Sencha Touch 2 Store - Modify response before creating models
Cursor not being updated in a Windows Form
How to exclude a related table when use Entity Framework
x+=y+=z in Javascript
Difference SAXParserFactory XMLReaderFactory. Which one to choose?
Get wired MAC address from computer/server
Applying LoaderOptimization to in-process COM servers
This website does not support workflows created by SharePoint Designer
Why is IE causing HTTP 500 responses from the LAMP server?
A library for Extraction of a archive file
Atoi(char *p) function
replace bytes in file c
How to verify onclick jQuery div handler
Unicode symbol in Rails' view
Alarm App on iOS
Average network statistics in Python
writing Operation logs using the Servlet Filters
Getting responses from erlang processes
Print values from linked list with start value as a default value in a function
jquery: how to check if a page is performing an ajax request?
Publicly viewable UserId for the public profile
How to interact with swing components in different classes
How to Create Customized Time Bar in iPhone?
Debugger stops inside mathematical functions that have floating point arguments
Storing customer payment details - PCI Compliance
VLOOKUP with two criteria?
Http 404 error after publishing a web application onto web server
Jquery Slide animation UI - Chrome Bug upon minimizing / maximizing
How to see the output after make in win7?
Scala curried function fails when in an implicit extension for Map
Lists of deprecated enums in Modern Opengl?
Project structure for EF/Silverlight application
Xcode: How to show GPS strength value?
Draw Lorenz attractor from Point3f array in Java 3D
What is the purpose of Ejb delegate method?
Transition between activities. From ListView
NSFetchRequest to show results in particular order
Commit some files while maven release:prepare
Auto add parentheses to math operation string randomly?
Google Apps Scripts Error
Is there a symfony2 event/handler for session timeout a.k.a not logged in
List all files of one type in android
Present modal view controller from the right
Android: How to organaze layouts
How to delete a package from HackageDB?
Can an iOS app consume a WCF service using wsHttpBinding?
Setup timeout for commands in Windows .bat file
Standalone Desktop Application
Eclipse: Selection Lost when switching Perspective makes Toolbar entry disappear
Replacing words with spaces in objective c
How to implement Lists of Hashmap/ArrayList
XML error : Failed to load external entity in Zend Framework
What is the meaning of svg:svg?
Heroku dev Postgres database row limit/maximum row
is it good to use try-finally just to make sure that something is performed when method finished?
NHibernate one-to-one: null id generated for AccountDetail
Packaging a document with Indesign SDK
How to make disabled/readonly like functionality to radio button and checked box
how to check cuda availability(C++)?
gwt-visualization dependency dont work?
onBlur in innerHtml blocks the function
How to delete a zip/jar file automatically after extraction
How can i handle 500 error thrown by jetty on apache
facebook share button with multimedia video tags
Bluetooth lib for python 3
perl regex for extracting multiline blocks
How Struts2 validation framework works
viewParam value not set in ViewScoped bean
Object in mule's registry cannot be cast to org.mule.construct.AbstractFlowConstruct on application startup
Bitwise sum of two negative numbers
Bluetooth lib for python 3
perl regex for extracting multiline blocks
How Struts2 validation framework works
viewParam value not set in ViewScoped bean
Object in mule's registry cannot be cast to org.mule.construct.AbstractFlowConstruct on application startup
Bitwise sum of two negative numbers
How to set NHibernate mappings for 2 entities which share data that is stored in another table?
saving an image into directory c#
Facebook Login from external site
For loop ignoring isKindOfClass for uibuttons in scrollview
When are denormals actually useful?
Persistent Objects in Wordpress/PHP
JQuery - dynamic selects and options not working in IE9
how to change the default value of maximum grey level while writing pgms using opencv?
Dependency property re-entrancy (or: why does this work?)
What WPF control suits to simulate MS Excel type of sheet filtering in a dialog table?
Check if the worksheet is updated before running the macro in VBA
AndroidPlot, setting different DomainValueFormats
How to update Model from partial after ajax file upload?
iostat vs /proc/diskstats
Tutorials to Testing using RSPEC on PADRINO framework on RUBY
System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationService.Navigate is throwing invalidoperationexception
Dynamically generate case class in Scala
How to get URI from which REST API (ServiceStack) being consumed
jquery bind action after execution some code or prevent binded action on execution some lines of code
Whats wrong with my session code
Android density and resolution and their layout
How the Throughput,Kb/sec and average bytes are measured in Summary Report?
wkhtmltopdf header on every page
Create error pages and modify htaccess?
Python Image Library Error - Caught IOError while rendering: not enough data
email output from shell script that is run by incron(d)/inotify [closed]
How to use mercurial build-in templates?
Multi-Threading Cross-Class Cancellation with TPL
Ending threads in java correctly
Metro app localization issues (Windows 8)
SkyDrive / Dropbox Sync for Files/Database in Android
make first line of paragraph a link with css or javascript(jquery)
Is it possible to slow down a chunked response?
GTK+ pkg-config plugin for Eclipse
Get MSISDN number through code
Add an int to a char in c# to move its ascii value up (just like in c++)
formatting json documents
Elegant 鈥淟eft-of鈥�test for Polyline
using XMLHttpRequest send file with data
How to use stored procedures output in IN clause in SQL Server
PowerMockito mock single static method and return object
Why is using more than one language in application server projects? [closed]
Why is the template trying to instanciate with 'int&' instead of 'int'?
DSN-less ODBC Access-VBA
How can I get the next month End Date from the given Date
How can I always highlight curent item in the listview?
Access OTF font
getting the index of starting and ending 1 of a binary list having a sequence of 0s or 1s
Which assembly does a ViewModel belong to?
Search and replace twice on same time
$_GET['variable'] into an Array Variable
LWGJL. Graphics blinking
What is the most efficient way to avoid duplicate operations in a C# array?
Building Python3 on a redhat 5 machine
Can only rotate UIImageView once
Issue with COALESCE in DB2 and Jasper Reports
Is there a LINQ extension or (a sensible/efficient set of LINQ entensions) that determine whether a collection has at least 'x' elements?
java random generator
Reading a directory file by file
Managing web software versions by clients requests
XCode - search text in all files
typeof(TModels) returns RuntimeType
Vertical align in Outlook 2007/2010
Scrollable datatable in rowExpansion - Messed up column width
can't able to delete data in coredata in iphone
C++ template and ODR Rule
How can I copy one attribute from one class to another?
How to stop the rotation of all images during hover without time intervals using jquery
document.execCommand() is not working in IE
3D: What to hardcode and what not [closed]
Using ImageMagick.NET to compare images
SQL query to simulate distinct
using the functions in the code generated by lex and yacc
Liferay 6.1 Zenlike Theme
Spectral analysis using FFT, fundamental frequency derivation
LinqToXml: parsing and formating
OpenCV IOS real-time template matching
Location Provider SAMSUNG always returns true
Javascript split is not a function
Combining two queries where one needs a specific SORT and LIMIT
I'm trying to connect a Genius mouse to an Arduino using a PS2 mouse sketch, but it will not initialise the mouse
Helping getting string into an array so I can make it a list
background-origin with repeating background(-image,-color,-gradient)
Why does this datagrid sort in a weird order?
jquery beginner - function to initiate by time
asmx web exception
In a 鈥淐鈥�program how can I store a hexadecimal value in a string variable?
fixing minimum width for a combobox in ie7&8
Is it possible for a firefox extension to extract public data from a user's machine?
twitter hashtag query doesn't return media entities, why?
Unordered list (ul) with JSF and primefaces
Why Elasticsearch 鈥渘ot_analyzed鈥�field is split into terms?
Opening an static html page in WebChromeClient in Android gets added with some more characters in url
Format Date Time in C#
Unordered list (ul) with JSF and primefaces
Why Elasticsearch 鈥渘ot_analyzed鈥�field is split into terms?
Opening an static html page in WebChromeClient in Android gets added with some more characters in url
Format Date Time in C#
How to sort by integer in a listitemcollection in WPF?
Navigating between views in flex
Is it necessary to nil the object?
Workaround for PHP IMAP functions? Trying to work with incoming email on localhost using XAMPP
Sending an ordered Broadcast locally (within my process)?
Unable to see the source tree through Finder while doing repo sync in OSX
How do I associate some custom data with current HttpRequest?
How to set UTF-16 encoding format for Xml?
Box2D: Creating the b2BodyDef inside an object causes error
Select data from table with update if particular row does not exist
Convert a long to decimal
django: keep each users data separate
Playing wav with HTML5
d3.js - the location of circle is not where it is expected. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
Resize the page to fit with the contents
Objective-C - Passing Streamed Data to Audio Queue
Date comparision using Linq
How to take a screenshot from an video playing through MPMediaPlayerController in iPhone?
How To Provide A SPARQL Endpoint Using Tomcat 7.0.27
Audio Player in PHP
How can I track down performance bottlenecks in my Rails app?
Odd number of pages on UIPageViewController
KSOAP2: get http status code for a response of a web service
Azure upgrade domain, domain count
PHP set data by var name
Centering an UL inside a DIV
Getting methods into plain file dynamically in Ruby
CollectionViewSource in windows metro app
CSV file contain double entries PHP SQL SERVER
Python/pylint E1101 Need assistance about proper object definition as server, 'standard' javascript as client?
no in gen folder - android
How to add a ListView inside a ListView
exception when converting to thumbnail in file upload
Why are the foreign keys in ejb declared as objects(entities)?
How to prevent click event from firing when turning it back 鈥渙n鈥�with jQuery?
Fitting a UIImagePicker inside a navigation controler?
How to update a string in the [xml] attribute using powershell?
google checkout transaction number
Using Fancybox 2 with Scriptculous?
Using WCF Service for event handling
Ordered Set with MyBatis
php method argument as enum/const
why without var? [duplicate]
Check if $(this) is set
Another way of writing an if statement?
mpiexec.exe is not working with PingPong.exe
Trouble using simple ajax in jsp - contents populating and then disappearing
CSS parse error (W3C Validator)
perl: scan a file for redundant atom symbol and calculate how many different symbols are there?
Retrieve StoreID for MailItem (within Outlook Selection)
Changing color of bars in different bar charts within same application
Admob set position?
UIImage meta data
After subclass in the viewDidLoad the [super viewDidLoad] gets called, but the methods do not get executed
Self Tracking Entities not returning modified object
InstallShield 2012 - prerequisites
text values to be entered in jsp for registration form
Serial port DataReceived event does not fire
QoS (Quality of service) configuration in VLANs Ubuntu
Insert into table from another table excluding a column
Summing an array using PHP [closed]
How to migrate if-else expression from JasperReports 4.x to JasperReports 2.x?
How to exclude a specific log4j default configuration file?
Finding the full width half maximum of a peak
how to get list of active subscribers using pubnub
CSS3 font-face 鈥β爃ow to make font-style:italic to use the actual italic version?
IPhone application view transition becomes jerky
Production version iphone application crashes with 鈥減utpkt: write failed: Broken pipe鈥�
SAS: Macro variable and string. Correct TableName
Sorting Files By Name same as windows in C# [duplicate]
Where is the definition of `struct ap_conf_vector_t`?
Ads Server settings not used in .net application using Advantage.Data.Provider
Python: why can isinstance return False, when it should return True?
Hide Navigation Bar on one view controller, show it on the pushed one
Why does Visual Studio not link correctly as a matlab mex file against the rundll?
How to return an array in bash without using globals?
How to store the data string into an array
Django template for loop returning empty list
Script continues running on Ctrl + C after upgrading to Django 1.4
Django: Best Badge app for Django project
Why Linda spaces aren't as popular as MPI in HPC?
java-script input field validation
moving file pointer after reading a line from a file
ajax + php + json = login
Getting static image of Google Map
JQUERY: Dynamic AJAX and html element removal
How to return values to jsp when validation fails
Fancy awk output without using printf
Mocking ImageSource with Moq
Enterprise portal page on Dynamics AX 2012
What will be the scope of a MACRO defined inside a structure?
Downloading a file with Xcode
Android Paint PorterDuff.Mode.CLEAR not working properly
C# Xpath Error content:encoded
Is it possible to get a .Net string object instance in VBScript?
What will be the scope of a MACRO defined inside a structure?
Downloading a file with Xcode
Android Paint PorterDuff.Mode.CLEAR not working properly
C# Xpath Error content:encoded
Is it possible to get a .Net string object instance in VBScript?
developing a webservice using java and mysql
Best http header fix for IE8 flickering hover background-image, to allow it to cache the hover image in the same page view?
Terminating a script execute with user1 without loop
HTML form doesn't submit in IE, works fine in Chrome
Read out 鈥淒isplay鈥�of 鈥淎ppearance and personalization鈥�
Strongly typed resources from database
Android : How to implement the Subscription Type for in-app product
URL Rewrite (multi language) with .htaccess
File/Database Online Sync in Android
How to push a location to emulator?
Opa : passing database as function parameters
how to get all albums list and its photos from facebook graph api for android app?
Fatal error with defined() in PHP
Parse JSON with PHP within a Loop
Android: restore last activity from notification
jQuery Address - Animate content
How to overide static variables?
Details of lm function in R
Can't remove label from UITableViewCell
tcpclient receiving data incorrectly
Unmarshaling to a different property that is marshaled
How to execute long-running tasks?
mongorestore and collection
How to get related model in template?
AspectJ: Error can't determine superclass of missing type
Addressing modes for static and local variables
If-statement to use only particular file names in R
Error in SQL query error #1064 in primary key declaration
Calculate cutoff frequency given FIR filter coefficients
What measures should be taken to avoid outgoing emails being delivered to spam
Initializing 1 Vector and 1 Map in a class
svn pre commit hook inside intellij-idea
join two cursor listviews in one with separator lines
form php mysqli depending on user entries to get special number memebership to send on confirmation email
Adding Extra (refined) indexes to SQL Server table
Using jQuery cycle plugin to cycle through divs
How can I make Wicket's 鈥淎jaxLink鈥�Stateless?
url rewriting in jsp so that .jsp file will give 404 error
JQuery-Mobile expand/collapse on icon click?
are the numbers stored as strings in elasticsearch?
how to save xml in a file using vb
getting fatal error Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in
How to configure hibernate in standalone (Swing) application in eclipse?
How to generate multivariate random numbers with different marginal distributions?
SQL Server 2008 Merge Statement to check and insert if a record doesnt exist
Titanium Click Propagation from Higher zIndex to Lower
DirectShow - IEnumMediaTypes::Next fails in a certain scenario
accurate runtime calculation in C
How to save the select history of a html form with multiple select drop down lists
percent-encoded URLs are mangled by Google Earth
Undefined method - NOMethod error with Resque gem
Using fminunc function
Visual Studio 2010 Prevent Build log polling
which of the following exception handling code snippet is efficient and why
Using a variable inside an included file from function
custom image on UINavigationBar for iOS < 5.0
Update getCheckedItemPositions()
How are integer types converted implicitly?
cannot load linear layout from main.xml in a dyanimic layout
Overloading member methods with typedef aliases as parameters
Reading first X characters of a line to a string
How to start a play2 application on a remote machine using capistrano
Powerdns maxmind geoip
AD and Forms Authentication
Creating a custom entity with the Entity framework
how to use jenkins remotely when it's secure
Javascript runs slowly in Safari / iPad2 after loading 200mb worth of new Images(). Why might this be?
holding css style in a variable and using in a function php
C++ macro and default arguments in function
Disable JSP compilation
How to correctly detect the meta key with a QKeyEvent?
Duplicate cookie data with POST request
How can i send an Email using PHP at windows Azure?
Ensure no threads are waiting on a Critical Section before destroying it
Returning parameters from new window
Dijit 1.7+ widgets: how to separate event logic from the present
Gem for flexible object initialization
Working with Jquery using monotouch
Stop affecting existing html
Mysql table_creation helpers
Create Regex pattern for calculator
Python Subversion wrapper library
Android device to device communication via server based TCP proxy
Prevent activity from being destroyed on back button pressed
EyelidFieldManager does not display bottom dock
Integrating DataTables with Python backend script via AJAX call
Dojo Gridx with JsonStore
App widget not in widget list android 4
Spring 3.1 Type Level RequestMapping and logical view names
BlackBerry - Ant script to include JAR in project without external dependancies
Creating related resources with Tastypie
PHP MySQL - How to set the amount of scripts MySQL can manage at the same time
Using Excel sumifs to sum matrix elements
LINQ query over generic list of user types
Redirect a user to a different page from f:event listener method
C++ overloading with one parameter const
How to decode the attachment file in [MIME] java mail
SQL Server, views usage count
Opening a file into a struct [closed]
Querying with mongoengine and django
Cat command does not merge files in script
How to retrieve data from sqlite database to custom listview using cursor adapter in android
Left Join to select all record from table1 and single (optional) record of table2
qt creator mobile widget ui text edit new line?
NameError at / name 'detail' is not defined
Why cant i access window.variable in Javascript?
PDO driver specific error code
Titanium mobile application apk and ipa size is too large
PHP fopen receiving Continue 100 and fail
MYSQL return parent & child
iOS 4:Compile PJSIP in TCP mode
Repeat ImageView in layout - Android
How to convert a file in alias in Cocoa
How do I use a dynamic shared library in a C++ xcode project?
how to prevent from wordpress load when running my custom php script file
relative layouts in java code
Error handling, 500 internal server error
Jquery function $post doesnt work on Ubuntu
C# VSTO Outlook Add-In: slow adding of controls
How to display static page when updating website (ASP.NET 4.0)
How to install py.test on Windows
Jquery clickable table rows not working in IE
Automatically loading a series of images sequentially in html
Max-width and rounding errors in IE8 & IE9?
Call SetAlpha in widget application
How to make an excel cell ReadOnly using C#?
Android ViewPager - adding slideshow with fade-in/out animation to switch between views
What exactly does this block of statements do in Python? [closed]
How to preserve TreeSet comparator?
Change dynamically sub layout on radio selection
Android mediaplayer stream not playing
Which one is better, using plain html with javascript or a canvas?
Microsoft Sync Framework File Synchronization how to detect changes from both sides but sync one way
How to get back the result from Child activity to Parent in android?
Can I Set Spark Image source in CSS?
Documentation about device driver programming on kernel 3.x
Placing Text in UITextField
What does `!!~` mean in javascript? [duplicate]
How to populate Spinner from a Array string[] [closed]
How to prevent my class to be decompiled
Customising the output of related products VM2
Strange 鈥渆rror鈥�trying to connect to my server from iOS devices
efficient set operations in google app engine datastore
result.responseXML is undefined on ajax getItems from Sharepoint list call
how to sort the following php array?
Customising the output of related products VM2
Strange 鈥渆rror鈥�trying to connect to my server from iOS devices
efficient set operations in google app engine datastore
result.responseXML is undefined on ajax getItems from Sharepoint list call
how to sort the following php array?
How to reset a jquery function on-the-fly
Android Google Play how to get longer stacktrace?
Menu link security trimming
what is the point of pointers in objective language [closed]
Resize images inside folder and subfolders
Custom validation in primefaces
Why are NSFontVerticalTrait and NSFontItalicTrait not mentioned as mutually exclusive?
track spotify playback using web controlls
Convert String to Date Issue (Date Parsing) in JAVA
Policy for signing and encrypting
Javascript validation not working?
Jboss 7 security domain database: password encoding?
How to remove rows in JTable before populating new data into the table?
Sql Report sever Switch Expression not giving the correct results
A calling error with SAP and .NET
Combine queries at runtime
JSON Nested data creation failing in Java
how to assing values from other view controller to custom UIView in iphone
MSBuild behaves different on several machines
update a field in a row based on primary key in hibernate
WPF RichTextBox ApplyPropertyValue
Could someone please help me with the usage of 鈥�!Oracle.acquireLockNoWait)鈥�I would like to know the exact usage of it
Condensed function to strip double letters away from a string (PHP)
How to check loop.php is called from which file or code?
Merging template XML with Old Data XMLs
The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly with Entity Framework
Best way to set IEnumerator to end
jQuery with Google maps
How to distinguish a button and a checkbox message on Windows?
JFrames/Objects access between two different projects
Controller spec failing to find routes defined by my Rails engine
how to mix views (html+css+js) between express.js (node.js) and backbone.js
Carry on information about previous computations
jquery.couchdb.js Ajax success/error not being called
Add css class to < li > in controller method
changing UIBarButtonItem on the QLPreviewController does not work on iOS 4.3
Why in Struts1 there is Servlet where as in case of Struts2 there is Filter
Check if a parameter exists in XSLT before using it
Dynamically create a property in msbuild to be used in a calltarget subtarget
String Parsing Required
How use font color in phpexcel module in drupal
Array to JSON conversion not working in PHP
I want to log system calls progammatically
Displaytag - How to pass hidden value in url?
How can I compare a date with current date using Doctrine 2?
Array to JSON conversion not working in PHP
I want to log system calls progammatically
Displaytag - How to pass hidden value in url?
How can I compare a date with current date using Doctrine 2?
Cannot succesfully send a particular AJAX request via JQuery
Running .NET MSBuild 3.5 tests on VS2010
How to check whether the current user has administrative privileges
Sliding from left to right to make call(like samsung contacts listview)
JMeter regex extractor forEach controller
Send a variable from a class to another one
How to read a JSON file using the NSJSONSerialization Class Reference?
STL MAP should use find() or [n] identifier to find element in map?
Good server setup for crunching a cross-reference between 500 users based on n features
Firing SPARQL query from an interface
Paypal integration with paypal webservice in site [closed]
Why is the Facebook login dialog opening in Safari when building their framework for ARC?
jQuery Mobile showing all pages rather than 1st on startup when working with a multi-page template
Timer event is not generated when C dll function is called
Doesn't Codeigniter have folders like assets and layout
MFC Feature Pack applications have wrong size when restored to maximized in secondary monitor
Is that possible to use != in query string?
Partials in lithium
Dialog not working with jquery 1.7.2 and jquery UI 1.8.18
twitter bootstrap navbar fixed to the left?
How to move a html5 canvas element(rectangle) by touching it by onTouch method
Horizontal Scrollbar Styling in CSS using jQuery
maven project version inheritance - do I have to specify the parent version?
Extend background to infinity issue
Can I add an action to a NSImage which is drawn in a NSTextFieldCell?
How to add an additional temporary parameter to model in RoR?
ADB suddenly doesn't detect my device anymore
Gmaps big country labels
Using Iterators
Transforming agregation model to sql
read php variable from javaScript?
using multiple encoders in netty channel pipeline
Doubts about structure padding
Qt : Tooltip on wrong input
Is AppDomain.GetAssemblies() really supported in Silverlight 4?
How to get access to video object on fullscreen mode on Android
How to create 1 to 1(or zero) relationship in SQL Server 2008
PHP mail with accent
NuGet.exe pack gives access to the path is denied
need some support in telnet programming [closed]
How can I restore a directory deleted from CVS after committing the change?
Python achieve pointer like behaviour
jQuery prettyPhoto : Click event doen't work
KeyEvent not functioning for JTextArea, but works for the JFrame containing the JTextArea
Remove button from memory which is removed from Grid
java de-compiler plugin URL for eclipse galileo
surefire 2.7.2 in maven 3.0.3
capture webcam using ASP.NET C# [closed]
Optimal way of creating a SortedSet from a number of HashMap objects
How do I take a screenshot on a Raspberry Pi running Debian Squeeze and LXDE? [closed]
how can meteor be coupled to an android app?
Linking file (stylesheets, script files, images and etc..)
Something like #warning directive for Java?
Android 3.2 - Customize AlertDialog Button within DialogFragment
Generate po or xml file for language translation
Is it possible to redirect ODBC connections to another IP address
jquery different effects while showing the hidden elements
Put Random Objects of NSArray To Random UIButtons Title of NSArray
Finding (A^B)%C when B%C is given [closed]
Default role in ASP.Net built in authentication
How can I restrict access ActiveAdmin login page by ip?
Filtering by more than one field in django admin
NullPointerException in sessionContext.getCallerPrincipal()
How to set border around Twitter Bootstrap Icon?
using xml attribute value in two different elements in result xml using XSLT
error C2065: 'MF_BITMAP' : undeclared identifier - Windows CE 6.0
Customizing wordpress login page
Grails environment config when running Maven goals
How to get record in text box on change select option in HTML_QuickForm for PHP
Get total video bytes / video bytes loaded with youtube javascript api on iOS
webkit browser a:active changing size from a
How to test if PHP mail() has successfully delivered mail
IIS 7.5 + Mysql ODBC 3.51 Slows up the website
How can a store tag's into a list C# application?
populating a table with a loop in mysql
Deleting git branch looses audit
posix_fadvise not working
How to add capping into my jQuery FB like plugin?
Build a TextBoxMenu on an AppBarButton
How does an MSI determine which website to delete on uninstallation
maven-plugin : maven downloads only pom, not jar file from internal repo
Performing a GROUP BY and obtaining an additional column not used in an aggregate function?
ExtJS, can't scroll my textarea to its bottom
PrimeFaces CommandButton does not invoke managed bean method at first click
Generic design for importing data via XML
PlantUML different layouts
Jcodemodel to generate class
how to load 10 gb data dump into a table
Where is git-blame in SourceTree
Google Maps Paid or Free [closed]
Why my OpenCV ROI does not change?
Sending automated emails in sql server 2005 Express Edition
Service not being created (or connecting) after bindService()
Android: Camera.takePicture callbacks don't always trigger
How do I locate reference to DLL OCX EXE in .cs files?
MOQ - Verify an increment property call
Why my OpenCV ROI does not change?
Sending automated emails in sql server 2005 Express Edition
Service not being created (or connecting) after bindService()
Android: Camera.takePicture callbacks don't always trigger
How do I locate reference to DLL OCX EXE in .cs files?
MOQ - Verify an increment property call
Calculating total bytes to download using WebClient()
SiP domain demo (android)
What is the difference between DDE & WCF & WMI & WFP?
panoz in prolog [closed]
SQL Server: Full text catalog search issues
css3 jquery transitions
dojo 1.7, set content of ContentPane in subclass' constructor
Post file via mootools to php
How can i run script as soon as mysql database is update (cronjob)
how to use view.setX() method in android version less then 3.0
copy column from one table and insert in another
Should I do store history transaction into the table?
Create a jquery slider dynamic
Error adding new project to solution in Visual Studio 2010 Path Length
How can I include a SQL Function in my Code First EF query?
issue with forms authentication - Unable to redirect from login page to home page after authentication
Xcode requires a full rebuild
How to split a comma-separated value to columns
App initially running slowly?
Remove a layer with z-index position
Bind slider to scrollviewer silverlight
How to troubleshoot multicasting on mac?
Add textview in compass
TDataSetProvider and Deadlocks
GeoToolkit: convert from GPS to Lambert Conformal Conic
How to read a text file into a multi dimensional array in pseudocode?
Netbeans settings synchronization
Cannot view CSS File in Visual Studio 2008
JMeter Point-to-Point test of ActiveMQ
Python - Office Communicator API - Is it possible to send messages despite restrictions
How do I parse GET style paramaters when the Yii urlManager has urlFormat set to 'path'?
Building an infrastructure for developing web-applications using multiple programming languages(Python Java C#)
Open view with slide effect from top to bottom on iPhone
How can I do pagination with MVC Razor?
Looking for a embedded browser
How to Authenticate with Cyclone and Redis
why can not display HTML codes?
Did google release source code for side-wiki browser plugins?
Java client to WCF web service - first element of 2d arrray parameter is dropped
Python threading: function only appears to run in one thread when called from other script?
Netbeans storedprocedure entities
Kerberos python lib for add/edit/delete a principal?
Reading Java Script / PHP similar files / Lack of line breaks
Using TomEE and open JPA, i get the following error: SEVERE: JAVA AGENT NOT INSTALLED
Goto another statement while the gets function is running in C
MapReduce and iReport / Jasperserver (MongoDB)?
iPad+Detect whether image captured from front camera or rear camera
confusion with php's isset
Save form as progressed with Ajax + JQuery + MySql + PHP
Regex to Find and Replace url does not work or how to make it work
ImageButton issue and also Force Close of project in Android
Twisted Cyclone - How to write to redis after the request is done
Using a WINMD library causes a Strong Name Validation exception
GroupBy issue how can get last id?
posting in json format
Quick & easy way to create an 鈥渆mail this page鈥�to someone link?
Kind of Wikipedia for best practices in Software Engineering anywhere? [closed]
get selected item text when it's changed in a drop down combo box
Dynamic template in listview (WinJS) in windows 8
Android Java Code formatting
jQuery and IE7 not playing nice
Php MYadmin mysql error ( Need to run query and ignore errors )
How to block direct content access by node number锛�
Sort list of objects interms of object's name
is it possible to specify the maximum amount of characters in a UITextField via IB
Powershell script
wrapping mysql transaction
SQL Server 2005 - Dynamic insert query issue
numpy equivalent of MATLAB spones
iOS flexible layouts
Application error in heroku using java playframework
APEX: How to change Link column's position in interactive report?
Is MVC applicable to JavaScript web applications?
rotate image with android sprite
C# Forms - Using Paint methods?
Why aren't the labels of my checkboxes clickable on iPad?
How to ensure that webclient process error like they process 200
Android text on wallpaper
MySql date_sub() function in Hibernate Query Language and find last week date range
Active items in vertical menu
how to image upload and crop and save in yii
PHP namespaces and autoloading
getting error in android
Can a JavaScript written on HTML page get info from XML?
Setting the UAC 'Publisher' Field for a NSIS Installer
What is the most efficient way to delete a large number (10.000+) objects in Core Data?
STM32 Discovery Embedded Serial bootloader USART, IAP
Set in the GUI content blocked user actions
FIREMONKEY - Run launcher to start application (OSX)
Best way to cast Iterator<Object> to a Set<String>, for instance
Error when installing Magento connect manager
youtube api call function when video ends
Subject<T> in Rx
UnsupportedClassVersionError exception in Java 1.6.0
Error when installing Magento connect manager
youtube api call function when video ends
Subject<T> in Rx
UnsupportedClassVersionError exception in Java 1.6.0
Rsync file exists (17) error when syncing with an encfs partition
Special character validation in Password using Javascript [closed]
Show keypad in Android below the text field [duplicate]
Data Contract deserialization issue with char - C#
MySQL query optimization sum.. case
Where are file counts kept?
How to realize efficient broadcast in the Kademlia p2p protocol?
Postgres temporal data and CREATE table syntax
Doctrine2 findOneBy method returning null using JOINED inheritance mapping
How to run Linux shell script on windows environment
How to redirect page and js using javascript on external domain based on referer?
Take Value from drop down by javascript without using form
PHP substring to last number in string
Assign value 鈥溾� to window.location.href
GWT: Start runing before page is ready (or body resources do not block running gwt)?
Handling a URI as a request parameter in Semantic Web applications
Custom DateTime format
Special Character & is getting printed as &amp;
Filing Structure / C
Android openGL es 2.0 touch and object position bug鈥�clueless
Flex mobile - Spark Chechbox Error
$GLOBALS = array();?
Searching ElasticSearch using NEST C# Client
Adding image in header in Jquery
Fabric.js changes my canvas size to 300x150 after initalization
Why won't the text of my <p> change?
Detection of rectangular bright area in a Image using OpenCv
add/remove TraceListener to all TraceSources
How to save an etree xml object? saving loading lxml etree objets issue
Error in grid.Call(L_textBounds, as.graphicsAnnot(x$label), x$x, x$y, : Polygon edge not found
How to recognaize which ajax form it is in Django?
Android Socket download multiple files fired?
Simple JPA 2 criteria query 鈥渨here鈥�condition
Variable is not read
CSS Transition Validation errors and support / solutions for older browsers
Access VSFTPD, Ubuntu 12.04 from anywhere [closed]
ios cutom progress bar designing
location using wifi ip
OpenAL alSourceUnqueueBuffers & alSourceUnqueueBuffers
How to load a string to a structure?
Close event for longClick menu in android
How to configure boost log, for writing with rotating and appending?
Access resources at base package in Java?
Complicated xpath for a rookie
How can I change the tab bar selection color instead of blue?
pusher-client gem throwing 2 for 1 error with Presence-Channels
Display Local notifications in custom time intervals
IOS 5.1 drag and drop
My Sql quries inorder to update it
How to integrate 鈥淩ecent Posts by Others鈥�posts from Facebook's Timeline page to my site?
Synchronization, When to or not to use?
Jumi plugin doesnt seem to load jquery and images called with css in joomla 1.5
calling webservice repeatedly after a period of time
Unity Image pixel isolation
Method using LINQ in my Repository that gets null errors
Javascript : separating array defined value that's undefined and array value that's not defined
Windows 7 & Java: Get Disk-identifier
Streaming wav file to Ipad and Firefox with <audio>
Convert JSON String into variables to echo out
Group with 鈥渇ull control鈥�not allowed to add users in Owner group with customer Group
How to prevent fragmentation of MySQL data files?
How to apply InputFilter to EditTextPreferences?
pygame sprites and pygame.display.flip() results in artifacts
AspectJ - Retrieve list of annotated parameters
What do 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�鈥�mean in the packages names in plugin.xml?
Passing multiple values to :not() jQuery?
How can Active Directory compare a users previous passwords when setting a new one?
What's the difference between these .find() usages?
GWT - split string according to the chars physical length (not number of chars)
EOF in a binary file using python
How to pass collections to Rails partials that contain a block?
problems with CPAN::Tarzip running on a MiniCPAN mirror
Developing Json services with node
Could not find method
how to delete images / file from file system?
Create my own API
MSI 鈥淩egistry on Target Machine鈥�vs 2008 WPF
Code generation using Jcodemodel
update database sqlite android device
Serving user-uploaded files from a django based document repository
How can i select friend from friend list?
Crossroads.js - route selection
get push notification without click the alertview
Linux ubuntu automatic assign a same mounting point for each physical usb port [closed]
Create with polymorphic associated
How to convert a search string coldfusion-loop into a MySQL stored procedure?
Single SQL query for retrieval of data with different where clause possible?
RESTFul WebService in JAVA along servlets
How to place logout button on all activities?
Fixed Width Page Layout
Code igniter deleting data with joins tables
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException for date JSON serializer coverts a list into string
Zebra RW420 factory reset
is there any alternative to jQuerys 鈥渂lur鈥�and 鈥渇ocus鈥�function?And why doesnt it work?
iret with 13 interrupt(general protection fault), and error 0x18?
Git checkout remote branch of a remote repository
Code igniter deleting data with joins tables
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException for date JSON serializer coverts a list into string
Zebra RW420 factory reset
is there any alternative to jQuerys 鈥渂lur鈥�and 鈥渇ocus鈥�function?And why doesnt it work?
iret with 13 interrupt(general protection fault), and error 0x18?
Git checkout remote branch of a remote repository
get value from listener 鈥�method is undefindet for the type View.OnClickListener
python assigning variable mess
PHP PDO & transactions - different behavior on PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.2.13
Boolean literals in Powershell
Loading tiny_mce.js with Ajax and initiate TinyMCE
RestSharp reading special XML output with namespaces in it: 鈥渄e.mydomain.ObjectName鈥�
Where do I upload images used in pull request messages?
Are there any open source Social Media monitoring tools?
How to use Colors in String.Xml file in Java Code
Flattening nested lists of the same type
How to continue execution of function with many parameters, if one of it broken?
Android: Device Admin: Why should Activity be an inner class of the DeviceAdminReceiver class?
How to index a virtual field that changes with respect to time
Symfony2 form widgets for many-to-many relations
Read an input with comments in FORTRAN 77
Why does use of stdbool.h cause warning when combined with -Wtraditional-conversion
django-disqus integration
Grepping stdin and piping to sed does not seem to work
Like button issue
How do I detect and remove 鈥� n鈥�from given string in action script?
Shell script to extract specific data from a file
Change redirect of login and logout
CSS Dropdown menu hidden behind content IE7 dilemma
Sending different body via Amazon SES Api
Adding Slide Functionality for Touch Phones
Android: IntentService freezes the UI in my Activity under certain conditions. How to prevent it?
how to get the superview of uitableviewcell
Xcode : Need help moving an image inside screen bounds
Xcode sdk pass param to NSURLRequest
Android: Device Admin: Start Device Admin From Service
Load baked particle system cache in blender
What is Maven dependency:purge-local-repository supposed to do?
Template Vector in C++
displaying of parameter after selection in dropdownlist in
save Image in application in silverlight
Dynamic class reloading works only in debug mode, why/ how it really works?
how to Upload file asynchronously using JQuery
Add a Pagination option on JSP page with the help of JSTL [closed] calc cannot read flex export xls using as3xls
Google Line Chart: can I insert error bars?
how to rotate a pie chart clockwise and anti-clockwise as in roambi app in iphone sdk
c# browse for a image on web applications and display it
Include a log file in a HTML page with SSI
animating image in GLSurface view
Displaying index view of a model using twitter-bootstrap tab
How to Get the count of rows inserted with single statement using triggers?
Searching for a file reference
setting tabwidth to 4 in git show / git diff
Iterable vs Iterator as a return behavior (Best Practice?)
Download pdf asynchronously
what is the difference between importing a class in interface file and forward declaration(@class)? [duplicate]
How to solve two threads manipulating two collections?
Send values over wifi via Matlab
NUSoap - calling a method with typed arrays as a parameter
BlockUI positioning on the page not the screen
Wordpress nextgen gallery plugin alternative [closed]
Building Android project with ant having a library project dependecy on another library project
jQuery Autocomplete. Load URL from the list of options. Do with local dataset
How to simulate pressing F2 button with keyboard focus on treeview in wpf?
ObjC: Can't access ivar of custom class from outside
Error in running c# windows application
object has no attribute 'actor_actions' (django-activity-stream)
The tag does not exist in XML namespace
UIScrollView inside UIView
How to store and retrieve text with html tags to sql server 2008
Let python sleep 60 secs after it has crawled every 20 pages
JNI:how to call c++ function from Java Native Method
RestKit crash when resuming the app from background
How to create editor for database view (with joins) in Windows Forms/WPF?
Create a list with onClick listener on each item
.post adding new value
How to set image size within parent td width?
Azure: Using System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter
php POST data and saving it
Mongoose in function doesn't return anything
Is it able to send service bus message in a windows service
Why just write a field and not doing anything with it?
PopOver on QLPreviewController is not getting Dismiss , even after going back
Show multiple photos in scroller
What kind of attributes does javascript get?
String processing using scanner
error at calling webservices
jQuery: Link disappears when parent animates
Application is not displayed in recent apps lists
Serializable Class creation
Replace two quotes
How to pass data among the screens in sencha touch2.0?
phpmailer smtp not working
c++ sort keeping track of indices
JSF - checking null and empty in single method
Accessor method is not called
How to generate MD5 fingerprint using macbook 10.5.8 for Android?
SoapUI global proxy testings doesn't work when executing tests
Coverflow with views
Vertical Raw Names in JSF datatable
Load MCFileManager TinyMCE plugin from external location
Why assign `this` to `self` and run `self.method()`?
How do I programmatically start/stop an EJB
HTML: Get direct link to file from embed src
a singe video on its own does not appear on screen when using jquery slider
How can I find source code for a 鈥淧lug-in Project鈥�wizard?
difficult constraint for a mysql-table
Check Facebook Login in Android
How to skip rails migrations after creating database from dump
How to generate a clean patch from Mercurial?
Hibernate - mapping composite relations to non-primary keys
document.write() in IE executive order is not the same by others
File based database for C++
Sorting Listview
Even sized list in Prolog
Why should communication with the ui thread be only through a handler?
On change event won't fire select list
GTK Segmentation Fault
Changing inputType of EditPreference
PocketSphinx output nothing
StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: 00
GROUP BY with CursorLoader
Getting IXMLDOMNode values from a list of child nodes
jQuery Mobile is not reloading my page properly
Using filepath as a hyperlink in HTML
Android - Custom Gallery that reads SD Folder
How to get Java reflect to spot fields in the super class? not just the actual class
WCF returnes bad JSON
Is it possible to pass parameters to F# modules?
mysql sql distinct with join two table
How to use TortoiseSVN to get files that under a specific version
Window service automatically get stopped due to error?
RegEx pattern needed to return the same found pattern under two different group names
setting alpha of UITextField inputAccessoryView does not work
model calls in CodeIgniter
How to use mysql in gevent based programs in python?
multiple insert from a subquery
HTML5 Canvas context fill doesn't work on Chrome
Making a long vector(coloumn Matrix) using small arrays [closed]
.prev() method not working [duplicate]
How do i fix brew doctor errors
Possible to hide tables depending on deployment configuration?
using # in rails routes..!
Iterating through a pointer to a vector of pointers
Sum of column of nested grid using JQuery
How to use 鈥渟udo鈥�from a C program without using system()?
Couldn't get WFWiFiManager to work in iOS 5
Linking log4cpp library to project with cmake
Couldn't get WFWiFiManager to work in iOS 5
Linking log4cpp library to project with cmake
Should I stored current unit in database or just use .NET RegionInfo.ISOCurrencySymbol [closed]
Java: Serialization performance for deep copy?
Updating just a subset of fields in a row
How to 鈥渞epackage鈥�a RPM file for example cpio2rpm without installing the RPM?
Python threading: how to use return values of external scripts?
Selenium: Testing pop-up windows
How can I get address information by touching screen on android google map
How to get trace of properties tree?
What does the SWAP column in top command stand for? [duplicate]
Ajax CORS alternatives
How to check checkbox in jQuery
test different density on eclipse emulator
Nested array in Google Maps to make many Polygons
Django - Template chain tags
.NET Simple chat server example
Raphael.js - bbox is too big using a custom font [closed]
Does Java EE include Java SE?
update mysql with jQuery.ajax and then locate to page
How to write C++ code that works between IDE?
Heap corruption in VS2010
Java: Iterate JMenuItem from ArrayList with HashMaps
CakePHP 2 application works fine locally, but comes back with database errors when live?
iCloud storage entitlements and Jailbreak
Is it possible to read a file's modification date with Ruby?
Distribute Libraries Written in C
How to disable a screen by spinner on Android?
Dynamics Crm 2011 Email Draft Hyperlink
Deleting files in folder with python
Magento 1.6 - Adding Custom Fields for Registration Page
jdbc exception after jar creation
JavaScript : How to detect if a node has been removed?
JW player works on android via web but apk not working
How to index from an array in increments with jQuery
binding external Xml with Xaml
Ubuntu 12.04 - RubyOnRails - gem install mysql2 seems to install but fails when i do: gem mysql2 - Unknown command mysql2
MPMoviePlayerController hide AirPlay button
Getting SelectedValue from a DropDownList
Passenger woul'nt install apache module through rvm
Recording audio samples on iOS using AVFoundation
Comparing two numpy arrays for equality
How to run distributed shell application given in Hadoop 0.23.0 source example
CSS positioning: relative builds independent 'stacks'; or: why is blue afraid of red & yellow?
Want to build multimodule pom which builds 2 ear from same project in maven
Android: How to get a search keyboard in Android 2.2?
Jquery - selecting img in li
How to stop excuting a method after say 1 sec. of time?
JPA does not write to table
putting a variable inside a string, it's not working?
missing an assembly reference?
How do i get the href of the next page in the navigation?
Android Library Project containing .jar
how to suppress single and multi-line comments using a regexp?
@After ,@before not working in testcase
Can I combine these two regexes into one?
If Url not valid, perform legacy url lookup before throwing 404 error
Create Cookie in MVC 3
How can i get the parent of node text value in c#?
MVC4 routing 2 areas containing controllers with the same name
How to create CellTable based on the response from the server
C# WinForm nothing happen
Working with Magento - breaking it down
Knockout JS building a list of items
PHP strip iframe except YouTube with regular expression
rspec error during Rails Tutorial : undefined local variable or method `static_pages_index_path'
Access BO repository using SSIS or linked server
How to create dropdown with multiple columns in excel
XULRunner Application Security Implementation
Word DDE call ignored
String and byte[] issue java
Java circular references
jQuery Ajax: How to check every X seconds for a file (with access)?
Waiting tasks in TPL and disturbing issue with QueuedTaskScheduler (from ParallelExtensionsExtra)
Difference between the Action Context and ServletActionContext
WebKit report table header on every page
Notification message in SmartGWT
Testflight send Feedback
XNA with TaskFactory execution times when executing SetData on Texture in a loop
Proper capitalization of surnames in PHP [duplicate]