Is it possible to send Intent after 5 minutes in android?
How to get the original Height of a HTML element?
ASP.NET MVC 3 - ViewModel Best Practice
How to prevent the cron job execution, if it is already running
getting ids of different textViews defined in a class
How to deserialize the json data like the example below?
Search Multidimensional Array in PHP
Perl - One liner file edit: 鈥減erl -n -i.bak -e 鈥漰rint unless /^$id$,/鈥�$filetoopena;鈥�Not working
regex in java: matching BOL and EOL
I want to know what Maven is [closed]
Perl - One liner file edit: 鈥減erl -n -i.bak -e 鈥漰rint unless /^$id$,/鈥�$filetoopena;鈥�Not working
regex in java: matching BOL and EOL
I want to know what Maven is [closed]
selectmenu ('refresh', true)
How to set JScrollPane Layout to be the same as JTable?
MySQL user variables and SUM function
Count occurences of strings in a fileusing grep or sed?
Bind a web server to port 80 without being root
AngularJS controller unit tests - injecting services
JS: function is defined in global var but not evaluated
Replace single quote with backslash single quote
How to perform a for loop on each character in a string in BASH?
Google Maps: Query from the blog post
Function searching by name and country
LESS compile error ParseError: Syntax Error on line 1
C++ error on f(void*&) call
iOS get video frame rate
Custom casting to primitive datatype
How can I get around specifying variables in decltype expressions?
How can I make Django's error emails report `locals()`?
How to get the day, year, hours, min Individually from date format 鈥測yyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ鈥�
iOS: Memory leak in VideoToolBox while Creating Video file from list of Image
Silverstripe: Dataobject in Siteconfig output in template
Export Gridview to Excel: Cannot export the correct data displayed
multidimensional array
Python email module: form header 鈥淔rom鈥�with some unicode name + email
JiBX without ANT?
Linq query with multiple OrderBy statements added in a loop
filesize stat failed
How can I print out an HTML table that access 2 tables in Django?
Bash script and xml/rss parsing
How to return Search Results to the user if the Search Box is in the _SiteLayout Page (In header DIV)
MySQL Queries before NOW
Query builder that works with all major databases?
Check Fields' Group is blank or Not using array
video Player not working in Xcode 4.2
Why, when and in which case, we should use multiple servlet instead of single servlet in spring mvc?
Autoscroll marquee label in iphone
KML generated with XElement is corrupted when namespace is applied
Set f:viewParam property to null when there is no parameter in URL
Want to get <br> tags from textarea, though no other HTML at all
Click on GML track in OpenLayers
Java Transposition cipher encrypt/decrypt
Indexing data from pdf
SetPassword only if strlen() > 0 - Symfony 1.4
How can I increment/decrement non-alphanumeric ASCII values of characters in Vim?
New array from two other arrays with one common key. Any optimization tips?
Zend_Form default checked box issues
Hosted message queue for Java-based app in AWS us-east?
passing multiple parameter in mvc3
Android buttons not displaying on top of SurfaceView
Correct show images in a switch case function?(Android)
Drop shadows in TCPDF
How to build project dependencies from source jar-s with maven
Apache 2.4 VirtualDocumentRoot
Why checking for null before comparing a value to a constant?
How to receive data from server via SSH connection using Routrek Granados in C#
Is it possible to have a button next to the filter bar for listview?
Windows Mobile 6.5 - TypeLoadException on Process.Start()
Why does sizeof(void) == 1? [duplicate]
Why dont work this java program?
how to change place holder color with css3? [duplicate]
Check if URL is valid or exists in java
what is the error for this statement written in jquery?
Data structure for O(log N) find and update, considering small L1 cache
Comparable Speed of iPhone 4s Processor [closed]
dynamic creation of class at runtime from file
In Akka, what is the recommended way to access config parameters from within an UntypedActor
NHibernate - Schema Export
Android header views scrolling separate to list view
Ubuntu font causes strange select borders in Firefox
Time format used in .ics file?
java resource images not displaying
User-defined variable in a query
How to cancel an calendar event using ics files?
Can't access SQL Server 2008 via windows service
How deserialize the output from a QVariant without Qt
How to Send POST method with multipart request using CAMEL
find out what font the browser is using and adapt css?
Calculated member shows all members including where facts do not exist
Highcharts Symbol in Legend
How to call maven-antrun-plugin target without attach execution to a maven phase ?
Conditionally reset a form in FormWizard (Django 1.4)
Error in Getting Youtube Video Title, Description and thumbnail
Xpath. Get element, if it class contain some text
How can I automaticaly scroll page to a <div> element after it has been animated to anothor position?
Javascript - crossbrowser close tab event and ajax
Use of {} in JavaScript?
Using sed to pull out datetime
DataContext vs. EventTriggers vs. Window.SizeToContent
can we write custom marker interfaces
What does it mean if change the order of code bugs occur?
PHP hashing input field names
Using XY Graph as Control
How to access a running servlet filter?
WS_EX_LAYERED windows does not move with respect to its parent window
Blur page background through div? and cucumber tests
Is it possible to render a 3rd party widget in your own app?
How to create 4KB Linux binaries
Outlook security prompt auto approval
mysql: matching a query letter by letter
how to extract an object from an image
In JavaScript within a JSP, is there a way to open a Save As dialog box?
issue in custom title bar (android)
SharePoint Publishing BlobCache error with SetResponseHeaders
displaying username in url鈥�
How can I include mappings into Application.cfc from external property file?
Streaming and recording video with Python
Calculation Columns in DataGridView bounded to an object
Rspec: when the matcher fails
Android simple calculator application
Custom Drop down like layout
Returning value from catch/finally in java?
loses centering attribute from RTF to HTML Conversion
Scroll a content in a TextView
How to add your own library to Zend Framework
How can I get a Ajax-Response without knowing the Request?
Fetch gmail contacts using google API, showing error account disabled
Creating Two Threads by passing the same instance of Runnable
Integrate Moodle 1.9 and PHP application to single log on
Cant connect to mysql: MySQL server has gone away
read xml id node id is same
Need an algorithm for 3D vectors intersection
Inject Value into JPA-Table-Annotation
Php only numbers Validating function
drupal 7 Targeting specific arrays in a page.tpl.php
If statement isnt working even when i set a boolean to automatically be false
How to dismiss Popover shown on QLPreviewController
Non expanding container div
What makes access to OLAP Cubes / Datamarts and similar datastructures, faster than to relational databases?
How to check whether a Windows user has admin privileges in C?
Put html code in textarea
CSS Media Queries not behaving as expected
Unicode conversion, database woes (Delphi 2007 to XE2)
Cannot determine whether Google play store is installed or not on Android device
LinkedIn JS API token exchange to REST token
Correct escaping of % in the URL with Apache
Connection Pooling in SQL Azure
High CPU usage when on secondary display (windowed mode)
Why is Oracle app failing?
JQuery - get the actual line number within js file
Converting .doc/docx in to Html
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid ruby on rails 3.2
Looping SQL rows and sorting them
Simplest way to wait some asynchronous tasks complete, in Javascript?
How can I replace a command line argument with tab completion?
Showing a label message without clicking
replace string to space without using built in class or method
PHP Script Not Running in WordPress Correctly
Simplest way to wait some asynchronous tasks complete, in Javascript?
How can I replace a command line argument with tab completion?
Showing a label message without clicking
replace string to space without using built in class or method
PHP Script Not Running in WordPress Correctly
Hibernate: Cascade Type
linq to jquery with jquery ver jquery-1.7.2
Constructor argument gets lost when passed to super constructor
Can not authenticate in Facebook
RKObjectLoader trunc my path with array params
What Window Forms Controls Do I Need
iTunes connect configuration for product logs
Porting from xbox to windows 8
Getting Cookies from HTTP response
Google SERP API - get
capitalize first letter of each word in sentence using boost library
Difference Between NSManagedObject, NSManagedObjectContext and NSManagedObjectModel
Instantiating and configuring loggers in Enterprise Library 5.0 + Silverlight
how to construct URL like these,
Upload image from android to java servlet and save it
Permission error when trying to get TFS custom policy - vsts 2010
Using query values in sub-query to get count data from another table
How to stream images/data from camera in C++
How to resume flask.session object when oath2 callback
Can you record video/audio on the iphone, whilst simultaneously playing a separate video (with audio optionally)?
Remove every (k+1) th remaining element in kth pass of natural numbers
Nhibernate Criteria for the given query?
Issue with MaskedEditExtender
Simple Menu Builder MVC3
Entity set or Function import tblUser is not defined in entity container 'MyEntities'. Near simple identifier
How can I move the arrows that CSS generated?
Heroku: possible to turn custom error pages off?
Execute code in custom Attribute before the MVC AuthorizeAttribute
There should be only one owner party for an activity in CRM 2011 Workflow
Is there an automated way of finding which page, of a paginated list, contains a specific object?
How to make an image move in a circular path using jquery?
Restrict user to stop a windows service
How to Improve SQL Query Execution Performance?
Determine the child class that has used parent::__construct();
Make Session last longer
How to evenly distribute menu items with CSS when width and quantity is not known?
Streaming PDF file from .NET Generic Handler generates Adobe Reader corruption error
how to use the GNU hcreate_r
c++ simple allocation by a function
Cannot retrieve dependency from Jboss repository
NotFoundInDispatcherException on client JBoss after redeploying remote JBoss 5.1.0 application
Saving excel worksheet to CSV files with filename+worksheet name using VB [duplicate]
Open new dynamic web project in java
List box pops back to the first item after SelectedIndexChange event fires
jQuery on submit preventDefault() does not works
git intermediary repository ( as a proxy to another)
Importing SCORM compliant Lesson (imsmanifest.xml)
MongoDB Node findone how to handle no results?
Running interactive bat file from java?
Android KEYCODE_DPAD to swipe
Titanium mobile - addEventListener on a view
Cancel opening link in browser
common oracle procedure to call other procedures for sorting, paging and filtering
Linq MAX in Where clause in Joined table query
How to use two plugin together?
Updating listviews every second from different threads
external script google site visualisation
Revoking Oracle Permissions to multiple users at once
How do I implement this function without using mixed lists?
How can I create a LINQ statement where the table name (FROM) and column name (SELECT) is variable?
Library (jar) dependencies between github repositories
Is it possible to upload a simple html and javascript file structure to heroku?
Error in creating object
Using OnTouchListener and OnLongClickListener interferes with eachother
Dragging two images using multi touch
access methods from other c++ files
Hibernate 鈥渋s not mapped鈥�exception [closed]
numbers of unique entries in range, VBA
How to solve EI_EXPOSE_REP2 and why exactly its wrong
Play and stop sound (2 views)
Facebook Android SDk post to my wall with Native FaceBook App or through web brwoser if FB app is not present
Calculate colordifference
deleting image files locked by vshost.exe c#
Creating MTOM and Deserializing it
OpenGL ES 2.0: Rotating object around itself on Android
Delete files from Xcode 4 project with AppleScript
RavenDB Query Multiple Documents Returning 401
auto-generate membership upgrade email in wordpress?
Using writeToFile:atomically: consecutively doesn't work鈥hy?
Instance Show for function
Link tag is ignored in dynamic data master page
drawing circle around my location
Error with parsing DOM obtained from OMIM RESTful Web services
How to check if a word contains a character within a string?
Randomly pairing users only in PHP - solution
Selection sort on strings
Merging column values in many to many relationship joins
Textview causing java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.TextView
Using UIView (AwesomeMenu) -> view doesn't appear
how do I parse JSON in action script?
link to external .js file does not work
jQuery - preload images based on anchor class
ejabber MUC not notifying on new messages
Python exec NameError
taskkill: different behaviour console vs. script
Display Files in the folder using PHP
Working with big numbers
Replace string by an other variable with a string
Link button with data in url
GWT Platform, GWT-Ext and SmartGWT [closed]
boost string split to eliminate spaces in words
Bash Script + Shift Multiple Variables
Setting options from environment variables when using argparse
HTML,PHP - Escape '<' and '>' symbols while echoing
HashSet UnionWith() method's performance problems in C#
Memory of a Void pointer
Using jQuery Ajax to return a JSON object
Copy package from one database to another using TOAD for Oracle
Byte array image larger than 1,024 bytes in length, IE8
Create new gist with Github API v3 using curl
1 second difference between boost microsec_clock and second_clock::universal_time
how to check all check boxes which shown throgh for loop?
MySQL truncates my first zeros data
Android floating buttons over a view
What is the best way to show incremental data in a gridview?
what's the maximum number of nominal values in a nominal attribute for SVM training in WEKA?
jQuery Modification of dynamically generated HTML Table
Regular Expression issue with unicode characters
HTML base tag issue in IE8 with no sheme/protocol
Code that uses ItemizedOverlayWithFocus
How can pass data and put in table dynamic in Xcode
Embed change src with target on link
select part of table column data in mysql
Is there a way remove property using Data Annotation in MVC3?
PHP exec ImageMagick always returns 0
Why ajax update panel keeps waiting whereas request is processed completely at server. Is it case that data not received to ajax panel?
Using sqlalchemy in pyramid_jqm
How use clear:both?
Unable to execute a mysql query
Joining multiple tables into one under one Id
Yielding Data to the Client Early in MVC 4.0 Web Api
MIDIYOKE in Delphi 2006
The way to use OOP on a login procedure
Jenkins for continues testing
ASP.NET services Declaring a DataSet
How to make ProgressBar undragable back?
apache mod rewrite with the_request
How to find which element breaks HTTPS on a webpage?
array_unique not working as expected in php
Python-saving matrix after all iterations
How to build a Flash program to always have right-click > 鈥淪how All鈥�enabled?
How to define a template function for a reference parameter and the same function for a pointer parameter
Disable push notification sound whenever i want
Git Workflow for continuous development
A css rule for each html element VS several simple css rules for each element?
How to build a Flash program to always have right-click > 鈥淪how All鈥�enabled?
How to define a template function for a reference parameter and the same function for a pointer parameter
Disable push notification sound whenever i want
Git Workflow for continuous development
A css rule for each html element VS several simple css rules for each element?
Child window loses focus after MessageBox is displayed
Google+ push notifications in own Android app
SQL 鈥淓xcept鈥�Still having problems
problems in loading up sencha stores with data on Android
Flex Spark List LabelItemRenderer remove selection when other list item enters down state
JavaFX usage of 鈥渋n jar鈥�images in css
How to do proper Reflection of base Interface methods
IIS 7.0 app pool recycling every minute
How to let user know that a Highcharts chart is clickable?
stop a list from going off the bottom of the page
Find if an item already exists in STL queue
Losing session in popup. Only in IE and only for some users
Set time out for a session or transaction in hibernate
Where can OSGI be applied?
Oracle - Comparing dates
unable to save image php
Check is file exists, not just the URL
AsEnumerable with stored procedure using Entity Framework
Doctrine2.1: Finding by DiscriminatorColumn results in 鈥淯nknown field鈥�exception
I want to change the string from user define special character using javascript
Django-Pagination Error
XSL:FO Page-Number() function with leading zeros
Add comment in Django-cms page
What exactly is the purpose of using schemata in genetic algorithm?
Xmldoc.load giving Object reference not set to an instance of an object
How to count webservice calls?
How to have Visual Studio automatically search for source code when debugging
Efficiently Merging Adjacent Blocks
How to overlap two divs
Concurrency and reusage of org.w3c.dom.Node
Is it possible to execute Hive queries parallelly by writing seperate mapreduce program?
PHP, remove from array?
Synchronizing LDAP groups with Wiki
How to guarantee order of primary key and timestamp in oracle database
,鈥渆rror鈥�鈥淣ot authorized鈥�when attempting to get tweet from user with hashtag
Binary search tree for strings
Default to numbers view on textfield focus
Can a textarea be sized to the content entered into it
can x86 intel 32-bit assembly do actions over a wireless network?
Android WebView selected textEvent
Is there any way to get the list of 'followers/'following' and 'messages' in my Twitter app in iOS?
How to calc a cyclic arc through 3 points and parameterize it 0..1 in 3d
Sharing Data in Python
Add Friend through Facebook Dialog - Android Facebook SDK
Need assistance with AlertDialog
Need assistance with AlertDialog
Unable to write to file programmatically on linux server
Android Google Account Manager Basic Login
How to get the source code of a URL returns value greater than number of characters read into string
Using same function 2nd time
performing .str().c_str() operation on ostringstream object giving core dump
Overriding type parameters
AutoComplete MVVM and Java Castings without using Java.Lang.Object on ViewModel
C# anonymous recursion and Y-combinator performance
How to capture 'body' and inside 'body' events in a page[Jquery]
Error -3 while decompressing data: invalid distance too far back
The request URL not found with zend framework
Dictionaries in Xquery
Insert error in mysql/php
ExtJs:Search Filter in combo box
C# illegal characters in the path
NLog does not creates log file
Delphi records conversion to C# struct and write to socket
Indexing data from database
Checking for an empty cell in excel using JExcel API
Delete SharePoint Recyclebin using powershell and webservices
Changing currency in cart column unit price excluse tax error when currency converted
Limit in Search API not working?
Core Image, save all at once or one after the other?
Backbone.model: Object function (a){return new n(a)} has no method 'has'
What should I use?
How can one easily do black box automated testing across multiple platforms?
How to make MySQL value Increase by one, using PHP
Code Access Security - Understanding why SecurityTransparent can call SecurityCritical
Serial Port Synchronization in Delphi
XStream: using the value of class attribute as element name
Is using 'eventhandler' in window a safe method of determining if window supports a given event handler?
Font With Strike through it
glassfish using virtual directory
Testing 鈥淧ost create鈥�with Rspec
UISplitView crashing after selecting a row
How to move an image from one point to another point in an canvas
GlassFish Insallation Configuration Error Bug
regex for url validation using jquery
compiled JiBX classes not in EAR file
Editable JavaFX TextArea appears read-only
Oracle SQL Developer - Combining Cartesian Product, Count/Sum and Group By
Conversion failed when converting from a string to a uniqueidentifier
Is there any way to get an html content/value with php?
Netty : Blocking call to get a connected Server Channel?
Is this disk read speed to be expected (Amazon EBS)?
Custom validator in client_side_validations
How to create loop partition from already existing partition
Sqlite Database should be created only once
Div - border until is text
Rspec controller spec
php, how to require something which is not in file?
New COM port available event
Painting boxes in iText PDF
How to use firebug to debug a custom javascript jquery file without stopping on all the others jquery core files?
JavaScript: insert image element at keyboard caret next to existing image element
Read xml file from Android Asset folder
Ruby += operation throws error
Is there a JQuery plugin that does CSS3 round corners? [closed]
static variable lifetime
Magento slow login to admin (backend)
Get only word before special char
How to run query on specific time in ASP NET webpage?
dynamically populating data in charsequence
Possible ways to get page source to get ID or Tag Name
how to set image stored as string url to an image view in android using AsyncTask
node.js jasmin-node script to run one spec at a time
NHibernate FlushMode.Commit auto saves dirty objects
WPF Limit number of checked rows in datagridviewcheckboxcolumn
Why do pragma's cause warnings when -Wall flag is used and what should be done to remove the warnings
how to correctly define Model to ViewModel relation?
Rails 3 refactoring ActiveRecord query
image as hyperlink in python / Tkinter
How do i centre a fieldset horizontally in a JQM website
IE, HTML issues when running the site on lamp
C# get string replacing NULLs with line break
Nginx TCP (WebSockets) Timeout / Keepalive Config
How can i upload multiple files in struts 1.3 using org.apache.struts.upload.FormFile[]
Akka become() and getSender() incompatible
Need to show the contents of one page in another page in a listbox?
Flex - How to get the parameters passed to a RemoteObject call when a FaultEvent is triggered?
Horizontal Scrollbar not appearing in DataGrid
python tuple to mysql
Pausing and resuming a Workflow (flowchart) hosted by IIS7
How to get Database Name from Connection String using SqlConnectionStringBuilder
Transferring an MWCellArray from C# to Matlab
Where to put methods that access the database
Twitter rate limits, authentication and how to get followers with oauth
c++ storing values out of rage of an array
Rails 3 Paths not working as expected
Andengine Box2D Explosion [closed]
Calling two times a function of a static variable?
Android / Eclipse / Emulator / WAMP: Error 503 and timeouts
How to plot the value of abline in R?
IllegalStateException with Hibernate 4 and ManyToOne cascading
How to format email using SMTP
ERROR: WSDL - SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from
Is it possible to manually subscribe a message driven bean to a JMS queue/topic at runtime?
Drop table, then cannot recreate table with the same name
cakephp redirect doesn't work on server
Collectionviewsource - different Thread owns it
MySQL Subquery Group By
Flex: How to animate the target I've clicked on?
Rails SQL query builder鈥�Or ActiveRecord query builder
Javascript/HTML: Optimizing large tables / lots of elements
Get full file path (without alias) on Lion in Java
Save my cookie data to MySQL database?
Delphi Indy IdUdpClient read operation, No data returned
Node - Express + Ember + Socket io project file structure for MVC development
How to load vimeo videos in JW player
cocos2d - NSMutableArray with levels, restart level and crash, next level works good
treeview generation in
How to pass chunk length from upload method to streaming content?
Change size of specific font
How to Read the data from Dropdown in ASP.Net MVC 3
javascript works on IE but doesnt on firefox and chrome
how to set up Azure VM Role instances ready/busy programmatically?
javascript get the text value of a column from a particular row of an html table
Magento checkout success page: get some order information
How to control direct url access?
(#100) At least one reference object must be specified - Simple POST of OG action
Does Fragementation depend on IP or Ethernet MTU
How to edit controller in Sencha Architect 2?
How to continuously run a exe within a batch file with different parameters
How do I reconnect to Cassandra using Hector?
Programming/Databasing with Visual FoxPro
If a new Frame show up setEditable(false) , If the user close it setEditable(true)
ASP.NET Authentication to use LocalStorage rather than Cookie?
Group by user and show latest in MYSQL not working
Convert that image in thumbnail and save both the images in
How to stay on the same tab after submitting a form
No ending delimiter '^' found [duplicate]
If non-static method can be static without any bad impact on code?
How to parse xml code to html
Updating year in datetime variable
java create HTTP persistent connection
Dynamic views for different screen sizes
Where/how to delete an object within another object, outside the function that it was created in
How to select only number in txt file using command line functions in Windows
Detect if UITableView is in beginUpdates/endUpdates state
Receiving kAUGraphErr_CannotDoInCurrentContext
how could I capture keyboard input and write it to file?
Wp7 dataconnectivity exception
Retriving image from server to android app
Do C & C++ compilers optimize comparisons with function calls?
iframe overlays content
CSS Div Relative Positions
To fetch a specific sentence in a given string
count the number of film instances
Retriving image from server to android app
Do C & C++ compilers optimize comparisons with function calls?
iframe overlays content
CSS Div Relative Positions
To fetch a specific sentence in a given string
count the number of film instances
How to calculate year-end of the work with different years of working in ms sql?
How do I use the CONCAT function in SQL Server 2008 R2?
Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 Can not Load mso.dll for designer view
Scaling font headings with flexible grid
python: override __new__ on polymorphic class [closed]
GridFS - product images & thumbnails - what is the best DB sctructure?
How do I post a message to Yammer with a specific topic using the API?
Connect to remote server and start/stop the Tomcat that's running on that particular server using Ant?
Python 2.7 error with a self-referential variable assignment in a function: local variable referenced before assignment [closed]
writeToFile method not working for ipod
Best way to hide keyboard in Android
Java Design Patterns: Facade
What is the simplest and most efficient way to get the first and last date of the previous month?
Creating Binary Search Trees
How to determine if anything changed in update trigger in t-sql
In Objective-c, detecting when all of a variable number of UIButton have been pressed
Check for min/max checkboxes checked in checkbox list with unobtrusive jQuery validation in ASP.NET MVC 3?
MKPointAnnotation leaks memory in title
image background / foreground detection with ccv
How to run background thread when the application was terminated in iphone sdk?
Displaying google ppt to my android device
Index several tables at once with mongoDB, how?
javascript objects syntax
How to access attributes of an embedded document (DBRef-like) from a Schema method with Mongoose?
Children are not fetch with Parent in jdo
Get JSON objects from MYSQL to an Array
UIKeyboard pushing UIWEBVIEW
Receive GPRMC in Android
OSX app that works without being active
How to check if other end of a socket has been accepted?
Last row in the database
MSBuild versus Visual Studio 2008 binaries incompatible?
Difference in file size of an Excel file when downloading directly as opposed to open and saving it
Why removeEventListener on the new instance of the object is not working?
what is the functionality of trace()?
one Checkbox to control gridview rows
Download files directly with apache for authenticated users [closed]
pygtk combobox focus signal handling
Mobile Detection / Redirection with user decision via jQuery UI Dialog
giving custom autosuggestion for uitextfield iphone
Htaccess redirect static sub-domain to domain
how to push associative item into array in javascript?
I cannot save retrieve NSurl from another class?
Getting distinct values in this query
PHPUnit - I get some unecessary exception (undefined variable)
Powershell test if folder empty
Recommend a free Java library to construct a tree and get path between leaf nodes?
Isometric world scrolling Java
Android : 4.0.3 emulator closed automatically after some time
Keep javascript within new javascript element
Printing visual with WPF and assigning printerName
flash of un-styled content. How to hide all custom fonts before the page has loaded?
How to install PHP 5.3 - mhash in Centos?
Clr namespace mapping to default xaml namespaces
emulator virtual device not booting; log shows 'unknown error'
Liferay + LDAP + CAS
Jsf2.0 preRenderView
XNA Custom Mesh Normal Calculating
Inserting list items into database as separate entries
Input Type=鈥淩ange鈥�not getting refreshed in PhoneGap IOS application
How to open a link with a different protocol than http
Loading a local html in WebBrowser
Qt. Automatically adding version for application
How to limit the visible items of dropdownlist, which is populated by DataSet
Document functions defined through a macro in Doxygen
setOnClick for 100 buttons
Selenium ChromeDriver switch tabs
python tuple to list [duplicate]
urlrewriting in button click
NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate doesn't fire fetchedResultsController
Google Api OAuth2.0 and Aspnet MVC 3 [closed]
Accessing Page Template Metadata from a Razor TBB
XCode Using two targets and Class Duplication
return reference of an object from an iterator
EventBrite APi methods
If we use 鈥淪elect 8 instead of Select * 鈥�in sqlite database what will be the result?
Is there Rich Media Support for iPhone Applications ?
Java - from short to byte[2] using LITTLE_ENDIAN
Targeting aspects based annotation on a class with Spring and AspectJ
Ilist and Iqueryable
Hide the breakpoints-bar in Jetbrains PHPStorm 4
OpenGL ES and overlapping triangles with VBO
Delphi XE2: EResNotFound exception 鈥淩esource 鈥�lt;mainform>鈥�not found鈥�raised on some target machines but not on others
Is it possible to access the subject of the surrounding context in Rspec?
How do I create a sandbox for each customer in PHP?
Define timer method controller rails
Disabling a link on leftnavigation pane once clicked
Large Image Centering
Joining tables on columns with different names but produce single column in result
how to send embed images in email using php and html
Different data sources for iPhone app in the App Store
how do I find the php session start timestamp
Using append returns [object]?
How do I create a sandbox for each customer in PHP?
Define timer method controller rails
Disabling a link on leftnavigation pane once clicked
Large Image Centering
Joining tables on columns with different names but produce single column in result
how to send embed images in email using php and html
Different data sources for iPhone app in the App Store
how do I find the php session start timestamp
Using append returns [object]?
Different way of defining Objective C properties
Stop execution in repetion structure. VB.NET
Delphi: JSON array
Insert current date in to destination folder structure
MVC3 virtual directory view folder is very slow
javascript addEventListener firing on all elements
SQL reverse LIKE
Toolkit options to write a crossplatform mobile app in 2012?
How to get substring of comma delimited string?
Pass option to cmake for future option to crosscompilation (CROSS_COMPILE)
Session Management in Liferay
preg replace pattern for pipe followed by any character
Windows hook gets called only once
How to use multiple USB webcam in Matlab working simutaneously?
SELECT returning no rows using declared variable inside MySQL trigger
C# - Convert decimal to int32
How to get value within loop?
Android Bitmap/Canvas zoom in or out
Transaction Management with asynchronous methods in Java EE
android how to keep session open without using cookies after connecting to web with more than one url?
Why are pointers to the base class preferred over references?
ZipInputStream check whether zip file valid before going to extract it
Prestashop: How to display product discount on invoice
URL Connection: What is the difference between the following?
JQuery On Select change assign value to variable and reload script
Why can't Python execute java.exe via subprocess?
Dojo.toJson() method return 鈥渘ull鈥�string
The page is performing an async postback but the ScriptManager.SupportsPartialRendering
Difference between DIjkstra and BellmanFord algorithm [closed]
cannot update a field of a record in a relative file, C++
SWT: Table lost selection
Nested list back button sencha touch 2
How do I read the digital signature information from a signed .Net assembly?
Do Activities as tabs get their onSaveInstanceState/onRestoreInstanceState methods called on rotation?
Is there any proven hijax implementation
Console based chat. How to separate the messages and the input?
Race Conditions with pthreads in C
Syntax error in conditional expression
Passing a variable from within a while loop to a jquery
How to stop JqueryTools scrollable touch
Im using break point but it never get to the first line in the class
Unable to open camera on samsung phone in j2me
display status from user who i follow
Scroll a table view to a cell, then flash the cell
Unity3d and Yii webserivce
Scrollable in my component
Notepad++ SourceCookifier plugin very slow on large C++ headers
Highchart dynamic creation - not rendering properly
How to read a selected text file from sdcard on android
Getting active datasource when there are multiple datasources?
Facebook Likebox stream not showing
Facebook game sound in javascript
Where is the source tree in Sourcetree?
Why can't I save a value for Inherited Project Property Sheets?
How to check an if object is not of a particular type?
CanCan ruby on rails error
How do i pass an value to a function that i use as parameter?
Accessing column names in a data frame
return list all the procedures, tables and functions in my databse
XSLT Incorrect out for matching records containing letters
drag and drop on dynamically created div
run time error in android activity has been stoped [duplicate]
Disable starting Jboss 5.1 as application in Mac OSX Lion
Adding information extracted from a spreadsheet onto a site
for too long texts in wpf combobox
Here is my XAML code that has the line 41 and its position 252
easy java code,printing stars
Dates in Drupal are off by one day when logged in
Is there a way to specify the where T:new() restriction but with internal constructor?
Intermediate results in the new Async/Await commands
What's the recommended way to switch an old offline_access page token for a new extended page token
Is the utmt parameter needed when sending a custom variable gif request in google analytics?
How To Extract Tuple Data into Single Element Format
Android Application Licensing Issue
Linking to Boost libraries fails because of lib prefix
Process an ajax function while an ajax function
Listing Windows Server 2008 Enterprise local User Accounts without logging in
ExtJS 4 logout from ExtJS after session is over
Sitefinity development environment and source code control
Need to load fonts dynamically without embedding the font in as3
How to Display first page of PDF before downloading is completed [duplicate]
RenderTarget2D tints all alpha purple
script src attribution sometimes doen't work in .php file
New activity on List Click
JavaScript - split, choose all after a given number
Jqplot: Get the labels and x-axis ticks dynamically
How to serve non-aspx files from a custom ASP.Net server
Set 鈥淎llow clients to upload files鈥�for an IIS Virtual Directory using Powershell
DropDownList - selected value shown in edit form
How to set CommandTimeout for DbContext?
Draw a Line in Python Mayavi
Network timed out exception
JTextField displayed as slit when using FlowLayout鈥lease explain
How can I create application that Support both mobile & tablet?
SQLite: incrementing a value of type 鈥渞eal鈥�
How to display payment method form in myaccount page without quote or order?
Web app not working on IPad but works on desktop browser
WaitforMultipleObjects not work properly
How to filter a lookup field in Sharepoint?
Sending arguments to gesture recognizer initialization selector?
Colspan is disturbing table layout
Flooding algorithm on a network
Ajax returns error
Java Swing: prevent Components to update enabled state until I tell them to
Time format in page
Why is scrolling a UITableView much more responsive than scrolling a UIScrollView?
FTP address of Drupal site and migration between dev and prod
d3.js & json - simple sample code?
Pase bbcode with exceptions
Copy bundle resources
LinearyLayout won't resize once its height is 0
Querying as if in a loop
Is it possible to get image size by Image url using Javascript
鈥淕lobal鈥�WinForms events
The model suit for notification system [closed]
Check if element with same name attribute exists jQuery
Any Ruby API or Web Service to read scanned OMR sheets?
Jmagick error : magick.MagickException: No image to scale
How to find number of milliseconds that have elapsed from a timestamp in local/any timezone in java
How to change hash keys from `Symbol`s to `String`s?
How to upload multi-files in one time in IE webpage use dojo framework
C#: Display if a percentage is a negative value or not
Codeigniter mysql procedure multiple variables
svn propedit in a noninteractive script
Populating text input field in jsf with getParameter value?
Method used in API android
Getting innerWidth of frame from another frame
Update progress bar from values obtained from different class
Extending Entity Framework : How to add the attribute 鈥�edmx:CopyToSSDL=鈥漷rue鈥溾� by default to the edmx
Which is the lightest weight: Canvas or Grid?
Ininite launch application android Eclipse
Updating table, choosing between 3 random strings - how?
dynamic window.location after adding an element dynamic
Obtain name from absolute path, substring from last slash, java android
Function for taking a integral in Matlab
Do you understand this deadlock?
APC opcode caching on different file versions
Query for entering the value in database from java
Uploading images jQuery File-uploader - min size?
htaccess remove php extension and redirect index
Hibernate Criteria: adding additional restriction to Restrictions.isEmpty
dynamic window.location after adding an element dynamic
Obtain name from absolute path, substring from last slash, java android
Function for taking a integral in Matlab
Do you understand this deadlock?
APC opcode caching on different file versions
Query for entering the value in database from java
Uploading images jQuery File-uploader - min size?
htaccess remove php extension and redirect index
Hibernate Criteria: adding additional restriction to Restrictions.isEmpty
Simple (E1 AND E2) OR (E3 AND E4)expression in QueryDSL
Resize the Jpanel with in Jframe in java Swing
Manually pause an application in Android Phonegap
How to adjust image for the button?
Web app not working on IPad but works on desktop browser
Infragistics ExcelExporter Async
Java annotation scanning with spring
Magento 1.6 possible to install extensions using connect 1.0
How do I display a right click menu in a cimg display window?
utf8 without BOM encoding in eclipse
Dynamically generated treeview click undeterministic behavior
PL/pgSQL record based on SELECT with CamelCase columns
Left margin in SQL query two column string concatenation
Error while compiling gosqlite on windows
JW Player loses uniform stretching
Use AJAX to retrieve a record from a database with user input
Display system resource usage from console application
weather forecast application showing errors
Taking snapshot is very slow in Visual Studio2010
java split strings function
Displaying images from specific folder in sd card in grid view
A/B testing views in the appstore?
PHP curl: Can't get site content - cookies issue?
Capturing file path in JAVA
Is it possible to send images,videos,sounds etc using microsoft push notification in windows phone 7?
KDTree for longitude/latitude
JSF : Reset After Validation=ok
image gallery of Querycode two does not work with each other
Write OWN UINavigationController? Similar functionallity, not subclassing
What is the size of the object in java
How to create custom function in a QSqlDatabase: regex in sqlite and pyqt
How can I add one parameter to add() function
opengl drawing depth-buffered images
Can a 'delegate' property support multiple protocols?
writting multiple xml nodes in a single xml file
Efficient performance measurement
Is is possible to make a class method that is also a instance method? [duplicate]
multiple modal window issue
How to highlight invalid data on gridview if validation against a DataTable is failed VB.Net?
pypy how to find the file about implement list type [closed]
Hibernate: optional attribute in composite natural primary key
Postgresql select until certain total amount is reached
python dropbox api - save token file?
Record the sound and play it back with changed pitch
Get all country names used in Bing Maps SOAP Services
moving an animated character dynamically in a WebView
How to stop redirection from server side
how to set html tag dir attribute from rtl to ltr and vice versa programmatically in c sharp
Retrieving vptr(pointer to virtual Table aka VTABLE)from the Objdump utility?
jquery picklist where select option values are not numeric
show/hide the corresponding part content of li?
Searchable dictionary not working in hardware tests
Progress update from already running BackgroundTask?
Rails 3.1 Generating Stylesheets attached to ActiveRecord Model objects
Google Directions - different behaviour on different ISPs
What would be the regular expression to remove whitespaces between tags only in an xml file?
checkbox values back to controller using htmlhelpers
Shell script execution using action script 3.0
Best practice with dynamic_cast and polymorphism
Sessions and LDAP
TortoiseSVN for MAC? [closed]
How can I test DB2 9.5 -> 9.7 Migration/Upgrade?
VBA - Pretty Print a Row in Excel
When XPath uses the preceding-sibling axis ,I want to return the nodes in a reverse order ? How ?
Remove file prefix in absolute path but prefix is also directory part
Correlation between selection of columns in df using a for-loop
mvn compiler:compile works, mvn compile not
WCF ProtocolException receiving html
How to use parameters in a SQL query with NOT EXISTS?
Unable to set breakpoints in VS 2010
Regex gets more result then in text available
Delayed_job, sending mail from within a delayed method
5 and 95th whiskers with sglot?
How can I reset a model and view in PySide / PyQt / Qt?
How can I adjust contrast in OpenCV in C?
c3p0 connection pooling properties are not set?
How to use dependency injection in servlet?
unable to end call in android verstion 2.2.6
how to get the content in NSMutableArray?
Is it possible to write a SQLite query which recursively gets all items that are child items of a root node
Updating model behind the editor when file has been refreshed
How to disable freqeuncy scaling on android?
Play framework - uploading file in mySql
Add tree as a sub tree to different type of tree
How to get the colour of a applet viewer pixel in Java?
run a function after checkbox checked and pushed submit button with jquery
onLoad iFrame with Colorbox
Regular expression not matching all items that should match
Joomla - Change main menu
Why do I get two frequency spikes from a simple sin function via FFT in R?
Multiple rows returned by a subquery used as an expression
Application unable auto detect device screen size
javascript ajax responesText compare not working in Chrome?
Access a parameter in Javascript
android, delete multiple rows in sqlite
How to draw char of Wingding.ttf font with Java Graphics.DrawString?
Delphi - xml - listview and groups
PHP: Return a value from a Function and change the variable for the while Loop that it is in
Why can't I send this IP packet?
Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined only in Chrome
Android-facebook chat client using xmpp
iOS Variable names and memory management
Why swap don't use Xor operation in C++
Sending back a hashtable inside a dictionary in WCF
How can I link a local pdf file on html file - the html file is showing on UIWebView
The RequestFactory ValidationTool must be run for the 鈥�ApplicationRequestFactory RequestFactory type
Google Custom Function : error Invalid assignment left-hand side
What is the HTML 'Server' Element and why is IIS refusing to render it
How to make a Git merge operation ignore identical changes made to both branches?
Find extension of file from URL
How to use berkeley packet filter (BPF) on ubuntu
Release management in parallel development/testing environment -Deadlock
How to stop running the next function?
JavaScript redirect from Tumblr to WordPress
Loading a dll with LoadLibrary
Android and services
Dynamic textboxes error Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index
std::inserter not working
Fluent Nhibernate ImportType
Problems with loading custom resource properties Wicket
Start page background on bottom from both sides - CSS
Load a form using ajax in Jquery Mobile
jQuery Waypoints - functions seem to be overriding each other
navigation not working in sencha
Android merge adapter adding a view from an xml
How to configure handling of Map Properties
Php last login time and current login time difference鈥�Right or wrong?
How to access getColumnNames from JSP in EL?
iOS : App Store Approval Process - Declaration of Use of Encryption
Add ending tag and start tag
Entity Data Model Designer - case sensitive on property names
There is no endpoint listening error when a WCF service is hosted on IIS
Does dojo TabContainer have an event thats triggered when changing tabs?
Slicing PNG files for the User Interface of a Windows program [closed]
image scaling with rotation in android like photoshop
Show waiting cursor while starting and loading application
Conflicts while merging - how to tell git to always use newer?
openFrameworks & Kinect: Improve human contour
Infopath form code : get folder in which a web-enabled form is stored
Duplication localStorage data using backbone.js + backbone.localStorage.js
Navigate to settings screen in iphone
Does dojo TabContainer have an event thats triggered when changing tabs?
Slicing PNG files for the User Interface of a Windows program [closed]
image scaling with rotation in android like photoshop
Show waiting cursor while starting and loading application
Conflicts while merging - how to tell git to always use newer?
openFrameworks & Kinect: Improve human contour
Infopath form code : get folder in which a web-enabled form is stored
Duplication localStorage data using backbone.js + backbone.localStorage.js
Navigate to settings screen in iphone
Partnership enrolling in Apple Developer Program
Accessing Google Bookmarks server side with PHP
Search Graph API type=page empty result
preventing a construction of multiple objects
target.frontMostApp().keyboard() failed to locate key 'N'
Fill in a ArrayList within a configuration jelly file for a Jenkins Plugin
The same current_user on multiple models in devise
How to load a library from Module using codeigniter modular extensions
Handler socket timers on read/write
How I put external file that will be used by .java file on source package and lib jar on Java Web Application?
In Akka, how do I know when an actor is ready to use after having been registered with actorOf()?
iPhone App : recording audio in mp3
JFrame + JOGL only displays content when resized or minimised + maximised
Insert space after every one or two characters in string
I want to handling using stringWithContentsOfURL method when network is bad ? in ios
Alarm Clock 鈥�Time Picker
HTML generated for RichTextArea: what is #document?
TimerQueue undeclared identifier
CSS attribute not applied when using css file
Create an Array List in C#
How to add effects(like CurlUp, CurlDown etc) to movie created using objective c iPhone
How to do a recursive grep (search) and automaticaly look inside archive files especially jar ones?
How to get read data from response header in jquery/javascript [duplicate]
Why can I create a class named 鈥渧ar鈥�
Share with Facebook in MVC 3
which data structure i should use in Java for 1 key multiple value
Gallery view scrolling is not working when i set itemclicklistener for imageview?
Keyboard event gets lost in jlist
Encrypting and Decrypting with python and nodejs
Otp application:stop(..) kills all spawned processes, not just spawn_linked ones?
Importing and running Django development server
Zend Framework Form not rendering special characters like (盲, 枚, 眉 etc) - makes the form element value empty
Retrieve data from an input form and make a get request spring mvc
MVC3 Areas routing conflict
php input with 1 decimal number
How can I close Visual Studio's dockable windows with my keyboard?
Code igniter prepending db prefix in table aliases
Restrict values for attribute with xsd
Javascript not working (textbox.value = fileupload.value)
Webservice and Monodroid
MySQL Events League JOIN 3 Tables
Android - Draw lines with Gradient
How to upgrade the hibernate-validator 4.3.0.Final to the Glassfish 3.1.2?
Holo light theme not setting on button
starting with GTK+ on Ubuntu [closed]
antlr unparsed tokens at the end does not generate error
string matching in php, sometimes it works, sometimes not, what am I missing?
Veracode testing , Detecting and fixing flaws
rails validation,How to check field having value in range of other field
FDT: An internal error occurred during debugging
animating setImage, delaying setImage
Reloading Activity in PhoneGap
java : A fatal error is coming while runnig Swing Application(.6.0_18-b07)
How can any thread usually release the non-recursive mutex no matter which thread originally took the mutex?
Display options onclicking h:selectOneRadio
ViewPageIndicator- Jake Wharton- Why tabs with viewpager shows title unlike ICS?
小ross-browser compatibility problems with the position of the element
Memory leak in the Win64 Delphi RTL during thread shutdown?
Mysql query - Count items grouping by year and including 鈥渟ub-counts鈥�
'Request header field Authorization is not allowed' error - Tastypie
Ajax method 鈥淯ndefined error 鈥�on webpage?
css3 framework for ie7
JPA Criteria (and JPQL) right outer join
C# Setting the Excel Cell background opacity
making auto_ptr to a friend class
Buddy Press query displayed user posts
Native JSON support for BigQuery?
How to invoke SCP command from Qt
Javascript how to do substring global replacement with specific rule applied
How does Trello Full Text Search work?
Can I run vb script from C# application ?
Spring MVC - Mapping / to a controller
Change the range of rangeinput of jquery tools
Core Plot x axis values scale and adding a button
Why do I get the same value from iterating over this hash?
How to convert chars (脗 or 脙 or 芒鈧� to ASCII codes while creating word document using C#?
What are the signs that I *shouldn't* use Ruby on Rails for a project? [closed]
Xdebug not writing to file
Should I use File.write?
Adding BarButtonItems to backButton in view controller
Store mongoid in MySQL or store MySQL record id in mongo?