Javascript / jQuery - Tap outside an element on an iPhone
Python: wrapping recursive functions
how to pass traffic for port 80 not through openvpn?
How to create drag-and-drop installer for MacOS X?
Image arrays and updating them Android
Creating an Add user form in Django
ajax with JavaScript exception: unexpected end of input
Image auto reload with a fade or preload?
Opensource Webcam Library
Music programming: Are there public domain or CC0 samples that I can use?
Sharepoint replacement Tasks list forms
Zend Framework PHP -> realpath()
Rotation by AffineTransform makes saved image empty
Connecting 2 iDevices via Bluetooth automatically
ReCapcha Styling messing up [duplicate]
Loading a list page in Symfony 1.4 taking ~10 secs on new server
Writing Auth data in cakephp session inside of a test case
how can i send 2 id or more on this function by ajax
Xcode 4.3 Passing Variables between Views
GHC can't find the Parsec Library? [closed]
Trouble with acceptance specs hanging with Rails 3.1.4, capybara-webkit 0.11.0, unicorn 4.3.1 and shared DB hack
Facebooker2 returning users UID but not name
Which Javascript library other than jQuery uses $?
Lightest paths tree
Fill google maps viewport with single tile
Testing for iOS 4.3 on Xcode 4.3 and iOS 5.1 development environment
Value isn't getting stored in Array?
How to add list of songs from res/raw in audio player in android
How navigate back to the previous view programmatically
I have a function of List<string> that get string,int how can i use it to work?
Content disappear behind header's height?
Should I use strip tags on the fly or store on server already stripped
Why is SetupDiGetDeviceProperty function not working?
Bison: Bad if structure
jQuery: How to convert server time in UTC to web browser's local time?
Adding calculation power to flex application
Box shadow around rounded corners?
Touch a sprite without boundingBox
Linking program with Boost.Asio using waf build system
jQueryMobile - Phonegap - transitions blinking with calling $.ajax [duplicate]
Limited CPU load in external program executed from c++ application
Referencing Fragments inside ViewPager
Accordion menu animation issues
Redirect all but one file to secure site using htaccess
HTTPHandler and IsReusable with WebHandler
Twitterizer Hometimeline exception in Newtonsoft.Json.dll
Eclipse + breakpoints = nothing happens
Git tools and advices with C++ [closed]
Dom string doesn't change after manipulation with jQuery attr
Get return value (scalar), not result table, from stored procedure using Java and Hibernate
How to open .sql file with ruby?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS depending on string length in Core Data
Gnuplot cant create a jpeg
Randomize words
XCode 4.3 fonts and colors export
lpeg grammar to parse comma separated groups that may have internal groups
How to know when an image load completes [duplicate]
Show columns with NAs in a data.frame
jquery add class only if exists text
do closures in c# cause code bloat?
PHP PDO Module doesn't commit transaction and fails to report the reason
ASP MVC strongly typed html without razor
Sort an array of numbers based on a given order
Highlight the tableViewCell when come back from detail view
how to create a Popup associated with a RadioButton in wpf
RadioButton Layout
Syntax for writing strings spread over multiple lines
How do I create a dockable 鈥減erspective-like鈥�view in Eclipse PDE?
Adobe Flex: Calculating age from dates [duplicate]
Monitoring internet connectivity everytime app opens in android
Populating Input Options based selection
making an undirected graph from a PPI (protein-protein interaction ) excel file
Cocoa Objective-C main loop
Ruby- find strings that contain letters in an array
Accessing Inner Object Class Variables
Read/write big integers or floats with a simple byte protocol in C
what gem/method to use to generate PDF's from static hosted pages using thoughtbot high-voltage
disable setMovementMethod(LinkMovementMethod.getInstance()) on android
Remove whitespace in VBA excel
Boolean expression parse and evaluation in C++
Error - android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 requested, with a size of 0
How to choose open mode with fopen()?
CSS load after redirect to https fails on WP7 browser
CSV import encoding
Removing a specific value in vector
ProgressBar in ViewBinder hast strange values
Pushing from local repository to GitHub hosted remote
WPF User control inside window
Save multiple objects to single file
Editing/Decoding AVI files using system-installed proprietary codecs
Connecting with NSURLRequest
Set up virtual host on apache to allow Zend on same domain as another application / static website
remove line between custom option menu items
android draw line betwen array of points crossing line between start to end
Rails 3 - how to use autocomplete with textarea instead of classic text input?
C linked list stack and pointers
Android service android.os.BinderProxy error
How to get main Activity class or class name of my application?
minitest, test::unit, and rails
What does the SQL Standard say about usage of backtick(`)?
Working locations the other way round
MySQL error: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 8
Python, transposing a list and writing to a CSV file
How to make the QTabWidget expandable with the form
OSX/Linux, slow down the output from terminal [closed]
How the GeneratedDuration property of VisualTransition work?
How can I add audio message in my android application?
Updating Open Graph item
Android nested custom ListView
Understanding Magento's unsetChild method
Comparing if 2 URLs have the same original target
ActiveAdmin 0.4.3 Rails 3.2.3 Upgrade Error
&no always being displayed as special character
defining a dynamic 2 dimensional array using
unable to connect to openfire using strophe in phonegap app
Picking elements from an arraylist
Training on points with the Delta Rule in Matlab
Picking elements from an arraylist
Training on points with the Delta Rule in Matlab
MVP pattern. How to reduce code repeating? when downloading with DefaultHttpClient
Meteor Error: Couldn't parse .. um .. some HTML file, on some line. sorry
Need an idea about License Key Algorithm [closed]
bitmap factory is giving null bitmap
Text editor internal text storage: optimal chunk size?
PHPExcel rows grouping
changing datatype of dynamically generated columns
Secure Encryption in programming
updated issue:: Possible PhantomJS/Javascript Issue with querySelector
How to count the elements in a #define
Is it possible to programmatically set the Safari Extension Whitelist?
Setting EditText content [duplicate]
Hidden corners become visible when animating in Chrome
PHP code is displayed incorrectly [ in one line ] EOL
Debug JavaScript in ASP.NET
Why is 'Updating the Git index failed' displayed
In Freemarker, how do I use a custom NumberFormat or DateFormat for 1 line (but not the rest of the report)?
action after scroll with jquery
Unordered list navigation with floating left and right elements
Is there something strange about the way Meteor loads jQuery?
Comparing two strings for 鈥済reater than '0' ..and NULL鈥�
class not found exception :MyMapper.class not found
Extending rewrite rule via .htaccess to include pagination fields and values in query string
Center an element with Jquery
regexp in php doesn't work for @ section{(.*?)}@U
Problems with Craftmap in IE7
Canon SDK (EdsGetPropertyDesc)
Unable to work with FOSRestBundle
Using php function in javascript
Encryption Program Changing Indexes of Strings
Automated File / Input Stream handeling in Java
Doctrine: Value of mappedBy ignored in OneToMany Association
Trouble installing ruby 1.9.3
query.filter and gql
PHP/FB API/GRAPH - Why am I getting an undefined offset error?
Error handling and interpolation in MATLAB
Select cells instead of a row in a swt table
Why are Powershell Jobs so slow?
Before filter in rails
How do I modify .sql files with ruby?
Dragging connections from a storyboard to the app delegate
Setting the this pointer while evaluating javascript
Shortest paths for directed acyclic graphs
UIScrollView issue with objects
Limitations to + operator for arrays [closed]
WP7, Local Database, Cast Exception on DateTime Column
I am sporadically getting this error : sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file
Android Manifest displaying Main Menu
Vertex Buffer Objects (Delete process) opengl
How do I print database as a table? (Android, SQLite)
delete vs operator delete (and void pointer)
QFileDialog under OSX dumps many errors to console
Getting value of URL-encoded request.GET variable in Django Template
Delphi general exception catch
Whats with the big gap halfway down my page?
CakePHP cascade conditions issue: find('all')
Is it possible to make ActionBar tabs height higher than ActionBar height? If so, how?
Building an event scheduling/custom cronjob system in PHP and MySQL, is this a sane approach?
Function of walking down the tree structure with setting paths
Creating multi-dimensional NetCDF in R
Reduce overhead for sprite outside the screen
Installing play framework
How do I make a close sign appear when hover on a div? [closed]
django: Why won't my custom widget populate with values from a database object?
httpdocs/cache entries in the apache error log
How to handle the selenium webdriver scripts due to security alerts in all browser?
Android Multi-touch not working properly
Indexed DB - Database Undefined after being deleted and giving another name
Mutliple forms on a page with each one being able to submit
Processing Multi-form data in Netty
Blend Project is created empty in Blend 5 (Windows 8 Consumer Preview)
MySQL query issue: Can't select columns from another table
Is there a slight inaccuracy with the current Apple doc on Advanced Memory Management?
Mysql:Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
IOS: map with route
.txt to vector<struct> fault
Coping with denormalization using Includes() in RavenDB, to retrieve up-to-date data
mysql - finding string from array
MonoTouch v. Objective-C for new iPhone devs
proper way to return monotouch asynchronous calls
Rails Application templates remove a default gem
3D reconstruction from a wireframe sketch
inverse of boost::make_function_output_iterator
Different Segues from Different UITableViewCells?
C#: Unable to copy file鈥�because it is being used by another process
Adding ItemizedOverlay to my mapview
Not able to connect to MySQL server using PDO [closed]
MemoryError on dictionary variable
C# - Join tables from two different databases using different ODBC drivers
Difference between PUT and POST using WCF REST
NSData, NSDictionary, NSArray Equivalents C++
phpbb3 curl registration - can't get right captcha image to show
Display value of textfield onChange using Javascript
Store multiple dynamic EditText value
passing variable into partial
For Android ASOP, is 'repo sync' actually download the whole source code tree event if I use a -b argument to specify a branch
SQL statement filtering from 2 tables
installing mongrel2 on precise pangolin?
How to split a string into multiple rows within a SELECT statement (no variables or UDFs allowed)
sql query not pulling records the same
Memory management using directors in SWIG C++ / Java
Can't find element with jquery
Rails 3.2.1 - renaming routes
How to add text string to Date column and adjust sort order in Tablesorter
Finish empty activity
Checking strings as valid integers
Programmatically making an emergency call on iPhone
UIWebView not recognizing URL address
Slicing a list using a variable, in Python
How many ways to share data among activities in monodroid?
Java - Sockets and Swing
memcpy size value
F# lambda expression with multiple statements
Using a different UIViewcontroller to control UISearchDisplayController
Div Refresh Working Only Once
Qml Flickable Pages
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淟ateBinding鈥�
jython failed access to superclass
Wordpress featured images not showing up in IE8
Concrete5 - What is the way to query the composers and retrieve a list with data
Facebook Developer Toolkit :: facebook does not exist in the current context
Evaluate an If statement after dragging an image?
Softkeyboard moves button in LinearLayout
How to bind XAML textbox to custom object?
NSString sizeWithFont line spacing
My ajax/jquery function doesnt apply to dynamically loaded in pagination content
How to read custom data type
How to push tab bar to other view controller
Guaranteed no border around Windows file thumbnails
Query for entries with the same title
How to show parent objects attribute in gridview? ASP.NET
Disabling jQuery UI radio-Button does not work
Android app crashes unexpectedly on emulator
Gridview How to catch unique constraint value error in a control
JTable Key Bindings
Open a new tab with custom HTML instead of a URL
Cached data structure design
Android logical if .. else operators
Flash banner links on domainA, but not working on domainB
Scheme: Retrieving Elements From Nested Lists
C++ Hash Chaining Function
when should I wrap my code into autorelease pool
Retrieve and insert value from one table to another at the same time
Getting Hibernate to release entity instances when done with them?
memory grows unbounded, garbage collector increases footprint
Is there any advantage to declare map as Map<String, Object> as oppose to just Map
how do I configure django-notifications in views
VirtualizingStackPanel erratic behavior when resizing
How to use Mahalanobis Distance in libfacerec while preforming PCA in OPENCV v2 API?
function for read sdtin is blocking another function for reading user char input, what is going on?
pointer operation ++ causes memory leak?
Why jQuery fadeTo() doesn't work on scroll()?
Why ajax success is called once?
Unicode font not showing currectly on Chrome
in drupal 7, adding a form to a view produces multiple same forms because of multiple attachment , how to keep only one?form
Entity Object Not Getting Persisted: New object was found through a relationship that was not marked
Can we use Diffie-Hellman public key encrytion algorithm with login control?
Access violation writing location 0x00000000. memset function issues
Selecting row from DB using mysql/php
Need to reduce the number of bitmaps being loaded (static bitmap references?)
how to parse this Json in android app?
How to call web method from Mootools in ASP .NET
undefined reference to MinFilter and MaxFilter in StereoMatch code
register_shutdown_function Or ignore_user_abort?
Unity3D: Two objects with the same script
Could not connect to glassfish ip address on windows server 2008
Facebook-like button as an overlay to have cross-network liking?
Saving dropbox file in path
Broken image when using Image/Barcode to generate barcodes in DOMPdf
My firefox addon code is destroying navigation bar
org.eclipse.xtext.linking.impl.IllegalNodeException popups an error instead of just being written to the log
What's the difference between declaring array in main class or in main method?
How can I make a C++ program read arguments passed into it with Python
How to get multiple child class to run in constraints of a parent class
what behaviour will <uses-library /> cause in the android market?
Reversing a string using threads
Relationship mapping table with additional properties?
rails undefined method for user model
strange apache behaviour: former httpd.conf persists, enforcing old mod_rewrite rules
javascript shiv for HTML5 Audio issues
Showing subcategories on subcategories and product pages in Opencart 1.5
Back to top button - change fixed position based on resolution
Exposing Service to Clients
BLAS : Matrix product in C?
Specific regex function
Excluding strings from one string using Regex in iOS
iOS OpenGL ES Analyzer lists 鈥淣on-Existent Framebuffer Attachment鈥�and 鈥淢issing Framebuffer Attachment鈥� yet the FBO works
why is the ripple emulator giving me this error message?
Deleting action on Timeline using JS SDK
Interesting error with Emacs Lisp
Where are the logs from BackgroundThreads on App Engine?
SQLite Insert or Replace Where
Layout combinators in wxhaskell
Java Sonatype Async HTTP Client Upload Progress
鈥淲aiting for debugger to attach鈥�showing even when not running in debug mode
Rails 3.2.3: precompiling assets is failing with 鈥淣o such file or directory - assets:precompile:all (Errno::ENOENT)鈥�
Change file Permissions on Windows Server Host
Unable to create JAX-WS service from WSDL
Facebook-connect gives a redirect loop
.load() , fadeOut() and fadein() doesn't work in IE8
AppleScript - Speech to Text
Incrementing the reference count on an object created by a constructor exposed to boost::python
iPhone memory usage increases when pushing an EAGL-View using UINavigationController
How do I display the count of text messages received from a contact? [duplicate]
Putting a div under another div's background
What is the difference between system and environment variables regarding Windows? [duplicate]
NSString drawInRect vs. Core Text
How to destroy the admin session and the user session separately in PHP?
Parse table using Html Agility Pack
Do i need separate eclipse projects to develop for Android with PC agent
Dynamic XSLT sorting
in drupal 7, how to get node id from node title?
javascript element.focus() IE
MS VC2010 - path with slashes in both directions
Is it faster to compare strings with Regex with IgnoreCase or with ToLower method of string?
To sort out atoms first and then sublists from a list in LISP
Wix-Installer-How can I get setup.exe's current directory?
Implications of using std::vector in a dll exported function
VB.NET MySqlDataAdapter.Fill takes almost 6-7 seconds
Creating a button in jQuery Mobile with a custom icon
Can my HTML table be sized only with TH widths?
Javascript random image generator in css-based page
C# project ras connection on windows ce 6.0
html5 file API read string with line break
Single magazine issues with In-App Purchase
Speeding-up reads for Linux application
Dynamic callback url support in Twitter - Omniauth
ListView With custom Adapter setOnItemClickListener not working
Execute code when app reopens
bundle install request to do each gem install manually - how to avoid?
is it possible to use this switch statement in Java
mobile Safari vertical scrolling - how to detect when the window has stopped moving in Javascript
Image URL to Base64
Xcode - Using SMS text in APP
Some questions about Windows' DLLs?
Delete built-in packages in Emacs
CSS bug span overflow from div
R ff / ffbase merge creating rows
Match words in a string which are not in anchor of link with regex
Replacing the background of the main menu in minecraft
C++ boost error: cannot convert const value type* (aka const wchar_t*) to const char* in initialization
how to debug asynccallback method
Codeigniter formgenlib multiple forms under same controller
Regex Routing - rule not being found
Automapper reflection error with Json.Net JObject
Appending n elements to an array
Matlab: GUI. Get handler of ActiveX control
loginUrl redirect to somewhere else
Strange array test in ruby
How to combine two image (png) files to print them in duplex using AppleScript
For Google Apps Script: suggested deployment route to enable Android smart phone capability?
jquery scroll with timeout
how to delete header and footer except shaperange
Assigning a variable equal to Include function content
Using Loaders managing Cursors
How to return 鈥渢ext/html鈥�content for AJAX call using a template engine in sinatra?
Simple connection between an int and QComboBox?
How to convert to my Entity Object?
combo box drop down is not working even after I changed the height in designer
MODX: where are new_folder_permissions and new_file_permissions?
Javascript sort alphabetically matching the beginning of string then alphabetically for contained text
Adding hyphenation to Core Text?
Rails logs me out when I run a query
passing command-range to a function
Why is two-way data-binding not working in WPF?
trying to read a text file data into an array to be manipulated then spit back out
Storing multiple values for a single field in a database
Are there memory security levels in .NET interop?
Query String Encryption in Javascript and Decryption in Generic Handler [closed]
Rails simple_form pre-populated input values lost during server side form validation [duplicate]
Symfony2: How to dynamically register a bundle (and clear the cache) from other bundle's controller
Updating a Paradox Table at RunTime
AVAudioPlayer not smooth when play via bluetooth
Android, the alarm icon on the right side of notification area?
Number of instances or the content of the instances more important (machine learning)?
How can I minimize HTML for performance using PHP
Rails Validations and custom error messages
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淪ystem.Xml.Linq鈥�
Make a search function
Connecting two points in a 3D scatter plot in Python and matplotlib
ld lookup to find library
Manage Visibility for my repository
Java Swing - mouse pointer 鈥渟hifted鈥�on context menu when JFrame is maximized
How to style XMLNS elements? [duplicate]
How do I get values returned in jqGrid editmode for select control in an mvc site?
Why isn't it the same with canvas, and webgl renderer? (three.js)
search in multidimensional array php [closed]
How extract the data from a list?
Acting on an element in onRender doesn't work
explain using php self :: [duplicate]
Encoding char in C# [duplicate]
tuple dict returning a list error?
Prevent Flicker When Screen Loads and scrollTo a specific position
How do I control the volume of my PC speakers with a JSlider?
geom_map borders in ggplot2 - revisited
Adding a Quartz job to a running SQL server
Plotting from a data frame that contains one or more time series
geom_map borders in ggplot2 - revisited
Adding a Quartz job to a running SQL server
Plotting from a data frame that contains one or more time series
Uploading images on server in PHP
heatmap plot with own color for some values in r
optimise sql function to get common elements
Convert Java String in ISO timestamp format to SimpleDateFormat
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.http.entity.mime.content.ContentBody
CakePHP 2.1: Making a mock controller with Session::read()
RavenDB and lowercase json serialization - issue while performing query
Hacking Chrome speach-to-text API to use my own service.
Split a sentence/string in to words using Jquery
Fade away at top - CALayer mask for UIScrollView
.NET Session State Caching with Redis, MongoDB, ServiceStack
Setup application
echo cancellation on iOS Android?
Label/Text inside NSProgressIndicator?
No errors thrown/displayed when in a deferred callback
How do I set the zIndex on a dijit.TooltipDialog?
How to correctly organize a set of concrete classes implementing an interface in different packages?
jquery expandos
Android widget not responding to touches
how to unregister a messenger event - Galasoft MVVM
Use My location Latitude Longitude and DB Latitude Longitude Calculation Distance
MVC3 Overloading the Index action getting 500 errors
how to disable back button in jquerymobile [duplicate]
Compound (complex) feature in OpenLayers
MS Jet Oledb What Type Of Source Is ComSys?
Class<? extends T> usage
plot() function causes Scilab to freeze in Ubuntu 11.10
Validation Error:鈥淣o p element in scope but a p end tag seen.鈥�[closed]
JPA: single database field, multiple times in different fomr on that same Entity
How to search inside multiple tables in MySQL
Send information from activity via network
IBOutletCollection and initializing Custom Class Instance
Why doesn't this simple CoreMIDI program produce MIDI output?
.NET Regex.Matches behaves not as expected when finding multiple matches to pattern containing * ()
SudzC iOS auto encodes XML?
My innerHTML is showing up BEFORE the div it should be writing to
Javascript getElement by href?
Custom .NET Membership
Is there a 'complete' event on embedded facebook videos?
Way to simulate class categorization in Java [closed]
what is the meaning of relative source Ancestor Type?
Mathematica - plotting an array with values and exponential function
Is it possible to cast a retrieved Class object (via reflection) to an interface?
Valgrind: 鈥淚nvalid read鈥�with c_str and strtod
MySQL: how to store height/weight information?
redirecting webpage programmatically
Wordpress: parent category ID given current category ID? [duplicate]
How to print objects from a TreeSet
How to change php 5.2 mhash codes to php5.3 hash
Element.getStyle() does not return any value in GWT
Apple Push Notifications, a little more advanced
Why use var instead of the class name? [duplicate]
Quoting YAML (for Travis CI)
get previous date in J2ME
Clearing url variables
playframework use find with IN and a list of models
can't get value from select out of DB
Possible to use omnibox in Google Chrome Web Application?
How can I pass an argument to a function called using setTimeout?
When using symfony2's form type 鈥渃ollection鈥� how can I validate that at least one form has been submitted?
invalid convertion from 'int' to 'const char*'
What is the most effecient way to keep track of collisions
Enabling developer view of Access DB? error: Class file collision
position absolute + <body> position relative
Best way to check online status on html5
Optional Methods in Java Interface
PNG chunk reader, invalid length
Iterating over pattern
Learn Python the hard way exercise 5 EC4 [closed]
Analytical tools for collecting website performance metrics, page views, average latency?
Vertical bar (,) Unicode replacement
integrate stand-alone YAF into DNN
Mutable strings in Python
difference between explain plan and execution plan
How can I use two jQuery Plugins having the same name?
Login process through a form with no 'action' attribute?
PHP + Save multiple rows from .csv to mysql
Memory leaks when using a singleton
Event button as a module or as user program?
Query dbpedia to find possible contexts to disambiguate a word
Specifying optional dependencies in pypi python
get max value in mongoose
Delegate method of the UITextField
Can gedit open links in a Web browser by clicking on it?
c# Selecting download link on a webpage
audiojs on cake php issue
Facebook debugger won't scrape my site
Excel VB Vlookup
What is the mistake in my code
DOM append child of a text node not working
c++ is clock_gettime() overflowing?
Extracting the current executable name
In C: How do I check if an input file exist, if the numbers in the file are int or float and if they are within a range?
Class hierarhy solution
What does this error mean 鈥渟etDataSource: outside path in JNI is ?x@鈥�
Running a .bat file with Process.Start as another user on mvc application
How to do pixel perfect collision detection with Rabbyt?
expected primary-expression before ')' token : c++
How to check if remote file is image using get_headers
Selective HTML Blocks on Product Pages in Magento?
Can I somehow temporarily disable WPF data binding changes?
Javafx Reporting Tool Solution
Image scaled, scroll, without margin (zoom ?)
cron jobs set with whenever and accessing environment variables
Spring change date input format
How to debug this java code? The code is designed to get the CPU usage and memory info in the Linux System
ImportError: No module named sqlalchemy
setid and getid? Error putIntArray? [closed]
C# change Intellisence info
Accidently ran shortcut key combo for org-columns in org mode emacs and now want to get rid of column view at the top of the buffer
z-index not working when I use overflow
Registering ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED programmatically
Change the 'action' of a form
Multiline regular expression in Autoit3
鈥渆cho $?鈥�works in linux/aix only, not in solaris/hp-ux [strange ! or i'm missing any thing ]?
Configure an Apache rewrite-rule to redirect 404 requests to a html file
Joomla: Problems when migrating from PHP 5.2 to 5.3
Unique index key in multiple columns
PowerPivot Drill Through Formatting
Machine learning what approach to use when the dataset contain only one-class instances?
NSSortDescriptor doesn't sort values
Job shop scheduling: which solutions should I consider?
How to access an element of a generic type in C#
How do I protect JSF 2.0 facelets against direct access?
Size of iPad Simulator is too big in XCodes 4.3.2
How can I create a D-Base IV table using Delphi ADO components please?
How do you explicitly specify a namespace when using 鈥渁pply鈥�on a function in Clojure?
How to ignore some property when use Entity Framework Code First
Preventing line breaks in space separated Chinese text in html
Levenberg-Marquardt optimization
Auto complete textbox suggestions in
How to use two values to define order in MySQL but priorize one of them?
Push Object in AS3
How to skip the dialog of printing in printDocument.print() and print page directly?
Js code not executed with ajax loaded content
Google gadget editor doesn't log in
Is there any disadvantage of using Redis database for developing a game like DRAW SOMETHING?
PHP, understanding MVC and Codeigniter
Twitter bootstrap for the ipad landscape collapse bar
PHP: Remove useless parts from filename
How to overcome the performance issues caused by the generated SQL of union-subclass in Hibernate
About generics in Java and Scala
connection not opening from WCF with dsn
How can I easily compress and decompress Strings to/from byte arrays?
Preprocessing audio in android Speech Input recognizer
Inputs calculation
connection not opening from WCF with dsn
How can I easily compress and decompress Strings to/from byte arrays?
Preprocessing audio in android Speech Input recognizer
Inputs calculation
How to quickly calculate what points are within a given distance of my point
Clickable links and copy/paste menu in EditView in android
How to add an Indicator to UIImagePickerController
How to put data from a register into a buffer in assembly
typecast with class function
Can I install anything (like Python), using a Linux LiveCD? [closed]
SQLAllocConnect success,but SQLConnect fail
How to do task parallelization having some for loops in c using openmp?
django jsi18n and jquery ui datepicker format compatibility
BigInteger class with non-ascii characters in Java
Maximal substrings search
Display SQL Data Type Time as Standard Time
Is it possible to use same async method signature in C# 5.0 and be able to decide later how to execute such method
How to find the range of duplicate or same words in UITextView or from string?
Cannot center <div> element
How to get Quartz.Server.exe to run my ASP.NET jobs
Dismiss ModalViewController with NavigationController in iPad When tap outside the view
how to get values from the keys in dictionary
How do i update the list view
Unable to export image to excel in Android
jQuery submit function not working properly
indexOf with variable string
CSS weirdness in firefox - float left not floating left, unless large width is used
c++ error c2512 no default constructor - but it's there
cannot locate .htaccess file in tomcat/apache configuration
Maximum number of globally registered processes
django modelform validation get field from db if not if form
Linq when using GroupBy, Include is not working
solr's suggester gives 鈥淪olrException: Unknown Search Component: spellcheck at org.apache.solr.core.SolrCore鈥�
How to load local *.htm file to WPF WebBroswer with relative path [duplicate]
High-end Node.js framework
Read Stdout asynchronously to byte array
What file extension to use for custom file type?
Navigate between windows in a simple quiz app
Simperium tried to send object changes for nil key
How restreaming for smartphone // rtsp to rtpso through wowza media server
Do I need web.config for non-ASCII characters?
Are DTOs needed when the entire web app will reside on a single server?
aspx vs html performance [closed]
Default value of 'From:' field in TWTweetComposeViewController
鈥淚mporting鈥�existing data to Simperium
Optimizing Several Variables
Putting Datepicker in a Dialogbox jquery
find_package(PCL 1.2 REQUIRED) using CMake returns wrong path
Ant: Replace tokens in source file multiple times
WP7 Periodic Agent - share namespace with main application?
cake php validation in one action visible in another
Halftone Images In Python
How can I print the same variable into a string several times?
Horspool algorithm for multiple occurrences of the same pattern
How can I give a number to a symbolic variable in MATLAB?
can only delete when page reloads
Uploading images with PHP
Set text-size for part of the string
Display all records that are stored in SQlite database
Mysql: Time + int
Skype-style infobox to bottom right corner of screen with PyQt4
Aggregate over string column and count select string
How to get today's events from Google Calendar (API) using JavaScript?
Buffer.byteLength() is bugged
Click-event on iframe?
Create an Array with a dynamic Query in PL/pgSQL
Uneven tree of processes using fork()
Can I view a resultset in Eclipse debugger as a table
Tamejs can't work with mocha?
MediaElement.SetSource crashes application
Which java collection can I use?
find position of a substring in a string
How can I search for malicious cron jobs?
Netbeans and play framework using google web toolkit
Spring applicationContext.xml
Excel Cells auto filled with value numbers
Logarithmic plotting of points
Client sending data to a port using TCP socket using C
no such table exception
Process audio data in Google+ Hangout API
Trouble downloading android source
how to export Core Data to CSV
Big websites not loading at all - error
Sql union query can't be fetched
How do I stop databound child form from changing its current item when it's parent form changes its current item?
How to SELECT fields dynamically (LOOP) in PLSQL?
Relation of entities?
Canvas JS libraries that allow object manipulations?
Wunderground API to get hourly forecast returns error. - Python
Host options for an iPhone app
How do I retrieve all the tables from database? (Android, SQLite) [duplicate]
Operator Functions as Member Functions and Nonmember Functions
Submitting a form using onChange,ajax,php and Mysql.Dropdown list's value is not sent to the php submit page
Echoing the selected date in a dropdown list [closed]
How to call stored proc using nhibernate?
running a batch file through c# console app. Commands get ignored
Equal border-left and border-right height in CSS
Spring MVC doesn't handle the error came from hibernate validator
Backbone.js sync - PHP return
CSS element overlay/overlap issue
JCuda. Reusing alredy used pointer
How do I convert strings like 鈥�lt;br><br><br><br><br><br>鈥�to 鈥�lt;br>鈥�using java's String.replaceAll(String, String) method?
Handling Compatibility issues IOS 4.0- 5.1
Restlet css and javascript files
gcc linking error on template method
InputStream exception while evaluating Xpath
multicolors in canvas LineTo
PHP bbcode recursive regex
grails plugin limit one session per user at a time
Determine where FileSystemAccessRule is inherited from in C#
Rectangular array physical in memory order
IndexOutOfRangeException Thrown for a string .split c#
Iterating all columns to find and replace a character
1009 Type error in FF12 only
Can data generated by GPL code be used in closed-source projects?
Remove duplicate matplotlib contour labels when contour goes partially outside visible area
How to add a DynamoDB scan result to an object list?
C++ Base64 of Sha1 - WebSocket Handshake
Update specific columns in SQL Server table and ignoring Null values
matlab - find indices of elements in x
Mocking Factory and verifying that methods were called on returned types
ListView SectionIndexer's box is transparent
UI in Windows Phone Silverlight not updating
Ruby on Rails: passing in a variable to an active record query
Install GD Library on RedHat machine for twiki
HashMap iteration/removal getting java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
GAE why am i billed less instances than im using? [closed]
AT command (ATD) to dial a network service number(**21*<NO>;) on a huawei modem
how to pass objects between intents
Finding newest PayPal API?
Using IN clause vs. multiple SELECTs
JTable doesn't update on fireXXXXX() events
Can I replace the OpenLayers editing toolbar with normal buttons?
Drop down list - display div when clicking an option
WPF real-time rendering
how to define IP address as a constant variable in C programming?
Why does a field in a struct lose its value when a field in an identical class does not?
Frequency of input from external light sensor
Set imageview background on button click?
How to set getline to not get empty string
button selector in ie7 (html5 doctype)
ASIHTTPRequest caches my data. I don't want any kind of cache
Draw / print text with transparent background in c++ win32
jQuery .slideUp() skips the animation
How can I disable the Django Celery admin modules?
In Objective-C, the ownership is for object, not variable or pointers?
in wpf, how loop output the data in textbox?
Get a Control's Property from Another Thread
android error feedback device
Ruby URI module produces illegal file-URI
unable to serialize array of array in php [closed]
Normalizing text file from abnormal newlines?
Running PHPUnit tests from directory with custom framework
how to disable unity keys when using virtualbox? [closed]
Finalize method guidelines and best practices in C#
Image won't stretch vertically to browser size
Get those IDs from a list which are NOT in the database
Dynamically Create templateDetails.xml for joomla 2.5 template
jquery .animate() is repeating over and over on scroll
mongoDb c++ driver ignores mongoclient library
how to annotate an entity with a list of itself in it using Hibernate Annotation
How to display multiple images of products in drupal
Versioning JCR nodes via DAV - howto?
iOS NSMutableString split like java's String method split()
PHP ImageMagick output image string to stdout instead of saving it to file
java- jsf library that has good mobile browser support
Publishing free android applications on android market for unsupported countries
Avoiding extensionality postulate when defining non-unary functions over quotient types
OpenCV imwrite saving complete black jpeg
Android : How to parse a string with a multicharacter delimitation
Can I place text into 2 boxes rather than 1 using AJAX
deleting call log from mulit numbers?
How to load .x model in Three.js?
Improving div alignment
Finding Prime Numbers between Two Numbers
Available Movies as in example is not showing correct calculated field
Qt Webkit - Browser Interaction issue
Vertically align navigation
Delete Plugin Crash in Qt
button over button
How to test my ios app in ios 4.3 version?
Example of using multiSelect on a form
How do I recognise if a variable's object type?
Clear buffered input stream
How to remove the leftmost bit and add bit in its rightmost bit
Inserting into custom SQL types with prepared statements in java
How to count the number of bytes of a character
Facebook search
CodeIgniter CAPTCHA validation
How to write GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) in C?
Recursion extracting digits
PyQt configuration and installation error
C++: Write to/read from invalid/out of bound array index?
Objective-C accessing float getters with variable names
How to update existing object in Core Data?
How to locate places nearby to my custom markers
Transactions in key/value store
Java - socket inheritance
Running an OS on VirtualBox
Cannot undestand warning message: expected:<interface java.sql.Connection> but was:<class com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4Connection>
Cannot undestand warning message: expected:<interface java.sql.Connection> but was:<class com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4Connection>
Managing git across mutliple sites
translate the billing information in the cart/checkout page
How to use ViewPager and FragmentStatePagerAdapter in API 12.0?
Deploying grails 2.0.3 application to cloudfoundry without cloud foundry grails-plugin?
How to prevent Delphi application to create GLScene log file on startup?
PostgreSQL function returning an arbitrary type ambiguity in country names
node.js native extension vs. pure js module
HTML5 History API Demo
Add dynamic Radiobutton into RadioGroup
Releasing iPad app, after iPhone App is in the store
How to read large text files - java [closed]
How to apply friction to this physics model?
Loading untrusted configurations variable
Android NDK - Include a c++ header in a different header?
Custom actions in WP_List_Table
error in C# project
Shuffling values in HashMap
Scala collections, single key multiple values
With one click I want to open link in new window and also 2 new tabs in previous window
Defining SSAS roles in other domain
How to make the EntityManager run SQL in the same order I invoked it?
Recording and playing audio with iPod
Xcode KEEPS Crashing when archiving
Simperium couldn't load member data (unsupported type)
How to maintain order of HTML head / body blocks getting loaded in to meteor application?
How to Set a textbox value in a new opened window?
Management of the screen brightness in my code [duplicate]
Table Section Header showing when returning from detailed view after in UISearchDisplay Controller
Resize image without blurriness [closed]
GNU Make Convert Spaces to Colons
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: $
Count and record partially repeating objects in objects in a new Array Javascript
What is best monitoring tool for Tornado as Async container? [closed]
XCode 4.3.2 Settings.bundle missing files
How to put XML content in reverse order?
Add to listBox in form?
Slide up div and then append a new div to slide up in its place
Java - Cannot find HttpClient.executeMethod()
New data screen design in light switch
Ruby - Rails - Pass text to javascript
how to use non-printable char as field separator of sort command in bash?
opening a modal form after another modal form - 2nd modal form doesnt show
Mysql join query using three tables
edit Symfony2 big entity in form with tabs
How to set up multiple configurations of the same object graph with Guice?
Cannot access json page with JSONP
Can qmake support a folder hierarchy for a Visual Studio solution?
submit form2 without submitting form1 in jsp having 2 forms
Can anyone give me a list of invalid XML characters
R - logistic curve plot with aggregate points
Add javascript file if the user is logged in
Is there a way to get an HTML page to 鈥渞emember鈥�which button was pressed on a previous page?
Is it true that in Objective-C, if a method is not alloc, new, or copy, then you don't do the release and it is supposedly in the autorelease pool?
php render text on image with preview
SQL doesn't like decimal
maven-assembly-plugin - how to enable module-by-module basis of processing project modules output directories
Pausing and resuming a method
how to put ASP.NETproject to IIS
Custom Chat Box Control - How to make it scrollable plus more
Converting file path to URI
Get a list of projects/references within a Visual Studio 2010 Extension
How to call startManagingCursor in non activity Class or in any static method to retrive data from sqlite (in android)?
Calculate sum for two values per radio button for a group of buttons with JS
How to rebind the RadGrid after close the RadWindow
MPMoviePlayerController not working on iOS 5
Comparison between native language or cross platform language such as HTML5 for mobile applications
How do I create a VB 6 application that has no hidden 鈥渇ramework鈥�windows, like ThunderRT6Main?
Magento - cms/page collection - apply filter to return only pages which are unique to a given store id (ie not also assigned to other stores)
Playn and multitouch?
Javascript get embedded youtube id
One page Website page specified footer. position: change
use caption of pressed button from main form in query of other form
Vs Blend + Windows 8: how can I set system notification theme's style for my elements in the app?
c# ambiguous attributes
Populating a panel with selected items from a grid in WPF
File open/save as dialog and mime types
SugarCRM - call js functions from views (editviewdefs.php for example)
how to get mysql rows on month basis
Python split equally
Summing two boost::accumulator_set instances
How to know what was clicked in two identical items
PHP PDO won't prepare statement with NOW()
How does a kernel return from the thread
Copy format from one column range to another column range in Excel
Eclipse, using external tools to edit text directly
how to store each click of mouse in an integer array
Cannot access json file with javascript
What modifications could you make to a graph to allow Dijkstra's algorithm to work on it?
Sending json string to C# web service from android
adding a library to visual studio 2010 express
WPF C# application, .xaml file error. Missing assembly reference
Android In-App Billing Public Key Exception
Resolving CSS property for node
SQL - Combining 2 Table to get 1 table result
Git - pull & push - production server
kbhit test fails to compile 'cannot find -lcurses'
add the value of javascript in the hidden field
How implement SlidingMenu? [closed]
How implement SlidingMenu? [closed]
Should ServiceStack be the service layer in an MVC application or should it call the service layer?
Android adding more widgets with different content
How to print an Extjs Window
Passing a Javascript Array through JQuery AJAX to PHP
JSP - Servlet calling goes wrong
Facebook Open Graph giving error 鈥淐an't download: Could not retrieve data from URL鈥�and status code 206
Java two synchronized methods in one instance
Setup a callback after a transaction has committed
ARC and ABAddressBook API for iOS
Putting two flexible divs next to each other
get an image height within object element
Python not reading file, returning empty result
Android - Object to hold 4 items
Perk in evaluation of Boolean variables in JavaScript?
Splitting a python list by a character in each element
How to tell curl to check file existence before download?
What is the default folder for classes extending and why?
Set Lucene IndexWriter max fields
Exclude Post post type from Search
Spring security custom login page
Picture Upload Trouble
Can you embed an HTML webpage in a PDF file?
How do I handle the where conditions dynamically in squeel?
Form Action file executing on the same page?
Adding ServiceContract interface
How can I split large files?
How to send updates from Service to an Activity
Can i use Autoscaling Application Block to scale Azure VM role instances?
PHP - IP address echoed as
Correct usage of boost::asio for a multi-client process
How to let tamejs automatically compile all .tjs files into .js?
What is the right way to maintain a 鈥渧ersion for the server鈥�- with only config files changed, in Git?
Problems with dependencies of Simperium
Object locking private class members - best practice? (Java)
Ruby on Rails belongs_to vs. has_one associations - clarification requested
PHP two dimensional array into HTML
Ruby Errors: 鈥淐haracter Class has '[' without escape鈥�AND 鈥淧remature end of character class鈥�
location.href only working in Chrome
How to let mocha work with tamejs?
How to get a list of available files using wget or curl?
C++ tutorial and full API Specification the same as Java has? [closed]
css3 background-size weird
Multiple resources returned in resource.rc file
Why is my PHP regex that parses Markdown links broken?
(Java) Convert a string of numbers to an array of ints
What is the data type of the name of a struct
How to implement chrominance filtering in opencv?
Xpath query from a specific node
I want help from your on hide button [closed]
jQuery Possible to use the .fadeTo() more than once?
HTML/CSS grid layout
Implement Password Reset in Node.js
Get a row based on other two tables
2d android mmorpg game
How do you programmatically fill rectangle defined in xml
squid Transparent proxy
NHibernate fetch with transformation
Android custom Progress Dialog webview
Colouring branches in a dendrogram in R
Is there a way to predeclare nested classes in C++? [duplicate]
Dynamically display images in a table with 3 columns PHP
Where and how does ctime allocate memory?
how to read a pipe and put it into a string variable with mingw?
Multiple Category Dropdown Parent > Child + As per user permission
Taking away domain name and save position [duplicate]
saving the result in array for preg_replace
Simple sql script doesn't work [closed]
Trending tracker in Twitter (Android)
Java application that updates itself?
to add a more descriptive/meaningful id name to a tab other
How do I access DistributedCache in Hadoop Map/Reduce jobs?
using wget shell exec with args
Visual Studio debugging, see/not see debug.writelines
No Data Access Object for AudienceManagerProfile
How to get peer list?
Code doubles netsalary in mysql
Moving tab focus to another NSWindow's view then back again
example where quicksort crushes
How to populate dropdown list from mysql db and based on selection populate another dropdown list in php form?
APNS notifications not reaching devices enrolled in Apple MDM
How to put $_POST attribute to httpost and how to send object with list to PHP (JSON)
How to resolve with different implimentation using windsor castle
Make expression that can handle large bitmaps
Go: Disable a log.Logger?
good libraries for windows applications in c++ [closed]
Selecting a Secure DBMS against direct disk access
Sending live data to server
C library tutorial [closed]
How many comparisons will binary search make in the worst case using this algorithm?
having a HANDLE to a Process how to sign up for monitoring of its close/restart/duplication event?
Umbraco Hive and Services Layer
Circular sector shaped clipping mask with Path.addArc?
String object creation using new and its comparison with intern method
how to stop displaying apps in active application window in android
mysql distinct statement not working
Kohana 3.2 - Routing questions
NHibernate 3 Linq and IUserType
Pinning objects to memory
jQuery Animation on hover a li
Daily review within 30days period in mySQL
displaying unserialized array data from mysql
How to write a console menu in ANSI/ISO C?
Loading page to WebBrowser control while skipping HTML elements by ID?
Problems configuring VirtualHost in Apache2 on Ubuntu 12.04
Get Facebook access token using PHP
mp3 playlist without flash and working with all browsers
Any iOS Storyboard equivalent for Android development? [closed]
Semantic web : Degree of relationship between 2 entities in a single ontology
Lua loading variables when calling program ~ Parameter?
Get local PHP page as external client
Compiling a JNI application in VC++ for 64-bit on 32-bit Windows
Disable Chars in TextBox
JBoss AS 7 security: how to get currently logged username?
Opening one jPanel into another from different project, Using Netbeans 7.1
Couldn't write in a file when receiving the data via socket connection in java
Eclipse RCP application with Spring Beans
html5 drag n drop divs with same id
Jquery passing 2 id in .not( ) function
delete lines from multiple files using gawk / awk / sed
How to filter a String in java with specific range (email format)
What is the proper way of passing HTML from the controller to Javascript?
Problems with XSLT and Special Charachters
Getting word after 鈥�鈥�via the word before 鈥�鈥�using RegEx
CSS clearfix how to over come the inability to center an element using it
In Django I can't save my model's new content
How to most efficiently tie a git build version number, to an apk version with eclipse?
Difference between MapReduce of data store like couchdb and that of Hadoop?
Populate Datatable from DynamoDB
How to remove border only from one side of the element?
Show data from table even if there is no data!! Oracle
Flash game inside java application