Dot sourcing a PowerShell script not ending with .ps1
Why would echoing an nbsp make a difference? (PHP)
Easy way to test if each element in an numpy array lies between two values?
MySQL, how to JOIN many records to one
Proximity Alert Intent not putting or returning extras
Web Applications - where to start, end and implementing Java programming [closed]
Virtual methods without body in a sealedclass [closed]
Dynamic or xhr Templates
How to update an entity's navigation properties in Entity Framework
A better way of building a new string after swapping its contents
How to get FileInfo via a foreach Loop?
Parsing strings with quote characters inside fields
save: on a NSManagedObjectContext not working
How to create conditional button in HTML based on MySQL data?
Sublime Text 2 doesn't generate a github token
Custom announcment board in Sharepoint 2007
Reading and write on the same excel file with ruby
extract data from a textfile in matlab
Prepend character to array of items in PHP
Basic Windsor Constructor Injection
Is there a way to undo a p4 labelsync?
Android ICS 4.0 OS
css3 transitions not working in firefox
How do you do an automatic git pull on remote server?
How to add new controllers to devise controllers structure?
Postback Not Working at Application Root [ASP.NET 4.0]
loading views in asynctask
Android Custom gallery
how to save large files inside the data base.?
Avoiding an unchecked cast for cast to a collection of a generic interface in Java for an event publisher
jQuery Checkbox Filtering with .detach() + .appendTo()
How to do a huge search for Primary Key ID's that is used across the database where these Primary Key ID's have similar values in columns
how to find into mongodb to the last item of an array?
Python: Save a list and recover it for AI learning application
htmlspecialchars() issue with removing the < from </a> in string
PHP controlled by SMS
adding and removing MKAnnotation from a map view
JavaFx for ARM (Raspberry Pi / BeagleBoard)
What is the quickest way to read a list of key/value pairs from xml into an Array or List
How to center a textView with java code inside a linear layout
Any point in having BizTalk Server Developer Edition without proper Visual Studio?
Showing indeterminate progress in Sherlock Action Bar
audio tool development
Tips with AsyncTask cleanup and usage Android
why would i want to use a devexpress gridview as opposed to the one has?
Placing a Method with Eval parameter into a DataList
Implementing Fast and Efficient Core Data Import on iOS 5
Drop-Down Menu on :hover to tap twice for Mobile
Styling Facebook Likebox
When to use session_start()?
rails admin_data showing development db instead of production
How to debug browser hang during upload
Compiler written in Java: Peephole optimizer implementation
Why is my unordered list inside a div not rendering correctly?
How defining a module signature whose module implementation is parameterized by a functor
Server-Side second HTTP Request
SSL redirection on registration page, non SSL on others pages
Server-Side second HTTP Request
SSL redirection on registration page, non SSL on others pages
HA Proxy closes TCP socket after 10min?
How do I exclude directories from an rsync that exist on both servers?
How Does Wpf manage static resources?
AVAssetExportSession Won't Export Audio Recorded by AVAudioRecorder
ProcessingJS not drawing images in 3D mode
Floated div won't fully expand
The specified cast from a materialized 'System.Guid' type to the 'System.Int32' type is not valid
Match and insert in a python sorted list
Why is this a syntax error?
Why is my background image not displaying in IE?
Server-side processing with pipelining
By mistake excuded binary references from Visual Studio
Convert QSetting value to StdString
How to use http-equiv refresh on mobile?
Can' create unique constraint in ms sql server. Get an error in expression field
python: function parameter updating issues
Spine not proxying an event handler
PHP namespaces and 鈥渦se鈥�
Foreign key Check constraints in table attribute
Why does Glibmm/Gtkmm not include the unary dereferencing operator, *, for Glib::RefPtr?
Keep track of Touch Count on a <TextView>
How to 鈥淕ET鈥�the right value from a mixed form with different actions?
Program crashes by 鈥渙ut string鈥�
Choosing a controller and routes for a join table
How to store MSSQL PRINT output to a variable
Chaining z3c forms
Inserting SVGs with conflicting IDs using javascript
Regex checking Skus
a struct with a flexible array member in another struct
UPDATE MySQL Syntax Error
StackOverflowError because of big 鈥渃onf/routes鈥�file in Play Version 2.0.1
What is MVS and JCL?
Android sqlite deleting and inserting rows
How to get google transit data by api
Jquery dialog modal not closing
Should I index the sorting key field combined with the foreign key, or separately (mysql)?
remove line break between form label and input cakephp
Easy way to make vector triplet in CPP
Spring AOP and aspect thread safety for an autowired HTTPServletRequest bean
Trouble deploying to Heroku 鈥�logs included
Android: progress bar: three states
Is it possible to reuse a socket after a TimedOut exception?
Finding values in a number of columns using VBA
Page tab increasing height when necessary, but not decreasing
why returned json contains an 'object' tag
Git ignored file is being tracked even after git rm and git checkout
Getting the data out of an Array in PHP $_Post
CSS/HTML Left and Right Float?
CSS/HTML Left and Right Float?
Can I configure an msi installer to remove any other installation with a different productcode but the same upgradecode before installation?
Augmenting path
Adding arguments to HTML link to a local file in an email
Can't type the Caret Character (^) in TexMacs to denote exponentiation
Sorting so that rows with matching column do stick together
Hierarchical Query - Capturing the parts of the path
Struggling to get two models to have relations.And who suffers?The views
Android - exact mathematical calculation
Repairing Hooks and Permissions in Migrated Gitolite Repo
How to show &mdash in my Razor expression
How do I make a horizontally laid out <dl> tag's <dt> the entire height of the <dl>?
jquery/backbone/mustache/json rendering html as text string
Django South: Adding a model field after a datamigration
Meteor method not returning return value when return wrapped in a callback
What properties determine ClientDataSet field sizes?
Correctly present conditional login screen at app startup with storyboards and split view controllers?
Show Custom Exception Message
Need to show div after .validate is complete
What is the 鈥渃ode鈥�parameter at the end of outgoing links from facebook?
How do I use a while loop with counter for echoing else statement?
allow UIImagePickerViewController to add from library and camera
Free or trial Oracle database environment
WCF: use or not to use excption from service to client in production? any alternative?
Capture credit card information from card reader into an uneditable text field
query to get last message only from all users
Dreamweaver CS6 Error?
Good ways to decouple GUIs from SOAP/WS-API update/write calls?
How to color blend (colorize by specified alpha value) the canvas area using pure GDI?
Which gateway to use for SMS messages when multiple to choose from?
Testing in-app purchases in Kindle Fire application
Remove last two words from a string
Self-extracting self-checking executable
Namespace attributes in Builder gem
Can constructorless classes have their methods called without instantiation?
RestClientException Could not extract response spring mvc
unexpected T_IF, if statement in array
DataContractSerializer deserialization of properties moved from derived class to base class
How can I make a SelectBox required in qooxdoo?
Can't seem to check RouteData for an optional parameter
Aptana/Eclipse Find Next Shortcut - for Find in Files
鈥淪tring or binary data would be truncated鈥�in uploading file in ASP.NET MVC3
Geolocation and php and database
Initializing log4j for a stand alone application
convert string array to integer array
Bit vector implementation from a given array
Push Notifications in Blackberry
How to access Jar file located within source folders?
Can I set the umask for tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile in python?
How do I do URL encoding of ASCII characters?
Inner shadow issue
Image.width on IE browsers
Google maps api v3 standard marker on my location
How to draw a clock with JavaFX 2?
Desining Crystal Reports in wpf
Trying to get a Start Date from a Team City Sharp Server
Clearing variable via link PHP/Joomla
Python urllib to skip URL on HTTP or URL error
Web app on android browser WIDTH issue
Why is zookeeper gem install failing with 鈥渧ariable 鈥榩ort鈥�set but not used鈥�on Ubuntu 12.04 - GCC 4.6.3?
Spring security authentication against DB
Why does my Silverlight Socket Policy File not work?
Method that has a hash, and a proc arguments not running
Adobe Flex Mobile 4.6 - Element positioning on iPad vs Android or BlackBerry seems off
WPF ComboBox SelectedValue binding not updated when selection is changed
Setting MapReduce Counter value to a certain value
How can I use PHP reflection to set a static property?
Using express to set up a basic server
iOS - block screenshot/watermak
HTML5 audio volume in Javascript (Android 2.3)
(bash) How to access chunks of command output as discrete array elements?
Good practice to explicitly return the values of the function?
Best way to index and query analytic table in MySQL
Magento: How do I separate the display of multiple attributes?
Sed/awk/RegEX return the lines that ends with three colons
Get context-root from sun-web.xml in web service
Can Windows Azure roles detect which datacenter the roles are in?
List retainAll exception
Static countdown with javascript/php, how?
Doctrine 2.0: How to target an entity's superclass in a OneToOne relationship
How to submit two forms in jsf with Ajax or without Ajax
Convert date format python
Magento Package/Extension Issues - Does not load in fully
Pinch zooming, textview
How to collate list items with the same first item onto a map
Entity Framework Binding to a Query with a .Include
Which browsers support text-shadow in ::selection
Paypal subscriptions and IPN
Django OR query
Make a countdown from timer
Requests from Uploadify 3.1 in Rails 3.2.2 with Authlogic don't yield a current_user
Binding Keyboard to Onclick Event
Combo box is filling with valueMember not with the DisplayMember from DataGridView?
Executing ErrorFilter from inside action method catch block
UnicodeEncodeError in Django
Show content on hover
How can I rsync all my web nodes off of a master?
Write xpath for the node containing node value and attribute togetther
Replace only the first occurence of multiple whitespace with new line [duplicate]
archetype.schemaextender and Grok adapters
How do i determine what goes in the model vs controller?
Is it possible to send to n clients data at the same time using Tcp Sockets?
Using MVC3 with Async tasks to update the UI
django object_list not updated after object create form submit via ajax
How can the JVM verify there's no potential operand stack overflow when loading a class?
Page_load in
JQuery touchpunch draggable laggy on android device
Order By Aggregrate Function MySql
Git pushing to remote origin鈥攃hanges are not commited in origin, only visible after git stash
Rails RESTful API + Devise - How to check for user's credentials
What is the benefit of using out/ref versus returning?
XML tag related questions
for loop and head not working as expected
Create list of individual items that make up a grouped total
What is a clean way to parse multiple sections of a string in C#?
Swapping the position of elements within an array in java?
Windows Phone Web browser Thumbnail of Website
Creating/adding custom QTreeWidgetItem in Python (PyQT)
Make a div scroll in one line [closed]
Create DataObject from Shell Run / Help (MFC C++)
Controlling Sorting in SSRS Based Upon a Database Text Field
Xerces reports error when giving attribute to top-level element
List not displaying
Control ASDoc Tooltips in Eclipse
Correct way to access proxy's owner in association extension
Add an aggregation to a django query set
Associated Products to use Confirgurable Products images
nodejs and websockets on Windows
Want to show the results of a page in another page?
Javascript to update a textbox based on the input of another textbox
Failure while accessing Bcd using wmic
Header Location relative path compatibility
multiple else if statements for multiple text inputs checks
ASP.NET MVC 3. Resource keys instead of values
Using Sharpdevelop Addin Architecture to develop WPF application
How to import one ResourceDictionary into other, in WPF?
putting comments in the middle of a createtable statement
Is there a more ruby way of doing this
Magento - custom module structure
Start service with Visual Studio Setup Project installer
How to reduce the time of clang_complete search through boost
How to get Jquery code which dynamically creates table rows to wait until AJAX call returns
Managing nested maps with string keys
Adobe Edge slide show conflict with jquery ui
Is it possible to trace file operations with .NET?
cURL couldn't connect to host
Struct vs int64 value
Can't get check box options to change depending on value of collection_select in a rails 3.2 form
Query running slow after adding criteria
PHP and ffmpeg - Converting to H.264 on the fly for JW Player
Add to browser history without page reload
How to Parse and display a table in Jsoup android
Grouping URL patterns that are similar
Pass argument array to like window.showModalDialog [duplicate]
How to get error highlighting to show up near scroll bar in VS 2010?
Custom font in XCode 4.3.2
How to turn off javascript concatenation in rails?
ublas vector pointer
jQuery check click for each link
Self-Terminating AWS EC2 Instance?
Found a random plus sign, no syntax error
Insert multidimensional array information into database
Show full drop-down list, but only populate field with characters before a 鈥�鈥�
Testing image crops existence with Razor in Umbraco
django template iterate ordered dict generator
onchange isn't working in javascript
Ref/Out on 2D Array with Ironpython
Load Properties or XML in glassfish web service
get all values of fields with the same name array
LINQ Where filtering with lists
How to change part of window content upon combo box selection changed event?
LoadLibrary fails with lasterror 0x43 The network name cannot be found
VB silverlight for windows phone 鈥淒ownloadStringAsync鈥�
Overwritting Cut / Copy / Paste to wx.TextCtrl
Best way to do this kind of drop shadow?
passing a value from a servlet controller to a jsp page fails
How to set transparent background to LabelField in BlackBerry
Issue loading PHPExcel in Codeigniter
SQL Statement Issue
Delphi record operator for static arrays
C++ - temporary variables and their lifetime
鈥淯nexpected T_STRING鈥� [closed]
How to designate a foreign key in a dependency diagram
How to specify compiler in makefile?
BULK INSERT from comma delimited string
Irony AST generation throws nullreference excepttion
get attribute values with php dom
in mysql is there a way to make load data infile ignore the bom?
django-paypal does not have signal for subscr_payment
What is the best way to remove the echo from an audio file?
convert recursive code to LINQ
RegExp - 301 redirect
Re-getting POP3 messages
Underscore js replace item in object
HttpWebRequest POST data
html: FBML namespace
EXTJS setFieldLabel, for fieldcontainer, add style display:block to label and break design
CA Pinning with CryptoAPI
Error on submiting form MVC3 .Net
Error on submiting form MVC3 .Net
C - Compiling with -Wall doesn't warn about uninitialized variables
Creating a DataContext with LinqToSql - Could Storing Collection in Class Result in Memory Issues?
Using for a hashtable value the name of a method?
Depth Property in JS?
Scrubbing a block from a call to super
C# Entity Framework Lazy Loading Isn't Loading
Getting 'TypeError' response for Gmail Meter Script.
RegEx - find and replace content between two tag which is at multiple location in same file
Cross-browser testing: All major browsers on ONE machine
Random choices of two values
Large Image Processing (ARC) Major memory leaks
Collapsible list with jQuery - How to update Expand/Collapse all button
Eigen parallel performance drops when matrix exceds 512x512
Casting double to unsigned int
ESB for Python? [closed]
How to align text between divs
GFortran equivalent of ieee_exceptions
Finding element beneath on page
Images not stacking properly
How Faye achieves cross-domain (XDR) pub/sub?
Android programming and using HTML parsers to pull category data from a page for use in a ListView
2D Pixel Shader removing alpha channel from color
Bringing changes to an experimental branch from a new commit in git svn
Why does the like button on my site only appear about 3/4 of the time?
Simple queries with Twitter API using only an access_token
nginx subdomain and domain rewrite w proxy pass
sscanf equivalent in Java [duplicate]
How to implement a generic 鈥渟aveOrUpdate鈥�method with EclipseLink and JPA2
iOS array copy, how to release?
inserting kernel module after make mrproper
Size of the classes in case of virtual inheritance
how to retrieve the values of the attributes of a nested class in a view?
Named adapters with grok and Plone?
dojox mobile button is much slower to click in v1.7.x
get only direct child of node in nested set model
Selenium grid2: how to close and open browser on remote
Get Page's Type from URL in C#
CSS Nav Menu issue
Wrap text to the next line when it exceeds a certain length?
How to efficiently update the most recent document inserted into a MongoDB collection?
UIPageCurl Transition like UIPageViewController between two view controllers?
Loading Value of Input into Slider Options
How to customize SOAP Fault messages in Mule?
toggleClass() from jquery not working for a valid selection
php perfomance microtime real value [duplicate]
How to automate actions performed on the iPhone simulator?
Porting from Windows 8 to Windows Phone
how to change a ViewController to another that has no 鈥�xib鈥�
Install MYSQLdb python module without MYSQL local install
Testing for $_POST var affects variable even though $_POST should be undefined
Determining JavaScript Post Size
Print in the background with javascript i.e. without document pop up
How do I Pull Wordpress Blog Titles and Dates into a .NET Homepage
Conditional PHP for IE to direct to different site?
How do I access the contents of a specific cell in this messy HTML table using Perl?
JavaScript - Count duplicates within an Array of Objects
Game in google earth plugin crashes occasionally
Update a TDBGrid in C++ Builder
Json.NET output only value in C#
Exception in WPF
ICS VpnService pop up dialog
I need to check for validity of data before deep mapping with dozer, can I?
Extract value from certain query from string in jQuery
Accessing objects in a client server setup [closed]
All subcolumns for multiple supercolumns against a key in cassandra
Preventing facebook session hijacking
How to determine if a user is in a security group?
Creating a user editable area of a site - adding to a users collection
simple jquery code. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
How can I find the formula for this table of values?
ActionBar List Navigation Overlapping Fragments
Count number of rows in a report using VB
Reaching the content of a frame from a Chrome extension?
user has_many :courses, but course doesn't belong_to :user
SSRS report error in AX 2012
鈥淗iding鈥�System Cursor
In Liferay 6.1 CE, how do I let users, in a User Group, view that User Group's web pages?
How to set custom email settings automatically
Drag and drop from C# to Outlook
libmysql (c-api) slow compared to php-mysqli
How to configure a Clojure library at runtime?
How to create the (header) of this JSON in
using 鈥減recursor鈥�classes in collections
Applescript Universal application
How to use property-placeholder for file on filesystem [closed]
Using other's class' method?
Convert time in AM / PM to minute after midnight format in MYSQL
Fully automate release procedure with release+versions plugins
Create/Edit subclass templates in XCode 4+
Writing xml with php
Why do pictures need to be shown first for jquery image magnifier to work?
error reintegrating branch to trunk with Tortoise and SVN
how i can implement this algorithm in matlab
Colorbox too wide when opened
How do I activate Timeline for Test Accounts of a Facebook App?
search on vs2010 skips regions
Instruments is reporting I'm leaking NSMallocBlocks (aka block object) but am I really?
What does AssociationTypeMismatch mean in ruby on rails? i'm getting this error with nested attributes
How to create a sitemap with page relationships
Saving Canvas Drawing
Query to get value from two columns
Programmatically added UIScrollView used in multiple methods
What is the difference between tar and zip? [closed]
How adds the specified image to the user鈥檚 Camera Roll album on MonoTouch
ASPxUploadControl FileUploadComplete get file name
New Session login details
figure of imshow() is too small
Get first value of comma separated string
Dropdown routing to different controller/action method seamlessly
android - how can I add a subscription to a public calendar?
Walking Path in Python using a Decorator
Virtual function not called on most derived class type mvc 3 razor file upload
Socket hang in dnode
Need suggestions for android socket programming
Onmouseout event in javascript trigger
UITableView and NSMutableArray dynamic?
How can i load other content from a different html page on the same page?
Building a SQL Driven sales order record based on number of SKU's
XNA Puzzle Game how to mouse click [closed]
SqlTransaction multiple commands: Order of Execution?
How to apply JQuery to PHP generated HTML?
Error 500 while using .htaccess file for url rewriting?
Styling contentEditable lists (<li>) with font-family, font-size, and color
C# line selector?
Formatting string - money value
generic class equals method that constrains input parameter and object to have same type T
validating an iPhone app archive
Linux heap structure and the behaviour with malloc() and free()
Show disabled button's popover
Hierarchical select population jQuery/PHP
Need help to come up with a Workflow system
random 502 gateway errors with nginx php-fpm and ubuntu
Nested element search in jquery
netbeans does not show functions list defined in the currently opened php file
Buildout-aware Python autocompletion for Sublime Text
jquery in rails doesn't recognize click event
Freezing when dragging zoom all the way
Umbraco Examine: how to search inside Embedded Content data type?
Syntax in GAS UI service
Identify if a point is within a polygon?
XCode throws Sigabrt error whenever I run due to IBOutletCollection
Trigger a TouchDown on Button A during TouchDown of Button B
How does one fragment cache comments with a session information?
Insert FB birthday into Mysql gives NULL
Generating table argument for stored proc accepting table-valued parameter
Char size in .net is not as expected?
How do I rewrite this Objective C to RubyMotion?
Jquery - Drop event not occuring if size of 'draggable div' is greater than 'droppable div' [duplicate]
Generating table argument for stored proc accepting table-valued parameter
Char size in .net is not as expected?
How do I rewrite this Objective C to RubyMotion?
Jquery - Drop event not occuring if size of 'draggable div' is greater than 'droppable div' [duplicate]
SQL COUNT(*) returning the wrong answer
C# Client / Server Thread Connection
openMP nested parallel for loops vs inner parallel for
mysql - how to replace a sub-string?
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: uges.servlets.MyQuery: method <init>()V not found
CakePHP ACL generating different links for different groups
What is the SubSonic Update Query safe Maximium for In
Enable output caching for default ASPX page in a Sitecore-enabled ASP.NET website?
How to make global variable in libray project using MPLAB X IDE
Creating an SQLite3 database file through Objective-C
Add a footer to an existing OpenXML spreadsheet
Java recursion returning a string
Virtual functions on classes derived form structs
OS X play Audio Frames are they are sent to me
How can I start CSS3 Animations at a specific spot?
Excel Array formula IF(multiple criteria)
Html Audio in Android Webview
Reading a Json response recursevely with python
HTTP status 500 - The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request
Waiting for task in PHP to finish before moving to next item
PHP Using curl with torcache
javascript on(鈥渓oad鈥� in sencha touch 2
How to animate a custom UIButton?
jquery validation - ignore fields blank/not required until a value is entered for other validations
SSL with Android 2.2 and 2.3
Proper form validation with Spring MVC 3 - catching PersistenceException
How WappWolf gets notifications from Google Drive?
add total to the array
remove polygon / polyline from a bing map
Basic Main Menu code not working
Saving updated ArrayList doesn't work
Jquery and Drop Down - Determine the Values
Trigger syntax error
PInvoke style passing struct with member dynamic array of pointers
Error when compiling simple Qwt program on Mac OSX 10.7.4
CursorAdapter does not seem to have a function to set the cursor
Incorrect Model Type from my View
Remove trailing ? [question mark] from url - empty query string
Custom Confirm Dialog
php session variable multidimensional associative array issue
How is cloning and serialization different than using 鈥渘ew鈥�and reflection?
Designing an android tablet-only app
showing a grid like View on top of a custom View
Determine Rules triggered by endeca
Is it possible to include functions only without executing the script?
How to redirect child process stdout/stderr to the main process stdout/stderr in Java?
How to redirect child process stdout/stderr to the main process stdout/stderr in Java?
Can't initialize state_machined class that belongs
subdomains are forced to main domain
using var keyword in a for loop
ModalPopupExtender bypassing OnClick
Is it possible to have two password files in Apache2?
Can't select a GridView Control from Visual Studio when in an <asp:table>
Selenium with NUnit and .Net giving NoSuchElementExcpection
Using functionality of one class in another
How to apply observer pattern if observers are also subjects
鈥渘o J3D in java.library.path鈥�in Maven Eclipse
Python can't handle importing via command-line
Want to load just the single csproj file
What's the most succinct way in PHP to test if an array key is exists and save it's value? [duplicate]
cannot find library with -L/lib/path
Admob isn't refreshing ad's
Local Git Remotes: To 鈥溾�/.git鈥�or not to 鈥溾�/.git鈥�
String.Join on a List of Objects
How to loop through xm document which have attribute with symbol in name
iOS 5 - ALAssets library - converting a video's URL from assets to a NSDATA file
how to get 150k followersIDs from User?
XML schema unique child elements
Replace a value in a multidimensional array given the indexes of value
UiBarButtonItem Same Color as 鈥淒one鈥�Button
Is there an URL change handler for HTML5 AJAX application?(Like the hashchange handler for HTML4)
Events after keypresses (jquery)
cuda sdk example simpleStreams in SDK 4.1 not working
Idatareader to List
Qt Bluetooth with Linux
How can I get this old Ninject 2 code to work with Ninject 3 and the MVC 2 extension (NinjectControllerFactory)?
How to use in-app billing to permanently hide adds ??? Android
Should I cache blob content to local HD?
How to display frame only when required & set frame to appear on top all the time?
Google Custom Search using ASP.NET MVC2
Implement a Chat application without a DB
In Perl, how can I extract a list of ID fields from an array of hashrefs?
mod_rewrite to remove index.php from Codeigniter in subdirectory
Show a button when clicking an ImageView inside a ListView
Objective-c syntax for passing a c-style array of NSStrings
Running 鈥渂in/vendors install鈥�with local modifications on the 鈥渧endors鈥�folder in Symfony2
Rails 3 Ajax file upload unsuccessful with remotipart gem
Get string-length for a given font and rect
wx Python Label Right Align
Arrayfun syntax and usage with class method
Is Reactive Extensions a good fit for a bus?
pyhon dropbox api error
CSS and Javascript error in Internet Explorer only after assets are compiled
Oracle - Selecting the n-1 record from a table
PDOstatement (MySQL): inserting value 0 into a bit(1) field results in 1 written in table
C# - Windows Mobile - Pairing with Zebra RW 420
Get list of google web fonts using XML
Popup Div location on page in gridview
Show popup with form before loading first view and pass data between controllers
TimeSpan Control for WPF
How do I keep two divs on the same line?
Comparing numbers with decimals
Scaffolding on Windows 8
What is the connection string for localdb for version 11
Display message for 5 seconds
how can I obtain all tags in rally api
Adjusting position of background images using CSS
Where clause sometimes filter NULL values but sometimes don't
highcharts with php and mysql
strftime does not return abbreviated time zone
Special character in url like (氓 忙 酶) results in a 404 error Facelets?
Developing Google like keyword highlighting on a rails search engine
ImageMagick: montaging image from different-sized tiles
Back button with dynamic html and jquery
show decimal places on client side division
python replace with capture group
Authenticate a mobile app on the server side
How to use install package into system directory for SBCL by QuickLisp?
Eclipse Egit Not Detecting Changed Files
using DotNetOpenAuth with consumer + client key/secrets
TreeViewer setSelectionProvider works only for one control
How to remove system tables or other tables in SQL Server Link Server
Data not Visible on Asp.Net MVC3 UI
Java function to preserve the granularity
How to create a named_graph with Boost Graph Library?
Avoiding N+1 selects in Grails / Hibernate
dojo.connect not working in IE but sometimes in chrome&firefox
Find tables used from a application to remove unused tables
What's the purpose of the attribute in parentheses on ints in MySQL?
Bad Data loaded from yahoo for app chart and also for yahoo chart
TimePicker widget not getting current time
Python: Problems with latin characters in output
How to separate XML nodes into individual pages and add links or a navigation bar to access each page?
HAML - how do I make a path that makes the browser go back in a button?
Grep pattern matching lower case string enclosed in double quotes
How do I filter by a parameterized type irrespective of its parameter types?
Applying a random background colour to multiple DIVs
Reconstructing Python objects from text representation
How to get Python 2.6 documentation of the future-imported print() function?
Facebook Scrapper says Document has no Data but it does
cUnit tests running on hudson
GAE - List does not persist after removing an object (DataNucleus & JDO)
Where can I find the api supported by kernel32.dll?
Barcode implementation on Android
Linker error compiling with boost::interprocess
Responsive CSS - Multiple Files Only One Working
cUnit tests running on hudson
GAE - List does not persist after removing an object (DataNucleus & JDO)
Where can I find the api supported by kernel32.dll?
Barcode implementation on Android
Linker error compiling with boost::interprocess
Responsive CSS - Multiple Files Only One Working
fetching db column names only, for display in dynamic table using php
How to decode text
How to find coordinates for Google Maps ground overlay?
knockout.js: How to update list (call to the server) as filter value changed by user
How to run mocha tests in a chronological order?
Push Notifications in Android
Find and Replace HEX Strings
Extracting Text from PDF according to size or color in iText
Facebook like button goes a few pixels down
Additional items forlistview elements
Can an iisnode-hosted web application work out the virtual path at which it is hosted?
C Complex Numbers in C++?
MSDN Help as XML or JSON data instead of HTML page
SQL - Null foreign key or junction table?
JQuery Mobile Change Page doesnt load JS files
Passing variable from to JavaScript
Consuming REST Service with WCF - Optional Querystring Parameters?
mongo date issues
Listening for Preference Changes using Mono for Android
Can I do this sort of thing with java annotations?
Descriptive variable name for NSDictionary
Excel.Worksheet.UsedRange unequal on different machines
AlarmManager set up Android?
Context menu to Add Controller/View missing
jQuery script doesn't work on Firefox
cant send mail.? [closed]
what does 鈥渁ndw $~3, %dx 鈥漨eans?
How can I return the inserted id (Identity column) in a WCF + EF POCO solution?
Sensor data collection C daemon dilemma
how to implement not with if statement in ember handlebar?
If I have two values, how do I push each of them to the same row in an array? - Ruby
leaking memory issue, memory management
Is there a way to regenerate JPA entities once table is changed
how to group this array
HTML/CSS - Hiding part of an image source
JRuby 1.6.7 Weblogic 10.3 LoadError: no such file to load 鈥�active_record
C++ temporary variable lifetime
SASS --watch constantly failing, Deleted template detected
Rails Segmentation Fault on Mac OSX with RVM
ipython - prevent from exiting when error is encountered
Get the position of an array item in php
How to get the remote IP adress in Java, TCP/IP Server/Client model with sockets?
Need help figuring out logic to manipulate data in a local table (SQL)
jQuery code wont work outside Netbeans
Thread.Sleep - update me on time left?
Routes issue with Rails on Windows
Use string.Compare(a, b) in Expression
Creating a cursor in Allegro?
Using property placeholder to decide routes and camel contexts
Formatting the date in Excel to show current date using Access VBA
Library to generate dynamic Google Maps markers?
Store versioned history of Field in a Django model
in_array still gets the company id even though I put a check
QMenu QThread Implementation error
Implement Pinch to zoom on ImageView inside a gallery
Testing buffer overflow
j_security_check not redirecting to welcome page - successful login event listener?
Twitter Bootstrap and Formatting a header class in CSS
Drupal 7. Adding images to a node with PHP
TrialPay sending malformed JSON on callback
Where is the AD group name stored in TFS 2008?
Rename or Delete Custom Attribute from Active Directory?
Wpf Highlight ListViewItem On Drag Drop
Write owner info to Android tablets
Values for touch locations fall out of view's bounds
Accessing a class by reference in a large PHP Stack
Movable jquery box should not be moved out of the page
How to loop through all XElement attributes and get their values
Google Maps v3 - Muliple Markers - Different Colors
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for beginners
Eclipselink many to many relationship, no result in join-table
Google Directions with autocomplete
Trouble with _unicode() method in django
qTip dynamic button with jQuery (currently using selectors)
Thrust reduce not working with non equal input/output types
NSArray crashes the app when accessing it
ER Chen Business Rules
Spring: How to inject a property with a non-setter method?
RabbitMQ multi-threaded channels and queue binding
TextBox validation to ints only [duplicate]
how to build a facebook signed_request string in python?
Copying objects using different allocators in C++
figuring out/refactoring this if/else for a voting system
JNA call RegisterDeviceNotification fails with error 1066
How to redirect to action from model
鈥淭he name 'modToSend' does not exist in the current context鈥�
How Kernel determine the sequence of __init calls
can't delete an element from a hashmap
Django forms: is_valid doesn't approve of a field value retrieved through Ajax
Will a ConcurrentDictionary over the HttpRuntime.Cache hurt me in the long run?
Browsing UNC Paths with a Mobile Emulator/Device
Remove items from ListView with a custom adapter
Using webservice created in wsimport JAX-WS
How to program a small program?
App Rejected 3 Times for 鈥淐ollecting Personal Data鈥�[closed]
Jquery mobile page won't load after facebook authentication in chrome
Syntax error when using 鈥淒ynaArray<int>鈥�in Java?
Ajax adding and updating content on a page
smtpclient not working for exchange server but works for smtp server
std::list of pointers and remove_if
Change background color of ActionBarSherlock programmatically
Moving elements in matrix
Insert _POST data from a form into MYSQL dynamically
Is it possible to force fail a rescue statement?
Is there a way to incorporate a Mojolicious::Controller with a MojoX::JSON::RPC::Service?
PHP character sequence check function
How create this native query in JPA?
HTTP POST, how to get the message body (data)
List imported DLL of PE file
Is it possible to embed a facebook feed dialog on a web page?
Detached multiple entity editing with relationships to existing entities in Entity Framework
Android - Why does autolink ignore the root path of a URL?
SELECT all rows with a given ID if at least one of those rows has a given value
Why does this jQuery Mobile form not properly AJAX?
Override the Equivalence Comparison in Javascript
Select XML Elements and attributes
Does CSS Media query prevent multiple requests?
Can performSegueWithIdentifier be used with the AppDelegate?
Is .htacess protection enough? [closed]
How do you call an instance method from Class 鈥淏鈥�from within Class 鈥淎鈥�
Why is my VS 2011 ASP.NET Project Giving a 401.2 Error When Debugging with IIS Express 7.5?
C# accepting Image as HttpPostedFile in Restful API
Storing a javascript array that contains objects in a MYSQL database?
How do I open one of the many View controllers on selection of a UIPickerPicker view
How to find all commits having a particular parent?
Getting mstest results to display in CruiseControl.Net Build Report
How to client side validate a custom control?
clickedButtonAtIndex: ERROR
How do I check/grant logon as service rights in a 64bit environment
Opening Ports SQL Server Instances
Adding images to product gallery 鈥�Can't get media type to stick
MessageBox hides without displaying
Undefined method 'strftime' for nil:NilClass When value is not nil
Which metro does NetBeans-Glassfish uses?
gmdate() in function parameter gives parse error [closed]
Menu button and related API deprecated as of API 11 and higher - how to handle that?
Camera 'OK' button not functioning
Cannot get document ready to work
Grouping items inside a Scroll View using Xcode 4.3.2 and storyboards
jquery hover() and click() don't work after moving TR to another table
Url Parameters and specific syntax
Statically link GMP to an Haskell application using GHC (+ LLVM)
jQuery slideshow plugin
Access: Using query in VBA for recordset
Using Akka to seperate a Lucene service form a website
IIS 7.5 Application Pools / IIS Manager GUI column: Applications
Scrolling function called simultaneously while rotating the ipad screen
How do I properly override salesforce standard object controller save method to intercept it in a visual force page?
Ruby on Rails - Geocoder view
NMEA gps is not getting the right format of coordinates
Python os.makedirs to recreate path
Regarding twitter search API request limit
Wildcard file search in WScript
Get a list of all computers and also if it is logged into AD
Convert unicode chars in xml to ascii
Securing REST-based WCF Service
Complex JSON nesting of objects and arrays
Use Gmail account to log into my App?
java can't compare strings
CSS background image not showing up on rails site
Objects string value is not set correctly
Integrating Paypal API in Adobe Flex
Int Array Byte Ordering over Network
conditional arrays
How do I select text after a <p> tag, but before a nested <a> tag? - CSS
How would I store passwords for a Password Manager?
Google Analytics Event tracking for downloads not working
Lazy Attribute Coercion
Paypal IPN get subscription end date (recurring)
Check date in controller rails
How do I start many ring subprojects with a single lein task?
objective c arrays linked somehow
Can't create overloaded constructor in sub-class [closed]
SmartIrc4net Disconnects After a While
Do I need to delete arrays explicitly in C++ for memory conservation?
InsertedDate, set Default Value in DB or Set in application?
Folder listener terminating prematurely
When running Eclipse, I am getting a error in console after running the code
media queries - separate and independant style sheet?
Dismiss Parent View Controller iOS 5
XML parse error on installing Android SDK 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.04
Provide implementation to pure virtual function through multiple inheriting another class [duplicate]
Symfony2 repository query not working
Problems with shutil.copytree
Can you have a sub directory ignore an htaccess file?
Aggregation and other arrows in Eclipse modeling framework
insert into instance in a repeat
TFS not clearing build agent folders after migration to TFS2010
iPhone phone number format NSFormatter
Drag and drop and clone div element
鈥渃an't convert Symbol into Integer鈥�weird error
problems installing M2Crypto on Mint
Read/decrypt encrypted XML file and then process internally
Determine the size of a file upload before reading it all in in the Apache FileUpload Streaming API
How do i take advantage of NSCoding to convert an object into a NSDictionary ?
django save(commit = False) vs setting initial value
Which thread in my managed app caused the crash?
extjs refresh tree store
ordering points of a contour
Invite via hotmail contacts with rails
Zend Lucene & Symfony: One big index vs several multiple indexes
Flex: displaying URL Link in a Spark DataGrid runs into neighboring column
How can I test that a webpage returns 404/500 using PhantomJS?
How to efficiently get subset of byte array (first N elements) in C#?
Paypal IPN - Getting back multiple items from the cart after transaction
WindowManager.LayoutParams Animations
When doing a MERGE in Oracle SQL, how can I update rows that aren't matched in the SOURCE?
export variations products to amazon
Compass: Mixins may only be defined at the root of a document
Find mimimum distance between a point and a curve in MATLAB.
Create split archives (zip, rar, 7z) in Python
Ruby as a standalone language [closed]
Passing variable from Ajax to Php
Perl CGI - How can I delete contents of text fields?
Android: How to get meta data of a particular mp3 song
Exact string match with parantheses
how to create Java gui application like this in netbeans
Using PHP to update file after a new copy is uploaded
Django + OpenLayers?
How to use not equalto in Groovy in this case
MySQL - SUM an AS Like SUM(test1) AS test2, SUM(test2)
How to add App Icon in Live Wallpaper Android like normal Apps
how to view trace statments on ipad (adobe air)
jQuery Animate on Background not working in FireFox
Repeated arguments in a prepared statement
How can I access other Spotify users' currently playing tracks?
EXCEL VBA parsing different field from txt file into spreadsheet's columns
Using formatter with Logger v/s checking isXEnabled
Special characters in a Namespace
Is there a way to set the BackgroundColor for a RadioGroup?
Lazy Load on MULTIPLE horizontal containers
How can I come up with creating an algorithm which simulates a real time situation [closed]
SQL CLR AppDomain Data Caching & Memory Release
Detect screen orientation in Android 2.2+
Ruby on Rails -> Meta Programming - Creating a dynamic array of attr_accessible attributes based on has_many relation
ContactsContract how to enumerate all available fields?
What could cause writing a pointer address to std::cout to crash?
What does each ComboBox.Selected鈥�return?
Form doesn't become null when closed and referenced from another class
Do I need 2 Comparer<T> for sorting in both directions?
jquery offset() return empty string in each() in firefox 12
Which event in a PageIndicator can I use to get a click on the current tab?
google_drive-0.3.0 conflicts with nokogiri
Lazy Load on MULTIPLE horizontal containers
How can I come up with creating an algorithm which simulates a real time situation [closed]
SQL CLR AppDomain Data Caching & Memory Release
Detect screen orientation in Android 2.2+
Ruby on Rails -> Meta Programming - Creating a dynamic array of attr_accessible attributes based on has_many relation
ContactsContract how to enumerate all available fields?
What could cause writing a pointer address to std::cout to crash?
What does each ComboBox.Selected鈥�return?
Form doesn't become null when closed and referenced from another class
Do I need 2 Comparer<T> for sorting in both directions?
jquery offset() return empty string in each() in firefox 12
Which event in a PageIndicator can I use to get a click on the current tab?
google_drive-0.3.0 conflicts with nokogiri
What's wrong with this simple Safari Extension code?
How do I change a XML tag when I do update_attributes to a RESTful API?
Webmethod and complex object type problems
Selecting DISTINCT where not null in MySQL
Which language is the Nitrotasks application for Ubuntu developed in? [closed]
How to make an 'android unlocker' app safer against crackers?
AJAX, client-side JavaScript processed before server-side JavaScript?
Is there a better way to count the lines in a text file?
Change Label.Text based on the current time?
How to iterate a list while deleting items from list using range() function?
ASP.NET Custom Server Control not refreshing in designer
partial local only accessible using local_assigns, not exposed by name
Must declare the table variable
Knapsack algorithm for multiplication
Regex: remove whitespaces but not from < > tag
MySQL grouping query optimization
MVC/ENTITY How to have user tables recreated after model change?
EGit - set up remote tracking correctly when creating a branch
python dropbox api error
Majority vote from string[] using LINQ?
Default select issue for JQuery UI 'selectable'
Can a user change the input variable of a select box?
How to get all possible image URLs from RSS feed item?
Twitter search api same Return result
Properly use Objective C++
encoding/decoding H.264 streams with different parameters
Abandoned mutex exception
javascript get element's tag
Spring Data JPA - injection fails - BeanCreationException: Could not autowire field
parse ebay xml response
Authentication and web services in Domino?
VS 2010 running Opencv240 application on x64 machine: tbb.dll is missing
Centered background centered to window, not element
How to install WhiteOctoberPagerfantaBundle on Symfony 2.0.x
How do I get correct total number of select count(*) with LEFT OUTER JOIN?
Form Collection Returning Two Values, How to read First?
Hiding Input and Label via CSS
WPF Converter strange behavior
what is SDKDDKVer.h for?
How can I show a thumbnail popover like iBooks on iOS?
CSS3 Second 3D Perspective
Android: positioning an admob ad
Access JVM options in Spring's Application Context xml
Apex - SalesForce - Accessing a Parent object field through Junction object
Strange error with assertThat and Hamcrest is() and nullValue()
boost python: how to call a C++ virtual function
VLC RTSP compatibility with GStreamer
Is there a likely / common cause of a LNK2001 unresolved external symbol error when not using any outside libraries?
How to customize responsive columns and inputs fields in twitter bootstrap?
Code::Blocks linking not working, on prompt it does
URISyntaxError when I called request.setURI(new URI(url)) while url is working fine on all browsers
How can I keep track of the number of instances there are of a certain class in delphi?
Rails remember_token session not working
insert rows after a data point changes
T-SQL: Left Join and returning a null when no join is made
How can I trigger a Dojo xhrGet by clicking instead of on page load?
PHP Sending Information from Textbox to WAMP Server causing error
Finite Precision Arithmetic Coding Decoding Process?
Understand lists and recursion in Prolog
Restarting and Android service following app upgrade
socket.send appends packets together even after Tcpclient.NoDelay = true;
Authentication for in-browser client-side APIs?
Keep x number of directories and delete all others, need to exclude one directory and its contents every time
cpmysqladmin had an unknown error
Generic way to test if a type is a (smart) pointer
SSL Handshake not working using Proxy
Observe fields on a form and report changes
Getting link text within a div
Getting names of groups in Windows Active Directory using Python
D IDE with auto-format
Basic PHP inheritance
Python: cannot find the handle with win32gui.FindWindowEx()
DynamoDB put_item() record time > 6hrs?
Why use Base class on POCO's with EF Repository Pattern?
checking for cookie and setting it after closing jquery dialog modal
Git not working properly?
Operator '>=' cannot be applied to operands of type 'System.DateTime' and 'int'
Batch: call most recent batch file in a directory
How do I make a ruby string 鈥� (鈥�
Making two LinearLayouts have 50% of the screen each without using layout_weight
taking first string input and then ignoring the rest
XML response how to assign values to variables
using $.getJSON with JSCharts
Securing an 4.0 website with forms authentication, with user credentials on a remote SQL server
Full width Divs
How to dynamically set style in a list item in _Layout.cshtml
Jquery infinite queue
Does git svn clone grab copies all files in all branches, or just the structure?
How to deploy stage server in Rails and Heroku
SignalR in SharePoint
JAXB JSON JAR Runtime List reader not available
Why string.Format produces such result?
cannot generate proper soap xml request via php
How to prevent checkbox checked or unchecked value untill click save ,while page auto refresh every 20 seconds [duplicate]
CGridview filter on page load with pre define value in search field
How to view table data in DynamoDB
liquibase and Oracle 11g varrays
Jquery cloning, inserting and manipulating inserted elements
Compilation very slow when building for Device
jQuery Mobile and Fullcalendar - select event
How to output a deep stack trace in node.js?
jQuery goMap plugin polylines disappear if coords are more than 24
Rails redirect to page user wanted to view prior to login
Merging two datatable in memory and grouping them to get sum of columns.Using linq but kind of lost here
jquery/jscript Prevent open multiple popups
ibatis initmapper EXTREMELY slow
When create new class?
Python webscript will not run - generates 403 error
Firebird: Why won't this sql statement find record when it exists?
Using jQuery to see if a div has a child with a certain class
INSERT into DB DateTime string
How to follow linking order when linking against static library with gnu-make?
JQuery animation issue in IE that work great in all other browsers
ESL Elo formula (something wrong)
if a variable equals a letter or word
Reloading partial in an rails app
Crash in C++ code due to undefined behaviour or compiler bug?
Difference between 2 timestamps
Expanding a group by in Oracle Apex
Explain Replication in a Distributed Database
Upload video and create thumbnail from video in django
mod_rewrite if not a certain page
What is the difference between Specman's pointers and instances?
Mysql update using values from select
Ruby on Rails Bash Profile Issue
focusing on next input (jquery)
document.cookie is null for ajax get request using phonegap
When updating a row in a gridview catch constraint unique value error in a label
Using Sharpen and eclipse : error 鈥淎pplication 鈥漵harpen.core.application鈥�could not be found in the registry.鈥�
How do I typecast an object created through reflection to run a method?