Mysql command not found
How to match a 鈥渟omething or nothing鈥�in a bash regex?
Google Distance Matrix API Restrictions
Importing a CSV file into mysql. (Specifically about create table command)
How to get rid of tick marks for compass plots in MATLAB
Data Migration from MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 to MS Dynamics CRM 2011
A strange symptom about mvvmlight listbox SelectedIndex focused color after transition of pages
LDAP authentication with `ldap-haskell`: can it be made secure?
Seek helps to speed up my mysql query
Pattern for modes of inserting into a queue
How do I look through my hard drive directories in a C++ program?
Proper way to handle pivot data operations (via has_many 鈥渢hrough鈥�
knockout.js - modify DOM in current item in list (expand list item subsection) using templates
Split lastname out onto new line
Declare multiple variables for single variable in mysql
ASP.NET and PNG from root not working
How to set POST data to URL and get results in string variable
HTML javascript get value from input
How to set POST data to URL and get results in string variable
HTML javascript get value from input
How can I find the position where a certain part of a string begins?
Can not keep Responsive layot
android:textAppearance for Arabic
RuntimeException for xpath
The size of Checkbox is changing when clicked
SQL query to dynamic Pivot/Transform data from table
Mapping a list to HTML and intercalating the result in Play 2.0 template
bootstrap typeahead getting results data-source results to appear?
Building my own database scaling solution with Amazon RDS
Parse huge XML - remember last successfully processed node to set offset on next run
Works fine on UNIX but not in Visual Studio? [closed]
Debug Dump of a C# App
does elegant design means removing all 'if-else'? or we need balance
Delete sender in separate slot
When starting a project for debugging, why does Visual Studio build the whole solution and not just the project?
Pagination with Java API for ElasticSearch
Using Del in a script
Numbering lines matching the pattern using sed
First steps with Selenium and jUnit - any good tutorials? [closed]
Communication between Background(periodic task) and forground app in windows phone7?
Different formats of geo_point type?
reverse include for array?
Java array variable showing up as null?
JQuery Mobile data-rel=鈥渂ack鈥�not working in dialogs
MS Access to SQL Sever in C#.NET
sql server select by datetime
How to display a 'your payment is processing鈥� page to a user while processing the transaction in the background?
Typedef enum constant in .h file of class?
pre-selected items in CActiveForm->checkBoxList in Yii
Importance of courses such algorithm, Computer Visions for an android/Iphone developer? [closed]
SQL Update Query with multiple column that values get from another table as a single query
Does simple_form work with paperclip validates_attachment_presence?
EWS: copy items between mailboxes/accounts
Does making linq like this lead to connection pool problems
Can I use backbone directly with MongoDB? *Without node.js,
get 2 different url using
Expanding XSD complex element types with XSL?
php Mongo find only utilize 4 criteria
Data not displaying in HTML format retrieved from database using PHP
mysqli_connect fails with dbpassword
Refactoring type code override
how to access get set value from class A to class B
Yii Advanced search at admin page does not work. Changed model->search() criteria
Specifying a font with the font family using ImageMagick
edit a table by row
How to set the reference path for the solution in Visual Studio?
Flash Component(label, uiloader & etc) Content Preserved on Other Frames?
Web based php editor for ipad [duplicate]
Web based php editor for ipad [duplicate]
Shell script and java parameter
can't load android virtual device
Basic Setup for Multisearch in pg_search and Rails 3.2.3
How do I retrieve the result of an ADO.NET SqlCommand?
Extract strings from string
Could Django project directory more simple structure with or without South?
Check if the name is in database?
array indexing in lua
Handler for Request not found:
Random images error
Google Maps API : Find dynamically generated zoom and center?
sleekxmpp 'error reading from xml stream' connected <--> disconnected loop
GCC optimization of __builtin functions used in a macro
Vuforia & Unity 1.5 not rendering object on the scene on Android
understanding Clojure futures
How to trace which enviroment variable is coming from
Handling KeyboardInterrupt in scipy.integrate.odeint
jquery parent, parents, and closest can't select or step over a section tag
Error when call a function in a class object
CSS issue: why the 100% width plus 1px border fall in FF browser but not in Crhome?
How to use transaction-scoped persistence context for non-transactional reading query?
Bind Collection to Form - why is it not working?
Invalid JSON type MVC 3
Can I use a JS Library Licensed under GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3 to create a SaaS?
rails 3.1 complex find_by_sql query on nested has_many through models
How to set the attribute name of a Spring session scoped bean?
regex - matching between a literal string and a quotation mark
Android: Turn based network capable game engine
is there jquery template count or index?
Secure Server not working
knockout.js - data-bind text default value
slide toggle jquery - show a paragraph when clicking or hovering an image
How do I do a fork of only part of an svn repository, while tracking upstream?
Iterating over std::map in PHP with SWIG
Assign value to an array object in Java
Why is my SQL insert statement failing to execute through my php script?
curl_init($url) returns Resource id #7
Python subprocess module does not return stdout on segfault
Consuming WCF Restful Service hosted by IIS
How do I set android:layout_weight on a text view programmatically?
What might explain an 鈥渋nvalid stored block lengths鈥�error?
How to view Parent when in Child controller?
How can Ireplace 鈥�鈥�with 鈥�鈥�in slugify function?
Verilog Continuous Simulation
What is this iOS UI Element called, and how do I make one?
I need a way to run Haskell code without any install on a Mac
Can not find sample of rate based performance counters
How do I retrieve an untrusted SSL server certificate in order to review and trust it?
How to manage growing C++ project
Receiving data from remote server
Is this not a factory pattern?
Is there some convenient ORM library framework for c?
How can I identify the rows involved in an Oracle deadlock?
How to merge some files using mapreduce?
Image.Save exception 鈥淎 generic error occurred in GDI+.鈥�when saving to MemoryStream
Custom Listbox Items
How do I run the Android Emulator after a Build?
News Ticker - Pre-mature restart
inheriting image properties when resizing using PHP
Writing to a file PHP
retrieve values of a series of $_POST keys
$_POST[] produces Undefined index:
How to change the memory limits of Tomcat6 (MacPorts install)? (-Xmx ignored???)
Call main page function from iFrame?
Why are memory addresses incremented by 4 in MIPS?
What does `Syntax error, insert 鈥淎ssignmentOperator Expression鈥�to complete Expression` mean?
How do I convert Doctrine resultset into an array?
Subclass UITableView with Custom UITableViewCells
C# ArgumentOutOfRangeException parameter intellisense
Java String hashcode caching
How should I use getDatatypeProperty(String PropertyName) in Jena?
How to migrate Zend Framework plugins to Zend Framework 2 application skeleton
Create and save R's default codebooks as a pdf
How does manually assigning tableView.rowheight affect subviews of the given Table View?
Trying to check if a file exists in internal storage
iOS performance tips the same on Android?
Should I store 1500 images in my app bundle?
Run a jQuery function called from another function
Why does the filename requested from the server start with Unicode characters?
Display Image after listitemclicked
413 Error with PHP
Python tcl is not installed properly
VB2010 Mutli-dimensional Arrays, mind-block
Django: creating dynamic forms
In Yii,why and how to use Yii::app()->end() method?
How to convert javascript unicode notation code to utf-8?
<tab> inserts spaces when using snipmate; <c-n> works
Moq, TDD and multiple layers
Java - Framework for creating a TCP/HTTP/SOAP APIs from an existing, standalone, interface(s)
What is the most appropriate HTTP status code to return if a required header is missing?
Textfieldparser Delimiters
Jquery get id or class from dynamic element
how to reset listview?
Having difficulty in iCarousel importing image
selenium2.0 webelement cannot get Attribute of the html
How can I uninstall a version of a Cabal package?
Implementing HighCharts
Using php to force download a pdf
SSRS report with 2 details and excluding rows that exist in detail 1
Accessing Form's Control from another class C#
How can I delegate to a sub object of an object with Moose handles?
Why is Viewbox breaking layout in Grid with equally spaced rows/columns?
java application updator
What is the function of SetDefaultItem?
phpgmailer set from mail issue
JavaScript prototype property [duplicate]
How can I pick out a particular server message from a websocket connection?
Spotify Play Button incompatible with Opera?
Secure string compare function
Passing a parameter to a FileField Storage's Save Method
Ember JS: render a list of items programmatically
Java: How do I take a snapshot (BufferedImage) from a Canvas without using paint()?
Clarifying regular expression
Using NSURLConnection with URL's with illegal characters
RaphaelJS for Directory Board Navigation
Django model object filtering with respect to date range for finding initial date for creating object?
phpMyadmin errors
RSpec - spec fails when trying to call method on initialized attribute
Fontconfig for iOS
School Site SQL Design
is it possible to develop turn by turn navigation for ios app?
How to select the biggest value from a list of duplicate entries
create dijit accordian container from foreach loop with data returned from json
Remove A Line Of Text With Filestreams (C++)
Important to remove events from an element after its been removed from DOM
Download Attribute Overriding onClick <a>
database structure for letting users place tags on their profile?
bool to System.Windows.Visibility (binding issues when dynamically creating DataGridColumnHeaders)
How to Redirect Python Stderr to String While Still Displaying
MySQL won't start [closed]
sql union irregular combo
Override Native Javascript Function
why the mouse over and out doesn't work? [closed]
Python file exercise issue
Parse Protected XML in XCODE
What does OK = N do in a Windows Batch File?
Rails: dynamically assigning field type from a Hash
Simple QT console TCP application. What am I doing wrong?
How to communicate between windows?
Make document read-only in Android
How to get the id of a button that fired a function?
Cannot access the pdf file?
Why does Xcode seem to skip the second scanf() call?
Why in primary constructors are non val or var parameters usable in the code?
Amazon S3 multiple file uploads using Parts
boost without libraries
Android - how to add a header to all the pages?
Beginner Alloy Questions
Start small and grow larger with SQL Server 2012 - code and price wise [closed]
C# regex pattern to extract urls from given string - not full html urls but bare links as well
UIPageViewController crashes when flipped too fast during low memory
Segmentation Fault with Pointer
facebook app generates an error code '100' when I run it on android device
Can I remove the purchase for a non-consumable item from the sandbox AppStore?
CSS: Fitting a wide element into a div without stretching it
MySQLi Prepared-Statements with Array as Input
redirect specific page to another specific page in iis web.config
Illegal pattern character 'Y' on Ubuntu
C++ - Vector initialization failing
Dealing With Futre and Past Dates and Times with JavaScript Date Object
Embedding Play application in custom system
Given 2 points on a circle and the angle between, how to find the center (in python)?
Apply custom border size in Spark Textarea using actionscript
I get error message:in `tr': invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 (ArgumentError) when I run: ruby dk.rb init
Zend Framework advanced WHERE IN query
Pubnub PHP Subscribe Function
checking image height/width in PHP
How can I change the blog post URL of a Jekyll website?
Easy & efficient way to get intersection of the 2nd elements for several lists of tuples in Python?
correct syntax for this code in razor
replace a line with multiple lines in a file
Cross Mobile Options
What #if preprocessor directive to determine if OS is WIN 7 SP1?
MVC3 HTML extension method using two bindings, instead of the usual one
adjusting UIButton imageSize
Passing Array to rsForEach in Renderscript Compute
Unable to return json in symfony 2
Watin UploadiFy
AS3: simulate a click to DisplayObject with coordinates and affect a child
How to make echo interpret backslash escapes and not print a trailing newline?
iOS - UILocalNotification - can schedule only up to 64 slots at a given time
ListItems in CheckboxList text color change
Python - Tkinter GUI [closed]
jPlayer not looping properly?
django-socialregistration for facebook keeps asking for module facebookapps
How to pass array of arguments to an method
Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server from Visual Basic
Should third-party types be exposed in my C++ library's API
Python: Usable Max and Min values
Changing the value of a checkbox
Searching Functions in Objective C
CURLOPT POSTFIELDS not attatching data to HTTP Request
Wrong return of UIImageView.isAnimating?
How can I set the height of a tab content div?
Rails model can't access belongs_to model even though foreign key exists
gridview with arraylist not showing data
iOS apps - why include both @2x and low-res images?
Calling method to view controller delegate, won't dismiss modal view
VB.NET What can I have for daily calendars?
Put an iframe behind a 鈥減hoto frame鈥� or How to 鈥渇rame鈥�an iframe
Kill a Process Started via a the Eclipse Remote Systems Feature
Showing value data from dropdown in html
SPRING DATA-JPA + eclipseLink2.0 failed
MVC3 Validation on Sub-Form
Responding with custom JSON
Image from bytearray not complete in IE8
Implementing a Tree data structure based on the DOM in PHP. How do NodeLists work?
2 divs, 100% minus 250px width possible?
Appending XUL element(s) into DOM from a string of markup
PhP - username and password validation works, however, clearing out other rows
cuda nvcc cross compiler
Multiple Precision for Visual Studio 2010
load new webpage after loading the present one
Multiplying Product Via Loop in R
stack overflow vs segfault
Make CSS popup dissapeer when blanket is clicked (Example: Facebook Photo's)
Can't Seem To Get POST Requests Working In Python 3
Remove whitespace from HTML generated using XSL
Mocking Cake Request
Will apple reject apps using private instance variables of controlls
MySQL - Counting two things with different conditions
css how to force to ul,ol to show numbers or disc, after reset the list style.?
Make a play within time limit in C
Two side multi-select Jquery Plugin that supports group choosing [closed]
How do I use Sprockets with Sinatra without a rackup file?
why is this array not outputting properly now even though it worked perfectly during an earlier test
鈥淏ETWEEN鈥�SQL Keyword for Oracle Dates 鈥�Getting an error in Oracle
NameError django send_mail
Why am I not getting the day of the week I expect from setting this calendar object?
custom sprockets preprocessor & asset precompiling
Ajax request but no content
Bash script with graphical menus
PHP foreach / while / loop - how to traverse entire category hierarchy without database
list is not sorting correctly
Android Emulator Won't Start App on Eclipse
Creating dropdown in rails erb error
invalid_grant trying to get oAuth token from google
What is the best way to integrate Picasa and JSF-software?
Weird behavior while trying to control Paper.js from javascript directly
getting error when trying to do ajax from outside folder
How to map a collection of objects using LINQ to SQL?
Extension functions and classpaths
Reload page when a certain width is passed
Getting the address for the album art picture for a mp3
Jquery .Click event only triggering first button in the loop
An instructor retrieves the student who are enrolled in the course he/she teaches
Modulus division returns an integer?
How to ROT13 encode in Python3?
An instructor retrieves the student who are enrolled in the course he/she teaches
Modulus division returns an integer?
How to ROT13 encode in Python3?
XNA - Scale Direction Vector3
A class as data member of another class
Querying win32_NetworkConnection is slow on Windows 7
simple LINQ query =>
How to add numerous objects into an array
How to assign arrays to functions arguments?
A cleaner way to do this SQL query
A good and basic implementation of BigInt class in C++ [closed]
Is there any benefit to using html beginform with no parameters as opposed to a plain <form> tag?
Use wave file from project
Adding a 0 before decimal entered in input?
Android How do I correctly get the value from a Switch?
Is there a HD version (Higher Quality) .3gp video in youtube for HTML players? [closed]
How to increment date by 1 for number of time in sql statement
Adding encryption to a TCP Stream?
Can the authoritative NS be the same as the domain served?
regex help鈥�php check entry format
How to track down the line that's causing a runtime error?
Code Coverage under PHPUnit for admin areas
Differences in some filenames case after uploading to Amazon S3
Boardgame-Map with crossroads etc
OnTouch method in OnDraw
hadoop with mr job piping on shell
Python, subprocesses and text file creation
ruby multiple connections and dns queries
NSIS Function with more than 1 parameters
Reasoning with Pellet on SWRL rules in Jena Framework
Segmentation fault: stack overflow
Insert Current Date/Time into XML through Ruby Builder
Understanding make-command in makefile?
JavaScript for `set('pdf ppt tif tiff jpg jpeg'.split())`?
Is it possible to use instrument to capture screen of a site from mobile safari?
Select from table, name is stored in the field
Objective-C: Return the UIView another UIView's center point is overlapping?
Replacing a call to sleep when waiting on an NSStream response
Android checkbox issue in custom list item view
android threads unclear different to req.session._id
the best practice for assigning an ID automatically
Mercurial changing file names to Upper Case and doesn't track them
I need to execute a command line program in a specific working directory from Java
PHP - Re-format 2 dimensional array made from CSV to the pattern suitable for MYSQL import
Compiling libspotify Examples?
Android - how to add a simple footer?
How do I find the cpu the current thread is running on, for Mac and BSD?
Distributed Objects + Grand Central Dispatch
Using javascript to pass form fields' values to Url
How do I find the cpu the current thread is running on, for Mac and BSD?
Distributed Objects + Grand Central Dispatch
Using javascript to pass form fields' values to Url
InputeState method parameters
click on floor plan regions in an iPhone app?
Creating a real 3D website
More problems with ViewPager example
JS Events that don't bubble (progress, loadedmetadata, etc)
input a figure between title and body in twocolumn latex form [closed]
In EmberJS my event triggers all the sub-views instead of just the targeted one
How to combine two text hyper links
ImportError: No module named site - Python27 - MacPorts
Use .htaccess To Redirect Page Without Changing URL With 'mod_rewrite'
Sending single emails without being marked as spam
Jquery manipulation within multiple elements
Array loses its contents after exiting xmlhttpRequest [closed]
function to remove empty <p> removes <p>'s with content
Error in showing a Rich Modal Panel with JSF 1.2 & rich faces
Javascript object required error in IE
Type Error when using prototypes
Javascript: Calculate width of div as sum of images
How to add a List of JButtons to a JFrame?
Footer not 100% in IE
setInterval(function(),time) change time on runtime
Changing TabView: Resize TabView & Window
Transmit data to client on specific page, based on SQL Server column or row update
Glass (opaque/transparent) border around boxes?
ruby rspec error expected: 1 got: #<Proc:0x000000019155b8@/home
Formatting dates with scale_x_date in ggplot2
Rails ActiveRecord: How to select all users with a given permission?
Twitter4j Status MySql
Escaping special characters in ruby
HTML tags in Dotnetnuke not working
Is @fname similar to invoking this->fname in other languages
How to troubleshoot silently failing js in Rails?
Forms authentication failed: The ticket supplied is not valid
Android Webview HTML5 Geocoding
Javascript function Id
Rails console won't load, 鈥淐ould not find gem 'rails (= 3.0.0.beta3) ruby鈥�
Creating a retained-mode graphics API
Model with database in MVVM
MySQL Join Same Table
C# Windows Form Countdown Timer
Undefined Index - PHP MySQL [duplicate]
Is it possible to insert data to 2 tables from 1 controller?
What is difference between new in a constructor and new in a member declaration?
Unable to start program, cannot find the file specified, Visual Studio 11
Bundling 2 .exe's together in a C# application
Maven profile not deploying to correct tomcat using maven-tomcat-plugin
How can I get all the nodes of a xml file?
SQL - How do I return the TOP 5 highest earning years?
Isn't posible to use one queryset inside another?
Dynamically adjust iframe height based on content
How to get the CSS rules compatible with a node?
How to get Django prefetch_related working?
How to change viewport on iPhone/iPad?
Eclipse editor not supporting java
Convert file of bytes to ints Python [duplicate]
Android: Draw inside a frame determined by a Bitmap in an ImageView
how to override the swipe gesture in UIWebView?
Javascript Phone number validation Paratheses sign
Error while running mongo server
What is a strategy to ensure proper subclasses from a generalized search query?
Result of `rake routes` in ruby script
PHP Threading and high-latency file access (eg; FTP)
Making a C style callback object oriented?
Multiple calls to staticExpects on mocked objects
Is a SSL'ed JSON API that uses cookies for authentication and nonces generally secure?
Limit amount of LI and add more link
How to add a page to RDoc?
NSDictionary writeToFile encoding only in UTF-8?
Polyline on user walking
Twisted http server with async response where requests have to wait for data to become available or timeout
Transformation Matrix Multiplication by matrix type, C++
Mongo DB Delete a field and value
Ajax response inside a div
Remove array from inside a 2d array where value is equal to
Android - How can I make the whole page scroll if I have a listView inside?
Strange date parsing results in Python
Loop to Re Enter
301 for urls indexed by google containing /index.php/*
Is it wrong to put HTML into a database field?
Android intent to share text/plain data to Google Drive
Joining multiple edits in a single undo/redo command
Get facebook pics to Titanium
C# - Windows Service with awareness of System Time
special chars (@, ?) as xml-string in android app
JsDatePick's data picker appears all broken in appearance in IE8 when used in my page
require_once() breaking array of urls that should generate OpenGraph tags?
Algorithm for solving the game 'Pop it' in least steps
make sure img div loads before video div
Java libraries to read/write C64 T64, D64 image files? [closed]
Razor-like syntax in ruby-on-rails view [duplicate]
SAP Abap Developer Or IBM Tivoli Specialist
jquery - datepicker issue - switching date format loses data
RDLC calculate running totals?
Best approach for an Ajax system?
Convert a string into an alias for an operator in c++
Broke my ability to Receive text messages
unable to pass activity as a parameter in method
How do LINQ expressions work with Stored Procedures?
How to style Google maps info windows?
SQLite force close when opening database
MySQL INSERT IGNORE INTO keeps adding duplicate entries
CodeMirror has content but won't display until keypress
RavenDB is Screwing up my Multi Map query. What am I doing wrong?
Problems with has_many and querying data
C#, winforms, datatable, button
notifications from a dialog box
How to use CUDA interop for rendering spheres?
ImportHtml with HTTP POST method
Tapestry 5: Value of password field not bound to variable
capturing jquery Radiobutton list selected values
Java - Threads, Swing, and ServerSocket
Cannot store more than 11 items in a List<Int32> in a Dictionary<int, List<Int32>>
Call ASP.NET MVC controller action from seperate javascript file
Image not loading after reloading the page
Facebook like conversations list in CakePHP 2.1 (Related to group-wise maximum, sub-query, join)
Method autovivification
Counting fully rendered requests
Update an entire row in MySQL
Evaluating polynomials? [closed]
Comparison operator overloading
Show Image in Leaflet Popup
jQuery.Cycle Offsets Images On Certain Refreshs
Collecting files (and more) in Python
How to get Knockout to group foreach
Python - IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:
Android app fails to get access to the network
add time to filename in batch file
Exchange PowerShell commands through C#
Remove id3v2 tag c++
CheckStyle Custom Check 鈥�Retrieve All Parameter Names
Does Android always call back listeners in the same order they have been registered?
Twitter-like model with RavenDB
Recommendations Bar: Remove read action (remove from my timeline)
Twitter Bootstrap 16-column Responsive CSS, how?
Overriding Uploadify methods
Moving WCF contracts to a separate dll
How do I get render to work with nested controllers?
Why is my width:450px giving different results cross-OS and cross-monitor? [closed]
How to prevent collection of removing model when destroyed?
How to Link to a Website or Safari within my iOS app
jsp registration page
Is it possible to have too many methods in terms of stack size and possible overflow?
Trying to write code to reduce image resolution trying to lose as little quality as possible after image file is uploaded [duplicate]
Updating datetime returns error even after changing default language
OneToMany association with JoinTable returning null
.net Referrence Web in class library
When would you want to store a proc into a hash?
combine two RGB images to a 6 channel image - openCV
Writing a bash script that accepts multiple multi-spaced arguments
Pex regenerate and PexAssumeNotNull
jQuery Tokeninput Error in Rails
One website showing as text on LAMP
Merge two files of different lengths in Python
Entity Framework Validation Erros in DbContext Persist Even in New Instance
Bundle update fails on ffi
Linking 4 List Boxes
Python - How to include any random integer in a string
Linux find command, find 10 latest files recursively regardless of time span
FOR Loop count up
Global variables in PHP Not Being Set Correctly
Suppressing touch points in Silverlight WP7
iOS Phonegap Infinite Dialog error when running application?
Empty DataGridView bound to .sdf datasource
how to display the correct message?
Xcode - Google Maps API waypoints is not working
Bundle command not found. Bad Interpreter
PHP: strlen help. I need to display only 100 characters of a string then a hyperlink
Saving data encoded with NSCoder
How to be sure that javascript/jquery always completes click function before returning true (opens link)?
Git Issue with multiple computers
Interactive Display of Shape file
鈥渦ndefined鈥�error for cordovaRef installing Badge plugin iOS/iphone
Java String - See if a string contains only numbers and not letters
Linking controls in separate views
Liquid turn string into url link
abstracting object key in javascript
How To Update Database Using Primary Key
Android: How to change background of Title Bar of DatePickerDialog
Homework Assignment Java Network Programming
reading and displaying USGS NED DEM
Applescript editor not responding
JQuery SYNC Ajax Calls in Firefox Error
Compiling a specific program in linux kernel/Documentation
new to rails : relationships not setup right?
Django IntegrityError SQL: 1048, cannot be null
Creating and displaying vector objects in c++ [closed]
Java Long - Bit's manipulation
Difference between anonymous functions
symbolization with atos
Call Overridden Home button in the Search Interface
Can you publish to an existing Amazon EC2 instance using AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio?
CSS - red font to Twitter Bootstrap
Difference between declaration and malloc
Modifying taskbar icon of my .jar program
Adding functions with jquery replace() markup
What URL to use with WebSockets?
In javascript what's the standard approach for checking a function's arguments?
In javascript what's the standard approach for checking a function's arguments?
How to automate development machine for MVC IIS
Search for prices in PHP MySQL database
Reading unexpected data from rs232 serial port
Inserting data from multiple form fields which are the same
Need to edit wp simple paypal cart to update price based on drop down option
Webapplication.targets missing when building a MVC4 project in MonoDevelop on OS X 10.7.4
Trying to use NSCoder crashes the app on start-up
Ajax JSON exception Unexpected token [
CSS Rounded corners Top Left corner not rounding. Ideas?
How are strings sent between computers when all that's available is an email address?
Datanucleus JDO in maven assembly jar
mopabootstrap fosuserbundle translation labels
Can I install drupal 6 and 7 in subfolders of public_html on shared hosting?
Wait for user input in C?
ShareKit text message doesn't align 鈥淣ew Message鈥�bar with status bar
Using fstreams over FILE objects
jquery selector does not work on element inside script tag using Cassette
Faking a virtual templated function c++
Java Scanner - How to return to the last word after using next()
Temperature convert two int digits to float
Java: forcing a component to fill up the entire row in a GridLayout
MVC 3/Design Patterns issue
Android get derieved class name
Writing to the database with $sql in a while loop
More than one taglib sharing same parameter in JSF 2.1
Java read in a text file and then separate into separate arrays
What levels of logging are available for Heroku?
I can't debug in Code::Blocks
Move working Joomla 2.5 site from subdomain to root now 500 errors at logout
C++ compiled C code vs Pure C in embedded programming? [closed]
Python with HTML front-end [closed]
Straightforward example for loading data into a Sencha GXT (3.0) ListStore using a GWT RPC call?
Using strophe attach() instead of connect() doesn't work unless I trigger my connected callback twice
Python - Trying to write a script that tests an http interface
Hiding Asp.Net user control using c#
Call function on image load
Where does javafx.scene.image.Image(鈥渇lower.png鈥� look for flower.png?
i do not want bullets in the html:errors while using struts validation
select from one table where count=1 in second table and two more conditions
Youtube Oauth 2.0 API Videos Upload Failed
How is this span related to a b hook tag for targeting?
Visitor design pattern
Reference trouble with wxPython FileDialog if and else statements
Generate subform in ajax call
CSS Media Queries and My Nexus One (Or other Android phones)
$wpdb, ezSQL class escape/filter or not?
Empty values in a form for editing my UserProfile model causes everything to be empty
JavaScript function on event running on declaration
Move mouse cursor without triggering a WM_MOUSEMOVE
JavaScript function on event running on declaration
Move mouse cursor without triggering a WM_MOUSEMOVE
Scala list print issue 鈥�IntelliJ IDEA
how to Run EXE file By
Why there is layout misorder in last button in this android app?
first member of array
Servlet issue in handling the multi part data?
CodeMirror - Is it possible to scroll to a line so that it is in the middle of window?
What would cause a java process to greatly exceed the Xmx or Xss limit?
Server was unable to process request. ---> The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized
Magento config xml - inherit value
Boost Spirit inherited string attribute populating vector<int> in ascii characters
processing text in jTextArea
Pouring water using Scala
Hungarian Notation in Fortran
PostgreSQL isset function
Document Construction Api
Expected argument of type array or Traversable and ArrayAccess, object given
How do debug C++ dll for a Java application
.NET properties in IronPython classes
The php page that I made which is supposed to add entries to a mysql table is not doing anything to the table
Google Analytics for iOS, how to set domain?
loading form with no action inside a div
Is it possible to integrate Javascript IDE into Eclipse PDT?
How to use a Union to store 2 different structs in 1 C array
NSImageRep wrong resolution?
youtube api upload file - Developer key required for this operation
Determine user location on osm maps
How to display result in GridView?
TCP Server Mono for Android Socket.bind
How to express PostgreSQL variable as a string
Constant Contact Id
using perl hashes to handle tab-delimited files
Kohana - Database_Exception [ 2 ]: mysql_connect()
Cross browser preventDefault() without jQuery
Inferring recursive expressions using Hindley Milner & constraints
Inputing test cases into TestRail
Doing networking in Android from AsyncTask gives NetworkOnMainThreadException
Replace all occurrences of String in file (Java) [duplicate]
Dynamically resize height of div's on webpage
Why is there this read_fwf() error?
How to match a specific email with RegEx
Android BroadcastReceiver or simple callback method?
Automatically add end tag when typing xml start tag?
Can I use CUDA with C++ program by G++. Or CUDA can be compiled only with GCC?
Is there a performance penalty when calling a function using ns-resolve in Clojure?
display html body of emails on a website
What's with the space above <button> element?
How to wait for response in $.post jQuery
Smarty is not choosing the correct templates to display
Type mismatch: cannot convert from ArrayList to List
Tumblr wrongly outputs audio posts in video post type
Understanding multi-core SMP systems [closed]
Geolocation & Wordpress: best plugin for proximity search?
Getting the location of the users with PHP Facebook Client Library
Can I use a recursive cte to extend partitioning?
fullcalendar with mvc not showing events fetched from database
Notepad++ XML autocompletion / add end tag?
using a sage function standalone within python
Localhost is not refreshing/reseting
textarea expanded with jquery, not submitting the form when i click the submit button
Thumbnail limit max ''6'' images
Error running jekyll locally (rvm gemset issue)
backbone.js and google maps markers
TypeCasting In Android
failing to define an array key with a value of false
Error When Deploying Using Capistrano
What does this SQL query do?
Building a list of functions that return strings
quering android sqlite database without using the primary key throws an error java.lang.NullPointerException
Header Origin not allowed
VB silverlight for windows phone
How can I display count of imagefield images in views?
C++: Function Template to Handle Ints and Strings
When using .append in Python item is getting appended multiple times. Why?
How to achieve this interface on interface builder?
Multiple tables Mysql JOIN
Query for designs with duplicate title in mongoid
Perl: Finding _ followed by X with stuff in between
php styling images separately when called dynamically
How to programmatically load another viewController from a ViewController in MonoTouch
Xcode organizer documentation, show Table of Contents
Make While Statement True (Calling Method from Another Class)
Arithmetic operations in Java
How to convert a node.js server to MVC?
Is VARCHAR or INT a validation rule?
Making OsmDroid city label text larger
Nimbus L&F no border on JButtons?
Class Emulation - Module Pattern vs. Function Objects [duplicate]
How to include flash banner on all pages in Drupal
Regex to remove all whitescape except one between words?
Is it ok to paste snippits of code eg from a browser window if git is set to have core.autocrlf false?
parsing xml using jquery and ajax
named parameters with same name
Adjust image on UIButton
Get returned JSON from AsyncTask
Wordpress database - obtaining quantity of sales figures
How to change selected index in Tabbar flex
Spotify Tutorial App not found
Align Text in List in Div with CSS in Internet Explorer 9
Setting a multilanguage site in Typo3
in drupal 7 's view, how to comment without redirecting to content type page?
Changing border and background colors of a table and hovering over them
Ruby: inject issue when turning array into hash
Why doesn't the following function stop for an input 1?
Php wont echo html from database
Converting a simple JavaScript code
Twitter Bootstrap - sample app
How do I to map a foreign key column referring two tables?
Displaying Data on Autocomplete in Asp.Net MVC3
Show application on multiple screens
Strange act of canvas when Scale/ Zoom in Silverlight
Applying jQuery UI accordion to Backbone.js view rendered
Using WCF REST HTML5 form
Do I need to use a delegate to maintain the MVC pattern when accessing NSUserDefaults?
Android SDK's AVD does not load the Emulator at all
MongoDB saving comments to nested array
Values in input type not showing after a wait function
Organizing data in NSArray (may be using NSSortDescriptor)
Output a boolean from an Rscript into a Bash variable
Strip Markdown text from files
multiline textbox auto adjust it's height according to the amount of text
Opening the Foursquare app from my app
How come this has so many compile errors when it has no IntelliSense errors? How to fix?
delete empty pointers to objects stored in a list?
I want both values before and after submitting a form
Stable implementation of Stooge Sort?
How can I display data of an open graph protocol on a page before a form is submitted in ruby on rails?
Javascript blocking wait
C++ - I read a whole file (_which is a list of words separated by 2 white spaces_), how do i get the words separately fast?
prepareForSegue doesn't init new view
Unable to access COM exposed methods in VBA
How do I install Bash >= 3.2.25 on Mac OS X 10.5.8?
Z-Index not showing element on top
Not sure what I am doing wrong with Ubuntu/Apache2/Mono
CSS: min width and absolute positioning
-(bool) not returning
blocks don't see methods (chef resources)
ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes
Multiple scripts linked in header
How to make images max-width = screen-size in element with white-space:nowrap?
Set TabBar item selected
Google maps api v3 reporting key error
ebay FindingAPI how to find items specified within a given day range
Compiling of SQlite3 in C++
Google map. Get nearest by coordinates
Lost user when calling Drupal REST service from Android with Restlet library
How to validate password with authlogic and jQuery Validation plugin?
Is it possible to FULLY customize a Sench Tab Panel?
Java Basic Timing
Is there a .NET video player that works under AnyCPU?
Is there an open-source equivalent to Amazon S3? [closed]
Throwing custom exceptions in Java
Compare strings by SSE4 wrappers
Rails jQuery + Coffeescript based assets pipeline vs XHR requests
applying functions to objects in javascript
Get taxonomy links filtered by multiple taxonomy types
Android - How to tell in ACRA whether the error happened on the simularor?
mem access violation
Bootstrap Drop Down Problems [closed]
Calling a php script at the end of a js script
How to increase the TCP 鈥渞eceive window鈥漮n the iPhone
CakePHP 2.x - redirecting data to other view
Dynamically Rendering Actions from Controller - MVC
Android XML parser not parsing
OpenCV:NetBeans:undefined reference to cvCreateSubdivDelaunay2D
When will one need to create a separate process in a Application?
cutting words in a file and writing while preserving line number in c++ [closed]
Retrieving data from dynamic form
How do I set javascript variables or call functions with the razor syntax?
Simple cross platform TCP IP API?
Confused about Rails has_and_belongs_to_many Association
android starting Activity from Intent in onClickListener in common class returns error
Error 鈥淐ould not load Boto's S3 bindings.鈥�
htaccess deny all and cron'd file
rails application design: static methods
Google geocoder failing due to over_query_limit
render nested partial for new form
Dynamically updating Tkinter window based on serial data
how to clear `double` in generic c++ code?
Pythonic way to create a command args strings from key => values sored in a dictionary
Is closing the connection in finalize best practice? [duplicate]
Does it matter if main( ) creates an NSAutoreleasePool and drains it before exit?
C#: The result of casting a negative integer to a byte
is there a way to check if external data is piped to a program or if program runs on its own?
how to call a previous item(s) in json? like xml's &lable; notation
Multibound ToolTips per ListView row
Bash: How to list only files?
django_facebook 鈥淎n error has occurred. Please try again later.鈥�鈥�sometimes
Using Fragments to switch activities
Matlab - relational matricies?
How to display a javascript graph inside a modal dialog using JQuery UI?
How can I align a button at the bottom of a div?
wordpress installation does not work due to ,htaccess file
Applying Hann windowing function to an image in Octave/Matlab
Vertically Aligning Text & Images not consistent across browsers
Connecting the dots with DDD
Quit button for Andengine
Split a result from File.ReadAllBytes
error C2228: left of '.values' must have class/struct/union
Connecting the dots with DDD
Quit button for Andengine
Split a result from File.ReadAllBytes
error C2228: left of '.values' must have class/struct/union
UIView presented with Black screen, fix?
UIImageView _isResizable: Unrecognized Selector
PHPExcel PDF Layout
How to write a generator for this function
Database Design For Image Table
preRenderView method executed before I get to the page
Avoiding subqueries in HQL using Grails
Is Flash CS5.5 required for iOS deploying
Language of the operating system?
Return an instance
Change Navigation Controller's Toolbar Animation in setToolbarHidden:animated:
Use Html.HiddenFor while iterating
Android Record Count Toast Message?
using visual studio command to copy files into outdir
JSONP Extjs4 issues
disable 鈥淟ike鈥�from posting on a user's wall
valgrind reporting invalid free /dlete/ realloc
Center a div of unknown width, while mantining left align inside
JGraphT - UndirectedGraph - addEdge method does not work
Use the mediarecorder to enter the audio pronounced in a string
How can I get a list of friends who use my app?
Calculation of data delta
Wordpress: what is the coindtitional tag for custom taxonomies?
Polymorphism: Deriving from a protected member in a base class?
Update value in a table with value from another table in mysql
Best objects architecture to manage data between controllers [closed]
Where to place $PATH variable assertions in zsh?
ROR - Two Field Relations Of One Model [ORM]
rails auto-include libraries issue
JMF with Processing - audio visualizer
Ideas needed - jqGrid double postback kills viewstates. How to preserve them?
five table join?
jQuery issue with .submit()
iPad form disable [previous , next] buttons
SQL TOP results grouped by a field
Exlpode effect in jquery cycle fx
designer file is listed separatelly form main class file
Why the parameter is not passed from one controller action to another in mvc?
Blackberry Java Sqlite Many Record Inserting
CSS for mobile website background image
The fastest way to check if a type is blittable?
Can an NSAutoreleasePool be drained twice or multiple times?
Does this leak memory?
Populating core data with predefined data?
Android parsing JSON multiple arrays
Succinct DNG Header information?
Succinct DNG Header information?
Absolute/fixed position: preventing items scrolling
which application is better for secure [closed]
How do you display a PNG image in WP7?
Darkening back Screen
CATiledLayer basics: Why is CATiledLayer's drawLayer:inContext: called so often when rendering PDFs?
PHP: Get file extension not working on uploads to S3
Google Chart Tools not working in Android WebView
Falling sand particle physic
Expand gtkmm GtkTreeView column
How to make webview Android app not show adsense ads?
Is an OutputStream in Java blocking? (Sockets)
Is it possible to pass multiple lines of HTML as a string argument to a HTML helper?
How to not display a hidden form in php
CSS make text area blink
Lighttpd Redirect url to Lowercase Version
Reroute Django's 鈥渉andle_uncaught_exception鈥�
Structuring a fabric project with namespaces
Wordpress MySQL query fails
Changed password in phpMyAdmin on a Mac using XAMPP, now unable to access localhost/phpmyadmin
Neo4J wondering how to set up domain structure. A split relationship
Variable value in Xcode4
Going to the same 鈥渋nstance鈥�of an Intent/Activity in Android
Align plots next to each other with knitr
C# compare bytes using bitwise operations
I need to build a custom function in a manager with field's value from a model
if () not working
returning multiple values in Java
How to display links with one-to-many relationships using Formtastic and ActiveAdmin
Extract JSON from text
google eclipse 3.7 plugin 2.6.0.v201205021203-rel-r37 jpa issue
regarding wcf attributes and client/server communication
play framework 2.0 - unexpected exception - Key Not Found : Source
how to use <T>.TryParse in a generic Method while T is either double or Int
Adb connection Error:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Read stream from byte to byte
How to make a scrollbar appear?
Method call from subclass to view controller confusion
PHP email subscription validation and check for existing
Drupal: 鈥淭he directory is not writable鈥�
Barcode reader in sencha-touch
why google api weather is delayed
DWR Cookie (DWRSESSIONID) and its use
Passing data using UINavigationController
MATLAB: Slow convergence of convex optimization algorithm
`pointer being freed was not allocated` when using stxxl queue
Listbox Error On Selection Index
ListBox issue can't get the ItemsSource from a custom class to output in the MainPage
Passing values to Views
Android program stops working after a few uses
Converting GET into POST in JS
Ajax request to Jetty server on same node
Secured HTTP Proxy over different ESB Products
write clean url's in php [closed]
MST with modification
read an array dynamically using getElementById
Which is the easiest way of creating basic GUI apps in C++- MFC, WINFORMS, WINAPI or WPF?
window.CavalryLogger error in Facebook App running in Facebook Page Tab
mysql insert value if it doesn't exist
multi layer web project with GIT
PostgreSQL query doesn't use index
Hide thumbnails for fullscreen HTML5 jQuery slideshow (text-only link to initialize slideshow)
Air-gap between top of page and first divs on page
Best practice for message activity
error in your Gemfile, and Bundler cannot continue
I can't find android home icon
Python tree-based chat bot
In Boost.Test, how to obtain the name of current test?
FFMPEG create h264 stream that has high quality keyframes and low quality interframes
facebook apprequests : An error occurred. Please try again later
retrieve cookies after redirect
Where can i get dll's to deploying app in Qt on windows?
How to use a password from the keychain within an applescript running within
How do I retrieve the object I passed in jQuery.ajax()'s `data` attribute on the server side (node.js)?
Best practice for checking for an enum flag [closed]
OpengGL glDrawBuffers() in Qt?
How to treat text field as URL?
RoR + Redis Master - Slaves
Dynamically limit upload file size in Express (node.js)
Serializing textarea with wrap=鈥渉ard鈥�doesn't give line breaks
Android splash screen image sizes to fit all devices
Passing shake gesture event to the app delegate
Moving Wordpress with Headway to a new domain breaks the site
Matlab - save(int2str(i), x) doesn't work - Argument must contain a string
HTTP/XML Binding with Spring Web services
Weird ImportError when using Python urllib2
Difference between Foo<T> where T : BaseObject and Foo<BaseObject>
How to apply SerializationStreamWriter for storage
Parameter has all propertys after webrequest
the application has stopped unexpectedly. please try again
Android ImageView positon in LinearLayout
Search for strings in file and add certain line values to ArrayList
Ant: How to use a property value as replacement in replaceregexp
MongoDB/mongoose queries and the $in operator
Android: Add Checkbox to the right of RelativeLayout
sql update statement doesn't work
Android StringArray with settext
How to Prevent ArrayAdapter getView() to call repeatedly when I try to edit text of EditText?
Anyone know why ReCaptcha may be styling wrong
error in web service on eclipse
error in web service on eclipse
ASP Checkbox and JS
PHP XML creator doesn't support Persian/Arabic encoding (UTF-8) [closed]
UITableview doesn't scroll to content offset on ViewDidLoad when In-Call status bar is showing
Callback order strange in JSON, AJAX
Load DLL Assemblies from file in C# to custom AppDomain
Lithium & phpActiveRecord - are my ACL associations correct?
TinyMCE image add from custom gallery with Ruby on Rails
errors with a file tokenizer
Generating Links to Youtube Audio
Remove non-ASCII characters from String in Java
Priority_queue and input stream iterator
Multithread is slow?
how to show large image if clicking in image in jqgrid
Compare & validate two numbers
How to make a java gui in Jess as an applet?
C# Open/SaveFileDialog with a different file system
loading and inserting millions record in html file from php and mysql how
Keep JavaScript toggle open on reload
鈥淐annot spawn ssh鈥�when connecting to Github, but ssh -T works?
database check (for credentials) when using single sign-on (sso) for a web app, hint?
Joomla + K2 + SIGpro giving strange error
when form X closes how do I make something happen to form Y
How do I connect mongodb with Node.js correctly?
Only one answer can be returned to client by a server when using UDP with netty
IPv6 Network Programming without IPv6?
DataTables API, fnUpdate not taking value from variable
Formatting Date to dd-MMM in iOS
Iteration Function Call in AJAX
Casting float to int results in incorrect value
GraphicsMagick code freeze in node addon (OSX)
Matlab / Octave and Compass with no arrows and changing line style