Hibernate query gives same record multiple times
How to return a parameter with a different type?
wp7 app working fine posting to wall, however, the app link that is included automatically is a bad link?
Context is not context? (not launching dialog)
Activating Items on a Listview
Spring Autowire not work for GenericApplicationContext
using coordinate variables
HTML 鈥渓ink鈥�(stylesheet) disabled attribute
Android Paint App Array
How to unpack multiple tuples in function call
Passing data calculation in with intent
Deploying a Maven project with dependencies to Tomcat or Jboss running within Eclipse
RESTEasy on TJWS with CDI
mIRC bot - copy/paste lines in 2 channels
mIRC bot - copy/paste lines in 2 channels
Any suggestions for better function to get data from DataBase
Subset character columns from a data frame of characters and numbers
Null ArrayList returned by TreeMap Java
Rational RSA learning guide
Using HQL to select from joined tables having one to many relationship between them
Random word on webpage every 1/10th of a second
How to show Widget when click a button? [closed]
How to call Java stored procedure with C# in CUBRID database
how to deal with possible special characters when iterating files with for command in windows *.cmd file?
Error Internet Explorer 8 and below (Internet Explorer has stopped working)
Android Layout editor throws exception when previewing custom view
TurnKey Django 鈥�how to upgrade Django to 1.4
MySql Query help required in getting result as per desire
Elapsed/time interval in Delphi?
How to send a function to a remote Pyro object
Improve compression ratio with Delphi 6 app that uses the Windows AVIFile functions?
required to write an efficiet query
MySQL to authorize an user from IPBoard account
String Encode, Array Decode
General purpose network manager in Android
YouTube Iframe API to handle multiple players is not working on IE/Opera
An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format
Add ui. Trash Icon To Button
Need 鈥渙ne鈥�object, how to use 鈥渘ew鈥�
Graphical Layout missing for xml layout file Android
how to apply touch event in image view
Customizing Core-data delete actions
Wpf Datagrid Delete Row issue
MySQL - Bottleneck - Join one to many, Tags of news articles
Refreshing the php output without realoading the page
JQuery hide mouse if it's not moving
How to fix error 鈥淯pdating Maven Project鈥� Unsupported IClasspathEntry kind=4?
Get div position (top) in javascript?
Magento: How to get range in price filter working in the latest version
how to select the sibling in div by clicking anyone of anchor tag in the div
jqGrid subGridRowExpanded parameters
Is there any way to compile additional code at runtime in C or C++?
UNIX Fork() Function [closed]
NSLog shows no output in Xcode 4.3
popviewcontroller resets scrollview contentoffset
IDEA 11 adb I/O error when trying to attach a debugger when 2 IDEA's windows open
android Notification setSmallIcon with level-list
Why's is Rails giving me an error about the 'create' action not being in my controller?
Clarification of uses of different NoSQL databases
Show Button in Table Cell Hover Over/Mouse Over
Explode collection and save some fields.
virtual machine connection [closed]
Can I safely change data in a replicated SQL Server table on the target machine?
is there a way to bulk load XML using psycopg2 copy_from?
Desktop Icons for websites
NSCalendar - Custom Calendar
jQuery submit a form
Using Derelict3 under DMD2 (D)
DOS batch file - Display popup message with two choices
how to use ref to a property in c#
query with verified if table exist
SQL Select Radius Search based on Latitude Longitude
Pass dynamic image to JSP with servlet
Initialize variable of derived struct type in compile time in c++
Delphi extending class
HTML/Jquery mousemove image sequence
What is the best place to detect user sign in when using azure acs and mvc3?
There is a comparison or performance table of the different uses of FlushFileBuffers and FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFFERING?
GLSL procedural repetitive texturecoordinates cause visible seams due to mipmapping
Syntax error in an array with values and keys [closed]
User confirmation from a formatted screen
fwrite() - effect of size and count on performance
Android XML: Why can't we type @drawable-mdpi, and instead, we must type @drawable?
ASP.NET MVC3 ajax partial view refresh
After logout main window the popup window links still working
android communication between devices
IOC with MVC multiple registration for the same interface
Fancybox 2 changing content options within HTML?
Conflict between Lightbox to and Flexslider
Form submitting wrongfully
C++ compiler questions [closed]
Wordpress Multiple Loops - Query Single Most Recent Post - Separate Class for Each Post
post more than one data in asp.net with C# and get back the response
Resolve ip to hostname
Simple web dev in python [closed]
Displaying a div layer over a frameset?
authenticating using a text file in c++
How to embed version information in source code with Mercurial
Getting JSON response from Mapqeustapi
Does FireMonkey have anything similar to GetSystemMetrics?
c++ heap corruption when deleting char array
voids not being read
how can I see all running or blocked asynctask?
Easiest Fetch request for getting just the 'latest' Single entity - core data
Function to Calculate a CRC16 Checksum
Can applicationWillResignActive be used for pausing the application
App is crashing when moving to other app and then moving back
complex jaxb scenario on generation of java objects
Calling Delegate Method not Working
wrong requestCode in onActivityResult
Qt library linking error
Adding Characters of a string in C
return more than one data type
wrong requestCode in onActivityResult
Qt library linking error
Adding Characters of a string in C
return more than one data type
Implement Language Selector
Comma separated number/function in parenthesis in JavaScript?
Find the number of needles in a haystack
deleting related entities in a one-to-many relationship
How to stub/mock original_filename method in Rails using Test::Unit
creating Dynamic controls in html with different names
Avoid passing variables to classes all the time
How to find the max/min of a nested array in javascript?
VB.NET strange IF statement behavior, always else
simulating a mobile phone [closed]
Create multiple actions in Struts2
GTK page content widget
Mac OS X very often crashing with Android emulator
Delphi XE2 IdTCPClient - How to receive data?
Auto fill a text box with database information without leaving a page
lxml Create XML fragment with no root element?
getting difficulty in passing parameter in ajax-jquery function?
Compiling x64 EMMS with Visual Studio 10
asp.net cache css and script but not the page
How to register user and maintain in-app-purchase state on my server
Azure Servicebus relay on Windows Phone
Managing a configuration file using sed via shell script
multicastlock not working on Android 2.2 phone
What is OpenGL as a computer file
Django custom management command running Scrapy: How to include Scrapy's options?
Extracting Cakephp Multidimentional arrays
InstallShield and VS2010
Custom fold in Cross Validation (Weka)
Calculating a hash from a 6-byte field?
Jquery appendTo('body') makes multiple inserts when used with Greasemonkey
Using replaceWith to populate HTML tags
How to simulate vehicle movement in omnet++?
SELECT but with order controlled by data in another table
Supress warning from gcc init_priority attribute
SQL Building Pathway using With Union in SQL Server
location of memcpy definition
how to move google maps control INURL
Free Web Servers PHP [closed]
Pulling through additional data from logged in user with PHP and MySQL
Iterate and update table in SQL
Javascript / Firefox width issue
How do you get the X and Y from a mouse click on an HTML5 canvas in Dart?
Excel VBA, Select statement changes after Execute
How to use the GAE blobstore with a user table? (EntityNotFoundError)
What's the XML file that comes together with a .NET assembly file?
How to add a bitmap image as background for BlackBerry Custom Dialog box
What kind of technique is used behind: 鈥渉ttp://abcde.com/#!download,鈥�
Random images and display it in a div
Is PCT (Partition Change Tracking) possible for list-range partitioned tables?
Storing and retrieving encrypted data in mySQL database
How can I insert a list into a paragraph?
OpenCV,C++: Missing Triangles in Delaunay Triangulation
Count length of user-visible string for zsh prompt
Java Scanner issues (JFrame)
Comparison and Extraction using SSE
selecting first match in google maps static when location returns multiple results
a slide show for text exclusively / that plays constantly / but with image files for the 鈥渂ack鈥� 鈥渟top鈥�& 鈥渇orward鈥�buttons
CSS Sub menu on hover change color on sub-sub-menu elements
How to set the session to MVC 3 application
Example of executable stack in Linux (i386 architecture)
Upload file and add its content to a table on a web page
iPhone - gcdasyncsocket delegate Didreceive does not work in other views
Setting up the environment before a start of an application in eclipse
Why are binary files corrupted when zipping them?
Windows Phone 7 update database faild
SQL Server - Partition Table with hierarchyid
3D Array or a dynamic 2D array?
ffmpeg encoding plays very fast. Audio.mp4 and Video.mp4 work, but both together don't
Pointer to function for glutDisplayFunc
Nonsense word generator php [closed]
Calling an external function that contains 'time.sleep()' within a Tkinter window
libclang on iOS
IE bug: Button image background
mysql join three tables not duplicate value
Can't installing Umbraco on LocalMachine
Passing all arguments to a constructor
iPad3 - Saving a picture taken on camera to the documents folder of an app
PHP fopen() and is_file() not working because of htaccess restrictions
Spring dependencies not injected for Cucumber runner
Inject same instance
Index out of range when binding List to datagrid in WPF
How can bzr know about launchpad?
Is there a way to send Keys to the Windowmanager
Error: 鈥渘o match for operator+鈥�, for list iterator
Installing Android SDK: Are the packagages asking for Login Necessary?
Adding objects to NSMutableArray properties crashes with unrecognized selector?
How to check for multiple values in (.Where) statement in order to select same types but with varying values
Django 1.4 defining user
What is type code?
new Handler in onCreate()
XPathDocument Can't Load
View only registering MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN
Modular Application C++Builder
GLSL imageLoad/imageStore & cubeMap
Joomla form creation
Need an efficient in-memory cache that can process 4k to 7k lookups or writes per second
Need an efficient in-memory cache that can process 4k to 7k lookups or writes per second
Custom event with custom data in JS?
loading ELF file into base address diffrent than 0x0
PhoneGap/Android: Google Map not fully displayed in emulator
unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6b61d10
won麓t print string. char array
Select values according column numbers
Download an entire dynamic site [closed]
Unix/Windows scripting help: pass command line parameter from Windows to Unix
why doesn't pkg-config output the 鈥�l鈥�in front of the lib names?
How make Horizontal Orientation of PanoramaItem in Panorama.ItemTemplate?
jquery simple sliding animation
Prime factorization for big numbers
how to achieve google maps terrain look INURL
Test class(s) with Findbugs though findbugs object [closed]
ORACLE not available [closed]
calculate length and area of SVG shapes with transforms
DatePickerDialog soft keyboard type has no effect
Spring MVC using maven and eclipse
How to get the cost history when using fminunc in matlab
Where are the .db files saved?
Developing android client app to use BigBlueButton server
PHP variable visibility to extended class [closed]
SQL Update of one table based on values in cursor of another table
StackOverflowError when opening XML file in eclipce
Extract a custom action's dll from msi-file
Errors while building vanilla kernel for Android
How can we dynamically add new cell between two given cell in TableView?
read pdf file stored in mobile windows phone7
Matching word between a space and a special character
Retrieving data using ajax from a webmethod ASP.net
what is the difference between a file-based database and a server-based database
Memory management help needed- static class variables Objective C
SQL: Select all record matching value 'x', but stop when value 'y' appears
php find emoji [update existing code]
is there any CustomView that lets you pick any colour
OpenGL draw (color) things oddly, fragment shader messes things up?
How to style a SplitButton
Binding to something other than ToString: how?
C++ Size of Struct with Vectors as Members
Disable access to a folder with a specific name
UniVerse database UniSession instance - can it be used by multiple threads concurrently?
Password protecting the copying, retrieving, and downloading of images
How to correctly escape double-percent parameters, i.e. %%x to correctly show them in echo output
unable to click on radio button controls
Extend the social_auth User model in Django
How to run a POST request programmatically in python with a GUI ? (spynner, webkit鈥�
Debugging jquery using Twitter API/JSON request? [closed]
Zombie option missing from both diagnostics and instruments
How can I find out the installation directory of the running program in Go?
C++ streams confusion: istreambuf_iterator vs istream_iterator?
How can i loop through a daterange with different intervals?
Fundamental concepts in MVC
Why is Perl 5.14 using (0+GvGP(gv)->gp_cv) definition for GvGC?
What's the default command target?
How to save a copy of a object and restore it later
Update Url String
extjs ajax response with python bottle
Backbone.js and role based authorization/potential for client side hacks
Admob for Android Andengine Game
Draw vertical separator on UITableViewCell
Paperclip dimension for images without cropping the image
UIImage with rounded corners
How to fill layout with content with different weights like a percentage widths?
Coffee script : using 鈥渃onstructed鈥�string to call a method
Include Android platform jars when using javah tool
JavaFX 2.0 TableView in FXML with Data from Database
Visual-C++ malloc implementation?
Near real-time thread with iOS
Xcode certificates in anothe mac
Wrapper methods and wrapper classes [closed]
Jquery Is this the correct way?
ggplot2: how to transparently shade alternate days on a plot
Tomcat JDBC shared DB resource
How to erase things from tablelayout?
skeletonization using OpenCV in c# [closed]
Could not load file or assembly 'System.IdentityModel
Go back to start or repeat raw input a number of times
How to hide empty UITablecells?
How to create shadow in JSF input field and keep it when the user clicks on it
Check if user can open a file type in a web site
Passing variable from Flash to PHP [duplicate]
Error with installing rspec-rails and capybara gems
How to write a delegate protocol withe two same method
Sort by Name and by Category Backbone Collection
PHP Is echoing snippets slower than echoing all at once?
Passing variable as argument from 1 python script to another in Windows 7 environment
*** glibc detected *** ./burcu.exe: double free or corruption (out): 0x00000000014ec040 *** [closed]
Jquery : Next + Slide = bug?
Block Select in TextBox/RichTextBox
javascript JSON parse object property directly to int
js regex get string from txt start with 鈥渟tart鈥�end with 鈥渆nd鈥�only once
Replacing a button with a link
How to handle end of turn in a card game
how to update table according to dropdownlist value inside radgrid?
Android - custom layout for android widget
Hardware performance counters to count the accesses of operating system
javascript ensure input files not empty
windbg:how to get a symbol's source file name?
error with sample adapter class
prolog passing a function as a variable, how to add arguments?
Where to find - DataSet VC++ 2010 Ultimate..? Templates missing only in Visual C++..?
Correct workflow when using south and have development and production django environments synced with mercurial
Clean URL in local host
NHibernate Projections - how to project collections
advantage of assigning events dynamically for static buttons
How to complete task involving Jquery, Twitter API and Google Maps API? [closed]
preg_match for a list of files extension
How to locate user with leaflet locate?
How to show unset widgets in Symfony 1.4
How to use Visitor pattern for substituting 鈥渋nstanceof鈥�
Wordpress plugin installation fail
How to listen to a event fired by a controller in controller with Sencha Touch2
Cakephp Fatal error: Call to a member function find() on a non-object
How to let google crawl pdf files but not index them?
JavaFX 2.0 TabPane Application set tab as default on run
Multiple conditions for loop
android-sdk docs reference missing
NSTableView not redrawing under specific conditions
postgresql function: Final statement returns bigint instead of integer
Update/ Insert custom table after creating/ updating new post in Wordpress
Filing in C / add data
Sum of statistics for every player (goals/assists/cards etc.)
how to show imageview in center of the screen?
jquery and IE submit, ajaxForm not working
Nested weights programatically
Add all Keys to an array then iterate?
OpenGL versions
How can you zoom out using JavaScript in MobileSafari?
Reading named pipe leads to inifnite loop
How to test selecting dates with rspec?
php + mysql: creating queries
How do I store dates in Sencha Touch 2 Models
load image event with jquery fails in IE 8
Python: converting a tuple iterable to a string iterable
Firefox SQLite Manager to create database for iOS
jQuery doesn't persist modified anchor tag href attribute
How can i learn to use Websocket on Android and can i test it even if i don't have a server?
UIView rounded corners with PatternImage
ASP.NET MVC 3 RAZOR : How to use POST, it gives error 鈥淩esource can not found鈥�
jquery remove button can't delete row from database
How to stop the ftp connection if the server is not avaliable
Best pratice to insert string into HTML file using node
Scraping multiple pages for keywords, only gets from the first page in array, what's up?
Internet explorer slow to postback large page
Automatic inheritance of bindings in Racket subclasses
Google Analytics for iOS track to multiple account for same event
How do I pass more than one argument to Proc in ruby/rails?
ContentView not properly set on Android (Huawei device): maxScrollFactorString = null
What is wrong with this request?
Automatic inheritance of bindings in Racket subclasses
Google Analytics for iOS track to multiple account for same event
How do I pass more than one argument to Proc in ruby/rails?
ContentView not properly set on Android (Huawei device): maxScrollFactorString = null
What is wrong with this request?
How to query with massive selection arguments?
Simplest way to pass an xml file asa store procedure parameter usingc# [closed]
Match multiple delimiters containg backslashes php
how to import two same android app in eclipse .. ? either rename package name or what?
How to specify HTTP error code in express.js?
unsigned char to int in C++
TClientDataSet error 鈥淭rying to modify read-only field鈥�
Link to new window from menu
Getting function arguments using kprobes
Is there a way to allow only one instance of an existing win application? [closed]
CompileError in File uploading
Communication between all browsers opened for a particular web site from server side
Error Code: 2013. Lost connection to MySQL server during query
Visit Request.Url when use ajax in MVC
Does python officially support reusing a loop-variable after the loop?
tinymce get html content and place it on another page using php
Get route values in ajax action + Asp.net MVC 3
confused regarding uiviewcontroller memory management and passing data between them
Memory management with image saved from UIImagePickerController
Proper way for looping in Scala
SQL text boxes with dynamic information / auto fill text boxes
Setting text on multiple UILabels in a NSArray collection
How to extract bytes from a byte array starting at a bit position not on a byte boundary c#
Conversion of CString to float
how can i get search word when a visitor comes from google search to my site?
JQUERY - Send Array through Ajax to PHP (I know the issue has been treated a lot鈥�
I get an 鈥淓rror: Cannot initialize OLE鈥�when I try to connect to a database? C#
Open native Twitter App from my Application using IBAction
-getAnnotationWithPredicate: not working correctly iOS5 but works in 4.1
JVM verifierification -when is it performed?
Get only photos from users wall feed using facebook graph api
Delete an row or put sentinel data
Error while Processing a Basic Form in PHP
How can I change the anchor point of the UIPopover? PresentFromRect doesn't work correctly for me.
Unexpected NullPointerException in SurfaceView-Thread on API-level 15
Simple jquery sum
Text isn't wrapping inside UL LI A
LinearLayout translucent (but not transparent)
How to open cshtml file in new tab from controller's method?
.swc file not being created in Flex 4.6
Is there a switch to get the default values of a SQL Server's table's fields as default values for TextBoxes of a FormView / DetailsView?
Display encoded HTML in textarea
index not defined error in PHP?
MongoDB. Map-Reduce finalize function
How can I avoid crawling URLs that 鈥渄o鈥�things like unsubscribing a person from a mailing list
boost: Uncompress http response using gzip failed
How to selector an element except 鈥渄iv鈥�inside <td>? [duplicate]
session data has not been accessing
jax-ws binding - method is not renamed, while classes are
what should be the relation ship between both the tables so each student can have separate marksid
Reading xsl from jsp
Airplaying video from url to ATV using lots of battery on iphone
problems with .change(function() javascript in ie<9
Insert randomly generated strings as nested table
Delete files if the user uninstall the application in Blackberry
jQuery.post outputting dropdown list
Multiple items in one objectStore
How to Segue-Push after using UISearchBar in a TableView, project with storyboard
Android StopWatch - Time is increasing very fast
Google not indexing new posts quickly [closed]
IIS 7.5 using 32 bit driver instead of 64 bit
Search in list of objects
Show/hide html element on javascript xhr request function
Loading Retina Display Image from Flickr (Using Three20 TTThumbnailViewController)
Simple php programm doesn't work [closed]
how do i create a c# program without GUI?
SQL Query + special characters 盲, 枚, 眉, 酶 etc
passing a string with multiple arguments
Valums Ajax File Upload works in IE but not in Firefox
Loop to create multiple series in chart control
Undefined symbols for architecture error
Hide Django settings value (for Celery) on error page
clear an array of ranges using a single line of code
How does the dart javascript compiler (dart2js) work?
How to optimise this LINQ Query
Rotate multiple images in a circle using jquery
Unable to find fragment
set language to administrator menu in joomla 1.5
Web site using backbone for frontend and nodejs for backend
When to use sphinx search, when to use normal query?
boost.spirit: taking action on incomplete input stream
Strict aliasing and std::array vs C-style array
iPhone - Wrong Localization after Changing the Language
Send email by C# from my website
PHP Curl with ASP forms
file_put_contents creates corrupt image
Can anyone tell me why Database options in my netbeans 6.8 seems empty?
MissingMethodException: org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.setAliases() during Grails run-app
How to refresh entity using ember data
Versions Maven Plugin in Eclipse
Why I do not have access rights on the server?
NHibernate sessions using Castle Windsors LifestylePerWebRequest
virtualenvironment - installed django inside virtualenv, but able to access it from outside env, but it shouldnt happen
Deploying an ear containing an Application Client on Glassfish 3.1.2 throws exceptions
how to add the bitmap as the background to the blackberry screen
Why I do not have access rights on the server?
NHibernate sessions using Castle Windsors LifestylePerWebRequest
virtualenvironment - installed django inside virtualenv, but able to access it from outside env, but it shouldnt happen
Deploying an ear containing an Application Client on Glassfish 3.1.2 throws exceptions
how to add the bitmap as the background to the blackberry screen
Django forms Forbidden (403) error
Link to index page of website
At the time of updating sphinx indexes the load average increase
cakephp session.cooke_lifetime doesn't work
Creating multiple groups dynamically
How to start setInterval loop immediately? [duplicate]
Descriptive Statistics of 鈥渢imeSeries鈥�structure data using psych package in R
Adding a Dojo Datagrid to a ZF Dojo_Form, how can I do it?
Is there a better way to get the names of all parent elements?
Varying arguments for if () statement
OAuthException: (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action
Calculate age from date of birth(using calender) IN Jsf
How can I add the most common mercurial commands to an eclipse toolbar?
What is the most suitable HTML5 element to be used for 鈥渃lear: both;鈥�purposes?
Trouble with relationships in Entity Framework
mysql query cache
Hidden form field performance
Serving static content in Spring MVC (3.1.1)
StreamReader and TextReader
rails 3.2, twitter bootstrap why width of buttons with icons is not correct?
Text to speech in Mono Console application on MacOS
Debugging on iOS 4.3 simulator
Is there a way to disable sending SNI records in a java applet?
Move or copy and truncate a file that is in use
change the order of elements to the top
Python, remove all occurrences of string in list
Is it possible to track visitor that leave or page to another sites?
nodejs - Why Node.js can handle large number of simulteneous persistent connections?
Why is my image download CGI script written in Perl not working?
Textarea with GO button (submit) on iPhone
Are these SQL queries identical - if not whats the difference
FaultException<T> with self tracking entities as property of the exception?
check Checkbox state of main view in other class
adding a video / gallery icon next to post title in wordpress
How do I calculate my distance from where I am now to a specific point
Jboss Mbeans visible in jmx-console but not in JConsole
Length of a javascript associative array
remove some signs from a txt file
Rotating an NSView and getting its corner points
How do I perform server side paging in SQL Server 2005 [closed]
Google Maps JS API with KML layer control
jquery category subcategory, subcategory, etc
jQuery mobile app, multiple page or single page?which will give the closest user experience of native app [closed]
Change DIV height dynamically based on viewport height in Drupal 7
Python IMAP Search from or to designated email address
UIPickerView : Keyboard not hiding
TPL cancellation continuation never called on cancelled Task
Button is supposed to change image after click, but (randomly) changes images of other buttons too
write to File from Servlet
No such file or directory error on a mac
How do you speed up rails-3.2.3 asset pipeline on Heroku
transferring file through socket in Java
Java split a string by space, new line, tab, punctuation
create DataBase not working in a batch file windows
How do I define client_id?
Carrying per-request context using the HttpRequestMessage.Properties
how to create a hashtable dynamically in javascript
Using ScalaTest to test akka actors
Automatically update NSOutlineView upon model changes without NSTreeController
Delphi records conversion to C# struct and read from socket
java check values [closed]
Undirected Graph Reordering the Vertices
Auto scroll mkmapview when dragging pin
C# scanning pixels and 鈥淪ystem.OutOfMemoryException鈥�
Wrong Tooltip position after using Text Resizer
Licences of 3 party code: What do I have to keep in mind? What's the best way to organize them? [closed]
Plugin to process change log for a rendered html form
Where is the correct place to store my application specific data?
Best way to do my main menu (ListView vs ScrollView + LinearLayout)
How I can understand which direction I drag in touch event?
java draughts AI (multithreaded)
How to add customer email to order grid in magento 1.6
Multi Friend Selector Dialog - Show user lists
Vb.net FTP - get timestamp value?
Java and Synchronizing two threads
Cocoa using separate controller for an NSTabViewItem?
PrimeFaces fileDownload method not called?
Practical use of Linux real time scheduling priorities (SCHED_FIFO and SCHED_RR)?
Change regex delimiter in awk patterns
How to calculate total time for each loop in jQuery?
glsl fragmentshader render objectID
Google App Engine Datastore Query (Java)
JavaFX scene builder won't run
Conditional Tag With Custom Fields Not working correctly
Node.js socket.io.js not found or io not defined
Dapper LIKE query for MySql safe against Sql Injection?
how to use join in three tables
WHERE with two tables and specific table name
Flash buttons flicker continuously when compiled
How do I prevent the SQL attack - Input parameters in stored procedure
How to get zoom level of mapview on touch event in android?
what is the best practice for aligning html
How to get value from arraylist to be displayed on jsp using jstl
How can I search for a keyword in all public LinkedIn data?
jQuery Mobile App cross Domain issue
the difference between multiple active record objects on a given timestamps
PHP variables to Java applet?
mouseenter, mouseleave and overlay
WPF how to control the ListCollectionView binding method?
why is my create function not working?
How do I calculate the Euclidean distance between a point and a list of points in Python? [closed]
Android and IPv6 in Java
Jquery last click
Automatically load more articles in TableView
CSS: Aligning floated li's centered inside div?
Showing bullet chart scales for jQuery sparklines
How to deny moving node to root in jstree
Is zero (Integer) treated as blank or empty in Django?
How to get from html the element of a register field by Name?
Using the compatible libraries in android
Silverlight Datagrid grouping by year, month, week
What's wrong with this code? Prime Numbers
How can I store a one to many, where many only has one attribute in CoreData (simplified)?
SQLAlchemy: retrieve all episodes from favorite_series of specific user
How to generate HAR file from an HTML file?
Using 2^n steps to get every possible combination of people in a room
Change the 鈥渁dd new document鈥�link in sharepoint library
How to disable pause and seek bar in embedded media player in HTML
issues in html css design textbox disabled?
How to display the data column-wise
TypeProviders and [<Generate>] type not defined
Show custom pop up warning message when user changes any value (text box/LOV) on page
OpenMP set fixed size of chunks based on a runtime param
Android putting all my canvas drawing into another class?
How to call the reference from one class to another class using PRISM
When binding to Collection<T>, how to make each view item bound to wrapper object of T
Not able to render partial with Gmaps4Rails
Possible Methods to retrieve image from server
mousemove and cross-browser e.which
How can I use the native pdf reader in windows 8 metro app?
How to display PDF with python-poppler-qt4?
Hide unnecessary space when validation error messages are not firing in ASP page
Splitting a complicated string using Regex
Scrollbar resizing the page
How to automatically test that applications behaves like expected with regard to other activities?
Intellij doesn't display local mercurial repository view
Finding parent of an element with jQuery [duplicate]
confirmation about deleting a record from database
Regex match semicolon but not in comments or quotes
selecting rows with id from another table
Adding tags: Django custom form widget for ManyToMany model field
Encryption of Strings works, encryption of byte[] array type does not work
Is Asset folder read-only?
Convert Apache Rewrite path to lowercase
Multiple tabs in rootview
Adding tags: Django custom form widget for ManyToMany model field
Encryption of Strings works, encryption of byte[] array type does not work
Is Asset folder read-only?
Convert Apache Rewrite path to lowercase
Multiple tabs in rootview
Enum constant in mybatis's sql query
SSRS sql query runs slow
How to get last id if any column in SQL Server 2005? [duplicate]
Fastest way to count the number of occurrences of a string
How to get the whole content of a html div in lua
Rails 3: copy attributes and values from one template model to a different model
Why does the SendMessage() function not work?
Responsibilities of JVM bytecode verifier
C++ overloading by functor param count type
How can I get dynamically generated JavaScript data using web scraper
Hibernate Annotation Inheriting Abstract Base Class
Error on executing javascript, works by clicking anchor
jquery how to override the class method?
Draw Curve on Touch Points in iPhone SDK
check binary data corruption on the file at the disk while trying to read in to memory
Event based programming inside a Spring web app controller on Tomcat or Jetty
Setup SonataNewsBundle to handle media in posts
Exclude empty fields from jaxb marshalling
lift disabling back button actions
htaccess mod rewrite slash issue
How to iterate Hashmap with containing arraylist [duplicate]
How to install app created using storyboard in <iOS 5?
Java Chat application for Command line is not sending or receiving messages
QAnimation framework: which property to use here
How to emulate mouse clicking/mouse moving/key typing in the global context?
Google MapActivity not displaying map
Choosing animations used in Android Webview to gain high performance
save files from folder PHP
Possible to animate each letter separatly?
Bind Prefix not worked in Remote validation Action
Totally confused between GTK, GTK +, GTK + 3, PyGobject, etc
How to group column headers using the Display tag Java library?
How to Use .Net MemberShip without using configuration files
Encountered error; Tkinter GUI using python
LINQ-to-XML Selecting tags inside the root
How to deserialize an array
chanigng color of rowx in table
nrow(matrix) function
ActionPerformed on a JButton invoked more than once?
Button issue in silverlight windows phone 7
MySQL Connector/C++ declare variable
Replacing characters in a file
How to input data from Android app to a Website TextBox?
JFlex Lexer. Multiline strings
how to add a database field in the c# code without using stored procedures in a disconnected architecture
Display tag export to excel with the css formatting of the HTML page
WCF: MessageContract handle OnDeserialized Event
A simple INSERT query on InnoDB taking too much
Best star rating solution for PHP
Javascript cookie to save user preference and display content using the shared preference?
Eclipse plugin: How to add items to a TableViewer asynchronously?
theme - pressed color of TextView in ListView only
check the availability of username using php ajax code in a simpler way
Remove row in join table with Rails 3.2
C Compiler Errors - Warning: Assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast , Error: Subscripted value is neither array nor pointer
Command not found via ssh with single command, found after connecting to terminal [duplicate]
What is the need of console in JavaScript?
mosyn Http post to php using AMDownload
Configure Qt library 4.8.1 error when I cross compile
PHP Login/Registration/User Management Script
Custom calendar with event divs
fix an issue in pom.xml
how to test if time range has x number of laps
How can one tell the parent pid of a process , out of that process?
Android DownloadManager error
How to VideoBrush in c# windows form application?
WPF Client - Should I make calls to WCF service in background thread?
How to fetch image of the screen from video memory?
Get Element ID On Click
How can one tell which user started this program?
ROR Webrick Server startup errors
TextView::getText() returns -3 for not visible characters
Semantic web - sparql query
service does not start properly
OAuth authentication like Facebook
Creating ts objects in R
Switch Taps from Activitys by buttons, etc
one to one or zero association in rails
Java - Scanner comment skip
Spring MVC: loading static image
How do I use a map in combination with search matches?
Can't seem to get the 2nd option to work
DB2 table partitioning and delete old records based on condition
How to add result of Sql query(via SQL to LINQ) to datagrid in WPF
Creating XML with Haml
Jquery load refresh div
python Queue not passing correct data
How can I run android background service 鈥渇orever鈥�
Get the roster of a contact (e.g. friends of a friend or friends of a contact in MUC) in xmpp
How to correctly populate an associative array dynamically in Javascript
C# transforming a sequential function to parallel execution
JQuery animate not working in Safari on OSX
google oauth smtp access token for sending only
What takes so long between Azure startup task exiting and OnStart() being run?
C# transforming a sequential function to parallel execution
JQuery animate not working in Safari on OSX
google oauth smtp access token for sending only
What takes so long between Azure startup task exiting and OnStart() being run?
After creating table it shows this Array ( [0] => 00000 [1] => [2] => )
Center one of thre blocks within parent block
PL/SQL: ORA-00984: column not allowed here
How to make a 'simple query' of a large array? [closed]
T-SQL how to modify the value before insert
how to check if a particular file is present in a directory or not
Save dataset data to other database
javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded - Android
MKStoreKit doesn't works on iPod 2
DIV cross browser solution using CSS
how to displaysource file && line number information when using 鈥渂l鈥�command in windbg to list breakpoints?
JFileChooser component display weird
overlap in String X-Axis in jfreeChart
proccess.binding(鈥渘et鈥� - No such module
JSON text and variable count
Kinect SDK player detection
How to automaticaly test state of activities stack?
how to use XSLT to convert this XML file [closed]
Send Android h264 capture over a rtp stream
Android game software joystick
Error 500 when contacting webservice with cxf and guice
Javascript inheritance : parent property not enabled
Apply document-wide Jquery UI theme to buttons generated from ajax calls
EGORefreshTableHeaderView not properly working on iOS 5.1
Variable binding in SNMP PDU
How to Block Right Click on Flash Player in VB.NET
Find all the 2-bit values that match against another binary pattern and then sum them
Advisory locks in postgres and evaluation order (how to acquire lock without using a separate query)
How to best maintain a script in a large amount of spreadsheets?
How to get a reference to the view controller of a superview?
How to use delegation (or pass messages) from class methods
Looking for the best solution
Mark overridden functions
dijit.form.button with img src in programmatic
How do I let StreamReader.ReadLine() differentiate 鈥� r n鈥�from 鈥� n鈥�
setSelectedNodes for jquery dynatree?
Page structure breaks when zooming out
Fastest way to get MYSQL random rows [duplicate]
Some basic questions on Android downloading
Access Violations when I call MessageBoxW
SQL query that reports N or more consecutive absents from attendance table
csrf with ajax and django post
Login program with java with error
ie6 table width
Change Listview countbubble programmatically
Python `descriptor`
Only GET working in cross domain API request with django-piston
Is there any free toolset for generating harness for testing embedded platform?
how to connect svn on ubuntu server with team development using zend studio?
Delphi XE2: How to define custom DataSnap REST URI?
save images inside div as one image
What is the best approach for Unit testing when you have interfaces with both dummy & real implementations?
Javascript: Precision strange behavior [duplicate]
Infinite loop during Facebook Authorization
Does monkey patching in Python affect direct imports?
Jquery Slideshow to have next and previous images shown according to Browser Width
Where found difference between versions of maven war plugin?
How to prepare a Linux app to find ttf font directory?
accessing the taglib in service
Transparent JLabels on a JLayeredPane
How to stress test ext3 partition on android?
Why is piping my script's output into the shell's dir command not working as I expected?
UltraWinGrid: How to refresh displayed data
Removing Windows Phone System Tray Progress Indicator
missing project.properties file error
Linear regression with interaction fails in the rms-package
SQL Server Linked Server loses login-mapping
create custom fields for task using redemption
How to create a for each PHP loop to set variables from table data
I don't really understand Page.FindControl
Exception using getCalculatedValue() in phpExcel
CSS for formatting text inside a div is not working
how to enter user name , password , db name , in mysql connection by user input in batch file
HTML scraping: iterating through nested directories
accelerometer sensor and mediaplayer
How to Pass output of one query as input to another query using SQL
Strange NSLog errors. Memory leaks
Linq-to-SQL DataContext update
Excel formula (not VBA) to calculate basename of a file path?
how to do that can click the show content part?
Eclipse - how to debug input parameter change
Library for polynomial calculus in Java?
How to create print queue and add Forms to queue in C#?
Mac application compatibility (Snow Leopard/Lion)
AudioQueue trimming and buffer size
Detect if an user is on the launcher [duplicate]
How to set foreach jQuery JSON CSV
How can I merge overlapping times within a window?
How to manually create users with Devise
Generate c# object code and assign values to its properties from an xml document
google checkout call back function doesn't work
Simple record to metronome with count in/pre-roll
Customizing Left & Right UISegmentedControl Buttons
Django FileField not validating with a SimpleUploadedFile Object
Rewriting specific links with javascript, except links to specific directory
which technology to choose to create a web chat client? [closed]
.post() working but Not Completed in jquery .click() method
isotope filter to link from another page
Deploy a rails app from a git repo
Line number in Google Perftools CPU profiler on MacOSX
Javascript: Equality Comparison between two Object/ Array
web services which provides user's location
A pretty simple UPDATE InnoDB query taking too much
what's the neccessity of using an inner function to return tothe outer function?
C++/compilation : is it possible to set the size of the vptr (global vtable + 2 bytes index)
Need to remove object from list before insert new object?
I want to find current location of user in php
How to declare when passing function as parameter to function template in .cpp file?
Parameter Name in Remote Model Validation Action of MVC3
How to add tables in footer of PDF in java using itext
Jquery toggle does not respond immediately
Eclipse installing software stuck at 0%
Problems when starting transparent activity from service
How to receive a copied image in MobileSafari?
convert list of objects to list of strings and generics
Install Saxon jar in Eclipse for Java?
Vim indentation levels with parentheses and brackets
SSH root access denied [closed]
Reading Mysql DB Files Manually
PHP : Why we are using if (($fname != '.') && ($fname != '..'))
Sorting a queue with another queue
How to show different content?
unable downloading images from FTP server
How to use FreeTTS in Drupal 7 [closed]
Notification class does not work properly
Selenium change firefox browser language python mac
vb6 creating third exe that runs the first and second exe file
Notice: Undefined variable: basic html form [closed]
Unexpected error while loading data
Fix Potential leak of an object
How to do a basic query on yahoo search engine using Python without using any yahoo api?
Pass binary data into stored procedure with the use of XML
android - can't change layout
Android tabs icons
Cyrillic letters are incorrectly encoded in the C# Web Service [duplicate]
Python web-framework+db with the widest scalability?
How to get asp.net created cookies in Java servlet?
Web Programming on Java Server, Null Pointer exception
mySQL query to select on the max value of one fieldwith another field common
char array interpreted as a char pointer in a constructor help please
How to add Image Dynamically android
Removing FB apps from user settings ideally should restrict my Access tokens but it DOESNOT
How to avoid default date(1970-01-01) storing in MySql
I cannot use alphanumeric keyboard in a input element when using the FullScreen API in Google Chrome
it's possible to determine how many lines exist in file without per line iteration? [duplicate]
I cannot use alphanumeric keyboard in a input element when using the FullScreen API in Google Chrome
it's possible to determine how many lines exist in file without per line iteration? [duplicate]
How to add new data to a TableView in addition to the previous data that it already contains?
How can I style the scroll bar for a <div>?
Retaining array in subclass
Analyzing recursion in algorithms
Post Values in my PHP Site return null [duplicate]
How to add column of SUM (in data grid view) to sum data from releation of other data table?
What's the c# equivalent of java's Eventlist [closed]
Facebook App - Without SSL [duplicate]
Append with jquery to particular id & class
Best way to create dropdownlists in a loop
Do I need to free a managed BSTR used as a function parameter
Android Image above ListView?
Any way to make rack-livereload run faster?
Warning message for sencha touch 2 app
Absolute Div Fill Remainder of Window
gaining focus on canvas
Examples of Spring applications over Karaf
Replacing the zero with next same id's value - MySQL
Arabic for Blackberry
Django Filter admin list by user group and
Connecting to MySQL over https
R: Which heatmap/image to get row-sorted plot without any dendrogram?
With or without the javax.swing.text.Document
Android: toggling button (allowing multiple clicks)
Finding if current page is list or doc-lib page in sharepoint with javascript
control page to move to top in case of confirm box
Objective-C - ulong to uint32
An alias for an alias?
Div display:none - want to only load content when it's visible
What is Subclassing and API Hooking?
How to 鈥渞ender鈥�HTML without WebBrowser control
how do redirect in LIFERAY from first.jsp on second.jsp?
Netbeans custom files in project
deleting lines from text files which are in another file
鈥淣o match for operator= 鈥�when using an iterator of the same type
How to convert an indeterminate number of rgb occurrences in a string to hex in JavaScript?
How to reset or clear glVertexAttribPointer value in OpenGLES(iPhone)?
Ember.Map : are the keys are really ordered?
ActionBarSherlock with options menu bug
MSISDN format Contact number
How to return physical lock error without waiting in MySQL
Fewer lines for switch statement?
Limiting use of android app
JQuery: Getting content from iframe?
jquery remove button in list don't apply to all boxes
Return something as well as the FALSE
Eclipse Marketplace error
How to increment the row of uipicker when it is scrolled in iphone
MVC3 portal handling JSON data from web service
Cannot recreate the database using EF-Code first
Handling all exceptions within global.asax
How to access a SQL Server corporate database remotely?
SWC debug or release version
Format of Generic methods with generic returns
Android service does not work
If I add a control programmatically in viewDidLoad, how do I access it from other methods?
How to return a random element from a enum in c++ [duplicate]
How to get this layout in Tkinter?
Formatting output in SQLCMD mode?
Display pdf file stored on local disk with in Oracle Forms 6i
Layout messes up when zoomed out
Looping touchCancelled on actionSheet show
how to build and create exe installer for eclispse rcp product
How can built in xaml extensions access IXamlTypeResolver when custom ones can't in Dev Studio 2010?
pass database generated multiple checkbox values to <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�gt; using javascript and query database
Modifying the array of getDataIDs() function in jquery
Add xmlns attribute to root element
How can I compare two hex values?
Conditional method parameter injection using Unity 2.0
failed to run a MySQL file using a batch file in windows
Parsing uploaded files without passing key
itextsharp paragraph chunk font being over written by list default font
How to generate UML diagram for classes using Java existing code?
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xef in position 1
how to stop a loop, outside of the loop?
Insert specific bounded numbers into a column in SQL Server
Wordpress multi user - create a static folder for individual user
Wrong height of iPhone (jQuery)?
How To Set Under Line In Jsf Tags. i want to set under line on one character
Unable to Zipalign apk
How can I translate categories for JoomGallery?
Is it possible to assign F3 to search in Eclipse?
How to be able to retrieve the name of the file that has been cancelled?
PHP 5.1.6 issue with interface
I can't connect to server on ICS 4.0.4?
Google Chrome stealing the Clipboard
Rails code sharing: gem vs plugin vs submodule?
How can I get report from work item (bug) transition between states diagram of bug in TFS 2010?
Having trouble setting up RVM environment to work with Gist and OpenSSL
JQuery How to get the elements that the selected text crosses?
Exception occurred in asynchronously receiving GPRS packages in C#
Writing data to text file in windows 8
Static members of static libraries
Communication between child window and parent window using Facebook oAuth JS SDK [duplicate]
How to center-align jQuery UI tabs - with screenshot
Object reference variable
Count in Crystal Reports C#
the pre-init function
What support exists for uri-templates?
Passing a struct pointer to a function in C
Remove All Characters After First Character
Writing platform independent Socket based binary parsing code
Custom `ListView` or TableLayout?
How to add textboxes to table when button is clicked
Randomly put elements into N buckets
Sharing an object(data) between java and javascript in android WebView
billing info from FedEx web service
How to Change Row Color With JavaScript in Condition?
Error uploading picture to facebook using PHP: OAuthException: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user
User-to-user similarity using map reduce
Writing language files for Tesseract
Dismissing Keyboard and dealloc()
A basic objective-C code from tutorial can not run
Alternative Database Design to EAV
use the sensor accelerometer and mp3 player
CAML query with date filter, working in U2U query builder but not working in C# code
Need help debugging JavaScript in IE8
declaring a class static protected
Rails: restructuring view files for different MIME types
How to enable both hardware and virtual keyboards on Android ice cream sandwich
How to optimize this database and this query?
check copies of ReadLock in java
How to Adjust the sorting dynamically?
how to compare keyword inside xml node in c#
rails showing wrong version event updating command
Custom Membership, MVC and WCF. Where to implement it?
How to insert images/blobs into SQL Server CE (just like sqlite)?
Site performance decreased after changing varchar to nvarchar
why my jsonStore doesn't have any data?
execute .bat file from android
Css font-size in % not reducing when we reduce the browser window size
parse array of json objects in jquery
Post data in MYSQL using JSON