Get name of Xcode Project in actual code
Is there a standard pattern for managing object state in different Cocoa views and menus?
Error checking in my application
What is the best way to achieve data persistence jquery/php?
Where is the 鈥淐anvas鈥�option in Xcode?
Get name of Xcode Project in actual code
Is there a standard pattern for managing object state in different Cocoa views and menus?
PHP Session Variable In JavaScript
f:viewParam with Converter and ViewScoped exception out when invoke the second ajax request
Counting Number Of Classifieds In Category
HTML Image relative size not stretching as expected in Chrome
Auto Login Facebook User After Accepting Permissions
Good hashing function for US phone numbers?
Backbone.js - Modify already rendered page
XCode environment variables vs property list for TEST and PROD
Does the C++11 standard formally define acquire, release, and consume operations?
Which should I always parse date times with? DateTime, Time,
Rails 3: Paperclip conditional styles are initialized too early
Why am i getting this missing } after property list error? :(
web page with java script not working in firefox
How do I get all the elements and if they are assigned?
Omniauth-facebook cancel button
debugging admin_data on heroku rails
Collate field in package Description
Rails3 app displays garbled characters when using YAML file translated via Transifex
How to attach properties other than x,y,y0 to a layer of streamgraph in d3?
Javascript Object Literal Scope Issue?
recv() returns 0
Onclick count the object that return by JSON in Jquery
Stacked barplot is opposite order to legend?
NullReferenceException when calling NavigationContext
How to create a collaborative repository on Github?
How to programatically go back in a navigation based application
Is it possible to retrieve a file removed using file.remove?
Check for native defined functions with prototype
Python instance deletion
Eclipselink JPA Type-Safe Query using IN Statement
Canvas draggable with kineticJS and Clip function
How can I change button function in Storyboard mode Xcode
How to write to the user's My Documents directory with installer when the user used 'Run As Administrator'
EC2 command line tools
loadnibnamed object to call instance method
jQuery autocomplete and aspx / json
linked list reverse is not working 鈥�
Scala:Constant properties val or def
JPA subquery in form clause
Best Ruby on Rails Front-end development strategy [closed]
Simulate a Keystroke in firefox addon
c realloc, what does size really mean
Zombie Connections to MySQL using c3p0 with tomcat
Javascript calling Flash function to upload file
Enabling Powershell Group Policy Exception via Command Line
Getting swipeJS to work with ajax loaded content
Dynamic Concatenation in Javascript Array
Styles from a ResourceDictionary is preventing all other functionality
Dynamic Object to access Database C#
Magento not using appropriate URL - 404 Page not found
How to get the names of the namespaces loaded at the beginning
What makes .on() more efficient to use compared to .live()?
What free / open-source room planning tools are available? [closed]
JTable ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
How to update paperclip attachment field record
Replacing Carriage Returns 鈥渃h13?鈥�in Datagridview with <br> using ONLY javascript
Download file with timeout
Android OpenGL ES 2.0 text rendering
Django views architecture
Applescript Shell Script Progress
Asynchronous WCF service's execution is blocking
How would you expire fragment caches in the model or in a Resque worker?
Findstr in windows bat
python visual studio- output just flashes for a second
How do I copy a UNIX Executable File with NSFileManager?
quadprog optimization
How to edit comment template and add type or function comment in JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA?
How to run old x86 DOS assembly programs in 64-bits Windows? [closed]
How much optimization does Scala's pattern matcher perform?
Beginning physics simulation
GREP How do I search for words that contain specific letters (one or more times)?
Instantiating a passed form of unknown type
How do I convert this Ruby String into an Array?
Label visible using converter doesn't work,in another way i screwed up
ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template (Trying to render nonexistent :mobile format )
Trying to manually commit during interceptor managed transaction
Drawing really long text on iPhone
can I use .split() with csv.reader?
鈥淧rocedure expects parameter which was not supplied鈥�I DID SUPPLY
use buttons to define a value to a string
Trouble with a google map script [closed]
What could be the cause when the HTML and PHP code already finish execute but page still loading?
Play multiple html5 video on single page (not simultaneously) using backbone.js and jw player
Access to the remote server is denied because the current security context is not trusted in SQL Server agent job
Reapply JS to dynamic generated content
Why can't I edit an appended textarea?
difference between orm and pdo
make own views on full calendar
MySQL query for wordpress meta data
Java unbounded counted semaphore?
MYSQL VARCHAR or CHAR for fixed length string
iOS custom UITableView and UITableViewCell with columns (Twitter app)
jQuery UI selectable - how do I exclude elements based on partial id
missing broadcast intents when the device is rotated?
Ninject MVC 2, EF 4, AutoMapper - ObjectContext has been disposed
MYSQL VARCHAR or CHAR for fixed length string
iOS custom UITableView and UITableViewCell with columns (Twitter app)
jQuery UI selectable - how do I exclude elements based on partial id
missing broadcast intents when the device is rotated?
Ninject MVC 2, EF 4, AutoMapper - ObjectContext has been disposed
NodeJS send string
How to have multiple jQuery(' ').keyup on one page
When I use the facebook javascript SDK for authentication it fails on mobile phones and ipad
no assets when generating jpg with KnpSnappyBundle
More button feature in html/.cshtml
How do I redefine a fill attribute in SVG using the set tag? I thought I knew, but
htaccess help to reset
Markdown code indentation with HAML
Problems using the jQuery SVG animation plugin on a line
delete and erasing an iter?
recognize pattern on ios
Images resetting upon entering frame 1 (flash/actionscript 3)
CSS Working out equal heights
Is it possible to update more than one database table with one form submission in ruby on rails?
How do I check if a column has a unique/no duplicates constraint in Access using JET and OLE in C#?
Basic build issue regarding libs, pkg-config and opencv
How to load records in real time using PHP & jQuery?
jQuery changing background on hover
BUG: Cant choose dates on a DatePicker that fall outside a floating VSTO Add-In
How best to initialize one-time-only Django objects which can't be fixtures?
sql database - reset fields to auto increment
Android sync adapter with appengine Google user accounts
How can one practically show a dialog in response to clicking in a Chrome extension's popup or context menu?
How to get position of cursor when dragging?
Encryption Using Classic Permutation
Mysql error - Cannot connect: invalid settings.
Python os.system() in Eclipse
How would I increment a color value on MouseOver trigger in XAML template?
PHP DOMDocument how to get element?
Javascript - Assigning multiple variables to object properties using curly braces in variable declaration
Captcha with PHP SwiftMailer
At what stage does WebView#setBackgroundResource take effect?
httpwebresponse and encoding in silverlight
Using Other Data Sources for cubism.js
How to add photo file using SharpSquare Foursquare .NET library
Need to implement a grid in android
Need a way to have my character jump while moving left/right
Android ImageFlipper with Paths array
Mapkit mapview is not showing on first try
How to let apache to do ssh
PHP dies when Doctrine MongoDB ODM performs successful file query
how to reuse selected id via jquery to perform $.trim() function
Getting Current User Id
Select date range from two tables from present day to first day of that month
Optimizing apply()
How to access a child control's property when it is declared in a ControlTemplate?
regex using a xml file for search/replace - put a list of <li></li> in a pair of <ul></ul>
Order Players on the SUM of their association model
Does Vimscript allow multi-line strings?
jQuery DIV overlapping background DIV
Is there a way to display all tests that belong to a certain TestNG group?
Can I programmatically place an anonymous phone call?
Replace multiple joins in SQL with CouchDB views
Is there any way to use the Identify command with ggplot 2?
How to use GROUP BY syntax in this multi-JOIN statement with a CASE statement?
How to lookup nearest location (Latitude / Longitude) in a join query
textarea chrome width height
UIImageView in PopOver not changing?
displaying <li> horizontally with lesscss
Adding Image after page load
Change two sets of datatypes daily then reset them
How to configure PHP and nginx to display errors only for specific IP addresses?
refresh / reset jquery variable after ajax form send
Android - Intercept Link From Webview
How to draw lines outside of plot area in ggplot2?
codeigniter + require letters and numbers in password
Is the mac app store required?
Creating a directory on my server for testing?
Crystal Reports Section Arrangement
Calling a function after an event
Is business intelligence development studio available in express editions?
How to make a property file available to EJB in WebSphere Application Server 8
Is there a way to dynamically call a method or set an instance variable in a class in Dart?
How to use PHP Simple DOM Parser for a div that has an id and class?
Parse Tab Delimited String
geocode_ip_address except specific controllers
Standard python function to split paths?
numpy.array boolean to binary?
How to force facebook share button to share the url in a different format?
How to use Android ViewPager
fromJson GSON Complex Class
Qt: LNK2001 and LNK2019 Errors arise after implementing a signal/slot across source files
undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class when using jQuery to load partials
Removing childnodes using HAP
JPA: Modelling a Map<Entity, Entity>
Application counters in Linux? (and OSX?)
How can I add missing sequence values?
Printing .msg files client-side using VBScript in a HTML page
Make a logger to skip the root section in logback
Python鈥esting classes?
CakePHP 1.3 automatically log user out
Insert Iterators vs container's member function inserter
PHP form and java script date picker
How to use CXF for a client REST post with an attached file
how do i paste code into haml without it complaining?
Matlab add text to the outside of figure
Can I uniquely identify a device in WinRT
Generate a number between 0 and 4 and excluding one number
Updates to hash aren't reflected in calls to HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI
How would I capitalize every other letter in a str? [closed]
Android for Dummies code error
get current directory of symlink'd php script and not actual php script
Row Expansion using JSF datatable
Close the clicked tab, not the currently selected tab JTabbedPane
Cannot find protocol declaration when protocol is declared in its own .h file
Extracting tag attributes with beautifulsoup
can graphics resolution make webpage slower? [closed]
Eclipse EGIT - all commited, pulled, merged, marked as merged, still on push I get 鈥渞ejected - non-fast forward鈥� what am I missing?
NSNotification troubles
.animate queue with multple animations
Memory access violation VC++
Put common code for UINavigationBar in UINavigationController
Public service to convert bmp/gif/png/etc to jpg?
Coldfusion: Move data from one datasource to another
301 redirect when parts of URL are missing
Autoscale a matplotlib Axes to make room for legend
How can I determine if a vimeo URL is a video? PHP
Background url for a div
Delphi XE2, how to keep form ON TOP after changing VCL styles
jquery script not closing the 芦openedElem禄 when a child of the 芦openElem禄 is clicked?
Read CSV cells; write to dictionary/array
Why doesn't the detailsview control display the new line characters on the web page?
How do I get the text of an embedded SVG document through JS?
Using protobuf-net in Silverlight application
SQL Server Query Between PK Values Optimal?
Injection of the sessionFactory not working
SQLAlchemy: Relation table with composite primary key
jQueryUI Sortable + HTML5 File API examples?
Making a Ajax Call, after my button is clicked with MooTools
Build Play2.0 documentation from source so that it is available from @documentation route locally
Benefits of a BrowserPanel?
jQuery .live() issue, not functioning?
How can I rewrite a multi-column IN clause to work on SQLite?
reload view did load on returning to view from other tab (iPhone interface builder)
How to use inArray and make awesome TicTacToe (Noughts and Crosses) with jQuery
break while loop before negative number
Why this function causes memory leak
Using comments in script link tag
Using scala 2.9.2 with Play?
what will it take to allow media queries through HTMLPurifier + CSStidy
Rsync with --checksum from local to local?
WebClient.UploadValues() not returning response
css table-cell equal width
Facebook 鈥淟ike Button鈥�shows count with incorrect format
Why should one name java packages in Eclipse? [duplicate]
Why should one name java packages in Eclipse? [duplicate]
Is there an article editor similar to Madmimi's email editor?
ActionBar Lag in hiding title
Is a point inside a closed path - SVG Javascript
Which NoSQL database should I use for logging?
Conecting TCP client (on linux/c++) to TCP server (on windows c#) [duplicate]
Zend Framework Dependency Injection vs Symfony2 Dependency Injection
Initialize a constant that is a dynamic array of fixed arrays?
Error receiving broadcast Intent (has extras)
Scala - Append XML to file
Scroll License NSIS not scrolling to end of License
With NSTreeController, do I have to manually reload an NSOutlineView when changing the model array?
Function polymorphism. Return B as A is null when A:B
Searching for better app widget 鈥渨orkflow鈥�
Can I get best performance making static variables?
UnsupportedOperationException android internal storage from JUNIT
Can you isolate the winforms web-browser control from the rest of your app if it crashes
Redirecting a user to login page after cookie expires
YUI on Windows 8 Metro App: YUI is not recognized
How to find previous merge commit
How do I set the http 'accept' header for JS and CSS files requested by an HTML document?
MySQL root-login with SSH private key?
Click Event makes jQuery Mobile very slow on Mobile Devices - What is the easiest way to unbind Click event and add 'Tap' events?
download compile and install ffmpeg on Snow Leopard for HLS streaming
Add router modules in Zend
Trying to set a property value, but it's nil
Setting case-insensitivity for bash completion on a command-by-command basis
Navigation wont align Center
Jquery selector element inside other
JPA Using GenerationType.IDENTITY @onetomany Postgres Child (many) table insert fails: Not Null Constraint Error On Parent FK
Get value of each on blur() event
Python Json data
Experimenting with responsive, absolute positioned child div鈥�(eek!)
Click a button if text exist in page with iMacros
What is the fastest sorting alogrithm for combining pre-sorted sets
LibGDX Landscape orientation X and Y as location 0,0
Python 3 and requests with a progressbar
look for image that has src from a particular site using jQuery
How to check if two neighbors (element) in a string/array are the same
how to put a constant prefix in front of every new line in vim as I type?
How do some websites prevent you from leaving? [duplicate]
DataContext binding evaluated after property binding 鈥�causes crash
Trying to print the pixel values of 32bit floating point image
HTML font edgy and pixellated
Android - Trouble using CommonWare's locpoller
How to figure out the last part-number in a MapReduce job output directory
iOS tableview: hide vertical section legend
/usr/bin/env bad interpreter
AOP Ignoring logsuccess
What is the purpose of $ = Foo in Twitter Bootstrap JS
Please help me replace some javascript with html output
Getting element out of IO in Haskell
how to retrieve data from a txt file in c++
jQuery bounce effect issue
What happens to code after a javascript redirect (setting window.location.href)?
Why are global variables considered bad practice? (Javascript)
Accessing a child's methods from abstract parent class in PHP
Is there a SQLDeveloper for Microsoft SQL Server?
Manipulating Matlab Structure returned by dir('./folder')
Sort a java collection of objects by one value and remain unique by another value
HTML CSS: text position inside button
Tumblr ignores open graph tags
How to compare IP address range in C#?
Lein repl-options :init
Is RNGCryptoServiceProvider.GetBytes thread safe?
How can I reposition an element with CSS, without risking the browser cutting it off?
trying to load object on page based on screen height
UIWebView & Javascript: accessing the parent div of the selection
Arbitrary host / IP lookups on Google App Engine
What is the 鈥渁tom鈥�data type?
XML schemaLocation and targetNameSpace attributes
Pthread blocking / updatable timer
Getting a second login prompt when attempting to open a link to a word doc
QR Scanner works only on iPhone, not iPad
How to destroy stores in ExtJS 4.1?
Matlab Arrayfun with Handle Class
place a value of a model in a select list
How can I count total results returned from MYSQL query with a limit?
Reusing vertices to pass into shader
Installing a library built with cmake on mac os x
Abstract Classes and Enums
Lookup ID in XML using JavaScript
How to create site on WSGI without frameworks
jQuery Plupload Queue - Dont show the file Browser if Input have no text
Browse a webpage's tags
Tail-recursive bounded stream of pairs of integers (Scala)?
CLEditor text editor on fullscreen mode
Submenu Dropdown behind Nivo Slider in IE
Linq.DataContext to Entity.DbContext?
javascript auto fill text inputs based on drop down selection
Checkbox in a column Grid
Trying to understand backbone inheritance and specialization
recordset not showing an error when inserting to locked table
Control Link Description of a Wordpress link shared on Facebook
What's the preferred way to validate data for a row in DBIx::Class?
How do you stop jCarouselLite autoplay?
Alter Table SQL String - Syntax error
Objective-c - initWithCoder and memory management?
tmux: pane dividing line display difference between terminals
How to determine where a drag event began relative to an object
MySQL FORCE INDEX location in JOINed query
Why is the project I made in Eclipse empty?
PickerView loaded via button click too small
Jquery load hidden div into a popup div
Restrict C# code from ASP.NET framework features
CoffeeScript/Backbone/Marionette - tutorial example conversion and scoping issues
Trouble updating Eclipse plugins
C++ pointers issue affecting window title
Need select all classes inside a tag
How to synchronize the scrolling of 2 TTreeviews?
symfony2 form validation formbuilder and custom form type
iOS 5 XCODE 4.3.2 Storyboard. How do I insert a new view before an existing table view?
Why <p:selectOneMenu> is not working?
TextView not showing during asynctask
Why did the map (api v3) not change after dragging?
Copy sqlite database from pc to android?
How can clone method be protected in Cloneable?
Android surfaceview - Move Starship as long as left or right onscreen button is pressed
How do you add or remove text to the end of many lines at once in Emacs?
Ruby: adding instance variables to an object
HTML pretty view page for git diff
How to add style to words (HTML/CSS)
Is it possible to attach an action to the default back button item of a navigation bar?
Control cannot override Page_Load in hierarchy
How do I split a string and then rejoin it?
PHP: SQL ticks that don't make any sense [duplicate]
CRM 2011 Ribbon DisplayRule ValueRule not working
what is the diffrence between Cursors and baseadapter?
Is it possible to write a file in a web-application?
Can I place TextField on TableView header-column on javafx 2
Program works in IDLE, but fails at the command line
String encoding and decoding from possibly latin1 and utf8
Auto Convert Classic asp to 2 or MVC
IE 8 specific bug looking for ideas JavaScript [closed]
N-Body problen: Efficient parallelization of the double for loop
Using Java Android, is there a way to access a dynamic object inside a flipperview?
Multiple select statements with SUM() and WHERE?
Backbone - embedded youtube iframe in _ template and zindex issue
Setting properties of a textbox?
EntityFramework Context is not saved
Block level helpers in Ruby on Rails for config file
Magento Connect Manager Downloader 500 Internal Server Error
Do Gui testing in Qt
jquery autocomplete does'nt show all the tags selected from the database
Silverlight Webside iseverything scaled when deployed?
Drop down not AutoPostBack'ing
Convert char in char array to its own char array in ANSI C
Querying database and putting two columns of each row into an array?
creating duplicate entries in db error in rails, likely form submission error
Rails View Is Returning Whole Hash Instead of Just Key
How can I get a poll to show up on facebook and a wordpress site? [closed]
Django File Uploads using path
Maven SNAPSHOT jar file names not consistent using Maven Assembly in MANIFEST file
Hidden registration files on Windows and the Virtual Store
Gmaps4rails has odd zoom behavior overriding with bounds?
Building CPython using clang invokes /usr/bin/ld for final link, and gets 鈥�usr/bin/ld: error: libpython3.2m.a: malformed archive header name at 8鈥�
In Chrome, how do make Flash swallow key presses?
php.log: what is the proper way to clear log file?
How do I implement include directives using boost::spirit::lex?
Several app on a single domain?
find control in masterpage
Strip Youtube Link from URL
Adding a C++ Header to Objective-C project
Can't (successfully) install cocos2d/Kobold2D templates in Xcode 4.3.2 or get a project to build
Android - Get link user clicked on in webview
htaccess rewrite error
python threading. How do I lock a thread? (or do I even lock the thread, or just the function the threads act upon?)
How to fix view retain cycle causing subview's dealloc to not be called?
How to use the function ` performTaskWithPathArgumentsTimeout` of the UIAutomation class?
1 popup menu and 2 memo's, which memo is the menu invoked from
What is different between HttpCacheability.NoCache and Response.CacheControl = 鈥渘o-cache鈥�
serve merged pdf (in byte[]) on servlet
Can I remove wordpress inline css?
UITableViewCell custom initialization from nib
Form submission to different controller - Routing
Backbone collection remove, ReferenceError: el is not defined
C#, How to Consistantly bring a form to the front?
Objective C in XCode, set and get variables in class object which is stored in NSArray
Take saved URL and open web broswer c#
Can not step into .NET framework source with VS2010 SP1
Should be accepted as answer to IP/netmask?
Facebook FQL returning duplicate posts in query
map city/zipcode polygons using google maps
I am trying to run ShowFileStatusTest given in hadoop definited guide book, I get the following error
Testing Google App Engine Application's doPost() from Development Mode
Finding the length of a song
Unit Test Explorer in Visual Studio 11 fails with reference to the Microsoft Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 1 assembly
Fuzzing virtual drivers tools
The issue with this SQL Statement
HTML5 Canvas Image Scaling Issue
How to notify a JTable to Update its Model
Selecting Parent Checkboxes
Search in MVC3 condition failed always
can someone confirm my understanding about live cycle?
About switch layouts in one activity, with two baseAdapters
How to Bind database integer value to TextBox in FormView control?
Syntax error Using Windows with replace (鈥� 鈥� 鈥� 鈥� for file path in Python
Is it possible to integrate PowerShell 2.0 documentation with MS Help Viewer?
Why can't I use server-side flow oauth tokens for an iOS app feed dialog?
use time column of database table to generate start and end times
Reporting for a small-scale (but growing) internet company
Dynamically load image into javascript function
How to watch complex objects in gdb?
Ruby metaclass confusion
Saving current date in TableView subtitle issue
MonoTouch Binding cannot use fields
Sencha Touch 2 - Select a photo
How to use binary_search on STL map
(UITableView) Background pattern image issues
Is it possible to add event listener using PHP?
Horizontal li in IE7 shows as vertical
Assembly load error for 64 bit .NET Informix ADO.NET provider
Android: Setting the Zoom for the Map Intent
Why does the queen have only 10 unique positions in chessboards covering?
How to stub SingleOrDefault with Rhino mocks
how to save gtk notebook tabs for use in a later session
how do you open up your recent ruby rails project?
knowing when the app was last used, iPhone app
xml parsing error handling or how to put XMLTextReader's cursor back to start?
Unable to apply zclip object to my element ids that were created after onLoad()?
IE6 min-width issue
UDP or RTP streaming solution for android
CSS ul height difference
Guice Provide instance based on Class name read from file
How do I reduce the use of onmouseover and onmouseoutt?
How do I validate a form field in Codeigniter when using Get parameters?
Redirect internally within Goliath endpoints
Button or Link That Changes Page in Iframe
Calculating inverse of a very large matrix
Is there an offline postgres proxy tool/library?
jQuery multiple selectors but cached in a variable
Grep and ignore minified javascript
Why does the list of unavailable voices is always empty?
HTML5/SVG: preserveAspectRatio 鈥渘one鈥�not working in Firefox
ASP.NET MVC3 can't access font (static content)
Like going from a Controller to Three20?
Javascript toggle image border works in Firefox but not IE
Get type that already was deferred in template
Mocking private methods used in public method with PowerMock, Mockito, and TestNG
Pattern for matching pieces of url
Trying to reload/refresh dynatree with new data
Passing Data from Child Javascript Page to Parent Javascript Page
Should an ORDER BY ever affect the number of rows returned a SELECT query?
Behavior trees in Haskell
Why would a statement execute in Toad but not in my code?
Stacking Columns of a matrix in Maxima
Running an NSRunLoop with different dates changes observed thread count
Serialize image to string
OpenERP :Simple use of fields.function
Android: How to Change ProgressDialog's Text Color? [duplicate]
JPQL Selecting Record with Max Value
Is there a MessageBox.Show() equivelant in MonoCode mvc 4 async controller hanging on none TaskAsync methods
Java: Polymorphic Return Type in an Abstract Method?
XPath query runs slow when referencing parent node using ../../<node name>
CURL setopt Not Working Correctly [duplicate]
VBA: adding distinct values in a range to a new range
PHP set global variable as handle for class
Source Index path of last row is being set to '0' when re-ordering row
Retrieving JSON formated results using php post request in ajax via jquery, to be used in adding google map Marker closed
How to put something directly to the right of another thing (HTML/CSS)?
draw a chart in javascript
sed match multiple lines and then append
During prepareForSegue get [UIViewController <null selector>] when try to assign value to property?
NSURLConnection sometimes truncates the body of an NSMutableURLRequest
How to find out where my error is coming from?
how to force thin to use the rails logger?
Ruby/Rails - Presenter class class and instance methods
return php variable to jquery ajax
django issues urls on heroku
C++: Error when copying from *std::shared_ptr
error when using cronTrigger with an expression that contains a year value
How to check keys status in x86 assembly?
HTML5 Web Storage vs Cookies
Expand only some of the categorized columns in a viewPanel upon opening
Centering Content of a Variable Length Pricing Table
Saving JPA entity twice
C program is faster as Python subprocess
Can't locate LWP/ in @INC [duplicate]
get value of <h2> of html page with PHP DOM?
Start activity after Toast message
Board not making piece move
Convert Ruby string with ampersand-hash-char-semicolon characters into an ascii or html friendly string
How do I properly put embedded ruby code in to JavaScript?
Should I limit redemption of coupon by ip address only or is this not reliable?
What does for (;;)mean in Java? [duplicate]
How to use OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions from java in Android?
installing android aplication in device
Fullscreen VideoView in the background
Why is my SQL statement throwing a syntax error?
Recursion Extracting Digits Using a Base
Entity Framework/LINQ Error: The column prefix 'Project1' does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query
Preventing edit conflict in Django's list_editable with multiple users
Neo4JClient: How can I find a list of relationships (of any type) for a given node?
How to add custom TabBarItem to Tab Bar Controller
True fullscreen in AIR on Android?
getting information from the inner depths of a JSON object
NullPointerException when user presses Ok button in dialog?
paint flashing java
Properties in Objective c. copy and retain
Rails Paperclip undefined method `validates_attachment'?
Collecting Stats
Internet Explorer 8 Restrictions Registry Locations
Is there a way to convert an XML page to JSON automatically via PHP? [duplicate]
AnsiString To Stream
.addClass with IF statement based on value
PHP file_get_contents 500 Internal Server error predicate wrapper error
javascript, functions returns a value, but i cannot assign the return to a variable
Railcasts 103 - Conversion from Prototype to Jquery, Help Needed
Providing connection string to Linq-To-Sql data provider
Using BioAPI to convert and compare two finger print bitmap images
How to implement Android app with in-app subscription model
Breadth First Search implementation
NHibernate / Linq creating invalid SQL with SQL CE
Using VBA to add tabs to a multipage useform in excel
Ruby/Rails - Double Pipe with blank dataset
tab character causing ajax coldfusion component to fail, 500 Internal Server Error
C++ (Virtual) Function Table
Acer Iconia A100 Does Not Work With Android ADK?
Is there a x64 version of MsStkPrp.dll
Relationship between 鈥渃lose鈥�for PreparedStatement and Connection?
Storing the output of read() from a socket in a char variable
Android AsyncTaskLoader doesn't start loadInBackground?
Access Denied when changing password in AD programmatically
Truly Portable Git
Remove Object From Hierarchical Collection
How to preserve GET parameters when posting form to self?
MS Access Issue assigning a values from a record set into text boxes
Make C-c pass directly to term in emacs
Proper use of C++ 'for each' options
Is there any performance gain in indexing a boolean field?
sockets tcp example in c
Why won't [TMXLayer positionAt: CGPoint] work for me?
cake php paginator and ajax - how I can invoke function before ajax request?
tortoise svn giving me 鈥淩edirect cycle detected for URL 'domain/svn'鈥�
Regex help to extract value from string
Partials rendering in Express.js and Mustache
Mechanism for displaying revision history with ClickOnce .NET Application [duplicate]
TYPO3 4.7 colPos doesn't work with TemplaVoila, need alternative
Java - Accessing variables from an anonymous inner class [duplicate]
Nested Promises in WinJS
jQuery, how to disable or enable <select> element with checkbox upon page loading?
Error when trying to compile with make file
How to display web folder index in GAE?
Why isn't the data written to the database? (DBM, Python 3.2)
Why does RunJar unpack the jar file?
Opencv: cvCaptureFromCAM returning NULL
How to create REP/REQ on Rabbit.js
Something Wrong? [closed]
easy-to-edit configuration file for a matlab function
Directory access is forbidden
PayPal Express Checkout - how to properly capture shipping address (for shipping costs calculations)?
dynamic cast not working for non polymorphic base class?
math functions with floor
How to generate where-in query with subquery in Entity Framework 4.1
How to create a class from this JSON?
Serving hosted EOT font for IE
MC9090-G Barcode Scanner With SQL Server Front-End
How to move a file from one git repository to another while preserving history
BigQuery and OAuth2
MySQL Procedure random number generating
Widgets and APIs in Desire2Learn
WinJS: Hide scollbars in listview
How to build JSP/JSF like UiBinder tags in GWT?
Can't Install Plone on VirtualBox Shared Folder because Python Fails to Install
How to check for {} value in JavaScript?
Looking for a java serialization library which will allow me to easily restore transient variables
Error migrating Tridion 2009 Event System to Tridion 2011 SP1
I want to learn how to use Instagram's API - where do I start? [closed]
Sample red5 code
How to pass custom header to RESTful call?
How to retrieve a field array from an object array? [duplicate]
cpanel XML API 404 error
PayPal express checkout button - are there different variations/colors?
GMP ceiling function
MySQL InnoDB Transactions + Locking
Python 2.7 App executing as CGI instead of WSGI on App Engine
Change Button Image On Hover or Click
Google Webmaster tools getting 404s for URLs with accents in them
CFcookie acting weird in various browsers
In Linux how do I retrieve the pid of the process making a system call
OSX Applescript - Specify generic local user directory
send back compressed JSON in Restlet/GAE
<li> getting stacked in IE7
Observing a threadsafe collection using the Reactive Framework
Doctrine2: Should parent classes in single table inheritance be abstract?
Reactive updates when query is filtered by another query
Insert space after period using sed
How to detect the difference between ' as used in an abbreviation and as quotation markers
Get postcode from longitude and latitude google api
Refresh DOM elements after ajax load
Serialize List<T> of base class with a parent tag
XSL: Can't display my generated XML
php synatax what do these do? '^' and ','
Strange ProcessorAffinity issue with IEXPLORE.exe
PostgreSQL 9.1 streaming replication restore_command: special meaning of exit code 255?
App crashes at second timer run
Regex split a string and strip recurring character
getting error when changing screen brightness
Strange ProcessorAffinity issue with IEXPLORE.exe
PostgreSQL 9.1 streaming replication restore_command: special meaning of exit code 255?
App crashes at second timer run
Regex split a string and strip recurring character
getting error when changing screen brightness
getting outdated value for [@unittest.skipIf decorator] condition
Trying to add UTF-8 compatibility to existing config files
Selecting <li> elements with specific attribute values between two <li> elements also with specific attributes
MDI child form in Windows Forms
How can I use Capybara to check that the correct items are listed?
Getting the Row data from the SQL after executing the query statement
Create External SVN Repository of Files Sourced in Another SVN Repository
How to make jQuery Validator remotely trigger errorPlacement?
jQuery array random index
SWT MouseMove Listener when mouse is鈥�out
storing telemetry data from 10000s of nodes
Client and server sockets in c
fat arrow 'this' scope
wcf service on windows 2003 server - works as server but not as a consumer/client
How is everyone storing connectionstrings?
MVC Model binding / validation
ajax call does not return from php-script
Powershell inserting multiple XML elements
BeautifulSoup get_text does not strip all tags and JavaScript
How to run one jQuery animation function on multiple elements simultaneously?
GPS Android - get positioning only once
Adding header and fotter in an XSLT file
How to make JFileChooser Default to Computer View instead of My Documents
Predicate Builder in MVC 3
Use sed to replace first line of text file on Mac OS X Lion
What is the best way to find a specified element using PHP's SimpleXMLElement class?
CSS Aspect Ratio on Canvas
Interop causes Unity to crash
tsql trigger behaves abnormally
Ad Hoc test install failing
UITableViewCell rotate lags/hangs if I set UIImage as background view
echoing in a form after submission
Magento product display text 鈥渁rray鈥�instead of multiple values
Link to URL in AS3
Better template language needed [closed]
Performing merge of two very different branches complicated by need to fast-forward merge-commit
Spring Data JPA, Spring 3.1.1, xml-less configuration, does not create repositories beans
Android Geocoder doesn't detect highways / interstates?
Nested attribute validations not being called
Writing to sockets
how to use strlwr() function/C [closed]
Aptana Code Format w/ Multi-Line Strings?
Insert multiple object to MySQL
Apply !important to font-family with more than one option
converting image to base64 and uploading in JSON format to server
converting image to base64 and uploading in JSON format to server
Offline MapKit solution for iOS
Nhibernate 3.3 Lazy loading one-to-one association
How to invoke FormHandler thru AJAX directly
Opening a website as an iPad/iPhone in xcode
Tomcat 6 does not get any response when running mysql prepared statements (slower than 10seconds) through JDBC Driver Manager
PHP DOMDocument loadHTML error
how to apply two different queries in different dates php
Implementing power for evaluating an expression in C++ Expression Templates
Manipulation of array (generate table)
Hosting static HTML in a Play! app on CloudFront
Couldn't establish an ajax connection using jQuery, form automatically submits?
Javascript manipulates order form's value
How to create a data table that consists of a subset of columns of an original table in Python
Can you check how many times a function is called without getMock in PHPUnit
Updating DB row with another row (Mysql)
Python statistics package(s) for bootstrapping confidence intervals and non-parametric multiple dataset comparisons
Apple Mach-O Linker Error (5)
calendric calculations in iOS broken before 1577鈥�(julian -> gregorian)
does the number of ajax requests matter? how to?
Running while($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($result)) multiple times
Yii simple master-detail CGridView solution?
Expect script problems
c++: not getting properly into for loop
AIR mobile debug - 鈥淓nter ip address or hostname鈥�
select li from hidden ul in jquery
How can I create fixtures for testing when 'loaddata' doesn't work?
Set initial file extension while saving the file
query live preview from form elements
Object Expected IE8 JS/JQuery issue IE8
HTML5 Fitting To Screen Resolution
Non-canned ACL S3 Bucket with Cloudformation
jQuery Fading an Element on top of a Fixed Positioned Element - iPad Only?
PHP: MYSQL history feature?
Navigate without using sub ids
Creating global object in Rails automatically
Looping through the Json data store extjs
Not able to locate xpath of an image using webdriver
What version of OpenSSL is needed to sign with sha256WithRSAEncryption
Load GUI from a Glade with GtkSourceView in PyGObject
Is there any way we can initialize some just once in chrome extension?
Visual Studio 2010 using MS Access file
Writer a Server like Tomcat in Java [closed]
Create an admin-only accessible directory
QTableWidget - Drag and Drop a Button into a cell in the QTableWidget
notification after SQL send port done with putting the data into database
Comparing a time in UTC with a time in Eastern time using Python
Make ProgressBar overlaid over VideoView display immediately
Spring Data Mongodb: Updating documents
Converting a specific string to byte[]
Re-index numeric array keys
Django 'generator' object is not subscriptable when using iterator()
JS Works in Firefox but not loading in chrome and IE
vector.insert() causes memory corruption
Python Dictionary return requested key if value does not exist
Display modules only on Menu item but not on the item(article) page in Joomla
How to capture all keyboard events with another thread than the UI thread in WPF?
What's an effective way to store third-party ISV patches, scripts and binaries in TFS
Get previous filename with NodeJS rename action
Implementing a roller effect with a selected element
mysqli not talking to php
Can delegates cause a memory leak? GC.TotalMemory(true) seems to indicate so
How to validate an XML document against an XSD schema using JDom
Node.JS / Express.JS CouchDB Session Storage
Joomla 1.5 administrator module description
Railo is caching my cfc's and templates
add tabs to form usign jquery (cakephp 2.1)
Pyglet uses too much cpu
will C# compiler for big codebase run dramatically faster on machine with huge RAM?
How to make a custom video player W/ embed options! Rare
Will Distribute be outdated when new packaging comes with Python 3.3?
Using Spring Data Neo4j outside of Spring container
SSO Between Websphere Portal and Moodle
Override Spring MVC freemarker databind character encoding
Ruby on Rails/Haml issues with partials and nested forms
do something after keypress (but waiting a little bit)
MySQL : exclude rows where id appears in two separate columns of table
Zend Doctrine 1.2 foreignAlias is ignored in YAML schema file. Error during build-all cmd in Doctrine Cli
Simple adding of two int's in Cuda, result always the same
Routing overloaded functions in Play Framework 2.0
Eclipse unable to detect Android 4.0.3 Tab
mysql datatime column returning null when running this insert command
Filtering Collections of Resources in RESTful Web Services
Click on page load to get a url
binary search efficiency vs. linear search efficiency in fortran
Consume SOAP Web Service in Silverlight
Ruby is treating my variable as a comment
Magento Layered Navigation 鈥淵ou cannot define a correlation name 'mycustomattribute' more than once 鈥�
Insert a non-input row into a Formtasic form
Custom status in Mantis Bug Tracker
cut-off line of treeview
How is an mx:Canvas measured when inside a renderer in Flex 3?
Why is my CPU high when using many CURL requests which are waiting for response?
C++ boost unix domain socket using send_to
Error painting on iOS app
Upload image php mysql twice with different names
Jquery prop() returns undefined
Android httppost / connection / login issue
PHP Session lost after redirect; comes back after refresh
How to wait for form to close without ShowDialog()?
Behaviour of virtualness of a function [duplicate]
dotTrace and performance profiling?
Using the new httpclient-4.0.1 jar with a project using commons-httpclient
Displacing Vertices in the Vertex shader
How can I get the eval value from a list view in the code behind by the click of a button?
Joomla - menu item showing different category in different columns
CakePHP: ContainableBehavior Query Structure/Joins
Setting up SSL with sockjs
Spring ApplicationContext with multiple XML Files from Jar
WCF Rest, 3.5 - problems consuming special chars in Java
Fast / built-in bit-manipulation in Python/numpy?
making div behave like iframe
Android table layout adding rows with data
How to read from terminal to int list in Python
Cabal: conditionally override a flag default value
use both regular(4kb) session and db session in one codeigniter app?
Getting the field(s) that caused a save changes exception in Entity Framework
Using pyglet in python, why does my frame rate speed up if I mouse-drag?
Beanstalk: Error while updating environment with new version
How to automaticly assigned a entry a unique id for use in a relationship?
merging and sorting a text file in C
Grab number from a div and populate select drop down with the same amount of options
Best suited NoSQL database for Content Recommender
Switching ResourceDictionary when user selects it from a settings page in Windows Phone
In Search of: Universal Video Format
How to access project code meta data?
Android, Javascript, Rhino, JSON
WPF Binding to Field
How to implement the string SCAudioStream? - Sound Cloud
django: flexible forms for restaurant menu?
External Storage on android
How to disable contexte in a Spotify App (so previous/next buttons are disabled)
SSLCertificateError - 鈥淭he handshake operation timed out鈥�when trying to get an access token from facebook
Programmatically creating triggers fails sometimes
VB.NET XPathDocument.CreateNavigator throws 鈥渄ebuggerDisplayProxy鈥�error
T-SQL procedure - filter parameter as Object/CLR/Xml/UDT
How to use isotope images demo but include filtering
php preg_replace - replace all occurrences inside pattern
Cannot implicitly convert type 'decimal?' to 'decimal'.
GPS not working in Async Task
How to make Flask/ keep Ajax HTTP connection alive?
Android A opens B back goes back to A twice, but crashes the third time
Can Generics in base class be specified in the parent class
Why is Google returning a 500 error?
XDomainRequest open not working on clients IE8 machine
Pie Chart legend text
How do I bypass my viewdidload void? [closed]
Char library which can scale the x axis correctly
Git: Changing capitalization of filenames
How to embed an action from a sub-namespaced controller in Symfony 2?
Check if DOS or bash from inside web app [closed]
Django - get_FOO_display method - display choice long name
setting cookies with HTTPOnly flags in codeigniter
Wrong Encryption for some Words/C
Dynamic Depending Lists in VBA
Passing a variable to a new function (on a new page)
WebClient .Net, Operation has timed out
How does gcc/cygwin get the DNS server?
How can I improve the design and readability of utility algorithms written using java generics?
How to enable ARC for a single file
iOS multiplayer game - Game Center and Facebook Connect
How to do this with vertically stacked tabs, instead of horizontal?
Make and VPATH. Why are my source files being placed where I don't want them?
many-to-many relationship,, querying one side depending on its elements
java save binary code to a file
Appcelerator: Event when reopening App
use onclick method twice
500 error coming when i am using dynamic query
Localized project with several targets with localized app names
difficulties to use php file for a custom css in drupal 7
python syntax mess: name is not defined
Emberjs - Disable and Enable TextField
Cascading drop down list update issues ASP.NET
SmtpClient.Send failing with System.FormatException: Smtp server returned an invalid response
System analysis using BPMN
Is calling requestAnimationFrame with Raphael a performance hit?
Django Haystack return related insances
Assign a function delegate that returns an anonymous type to a variable
Web Services with Ruby
Control audio from Java application [duplicate]
Primeface Accordion panel keyboard focus on current tab command button
Distinguish between an instance and a Class [duplicate]
How do I get the data out of this array? Single sign on
Get standard system buttons in Interface Builder on Mac
Write a function that reverses the order of the words in a string? [closed]
Phonegap android project works on emulator not on actual phone
Split a entity collection into n parts
Why does the cmd.exe shell on Windows fail with paths using a forward-slash ('/'') path separator?
Error inflating class
Javascript Object not working in Chrome
How do I do 鈥渟tarts with鈥�regex filter in phpunit
Use of 'needs-lock' for an External file in Subversion doesn't work as expected
DB connection considerations using EF in multi-tenant, single web application
C# dynamic ProgressBar
Facebook JS API Login guarantee of user id?
Arabic 'disconnected' letters in Android
HTML/Javascript: Outputting keyboard strokes to URL Parameters
Execute a process from memory within another process?
WPF: how to invoke a method in a separate thread with a delay time
How to deserialize currencies list from to C# custom class or object?
Magento - Programatically added bundle product isn't available for the basket/frontend
Pass Hash as Parameter to Rake Tast
Why is CPython not using `sphinx.autodoc` for the standard library?
dynamically set smart gwt list grid header
How to connect iphone emulator to selgrid 2?
Replace BOOST_FOREACH with 鈥減ure鈥�C++11 alternative?
Why does req.params return an empty array?
Is there scat (as in 'scp', etc) or something similar? [closed]
Screen receiver not working within my Service
How to return a json object in Rails without using render :json
PHP curl_init not working in console
Creating a shortcut with two files names one being variable?
mysql right join where returns empty on one clause
Can't download App to iOS 5.1.1 iPhone
how to get data from sqlite database in ANDROID ??
Disabling select element when checkbox is checked with jQuery
Function that returns only numbers?
Issues with Oracle SQL Select Statement in VBA Excel '07
operator overloading and inheritance c#
HTML file to screenshot as .jpg or other image
Where is force_login() in Kohana 3.2 Auth class?
define a 鈥渢rick鈥�standard ML function without specifying explicit type
how to publish my extension on joomla extension directory?
Find common names in two files in Java
Performance tuning with MiniProfiler
Is it possible to set spring security session expiration by age?
Can I use pretty much any identifier if I use << operator with strings?
c++ how to obtain randon numbers and how to save a double with ony two decimals?
How do you print out a value from wx.TextCtrl?
How to read files recursively in Java 7?
Android ListView - Strange Recycle Behaviour
Getting enum descriptions from a class in webservice
ransack search form in header partial: No Ransack::Search object was provided to search_form_for
Can you populate a pre-populated drop down list in asp C#?
How can I get deface to compile in development?
Case-insensitive query criteria with MongoID
How to connect UIPickerView datasource and delegate in storyboard
How to get the logged in user's download location (C: Users {UserName} Downloads )?
Is it possible to return both xml or json in Spring and Jersey?
Add buildCommand in .project with Maven
In Perl, how do I pass a function as argument of another function?
Simplify algebraic expression [duplicate]
jquery datepicker work in dynamic data
How to set a javascript array based on the output of a URL?
Doxygen and Xcode 4 -Xcode does not see the doc set
Android list view, view data from PHP request
Path to Application Package
Dynamically creating controls based on variable
Using ANTLR for static analysis of Java source file
Which doctype should I validate to to make IE7 render in standards-mode most easily?
self.navigationController.tabBarController.selectedIndex not working
Display overlay on fancy box without title
What's the difference between gets.chomp() vs. STDIN.gets.chomp()?
Java Spring: getting error 鈥�Unknown property sub-element: <util:constant>鈥�
MySQL: INSERT INTO with static and dynamic values mixed
sqlite insert or replace datagridview C#
Database Design: Table or Column?
`git commit -a` shows that directory has uncommitted changes even after they are added
Why won't BeautifulSoup find text in a table in Python?
Create User Specific Objects in Django
Building Boost - can't find windows.h
Which C compiler should I use for creating my own simple OS?
Remove special case indentation in XML files
How to replace a piece of text in Emacs with a link or reference?
do not allow to reload the page when popup is started with javascript
Apache POI HSSF. Get total pages count
In WiX, end installation early based on condition
Can Dictionary values be populated through a list without looping?
Store and query property history with Neo4j
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in C: wamp www project uploadctrl.php on line 15 [closed]
C#, How to tell if first element of array is null, when array could possibly have no elements?
Using delegates and protocols to pass data between two views (tabs)
How can I maintain .aspxauth session cookie between website and virtual app?
FPDI merge PDF files, strange line appears
Retrieving JSON result from Windows Live ID query
JavaScript Script Taking Too Long to Execute. Getting the Script Taking Too Long Prompt
asp:Image ImageUrl calling function
centering a group inside another group
Recover Deleted Files in Aptana Studio 3?
How do you make an empty UITextView scrollable like Notes on iOS?
Remove HTML Formatting PHP
NHibernate QueryOver - Search across 2 tables, returning some aggregate data, perfoming sort/skip/take on sqlserver side
How to build a WebAPI for remote authentication?
How do I keep the current tab active with twitter bootstrap after a page reload?
Ajax With 5 Drop Down Lists
Exit Bash Mode?
UINavigationController inside of a ContainerViewController popView's funky
DWR Exception Handling on Server Side
How to update a Smart card EF greater the 32KB limitations?
files duplication in java
Get parameters from a response - Java
Visual C++ CUSTOMBUILD : error : Additional include file afxhh.h
Generate digital signature of a file
Can we decrease the size of a tablerow in a tablelayout in android?
SQL Server 2008 r2, trouble casting int to decimal
Bash Script to Execute Command on All Files in Directory
jquery function return doesn't work [duplicate]
jQuery: How do I reference the @Html.TextBoxFor data in the $('??') of the script?