using a statement twice with different binding results
Adding data from a NSMutableArray to a NSManagedObjectContext
Find available bandwidth from Python or C++
Gradle String Replacement - no placeholders
How to fetch just object IDs but also include the row data in CoreData?
Error while Installing Rails 3.2.3 (While executing gem 鈥�(Gem::DependencyError))
searchable Ehcache indexing - what are the options?
Logical mistake with TreeView
VB.Net Web Method giving a HTTP401 Not Authorised error
Can matplotlib add metadata to saved figures?
Static analysis to prevent 鈥淐ollection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute鈥�exception
rendering controls on IIS
Need help in deciding the software design/architecture for product development?
Checking if a Chekbox is checked or not
Search box alignment in Chrome/FF vs. IE8
Exclude last element in a loop
MySQL encoding for storing several languages
Find the direction of a trajectory (2 points) crossing a body (in 2D)
How to get Google plus share in popup like Twitter?
Code not working for Javascript Filter
fortran type*N notation
Tridion Component Link not resolving in Dynamic Component Presentation
Find the center of the circle given a LocationCollection
Draw DOM 鈥減seudo鈥�lines
Overloading arguments of inherited types
Changing text with javascript
Creating Plugin for CLLocationManager
Communication between JSP, Servlet, DAO while working on database
django tastypie custom login
How can I supply a valid class to a method with a parameter of Class<? extends Annotation>?
Sharing tweening or particle classes among multiple external .SWFs
how to run services using broadcast receiver
load values to java combo box from mysql
HAproxy for redis slaves
Linking it to a certain view controller within the Storyboard?
How to set background color of menuitem
flex smooth transition between states
Redis: Why is Lua scripting going to replace transactions?
how to create setup file for windows phone mobile?
ASCII NULL character [closed]
How to record an automatic cookie login through C# FormsAuthentication
match python regex url exactly
Passing values to multiple tables from single form in codeigniter
C# Excel Interop
Convert interval datetime values to any-frequency time series
How to create google chrome like install for my app? [duplicate]
JavaScript game loop not working [closed]
c# and internet key
Downloading multiple XML product feeds regularly. Considerations?
Magento shipping rules exclude sale items from total rule
Showing PDF on Touch Scroll in android
Ajax calls wrong method
Running WebDriver Tests on IE fails Randomly
Cannot fire event from Button in user control contained in Extended Toolkit DropDownButton
Running WebDriver Tests on IE fails Randomly
Cannot fire event from Button in user control contained in Extended Toolkit DropDownButton
allow a Textarea to be null / empty when updating to a database using MVC3 C#
python head and tail in one line
SQLite Cursor row ID NULL -Experienced Android developer
How can I create an onClick selection in a ListView
Java copying only the missing files from dir to another
Create a SELECT statement with a GROUP BY
Error 16 The name 'document' does not exist in the current context
Frequency control in Java
Fetch rows with system date and state
How to save row in table with assigned primary key in MVC3 nhibernate
Sandbox Adwords api: retreive list of the attached clients
ISAPI extensions in IIS Express?
C++ Unix Multithreading what happens 鈥渦nder the hood鈥�
How to calculate close crop rectangle of a bitmap?
Performance chart of a counter with Graphite
Validation error on ManyToMany form
Building multi dimensional arrays from database results
get user profile large picture from facebook with omniauth in devise 2.0
Windows authentication not loading user
State of repeater is not persisted after postback when inside a panel
HTML & JQuery: how to retrieve data from previous form
Deploy MSI in advance to Group Policy Software Install
SMS Notifications in .NET
AS3: how to organize classes for my api implementation?
Create links for all subdirectories
Splash screen changes each run (XCODE, PhoneGAP)
Selecting a NxM sub matrix from boost::MultiArray by variable
View based to Navigation Based [closed]
html - ordered list in multiple columns with page breaks
Intent.ACTION_HEADSET_PLUG returning null
How to remove a particular substring from a string?
Multiple return from socket server
Entitlement 'application-identifier' has value not permitted by a provisioning profile
Minifying code for PhoneGap App?
PHP Connecting two images ( adding logo at the bottom )
Syntax not understood
qt qwt QList of QwtPlotCurves
How to change background color of excel cell with python xlwt library?
cannot instantiate abstract class because members are abstract
3D: how to render/create terrain
What is the best practice to outsource app translation in Android? [closed]
Symfony2 : how to check if a file input is empty
Multiple views using Microsoft.Windows.Controls.Ribbon
EF - database connect - expected to use SQL Server Authentication but trying (and failing) with Windows Authentication
FileOpenPicker.PickSingleFileAsync never returns
Clarification of RSA signature verification parameters
Can't get PHP Soap to Work
Creating custom funcitonin wordpress to return data from database
FileOpenPicker.PickSingleFileAsync never returns
Clarification of RSA signature verification parameters
Can't get PHP Soap to Work
Creating custom funcitonin wordpress to return data from database
Is there an easy way to print (to a text file) the path of all 'References' in a .NET project?
How to extend Facebook access_token automatically to keep access after 60 days?
Android : Text is not Showing in the TextView after applying Async Progress Dialog
Tomcat log4j logging relative to application path?
Zend Framework: Create Route For Homepage
css parser doesn't work?
Curl login error on RESTful-ish API
Replicate recent location
Creating a distance map for all stations on a train line
Dynamically add properties to instances in Python
Continuous Integration for Swing UI Testing
Assertion Failure when trying to create OneToMany Relation using Squeryl
Simulate a start up: Android Emulator
Django Model syncdb creating existing tables
Plone plugin, web interface development for commandline programs
Checking for empty elements within my array - Ruby
find combobox that have selections
jQuery UI dragable limitation
hive failed execution error return code 2 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.mapredtask
TypeError: Error #1006: encode is not a function
Quirying several keywords separately but in a batch with SQL
flashfirebug getting data from actionscript 3 console
How to configure the properties of a specific FileHandler
How to use Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y with all Text Components?
convert rows to columns in oracle [duplicate]
Android SQLite weird errors?
GWT popup panel is Transparent??
Maven: Extract dependency resources before test
gwt menu implementation
The XML element named 'name' from namespace references distinct types
Backbone.js sync using post variables, not json
Accessing dynamic content with numbers [duplicate]
Mobile Native App with Javascript and Facebook SDK [closed]
Flash AS3 FileReference - Select and Upload Multiple Files one at a time
EntityManager inside Entity Bean how-to
.net application.settings different behaviour on Windows XP
EF Code First / WPF Application architecture guidance needed
Can a modal form in Delphi be non-blocking? [closed]
Does Coffeescript support nested list comprehensions?
backbone js store (large) remote collection locally
Where to start with custom controls and custom user interfaces? [closed]
How to redirect to a particualr page after getting logged in, in membership?
Liferay 6.0 to 6.1 upgrade process issues
Convert Microsoft snp to pdf
Jax-rs json pretty output
how they called android graphical server?
Why does 鈥渃onst鈥�get used in this example?
What is the Difference b/w addObject:dictionary and addObject:[dictionary copy] to an NSMutableArray?
file conversion- .mwb to .sql file
Table border style lost after uploaded on Gdoc
Wordpress connect
iPhone local notification in different application states
Why do major DB vendors not provide truly asynchronous APIs?
Circular reference detected while serializing an object - C#, Json
Filter ListView with arrayadapter
add segments to scatter-plot
iPhone: Issue when posting message using Facebook wall APIs
strongly typed FaultExceptions not working
How to get an image from xml data by parsing
How can I delete a table with Komodo MySQL plugin?
Why the Insert command delete old rows in the database
How to replace all &, <, > in string before parsing to XElement?
java servlet on AWS ec2
Rails 3.2.x remote=>true still reloads a page
bash: loading presaved variable to gnuplot cmd load
Blackberry Messenger or Whatsapp API for .Net?
Facebook UI Grab Locale (location)
Why we can't run the Visual Basic Application on Mac?
how to show detail data contact by click name in listview android?
printing array in c passed from java : Why doesn't the array get printed?
Why git does not see my changes in the gems after installing taps and it don't push to Heroku?
Calling a delphi dll with a variant type parameter from c#
Best search method for short arrays
Defining a scope on User model
How to give animation to the ViewSwitcher
Spring security UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter with remember-me
why deleting multiple documents in mongdb is much faster that deleting multiple rows in mysql
Difference between JSP and WEBSTART [closed]
C++ Generating Key Combinations WINAPI (Without MFC)
java: Exceptions: always reach finally? [duplicate]
Expand and collapse winform
zooming using pinch but not using transform methods
Devise Gem and the Geocoder Gem
Simple memory game with replay button
Make object attributes available in 'this' scope
how to parse below xml in java [closed]
Java Thread Safety v Displaying a Dialog from separate Thread
Azure for PHP: 鈥淪erviceDefinition.rd鈥�does not exist in Service directory 鈥淪erviceDefinition.csx鈥�
how to get latitude & logitude without using LAC
Is it possible for a date picker to present year/month/day + day name?
How to flatten struct with strings to byte array and marshal to C++
Hi i want to use border in my google map
Change background color when a Popup is shown
JavaScript compare arrays
how to let wcf service to accept only 1 client each time
Devise: Allow users to register as 鈥淯sErNaMe鈥�but login with 鈥渦sername鈥�
Hide Numbers from ZedGraph in C#
Hex in a stringWithFormat BAD ACCESS
How to save a webpage to a desired location in firefox addon
how to check condition first only perform action in getview()?
Jump to CSS definition when editing HTML in VIM
How to select tasks where userName is 鈥渪x鈥�
Passing 2 sets of data using JQuery .Ajax?
typedef After anonymus enum declaration
How do I test that I have set up a many to many relationship correctly in rails?
Show Gridview footer inside updatepanel
How to deactivate the session in rails3?
Buggy behaviour of WebBrowser control in child windows
How to read XPathNodelist
QueryOver where generator Nhibernate
Eager Fetch The Model In The Component
Can Node.js launch scripts on the server?
Dojo tree not loading when adding theme
Where to Use Abstact Class and Where to Use Interface?
How to set up an XML Feed URL
OutOfMemoryException in Image Resizing
Getting a Com Exception for unknown reason
To load a random picture on 鈥減age-load鈥�
is there any chance to lost TcpServer.ReceiveLn data?
Key code for common characters on international keyboards
grid filter in dojo
How to configure nginx to auto redirect to the main hostname?
Inline fancybox form - display:none wrapper is preventing the submit handler from firing
jQuery UI - How to remove gap at each rounded corner of accordions
Flash Player hangs few seconds after NetStream.publish() on Mac Only
After upgrading from .NET Framework 3.5 to 4.0, I get HTTP Error 400
Want .htaccess to display / insteade of ? in URL and also i am able to get data like $_GET[鈥減aram1鈥漖
JQuery on home page first visit
What is the common way to handle optional method params?
Not searching all folders in Netbeans?
Get the values sent from a partial view
Duplicate Entries in SQLite
Replace Foreign key with Description in multiple columns
What type to use for the time in Entity framework
How to compile Java files that put .class files directly into JAR
Highlight a row with particular color in datagrid
AES ECB mode requires padding , how come we have this AES/ECB/NOPADDING then?
Creating archetype using jcodemodel
sql matching users that have activities in common
Java web framework with Jazzy UI
Like count for almost same URL (HTTP, HTTPS)
Jython import or reload dynamically
slideshow banner without using flash
Getting user full location info with oAuth (facebook)
Android - Hindi Conjuncts Support?
Java web framework with Jazzy UI
Like count for almost same URL (HTTP, HTTPS)
Jython import or reload dynamically
slideshow banner without using flash
Getting user full location info with oAuth (facebook)
Android - Hindi Conjuncts Support?
Bringing back multiple max on a single column in sql
Source less iframe bug firefox
responsive image resizing issue
Java TLS connection behaviour
PHP 5 mail - no error when sending mail
Twitter Bootstrap using block level labels and inputs
Why is the same SQLite query being 30 times slower when fetching only twice as many results?
Error C0000142 when Starting a Process
How to Clear Adobe reader history programatically using C#
MDX year to date comparison Ordering
Insight via Api
Write a JPG image file in C
Application crashes when not running from XCode but works fine when run from XCode
Makefile with distant (AWS S3) targets
Google maps place markers
is there any way to detect html feature availability in the browser
Error in Generics code
Why Record is not deleting from sqlite data base in android
Writing assembly code using avr-gcc
Checking if a word is in database [closed]
Resolving Mercurial Case-Folding Collision in Windows
Library creation: standard solution? [closed]
How to share a netbeans-project via SVN
Excluding empty meta_key values in WP_Query results
overwrite WSDl end point address in client
How upload a video file to a web server iphone sdk
remove carriage return after deleting items
System cannot find dll
Should I keep forking, or maintain a set of patches and a Makefile
Is there a way I could combine these two LINQ statements?
File not found error in classic asp
Crystal Reports in VS 2010 - bar chart missing group titles
How to get text between underscore and dot in javascript
how to overload postfix and prefix operator in c#
How to get Position of Ellipse in WPF C#?
Java can't call simple JDialog built using eclipse WindowBuilder
Importing header in objective c
backbone view listens to model event
Force to execute specific part of the code first
Updating UIProgressView's progress dynamically
How to stop/interrupt a boost::thread?
iPad App Store Like 鈥淔eatured Tab鈥�using UIScrollview and UIPageControl?
Mysql CONCAT() is not working properly
HTML Rendering Issue with a CSS class
How to pass/redirect/dispatch from a backing bean to a JSF page during response
How to use warpPerspective for a single coordinate of Mat
Best practice rounded corner images on the web
Data Driven Testing With NUnit
Django - Storing objects in Session
SWIG JNI Interface with DLL and declarations only
update sql view using tableadapter in vbnet 2010
Generate Java classes from multiple XSDs with XJC
Plotting datas on iPad using core plot
Linux user-space application compilation error
Stored Procedure / SQL variable inside OPENQUERY string
Magento - get rule from coupon code
Datagrid Displaymemberpath
rendering validation errors in rails
Control the access time of Amazon EC2 instance [duplicate]
Sql values in column
Connecting servlet to database as400
Missing MSVCR90D.dll
OpenGL ES textures won't show up on some devices
javafx application in maven project
Kohana Database query builder with JOIN & ON & AND
Jquery Remove input with value x
How to enable ok button/positive button in alert box..?
PHP / MySQL price matrix form validation
difference between RTC and RTC_WAKEUP in android
Ajax jsf two values
Mysql not using index in LEFT JOIN when joined column used in WHERE clause
Mobile Device detection using and C#
Expression Engine. 4th Segment page fails to load js (IE7)
jQuery: Get the biggest number from classes
2D Peak finding algorithm JAVA, found one example, but cant code it
Creating a custom portlet application for jboss gatein with its own lucene version
jquery check box groups issue
MVC3 WebGrid showing custom class objects from model into columns
How to call method from separate package : Android
Setting transient boolean property while querying list from database?
How to edit inline css of a div in wordpress?
Does my program need to have an exception in Windows firewall?
Breakpoints not working in Eclipse with XDebug
Inserting a news-feed widget to a page
jqgrid + sorting of number with blanks
Rails 3.2 generators without a database
log4j how to append blank line [duplicate]
Is there any 3D modelling app in AS2 / AS3?
Java fails in moving (renaming) a file when the resulting file is on another filesystem.
NoClassDefFoundError on DragEvent (Drag & Drop)
iphone unit test case result shows more failures than test cases
Can't write in a .spp file remotely
JSON: parsing with java and org.json (recursion)
Python list combination
Retrieve value from xml using linq
Regex.IsMatch slow when using spaces in email address
Rewrite https to http not being picked up
Extending a NSManagedObject's delete method
How to find the computer's domain programatically
How to add required error message to my input in Zend Framework 1.11?
How to get the json message on this callback
How to retrieve both TCP and UDP ports with Nmap? [closed]
Customize search of sugarcrm with a field of another table
What's causing my header to move about?
Why does my core data object not show up using fetch requests between related objects that were created in the same session?
Curl CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER not working as expected?
QTreeView, QTableView, display items of different hierarchy layers
Routes Address Issue in Broker Service
How to check whether the specific file is uploaded to database or not using symfony?
Something confusing about non-greedy regex match
Debugging a failed node-ffi callback / segmentation fault
How to store equivalences in connected components labeling algorithm i Fortran
ASP.Net 4.0 URL Routing block javascript from running
Passing a dynamic parameter throws RuntimeBinderException when calling Method from Inherited interface
Textbox similar to Facebook or Stack Exchange's ones for websites
How should roulette wheel selectionbe organized for non-sorted population in genetic algorithm?
Website DLL Access Denied
Where is the backup application log for SQL Server 2008?
Fetching two attributes of a xml file using xpath
Twitter Bootstrap Remove Margin of the Span
Write/Geotag JPEGs (EXIF data) in Android
IF - ELSE IF - ELSE Structure in Excel
Object becomes duplicated in NSMutableArray
Replace ModelChoiceField with auto suggest textfield with same queryset
RegEx .replace() is not working
need to write a CSV file through code, but need to know what the client's CSV delimiter is
Hidden Field value, set in JavaScript, is not retained in server side
Exporting from Excel to MySQL
Watermark on animated gif with php
How to identify object types in java [duplicate]
Redirect after Session timeout (Grails, Spring Security Core, Tomcat)
how to apply a function to a certain container?
Wrapping up a Perl script into a webservice
UIWebView inside block with dispatch_get_main_queue gives another object (0X0000ecf0)
Template in a Macros in C++?
downloaded file has no name and extension with firefox
Reflection GetExecutingAssembly is throwing a StackOverflow
Combobox with separator opening at the position of the separator
How to export data from SQL Server 2008.2010 in DML (SQL script)?
Python - Shuffling a list with constraints
Passing a parameter to jQuery function?
JPA 2 with Hibernate escapes Strings
TextView doesn't append after executing
how to apply a function to a certain container?
Wrapping up a Perl script into a webservice
UIWebView inside block with dispatch_get_main_queue gives another object (0X0000ecf0)
Template in a Macros in C++?
downloaded file has no name and extension with firefox
Reflection GetExecutingAssembly is throwing a StackOverflow
Combobox with separator opening at the position of the separator
How to export data from SQL Server 2008.2010 in DML (SQL script)?
Python - Shuffling a list with constraints
Passing a parameter to jQuery function?
JPA 2 with Hibernate escapes Strings
TextView doesn't append after executing
Wordpress responsive slider
Remove ^M at the end of each line in .txt file.
Lazy loading images in a lwuit list
Javascript append string between math operations
Capture keyboard input in JUnit test
LINQ, Filtering out attachments with mappings
How to download file on click of button in GWT? [duplicate]
Android - Alarm doesn`t fire sometimes after long period
parsing xml to java object
Is it possible to use 'position relative' more than once in the same html page?
Hide all elements that don't have class matching selected element
Create a BigDecimale randomly [duplicate]
Blackberry BrowserField Base Url
Flot not showing x-axis label
css compatibility width IE7
Transfer Huge data using Java
Distributed physics simulation help/advice
can't understand following c++ code line
What do angle brackets mean in return-statements in pseudocode? [closed]
Jcarousel external controls issue
populating a div with html with query [duplicate]
How to pagination with jQuery and AJAX?
How to Get the youtube embedded video in tableview and getting the issue in handling 鈥淒one鈥滲utton
Extending the servlet class to custom class for more customised response
Passing res id to Android Adapters
MySql Query issue in php
How to control the size of drop down list using select tag
SQL Server 2005. Convert(nvarchar, my_datetime_column, 126). Missing milliseconds
Django Admin modifications for existing extensions (django_taggit)
search into a string and check if the result is in a list with php
Jython, use only a method from Python from Java?
Gzipping a File Using Zlib in NodeJS
MacOS: Manually force a daemon to start
SqlException ErrorCodes
How do I add a Python import path permanently?
Programmatically set the Titles/Values collection of a Multi Value Setting (Settings.bundle)
SharePoint 2010 Exporting site fields to an XML file
Use of unassigned local variable groupNode
list of maven repository URL's
is [0-9a-fA-F] the same as [0-9a-f-A-F]?
Animating a changing ranking table
How to save images created in applet to specified folder?
Practise to Load Spring Beans
Nested JSplitPane on JInternal Frame
Getting error array index out of bound with pom to run tests?
jQuery initialize on click?
Forward reservation of memory in tree-like structure
PHP getting data of table in another way?
Distance measure of sequences; string edit
Start function on ajax success only once
JQuery & HTML: How to use echo $_POST to get data from one form to another
foreach loop not working correctly when to save copy of entity in MVC with entity framework
How do I include resources in an Android Library?
Is FileLock in java safe across multiple threads within the same process or between different processes or both?
Jaxb will not capture all childnodes
C# - List - remove all elements but NOT the first four
Crystal Reports conditionally show report
check if a point is in a polygon which is partially open
Javascript using datejs to parse RFC3339 datetime
Share a photo to facebook from e-mail
How to join two tables to fetch common values
Uml diagram Tomcat and Axis2 [closed]
Is it better to keep Git repository inside or outside of Eclipse workspace?
How I display a context menu only for the column headers in a Silverlight DataGrid?
I have problems to insert data in a Spinner from a DB SQLite
hg behind a local com through ssh?
MySQL database: high performance random lookups
Why list contains more than n element in python?
Java Based GUI Automation (Not limited to Java based GUI like Swing)
web service deployed in glass fish cannot be accessed from internet but only locally
Play framework 1.2.x @MinSize custom validation message
using reference (&) in foreach add `&` in output array? is it a bug
Why does JSONObject not encode my class?
ClassCastException in XA Pool
Bing map Pushpin location based on address
opening directory through IndexReader or IndexSearcher?in lucene
iOS: Presenting a spinning wheel while NSFetchResultsController is performing a fetch
Arcgis explained?
Search in List of List in C#
Scroll bug in ie7 and ie9 when using css3pie gradient
How to disable the cancel when a popupwindow shows
How to redirect page after Image slider finish loading in jquery?
Manually render dynamically generated Google 'plus one' button
How to set the properties of a file to 0777?
Adding mysql value
How can i close UIView
How does extendAccessTokenIfNeeded work in Facebook?
c# - How can I extract a FAT Disk Image?
Adding mysql value
How can i close UIView
How does extendAccessTokenIfNeeded work in Facebook?
c# - How can I extract a FAT Disk Image?
Accessing JSON parsed object (works with trace but not without鈥�
Fluent Nhibernate Not In Case Statement
how to store query result in a variable and dispaly it using classic ASP
how to get max depth for one node in xpath 1.0
How to get dynamically added UserControl and cast to the Interface implements
Adding Span Tag In WordPress Default Comment Content Form Using JQuery
BroadcastEvent when booting up android device
How can I copy table db to db in MySqL
CMIS query language; Queryname cmis:document
Concatenation encodes '<' of HTML tags to &lt;/
Excel Comment truncated during reading
Node.js and - how far can they go with real time web applications?
close button of a tabsheet not supporting vcl styles
Chilkat connection exception in FTP2 in c#
Convert String[] to byte[] array
How to wait till webViewDidFinishLoad gets completed
Change rectangle dimensions: Change vertices in FloatBuffer or use glScalef
Setuid to Perl script
How to extend javascript library through plugins?
Dynatree dnd IE8 - when folder is expanded dragged item disappears and dragging stops
How to add VPN client in android programmatically
FOS user bundle authentication
Parse/deserialize MTOM/XOP Data .NET
Deleting xinetd caused plesk removal
Python import hooks: no filenames in trackback of import errors
ASP.NET MVC pages aren't served over 3G or certain proxy servers
why warning with my performSelector
Insert starred environment or command in AUCTeX
Flex: gap between graphics
Packaging GWT module jar
close parent colorbox inside the colorbox
Find position of left top corner when finish dragging div
chrome different than Internet explorer
JMS Producer-Consumer-Observer (PCO)
Getting DISTINCT values from 3 columns
UIImagePickerController weird effect
Sockets (TCP/UDP) on iPad WITHOUT Objective-C
Use datetime as column alias in SQL Server 2000
code reloading from 'lib' in rails 3.2.3
Serialization via ObjectInputStream and Transient Fields
It is there any tool to compile a html5 game to native mobile
Get correct window width after resize or orientationchange event for Android
PHP Foreach on iCal event
Can other people commit to my Git repo?
HTML5 <section>'s inside <article> and header
Redirect stdout to logcat in Android NDK
PJSip in android
How to config WebApp in Tomcat (Eclipse Galileo)?
Django get_object_or_404 with select_related causes form checkbox widget weird behavior : Django 1.4 bug?
get max string value in array using javascript
cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.TreeNode'
ValueProvider Maintaining values Request/Response in ASP.NET MVC 3
Spy / Watch variable in Android (Eclipse)
how to assign actionscript variable value to spark component in flex
Const references in std::vector elements
Creating custom InputFormat and RecordReader for Binary Files in Hadoop MapReduce
AMSerialPort: Use two ports in one project
UITableView - after didselect row to play Youtube video
Floating-point division - bias to avoid a result less than an 'exact' value
File reading from AMQ
How to get MySQL status in a query
AJAX request does not work (POST)
retrive country name from the time zone in phone
Date format in jquery
Dispose() doesn't work on every frame
Core data migration From multiple versions
How do I properly fire up a temporary actor in Akka?
MOXy JAXB: how to use BigDecimalAdapter with different precisions
How to Drag UIBezierPath in UiView
Data usage from any application
Dropdownlist data items displayed in alphabetical order
Silverlight - disable button in grid based on condition
weird variable arguments issue in C
Stored procedure - ADO.NET
Regex for special characters in java
More than one data-config.xml or different import handlers in Solr?
Select all containing elements of a div
How do i place a marker at each coordinate point of a polygon?
Template class typedef - use outside of class
Enable jQuery Intellisense without referencing local jQuery (or in each file) in VS2010
Mail not sending after valiidation
Show and hide spinner when the page loads
The efficiency of Java Class.cast() compared to normal cast?
How to parse geo coordinates in different formats
where shoud I install webkit's plugin?
FancyBox 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'hide' of undefined'
Authentication without checking the web.config file
Script to check the system for already installed program and its version
How to block this kind of URLs in robot.txt file?
unable to handle CheckData button on my emulator
Titanium Appcelerator ACS - (iPhone) Not able to receive Push Notifications which are sent successfully
Decent HTML rendering support inside flash
Androidplot: Improve Axis layout (remove cutoff values)
Filter listview with images
How to convert string in to xml in android?
Decent HTML rendering support inside flash
Androidplot: Improve Axis layout (remove cutoff values)
Filter listview with images
How to convert string in to xml in android?
link to edit another model
jQuery autocomplete : set to the links the title
RadioItems in menu on TActionMainMenuBar
How to retrieve the storeddatabase data (i.e dataselected from dropdown ) asselected data in the dropdown
NSString by removing the initial zeros?
where should i put server side code for google sites?
ListView Visible if multiple rows
How is an APK file laid out on an Android device after install?
Sql - Sort by values in a cartesian product
Issue while using Except Extension Method
Spring app doesn't find datasource in config files
How to change the control template effectively in WPF?
Need help using 鈥渋f鈥�and 鈥渆mpty鈥�and 鈥渆cho鈥�Magento
Concatenation in Linq-to-Entities / Entity Framework
How to generate the xcode project of static libs for IOS using Cmake?
Determine the corners of a sheet of paper with iOS 5 AV Foundation and core-image in realtime
LINQ filtering between two times and by hour
can the Smarty templating engine show &euro; HTML entity
App_Code class not auto completing and cant use it in rest of project
Paperclip gem support .doc uploading or not?
javafx drag-and-drop moving icon
Draw region boundaries with Google Maps Api v3 as in Google Maps web page
Exception on update using EF 4.1
Can I turn off a link in CSS, e.g. for a bookmarklet install page?
LINQ group by then order groups of result
gmtime change two pointers at the same time
Tastypie with ImageKit relationship
How to check if a menu-created window exists
To show checkboxes in a particular row on button click
Variable name INSIDE quotation marks [closed]
didSelectRowAtIndex doesn't trigger when pressed on custom cell's text label
Measure the width of an AttributedString in J2ME
programmatically scrolling a TreeViewer in SWT
Any declarative way for cloning datastructure?
How to use Custom Dependency Properties directly in WPF?
Trying to modify xml using linq to xml and xpath
Dynamically update treemap elements with D3.js
Draw using canvas on Home screen widget
Androidplot: Increment_by_vals
Is there a c# lib to fit data to normal distribution?
Validating certificate redundant intermediates
Empty StackTrace. Possible?
Failing to identify right click event in Mozilla Firefox
How can I select between multiple audio tracks, using RenderFile for my Filtergraph construction?
Android: Stop Recreating the activity on orientation change
How to drive switch / spin buttons to toggle content displayed with Javascript
recalculate table height on window resize
How does boost::asio::io_service prioritize work?
Php file uploading warning message
Copying children elements from one list item to another
Why is query ask for parameter value?
Android after clicking on AdMob ad back button not returning to right Acitvity
Crash android ViewPager + camera
How do Frege classes work?
how does linking actually happen internally?
IBAction UIButton firing is delayed
Django multiple sites on same instance
How to enable a submit button after a php script ends?
How to do these effects in jQuery? (Fading hover and sliding icon)
StructureGroup IsPublishable property in Tridion 2011
Send Email Exception Error Message
Play video in Android webview
Intersecting points with a polygon in OpenCV
google analytics and lead capture
How to convert string to camel case with non alphanumeric characters?
Formatting posts with the forem gem in rails
Show method definition/description in Xcode 4
Advice about a design model [closed]
how to check if given file lies anywhere under given directory by command line in windows xp?
Call function with arguments in another function
Repository pattern and Entity Framework Include
Capturing mouseEevents on a container, bypassing its children
C# Listview Cant Edit it with Button
Getting the complete XMLsource for a Xhtml field using Tom.Net APIs in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
Tracking Social Button Clicks in Javascript
How to provide XAML resources from MEF components
How to pass predicate to function in C#?
2 MySQL connections across 2 differents host
Which one to use - executeUpate or list - to insert and update and select?
Open 'Index' file in Chrome Cache
CSS/JQuery link hover won't fire
How to populate a combobox in with filtered data from an msaccess table
Google Earth with WPF without using HwndHost
Spring Batch-Repeat step for each item in a data list
Need help in bash script and awk command
Widget style theme color keyword
removing specific strings from the end of the words c#
How do I run a Ruby Thrift server in production?
Can I simplify these nested javascript 鈥渋f鈥�statements into one?
Cascadable one-to-one, required:required relationship with EF
Similar Slider in Jquery
Drupal 7 views Contextual filters with Blocks, default value doesn't work properly , wield
Android, detecting movement with sensors with effective battery use
how to run more than one SQlite query in iPhone app development
Triggering parameterized build using jenkinsapi in python
Drupal imagecache is not working for the first time
Tweet a message with the '#' (hashtag)
Limit concurrent access to Asp.Net application
System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache list cache instances
convert html code into xaml for RichTextBox in Windows Phone
Django: Error when trying to add a new app
wp7 sending location Information multiple classes
What is the best way to pass sensitive data from page to page in ASP.NET MVC?
Automated way of moving variable string to the top
Why in many programming languages, the 鈥渃ontinue鈥�in loop statement isn't being called 鈥渘ext鈥�
Syntax error near unexpected token `done'
How I can login with facebook and twitter but without curl extension?
Join Dataset with sql db table
Display (include) MediaWiki table of contents (TOC) on another page
Accessing Multikey Map in Struts2
How do I log for debugging purposes in Visual studio web performance and load test?
exclude items of one list from another with C#
How to remove space only at the top of the plot - matplotlib
Photo Flash Animation like Photo Booth Mac Application in iPad
Why is the HTML SCRIPT tag not subject to the same origin policy
How to Handle Basic authentication on IE
Load specific thumbnail thumbnail using xml?
How to Update Password Using TastyPie PATCH
Hover over an image area to change the image src
ffmpeg: How to add frames or black at the end of a video?
Cannot get isql to connect to odbc
regexp to split by white space with grouping quotes
inet_addr functionality in erlang
Merging rows in a single table shows duplicate result
How to show a 鈥渓oading鈥�gif image on top of a image placeholder during lazyload
Override menu key long press and launch an application on long press
Why can some HTML documents display special chars written plainly (e.g. as 盲) without the need for codes (e.g. &auml;)
Javascript - Why calling function defined inside a closour?
How come getComputedTextLength() gives different results in Chrome and Firefox?
Java Connection Pool implementation
Exception accessing XAML controls inside a task
Open a new form and open saved image file from the database c#
jcarousel images don't scroll correct on chrome
How to write not equal to query in Marklogic?
magento show tab if content exists
Selenium Java example (is Selenium IDE required)?
Java Textfield printing query
Create count() query from existing query
How to run and compile java program on hadoop 0.23.0 MR2
Autosave for GWT on GPE
Django south: Re-run first migration
IOS file encryption
JAVA: How to Hardcode an array into an arrayList
Android 4.0 Socket problems
Uploading a file using PHP CURL
How do I build a registry search based on values in registry
Django south: Re-run first migration
IOS file encryption
JAVA: How to Hardcode an array into an arrayList
Android 4.0 Socket problems
Uploading a file using PHP CURL
How do I build a registry search based on values in registry
why xxx.json in web browser return IIS 7.5 Express Detailed Error - 404.3 - Not Found
remove lines from a file by using an index array
How to Block the user from opening same information in two different tabs/window?
How can i find dominant color of an image?
Flash Player 11 vs. 10 ByteArray error #2030 with PixelBender
Format MSISDN number xcode IPhone
How to open a PDF via Intent from SD card
Refresh the control or reload form from button click event handler on other form
backbone and history push state
Why does this code return a view result with no ViewName?
Replace exact string in bash
Primefaces Autocomplete doesn't work the first time
Jbuilder: How I can merge 2 top level arrays?
R error when using predict() function with class = fGarch
update_with_media using abraham's twitteroauth
asiformdatarequest upload image,No file exists at (null)
How to parse an XML diff to show only differences
R: assigning patients to new and followup based on date
Query a text file
GridView loses data on postbacks when using DataPager
Deletion using checkboxes in struts2 application
Gregorian calendar Day_Of_Week returns wrong day [duplicate]
Silverlight User Control Position
How to delete the (X) at the top right side of fancy box
Convert String array to ArrayList [duplicate]
Autofac register dll using Assembly.Load
Object construction is atomic or not?
Enrollment / Configuration Profile not getting installed on OTA
Are basic arithmetic operations in C# atomic
How to make a multi tier architecture in .Net MVC more Dry (entity framework)
Select default value if column has 0 value in SQL Server
How to decide whether the default EKCalendar 'Calendar' can be hidden?
How to UnitTest an Android service that depends on a network connection
android list contents notifications
Efficient way to create UI for multipage forms in android
str performance in python
Multiple selection reading from MySQL table
Summary in different languages C#
Execute a Program Which Accept Command Line Parameters
XSL sum() and variable/loop
How to Filter from CSV file using Python Script
Is it OK to write self-tests for a module that depends on user input?
Macro gets disabled if called using a vb script
Identical apps on App Store
Java write data to a file and download it?
SharePoint homepage template type
using unicode text in sql server 2008
How do you loop read for c++ sockets?
Referenced project not carrying through referenced assemblies
Android application with changeable skin
In JavaScript, How to extract latitude and longitude from string
Getting ReceiveResponseXML error while sync my data to Quick Books using webconnector
UIImage can not detect touch
Nested SQL command in Crystal Reports
How to write methods inside JSP and call them?
How to include external library in QT Project? [duplicate]
Flash Builder 4 - view output in the browser while step-by-step debugging?
Browser sockets api?
CueBanner on wince
Commons FTPClient hangs after uploading large a file
Error : Unknown constructor
My Google+ Button And The Number Of Clicks?
Database naming convention - prefix
How to link the popup JavaScript and popup aspx page while implementing Ribbon toolbar button in Tridion?
Why the command line utility takes very huge time to give output when invoke using java program?
MySQL: Left join and column with the same name in different tables?
Can you recommend some python http client library?
C++ ofstream : Always write onthe 1st line
plsql update statement
Is there an updated guide to the eu_ldap extension for the typo 3?
鈥減riority鈥�statement with requirejs-rails/requirejs and jQuery from CDN
HRESULT 0x80070002 (FILE_NOT_FOUND) when trying to call CoCreateInstance for a SxS C#.NET COM DLL
Testing Facebook connect/disconnect
tSQLt TRUSTWORTHY and CLR requirement
CF (If..headerlocation)?
How to reuse the variable provided by Twitter-bootstrap using MopaBootstrapBundle?
How to Detect Caps Lock in a Vimrc Function
Difference size font rendering on Windows VS MacOS. How to solve?
Find substring using starting and ending word in a string and substrings indexes in javascript?
How to Handle Multi Currencies (Precision and Scale) from one Column in SQL Query
Perform backend operations on MKPointAnnotation
How do I clean git repo leaving only the latest snapshot?
How to run a java executable in jar
Android Camera Orientation ISsue
Cordova 1.7.0 + childbrowser (Android)
Retrieve the numeric value [closed]
Cakephp complex query
Creating a table using GWTP
How to set stack_size, stack_addr and guardsize when creating a thread
Issue in integrating ZXing to iphone App
jQuery click function to remove attribute from element and reinstate attribute on separate click
Dynamically change connection string for UI tests
breakpoints in methods during rspec tests
jQuery UI Datepicker - onSelect get the selected date +3 days
Dynamically change connection string for UI tests
breakpoints in methods during rspec tests
jQuery UI Datepicker - onSelect get the selected date +3 days
How do I make the white part disappear?
How can I do form valitation feedback in
How to play a sequence after the other?
How to make my HttpModule invoked only for Rest Service calls
Localizing iPhone App
Unbind even when mouse over child
Multiple file upload using struts DynaValidator Forms
Java - parse String and add Line break every 100 characters
-bash command not found
Error to build app with xcode
OR Condition making the query execution slow
MapView not being removed from ViewPager?
Android ScrollView detect end of/finished scroll animation
Need an http proxy that can set custom cache keys
Javascript - If not in array then add - if in array then update qty
returning json serialized MAP<String,String> from jersey RESTFUL Service
Strip hidden characters when copying from Word into TextEdit document
How to use substring function in c?
How to draw image on Grid in silverlight?
Eclipse Find/Replace with Regex to comment lines
JMeter access log sampler filter
Declare (min-/max-)width/height of elements directly or use 100% and inheritance from outside
鈥渁lways鈥�capture mousewheel event and scroll parent?
scatter plot with loess line, loess to not show line in a given region
generate random locations nearby my location
Is there a way to get a measurement of confidence level when using haar face detection using OpenCV?
want to create .bat file to run ccleaner automatically
no result, web services
How would you serve a Google cloud storage file from an appengine servlet?
Compile and build the cobbler source code rpm for fedora
Align Application Bar buttons
How do I remove applied css on a div by JQuery?
How to securely store files on a server
Why 鈥淴SLT8690: XSLT processing failed鈥�when processing local xml + xslt
Load data from datareader
batch file inserts incorrect data with cyrillic font in sqlite
how to sort data from a file having two columns in python
Storyboard is not showing Tab Xcode iOS
How to retrieve the audited revision of relations?
iOS Video Player FFmpeg
What is the correct syntax to spawn a process in Node.js?
multi-GPU basic usage
jsTree removes text from <li> tags
Entity objects and NHibernate sessions
Sending javascript variable from view to controller in Codeignitor [duplicate]
What is the best way to create JSP layout template? [duplicate]
Create a partial view in MVC 3
Regular expression for only allow numbers and must end with single '#' sign at end
Highlight row when the checkbox is true
Incomplete implementation warning
Can't install Xcode 3.2.6 [closed]
Can I use nested AsyncTasks to load images in Andorid?
Why InitializeComponent is public
How to override default table style when the table is inside a class?
downloading file through a file's path stored in database in jsp
Is there any function for converting french accent marks into HTML-encoded characters
Error calling Oracle stored procedure from Hibernate Native query
Model not passed in ASP.NET MVC 3
Total number of contacts - android
SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio
Hash Table and Substring Matching
How long should it take to return a 200mb blob from SQL
Detecting hidden cells in excel using apache poi
rhythm of speech
javax/validation/validation error with javax/javaee-api-6.0
Android 3.2 - SurfaceView got blacked out but reappear if the 鈥淢ini Apps Tray鈥�visible
Query returning nothing when there is data in the database
All values of an enum in an NSArray?
is it possible to automatically escape variables in xp bath (cmd) scripts?
git fsck 鈥�full gives no problems but can't push upstream
RabbitMQ won't start after power failure
Memory alignment of struct variables for p/invoke - Strings lose the last character
Random string on button press
Buttons inside an Android custom listview [duplicate]
Should I use dict or list?
PHP arraym map and method of item class
How to wait for a IScheduler.Schedule?
how to include video in jekyll markdown blog
Django admin + MPTT : How to display children when filtering a parent node?
Selenium RC + php && iframe
Overwriting views in the ecplise ui view extension point
Set value in a column in SharePoint
How does, Defining and Instantiating variables in class scope, interpretted internally
PHP: Doing the same query over and over?
Are there other ways to print out debugging messages without line-breaking the content in javascript?
Correcting an image orientation
OpenPrinterAPI Hooking
How safe is using var t=!0 / var t=!1 for true / false? Do they always return true boolean true / false?
typo3 templavoila template not available in Use Template Design drop down
OpenLayers with jQuery Mobile
Porting a game developed in Qt (for KDE) to Android
Reducing padding between text and background image
js file path is correct but it cant be loaded
preg_replace http with https
Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged even if my class do not change any property
crm online, add organisations
How to Merge Updates to Auto Generated Hibernate POJOs?
Is there a way to send an object via Delegates in Objective-C
Trying to move an ImageView in a touch event via setLayoutParams, imageview is not moving
How can I create a custom UISearchBar [closed]
jQuery input field format into XX-XX-XX [closed]
Getting records from three tables with sometimes unmatching fields
Most efficient way to render HTML and PHP [closed]
mysql - What should I use instead of IN statement?
Security and MAF addons
What is serialize? [closed]
Qt get system 32bit or 64 bit info?
Vim: copy a pattern from one file and search it in the other
unable to start Activity ComponentInfo on resume
Sqlite reverse the order of the result set?
Upload multiple files using HTML,jQuery & Webservice - not PHP
How to use indices returned from 'min' function in Matlab?
How to read text data in particular font using C#? [closed]
Should I throw an EJBException to prevent Entity creation
WPF label like ItemsControl/Selector
SSL certificate in Directadmin not working
Environment variables not visible to java
Dynamically change smarty include file using Javascript
Changes required in existing Web Application to access in Smart phones/Tablet computer
How to catch exceptions after Server.Transfer (whitout using customErrors)?
Ajax error handling, ie7
how to check if one date comes before anotherone in javascript
Multiple NSURLConnection calls one after another?
Why tableview don't show any data?
VisualSVN and Review Board integration
Timetravel in postgres - violating PRIMARY KEY constraint
How to run a WP7 silverlight application after some period of time?
couldnot modify header information [duplicate]
Safely timeout ReadLine on a network stream
C# with WPF Call UserControl form from Window Form
Error 鈥渇ile not found: -fobjc-arc鈥�on compiling IOS App in XCode
Unable to set CSS properties for rows in Slickgrid
Open mupdf source in eclipse
How to initialize struct/class on the global scope
PHP - Listing directories from subdomain in domain
Error in _snprintf_s
Coding in MVC architecture
How do I generate an action link from a model class? [duplicate]
License issues with [closed]
Rails Activerecord Reverse Association
Jquery show div on click of option from a select field don't work in Chrome
Create and add listview to layout at runtime