Placing placeholder in TINY MCE at current caret position
Real Graph API reference guide
Weird behaviour on c arithmetics
call back function with $this
StreamWriter failing to run after 1st iteration in for loop
Retrieve number of views in a scrollview
loquacious NHibernate, joined-subclass equivalent?
Grayscaled texture rendered with color in OpenGL
Repeating notifications not repeating
How to implement push-notifications on Android? [duplicate]
Variable in selector jQuery
Xcode git add file not in current directory
Eliminating coupling and global state in the 鈥淕ame鈥�singleton
Ideal method for sending multiple HTTP requests over Python? [duplicate]
What is the rate limit for UserProperties?
Ajax Response: [readyState: 0, responseText: 鈥溾�, status: 0, statusText: 鈥渆rror鈥漖
In what way is `fast_abs_path` 鈥渄angerous, but potentially faster鈥�
.txt contents inside of table
Basic node.js createServer and timed output doesn't work correctly
How does one correctly set the target page of indexed search results in typo3?
Please give me a simple code : How to add CheckBox in ComboBox?
extract latest tag from source branch in SVN with PHP
android downloading two files on single click and share their progress in single progressbar
ColdFusion coercion of variables not clear
Add Section and Row to UITableView to Reset Table
Eclipse internal web browser rendering incorrectly after OS system update
How do I run a Python script in the command line with an embedded text file?
MYSQL cursors where current of
Codeigniter how to format < > to html entities
require and require_once error in php
Google Analytics and Apache2 log not agreeing
tableView - sometimes with error, sometimes without - trying to load label in last cell
R convert matrix or data frame to sparseMatrix
assign button id by retrieving value from string
dojo dijit _HasDropDown LazyLoading
iPad 2/ Retina iPad, how does the app identify which device it is running on?
Convert rgba into separate properties in CSS
How to add external JavaScript or CSS files to our Tridion page?
CSS last-child on HTML5 article
Empty results with Where Clause
How to know if the browser has lost focus
Count the occurrences of a phrase with GREP
How to call Spring MVC controller whithin Framework?
UTF-8 Encoding Going Wrong in Chrome Ajax Response
Why is Jersey client inserting an object into my List when it should be empty?
Grails datepicker set default value of date based on time of day
Compile under Windows CMD , but not under Eclipse CDT
Has google ajax api just stoppped working on linux?
CSS preprocessor that supports querying
SSMS 2012 Intellisense Behavior
Delete multiple remote branches in git
Dropdown For the Registration Form not to be refreshed on submit and if error present (In case of validation)
What sort of view is the Add Event dialog in iPad calendar?
Does Dynamo IoC work with MonoTouch and MonoDroid?
Can Google App Engine projection query return entity keys?
How to access button under DataTemplate via code behind?
Download a prior git commit from repository
mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given
Knockout.js Make every nested object an Observable
jquery Remove all occurence of element
Distributing lists on a snow cluster
Email validation in blackberry application
How to Center a Horizontal Menu Inside a box(div)
Create an 鈥渁ctIve鈥�state for static Magento nav
NSString rangeOfString
paging and filtering on huge amount of data, how to implement [closed]
Building the argument for FREETEXT or CONTAINS from a user search string
Delete Files from Google Cloud Storage
How can I make qooxdoo's 鈥渂order-invalid鈥�decorator thicker?
How can I emulate an HTTPS request under WebTest?
Autoloading a class once class is called from an array using PHP
python beautifulsoup shorten code
Returning binary across cores through shards in Solr
watch file size on linux
How to remove related tables from list.aspx in dynamic data
PDT/Xdebug with Firefox
Multiple templates in XSLT based on page level
SSH doesn't accept public key, and permissions appear to be correct
iPhone Allow Other App to Play Audio While Recording Audio / Shazam
Copy form fields from one form to another on checkbox tick
When creating an express template engine鈥�how do I use partials?
How to make a nested field with mixed type options?
Multiple layouts for one ExpandableListView
It looks like C code in Python C-API returns ptr to stack variable. What am I missing?
Simulate pressed shortcut
Change an element of an array using a for loop in Python
How to make this query work on Entity Framework Code First CTP5
c# generic abstract class and generic method
How to use callback function with cocos2d xCode [closed]
Iterating through a tree structure
Losing Session State with ASP.NET/SQL Server
Rails development is describe and show tables on all requests, how turn off it?
AST interpreter?
When an HTML file is opened by editor and browser at the same time, can it be edited?
EJB 3.0 test client working without maven but not with
Communicating with smbpasswd with Python subprocesses using stdin/stdout
Show IE Favorites using javascript
Flex Mobile: Add an event to Calendar
Objective-C NSString's memory management [duplicate]
Sort images by rating
How do I transfer variables between modules in Python?
Why my page is refresed every time I click a empty link?
Creating multiple time-series objects from a single data.frame with categoric variables as columns and dates as rows
Is it required to notify a user and/or provide an opt-out when using location services?
providing new collection in 鈥渄efaults鈥�backbone.js
how to rise the number of compiling permutations for GWT?
Emacs: format current file and keep the cursor position
HTML & CSS: manipulating font/text height?
How to iterate over inner class that extends List<Something>?
Ember Handlebars Embed ID
mock method with generic and extends in return type
Ember Handlebars Embed ID
mock method with generic and extends in return type
Recursion Segmentation Fault
Custom conditional configuration for Gradle project
Solr pdf indexing issues
NetBeans: How to edit jsp file-fragments in UTF-8 outside a project?
DirectX Architecture Resources
Image caching issue by using files in ASP.NET
how to detect windows started or user login in c#(.net) windows service?
using variables in a block from a parallel scope
How to call CreateProcess() with STARTUPINFOEX from C# and re-parent the child
Attempting to create ListFragment crashes
Why am I getting a 鈥�01 - Unauthorized鈥�error when sending a file byte stream to a WCF service?
SELECT query trouble - user login system
Why doesn't the tsql variable hold its value when called a second time? [closed]
CSS , Shopping cart with variable height inside fixed div
Standard method to unsubscribe from an event in a user control
IPC in C#, sending text from one exe to another exe
Unable to find type required for deserialization or unable to find assembly
Changing properties of a Control on a custom outlook form without changing it's appearance
Null rows in output of query
Wireless Authentication Page iOS app
Change Table and Column Name Mappings Entity Framework v4.3
AccessControlException when opening Tomcat 7's admin console
collada animation with multiple skeletons
Memory Error in Visual Studio, but plenty of memory available
Creating a JSON file (keys)
UIScrollview questions
How do you transpose dimensions in a 2D collection using LINQ?
How can I serve the client JavaScript along with my other JS libraries
Instant rails 2.0 doesn't start the server in windows 7
How can I rename property in the Neo4j web admin application?
Assembly MASM Event Driven just like JAVA [closed]
ASP.NET GridView Display TextBox if Row is Empty
How do I make ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag to be 'acts_as_indexed'?
How to structure in-memory entity classes to load denormalized referenced documents from RavenDB
jquery send action on focus and view lines of text
Check if page uses ajax from javascript
How To Display Number of People Who Have Me In Google+ Circles?
How to get file name from FTP servers?
In swing-java, where does the Graphics instance come from?
show multi-line text value in cells of an XML excel document made with C# XmlWriter
Pump events from another thread than the Event Dispatching Thread in Swing
Will JPA try to cascade persist and alredy persistent entity?
getting the list of facebook friend ordered by name using c# sdk
IE8 showing a margin but shouldn't
How to map collection to collection container with Automapper?
Node.js get a response from NTP server by UDP protocol
Tooltip Display Issue
How to detect and wrap 鈥渄ebugging resource strings are unavailable鈥�w/o installing developer runtime?
How to override jar inside of Jboss 5.1 lib/endorsed directory?
How to move rspec tests into integration folder
Scala Compilation Error using Partition
Implementation of circular queue in visualbasic6
http content on a https page - Mixed content
How to find whether a file is still being streamed?
Creating Hibernate criteria on two field together with like query
Multiple Form Elements Inline
OpenCV Line-Mod problems with Images
MVC2 - Running Application on II7 results in 403 forbidden
div box within another div
Need to style Div's with a border and some space between them [closed]
Focus on Input Not Working
R - Fill in data frame with values from rows above
Data grid for zend framework
Trying to create a new application in Yii: env: php: No such file or directory
CgRectGetWidth monotouch
hide header and footer via css if a page is opened as a popup
Connecting Actionscript 3.0 and PHP?
Android & Proguard - how to obfuscate, but not optimise out any code?
How to use the Atmosphere framework with GlassFish 3.1.2?
How to make Flash On Screen Keyboard work with windows?
Passing Variable to make from the command line?
Struts - binding form fields to bean
issue with a code received within an iframe to run a function
MSMQ read fails during high load in .Net
popup page php data doesn't show on submit
Webcam not working with python interface to OpenCV 2.4 on Ubuntu 12.04
How to set up subversion to use updates to one project in multiple visual studio solutions
In Matlab, how to change plot intervals?
Highcharts legend custom css style / format using only highcharts options
Are path-dependent types type projections?
iSeries (AS400) Output with ODBC connection
Animate background-position from outside of element to inside
IO Exception in Android
jsTree nodes are displayed on separate line from expansion image
Can not access a cell in Excel using VBA script
How to parse feed with php
Converting html to some document type (.pdf maybe?)
UIButton with rounded corners using square setBackgroundImage
jquery form submit with .on()
Listeners for dynamically created items
Scrolling text which is too long with jquery
CSS: Conflicts with z-index between three different plugins, z-index dont take effect
JSF: Authentication & Authorization, best way forward
How to join ISet and child objects in nhibernate criteria api
Get rid of 301 redirect
Communication between two encapsulated components
Castle Windsor 3.0 Different services with same names 鈥�how?
How to create files in folders with long names. (Avoid PathTooLongException) [duplicate]
Get rid of 301 redirect
Communication between two encapsulated components
Castle Windsor 3.0 Different services with same names 鈥�how?
How to create files in folders with long names. (Avoid PathTooLongException) [duplicate]
Django - where to initialize static objects?
Accessing beyond 256 columns in excel using JXL
Can ASP.NET Web API handle sub-resources with different controllers
Java Android , HttpGet error - Host name may not be null
Android - images dynamically added wth whitespace?
Need a few tips on calling methods and fields in abstract way
Is there a way to set Ajax Accordion Index set to current view for an auto post back?
Setting diff versions in github code review
Getting another process variables value (or memory adress) in C++
repeat testcase in Boost test multiple times
Itextsharp - check to see if adding an element will create a new page
Basic Authentication before pulling XML in java
Java Memory allocation with Thread
Will PhoneGap or Android be better for this app idea?
How to find occurrences of list of letters efficiently with NLTK in Python?
Programmatically set up a VPN server
Gallery images not displaying in Internet Explorer 9
What does @variable := variable2 mean in a MySQL query?
How to make android listview of edittext?
Is sql soundex query meant for general search?
change membership class time zone
9-patch tiled style image
Flash Caching Issue
DTO per use case necessary in SOA?
Data from JSON MYSQL
Date Formater and ParseException - migration from Java to C#
How to apply criteria based styles to a Kendo UI grid?
iOS capture event when youtube video ends or Done button pressed
drawing objects in drawRect vs adding subviews and moving their frames
What does (button) mean?
focusing on a contenteditable body in an iframe on load
Force fixed nav bar on top of iframe?
splitting an array with one element into an array with many elements
Testing a non public website [closed] file goes missing in eclipse
How: Multiple Rails apps per VHost - Migrate from Passenger RailsBaseURI?
Nesting items in a container using haml
Pass ViewBag Values from Razor View to Controller using HTML.Begin
R - ggplot2, several questions, multiple correlated plots
jQuery: Removing an 鈥渁lmost鈥�empty div
WCF Data serialization
Easy to implement secure PHP login with 'secret_token' for queries
Possible to write XML reading code that will run on Python and IronPython?
Email parsing and processing architechture
How can I split this array in PHP?
Stateful code under another monad
How to stop service immediately?
MySql Queries, does LIMIT put a cap on both entries before NOW() and after NOW()
How can I compile LESS files within browser
AspectJ - Presence of annotation in join point expression not recognized
no onclick when child is clicked
Regular expression to find and remove comments in CSS
what is the proper way of declaring arrays in a class in Java
scheme - sorting using accumulate
A List<> of Func<>s, compile error with generic return type, but why?
Send parameters to ActionResult method and return a file - mvc 3?
When using redbean on xampp I noticed this error
Sending app logs with MQTT VS REST
MySQL update error #1064 [duplicate]
Node.js and node-mysql - can't broadcast/emit to a site live
GAE python string equality - strange behvaior with unicode
Chronological interpretation of php debug profile in WinCacheGrind [closed]
-webkit-background-clip:text not work in Android phone
SharePoint API Exception With ASP.NET Web Service
Convert Unixtime to Datetime SQL (Oracle)
segmentation fault on string assigment
Translating sql to linq
Symfony2 Doctorine ODM embeded class form validation
How to show other .aspx page in LoginView
Need help creating a TFS 2010 build definition
Google Analytics, get Annotations from API
How to use comment.create & comment.delete functionalists
converting an IP address to host name
Does anyone know what it means to format an LDAP group using LDIF?
How should I return multiple variables in a function (for best practises)?
Why does a subclass of UIScrollView still scroll even if I override touchesMoved:withEvent:?
Is there a Java Library for Collection Processing?
File transfer between app and media server
jquery keypress function fires at different times in different browsers
Getting stuck in for loop i think, cannot use variables set outside of loop?
reverse forking .. extracting a repo from another repo [duplicate]
why is php timezone is correct on local host, but incorrect after uploading to server?
What ASP MVC Telerik component should I use in order to achieve autosuggest combo box with pictures?
How to get the actual variable and not a copy when using functions
Ruby - using IRB to test how a new gem is working
Converting Qt 3.x forms to Qt 4.x forms
User being prompted to download 鈥渦serAppPanel鈥�
Using the redis ruby gem, how do I clear a set of keys from redis matching a pattern?
ios EXC_BAD_ACCESS on an implementation
$.post always returns undefine
Acces denied IE : form.submit() file upload jquery plugin
Out of memory exception when exporting a huge report (crystal report) to pdf
Calling Js function in a .js file from action script file
How can I change the return value of a function from within a sub-function (JavaScript)
Delegate Methods - how to call and pass arguments if I don't know what type or how many arguments
Calling Js function in a .js file from action script file
How can I change the return value of a function from within a sub-function (JavaScript)
Delegate Methods - how to call and pass arguments if I don't know what type or how many arguments
When should an item have its own controller in MVC architecture?
body drawn at another position
Bookmarklet doesn't work in IE9 when dragged from hyperlink but works after editing
is there a mtrace with full stack trace? or can it be simply modified to have this functionality?
Why does my FB.api User object no longer contain the 鈥渓ink鈥�field?
tsql join best practices advice
Returning custom property from flask-restless
Perl - Return last alpha character after last digit in a string and return modified string too
Matrix applications to image in GUIDE
Enumerate email accounts and list unread count on Windows Phone 7
Eclipse C/C++ Shows Errors but Compiles?
pointer offset doesnt work in memset?
AppHarbor: NancyFx app got Internal Server Error
Compare DateTime getting hours
How to append success=true on django tastypie json
Roulette wheel rotating
Can I load multiple files with one require statement?
Assignment from incompatible pointer type [-Werror]
Double download with WebClient.OpenReadAsync
search lucene NumericField for maximum value
Add to interest list via the Facebook API
jQuery Speedometer not working in IE
jquery how to find element searching against attribute name
How to make my JavaScript code unusable by anyone else? [closed]
Delegating to another action in Ramaze
Process speech without stopping the recording in MATLAB
Duplicate USB virtual serial ports being created - what might cause this?
How do I get a view part instance in an Eclipse e4 application?
Cannot find module 'commonjs-utils'?
Block until Loader finishes in ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2
Couchbase multiple buckets in .NET app.config
gridview with buttons that covers the whole screen
using position relative
How to pass options value from each table row?
using .NET to emulate DTSExec /REP EWCDI
ROR beginner, why is one version of my query working but not the other
spring security : can I pass page scope attributes to spring security tags using EL (or otherwise)?
Kodak Kiosk Facebook implementation
Jquery $.get() method taking url from root.Why
How to calculate (using a program) a column of sums or to test inequalities?
Is it still possible to install PerfWatson for Visual Studio?
Upshotjs and Web API
How do you write zero copy in java? What are the main differences
Links to location on same page not matching up [closed]
How to make sure a SMS went through after sending it with Twilio
Onload click the link
PHP extending a class
nest linq query
bitbake fails on 鈥渂itbake nano鈥�
Why does my update(select from when) statement refuse to recognize my table alias?
jQuery ScrollTo Ajax doesn't slide
List of target architectures supported by GNAT?
httpCompression directory on IIS 7 for multiple websites
BIlling system - Programming
javascript not functioning on firefox [duplicate]
When closing fancybox the screen becomes black on IE8
How to specify properties on groups of dependencies in Gradle?
editing a bing map polygon
jboss netty channel buffers thread safety
Defining Generic Objects with class and interface
Can you create an html link to create a Lotus Notes calendar appointment?
Trying to line up Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook buttons
DrawString wider on one PC
WebParts Uploading a file
how to access a list of objects array as a result of a JPQL's query
Why doesn't the 2rd function run, in this javascript's async example?
what all information will be contained in the uri that will be returned from microsoft push notification service?
Using jQuery to change multiple radio buttons
Intersecting 3D line segments
Ajax Sending and Retrieving
Get Default Height Of Element On Webpage after css height has been applied)
What are the major differences and benefits of Porter and Lancaster Stemming algorithms?
Detect empty XML root element
Hibernate tuple criteria queries
UITabBarController in left pane of a UISplitViewController squeezes tabs instead of only showing 5?
Can I add a hyperlink inside a tooltip in an NSView?
Web test details are not displayed when ran from an ordered test
php: Preventing Form re-submisson
using build number plugin in maven profile to build modules
Debugging flex and php project with flash professional in flash builder
Xcode Memory Leak On Autoreleased NSDateFormatter
Drag drop clone and resize using jquery
ASP Submit Button onclick/_doPostBack
Query String Parameter Encryption/Decryption? Usabe with Silverlight?
How to set the value for an HTML element from external javascript
Refresh Content Without Changing Page
Grouping in SQL Server 2008 R2 by min value of the group
OpenCV compilation error with gcc 4.3 or above in MAC OS X
Powershell pipeline - Retrieve outputs from first cmdlet?
Remove white space from part of a string
nested CSS3 flexboxes not working
Check if on second last item
AJAX and JS for LIKE Button
jquery count siblings does not return correct result?
Path of PHP 5.4.3 source?
Get the ACL of a folder with only the URL using Google Docs API
retrieving Exception Full stacktrace
retrieving Exception Full stacktrace
MS Unit Tests: Forcing the unit tests to use a web.config (deployed in testsettings) rather than an app.config?
Listen for Phone State changed, two different way: BroadcastReceiver and TelephonyManager
There was no endpoint listening at Bing Maps Web Services
Synchronize Two Media Elements in Two Forms in WPF?
-[NSNull _isNaturallyRTL]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x20dfcd8
hibernate.cfg.xml not found in spring mv3 application
DataContext LINQ Queries - Should I use my own data object classes?
How to determine if a full name has a space in it?
Getting the number of users / threads in a thread group
Android - Error Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo
Re-write Async JS process (Possibly to use JQuery Promise)
Small EditText have a setError with a lot of lines
How to run a method from a UIAlertView
Dreamhost: two different Ruby versions and gemsets?
Olap cube and MDX and NON EMPTY
Extend BigDecimal number
System.Web.HttpContext.Current nulls itself after checking for a Cache
Oracle: How to determine if a column is a 鈥渂oolean鈥�
Python Unicode Issue
Generating a pseudo random code
Automatically save summary report in JMeter?
Displaying 'No Data' with ListView
How to get Result data from android native calculator
concatenate char * to string
ColorBox error in IE 鈥淥bject doesn't support this property or method鈥�
Having trouble installing any ruby 1.9.x (with rbenv) on mac osx due to psych YAML parse errors
Finding number groups from a string
Is there JavaScript apply like method in objective-c?
What's the point of C's array syntax if it discards length data?
Grid packing algorithm
Osmsharp and Mono for Android
I need help to code and use the android camera
Which SQLite and connection method should I use with WPF in VS2010 C#?
Alter $PATH in vim/macvim so as to find the right ruby binary
Grails verify email re-enter
Separate regular expressions match, but their union won't match
Is ContentProvider the only clean way to provide database access
LDAP authentication with VB.NET
jQuery Elegant Way See If All Input Fields Are Distinct
Visual Studio 2010: solution with referenced library requiring double build
Which for loop is faster in java and why [closed]
NoSQL Use Case Scenarios or WHEN to use NoSQL [closed]
Create Excel instance for exclusive access
Inject Javascript into DOM [closed]
Having problems with files in a netbeans package not finding a .txt file
Pointer casting not giving expected result [duplicate]
How do i get the current location in the background mode in iPhone?
Get link (url) to an calendar event in google apps script
jquery document ready listener vs image loading; execution order
How pass variable from jquery to php? [closed]
How to update a record the proper way?
How to create a Google Plus like scrolling UI?
Matlab: find first smaller or larger element in an array
Autowiring beans implementing same interface - how to autowire a particular dependency bean in a JUnit Test?
Trigger unhover / mouseout / blur on ipad
getting connected objects in SOAP
Encapsulating data definitions in Haskell
Skip in the middle of a toggle
How to override global functions in JavaScript, but keep a reference to the original function?
where should c3p0 properties specified?
Twitter Search API and $_POST max_id parameter
Javascript: find out if the URL is equal to a string, with or without trailing slash
How can I animate a NSImage easily?
Running script from within google maps?
javascript fail-safe plugins
How do you get social media buttons all the same size?
Publishing a MVC3 application with SQL Server 2008 Database to IIS 7
Draw a line on horizontal scrollbar - C#
Missing Analytics statistics for subdomain
How does CGContextFillPath in Objective C work?
How to stop 鈥淐omplete action using Dialog鈥�screen
Using Python codecs causes readline problems with sys.stdin?
Why is it not possible to update xcode from 4.2 to 4.3?
Active Directory with Apache
Why does recur expect one argument to a short form func using %&
TCP Server w/ boost::asio, scalability of thread pool vs stackless coroutines
Show Save-As window from JSP
Correct terminology and examples for nesting/routing views in ASP.NET MVC
Name of a package for a given function in R [duplicate]
How to use databinding with s:GridItemRenderer and anonymous objects?
Backbone application with different functionalities by role
cross browsers jquery animate scrollTop
Insert into two tables using Scope_Identity PHP and SQL Server 2008
Re-use recording object in android after stop() is called
Error Using JointJS when canvas is inner DIV
Grouping API calls such that UI can cleanly call them and get their response - Design
Fast double to string conversion with given precision
Security for AJAX check username function
JSON Request Error 500
Why does the '+' operator behave the way it does for Matlab strings?
Eclipse - How to give dependency between projects?
Django Testing - I only want one of my databases created - how to specify
Is it possible to capture the coordinates of the last letter drawn with TEXT function?
IE7 & IE8 does not trigger onsubmit javascript *before* submittion
Could someone point out the error in my jQuery?
Mac OS X: prevent the crash report window from appearing in my app
comparing string with enumeration
Permutation cost
Using clAmdFft on Mac OS
Mutual friends as an ActiveRecord Arel Relation
window.location.reload complete?
Basic recommendation engine algorithm
MVC3 with ASP.NET Displaying data results after form submit on the same view
When Using WINAPI in C# how to detect when scrolled to bottom of window
Drawing a pin on google map through android application
.NET 4.0 project on IIS 7.0
Is 'alternatives' really better for managing JDKs than a Symlink and $PATH?
RegisterHotKey not working with invisible forms (c#)
Can I pass a Javascript variable in an @Ajax.Actionlink in 3?
Load playlist with MPMediaQuery
cin and getline skipping input
resubmit ios app after rejection
Local test on java application that has no context root
SelectListItem selected = true not working in view
How to upload a file in a vb6 to a webservice
Reload RSpec shared examples with Guard and Spork
Voice recoding : Using Red 5 server with PHP /Java
Service Reference object not Serializing
IIS 6.0 preventing 鈥淧UT鈥�& 鈥淒ELETE鈥�method types on WCF 4.0 web service calls (403 Forbidden)
Setting up git on Linux server
Why is the UIKEYBOARD height 1024
Why do I see 鈥淣o SDK found鈥�error when installing qt4-mac on Mac OS X 10.8?
Firefox 12 ignoring styles for input[type=鈥渆mail鈥漖
How the best technique to deal with objects inside objects without reducing performance?
How to return an Application_Model in JSON format in Zend Framework 1.11
cross-browser extension development alternatives
simple <xsl:sort> not working
What is the unit of measurment for media duration in MediaMetadataRetriever
How to define an abstract data type like 鈥渄ata MyMath = MyNum Num鈥�
Avoid 'for without next' End Sub
How to use multiple URLs in PHP REQUEST_URI statement?
Why a ListView automatically unselect selected items?
Sencha how to update viewport on click on tabpanel?
Facebook Open Graph API: weird behavior of parameter limit while getting a paginated user's news feed
How to obtain the virtual private memory of a process from the command line under OSX?
stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString recognize webview content height
How to use a DataGridView with a custom class and displaying a CheckBox
Child field event handling issue in custom HorizontalFieldManager
extension using background, content and devtools together
OSX Lion Dashboard Widget :: How to execute a shell script
NSTimer not repeating from AppDelegate
Windows Installer Folder Exists Property
what is the use of writing a class inside an interface
Query server for data on bind/observe
Animation time based on quaternion difference
Automatically expand all in Eclipse Search results
Removing WSDL differences while migrating from Axis2 to CXF
Change maven dependency's version by using different maven profiles
In App Billing in Android?
Removing WSDL differences while migrating from Axis2 to CXF
Change maven dependency's version by using different maven profiles
In App Billing in Android?
codeginiter json output error
Google Earth link PDF or image file on company server to placemark
LumenWorks Csv Reader - How do I detect columns that are present in the data rows but not in the columns?
How to build a long string?
Is there a good set of ffmpeg presets to target multiple platforms available anywere? [closed]
If statetement : I found something strange. Why is my second 'if' is equal to no?
Attachment Excel File from Stream in ASP.NET?
MediaWiki; MySQL database credentials stored, what file?
How can i implement paging in listview in android?
How to pass parameters to DbSet.SqlQuery Method in Entity Framework
simple_format and 2+ newline( n)
How to parse string with regular expression
GAE DataStore: query a existing by user_id field
How to draw a curved, dashed arrow with HTML5 and animate it
Hide homepage feed on tumblr blog
iPhone refresh a view from another class
Copying Rows from sheet to sheet in Excel VBA based upon column values
Textfield jQuery Validate and Autocomplete
Joomla RSS mod_feed pubdate
Do I need to call ReleaseIntArrayElements on an array created with NewIntArray?
prawn pdf table generation breaking a new page too early?
Codeigniter routing to an href id
selecting an element by name attribute from a specific divider in jquery
value is changing in page life cycle?
PyQt Release vs Debug
Exclude element and its descendants from DOM selection
Get correct cursor in CustomCursor Adapater getView()
What should I do about [NeutralResourceLanguage] to get my app accepted?
How to get code that is a ruby Gem?
Getting data out of a simpleXML array
Remove added element from form doesn't work
C# Casting to a decimal
How to make a digital signature in a web application (javascript) using a smartcard?
accessing model from middleware - django
How do I debug websites in IE10 on Win8 under Metro?
How to separate ArrayCollection's into seperate files in Flex?
c# object composition
jQuery - Hide specific div whose name matches a pattern (p followed by a character, like p0, p1, pa, py)
Using the Like / Share Buttons on web page - formatting?
Adding a checkbox inside a FusionCharts chart
How to sort an array of objects by index inside each object?
Use HttpWebRequest to Simulate Internet Explorer
Referencing a sub item of a container in controller
How to debug SQLDataSource update command?
Change a Zend_Form_Element_Select to a Zend_Form_Element_Hidden based on it's values
change default attribute of ADF component
Why is jQuery not loading in my Rails 3.2.3 app?
CompilerParameters class skype (Skype4COM) library error
Override itemrender in block - Magento
checkedListBox alllowing only one item to be checked
CoreImage CICrop returning 0x0 pixel image
PowerShell process check is starting too many processes
If i click on first product_widget, how i can make disappear produst_name in first product_widget <div>?
SQLite DB and NSLibraryDirectory folder
jQuery Image slider plugin with Ruby on Rails 3.2.1
Another difference between Firefox and IE8 - viewPanel columns are not displayed the same
APPE FTP command transfer completion detection serverside
Authenticate without Requiring a user to Login?
How to add a textbox inside checkboxlist in C#?
Deserializing TimeSpan using and .net WebApi
How to redirect js file with Javascript based on referer
Apache prevent default server name
Position relative overlaps float:left -
normalizing XML namespaces in a DOM document in Java?
What is the best way to pull apart a list to find a single item
Short-circuit issue with SSIS
Load config/parameters yml based on value in symfony2 controller
setTimeout not always working in Greasemonkey
deque push back error
Play Framework 2.0 Authentication Tutorial Link
popViewControllerAnimated: custom transition animation?
Paypal Sandbox - Invalid Merchant Configuration error 10501?
How to add item in array?
EnumWindows QT Build Error
bash regular expresion : zero to three numbers
Is this PHP code exploitable? [duplicate]
How to start AlertDialog regardless the context? Android
How to use the RedirectToAction correct
activity could not be loaded because of errors in the XAML
Storage of pseudo random bytes
How to run an AppleScript automatically once I insert a USB drive?
Linq to Entities Group By issue
pycuda installation error on ubuntu: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcuda
Android OS hiding full USB tree
jQuery slideToggle issue with captions in Wordpress and flexslider
What's the purpose to bit-shift int value by zero?
Trying to build static Qt project, cannot find configure.exe
In an array, are the elements stored Primitives or Objects?
Factories.rb file is not loading
GWT resize and centering popup when browser window resize
Change innerHtml From Iframe
Sort data row in sql
Merge multiple rows into a single row
JNI - How to find missing libraries when confronted with 鈥淸lib].dll: Can't find dependent libraries鈥�
In web-browsers, is the window object a native ECMAScript object?
How to make eclipse tomcat use ant script to create a war and then deploy it
c++ destructors - when to use them and what is to be deleted
how to display a full XML in an html page with jquery
Use a .NET API Buffer for TCP Sockets?
Getting an error on new event Unexpected token ILLEGAL
MVC3/T4 Custom Scaffolder Gives File Exists Error Even When File Doesn't Exist
iOS view offset after youTube video execution
Entity Framework - CSDL, SSDL, and MSL files
Simple javascript issue - list is NOT expanding correctly
AJAX tabcontainer throwing exception when setting panel enabled=true
find selected checkbox in a tablerow group
What is the standard for documentation style in Bash scripts?
Update SQL database date column
How to print Google Visualization API Line chart in Razor/MVC3 using javascript?
problems installing M2Crypto on Mint: follow-up
Removing Item from BindableCollection of ShellViewModel with ChildViewModel?
SVN project structure and branching strategy for multiple projects that sometimes overlap
In .NET, how to create a stream that has fastest possible Write() method
C# Implementing Producer/Consumer Queue In a Web Service
Multistep registration form validation with Position Absolute validation engine
Regular expression to get minutes not seconds
What is the best way to return string in C++?
How to continue method flow using OnException aspect (PostSharp)?
How Does GitHub Merge Web-Based Wiki Edits With Ones Through The Repository?
Change password using LDIF file
gcc don't respect hierarchy of include files
MySQL wildcards workaround needed
FBReader Chinese script?
How to check if MKCoordinateRegion contains CLLocationCoordinate2D without using MKMapView?
proper way to stop a daemon process
UDP packets waiting and then arriving together
Save HTML5 page as PDF
Twitter Feed not pulling in on Site // Error
Tab key doesn't work in IWebbrowser2
Are apps that access gmail only have write-only access or full gmail access (potential security risk?)
Add a subdomain to all urls in Cakephp
EMF Extending existing model
HessianConnectionException: (HTTP) 500 error when using Hessian 4.0.7 & Spring 3.1.1
backbone.js View event handling
What is the maximum practical length of a mailto URL?
How to split with more than a char?
Invalid Email message is not showing in login page in magento
How to add line in between list items inListview?
Native Heap related Memory Leak in .NET Application
How to modify a property of a resource from the code behind?
boost::interprocess::managed_shared_memory crashes program
JavaMail API: Checking the size limit of the server
Storing groups of files in Azure Blob Storage
css two div floated left . Right div not covering the remaining space
Retrieve time zone/local times
Concatinating several values into one row works in MySQL console but not in PHP
Border dectection on Infoboxes, so they don't get draw off the map
Packaging Blackberry OAuth app throwing error
External .json file to Javascript variable
where is this 鈥�null)鈥�coming from
Can't convert String onto integer (TypeError)
python regular expressions: html
Custom Print Preview 鈥�Design Choice
Why is it when Custom UIView loads itself from a NIB but is also embedded in another NIB I get infinite loop
Putting sum in Parent td using JQuery
Passing checkbox group values via jQuery
How do you correctly instantiate and show a view programmatically in a Single View Application for the iPad
Facebook slide Menu With MapView on Android
DotNetNuke 6: AD Forms-based Authentication to Dynamics AX 2009 Business Connector
Symfony2 : how to force download
Always the same error message
Is there a reason the JavaScript on my webpage doesn't work in IE 9?
Automatic assign operator construction
Android - How to display a submenu with ActionBarCompat
distinct inner join hql
NUnit TestFixtureAttribute: How do I pass a DateTime instance into the test class constructor via the TestFixtureAttribute
JS make a list of multiple select-options in textField
How can i use js/jquery to handle an event when a audio source file is loaded?
Moved to server: an sqlparameter with parametername is not contained by this sqlparametercollection
NoClassDefFoundError with Google Contact API V3
Rails app moved to production server gives 鈥渄ump format error for symbol鈥�error
Javacv - IplImage.createFrom() - rpoblem with allocation
Folders within working sets?
Select a date before another date SQLite android
Cocoa framework structure
Regular expression to find #ffcc00 and replace it with #fc0
Programtically setting the image of a UIButton based on the image stored at a specific index in an NSArray
Check for files/folders inside a dir python ftplib
Debugging Matlab load error [closed]
Why do a C++ regular expression code that works with 鈥渃match鈥�raises an exception with 鈥渟match鈥�
How to pass variable (list of folders) to for-loop? select row in grid set
Greasemonkey timer and replace
jqGrid Advanced Search dialog - column which has dropdown selection
Read MANDARIN From Excel using JAVA POI api
zoom in and zoom out problems in html page
Perl script or module like version-control for files in a directory?
JQuery Mobile CSS padding only on refresh
count and different results in a query
webstorm ctrl-n for javascript functions
Asio and HTTP keep-alive
What's the purpose of a leading colon in a jQuery selector?
Perl XML::Twig Update XML file with another XML
Recursive Regexp in nested group
Foreign key reference to a table with a primary key containing 2 columns
Shorthand IF statements in sql
Syntactic predicate is not working
Declaring and using a variable in DOS/Windows batch file (.BAT)
Create multiple form instances
How to create a frequency list of every word in a file?
Modify CABasicAnimation whilst its rotating iPhone
Using Tomcat and JSP files won't compile
StringBuffer Array to String Array - Java
how to determine the headphones is inserted in Windows phone Device?
CSS: how to apply margin to a container with floats?
Android android.database.StaleDataException
Adding page border in jasper report
PYTHON codes with a lesson from a book [closed]
Using C#: Insert multiple values (not unique) into a field (Primary Key) in SQL database table?
Jquery search on enter with autocomplete
Why won't Google Chrome autobreak?
MySql for conditional Count
Auto-close PPT using Macro in VBA
How to extract EBP and ESP from Core Dump?
iOS, take photo, but frame the photo in an oval [closed]
how to catch an unhandled exception in c#?
Convert DateTime SQL
Why is isset() returning FALSE for a boolean variable that is set and is TRUE?
Creating Minimum number and Addition Function of LinkedList
Objective-C - allocation/initialization of an object with ARC
separate a string with multiple seperators AND extract single characters only
Restricting a public-facing demo site for an application?
PHP buffer overruns [closed]
R: creating a portfolio in Google Finance directly from R
How to verify a digital signature with php text -> Excel conversion (with extensive formatting required after conversion)
Is it acceptable to always use pointers instead of references, to be easily converted to smart pointers if needed?
Wpf - Drop shadow disappears
Problems setting up Roboguice 2.0 in eclipse
Getting Property Name in C#
How to make 鈥渋f not true condition鈥�
Retrieving Android List Row data when clicked on button in a layout not in listview
jqGrid SetCell and SaveCell blanking out the cell after closing a modal dialog
Jquery sortable plugin doesn't allow initiation of hover functions while dragging an element
Why is Powershell not recognizing System.Data inside Add_Type block?
Can't scroll webview in Android
Remove redundant SQL price cost records
pyqt4 python QLabel show when push button clicked
How are we supposed to run joins in bigquery when you have to specify the dataset with the table name?
Open webpage in an external browser from Ipad phonegap application [duplicate]
Mysql is automaticlly creating an extra row when a data is inserted
Is it possible to extend an Entity model with common queries?
jSignature canvas jquery to show in ASPX.NET
Joomla! Extension Manager: Manage won't load
Image field with sencha touch
Development Server doesn't hang what so ever, Live server takes ages
Names and maximum lengths of the parts of a URL
Joomla! Extension Manager: Manage won't load
Image field with sencha touch
Development Server doesn't hang what so ever, Live server takes ages
Names and maximum lengths of the parts of a URL
How to Trigger total number of days in mySQL
is the following new overload leaking memory?
Want to run my own server instance with special port for an ASP.Net 4 based solution
Override cursor with CSS
LoadError in nokogiri lib
Groovy test case with string array iteration
MySQL won't start in CentOS 5.5 and the 鈥淓RROR 2002鈥�
Set a custom error message using the native rules of the knockout validation plugin
Synchronize update across cluster
str and ldr instruction does not use same address
mongodb: extract timestamp from ObjectID in json query
Data collection with ADK
Embedded Document in symfony2 / MongoDB
Jquery basic form validation
Deleting many lines using preg_replace in php
Excluding records from a search which are associated with a record
Java applet click on image and do something [closed]
as3 facebook api: are both facebook.init and facebook.login required
@XmlTransient for serialization but not for deserialisation?
extract every n row in a matrix to another matrix in a loop
OutOfMemoryError : bitmap size exceeds VM budget after switching 2 activities
Tornado and asynchronous requests handling
Magento - Postage price dependant on user group / discount
java socket server keep alive implementation
use cmd.exe to change directory and run command in that directory
How to access fields inside a model
Listing DirectoryEntry children: why so slow?
Confused with CMPSB instruction
Service and Activity process
Does performance improve when placing a nonclustered index on a field that already has a clustered index?
Regex matching multiple lines multiple times
Python: Entering a large list into web form efficiently?
Check if UK date is bewteen two dates in SQL
What's really the difference in these two Doctrine mappings?
response.flushBuffer() is not working
Can I place all of my EJB deployment descriptors in the META-INF directory of an EAR file, rather than the EJB jar files
Displaying two different arrays when pressing different buttons
jqueryui date picker works for one field
c# 7za.exe process status
sendmsg fails with error code 3 (ESRCH )
Align EditTexts next to TextView
LINQ to Entities with Multiple databases
PDO equivalent of mysql_client_encoding()?
Thumbnail limit max ''6''
Jquery AJAX returning error 500 despite the successful execution on server side
IMAP Migration Perhaps With PHP
How do I limit the amount of times a JMS DefaultMessageListenerContainer will retry a message?
Using OpenCV with GPU that is not factory built-in? [closed]
Text not wrapping to an element floated right in IE 6 and 7
Is my code efficient for finding out the next palindrome given a positive integer?
Animating a Sort Algorithm
Passing Data to a Layout Page
Class which always returns the same instance
Can you modify external stylesheets (less, sass) with code?
extract variables and values from HTML comment
Android landscape layout
Adding to a string in javascript with a checkbox
Adding CSS resource to Wicket Web App
Override __new__ doubts
Embed IPython shell within the pydev (IPython) console
Can't get DATA from MYSQL using JSONArray [closed]
How do use different points sizes to represent the amount in the location of that point
Cannot Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio [closed]
Adding text to the front - Python
Simple VBA routine needed for exam [closed]
Getting a list of xml element from Descendants
How to get JSON string from HTTP GET request
Setting specific compile flags for projects in CMake
resize Footer in UItableview
Jquery dialog buttons return value
Syncing two android tablets
WebView SaveInstanceState Not Preventing HTML Controls From Resetting to Original Values
How to upload picture on facebook group in objective c
In when you break out of a loop, do you break all the nested loops?
How can I install my bundled JRE somewhere other than ${installer:sys.installationDir}/jre?
MySQL Connector/j, where to?
Multiple display form for SharePoint list
Error doing a jsonp ajax call
How can i generate pdf reports using symfony2?
Entity is inserting when I want it to attach
Handling Session in mvc3
Lucene updateDocument not deleting documents
NSURLConnection http request call refresh from applicationWillEnterForeground method
I need to test this site in all the mobile device
C# Binding to an ObservableCollection in another ObservableCollection
Simple Regex to replace all with same amount
Problems refreshing stdout line using print with python
canvas element or dynamic form generator
PHP can't fopen remote file
Multiplying Combinations of a list of lists in R
Find out if HTML height is set by style or by content
Vertical and horizontal sync lines
NSURLConnection won't respond after I get Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=57
JQuery with .toggle .css
Hibernate Tools: Error parsing JNDI name
EmberJS History/Undo
SEVERE: java.sql.SQLException: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
How to trigger click on ajaxSubmitButton
UIApplication termination state
Pop up is not working correct, does not refresh the page
Android activity crashing immediately after start
How to split the text of a UITextField into individual characters
Migrating from vtiger 5.3.0 to 5.4.0 failure
Best practice or pattern for DTO/Domain Objects
Slave mplayer with PHP
Remove XML Node With jQuery
View state variable not accessed via javascript
how to make scrollable horizontally and vertically the contents of a TextView
Saving a date to MySQL
How do I select a tab and set content of the tabpanel in JavaScript
How to create inline table elements in HTML5?
JQuery Script Not Working Correctly in WordPress [duplicate]
how to place an image over another image in android by onclick?
Fast Exp calculation: possible to improve accuracy without losing too much performance?
Pass integer type parameters to ssrs Reports
Updating a cached user control in
Iframe in social engine 4 with zend framework
WMI - Using a non admin account to query server
Greasemonkey Userscript Changing / Setting a Variable in Java Script
Reserve entire node for SMP job using Sun Grid Engine?
UITableViewCell's image change when cell is selected
Hanging ActiveMQ Transport and Connection threads
set clock of multiple county by java script
deleting lines from text files based on the last character which are in another file using awk or sed
Specializing member template for enum type arguments
How to indent 2 characters and let shiftwidth unchanged to 1 character?
Compound brute force/evolutionary engine search in Ruby
C# .Net Wrapper for COM Dll
How to do one-to-one maping with composite key in hibernate
Dynamics AX MorphX WMSPickingList Report
Looking for a Django nag system [closed]
How to close an add-in when there are no more References to it?
Device connection lost after APK install from MacBook
Rails ActiveRecord strange behaviour鈥�or is it?
How to grab from dati.txt file random links (example 500 links take out 5)
Is there any way to check Rewrited URL in browser
How to overwrite my currently running executable? [duplicate]
using datepicker on <div>
WSO2 Gouvernance Registry v4.1.1 on Tomcat v6
Store a delegate method as a member of class
Android timer to auto run method
Python split url to find image name and extension
Appcelerator - Android open image galley
Random Image on Page Load (JQuery)
Different Unallocated Memory Behaviour Between Visual Studio Versions
DHTML_EVENT_ONCLICK doesn't work when loading external HTML via HTTP?
DHTML_EVENT_ONCLICK doesn't work when loading external HTML via HTTP?
Get info from a mac game in fullscreen in python
XML/XSD Restriction
Check textField.text isEqualToString
when an activity starts but when do we use onStart()
Featured Content Slider - Change on hover - slides flickering
Should variables passed into constructor be available as properties?
Python max() and min() values for bool
Detect if PNG file is corrupted in Objective C
absolute position with % width, inside a ul li?
Handling different php responses after a javascript http post request
Route ajax rails trouble
A simple example to use asynchronous requests to handle url redirections natively included in ios5?
Form Submit Resource Not Found Error
Truncating a collection using Linq query
Best approach for Spring+MyBatis with Multiple Databases to support failovers
Sortable list view in jQuery Mobile
Explain some code
Free School Managemnt Project opensource PHP Framework?
php : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Instagram how to get access_token
Coldfusion8: how to create associative array?
AMX Glassfish AppserverConnectionSource
difference between lock, memory barrier, semaphore
Finding the error in Xcode's project.pbxproj after merge
Saving a canvas to re use it later on
How to use app.config file with mstest.exe in cruise control
jquery select all elements except a div and its children
get packet size in scapy / python
BadParcelableException: ClassNotFoundException when unmarshalling: (empty classname)
opening default browser with delphi at specific position
algorithms that take advantage of multiple cores [closed]
How to extract HTML() of a given DIV from html() when content is coming through AJAX
html form, newbie error
file uploading in asp without ActiveX class
Where did the GXT 2.2.5 Demo Explorer site go?
How can I copy text from a Word 2010 table into a VBA string, maintaining line breaks?
NyroModal - close and redirect
Custom password encrypted file system for storing files in Android