten a list using xlinq (with Yield return)
How to develop the scrolling functionality using buttons
git workflow with 3 branches advice
How to use session per conversation strategy for managing transactions
backtracking line search in R
c++ Remove First two Characters from a Char array
How to convert string xml to Map<String,String>
HTML special character conversion in Delphi [duplicate]
What is a good strategy to assert updated data in Database with DBUnit?
How to get android project from
nginx order of server_name rewrite rules
WIF, Federation and STS
SortedOrder Enum for listbox control
c# get all dates from database that appear with current week
Where I am wrong in this module code
Common runtime for different DLLs
Compare User input string to MACRO name
creating multiple xml nodes with same namespaces in php
Wordpress API: Add super user (site admin)
Splash image is not displayed on cordova-1.7 in Android
Include a Maven dependency only if it exists
Carrierwave multi file (photo) upload
scrolling on touch devices for phonegap/cordova projects [duplicate]
nBuilder Testdatagenerator and Reflection
Insert cookies data into mysql databas inphp? [duplicate]
Does this database design fulfill 2NF or 3NF?
Python dbase in to mysql
GWT Editor Framework - Constraint Violations for nested Entities not published
Open DAO recordset from Access using C++ builder 2010
Google apps script: urlfetchapp - service invoked too many times
how to generate cvblob.lib?
Calling Div images in jquery
Kohana 3 routing not working properly when in the format controller/action
is there any tool to package an Adobe AIR to exe?
Backbone js model response array to Backbone collection
linker on debian does not see symlined shared libs
CommandLine parameters not working in Batch files [closed]
How do I modify the second element in a nested array, within an array, alone? - Ruby
Where do I fill and Store an array
Converting, or removing formatting of a CLOB?
How do validation for virtualized listview?
how to convert an existing gwt application in eclipse to maven project
JMX enabling my Application using Jetty as embedded server
rawQuery(query, selectionArgs)
facebook user_id returning 0 always
Connection Strings with ASP.Net V3
Converting QModelIndex to QString
Glassfish - 3.1.2 deployment of a EAR package takes very long
rel nofollow and direct views in GA
Zend Form Displays weird chars on non-english chars
Issue in aligning the custom view
zend form not working when calling to multiple page
Nokia browser sees large scrolling portion
How to create a sortby Expression<Func<TEntity,TResult>> when you don't know the sortby type at compile time
iOS change screen orientation on demand
How to intercept http POST data from web form
jquery fadeout event listener
binning data and inclusive result
Silverlight - DataContext, DataGrid, WCF and adding elements programatically with binding
webBrowser in windows forms: how to load html page from resources?
Homework: Big-Oh for Recursive Functions
how to replace the wordpress navigation menu with another navigation menu?
how to return model in function with Yii
r-autoyas in Emacs
Java Script On Close of window in IE8
SVN+SSH and Sourceforge
How to configure Spring 3.0 annotations based xml file?
SAML2 assertion encryption using public key (opensaml)
Eventlet with zeromq PUSH/PULL not working as expected
Entity Framework performance : SaveChanges isn't caching its execution plans/statements
How to set background image for sencha touch carousel indicator
It is not possible to use PKZIP encryption on a non-seekable input stream
get user country,details FQL facebook
What's the difference between passing argument by value and by reference? [duplicate]
Making fancy radio button like pills
Get a Group ID from Bridge table
setImage or setTitle ..only one is working in segmented Control iPhone
Insert new element to an XML file using SAX Filter
How to automate a task in a ASP.NET website in C# 1.1 duplicated submission entries
KSOAP runtime exception in android [duplicate]
markerclusterer mouseover doesn't work
Wordpress, show current category of the current custom post type
Scons. Go recursive with Glob
Check number of Unread messages in Table?
Anonymous functions using Anonymous functions
Attach Jquery events to JSF data tables
can I customize spinner EGOPhotoImageView?
How to implement push notification like done in facebook iPhone app
Invisible Marker in Eclipse
Is there any way to filter UIImagePickerController camera input?
Python dictionary operation using percentage sign
How do I get tables in postgres using psycopg2?
Adding custom functionality to button
Generated random numbers are always equal
LeftAlt Keybinding in WPF
searching for PHP equivalent for Java's Map and List?
Google Drive HTTP 403 鈥淎ccess Not Configured鈥�error
JPanel gets resized of another JPanel is shown
Need to add paste special condition a copy.destination for loop
Regex in Objective-c not working as intended
Anorm query throws ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
Alter SQL table - allow NULL column value
How to Send Mail in in C# [duplicate]
Creating WSDL and XSD from WCF Contract defined using C# Interface
User control PostBack URL Issues
fingertip detection from depth Image using kinect (c# and wpf)
Including Zend Framework library in php.ini on bluehost server
what is global about the clsStr variable which is 鈥渃lsStr = (*env)->NewGlobalRef(env,cls)鈥�
Search multiple columns in MySQL using PHP
Multiple condition in SAP Query
Talend Training/Tutorials [closed]
Clojure: reload from string
Azure seamless upgrade when database schema changes
JQuery: find parent and another child
How can I import org.eclipse.pde.internal with sources?
Can Sphinx help user-driven reporting requirements?
Eclipse: Debug war in ear when the war-file only is a maven-dependency instead of an eclipse project
SIGSEGV segmentation fault at strftime_l lib64/
Expand only 鈥渙ne鈥�cell at a time? Currently I can open multiple up
How to render two paginated and ajaxable collections in the same view?
PHP + UnixODBC + FreeTDS - SELECT [field] AS [name] does not work
jQuery odd even on nested list
stop doctrine from fetching related entities
Controller class not loding for spring
Loading Form Element based on Select Values in jQuery Mobile?
iPhone/iPad Downloading and Playing Simultaneously
Howto use callbacks in a has_many through association?
parsing a xml file [closed]
Linq query suggestion?
jQuery click / on(click) event does not fire in FF?
How to add an hour onto the time of this datetime string?
Magento Installation Error
Where is the time being spent?
Smart Pointer (auto_ptr) behavior
Renaming matrix rows in R
AVAudioPlayer issue when playing cached mp3 file
Android: AlarmManager not Working Long Interval Values
How to call managed bean in h:outputLink when opening new page
Drop down menu for TButton
Java script or jquery in rails application
I want to run main() loading spring context xml with another project's xml & source
How to fix a not defined javascript error?
improving JFileChooser under Ubuntu 12.04 (GTK)
Where to get Explorerframe.lib from?
forcing canvas update
performance issue inline SVG vs. embed or iframe
SqLite C# extremely slow on update
Upload Progress in IE7
Doctrine2 column type integer of length 255 doesn't apply to DB
how to update homepage with data from other models
Android play video from URL
jquery tools overlay - strange load bug
ASP.NET memory fail in production machine
word automation save as pdf
How to get Aptana Studio to remember git ssh password
WSO2 Identity server integration with LDAP and DB
Modal MessageBox in WPF application
WinDbg x86 .NET 4 application on Windows 7 x64: Failed to load data access DLL, 0x80004005
Get SQL to run on specific inbound port range client side
occurrence counting in a data.frame
How to set top position using jquery
Writing a Custom Reader in ExtJS
Template drupal in full HTML
MVC3 WebGrid - @Url.Action using image button
how to send formatted text in iphone
Twitter bootstrap nav collapsing
Problems capturing a image and saving into a ImageView [duplicate]
new project wizard plugin
Can't set ADOX.Catalog.ActiveConnection to ADODB Connection coming from .NET
How can I do animations in winform? [closed]
ExtJS 4 setting Loading mask for the viewport
Auto open Chrome web inspector for all pages
How to automatic call function every x time [duplicate]
Pop Up Image not visible in google chrome and IE
Race condition though using transactions
Magento product collection and group by categories
Technology for database access system
Decomposing a ternary relationship into binary relationships
Are indexes in RavenDB and relational database indexs works the same?
Manipulating Database operation and Dictionary concept
history.forward() does not affect in browser
Google Maps Shading of Australian Suburbs
Python concatenating strings - UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte
How to execute oracle stored procedure from windows script file?
Using LowProfileImageLoader programmicatically
XPC causes crash dialog to appear
Accessing struct pointer after passing struct by reference to a function
Two way SSL authentication in Netty
Generate Compressed HTML From GridView Control in Asp.Net
Layouts doesn't work in Qt
Get public IP using DynDNS and WebRequest C#
real time indexing of live data stream
declaration/definition order dependency
Nicer solution than appending empty string with conditional operator
Adding custom NSControl and NSCell to a xib
CSV file creation issue
Timeout on asynchronous BPEL process
How do I remove bottom padding on image/content on jQuery mobile
C / how to listen on multiple UDP ports
how to download `decoded_content`
Make our own List<string, string, string>
Broken HTML - browsers don't downloads whole HTTP response from my webserver, CURL does
Keeping a jQuery modal within an iPad viewport
How to insert a log in LogCat that when I click on it jumps to its line in code?
OpenISO8583.Net BCD fix format unpack error
All fixtures in rails
Autoexpand UITextView height to contain the complete text loaded dynamically
Call .aspx from CSS menu
Why scanf requires &?
How to change LED trigger?
use jwplayer to get current play time
applicationDidEnterBackground: is not being called
Exporting labels in a pdf
jQuery FullCalendar sample insert/delete events [closed]
Elide text of Qpushbutton in Qt Symbian C++
Teradata DB date insertion error using Hibernate
If app is downloaded first time then registration comes from second time login comes
Send a mail with Corona
Vertical histogram & horizontal histogram in aforge
CSS3 background-size: contain;
MySQL - Exclude row if no row exists from LEFT OUTER JOIN
Application.DoEvents() equivalent in Java?
How to reset cell content to `System.DBNull`
How do I create a Mongo replicaset connection with Casbah?
Get today's date with specific timestamp
Caliburn Micro: DialogResult
Request.Browser.Browser in chrome returning 鈥淚E鈥�
Concatenate two numbers
how to stop buffering(blinking ) in my applet
Asynchronous image loading error
Is there a way to use <![if !(IE 8)]> within PHP?
Get value inside Listenner in android
Object reference is not set into instance of an object
ANTLR C# No Exception Thrown
How can pointer addresses have different lengths?
What is the template binding vs binding?
Touch interactive to CorePlot
Boolean checks in underscore templates
New Entity in CoreData with new Child
ExceptionContext.ExceptionHandled changes to true. Where is the exception being handled?
Getting auto-generated key from row insertion in spring 3 / PostgreSQL 8.4.9
How to Decompose XML to Relational DB with the help of tool available by Microsoft?
How do I calculate the sum/difference of two functional fields in OpenERP
encryption used by JCEKS keyStore in JavaTM Cryptography Extension..?
How to access replaced procedure after FastcodeAddressPatch
UITableView Custom Class programmatically?
Center jquery pop up box when pagesize is changed
Log rotation with compression
Need to make a vertical timeline
How to close FileHandlers in thread?
Locate shop with a particular item in android
Is there any shell script and/or Makefile static code analyser?
How to accept Drag and Drop from QListWidget in custom QTextEdit
How to run a 鈥淢ake Table鈥�Query with a parameter in Access 2002 from Excel 2003 VBA
PayPal sandbox: isufficient funds test case
Get file path from browser using Java
GDB: How to identify the line number of variable declaration of a specific variable for the current function in gdb
How to get optional parameters for custom template tags in Django?
gthread.h size of array is negative
Custom prototype chain for a function
Initiating a phone call using my app in Android
consisten (un)capitalization of labels in rendering of form fields
ASP.NET MVC Web API 4 - Complexe URL templates
My function only works with an alert after my ajax call
How to use systemtap -L option?
Selenium based malware (malvertising) checking - A few questions
Retrieve image path from assets folder
hide row count in qtablewidget and color columns
How to execute a .pm file on web page [closed]
JOIN three tables and aggregate data from multiple rows for every DISTINCT row in separate column
handle multiple passes when rendering
HSCROLL and VSCROLL in Combobox
Unable to launch GfxUI.exe using Proc::Background
Java JAR application: how does the structure look like? (Eclipse)
tabs vanilla javascript
Homepage design : dynamically moving and expanding images
Accessing hyperlink in SharePoint custom list using Javascript
mysql_real_escape_string strange apostrophe behaviour?
Launch an android application via web link
EXT.NET 2.0 file upload field browse button not working
p:message attached to a h:form
Raven DB: How to create 鈥淯niqueVisitorCount by date鈥�index
MySQL SELECT statement get latest row
Jboss Tools: cannot connect to remote instance
VisualState storyboard applies to resource instead of control?
Android: Detecting user tampering with phone
Need apple Mac developer account for distribute free app?
Exclude control characters with DataContractSerializer
Perl thread performance with a shared variable
Changes to the way jQuery stores event bindings and it's impact on fireQuery add-on
A quick way to delete a line in netBeans
UITableView loads same caption after scrolling
Count result according level
Button Selected State Android?
Nhibernate paging performance
how can i test for collision for bitmaps when using sprites
IBOutlet UIViews are null?
mysql many counts from subqueries
Dojo: How to show modal dialog on page load declaratively
About the system in vc
Converting nested query into join
Manipulating Json string showing dateTime
Will android application get message about system locale changes?
The ways to apply app for google app account [closed]
Converting an InfoPath form to a PDF file
c#, is there OnChange event in ListBox?
in AsyncTask i want the data in list view mvc 2 + jquery mobile on android
fb:login-button not show , no code changed
Cannot launch Rails console
How to get value and element for JQuery remote class based validation rule?
install python and make in cygwin
SVN - folder automerge
How to describe a list of simple values in XML?
python's logical error
Leaving duplicate namespace declarations with JDOM
Getting error while defining AIF channels
UIButton with custom background loses title
Generate webservice from WSDL with Document/literal format
Sharepoint OOTB HTTPHandler requests does not call response write method
jQuery popup bubble, element moves in IE7
Combining Line and Barplot Legend in R
Escape characters in shell
call functions from with ejs templates on node
Multiple memcache lookup Vs one lookup (with big output)
Crystal Reports Performance
How to add the contact using EWS
i18n with Hogan.js
First Jqgrid Load, sorting and filtering slow in IE6. Filtering slow in the rest of Browsers
php add a picture onto another
Redis serviceStack pooled connection client
Where to find the admin console of RAD 8 (based on Eclipse)?
How do I use the Redmine REST API over https from .net?
How do I use the Redmine REST API over https from .net?
Which Integration Style do Webservices apply to?
Singleton, Method & Variable
compiling and executing Qt application
XTK build error Ubuntu
getChildNodes() returns NULL for my root in XML
PHP login based on Windows login - SSO
Search within List in c#
Creating a user defined filter for apache pig
Connecting PHP-informix-ubuntu 11.10
how I can read pointer data from boost::streambuf but without copy data
Good Article or book in DataBase design [closed]
Reg: Perl CGI script Autoupdate with New Data
javascript get value of paragraph to appear in textarea
Javascript Image object re-using reference variable, cancels request?
DateTime.Parse or Convert.ToDateTime is not working
Using PHP and Doctrine 2 is there a way to implement your own collections for retrieved data?
JQuery Ajax to PHP update div during query
dojo using this
utf8 and utf8_general_ci
calling plugin function from broadcast receiver phonegap android
How to register an application to a uri scheme in Mac OS X
How to calculate volume of NTFS disk
issue in order clause and limit in active record
PrimeFaces Tree component, setting selected node from managed bean
Unable to read from plist file which contains array of arrays and having DIctionaries
Access forbidden in Magento
Barchart Percentage in jfreechart
AVCaptureOutput in IOS5
URLLoader strange behavior - incorrect r n in header
PHP Default Function Parameter values, how to 'pass default value' for 'not last' parameters?
storing syslog messages to MySQL using rsyslog
How do I make this email go to a database?
OpenCV function similar to matlab's 鈥渇ind鈥�
child stack explaination in clone system call
Weekly total sums
Replace extension from certain links
tabbed UI windows phone
Send your current location from one activity to another
jexcel generating error on creating file
Online java applet that reads and writes from/to a mySQL database?
Permanently reset subdirectory to specific past state
Should I check for an internet connection when I open an MKMapView?
isnull and in statement in CAML
encodeForHtml() vs htmlEditFormat()
convert arraylist to html table
Better way to load content from web, JSON or XML?
isLast() method for a TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY result set
Epub: Start block on next page if it can't fit on current page
Index xts using string and return only observations at that exact time
Aggregate specific number of rows
Ripple Emulator Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin by using HTTPS
Android app 800x480 appears BLURRY on Tablet, but ok on Nexus One and Emulator
Fault tolerant Solr replication architecture
Should i use Pooling=False in Entity Framework Connection String?
Can I adjust the widths of Excel columns without setting them each individually?
Raw filter on Sonata Admin Bundle configureShowFields
Jquery image animation without horizontal scroll bar
How to regain Login Portlet in liferay
How to add more than 20 columns in sqlite 3 for iPhone
FormWizard and FileFields (Django 1.4)
python google app engine programming
git pager=cat missing a newline at the end
A jQuery 'if' condition to check multiple values
TypeError (can't convert nil into String): Error
Why this layout has scrollbars in IE only?
Logging tools for ASP.NET MVC project?
$(window).hashchange() doesn't work
C# Regex for URL's
db_field() in php
How to pass paramters by refrence in ant
running _search commands in the php
How to show images in list view that are stored in my SD Card particular location
Javascript get HTTP header Location after redirection
UIView animateWithDuration doesn't work with Rect width/height animation
Clojure REPL crashes in IntelliJ when using dotimes over a loop/recur construct
Show/hide a button after a period of time
Isolate FB.Event.subscribe 'edge.create' to single like button
Making a countdown timer with Python and Tkinter?
adding messagebox in ASP.NET
get Metadata Error while using video in android
Unable to bind data to XTemplate
Start another application activity and keep it alive
Apache Commons Net FTPClient - PUT instead of STOR?
MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE not recognized
No errors but part of code that should display type and amount of pizzas ordered is not working
Draw string with chalk effect (cocoa/cocoa touch)?
CSS3 radial-gradient not working on fire fox?
How can I deal with optional parameters in JavaScript?
How to go about WLAN communication on two Android Phones
DATASTAGE : Job status information for all jobs on DataStage 7.5
Number of Albums By Artists
how to bring ajax sorted result into html divs
The method getFragmentManager() is undefined for the type MyActivity
Classes can not be resolved when debugging
Can I call a code behind function from a div onclick event?
Can a Gridview be populated even without using postback?
Redirect program output without changing directory
IPP - Intel Performance Integrated Primitives
Jquery: .submit not working
Jquery: .submit not working
SQL Query issue with subselects
ARM Assembly for development board
Improving efficiency with Entity Framework
Windows 8 GridView multi selected items
RenderAction not rendering to page
postgresql thread safety for temporary tables
Check Box changes
Deploying Django to Heroku (Psycopg2 Error)
SaaS infrastructure for Rails 3 app
i can't find source control key in windows registry
Excel: How to clear the contents of all sheets except one
Validate FCKEditor blank or not
How do I see why a Jenkins build failed? exception handling
Customize Xcode snippet library
Convert between text and varchar(MAX) in SQL Server
Image overlapping on a linear layout
Sending email with threaded process
jQuery first level children selector best way
Mutex implementation for avoiding multiple instances downloading the application update at same time
EntityManagerFactory per session in an application-managed
Select random records in oracle [duplicate]
Checking length of a textbox and showing relevant error message if its 0
positioning div elements using css
Dynamic generation of report using RML in OpenERP
Return iNode usage in Solaris
jQuery-Localize doesn't work for jQuery Mobile?
sister/brother relationship
Django celery crontab every 30 seconds - is it even possible?
WCF hosting and port forward issue
Making a dynamic table for wp7
Recommending products based on user profile [closed]
Makefile on python
VariableSizedWrapGrid width mechanism
how to get the serial number from the USB device on Unix-like systems
javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet spring threw exception
Represent text in Flash Player true to InDesigns representation of text
How to detect IE7 by the user agent string, leaving out newer IE versions running in quirks mode
matching webpages keywords to a set of keywords in database
Formatting EAN8 with zxing/barcode4j
Page Id from Canvas
Database encryption in Rails
Refresh NSconnection from applicationDidBecomeActive:method
Netbeans error in Variables declaration - do not modify
right click on label and popup menu, how can i get the button from the menu item select listener?
Astuetz viewpager on android IceCream Sandwich
Retrieving data from database and processing it to h:dataTable
Client Status: Can't connect to server
convert the 鈥淶end_Gdata_YouTube_VideoFeed Object鈥�in JSON String
NTRUEncrypt - Choose the initial random polynomial
how to customize an analog clock [closed]
the var doesn't become global but remains local
JMX authentication
Automating CSS testing
Retreive OUT parameters when SP's are invoked via callable statement in batch mode
Is JSON or XML more performant on iOS?
Fetching YouTube video title from known video id [duplicate]
Is it possible for class to inherit the annotaions of the super class
Can you have multiple delegate methods for the same function
Fatal error: Call to undefined function in codeigniter in view
Codeigniter Validation Rules - Can they be set from the model, or is this bad practice?
'this' keyword overriden in JavaScript class when handling jQuery events
HBase MemStore and Garbage Collection
How to keep ssh connection on mac?
Projekt using Guice runs in Eclipse, on terminal doesn't
Load large amount of json data in php
Windows phone custom textbox - no SIP / remove contents only
TabLayoutPanel on GWT and MVP
Wrong output for Integer comparision values
jQuery: get iframe content, same domain
How to intercede on create action in Rails
Using a class defined externally in ServeltContextListener
Xcode is checking a file for ARC readiness even though it was not selected in conversion tool
How to invoke default deserialize with gson
Chrome extension cause PHP server to send HTTP 500 error?
Redraw table if search bar is empty
Applying different stylesheets for differently sized browser windows on the fly
Using grep map-reduce program on hadoop
Defining an Array that contains triplets in Java
Intermittent message 鈥淐ould not update; currently locked鈥� While inserting record in ACCESS 2000
How to find all words that end with a period?
How to get all divs below on 1-level with jQuery?
Keyboard not appearing when tap on login dialog boxes of Facebook login view in Facebook like Delegate
How can I set the background color in a ScrollView?
Caching DNS queries in Ruby
DQL QueryBuilder exception [closed]
looking for a MAC address of a physical adapter
window.getSelection get the right selection in textarea
c# 2nd Dropdown list cant retain the selected item
jQuery Mobile Multiple Select menu, referencing selections in callback
How to auto add your ssh public key to the authorized_keys files?
Does this design confrorm 2NF?
How to generate a 'enter' event?
C# simple multithreading
PHP: convert C# 64-bit timestamp to Unix Timestamp
Lamda expression to obtain a list of types from the attributes of other types
Jquery which event handle when add/remove to token input?
NoSuchMethodError using LruCache in Android
Managing video stream buffering in Android VideoView
NoSuchMethodError using LruCache in Android
Managing video stream buffering in Android VideoView
Time format C# - prevent month being converted to native language
Updating changes made at runtime to object values displayed in a window
Android: change fragment width programmatically in onConfigurationChanged
How to get relationship between noun phrases in a sentence?
EWS api load() on FileAttachment linux/mono base64 decode gives wrong output
Correctly transforming a surface normal
Provide a link to download without creating a file on the server
How to verify if among the 5 tabs, which is enabled or not using Selenium RC C#?
How to get rid of a false error in IBM RAD 8 / Eclipse?
what can cause memory leak (or constant increase)? shared memory DLL + c# app
merge tables in two databases
Validator (xsd) for xml in android
PHP regex string to format chatting dialog with error preg_replace()
Creating chart using c#
Can we store image as string type of data in Coredata
Cannot properly execute copy() function in Perl Script through PHP
how clear PHP startup warnings?
Setting WindowStartupLocation from ResourceDictionary throws XamlParseException
How do I set LAYOUTGRAVITY for a TextView in Android?
How to combine two commands into one under unix?
Adding values of multiple text box values
Vim: multi-command for filtering out blocks of text
Javascript/jQuery Starting and stopping functions on different screensizes
Get response from FlightStats SchedulesConnectionsService
Tablet layout limit width in elements
Programmatically change resolution OS X
How to get the value to this method
Lunar new year for php
Is it possible to change facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button with a custom icon?
Nicer syntax for commands in sbt possible?
empty form received by the controller
How to run a full MiniTest suite without Rake?
import; causing issues with printing to a file
last dynamically appended content missing from post
Adding a new network bearer to Android
Set/unset dgrid3d on the same graph
what does 0 != do in this code?
How to set up network ACL on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud?
automated crane implementation by algorithm
How do I correctly implement texture pixel to texel correction in direct3d 9?
Passing state of WPF ValidationRule to View Model in MVVM
How do I Set a combobox with text/index items to a specific item
Fluent NHibernate Join Table not on primary Key
is heap related to JVM? [closed]
java.lang.NullPointerException while saving bulk documents to couchdb using couchdb4j api in java
Javascript/Jquery onclick definition of word appears
how to use NetBeans integration with WAMP 2.2.21?
Are function callback and interprocess communication are same?
article pagination class splits divs and messes up page layout
How can I calculate an interest rate in PHP?
disable package installing programmatically
Is there a way to get element by Xpath in Javascript?
Searching a PHP variable in a HTML page
Put Random UIButtons Title of NSMutableArray to UIButtons of NSMutablearray
Possible to retrieve links from a Java applet?
Memory leak when deleting a singleton object, cpp
How to send files with my Application
Need Help In Sencah Touch 2 Search List
making php response to remain visible when page refresh
Show Order Total in workflow approval notification
obtain next N entries in xts time series with irregular spacing
how to show only chennai map in javascript using googlemap api 3
Stored procedure with data adapter, throwing SerializationException
Cannot get SecKeyRef from .der file was MD5 signature
Jquery data attributes as selectors
i want to validate mobile number using java code not javascript [closed]
How to manipulate client connections
Java Applet exits and tray icon vanishes after some time, is there any timeout settings?
how to give dynamic values coming from array in graph in iphone
Generics: how to implement: 鈥渨here T derives from xxx鈥�
How to show more languages in iTunes Store App description?
How to have google map auto reads from inputs
why dialog box disapear when search button pressed
how to obtain the post data in binary of PHP
Rounding down value after division, datatable datacolumn
Wall post doesn't appear on facebook posted by my application: Android
mysql won't save double from C#
Cast performance from size_t to double
Multiple html classes with c#
Getting String from SQLCLR
How to handle too many chart control images in directory folder?
Group concat using django ORM
duplicate packets
How to return a partial view in a controller in ASP.NET MVC3?
How to split bio into multiple bios?
How to show --select鈥�in CakePHP form helper [closed]
syslog in NSFilemanager delegate method
How to unit test through the API in this case?
Uploading iphone application
Copy javascript made images to clipboard
How to add multiple files into a single zip folder
upload fail when finding a special characters
String[] or ArrayList in Constructor?
User authentication using php and mySql
stripos function in php not returning correct result
Match String to Lexer : 'expecting' error
Haskell is throwing the 57 - Undefined variable 鈥渇鈥�error at me
Find suitable parent commit for unrevisioned code to be added to an exisiting git repository
Haskell is throwing the 57 - Undefined variable 鈥渇鈥�error at me
Find suitable parent commit for unrevisioned code to be added to an exisiting git repository
JavaFX 2 Titlebar color
SQL is in array query
Insert a bean into a Converter
RefreshMode.ClientWins with multiple users, what happens?
Connect remote server for logging using Log4J
How to get the Twitter Usertimeline with Tweetsharp
Get nested params
Interpolating GeoPoints on the MapView
Properly Specify an Array and Element through Variables in a Shell Script
How do I adapt the stylesheet of a textarea for media=鈥減rint鈥�to show complete content
Music Play List
how to write javascript code inside php
jQuery function enable a div
dynamic DateTimeAxis horizontal axis in chart
Button action with Segue and Alertview
is that possible to read before write using ReentrantReadWriteLock?
Load Testing with 1000 concurrent/virtual users
Erlang and binary with cyrillic
How to change the value of variable in called target in ant
Calculation with jQuery GridViewRow Total not working after postback
Migrated application crashes, if DEP is active
How can i insert a C# list into a Div?
PHP abandons SQlite? [closed]