how to change image back to original state when when back is pressed in android
UIView with text edit fields
Blackberry Web Works how to fire event everytime the app is launched
Function not working in Firefox
Multiple screens
TCPDF how to set two text color?
Getting NoMethodError when accessing NSManagedObject NSString in controller
Making a SEO friendly URL for a CMS
Sort/ Filter Data in Single Page Application MVC
Access Attribute values of a class
What should I do if double hashing function also failed
Php export to excel some data
Ruby - rails - ajax pagination
matplotlib - Legend with multiple axes with errorbar object
enum referencing in switch case
How to deselect the selected item in tree view
Converting inches to feet inches in Java and outputting as return statment
PHP - Removing Duplicate Punctuation?
Cannot find daemon log after running a daemon
Sorting an Array List of Objects based on a variable in object
radio button grouping
How to take screenshot of Form from within app?
NSNumberFormatter to format currency not working for floats
How to delete multiple item on php session?
How to show httpget response on web page?
CoreData attribute naming and set entity attribute dynamically
After setting default database, exit, re-login does not use default database
AddThis & AJAX loading doesn't change title and URL
Ruby remove everything after first space
iPhone/iOS with UIKeyboard + customized toolbar layout
Solving the warning in compiler: Sending 'BarCodeViewController *_strong' to parameter of incompatible type 'id<PerksDetailsDelegate>'
Need help for homework about function and pointers
jQuery Mobile blinking at page transitions
Reverse regular expression in Java
Java GPA array scanner input and calculation
MDM: APNS notification does not reach iPhone
Classic ASP nested if else condition not executing
Fill in sidebar downwards
Remove duplicate values from a list
Google Map api markers Javascript
executing python script from php under windows
i want to install package rave report 5.0 on delphi 7
Mybatis Nested Select for Association/Collection doesn't work
How can I improve this Linq Multiple OrderBy Generic method?
Getting individuals values from dynamic created listview
File upload from client side without use Fileupload controls [duplicate]
How do I use uniqid to generate a 6 chars length ID?
PyCrypto generates bad signatures
ZFDebug Toolbar How to log custom messages?
Datetime cast in SQL Server 2005 [closed]
Is there any Single sign-on project integrated both twitter and facebook
Converting two python lines code to PHP
how to upload image by using asiformdatarequest
Coding in dojo, error owner document null or not an object, 2. button label not updating after changing
Rails 3.2.3 Rake Cucumber: library not loaded
Adding stop(); to a movieclip on the timeline is causing the tweens in said movieclip to not play, the movieclip just skips to the end
very simple c# submit button
Adding checkbox to each record in a continuous form in Access 2007
How do I use uniqid to generate a 6 chars length ID?
PyCrypto generates bad signatures
ZFDebug Toolbar How to log custom messages?
Datetime cast in SQL Server 2005 [closed]
Is there any Single sign-on project integrated both twitter and facebook
Converting two python lines code to PHP
how to upload image by using asiformdatarequest
Coding in dojo, error owner document null or not an object, 2. button label not updating after changing
Rails 3.2.3 Rake Cucumber: library not loaded
Adding stop(); to a movieclip on the timeline is causing the tweens in said movieclip to not play, the movieclip just skips to the end
very simple c# submit button
Adding checkbox to each record in a continuous form in Access 2007
Unable to add breakpoint in eclipse+FDT
jQuery Masonry鈥擟onstrain to a Maximum Width on Window Resize Event?
Insecure ENV variable at setuid
selecting a row using radio button and passing the value using button in jquery &struts2
Utilizing a UIActivityIndicatorView and CorePlot-CocoaTouch causes memory prblem
Loop across all outlets
System.Exception: Too many record type describes: 101
C - shared memory cast to struct
What does it mean to flush file contents in Python?
undefined method 'path' for nil:NilClass using chargify_api_ares gem
Google map api v3 issue
Textfield is not displaying initial value
How to prevent redirect to view after send json data to httppost action in mvc3
Flex fileReference save in utf-8 with BOM encoding format
IE9: Issues with anchor tag sizing and li hover
MySQL Query Counting Rows and Returning the Row with the Most Occurances
Cannot access filter Servlet's session attribute from another normal Http Servlet
update doesn't work
require.js order plugin issue with traditional files
JFrame.pack() containing a few Graphics2D objects blocks visibility of contained objects
Sublime tmLanguage file and sublime-settings file
CSS not display the content correctly
Can not get FileInfo back from configuration
Add strings together in jQuery
comparing date with different seasons in php
Getting first line of a LEFT OUTER JOIN
WebSocket connection on iPhone is dropped when phone goes to standby mode
Find files that have been changed recursively
How to use 鈥渜鈥�module for refactoring mongoose code?
css will not load, Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type application/x-httpd-php
Is there something wrong with this XML import?
How to add an icon near a GWT menuItem (UI binder code prefered)?
How to get variables shared between child and parent process while using fork in perl
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory Python
UIInterfaceOrientation changes not working in subviews
How would I list down all comments in order of created_at?
Homework involving reading in integers from a text file in to a 2 dimensional array [duplicate]
initial multiple screen with its own directory on a terminal
Set variable from alias in SQL query
Get array that contain a value provided in PHP
Audio Microphone Live Streaming in Android
Mocking Django Model and save()
How to lookup ejb on JBoss AS 7.x
Python: Use local variable in function, return variable from function
android: How can I define custom colors, drawables, etc. in themes?
How to send a tweet with jTwitter on Android?
Copy selected contacts to other UITableView IPhone
How to write blinking in more elegant way
opengl 3.3+ not compatibily with glsl 130 code?
Variadic string-comparison
fatal: error when closing sha1 file: Input/output error
how to use linux crontab command [closed]
Axis call hang tomcat
Call Audio Stream Modification in Android 4.0 ICS
Collapsed PanoramaItem briefly appears when swiping
How to put a string variable inside a doublequote?
Fail to get a range of dates by (, 4, 1)).select
Haskell: Type safety with logically different Boolean values
Looking for a windows console application GUI tester that will work with ATDD tools like Fitnesse/Cucumber
jQuery Cycle Plugin: Can't position custom pager
Adding PendingIntent onClick to Custom Dialog
Out-of-band programmatic identification of Windows Server vs Client
Pop-up menu using mouse rightclick in JUNG
Errors in 3D Java [closed]
Alter request headers at client side
Argument exception when using a openFileDialog c#
Compilers that Learn
Why WPF uses control's view model when binding value to the control?
Java Swing: Do something while the key is being pressed
Facebook API, using og: meta tags correctly
Magento Custom Collection
Regular expression to extract the second numeric value from any input string, e.g. get the number 67 from string 鈥渢his23 is 67 test 56 string 45鈥�
Hosting a Win32 window in a WPF floating tear off tab
How to make iPhone track itself on a map?
Converting data_type of many fields from bit to tinyint
Linker error OpenCV for SVM
Python: Using continue in a try-finally statement in a loop
Recommend a Node.js tech stack/architecture for a modern web app?
Facebook deprecated share feature鈥�but it is using it itself?
Redirect User based on Timezone
When are AWT (extended) modifiers guaranteed to be valid?
How to auto accept Wifi Direct connection request in android
How to implement i18n in GWT application?
Javascript method pause() only works with audio element
How to get the list of enumerated certificates in a windows security dialog
Adding query string to Ajax url call
How to save Report Pdf file to my local folder
conditional validation in jquery validation engine
conditional validation in jquery validation engine
Eclipse doesnt seem to like my sdkversion requirements
Rotating a CGImage
pass input text from view to controller
Using lazy evaluation on a large regular expression (and not just .*?)
Remove Carriage Return from HTML using BeautifulSoup in Python
Massive CPU usage when using Xcode3 and iPhone is on the same network
Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS):
Filling a Matrix With Certain Condition in R
Populating a dojo combobox when dojo.ready (dojo 1.7)
process.start from ASP page, where to put exe file
Why not to allow changing usernames?
How to search id / item from an array in php?
Can i use session scoped bean instead of httpsession for maintaining sessions
Using Javascript, how can I detect whether the browser is running on a tablet device vs a phone?
Python mock return value
What is the difference between getAllFailureExceptions() and getFailureExceptions() methods of Spring Batch JobExecution class?
Rotating Image (getting it back to original position)
Adding jQuery File Upload to Django Admin
Sftp in python by invoking unix-shell commands
getting force close application if GPS disabled
How do I link a checkbox for every contact in populated listview?
Want to get minutes between two ISO 8601 times in two different time zones with joda
How can I get a SQL server job to restart itself?
dropdown menu to create text field
RequireJS - Using both define and require under same function scope
Regex matching a series of letters NOT in a word
How to grab all articles with comments in mongodb?
How to compare a String from Intent.getStringExtra()?
java code how to support for multiple screen size
Using generic interface repository
jQuery Droppable element - conditional drop event based on item dropped
How to copy text from a given line and column number and paste it in another file at a given line and column number
How can I clear the memory while running a long PHP script? tried unset()
How do you write an insertion statement (SQL) for IS-A relationships?
Facing linking trouble with mkl in linux Intel compiler (icc)
How to select the last set of concatenated sequence from multiple similar sequence
Most efficient way to use arrays in MySQL statements?
How to read values from dictionary value collection and make it comma seperated string?
PlayN html integration
Using time in OpenCV for frame processes and other tasks
C++ : Operator Overloading, operator+
How to dynamically assign displayName in lineseries - tooltip & displayName shows [object Object]
Are forward declarations needed after includes?
how to have a different layout for a different model in cakephp
Reading from multiple Bluetooth devices in Android?
manual gridview paging
Nested resource forms within a parent resource
Advice on persistant data type to use
How do I store dynamic radio button input in a MySQL database using codeigniter?
Not functioning LINQ not in 鈥渃ontains鈥�query
xcode update NSMutableArray
How to get postmeta data where given post_id is array?
How can I call OnFailure event of Ajax.BeginForm from server-side?
Array output or json output without quotes
Android, retrieves from different values folder
My repository can't initialize automatically while using Spring Data JPA
mysql_query() Access denied for user
load audio file in Meteor app
javascript variable in quoted php code in javascript
Unable to have two CorePlot graphs show simultaneously
How do I build a multi-stage web form?
Rails - paginate
Can SIFT algorithm extract feature in real-time speed on PC?
can't get mongoid/rails field to accept input as array
Foreach $item is not displaying
Why noftifications appear in the android notification bar for a while then dissapears
Script to select, update, insert and delete from MySQL with (VB)?
Error replacing System.Web.WebPages dll with my version
Find and replace HTML with jQuery
Umbraco 4.7.2 Installation Won't Load Images, CSS, Javascript, Etc
DIR output into BAT array?
Passing oAuth parameters in REST request
How to do a MANOVA (statistics) from within java? [closed]
How can I use session to display a modal message?
OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS - multiple calls to glDrawElements causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Make back button go to a different page
python and ctypes cdll, not getting expected return from function
How to update an input cell in excel
Count function()
Trouble allowing push in Mercurial repository
Creating and deleting related data with Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC
How to filter attribute values in XML file?
.NET: what image file types can Image.FromFile() handle?
How to refresh a listbox in C#?
Writing strings and a variable to a buffer in C
SQL Count() not giving desired results
Set WebView loadUrl programmatically that is in fragment class
carrierwave thumb issue
Include external Javascript and CSS files into another site's DOM
SQL query exlude data between date and also matching another condition
Facebook Open Graph Scraping
can jquery $.getJSON's JSON data be assignable to other variable?
flexibly-sized circular images with CSS
How to specify parameters with Graph API POST?
eye tracking system
Rails: How to display results with Yaml in console
In what ways does Backbone.js not support composed views?
Making RegEx Match Bold - VB.NET
Adding run-time dependencies for Allegro addons?
Is it bad to read or write to NSUserDefaults in a tight loop?
F# Debugging. CLR
Code Doesn't Execute?
Using 鈥渘ice鈥�command with an alias
dynamic content loading with load() firing twice
newsyslog: pid file doesn't exist: /var/run/
Any existing services for upload a huge video file (~5gb) via browser?
java date pattern for timezone without 鈥�鈥�
What is wrong with the code? [closed]
Two onClick actions one button
iOS heapshot analysis, UIImage & NSData
How to format a decimal number as currency.
How to stop a running thread when Activity on destroy at Android?
Breaking out of a recursive function?
Eager Loading in a Rails 3 app
What are the benefits of 鈥減ublic nested class鈥� [closed]
Error when try to use twig in slim, Fatal error: TwigView::getEnvironment()
UPDATESyntax with ORDER BY, LIMIT and Multiple Tables
Detect the Virtualization Layer from a guest instance(VM) - VPC or Hyper-V in C# or Powershell
mysqli DELETE ahref not functioning
C/C++ IDE with STL documentation?
Windows Service disappears from services.msc list when stopped, c++
looking for a good resource for flexible layouts in iOS
traverse JSON - matching JSON elements to DOM elements?
Java: how to check if user clicked-on or replied to email (as part of email authentication scheme)?
How to modify type of a local variable in java byte code
Should you set async true or use jQuery beforeunload to prevent users leaving during a file upload?
See std::cout of .exe
How to convert UnicodeEncoding output into plain string?
How to make a collection of values for same key in a dictionary object?
t-sql calling function in stored procedure assistance
Mysql: using max(date) to grab just the most up to date rows
SCSS constants across stylesheets (Rails)
Move closing </a> tag
Dynamically Adding Labels to User Form = Blank UserForm
Flowpattern doesn't exist
memory not releasing with ARC and storyboard in iOS 5.1
Jquery DataTable fnServerData Error
How to create a data frame with dimension M x N in R
Segmentation fault on char
How to convert unlimited length binary to decimal
PHP registerXPathNamespace() error
Using a class as a value type within another class in the header file
CouchDB in-memory implementation
How to get the 'NextUSN' journal entry for a VSS snapshot?
Open Graph Warnings That Should Be Fixed?
.Net Directory services for local authentication
Javascript function that takes variable number of arguments - changes their value - and then returns them
Text Field background color not change it with UI Text Border Style Rounded Rect
Setting Autocompletefield rowheight
.Net Directory services for local authentication
Javascript function that takes variable number of arguments - changes their value - and then returns them
Text Field background color not change it with UI Text Border Style Rounded Rect
Setting Autocompletefield rowheight
JavaScript value not set during form submit
Best Way To Build A Multi-Notification System in PHP
Spring AOP: Choosing advice seletively
JQuery Clone objects not passing value to SQL, Asp
Zend Framework create fully dynamic route while maintaining default routes
Re-directing to dynamic href in PHP script using JavaScript
Card DeckDriver java
Umbraco 5 surface controller and partial macro
Convert Switch to Non-virtual Polymorphism
Managing pages without CMS in Django?
TCP receiving last to first, I think
Systemtap PPC32 support
Assembly.LoadFrom using md5 hash not working
Returning IQueryable but need Raven stats to insert TotalResults header
Animation Not Smooth On Galaxy Note
Dynamically Generate List of Pages in WordPress
the performance of DLR is slower than CLR? [closed]
How to read a txt file to string?
Check if redirect from other url
SQL injection: Is this line safe?
How to Stop Android Tablet from Remapping Device Axes
Trouble with Cells in UITableView
Socket.IO and Node.js Core Cluster
Grails executeQuery giving me 鈥渘o such property鈥�exception
Specified query not executable here - pentaho reporting
Checking a radio button
images that are not used in CSS files
Project created from template has wrong solution properties
moving results from one data frame to a data set
Why does this local ArrayList change?
fetch or extract data from Json to php and insert into mysql database
WCF Data services - service operations not returning related entiities
Width & Height Fluid Design
(Resolved)How to make an EditText selectable but not editable on Android Ice Cream Sandwich
CAM::PDF returning non ascii character instead of quotes
encrypted data retrieval for booking form
How can I use a Radio Button as a Toggle Button (Android)?
How can I use typcasting inside a JPQL statement?
Use SetTimeOut, so messages are not sent too rapidly after one another
How to load a tableview cell using a different cell identifier than the one specified in the nib file
jQuery/HTML5 FileAPI: Why does no drag event appear to be triggering?
Upper limit to UDP performance on windows server 2008
xperf refusing to load any symbol
How should I handle binding page-specific events to reusable DOM?
Invalid argument error using send button
php login script error
Split a file into a list
What does the percent sign mean in Yaml?
Any SFTP tutorial for Objective C?
Java + MySQL Transactions
Repeat control inside a repeat control: The hashmap seems to be overwritten
How can I trap records that I inserted using tableadapter to avoid record duplication?
Distributing In-House iPad app is now generating code signing error in Lion using Xcode 4.3.2 (4E2002)
WebMatrix DynamicRecord - get column value without knowing any column name of seleted table
Get boolean from SoapObject (kSOAP2)
Recurrence Relation T(n) = T(n^(1/2)) + T(n-n^(1/2)) + n
phusion passenger not seeing environment variables?
Issue with Eclipse Hibernate Tools
How can i transfer a set of files/folder from a linux server to another via script?
what's wrong with my generic type casting?
ParseKit rev. 74 not working?
Setting an event's target action correctly
preg_match Facebook Photo URL
Solution for java.sql.SQLException: could not use local transaction commit in a global transaction
Conditional beep sound not working
IE 8 double click with jquery doesn't make any sense and does not trigger click()
How to .hide() a single div from a class
Changing Name Format from 鈥淟ast, First MI.鈥�to 鈥淔irst MI. Last鈥�in Java
How to keep types in proguard but not ones matching a specific name or pattern?
Oracle Deadlock issue in Container Managed Persistence (EJB2.1)
Android Loadable Kernel Module Error: assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast
Boxshadow inset can't recreate from Photoshop
Query for count of distinct values in a rolling date range
pagination scripts, functions, php and mysql [closed]
Phonegap Hide Childbrowser window plugin
.htaccess Subdomain's Folder To QueryString
Android/OpenglES2 : Mapping Java objects into shader structs?
Calculations that span more than one row in a data frame
Javascript animation WITHOUT jquery/settimeout/setinterval
Get and modify the control in the ControlTemplate
Why am I getting an error in this create table script? [closed]
How to force push a reset to remote repository?
Prevent FlipView from scrolling
Redirect static to dynamic url using htaccess
How to make two sets of selection by JQuery UI selectable widget?
Removing duplicate dates based on another column in R
array of struct containing 2 arrays of structs not getting initialized properly, lead to segfault
How To Find Controls In <ItemTemplate> Repeater
ActionbarSherlock with ViewPager and ActionItems disappearing
How to serve claims to an STS server without using AD
Binding an ObservableCollection<int> to a Label
Saving checked items from a listview to a file
How to get source id with HTML5 Drag&Drop
find parent('TD') ID loop not displaying entire id
Initialize a friend array in main form, VB
Where to place custom js for gmaps4rails
How are 鈥淓vent鈥�objects implemented in .NET?
Tap Image, remove labels, show image only
Approaches to syncing web application data with users' desktops
Game Center View on iPAD (GRAY SCREEN)
Sorting an array with repeating values and retaining the index order after value sort
MS Access: convert seperate year, day_count and time fields to a date/time
Sorting and hashing a large number of Java strings
Android - getting java.lang.NoSuchMethodError with db.enableWriteAheadLogging method
mysqli DELETE not working
WinRT DependencyProperty with IEnumerable not firing at all
Timestamping audio from any language given the audio source and an accurate transcription
In JPA, how do I map a table to an entity which is a composite?
What datatype supports this kind of operation? [closed]
Cannot get a form in javascript from a .NET page?
Why can't `virtualenv` find `pkg_resources`?
Print pointer character as hexadecimal
Custom type auto increment id codeigniter
HighlightPainter issue with Substance UI when using Monospaced font
ClassNotFoundException with jaxb/annox and custom annotation
How to repeat a javascript function with a clock
CSS issue: Why is sidebar not clickable?
Hibernate proxy doesn't always load the object
Why doesnt my html show up in my ruby on rails application?
How to show MapView options with flip animation?
load specific div in modal window using fancybox
jQuery's hide and show methods not bubbling up calculated height in IE8
How to determine options with gcc toolchain was built?
referring to innertext hangs chrome
Why are std::allocator::construct and std::allocator::destroy templated on element type?
Will a static in a lib be the same value for all objects?
iPhone, screen gets drawn on very top, then it start to draw after menu bar on duel app
5x5 square dot appears from skype check.js
HTML5 Video wont validate
Scrapy. How to change spider settings after start crawling?
Plot a column for x versus another column in y, group by certain index in R
framework to create dashboards and alarms
How fast are ctypes in python? [closed]
Possible to have html button in UIWebView content load new ViewController?
What is the T and Z in timedate getting returned by MongoMapper?
How to retrieve the index of an XML element with a specific attribute in AS3?
Bad memory management? Class member (boolean) value greater than 1, in recursion function
Magento get email template by code
iOS - detect the phone number / email address of the current device?
Language specific input in RubyMine
Multiple floats in different divs before clearing
Bootbox Confirm Dialog problems
Selenium 2 Webdriver - Div tag moves up when I try to do sendKeys
NodeJS socket IO stop emiting randomly?
Mysql Update Using Regex for Materialized Path Structured Data
context.openFileOutput() vs file.createNewFile()?
explain php output
control text align and float in iframe (same domain)
calling @Html.Action for JsonResult changes my response type in parent template
Updating the value of a javascript variable that's displayed on the HTML5 canvas
Does it matter where the connection is made?
Multiple repeating broadcasts never get new extras
Floyd/Warshall Algorithm reconstructing a path, saving into a list
Linux and C/C++ :Appliction created by linking libc-2.11 and trying to run on Linux machine which has
check if a URL to an image is up and exists in Python
Scala: Most efficent collection for simple iteration
JQuery Data table paging buttons scrunched together when bjqueryui is true
Tool to work in the network layer
The type initializer for 'BlogEngine.Core.BlogSettings' threw an exception
Do these for loops enumerate all the contents of the array by default?
How to make custom Helpers in Rails 3?
How to create an array in C to hold 2 similar types of Structs?
Loading external packages in Common Lisp with SLIME on Debian
Encoding issue with wkhtmltopdf via Python's subprocess.Popen on Ubuntu server
how to limit the jquery search scope
Calculating the number of days between two dates
Debugging VisualVM remote connection
Viewport fit screen width and big images
Is their a way to click on a <a> tag without having to physically click it?
Trouble loading tiff images with wxWidgets when using camera aquisition methods
Android background Image Error
JSP PreparedStatement Error with Setting ? in SQL query
Jquery ui version of the jquery mobile flip toggle?
fill an array with objects from other arrays
What DOCtype loads Google fonts in IE9?
Why would android forget some assets?
selecting all rows 7 days from now based on unix timestamp and current date
FuelPHP how to load model in test? and how to load and test controller?
Nested custom ContentControl not being displayed
jQuery product filter using checkboxes and :contains() show/hide
Visualizing large supervised learning data set using PCA and scatter3 in MATLAB
Add minus button to uikeyboardtypenumpad
Is there a more generic way of declaring this array?
Some problems regarding removing a child added dynamically
ios button doesn't tap - noob issue
Zipping files in ASP.NET without using free third-party solutions
why is my program not outputting info after executing it
Need help replicating this fairly simple box effect in HTML/CSS
Making 鈥渨ave鈥�effect with text, need to fix bug
import table and stored procedures
Looking for an alternative to the image onLoad [duplicate]
MySQL matching query performance on large dataset
summing up tier levels in SQL without cursor
How to cancel peer long-running tasks if one of them stops
RewriteCond HTTP:Accept-Language all subfolders
filter datagridview rows
summing up tier levels in SQL without cursor
How to cancel peer long-running tasks if one of them stops
RewriteCond HTTP:Accept-Language all subfolders
filter datagridview rows
Problems with jQ image selector
How reliable is 鈥�gt;鈥�
How to edit Strings (in C structs)
Mysql select query for getting co-workers
PHP MySQL pagination results
Declaring objects from one xib to another in Xcode?
Numpy equivalent of Matlab's findpeaks function? [duplicate]
How should I managed a database for register/log in with Facebook & Twitter
Redirection in Grails Web-flow
Slow query with cfqueryparam searching on indexed column containing hashes
How to get an AJAX call in my TYPO3 Extbase Extension?
Grabbing a custom product image label in Magento?
How to find if image is clicked in JApplet?
Box API 2.0: Unable to Download
How to update an existing Alarm in ScheduledActionService on Windows Phone?
Multitouch Android - Using Half the Screen for One finger and Half for the other
HTML 5 canvas image special effects
Possible to change the DWM aero tint color on a per-window basis?
Case When + Join + Group By + Having SQL Query
PHP sessions unknown error [duplicate]
Create a jar file from source folder with build.xml
Select Distinct from table to sum values on another table
Can't figure out whats causing this display bug in IE, Android and IOS
Geolocation LONG/LAN in database [closed]
MATLAB: How to NOT get the first element but a random index from 鈥渕ax鈥�when there are multiple maximums?
Swapping two divs with jQuery while maintaining bound event handlers
Mono for Android: Unicode Assets file names can't be packaged
pid for new thread
mysql - querying a field with csv style data
Best data structure for multiple choice quiz in JavaScript
Change <p:commandButton> value with JavaScript
mysql database error Your4Vidz [duplicate]
timeoffset in whole minutes in c#
enum as storage?
Android: Highlight a street in MapView
Javascript code execution order
Rails ActionMailer encoding
REST Routes & Verbs - Handling routes without a parameter
How can I clear scrollback buffer in tmux?
Histogram slider in Javascript
VTD-XML Exception: Name space qualification Exception: prefixed attribute not qualified
how do I write my own production web server?
Absolute layout of an element that will overflow but is only constrained on 3 sides
Android MediaController seekbar chapter markers?
Eager Loading by Setting Variable
iOS Storyboarding segue action changes orientation incorrectly
Select Sum from Mysql and php
Alternative to jquery replaceAll()?
PHP Post to LOCAL site (cURL example)
What is a good data type for representing arbitrary binary data?
Single, horizontally scrollable line in a pre?
Xcode - Change view using Navigation Bar Button Item and Storyboard
SQL COUNT in related table of 2nd order for selecting data for a forum index
Checking if a security exception has been accepted by the client
Single Orchard CMS site for multiple websites or installation for each
Go into one side of screen and come out on other side?
How to rename files in current directory and its subdirectories using bash script?
Set value to Object without knowing type
VideoView won't play while context is set to WebView
How to pass const pointer in parameter non-const
django subdomains a la
jQuery - sort a table after adding a row to it
Put CSV Data Using jQuery Ajax Call
Drop down menu always displays 1st option after page processing instead of processed option
git smudge/clean keyword expansion producing wrong results
Row by row pixel checking of an image
How to acheive 鈥渂ring to front鈥�for a list in aspx page that has Jquery
Task queue doesn't run all my tasks 鈥�App engine backend
Canvas placement with javascript
How do I get LinqToXSD to properly output namespace prefix declarations?
Properties with Spring @Configuration
Recreating this scrolling page effect
Difference between these two create methods in a users controller
What setup are people going with for Orchard CMS and multiple sites?
SuperUser command outputs in Android
performance for reads of nsdictionary vs nsarray
unidentifed offset errors php
Find the control that an Attached Property is attached to in the OnChange Event
How do i fix this minor indent issue with vim?
PHP - Simple add item to cart and display results
Unix command deleted every directory even though not specified
openGL: get coordinates after a glrotate
PostGIS 2.0.0 install GEOS issue
Format XML data with JavaScript in one file
Singleton thread safe in C# - why to add the double check?
onFinishInflate not being called when dynamically instantiating and adding a compound control
How to compile a python program? [duplicate]
Eclipse Indigo Market place issue 鈥�permission denied (?)
Getting a grouped_by object list in Django 1.3
C# Custom Events based on time
how use a windows pc as bluetooth hid?
( Preserving some session variable in SQL Server after session time out possible?
Receiving this error: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: [duplicate]
How do I enumerate through a JObject?
List Properties in Java for Google App Engine - Is this the most efficient and performant JDO code?
SSAS error when executing query: 鈥淔ile system error: The record ID is incorrect.鈥�
List Properties in Java for Google App Engine - Is this the most efficient and performant JDO code?
SSAS error when executing query: 鈥淔ile system error: The record ID is incorrect.鈥�
Visual Studio Auto Namespace change
user agent stylesheet overrides table?
Creating reservations in rails
how do I add unique constraint on an existing FK's parent?
How can I assign models/textures to GLUT shapes?
how to draw bitmap on osm/mapsfrge
How to use both Google Drive API and the chrome web payments licensing API
Multiple static libraries with a shared dependency - iOS
String splitting in Python using regex
SQL Server indexes - what columns to include in index?
How to add custom item to Navigation Bar
Vectorization for meshgrid in Matlab (or Octave)
Extracting array from Ruby Hash
Passing data along with a Matlab function handle
Combine iscroll.js with timesheet.js slideshow audio sync
How to collect all distinct values of column2 in each group grouped by column1?
Accessing properties from an object created in IB - Cocoa
Persuading an email client not to display an html attachment inline?
OOP, why object initilization is incorrect?
Get the return value with ptrace using SINGLESTEP
How to draw a standard normal distribution in R [duplicate]
Merging gtk subpixbufs
TextLayout framework prevent unselect when pressing menu button
How to access module-level names in Python?
GHC compiling library undefined 鈥渕ain鈥漑duplicate]
Magento - MultiSite - Share Shopping Cart?
detecting instance of another thread from outside spawning thread
Windows forms, loops and threading
Remove all CDATA nodes and replace with encoded text
SQL Group by Query with join
Retrieve Month, Day, Hour, Minute, from a number in minute
mysql query to pull results based on 3 advanced criteria and echo in php
Is there a way to make the _ appear for hotkeys without the Alt key?
php DOMNode->nodeValue doesn't work properly
Caclulating future date in php using time()
Fadeout + empty a div, and then put new content in
Logging/Auditing 403 Requests
why this is not sorting by latest messages to be in the top
PHP Classes for Fractal Generation?
Event after Create User - ASP.NET Membership
Textbox not updating on page load
Split() deprecated [duplicate]
Having <asp:UpdatePanel does not run the jquery code
How do I bind an ObservableCollection to a ComboBox?
Facebook Like button in Page Tab App
Issue With Custom Collection Model Binder in MVC 3
JQuery live() function stops firing after css transition
Slimming down Symfony2 controller and persist logic
Updating a database in window form and c#
Setting up cakephp 2.0 on bluehost
Why am I encountering a memory leak when returning null and non-200 status results?
Which javac.exe is used by ant javac task?
How do I catch the MobiScroll onClose Event
Recursive function in java to fill binary tree with dictionary
JSF 2.0 error in navigation in Internet Explorer/iPhone but not Chome
Can't connect to server on SQL Server Management Studio 2008
Setting a Fixed Size for CSS Menu Items
Facebook Timeline: How do you create an aggregation that groups on a custom property?
Why is it so hard to convert from one time zone to another?
C++ - Program gets lost in a function call
Mobile Website: hiding 'click confirmation box'
CXF ClientProxy getClient 鈥渘ot a proxy instance鈥�
NULL value returned when using SUM function on two columns while populating table in SQL Server 2008
number of values in a list greater than a certain number
How to make an ad wrapper which displays a message if a user has adblock running?
Shared data queue between processes
Is it possible to chain animations on the same element in CSS3
Issue with date format
Linux daemon tutorial
Python simplejson not converting true
Linker errors building iOS app with Simperium
java swing button does not repaint properly after dialog closed
Join Alternate lines in a test file using 2010
How do I select all content between two points in the viewport with javascript?
How to find a string inside a code construct (foreach loop) in a code file?
Async IO at random offsets
Why doesnt my html show up in my ruby on rails application
Compile errors from winnt.h, winbase.h, and excpt.h for windows mobile project
Disable Context Menu - Flash Professional Export (Flash 11.2 - CS6)
Has Youtube Iframe Embed has stopped working for certain videos?
Rail Asset Pipeline and Page Specific Files
Propertygrid displaying common properties for multiple objects
Android: are images of the same size rendered differently if placed in different drawable folders?
Fastest way to copy data from one file to another in C/C++?
Splitting by character using regular expressions
Link markers together?
Error in parsing XML file from mysql database game development algorithm
avoiding malicious js in django using django-ckeditor
StretchDIBits issue
Splicing weighted index and getting a smooth value
Java applet failed to load when visited using HTTPs protocol with Java 7
Circular buffers (start value gets removed, what happens?)
Russian in Visual Studio
mysql query for the latest 10 results in a single query
Weird bug with AVCaptureSession
Some website content causes BeautifulSoup (and lxml) to restart Python session
Extending Jquery : To Render Partial
Circular buffers (start value gets removed, what happens?)
Russian in Visual Studio
mysql query for the latest 10 results in a single query
Weird bug with AVCaptureSession
Some website content causes BeautifulSoup (and lxml) to restart Python session
Extending Jquery : To Render Partial
How do you comment out a rule in Proguard.cfg?
How do I declare a global variable in Objective C
How can I optimize this duplicates removal query?
sqlalchemy: multiple bases for the same class
Creating a checkbox to hide or show labels in a ExtJS 4 Chart
Xslt Matching Elements by attribute via XSLT
parsing string in Groovy?
How do I retain row-and-column arrangement while performing regular expression manipulations in Python
Less isn't showing me its errors
AS3 Collision Process continually returns False
MVC3: EditorForModel() for non strings
Applying a background image to a Menustrip submenu Item
Entitlements invalid?
XMPPFramework background UILocalNotification support without VoIP plist key
Bypass Silk on Kindle Fire when sending a download to a user?
Jquery Show Image Before .load()
preg_replace for a word ending with a colon
convert ip ranges to ip with subnet
JS replace params in url when somenthing wrong
Mobile Safari - fun with focus()
JQuery slice() or each() for performance?
How to clear all input fields in a specific div with jQuery?
Tool for JSON schema validation
flash as3 movieclip.stop(); does not work in my case
Is there a Windows version controll client that supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion (all in one)
The event on() can be used in a table that is within another table?
Having Facebook likes accumulate over https:// and http://
Bash: Declare value in if statement
Could use some help decoding this code
How to run a javascript in side a javascript [closed]
Cross platform Java app that also works with Spotify
How do I fix choppy scrolling in emacs 24 with starter-kit (ubuntu 12.04 on MacBook Pro) [closed]
how can I log the current threadcount in SOAPUI?
C# Graph Algortithm for shortest path
Play Websocket sample - Only one Akka actor?
(objective) C side by side translations / comparison to another language
Time fields in Rails app all getting populated with January 1, 2000, 12:00AM
MongoDB performance in SAFE mode
Record Processing If Record Exists UPDATE, INSERT in PLSQL
Java read in single file and write out multiple files
lpr command not working from my C# program in Win 7
Which is more memory efficient, Threaded Entities or Threaded Sectors for a Java Game?
How to setup the jquery wysiwyg change event?
How to show all fields of model in admin page?
C# datagridview - 鈥渃olumn exceeds MaxLength Limit鈥�
Azure Caching - How is Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Caching Application Block on Azure?
T-SQL 'AND' keyword not short-circuiting it seems
Nested set / Tree javascript renderer gem for Rails 3 with drag & drop anywhere out there?
Unfortunately android application is stopped
Why is sigprocmask called when calling the recv system call?
UserControl declaration missing from Web Application designer file
How can I save the values from fields in a Windows Forms GUI to a file, and then restore them?
jQuery Mobile to SQL Server 2008
Android WebView: parallel Loading, Layout and Javascript
authenticate to a 3rd party site with jquery?
Need most optimally structured join query for complicated report
How do I programmatically check if the menu of my activity is showing at a particular moment?
button IsEnabled binding after asynchronous invoke call to server got completed
PHP errors messing with site look
Delphi 7: int64 size bug?
Yii: CGridView - add custom function to the delete row button
Updating objects in an array is often failing RavenDB
Django-celery on multiple computers
Extract sub-directory name from URL in ASP.NET C#
2 Comboboxes and 2-Dimensional Array
Doxygen: Class diagram (grey box) without collaboration diagrams
Joining 2 table with LINQ to Entities
What is Oracle experiment?
splitting a path with python
How do I read a file into an array and then sort the data?
DialogFragment Orientation Change Crash with getActivity()
How to check if a union in C has not been 鈥渋nitialized鈥�
Sort sequence in order from FASTA file by python program
Changing the start up form in LWUIT
How to create sql procedure for reporting from two table
Reusable Control
How to create a user following php script?
Jquery UI Autocomplete - Select Value
What happened to my ASP.NET website causing NullReferenceException in code behind on controls from MasterPage?
CouchBase range search
Audio feedback in Ubuntu Terminal
Location of symbols for WCF remote debugging
char comparison in EL expression
How do I handle 鈥渃onnection failed due to invalid command line鈥�error?
chrome border issue
Advantages and Disadvantages of Apache vs. Your own server? [closed]
Emacs file edit history
Finding the cartesian coordinates of another smartphone?
Selectively joining elements of an array into fewer elements of a new array
how to clear/flush mysql innodb buffer pool?
TableRow division
Finding form fields in a Rails POST request
AS3 Textfield Whitelisting
How can I eliminate phantom margins in my dropdown menu?
AS3 Textfield Whitelisting
How can I eliminate phantom margins in my dropdown menu?
Github API v3 POST with PHP
How to use fontconfig to get font list (C/C++)?
Unknown HZ Value
String Join Using a Lambda Expression
Media queries, bootstrap and css3-mediaqueries-js - is the media type (screen, handheld, etc) optional?
JS/HTML5 remove url params from url
Create several new objects within a for-loop in Java
Better way to do this MySQL query?
Why is my WCF response so slow transfering 1MB of data
Using JObject and JProperty with JSON.Net 4.0
iFrame Refresh and some design ?'s
KnockoutJS Select Options and Selected Value
running multiple php files within one php file
Proguard Retrace not working with stacktrace runtime info likeE/AndroidRuntime(10237):
Making a spell check utility
How effectively to remove elements while iterating through the list?
A data contract that simply takes a string
Grails how direct multiple actions to the same view?
incomplete gamma function in python?
Retrieve Core Data object with specific relationship to two child objects
How to implement a dynamic thread Boost::Barrier?
ICEpush 3.0.1 causes no response in JBoss 7.1.1
Using ASObjC Runner to abort a shell script command in Applescript
js contenteditable - prevent from writing into newly inserted element
coding in c on eclipse
javascript function arguments as private variables
HTML Javascript Modal Popup Window with Auto Close
Query fails if no rows are found
how can I compile iOS project on a server
writing to has no effect on page ( same IDs have different addresses? )
Django: /logout switches language
MVC3 post back entire List<MyObject> collection
How to fix naive server implementation with CFSocket to allow multiple connections
NSBundle Not Working
Checking if word is valid in array
Less when including files with relative paths
usort() warning although submitting array
used PHP inside Javascript? [closed]
Ext.createDelegate() migrating sencha touch 2 app
.NET OpenXML performance issues
How to enable Trace for a Ruby on Rails application
Reset Orchard to look like fresh install
In Delphi XE2, Uploading to azure get stuck forever, how solve?
Bash or vim alias/command to use a certain template when creating Python files?
How do I observe transcluded elements of a directive?
How to render a jQuery AJAX JSON object from PHP to KnockoutJS
Unable to access contents of IFRAME in jQuery
Setting waitcursor on glasspane doesn't work in Dialog
ajax form manipulation with jquery
What programming language can natively connect to Postgresql [closed]
Retrieve the URL for a Google Spreadsheet using Zend
Catch all page level errors without breaking the page
Android user-permission to access Internet
Design - Sometimes an Object is-a and sometimes it isn't
Getting hostname with java fails in latest jdk7
Hibernate: How to set the value of a custom UserType
Python: Need help creating dictionaries from text files and splitting a list
htaccess.. SE freindly URLs
Rails 3 Conditional Validation (credit cards): Syntax Error
How do I turn off permalinks only for *tags* in Wordpress?
How to include full H2 sources to Java project?
Java GUI: Document Object Model
python: unable to call sudo using Popen?
Grouping serial posts in a user feed
Apache returns Content-Type text/plain instead of text/html
How can I include a 3rd party package when I build in Python?
Get UINavigationBar delegate to allow 鈥渂ack鈥� with a nice animation
Flex 4 - Adding a dynamic transparent mask
How can I modify the 鈥渉eader鈥�section in ActiveAdmin, in each request?
Catch Spotify app events in the background
jQuery Validate not evaluating all fields
If logic in for loop for MVC
Building FreeRTOS for x86
Where is Xcode 4.3.2 installed?
Error in Library
Force the browser to send http request for an image
error in parsing json
Is it safe to use out variables in calls within LINQ statements?
unable to connect to aws machine : operation timed out
Hiding all but first table row with jQuery
WPF MVVM prevent the binding on SelectedValue to change the value in some situation
What are some good resources (that you recommend) for improving coding style? [closed]
Calling jQuery (modal popup) function from within another JavaScript function
Tfs Query to retrieve a particular type of WorkItems that is linked with a given list of other WorkItems
jQuery animation doesn't work in Firefox
Saving the results of a query to use in an IN comparison
Flash Player doesn't connect to socket policy file server - gives SecurityError #2048
dropdown css - how to change the font size or the list (not the initial view) - CHROME
How to change a color of the WinForm? [closed]
Voice recognition with Internet Explorer 8
How to pass connection string that has a backward slash to SqlConnection?
SQL Server 2005 Transaction Log will not Truncate
No caching and Logout in C# / asp.Net 3.5
Not able to generate web service client using wsgen
a lot of update (same column) at one query, how to do this dynamic query?
Authenticate ASP.NET user session with javascript
read russian characters with silverlight
TinyMCE Version 3.12 Converting <font> to <span>
read russian characters with silverlight
TinyMCE Version 3.12 Converting <font> to <span>
Stack overflow exception in the silly program
How can I prevent wild scrolling when a fixed position text input form field gains focus?
inflating an asset in a Runnable
PHP - get properties of an object in an array?
Why isnt this HTML Form valid?
npm module tests
UserType / Hibernate / JodaTime - where to set UserType global properties?
ignoring calculated fields in deserialization
Best Practice to report user location continusly and Google Latitude
Best way to create reusable templates for different web sites
Making a Smooth OpenGL Mouse Camera
UIColor colorWithPatternImage: fails on JPG file - but UIImage loads the JPG fine?
Using Flask Blueprints, how to fix url_for from breaking if a subdomain is specified?
Python programming memory leak? Maybe? File search & destroy script
archetypes.schemaextender: possible to have default_method
Check in php if directory contains different file types
How to optimize the following SQL Function
how to convert JavaScript code in to sencha touch 2
PHP determining distances
Error 415 while sending an XML to REST WS
Titles not appearing on the ViewControllers navigation bar
Recognizing Gestures Android
how should I architect my applications to support mobile app's
Need help setting up Excel to QB ODBC connection using VBA
Button color change on hover
Time zone conversion in LINQ
REST design of authenticate calls
AVPlayerStatusFailed and error code 鈥淐annot Decode鈥�
What does ,= in Java / Android mean? (bit-wise OR assignment) [duplicate]
backbone firing the wrong router method
.htaccess replace url?
Double Asynchronous AJAX Function
jQuery and nested selectable
How can I reset a Windows process to a previous state?
Query to search in embedded objects
How to use Dao.setAutoCommit()?
SetData for CKEditor when <p> and <br> tags infront of text
Passing FileStream in WCF
Can I display SSRS 2008 reports in a .Net 2 website?
htaccess doesn't rewrite index.php in Kohana
Joda DateTime difference with PeriodFormat like 1:30
How to format SQL DATETIME to comapre it to a given date and retrive one record?
Remove characters from string in standard C
Number Format Exception in Java Servlet
Which classification packages in R have a non-formula interface (e.g., f(x,y) instead of f(y ~ ., data))?
Get data since a request ajax with mvc
How do I get the total number of active/idle connections for a Weblogic datasource?
Disable dropdown list
Depend on module in maven
Inexplicable MissingFieldException
Nginx proxy setup
python pickle: what is it? when would i use it?
Watching a file for changes in Linux
What is workflow on SDL Tridion Component and Page Templates used for?
What causes the smiley in the string output?
PhantomJS evaluate with basic auth returning null
How can I listen all incoming and outgoing data that goes to a Flash-base webchat?
Formal principles and processes for designing an API (C#)
ConcurrentModificationException on removing Overlay from MapView's overlayList
What are the restrictions for method names in Ruby?
Deny authenticated users from a folder using FormsAuthentication
Invoke change the UI(WindowsForms) elements in C++ to use it in BackgroundWorker, I have the code in C# here and I would like an equivalent in C++
How to prevent JavaScript from breaking in a build process?
CGI Python os.system
Play 2.0.1 - Scala templates string concatting + re-usable code block
onclick executedoesn't work
Can't select or deselect checkboxes inside jQuery UI Modal Dialog
How can i provide shades between dates on x axis in R plot?
mysql server date difference
Update a field when another field changes
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
Powershell and schtask with task that has a space
How to get last 7 characters of a PHP string [duplicate]
javascript if cookie exists execute
Nav Menu - Drop down menu z-index?
C++ Codestyle , Clarity versus Simplicity [closed]
MPI Internals: Communication implementation between processes
RawConfigParser.get().endswith('/') is False, when result returns '/images/'? Should be True
How to create a virtual slider as a WPF-CustomControl that combines a Button with a TextBox
Cannot create index on view because the view is not schema bound error 1939
blocking url if record not active
how much to sort data in php vs. mysql?
jQuery .animate() marginLeft not working in IE8 and below - invalid argument
ndim in numpy array loaded with
Multiple sites with 1 kohana core on same server
Correct collate in Postgresql 9.1
Check if Browser Exists in ASP.NET
Using IO::Event to detect new files in a directory
Regular Expression For 3D Position