total sum of the all duration resulted from 'select' query in sql server 2008
Setup Chrome WebDriver with remote 'chromedriver.exe' file
auto scroll based on scrollTop()
jquery adding class in parent
non-void function works fine even without executing return
Console app not parsing correctly args with white spaces
redirect from chart control
Object Base Domain Not Allowed: error when tried to implement Facebook like button
readObject() blocking on particular objects
Using a marshalled BSTR type to pass an ASCII string
No provisioned iOS devices are available with a compatible iOS version,Why i am getting this error?
Efficient way to get twitter followers of multiple accounts (e.g. 5) in a single request?
What is the proper way to test 'create' controller actions?
Django lazy QuerySet and pagination
c++ inheritance and templates not compiling
JavaScript works on FireFox but not on Chrome or IE
CVS Diff not working with TortoiseCVS
How do I debug a WP7 app that runs fine in debug, but crashes otherwise?
php assign 2 variables to form value element
Issues with elasticsearch using play framework
Ruby - Rails 3 - AJAXinate Paginate and sorting
How to schedule automatic backups in teamcity?
Failure on delivering results from gallery
open a port 30890 of my local machine (linux)
Longest chain of elements from list in Python
Orbiting a 3d camera around an object in javascript
NCrunch doesn't mark lines as covered by tests, but they are
How to use multiple actions add, edit, delete in display tag
Pass multiple values through and process them
Eclipse wont work anymore
view fliper with intent passing
In XForms, with Orbeon, how to update an XML instance through jQuery?
toJSON on Backbone.Collection#where?
How to create one .net solution for crm 2011 that connects to two different servicecontexts using early bound code
Unfriendly Numbers from
jetty-maven-plugin source code repository
How to Reduce 3G data Usage of Google Map API Android
c# - Winform App - Webpage Interaction
UITableView cellForRowAtIndexPath called more than once for each row
Convert Adobe Flash CS5 file to Adobe Flash CS3
Get Element By id or Name in Curl
how to add image to dropdown using javascript in jsp
iText Pdf Header Removal for particular page
Save Query in MySql Trigger
Qt class error on windows
Action sheet in an UIScrollview
Error in generating pdf
javafx 2.0 adding border to Label
finding last occurrence using boost string
Can we run simple html file on our machine by turning off IIS server?
what is the format of message that we pass to MSPN service?
jPicker - broken images
Twitter Bootstrap Tabs href=鈥�鈥�anchor tag jumping
Anchor 鈥渏avascript:void(0)鈥�causing window.onbeforeunload to fire on IE
How can I populate a ListView with contacts within a custom adapter class?
Grouping Sale Quantities and Sale Figures by Days of the week using sql
How to access external db file in Xcode
Getting digits from an NSString
UserControl throwing exception 鈥淐ross-thread operation not valid鈥�
finding last occurrence using boost string
Can we run simple html file on our machine by turning off IIS server?
what is the format of message that we pass to MSPN service?
jPicker - broken images
Twitter Bootstrap Tabs href=鈥�鈥�anchor tag jumping
Anchor 鈥渏avascript:void(0)鈥�causing window.onbeforeunload to fire on IE
How can I populate a ListView with contacts within a custom adapter class?
Grouping Sale Quantities and Sale Figures by Days of the week using sql
How to access external db file in Xcode
Getting digits from an NSString
UserControl throwing exception 鈥淐ross-thread operation not valid鈥�
Hibernate Search issue on Amazon
Android Development :: View Objects
performance when converting an integer into its bytes characters representation in python
Find most identical string in string collection
validation for the 鈥渧ersion鈥�field in a table
How to maintain the statuses of parent and child database objects, by updating children when the parent changes
PHP captcha wont show image
how to put special symbols in google chart?
XSLT transformation adds an unexpected namespace to the result [closed]
Map : Reverse geocoding request : Jquery async request
Object sent from client to web-service using WSDL is null on the web-service, but not in the client, why?
Get distinct result set in marklogic server
Django request.LANGUAGE_CODE in model method
How to call Applet method from javascript
Best practice to test your jsf application, for example the login page
How to initialize Class<? extends MyClass>
Maven : How to avoid version appended to a war file in Maven?
Validating XML where element names contain sequence numbers
How to modify Tiny MCE defaults values in table plug-in?
Android app <-> BlobStore [closed]
Can I use to match all content and just filter by category?
Smoothly resizing a component over a transparent container in swing
Flume to migrate data from MySQL to Hadoop
Marshalling cyclic entites with Castor
Validating and reading a Word file in Android
Updating mysql numeric field knowing only direction
Sencha Touch - Security issue with calling webservice
Coldfusion and Java how to validate a punycode IDN
Set File Permissions on aosp
How to create License for my Java Software?
When I user Django to create a user account, can the account be created in Kerberos automatically?
LINQ Select and Convert Entites to ViewModels
How to use jQuery insted of Update panel?
Server following GMT time instead of Local Time
how to fetch the data from sqlite database and show in listview in android
mysql dynamic query inside stored procedure
Usage of jquery's sortable serialize result to php
cascade delete all virtual collections
send link in text message in iPhone
MySQL Query with multiple columns but exact matches?
Getting files from a label - Perforce Java API
Trouble getting a Stylish code to be page or domain-specific in Firefox?
Delphi DBExpress error with turkish collation
Serialize proxy class and deserialize in other proxy class
Rails cannot establish a Postgres connection
I need to get the divs inside the main div and if the data inside them is empty hide theat div
Accessing joined object in linq join
Core Animation: Frame Rate
Django - Simple select box form vs template
Convert an iOS objective c object to a JSON string
CSV export in Play Framework 2.0
Colapsible panel within accordion
How to distribute floated elements evenly with a dynamic column and row count in CSS?
SQL filtered indexes: should I always put a filter on an index for optional columns?
About w3c dom to update xml file
How to stress test server memory and processor?
Java Generics: The wildcard(?) as argument and return type
IOS: save an uimage when I press home button
execute a javascript function when user selects a file
java assist creating dynamic class and its object
BinaryReader or Writer.Close() is not closing properly C#
Issue with encrypt and decrypt a word docx file in php
How to show loading page indicator in [closed]
Obj C MD5 differs from PHP md5() function
java change control's color gradually
Call to function 'CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes' returns a Core Foundation object with a +1 retain count
Retrieving database meta information using Java EE/JPA
How to use namespaces in JAXB using EclipseLink MOXy?
How to change action for a foreign key
Why does the following setTimeout print straight away?
Splitting a string into two strings in xquery
Wpf datagrid validationrule for unique field
How to define a NSArray?
OpenCL/CPU. Test whether the OpenCL framework is available
Android Runtime.exec(鈥渁rp鈥� does not work
android listview limite on characters?
Advertising for XNA WP7 application, unable to click
Wp7 dataconnectivity error
Web application testing using FitNesse and soapUI - any best practice on test management and maintainability?
Style with setter instead of code
UINavigationBar custom background with overhang (iOS 5)
Query MySQL LIKE with dot separator
PHP - toggle state
How to deploy Servlet project to google app engine?
Can visual studio automatically indent / format preprocessing directives? [duplicate]
Append JavaScript or StyleSheet from View_Helpers called inside a Layout
Centering an absolutely positioned element
Java Voice Chat Exception : Unsupported PCM_SIGNED
animateWithDuration completes immediately
Java Voice Chat Exception : Unsupported PCM_SIGNED
animateWithDuration completes immediately
Wordpress display google maps for places through admin
Objective - C Sting formatting just like printf/NSString stringWithFormat
iOS 5 hiding tabBarItem text labels
Ajax url parameter in joomla module
Mutex locks - where the sets could have been built by merging
Cast the base class List to sub class List [duplicate]
Creating An Inner Border
iOS animation (transition) for text appearing in wave
Do OpenJPA and/or Hibernate support variable relationships like EclipseLink does?
Googlemap Api V3 Catch event
How to detect webbrowser is downloading data from target server when click an element in C#
how to set five button in toolbar with same size?
authentication with http header in pyramid
Open a specific InfoWindow without click nor in upload or initialization in Google Maps V3 Places
Read-only or disabled the jquery tags
how to count no of specific symbol in a row in mysql
How to delete the first and last two characters from a text file using sed?
Google TV design UI
Number of particular months/weekdays between two dates
Application Loader, new weird warning about Signiant Transfer Engine
How would you model contact list with self-reference and category?
How to use 鈥渨idth auto鈥�and 鈥渇loat鈥�to align divs?
Make Play! recompile when a file is modified rather than when browser is refreshed
Is it possible to detect if the selected item is the first in LINQ-to-SQL?
C# Soap Request: more than one Security header for the configured actor
Installshield use a custom dll from another custom dll
git rm -r doesn't work
Reading filecontents into webbrowser control strips away my umlauts
What characters are permitted for haskell operators?
progress bar in php & jquery
Magento use different size chart for different products
How to destroy an inactive view in Sencha Touch
the requested resource () is not available tomcat
How to implement optional support for a jar if ONLY it exists
CNAME redirect from 1 domain to other, shortening url
No unspecified launch error only if a loop is unrolled?
Disable single checkbox in a ListView with checkboxes
Java: Throwing exceptions
KendoUI: why Dates in categoryAxis are shuffled?
Preventing RestKit mapping from auto save
Draw a MapsApp-like Overlay
Twitter Login Dialog error
Parse .h header files into c# data structures in runtime
insert geospatial datatype( mutipolygon) in mysql with java( jdbc)
How to skip selected url while mirroring site with wget
QuickDialog/QuickDialog.h file not found xcode 4.2
What data structrure can i use for a table in Java?
Review board 's post-review can't work with git,why?
How to select columns from two tables, and order by one of them?
Limiting the amount of characters in a string
Binary data written to a MySQL table via ODBC gets truncated
What is triple DESm (3DESm) encryption method? Is it much different from 3DES?
Jquery not running on ajax call
Multiple object locks in Java?
adding layout within another layout error
How to create Infowindows for multiple markers with drop animation
Android TextView, move a specified character in the textview to a specified position?
Build a WCF with generic type
The argument to DbIsNullExpression must refer to a primitive or reference type
For desktop applications, how to get Facebook access_token from Browser?
Debugging Azure - An error occurred loading a configuration file
Changed existing entity model and manually updated SQL Server database but still get context changed error
Can we use height in percentage in css?
How to test 'new' controller actions?
Engraved text effect in android app
for loop in lua how to index with array
How to reconcile common rows in two tables columnwise in oracle?
What should i do if session logs out after 鈥�0鈥�minutes in
javascript remove child
How to show menu items in a form the Facebook showing its lists?
jquery selector - exclude first and second
Random numbers without repetition
css display block height change in browser window
MIT license changed to non-commercial BSD
PHP member data lost when abstract method returns
How to show last login time ( year,month,week,day,time,sec).. i tried but Wrong output
JS function cancelFullScreen don't work after pressing F11. Is it possible to fix it?
What's the differences between GlyphRange and CharacterRange in NSTextView?
How to install node.js as windows service?
Java 7: COM-API does not work with Quality Center (OTAClient.dll), but works with Java 6
insert values from an array into mySQL Query
WCF service in WPF self host application crash when I throw a fault exception (async methods)
xtk-deps.js file missing?
User interface for Spring Roo
How to implement 鈥渞ead more鈥�functionality
Parameter setting issue in ssrs report from winforms
redirect from one domain to another but keep requested page
simple server in C [closed]
How to improve performance: database or text file?
uninitialized constant Rake::DSL
Hiding Keyboard in Android
NetworkStream data is squeezed when a TCP client sends data heavily to a TCP server
splice: is it ok when the end of LENGTH is past of the array?
Alfresco : Non-Administrator users cannot turn a site into moderate mode
PHP - how to create object or asociative array from a JSON string
JQuery center screen loading message
how to draw custom shapes using a simple texture in libgdx?
How can I tell when HttpClient has timed out?
Alfresco : Non-Administrator users cannot turn a site into moderate mode
PHP - how to create object or asociative array from a JSON string
JQuery center screen loading message
how to draw custom shapes using a simple texture in libgdx?
How can I tell when HttpClient has timed out?
are all PDF files compressed
Best Practice in `For` loop in java [duplicate]
Drupal or joomla ? Which one is better for a classifieds site [closed]
Listen for browser width for responsive web design?
Creating paypal buttons on the fly
How to create an instance of a module and pass it to another with requirejs?
Delphi : copy column from one excel sheet to another
Java: JMS message delivery order for different sessions
Rename python tempfile
SQL Query to calculate remaining running balances based on a given conditions
how to use backbone.js and implement FB.Event.subscribe
PHP Array Insert
How to show pdf page wise in android
Can I let the code-behind file for a WCF service be a T4 file?
Left outer join in access?
how to get a fingerprint from my android device
How cancel navigation in RichTextBox
How to re-use the Windows 鈥渟elect users鈥�dialog in program?
exception handeling, creating log and continue the program even after an exception occours in JAVA [duplicate]
SQL Server paginate complex query
Regex.Split on plus and minus sign
ngnix on amazon ec2 instance which has RedHat 4.4.4-13?
How to dismiss alertview when click on the button in that alertview
Address for PARIS, 75000 is not what I expected
Android:how to find the android version name programmatically?
C++ Noobie - Why does moving these lines break my application?
Displaying Alert Dialog within Dialog in Android?
鈥淪ubstring鈥�a Numeric Value
How to mangage javascript files and encapsulate JavaScript/jQuery functions
Decrypting personal Address gives error
Very Simple, Very Smooth, JavaScript Marquee
Xdebug + KcacheGrind output graph shows percentages higher than 100%
ASIHTTPRequest requestFinished not called
How to calculate that a B+ tree is O(log(n)) for lookups
trying to set up a sencond site
how to refresh div via ajax
Temporarily disabling scrolling on touchmove (mobile)
Add custom property to all symfony2 controllers
Count not initialize Class JRLoader
Marshalling char arrays in the Compact Framework
Titanium mobile - Common JS. Objets values are lost when lauching a fireEvent
Is it posible to generate dynamic forms using the FormBuilder in symfony2?
Shadow not working 鈥淎ndroid鈥�
How to make updated progress bar in Android inside a Notification?
What does the function 'vDSP_vfltu16' (in vDSP) actually do?
menu css3 style in css and IE
Facebook publish from C# to a page
PHP Array & Pointer Confusion
programming custom blendmode for Adobe Photoshop (or After Effects)
Any way to catch ACTION_UP in a view that did not intercept ACTION_DOWN?
Matlab/Simulink SimState error
pass a value of the form from view to controller
Microsoft Expression SDK
How to break text of title property of DIV
How To Implement AJAX for Implementing a LIKE Button
Go back in multiple pages form
Symfony2 Twig: how to use config.yml variables inside template without setting twig globals?
Debug Spock tests in Intellij IDEA
Configure windsor interceptor to hook only marked methods
HTML: Images floating left?
Dynamic CheckBox and ComboBox
Using MonitorEnter : How should i call synchronised method?
What I do in javascript to get my required result?
How to support both PostgreSQL and SQL Server in a Node.JS application?
How to know when a transaction scheme is serializable?
Reporting services open a report in new tab
New session login script not working in PHP
Install SonataNewsBundle
How to give a constant and a dynamic argument to functions which are stored in an array
Building valide: Package libvala-0.12 was not found in the pkg-config search path
Maintained state of a web page
Return values as keys in a new array [closed]
Aggregate query in fluent nhibernate
PHP '->' into '.'
How to receive a SQL-Statement as a DataTable
Library method to partition a collection by a predicate
how to create a QR code reader in android? (please explore step by step) [closed]
Does This Contain Encryption?
jQuery autocomplete multivalue field like the Google search field
Trigger change event <select> using jquery
How to configure memprof in a Rails 3 application?
How to change the theme of CPTXYGraph
Inserting data into an excel sheet from a DataTable
Multiplayer join request
Spring MVC : how to get the mapped URI within a method marked with @RequestMapping
activemq in apache karaf, loading configuration with xbean
Bring already opened winform application to front without API?
create persistent connection
Override django's RelatedManager for model
Weird MIME type on ajax upload in Codeigniter
alternative for web deployment projects in VS 2011
How to pivot this table in MySQL
How can a remote Service send messages to a bound Activity?
data-based buffering in Rx
Returning result of pending Intent to the Activity that created it
Override django's RelatedManager for model
Weird MIME type on ajax upload in Codeigniter
alternative for web deployment projects in VS 2011
How to pivot this table in MySQL
How can a remote Service send messages to a bound Activity?
data-based buffering in Rx
Returning result of pending Intent to the Activity that created it
Fast Array Inserts with Postgres
How to get current bundle in Symfony 2?
Preventing threads from processing further once call to stop is being made
separating webservice in more files
UITableView tableViewHeader background getting cut off
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12)
Technical e-commerce term for products which need to be bought together [closed]
SQLite database access through Eclipse
UISlider.value logic / conditional
how to use the binding with kedoui's dropdownlist?
Address a generated button for clickevent
Android Video Editor API
How to delete profile property values?
SQL: Saving MIME-Type or Extension?
Configure HAProxy for rabbitmq
MDM OTA: Last profile in iDevice enrollment
Perl regex /foo,bar/ negation
Getting the termfrequncies by corresponding order of documents were indexed
Does Application_Start event in global.asax fires when code is re-published?
Can Manifest Receiver for In app payment be moved to Java code instead?
Plugins in Maven and POM.xml
can't get Kindle fire google Map and GPS location
Append/prepend bootstrap icons with simple_form
Android Layout_weight
How to override Backbone.sync so it adds the apikey and username at the end?
ExtJS - grid empty but store loaded
how to panic kernel from user land
How to create a HotOrNot/FaceMash site with Django based on the Poll tutorial?
R: removing facet_wrap labels completely in ggplot2
Get all of the instance names from a many to many object?
UIView group opacity in single view heirachy
How to format a dateTime
How do you transition a mouse event?
Get Row Number in Access Query
only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views. android
What happened to Web.Authenticate.Facebook?
primefaces chart
Why are type parameters not allowed in constructors?
Javascript closure VS dojo lang.hitch
nyroModal Sizes not working for version 2
Get value of structure inside a structure array
How to resolve custom list viewwhile scrolling checking condition not working properly
Solr returns only one collation for Suggester Component
While you save a file in .csv,how to remove the hyphen in the file name
Jquery Inter-Frame Communication
Error with AFNetworking for JSON Parsing
my script working on my localhost while not working on internet hosting
Write SQL script to insert data
object ref in Java programming
How does one make a self-contained package / library of functions
Want to Run VB.Net Desktop Application in web Browser as Web Application
How to test localization 鈥減ortuguese brazil鈥�
C# - choose Entity and variable LINQ/query
session_set_cookie_params for subdomains
Is there a way to group a jQuery Accordion by pseudo-tags?
javascript add elements to li tag
Adobe AIR CameraUI overlay image
.caf file in app not playing in iPod
How to solve error while consuming WWEx webservice?
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'fields_get' in Openerp
Bufferedreader explanation?
How to decompress a ZIP file in Windows 8 Metro without ZipArchive (
add object into python's set collection and determine by object's attribute
Blackberry Mail
Performance of calculating Java Collection difference or intersection
Can I set ReSharper's TestRunner to tell me what line failed in my test?
Install m2crypto on a virtualenv without system packages
how can I compare an instance of a class with a char * variable in c++?
How to get 32 bit JRE path on 64 bit Linux with 64 bit browser and 64 bit java plugin
Adding multiple values form database into RichList Blackberry
How to set base class fields by copying, through method from derived class?
Java constructor having broader access level than its class
how to save the iphone audio file in document directory
jpicker - not perfect color display
android screen resolution
Convert string to a particular date format
Jquery Popup not always working in IE
gio.h no such file or directory
Jsoup with GWT (Make a compatible JAR)
Magento error: Module 鈥淢age_Api鈥�requires module 鈥淢age_Core鈥�
Get session data in Django SessionWizardView
How to find create a subarray from an array based on pattern match?
What could be the reasons the reshape callback is never called?
Multi-site CMS and SQL Server query optimizer with fulltext search
get the nth-child number of an element in jquery
Cannot find interface declaration for 'SenTestCase'
Copy output string to variable after multiple pipes
Decoding a base64 file in Javascript/jQuery for download
Issue while importing a publication which is not already on the new environment
javafx 2.0 css styling not work
JavaScript window.close not firing after clicked on PrettyPhoto
Can ELB redirect request depending on the URL?
disable interactive logon
get the nth-child number of an element in jquery
Cannot find interface declaration for 'SenTestCase'
Copy output string to variable after multiple pipes
Decoding a base64 file in Javascript/jQuery for download
Issue while importing a publication which is not already on the new environment
javafx 2.0 css styling not work
JavaScript window.close not firing after clicked on PrettyPhoto
Can ELB redirect request depending on the URL?
disable interactive logon
Mysql_num_columns? Is there a function equivalent to mysql_num_rows for counting the number of columns?
Drupal list or table in views global custom text
Underscore.js Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'template' of null
Vertical and inverted SeekBar
Create a file within a Zip file in C#
C++ - 2D array as an method argument
Is it possible to launch (redirect the user to) the native photo gallery application of iphone from my app,
Django Johnny cache - include tables instead of exclude using MAN_IN_BLACKLIST?
Changing Imageview's image continuously is giving memrory warning in iphone sdk
QwtPlot: making last plotted point look in a different color or size
get the name of Model class from which the page is inherited in MVC3
Need Help to find source code line from stack trace byte offset
Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Effects
Using process.start in a wpf application to invoke another wpf application
When does this code crashes?
Button and image with txt
Address comparison and string storage [duplicate]
virt_to_bus() is deprecated in linux kernel module compilation
Using a C++ API in Java
Event 1014: Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded
NoneType has no attribute 'rfind' when compiling Less with django-pipeline
Formating column in SQL
How to get values from Ruby class depending on another value
a working GMap.NET application source
Images are not showing on front end in Magento
Stopping website with powerShell script
Copying PHP files from one server to another
Zend 1.11 + Cannot use a module resource from within another module's bootstrap
Number of records Json Data has?
unicorn with heroku bamboo stack
Why does mongoose always add an s to the end of my collection name
Returning XPath correct order ( insted of document order)
How do add multiple projects resources to one project using Maven
Approach to develop a carousel/slider in Sharepoint site
how to print a increment value using bash
OnClickListener crashes app
Instantiating view bounded types using manifests
LinqToSql - An item with the same key has already been added
Python 2 and 3, are the bytecode (pyo & pyc) backward compatible?
Apps Script Export GUI?
Why would tlbimp convert interfaces to coclasses?
JQuery , change the innert html content of ul->li->a
Imageview xml parser error
Is there such a pattern in JS?
Tabpro third party control not converting completely while converted from vb6 to
Google In-app billing: restoreTransactions() behavior
How can I sort arrays of various sizes in Java? Like 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 Elements? [closed]
Android emulator stopping
eclipse 3.7.2 on ubuntu 12.04 braces automatically close doesn't work
Uploadify 3.1 and MVC 3.0 HTTP 500 Error
Rest based WebServices in JAVA [closed]
Collision between balls
Hadoop ecosystem deployment steps
CWBZZ5008 Security error occurred when attempting to connect to system
Finger paint with quads: how to avoid strange blinking
How to make the TextBox placed properly under the search entry in Tkinter?
How to read the documents on apple's developer web site? [closed]
Populate select from server directory PHP jQuery AJAX
How to create a facebook login like yahoo:
Pattern in prolog [closed]
In MVC how to manage separate log in and log out for different areas and front end
How to apply textbox blank validation on button click inside gridview in using javascript?
Downloading BLOB file from Mysql using Aspx
Designing a Template Database which can be efficiently re used for other same projects with minor changes
changing the value succ and pred functions returns
Sql Compare and Update
eclipse unable locate installable unit
How To Change The Default Width Of Responsive Design In Bootstrap 2
NoAccessSignal Exception thrown when trying to 鈥淟oad More鈥�in Mobile Controls view
How to write a app to log in with google domain email account
Most recent record on left join
Generic html encode for an object
display loading spinner and prevent from any other action on the page
I want to make two ways that outbound to tcp client
CSS Javascript Internet explorer weird behaviour
How to use selenium 2.0 api to select an item from a drop down box?
Wordpress next/prev post link with image
Is there a driver for mysql on nodejs that supports stored procedures?
C++. After writing into a relative file, I cannot display the content
Comparing rows to identify matches and mismatches
Can I develope application using DirectX 11
Storing an indexPath in a NSDictionary
Replace image with text after 5 seconds delay
Using the Windows.Management namespace in C++ builder XE2
Dreamweaver Minify Plugin
From TASM with tcc To NASM with gcc
Inserting multiline text in a csv field
Facebook pages for applications
SQL collation conflict with temp table and procedure params coming from Delphi app
Specify order of nunit tests running on teamcity
What is best practise when instantiating a Castle Windsor container in a class library?
Time Complexity of an algorithm : How to decide which algorithm after calculated the time
django application integrating pinning images [closed]
Splitting Sonar test run and analysis phases
handling ObjC exceptions in monotouch
Can we Hold DataModel(Poco) in Session?
Install Firefox extension using registry
How to rearrange the li id between two UL in sortable?
getting data by maximum witheffect date
Passing php variable values to javascript function
Requests stucked in RequestAquireState Module Name: Session
Why would we want to make a function recursive when it has a mutex lock?
When do I need MSVCRT redistributables ?
Disable iOS Overscroll but allow body scrolling
Newly assigned Sequence is not working
Browser height DIV creates an extra space at the bottom
Passing variable from Sinatra module to view?
Event for one view
php inserting preg_match_all array
Public key fingerprint vs Digital Signature
Jar bundler -d32 vm arguments
R query on '$'()
Querying multiple models for similar data in CakePHP (union?)
setRequestHeader does not work in JSONP using jQuery
copying a windows program to another machine [closed]
UIDocumentInteractionController does not preview zip files
jquery onclick penetrating to parent element
Google Maps V3 Polyline loading fails
Code Igniter Doc Type
setting a TypeFace from other activity - calling a method or creating a new instance in each activity?
ASP.NET dynamically adding UserControl and cache data on postbacks
Single mysql query
What does while(!volatile); do?
Eclipse is too slow [duplicate]
Make Expandable Top Bar using JavaScript JQUERY or CSS [closed]
How to bind to application settings and be able to write unit tests when using the MVVM pattern?
How to alter the string format of the text between the line number and the history entry in the output of history in bash?
how to create a simple graph just showing two lines in iphone
Explain DWORD use of DWORD in Serial Communication
Why does strace following a different execution flow?
Imagemagick : unknown field with tag 37724
android thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x40015560)
How to create video with images and different time interval?
XSLT: different values for same namespace
Check if app was published by TestFlight
fixed button in html
Accessing GoogleMaps without internet connection in JSF application
How does a Python genius iterate over a single value in a Python tuple?
ActiveIndex from TabView not getting updated
Sublime text 2 - How to run a shell command over ssh?
input onchange event not working
Manually re-create the UIImagePicker allowsEditing property
upload picture fail to system
Why the RubyGem spreadsheet can not work in Ruby 1.9.3?
How to compile packages in java?
How do I specify Navigation Rules if I do not want to make entries in faces-config.xml
How eclipse execute java code when there are compile errors
How to save data in mysql from cookies in php? [duplicate]
android preference category background color
How to use position property for non background image
How Class loading takes place when we modify some object in eclipse debug mode
De-selecting other radio buttons from another radio button's 鈥淐heckedChanged鈥�event
I cannot get a Start-Job with passed arguments to start
Remote Login not Working With Curl
Rails Version Control
Do we need to explicitly call the destructor for the 鈥渟imple POD classes鈥�allocated with 鈥減lacement new鈥�
Adding Standard Widget to Homescreen programmatically
Hide index.php for 鈥渉ttps鈥�connection?
Copy entire database from CD ISO to Ubuntu (PostgreSQL)
How to add two new Column to Android SQLite Database?
How to Select All Div's which have a children image with some specfic src?
How to return JSON including the html text of the view
Re-using the data brought by mysql_fetch_array
How to programmatically display a SSL certificate's trust in iOS
WebGl rendering is very slow with JSON file, is it because of size of JSON file?
What is the work around for a weird javascript form submit bug in Safari 5?
Correct me if I am wrong about some terms (mfc, win32, in vc++
List of Core Data attribute types?
How to get the tap count in UIButton?
NUL undeclared- first use in this function
Is there a way to reduce time between Azure deployment start and role OnStart() code being invoked?
WHERE x IN (1,2,3,4) workflow
Short if-else django template
Handle single progressdialog with parallel multiple asynctask
c# alternative to abstract
Compilation Error in Qt
How can i make the c function wait before the synchronised method finishes its work?
ROuting Service Map
Deleting a cookie from a different domain when running locally
Understanding custom abs function in JavaScript
How to get data from iframe to android?
Choose File error in android webview
Rotate TImage in Delphi
provide index on click with knockout repeat
Map Entity to different Tables based on certain condition
Something like thread.join in JMeter?
Update grails domain, controller and view classes [closed]
How to make agent as stationary and create new agent and add parameter on it and move it to Romote?
Open Data Protocol in IOS Asynchronous request
Hot to create a zip file with Play! Framework?
Understanding custom abs function in JavaScript
How to get data from iframe to android?
Choose File error in android webview
Rotate TImage in Delphi
provide index on click with knockout repeat
Map Entity to different Tables based on certain condition
Something like thread.join in JMeter?
Update grails domain, controller and view classes [closed]
How to make agent as stationary and create new agent and add parameter on it and move it to Romote?
Open Data Protocol in IOS Asynchronous request
Hot to create a zip file with Play! Framework?
Dynamically creating and freeing controls in C#
how to Show Jfreechart image generated at server on jsp
How to Rotate UIBezierPath in UiView
Not able to access the $.getJSON function
Android: Adding new buttons after picture capture to accept/decline image
What is the difference between FOR LOGIN and FROM LOGIN
jQuery preload for images linked to via href
Initialize wide char array
Managing SharedPreferences in both PreferenceActivity and Service within same app
At the end of the slideshow go one up
Solutions of mapping JSON data to objective-c data model class?
jquery find function
exception handeling, creating log and continue the program in JAVA
Select rows from table in Php/Mysql based on time or two dates?
Are transactions like big queries?
Does an common page to CRUD all the tables in DB exist?
can't set cookie correctly
how to change size without refreshing page after delete?
Div not filling Height
javascript keeps executing a function
Why is epoll_ctl saying I have a bad fd?
UIImageView's image not getting changed on postnotification in iPhone
I can't deploy my web service
Charts (ColumnChart, BarChart, LineChart, AreaChart etc.) - Save as Image without ScrollBar
Create a new sequence of files from an existing sequence, along with numbering
python regular expression with utf8 issue
cakephp delete threaded records
Problems using multipart_encode (poster library)
how to change a 1*1 matrix in Eigen to float?
Java Swing - How to double click a project file on Mac to open my application and load the file?
Should we avoid hasNext() call in an Iterator?
Issue in list view css
submit form before following clicked link
Design and Implementation of ClojureScript
PHP MySQL Select Statement Error
How to configure nutch 1.4 with hadoop?
Specify a class member function as a friend of another class?
UITextField blue background, out of the blue
List all the dropbox files and folder using dropbox API and download file clicked in android
sort listBox by date, and show date as 鈥渄ddd鈥�followed by the date?
MYsQL Grouping Count Query
CRON job doesn't work when executed through command line in Symfony2
How add Framework to project on Xcode 4.3.2 [duplicate]
Mathematica - can I define a block of code using a single variable?
Facebook Comments on your website via Graph API instead of Comments plugin?
Google Translate Tool does not work on the input type text value?
Cannot find hibernate.cfg.xml
Strange parsing error
ERROR: operator does not exist: character varying = bytea
How do database indices make search faster
uniq command - how to get delimiter option and search on the basis of column? - sorting hashes by particular fields
Pagination In Tweepy
Iphone - PhoneGap Build failed with 7 errors?
Footer on wordpress template [closed]
About finding pupil in a video
Passing an IList<> as parameter via curl
Remove rotation from a 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrix
Outlook like calendar control in JavaFX 2.0+
How to update sqlite table where values on list using python?
why my code java.lang.StackOverflowError?
Find all pattern indexes in string in C#
How to avoid repeated subqueries?
Footer Center Align while using Float
Using MVC Controller to replace .ashx
How to make a website on Ruby on Rails using Locomotive CMS (or any other) ?
How to setTag Button in ListView
How to disable auto range after Zooming in jfreechart?
UITableView Splitting contents into Sections
What is the difference between sandboxed and farm solution in SharePoint 2010
Replace Ajax Callback with Jquery callback
UIActivityIndicatorView in an UIScrollview
What is the alternative to FreeAndNil in Delphi 7?
Charset behaving suspicious
Why are breakpoints not working in TestComplete?
To get the value from file upload field by jquery
Highcharts not displaying after refresh
unable to send email from android application on real device
How to define an array of strings in C++/CLI?
why to have Apache Web Server listening on more than one port
鈥�鈥�at the end of a message digest
Error when building OpenSSL x64 static libs on windows
Add multiple numeric string values in linq
how to fetch array from json using php [closed]
Phonegap app. Database concerns/quesetions
How to fix java.util.ConcurrentModificationException error when trying traverse in ArrayList
Datetime Picker issue in jquery
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-1鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException in my JApplet
jquery validate field for full name
My code snippet is leaking
How to view process name in terminal-emulator tab or title bar [closed]
Best approach to follow in SSIS package
Using to loop through an object
what is the use onClose() in blackberry [closed]
How to wrap the text coming from httprequest.getparameter in java
What are the possible css attributes to set for a HTML file element?
How to show message box that has title in javascript?
How to set a default Filter Criteria before users choose one from list in Drupal?
OnChildClick inside ExpandableListActivity does not fire
why I save the bitmap ( BitmapFactory.decodeFile's output) into a file is bigger than The original image file?
How to return large amount of rows from mongodb using node.js http server?
Extjs 4 extending application for mdi
Universal App, simulator detects ~iphone .xib's but device still displays ipad .xibs
how to escape html elements in c# .net using JavaScriptSerializer
Have some Confusion in timer of C
Is it possible to add 3rd party libraries to CoronaSDK application for iOS?
SearchView always on top
app request is not working
setting default value in symfony2 sonata admin bundle
is it possible to share db connection pool per uwsgi worker instead of each django request?
Show Total member in different way
server side variable in javascript alert
How to measure area from current location to another location using GPS coordinates in android
peer to peer System with remote method invocation(rmi)
Mongoose not inserting into MongoDB properly
Any way to inference with Jena without load all data into memory?
How accurate can a stopwatch be in Android OS?
鈥減ublic鈥�or 鈥減rotected鈥�methods does not make any difference for a private nested class which does not implement any interface ..?
Appending path child within SVG Using Javascript
Axis2 Error - No such method sayHello in class HelloAxisService
A cache should be maintained so that even if the network is not available, the users can view the last visited page [duplicate]
Is Approximate String Matching / Fuzzy String Searching possible with BigQuery?
Perforce: How to find out client view contains given path
MTOM - Invalid MIME content-type header encountered on read in VS 2010
Java exec - output of interactive process is held till process has terminated
displaying a mysql table vertically - for comparison or for print out purposes
reverse geocoding incorrect result
Timeout thread while it is in a system command
is it necessary to override hashcode if i am overriding equals and not using any hashing collection
How to revert back in git?
Increasing speed for spinning effect
Does Z3 give the minimal unsatisfiable core up to now?
jqueryui draggable droppable issue
Using recursion in a class
How to set msi properties from CommandLine when installer is running in silent mode?
Parsing XML file from local hard disk using DOM in Android
How to get row key of last row added in Cassandra
common event for all elements on form
Cross Browser Issue. Need advice
How can I completely delete mamp from my hard drive?
Is Splitting WPF Application into multiple dll's is good or bad? [closed]
Simulate 鈥淲indows鈥�key and 鈥�鈥�key to zoom in
Rails 3 Serving completely static page on Index view with no caching enabled
Saving images from the web-camera
How to genereate a System( PC/Laptop) Hardware unique ID in C#?
The 鈥淛ava鈥�way to do Animation
Synchronize an Eclipse project with Google Drive
Server app for WP7
Linux C program using shared libs written in c/c++
In a ARC project a class (A) inherits from another class (B) contained in a non-arc file
How to create text curve effect using web programming. preferring (c#, vb javascript or jquery)
Unable to include jpegLib.h from Different location?
How to add item in spinner?in which first item is added statically and other dynamically?
How can I make new attribute for html5 tags?
c# metro style apps referencing javascript metro style apps
Why doesn't my JavaScript Code work? [closed]
drop down list option
Fieldset not resizing when inner content is resized
powershell add new quick link sharepoint
How to make subviews to maintain a non-transparent
iOS leak instrument retain count
thread have same pririty..How to communicate between then
Webview client not Listening shouldOverrideUrlLoading
How to check the given point is in selected line or not
php fetch mysql query rows
鈥減pm.bat install failed: Can't find any package that provides MinGW鈥�
Validation in Dynamically Generated forms in Extjs
How to send a certificate, with specified Provider, and to receive it on another side?
commandlink, outputlink , commanbutton, rich:menuItem to use
Recovering from Android app being killed
Ajax.request using ExtJs
How to tackle daylight savings using Timezone in java
function returning wrong index value
creating pandas data frame from multiple files
How to record a video of a running iOS app for promotional use?
Tooltip remains sometimes on page on element inside sliding div
SFTP and Camel. Cannot change directory to. Invalid privateKey
Integrating Google Analytics easytracker in my iOS App
Garbage value in c [closed]
Populate list with selecteditems from group of combo boxes [closed]
Need to covert the following code to json
how does facebook has different layouts when i browse from different devices?
How to determine if a value appears in a GROUP BY group
Use of the Google Map [closed]
Build android application using HTML
WSO2 - connectivity to WS02 Data services/ESB through custuom UI
Issue in tomcat 7.0 to configure tomcat to support ssl
Report width is larger than paper width error in VB 6 SP6 data report
Best approach/pattern for showing large data from webservice in list view
Retrieving bank withdrawals from Paypal
Create Dynamical Div tag in ASP.Net
How to use wordpress settings and session information on a custom page?
implementing a wait for element present for N seconds before interacting with an element with javascript and jQuery lib
c# : how to use or format keyword in ebay FindingAPI search
Null Pointer Exception in Fileupload process of Struts2
Repeating calendar events and some final maths
Getting size of void* for creating a simple generic dynamically allocated array - C
Basic Python Calculation
Service layer for an UI with multiple screens
should back end service for windows phone push notificatin always be a cloud application?
Blackberry map issue [duplicate]
how to create the custom compilation error pages in play2.0 framework?
Voice Recorder in iOS Application
An open source library for handling Recurring Events
What lib is usually to be used to develop a simple game like Tetris?
How to make call to service from receiver depends on Internet connected or not?
A JSF page creating a separate JSF page?
Check for minutes not evenly divided by 5
Encode URL with PHP, show + instead of %20
How to set multiple alarms in android? Using Sqlite3 or Mysql database
Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'. Error [duplicate]
Java Security Exception for Java AST
C# How do I get unique PID for each browser tab in external browser ie. Chrome/Firefox/IE
list posts by US states from posts_meta table
clone an hg directory from a particular date
Mutex Console Release
How to connect client/server in C (Beej's Guide to Network Programming)
is there any ordered dictionary collection in ios5?
Fatal error: Call to a member function generate_tag() on a non-object
Risks of a Non Trusted Connection to SQL Server?
Sphinx_Query failed: no enabled local indexes to search
Programming camera for ROI selection
Return multiple fields using case in select statement of sql server
Why is the running total working only for the first declared variable?
Google Map in Twitter Bootstrap Popver
Android: Video Recording Throws Error
Divisible Pairs in a range
Ipad uisplitviewcontroller - how to set and call the masterviewcontroller table reload data from detail
perl excel to pdf
implementing custom css with primefaces 3.1
Parsing date with different time zones
How to add custom login title instead of 鈥渃ustomer login鈥�in Magento?
Error with DATE_DIFF in mysql
converting java String into 7 bit String
Pass more than one parameter can be used in Html.Action
joomla - undefined variables: slides in
How can i get content of FCKEditor using JQuery Ajax
Trouble getting PHP file_exists to work
what happens when we change the reference of a thread as null?
Check String content language in java [duplicate]
Cakephp Input type radio. How to use Form helper for radio options having some description and paragraph of text.
Sencha Touch 2 Search List
Event-handling 101 - How can I capture an event from outer <div> in embedded <div>
Crop an UIImageView in 9 pieces
Making offline version of web page
Highlighting the Selected text in pdf
html5 audio causing javascript issues
ipad: how can i detect ipad3 for in my application?
How do you go to a web page without causing an AV false alarm?
NuGet package restore - .nuget folder in solution - Commit to repository?
XML Data Driven Selenium Tests
How to make the normal button look pressed in sencha?
Used List<string> as Model in Web Grid at ASP.NET MVC3
Switch from jquery datatables to slickgrid
Why is FLVPlayback with no skin render as invisible?
Select All Content of TextBox on GotFocus Event
.m4a raw data from iPod Library not playing
how to send data using post while reload page using jquery
About boost::asio sockets and blocking
The application which is getting installed on samsung tab 10.1 is not getting installed on samsung tab 7.7
Real time predictive modelling tool for web app
How to know if a macro has been defined during compilation?
const confusion in C++ when returning a boost multi_index interface
How to Parse XML in android and store it in class
Setup Celery on Windows to run Django Cron jobs
how to access data in habtm relationship
Looking for a tutorial on Implementing a predictive text input system in java [closed]
SQL Server: manipulating huge amount of data in single transaction
Exception error in CStringData GetData() in MFC
PHP str.replace: two or more at one time?
C# datetime midnight time Format
Dropdown data onMouseOver
CSS3 Validator shown 5 error on Gradient code
Delete from multiple tables
How to know button is visible in stack panel or grid
Core Data & UIManagedDocument in Xcode 4.3: Can't merge models
How to detect SMS deletion in android? mvc returning view from root
PHP Script to force download text file
Installing Git via Homebrew doesn't switch default to the Homebrew one
Twitter Bootstrap CSS that support from RTL languages
function overloading for specific type list
how to launch multiple instance in scale-up policy?
Is it normal for my Paypal IPN script to get hit twice every time?
What is the advantage of writing HQL in hbm file?
Created website launcher - want it to close after it launches browser
How to remove duplicates and get the greatest value
Jquery to populate input or textarea
How to use Delphi to parse and delete local MAPI messagestore messages in the Outbox
How to use Delphi to parse and delete local MAPI messagestore messages in the Outbox
Xcode4 ExternalHosts in .plist
.asp pages will not update
JQuery fadeIn fadeOut smooth issue
Paperclip does not allow jpg upload, even though it is sepcified in content type.
Spine.js Fetch Custom Records
How can i loop through a group of check box
WP7: Can I change font size of Panorama view? in silverlight work [duplicate]
converting lists to dictionaries
Jquery mobile: Disable 鈥渢ap to toggle鈥�fixed header and footer
Zoom to screen space selection box in 3D
Need help on excel Formula
Renew iOS developer program membership [closed]
How to create sqlite database programmatically?
How do I combine undefined with booleans in JavaScript?
how to verify user clicked on link in email that I sent him/her?
Is it easy to create gridview for picture with links?
Reusing same variables for different event Listeners
Except from performance, any other concern to store all things, except id, and fk, in string format?
Phonegap Jquery mobile Application
how to send a message to the list of active threads?
Do the values in ever change during runtime or between runs?
ImageAdapter for GridView not functioning
Gerrit & Phabricator review [closed]
why does binding a GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER to 0 produce a memmove error?
IMG SRC tags and JavaScript Array
Circulation in network flow
How to use sync call in GWT or wait for call to be completed
How to show the record in visual force email template as the order they created?
CLLocationManager startUpdatingLocation causing a lag
rJava Warning Meaning
鈥淓rror: Automation server can't create object鈥�for Msxml2.ServerXmlHttp in Windows Server 2008
Node.js - why do I get leaks when testing with mocha and zombie?
Write OS in interpreted language
DNN - Rendered aspx page show data similar to binary data
XQuery returning error in baseX
How to use timer in C#?
Border-radius CSS property curve outside
How to disable the beep in emacs on Windows
_CrtMemDumpAllObjectsSince() function is not able to detect leaks if delete array called instead of delete []array
Running a Task Infinitely either in foreground and background