Using a spatial database to find polygons that contain a point
Jasmine: Why is my assert not executed in my callback
When should I use error.printStrackTrace() instead of log4.j.error()
MVC Refreshing View
Editing a registry string containing quotes
Disable beam touch mode
How to convert comma-separated string to cell array of strings in matlab
Selecting Distinct Rows Using Linq
Javascript: Round up and down to the nearest 5, then find a common denominator [closed]
My powershell script is printing a '1' before my expected output. Why?
Get info from URL and mysql database in PHP
Test an emulator
How to handle an event clicking in the hyperlink in RichTextBox
Scientific image processing (in ImageJ) - advice for removing background
How to animate a line to track a moving CSS element?
== vs .equals - why different behaviour? [duplicate]
How to generate page running on server as a PDF
maven eclipse workspace resolution
3 selectbox on change together
.removeAttr to remove classes, tho script still works
How to prepend number with zero
Can we do logical AND operation of an array with array element? [closed]
Makefile: deleting intermediate files that don't have a dependency
How can I convert a date in Epoch to 鈥淵-m-d H:i:s鈥�in Javascript?
How does mongo handle memory during Idle
How to load the latest version of bootstrap
How do I calculate the height of my tabs with jquery to push footer down
F suffix on number assigned to double
Getting the Average of multiple rows in ms access 2010 using c#
Common Grub for multiple platforms [closed]
web.xml file is missing
setting the value of dropdown list
renaming $lvl1.lvl2.lvl3 to $lvl1['lvl2']['lvl3']
Address of a temporary in Go?
Infinitest with Eclipse 4 (Juno)
Primefaces p:captcha --> if given input is wrong/empty I've got a malformedXML error
declare a value to a var based on user authentication
mod_rewrite redirect to wrong dir
NSFetchedResultsController throws exception
Loading external URLs into tabpanels?
Any optimized way of encrypting and decrypting a file inside Android
HTML align elements in a TD all next to each other
Designing / abstracting a broker for multiple types of tasks
Database Driver Distribution
T-SQL: Pick a row where the value in a column is equal to, greater than or less than - but only one of these
Strange behavior of C programs
How to test where is app crashing?
A While loop inside a cursor's while loop - SQL
shrink database file in one shot or in increments?
Why creating non storyboard animation is not smooth
How to get next with JQuery out of ancestor
Egit change Author and Committer details
Write a raw binary file with NumPy array data
WPF get controls collided with line
Lisp macro special usage?
Egit change Author and Committer details
Write a raw binary file with NumPy array data
WPF get controls collided with line
Lisp macro special usage?
Quota control in Google App Engine
What is the format of a Google blogger post GUID? PHP / CodeIgniter / SimplePie
Apple Mach-O Linker Warning
Implementing graphs using array
Form.Show() and Form.Visible ThreadSafe
Show all uncovered lines of code via ncrunch
GLib2+MSVC: Forking GLib2 to make 鈥渓ight鈥�version of the library
Does it make any sense to use inline keyword with templates?
How do I update excel file with oleDbDataAdapter.Update(myDataSet)
Get parents directories of a file, up to a point
GWT.getHostPageBaseURL() doesn't work
How to make merge cells for duplicated value in excel via vba
How to print text inside <%= %>?
how to get next four month with year in php?
ReusableCellWithIdentifier issue in cellForRowAtIndexPath
driver.findElement(By.linkText(鈥溾�)) working in one test but throwing exception in another
using java to connect through usb-serial cable
Display placeholder while results are loading
How to use Chrome javascript event listener?
Exception handling in another Thread creates another thread
Singleton scenario, overloading getInstance with different parameters?
Entity Framework Query With More Than One Join VB
Output PHP conditional to string, remove last character
Creating JAR file in Eclipse for a program that uses command line
Why isn't my JavaScript resize function running on initial page load?
Problems passing data to a DetailViewController from TableView in iOS5
JavaScript Performance - Divide or Multiply? / vs *
Cannot assign must be a instance. Django
How to select img src within Tumblr xml file using php?
Calculate percentage change between 2 columns
How does Django handle form data coming from a table with multiple rows?
Box2D in xcode generating linker errors
In Android, using the same toolbar (RelativeLayout elements) across multiple views
Error with Font MIME Types on Apache
Zend Framework & Doctrine 2 findBy using entity returning empty array
Get Link Element cssRules/Rules in JavaScript
Convert.ToInt32 supports only 4 bases?
GWT - Cant use a composite widgets clickhandlers
Can't find DocumentsListQuery.DocumentID or DocumentsListQuery.folderBaseUri
鈥渢his file is blocked because it came from another computer鈥�- ajax permission issue
Trying to learn TDD - not going so well
Optimising a forward index in MySQL
using sql server temp table while selecting rows from multiple table
Malware disguised in WordPress install
C# and Rich Text Box [closed]
Java - How am I accessing non final variables from an anonymous inner class?
Potentially complicated nested sub query from within one table - changing rows to columns based on row position on order by date asc
pear NET_DNS and get all DNS records at once
Linq compare string date
MVC 3 Deployment When MVC3 is Not Installed - Avoiding Bin Deploy for every new site
Using valgrind to debug R, extracting column of a mts object causes valgrind to crash
Syntax to query two fields in a table with JPA
My footer won't sit at the bottom
Highchart/stock tooltip formatter for both series and flags
Best way to clone observables?
Drawing Spheres with RadialGradientBrush
Set offsetfor Block in RichTextBox
Pulling Item SKUs from Magento Sales/Orders Model?
Qt: Static linking of libraries
Disable sun signed jars verification
jquery simplemodal redirect to parent page after POST
Emacs elisp expand-file-name behaviour on windows
Constructor Dependency Injection using Spring framework, unable to retain the value
Which is more logical & better performing? One CI App or multiple CI apps
Mediawiki 1.18.3/1.19.0 : Namespaces restrictions
Hard coding an expiry date for a web app (ASP.NET)?
Cocoa: How to avoid core-data duplicated relationships?
Find the Duration in Months between the contents in an Iterator
Get a list/array of child classes from Single Table Inheritance in Rails?
XML Schema - Allow Invalid Dates
Google Chrome recognizes my Qt app as malware
segmentation fault pro*c code for database connection
Binding via XAML or Code behind
Sliding finger across multiple image views
Postgresql - measuring performance and how to tell whether indexes should be refreshed
jQuery Cloud Zoom - Advance Images on large image click
Most pythonic way of ensuring a list of objects contains only unique items
SQL Server CTE, How do I use the CTE table again for GROUP BY
.Net web service client takes long time to fail on call when server web service is down
Android Development: Where to put static Key/Value Pairs?
How do I process a request for a web page of a pre-compiled web application which is referenced in another web application?
common variable for all vertices
Can I redefine a JavaScript function from within another function?
Repair Mongodb using ruby-mongodb-driver
APK file doesnt recognize the external lib
codeignitor how to create tables for the models
audio unit undeclared indentifier
Default function on an object?
Hide programmatically a spreadsheet
Hard CoreData + iCloud scenario
On clild window close cannot send value to parent window in JavaScript for iPad Safari
Failed to use OpenID with Atlassian Crowd server in Play Framework 2?
tmux man-page search highlighting
Google Checkout account registration error
set attribute regarding to condition MVC
NullPointerException in WebDriverBackedSelenium
how to move uploaded file to a folder outside of the webroot?
How to clear hash from url in chrome
Gradle does not show any console output
Action Script 2 Suggestion
Persistence in Servlet without a Database
How to write multiple lines in a file when this multiple lines take as a input from a JTextarea?
DataGridView doesn't show data after clone rows
long running application (tail like)
Customize the request to get data from another URL resources
document.onkeydown Keyboard Input is only capitalized
How to create an exact copy of file in c
DbContext and RejectChanges
Twitter API, C#, ASP.Net [closed]
Toggle isn't executed
embedding content of Excelin wicket framework
Android add to group [duplicate]
How to set custom paper size DocPrintJob in Java?
inheriting QLPreviewController, changed buttons on navigationItem are being reset after click on 鈥淗ome鈥�
Using Max() in where query to find most recent date in a table
Accessing instance variables from a subclass in java
How Do I record the execution time of running sql statements that are stored in files?
Unable to connect to the server Web development
Apache Commons copyURLToFile - possible to stop copying?
xml file schema to mysql database using java
How to write a list in the URL and pass it to an MVC controller in ASP.NET
Need help get URI Segment using Yii Framework
How to fix 鈥溾�PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory cannot be implemented more than once鈥︹�
ruby - File-private methods
Date Field - Data Annotation - Not Validating
TComPort acting wierd
Parse XML through httprequest directly in the DOM
Videos Don't Load in Chrome
Inter-Process Communication (IPC) for Windows with C
How to make MainThread wait till some async action is done?
waiting until two values have changed in jquery
create log file on a daily basis for my spring project using log4j.
execute dynamic sql in datasnap client
TryUpdateModel updating order
Android setting images inside listView
Can *Manager classes uphold their existence in some cases?
Opa : customize bootstrap css
Tab android application
how I get values from several MVC3 Telerik Controls on a button press and filter other controls on the screen?
iPhone view not refreshing after web call
How do I make radiobuttonFors selectable by its text?
REST server in Delphi XE2 pro
Check Internet connection with sockets
Form always passes validation even with empty/invalid values
Adding CSS to head tag from the body using jQuery
calling method from NSThread
Form always passes validation even with empty/invalid values
Adding CSS to head tag from the body using jQuery
calling method from NSThread
After SVN setup on server, what is next?
How do I copy a character array to the clipboard?
Generate correlated random numbers from binomial distributions in R
Inequality operators and sorting in Python
How can I delete a stored procedure on a table?
No saved view state could be found for the view identifier
splot 3D plots with equal scale on x, y, z
Undefined Reference to namespaces in C++
How can I put two delegate to one viewcontroller
Visual Studio, connection string
Generic collection looping through for loop
Parse a string to a DateTime object
Quartz XML plugin reschedules fired triggers after restart
NSURLConnection needs a NSRunLoop to execute?
Another BCD byte[] to int and back again
pChart axis X gap in scale
googletest: How can I include all of my tests in one executable?
How to find each pixel between two points in java?
Advice for real time image processing
WCF Access is denied Exception
How to set SearchView TextSize?
Django form wizard and django-paypal
Java MP3 Waveform Normalization
wxPython StyledTextCtrl Set (Partial) Text Color
Powershell - Working with Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus from a variable
Can SlickGrid's row height be dynamically altered?
How to put the application user username on the picture as a result to post on wall?
iOS APNS Does not work
Maven multi-project child can't have same version
I'm looking for really good open source MIDI libraries (esp. piano sounds) any ideas?
Adding Classes to Wordpress Menu's via wp_nav_menu_items
PHP won't insert into MySQL, no error
Retrieving PHP Cookie
Spring REST controller partial update existing resource
Need htacces for CodeIgniter Multiple Application Layout
Setting width to field in Custom Manager
Javascript Create audio element cross browser issue
cocos2d-android game state save and load after pause/resume (onStop/onRestart)
Parallelise a for that uses views (Scala)
Directshow EVR slow video playback
MVC 4.0 beta WebAPI, PUT and DELETE throw 401 on Staging servers
Safe way to save encryption keys in iOS
Spring Security - LDAP - BadCredentialsException:
WPF Datagrid binding and column display
ASPX scraping with Mechanize: Can't retrieve form?
Android multiple list views that don't scroll independently
splitting and resizing files in vim
Creating a Windows installer for Python + a set of dependencies
LSEnvironment section of info.plist take no effects.
Input not an X.509 certificate Not working even after converting to DER
what is the main diffrence between whitebox testing and Automation testing?
sox multiple pad while mixing
Raphael transform not working?
microsoftreportviewer using multiple tables
handling specific elements in a json string using php
INSERT to Oracle intermittent latency c#
How do I deploy .aspx webform pages with a regular html site that has already been deployed?
Startup loading dialog Android WebView
jPanel is not refreshing until I resize the app window
Arrow indicator CSS or otherwise
no redirect to page specified in web.xml
autoload another method if method is undefined in javascript
How to dynamically autogenerate Java Beans from WSDL?
Redirect and rewrite - problems with subdir
Use of Interface and Abstract Class for Specific to my application? [closed]
How to manage the state of Custom ListView Items
pulling data from the database to a gridview with error code 413
Print double number System.out.printf in Java
Arraylist is adding objects twice
Use html5 in mvc3 project
How to get information on the drive where the executable is located in c++
android how to create a dynamic central view between header and footer programmatically
How to integrate websocket with emberjs?
JVM command line options [duplicate]
SQLBrowseConnect doesn't seem to enumerate servers on local domain
replace string regex
MySQL query works in phpMyAdmin but not at site. Unknown column 'zone' in 'where clause'
Sharing static variables across files: namespace vs class
Remove USB using devcon.exe
powershell: get-winevent has no messsage data?
Simple tutorial for Neo4J and using it with django + python
arays comparison in matlab [duplicate]
Does 鈥渨here鈥�loads data before setup method executes?
Cannot bind output from stored procedure to a gridview using Linq
How to make ID's unique on this 'Click to Reveal' script
how to take a screenshot?
Time taken for Android Service to restart after being forcibly killed
JSF: FacesMessage being displayed twice
How to Create Number of notifications in android Application?
Open Lightbox after Form Submission
How to check from which optgroup an option is picked from <select> html feild
Hand rolled SOAP request
How to have multiple y axis on a line graph in Python
Using Jinja2, is it possible to disable a tag and/or filter?
strcat function in C
Getting data from a multiple select dropdown with PHP to insert into MySQL
Comparing long strings by their hashes
strcat function in C
Getting data from a multiple select dropdown with PHP to insert into MySQL
Comparing long strings by their hashes
How to display multiple result in JavaScript?
public_share in v2 API?
Smooth Paint Brush
EF 4.3.1 Code First Updating Related Tables
ToggleButton change background when pressed (but only once)
Edge.remove return's error
How can I exit a batch file from within a function?
Regex 'Ignore Case' option doesn't work when the 'Compiled' option is specified
Linq to Objects Generic Duplicate Method
How to attach files with metaWeblog to a blog post?
Unable to determine the identity of domain using System.IO.Packaging
Eclipse relative ClassPath?
How to override an imported resource using Spring @Configuration?
Handling 300 field form in the database
Sencha buil MVC3 file
How do I specify 鈥渘ot equals to鈥�when comparing strings in an XSLT <xsl:if>?
Producing a random number that is different each time
How to unit test an helper function that use HTTPConnection
Repeating view within a view in ASP MVC3
Jquery AJAX get new mysql records in real time
Optimization of a MySQL view
How to keep a queue active after a request is made in node.js amqp?
LU decomposition in c++
Custom layer/overlay in google maps
passing a method to Thread which have multiple arguments in C#
JQuery - Remove part of string and keep the rest
Swing: Enabling Buttons With Delay
CreateRemoteThread in Linux
MySQL 5.5 - Issues importing a large sql file via command line
Python testing / TeamCity integration / sane package management
call function in javascript
Problems with resource injection in EJBs
javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot create resource instance
Change button to selectbox code change
jquery selector performace
Looking for recommendations to better troubleshoot disallowed short tag in PHP 5.3 with Apache 2
Simplifying jQuery - easy
Debugging user-code on xv6 with gdb
xml tag can consists of integer values or can contains special characters?
Drupal 7 add contact_site_form to a block but only one category
Running Axis2 web service client is generating an error at the client and the server side
C# and WinForms: 'Integrity' of Form.Show() call
Split string into dictionary
WPF Listbox change container at runtime
Base64 png to Canvas
How to change view on the right view with SplitViewNavigator Flex 4.6
Increment int var every 10 iterations of loop
SharedPreferences for general app preferences and user session identificators
Static types, polymorphism and specialization
Eclipse: Change the block comment style of ctrl+shift+/
Casting List<bool> to List<object>
Building GLEW 1.7.0 on Windows using MinGW
Do I need ldap.conf when I connect to Active Directory using PHP?
How can I deploy new version PL/SQL package in Oracle DB server under high load?
jquery-mobile phonegap simple dialog
how make select by Getdate()
Sencha Touch - Multiple instance of one panel generated on adding to viewport
How to edit the view of showing products in Zen Cart?
SAS: Data Step and key - option
Very simple server in C
Update div with jQuery upon entry of data
WebDriver URL Timeout doesn't seem to be working
What is the purpose behind the personalized security image often used on banking websites?
Jquery - background fade.
:hover works only on lower part of rotateX transformed div
Re-writing a JavaScript variable to HTML5 canvas when the value of the variable has been updated
SSL_accept() fails with SSL routines:SSL_GET_NEW_SESSION:ssl session id callback failed'
What is the equivalent of Program.cs in VB.NET
how can i insert data into table by the help of migration and that table is generated previously through another migration
Virtual Makefile targets
How to map parent's bean class variable in Hibernate?
java android - fit items on a image background with different screen size
SQL Server - Inserting a specific set of rows from one table to another table
Count child nodes of node matching listbox item
Oracle calculate the Median from a column containing values of type Date
MULTICHOICE ListView CheckMarks Size
Is there such a CSS framework? [closed]
How do i Turn ON/OFF the Caps lock key
How to resolve '.class' expected error?
Navigation from HTML5 page to android app
Override bootstrap variables in twitter-bootstrap-rails gem
Camel Predicate Example in xml DSL
Resolving common routes within core of app using structuremap IoC
reading from a file with Maven
valid parsed character XML data
Create SEO Friendly hyperlinks using IIS Tools
Get usb hardware or instance id using c#
A blocking but non-modal QDialog?
Does Google Shows the AJAX based website results in search?
Android application security
TreeView Confusion
Send Response to all active session when database data changes
How to delete an element of a spinner and update the spinner list and the db SQLite
Installation of java 1.6.31 on a sun solaris 8
How do you ensure your Rails server running
how to show text in outside of the icon?
Exclusion in find
Multiple events triggering same function (specific case)
Run dialog box when app launches Deserializing
File upload Base64 encoded string in PaperClip using Rails 3
How to perform disable imageButton in android?
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'full_path' referenced before assignment
detecting a whitespace string
thread to keep web service session alive
Updating @ElementCollection attributes with JPA QueryDSL
Parsing large data file from disk significantly slower than parsing in memory?
How to make more use of the separator line? E.g. making it a cell?
UIGestureRecognizer with both setDelegate and action
IFrame not working properly in MVC with regards to _Layout scripts & styles
Nonce and timestamp, best to secure POST values?
Pin Secondary tile on another page
Open modal box after first login
get/set Accessors the correct scope
How to make control conditionally display based on user role?
array push with JSON
wp_nav_menu custom walker to add sequential tab number in li class
What is the purpose of setting the platform target for a Visual Studio application?
Azure ASP.NET location element in web.config
IIS on dual processor, single worker process
SSIS - Killing Excel.exe when data flow task fails
Git diverged branches - revert changes
Activity as ProgressDialog
The call sequence of the Constructors between Derived Class and base class
Packaging with CDBS: delete png file from source packages when build package (debian)
Extjs Component Query .down()
Converting JSF with managed-property to CDI
ContextMenu in Android ICS
Clean up dynamically created 'html elements' on page?
Get email administrators using wss 3.0
Aggregating results of downstream parameterised jobs in Jenkins
Why does a project 鈥渞un鈥�faster in NetBeans internal terminal than in windows command prompt?
how to submit form when preventDefault() is being used? [closed]
Finding number of possible sequences in an array, with additional conditions
Debugging with NUnit; ignore exceptions and only pausing at breakpoints
DbContext declaration - Framework 4.1 - MVC 3.0
Issues related to Session state off
How to remove unpivot transformation's unused column warning from dtexec output?
receiveTimeout Breaks the communication channel after inactivity?
cherrypy serve multiple requests / per connection
Selecting a value into a variable
how to create a clr function for sql
JavaScript Ajax request vs jQuery $.ajax
Salesforce Webservice Error
DataSet Row Add / Imports Nothing
TortoiseSVN and Local Web Proxies
how to find a point in the path of a line
JavaScript Ajax request vs jQuery $.ajax
Salesforce Webservice Error
DataSet Row Add / Imports Nothing
TortoiseSVN and Local Web Proxies
how to find a point in the path of a line
SQL Select Max ID Where Condition Is Met
synch two svn repos through GIT
re-connection using socket in c
ExtJs Window AutoScroll not working
Encrypt in PHP, Decrypt in Python
Overcoming the restriction on bulk inserts over a database link
Object oriented programming: [closed]
WCF Service Can't find metadata when using class from external dll
JQUERY - fade out specifc div, wait, fade div back in
Formula with custom script doesn't update in Google Spreadsheet
How do you allow selections of multiple rows without allowing multiple columns to be selected in a JTable?
How to get ndk-gdb working on Android?
How to connect multiple tables to a single model?
Display report parameters dynamically passed from Report Server url
PHP call_user_func on a static method
Preventing Duplicates based on two or more columns in a Sharepoint List with C#?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS strange Hex to String conversion [duplicate]
Android App Widget button click not working properly
Node.JS debugging with Eclipse and Chromium Dev Tools V8
jQuery Plugin for Image Gallery/Full Screen (with thumbnails)
Supressing warnings on Apache Tomcat stdout
Calling a method in a transactional service from a non transactional service
How to make sql between a period of time?
how can I link css file in activecollab in a custom module?
Stopping a Thread immediately whenever an Exception occurs within it
changing background of active menu item
mySQL query doesn't work as it is supposed to
How do I find out who called SendMessage?
Cucumber and variables internal to methods called indirectly
Fetching full user emails via google code api
Can we save KeyValuePair<K,V> in user profile?
403 forbidden error occurs on ajaxfilemanager
Soft keyboard issue in flex 4.6
VLC 2.0.1 Adjust Subtitle Tming [closed]
CorePlot and GCC errors
Validation message for file upload control in mvc3
Virtual Keyboard disappears when touch on input:text iscroll4
I'm Unsure on Params Hash
Populate datatable with Set<RequestVO>
How to do a 'memcpy' between different structures using 'offsetof'?
GUI froze while Dispatcher.BeginInvoke or Task.StartNew
Set 2 hours to end time date
How to stop the jQuery effect when I move my mouse or press a key
How do I parse Nokogiri elements stored in an array element? - Ruby
Avoid validating form's dropdown in codeigniter
import doesn't works?
how to implement jobpost functionality that has 3 fixed categoris
missing pdb file
How to benchmark single TypoSript Object generation?
rails mysql recording impressions for a page
Div width(鈥�s鈥� alignment with firefox
Async task with SimpleCursorList (Android sql select)
MVC Updating Model with JQuery
Converting FrameLayout as Bitmap
What data structure to use for task queue in python
Is it ok to have a `SendEmail` rack middleware or other such background job middlewares?
Finding maximum number k such that for all combinations of k pairs, we have k different elements in each combination
how send an array value from ajax to php without using url
Grails 2 - How to dynamically call multiple datasources
Does the DUKPT algorithm generate weak DES keys?
How to create an actionPerformed event with a barcode being scanned?
Assign value to variable dynamiclly in objective-c
How to hide certain locality labels on a custom Google Map?
Order of constructor call in virtual inheritance
Remove an image when mouse leaves a div
Refining Query result using SQL Server and Coldfusion
C++11 Passing 'this' as paramenter for std::make_shared
Matlab -Neural Network Simulation (for Loop)
create webservice for SSL HTTPS
ExpressionHelper.GetExpressionText(expression) not returning the name of my property
SharePoint 2010 Custom List Forms Using Visual Studio 2010
API search filtering bug
XSLT Match record length < 8
How to return filtered result set in Marklogic?
JavaCPP problems compiling the example
Why use a JSF ExceptionHandlerFactory instead of <error-page> redirection?
Confusing syntax error near unexpected token 'done'
auto updates OPC server
Dependence of variables in Mathematica 7.0
Error Handling in Tomcat Server having a WebService
How can I set the VoiceOver language in the navigation bar?
How to get this plugin working for the homepage
Undefined offset 0 in ActiveRecord/lib/Model.php on line 573
How to call user defined function in Lambda .NET Syntax
Dynamically new dimensions with D3 JS parallel sets
My select menu shows each port (London, Liverpool, Dublin) each time for each record, I only want each port once
Why do we need contexClassLoader
How to detect if SQL Server CE 4.0 is installed
How to underline $10 and $50.58
How do I assign a value to a ComboBox from a DataGridView?
Webkit render bug for dynamic content
Getting 256-bit AES SSL on Heroku?
c++ variadic template, wrong parameter pack length?
How do you increase a number *directly* under the cursor?
Need help in formatting JAXB output
Rounding integers
SQL count function workings
Excel Drop down list using Apache POI
How can I dump a MySQL database without using mysqldump in Python [closed]
Yii framework and PostgreSQL partitioned table - 0 rows affected
$(this).qtip is not a function
Issues with my Ruby Gemfile
Custom dojo Dropdown widget by inheriting _HasDropdown and _AutoCompleterMixin
Dynamically eval expression using JSTL c:out ${expression}
How to overriding webviews ontouch method
Django error on set cookie, test_cookie is false
Lucene Index Updates
jqplot Background Color Zones?
Autowiring two beans implementing same interface - how to set default bean to autowire?
Xcode: Ensure correct filename in header comments?
Mobile version of a website - Am i over thinking this?
Anonymous function and loop issue
Getting a pure list out of 'pyparsing.ParseResults'
Working with XML in Java [closed]
ClickOnce Deployment in .net framework 2.0 [closed]
YQL (Yahoo Query Language) sort by date
Check if button is active
vertical scroll bar with some fixed pixel [closed]
jshint: funky code vs semicolons; how to silence all of jshint's complaints about semicolons here?
How to get the name of a custom attribute with jQuery?
Is there a 鈥淚f (X increase)鈥�function?
Where to intercept user authentication
A best way to keep data for a while (like 4-5 days)
Soap webservice query
How to setup the page content for Twitter Bootstrap pagination
Wix Error 1920 - While updating with a lower version the setup removes the installed version on error instead of rolling it back
Getting error as 鈥淭he install was unable to connect to MSSQL, while trying to run the script鈥he Install will abort鈥�
How to achieve something like gravity to div so when I drag div close to glue them, distance =0?
Changing opacity of a Grid creating a 鈥渇ade in鈥�effect?
Tagging an arbitrary value with metadata in Python
How to know if the SQL query is efficent according to the setup of the tables in the db?
What .NET 4.5 (or earlier) higher-level constructs make Threading easier?
create master database service with sql server 2008 r2
java - Calling specific servlet based on url request?
Mysql search forward slash / in a query
Subscription Payment options for Android App
ServiceController class not importing C#
How to get current html element(tag) in JTextPane?
Inserting and updating value in database using DAL from java
Running Assembly across Linux, Windows
Colors of Rectangles in python
Adding more source folders to a play framework project
Iterating through two ArrayList with Nested While Statements - Java
changing background image of button each time when it is tapped in IPhone?
Running Assembly across Linux, Windows
Colors of Rectangles in python
Adding more source folders to a play framework project
Iterating through two ArrayList with Nested While Statements - Java
changing background image of button each time when it is tapped in IPhone?
iOS 5 custom tab bar image vertical alignment
Php, problems with method scoping (public for someone, private for others, C++ friend alike)
NHibernate - Best Practice for just select
While calling webservice getting 鈥淢issing payload for POST鈥�error
is obfuscated C# or Java easier to decompile than C because of stack machine - register machine difference? or are there other reasons?
Creating symlinks when packaging a Library (Debian)?
function to expand out composite field to lucene queries
How to move tables from a SQL Server Express to a Standard Edition in another computer with C#?
variable not writable in inner function
pageY = -1 during mouseleave in IE
Facebook Style Sticky Header, only visible when scrolled
How to find the correct UIButton object inside action
JSON Errors + Objective C
Presenting data by categories
ExtJS : paging not working and refresh button
How to make python program use different installation
How can I place my Django/Celery periodic tasks and regular tasks in separate files?
Hide Facebook app from google search
2D PCA on 3D data
How to find the time of request for a page at server
CSS3 keyframes takes 5 slides
Multiple API Keys
Write Access records into a SQL table using C# SqlConnection
How can I do encapsulated often repetitive code in a toolpart (in webpart)?
How to properly restore UIView subclass size, origin, and rotation?
Typesafe varargs in C with gcc
Android SQLite forbidden characters
Displaying a standard icon and text in QLabel
What does mvn install in maven exactly do
Grouped SlickGrid with non-default rowHeight
Localization for Tumblr blog posts?
Correct behaviour? - iPhone app running on iPad loads xib with ~ipad extension
Programmatically create Media Wiki pages using C#
Error 2908 for msi installer
Parsing xml in eclipse
Link work Items in TFS 2010 in Excel
Jquery selecting and clicking
WPF C#, Create moving Soap Bubbles
jQuery trigger not working as hoped
Usage of method return value in method itself
Configure ASP.net_sessionid cookie
log4net - Keep NHibernate out of my app's log files and into it's own file
BezierPath Rotation in a UIView
HTML5 WebSocket Server
PHP: How to solve 'Cannot redeclare loadModule function'
set nginx as proxy for both apache and gunicorn at the same time
Openssl: What RSA Signature scheme is supported by RSA_verify() ?
How to set Height & width of any bitmap field in blackberry? [duplicate]
Why can't I use inheritance to implement an interface in C++? [duplicate]
Android Drag&Drop with XML Layout
Best practice for meta data in a html document?
UknownHostException while trying to post a message to facebook
how to compare array with matlab
impress.js setting background element
Background UIImage becomes a Zombie delegate
MySQL if true add SELECT and WHERE
Drupal 6 relative links in blocks
Disable save as key for images
Binding to ancestor StackPanel DockPanel.Dock
Where to deploy a jar dependency of my webservice?
what's better php, JSP or others [closed]
Is there a Java data structure that returns a set of a specific attribute in a collection of objects?
PHP file force download TXT file, losing the format after download
ASP.NET - How to get assembly from virtual path in custom IResourceProvider implementation
Is there a cleaner way to write this Clojure function that loops, updates and returns a map?
Setting style in JQuery using JavaScript variable
Ruby grep with string argument
Bind to dependency property defined in derived class in XAML
How can I use the DevExpress WinForms TextEdit as a password entry (with asterisks)?
Popup of Word Document and Process JSP page within same HTTP GET Request
python timer thread sleep not working properly
Is it possible to make an object 鈥淩ead Only鈥�to a method
How to save a HashSet in a ebean entity?
Python 鈥�import a module from a directory that's not a package
Facebook App - secure canvas - SSL
Jenkins maven deploy jar to nexus - artifact naming
special grouping and listing of db query
Google calendar in php
DateTime conversion
Onclick on a programmatically generated element
JCIFS: file retrieval is too slow to be usable
SecKeyRawSign giving a -50 (errSecParam) error - even for the trivial apple example
JPA - EclipseLink - How to configure Database Schema name at runtime
Reading tilt sensor from live wallpaper
SQL, XML Inserting multiple nodes
CLSID for x264 DirectShow filter
Pass Javascript array into PHP array via form submission
phpmailer not redirecting when mail is sent
CSS column issue in ie?
image uploading in rhomobile
NVidia CUDA Trace or Debug Function
How to provide dynamic HTML in PHP?
How to check address is correct or not in Android?
Scalatest and Anorm in playframework
Does print media queries `@media print` work on the iPad?
Android FTP inputstream into XML
Make checkbox and a textbox Readonly
Extract most recent entry, under a certain condition
JavaScripting API
Rerender DOM elements of components in ExtJS4
jQuery, AJAX, PHP data exchange issue
How to set tableview background color?
Building a program (sscep) against OpenSSL: undefined reference to '[鈥'
How do I use strlen() on a formatted string?
Which Scala framework to use for testing REST services?
How set an OnClickListener by not extending ListActivity
android UI design using eclipse
copy all xml nodes and rename few in them using XSLT
How to customize node page view?
Javascript code doesnt work in IE
How to use Onvif Api with survillence cameras
Speech (TTS) in JavaScript
.NET CSC.EXE output file format
android sidebar navigation without using fragments
What is the purpose of metadata in xml file?
With NSSavePanel, how can the user choose a specific file type to save?
How to control the number of digits when printing numbers?
What does this regexp mean?
How do you create a slide out tableView on the right instead of the left of iPad Master-Detail Application?
Animating background position works on jQuery 1.4.4 but not on 1.7.2
Can't call Html.HiddenFor from within my HtmlHelper. Why?
T4MVC to have generated formatted URL (SEO)
how to add events to elements inside tpl or html in sencha touch 2
Best way to make website for multiple languages
Which temporaries cannot be initialized with `someType()` in c++11?
Test app in device
datetimepicker getDate to return Date / Time in UTC format
Color image to grayscale image with Raphael.js not working in I.E. 9
binary search tree diagram for numbers 1 to 10
How to set User Interaction enabled in UITableView cell
NSURLConnection doesn't start
Google docs ImportXML called from script
add facebook/twitter to QT application
Visual FoxPro (9.0) issue on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
UITextView breaks line automatically if string is shorter than 2 lines
OpenGL/JOGL: How to retrieve the position and orientation of a geometric object
vanilla / codeigniter login integration with jsconnect / SSO
Using Macros in Excel sheets for different workbooks
how to get the touching position of large image in android
Simple Library Xml serialization without new instance of class
ckfinder select multiple files
Background a TabHost on Android
Ignore the value of an empty Attributes in the element LINQ C#
CSS: I get a darker semitransparent background in IE9. Why?
ckfinder select multiple files
Background a TabHost on Android
Ignore the value of an empty Attributes in the element LINQ C#
CSS: I get a darker semitransparent background in IE9. Why?
Read a file(>150MB) and return the file content as ByteArrayOutputStream
How to add splitview to the sancha touch application and how to change the title (kitchen sink) on the title bar in xcode 4 iphone
How to list all GPOs applied to an OU included inherited ones(C#)
Add item to menu wich pops up when i click on contact
Zend_Db performances
UITableview dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier and UIImageView issue?
RouteData.Values Return NullReferenceException when querystring is not present
Twitter style trends with php/mysql
Why the javascript function is not getting called if I add an extra parameter
Javascript, looping through gridview checking hidden values
jquery serializeArray() or serialize() is not working
Docking a borderless window with cocoa
Accessing 64 bit registry from 32 bit application
Creating a bitmap object from tiff image
Any issues with hiding a select list behind a div and selecting it with JavaScript?
Flash player for RTSP H264
How to rotate a polygon around a point with Java?
Microsoft Client Object Model web service
Missing header files using embedded C test environment
automatic change expiry date when perticular date reached鈥�
weird bug when using Maven to run main class in JPA
response.getOutputStream used on MySQL request throwing IllegalStateException in JSP
Brush algorithm / Color fading pattern - Need suggestions
How to make simple JSON object using C# string Builder
Add dynamic type into Entity Framework Context
Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7
Disable mouse move event over menu separator
Alphabetically sort JQM list view?
Server breaking javascript file
Representing null in an url segment
android accurate battery level changes?
How to change the date format in jquery
Two-Way binding in Windows 8 HTML / JavaScript Metro Apps
How do I get notification of the battery power level from the Windows kernel?
How to load this datejs culture file based on the browsers current culture?
Does DOM size affect $(鈥�id鈥� performance?
Doctrine 2 extreme optimization
mktime and tm_isdst flag
Using data variable to affect dialog
iOS - Regular expressions - search for words all occurences prefixes
Miles J Cakephp Forum plugin - Some times error 鈥淐lass 'ForumAppController' not found 鈥�
Adding activity to queryIntentActivities list
UITextField failed when tap a lot buttons
Font metric in OpenGL
How to get the url path of a view function in django
ASP Html.BeginForm Multiple Submit Buttons - Adding Custom Confirmation without JQuery
data in onActivityResult is null
Enabling a user to download a file
Listpicker: fire SelectionChanged
SQL SELECT query with multiple conditions
IE9 not passing cookies on some subdomains
unable to start billing service
Java - creating a folder and file in web server directory
date format with extjs 4 not rendering in date picker
Dictionary serialisation with DataContractserialiser
All nodes in XML using Linq C# [duplicate]
Not able to invoke remote method in RMI communication
How to retrieve an array list
Calculate table rows and populate the grand total field
How to remove a group of nodes in OpenERP RML template?
OpenCV C++/Obj-C: Advanced square detection
Wordpress Loop passing variables
set items of ComboBox in DataGridTemplateColumn programatically
Play 2.0 models best practices
CSS Line-height margin issues
PHP Imagick - setTextEncoding() function doesn't work
how to replace a word starting with certain characters on certain lines?
Fetching access token from refresh token using Java
Processing data with inotify-tools as a daemon
Can't access Java Servlet
CodeMirror and JQuery tabs
Bind data from a class and data from a list of classes to same WPF DataGrid
Replace image from recent app menu
How can i detect operation system with
Upload PHP Code not uploading image
QGraphicsItem clipping children.
Equality operator in Python
Ajax call to a local Phantom.js server from local js script
Error in exprs(eset)
Boost filtering_stream and tellp
Why create own request object? [closed]
Xml Files In PErvasive Connectors
Nuget.targets not found on first time solution opening
How to reduce the detail level output by a DTEXEC job?
Redirect second domain name?
How can I call testng.xml file from pom.xml in Maven
Best practice in synchronized methods in jsf and java
iPad 1 unable to record MPEG4AAC recording?
Cannot update embeded excel links in powerpoint to a different sheet
array declration methods in php [closed]
Coloring a graph
File extension filter when choosing file to upload
How to add multiple test conditions in 'test' attribute expression of <xsl:if> tag
Memory de-allocation with std::vector re-assignment
Dropbox sdk repository maven
Fade a background in when you mouseover a box
How to add multiple test conditions in 'test' attribute expression of <xsl:if> tag
Memory de-allocation with std::vector re-assignment
Dropbox sdk repository maven
Fade a background in when you mouseover a box
Exception at web service while returning value to the client?
MicrosoftAction & Func 8 structure?
Java - NTRUEncrypt inverse of polynomial algorithm
access user data inside the iframe application facebook
remove duplicate rows from database with hibernate
SpringMVC: DispatcherServlet makes extra requests to view
How to control number of items appearing in GridView rows and columns in a Metro Style GridView App?
binding:text block to listbox wpf
Files directory in android
MySQL - using regex to filter values from a long string?
Function returning table
Android Game Loop: How to reach an average of 60 FPS?
Google Places Autocomplete Dropdown Box
Binding DropdownList and maintain after postback
Relation to C# classes in mvc
Count total number of contacts from address book - iOS
OSMdroid add custom icons to ItemizedOverlay
RedirectToAction inside a action method that creates a new object in the entity in MVC
MS Access 2002 forms query/table for each row in Record source query
android terminal: listing primary activity for an apk
Windows phone Dataconnectivity
I cannot get Facebook::Graph to work for me with Perl, can somebody provide me a quick example with plain CGI and not the Dancer framework?
PreviousPage is null on one machine, not on the other
Hibernate HQL only hits session cache
where is .apk location for apps that are installed on sdcard?
To know if its a new page in ITEXT pdf
Android: How to Pass WebView from one Activity to another Activity
precessing each element in list <string> then store back the list into string
ASP.NET MVC 3 Restrict API Access
Updating deeply nested documents in ravendb
SQL Server, Can except take into consideration two colums for one value?
Forbidden Page Access on Direct Link
iOS Cross Dissolve WITHOUT a darker middle
How to NOT return data from curl-multi and reduce CPU usage?
Saving stats data in MySQL Database for a line graph
get all elements of xml body and add to struct
Eclipse RCP: Custom console
How to change color of Search Bar?
Querying partitions/drives on a remote server with WMI
Pentaho Security: how to implement SSO with CAS
Error converting LWUIT project to Codenameone
How to update in mongoose?
Difference between nVidia Quadro and Geforce cards?
Image click after animation
I encrypt but cannot perform decoding of file using C++
Since the plugins are different in different mobile platforms, how phone gap can be cross-platform?
Type conversion only working for saving to database and not for display
keeping the primery key value in web application form for updation
How do I check if something was 4 days ago in PHP?
Visual Studio Project Documentation
Magento site keeps requesting login information browsing between cart & products
can't read variables out of app.config
How do I create a rake task for a Rails engine which is not exposed to the host application?
Android view background erase
Unable to get javascript to do button click from child iframe
Making Django CategoryProperty from Table in GAE
When adding elements to string array from user replace it by null! java
Standalone XULRunner Application ProgressListener
Java Applet load time and rare unstability
How to use Count and Sum in the Same Query?
t4 鈥渦sing鈥�keyword
How to stop parsing XML after a certain number of items have been read?
Android - retrieve string array from resources
Best resources to learn extJs [closed]
it seems that service method are not really called asynchronously
Python BeautifulSoup Error
Magento Quick Search - showing results from given category first
How to show selected value of dropdown list from database in php
Which Vim plugin autocompletes Ruby code?
GWTP error using SmartGWT Window and PresenterWidget
Entity framework code-first ignores table mapping
Regular Expression to extract numbers from string with special characters
Alternating row background color for ListBox rows in window phone 7
Howto create leftItemsSupplementBackButton effect on iOS 4.x
Zend_Validate_Db_NoRecordExists with Zend_Form_Element_File
Android emulator crash on Mac
Best Way To Store Multiple Arrays Associated Together - Objective C
Bean Validation with groups using Spring in Service Layer
Differences in calling JMX MBean remotely or from servlet deployed in the same JVM
Accessing the Name attribute of an object
School timetable with genetic algorithm [closed]
Dojo file browse control (not upload)
htaccess redirect root to subfolder and mask the subfolder from the url
pass form values through ajax from one form to another and get back to the first form
Position of row in ListView that checkBox is selected
How to access revision history of a spreadsheet using GAS?
Search String between two string in different file [closed]
Big bitmap not always created
Convert number sequence to array in PHP
Is there any sense in such kind of refactoring? [closed]
Is it possible to query a linked server of a remote server? / Acces FoxPro data from SQL Server x64
T-SQL: A list of Date without using temp table
Saving data after read
ImageMagick MVG vs. SVG 鈥�graphic context
Cannot load dll from another computer
Setting the color for Console.Error writes
mktime is not working for years greater than 2038
What is the simplest way to remove, then return, one column from a CSV file?
XJC multiple XSD -> Class generation using 鈥渆pisode鈥�
Map.Entry redefinition, for iterator of 2 Dimensional Map
Building Standalone Toolchain for NDK 8 on Windows 7 [duplicate]
C - Binary Search Tree
Kohana 3 : $_GET shows URI route (controller/method) instead of the $_GET params
override a wordpress plugin's taxonomy registration setting without modifying core file
How to post data with jQuery
How to use yyerror to tell more about parsing errors
Issue getting SelectedKeys & switching the operations
Bash Script + Create Symlink to Website
Firefox hits the server before 鈥渙nunload鈥�function is called
Apache Log says: Deny - but it works (htaccess)
Why Linux rpm s are OS specific [closed]
BaseX XQJ API error on undefined variable, while variable is defined
ImageView size of the launch of the activity
Apply map combination - not working as I expect
How to calculate packet loss in android?
Mysql multiple COUNT and join
COM Component opens dialog - how to handle in ASP Classic
How to record the selenium rc scripts in pop up window?
Model a kind that reference to itself in google appengine datastore?
Pulling data from a list in a dataform web part
colour a stringgrid column depending on columnname text
Download manager & Form Authetification in MVC
What is the best way how to collect data from many actors in one actor?
time night differential computation in PHP
Toggle Button In Gridview not working?
apple push notification with sound buzzing at regular interval
Jquery Hash Navigation
Debugging PDO queries, how?
how to use varnish-cache behind a proxy
Use Case : <<extend>> or not?
Quick Look QLPreviewPanel invisible in LSUIElement agent app on 10.6
Symfony2 & Translatable : entity's locale is empty
Bing Translator EXT JS Access Token
UIImageView+AFNetworking fails to load image in aeroplane mode?
objective c Translate block to selector
Strange segfault with unique_ptr and shared_ptr
creating datatemplate from existing control in WPF
Get distinct values within specific attributes
SQLite replace part of a string
With lazy loading in my my iPhone app, photo scroll become rough (jerks)
How to give title to alert box? [duplicate]