How to do Soundcloud Auth Dance in JS with a Redirect_URL that has GET Params
Navigation button click outside
Is Event Tracking in Google Analytics associated with built-in metrics?
Button calling javascript function error
External Systems Integration Best Practice
Changing Android Device name in code
jQuery - Separate li groups based on class location
MySQL sum of table sums with different where clauses
Commenting system with jQuery, Ajax & PHP?
GIS-based reporting and maintenance tool
Xcode 4.2 Reset Default Layout
How can I overwrite/control the default lookup on a form's super() call for a lookup?
Floating div with scroll ability
Given array of hashes, how can I use select on one key of the hash while evaluating on another key?
Binding source to image in button WP7
Image cross-correlation with Matlab GPGPU, indexing into 3d array
import csv with sporadic text qualifiers into sql server
Getting extensions of a given UTType
Target embedded sound element by ID with jQuery
Creating Files in Android JUnit
PHP $_GET with Ajax/Jquery Request
Regex: Match only characters with preceding lowercase letter(s)
GWT2.4 how to get margin width in GWT, which was set in css
how to Hide XNA 4.0?
Javascript parse innerhtml
How to create a Django FloatField with maximum and minimum limits?
ajax firing for every button when a single button is clicked
php singleton object not created
Drupal - PHP Validation
Building c++ project in Ubuntu Linux with
Swing JTabbedPane how to set scroll width?
Customize the auto update functionality for chrome extensions
PHP add and times this number?
Select inside DataFlow, MySQL source
Nesting instances of the same generator in Python [duplicate]
TestNG TestListener - How to reach testmethod parameter in TestListener beforeInvocation method
How to get rid of the ugly record
How do I get my Android TODOs to show up in Tasks in Eclipse?
Which MIME types are used for HTML/web pages
One C++ client fails to load with our new COM registered .NET .dll, another works
Have a class act as a dict?
a brain teaser algorithm issue [closed]
How can one convert an image file stored as a clob into a blob and insert it into a different table?
Why is NODE_ENV not being set by my makefile?
Puppet: install Rubygem-package on a machine without Rubygems preinstalled
Passing a Java object using sharedpreferences in Android
JSF2 Can i access selectOneMenu value through FacesContext somehow?
JCrop resizing the image not cropping - Javascript
Regarding serializing the array list object
pasting multiple times
Image Resizing HTML5
Implementing a Queue in VB6
Title bar in android app is still apperaring..
Control to switch between Fusion Table views?
@Stateless bean with @EJB guaranteed to be a unique ejb instance?
Add a keychain to search list?
Custom App.config section with conflicting filenames
How to keep text inside a div, always in the middle?
Why does the graph have tick and thin lines?
Twitter Bootstrap Tabs: Show on Hover, hide on onmouseout
Split the string at numbers and write in the output file in java
Loading my ServletContextListener in Tomcat 7
Django haystack, priority for some fields in search
C# UDP Server with multiple users
Perl system() EXE Permissions?
Decimal Presentation : different purpose between zoned decimal and packed decimal
MVC3 DefaultModelBinder.ResourceClassKey namespace from another project
ExternalInterface.callback not working
Cancelling a setInterval delay while it is running in AS2
How to accept connections for ipython from other computers?
Rails - keeping the quotes inside helper
Select doesn't return expected result with Date type in Oracle DB
WPF Datagrid Syling
In storyboard, how to assign a view controller's subview a different delegate/controller m file?
declaring an ifstream in VS2010 C++ code causes a crash if CLR support is disabled: I need a better work-around
Bad Request when querying revisions
Compression: Saving JPEG image at specified bit rate in Java / Scala
Adding new method to JScrollPane with prototype
Twilio REST API error - 鈥淎uthenticate鈥�
One UIDatePicker for multiple fields - EXC_BAD_ACCESS when setting the date
can I send JavaScript Data from PHP to Html?
Can I free a C string after using it with [NSString stringWithFormat:]?
PHP & SWF - Slide Show not Displaying
How to automatically export table as a CSV in Oracle Application Express?
Styling a checkbox label with CSS3
How to set the language in speech recognition on android?
is it possible to assign many assets within a single workflow?
Visual C# windows forms constantly check and update value?
disconnect() blocks the code from continuing
how to make load a different sql driver version
Refreshing JSON
Calling member-function of generic member
How to make a Telerik Combobox display a value from a field in the model that corresponds to a value in the SelectList?
LINQ with string variable for sorting
Use Images for matplotlib axis labels?
@Autowired annotation is not working properly with spring
Appending data to a Memo field in Ads Database Server
Sending a message from web server to logged in client
How to get all Images src's of some html
how to allow alphabetic input in jquery datepicker
How do I shape the returned JSON object into array in Javascript/JQUery?
jQuery Mobile pageinit/pagecreate not firing
Passing expression as argument: keyword can't be an expression
Android file upload with ICS
How to make a Telerik Combobox display a value from a field in the model that corresponds to a value in the SelectList?
LINQ with string variable for sorting
Use Images for matplotlib axis labels?
@Autowired annotation is not working properly with spring
Appending data to a Memo field in Ads Database Server
Sending a message from web server to logged in client
How to get all Images src's of some html
how to allow alphabetic input in jquery datepicker
How do I shape the returned JSON object into array in Javascript/JQUery?
jQuery Mobile pageinit/pagecreate not firing
Passing expression as argument: keyword can't be an expression
Android file upload with ICS
Delete Cookies from a Different Domain
How to uninstall inactive version of packages installed using easy_install
How to apply an addClass to the parent of the parent?
How is Non-Blocking IO implemented?
How to clean up the punctuations, spaces, and letter contain using REGEX
How to package tarballs in tarballs with Maven for each private variable in me
How to send the size parameter to the CreateVideoWriter function in openCV 2.4, using Python
Trying to use jQuery.load() to upload http:// file
unix permissions on windows with npm
Aggregate MySQL data, am using group by, but it isn't quite doing what I want
How to view carriage return in HL7 message?
Is there a Shoveler widget available for GWT?
How do I write XML to an encrypted file?
Can a virtualenv inherit from another?
Type of an attribute in an xml file with lxml
UN MARSHALING XML to JAVA object for Restful Service using JAXRS
date variables in php [closed]
Python win32gui to scroll internet explorer/Firefox/Web browser window
Addslashes safe to protect against xss in array?
What's missing from this jar build?
Issue with back button background image
Consuming WSO2 Data service in C#.Net Windows application
distinguish a swipe and click in android (pass event to other view if it is a swipe)
Unable to Submit Multipart form with no file using httplib2
Focus lost when updating a JDialog
CTFontCopyFamilyName() causes leak
Which rails version (among rails 3.x.x) is more relevant for upgradation of rails 2.3.11 project
How come this variable echo's as 16?
How to properly use both pear and pear2 packages?
Authentication failed deploying a J2ME application to a cell phone
I am using dialog.ask with the yes or no options鈥 want it to auto highlight 'yes' instead of 'no' when it pops up, how?
MVC 3: Change User jQueryUi dialog on _Layout view, how to handle?
Adding events to Datepicker next and prev buttons
default web page width - 1024px or 980px?
App is crashing on iPad 3 but not on iPad 2 - Crash Log
Are there still non-ansi C (pre C89) compilers in use? [closed]
calculate date time by given days
Clean URL with Rewrite
Float to string with at least one digit after period
Go back and reload page - one button
Rails App using Jquery: Only allowed to select one checkbox (haml)
Is it possible to disable font smoothing in CSS?
Single Page Architecture: Sitemap [closed]
How do I add an IE URL to the Hyper-link when clicking that HyperLink
switching camera's view in opengl c++
how do i fix this php error? [closed]
Generic interface creation of object depend on some type
Object variable or With block variable not set. VB.NET
color picker method not found in jquery
JOIN two SELECT statement results
Mongoose: Search for documents with specified id in the populated document
What is the Spring equivalent for CDI's Instance, or Guices Provider
Remove CSS set by tag name
displaying image from php file (stored in mysql db)
How to schedule Mathematica notebooks to run the same time every day?
Support 鈥淭ransfer-Encoding:chunked鈥�from httpstaticfileserverhandler example
Getting total number of entries which meet condition php
JNA Macosx loading instead of libXY.dylib
Days, hours, minutes, seconds between two dates
Storing multiple avatars
Reading a particular contact in android
Rails log message: cache: [POST /action] invalidate, pass
Show a loading animation while function completes
Changing font in AlertDialog
Moving DotNetNuke From Local To Host
When removing dynamically created objects in Objective-C, what should I set to nil?
User Permission Tree: How to get there?
Can renderInContext: maintain corner radius and shadows?
MVC: Set Name Attribute w/Helper
How do I iterate over the routes in a playframework 2 scala application?
How to insert before and after a pattern in notepad++ with regular expression?
fancybox in combination with jQuery-Mobile work on desktop-browser but not on mobile device?
App crashes after running a method once
How to write ms sql code for two column with same datas in MS SQL
Do you know of a C macro to compute Unix time and date?
Alternative to search through a packed+unpacked array in systemverilog
Using the Rally REST API, how can I get the non-API (website) URL for a user story?
Ember.js textField change event
google maps geocoding and order of initialization
How do I get geo coordinates out of the JSON? Twitter API
Running on Azure with fallback to FlashSockets
C# Dictionary to .csv
What happens when IIS sees the word set in a URL?
Jenkins build fails when user logs off node
why ajax loader image always shown using jquery and
When will my new HttpModule's Init() method fire?
upgrade more than 50 installations to PHP 5.3
Create fast-export package from Mercurial repository
Creating a Job in Oracle using DBMS_JOB
Maven All-of-a-sudden Receiving Permission Denied
Node.js / npm - anyway to tell if a package is pure JS or not?
Modifying Linq Results
Wait for current location - GPS - Android Dev
SQLITE Query Error on Phonegap SYNTAX_ERR
c++ cout uncasted memory (void)
Twitter bootstrap collapsable doesn't work on content loaded by jquery .html()
When should my model belong to another one?
multiple where condition codeigniter
Javascript making clicks inside a .swf file?
Changing row item typeface in a ListView on runtime
publishing facebook like action on user's own timeline
PHP ActiveRecord adding underscore
Call servlets doGet() method with RequestDispatcher
Why does my C++Builder 'enum' not work correctly with RTTI [duplicate]
Flash Color Space
Accessing non-Kohana php files
jQuery UI Datepicker won't close when double-clicked
Spring @Transactional annotations ignored
upgrading array store on combo box from 4.07 to 4.1
Redirect expect stdin to spawn call
SQL: How to display items from one table according to categories from another table, and counting the total items in each category
python configparser hangs silently
Xcode iPhone SDK - Show gif image on app Launch
c# Calling Server side method using JQuery
MongoDB - MapReduce one collection into second collection
Array Serialization in Axis
SmartGWT mobile Record with SwitchItem
dynamically recreate imageviews, labels and buttons
how to know my application lost focus in VB.NET
Saving an array of custom objects that each contain an array of custom objects, best method?
Opening PDF from application on Safari
Notify a running Java process with PHP [duplicate]
how to display a protected html page within an iframe
How to produce detail, not summary, report sorted by count(*)?
O(n^log n) algorithm for collision detection
What is the point of the noreturn attribute?
#error when summing numbers in report builder?
How to display wait cursor when focusing on a RTB in WPF
Collection of pointers and adding objects
Progress-4GL Writing to log file
cannot resolve class name 'InvocationMirror' in Dart
browser not animating large divs
Which tag I am at GIT
SQL Server 2005 transactional replication performance
In Perl, while using RC4 I am unable to get back the encrypted text
Converting SQL script to LINQ with IN clause
SQL Server 2005 transactional replication performance
In Perl, while using RC4 I am unable to get back the encrypted text
Converting SQL script to LINQ with IN clause
Why does cloning a remote repository with EGit plugin from within eclipse results in two local repositories?
How to create multidimensional PHP array from this string?
Git push: change on a branch doesn't always trigger Jenkins to run
How to autosum a full column in excel without circular reference?
iOS - UISplitViewController with storyboard - multiple master views and multiple detail views
Need help converting htaccess to ISAPI_Rewrite
Logging file access in Android
C# console app generating graphs as bitmap
Strange SSRS 2008 issue
Hosting Flash won't load swf ressources (xml, image, etc.)
HTML vs ActionScript3 in Game Development?
Native debugger crash: Bad file descriptor
Authenticating Android User through CakePHP Auth
ie's back button is being interfered by facebook api
RegExp infinite loop only in perl, why?
Is there a function in Excel that is similar to Ruby's Split Method?
How can I fire an event on the server without a page refresh in WebForms [closed]
Why isnt this java code working? simple calculator
Getting contact email by name
APK file doesnt work as working on Eclipse project - HttpClient execute
Transverse Html Elements Till a Specifc Attribute (id) using Jquery
What type of objects are the DOM objects?
Is there such a thing as a virtual keyboard component/library for Winforms?
MySQL: Add partition to existing table(with data)?
Converting commented PDF with Ghostscript but without the comments
What controls which user posts are visible via the Facebook Graph?
How do I tie my Model classes with an existing database in MVC 3?
URISyntaxException in android
Socket.Connect Throws and Error I can't catch
JQuery Mobile - Optimizing Layout of Radio Button Groups - Different Size Devices
Convert SSMS .rpt output file to .txt/.csv
Cakephp auth component with two models session
How to use MySQL executemany to update list of lists in Python?
Populating multiple graphs in Excel VBA
JSON string, starts with array
set explicit size of UITableViewController programmatically
Chatting application Android
Loading a Model inside of a config file to pull configurations from DB and store in $config array
What CMS to use? [closed]
Scientific data
how to make my own mapping type in python
JavaScript - forcing line to execute within a loop in Chrome?
Backbone.View with jQuery Editable Plugin
form throwing a internal server error on submit with ajax, django
How to generate multiple HTML pages using XSLT?
Magento: add to cart if product is out of stock? [duplicate]
centOS current connected users on your server
Border: none works in IE8 but not IE7?
optionSplit, match the middle item
When passing 2 identical Parcable Classes, 1 is null
Where can I find a listing of LDAP Active directory messages and there meanings?
delete record and move previous not working
Android - How to hide ActionBarCombat
using repeated macros in c++
Calling Method to Print (Arrays and Loops)
How to add some ajax to shopping cart in rails?
Matrix (plot) -Python
How to Calculate FAT
XMPP Proxy Server with Tinder/Whack
jQuery plugin chainability
difficulties on mocking a jdbc Datasource
NSDictionary memory leak after tring to overwrite content
ActiveRecord Relations
Count the number of rows that contain a letter/number
How to find the names of the installed drivers in my computer in C?
Simple horizontal content slider / scroller only with CSS?
Set android background to center crop, but right aligned?
Extract and replace content from multiple HTML tags in Javascript
How to use hex counting in filenames for programmatic loading?
Student Array menu
How can I convert this a unix timestamp in Javascript into this date format?
Prolog transform and separate term (atom) into a list
How to make a Wamp server installed on VPS hosting accessible by a domain name?
Consolidating Delegate function in functions doesn't make sense
SQLAlchemy mysql dialect error with py2app
How to cancel a push to GitHub after it has been done
Convert MySql database records to XML in PHP
How do I examine subview properties with IOS debugger
C# XNA 4.0 Rectangle Rotation Collision
Why 鈥渆xtends鈥�precedes 鈥渋mplements鈥�in class declaration [closed]
Filter NSMutableArray with NSPredicate
Drag and drop javascript mvc
if statement not working with database [closed]
Using idFTP to upload files
How do i differentiate if something is 'first' or 'created' with first_or_create
Is there a way to detect whether any element of a nested structure of observables has changed?
can i update my jquery sortable on every page load?
Setting conditional icon color from data file
鈥淪yntaxError: Unexpected token :鈥�when inputting { 鈥渁鈥� 鈥溾�, 鈥渂鈥� 鈥溾� } json in console
Set default accessibility language on iOS to Spanish
automatically insert in a master relationship field
Generating c# file from .proto file using protogen on pre build event
How to get PLY to ignore case of a regular expression?
How do I put a variable in a string using javascript
how to show same drop down list in every sheet of an excel work book
adding a TextView to a TableRow
How to check if somebody wrote a review to my Android App
How do I put a variable in a string using javascript
how to show same drop down list in every sheet of an excel work book
adding a TextView to a TableRow
How to check if somebody wrote a review to my Android App
How to use a link in TableTools instead of flash buttons
Backbone - Update URL from view function
Php efficiently set read timeout on HTTPS requests
How can I write a generic FactoryModuleBuilder?
postgres crosstab parameter
SQL Connection Error 25 in C#
Unable to stub helper method with rspec
Restrict access to certain TeamCity projects
How to get the 64bit data from an XML file to a string in Groovy
Apply with LinkedIn Plugin - Language Support
StackOverflowError with PreferenceActivity
Discovering DHCP servers using multicast ( in GNU/Linux/C
Detecting misuse of lambdas with static analysis in VS2010
htaccess *.php to *.html object not found error
C# is sending wrong parameters to mysql
Controls within .ascx are not displaying their new value on postback
Removing a blog reference from a tag
How to override spring security messages?
SEAM hibernate query DAO executing twice
Calculating Sum of an Object Using ObjectInputStream
What is the actual use of buffer temp and blob temp in ssis
Where should I present Modal View Controller?
Click() on HtmlArea and nothing changes, why?
Symfony2 getting logged users id
Transfering large ammount of data across multiple sites
Can multiple classes receive the same Broadcast receiver intent
Run time error 1004:A table cannot overlap a range that contains a PivotTable report, query results, protected cells or another table
How to load the entire (or more of the) DOM for inifinite scrolling page that uses Ajax?
Can you right align a collection view?
Implement drag and drop option on existing datagrid rows?
Printing data to a pre printed form/stationery
Django changes field types on query results (!)
Django prevent caching of included html fragment
How can I apply the XSLT identity Pattern to a particular node within a document?
send update message from server to client webpage
Arrays crash with index over the first
iOS : Cancel a Void function
Solving vector equations in Matlab
Custom WinForm ListBox with user-input content
splitting string in dictionary
Quick way of looking up constructor dependencies for DI
Cannot connect to beaglebone.local
Using a button to open a link in a new tab/window in ASP.NET
Memory ordering restrictions on x86 architecture
how do i write not equal to in a doctrine where clause?
I can't get this simple ajax code to work
Counts on the server side via WSAPI?
Retrieve local RPC server's PID given a handle/stringbinding
Firefox freeze while working with selenium
Jquery outerHeight for fixed position navigation when line wraps
Are properties strong if you omit the keyword strong for ARC conversion
Using stdout to customize Logfile
Two forms for different controllers on same page in rails
PHP Pdf Creation, EZPDF Class: table with just one line and row
issue linking to django-admin
Ignore Routes to {resource}/Services/*.svc
Handlebars helper for template composition
How to save nltk Text.similar() with variable
Add style to html.dropdownlist when using javascript function on change
How to setup a PHP multidimensional array and declare the array keys?
bind click class selector it fires the function multiple times
Procedure error 鈥淢ust declare the table鈥�
how to select parent row only if has at least one child with using two tables
Openfire: Save messages on server when user is offline?
CMake Fails until you remove CMake Cache
conditional logic seeming not to work
checkbox list in many to many relationship in asp mvc3
SAP: How to download data with conversion exit?
Why does my NSString becomes CGPath? Xcode, Titanium
Function hanging on @Variable input, but not with hard coded integer
Designing a 鈥渢ask鈥�layer between client and network that organizes the synchronous network/api calls
is there anyway to tell the .net cache to use the app fabric server instead of local memory?
Python GAE: incoming mail handler error
PHP SimpleXML + Get Attribute
Creating anchor links in rich text fields with SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
reading Arrays output in columns
Proper disposal of COM interop objects in C# particularly MS Office applications
Draw a block of text to a certain position in the console?
MVC3 Empty model on post
To prevent clickdatagridview mistakenly
jqGrid Search Box option pops up by default when grid is loaded
iOS 5.1 OpenGL ES 2.0 - Texture Clamping issue
Obtaining multiple fields with LINQ group statement
Generic type declaration caused an error
Can't open resources from jar when launching with double click
Do I need to .Close Nested MSSQL Update Command in ASP Classic?
Perl Regex negation for multiple words
How do I add the description property to the table designer view in SSMS?
Create a formPanel with ExtJs
Load different css
SQL Reports - sorting an column based on the date mentioned in another column adjacent to it
Uploading Parsing a text file with ASP.NET MVC 3
Excel VBA - remove duplicates within a row
Do I load a differnet phonegap.js for every device?
Ext JS Component similar to Flex View Stack
Excel VBA - remove duplicates within a row
Do I load a differnet phonegap.js for every device?
Ext JS Component similar to Flex View Stack
Adding a string to the verbatim string literal
Rails - bundle install fails on libv8, Python conflict
git + ftp upload
PHP DOMDocument isolating data from HTML
list is not sorting at all
Split View inside of a Tab Bar in an iPad Application
Does PhoneGap require JQM or is that a coincidence?
鈥淢ember鈥�won't recognize the members of a list
How to force 鈥渆nter key鈥�to act as 鈥渢ab key鈥�using javascript?
gtkmm 2.4 cairo clock example does not work when modified to draw inside HBox instead of main window
Email to node author in Drupal 7
ASP.NET does not debug when I reference a C++ DLL - breakpoint will not be hit
Sinon + Backbone spec failing under Jasmine Headless Webkit but passing with standalone Jasmine
Arraylist fills himself with lastValue i added
node.js template to convert JSON objects
Is any one else experiencing issues with the new action links
encoding are set to 鈥淚SO-8859-1鈥�can display Chinese characters
iOS SIGKILL using iOS 4.3 Simulator with uninteresting backtraces
ASP.Net Drop Down List not passing a value when updated using ajax
How do you install JOGL on windows 7 64bit for use with Eclipse?
What's the best approach for server communication? [closed]
How to Stop Jquery.TinyMCE From Submitting the from when I click Save button
Json MySql get Two Integers and a String
Embedding Gecko in Python with custom Javascript bindings
Update listBox on Main page from button click event on child window.
How do you use DateDiff without knowing the server time?
Plotting a year planner in R
How can I use a JUnit RunListener in Eclipse?
Test method existence on Objects
MFC Menu Item not properly invoking a modal dialog
Android Galaxy Nexus - Localhost HTTP request not working when 3G connection is on
Marshalling 鈥渁s string鈥�parameter from C#
Drawing one NSString in multiple rects
how to compile an Android NDK lib to a static iOS lib
wsimport giving parse error
How do I traverse a xerces-c DOMDocument from a core-dump?
Error in POST request in jquery
.net Application Updates
Is Visual sourcesafe an old technology as opposed to Subversion and TortoiseSVN? [closed]
Android check when table was last updated
How to translate cURL to Python requests language?
Merge instead of persist prevents the 鈥渄etached entity passed to persist鈥�error?
Don't want main to wait for boost thread to be finished?
SSRS Bids default zoom on report
Hosting by using external ip
How can I specify an include file from the GCC Command Line?
php readFile() and mobile safari
Embedded document not saved to its collection
Hiding Checkboxes with a Tri-State TreeView control
use jquery to load different divs into popup div
Form Selectbox with wrong Value
How to delete duplicate rows from an Oracle Database?
How to specify a DependencyProperty as a resource
Mobiscroll 1.6 disables input fields on callbacks
iterate through active record results - ruby on rails
What does the times mean in Google Chrome's timeline in the network panel?
How to show/hide content on click
JTextPane: Identifying Strings
How to retrieve milliseconds from java.sql.Timestamp
Assign a String content to a new String in Java from parameter
Can I disable system keys via jQuery?
Issue with creating an 鈥渙ld-fashioned鈥�mail merge with Google Apps Script
Run SQL Select query from .sql file using VBA in Excel
How to force button to stay at tableView cell's bottom?
How to populate other attributes when using powershell 2.0 new-aduser?
std::unique_ptr ostream inserter
iOS : UITableView - Adding columns to your table
Using Viewmodel and datepicker with Dotnet Highchart in MVC
RESTful Web Service using Netbeans and Java Issue
Eliminating the Occurence of junk Values in an NSString?
Python: Finding a 鈥�鈥�in a string
C# Listenin 5060 Port [duplicate]
How to inject into dom <object></object> and have it render/load?
How to interact with Amazon bought items?
SQL Server : create function
HttpWebRequest AllowReadStreamBuffering property not honored on cellular network?
Displaying XHTML elements with namespaces in .NET WebBrowser control
Turn my local app public
Web Part to view photos from SharePoint Library
CSS and Internet Explorer div position problems
Radio-buttons to change queries in php
How to open a Dialog from a text entry on a PreferenceScreen?
SetReadOnly Ckeditor
JScrollPane not scrolling when a JPanel is added
convert java.util.logging to logback
Twitter4j pagination with pull-to-refresh-list (Chris Banes)
Lock-free guard for synchronized acquire/release
Upload audio - http streaming
How can I implement a mechanism of some sort to prevent buffer overflows
How do I correctly use the threading macros?
Multiple string matches with indexOf()
how to call javascript from HyperLink control
Extracting an ISO to a folder using WinZip/WinRar
Consistency of Colorbox across browsers
What does this import exactly mean in Scala?
How to put zend radio in an extended table
How to put zend radio in an extended table
R storing models by an index
Element x, y, width, height translation to different dimensions
Delphi Windows Service Design
how to transfer dynamic element data to struts2
emacs - save current buffer list to a text file
Automating a users web application
Base64 Decode not working correctly along with Cipher.Decrypt in android
undefined reference to `DES_set_odd_parity'
Looking for a regex to parse parameters string for JS
Why StAX classes were not retrofitted for ARM in Java 7
How to use yii with legacy code?
How to display the auth dialog after the user enters the app?
Defining getter in C#.NET, declared body not accepted
copy all xml nodes and rename few in them using XSLT 2
wp7 background process during application runs
UIAlertView didmissWithClickedButtonIndex does not dismiss the alert
Filters in SharpPcap
Javascript Callbacks with custom aguments
What is difference between android 2.3 vs android 4.0 [closed]
Can't develop apps on latest Spotify build
Installing multiple versions of the same package using yum? [closed]
jQuery: Assign CSS only to elements with specific attribute
Can tmux pane remote ssh-connection
Zend CLI Tool include error
Paramaterized abstract factory in Autofac
Capture media button on Android >=4.0 (works on 2.3)
VS targeting wrong assembly
Batch transaction - why is this going into an infinite loop?
Xcode scroll on buttons
Objects without classes - data model in 'clean C' [closed]
Programmatically building Excel worksheet.range in C#
Kindle Fire compatibility issue with iScroll
MySQL SQL_NO_CACHE not working
Twitter counter display random number
Creating a login form using TowerJS
HTML & JQuery: moving data from one page to second
How to make a fancybox lightbox appear on page load
ViewController respondsToSelector:]: message sent to deallocated instance
change of an image px
How to pass a method as callback to another class?
How-to preg_match/preg_match_all with constant or var in regex?
Debugging features on Safari to find out when elements added to page
Creating an API namespaced controller in Rails
OpenSessionInView pattern, ADO and performance
UTType creation in ObjC
UserProfile isn't working
WCF 4.0 Instance Management inside of Instanced Service Objects?
Why isn't PHPUnit counting this function as having ran?
Html button that clears cookies and redirects to an html page
How to hold a Boost upgradable_lock for the lifetime of an object?
Search JSON Array based on variable?
can't get simple agility.js to work
Control flow graph & cyclometric complexity
SQL Update Query
Java Web App has a high rate of CPU consumption
Converting existing program to MVVM pattern
CCFileUtils: transition from class methods in Cocos2D-iphone 1.x to instance methods in Cocos2D 2.x
Need a faster Excel interop method
How do you make an 'attendance table' for a classroom display with an appropriate layout?
Delete Child Node Row From XML File
Passing a javascript variable to a php switch case statement
How to determine if CSS has been loaded?
NSURLConnection delegate is not call when call from NSThread's function
reading related data with EF MVC3
PHP different ips' same proxy check takes too long
Regex - Exclude brackets and brackets with special key
Could I Extend Facebook Access_Token Expiration Time without Single Sign-On?
WPF: Convert Ctrl+Enter to Enter on a TextBox
(Android) Keep service running, even when app is stopped by force
Returning a function from an object breaks instanceof
Managed Bean Annotation doesn't work in JSF 2.0
How to color blend cells with a background image in VirtualTreeView?
Grab imdb poster image from search term using php
Google apps script count variables (merging)
What's the best way to store parsed XML before writing it to a file?
Java URI class file location
intent extras are duplicated when using FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT in PendingIntent when creating android notifications
what is python doing with my constructor parameters?
Pass Json string to JQuery NOT using getJson()
Jquery error on draggable with 1.8
Assigns the reference instead of values in silverlight
Joomla 1.6 - Register User to correct user group with jform
Defining an algebra module using constructive-algebra package
Space used by tables
SQL Server Data has script tags in a Memo Field with Intranet IP Address
Windows Workflow 4 Correlation Query includes website instance name in instance key calculation and fails
Upgrading from the June CTP EF 4.2
have a DLL report back to a main form
zxing library on ipad could not recognize barcodes
joining two tables together
What sets System.Security.Principal.Identity.IsAuthenticated after Session timeout?
What encryption strategy does the Devise gem use for database_authenticable?
select last elements from parents
Unable to make the facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button to work on this site, any ideas?
Build Action on VisualStudio Web Site project
SpringMVC Maven Hibernate Project
Generic SQL Query with group by
Facebook Request for Permission cannot be displayed in a frame
Unable to make the facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button to work on this site, any ideas?
Build Action on VisualStudio Web Site project
SpringMVC Maven Hibernate Project
Generic SQL Query with group by
Facebook Request for Permission cannot be displayed in a frame
Reading and Writing a SecretKey to a file
how to update mysql with php when subtracting
Does nutch crawl over forms? onselectedindexchanged method location
Scala compilation failures
Overwrite methods of specific instance attributes
Using amazon SES to send email in classic asp
how to understand the code: to calculate the number of 1 in range(0:a)
Integrating OGRE 1.7.3 in Qt 4.8
How do you get 鈥渧alue鈥�of a selected item in a listview
How to set customize currency in java?
Sending email from a different domain than the mail server's rDNS
Does reordering public non-virtual methods in a stand-alone class break ABI?
Can I avoid using Grape to load modules in Groovy?
Proper structure of functional/acceptance tests
LINQ select query always resulting in true value
Share the same action/function between different views
GreenDroid actionbar ignoring menus?
CSS3 linear-gradient not working on android.
How can I filter my MySQL results by their content? i.e. if contains hashtags
Passing userform as an argument from word vba to
Order Number in Sharepoint. Integer?
condition within outer join?
Perform action after button released
How to replaceAll 鈥�鈥�to 鈥� 鈥�in groovy?
iOS KeyChain not retrieving values from background
Remove a variable memory
Does anyone have a Javascript Quicksort that can be used on objects? [duplicate]
Why is this rspec test throwing a 鈥渦ndefined method `call' for nil:NilClass鈥�error?
Copy PhoneCall `to` and `from` fields to the new PhoneCall
Android - is it possible to hide certain characters from the soft keyboard?
jruby logging how to set package name
APK - screen support
Android list sections
OData query that uses .IncludeTotalCount() on a filtered (where clause) query
XSLT Error produced 鈥淎mbiguous rule match鈥�
Trouble calling instance variables in Python
Zend Framework Forms: while reusing forms, I call removeElement, but IsValid fails on the removed element鈥�why?
Simperium with a document base Core Data app
Does the iPhone camera require that I write an XCode project?
Where to place JavaScript unit test files in a web application
Jetty dont come up
SQL*Plus 'crashes' with insert query on remote connection
java netty/nio connect generates an excessive amount of interrupts on windows 2003
Resize rich:modalpanel (version 3.x) programatically with javascript
Avoiding key construction for std::map::find()
opa : using dropdown_li in navbar
When Save As Image get watermark or blank image
Select an approach to localize large .NET applications
vertical range slider for mobile using webkit
Use Facebook Javascript SDK in an Javascript Bookmarklet to update User Status?
VS2010 can't find common C# dlls
How to divide total by given factors and with lower boundary?
Move the UIView up when the TextField is pressed
Where do I place this coffee script in rails 3.2?
Interesting behavior in 鈥淣OEXEC ON鈥�
Extending WP eCommerce Notification Emails in WordPress
How to see all elements of a two dimensional array in Visual Studio 2010?
Can't flush Groovy Socket
Value getting lost on way to method
Coldfusion with Java IDN handling international domains
Information lost while adding a list into a list
Data using radiobutton/Checkbox from one activity to display in another?
base pairing within a section of RNA sequence using python
exit a nested loop in excel
Is there a way to accept entities in SOAP request using axis2
same version of firefox (v12) on two different computers displays fixed-width float differently
Understanding sampler
Tomcat 7 Websockects through AJP not working. Any suggestions?
Is File.Copy handled remotely when both source & target are on the same remote file server?
Jquery UI multiple dialogs generated from php
Fresh gitorious install 鈥�push fails with EOFError
margin-bottom on HTML element causes extra space above it - Firebug doesn't reveal why
Call a function based on the device's screen size (hdpi/ldpi/mdpi) MVC regularexpression validation for List of Controls
Make excel only display two decimal places
ASP.NET MVC3 Editor Templates for interface or inherited classes
Recommend a proxy server which has reverse proxy function
Programmatically adding buttons in navigation controller to support pre-5.0
How many string objects will be created by JVM version 1.6 [duplicate]
Not able to update checked status of checkbox using jQuery
How do I change the position of the tooltip when using Dojo's dijit DropDownButton?
looking for simple PHP multi way encryption method
What is the most effecient way to reduce (combine) an array containing objects?
Is this a secure method of providing service for database applications?
How do you create a new row for a block in a database or a new model for each in Rails?
How do I redirect back to my search results?
The method 'after' does not work with elements not yet in DOM
Undoing google account access confirmation on android app
Why am I getting a Rails 3.2 jQuery Coffeescript syntax error
Pass variable from a vbscript to batch file
Objective-C convention for overridden methods
CSS child selector syntax [duplicate]
The resource cannot be found error - running on my local machine, not IIS
Ninja build in xText
CSS child selector syntax [duplicate]
The resource cannot be found error - running on my local machine, not IIS
Ninja build in xText
How to Read XML into a DataSet
How to dynamically set Datatables search and column filters state via url params?
Rrendering a XML::XPath::NodeSet using an XSLT template with XML::LibXSLT
Oracle SQL convert date format from DD-Mon-YY to YYYYMM
Set of links to be disabled when clicking any one link
jcarousel and Google Indexing
Passing parameters within a jQuery function fails .fadeOut()
Deleting each relation
Is it possible to invoke bash or shell scripts from a haskell program?
sql select statement against a csv file, using JET.OLEDB driver
paste url into the new tab it will display the message to close the tab and relogin it again [closed]
Excel Loop through list,transpose and create a matrix based on cell content
MS Web Deploy Skip Delete Rule not skipping
How to retrieve/calculate citation counts and/or citation indices from a list of authors?
retrieve selected value in row using javascript
Toggle with multiple actions
GridView as DataTable source sorts only for the first time
Solr & AJAX setting response query correctly
jqPlot Chart 鈥�Doesn鈥檛 display the ajax data
Multi dropdowns first one selected remove the value from 2nd dropdown up to 7 dropdowns
Need a Tutorial/book for a Visual Basic Shopping Solution have not been able to find a fully useful one yet
Spring 3 MVC Request parameter mapping. Two parameters from the same class while calling a handler in the controller
Reading strings in VBScript
Android sans-serif font
Finding a field on user control form
9-patch - 1px border is blurred
WP Plugin: using add_filter inside of a class
Using a Maven Android Library from GitHub in Eclipse
ActionBar custom title as ImaveView instead of TextView
Is there a way to list objects in a requester-pays flagged Amazon S3 bucket?
.NET 4.0: How can I get the underlying type of a generic parameter if it is Nullable?
form not defined in Firefox
How to disable sending of HTTP header through C program by setting the appropriate value of CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER?
jQuery UI - changing button colours
Why is the static part of a jsp streamed AFTER the java part?
Descriptors and python-provided attributes
Cannot get data from my gridview
ASP.NET MVC4 regular expression model validation attribute doesn't work client side with accented characters
Calling RESTful services using CAS Proxy and Spring Security
Android Function to return an array directly into variables
Zend_Translate: not string, but ID based translation - or how to handle changes in original string
NSOperation with repeat option
For file reading, when to use filebuf
Decomplied java classes have some special charaters
Convert table to comma delimited string
How to locate the correct image path
Sending encrypted email with CodeIgniter 2.0
What this Case Sensitivity really means?
Element added to DOM but doesn't display on screen
prolog constraint error
EntityManagerFactory not being injected using @PersistenceUnit
Css div in another div image center
Stack overflow visual C++, potentially array size?
Append data from SELECT to existing table
Creating tabs with different heights in Android
What are the differences between SQL Native Client and SQL Native Client 10?
Open a image in a new form c#
Subscription based account management with PHP & MySQL, Timespan additions?
How to pass List type object from one activity to another activity
MYSQL sort function, depending on the arithmetic operation using the database field values as array keys
R bins are percentages of column length
Testing for array PHP
How to make an unique div id?
Possible to reference two specifc tables with one query
update eclipse workspace with ant-errors
firing RadioButton checked event in ListView.View Gridview
How to show a progress bar while generating a PDF file for download, without IE 鈥渄ownload鈥�warnings
JQuery, fade in background pic on click
Enabling the push notification service for an existing application in IPhone?
Jquery TextArea add class on change event and disable others elements on submit
Integrate RSA SecurID to web application without running RSA Authentication Manager
Grails searchable plugin 1-to-many using root - not working?
OpenCV: Writing a video from a cam, strange results (Python and Mac)
Using grconvertX/grconvertY in ggplot2
jQuery Slider Doesn't Work in IE
How to know traffic to a specific port in linux
Facebook Canvas App Height less than 800px
Error when attempting to create new WinCE project in VS2008
jQuery trigger click on first child
How can i use JQuery to redirect and open a new window at the same time?
File doesn't exist after I try and write to it IOS
Syntax for implementing a protocol in Objective C, as compared to C#?
How do I load the presenting view controller before calling dismissmodalviewcontroller?
Undo Use Theirs and Mark as Resolved - SVN
C# code is not calling the c++ dll function (which has a class pointer as parameter) that it is supposed to call and i should not change the c++ code
Model depends on two repositories. How to mock one of them?
Facebook style like system in modx cms (php)
Combining XFA with PDFBox
Updating Winforms UI in real time while waiting for a Parallel.ForEach
Android JRE System libary (java.awt.*) is missed
Lync ConversationRemoved get current conversation text
KVC valueForKey return a __NSCFConstantString instead a __NSCFString
Adding a Core Plot pie chart as a subview - the pie chart isn't getting drawn
Interpolation on a log scale
Polling Duplex Service Failure in Out of Browser Silverlight Client on Mac
XML-RPC rquests on ios
Print first part of Exception to user from System.Net.WebException
How to load values from a cookie to a form which is in wizardpane (dojo)
Calling class function within a constructor isn't being recognised
R: ddply repeats yearly cumulative data
Move semantics with LValue reference
Find string in between two strings using reguler expression
How to use an external service as a source for Grails app configuration?
Powershell: Defining the Verbose switch in a function
wpf detect usb drive insertion
Linking Files dynamically
How to know where I am booting from
Lagrange interpolation in 3D space
Reuse an activity relying on a subclass of Application class in another android application
jqgrid Doubleclick on uneditable cell makes row disappear Inline Edit
Using tf.exe to get code for different workspaces
Enteprise level VMware hypervisors, ESX, ESXi, what programming languages are they programmed in?
Modal dialog message truncated in firefox
Java - Trident animation library - Reflect interpolation when container resizes
How do I use my own Model classes in conjunction with EF entity classes in MVC?
SqlCeReplication with client certificates
Magento flat product
Fetching Maven artifacts programmatically
rails update_attributes method return nil
Changing URL with javascript
Flash button hide a DIV AS3
Solutions for Project
.Doc Files not included in ASP.NET Publish
ANSI-C: maximum number of characters printing a decimal int
How to set Android SeekBar progress drawable programatically
Add an additional folder onto the maven deploy process
How to use LINQ2SQL to connect to Access 2010
Facebook Get locale
Random float between 0.0 and 1.0 both inclusive in java [duplicate]
Resource files not found from JUnit test cases
JPQL: Syntax error parsing the query, unexpected token
Simplified smalltalk grammar using antlr - unary minus and message chaining
Call web service with authentication (login and password) from android app
C/C++ How to expand a macro parameter into text between quotes
pull data from multiple tables in one query and matching data together
How can I reference a closure using a string the same way I do it with a member function without using eval?
Equalizer not always supported, even when api >= 9?
scala: java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException
Clear selected value in UltraOptionSet
center align H1 tag with image to the left and right of it
Exposing a QStringList as a QtScript array
how to call my javascript function from within this specific context
AS3: Remove and add to variable after a character
PHP - Sorting an array of data rows by price, date ASC, DESC, etc
SQL: how to separate combined row into individual rows
Timer: period less than a millisecond
How should I test for an ampersand in a string?
Jackson - annotate the class to be excluded from serialization when some property meets specific criteria
django: How to save a many to many field from view
why does session object throws a null reference exception?
How to make a live web (audio+video) stream?
Play Framework jpa and postgresql
Passing the Class Type instead of the Interface through Generics
How to get checkbox,EditText with ListView values in android while clicking a button?
Opengl - Display List vs OOP
Is it possible to make only one item selectable in QTableWidget
How to set the value of CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER in a C program so as to not sent the HTTP Header in the HTTP Post request?
C++ Strange situation with, e.g. applying an existing variable to new variable
Dojo grid implementation issue in zend
php how to access object array
Error while attaching VS2010 to a WCF service
When combining two working sql statements with UNION ALL mysql becomes unresponsive
ant junit build error inside eclipse
DateTime format error im xml Soap response from webservice
Why virtual base class constructors called first? [duplicate]
Can anyone debug this bash script fro creating mysql db and user?
BASH: When reading user input, Enter brings new line
JAX-RS and CDI / @Provider and beans.xml
Optimizing JDBC query
Make setText of QTextEdit ^Z aware
Get the next variable each time it loops foreach
Image hyperlink in PHP
Using Winform TabControl
pass a variable as a DocumentApp.Attribute.FONT_SIZ
Hybrid Authentication - What to do on session expiration?
How to get id of current draggable and resizable?
Number of tables in BigQuery query limitation
Search and Replace with Wild Card
change the css via php [closed]
Decrease interval of TomcatDeployer
xhr javascript PUT method
WSO2 SOA suite first test
Spring 3 : Can't find AuthenticationProcessingFilter
problems with integer declaration and Array count instruction
Using a get variable while staying on the same page?
NotSerializableException when pressing home button
DB2 in Oracle SQL Developer - Default Schema
$(document).ready() function fires before the document actually loads in IE, any way to fix it?
array.push() throws weird error
Reading Invalid FileNames from a folder
Centre list items
Watin times out when using SignalR
Maven: Adding web pages to a JAR file which is used by two WAR files
What's wrong with this stored procedure inserting data?
My OpenAL framework is broken, how can I fix it? (OSX Lion)
Add CSS class to Html.ActionLink
Maven: Adding web pages to a JAR file which is used by two WAR files
What's wrong with this stored procedure inserting data?
My OpenAL framework is broken, how can I fix it? (OSX Lion)
Add CSS class to Html.ActionLink
jScrollPane scrolling amount
Unable to print image and bitmap
Is there any way to embed a terminal window in TextMate?
Java Unit Testing - constant fields versus setUp()
Close previous window from current window
Installer for Java, Tomcat, MySQL combination
How to remove filename prefix with an Posix shell
Rails 3 MSSQL 2005 issue with xml data type field is truncated to 2070 bytes
SEAM session or conversational scoped bean?
how to compare a date with current date in groovy
how to update a string filed in sphinx?
DRY if statements
NHibernate QueryOver projections - projecting collections to DTO
Ensure php session gets the same oracle session when using oci_pconnect
Forcing NVIDIA GPU programmatically in Optimus laptops
Perl Test::More Before Block
In Excel, is it possible to use conditional formatting to always highlight TODAY's date?
Why image downloading in Groupon ios app is fast?
How OpenGL (ES) stores textures/vertexes
Efficiently compare elements in array with coredata table rows
On insert: Subquery returned more than 1 value
Recording sound using ALSA from Line IN
SQL code to identify average daily totals
Can I configure DotNetOpenAuth request token expiration?
Process Operations (Monitoring)
How to execute try-catch included in one tab after a button of another tab is clicked-Blackberry
How to make the right-most frame in a QHBoxLayout the widest
Validate uploaded file type using Java script
Sync + AFNetworking + applicationWillResignActive
Proper way to input data using HTML
Editable / patchable resources within dylib?
Android Trigger HTML Button Click in WebView From Code
OpenGL texture dissappearing when I get didReceiveMemoryWarning
android adding table rows with an array
C structure to Java object by pointer
await鈥efer in forEach loop
Increment Column Value
Message Passing with boost::threads?
mysql_real_escape_string error
can get out some data from call to a label in cmd file?