Why doesn't the colors show up when I want to print this
remove all objects from scrollview
How can I PHPUnit test a Controller_Plugin that uses a Redirector helper to redirect?
How to retain form data in a multi form page
Is a java request sent to a HTTPS url totally safe?
Gradle unable to find downloaded dependency packaged as OSGi bundle (non-OSGi app)
Can a static height be set for subreports in reporting services VS2010?
How to close all child threads using C++
undefined method: Rails 3.0.11 generators using mongo_mapper
Returning header as array using Curl
Storing IP address in MySQL database (IPv4 AND IPv6)
how to develop a widget for windows 7's start menu
Why did $(':radio').change() stop working in new jQuery?
Where can I get voices for .net applications using System.Speech in Windows 7? [closed]
Why doesn't my propertylistener fire?
format datetimepicker in datagridview column
Why is my merge sort implementation in Java erring?
Tomcat - how to get http 500 instead of 404 when application wasn't deployed correctly?
ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock works only in PageLoad event
Improving performance of operations on a NumPy array
Allow CrossContext in WebSphere
How can I add a button on the bar at the bottom of the screen for Qt Nokia?
How can I auto-scroll as content is added to a div?
BizTalk Scripting - Receive Location Schedule
How to remove CakePHP firm 鈥淭his email was generated with CakePHP Framework鈥�from CakeEmails
Facebook Connect - Login
Java Constructor and Field Initialization Order
VS 2010 & Oracle 11g ORA 12514
Graph API: Adding Captions To User Generated Photos
unable to log into database using oracle.apex.APEXExport class
Android framework drawables
What's the best way to test an element in the DOM
Stack<T> implements ICollection, but has methods from ICollection<T>
List of options in Android Settings app
OpenMP - create threads only once
PHP MySQL Error logging and handling - best practice
ASP.NET MVC - Returning a PartialView to Ajax along with another object
MovieClip on Flash stage does not re-instantiate when leaving keyframe and returning
Enumerating derived classes in C++ executable
What's the correct way to query accross multiple entity contexts without the chance of too-long IN clause being generated?
How can I use a UIWebview to load content from a asp.net website dynamically loading .mp4 video and get the video to play?
Change keyframe to 2'nd image
How to pass method argument to class property?
Class cannot be cast to java.lang.reflect.ParameterizedType
鈥淐an't start a new thread error鈥�in Python
Duplicate code in $(document).ready() and prm.add_endRequest()
Catch errors in jquery ajax error callback?
Redirect URL to new address but keep the original
format string python [closed]
Getting a Delphi TTimer to work with a multi-threading app
Just how bad are bare pointers?
How to access fields defined in custom annotations in Java
There is a function IsDate in javascript? [duplicate]
Generic functions in F#
Is there any way of defining string constants that will be shared by Javascript source and another language source?
Can I write unit test for following in spock?
Images Stored in RSS?
How to sort guava multimap? (KEY=DATE)
Create string from multiple clicks
Decoding single frames encoded to H.264 on iOS
Ambiguous clause in Rails
php GD add padding to image
jquery ajax cant loop thru the found data
Rails 3 isn't loading gems
JS/jQuery code flow - combine an animation with a click function
Multiple nodes with the same URL
Flex/Bison: Bad token management?
MISRA Violation Rule 10.1 and Enums
how to delete a row in hbase table
Knockout JS Update Color
STS - Where is Groovy Installed?
Read file from Google Nexus
STS - Where is Groovy Installed?
Read file from Google Nexus
Actionbar scherlock is not refreshed when the orientation is changed
@Embedded &@Id questions
calculating totals for a database tables and combining results from different tables [closed]
How to bind gridview templatefield footer textbox to insert parameter?
MySqlBulkLoader SQL Injection Prevention
SugarCRM fresh stock install styling and scripts not linked properly
half - fences and full fences?
How to show specific list objects depending on the choice in the first list?
Is there a way to change the location of the tabs in a tabbed iOS application?
ServiceStack: ResponseStatus not being set
Third-party types as part of a C++ library's API and potential ABI inconsistencies
Using default MonoTouch solutions yield build errors
Having troubles with EOF on Windows 7
myODBC mySQL Error with ASP and INT datatypes
edit expression in visual studio
php dynamic menu load unique menu
boolean graphics c++ (xcode mac)
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ' xa3' in file when function returns '拢'
In JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final InitialContext.list() returns empty list
Why does overflow-x:hidden create 鈥渂orders鈥�
How to guarantee in layout xml that a certain element is displayed at its full height
Create Table LINQ TO SQL
Python Versions on Mac
UIScrollView resizing according to content
JPQL Hibernate SQLException on SELECT of ManyToMany attribute
windbg: Is it possible to embed Windgb engine in my own program?
Ember.js bound Image with size flickering in Chrome
Mute Button in Action Script 3
Is there a race condition in this common pattern used to prevent NullReferenceException?
Putting Twitter Widget's Javascript within <Head> tags, but have it rendered in <Body>
Which are the best ways to implement a DFA?
(Attempting to) migrate from WSE 3.0 to WCF for client code
Shortest way to calculate difference between two numbers?
Compile C++ code under windows for linux, as ready to run
Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'connect'
Potential jQuery XSS
Is there a way to pull just the commit messages from a remote repository?
How to check if picture is loaded?
Customizing Wordpress Admin menu
Adding provisioning profile to new device on existing project
Structure returning function
VB.Net Search Check Box List
How can I programmatically expand the notifications bar in my android app?
How to read XML file in stored procedure
Why are my menus fine in development but no on production?
Multipart email with swift
What is Bundle, View, Context?
RabbitMQ - security/authentication
Normalizing too much vs too little, examples? [closed]
GWT - How to add keyboardlistener to a canvas?
jquery cycle uncover effect change direction or custom effect
Use GMT+4 time in this countdown script no matter what GMT is the visitor
android frame by frame animation issue
Updating embedded document with Mongoid updates the parent document instead
gdb reverse stepping - not supported in Linux?
How to get the column name for searched record?
backgroundworker never instantiating in winform?
WCF Domain Service & JSON Query Parameters
A Separate Usercontrol executing a method in another Usercontrol
Is there a script like tinyslideshow in jquery?
HIghCharts bar chart renders columns on top of each other
Does polling block other operations in LinkedBlockingQueue?
CoCreateInstanceEx returns S_OK with invalid credentials on Win2003
MVVM to interact with a web-service in a 3-tiered application
How can I get the value of a secure cookie with jQuery?
Rails - error could not find file
Is it possible to force a user's browser to issue (and follow) a GET request with JSON in the body?
Slide from left (or right) animation transaction for UIView
Cross-Table Criteria Query
Need Help in Iteration of Generic [closed]
Unit Testing ASP.NET (not MVC) - How do I get past 鈥淩equest is not Available in this context.鈥�
Close a window opened by a 鈥渏ar鈥�application started within my Java code
Puppet Can't Find Variable for Template
Downloading multiple files with Qt
Hibernate Search (Store and Index)
How do you create a scrolling area on a webpage that tracks the browser window's height?
dojo - data from sql server for datagrid and charts
How to set the css properties with its own data-attributes?
determine if a path is relative or absolute
ASP Drop Down List postback losing session state in Chrome and IE but firefox works perfect
header file ~synatx error(asking for a parantheses)
What's the difference between '>' and '>>'?
Verifying user credentials in application that connects to database directly (local network)
How to specify a nil date expression using Core Data Model Editor (Xcode 4.3.2)?
VBA: Error handling on close file
Set a 鈥渕inimum鈥�chars input in a inputbox throw javascript
what's the 'right' way to do a MVC for JSPs in Java EE 5?
Tool to develop multi-platform games
How to pass an object from .cs to .aspx
error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'string'
Generating formatted datetime string from NSDate
Confusion in Free'ing a linked list structure in C
On duplicate key update
PHP: translate POST into simple variables?
GWT - image upload and preview
How can _know_ which JSON renderer is active in my Rails 3 app?
sencha app build production error?
MySQL Foreign key from equation of two rows value?
How to mock the 'new' operator
Calculate 3D coordinates from 2D Image plane accounting for perspective without direct access to view/projection matrix
Changing error android admob ads
Distinguishing a record instance from a map
Android app with Preconfigured DB
Backbone Fetch Not Returning a Result
Create a simple 鈥渞eply comment鈥�button
How to add css for specific input type text
Read feed with PHP correct encoding?
File search recursively
Can't Update WPF ProgressBar (not the standard tight-loop issue)
symfony2: how to write the methods for a many to many relationship?
How do I get more than 15FPS with QTCaptureSession?
How to handle changes in class structure and be backward compatible with data/objects serialized using boost?
UITaBControllerMaking the second tab the default tab on Launch
PHP Call mysql stored procedure with in parameter
WPF TimeSpan binding to label without milliseconds
DependencyProperty validation is not called from data template (only in .NET 4.0)
Counting network hops
margin: 0 auto; not working in IE also everything disarranges. UL also disarranges
A random '#.XXXXXXXXXXX' string is added to my URL when I use the AddThis code?
stretch HTML container to fit size of background image
Grok NameError on tal:attributes=鈥渁ction view/url鈥�
PHP 鈥淔oreach鈥�issue
Insert pair into map in c++
normalise rows order php
Adding new items to ListBox on Tab keypress
Add X number of years to a datetime variable SQL Server 2008
Windows 8 GridView - Parallax Background Image
PHP: Relative to absolute URLs in curl'ed html
HTML technique to create custom dotted borders on divs?
Transactions & write performance when calling function externally
Rails 3 Jquery making select tag unobtrusive
Mapping products and shopping cart - NHibernate
ASP.NET Context RewritePath 404 Error
Cannot find module `express` , socket.io [node.js]
symfony2: how to write the methods for a many to many relationship?
Gridview TemplateField Button: How to disable based on value?
Is there anything wrong with throwing exceptions in the try block?
If I have two types of row in an SQL table, and I want to prefer one but accept the other
Is an FSM the right solution for my asynchronous, Akka Actor based calculation engine
How to add padding-left on a UIButton created programmatically?
how to specify Wsdl location in maven?
Struggling to understand this code
want to change an Inset in a gridbag layout dynamically
How to get web role specific information from service configuration in my startup application?
why in javascript without a semicolon still works?
Serialization of C++ xerces object causes an access violation.
How do you add a CSS class name to an ASP.NET MVC 3 Url.Action link?
Writing concurrent calculator in java [closed]
how to specify Wsdl location in maven?
Struggling to understand this code
want to change an Inset in a gridbag layout dynamically
How to get web role specific information from service configuration in my startup application?
why in javascript without a semicolon still works?
Serialization of C++ xerces object causes an access violation.
How do you add a CSS class name to an ASP.NET MVC 3 Url.Action link?
Writing concurrent calculator in java [closed]
google map pans off the 'edge' of the earth
Netbeans PHP Code Completion not working for /*!
Embedded logging
Explaining python generator for a long list
escape_javascript not properly escaping text_area's
RXTX causes jvm crash when printer is switched off
Captcha in Android Application
Whats the best way to serve twitter bootstrap from nodejs?
ConcurrentHashMap locking
Eclipse plugin: Make tab blink on event?
Qt - How to count number of line in .txt file
How to put this code into a table? [closed]
Looping results from a database query
How to get submap of LinkedHashMap by element index?
How to get the ID of a div when using bind() in jQuery?
Injection of one instance to several beans
Slow performance with ListView in Windows XP
Is there any way to set text size as a percentage to the size of the window using CSS?
SSIS left merge join partial matches
Are there any ready-made Java libraries for transferring images through TCP?
Applying theme in PrimeFaces
Encryption algorithm for iOS application over HTTPS
鈥淭ried to add property 'Id' when already added.鈥�Error when implementing own class twice
MVC in IIS do not send scripts to client?
Phonegap Media plugin/code that styles like HTML5 <audio> and plays multiple mp3's needed
How to read ATOM XML in PowerShell
Documentation for developers.soundcloud.com/docs?
IFrame Image Resizing
Optimizing this query based search
Displaying MySQL datetime in JTable
Two Dimensional Object / Associate Array into Three Dimensional Object Javascript
frame not recognized
Convert data from long format to wide format with multiple measure columns
Extending a rails model with concerns
Linq: Select 1st item from other group
how to set up git repos and branches for contributing to 3rd party projects?
Limiting number of pages on a paging list
an unhandled win32 exception occurred in w3wp.exe
Pinterest type image gallery
How to add ajax to wordpress theme
Spring 3.1.1.RELEASE Databinding: Error when validating submitted form
Spring 3.1.1.RELEASE Databinding: Error when validating submitted form
Using repeater for shopping cart
What is the difference between the two types of class constructors in PHP?
shell script mysql output transformation
JavaScript onKeyUp closures with timeout
assert_select not working after upgrading to latest rails version
Slider Loan Calculator
print specific XML node value in PHP (1)
Retrieving # of satellites used in gps fix from Android
API returning crazy results for 2 word searches
css-template-layout breaks after pictures loaded
Putting comments in XML that is present in my C# XML comment blocks
Database Modeling with multiple many-to-many relations in Django
How to disable Backbone.sync for a new model, and re enable sync *after* the user hits a save button
Importing custom data into Jira issue
Remove partial string in Shell Script
What does uptime command results mean
drupal feeds module csv import error
NetBeans & JSP: How to correct / avoid html parsing errors?
Content type not using custom form
Is using wordpress transients useless without hosting that supports memcache?
JBoss AS 7.1 - how to include all in module.xml when creating modules
unexpected operator [: git: in bourne shell script 'if' conditional statement
Setting AVAudioPlayer volume with a button
Ordered Timeseries data / Stock Market data using structure variants
Why is the twitter list API not returning the correct number of results?
How to pass callback function definitions as parameters while evaluating a JavaScript using eval()?
extracting specific content from html page
ios5 geocoding not working
How to show divs inline. css html
Loading JQuery with Javascript from footer
Windows Phone - Access to camera requires the ISV Camera Capability
How to calculate p-value for t-test in MATLAB?
Fake reviews datasets
Setting cookie in NSHTTPCookieStorage
RDF validation keep giving error?
Call prototype's overridden method which then calls the next prototype's overridden method error
Code formatting with NP++
pinterest inspired dashboard layout
CouchDB: Filter by List of Account IDs and Sort By Date
SQLite database update when updating app via iTunes / AppStore
Extract complete function definition from source code
Devise allows blank password during password reset
Node.js displaying images from Mongo's GridFS
How does one run javascript that has been inserted into a .innerHTML in embedded form?
Allegrograph Geospatial Prolog Queries
Training neural network for function approximation
Adobe Air: need help transferring data from sqlite to components
how to read webService from server using Xcode?
LL vs LR in CFGs [closed]
Check if the same item already exist in List<string>? [duplicate]
How can I debug this web service?
writing elements to an XML file in C#
Continuos,size-fixed, transparent graph in Gnuplot
Is there something like csv or json but more graphical and better to read for humans?
Include member.php without using the whole URL
using html_escape and auto_link on same variable in codeigniter
threading issue in Objective-C, iphone [closed]
How do you create an EWF UI page that modifies data when the user clicks a button?
Dynamic Linq with a database
YouTube ASP.NET API: Upload Request Returns 400, Keywords Text 鈥淭oo Long鈥�
Compare Byte Arrays Before Saving To Database
Unable to string value of object field using property
How should I determine what is issuing a flush_all command
Native driver find from Mongoose model not returning Cursor
jQuery set value of select tag
Advantages of XML DataType in SQL Server 2005
Efficient server-side JavaScript memory management in an express/node.js API
How can I remove the vertical spacing between UITableView sections?
python importing csv header into a dict
Can a capped collection be replicated into a regular collection?
FB Count Discrepancy (I already used the debugger and the fbrefresh param!)
how can i call setter without calling <f:viewparam> converter?
Java + Sockets + Timer = programm hangs [duplicate]
Android Json and null values
Http 401 querying RavenDB using jquery on AppHarbor
PHP jailing arbitrary code
Having Get single and Get all methods on a ApiController
How do I make Automator select a list of files recursively?
YUI browser history manager back button
ISO 9660 standard and bits about volume date
WPF DatagridCell Event Trigger
uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::Category
What is the 鈥�lt;<鈥�operator in C++? [closed]
APEX 3.2: Embed HTML Region into HTML Region
Android BroadcastReceiver Lifecycle: documentation wrong for dynamically registered receiver?
Getting length of text selection AS3
C# Crystal Report Visual Studio 2010 Documentation
Grouped UITableView custom draw cell, without changing background color?
Add folders in a visual c++ project
Why the same file differs from textarea and file input?
Rails 3 Best Prototype + JQuery Solution
How general is Sencha Touchs javascript?
How to create Plain Old Java Object for Database (RESTful service design)?
Lightbox 2 and Flickr - Where are the next and previous buttons?
When is JDOM XPATH faster than element hunting with getChildren?
Razor CheckboxFor and RadioButtonFor in a nested loop
Unknown identifier 鈥淒ataContractSerializer鈥�
how to delete database row in example below?
Adjust max on all jQuery UI spinners after one changes?
Large scale KnockoutJS application architecture
Custom ListView adapter throws a NullPointerException
Set the role of a .NET Windows service at install time鈥rom app.config settings
python class syntax mess
System.FormatException in C#
python reading unicode characters from html
Returning an int from native function(c++, jni) crashes application
apple provisioning profile conflicts for testing on devices
Error by using restlet behind varnish (Reverse proxy)
Mule 3: How to get the values of 鈥済lobal-property鈥�elements from Java source code
Dependency Injection: pulling required components when they are actually needed
Font consistency throughout Project?
How to change the colors of an image and still have it reconized by the code?
Using .replace in $.each
Why was my application still rejected after excluding files from iCloud backup using this code?
Draw a portion of a line in Matlab
How to change a database to postgresql with Symfony 2.0?
OOP, Interfaces, Objects and Casting
How can I see the entire request that's being sent to PayPal in my Python application?
WPF binding root element of xaml file does not work:
What is the A* time complexity and how is it derived?
Date difference calculation in Java [duplicate]
Restart mysql within php browser, permissions issue?
Resolving CoreData merge conflicts in RestKit, when a context is saving object updates while the other one is deleting the object
Ramifications of forgetting slash in 鈥済it merge origin/branch鈥�
Auto adjust width and height of Ext.Msg.confirm to fit content it into
508 Compliance title attribute vs a hidden absolutely positioned label
Magento $_product->getName empty
WPF: Custom window.title
Tutorial for HTML5 drag&drop - sortable list
add an all/total column to a bar chart
Checking For null in Lambda Expression
InternalsVisibleTo not working for MSTest
Calculate ViewBox ScaleFactor on a Metro Style App
Wrapper objects and equality
jqGrid does not render correctly in Chrome/Chrome Frame
optional parameters for redirect rule iis 7 url rewriting
Back to top link on mobile site doesn't work on android
yql query data fetched from xml using php overwrites the value of other financial stock symbols
Setting the vertical size of a dashboard app
Get connection string from an external web.config
How can I cause an instruction cache miss?
Rails config variables aren't found during initialization
TimeZone Time/Date Formats with Oracle and .NET
ActionMailer is splitting my mail by 72 columns, breaking image links in HTML mail
Passing from view to module
Java/JAXB: Unmarshall XML with inheritance
Grouping top 3 results by ID
make yields 鈥渃ommands commence before first target鈥�error
process exit status using system calls
Grouping top 3 results by ID
make yields 鈥渃ommands commence before first target鈥�error
process exit status using system calls
How to save date in MM/DD/YYYY format
Where can I find a good asp.net 4.0 FAQ system? [closed]
Slow public key authentication with paramiko
MySQL alternative to using the LIMIT solution when i want to get a max/min of certain column
Is calling viewDidLoad in response to a settings view controller for a map kit radius a hack
File I/O: Reading from one file and writing to another (Java)
putting methods in seperate class file from the main class file
JSP get/post with Spring MVC
How to create a file without duplicates (not sorted) with Linux commands?
Rails form_for, having a text_field without a label (without using CSS)
taking a picture and displaying on the view
Type inference: functions vs types
How does mysql LIKE sort its results?
Resend an apple event to other process from 'main'
GroupBy / Sum query issue with Entity Framework
d3.js tree structure text links
Node JS dispatch Cannot GET error
OTA - myApp couldn't be installed at this time - Could not verify executable
MySQL Data Provider not visible in VS 11 Beta
base64encode altchars in java
Is it a website with frames and framesets well designed?
array_push giving comma-seperated array - php
How to avoid duplicate code when operating on DOM in 鈥渦p鈥�and 鈥渄own鈥�direction?
CUDA debugging, or how to get source code lines in cuda-gdb without disabling optimization?
How to stop multithread start by for loop condition
Using static global property
Autocompleting UITextField crashes app
Disabling Incremental Linking in VS 2008
What is the standard ASP.net data binding syntax?
Socket + readline = Null pointer Exception
MySQL on Cloud foundry is emptied sometimes
Create repository instances on the fly with reflection
JIRA - get all fields for project and issue type
Game Development - Moving an object from a point to another point
press a button and open a file in a new window in java
Implement a block in background, then after completion run another block on main thread?
intellij navigate to file stopped working
Do I need to manually implement threading on the server side when implementing WCF callbacks?
does Samsung Transfix 2.3.4 support Android USB Accessory
Where are the opencv2 include files?
Do I need a Repository Class if I have a Service class and IRepository?
Can I temporarily run ADS on both the old server and a new replacement server?
Removing background from the sprite
Firing onload property when .js file is inserted dynamically
Loopy transport port
Is there a simpler way to achieve this style of user messaging?
Regular Expression to extract city state and country from html
Overwriting database file with another non-empty one
OCaml : type constraints in signatures
How to determine the text height for the last line in a RichTextBox?
Importing CUnit sources
Can I assign values in RowProxy using the sqlalchemy?
How to show app-specific status bar at bottom of screen, outside of app?
Populate SWF with SQL data
How Do I replace Specific Text in PHP
Auto-generate documentation for single c# file in asp.net project?
Treeview How to save a value
rails app shows access denied in webbrowser
Android NDK / General JNI issue: Converting object / jobject to c++ user defiend type
Unix Background process STOPPED abnormally
Symmetric key transfer Vs asymmetric for encryption and signing on mobile device
Missing comments either from the comment FQL Table or through the Graph API
How to set a gridView column's text depending on other columns which are binded?
LINQ to retrieve first matching item, or a blank value for each item in a list
Best way to thoroughly understand code in glibc
Expand and add a new object to a array inside a function
Python function global variables?
Why does my .jar file raise exceptions even if my program runs without exceptions in Eclipse?
Android Web Service Tutorial [closed]
How to Auto resize in XCodes 4.3.2
Prism, Unity, and Multiple Views ala MDI
Java Socket, small string needlessly being split across two packets
Is there a Mercurial or Git version control plugin for PyScripter?
Swing Indeterminate JProgressBar moving too fast
Git branching: master vs. origin/master vs. remotes/origin/master
Django:limiting user to login once at a time
CoreData register global observer for all objects and keys
Why should the event store be on the write side?
Creating new items to put in a list (like the phonebook) iPhone SDK?
pyramid/tree data structure c++/c#
Uploadify not uploading after ~25MB
How do you change the table_schema when the current table_schema is null?
DJANGO: Change field size of ModelMultipleChoiceField?
ZF 1.11 & Doctrine 2 Inherited class not found
CSS: three-column layout with image and middle height
Facebook app: within Canvas, Facebook treats GETs as POSTs?
Mercurial: how to list merged changeset where the 2nd parent is from a specific branch?
CSRF protection causing 鈥淭ype mismatch error鈥�
Python csv file writing a list of lists
Express.js, Jade: Rendering flash messages with types
Transform only the first element of a Scala list
Backup every replaced file through sed in a `backup` directory of my hd?
Property not being released unless I manually set it to nil. Or run it in Instruments
LINQ to SQL Table Names
Hibernate: Use HQL inside @Formula annotation?
MVC3 CS0135: 'Model' conflicts with the declaration 'System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage<TModel>.Model'
Getting parts of an xml file and bundle them up in a new one
Invoking methods of a function-object given to a raphael object constructor as a callback function
Calling perl replacement from within a bash script/function?
store files into ios app
eruby on windows7
How can I use a space as a delimiter for this code
Does vmalloc() only get memory from ZONE_HIGHMEM on 32bit x86?
CodeIgniter: global variables in a controller
Parsing Large XML files w/ Ruby & Nokogiri
Is it normal to make subclasses of NSManagedObjects?
Google AdSense in Android without website
Return any type of object from a function
How to save the user's id?
Use regular expression to remove text
startActivity hides current layout and dialog
Checking to see if a URL is Google
Is there anyway to reliably calculate the height of a UITextView?
How do I stub an event emitter with Sinon.js
Microsoft apps on the web [closed]
How to tell when HTTPWebResponse has returned final page?
sencha app build production not working
VB.Net Check if a checkbox list item is checked/unchecked
wpf RadGridView / RadContextMenu binding issue
Accessing index of list after instantiation
How do I add a src in style class?
Getting stackoverflow error while trying to inflate custom view
UiScrollview scroll paging
Installing java 5 in ubuntu 11.04
Recursive function for matrix determinant calculator
Multiple methods in one string?
Asp.Net MVC3 Webgrid Paging Issue
How can I make UITextView resize on orientation change?
Add parameter to breadcrumb rails gem
How to better handle scheduled maintenance in Google App Engine from HK/Pacific timezone?
how clear client cached images embedded in Web feed items being updated
send mail or SMS in J2ME
Android widget not updating - has incorrect widget ID
How to Set Decimal Values in List of Arrays (in Python)?
Warning: Type safety: Unchecked cast from Object to PK
How can I query .local bonjour DNS entries?
Add, Delete values from a multiple select box using Jquery
鈥淗ello World鈥�not work for rabbitmq
Popcorn JS - Use of popcorn with Youtube on an iPad or iOS device
Facebook, Notify users of my app updates
Why has my image padding-bottom despite no padding in fact?
How to retrieve a collection of values from a HashMap
Changing the URL without Redirecting
PHP upload script works locally, however not on remote server
Java: Get all Objects in Class
How to use the existing mongodb in a meteor project?
Submitting form via jQuery (Javascript) failing
Java: Get all Objects in Class
How to use the existing mongodb in a meteor project?
Submitting form via jQuery (Javascript) failing
List Box, c# Visual Studio 2010
Auto generate Java Classes From a csv file
Casting a value to Decimal
Converting timestamps larger than maxint into datetime objects
Post values to cakePHP controller action and display it
Git history report
JavaScript won't reload frame in Firefox and Safari
What happens to the malloc'ed memory when exit(1) is encountered?
Referring to objects using variable strings in R
YUI Selector with an id that is a long number
Command to list connected devices on BlackBerry WebWorks
How to record UDP stream with FFMPEG in chunks?
Dynamic URL too long (2568 characters), trying to make it shorter
How to get an infinite scrolling system to work within an iframe
C2DM unregister automatically
CAST or CONVERT in Excel Query
LogParser crashes without error in C#
SQLcipher how to create cypted database?
Progress Bar issues in PyQt4
reverse geocode function not executing?
Android not discovering Bluez service
Where do we put node modules we install by npm in a Meteor project?
How to clean-up HTTP::Async if still in use
How can I read text as xpath expression
Filter by Portfolio Item Type
how to set default ruby with rvm
Python code jailing
Spring 3 HelloWorld Program
Akka context watch/unwatch happens-before relationship
Emulating GC with Doctrine
Document sharing on whiteboard application using flex
What is the ways updating jProgressBar?
Using asset pipeline outside of ERB
android sdk. VideoView setBackGroundResource leaves black box
Port for application listening
Black input backgrounds - Cocoa WebView
My SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces is not working
Lambda Scope Clarification
Change attributes of one node
In Unity, is it possible to resolve a type from its type alias?
Backbone.js model.destroy() not sending DELETE request
Blank row being added between heading and data
add/remove buttons in java SWT app, while app is running.
Rails Routes - SEO for Products and Categories
PHP login security Idea
Need help for PHP function that creates html table column with buttons for updating sqlite table
Access parent variable contents in PHP
changing text inside element script
store & access x509 certificate in iPhone's keychain
where exactly implicit conversion method be put
Spring Security SessionRegistry with PersistentTokenBasedRememberMeServices
Does new char actually guarantee aligned memory for a class type?
Change Build Action鈥�to 鈥淓mbedded Resource in c#
Payex intergration with PHP [closed]
java - How can Garbage Collector quickly know which objects do not have references to them any more?
NullPointerException thrown on flush after upgrading to Hibernate 4.1.3 Final
In bash, how do I open a writable file descriptor that's externally redirectable?
Eclipse RCP plugin View
Creating OpenFeint static library for iOS
C sscanf errror in reading 32 bit integer
Core Data Objective C update content of Entity
Batch File to Delete Specific Subfolders
Unable to manually save changes to RavenDB docs
Using the lock statement
CSS3 Transitions - How to delay reset of the z-index property?
How to select files to download using Powershell
How to make REST based WCF service Service file be index?
Java RegEx Replace all to format data from XML
IE 7, CSS Hover Items over a JS Slider
Graphite - use multiple series with DivideSeries
Burn bootstrapper is not detecting Windows installer version correctly
Does Maven 3 provide better performance than Maven 2?
CSS: Why background-color breaks/removes the box-shadow?
Searching a nvarchar(max) field
MFMailComposeViewController action sheet is off-screen when setStatusBarHidden:YES on iOS5
Java: Inherit and Be a Singleton
Run constant number of php scripts on server
Marking Glottal Closure with OpenEars / PocketSphinx
In C# how to call a SQL Server stored procedure and control where the output log location is
Asp.net auth cookie encryption issue
FQL, search for non-friend people and sort by mutual friends
Can SQL SUM() function take an expression as argument?
ExtJS 4 adding a loading icon
JPA Join Not Cascading for jUnit Test
Whitelist extensions for Google Chromium
c++ heap or stack allocation?
Call Asynchronous Servlet From AJAX
MySQL UNION - combining the returned values into one set of rows
Detecting many-to-many relationship changes in CoreData
Effect of virtual keyword with a function in the *derived* class on performance
Some way to access Facebook page data with PHP or JS
WiX minor upgrade doesn't remove old Shortcut
xml string to webpage
Defining dependencies for MapReduce projects and Oozie workflows
what database design should be a good approach for a user activity module
Multiple Annotations from NSMutableArray in mapkit
Multi-color TextBox C#
JavaFX 2 vs Swing for a pure Windows desktop app
Post into controller not working correctly
What else can be used instead of < or > in HTML codes?
Java Sockets : Application with both server and client on same machine
How much resources does it take to call and read from Session object in ASP.NET?
UriTemplate with period returns 404 in MVC Application
Oracle - Cannot create new FK on existing table
Treat date in MySQL as being in last 12 months regardless of the actual year stored
Specific Event for Opening Chrome
PolicyMon - How to determine the policies my application uses?
Reporting Services dynamic image source URL problems
adding python interpreters programmatically
cstring -> c++ string conversion
WPF y MVVM with two datagrid, how to change color of some rows in one of them according to condition?
Listbox with javascript action not posting values
Passing additional parameters to Google Analytics using URL link-tracking
How does jetty handle multiple requests
Ensure fields with same type across documents in a collection in mongodb
Send multiple TELNET commands in cmd
Python DOM Parser with behavior like JSON module?
鈥淕RIDWALKING鈥�Interviewstreet [closed]
How to release Bitmap, ReDraw Bitmap, and add it to PictureBox. Without leaking resources or causing much flicker
removeGestureRecognizer method
Scala Loses Generic Type of Parameter
Memory mapped registers in Python
jQuery Mobile refresh page after changePage
how to write NON ASCII data in one file with php
Need client side Web application to access local application I wrote
How to print (to paper) a nicely-formatted data frame
Script working dependent upon IE document mode
unix command to prepend text to a file
Why isn't my form validation working?
Core Text a bit smaller than NSString drawInRect:?
Rails 3.2 how to protect shared resource access across sessions
Javascript: dynamically named global variable
Unable to access Spring Security information during a servlet multipart post
How do I prevent my app from crashing unexpectedly, 鈥渇orce close鈥� when using JSON data, and handle the exception instead?
SIMD prefix sum on Intel cpu
Instantiating collection objects
php webpayments pro install.php not working
Accessing Checkboxes Values And Using Functions in PHP
Doctrine QueryBuilder and concat issues
average by row without considering the negative values
Little Database Performance Puzzle
Having trouble with undefined !== undefined
Password protected zip file in java
error while updating table
c# serial port redirection
Using the same 5060 port on Asterisk, DNS server running VM
What is the flow when the call to create a Balanced merchant account returns a non-success code?
HTML5 canvas: How to animate context?
Pass Strings through several activities
Google API : Unattended reading of calendar. How to login?
AppHarbor Custom Sub Domain
Sending data directly between phones that are not co-located
Android EditText setOnClickListener
Setting up Anonymous User Access to Directory (SVN+SSH)
How to define this variable below?
C++ MFC create IShellItem from CLSID (GUID)
Dialog that returns an Object
Devexpress GridView conditional cell formatting
Xml Xsd Validation Fails (xs:anyType)
shortterm storage of user selection from form to controller
Android: Facebook User Revoke Permission, Won't Authorize
Testing Methods with Reference to Web.Config in .Net C#
Light-box external link issue
how to access and query database in unix?
TYPO3 suggest wizard, search in substring
Why this function called in the heap can't call cout?
Creating a hash from several Java string objects
Specifying generic type information through a parameter
How can I swap out text in a text-box by using only CSS mouse related events?
How to let a user delete a group of objects in kineticjs?
ImportError - Using Python Packages at the same level
Deployed binaries getting locked during SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 publishing
Redo Undo drawing Canvas WP7
How to increase a CSS value by the value of a JS variable?
Static function in template class
Querying values from a Map Property in a Grails Domain Class
鈥淐ould not load file or assembly鈥︹� DotNetOpenAuth + MVC3
Symfony2 Ajax and Jquery
Text view text is disappeared by scrolling the table view
Add where clause argument if variable is set
Have a col layout become a row layout once it drops below a min-width
php to pdf conversion [closed]
Error with apn_on_rails Multiple Apps
FluentNHibernate - How to map without any Identity field
Male/Female Classification with Matlab- About Finding Mean Image
How do you get an Android app to automatically run after download and installation?
What's wrong in my sorting method (AJAX, PHP&MySQL)
After using .height() on parent div, child elements that change heights no longer effect the parent's height, why?
HP Fortify UI customization
Give not logged in users a role as 'Guest'
Outlook handling of quoted url parameters in mailto link
Rails persisted locale
Multiple messages per poll in wsDualHttpBinding
Unable to figure out the bug with javascript form validation
Destroy an Intent?
Modified variable variables
Autogenerate Jquery Autocomplete in CRUD grails scaffolding (one-to-many relationships)
Autogenerate Jquery Autocomplete in CRUD grails scaffolding (one-to-many relationships)
Cordova Custom Plugin Structure w/o Callbacks?
javascript script works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer < 9, but not in IE 9
Alternative to JMF
Backbone Mixins reference to instance
getting metadata on multiple files in the box api 2.0
getEntity with GenericType
detect gps disabled
Selenium - using testng for webdriver test script
listview dynamic buttons
Why isn't my script returning a value to my ajax function?
Temporary storage of long string data
I can't generate rails project, Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError: Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Operation timed out - connect(2)
Website not zoomed in properly in Iphone
W3C/PhoneGap FileReader - how to use?
How to fit GIF file to screen size in android
Is it possible to get the current date in sharepoint 2010?
ByRef not working in VBA with value type from a class
Timeout a function in PHP
Forwarding an event in Javascript
Counting arithmetic average values from span tags
Javascript collapsable div not working?
Cannot refer to non-final variable and Timer
Show overflow:hidden DIVS on click
Is it possible to use JUNG/Graphviz Layout-/Arrange-functions within a GEF / GMF Project?
Finding elements in a numpy array with multiple criteria
Does has_one through not provide a `create_child` method?
SQL Select: multiple customers have muliple order lines. list each customer and true false whether certain lines ordered
LocalStorage error - Value does not fall within the expected range
3rd Party Service indicating Android device's support for HDMI / MHL?
Using Threads with Google Places API
In need of an example of RpcDispatcher for remote method invocation
change the class of in jquery
Importing and storing URLs to images in Sql database - advice needed
What's the simplest way to execute a method with administrator privileges?
Setting context of a spinner control in Android
double free*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug in ARC
function for deleting a comma separated value from a column in database using php
Running Shell script written in linux on windows OS
JDBC vs psql interval rendering differences
nested links overlaying
Random Related Products Static Magento Page
Fast to compile efficient sort algorithm (for JIT compilation)
Is there a reason to use a instead of a:link or a:visited in my stylesheet?
Editable subitems within a ListView
Multiple matches of regular expressions with different strings
Refactoring XSDs and/or generating java code
MySql - What could cause FOUND_ROWS() to return an incorrect value?
Find best Ready-made Analyzer/Tokenizer/TokenFilters for Solr that divide input string
GPS location display using my own map鈥ot Google Maps
Drawing 3D text using LWJGL
Can command jobs with a box have start_times?
Installing newest software (guava/acceleo)
Extended classes in java, how bulky are they?
Can the width of a WinForm automatically adjust to the total width of a DataGridView?
How do I get logger to work in IRB?
break; C++: which loop is it actually breaking
New intent,application restarts
VS unit test with a long list of inputs
C# official MongoDB driver code for updating(replacing) inner array in document in MongoDB
Ajax reports back a '1' for IE
PHP script with Smarty template and custom modifier dies silently
HTMLBody refuses to output the font size I specify, always ends up a different size
The stream size in GZip footer does not match the real stream size
Using Dribbble API with PHP
How to add search in list with detail cards? (Sencha Touch 2)
Eclipse spell checker for variable and method names
MVC3 - using template multiple times on same view
Best way to post data to a WCF Service
FB Comments never stops loading
Gridview doesn't update in asp.net
How do I make tastypie accept a JSONField?
UINavigationBar apperance error on device ONLY
How do I compare the value of select dropdown option with a div class to toggle this for visibility?
jQuery UI Slider: no pre-selection desired
Funny multiple threads accessing public int from c# simple loop
How to stop xss in JSON result in ASP.Net MVC 4
Primitive and Non Primitive types getters/setters and initialization
Small resource storage database for embedded project
Parse file to a struct array in Matlab
In a DOM, how to find the right-most element that is left of a given element and matches criteria using lxml or xpath
Understanding, jquery-ui-autocomplete, does someone could try to explain me this code please?
PHP - how to put an banner between 4 items from my database
Large scale deployment of a .net mono app on Linux/Ubuntu
Does EF 5 Beta 2 support table-valued parameters?
Change CGImageDestination dpi
Regular expression for specific characters
Jquery ajax JSON don't work on my webserver with my pages
C++/CLI: Queue of member function pointers
Java UTF-16LE Weird Error That Stumped My Professor
Multithreaded application performance
SSO between App on android
VB.NET Checkboxes checking
MySql subselects and counts based on counts
Deleted some GAC .dll files and problems with SQL
RenderMan incident vector inconsistencies
How to sort by created_at column of association in rails?
JPA: 鈥淐olumn not found鈥�although JPA created the table
Schedule a snapshot of a MySQL Table
append to end of visible line with wrapped vim
Remove XML Child Node
How to change URL from 鈥渇oo.boo.edu/someone/someone.htm鈥�to 鈥渇oo.boo.edu/~someone鈥� [closed]
Is there any way to convert text file to LaTEX using perl? [closed]
ASP.NET MVC3 How to use roles to hide delete links from non-admin users?
selecting an entire row based on a variable excel vba
Zend Framework - Validating contents of upload (secondary validation)
Input Mask from the console
SQL: How To Append Semi-Colon To Column Value.
Search a specific word and copy line to another Sheet
Android emulator Internet connection
Moved to Spring 3.1.1 from Spring 3.0.5 now my App does not work
Jquery UI tabe not working with JScrollPane after the window is resized
Array() and Array.prototype usage
How to create popup boxes next to the links when mouse over them?
Need to use EF 4.1 when default is EF 4.3.1
What can cause D3D11CreateDevice() to fail with E_FAIL?
base64 image and html.fromhtml android
Java - generating conditions from string
Simple logon script
How to bind a vb.net ComboBox to related tables
Creating complex infinity with std::complex<T> in C++
Find and Remove Repeated Substrings
Effeciently match optional characters that must be insequence
Remove string from string jquery
Hook into Rails' I18n
inserting values of dynamically added form elements into mysql database
Better way to create dictionary keys
Using defined constants to create objects
Need help converting date in format 20120130 to Date data type oracle sql
Control to record user hotkeys in a OSX application
wordpress => displaying contents in visual editor as stored in database without adding / removing br or p
Live Detect iframe page onload
Java compare two map
Objective C - Sort Numbers From An Array While Maintaining Old Indexes [duplicate]
How to trigger jQuery in a reactive Environment?
File name expansion in vim when using set option=value
Increment integer by 1; every 1 second
Horizontal scrollbar issue
How to link static glibc in your makefile
calling instance action from terminal
32bit COM dlls on 64bit machine
Jquery button press
cross-platform javascript namespacing
Relational loops in SQL database design
SEO friendly urls for multi language site
jqplot format tooltip values
Can I somehow put SVN authorization data in some directory specific config file that many people can share?
ArrayAdapter<MyClass> attaching to a View
How to set the style of a cell in asp:DataGrid?
Salesforce API Requests number keeps increasing
Salesforce API Requests number keeps increasing
Thread pool pattern in TBB and other libraries
any way to make my webbrick server run faster?
Illegal characters in path when loading a string with XDocument
how to to print a bill (small size pages) in a AIR application
Cloning C++ class with pure virtual methods
Cross-Platform C++ Parser Library
New to Java: Is there a better way to write this simple code [closed]
Using Hostname with a Page Level Custom Variable
How can I route based on the value of the HTTP Accept header?
Reaching an appropriate balance between performance and scalability in a large database
Stacking pseudo-class syntax?
Transcoding Mp4 video on Android with FFMPEG
NETWORK SERVICE user and joomla, file/folders not writable, Windows 2008 IIS7
Microsoft business intelligence platform vs QlikView
How to use an editor template with a default object instance
JSTL <c:remove not recognized
Directly Print pdf in client side without viewing it
Intercept an HTTP request at browser end to alter some html content
Display netCDF files to Google Maps
When should I use @classmethod and when def method(self)?
date format in a grid ext 4.1
Can't get <canvas> in a <table> to shrink in width
How to findViewById form another XML file?
sending a complex shell command to python subprocess
redirectmatch changes post to get
test a boolean expression in a Python string
Maya/Python Assistance! Anyone familiar with Maya API?
Grep and replace form content
Java out of Memory heap error when calculating shortest paths to all nodes through Dijkstra's algorithm from every node as source
Hiding dynamic div tag, containing dynamic input buttons
Paste multiple formatted cells into excel 12
How to display Salesforce Validation Rule error messages at once via the API
ORACLE 11g UTL_SMTP and 鈥淩eply To鈥�/ 鈥淥n Behalf Of鈥�
Knockout - Cancel a Change Event?
How to have GROUP BY and COUNT include zero sums?
Multiple variable in propel create-query
Get common keys and common values of two dictionaries
Wrong validations messages are triggered when validating input text field knockout validation plugin
Writing current time to SVG document
WCF -Stream.Read - Bug?
Get browser to redirect window from modalized content
Ticking background when the 2nd level UL slides down
Too many open files in system
Append two hexadecimal long values in Java or C
HeaderFooter In Itext pdf generation jar
jQuery JavaScript Library v1.4.2 in IE9 dies on first call
cin >> i error in input with symbol +
Chromium Web Browser: 鈥淭here has been an error: could not prepare statement (1 table items has no column named due_date)鈥�
Displaying a text on a view
Append two hexadecimal long values in Java or C
HeaderFooter In Itext pdf generation jar
jQuery JavaScript Library v1.4.2 in IE9 dies on first call
cin >> i error in input with symbol +
Chromium Web Browser: 鈥淭here has been an error: could not prepare statement (1 table items has no column named due_date)鈥�
Displaying a text on a view
Algorithm to store text file (with 25% of repeated words) in JavaScript
any generalized functions for fadeIn fadeOut?
Facebook Comments via Javascript
Java - Interface Methods
Detecting ASP form submit no longer works
How to attract maps when it zooms
boost::interprocess memory size
PropertyChangeSupport leaks this reference
C# Application Restart does not call program Main()
PHP closure as an optional function argument
RabbitMQ / Pika - guaranteeing that messages are received in the order created?
Trigger javascript function through PHP
K2 Joomla Wrong Urls in item comments
Create DOM element from jQuery selector
VB.NET: convert text with single quote to upload to Oralce DB
Adding constraints for fmincon function in matlab
Legitimate uses of Object(o)
MixMonitor - How to use lame to convert and then remove the source file?
Access to grouping variable from within d_ply
How to print serial number to Crystal Reports - WPF C# [closed]
Python graphing of time series
Does private variables have the same access as package/default/no modifier variables in private classes?