Convert RAW photos to JPEG in linux/php
Can i run the pom file of sub directory after completion of all phases of parent directory pom?
How to create sql procedure for calculating Total dues
Automate text replace in Visual Studio [closed]
Using Layout with JMSAppender in Logback
Url scheme : Open app or Appstore from mail
Efficienly prune invalid branches from heirarchy when given it in a flat array in PHP
VB.NET checkboxes
In Javascript, how to preventDefault on a child element from within parent event handler
Memcache vs. Redis?
powershell exception has misleading InvocationInfo
CSS z-index and jquery effects
Is there a shorter way to equal height of blocks using jQuery?
Library to download a file from a web site?
Looking for a regular expression - parse email
ASP Looping through an array inside SQL Statement
Photo selector dialog
Creating an object and using it in another
Query syntax not correct
inet_aton similar function for IPv6
Ruby cannot see NLS_LANG environmental variable
Facebook Open Graph requiring URL to publish an action
Splitting lines into columns
How do I access the host application's web.config file from a class library/assembly?
jQuery - Disable list of links and move active link down the list in sequence
ASP.NET/C# client to consume a PHP/MYSQL web service (WSDL)
Meaning of all of the JNDI names in JBoss 7
WCF Client Performance
Why is this function returning None from the database?
Geting lat and lon from facebook
Java - the way to make report [closed]
MVC3 Controller not recongnising base controller with Ninject dependency
How to validate dropdownlist control inside the gridview
Prevent instantiation of an object outside its factory method
Maven Mojo: escape characters in default-value of properties
Wrapping between nowraps
How can I display a CSS linear gradient in Netscape?
How to convert MVC empty project to Web API?
Sum of given series
Creating a nightly build in Hudson depending on another build result
How to make sense of Phase 2 in Paxos distributed consensus algorithm?
python equivalent to perl's LWP and HTTP::Parse
Regex to add missing space after comma before argument in functions (to meet coding guidelines)
.wav file doesn't play any sounds
exp() returns NaN stuff
MVVMLight v4.0.21.25721 SimpleIoc unregister and register not working
Express.js partial: Pressing 'back' in browser
Which directories does iOS apps have permission to write and read from?
MySQL Week Function Unexpected Results
how to store data in arabic in MySQL database?
Using microsoft access database (.mdb) with python on ubuntu
Share works as like?
Can i make some annotation required in classes that implements my interface?
Boolean variable not being passed to getBoolean variable
Stubbing model attributes in controller tests
Why NuGet is it getting MVVMLight for all frameworks and all platforms?
Converting a Infix expression into a Postfix expression - invalid space insertion
Routing with areas and different parameters, misunderstanding
Is aspnet_compiler.exe special?
jQuery ContentFlow does not load all images
Applet: Java.lang.SecurityException: class 鈥溾�鈥�s signer information does not match singer information of other classes in the same package
What is the syntax for setting value with ASP?
Example of delayed expansion in batch file
jQuery - Loading Thumbnails
Is PHP an entirely Context-Free Language or does it have Context-Sensitive parts?
Facebook request dialog with custom messages like Branchout
Show progress line over existing elements
Visvalingam-Whyatt polyline simplification algorithm clarification
Parsing error using min3d when loading .mtl and .obj files
How can I detect if element is not display on screen do to scrolling?
Matlab not using java.library.path to load native libraries?
How to perform operations when playing sound in iPhone?
forcing iOS alerts to stay inside the system pull-down menu
Why does jquery need a selector for a ui dialog
Audio samplerate converter using libsndfile and libsamplerate. Not sure if using function src_simple correctly
Can you tell how many users are connected to wifi on an android device?
setting value of a hash key to return value of a function, rails 3 & mongomapper
This seems like a bug in .NET's JavaScript deserialize鈥�is it?
chrome.devtools extension panel icon doesn't look right
is it possible to use Eigen with c?
C# thread abort exception
VHDL Functions requiring additional LEs?
how to check if a thread is holding a mutex c++
Is there a difference between := and = with mysql variables?
Using and understanding a RubyGem and its api
Loading a HTML snippet into a dynamically created iframe
PHP allowed zip mimetypes
access another class protected variable in PHP
How to push automatically [closed]
FullCalendar jquery isn't loading up the events in my calendar
preg_match_all to return all lines that match, and exclude the pattern that was matched on
Debug WP7 app without zune
Importance of dominators in reverse engineering
Android: What's the difference between Activity.runOnUiThread and
javascript: Swap image & onClick
How do I get valid dates, like using the ISDATE function without removing Null values?
Javascript/jQuery mouseover and mouseout Event Listeners
jquery - attach .click() to multiple variables
How can I further specialize this template idea?
XSLT style sheet to transform xml
Error Running batch file from Windows desktop to execute a Java program in eclipse workspace
How to combine two rows with similar timestamps and return both
Start a game from within an action listener
error: request for member which is of non class type
Is there a way for code competition in Php for IDE's in case of 鈥渕ixed鈥�types? [closed]
Textbox values disappear on postback
Html Agility Pack. Load and scrape webpage
How to lock down a web application for paying customers only with a key? [closed]
Print an image in html using session variable from php
Auto decrement T-SQL ID when deleting records?
How to sample a color within an image
Different Behaviour on Device and AVD
The best approach to send data to a Partial View Model and .html() being slow
How to scan a string
Application hangs when run with Xcode but works fine otherwise
Getting the location distance in a multi request
How to secured JQuery Parameter
String inside dot operators
Memory leak - any guesses where it can be
Login works only for last user in the database
How can I see the change log of a directory with TFS?
Error Parsing JSON,but code seems Ok
Dropbox Python SDK SSL error
Foreign keys in android 2.2 and higher
Add Share button next to Like and Comment on Facebook Post
HttpURLConnection, HttpClient and HttpPost request not working with POST request in Android
Android custom row layout in ListView with flexible height
System.UnauthorizedAccess Exception: Access to the path c: is denied
How to index filtered records rendering the same view?
.NET Globalization IsWeekend? [duplicate]
Sorting file by the modification time
Can we add OneTouchExpansable button on Javafx SplitPane like swing JSplitPane
Calendar in ASP Classic
How to create a sorted set with 鈥渇ield1 desc, field2 asc鈥�order in Redis?
WCF ServiceHost BaseAddresses does not contain all IIS host header values, when multiple Host Headers set in IIS
Save image to sdcard from drawble resource on Android
How do I detect transitions away from my current UIView?
Is it possible to use a client certificate installed on an iOS device within my app?
Is mixing Clojure with Python a good idea?
sync local files with server files
I'd like to add an Implementation-Version to manifest in my warfile in maven
How to delete all my application achievements?
Performance issues when cropping UIImage (CoreGraphics, iOS)
In how to referece page controls in custom base page class
Rotate a 3D point around the origin / tilt a 3D vector
Does using dispatch_get_main_queue() mean that my code will be on the main thread?
Moving to a method results in `undefined method`
Using regex to filter a list of strings but with wildcards (* and ?)?
How to get utf8 rss feed?
Text field default value overrides user input
Need help in xpath
Search result in slide down list
Dynamically Adding Different Views Using MVP
How can i filter a string so only alphanumeric characters are allowed through
CoreData + iCloud + Cascade Delete - how to handle?
Issue with uppercase and lowercase using MySql Springdata and Hibernate
Removing Table Cell autoresize
Local variable math displaying strange behavior
In what ways is python different when run in interactive mode?
Is it possible to data bind a combo box and a text box between them?
JQuery pagination 鈥�clicking page numbers and removing href attr
Break mouseenter animation when mouseleave()'s current selector
Memory leak with dynamic code in COM Interop
Orchard CMS and aspx based views in theme instead of razor?
Create form label from model and Questions from another model in django form
php url shortening
Parse Facebook token from URL which is after #
MFC Ribbon app not displaying ribbon - when .exe is copy pasted to a different machine
Why is cordova.exec() running in my Android PhoneGap (1.7) app before 鈥渄eviceready鈥�
group array division
Implementing NPlusK patterns in Scala
mod_wsgi error - class.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode
Server response gets cut off half way through
AngularJS - $http POST with Rails 3.2.3
stackoverflow technology to push message?
Mac terminal FOR loop with find function
sqlite database upgrade for multiple databases mvc 3 get exception thrown
How can I dynamically do write a value into a function call?
sql. Getting a max(avg(column))
Rails paperclip image data being appended after loop
Facebook app reloads himself after permission grant
How to specify a custom CSS font / font-family within the Google Visualization API?
Why is there a python 鈥淜eyError:鈥漞rror appearing sometimes and then not other times when returning data from Twitter-api?
Command line arguments with multiple values
Default.aspx redirect
Rangy loses caret position on backspace in contenteditable div
What are good/best ways to handle jquery namespace collisions?
SharePoint - List of Folders
Are Strange Strings in URLs normal for Refinery?
How do you publish status to a specific friend list?
How to sort strings in a structure lexicographically?
Install NumPy for Python 3.2.3 on OS X 10.7.4
Cassandra rangequery, knowing the beginning of start key
mod_php and world writable files on a VPS
Reverse a CGAffineTransform rotation on a custom UIView with UIBezierPaths
std::string -> execvp etc
Using Maven with failsafe plugin to run categorized tests
built-in language change doesn't work at Grails2
XSLT element sort via join
convert query() to find() cakephp
Adding ws-security to SOAP axis 1.4 web service built with Eclipse?
Why do Vaadin gwt input fields have no id and no name?
SublimeCodeIntel not showing my css styles
Node.js,, Redis pub/sub high volume, low latency difficulties
Ruby: parsing dates from arabic characters?
SSTP on second NIC for backup purposes
Delphi TMemo Blocking Mode?
Scheduling GPU resources using the Sun Grid Engine (SGE)
With Google Visualization is there a way to swap the x and y axis?
How to get a specific build with the TFS API
How does Yacc expand this rule?
How to add email to an existing iOS app
Bug in incrementing program
CXF is ignoring Spring bean configuration
PHP OOP and Arrays
rbenv: is it safe to embed a 鈥渂undle exec鈥�call in the shims?
My facebook app doesn't work, when user tries use http instead of https, why?
Download multiple files in flex
Initialization vector length in AES
Mysql like clause equivalent with XPath
How to force a clean git working repository in a makefile?
Authenticate / open a file over https in java
adding subdomain to apache2 with a2ensite causes error: ERROR: Site does not exist
Function result (dataframe) not what I expect
jQuery showing error in IE-7
3rd party application for windows service failover
Objective-C dynamic_cast?
C# passing parameters by reference confusion
Automatic re-size of a webpage to fit monitor/resolution
reading text file using file channel return illegal characters
how to take values from xml into arraylist using c#? [closed]
QuickBase jQuery/Ajax call puzzler
Building query strings with javascript
Jquery select a class using the this keyword
Add labels to D3 Chord diagram
URL to Array in PHP
How to convert data from packet to integer in Wireshark using a Lua Dissector?
ArrayList vs Vector - does this illustrate difference in synchronization?
Convert milliseconds to Date/Time
Determining number of arguments of C++ template functor
how do i map <c-j> without a delay
Find all files on sd card
Initializing Table Adapter Rows
SQL query - how to get counts in table
Integrate MVC in WebForms
Constructor Logic In Service Contract
left/right floated divs acting funny with centered img [closed]
How does delete[] keep track of the number of elements? [duplicate]
Techniques for handling arrays whose storage requirements exceed RAM
How to suppress an icon on a tabbed document
jQuery if url matches
Replace value in array
valgrind/memcheck fails to release 鈥渓arge鈥�memory chunks
How can I get PHP working again in the command line?
How can I improve this sorting code? [closed]
3 models connected in rails find over the 3
iOS Center Text on Bottom
Facebook comments social plugin in iPhone iOS Safari Browser has very small fonts and small width
ASP.NET MVC. Reading & Writing Cookies
Getting started with DropboxAPI, class not found
refresh table using jquery without communicating database
play sound easy
Allow User to Save Generated Array String for Later Viewing
jquery selector for div with class
Using segues to display a UIView from UITableViewController
script to run a certain program with input from a given directory
Matplotlib: figlegend only printing first letter
PHP datetime add one second [duplicate]
Python Regex to match shoe size
Show a message in GUI while a thread is running in C#
Can I avoid creating a class here?
Add dropdown to settings charm in Windows 8 Metro (C#)
Android Listview modify all items
Shortcut for deleting a line in dreamweaver?
Multiple Domain Hosting With One Django Project
NSTextField simulate return pushing a button
Conflicting buttons with jquery .click
JSLint validation for Javascript with JQuery
What is the right way to create an object that can be passed around to different layers
Less specific using statements conflicting with more specific ones
How to communicate with a SAP application from JAVA
Cookie detection in Rails 3.2
Show display values for a foreign key property in a model
Prioritizing CSS classes?
Updating base window's tags from the modal dialog
How to create a rails checkbox form?
Is it feasible to encrypt uploaded file using external tools than inside the script?
JFrame not resized to fit JPanel
Umbraco 5 keeps showing Login Expired on Administrator Panel
How to create a button dynamically?
Psexec remote batch file return codes
How to consume native-code(windows) from HTML5
More efficient way of targeting child element on load
Dancing Cell in Excel using VBA?
Different types of webservices in java? where to start? [closed]
Drawing a cube in a glOrtho() view?
rails + MySQL on OSX: Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.18.dylib
Jquery Forms: using the memento pattern to build a dirty form notification system - exisitng patterns?
glReadPixels not working when multi-sampling is turned on
powershell: check for users that are logged in before deleting temp files
Removing a quantity from multiple rows in a database
Track cursor movement of all the visitors on a website
Jquery Random Math without repeating previous var
CSS Layout Divs within Divs
In an array of objects, fastest way to find the index of an object whose attributes match a search
compiling opencore-amr for ios5 using Xcode4.2: no include path in which to search for limits.h
Appending one stringstream to another. What's safest?
Crystal Reports - Return list of products with common set of ingredients
Google account authorization within an Android app
What is SetClassLongPtr(GCL_CBCLSEXTRA) used for?
send post request python
Generic GDI+ Exception while drawing Cursor ~3322 times
Extending Properties failing
Redis data sync for Heroku
Thread states in c#
Mapping legacy model - table only with unique constraint can be used as Domain Class?
How to manage lifetime of WPF application from Windows Service
regex to allow atleast one special character, one uppercase, one lowercase(in any order)
Is this a secure method, oop
How to set a JField into a double value, instead of the default string type
c bit ops on single vs multiple bits
Receiving arguments from Twig templates in Symfony2
Android getting image size from non-activity class
FDT: Do Haxe projects in 5.5 have full code complete intellisense support for AS3 and other targets ?
Minimum set of files needed from Jetty to serve static content?
How to plot without first row
Is Visual Studio 2008 SP1 redistributable package available in any Windows update/service pack?
Comet implementation with AJAX and PHP (on Apache) drops connections
JSON multi dimensional array not displaying ('array is not defined')
0 < 0 evaluates to true?
Correct declaration of variables in recursive knights tour (Java homework)
Jquery cookie plugin with FancyBox- format FancyBox
Perl Moose exception when invoking a reference to an attribute's writer method
Excel logic - finding missing parts
How do I stop embedded videos overlapping a fixed position header
search and replace block of code in all files in linux
TimThumb works when path is relative, but not when absolute path
Java- how to set a specific value in a drop list based on the value stored in database in jsp
Architecture of the .net heap memory
How to combine onSelectChange() with queries - Cold Fusion 9 - Ajax
json representation for iphone localization app
Convert DDMON (eg. 23JAN) date format to full date with correct year applied in Ruby
Convert xlsx to csv in linux command line
What is the to on the ruby delegate
Django: using ._get_deleted_forms and custom formset saving
Can I run an application inside Facebook iFrame without logging in?
Prepare action for usage in another thread
Database for replication or simple transferring data
trying to calculate a string
Write And Read .txt files from FTP with C#
What is the best way to return a list<t> via a method?
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wrong Major Version?
How to compare list of lists (with N items) for items that are repeated, but only in different lists
SQL Server - Insert or Update Trigger not always fired when replication is involved
Overriding the base tag when reading in plain HTML
How to subset a dataset using multiple exclusions?
Updating user profile without having to enter the password and confirmation each time
running trac as single enviroment, how do I get rid of 鈥淎vailable Projects鈥�page?
How to write Command Prompt to a file AND to the screen at the same time
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: java.lang.String.substring(java.lang.Long, java.lang.Long)
Painful threading in android
jquery button change icon with onclick
Why can't I build a swc in my Flex Builder Project after pasting a class?
PHP newsletter mailer
Call dynamic function name in SQL
About warp voting function
How to create XSD file programmatically in C#?
How to flip a QCheckBox display
incorrect argc in win32 (in addition, the arguments are ignored)
Android : How to dim a fragment while showing a dialog?
window opener manipulation; Add a text to a element in parent window
jQuery - Dynamically Turn List Items into jQuery Toggles [closed]
Conditionally append a character in select statement
Update statement for multiple ids
Setting Application Specific Max Heap Size for the Android Dalvik VM
How do I force autowiring in a JUnit test?
JavaScript difference between function and new function
FDT: Flash Player Debugger not connecting when debugging from Haxe project
SQL Server : convert sub select query to join
Are there any native gtkmm classes to Queue commands/data from the signal handler functions of the widgets?
Locking controls in WPF
How do I enable webhdfs through Cloudera Manager?
Using Selenium Webdriver in C#, how do I select a text box to write in, then write in it?
Trying to implement a function to delete a struct in a linked list while assigning the struct before it to point to the struct after it
window.location is very slow to go another page
Arrows to switch the month in a calendar app
Logging in 鈥渃lassic鈥�style Sinatra app
CSS text-indent combined with white-space
Magento Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttribute() on a non-object in Js.php on line 149
Minimum number excluding zero
Variable is null after setting it within a block
How can I query a mysql database using jquery and ajax?
Drawing rounded rect in core graphics image how to assign value to IMG src
Math: Five numbers with unique sums
Can't write in a folder with permissions
Sending MSMQ MEssage to a remote Transactional Queue
sending emails from django
How to tell Proguard to avoid obfuscating JNA library classes? - How to query by artist/album without disc id
Setting a batch script or EXE as default browser in Windows 7
Are user-uploaded .svg's a XSS risk? How can you 鈥渟terilize鈥�an SVG?
How to show only mySQL records where a certain name appears in more than X rows?
Are Rails ActiveRecord presence validations useful if other validations would fail?
Possible struts-portlet 2.3.3 bug? Action class not at the top of the value stack
Menu icons don't appear, ics 4.0.3
Parsing a JSON text
Changing the user running a Jenkins process
Setting RequestHeaders for Get REST API in Visual Basic
wpf ContextMenu Style
Multi input in Django
What does 鈥淭he type ArrayList is not generic鈥�mean?
Detecting an OS dialog box using Test::WWW::Selenium, or otherwise
When is it appropriate to pass a collection to a backbone model constructor second argument?
Runtime.exec getting killed by System.exit?
How to have different files on different branches and not have them destroy each other on merge?
How can I search the past week's tweets with Twitterizer?
Java String.contains: how to check an exactly string
adding two time values of similar formats using php
Change stage titleProperty on selecting different tabs in javafx
tabs with 1 activity different views
what is the most effective way to keep records of number of uniqie article views
How does one keep an array representative of its class?
Dynamically reparenting objects in QML fails on initial load
SVN: How to tell what directory your working copy checks out from
How to get user id using c# for flickr API?
WCF 4.0 Unable to Deserialize SOAP from Java Web Service
jQuery validation & ignore field
Downgrade app in Google Play ? (android market)
how to setup node_path for hubot
How to improve performence of this Haskell code?
Starting with iPad Magazine App, how to make reader
JasperReports: How to define a header in Excel
Presenting two nested modal view Controllers but show just the last transition
CalledFromWrongThreadException when trying to start animation from thread [duplicate]
Finding date & time in NSString using Regex
Getting ClassNotFound
Anyone know of a good C# code Profiler / Analizer to help optimize a webservice
Changing the column precision while creating a view in Oracle
Get remote host status information and details using PHP
How to call ipdb when a test fails in django testing?
Thumbs up/Down Mysql Query
jquery button trigger server side onclick event
Most Basic Php SOAP Request from EJB
Application to connect to remote server
php form not sending info via email about 30% of time
Incrementing an iterator for a BST
AS3 - The index is out of range (Error #1125 )
UINavigationController -> Partial Curl Segue -> Another Segue?
UINavigationBar is showing after a push
MVC3 move DB fom SQL Server Compact Edition to SQL Server Express
Unable to build my project because of Icon issue
How to stop UIWebView from automatically loading when the UIView it's in loads
Specify empty argument with sbt 'run-main MainClass args'
Created a static class when it needs to not be; wary of using Page.FindControl instead. Advice?
how to get time() like value from mktime()
How to test if selected text is a link?
Mapping an image onto a set of coordinates
Cant understand why FileStream load the file into memory
Why do I get Type Library Not Found when consuming .Net COM Server from FoxPro Client
Importing Excel errors, ODBC and schema.ini
Importing Excel errors, ODBC and schema.ini
why i can't catch
PHP PDO Syntax error or access violation: 1064 on insert
Succinct way of updating a single field of a django model object
open source projects which maps nosql database to webpages?
Why is there a Unicode error returned when I wrote an error handler to ignore unicode outside the range as returned from Twitter-api utilizing python?
Sencha Touch Button - Pause till reveal
How to test iPad retina app with simulator on 13 inch Macbook Pro?
Load a picture from a site into an Image control
PHP: Function called with leading zero parameter gets zero inside
Cannot get image to center with css [closed]
c# 2.0 Is int32 threadsafe?
Fuzzing cmd line arguments [closed]
SQL Query No Error Messages
Distributed nature of Memcached
How to send files to other iPhones via Bluetooth
Searching in MVC application
Perl Command Line- If string found replace next line
Reading and Writing files in Python
Insert using parameters where not exists
This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values
Identify twitter profiles have default image
Changing the 1-24 hour to 1-12 hour for the 鈥済etHours()鈥�Method
List of Unicode characters that should be filtered in output?
How do I prevent the servlet from escaping the double quotes inside a response
Selenium IDE does not record autocalculation
how to write data in one excel file which has 2 sheets in C#.NET
Get Variable from httpcontext coming from NSUrlRequest [duplicate]
How to call a code behind function in the aspx file in a server tag
How to get long-lived access token Google API
data from ajax and getjson responses are not available for the rest of the page's javascript
Switching from the Main View to a different View
Spring @ModelAttribute - How to create only once
PHP file permissions for Development machine
How to remove an Admob ad from the screen when EditText has focus?
Cancel sort if certain conditions are met
sending and receiving UDP packets using Java?
QSqlDatabase and connecting to .sqlite file
Frame Y not changing?
CSS - Class selector not working in IExplorer
How do I convert a DWORD to HEX
syntax error鈥�reall missing something here [closed]
JQuery-Submit Form with Var
Why does deleting a ostringstream object as in my code leads to segmentation fault?
Make a linked list thread safe
How to Convert string to byte in C#
鈥淪crambled鈥�webkit scrollbar (trying to reproduce Google+'s scrollbar)
Visibility of Platonic solids
Why is armv6 a Valid Architecture for iOS 5?
eclipse cdt - 2 ways to install it, confused about them
Caching ASP.NET Pages on Azure
javascript library that can sort table with scientific notation
Where to store user role in database in Rails? Using CanCan, Devise, and Role_Model
Why won't PEAR work on my PHP Windows installation?
Serial port outputs old value upon manual PRINT command
How to run opencv on on a microcontroller?
MAMP's php interactive mode broken?
How do I move files from an old folder structure to new?
ASP.NET MVC 2: Model Validation - username already taken? cross scripting with same domain?
Link Ruby to crypto library
android getsharedPreferences not sure how to show hide other activities
DIV widths okay in IE, but not working in Chrome
UserCollection? Cant locate dll
How to p4add or p4edit, as appropriate, a file?
mystery username with hg convert
Installing server (on Windows) and client tools (on Windows, Linux and Apple) for version control
How to preprocess or include a coffee script in a coffee script?
dynamic table generator with Java Script
Free online repository reloaded: which one is a good start assuming django? and the next?
CSS background image not loading in IE9
Trouble Reading from Properties File
Android Emulator snapshot error
Problems reading excel file with PHPExcel Premature EOF when reading Transfer-Encoding: chunked http response
.TT file not working as expected in editor
Write PDF text to a PDFContext in iOS
R: getting length of a subset within ddply
JSF: Component being added multiple times
jquery selector last thumb at the line when align is left (advanced jquery)
feed the output of ls command to head
Android Proguard Syntax Error
Remove file extension in reverse ISAPI Rewrite
JCodeModel to use in custom maven archetype
Having trouble reading files in java
PHP database connection failed
Can you debug swc in flash builder
Error 1053 When Starting Window Service Written In Python
Should pooled JDBC connections using prepared statements be short-lived or long-lived?
Will QFile::copy create create a copy of the file or move the contents from one file to another?
Java xml parsing- locating a specific result:
How to statically link a library in MSVC?
Looking up nested properties in AJAX response, a case for try/catch?
responsive + scroll effect at
Check an array of email addresses with jQuery
Script Editor / Files
Visual Studio 2010 - Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.VirtualTreeGrid'
Storing Site Global Variables
View images with product attributes in Magento [SOLVED]
Fortran 2D array initialization
View images with product attributes in Magento [SOLVED]
Fortran 2D array initialization
Unexpected responses from Zaber devices in LabVIEW
Unable to open MVC 4 project after uninstall / reinstall of VS2010
Android: Download Object
How to make transparent control show form's background image underneath on MDI form
What is the meaning of 鈥渜uasi鈥�in quasiquotations?
ASP Update Panel Not Working
Add data to array in loop
How to return struct or ptr to struct from ActiveX C++ class method
Is it possible to decide which view the UITouch gets bound to?
What's wrong with this SQL statement - Syntax Error #1064?
Inherit from ASP.NET ListView, 鈥渋s not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.UserControl'鈥�
Clash between relation id column and similar column name on table for model with `belongs_to` definition
Obtaining field types dynamically according to a field from another class (Using Scapy tool - Python)
iPad image quality on zoom in
'which' command not working in MATLAB
Extract urls in text
How to change text of an element
Regex Issue: Match utf-8 words in a string which are not links
Do macros in Lisp and C 鈥渕acros鈥�share a common heritage or history? [closed]
How to locate Titanium mobile sdk in titanium studio?
dynamic property does not work with custom class
aggregating longitudinal data in Pandas DataFrame for mapping in matplotlib
How do I use .NET MVC3 to generate a view model that addresses one-to-many relationships?
Flicker with StageVideo on Android tablet?
extract java maven project component as separate project
Insert all data of a datagridview to database at once
PHP/JAVASCRIPT compare values in array
Upload Progress Bar for file upload
jQuery: Slidetoggle from bottom to top
jquery simple example change() function
Run a Hive transform script on subsets of a table
Optimize Duplicate file entry Removal method
Using java code in pnml to represent Colored Petri Net
How to set column name for column n of 'x'
Managing large objects across a cluster.
Android webview won't handle events correctly when iframe is present
Why isn't my Hello World Android Activity spanning the entire screen?
Django test freeze at database creation
Struts2 ( and Sitemesh 2.3 - exclusions not working
MySQL Query Error 1054
Pane events inconsistent between OSX and Windows for Safari
iterm2 default window size
How to do client side validation with annotated rules on domain classes (RequestFactory)?
rss link to open in webview(ios)
SELECT using timestamp in Oracle SQL
Rails 3 why filter_parameters doesn't work
passing multivariables to new page via gridview select
C language: args in functions inside Main (). Unclear what they are
C language: args in functions inside Main (). Unclear what they are
Running a Tkinter form in a separate thread
hibernate cache
How to convert a large number to base 36 using DC or other
Firefox SDK Extension Builder - inspecting / debugging html and dom of panels
text link on 鈥渃urrent鈥�slide in jQuery Featured Content Widget doesn't work
Does Apache Camel replace Apache commons pipeline
Text editing macros in Xcode 4?
Ruby on Rails - Import Data from SQL file or Excel file into database via rails
How do I implement CSS + JavaScript scripts on specific pages on our Drupal site? [closed]
Hide Column is all rows empty
How to use Switch with dictionary values?
Rolling window over irregular time series
Create third matrix in MATLAB from combination of two other matrices
Adding formatting to sent email from powershell script
PHP script hangs on local IP change
audio not working with phoneGap
Deciding on application architecture
Convert from British coordinates to standard WGS84 nmea
Regular expression not working as intended
Is 'for' not actually lazy in clojure?
Syntax Error On Google Chrome JavaScript console
Storing Bing maps data in SQL Server, creating a route from saved location
Set WPF compiler message language [duplicate]
php session not working, tried all sorts
Issue with recursive loop and nested multidimensional array
mysql select int as currency or convert int to currency format?
In what year was package-private visibility semantics introduced to the java language?
Nesting HTML tags using JQuery
how to get required records available in a table?
Java - Casting typed list to array
select latest element from mysql table
Test if element with an input type textexists jquery
Unary And Binary Minus in Parse Tree
Generating random numbers using C++ TR1
Access Layout Elements to the Depth of N
Tire Gem Ruby on Rails Faceted Search Issues
Text between two dollar signs JavaScript Regex
Eclipse CDT editor doesn't recognize OpenGL extensions
MouseListener in Canvas not working
How to use group_concat in Hibernate + Spring
Is it possible to ellipsize placeholders/watermarks in HTML5?
Running a script on an AWS server
Socket: Connect will spend 2 minutes looking for IP before it timesOut. How to reduce that time?
styling qt4 widget to be darker/lighter than its current color
Call stored procedure in C#
StreamInsight Get Latest Event within a time frame
unit testing asynchronous operation
How to manage Migrations in a project with multiple branches?
Redirect this url permanently with .htaccess
C++: Avoiding random newlines while reading a random length string?
How to send multiple emails in PHP and MySQL via phpmailer
Momento and 1 to Many Joins : CoreData Approach, Design Considerations and Opinions Sought
JQuery complicated selector issue
Wordpress NAV Walker not showing
Explicitly setting the datasource for WebFrame
Run multiple tests in one script in parallel using Ruby Test Unit
Automaticly get SQLite data and insert in a class
Android TextView fill_parent
how to fix this unterminated string literal error?
Display:Block not working in Chrome or Safari
Is it possible to deliver digital content to a user's google drive account?
release , in Objective C
Get the full text of a textbox in a keypress event
Compiler warnings with libgcrypt v1.5.0
Django - Get object id in render_change_form (ModelAdmin)
How to change the language in HTML using PHP?
Android Application to Fill out a PDF Form
How do I change a label text when that particular label is selected using jQuery?
Get forward slash except within square brackets
pipe record to object param list
put code executed by GDB
How to clear portion of a texture with alpha 0 using OpenGL ES?
How to check if any checkbox of a form is checked and how to tell if none is checked
Center of bounds
MS Excel eval() like function
Xcode 3.2.6 to Xcode 4.2
failure in retriving json file using jquery
sending String from C# to MFC through SendMessage
Slider component does not work with my library item
Using keystrokes to select DataGridView row
Android: Store Class file in Resources?
htaccess configuration for pretty url
How to read height map values to generate a terrain?
How to split PDF file at a given keyword using PHP?
after_request in capybara (in rspec)?
Is my SELECT query wrong?
How can I store multiple strings into a list from regex?
Do containers of primitive types in C# use value semantics or pointer/reference semantics?
apache ab rool return unknown error (10108) apr_sockaddr_info_get
Deserializing a JSON with variable name/value pairs into object in C#
Jquery on hover (when there is an element above the element we're hovering)
tomcat 7.0.27 not starting
working with pseudo-elements jquery
XSLT grouping based on element attribute
Selecting a model with a datetimestamp in the range of a day-of-week/time-of-day
Call Functions on User Control Inside Wizard Step
Looping on array
How to determine the last nonzero decimal digit in a float?
style.backgroundColor is an empty string in JavaScript
jQuery Smooth Scrolling
Keep getting error: 鈥渄ate --date=4 days ago: command not found鈥�
overriding primefaces 3.1 css for datatable
Classic Asp server.scriptTimeout replacement
Is there an equivalent for 鈥測ield break鈥�in Ruby?
How can I create a new git project based on an old git project
Subtle List<string> Manipulation
Use IBAction from UIButton inside custom cell in main view controller
Can't set any class/member variables in PHP?
AJAX unable to get value of the property childNodes
Facebook wall post from an App via Graph API
The fgets function doesnt save the first letter in the string
Is there a better way of debugging javascript in MVC3 application other than adding debugger?
My widget titles in palette such as (TexField,Layouts, Form Widgets, and Images & Media) are blank ,How can I fix this?178173
How to get a CGPoint from a tapped location?
Confirm box not working
ambiguous call to overloaded constructor c++
Using local storage on Android webview
Nested document insert into MongoDB with C#
Setting Background Image with BrowserAction
C# - How to manage ProgressEvent while Reading(iterating through) a MemoryStream?
Threads with SWT Eclipse while accessing UI in a recursive method
MTM Coded UI Test Manual Execution: 鈥淩ecording Not Found鈥�
How to create automatic phone call with authentication code
Android How to duplicate a EditText Drawable Background?
What are the default ./configuration option for PHP?
Finding Source of Thread Creation in a Java application
Is there a c++(MFC) database object that can execute multiple SQL statements(as in a script) in one instruction?
font size in UITextView is little small
Orientation issue with mobile recordings
Applying a CSS Declaration to More Than One Element Using nth:child
Passing a URL to code in a helper method.
How to extract tables from websites in Python
Scraping restricted-access websites using R's XML package [duplicate]
SSDT Not Working In Visual Studio 2010 SP1
Rails 3.2 RSpec test confusion with FactoryGirl
Ruby equivalent of .irbrc?
Aligning panels with GridBagLayout
Inheritance conflicts in resteasy
Can C# block internet access on a remote Windows PC
When using UrlFetchApp.oAuthConfig how can I get a user's approval without asking them to run the script from the script editor?
how to calculate the textbock height and width in on load if i create textblock from code?
Outlook 2010 - Security Properties
Pros and cons of using RequireJS or Onejs [closed]
MySQLi not returning rows in order
Implementing a Web Service which sends/receives data via Form Get/Post
Type does not name a type or error: field has incomplete type
Salesforce: How do I pass value of apex:inputField to Custom Extension?
Change CSS element with JQuery when scroll reaches an anchor point
Salesforce: How do I pass value of apex:inputField to Custom Extension?
Change CSS element with JQuery when scroll reaches an anchor point
Writing in database via JSON php issue
winform picturebox image shows empty c#
Custom map for iPhone
Npgsql, TransactionScope and prepared transaction [closed]
Is it possible to default to an empty string instead of defaulting to the current user (and still force the selection of a user)?
Javascript apparent madness [duplicate]
get all files from sdcard
js onClick= Parent loading base url
JavaScript link change from article (script block page)
Make Orchard CMS completely private
Strings comparison in C++
JavaScript 2D Array Uncaught TypeError
Multiple Select Statements in SQL queries
Enable Django and Tastypie support for trailing slashes?
Align text in input text cross-browsers
How to use icon images?
Excel Data Validation on Save/Close
Draw transparent text on canvas
How to pass all items in list, through for loop, if iteration starts not from first element
Red exclamation mark on eclipse android app project
How do I add JSON to the gdata objective-c framework?
Models remain cached when running in development after upgrading to Rails 3.2
How do I use BeautifulSoup to replace a tag with its contents?
Comparing NSDate by only the time component with NSPredicate
Black Box Performance Testing Tool or technique for client app without code access
ActiveCollab - failed to execute your request (reason DBConnectError)
how to format the HTML string
Deny direct access but allow regular html
Advantages of jQuery Widget over regular JS object?
MVC3 Dictionary not binding to model
How to remove the title bar from PreferenceCategory in PreferenceActivity
How to impersonate Citrix desktop login
How can I insert alternate blank lines into a table with Python?
Access the whole video memory through OpenGL programming
Dynamically change body content
How can I have some namespaces available only in a development build?
Is there a logical reason that Thread.exclusive doesn't take a 鈥渟cope鈥�argument?
Windows phone difference between mouse event and multi touch
Use TFS Changeset in Version Number
Why does my executable's .dynstr contain symbols from statically linked libraries?
Asynchronous SQL insert in loop
Motorola Bug Why is this not centering
How to select a cell then have the column and row get highlighted using Excel VBA
Hashmap in Java having 鈥淸鈥�鈥淽鈥�these symbols
Efficiently resize UITableViewCell on scroll
Box 2.0 API Pardon the Pause Response
Why do I get question marks instead of symbols when reading from .txt with InputStream?
assert(pointer) raise a segmentation violation
How to start an aggregate jetty-server JAR from Ant?
what is the difference between templates and polymorphism
Difference between MVC cocoa architecture and Normal MVC pattern
How to add count and cleanup/streamline derived query involving 4 INNER JOINs and 2 LEFT JOINs
subsetting based on number of observations in a factor variable
Jquery .each() and Flickr Json
Clickable text in android
Dynamically creating a class from file in Python
update GitHUB forked project not the master
axwindowsmediaplayer is showing green page instead of playing video in wpf
How can I get the exact HTML (after the JS functions are executed) using HtmlPage Object?
Postgres users see different data
Mouse click event not working for autocomplete suggestions
Limiting the number of commits getting queried in LibGit2Sharp?
Xcode pain, syntax highlight broken
Can't start service as a specific user?
What are the differences between Mustache.js and Handlebars.js?
Convert Oracle's timestamp to seconds from epoch
MySQL: how to join four tables (Active Record syntax)
AbstractMethodError occurred when package private method override
Update Rows in SSIS OLEDB Destination
Can you use findcontrol with an Ajax Accordion in c#?
How can I find a non-perfect bipartite matching of a graph?
How to cluster by trend instead of by distance in R?
How to rewrite an URL after adding a trailing slash (.htaccess / mod_rewrite)?
Communication between MVP triads
1px is not equal to 1px?
Using SimpleInjector with SignalR
Multiple httpPost to a distant restful service (JSON)
What is the recommended approach for controller servlets which deal with multiple urls?
cakephp beforsave - cipher returns random value
How to Pass Array of Timestamps to Postgres Function using Java/JDBC?
Method to strip C comments from patch files
Java hangs on foreach loop
Are there any easier ways to deploy plug-in projects for myself?
Java Generics type conversion puzzle
perl. convert 64-bit binary number to decimal
ASP .NET MVC, DateTimePicker and jQuery Validation
How do you return the results of a service call as a file? on jaxws client with ws-addressing feature
Ajax div click event
Opening sub views in a TabBar controller?
How to create a html form in order to process url to widget
How can I show the remote validation message with a jquery in MVC3?
Build Android application at PhoneGap Build
pyUSB Not Discovering Devices
Condition for including header/footer in WordPress single post file
Rails - selecting parent based on a criteria on its last updated has_many child
How to make a file encrypt and decrypt with TripleDes in PHP
Condition for including header/footer in WordPress single post file
Rails - selecting parent based on a criteria on its last updated has_many child
How to make a file encrypt and decrypt with TripleDes in PHP
What typedef BOOL (WINAPI *FN_SetupDiGetDeviceProperty)?
In CMake, specify all executables target_link_libraries certain libraries
how to debug ajax, json and spring
Split string after every five words
Disable selection and itemInvoke event for a particular item in the listview
SqlDependency doesn't fire OnChange event
Android - 1 divided by 2 = 0
Running BlackBerry 10 simulator (alpha) in virtualbox
how to populate a UITableView on a button touch
Nullable object must have a value?
jQuery, beyond the basics for a front end designer [closed]
Android AnimationDrawable creation and looping
How do I rethrow an exception that contains information about an original exception?
Are there any databases that support branches?
Notepad++ - Regex Expression
Styling issue with file uploader
X Position by Generation in Dendrogram
Accessing NSNumber objects in NSArray
Python arithmetic with small numbers
how to compare records to a table, and insert into an existing temp table?
How to have Zend Studio format PHP code like NetBeans 7.1 does?
Script that will check for a certain color in a given coordinate set?
Msbuild CoreCompile depends on targets
Varchar(max) column not allowed to be a Primary Key in SQL Server
how to manage a forked git repo using maven
My switch structure dosent seem to work(JavaScript control structure)
System.Data.Entities runtime error with MVC 3
Android ContactsContract.Directory API
jQuery if url first segment contains
RunSynchronously may not be called on task that was already started
Excel VBA Copy a Cell's Value to overwrite it's formula?
How to connect to SQL Server using Internet Connection
Android - Colour form %
How can I set the S3 object lifecycle using boto?
Why doesn't Rails 3 allow for full html5 form specs?
iReport: How to make a group depend on another
Results order with union query
How to pull custom parameters to shipworks and display in orders grid
[Mongoose][Node.js] Cannot find document after insert
CSS child selector but have an a tag
Random adjacency matrix with variation on number of edges per node
Simple HTTP server application for Windows that can be launched on-demand?
Marshalling 16 bit unsinged int in Qt DBUS
How to read $_GET variables with (mod rewrite powered) nice URLs
Django IntegrityError with get_or_create
Show current position annotation by default
Filter values in a Python object array generically with a lambda function as a string
Facebook comment box show different content with and without 鈥渉ttp://www鈥︹� prefix. (in joomla)
Is there any difference between C++11 std::bind and boost::bind
git staging and committing between multiple branches
node.js won't end TCP connection due to browser crash?
Efficient way to query separate days of data?
Error in git push heroku master through ssh behind proxy
How to resolve ASP.NET DataContext connection error
Using a single instance of ILog in an MVC application
Most Efficient Way to Populate UITableView
WEB-INF/lib jars not getting loaded while debugging tomcat 6 via Eclipse Galileo
What are the security ramifications of allowing a user insert their own JavaScript into our web application?
git deploy with submodules
Need any website I can test SOAP and REST with
Why we need Abstract Class while we are having Class ???
iOS - 鈥淭oo Many Contexts鈥�error?
How do you create an xsd:int instance in suds?
Why does HTML5 video not work in the new Windows version of Safari?
Need a proper data structure or index for fast user lookup based on 3d points and importance factors
Using OpenXmlReader
Using current jQuery element in backbone.js view
Trying to initialize a list with values but not working when I use a variable to create the size
How can I push my local branch to a different remote tracking branch?
Using @Action annotation in openjpa
How to implement simple zoom for static map with pin buttons (ImageButtons)?
package video with .net application
How can I replace uniqueIdentifier with CFUUIDCreate?
Why am I getting a 鈥渦ninitialized constant Feed::Feedzirra鈥�error?
How can I add multiple functions to one file?
How can I use generic formatter on multiple SlickGrid s?
Pushing with mercurial: abort: no username supplied (see 鈥渉g help config鈥�
Escape , (vertical bar/pipe) in URL in Wiki Markup Template
Best way to send a series of HTTP requests with NSURLConnection
How to download xml file from server without http headers
UPDATE table with information from selection from the same table
MouseLeave of underlying object is fired even when overlapping object is IsHitTestVisible = false
ssh-agent isn't running after system boot (Suse 12.1, KDE)
Disable HTML link tag onload
std::function -> function pointer
SQLite ignoring index for column
Update table 1 with table 2 then truncate table 2
jquery tipsy is broken
Is there common code to load a SWF in Flash CS and Flex?
Force Save As, MS Excel VBA
How do you load a partial view within an accordian div in an ASP.NET application?
mvc3 razor editortemplate with abstract classes
slim box image gallery doesnt work in ie9
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException for activity that is defined in manifest and in code
Centering position:absolute div within parent position:relative div
Why would 鈥�contains鈥�return false for objects pulled directly from a collection?
Rewrite two methods as one in Python
Centering position:absolute div within parent position:relative div
Why would 鈥�contains鈥�return false for objects pulled directly from a collection?
Rewrite two methods as one in Python
Adding django-directupload to Django project
Mass assignment error with nested fields_for
Redirect to new page after jquery uploads done
Blackberry: Data not fully displayed in BB version 5.0 Operating System/lower such as BB bold3
Why am I getting conversion exception in this code for xstream?
Should i use null for the ImageObserver parameter of the Graphics.drawImage() function?
How can I count all the NULL values in all columns in an Access 2010 table?
append two IEnumerable items
Logger sl4fj advantages of formatting with {} instead of string concatenation
Webkit lags with large images in canvas
Android: how to get an instance of a member field via reflection
classic asp cross domain http request with POST
Must Webkit always be used on the main thread?
Add SqlTrackingService for xamlx workflow
Deploying a custom assembly to SSRS in Sharepoint Integrated Mode
jQuery ui.spinner.js global spinner
Opengl glScalef reset performance
How to get Yandex panoramic images
Retrieving 3rd party and All Cookies using Selenium Webdriver Java
2 tables in one view using storyboards
Bash: How insert text with special character in sqlite3?
Delphi XE2 component for rollover menu
What notification do I get when a view appears in iphone?
JQUERY - .html() can also view php
Why does a simple method trigger a main loop message and then block?
ssh using python without RSA keys
Get members of event, who are statue 鈥渕aybe鈥�via FQL return NULL
Computing trimmed mean along an axis
URLs redirect to spyware site
Image scrollview crashes
updater straight to 1 but make mistakes all the time
WPF Editable ComboBox with multi-binding displaying object type when selected
MVC Web API, get sub items
prettyphoto how to open specific image with api
Is it safe to cast void pointer to char pointer pointer