getting rid of commas in hashmap
Google Docs Identify Spreadsheet or Form
Couldn't get connection factory client after re installing OS
Why this strange behaviour?
Skill matching algorithm
Making two lists from a given list
adding new child nodes to XML on each function call
How does this multithreaded Java code work?
Can I set a lock on files with google api?
How to get Hyperlink from whole string
PHP preg_match_all nested too deeply
Is there a 鈥渜ueue widget鈥�in swing?
Adsense info not showing up in analytics
Is there a 鈥渜ueue widget鈥�in swing?
Adsense info not showing up in analytics
Is there a way to check if one of the array entries contains a sub-array in MongoDB?
sharepoint list version history export to excel
How to compare 2 arrays in PHP?
MSSQL server 2005-JDBC connection
UIApplicationDelegate methods not being called
Rails file structure: 2 index lists in one view
Create Row number in Excel Source Task
How to convert 2d image into 3d image in
How to Converting SqlCommand Type To Int Type
error with fb graph post image
warble compiled war not compiling sources that use ruby 1.9 language features
Multiple <a name> links not working firefox
Searching and Regex in PHP
Getting table(records) to update properply using the MERGE Statement
Getting thumbnail images in one line with a horizontal scrollbar
jquery mouseover jitters
Closing a file descriptor that is being polled
Global `before` and `beforeEach` for mocha?
how to insert screen coordinate into hashmap android
I am getting a invalid regular expression flag w error in the error console
Regex for check the input string is just in persian language
Eclipse PropertiesView
鈥淭he matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'http'鈥�Error
In interface file: when to use forward declaration for custom class as opposed to just including its header?
How to print frequencies in descending order?
iphone:How to move the elements of an array randomly [duplicate]
Programmatically set the default layout in Liferay
please explain this piece of python code and how to write equivalent in lisp
Memoryleak on navigation of viewcontroller in iOS5
Authentication error when connect to Google Tasks API by HttpClient
Set variable type for a c++ class variable during instantiation
When is it correct to use symbols in place of variables in Ruby?
In JUnit testing is it possible to check the method System.out.println() [duplicate]
simple regex trouble
Synchronized stored procedure execution in mysql
how to get the form textboxes and image values form type enctype=鈥渕ultipart/form-data鈥�in java
Django - set ForeignKey deferrable foreign key constraint in SQLite3
ROC Graph Construction
Android decode ImageFile to Bitmap using JNI
Visual Studio Failed to Connect Database Login Failed
After install magento extension, but the extension is not working like not installed
Can two CoreData entities have more than one 鈥渢o-many鈥�relationship between them?
Compiling Assembly for android
Android application connection to database
How to make a clicked link center and show a popup on the map using OpenLayers?
How to get google plus authorised users +1(like) , events and group list or details?
Text Rollover Effect without Images
Is it possible to start my own app service when user try to enable Bluetooth/WiFi/GPRS/GPS
How should I work this threading issue in Qt out?
UIActionsheet with UIDatePicker
How can I get default Date and Time format pattern
Why can't I open a named pipe more than once?
Find, copy, and replace with regexp or other? [closed]
Any way to know if user has touchscreen? [duplicate]
Facebook asking about 鈥淧rivacy Policy URL鈥�
Adding dynamic values to the a 2-dimensional array of string
Remove newline while writting to text
How to get data from an array using get_user_meta()
primefaces 3.2 datatable incell editing not working
iOS Memory Leak cellForRowAtIndexPath
Paypal Authorization & Capture API For Android
Is it possible to set width of a jQGrid in percentage?
Optimizing Google Maps performance for Mobile?
Rails 3.2 Engine How i can save sessions in database?
Undo failed error on set
Scrolling lags in custom ListView
Return zero when records not found
PHP socket_read returns empty string
Using combobox in databound datagridview
Get View on VF page
Any addons for contacts for Plone 4.1
Benefits of assigning multiple indexes to a column
Multiple forms of same type - Symfony 2
TinyMCE loads in GWT, but toolbar buttons does not work
Post image using $.post via onclick=鈥渞eturn鈥︹�
Scheduling more than one pendingIntent to same activity using AlarmManager
Flickr javascript framework [closed]
I get an 鈥淓rror: Cannot initialize OLE鈥�when I try to connect to a database? C#
How To copy a file in ant irrespective of its location
Sencha Grid + PHP + JSON
change ftp password using php and send them to mail running cron
Google AppEngine error: 鈥淣o module named flask鈥�
The example of creating Android application architecture design diagram
jquery mobile refreshing dynamically loaded page
Read The Data From DropDown in ASP.Net MVC3
associativity of parentheses
I have enough memory but mmap keeps failing saying Cannot allocate memory
Interactive Graphics, 60fps, Human Perception
communicating with windows service using SERVICE_USER_DEFINED_CONTROL
Sending commands from one iframe to another iframe
Whats the code to replace a file on the iOS system with my own? (tweaks)
Using JSON markers in Google Maps API with Javascript
Blueprint CSS Framework: Para moves to right side
Python reload module does not take effect immediately
CSS Child element losing parent background-color when floated or aligned
Error while defining custom array/hash method
Rails with Mongoid : Generate a error when authentication fails
Javascript - append to text area value - IE Chrome and Firefox
CSS Child element losing parent background-color when floated or aligned
Error while defining custom array/hash method
Rails with Mongoid : Generate a error when authentication fails
Javascript - append to text area value - IE Chrome and Firefox
How to pass copied text to other activity in Android
bashscript remove strings in file
How to count the frequency of a word in text file using Java?
bash script lowercase every string in the input file and output result to new file
Packetfu Gem Recognition Error
Underlying view disappears during game-center authentication
KSOAP request in android
PHP: How do I call all methods of the same name in a class hierarchy?
Regular Expression To Match a Word That Contains Certain Letters
php mysql query a table for the last set number of rows
jqGrid horizontal scrollbar issue in Google chrome [duplicate]
LINQ selecting a table to query at runtime
Read XML document stored in SQL Server 2008 R2 with XML datatype
Could not find class runtime error 鈥�Eclipse SDK version 3.7.2
Overloading a property's set method
Is there any C++ 鈥淐ode Generator鈥�out there? [closed]
VB 6.0 -> Delphi XE2 Conversion
Fast and efficient PHP Session
Oracle - Adding columns to a table takes forever
PHP Form/Cookies, need to refresh page to see changes
Applying default style for TextBlock without effecting ComboBox
Complex Css Selector on mouse Click on any Part of html Element in a Page
JQuery attribute Selector With ID and Class Selector
WPF Panel.ZIndex for child elements
Bings maps control limited to a single country?
android: How to check flash if on/off/auto?
Qt sql query failed
Is there any way to make the Time Profiler Instrument more effective with large functions?
How do you communicate between presenter and view in MVP scheme?
NicEditor font size mody from <font size='1'> tag to <span style='font-size: 8px'>
Using MKMapView and Core Data to index and display locations?
How do I equalize contrast & brightness of images using opencv?
how to crop a image circle in iphone sdk
Error in menu control navigation using sitemap
Add Devices to Provisionning Profile?
Parsing namespaces with clang: AST differences in when including a header in another source file or parsing it directly
Creating A Real Time Collaboration Notepad in Java
How to show/hide in rails form with jquery?
Alfresco: Checking in documents checked-out at some previous point in time (and left hanging)
reload app from AppDelegate.m with phonegap
How to programmatically open an OpenFileDialog box in an ASP.NET application?
How to carry out Yii role based access control when multiples tables are involved
Is M_PI*2 (in Cocos2d) equal to 1 second? How?
Api to Generate Reports in mylyn, Tasktop Pro
Convert simple dropdown menu from jQuery to pure JavaScript
iPhone:How to generate random uppercase characters in objective C
Show only top 10 in jQuery template
How can I vertically align two floated divs?
Regarding generating of HBM files in Hibernate
LuaBind and package.loadlib
Hi all I'm running this query on mysql using XAMPP server [duplicate]
c# ora-02291 error
OnResume not called when hitting back button from Tab Host
Getting at grouping term from within ddply function?
WHY my Datepicker looks so weired?
Is there a D plugin currently available for Xcode 4.3?
Changing UIActionSheet width
Creating a GeoPoint complex data type in Facebook Open Graph
How to add an image to the contents using HAML?
Ajax Request - Call different method on Spring Controller
Is using 'exec' under controlled conditions a security threat?
Algorithm for Graph/Data Structure on Java
How do you remove tomcat's default favicon?
when to use multithreading in iOS development?
Using fstat to determine file type
How do I dynamically insert NULL into a postgres table?
Parsing XML in PHP DOM via cURL - can't get nodeValue if it is url address or date
Group models from different app/object into one Admin block
PHP: Grab specific data from a JSON string
SQL Syntax Error Near ')'
Scala lower type bounds and covariance
Warning window once the user tries to stop a service
Create workflow within top level Private folder in plone 4.1
Update data after x amount of hours, In Sql Server / or Wpf C#
OpenGL vs Direct3D?
Progress update while WCF is executed
jquery selector multiple classes on set of <div>'s (contains one class, not the other)
WCF Duplex service and Android client? Any posibilities
Conditional remote validation
Hosting phpbb3 with CakePHP
Progress bar only load one time
Are BEGIN/END needed in SQL script?
Only one image is appearing in every grid of gridview
How to store business logic in domain object?
How can I return two parameters from a javascript function?
Convert SQL query to Nhibernate Criteria
Issue with In-App Purchase
running python module from django shell (
Ruby ri at Windows Command prompt does not give correct information
Creating multiple timers that are self invalidating
how to stream jpeg frame from java client to python server
Beep inside location listener
Ajax crashes IE 7
Objective-C categories with the same name
Subscribing to a collection error
$_SESSION value to being sent across
Bad Access on removing from array
ios memory leak in infinitely running application, particularly infinite video playback
TypeError: need string or buffer, list found
Attach a dynamic pdf file to send in email with php code [closed]
New Messages LinkedIn group
Html5 tr with file attribute
Instruments launch option shows only iPad simulator
using javascript and django to upload a text file to some folder in server
Why does this for loop stop before reaching the intended value?
Bounds of an imageView in a scrollView with rotation
Return <option> tags from PDO function using MySQL and PHP
Defining symbols in SymPy which hold numerical values
Wrong OO architecture, sharing objects and dependencies? Maybe i'm missing a design pattern here?
Camera for 2d game
Dynamic Panels like in Eclipse
ROW_NUMBER() with INNER JOIN SQL Server 2008 Pagination
Avoiding GLib memory pools & Valgrind possibly lost in C
In a html select tag,how to change style of partial text of enclosed option tags? [closed]
Node.js server side code protection
Load Listview about million items
Composite of Commands Design Pattern
Why corners (radius) cannot be different?
How to differentiate different format of img enclosing tag using regex?
css to work with dynamic 1, 2, 3 column layout based on if column exist with 1 set of rules
Inheriting from weakly linked iOS classes or classes not in deployment target iOS version
Regular expression for a fake programming language
Download Dynamically Generated File in ASP.NET MVC
jQuery UI combine a click fade and a hover fade not working together
Wordpress posts to Facebook and Twitter
Automatically set uploaded image label as product name in Magento?
Detect if an object stores state or can be shared
IE 9 focus wraps around contents correct(!) while Firefox 12.0 doesn't seem to
jQuery carousel for html files not images
Windows Perl line editor with editable default value?
Simple encryption program
How do I grab certain text on a page?
FormsAuthentication still works across sessions after changing password
Swagger With Static Documentation
What is the Uri for phone intent in android?
Use JSON Directions in Google Map for IOS
Menu : Handling click events : DIalogBox
How to send info from server to iOS without being requested
To what extent are 'lost data' criticisms still valid of MongoDB?
Python float equality weirdness
rand() doesn't seem to be so random
SQL Exception being thrown from view about model attribute not being currently accessed
what does $(brickval_VALASOURCES:.vala=.h) do?
Auto-expanding a UIView and CGPath to fit Core Text
Actionscript 3 button is using previous code
CAGradientLayer as layerClass for UIView
Why does macdeployqt give the error 鈥渃an't open input file鈥�
Displaying office documents in web browser without allowing it to get downloaded
Preserve newlines with Nokogiri
how mail server determine the recipients email address
NullReferenceException in XNA with C#
Android NDK Two Activities Use the Same JNI function
When iterating through loops, is it more/less efficient to access a MySQL within loop?
How to pass the id from view to controller in Rails
Bad Parameter error when deleting page in Adobe PDF (Acrobat 9.0)
Changing color of Twitter bootstrap Nav-Pills
Splitting a string with php incrementally
Validating Binary Search Tree - Beginner at Haskell
Increasing scatter points marker size from a .fig file
cl.exe when launched via CreateProcess does not seem to have write permissions
How can I determine whether a void * pointer points to a objective-c object or a c++ object at runtime
Google Bigquery 401 unauthorized error using Service Account
How can I package python+pygame programs as executables?
how Yahoo, New-York Times submit read artice to facebook open graph not violate facebook policies
Courier-IMAP use another SMTP server
Ruby: Convert ARGV to a string
Javascript scrollbars which handle focus out of the window
looking for a pattern in ruby for matching string
urllib2 encoding issue
Does MongoDB support the concept of a compound key?
How do I create a Sequel migration from an existing postgres table dump?
Upload File Website Hosted In IIS Returns HTTP 404 File Or Directory Not Found
MySQL Statement HAVING COUNT(*) < t.row - Including Nulls
Android - Auto Adding Items To ListView
.net webservices, return more than 1 record
VB6 App on Windows 7 Only Saves to Virtual Store Sometimes
Facebook SDK OOP Error
Global `beforeEach` in jasmine?
DELETE FROM query via CSV contents MySQL
Rails3: Saving HABTM association as array in DB?
Issues with lm function in R
What are good practices of error handling when working with API and PHP?
Qt and OSG Integration Issue, Scene Graph Disappearing
How could two NSDates with same date value and same hash be unequal?
Overwriting current contents in file
Branch prediction in compiler level
How to delete from the dropdownlist if an item is deleted from grid view
Sprockets Best Practice for big projects
crontab -e seems to not show crontabs
Why does Core Data resurrect a deleted object when I delete a related object?
Load UITableView crash caused by message sent to deallocated instance
Android 鈥�how will startActivity or startActivityForResult affect the logic flow of the current activity?
List adapter view
PHP Get current files directory
Ruby Bundle Install Fails
WCF doesn't propagate properties of Trace.CorrelationManager when using a different thread for the same operation
Innerhtml not retaining selected options for Selectbox and Radio in Mozilla and Chrome but works fine in IE
Trying to load Ace.js editor on a Google App Engine site causes a malformed path error
Detect which poi is clicked in mapquest flash
Array of buttons returning null
MySQL Stored Procedures and Last Inserted Row
how to sort python dict by its value?
Disable the system bar on a tablet
Check if all values in array are the same
Why always get the wrong DateTime format although I've set it?
ClickOnce Installer Prerequisites: How to auto-detect required version of Visual C++ Runtime
error in renaming capital letters into small letters during the download in a loop
How or where to add javascript settimeout function to CSS vertical drop down menu
How do Allegro timers count time?
Perl regular expression: syntax help needed
second image in footer and styling
want to call a method in the presentingViewController after user has clicked done
The 鈥渋ntelligent鈥�cookie logout script in php, improvement
Adding events to the beginning of an Rx observable using ReplaySubject - possible?
Can not get a simple bootstrap modal to work
weird vector iterator behaviour - iterator always pointing to fixed elements from last iteration
What is the purpose of `convertView` in ListView adapter?
Equivalent of Order By operation in HBase
How to take multi line input form user and show the same in PHP
Google App Engine, Uploading Images
Mac App Store claims newer version of my app is already installed
Hibernate Search Won't return correct results
how to kill a hang connection in jvm when you are outside of a jvm (ubuntu box)?
Getting the indices of the X largest numbers in a list
Strange behavior coming from a P/Invoke function - Magic loop
what does this statement written in jquery cause syntax error on IE7/8?
MySQL random with gaps of 40+ million rows
Custom Python CSV delimiter
nodejs + WebSockets - reject the connection with a message
How To Read TXT File From A Server
How to delete a pointer if it is a template value?
Monodroid ICS Could not open database file
Select multiple facets or filter data simultaneously
youtube api , firefox 4.0 . iframe failing to load videos
Alternative to openinviter
LWJGL, Clojure, Single Thread for OpenGL Commands
Footer, is not anchored at the bottom, Scrolling with page
PHP Array inside Array
unexpected 2nd argument to function in mustache javascript templating
jQuery 1.7 to 1.4
PHP PDO: Array in Update SQL WHERE IN () clause
Delete photo in my application folder
How to search for Java projects that are built in Eclipse
Difference of sizeof between char* x and char x[]
parsing text with ruby matching a string and returning a block on condition - repeat
Magento properly reindex everything
Using Where clause in a join, with Group by and Order By
How to read line by line after i read a text into a buffer?
Replacing all occurrences of a pattern in a string
Proxy - Convert HTTP requests to SOCKS5 [closed]
Android Market app - having a lite version, and other version that breaks policy
Setting Path of UIImage
organizing google maps javascript
Does the Ruby method lookup start from the bottom of a class and go up, or from the top and go down?
Does the List<T> class declare a single event member called Changed?
Determining frame URL for outgoing requests, using WebRequest API
Rails 3 run_callbacks with parameter
Stop scanner from reading user input java?
How can I prevent a custom key bind from making a noise?
REST, Spring MVC 3 and PUT request with AJAX
Order (Slowest to Fastest) Big O running times [closed]
linux /proc/<pid>/exe & valgrind
Rails Error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: interest_ids?
sublime text suffix mapping
Create list of column?
Assign a number to echoed data via PHP
Ajax page refresh fails
How do you select a sprite image from a sprite sheet in python?
Displaying user current location on map with phoneGap (Access is denied)
Changing Android gyroscope update rate in NDK
Change Facebook Canvas button from 'Go to App' to 'Login with Facebook'
Grouping bottom scores by two variables
Change Github's Default Gist Styles
Using JS to write a noscript tag
Scala only language with overloaded extractors?
Why I am getting ModelState.IsValid = false?
Why Membership.CreateUser Failed?
how to clean variables to prevent sql injection - union select?
Remove item from ArrayList issue
Best way to distinguish links for internal action and ajax request?
Architectural analysis help for new project
iOS - Core Data - Delete records using relationships and fetch request
What does it take to sync a contact/calendars web app with mobile devices?
read.xls() from gdata package fails with 鈥渘o lines available in input鈥�
How to change the value of radio buttons using Javascript/Jquery
How to use Doctrine2 Query Builder Pseudo-function objects?
Remove duplicate tuples after sorting the tuple in R
How do I query using fields inside the new PostgreSQL JSON datatype?
Moving Algorithm in GridWorld
Sencha Touch 2: Simulating different profiles (phone/tablet) on Desktop OS (Linux/Windows)
select into a table with different column names
What's the recommended way to wrap deeply nested Hashes in Ruby? [closed]
Object reference not set to an instance of an object , youtube API
SQL Server 2008 Pagination PHP
Try to catch mouse event in HierarchicalDataTemplate
Web server with OpenSSL
Change previewMaxWidth/Height of jQuery File Upload (blueimp) programmatically
how to remove quotationmarks of strings inside a backquote
Manage data coming from a textarea edited by users
copy all files from one directory and subdirectories into single location [closed]
Math captcha using ASCII, is it safe? [closed]
When declaring a variable in javascript, is the default value null?
Mutation Observers---subtree
JavaScript expandable treeview lightweight
Basic CSS manipulation using JavaScript
How to perform a query over models with attributes stored in other models?
Direct Show 9 phonon Error 鈥淧ins cannot connect鈥�
Zend Circular Dependency Issue
Can I pass multiple checkbox values with one name?
Disable excel error alerts in Excel.Application.Workbooks.Open
Beginner Android: ListView to affect the next class
CSS3 Transforms, Layering, and Diagnostics
FLVPlayBack not scaling to fullscreen
How to set the authentication in application
Bluetooth device discovery in Android 鈥�startDiscovery()
How do I create unicode characters with variable numbers?
VS2008 Crystal Reports Database Connection from Web.config
Three Dimensional Array from Two Dimensional Array in Javascript
How to de-serialize List of List to List
Handling exceptions from background thread of a component loaded dynamically from WPF application
Moving from JSP to Facelets, how to replace some scriptlets?
Compiling and Running Java Code in Sublime Text 2
iPhone and Android app scenario needs validation [closed]
Get page element text without html tags but keep linebreaks
How to prevent touchend event after dragend?
class library to include and test gui
Difference between DROP USER and deleting a row from the mysql.user table
Imported data from CSV is put into wrong mysql column
convert pdf with 300dpi bitmaps to svg
Parallel processing with dependencies on a SGE cluster
Symfony2 + Doctrine2: Filter an entity based on properties of an association with inheritance
Chrome API - Check if Chrome has Focus
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 in QT-creator
How can I have display: block; elements wrap around a floated element like text would?
How to use nodemon with .env files?
Database updating wrong data [closed]
Magento mobile theme doesn't load CSS/Javascript
Varargs of Non-Reifiable Types in Java SE 7 - how?
Request additional open graph action properties after approval
private wordpress post
Calculate similarity of weighted trees
iOS Table VIew Refresh Cell
Storing Javascript Date in SQLite with ExtJS
MSTest: Ignore Intergration tests that rely on network when network is unavailable
Varargs of Non-Reifiable Types in Java SE 7 - how?
Request additional open graph action properties after approval
private wordpress post
Calculate similarity of weighted trees
iOS Table VIew Refresh Cell
Storing Javascript Date in SQLite with ExtJS
MSTest: Ignore Intergration tests that rely on network when network is unavailable
Perform a task written as a string
How to enable asp compatiblity mode on Razor page?
a software license for amazon ec2
How do I get a declarative model given a Table object that the model is mapped to in SQLAlchemy?
How to add JLabel to Japplet with set x,y coordinates [duplicate]
Edit multiple JPanels in JFrame
Putting runnable to sleep
pass a runnable to a pre-existing thread to be run in Android/Java
CMake error when configuring OpenCV
Facebook API send automated private messages to yourself
Adding AJAX 'add to favorite' to this controller?
Getting the parent node for selected text with rangy library
SoundPool or MediaPlayer queue
Complex regex pattern [closed]
PHP, clues on how to find this function [closed]
Force Close After Run Android Simple OCR Aplication
Session timeout using Clearance in a Rails app
PHP Validation in BBEdit 10 with Applescript
Implementing a 'kill' button in HTML/PHP
Anyone know why this :after CSS isn't working in IE9?
How to detect Files being opened at the startup of an Eclipse-Plugin
Using Cont to acquire values from the future and the past
SQL Script 'Find-in-files' Query
Can't figure out stored procedure, error at END
How to prevent this query from printing same results twice?
How do you listen for a keyUp event in Dart?
Testing an android accessibility service?
Formatting partial unknown dates with DateTime() from a database?
How validate decimal with optional percentage symbol using Regex?
Avoid column names on empty results in Crystal Reports
background color shows up only when i touch the text
Error in set NSString property from another class
svn error when commit directory
SQLite Update Not Applying Android
CGAffineTransformInvert does not reverse view transformation
Linq and Lambda expression for a complex sql query involving joins
Node.js 鈥淐annot read property 'userAgent' of undefined鈥�on require
How do you get total directory size in the same function that is getting all file sizes? (Python)
Group user agents by browser
Is it possible to 鈥渃opy鈥�an object whose templated class derives from a non-templated base?
Can one run the sqlite .import command from within JDBC?
WorkflowDesigner - How do I specify expressions should be in C#?
How do I bypass validation rules set for a nested attribute in ruby on rails?
How to sort the columns of a CSV file by the ratio of two columns?
PHP Ajax Login, Ajax not working after successful login
Is MySQL/PHP the best way to go for this project? [closed]
NSFetchedResultsController doesn't fetch when supplied a delegate
php bar graph array
Getting Tkinter listbox item when hit Button-1
File Type Icon not updating in Visual Studio
How to prepend all list elements into another list [duplicate]
how to update gem command in ubuntu?
Using CommonJ WorkManagerTaskExecutor Spring 3 for multithreading
Boolean that can only be flipped to true
Ruby (Rack) App could not be started
How do I create a log4j Logger using Spring XML configuration?
Allow only one (approve/reject) checkbox to be checked
Creating more OOP classes in C++
Google Sync the calendar on iOS
How to add a NOTICE file in META-INF of a existing jar?
Ruby 1.9.2 eventmachine installation error on Snow Leopard
Python trace URL get requests - using python script
Unknown attribute when linking two models together
Array-List inside constructor as one of the parameter, how to create a new object?
Reading/writing only needed data to/from a large data file to minimize memory footprint - c++/qt
How Do I make my Connection an AsyncTask Connection
is there a way for sleep() in a stored procedure?
Playing Uploaded Videos or embed youtube videos
what is the difference between PhysicsSprite and CCSprite? [closed]
Objective-C gzipped NSData to Python gzipped string?
MFC CLisCtrl: How do I get notified when the user has reordered columns?
Function decorator(Python) like behaviour in PHP [duplicate]
Android - How do I attach the private key used by ant release for signing to GNOME Keyring?
IDisposable entities in Entity Framework Code First
When is the right time to fetch a collection in Backbone js?
In MongoDb, when only updating 2 fields of a document, is it faster to do a regular update or an atomic update? [closed]
STAssertThrowsSpecificNamed and code coverage in XCode 4.2
How get running squid3 with a local datase user?
Unexpected z-index stacking behavior
How to scale fix locations of ImageButtons to ImageView for multi displays support?
CSS Vertical and horizontal align a span inside of a div?
How to disable XML parsing in Rails 3
MAS: Code Signing Identity Private Key
How to send a push notification to desktop application
Where is Hibernate/JPA/GlassFish/Netbeans storing the data?
django: How do I hash a URL from the database object's primary key?
Authentication fails in databasedotcom
Variable sized char array with minimizing calls to new?
CSS DIV width 100% goes over div
PostgreSQL: update a schema when views from another schema depend on it
How to save camera image into directory and zip it
Reading column from local database c#
Programming algorithm: finding the winner of a competition
鈥淚ncludes鈥�and writing reusable code in Classic ASP
Why use Windows defined data types?
passing resultfrom jquery .sortable('serialize') in a post request
How do I get the correct line number from StackTrace?
Resuming and suspending Threads from ArrayList
Javascript never gets called [closed]
Java mistaking primitive data types?
Google Analytics - Traffic Drop After SSL Tracking Change
Rails correct way to use link_to with devise
Opencart module development - Inject javascript/html code in some pages
TCP socket programming error
PHP SQL Injection Prevention Technique
How to make a navigation buttons animate to certain spots on interior pages
How can I change this code from an applet to a standalone application
implement my own java.nio for socket server
How to delete any string beginning with a backslash?
Document Collaboration
DotNetOpenAuth or DotNetOpenId?
Drupal 6: Checkboxes table not rendering properly
Only one jQuery click event for div with same class name
Best practice for observing RESTful routing in Rails and coupling resource models and controllers?
An error occurred while executing the command definition. See the inner exception for details. MVC3
How Can I Convert My Paging Functionality To Use AJAX Insead?
vba - checking for empty array [duplicate]
Login button don't work on IE7,8,9
Sammy.js - Rendering outside route
How can I tell the NSStringEncoding from NSData?
Is it safe to echo data on a page?
regex or statement in any order
glibc detected *** python: double free or corruption (!prev) SWIG
noise reduction
Zend Navigation routes in xml config not using passed in parameters
change text input border color on hit by css
File with Control-m characters
wildcard in .screenrc chdir
How to convert MS excel date from float to date format in Ruby?
Eager Loading - Only load Specific Records
Binding checkboxes to array with Knockout.js (MVC Razor)
PowerShell command to connect to Exchange from C#
How do I make each listview item display different data?
What is the correct WordPress .htaccess for a blog within two subfolders?
Zend_Date::sub() and ISO_8601 calculating hour difference wrong
HTML element right-aligned to edge of sibling centered element
urlrewriting regex issues
Uploading files remotely on Selenium WebDriver using PHP
Puppet Accidently deleted etckeeper-commit-pre and etckeeper-commit-post is there a way to regenerate these files?
how to get the href attr of a parent element with jquery?
Performance penalties on using 鈥渢his->鈥�
How can I redirect all URLs containing an IP address to my www domain?
Serialization/Deserialization in Windows Forms with several levels
HTML element right-aligned to edge of sibling centered element
urlrewriting regex issues
Uploading files remotely on Selenium WebDriver using PHP
Puppet Accidently deleted etckeeper-commit-pre and etckeeper-commit-post is there a way to regenerate these files?
how to get the href attr of a parent element with jquery?
Performance penalties on using 鈥渢his->鈥�
How can I redirect all URLs containing an IP address to my www domain?
Serialization/Deserialization in Windows Forms with several levels
Cocoa HTTP redirect?
VirtualQueryEx how do i parse the results (how do i know if the page is readable or not by ReadProcessMemory?)
How does one protect an AES password that is used on the client?
Server Request URI WildCard Magento
Update shipping price after picked price (PHP)
JSch Session Connecting
Does have an API to store sensitive data?
Using Node.JS, how do you get a list of files in chronological order?
Increment android database version via onclick. (SQLiteOpenHelper)
Best practice for choosing nested resources in Rails?
CodeIgniter's url segmentation not working with my JSON
Windows Phone Splash Screen Popup
using PEAR with MAC OS X
Can't transfer JSON string from PHP file to a getJSON method in Jquery
How many dynos would require to host a static website on Heroku?
Requesting help specifying which element to interact with. (Java w/Selenium)
Facebook C# SDK v6 - How to force object rescrape?
how can i save the output of putchar to a variable
How can I build a json string in javascript/jquery?
Ruby on Rails 3.2.1 doesn't show images on Heroku under Nivo slider
ValueError: invalid x escape:
How can I declare a varbinary(MAX) in VIsual Studio?
Unable to find the mojo 'generate-sources'
GWT track modification on a set of input widgets
How do I get the index of VARRAY items after converting to a table
Tap gesture in UITavleViewCell label recognized, but does not select cell as well
MongoDB Assertion Error: starting_from == self.__retrieved (pymongo driver)
Is there a CSS-only (no JavaScript) solution to fit variable content to a vertical grid?
Business logic exception.example
How to Skip Records of MySQL table using PHP?
PHP print message
Problems using ViewPager Example
Is there an way to pass a widestring to a TStringStream?
Which 3D (render & animation) programm to learn?
Give access to the corresponding asp page based on user id and password enter in login control
GET URL link from uploaded image to dropbox with SDK
get all values in where clause
In App Engine Java development server, how do I simulate concurrent threads for safety?
How to replace anything that is not a letter with a space with sed?
Third party cookies and facebook app inside an iframe, getUser fails
Extracting a word plus 20 more from a section (python)
Adding output file to Python extension
Check which checkbox is checked with loop
AS2: FLVPlayback component contentPath relativity
Which POSIX system calls may block a process ?
How to get a rotate animation to trigger on every mouse click using Raphael.js?
How to make Squeryl work with the Play! Framework?
jQuery UI Selectable in Overflowed Div
Create application on Orbeon under apps/myApp/subFolder
WCF passing filestream
How to convert a string to pdf file in Python without using temp txt-file on HDD?
Remove folder with HTACCESS
MVC 3 - DB Context - Web.Config
Best MySql 'Friend' table for performance
Integrate NGP-VAN API into Wordpress website
Java: Identifier expected
Android How do I read users dictionary to scan for words?
Does throw() (i.e. __declspec(nothrow)) give real benefits in Visual C++?
Basic db-mysql setup error
Is there a way to call Windows Azure Service Management REST APIs without writing program code
Button self 鈥渞earranging鈥�
Increase the font size of emoji characters in a UITextView in iOS 5.x
Adding your Page Tab App to your Page
How to make an iOS app start where it left off
How do I install and use Business Intelligence, without needing to reinstall Visual Studo 2008
Simple way to manage authentication in WCF REST service (like an OAuth light)?
Javascript query-able indexing of offline HTML docs
FLV PlayBack fullscreen button not working
How to skip empty cells in a csv when using PowerShell to import Email Addresses?
How are input keys exploitable by malicious users?
FB.Canvas undefined in the console
d3.js line and area graph - want to add a extra line defined by two points and representing a threshold/minimum value (for ease of viewing)
Magento Featured Item Based on Current Category
Sass Not Precompiling on Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline, Assets:precompile rake task
Name of an intermediary class that represents the data in another class
Storing and Playing Music Files in Rails
Remove list entries that match any entry in another list
IOS Obj C: Initializing multiple IBOutlet instances with same values
How to check whether a username is being used on Twitter without being rate limited?
My WIN32 API dialog box dosent show - C++
How to detect language with tag in Django CMS
Mirroring a method with string parameter
Checking if specific user is online through php session variable
XCode wont let me use a Static Library View in my xib files
cl/gl interop : clCreateFromGLTexture2D with GLIntercept fails on AMD FUSION
Tutorials for Linux Wireless Stack Programming?
Does synchronizing on a thread safe object block other calls that might manipulate it?
Grails flushing not working
Windows 8 IndexedDB createObjectStore
Web response in C# .NET doesn't work more than a couple of times
Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, Class Diagram: how to show interface as base class, not as 鈥渓illypop鈥�
PHP - Using a function outside the file it has been created in
Manipulating the return of data on a jquery ajax request
Issue running iOS unit tests on command line (OCUnit + OCMock)
How to get who causes PostBack?
CoreGraphics - Blending only *part* of a view
Improve code that converts an Array using Ruby 'map' and 'splat'
hadoop cluster on virtual machines [closed]
Why is taking the mod of a number in python faster with exponents?
How do I add a timer to a batch file?
wxPython : having Checkbox as items of TreeCtrl
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 E-mail Router SchedulingPeriod in milliseconds?
jQuery doing what it's suppose to on all the pages except ONE [closed]
Java sound under Mac OS X Lion Output Mixer does not appear
Equally verticaly spaced button
How to set system wide proxy in ICS
Combine multiple dictionaries into a single dictionary [duplicate]
error in Expandable List View in android
Progressbar on separate form freezes/crashes when updating
how to make popover placement set to below instead of right
adding a script to the head tag [duplicate]
Ruby on Rails: Taking all linked model objects from an array of retrieved model objects
R package dependency issues when namespace is not attached
How can I play an online sound clip on Windows Phone 7?
ajax not working for LIKE Button
javascript to track and place multiple images on top of an image
Detours - Hooking a Classes Member Function - Syntax for setting function offset of target?
Upload and process a file in django admin
Get Variable from httpcontext coming from NSUrlRequest
play framework installation
Alternatives to white-space:nowrap when using text-overflow:ellipsis
Titles in Embedded Ruby
Invite friends through facebook and posting in thier wall and return to site url?
Updating from ereg to preg_match
Reading from InputStream to byte[] throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
how to create a vector of user defined size [closed]
How to deal with costly building operations using MemoryCache?
GCC: how is march different from mtune?
Charting lib open or commerical
How to use Intent.ACTION_APP_ERROR as a means for a 鈥渇eedback鈥�framework in Android?
Why does my Xcode build keep failing?
php pattern matching
Possible to calculate how much data been loaded with AJAX?
CSS3 with IE7 issue
Visual studio 2010 ouput window maximize on build
Sha-1 hash for HMAC Generated in Objective C and Java (for client-server authentication) dont match
Unload external unmanaged dll in NUnit Tests
Javascript - pass objects by reference [duplicate]
Moving Heroku Shared Database
AddItem function does not seem to be working
Clicking on a button which take you to the main menu of android existing applications
Searching lists that contain lists or conses
Want to translate old Java soap.jar style code to something modern
How to define a field with a parameterized List using Javassist
Trouble with Javascript namespacing in returning an Array from a function
Create a foreign key to system tables
Determining Midpoint Between 2 Cooridinates
RubyMotion and Pointers
Flex: Why are TileList images disappearing on drag?
Crash happened in Dll which was not loaded
SHA-256 hashes different between C# and Javascript
PowerShell create remote instance of IE with Invoke-Command
OpenGL ES 2.0 GLKit Draw a line
moving data between GWT client and App Engine server (Java)
custom search bar on my custom homepage
FireBase and indexing/search
WPF: Toggling between two different controls, based on a configuration setting?
Retrieve Json from service and pass to ApiController
iPhone and jQuery Mobile - Incorrect Link Behavior Following Back-Button Press and Revisit
create a dynamic array while delaying object construction
Complete WebBrowser Control On All OSes?
Mercurial forest extension: not found
paymentQueueRestoreCompletedTransactionsFinished: is returning an empty queue when it should have transactions in it
Heap Header and free() in C
Why can't you use operators in array values inside a class?
Session Count on JBoss AS 7.1
JQuery .hasClass for multiple values in an if statement
How can i get isalnum() to accept strings properly
How can I shave .1 seconds from the runtime of this program?
Scala implicit conversion on generic trait implementing Java interface
Matplotlib suptitle prints over old title
Django Admin Form Validation from QuerySet
PHP Choose Random Number With Weights
Restrict usage/generate a compile error when someone uses a particular method in an Objective-C class/object
XSLT copying AS IS
Difference in sha1's
How to use references when compiling c# code via command line
Howto limit load_resource for users with multiple roles?
How to concatenate two LPCWSTR's in c++
matching the closest strings to a search term (perl regex)
generate GPG-keys on the Macs
Turning a 1-D Array into a 2-D Array
.NET FormsAuthentication issue with load balanced servers running IIS 7 and using cookies
zeroclipboard element not working when located inside secondary/non-default jQuery tab
What is the fastest solution to compare JPEG image? (ignoring metadata, just the 鈥減ixels鈥�
Android - Removing a dialog themed activity
initializing and modifying C arrays of structs in Obj C
Inadvertantly Shifting Plots in Matplotlib
Backbone JS and Ruby on Rails CRUD issue
Every .NET WinForms application crashes when run outside Visual studio
Every .NET WinForms application crashes when run outside Visual studio
listView with progressbar on every item?
Nested json object deserializing using Delphi 2012
Rails nested_form ordering
CodeIgniter DataMapper ORM unable to instantiate model object
How to display two decimals in MYSQL/PHP?
Installation mod_wsgi for python3.2
Average Of Column Counting Duplicates Once - PowerPivot + DAX
Terminate makefile command when subcommand throws?
How can I check if a Ringtone exists?
resize view width, preserve image aspect ratio with CSS
How to save modifications in SVN working copy to a zip file
Processes spawned from a Perl script run via Windows Task Scheduler don't have access to %PATH%
ScrollView does not stretch ImageView to fit screen?
Is it possible to get a reference to a live collection in jQuery?
Refresh of a listview in a CustomArrayAdaptor with checbox
Chrome isn't displaying borders (sometimes)
Magento process credit card with PayPal without redirect to PayPal
Regular expression to match the last integer in a string with php and javascript
How to rotate a video with OpenCV
Jquery managed to break, comparing values
How do I call this function with jQuery
Django get language for dynamic form in javascript
AutoMapper with Ninject
Implementing AbstractTableModel to JTable. How to add the methods?
Replace items in list, python
Java 2d Shooting direction with mouse
Adding ForeignKey to UserProfile giving foreign key constraint fails
How do I launch WinMerge from Vim?
c# search in another process's memory - sudden lockout
Will this UPDATE accomplish what I intend it to?
induction hypothesis for even numbers
Is there some method or an easy way so that I can return a hash that includes only the given keys?
Applying patch does create files with 鈥渁dd鈥�status
Module throws name error when imported from package
Passing scm tag values through a parameter by jenkins
Render pubDate with RSS SyndicationFeed api
python replace print with function
Distinct or Group by in a sql statement that returns multiple records with the same ID
One form two actions depending on which button?
powershell: get-psdrive and where-object
Android: Passing a Facebook session across activities
Not correct display of infoWindow in Google Maps API
Getting a category name from only a specific group in Wordpress
Select application to open links with in Android
Hibernate & EJB3.1 in Tomcat - what is needed to make this possible?
How do I change column type on SQLAlchemy declarative model dynamically?
Using more than 1 google map in android in the same application
IPython notebook on Heroku
differentiate between same class names
Javascript prototype inheritance issue
Online Smoothing for Hand Tracking Data using Kalman Filters
I need muenchain Grouping code for the below xml input
Creating an SQL table with email address as title
Refactoring statement from windsor to structuremap
Cancel Handler on a KeyUP Event? VB.NET
ORDER BY RAND() returns duplicates
Disable scrolling animation in a WebView in Mac OS X Lion?
Custom Sandboxed Workflow Activity Issues
Sorting by counting the intersection of two lists in MongoDB
while loop that doesn't wait for cin
Checked Radio Button
jQuery remove duplicated element
Differentiated access control. Best practice
What is the range for keywordstats?
ggplot 2 facet_grid 鈥渇ree_y鈥�but forcing Y axis to be rounded to nearest whole number
Set Text in one UITextField
Jquery inserting unicode instead of symbol
鈥淩epeated鈥�group in Forms for password validation
timing of JSON AJAX Response in Jquery
Java networking, beyond a simple chatroom
quick StringOutOfBoundsException inquiry
Looping a jQuery font-size animation
Storing Strings from a File to an Array
TinyMCE Content_css isn't working [closed]
equivalent Classes in RDF triples
Overriding the clone method - not working (Java)
Git gvim diff can't show difference
2D Collision issues in Java game
From terminal in ubuntu, change ulimit for file descriptor number
How to get line numbers of the snippets matching a regexp?
Rails undefined method count
Please decipher this C# expression for me
Save tcp sessions in nodejs / redis?
How to fetch online friends - facebook graph api
WPF RichTextBox bolding of Text From Code Efficiently
Scanning ProgressBar
How to obtain php_phar.dll?
Python multithreading this script
how to prevent an NSTimer to be delayed or interrupted by user interface actions in iOS 5
Dithering (Images) - How Exactly Does It Work?
Echoing a form from a string
Excel 2010- nesting IF stmts -get 鈥渇alse鈥�for result instead of number
JBoss application cannot make XA connection to Oracle 11g
Remove everything between pairs of braces with sed
SQL Server 2008 - Attach mdf without log - Operating system error 5: 5(Access is denied.)
How to pass values/variables between tabs?
JCodeModel in maven project
Method Chaining to Print in an Compostion model with arrays
PayPal IPN listener response
Using lwjgl in Leiningen/Clojure
addObject to NSArray
Apache HttpClient Interim Error: NoHttpResponseException
Devise and OmniAuth-Identity
How to install zend framwork on Xampp version 1.7.1 in windows7 eternity
Same model in more than one table
How to controle web page element size from the web page size
Dojo 1.6 Mult-File Flash Uploader for IE with form data?
eclipse file explorer pull a file, can't open file in windows 鈥渇ile in use鈥�
Windows - remotely running executable or cmd using WMI or powershell, and logging the output
PartialView is for one second inside the jquery dialog
a button redirects to another page instead of calling the callback function
Dynamic select menus not working with added fields
Google API Access Authorization - Need Guidance
Checking a string to see if file exists locally
Check whether a number contains a pair of combinations which are both primes
Accepting Focus on a JTextField and JTextArea in a Table
Using GROUP_CONCAT in mysql query and getting unexpected result
how to about mvc in relation with factory pattern
Are there any pre-made libraries or programs that generate well formed CPEs?
Rails db relations: = ? (undefined method `name')
how to use regular expression in a char array C
codeigniter Disallowed Key Characters error [duplicate]
How Server Page Language contribute in Ease of use or Usability? [closed]
CSS Gradients & Shadows on IE
OpenGL - shaders, symbol is defined with 2 different types in v. and f. shaders
POSIX queues and msg_max
DeleteFile, C++, WinCE
str_replace a .TPL variable?
Lightbox (videobox.js; mootools library) not working in Firefox for both Mac OS X and Windows
Rails 3: How to seed an array to a seed.rb?
Why I'm facing problems with @Href(鈥減ath鈥� and not with @Url.Content?
$j.ajax() success callback method not creating new table row as expected
testing for the color red
How to get the value of a ComboBox in ActionScript
How can I create a table with Javascript and jQuery so that each cell is droppable?
How does python have different data types in an array?
Is there a random page generator in storyboard mode Xcode
how to invoke a function while the application goes into suspend mode in iOS?
Create a tableview with directories and files listing in monotouch
Box2D sleep time
iOS: +[NSString stringWithUTF8String] producing unpredictable results?
foreach loop loops once on empty array, bug?
report viewer visual studio 2010 sub report page headers
Mod Rewrite subdomain URL to root folder (apache)
Run sikuli scripts with minimal installation on Linux
Crystal Reports - Select records via range of text
Does the DevExpress Grid work with MVVM and Commands (All I can find are events)
while loop not executing while evaluating 'string not in a string'
while loop not executing while evaluating 'string not in a string'
What are different web server options on Heroku?
FQL Event start_time query
How to display results by creating variables?
ValueInjecter different types/property names
Any trick to defining an enum as flags/powers of 2 without eventually needing a calculator?
Encoding NSAttributedString Throws Error
Displaying the records from a mysql stored procedure
Using NBuilder to test NHibernate mappings
How to make this sed 'grab text between 2 keywords' case-insensitive?
Youtube Javascript API: not working in IE
Git workflow: Single workstation attached to experimental hardware w/ Multiple users
pytest automation apparently running tests during test collection phase
CSS background will not reset. It is haunted
Glassfish Message-Driven bean message size
Generate dynamic data to fill table
Duplicate error: C file include
Any flaws in this method of selecting random records from the db?
iOS monitor user location in background.
Dictionary comprehension with conditional
View Switching Navigation using Prism,MVVM,Unity
Ruby variable scope and function params with the Comma RubyGem
Disabling websockets on a faye client (using private_pub)
Java to C# - CallableStatement convert
Add an attribute if not already there
@ Reference Control in .aspx, but class not found in respective aspx.cs
VBA Macro crashes after 32000 rows
aspx problems while switch webhost
How can you see which Javascript script generated a certain html line?
I am stuck using a pivot function to get this result
is there an issue with this php unique id generator?
Diffrence between 鈥渇or (elm <- myList) yield f(_)鈥�and 鈥渕yList map f(_)鈥�in Scala
Can someone explain the Class.superclass.class.superclass paradox?
Slow MySQL Remote Connection
Javascript why doesn't IE execute this code?
Calculating size of Text Rectangle area based on map zoomScale