MySQL reporting engine like excel pivot tables or SQL reporting manager [closed]
How do I find a particular sub directory using Ant and then use it to create a symlink?
Qt multiple webview handling with single slot
Can't return a value from a VBA function
R - preserve order when using matching operators (%in%)
Render specific model id?
Is it possible to update screen and wait for user input at the same time with PHP?
What is the best way to set AutoDeployment for Dot Net Nuke Web Site in TFS
Facebook Application Authentication Using the PHP SDK
VBA data transfer macro
After pipes, how to overwrite the original file? why does it work some some platform and doesnt in others?
C# Cache of Object is quoting strings
Dynamic Depending Lists in Separated WorkSheets in VBA
Current date + 2 months
Output All Edges of iGraph in R to XML
jQuery - function runs fine when fired on div click, but not on page load
GLUT Open Frameworks anti aliasing in Ubuntu Linux
Rails: start script on server and then 鈥渓eave鈥�
How are the 'talking heads' flash animations created? [closed]
How can I use greasemonkey and javascript to change the colour of every letter on a page to a randomly selected one?
Cross Domain post Javascript
sed time and http request from access logs
Getting a still image from the video output on the iphone?
Percentage based padding is breaking my layout
Windows API to get Cursor details such current orientation
APK Takes long time to start in the first time
jQuery simple slider is not looping
MFMailComposeViewController customize send button
UIScrollView not respecting minimumZoomScale after changing the subview
How to add 4 hours to a formated date/time
C++ Heap Corruption: Local heap variable causing issues (Solved)
How to assign a hexadecimal value to an unsigned char variable in a C program [closed]
Decrypting a string in ColdFusion encrypted with 3DES in .NET
Capistrano and Carrierwave
Standards for infrastructure in cgi-bin directory
Error 533 in Active Directory LDAP
Redirection to a pipe(fifo) in shell(bash) ,can interrupted by trap:Interrupted system call. An odd, but why?
In multimodule maven project, how to prevent error if a plugin is not defined for every submodule?
NullReferenceException on OpenSkeletonFrame
.NET Image.Save method produces non - reproducible results on Windows 64 bit
Removing index.php from middle of URL using Ionics/ IIS6
Error with file upload in jersey
Finding position of all needles in haystack
Android JSON Unterminated string at character
Odd behaviour on left join query [closed]
android app disk usage
Configure sessionFactory in hibernate in standalone application
Manipulating var from father in child process
Blocking files in robots.txt with [possibly] more than one file extension
How to define an interface method to accept a class or any of its subclasses in Java?
Twitter Bootstrap datetimepicker days vertical - LESS Import?
Fluent NHibernate automap reference key
How to make a window pop up from a link using javascript
Dynamically added ASP.NET controls not being stored in ViewState
scoll in select option disabled after using jqtransform
JSF Action Method not being called
Android GUI XML vs Code
Customizing Author name/look of app.manifest for UAC Prompt
Refreshing UpdatePanel after click event of a Button inside a modalpopup inside a UserControl
Seeking an elegant solution to the conversion of XML to an HTML tree view using XSLT
How do I set a custom ETag value in a Rails controller response?
ASP.NET MVC - Create 2 Urls to the same Controller and action
How do I define custom function to be called from IPython's prompts?
Select alphabetically 鈥渘earest鈥�option from a dropdown
How can I use a resource .txt file with IO.StreamReader?
Do WCF Callbacks TimeOut
QMainWindow does not regain focus after QDialog is closed
UIWebView with absolute path reference to CSS
SimplePager wrong display of elements count
run command only at the first occurrence of the window resize
Umbraco 5 - Move Servers [closed]
How do I overload shared methods on non-instance types using extensions?
convert Facebook.JsonObject into my model
Schemacrawler ignore schema that can't be accessed
nginX matching path after host
jQueryUI inline DatePicker doesn't work until after I change month
Image comparison Result image registration. Normalized cross correlation Opencv
dynamically add options to a dropdown list that gets values from mysql database
WM_EX_TRANSPARENT doesn't repaint child windows
Suitable method to implement caching in
Two Table grid in One form
query oracle database for availability
Form input names shown as undefined index when trying to post
How to display multiple values in a single number field for an action on the timeline?
SDL x and y movement
JTextField: How to limit the number of charaters?
Send input to all clients SocketServer Android
Weird horizontal and vertical lines in google chrome
Magento, Fatal error, 'Call to 鈥�getAllOptions() on a non-object 鈥�Core Model Cache.php'
Parsing XmlDocument with Variable Parent Tags
How to test a protected method?
Why is Maven generating this error: 鈥溾�is not supported in -source 1.5鈥�
javascript, dynamic id for table:how to recognize?
Session Variables in IE
mootools, addthis and IE9 = errors
jqGrid Advanced Filter - perform custom filter
Unit test which verifies only a few elements
On pressing a link to display a javascript alert box
Hbase shell: Value is cutted
Opa : howo to manipulate stringmap (and other map)
How do I connect to Oracle 10 from pyodbc?
Polymorphism vs. division of responsibilities: how to avoid 'switching on type'
Rubywarrior Level 4 (cleaning up my code help)
How to create a MonoTouch binding from a .framework
Is it possible to get tax values for each item in a Virtuemart order?
How do you preserve cell formatting when removing a hyperlink with Excel VBA?
Base 64 encode a username that contains an email address鈥�java
jQuery TableSorter difficult sort not working
Reusing a variable name as for loop index doesn't produce the error I expect
Can I use OpenFrameworks on OS X without having to use XCode?
Does this networking library work on iOS?
Why am I getting 鈥淐ontrol does not support transparent background colors鈥�
How to create SharePoint 2010 Installer/MSI
Does LLVM support IEEE-694?
Access violation on clearing qt scene
Custom Menu Link Descriptions
Why does this JavaScript cause a page to open in a tab for Chrome
Java library for massive sequential write to files
Occasional Stutter/Lag in game loop from lockCanvas method
Facebook credits and VAT
Check the output of a command in shell script
What is an example of JSF 鈥淣o Query Data鈥�short-circuit from Restore View to Render Response
how to solve many infinite animations cross over the screen at the same time?
Linking Controller behaviour in MVC 3
Content rating control is always hidden
Open a Sqlite db in a webview
Is it possible to link to image in supersized slideshow from an external page?
Library for drawing Japanese calligraphy
How can you emulate a Solr 鈥渕ore like this query鈥�with Postgresql full text search?
PHP & MySQL - Compare IPs that are stored
Matrix allocation in one line
Issue with AspectJ properties
hbase cannot find an existing table
QTP: Why is Smart Identification always invoked?
Any Way to Speed Up JAXB Marshalling?
iOS programming style - where does one normally expect @synthesize statements?
Why does IContainer.IsRegistered(Type serviceType) add registrations?
Databinding a combobox of types and overriding their display string
Access a Zend application from another computer in the LAN (working with LAMP)
Setting up SQL database schema
Objective c - NSMutableSet unique object property
Why are '#' s in my extension not being dialed in Android?
encounter 鈥渦nary operator expected鈥�in bash script
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Int32]' to type 'crmWebService.ArrayOfInt'
SetRequestedOrientation does not exist when upgrading to Mono for Android 4.2
I have a grid with a border around it how do I paint the inside of the grid?
Drupal Views Nivo Slider 鈥渦ndifined offset error鈥�
No such file or directory, but the files are there
Program code in Python not working 鈥渘ot in鈥�statement
ignore null values during dense_rank query
Create/Initialize new object using variables
bash split string into array
Find duplicates in google site map
Output from array with animations/delay
Capturing the image view count on click while using jquery fancybox
Multilanguage application and .string file
How to use MapWritable with SequenceFile? Hadoop
Consuming a web service with usernametoken profile with pwd digest
Launching BlackBerry App from BlackBerry WebWorks App
display a caption over an image using CSS and JQUERY
Checking for missing dependencies without installing an RPM
Setting a property of type T using a variable of type T', and handling the conversion in the setter?
How to initialize mongodb before unit-testing for javascript code?
Ofstream not writing to file C++
WinDbg to create dump file upon crash?
Issue reading dropdown box text
Do you have to re-archive your project after adding devices to the provisioning profile?
buttons wont add to view
Datamapper type for char (aka character) field type
Dynamic global replacement with line numbers, emacs
Datamapper type for char (aka character) field type
Dynamic global replacement with line numbers, emacs
How do I add a new directory via DNN skin installation?
Weird unserializing of json array in Spring controller
How to create a simultaneous connection between a server and a client on the same network in Java?
How do I update chart cached data in Excel
VB.Net HTTPWebRequest Login 403 Error
Massive performance loss when writing data
JSON Serialization of pojos with child objects
KNX and KNXnet/IP implementation in Python
Valgrind does not report memory leak on 鈥渄elete array鈥�
Is checking LEN and ISNULL useful in addition to ISDATE?
how to assign value for id attribute of image tag in visualforce page?
Is threadpools okay for production? If not, is there any alternative libraries?
load fixtures into multiple databases in django
UTF-8 Characters in XMLHttpRequest are corrupted
Haystack searching multiple fields
How to Parse XML data to a PHP variable
Hosting existing node.js apps on Windows Azure
Soft Brush for Paint App? adding database from textbox and dropdownlist
Azure - what is the purpose of applicationName in Azure Caching?
mySQL select IN range
Yahoo cdn confidence + YUI
Rails rendering fields_for for a model that multiple has_many relationships
Implementing 3 stacks using 1 array, will this code work?
Modifying a private object property of a managed bean accessed as a managed property from another managed bean
Wordpress MU (WPMU) / Multi Site - Sometimes images isn't showing
Android is Parcelable data available after garbage collection?
Read JSON from URL
(php) Getting additional input after initial form?
AVCaptureVideoDataOutput issue in IOS 5
Is there an easier way to truncate a string with PHP regex?
how to add maxlength for TextAreaFor in View using razor engine
Store an image file in IndexedDB
Carriage return 鈥�0A鈥�in ActiveMQ/Camel message raise an exception
Try catch statements in C
upcasting in actionscript 3
Passing query as string to elasticsearch using Mpdreamz/NEST
How to keep Dialog visible in android?
TYPO3: Compare two timestamps in Fluid-if
How to add mvc site to iis7
how how to measure the inner kernel time in NVIDIA CUDA?
Call intel assembly 鈥渇unctions鈥�defined in a java generated assembly file
Placing a method in a timer to slow it down for Emotiv Epoc
why pthread_cond_wait in bionic C is not atomic?
ServiceBus.dll vs .NET 4 Framework client profile
Linux command for percentage of memory that is free [closed]
soap:address and http:address
ui:repeat inside ui:repeat
Handling subset of objects
Form reload in EXTJS4
JTextPane: How to set the font size
How do I choose NSThread over NSTimer?
How to get a list of files from within a folder structure
Delay loading an external swf on website first load (GAIA)
ComboBox On DataRepeater Control Shares Selected Index
SQLAlchemy IntegrityError and bulk data imports
Is static init thread-safe with VC2010?
iOS client for Restlets
Is there a callback/delegate to tell that the device is back to be connected (to carrier service or wifi) after offline?
Configuring Jekyll for github PROJECT pages
url rewriting in in datalist
How to you get server information in HTTP response header for Apache Tomcat
Alternative to SQL Server Management Studio 鈥淰iew Dependencies鈥�
Load file from same directory as jar-file
Sync JS time between multiple devices
Loader gif implement
sending email in CodeIgniter through gmail
register_shutdown_function() and die()
CLLocationManager - Custom location manager in iPhone application
Is it possible to dynamically change namespace to ServiceContract during runtime?
Save multiple form
nsfilemanager attributesOfItemAtPath returns just a generic filetype
Execlp call bash without TTY
<adlcp:prerequisites> element in SCORM 1.2
Advanced Android Animation - Scale: Moving near by Views
How do you find who merged a git commit into a branch?
Datastore entity key collision
NER naive algorithm
C add strtok to char*
How to automatically create a missing folder?
Extending an existing regex to drop punctuation after URL links
How do I create a file-scope class in objective-c?
display a javascript message before proceeding
Buddypress - Post visibility related to group
UITabBar identifying portrait or landscape orientation
How do I format the checkbox using C#?
possible to lock device even for root?
How to discover last related commit based on blob/tree hash?
Drupal 6 responsive Zen sub theme?
L2TP/PPTP protocol implementation for an Android application
Linux reboot function called in C program causes file loss created by the program on disk
groovy script classpath
Add/Edit operations for objects with dynamic properties
A record in my lightswitch is refusing to be deleted
com.facebook.katana.ProxyAuth throwing error called from single instance activity
Google chrome. Send message from url notification window to page
error LNK: unresolved external symbol, resulting from virtual functions
[MATLAB]How can I use 'Data Acquisition Toolbox' for real-time recording of speech? [duplicate]
i can't understand the following error
Preventing Msi external file from being compressed and included into burn bootstrapper
Why isn't my textarea's placeholder showing up?
Dismiss one modalView and one pushView successively
Own WinForms Control Flickers and Has Bad Performance
Python - Win32Com - How to extract hyperlink from Excel spreadsheet cell?
Is there any logging in ReSharper to find why the test is inconclusive?
Trouble with a jqueryui accordion tied to knockoutjs inside a jqueryui modal dialog
Each word divided on character in array
LWJGL Collision Detection flaw
JavaScript For Loop work hows?
Placement new behaviour equivalent
Something wrong in my Python script/Powershell usage?
Absolute position inside relative position, element goes over parent's width?
WinForms TableLayoutPanel ComboBox not resizing properly
accessing session data
How to store really large string/character array?
Linking boost to shared library with CMake on Linux
Precedence for pointing to operator [closed]
distutils - how to get extension and python modules in same module?
Export Java project from Eclipse as JAR with additional referenced jars
Error while writing a file using internal storage in android
Core Graphics, Draw shadow around rounded rectangle Path
Weird C fprintf format notation
add a NSArray to NSMutableArray
Unable to run Mahout 20newsgroups example under Cygwin
Cannot update repository Windows Azure
Click on button changes ID value on the button, click on the new ID changes back to original ID with Jquery
Android: Does static link to Activity always leads to Memory Leak?
Bounding Box using c in opencv
Winforms.Reportviewer.XMLSerializers is missing鈥�But why does my app need it?
Change the background color in a twitter bootstrap modal?
How do you edit existing text (and move the cursor around) in the terminal?
performance issue : big numpy array and system call
Issue with Flex mobile project - bug?
Setting a UIImage to a UIBarButton item
Something with javascript possibly connected with locale
CCTransitionPageTurn on iPad 3 not working properly in Retina mode
C# - Component reference - Dispacher.CheckAccess()
adding class on a random list item
How can I examine the whole source tree with an annotation processor?
Generate a nested CRUD form
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.log4j.Level
Negating POS-tagged sentence only AFTER negating word
Will this dialog leak memory?
Qt translation file (qm) info
How do a add a dojo chart to a dojo surface
bug in CF ORM inherit?
How to make an Instant Shorten link for a url shortener
Java Syntax of SomeClass.class
Negating POS-tagged sentence only AFTER negating word
Will this dialog leak memory?
Qt translation file (qm) info
How do a add a dojo chart to a dojo surface
bug in CF ORM inherit?
How to make an Instant Shorten link for a url shortener
Java Syntax of SomeClass.class
Using vector as range in for-loop In Matlab
Program Counter changes
Ruby on Rails jquery ajax validation
nginx echo like apache
Rails 3 testing framework confusion
Implementing JSTL 1.2.1 in a Servlet 3.0 container on Tomcat 7
Netty Proxy delayed response
How can I deploy a single package from SQL Server Data Tools in SSIS 2012?
Downloading from Google Docs using an Uri containing access_token
RabbitMQ messaging - initializing consumer
How To Get 鈥淔ind Usages鈥�working with implicit operator methods?
numerical values of the column of a matrix getting modified when converting into data.frame
Android ViewPager - How to add buttons to the pages?
Passing file name as a command line argument to Octave script
resetValue in custom UIInput Composite Component not working
Changing the cache time in jquery
How to prevent IOS concurrent NSOperation from running on main thread
Accessing swing components created in method
JQuery HTTPGet and Page Refresh on ASP.NET
How to implement a permissions system that varies according to the values a user is attempting to save?
LoadCompleted Not Firing in WPF WebBrowser Control
Get Total Input Path Count in Hadoop Mapper
Using TFS Power Tool to send email to Any person who get assigned a new Work Item
How to synthetize custom uid in Plone / LDAP
How to make a JSON Curl request to an api url, getting null
jQuery isotope positioning
How do I completely nuke a file from a git repo?
Doesn't ARC eliminate the need for properties in Objective-C? [duplicate]
Update table data from another table
Android IO Exception when trying to execute a process
python cricket game
Google Apps Script Triggers: Your quota of triggers has been exceeded
Widget kit not working for joomla 1. 7
I need help to use the android cam and to understand the logcat
Processing data by stored procedure after uploading data by sql*loader
nsarray from plist can't return key values
Team Explorer 2008 won't install on Win 7 64 Bit with VS2008
Python 3.X Playing with the internet
uninitialized constant Spree::User::DestroyWithOrdersError
Slice 3TB log file with sed, awk & xargs?
Image control in WPF Stretches Image When Stretch Set to None
Assetic: Writer do not generate all files on debug mode
sencha touch 2 html5 canvas drawimage blu image resolution
How to access multiple properties of a javascript object?
List key git commits between revision A and B
spring httpinvokerserviceexporter must the client be on same framework?
MySQL indexes creation strategy and inner logic
AndroidAnnotations and Unit Testing
How to define inheritance type in hibernate if you can't modify de parent class
One DbContext per web request鈥�why?
Creating a Facebook App
Using ORDER BY on a multiple LEFT JOIN query
JSONArray and encoded image on Android tablet
ggplot2 free the margins constrain the rest
try and catch javascript unexpected identifier
plot Planetary Boundary layer height [closed]
Marshall null values with JAXB
How do I check if a template parameter is a power of two?
rake db:migrate YAML parser error
SDL Tridion TOM.NET documentation
JQuery Slider Radio Button Not Appearing
Django: collecting users, objects activity stream
global variable declaration with extern
how to force insert statement to run without inserting any records in values clause
What does the 'native buffer' mean in JVM?
Purposfully timeout a PHP script
How to display message and retrieve filename using DOM?
Killing python ffmpeg subprocess breaks cli output
Confusion regarding detailed working of compilation and execution stage in .net framework
Ajax response issues
Weblogic Multipool Configuration
Running TestNG test sequentially with time-gap
The difference between cin.ignore and cin.sync
Coldfusion regular expression to get everything inside a bracket
Razor Views with inline <scripts>
Android:HorizontalScrollView wrap its child?
Session becomes null
implicit operator from a system class to a custom class
How to Dismiss presentModalViewController controller in iOS5
Indoor Positioning System for Windows Phone 7
Horizontal scrolling on window re-size
Connect the same signal from several widgets to the same function in PyQt?
AES encryption output length
Cakephp Short Codes Dynamically Call Function And Elements
best_in_place is not a function error in Rails 3.2.1
Elmah.axd - getting error 404 on both IIS Express and IIS
Receiving an Error with the Opencv Library for IOS
Google Maps API v3 to Open Street Map
iOS - app store version behaving differently to locally installed version [duplicate]
Sending websocket ping/pong frame from browser
Get System process module filenames
Get CurrentMethodName in javascript [duplicate]
Python how to replace backslash with re.sub()
Google Maps API v3 to Open Street Map
iOS - app store version behaving differently to locally installed version [duplicate]
Sending websocket ping/pong frame from browser
Get System process module filenames
Get CurrentMethodName in javascript [duplicate]
Python how to replace backslash with re.sub()
How do i link between notification to a folder?
iphone search form parameters request and response?
Error lists that are quite similar, concerning Missing assembly reference
How to fill an array asynchronously in a sorted way in Java?
Ajax Button Disable
Separate application from Forum?
Java executes 'catch' block with no error, and somehow still runs 'try' block
Formatting checkbox?
sysuptime in snmp
django, how to redirect to a specific page based on user role using auth_login
multiple join and set in mysql
The application still in ram after using it and take more-2 space each time i play the app?
where does Apple's iOS AVCAM sample app put the output files?
Need to Find and Count given variable in Javascript Array [closed]
cannot get decorator pattern to work Role isn't working as it should
kohana won't display errors, gives blank page
casting column from csv as date powershell
ClientProtocolException - Android - php
APNS sandbox Connection failed error '0' in php file?
SharePoint 2010 deploying visual web part via a feature
Issue while using Android Contact API
Custom ruleset for phpcs using PHPStorm
MySQL PHP Query Invalid - Can't find column
Windows mobile look on Windows CE 5
Ignore header and footer lines when reading a text file
MVC DDD EF Complex Child Object Traversal
Launch an executable from the same dir as a Qt app when white spaces in path
Name 'Order' is not defined
The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted (IE only)
How to work out time elapsed from this datetime stamp and return it in either minutes, hours or days as appropriate
Codeigniter organizing controllers structure
how to use sqllite db in visual basic 2010?
some questions about search order of GCC linker
new to profiling allocations in xcode
mysql commit and transaction
QT: UIC command line tool and the -tr parameter
How to put javascript with JSTL tags in it in a separate file?
conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type error with EF Code first?
How to generate a pop up in google maps info box?
Why is everybody using Node.js and NPM for compiling JavaScript libraries? [closed]
Java library for comparing WSDL elements syntactically
GNU ARM toolchain with hardware floating point support
Dual x-axis on same line with Highcharts. Possible?
Curlpp, incomplete data from request
How can I get images drawn with drawImage to be included when using toDataURL?
Router (Proxy) with NodeJS?
turn folder into a zip file
Tracking list on elements on canvas (tkinter)
Android Find out what view is present
OrmLite with nested select queries
Django and Ajax Push Engine (APE): Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL
Using MadBee android bridge to get list of connected devices
EWS SOAP message
dos batchfile to zip folders based on timespan
How to read frames from a core dump (without GDB)?
What does 鈥�>鈥�means in PHP [duplicate]
how to use background-size: cover and background-position in CSS3 ?
IIS 7.5 IP Address Restrictions Not Working
SQL response type
GAE CloudSQL with MySQL access denied
Local pointer to shared memory in CUDA
Eclipse reported 鈥淔ailed to load JNI shared library鈥�[duplicate]
trim mixed content to max number of characters with xslt
How to call Scala's HashMap.toArray() from Java?
Query that runs cannot be saved as a view
iphone: How to show different image for every pin point on MapKit?
perl merge output and stderr and filter lines in windows
I'm trying to connect mysql through JDBC on mac osx
Jquery this selector by using string [closed]
Specific .htaccess redirect based on query_string
How to know the usage of user defined default constructor and user defined parametrised constructor java
Hibernate and graph design, which way to go?
iPhone iOS how to add linear gradient to a UIButton under the button's text or image?
Should I use load or require in IRB?
Is it possible to stop requireJS from adding the .js file extension automatically?
WCF queue behavior for MaxConcurrentCalls
Resolving version conflict between java and javac on Ubuntu
Monitoring multiple folders in one 'syncFolderItems' operation?
Reading data with TIdUDPServer
How to create effective 鈥渟elect all鈥�checkbox in JSF
Client side LESS isn't using the styles I write
Load MKMapView in background and create UIImage from it (iPhone & iPad)
Need to delete files (images) from webserver if corresponding record in table does not exist (php/mysql)
How to redraw or refresh in OnRender?
Playing card flip animation
directshow filter conncetion fails for X264vfw avc codec to GDCL Mpeg4 Multiplexer
How do you create a new user with admin permissions in ADS?
Rationale for C++'s std map insert semantics?
PHP: Is addslashes() also valid for echo-ed HTML/JS strings?
UIImageView startAnimating blocking main thread even in NSOperation
Displaying Specific Magento Categories From Category ID
Difference between a 鈥減ublic鈥�class and an unmodified class? [duplicate]
in WPF DataGrid how to force lost focus (and thereby commit) of a datagrid row when rightclicking outside it
Comparing boolean values
Parse a HTML String with JS
Rails: devise route generating an error
XPath matching leaf nodes
Image Size Best Practices for Mobile Application
Render a hyperlink in a email template
jQuery - get pixel width of option in a select list?
Testing connection to HDFS
ZSH complains about RVM __rvm_cleanse_variables: function definition file not found
Rollups into an inner join, and summarizing data
R: loop over columns in data.table
What's the advantage of SMT-solver over CSP-solver in constraint solving?
Select criteria not working in Crystal Reports and Visual Studio 2010
Apache Camel: who takes care of sending out HTTP messages?
Trying to install DB_File in Strawberry Perl following instructions
Dynamic XML from a template and hash tree in PHP
Bootstrap popover is not working in Chrome
How can I create a regex that will match several similar strings?
Http Analyzer plugin for Eclipse
UITableView sectioned by letter like in contacts list
black window with android emulator
PostgreSQL Database Browser for Rails 3.2 app - Induction App instead of SQLite Database Browser
mcrypt warning but still decrypts data
Using the Google+ API with xCode/iOS (ARC)
Stop this script from reseting everytime page is reloaded
VBA convert all cells in column to type text
How to deploy the war in remote Weblogic server with eclipse.
Doubles, commas and dots
Invalidate Output Cache if there is an exception on the page
QKeyEvent: finding originating widget?
Selecting with UNION but limiting every subquery and receiving distinct values
UmbrellaException caused by NullPointerException
Force download file with jquery and server side function call
Page Templates from Custom Location
Understanding Xcode's Copy Headers phase
Is there a way to append files to the already existing files list? javascript file api
Java EE declarative security, acquiring reference to a secured bean from application client
join omitting output lines when input sorted numerically
Phonegap Relational Database
SQL import/export
Is there an elegant way to searching an associative array In JavaScript?
Expandable ListView with custom adapter
What are these mysterious borders in a TTableViewCell?
How to create several rows on JSF Datatable
Yii , saving an image from $_FILES , but without using models
Why do non-ASCII characters get mangled when my shell script is run from cron?
DIV with overflow size - take maximum available space
How to remove conditions from AR::Relation?
For internal Winform applications why not just use a fileshare to deploy code instead of clickonce?
Sort an array based on members of another array in C++
std::wstring causes memory access violation (0xC0000005: Access Violation)
Foreach Loop Nesting Isn't Working
Ada tasks: pointers in task entries
actionscript 3 key release stop sound
Migrating a database to the Cloud
CVDisplayLink alternative for Windows?
PHP extra character in json_decode
Problems with ruby version when bundle install
Running an Azure role in multiple regions?
Count all elements in list of arbitrary nested list without recursion
How to serialize a jquery object like a drop down list in a cookie
WPF control name with . in it.
Autocomplete from php source file requerying source page rather than call PHP Source file
Websharper and VS 2010 shell
Canonize / normalize an URL in Python
jquery - why does not :checkbox:checked validation not work
Creating rules for a code field if that field is not disabled
Hide and Prepopulate Field in ASP.NET CreateUserWizard Control?
My PostGIS database looks fine but GeoDjango thinks otherwise鈥�why?
Multiple Polygons on Google Maps - not working - joining up
How to force the Visual Studio MSI Package to overwrite an updated file?
Rails Engine RouteProxy outside View and Controller
Apache 2.2: 鈥淐lient denied by server configuration鈥�- .htaccess password protection
JCR / Jackrabit / Derby - slow IO with binary data when restoring Version on Linux
pthread_cond_timedwait ignores cancellation request
Adding table cell when last cell displayed. in ios
Unexpected regex match with grep
Is it possible to call pause/play functions for youtube from a firefox extension?
Alert with pixel width of an element
Meta Description Shows Spam
progress bar for playing videos
How do I create a pre-build step for a javascript metro app in VS11?
Symfony 2 & Twig, how to access block from extension
PHP string length
How to terminate a thread in a third party library?
CakePHP 2 How to pass variables through the URL when using pagination?
In a batch file, how to find the occurrences of string in a textfile?
Telerik Chart not displaying correctly in IE
Strange syntax in javascript: 'sth'+ +new Date
getuser function return 0 at first time in browser when facebook login in php sdk suddenly
Leave parent window active when child opens
Ajax to load page changing the url
Can't attach an event for requests to Node's http-proxy
Can anyone explain Nilsson's sequence score in 8-puzzle more clearly?
js regex to clean all but digits
How to echo out the values of this array?
Caused by: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Unable to engage module : rampart
Custom ArrayAdapter in android updating the view of 1st entry only in ListActivity
Flash pull in images from directory
Ruby on Rails Authentication Devise or Authlogic
Difference between two Backbone.Router definitions
Is there any documentation about how Minix 3.2 (latest) boot?
how to group elements in xsl1.0 and 2.0?
Visiblox Charting: Ruler Behavior for calculating delta values
How to hook without using dlsym in linux
Do we need to write code to sort a gridView?
Spring 3 NamespaceHandler issues with Maven Shade plugin
Find and replace nth occurrence of [bracketed] expression in string
Python calling an executable program
div border - Collapsing to 0 height
return data from sendAsynchronousReques
Combining 2 tables- Subquery returns more than 1 row
Tool to plot thread context switch
launch newstand when my application is tapped
orbeon custom xbl component in form builder
How to implement an interactive graph (map) in Android
Calculation of refuelings (full and partly)
Edit portlet (xhtml part) without deploy
tablesorter, wont sort by date correctly
Combining JBehave with SpringJUnit4ClassRunner to enable transaction rollback
Java graph library for drawing Probability Tree Diagrams
Using custom display name when sending email through EWS
Detect Speed of Swipe with jQuery Mobile swiperight
Jquery UI datepicker restricted selection [Working days]
Extracting unique syscall names from strace output (via regex?)
How to sort Twitter friends / followers by date followed?
Using Delphi's stuct arrays and strings in C#
html5 cropping an image drawn on canvas
How to fling a HTML5 canvas element by touching it.?
Using SVN in Xcode 4 with MacOSX Lion (10.7)
How to write a <option> selected attribute in haml in a jsp page
Literal String substitution in python
Array merge and remove duplicate issue PHP
std::async uses same thread and my code does not achieve parallelism.
Setting namespaces and prefixes in a Java DOM document
How do I pass local variable value from one function to another?
Alternative to Session for a per-user variable in ASP.NET MVC
Selecting 1 record from one table and 0.n from another
How to preserve selected value in drop-down list after postback?
CodeIgniter 500 Internal Server Error in subdomain [SOLVED]
Is there a best practice for creation of stored variables within Xcode?
Mobile Jquery - Flip Effect
Focus an external window (shell) using JNA
SimpleDateFormat parse is one hour out (using RFC 1123, GMT in summer)
XPages checkboxgroup and jQuery Mobile
Convertion of multiple rows being result of a subquery to string in MySQL
XML parsing failed Blackberry
Android FragmentActivity not returning to previous
Setting up configuration settings when writing a gem
AjaxFormValidatingBehavior Performance and Lost focus on Firefox
How to use $(this).val() in JQuery Ajax beforeSend function?
Generating High Quality (or Readable) Thumbnails using Ghostscript
How to select each row into a variable in SQL Server
Grails 2.0.3 ignores nullable constraint
How to apply a function to a multidimensional array based on its indices
How to save FrameworkElement as very large raster image?
Force LI to resize width alongside its contained IMG
wpLicese Page check if ScrollBars position is max (Inno Setup)
Opening xls file and enabling save mode and save it using C#
Binding object to listview
what does FFd1 mean in VHDL Warning FF/Latch has a constant value of 0
Setters does not getting called when i use view parameters
Any memory leak (or over-instantiation of objects) when using iOS Storyboard Seque 鈥淢odel鈥�or 鈥淧ush鈥�style?
HttpURLConnection readLine() hanging on Sprint 4G network
Oracle Deadlock
PHP Type-Cast Confusion
How to revoke all Facebook permissions using Android SDK?
Array Loop - Dealing with null values in dropdown
Recognize my mime type without file extensions on iOS
Order of operations in the where
FFmpeg compile for Android (configure, make)
Mobile App UI Performance - RhoMobile Rhodes vs. PhoneGap
the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process in
Passing regexp saved value as array index
SortedSet or sorted Collection
Display LinkedHashMap in Struts 2
Can I make vim do syntax highlighting on C++ headers that don't have extensions?
Trying to get IE8 CSS float:top (I know no such thing exist)
How do I set up Netbeans to work with Play Framework 2.0 easily
I want to 鈥渟ave鈥�the model to run the validations, but not write it into the database
Cannot seem to get jQuery UI autocomplete to work
Not able connect: MySQL Connector/J gives me a weird exception
Pull notifications - is it bad to subscribe/unsuscribe repeatedly?
Apache 2.4 linker errors on windows using VS 2008
Ampersand in 5th column and at the end of the line
-webkit-appearance: button; but for Firefox?
Break a geographical area in to a series of smaller areas (of controllable size) and calculate which area a given lat/long point falls within
Android project structure for RC, Lite and Full app
Timer while viewController is displaying?
ActiveDirectory Current Username in ASP.NET
Android Intent and Object (instance) of this new Intent
excel vba - copying a row and inserting to a new sheet
using awk to select lines in file A, based on finding matches in file B
DocumentList API and GAS. How to marry them?
Using the Confluence API (SOAP, REST, etc) Is there anyway to retrieve pageview count for a given page?
ggplot2 stacked area-bar plot in R
how to select the specific value from UIpickerView
Entityframework, control creation of a new object
Post a comment on a post on a group's wall
How do I issue HGET/GET command for Redis Database via Node.js?
Post a comment on a post on a group's wall
How do I issue HGET/GET command for Redis Database via Node.js?
SQL Data into a Grid / Table
Problems with Google Maps and jQuery accordion
Why event.bubbles is false for 鈥渇ocusin鈥�and 鈥渇ocusout鈥�
Menu on Android devices without a menu button
How to tell if Facebook app is on a page?
cannot retrieve correctly the mouse coordinates after resizing a window
Tomcat and updated flex services-config.xml
OUTER JOIN with SQL across multiple tables in SQL Server 2008
Object BoxUpdate is missing some infos
how to get last inserted rows with repeated values in a column?
Auto refresh webview, when user wants to scroll over application top border
Adding a start/stop function to JQuery slider
How to initialize a class inheriting from an inner class?
Google.code Gravity Script(Mr.Doob) firing/activation on mousemove and not when (document).ready
Nhibernate error - Could not deserialize a serializable property:
removing dot symbol from a string [duplicate]
How to cancel already fired non-repeating NSTimer?
Is there a way to detect when an object's properties have been changed?
Possible to Execute AJAX Executing PHP in External File?
Formatted Date in mysql database
FluentMongo LINQ: How to query a sublist of a class
Is is possible to target HTML (text) With CSS? - It appears as (text) as the ID
JavaFX - Display list of pictures
how to paginate a query() cakephp ?
Coderush xpress (11.2.11) not working in VS2010
How to calculate area inside multiple geo coordinates in android
Why does MongoDB's map/reduce sometimes return an object as part of the reduce function?
std::vector debug and release build usign g++ [duplicate]
Convert this SQLCount statement to LINQ statement [closed]
How to encode NSData as base64? (iPhone/iPad)
C bit boolean logic
Change the Position of the Modal form at runtime
Dealing with php (explode)
What's the actual value of eps in Matlab?
CheckBox_Checked event
How do I initialize the MvvmCross framework without a splash Activity?
CORBA C++: undefined reference to `CosNaming::NamingContext::_narrow(CORBA::Object*)'
Singleton in iOS
Named Query to delete a record by Supplying the entire object
How can I pass data from jQuery to php for saving into a database?
Is there any all-in-one library for social networks
fill in gaps while merging data in python
Unrar archive with folders in Debian?
How to know if a Flex application is running on iPad or iPhone
async task issue in json format
Using LINQ how do I create a List of one particular field of an entity from a collection entities
Cursor in XNA main menu moves very quickly?
Can't access function from main file from header file C++
python regular expression for extracting coordinates
Safari incorporating URL # fragment into its browser caching
When precisely a data is saved in a UiView?
Ruby easy search for key-value pair in an array of hashes
Scroll Events in TouchGridPanel
Killing android monkey process via adb only
Simple bash questions regarding processes [closed]
When should XMLHttpRequest's onerror handler fire
How can I get the PID of a child process that died, in the parent process in perl?
Subversion: recovery of version which took place before update
JavaScript: form refreshing the page, onchange this.form.submit problems
C++ character visualization in win32 project
Ruby 1.9.3: protocol.rb:160: [BUG] probable buffer overflow: 17 for 0
json twitter query, parse to html feed
clGetDeviceIds returns -1
NullPointerException with MediaPlayer
concurrent.futures ThreadPoolExecutor fails to wait?
iOS app ignore tabs and whitespace when parsing
Importing CSV to MySQL database inserting only first row
JQuery to regular JavaScript
Usage of vertical field manager with eyelid field manager in blackberry
Spring + Jasperreports + Unicode Characters are not visible in PDF
how to include the node XML in my XSLT text output?
jScrollPane resets back to original after class refresh
How to specify language to be used for Ruby on Rails Mailer
jQuery Height Adjustment
Jenkins- multiple locations SVN. Is it possible to specify the build version
return Image from OperationContract method (WCF service)
Managing libraries in Ubuntu/Xubuntu
PHP - How to use SWITCH within a function
Default Connection to master DB
Position cursor at specifc line
php - creating a function, to use later in same page
Character occurences in a String Objective C
Using of spring framework [closed]
how to get value from <h:selectOneMenu>?
Generic LINQ extension for calculating weighted average in Visual Basic 2010
How do I pass a struct by reference in WinRT Component C++/CX
objective-c memory friendly way for background image
Facebook: Link Request's sender to it's recipient?
Switch among windows forms
Huge difference between real time and user time
SWT Browser - Swing Integration - Mac - JDK 1.7
Why will my PowerShell profile only load for the 32bit version of powershell?
Multiple CSS Selectors with Prototype
AjaxFileUpload hide upload button and handle manually the upload?
Sql query with anorm. Can not use pattern matching
Caliburn Micro: UserControl Binding
Can a file be encoded in multiple charsets in Java?
Register system with JQuery not working
Can a file be encoded in multiple charsets in Java?
Register system with JQuery not working
loading xml data into Ultragrid
Setting a CMS Page Name in Magento for Google Analytics
jQuery tabSlideOut Plugin Dynamic Height
Batch inserts using JPA EntityManager
bind dateformat string to value in web.config?
Improving random generation function
sl4j/logback under weblogic
JavaScript name scope
ASP.Net MVC3 Razor Template Variables with null value
Recursively search for, and build, arbitrary VS solutions using a batch script w/ command line args
Can not connect multiple times to mysql
Android Socket error in client-server app
PHP : connecting to a Firebird (Interbase) database with Zend
How to design and implement a Distributed AND Multithreaded application?
create an array in jquery
open office sort - month and year
Getting results from SQLCLR
Implement a standard Video Player in Windows Phone
fork() 2 children with pipeline, error when wait() for both
How to split the Excel file that contains multiple sheets?
Challenges in loading images from CDN on multiple host name for e-Commerce site built on Nopcommerce
How to find and replace an item which bounded by at least one letter and no numbers?
creating android jar to include in my application
How to fetch a list of the current users' friends who also use my app?
jQuery event - element become visible [duplicate]
Twitter4j cache ResponseList<?>
Pass model between controllers and views in Ruby on Rails
Spring - Payment Gateway integration
How to use ProgressBar to show a spinner while waiting a httpResponse from server
Strange error message when using SaveChanges in EF with MVC
Android gallery using bitmap class
how I get city id from a php page
Not able to start Service using Broadcast Receivers
How to speed up build downloads for global teams?
GWT vertical menu
c# socket server - deploying, starting, stopping
What is the difference between focusin/focusout vs focus/blur in jQuery? [duplicate]
Initialize UIViewController subclasses in array of superclass?
PostBackUrl does not fire after introducing the client side javascript confirmation
iPhone:How to fetch special characters from an array
c# run application without a dos/form window
Apache Mod php folders to php get
Overriding overflow: hidden
Downcast and convert from const to non-const at the same time
jdbc connection fails while running the program from jar file
junit test results in tfs
Why this pattern is not matched
Is there any way to display the full xpath if we pass whole attribute (//@lang)?
How do you call a Django view with parameters from JavaScript?
How to create a database using php and mySql?
plpgsql: calling a function with 2 OUT parameters
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: There is already an object named 'sysnsobjs' in the database. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Express.Smo)
Puppet: how do namespaces work with virtual resources, classes and definitions?
Using a semicolon in an Excel formula
Population a structure with file data [duplicate]
ant: compile as as most classes as possible in case of compile errors
Powershell: Post Increment an integer initialised to a negative value
Load XML into MySQL
Default acceptance headers on HttpConnection, involves some risk?
How to style the vertical bar i.e. 鈥�鈥�
Compare dates of two cells in excel
Ajax Update from thickbox
Optimal Solution - Programming Theory
Recommend me a graphing javaScript library [closed]
What are the differences between MSMQ and WF?
Setting HotTracking for a tab control
flex usage of (?r-s:pattern)
GetLastWriteTime returning 12/31/1600 7:00:00 PM
generating large xml using jaxb
Unable to save Gnuplot png from within c#
can't seek html5 video or audio in chrome
Html Agility Pack, SelectNodes from a node
How to make div work for 100% height and not only for iframe?
Does Frank automation framework provide screenshot capture option for failure scenario?
Java using Matcher to fail when the immediate sequence is not matchable
Dynamically filter data (categories) in csv for d3 js parallel sets chart
passing mmap'd area back to kernel space
Parallel.ForEach no thread at the end
Custom rule for validating an input text box for non english characters using knockoutjs
How to update starred value of a contact in android using ContactsContract URI
Is syscall an instruction on x86_64?
Can we run programs simultaneously in both the operating system of a single CPU? [closed]
How to use in-app billing to disable ads from application?
How to know SqlException error number?
How to display object's List property in listview
Setting WebView Zoom based upon screensize
Animate UINavigationBar from the right
How to get next value of enum
Create SQL Server CREATE ASSEMBLY script automatically
How to unzip all files from a directory without having their name at disposal
Why can the SA account no longer access the master database?
HTML5 Geolocation iPhone UIWebView
Hibernate Query Language (HQL) - Queries for lazy/no-lazy loading
iPhone app horizontal scrolling bar
Set page number in cakephp pagination
How to implement pagination in list view in android
Ogg audio in safari
Identify which textbox has fired a text changed event
Ogg audio in safari
Identify which textbox has fired a text changed event
Error message: 鈥淐annot connect to Gmail鈥�
Extract $keyword from a php search form
How to change the button title when tapped
Oracle CLOB column data is not updating
Using QueryOver how do I write a Where statement against an 鈥渋s in鈥�
Simulating result by Monte Carlo Simulation
Why does WPF not use IDisposable, and what are the ramifications?
making a async udp client with boost::asio
Edit CheckBox and EditText located in another XML file
Dynamically set properties in pipeline component
HttpWebRequest virtual button click
SQL To Search Number/Currency Values in DB
Suggestion when/how to save data to database, when inserting to MongoDB
Python/Django datetime comparison
$.Fade background color to currently set color
Solr always returns 10 rows
Bindning: Visualize a list of unnamed booleans using DataTemplate and bindings
persistent store entries remain but data is empty when rebuilding
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f doesn't work for .php files
Enabling copy and paste in webview android
Copying List to Map in C++ [closed]
Date / time picker component for Flash ActionScript 3.0: free / opensource
VirtualBox RDP acessible Windows machine
Image caching and loading in Linear layout
Migration From Jboss 4.2.1 to Jboss 7.1.1
Add Button in TabContainer for header Template[Make Visible as OutSide TabContainer]
vmware host and guest static ip address
Groovy tests runned by maven doesn't display non ASCI symbols
Connection to MongoDB in Azure with Java
git merge prompt 鈥渇atal: empty ident鈥�[closed]
How Does .jss feature really works in Titanium mobile SDK?
How to transport NSManagedObject subclass between classes?
Group values based on xml tags
referencing to a parent variable inside an object
how to push from view controller to navigation view controller using prepareForSegue method?
Detecting if a moving UIImageView has been touched
Computing the histogram of an image in Parallel
Combine multiple regex (match and replace) into one regex; optimize for speed
why I am getting Class not found exception
Storage type used in app like Instagram
Android: build native GUI app with NDK?
Avoid same messages in ValidationSummary
JavaScript associative array to PHP
FPS with Pyglet half of monitor refresh rate
Java EE Session Issue - Different behavior on IE/Chrome & Firefox
group objects with same field value
why Heroku does not download database updates with 'Heroku db: pull'?
How to import the sikuli module in python?
Comparison between Twitter Bootstrap Gems for Rails
How to marshal IDL struct containing SAFEARRAY of UDT to managed code
x86 assembly (masm32) - Can I use int 21h on windows xp to print things?
Uncaught ReferenceError: django is not defined
Edit the toobarItems of topViewController
MD-5 checksum for http range requests
how to update a external jar with my java class file on eclipse
When I type space bar in edittext searchbox while searching, search results displaying nothing in Android?
Is this a correct implementation for a curried operator.add function? [closed]
iOS/Cocoa multipleTouchEnabled = true not working if frame was moved
Problems after installing rails on Mac
Trigger a report from a ribbon button
How to calculate values that are in an specific time range in cocoa touch exception comes when core java program executed?
Barchsrt series donot show data when I change series name and data provider?
Add a property to a dynamic object where the name of the property will only be known at runtime
How to set properties dynamically
Python tornado redis - how to do a pipeline
Generate a table from the last lines of a list of xts objects
Save 96 images in temp file Iphone [closed]
Adding Custom Objects in Xcode 4.3
How to get a subset of $_POST array with keys starting with a prefix
Conditionally install files based on Command Line Argument during WIX Install
Quartz Scheduler sending email notification multiple time
C initializes and re-initializes arrays to zero at runtime when asked
Removing parenthesis and digit from string with regex
Elements which have no text children
How can I integrate Jersey with TomEE / openEJB
gwt plugin for chrome