Website prerequisites to create native smartphone app
Calling -setNeedsDisplay:YES from within -drawRect? textbox in ItemTemplate, update sqldatasource
Unexpected behavior with SimplePager
Javascript popup not working [closed]
Scheme ill-formed special form let
Image swap won't work in Firefox but works in Chrome and IE
Debugger error when parsing open graph object URL
What Order Do Java Methods Run In? [closed]
HTML5 Particle effect
Flex VerticalLayout HorizontalLayout element order based on state
MVC 3 Wizard via JavaScript unsafe?
Simple ajax call not working with button click
RequireJS - Package backbone-related modules for re-use in other Rails/JS applications
rewrite / redirect url in lighttpd (add a trailing slash ) client not receiving packets
Background opacity and blur over another image
Removing noise from wave audio file in MATLAB
Conditional printing depending of empty or null value in Crystal Reports
Android Preferences List Files
how can i force the hover state off?
xCode鈥�Table Views in Distance Order
Template class in C++
Cannot declare ViewHolder as static inner class
redirecting boost bind
When updating a url/html title dynamically, how can I get a facebook like button to register the change? (NOT the href in fb:like)
fstream::open() Unicode or Non-Ascii characters don't work (with std::ios::out) on Windows
Parallel make: set -j8 as the default option
Indicating when the JVM Verifier Verifies classes
ASANA API and Access-Control-* headers
Cross database permissions through stored procedure permissions
How do I get Autosize feature to show up for objects in Interface Builder?
How to retrieve a file name
How to get JComboBox updated automatically?
GSON-JSON Deserialize Object in Class
Rails routing - url helper results in 'undefined method'
glOrtho not working
PHP output to scrolling marquee
comparison of CouchDB .net libraries [closed]
Rotate arrow on hover over to land at certain degree and load image
closest thing to NSScanner in Java as a data transport: a valid approach?
How to use the built-in 'password_reset' view in Django? production / development environments
Xcode Project #include <cmath>
Wordpress: nav_menu doesn't appear in homepage
C++: Issue with Function Template
eval error when load from database
How to edit zen coding shortcut on Coda for MAC
IIS UrlRewrite - Only works one actual file exists
Django - Model design for a generic widget table
Solr wildcard search, need to only highlight the matched part not the entire word
Left and right divs are not working correctly?
How to pass parameter to queue _and then_ to setTimeout?鈥�confused
What is the significance of .: in classpath?
error on running mpi job
Compiler error passing this pointer to a constructor?
Unable to upload file in CakePHP 2
Rails application stores incorrect time in datetime field
Difference between void foo(T y) and <T> void foo(T y) in Java generic class
PTVS doesn't detect IronPython installation
Android AlertDialog Title Font has different sizes
How Do I Change 4 Separate Int Values For Alpha, Red, Green, Blue into TYPE_INT_RGB?
mysql count is not working on local server
div background-color doesn't work
parse static text from <option> tags, then add the text (numbers) to a new price field
Binary Search Tree formula for the number of structurally different trees that can exist with nodes that have either 0 or 1 children
Drupal 7 Not Recognizing Twilio Client in Custom Module
Scala Map exists method
Sum Checked CheckBoxes Values
Using WP_Query() to query newer posts, using post ID in the WHERE filter?
ajaxSetup not working with Rails / jquery-ujs
Why won't this php upload script work?
How to make a edittext view fill the parent element in android
An unwanted object in the last cell of an array
Call functions from within a wxPython event handler
node.js digital signature does not work
Using java class path properly, clarification needed
Downloading remote image via php (securely)
VBScript - check if firewall is enabled
JavaScript get child element
How do I find any word that contains all the given characters at least once
Regex Replace of Mirc Colour Codes
Getting HTTP 500 when running servlet in Jetty
Querying the latest version of a row
How to convert image pixels into the same position in lat and lng for google maps use
Automatic compiling and running third party code
How to create a content provider URI for a range of table rows, instead of full table
Impressionist gem and Friendly_id
passing current object c++
What is the effect of using AsEnumerable() on paging?
Using Python from within .aspx pages, in IIS
Loop through array for map
WCF Custom ErrorHandler
How to point to the row or column of a matrix?
How to Add SerializationBinder to Remoting (or change type on Deserializing)?
Rails: delayed_job mail not sending
Need input on a potentially NP-hard maximal edge-weighted multi-cycle graph
Function.prototype.method what is prototype[name]
Why am I getting ClassNotFoundException when I define <shape> in layout XML?
Intermittent crash during NSMutableAttributedString setup
android server connection over same network
If else based on existence of python function optional arguments
How can I add a title to TextCtrl widget in wxPython?
Website looks different in the same browser on MAC and PC
Android Search Framework, Custom Search Suggestions
Haskell 鈥渕an鈥�Pages?
Add 鈥淭otal鈥�per row and column in Crystal Reports without CrossTab
Avoid repeating values
R command for summation over parametrized indices
Android move backward among the records
How do crawlers parse text from webpage?
Position ImageButtons in RelativeLayout
Nice solution for hiding all visible DIV elements on the page, then restoring only the ones thatwere visible before
Custom Cursor All Black, no color
Github etiquette for deciding on whether to create a new project or branch an existing one
iOS - Unicode numeric value of individual characters in a string
Retrieving app request receiver's Facebook ID
Embedding Python in C++ - Getting values from dictionary
Fetching all post parameter from a RootResource in Jersey
How can I get a Google Document's Description?
run automated queries at predefined time
NullPointerException when loading images in .jar-file
Appending an item at the end of listview
C# Transactionscope - insert/select in same transaction, multiple connections
ScrollWindow doesn't repaint some region
Difference between Maven source plugin jar and jar-no-fork goal?
When JPA entity should not exactly reflect physical model on database
Kohana 3.2 - How do you send variables whith your routing?
Entity Framework OfType() dynamicly
foreach statement in ListView
Reverse Geocoding converting coordinates into address?
Dragging UIImageViews around a screen?
How to write sql procedure for calculating Total dues monthly or yearly
Is it a best practice to use unsigned data types to enforce non-negative and/or valid values?
Best way to delete members of one set from multiple other sets
More control over middleware ordering via Railtie?
Read CSV file as Array with AppleScript
Changing the VB6 InputBox() caption to english
Interfaces with respect to the term API
exchange powershell through c# not displaying result correctly
iphone app crashes when i load a viewcontroller containing webview
why does program use last method added to the delegate?
Indexing a file with clang-c doesn't hit my ppIncludedFile callback
SVN commit does not seem to work [closed]
Sproutcore issuing errors on starting
login to page determined by group
Google Maps Web site and API : different results
Imagemagick exec and convert
C++ Function Pointer Array with unnamed functions
fomat exception, datagridview, sqlite
Embedding Cursors Causes Panel to Crash
Getting the restlet Template Representation to work
fix background-size: cover; issue
String To Multiple Strings Every Nth Line
Excel counting columns
implement GetHashCode() for objects that contain collections
Java Error Catching Issue
dynamic adding radio and InputText in jsf
Facebook access token expiring very soon
libgdx animation callback?
Events being published through Open Graph not showing on newsfeed
Ruby: checking whether a collection is a subset of another collection
Protecting authentication data in WP7 app
Parsing json incorrect
Ruby: checking whether a collection is a subset of another collection
Protecting authentication data in WP7 app
Parsing json incorrect
jQuery .toggle() only shows, never hides an absolute positioned div
win32 / opengl and callback functions.. how are they structured?
Is it bad to return values from constructors?
R indexing issue
Best way to generate HTML controls for some questionnaire under MVC3
No Roo installation configured in workspace preferences
Django models - how to make field from one model be dependable on field in another model (which is foreign key)?
Order of initialisation
MVC3 site / bin deployed / 404 error on image file
Find and Replace/Append text in a file using batch or vbs
Best approach for having unique row IDs in the whole database rather than just in one table?
function declaration in z3
Remove all characters between two words and replace with a space
data cant be inserted to the sqlit database tables
Adding SSL to my website
Parsing multiple row from json info in objective-c
SVN Error - Catch-22
Auto increment wont update
Grails Database Migration Plugin Issues
How do I find words that only contain/consist of a given char sequence
How do I account for different 鈥渟torage鈥�event behavior between browsers?
Facebook Connect Problems With Grails
PHP MYSQL - send or get data from mysql using php ajax jquery - what is the secure method?
Add a custom event handler to an AppWidget component
Circular view path
save Multiline EditText in sqlite
Creating an ASP.NET Session Specific Global Variable?
C# comboBox without dropDown [closed]
What are your favorite widgets libraries available for download for Axure RP?
Create Graphic from hDC results in arithmetic operation overflow
SOCK_RAW packets don't send with certain source address
Working with Maven, OSGi and Bndtools
Use JQuery Ajax to update the number of likes on a database
Get list of queries and procedures executed in SQL Server instance/database
Floyd/Warshall Algorithm mod to find cheapest path at max length k
Zend_controller_request_Asbtract URL is not changing
Does PersistentStore PersistentObject data remain after updating app from AppWorld
Django model pre save for custom ManyToManyField
Installing .net MVC 3 on Windows XP SP3
Why does my twitter Application access-level is Read-only? and how can I change that?
jQuery fade in/out onclick for a li
Clear Instruction about SVN Path Options
loading external url in sencha touch 2
SQL Query joins not working as expected
How can I select file path in c# consol application? [closed]
Definition List not working in Wordpress Template
Sending emails - GoDaddy: has exceeded their send quota
Implementing smooth sketching and drawing on the <canvas> element
Defining 'missing' for colander.SchemaNode dynamically
Build Multidimensional Array in Php With Mysql Data
Tapping an image to move to next View
Keep one subview in the same place on the screen while a new viewcontroller is pushed to the navigation controller?
Getting Error while changing a password with AdminPasswordChangeForm in Django
IValueConverter gets null value - WPF C#
quotas on appengine search api for java
How to access mosquitto server hosted on my pc [closed]
jquery animate: change span color not working
using STL Container set upper_bound
Creating a CALayer with unit vector coordinate system
Deleting or reposition a pointer
Round-robin assignment in Ruby
Regex to match the first occurrence of a string
Sending result of overloaded + member function to overloaded << leads to compile error
unicode private area in UILabel
About Android Query library
calling backtrace_symbols_fd() sometimes hangs during call of strlen in snprintf
Macro to save Microsoft Word equations as images?
Haskell framework to parallelize non-threadsafe C++ lib showing literal on condition
SQL Syntax error when connecting to MySQL through Java
How to monitor the error log of a Java Applet running in a browser?
What are Linux Local timer interrupts?
Screen flickering in opera when scrolling with .animate .scrollTop()
strdup() causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS
clone -> change ids -> add content -> display -> append to parent
Eval and array index as variable
how to make integer template argument accessible as templated class member?
Are These For Memory Leak Warnings
Entity Framework + SQL Server CE 4.0 in a .DLL loaded in AutoCAD 2012x64
jquery parse string
How do i request extra user data such as email,profile image from oauth/openID providers e,g facebook using Webmatrix beta 2 refresh oaythwebsecurity?
adding JPanel On JApplet and writing HTML page to run it
Advice on how my services should be interacting
Why is this regexp not returning any matches?
Factory Method Pattern Example in Java troubles
Java Trident Library and Thread.sleep()
Could I validate Jersey parameters with a validator framework?
How can I get the author name, project description etc from a Distribution object in pkg_resources?
Android ListView custom layout
Accessing COM object (LanmanServer) in Python
How do I use quasi-quotations to get an AST in Nemerle?
Getting child component values in a custom web control
random number inside for loop
YUV to RGB by Shader on iPhone
Calling an ASP.Net web service using php
Inserting Items into a List<T> using random index [duplicate]
Access app.set setting in controller of express application on node.js
Calling an ASP.Net web service using php
Inserting Items into a List<T> using random index [duplicate]
Access app.set setting in controller of express application on node.js
What is the best way to check if a string from a text file equals what's in JTextField?
HTML5 audio player visualization
Submit Form on Enter press - Textfield value is Null
Global keyboard hook that doesn't disable user input outside of form
Can I make a batch file unable to close itself until a timer runs out?
How do I align navbar items vertically in Bootstrap 2.0
jquery - Add active class to navigation link build with jquery ui accordion
Schemes or Targets in iOS
How to write quick toggle list in jquery?
One-Column Layout with liquid images on either side
jVisualVM - JIT activity metrics
Exception thrown when inserting into a map
Writing unicode strings in c++ to sqlite DB
How to use an index variable in a recursion?
Resolving package dependencies offline
Error in parsing the android package on the device
How to creating a custom table widget in dojo?
Populating ObservableCollection in ViewModel with Model method
Build Java web project issue with lib folder
Authoring PDFs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Using Twitter for registration and authentication from Java web app
Mongodb basics from php to node.js
Adding a timestamp to NSURL
URL details lost
Will this work on phone gap?
Why I get this error 'Communications聽link聽failure The聽last聽packet聽sent鈥� when connecting to MySQL with Java (Netbeans)?
automated __weak references error but building for iOS 5
Drawing a rectangle onto a Google Map
UIIMage view rotating by less than 90degrees
Java Write Log to Text
Link EGL in Qt Creator?
Changing dyanmic text field in MovieClip added to stage by AS3 is not working?
XNA for WP7 game: DrawUserIndexedPrimitives
Hide UIMenuController
Named registrations in autofac
IE8 Compatibility and Linear Gradients
Load images from device gallery and display in the listview
Parser Mismatched Metadata error
titles not being displayed in MenuItems
How can I generate a progressive sequential unique id in PHP?
Serializing a JFrame and sending via network
is boost::multi_index still actively maintained? [closed]
Casting in the case of multiple virtual inheritance
get routing information from several files?
Glass effects UIView
Javascript DOM 鈥�onclick [closed]
Php pass throught bootstrap
Not properly filling array Java
ctrl+delete with multiple rows in notepad++
How can I create one linux shell command out of two commands that behaves like standard piping?
Is it possible to execute compiled code both within and out of MATLAB environment?
Confused by shorthand syntax: x > 0 ? 1 : -1;
What is the correct and safe/secure way to keep a user logged in? cookies? session? PHP && MYSQL
javascript jquery .change function not executing
Modify JavaScript to exclude first column from opening new page
Accessing a users Google Reader Feeds without his credentials through federated login
jquery queue to parent rather than specific children?
Getting all system wallpapers
Running Django fcgi daemons simultaneously
PreferenceFragment plus headers when in landscape mode
Liferay 6.1 EE / Liferay Developer Studio / Tomcat 7 - Port 8080 already in use?
Hover over point on Point Chart in Asp.Net
Why does it have to be the context of the GUI thread?
Spring Framework doesn't see cglib on JBoss
Orchard CMS page and custom html in footer?
Excel VBA: Accessing track changes for a cell via VBA
GWT: How to achieve an accordion effect in a Cell List?
How to embed google search results in a jquery mobile webpage?
can't handle 'comment.create' event when using Facebook comment plugin
Eclipse CDT compiles additional things when doing 鈥渂uild project鈥�or 鈥渂uild all鈥�
How to remove store code from media image path in Magento?
Ajax.BeginForm replaces whole page onchange of a dropdownlist
ImageView not showing in android titanium [closed]
Store excel file in SQL Server
PendingIntent on a Widget
Zooming a dynamic layout in android
Formatting string in javascript
Merge 2 arrays in php
How to start a loop with a specific iterator
How to persist virtual attributes across validation errors and form redirects?
HttpWebRequest, Redirects, chunked encoding error on live site, but works i IIS Express locally
Android - What happens when a signing key expires?
Error when trying to delete items from Tkinter Canvas
How to make actviity fading transation in android
Google maps appcache but NOT offline
How to only change one attribute in a model using form_for in Rails
C++ declare class variable outside of 鈥渋f-else鈥�
Match first instance of digit by Regex in python
creating a document comparison software [closed]
Passing arguments to the right inherited class with super()
How do I keep an empty list sortable?
Do something if mySQL query is successful
jQuery - Reorder sortable on load
Java EE container - self managed threads?
Can't make javah work with my Eclipse Android project
Sending an array of various data types from AS3 to .NET WCF (basicHttpBinding)
Add a listener to JFrame and all subcomponents
How to mimic a 鈥渢ype in鈥�behavior (text search) of not opened focused combo box in WPF?
Which STL Container to use? [duplicate]
List Table Creation in Java
PHP Smarty tpl, call the same php code for all page
Trying to figure out how to loop through only elements in a div but not div's in the div
Rapidshare API - Perl Script
How can I access the waveform played by my speakers?
GREP How do I only retrieve words with only the specified letters?
Best practices to protect over-air protocols
Webkit gradient text showing up as solid block on android
Doctrine 2 inheritance in a Symfony 2 project without discriminating column?
Entity Framework Code First with one class having two references to another
Delete a feed item from a facebook app
Invalid initializer error with struct
Return month and date only once using mysql and php
Composite primary key or guid for merging databases
IPC between Linux and Windows processes
how can i define variable in jqtpl-node
Python class instance __dict__ doesn't contain all instance variables. Why?
I Need to connect my java application to accses database in windows 7 x64?
JAXB returns null for attributes with a namespace
How do I do sql query on access by ignoring one column
Fully Executing Action With touchesBegan
Assembly FPU Stack Breaking; Resulting in -1.#IND
Factorial Program in and version issues
which API for a tagCloud to use with play! framework?
How to fetch internal links from a webpage?
Cant access PerfRawData or PerfFormattedData
Cross platform beep on Groovy or Java
How to select values that correspond with a max date in a mysql query
Dynamic cell height iOS
How do I pass GMT timezones to PHP DateTime object?
Select data which have same letters
Calling Method of array of objects?
jquery set color of one table row
When wouldn't you use -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries?
Moderate and delete facebook comments via external application
Autoindentation of a new line in Eclipse - how to disable?
use papyrus to show an uml file on eclipse
Confirm box with button 鈥測es鈥�鈥渘o鈥�without jquery and VBscript [duplicate]
How to append a value from jquery to an html document
Passing a member function as parameter of a member function
Vertical centering of multiple variable sized images in a div with CSS in IE 9
Im trying to create an add function for arrays in c++
What is the fastest method for checking for duplicates in python?
MongoDB on Azure Cloud
Flex 4.6 Custom Sorting of list
fmdb fmresultset not loading anything
uwsgi, gevent and async loops - UnboundLocalError: local variable 'query_string' referenced before assignment
email validation jquery [duplicate]
Paperclip - Image attributes not passed in the query INSERT
Funnel analysis calculation, how would you calculate a funnel? mvc 3, dynamic array
Simple command to add directory and all files under into svn
PHP Datetime issue on server
Android: parameters not going through if-else statements?
Lossless RGB to Y'CbCr transformation
How to resume a movie that's being played with presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated
Removing XML attributes with XML_Serializer
Width of a ListBoxFor should always stretch maximal in mvc
Explain the output of program below?
Is it possible to add function to jQuery's dialog from separate .js file?
GTK popup menu not appearing at mouse position
google appengine- aptana studio
Entity Framework separating clustered index from primary key
Android WebView won't load CORS content in Gingerbread and below
Rails: invoking a mailer from arake task with parameter/env variable
Lua callbacks with meta data
Programs for creating, design and administrate(GUI) SQLite
hibernate @onetomany FK is not set
How to save application/octet-stream to Sql Server in ASP.NET
uitableview array contents being lost
C#, How to create an event and listen for it in another class?
blank page while grabing xml data using php and printing it to div
jquery check if radio is checked or if is being checked
Run a Function From a Form
Css coding style - selector nesting [closed]
Invoking System.Delegate class object in C#
Powershell and exchange in C#
How do you increment a field in mongodb using c#
How to control ASP.NET Validator Controls Client Side validation
Magento- Error when i go to sorting in admin panel theproducts by SKU
How to improve Zend Lucene performance?
c++ container with with variable size and variable types
Pass an object by reference to a method
Download a file from Dropbox and save to path
Advice on Python CSV formatting
Creating a TCP Pipeline architecture with ZeroMQ and PHP?
In Stata, how do I manipulate matrix elements by their name?
jQuery appending li to ul unclickable
Strange filenames with embedded slashes - Mac/Windows conflict
Yii i want to get all actions that a user is authorized to perform
give duration to addClass/removeClass
Symfony2 controller and Javascript argument passing
Javascript Array Help (mulit-dimenional?)
How do I write a regex that fit a desirable pattern and not fit another pattern? [closed]
python: read lines from compressed text files
How to make image rotation look clean? Android GL ES
OSX - 鈥淣umPy/SciPy requires Python 2.6 to Install鈥�
PhoneGap CoffeeScript Hello World
how to deploy wso2 products in aws beanstalk?
NSImage from two NSImages
Remove trailing commas at the end of the string using Perl
avoid generating a jaxb enum class for this simpleType鈥�or use string instead)
Android, How to get Width and Height of ViewGroup?
Clearing class definitions in MATLAB
How can Bash execute a command in a different directory context?
Two databases' columns reference as foreign key
Setting custom Class Path while executing mvn exec:java
Custom path generator
HTML5 Canvas Image Clipping
Exception running twisted.words example using MSN protocol
Convert datatype to date before bulkcopy accure [duplicate]
How to Cast ArrayList obj values into user obj (String) ? To Avoid ClassCastException [closed]
button to manage the brightness of the screen
Should we use donate button for our free scripts and application
Android SQLite & deleted record recovery
Rails is searching for .erb views instead of .haml
Confirm message before leaving site cross browser (JS)
Wamp server Forbidden [duplicate]
Initialization of vectors in a struct/class and print out
How to Clone animated Brush?
android: how to persistently store a Spanned?
Trouble with CellList empty widget and AsyncDataProvider
how this code is used in matlab for Artificial Intelligence
'names' attribute must be the same length as the vector
Dynamic property names for loop of object Javascript
Pull existing remote repo into empty repo in Hg
how to flush hibernate session using spring transaction manager for non read only methods?
Prevent Twitter bootstrap empty <dd> filling with next <dd> value
Translate Objective-C code to recognize links to Java for Android [closed]
Parse bit strings in Perl
Handling all clients in a java Socket Server
JAVA - How to use xpath in selenium
pop up ads in iOS app?
How can I calculate my speed with an iPhone? [duplicate]
mobwrite issue - daemon wont start
drupal 7 import book set parent/book id
Signals shortcut keys and process groups
what is the best structure for developing a sortable multilevel list?
Embed /Load a DLL as a resource in VC++ 2008?
QWizard and forms for each QWizardPage
How to automatically deploy maven project from eclipse to tomcat
Autovivified properties?
Issues with scripts published as a service
Varnish: show original 500 error page
Why won't this Javascript code execute in Firefox & Chrome?
Check if integer value is part of linear sequence?
C++11 upgrade techniques [closed]
jQuery UI: draggable 鈥渞esets鈥�loop variable?
GAE/Python - What is the best way to pass the request from the controller to the model?
Get value from <block> in page.xml
How to insert 鈥渘il鈥�values into an array bound to a tableview?
LoadPackage call failed error msg when trying to create an Azure Project in VS2010
Failed to load and parse manifest in VS2008
What is CompileC?
Server-side rendering of handlebars.js templates with Django
Is this a thread-safe module, and actually how do you write one?
My sprite wont move right pygame
DESede (3DES) Encryption in RAILO CFML
Distributing images evenly & horizontally in a Div via CSS
jquery sortable firefox not working drop are not re-order
Boost Threads and Boost Asio
Is it possible to use Razor 2.0 view engine under mono?
How to allow users to embed YouTube & Vimeo videos?
Black zones when zooming in MapView
Default page in Metro +
date time comparison in php
Clear file input field after file selected using JQuery on select change
how to get contact detail from name in listview android
Spring RMI: handleRemoteConnectFailure
Javadoc for local variables?
Apply negative look-ahead to preceeding group
Trouble displaying results of sub query with php using salesforce SOAP api and partner wsdl
Custom styles for Wordpress TinyMCE
Routing traffic to a specific MySQL connection depending on the query type and table
C# Matrix gives weird mouse coordinates
Using fseek/fwrite from multiple processes to write to different areas of a file?
Filter flickr images
How I can update the new code to my site in windows azure cloud?
I want to show Jquery UI Dialog(message) after an Ajax request
How can I swap a div based on a cookie using Javascript?
Quit Confused with, how to build the logic.Java [closed]
WordPress published posts and revisions + custom post types [closed]
What table per type inheritance behaviors
chrome and firefox javascript console - different return value [duplicate]
How to make a circular animation of wheel type?
CGI::Ajax can not control returned table css style?
How to set LayoutParams margin top 800px
Limiting data transferred through a socket in c++
Exclude radio buttons from a form submit, without disabling them
Access is denied while accessing same domain iframe height on 鈥渉ttp://www鈥�
Proper PHP syntax for cycleing through an array with the index
How to target specific JSON output using Jquery?
OOP mutli lang, make file to be included
Which MySQL Join query is preferable for this situation?
Core data is lost when reboot iPhone device
XNA - Drawing zoomed 2D sprites
Seemingly spurious 鈥渄oes not take arguments鈥�error with case class constructor
Read multiple files and change fields
Core data is lost when reboot iPhone device
XNA - Drawing zoomed 2D sprites
Seemingly spurious 鈥渄oes not take arguments鈥�error with case class constructor
Read multiple files and change fields
How to subclass UITextView
Backbone.js: Decoding the Fetched Data
Conditional formatting for 2 conditions if exist the same with 1 condition
Android spinner not displayed when I return to the main view from another
PDO connection exception catching
Difference between classpath & java.library.path ? How to set it in linux & windows?
Typo3: Custom order in tt_news
Using getter / setter inside a class - good or bad practice? [closed]
Euro symbol encoding - PHP
Images Aren't Rendering in Browser - MVC3 razor
How to load images in UIImage array from an online directory and store them in the App
Generating Cells with UiBinder
How to make long lasting TCP connections without killing server resources?
Adding UIImageView to UITableViewCell?
How can I split a string while preserving parentheses
jquery compare two fields values
PHPmailer gmail 'from' is gmail account
Why is the property opacity available for reading but not font-size?
Why does appending to a list break my for loop? (Python)
Get/dump/download page after ajax response comes
鈥淢oving鈥�from one class to another in Python
store HTML tag attribute value in a variable using Jquery
How to generate a pkcs12 certificate ( Certificate + Private Key ) using java code
Is there any way to run 'cake schema create' with chef?
Backbone: fetch the data from a json file which is in the client part
extract details from any particular row cell of mysql
Post image to facebook from image.php
Setting cookies with jQuery retreiving with PHP
how to check cluster's full path in hadoop dfs
Internal server error (500) with a simple .htaccess file
while(true) vs socket.accept()
How to follow users who sign in with twitter on my website?
Script Jquery Slider with Carousel
LNK 2019 errors in API DLL
How to check if a multiline TextBox contains a string? [closed]
How register ticket for some event from Eventbrite API
How an unassigned string is stored in memory and how to reference it?
Carrying CreationContext.AdditionalArguments on Castle Windsor
how append text and object at once with jquery?
Is single line of fprintf command is thread safe?
How to make part of a text in a dynamic text field link to another frame just like hyperlinking to an html page?
Could theoretically ID of tweet be equal to ID of direct message?
How to load second dropdown list from database after first dropdown list is changed
Embedded linux bitbake - how to extract source of u-boot
Calling class function from another class. Error
fputs( _(鈥溾�) ) what does the underscore stand for?
Activating the Flask debugger when running under mod_wsgi
how to make div stick to bottom of overflow:auto parent div?
Cannot deploy with Passenger
why does this throw a System.FormatException?
get Text property from an entity in google app engine
.net provider vs repository for building support for multiple video services
Forcing JButton not to draw background
RoR different bracket notation
Multiple url fetches Google App Enigne python
confirm box more than one time appears
Sending message from Driver to TTY in MINIX 3.2
Streaming with JavaScript
HOWTO: Use Java to determine if a file is appended or outright changed
c# wpf frame redirect send additional information
JSON with C# and without ASP.NET [duplicate]
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: '_sre.SRE_Match' and '_sre.SRE_Match'
How to submit form without reloading? [duplicate]
newbie javascript - alerts not firing on window load
How to load and display SVG data by 鈥渞aphael-svg-import鈥�
PhoneGap Build integrated with Dreamweaver CS6 is different than CS5.5, how can I change the assets/www folder?
Relative URIs in html anchors - recommended/preferred way
Developing customized version of built-in SMS/MMS Android Application
Formatting 2D Arrays in a fortran namelist input file
Google Maps API killing CSS animations in Safari
divs, textareas, text and cursor detection
鈥淎d Hoc鈥�lexical analyzer
how do I create the URL 鈥渕.mysite.com鈥�from
Convert string (similar json format) to object or array
How to add radio buttons to radio group
Pinch zoom view
Android Screen Resolutions px and dp
How does linking to a framework work in iOS?
I can't seem to access automatically named objects (instance##) placed on the stage in AS3, am I missing something?
Android - Jave Server AES encryption Not working - Different keys
mcrypt/mysql syntax error on login page
d3.js - how to change x position of rect on time scale axis?
Separating strings with commas in Matlab
How to find the error on web2py and GAE SDK when I got Internal error - Ticket issued: unknow
Trigger on Slide Change in Jquery
MYSQL Select rows where date is older than datetime
Java Byte Code ordering of this and parameters on the stack
email sheet cant be canceled?
move animation using cakeyframeanimation
How do I minify long statements?
EXIF data skipped when writing to camera roll
Can you use $(this) on an jquery ajax finish function?
Get NSArray key values
Decrypting in Python an string encrypted using .NET
jQuery Pop-ups separate for $each?
List/array of values with multiple different types
Non standard file extensions in SaveFileDialog CLI / CLR / C#
error /var/tmp/kdecache is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0
javascript object, seeing expected result using two different ways of calling function
Need specific signature for service
How do I combine all of these scriptmanager scripts?
how to replace two things at once with sed?
Non-linear slowdown creating a lazy seq in Clojure
inner join one field to multiple columns in table
What is the criteria for choosing number of hidden layers and nodes in hidden layer?
Byte or Int? Which one is faster to send through a socket?
Loading XML into Flex AS3
Drop down menu showing up in top left of page
Dojo Mobile - Carousel Slideshow using 1.7+ preferred api's?
Use Composite Primary Key as Foreign Key
Getting data using button
Set subclass of object when parent class is constructed (dynamic sub-classes)
Is the null coalescing operator (??) in C# thread-safe?
client/server chat program in C#/winforms IP address issue
simple WCF REST client - Add Service Reference bug?
Sorting MongoCollection group function in PHP
div append text with an animation
Is it possible to do this query in mysql?
Grabb / Get /Extract data from XML into php session and print it to html table/div
Updating an existing entry in my database isn't working
Pre-render AJAX-populated view in a DRY way
analyze range and if true tell me
How to convert date to word format?
RTP payload and NAL units
How to pass variables to another php file afte succes jquery.ajax()?
ZigBee stack/library compatible with MikroC
Statistical mean centering - Using total mean or attribute mean
Costliest operation of sorting
My background color seaps to the bottom of the page, and I want my footer color to fill the bottom when not scrolling
In awk, how to find the maximum of floats in column Y for each distinct element in column X
how to link an app to a web database?
Obtaining a basic google auth-token from AccountManager
Gin AssistedInject: Deferred binding result type 'Foo' should not be abstract
inner_product and complex vectors
Efficient way to truncate string to length N
Override a django third-party application template through extend
different ways that data of tables can be physically organised on disk [closed]
Best practice for local variable scope in a C++ callback
How to auto update a Mercurial push
Chart helper theme XML spec?
File object and different NetBeans packages
Upload image file using href in move_uploaded_file( ) php
Communicating with DB through SSH in GWT app (using RPC)
finding elements of set in a map
Sort of an array from plist file
Rails Tutorial Ch 8 rspec failure
VB.NET MySqlCommand Stored Procedure Parameter Order?
PHP - how to open a file that is being streamed on a page by filetype
How to add label or change the colour of certain bar in multiple bar plot
How to align left and right align multiple lines in HTML?
python - Overhead on looping over an iterable class
Adding a delay within a loop
AS3 Keep Image aspect ratio
Store State Per Page in session
How to Cache css/js in one file and call that file from cache folder? [duplicate]
Problems when angles change from 360 back to 0
Rails 3 - Nested attributes and inheritance
How to link to the README_FOR_APP and readme documentation in Rails?
How to convert NSData to NSString? [duplicate]
Dialing phone number from Windows Gadget
Draw on a photo
How does the messages-count example in Meteor docs work?
Adding pull down screen in blackberry
Web hosting with Amazon cloud?
Unable to edit value of custom formatter cell
App Engine Many To Many Relationships JAVA
Python - Expected a character buffer object?
Rails: after_create causes performance issues with ajax
Android MediaPlayer: video seek causes onSeekComplete to be called twice
Classic ASP variable scope - I think I have lost my mind
Completing relative URL to current webpage
App moves off the screen
2 dimensional string array declaration, Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException java
java - Proper way to cleanup temp files in spring/tomcat/jboss libraries
Classic ASP LocaleID
Visual C#, How to display a `Unicode Character` in a label?
Numpy: How to check if array contains certain numbers?
Handle signal with sigaction
How to adjacent a table in Mysql
What it the b2XForm equivalent in Box2D for AS3 v2.1a?
Zooming into a layout on android?
CSS: transition opacity on mouse-out?
Programmatically invoke Annotation Processors
How To Crash An App [duplicate]
How can I pass fake data to my view (testing sort of - I know you don't test Views)
How to learn linux network stacks source code
How do I position h:message to the right of a h:inputText?
How to refresh FileTree?
Picture box On Picture Box
Defending against race conditions in System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary
Authenticate with AD from iOS
MSBuild task running in separate appdomain cannot load assemblies
Include <iosfwd> appears to cause a namespace issue?
Problems implementing IPrincipal
MSBuild task running in separate appdomain cannot load assemblies
Include <iosfwd> appears to cause a namespace issue?
Problems implementing IPrincipal
Writing a long-running pubnub server/service c#
How to understand and add syllable break in this example?
Displaying text alternatively on a certain time period from a database using jQuery
How to configure Mathjax in Python Django
Session variables from form not showing on next page
rotate marker on google maps
In Rails, how do I send a 鈥渘ew follower鈥�email notification only one time in a given time period?
Need Packet filtering and packet editing api for windows
How can I access variables set in the python nosetests setup function
Error In PHP5 ..Unable to load dynamic library
What is preferred way of linux kernel deployment when developing? [closed]
MySQL failing to establish a connection
Appending debug header in custom malloc
Can't explain why 鈥渋f else鈥�in PHP doesn't work properly
Random Number Collisions in Busy Website
How does foursquare add a custom image annotation on their Open Graph map?
Notepad++ Which regex or macro to bookmark next lines[of a previously searched word] without manually select them?
Zenx Jquery Datepicker Disable sundays and holidays
CSS / jQuery improved page flow
Establish pooled connection to MySQL in android
Keep text in SVG visible after zooming in
thread exeption error in C# :Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'lblp4' accessed from a Cross-thread operation not valid
Technique to track and detect missing data in a series (e.g. Security Log data)
MATLAB: Changing the font of of XTickLabel, YTickLabel, etc
How to parse image feed with php
Why linux redirect loss info?
A bunch of questions on Spring 3 framework
How to create a slide left effect in jQuery UI?
Possible bug in Scala 2.10: Futures do not run
Convert content of UIScrollView in UIImage
Not able to add background color or image on the form displaying a list of buttons-Blackberry
Using multi-queue NICs in Linux
Table-cells in IE is moved compared to Chrome/Firefox
Add an writer to a spreadsheet via 鈥淕oogle Document List API鈥�
Writing tests in Mocha/Chai with the namespace module paradigm
Android: Upload picture on Flickr
Creating Data Access Layer by using the template pattern
Play an embedded youtube video in loop
MonoDroid: Unzipping an Asset
Static TableView and Dynamic Table view in same view [closed]
Xcode: How to Archive a Mac App with embedded Plug-in Bundles that use -bundle_loader for linking?
Iterating through directories and checking the file's size
Reading error results from mongod in java after insert attempt
Join two SELECT queries with MySQL
__block attribute on instance variable issue.
Security between Android and PHP webservice
Latency measurement
How do I integrate ServiceStack and DotNetNuke to provide REST services within a DNN authenticated context?
Approval bit not set for user x@y.z, yet messages from x@y.z require approval. Why?
Manipulating Attributes of an XML Document
homework: fast manipulations in a set of bits (represented as a character array)
Financial Statements from Yahoo-Managed
Styling widgets with GWT: where to put style rules?
How can I logout by Facebook JS-SDK?
controlling form submit action inside a div using Jquery
How to set modal segue animation the same as push segue animation?
MVC3 Contrib not working in razor pages, but is fine in controllers
Rails: creating a hash inside an initializers file and using it
Why can't I access this folder? [closed]
android tabs are too big [closed]
How to get a current location on map after clicking button in android project?
Getting 411 Length Required Error when using remote link with jQuery Mobile inside android device
jaxb annox plugin not working
Cyrillic symbols in a tweet
c++ member function thread safe
How to include php variable url?
More compact way to skip initial list items? (or partition list based on an item)
Simple login with Google API for non Google+ users?
Rails 3 - keep params after submit
how to get numbers separated by comma entered in a line into an array in Java
Android: how to use dmtracedump
RAM utilization on Android Phones
NullPointerException in j.u.Scanner usage [duplicate]
jQuery UI Autocomplete only popping up with minLength: 0
Android SwitchPreference using Fragment
Confused about the role of a query language
Arduino locks up
LoadFromFile with Unicode data
Guess who-like game in Prolog
Service does not work?
Get rows which have different combinations of properties from another table
UILabel resizing wrongly in LayoutSubview
Ruby on Rails - how to make nested objects
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_columns'
pandas, python - how to select specific times in timeseries
Clarity on bind() socket function
Accepting single dynamic, but unused, element in route
Enhancing the WPF TextBox with long line markers?
Customise date format in X-axis of a plot of timeSeries date in R?
Unable to retrieve metadata for 'MyService.Entities.Email'. The type initializer for 'System.Data.Entity.Internal.AppConfig' threw an exception
Trouble with CMake and Visual C++ 2010
Sorting different data types using setAutoCreateRowSorter in JTable
Button in UItableviewcell
highlighting text CSS
Django 1.4 says 鈥淣o database fixture specified. Please provide the path of at least one fixture in the command line.鈥�
AR9300 Debian reg problems
Android: How make SPI communication with a microSD card
highlighting text CSS
Django 1.4 says 鈥淣o database fixture specified. Please provide the path of at least one fixture in the command line.鈥�
AR9300 Debian reg problems
Android: How make SPI communication with a microSD card Reverse User GUID to UserName
Android, performance degrading if multiple activities
Speech SDK - No recognisers found when compiled on another drive
jQuery, Toggle within toggle
iOS GKSession voice chat lag
jQuery animate left flickers on every Browser
javascript canvas toDataURL() different output on chrome and firefox
Do you push every single commit?
Retrieve data from database in an array
How to bind a Localized string in the TargetNullValue attribute?
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淪ystem.IO鈥�
Why isn't fbAsyncInit firing?
Segmentation Fault Strongly Because of Heap/Stack Corruption
How to install 鈥淰isual Studio Installer鈥�
Rails Database Structure Advice?
Different icon sizes for the OS in Java
Ubable to connect to remote MySQL via db-mysql (node.js)
Load x more results?
How to create configure script for project?
Decrypt, Encrypt
C++ No appropriate default constructor available C2152 , but I don't specify any constructors?
Exclude first column when opening new page
How do I get the URL for the item using the Amazon API
Password Prompt issue when trying to connect to GitHub
Which portable tools and libraries are recommended to transcode audio with time stretching/crunching while maintaining meta-information?
ASIHttpRequest. Turn off cache
Android StopWatch - How to resume my time
helping for opengl or opentk in c#
Pause a method until it gets called again
Sending images via SMS, how they did that?
JPlayer mp3 not working (chrome)
Except in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException-part2
Somebody knows how to include jpgraph into dompdf?
Frequency from binary input
How to get base filename without query portion?
RMI access denied error all the time
ListView and AppBar cooperation. The simplest possible multiple select scenario
PHP Wamp doesn't run [closed]
Access social readers' posts in a facebook App
Jquery dialog height and vertical scrollbar
Undefined reference to boost::timer::auto_cpu_timer
鈥淢any functions operating upon few abstractions鈥�principle vs OOP
Adding a negative value with a comma in it
Android: How to know that playback of the SoundPool has ended?
chrome object element on top of everything issue
Removing forward slashes after a particular subfolder section in a URL address
I am getting incompatitble debuger version in eclipse while using pydev
Tweet in android app instead authenticating the user
PHP function not returning result
(Solved!) jQuery functions not working after Infinite Scroll (AJAX) with Masonry
How to connect sqlite with an onlinedatabase on Phonegap
check the size of an image
Titanium mobile - text into strings.xml shows variable name not content
Javascript Controlling Audio Tag in Background.html in a Chrome Extension
How to use condition code in tag on page?
Setting PHP SESSION var from within JS
ERROR Access Denied when using php file_get_content
Fail to reset the panel to initial state
Relative Layout alternative for weighted Layout
Can JavaFX 2.0 serve as a scientific charting package?
unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6d79ed0 [closed]
Parent variable / class returns null
HTML 5 Canvas - Grid Block Fill-In
function Reverse() in XPath 2.0 : how can use it to evaluate an expression?
Rails code reference checker on Heroku
Pass NSIndexPath by reference
Catching cancel or dismiss for TimePicker
Rails 3 Facebook user model?
PDO database insert
c++: std::vector of std::function with arbitrary signatures
Scheme in Emacs blows off color scheme
How do I turn off auto-generated code in eclipse?
Check for updates to app, inside that app on Android
C++ sdl Segmentation fault
Java verifier and resolution
PowerPoint VBA - SlideRange position on a screen
Loop with async wait operation weirdness
Inherit from SPManagedObject
Android Eclipse Logcat messages: How does ADT get the Application column?
Dust.js output JSON key
How to reset PHP array to its default keys and values
Find parameter with regex
Is there a better way to model this relationship?
Passing delegate from class to class
Way to make global private variables in javascript?
Bytecode sequence decompilation
how to parallel using C and PVM [closed]
Merge two lists jquery by date
bootstrap-sass gem breaking my rails 3.2.3 at step 5.1.2 in Hartl's rails tutorial
How to write the 鈥渘ot in鈥�construct of T-Sql in Linq to Entities as a SubQuery?
How do I combine these two Select queries with an OR case
Cannot delete file because it is used by another process
Processing two XML documents to find results [closed]
Matlab integration
Optimize or rewrite pivot query that uses multiple common table expressions
Trying to get contents of web page with php
How to write the 鈥渘ot in鈥�construct of T-Sql in Linq to Entities as a SubQuery?
How do I combine these two Select queries with an OR case
Cannot delete file because it is used by another process
Processing two XML documents to find results [closed]
Matlab integration
Optimize or rewrite pivot query that uses multiple common table expressions
Trying to get contents of web page with php
replacing javascript slide show buttons with images files, not working for me
jQuery foreignObject selection failure
security exception when I try to create filestream
GWT Server-Side Code not working in production mode
C# / Crystal Reports Error
List.Max(x =>x.ID) Dont work
How to get app to run on iPod 2nd gen
Is using a getter but not assigning the return value bad practice?
How to best handle a search query that includes 0 to 3 parameters/filters but using a single LinQ to Entities expression
Simulate touch input on Microsoft Surface Window
Alerting an array's contents
How to do a tweet with an android application?
Is there any bad side-effect if modify prototype?
Xml parser / create a XML DOM Document from a list of XML nodes
<body> position: relative, inline VS .css-file (IE7)
listing directory from another directory
How to map column names with EF 4.3.1?
Setting HTTP header (like expire) on Play Result - and how to handle ETag?
Injecting Dependency from BusinessLogic layer to facade to DataAccessLayer
NoMethodError in rails even though correct gem is installed
mod_rewrite to return files if existent, CMS if not
jquery validator dropdown menu validation keeps adding a field required post after selection and submit
PyQt GUI freeze during imap connection (imaplib)
java string delimiter, keeping delimiter in token
Error: Dynamic link not supported when linking ocaml project under Lion 10.7
Fluent Nhibernate list of entities serialization error
NSInvalidArgument error - CGImageRef from CIImage
Android app not being able to connect to more than 2 devices