ActiveAdmin - Using scopes with filters
SQL Server 2008 r2, trouble casting int to decimal
Bash Script to Execute Command on All Files in Directory
jquery function return doesn't work [duplicate]
jQuery: How do I reference the @Html.TextBoxFor data in the $('??') of the script?
HTML within link_to in Rails?
ActiveAdmin - Using scopes with filters
c# run command on windows 2008 64bit remotely
applying an image filtering technique on 'selected' pixels in MATLAB
Same permutations in two arrays using next_permutation() stl in c++
How to add Chosen Plugin to dynamically created / cloned CSS div?
MySQL query with session (@variables) working in MySQL Workbench, but not in PHP
MySQL:Something wrong with Fulltext search - Returning NO results
what is the purpose of onSurfaceChanged?
invert float using other float
How can I get the current user in Liferay?
boost::erase_all to erase multiple chars from a string
Django admin - set a field when another one is entered
Big file creation on IIS with crystal reports
Metro WebService - How to Configure/Deploy?
How to take an OS level screen capture using ruby selenium webdriver
How do I get an item from a list at a given index in racket language?
C# Report in PDF - Slowness to generate 1潞 report
Passing User Credentials to Exchange
XPath function to combine text nodes and retrieve it to one Google Spreadsheet cell
how to wire one JPane to another JPane
is this a compilation bug of Visual 2010?
Git clone from unfuddle, how to not include the initial directory, which in this case is the name of the repository
C# class design, flexible payment rules
Jenkins - Trigger email based on input parameter
jquery .each() won't work with div identifier before input[type=checkbox] on IE7/8
How To Interleave Each Element From Multiple Sequences Into Vector
Cg Framework not being recognized by XCode 3.2.6
How do I restore a deleted perspective in Eclipse
Why do we need to call jpeg_write_marker() and jpeg_write_header() after jpeg_start_compress() ? [libjpeg]
Primefaces Multiple FileUpload doesn't show files nor triggers the handleFileUpload
XAML/C# - Events Assignment
Python watchdog script doesn't function properly
Trying to learn rails and keep hitting noMethodError
Is there any way to get Selenium to print off the target page to a printer?
Make a sharepoint rich text field read only [duplicate]
jsp not getting values from action submitted through jquery ajax
How can I tell if my package is being upgraded in a flat package postinstall script?
BeginRead buffer size (heavy CPU load)
Scala actors being passed as parameters to other actors
EF Code First cascade delete and update?
How to override Joomla System Messages - message.php template
Git - Save unfinished merge changes and checkout another branch
Sharing information between C# project and WiX
C# ThreadPool application performance degrading over time
How to Use Assetic for requireJs
Why can an unmanaged struct not be a member of a managed class?
Session Variable in ASP.NET returns previous value in ModalBox?
In Windows kernel syscall traces, what are these mystery addresses?
Castle Windsor: Get all names of registered components for a specific interface
How do I apply a UILongPressGestureRecognizer to a shape in C4?
Magento mass-assign products to category
How to find 鈥減ublic鈥�intents we can use in using other apps in our apps
With Jquery UI Dialog, I want to know ok button selected or cancel button
ELF Parsing : Accessing a DIE Directly using pyelftools
UIButton click crashing app
Is there a way to configure a 鈥淭opic exchange鈥�to send the non routed messages to a queue?
Using AutoMapper on shared properties?
Including my .jar files from lib folder to my main .jar file
Root view controller always set as tableViewController when Navigation Controller is set
Data types match, but I still get an error with my Linked list?
Getting id of Asp.Net MVC Auto Complete TextBox
Font face quality issue in firefox (windows os)
Intellij 10.5.4 replaces iml files' libary root url localvariable with $USER_HOME$
Browser Hangs Executing PHP that runs a Powershell
storing user input in array
Variance annotations in type aliases
IF/CASE in an outer join
How to display PIM events from Calendar?
Receiving Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! when trying to make a recursion script with PHP
website is not displaying full length on iphone
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: class android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase declares multiple JSON fields named mLock
If time after specified add another day to delivery php
Python logic bug: my variable is assigned correctly and after some 鈥渇or鈥�and 鈥渋f鈥�statements it becomes None without touching it
Themes and Languages Resource Dictionary
Java Spring: Error message no declaration can be found for element 'util:constant'
Can't update a target table
How to prevent browser from replacing email in text field with JavaScript?
parsing large XML file in Java [duplicate]
What are the Curl SMTP command line arguments to support GMail TLS/STARTTLS vs SSL
what is the difference in List<string> and IEnumerable<string>
ClassCastException in list implementation?
How to sort dictionary by DateTime attribute of the value
Some changes in java.policy not taken care by JVM
call a native program from servlet
add Uiimage on top of another Uiimage
Google api key Authorized JavaScript Origins doesnt work with subdomains
Simple multiplayer game development with [closed]
What is a better approach to communicate with tab items than partial class
What paramters do I consider to choose SSAS or Powerpoint
Calculating Floating Point Powers (PHP/BCMath)
Android SDCard I/O Managing Mount and Unmount
Convert geolocation into street address description
How to authenticate with node.js Passport through a get-request? routing integration feature requires compatibility with webapi 0.6.0 and compatibility enabled
Solr - subqueries
Are all iphone songs DRM protected while on the phone? AVAssetExportSession cannot find audio
Rails - set_table_name in model depending on domain
duotive-three jquery slider
Rails 3.0.x and capistrano - No javascript
How to display data from 4 tables?
Spotify API Drag & Drop playlists
Which option is better ? use the old version of ruby from centos packages or use a the newest installed manually
Can I get an unbound function from a bound function in JavaScript?
mod_rewrite for so that a specific directory is removed from the url, but still displays the content
odd compiled code
Recur won't compile in perfectly tail-recursive function
Code Igniter - Call method inside a model?
Given 鈥淧DO鈥� what is the purpose of 鈥渕ysqli_stmt鈥�
Compare to Excel columns, output cells in A that do not appear in B
Return multiple file paths to use in another function using wxPython
How do we implement a regular expression to parse and group parts of a string that may or may not exclude a specific phrase?
How to dismiss AlertDialog.Builder on touch with no buttons
Colorbox won't display controls, border
Particular query causes ADO Recordset to fail with E_FAIL
Sitemap authorization make menu disappear
Property not being returned from database?
Window title for javascript print
Find corner points of a cube that has a random point in a 3D grid
C# Rearranging multi-display positions in Windows
Passing subdomain info to controller in IRouteConstraint.Match
Is it possible to put Google Chrome into a 鈥渆xtension free鈥�mode?
Polymorphic Form Binding in Spring MVC
Creating a table in mysql stored procedures
How to serialize 'System.Numerics.Complex' using an XmlSerializer?
Validating dropdownlist inside gridview control
Extracting connection string from configuration manager
How to OR solr term facets via the search URL in Drupal 7 site?
How to group by a column
tableView and how to correctly use 鈥淟oad more鈥︹�
How i can use the native progressbar when the vcl styles are enabled?
Conditional Operator without evaluating twice?
putExtra data defined in programatically created ImageButtons only sees last value?
Rails ActiveRecord How Can I turn off logging particular queries
Call storyboard scene programmatically (without needing segue)?
Stack or LinkedList for ObjectPool?
K&R 1.5.4 word counting in C
Convert Element object to Int?
google-drive-sdk Push Gmail Attachments to GDrive when sending mail to internal resources
winform to GTK# for Mono
Xcode 4.3.2 and 100% CPU constantly in the idle time
How can I find the IP address of the current user's connection in MySQL?
Removing strange characters from MySQL data
Java: instantiate variables in loop: good or bad style?
Run repeating NSTimer with GCD?
XSLT put Root node into a string element of the Target Schema
Trying to change a password that 鈥渦ser must change鈥�in AD through ASP.NET
Can't Access JSON Array of Objects, Driving Me Crazy
creating derbyjs app in windows
referencing class variable by a string
django and jquery on click load object fields into div
Initializing a userform class
Invalid Upload Request
Website tagging: SQLAlchemy inheritance, passing arguments to the superclass, and the many to many relationship
How can I move matching files into another directory?
python syntax: how to return 0 instead of False when evaluating 0
How to add to array in C# dynamically
with android set wallpaper from url i dont understand
Getting Data from a SWT ComboBox
From CRMF request into CertificateRequest (PKCS#10) Signature
dojox.form.Uploader and FileList - FileList does not show multiple files
Cumulative condition query
Append and Clear Text File Web Form C#
Where vs. Having with calculated field
SQL Server MERGE + Joining other tables
returning c++ iterators
How to set clipboard in android emulator for ice cream sandwich?
ssrs column visibility inside row groups
undefined method render_to_body for module AbstractController::Rendering
Any method similar to CCHMac of iPhone in Android?
A good gem for filtering and searching? [closed]
Does django include a basic http authentication middleware implementation?
Stream HTML audio in background WP7 app
fb request dialog filter not working
Hadoop Mkdirs failed to create /some/path
How to export sqlite to CSV in Python without being formatted as a list?
Flash Display Issues Between Browsers
How do you make a css tiled / repeated background stay sharp on a retina screen?
Bit Counting from 0 ~ N in O(logn)
Send data to CSS Modal Popup
How do I get the data for a selected file from one form to another form in ruby on rails?
Android Notification Dynamic Icon
Advice with Selenium Project
How to get status of uploading file in Flask
jquery set cursor to first character of textarea
Jquery animate left is not working, what's wrong?
disable click event on first column
Automatically progress to next page via clicking? (Automation)
how to implement a combo box matching the last in the autocomplete
Is typhoeus safe to use with activerecord? resque?
Passing variables in Windows Forms
Android: Heisenbug
Facebook GraphApi -> Error : UOAuthException: (#282) Requires extended permission: share_item thrown
JSON looping through sub objects
Taking snapshots of the webpage while unit testing using phantomjs and jasmine
C : printf changes course of program [closed]
Why can i read lines from file only one time?
Implement a timeout in BluetoothSocket in Android
Prices too accurate in my Rails app
factorial (recursion in general) in prolog - why order of terms matters
Android - Get the original file name for an async download
Vertical rotation of text inside div
Get the GPS coordinate given the current location, bearing and distance
Get url from window.location with selenium
qTip2 shows and hides slowly
Is there a way to add Business Intelligence Projects templates to Visual Studio 2008?
bundle updated then sprockets throw filenotfound error rails 3.2.3 ruby1.9.3p194
Converting Apple's MVC Networking sample to ARC
How do I load sorl's thumbnail template tag in all my templates
Can't find the right regex to split after the space that follows a commata
Is a Mac Eclipse project able to be run on a Windows PC with Eclipse installed?
Android soft keyboard will hide for no reason
the first dropdown is selected it would remove the selected item from the next dropdown
Save button code connecting to database not working in ASP.NET
Azure CDN - Enabling HTTP 304 Caching with ETag - Hosted Web Role
How do weak events work?
Executing RSpec test in parallel using webdriver and Grid2
Android SDK Full Javdocs with Maven in Eclipse
In WPF, how do I reference a font in a resource library in code behind?
Custom Configuration Validation Based off another Config value?
mapping function to key in vim that yanks line out of one buffer, adds something to the line and puts it into a different buffer
Releasing memory of Core Graphics' data defined as properties [duplicate]
Pass multiple checkboxes and file upload using jQuery ajax to php to email
Running shell scripts as root in php?
What tools/frameworks for automated testing of Android applications should I use?
I want to override the gridview HeaderStyle. Currently skin(through theme) is applying
Bash script to find files based on filename and do search replace on them
Android UI Best Practice For iOS UIButton TypeInfoLight [closed]
Access 2003: Can't get results of command button query to appear in text box on form
AppEngine Google Apps Authentication: Can you switch domains?
Scrollbars disappearing in IE7 [closed]
Returning/Stopping the execution of a function on a keypress in Java
How to properly trigger a python twisted transport?
Read a SQLDataReader more than once in C#?
Dynamic validation in ASP MVC
Ruby and SWIG with CMake
Mysql incorrect lookup with utf8 varchar field
How to add tooltip to user defined textbox on a winform
Google Analytics JavaScript tracking code with the HTML5 async attribute and a protocol-relative URL
Selenium dll files for .NET
Setting UITableView FooterView after table reloading
iphone multiple UITableviewController
Trying to do something with ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection
JSON representation of NSDictionary
How to split a list of names contained in option tags javascript
dojo.cookie update?
Assigning Unordered keys to a Js array
Android: window.getSelection() does not work in webview
My textbox shrinks in Tkinter
why is CONVERT string to VARBINARY in SQL Server only converting first character?
Change images in UIImageView in sequence
In HTML, what is the advantage of using divs over using tables?
progressBars in ExpandableListViews disappear
When can't a compiler use RVO or NRVO?
Installing wordpress in a subdirectory using git but without using git submodules
Database-first Add Controller not getting current model list
Determining text file encoding schema
powershell conversion to string
Call Recording in Android Application [duplicate]
How to prevent multiple even firings with recursive Backbone.js views?
AlertDialog crash on orientation change
How can I remove duplicates (deduplicate) a mbox format email mailbox?
How to have Relative but not liquid layout
Purpose of /var/resource_config.json
Setup Heroku/Facebook on local environment
Property View isn't updated after property selection change
Sprockets: concatenate Eco templates and remove duplicated auxiliary functions
Stop node.js program from command line
Filling list inside object and accessing to it later
why can't I load this URL with JDOM? Browser spoofing?
CSS3 :nth-child(odd) /even isn't consistent
how to get first word after phrase with regex [closed]
How can I have XPath ignore nested nodes?
PDO were rows affected during execute statement
Change size of I like button
How do I efficiently create a TRIGGER which, on occasion, generates a VIEW?
jQgrid beforeProcessing doesn't fire
Spring 3.1 controller returning the name of an HTML page - will it work?
jQuery Animation on Navigation
Is there a high level replacement for the WP7 Toolkit GestureService?
Why does RVM point to the wrong rubygems?
Best way to inherit class with data?
Session Timeout Warning in ASP.NET
Single touch detection in UIScrollView
Validate field with Html Helper
how should i go about setting this buffer to expand automatically
How to determine if ping reply has reached its timeout?
How to keep javax.xml.transform.Transformer from converting/parsing HTML-encoded characters
Mechanism to provide browser and/or android keyboard with suggestions/list of items for autocomplete?
2 Activities how do I launch just one
How to draw a lines in opengl android
force const storing of returned by value value
getline function not working
Creating custom Live Tile
Downloading Stock quotes to App
Downloading Stock quotes to App
What is a good ASP.NET MVC detailed error page example
Python: Modifying passed arguments before class instance initialization
(Java) Printing Tic Tac Toe Board after Initilization
lwjgl OpenGl translations not doing anything
javascript not working on jsp pages redirected from servlet
NDBCluster LOAD DATA Infile performance
Breaking up long strings on multiple lines in Ruby without stripping newlines
NoClassDefFoundError: com.urbanairship.AirshipConfigOptions (Android Push Development)
rewriting/redirecting requests from one directory to another
PowerShell vs. sed with complex arguments
Consuming a WSO2 data service from C#
Conflicting routes in mvc 3
Google Maps - Get Polygon border of zones/neighborhood
how to avoid 'session break' in two panels
How to get identity ID in different database?
How do I display all taxons/categories AND all products for each on the category page in Spree?
Facebook connect not working in chrome
Bignum division with an unsigned 8 bit integer. C
Using NHibernate <map/> tag to load global settings dictionary
How to add custom whitespace between XML attributes (.NET, Powershell)
How to upload a file from a site using Selenium's java inteface
How should I initialize this multi-dimensional array?
script to get a string after regex and replace it on each line with a match
How to pull text from this string of data
Ideal order of GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER and glTexImage2D
Communicating between 2 Rails applications
MongoDB - Update an object in nested Array
How can I Select all rows where column contain any words of a string
How can I write a linq query for this?
include thumbnail upload in php sql code
Convert Each Element Of Array with max element [duplicate]
Xcode 4.3.2; How can I re-link symbols so 'Jump To Definition' works?
Javascript image fade-in appears slow in firefox
How do I create a onMouseOver tag in pyGTK?
Entity framework 4.1 relation to table itselft
How to move view for keyboard in portrait orientations
Perl 6 capturing repeating matching groups separately?
Why does a parameter passed to my callback function in jQuery keep getting changed?
How to assemble large sparse matrices effectively in python/scipy
WCF Service for HTML5 and Silverlight
Wordpress, Gantry Framwork, Child Theme?
Sitecore Analytics Api - Emails Sent, Open and Click throughs
Best approach to doing analysis of sets of tags?
MySQL returning wrong record
Multiple Criteria for If statement in AppleScript
How to compile a .java file using C++
saving a image along with file name into a access database c#
How can I implement timeout for read() when reading from a serial port (C/C++)
Android - Listview on click activates a new intent
Java MySQL Timestamp time zone problems
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError on android
Tool to minify java script using a build order
Escaping SQL Strings in Java
Remove HR tag from last row in table
C - trouble with sscanf
Turn Off Clicking Keyboard Sound progrmmatically (iOS)
Fetching a one-to-many core data relationship returns correct objects the first time but empty set all other times
convert text post into xml file using python in google app engine
Remove a Field from a List in Sharepoint 2010
Powershell script to auto install of IIS 7 and above
JavaScript on IE9. XMLDOM.selectSingleNode gives Unknown method -->concat
How to 鈥渄ual鈥�join in a SQL query?
How can I calculate the difference in days between two days stored as YYYYMMDD in a query?
About RTTI definition on wikipedia
App Idea Force Contact Pull Android
bash function execute 2 times the command mv
casting php arrays to c# hashtables
Matlab: Detect peaks above a certain height on bar graph and label just above peak height
Split multidimensional array into columns by number of children
when using 鈥渢his鈥� functions lose context - Raphael JS
CSS IE 8 Issue: My submit button on search form is behind my div background color
ggplot2 histogram changes plot when using facet_grid?
custom format directive for python strptime
What is a pointer? Like literally, what is it?
How to dynamically get each element's innerHTML when accessing by class
Redirect by htaccess and adding a string
c# MVC 4 Web API - Return object from JSON string
Erlang cookies in Nitrogen
Jquery OnChange fires but no data returned
TapGesture segue works to view, but not view controller
Android: uncaught handler exeption when querying the database
How does Q_FOREACH (= foreach) macro work and why is it that complex?
Unicorn doesn't play nice with Capistrano deployment?
Calling GetKeyState in a tight loop, why doesn't it work?
App Engine 401/403 Status Codes Not Working on WebApp2
Project Sharing in Eclipse
download and save a gzip file using php curl
Allowing for overflow on the y-axis while hiding overflow on the x-axis
Initializer is not a constant error
how to create dynamic object variable
sqlite3_mprintf - should I always use %Q as format specifier instead of %s?
selecting distinct SET values as a single mysql column?
Instantiate JDialog from JPanel
connecting to local MS SQL Server
PowerPoint Programming: Issues while trying to access ruler margins
Make hierarchical back button in either javascript or php
Shorter way to create datacontext object?
paypal ipn not getting verified
Inheritance from two abstract classes
javascript incorrectly determines daylight savings time line 鈥�an example out of 2006
Scrolling Content while Header/Footer Remains Stationary
Filter results using findAll in beautifulsoup
Querying with SDK2.0: OR filters together
Creating a New Project with the Correct Process Template While Keeping the Branching Structure
ASP.NET Sound Resource not publishing
Run code on a Spring MVC app deployment
How to delete all joined entities in the single DQL
Showing Amazon mechanical turk qualification test result
Create a user who can only query data from a tablespace (oracle)
TFS Licensing and CALs with SharePoint
JDBC give MySQL datetime in UTC
Weird rendering bug in desktop webkit (safari/chrome) with absolutely positioned elements
Joint query equivalent in mongodb
Can you use a @Helper inside an @Helper?
How to autoplay embedded Facebook videos?
Display only one distinct column for multiple common rows in crystal report
ARM __clear_cache equivalent for iOS devices
How does it affect length of RSA key and size of sent document on time of electronic signaturing using SHA-1 algorithm?
Twitter Bootstrap parsing warnings with RoR 3.2.2 / Firefox 12.0
How to close a Frame by clickin on the top right 鈥渪鈥�
c++ OpenMP critical: 鈥渙ne-way鈥�locking?
Timing of parallel actions using the Task Parallel Library in C#
Writing JTextArea content into file
IE9 input type=submit rendering border-bottom incorrectly. Fine in IE7 and 8
Modifying Apple's EADemo project to display bytes
Parsing HTML NSRegularExpression
Make ColdFusion on Ubuntu case-insensitive
Optimize Query with huge NOT IN Statement
How to encrypt a file using EncFS and C++?
Dealing with a ton of output on Chrome web dev tools
How to get JavaScript output via jQuery GET()?
How do you handle NULLs in a DATEDIFF comparison?
mysql declaring and setting variables. syntax errors
HTML5 Canvas image contrast
Treat arguments as input stream in bash
Error when using pudb with ipython
Problems using dompdf and codeigniter
Searching Assignment difficulty鈥�Linked List [closed]
Page Elements are clickable with local Webdriver, but not remote
Requesting html from a remote document via jQuery .load() method
Vagrant + Chef + apt: Is it possible to install a specific version of a deb package on a Ubuntu VM?
Centering li items with display:inline that have ul inside
Android SDK. call onDestroy() directly in scripting
What is a database session?
objective-c smb volume mount fsmountservervolumesync
find inner width/height of BorderContainer component
Smooks, java to java transformation
Changing createDate on Liferay Journal Article (Web Content) via Liferay API
Very high page load times?
Very high page load times?
Compile Ada for ARM architecture
Catch Facebook Access token on demand, but how?
How to display list of tags of a given branch in CVS?
Get exact phrase index in lucene
CakePHP not autopopulating
UIButton touch are
Using Jquery, How to save images to a folder without upload control or dialog?
Homework on PL/SQL FUNCTIONS [closed]
Graph library implementation
How to switch off the released application in itunes connect? [closed]
handling click event inside div using AJAX
Mongodb schema design for polymorphic objects
mysql is not accepting decimal in the right format
IE fails to load jQuery extensions on certain pages
Wordpress custom permalink for subpages
Search and download .torrent files within PHP script [closed]
Trigger HTML Select (listbox) event so as to cause it to dropdown
Unable to create media player, short Android app
How to remove unnecessary blank spaces from compiled Eco template
Unable to use JSTL format taglib with Spring MVC form
URL is not interacting with server
Testing if session was set to a particular value
Match the end of the string but not newlines?
Google Checkout XML invalid value
How do I check all checkboxes in a listview from one checkbox
I need help UITableView on UIView (Storyboard Project)
Property autocapitalization in maven
Receiving ID of instance CTreeCtrl again
Displaying PDF Files using gridviews
Are ifs tested in the order they have been written is a if-else鈥f-else鈥f-else block?
Android and Google-app-engine createuploadURL - how to pass additional parameters (i.e. email address)
how to convert html in to sencha touch
Cause TableView to not respond to mouse clicks in JavaFX 2.0
UITableView custom cells always change there content - must stop it
Database access on other machine
How to display a list using ViewBag
Remote view to To Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machines
PHP/Mysql Calendar
Node.js leaking path info, how to solve it?
Eclipse AVR Programming - ATMega2560
how do I redirect a subdomain to another subdomain where query string must remain intact
PDF to Image conversion - Windows command line script
Does outerHTML have the same XSS vulnerabilities as innerHTML?
Modify XElement to have different content
Add custom attributes to a choice widget
Allow users to create dynamic model attributes?
Adding Bootstrap icon to button in Ruby on Rails
SSL Broken PIPE in Android 2.3 HTTPS call over a Proxy
Microsoft ace oledb connection creating empty excel spreadsheet when there are 166,110 rows
Java How do you initialize Ehcache?
Game Center Outcome Posting
ListBox 鈥�get all child items that are visible in the UI? wpf
Unable to simultaneously POST and JSON with ajax jquery
Running Selenium Tests Sequentially on Same Firefox Instance
R: Inverse of factor interaction
how does 鈥淪ystem.out.println鈥�work in JS?鈥�:)
Secure 3rd party dependencies on iOS
JVM - Print Stack trace without explicit call
Hibernate: criteria equivalent for order by field
Xsl transformation of html in java
Mongoid Query Document with Inclusion of Referenced Document ID
Ninject MVC 2 - problems with EF 4 ObjectContext
jQuery text rotator help needed
Merging two records together by an attribute into a new object
Give reasons how consistent hashing can lead to load-imbalance
Jquery auto complete feature in combo box with unique values
TableView throws error when trying to implement dymanic cell height
WPF Datagrid hierarchical data recorded as strings
Class saving content of a file in dynamically allocated char array
Get method without the? [duplicate]
Why can't I use the function symbol(#') extracted from the list in Common lisp?
Spring 3.0 RmiProxyFactoryBean: how to set connection timeout?
Scala: Importing packages into package objects
jQuery custom event works only partially
words stemmer class c#
Return Statement Creates and Release an Object
Want to create a bookmark button for my web browser control for windows phone 7
Flex(Lex) output not right
str_replace() ignores the count parameter?
YUI 3 UploaderFlash not firing 'upload' events
iOS - Application debugging on .ipa file
how to connect the Internet?
How do I create a conditional WHERE clause?
Trying to write a function that get names from the user
Ecplise Android Webview, how to center the content
batch put_item with DynamoDB in PHP
Reading file's columns into array
Bug in CALayer's shadowPath?
WPF When clicking on the different Treeviewitem the related part of the text in TextBlock gets hightlighted
Why do cache sweepers need to be declared in controllers?
Search full git commit message body
HTML CSS Layout with bg image in lower div
JQuery html5 upload plugin. How do I use it?
Using intltool with cmake
Rails 3 ActiveRecord Insert Cannot Insert Value Null
Use Bean inside Managed Bean
Git: Push to a remote repository with a message
Rotate 3D cube so side is facing user
EXC_BAD_ACCESS error happens in an UITableViewController with subclassed UITableViewCell
Best way to hide/show depending on select options with jQuery? [closed]
Using cov() function in PDL module, Perl
Select only one checkbox for a given row in mulitple selection - jQuery
JSF SelectOneMenu : How can I get the option currently mouse overred ?
How to make an analytics for my website members page?
Reset session timeout programatically
Trying to Get a Nested List of Users in a Group in Active PowerShell Directory
Number contained in an odd number of sets
Ajax file upload with Node.js
Any free flash video player than can play rtmp stream?
FindFirstFile() show address
Base64 encode using boost throw exception
Force MS Chart Control To Not Use Decimals When Stepping The Axis
excel csv to mysql-numbers >1000 becomes 1.00
php apache error message - access forbidden
Substitute variable with another variable using s/
Standard for iOS to Windows encryption
jquery autocomplete remote data source
Why is SQLite implicitly inserting on update of non-existing row?
Registering handler for unhandled exceptions
Responding to a click on a growl notification in ruby
Why won't my javascript work?
I wish to Select all rows which contain any element from an array
Is there sort of unzip modules in nginx?
How to perform SQL Query to get last entry
mule logging-interceptor With Spring AOP
Creating a drop down menu with DIctionary Item
Policy in Linux file descriptor multiplexing (select et al.)
Alter connection string dynamically
Having a issue accessing/loading QJSon dylib at runtime on Mac OS X
Android activity Restarts When orientation changes
Whitespace in Java's regular expression
Hover on div not working
How to write this SQL query?
How can I change the prompt displayed by Sphinx when documenting interactive sessions?
Desire2Learn Valence API for External Learning Tools
Chrome Print-Preview fails with jQuery print button
magento - User share/restrict per website
Encoding UTF-8 doesn't work
Wordpress Blog of Bloggers
Twitter @anywhere login having issues
Android Application Installation Error [closed]
How to integration test an object with database queries
Regex to use preg_split by a dot (.)
Is it possible to Sum and Average outside the columns and rows of a pivot table in Crystal?
div hide/ show if statements multiple drop boxes
Solr query issues
Why doesn't Httparty fetch the source code?
Simplest way to make custom debug watch in Eclipse?
Same functionality of MKUserTrackingBarButtonItem but 鈥渕anually/programmatically鈥�on iOS
Android Creating a memory resident input file that can be attached to an email
Rails 3 database design for post model
How can I use msbuild to add a security certificate that I can use in IIS
Why don't I need ampersands with the scanf? (In C)
Put process into background in php while sending a data
Problems with copying an entity objects with its association
django dynamic number of named groups in url
Webservices - SOAP vs. 鈥淴ML over HTTP鈥�
Checking if param is present
How do I use HTTPS replication with iOS Couchbase Mobile?
Live Audio/Video Streaming and Encoding
HTML5 - input=number and incompatible browsers
Extracting tag information with beautifulsoup and python
Best way to check if a collection only contains elements in another collection?
difference in 'category-鈥�$row['id'].鈥�php' and 'category-.php鈥�$row['id'].鈥�
PHP inserting meaningless characters into string
Specify specific fields to audit in grails audit logging plugin
Call to a member function find() on a non-object
Find exact string in string - PHP
Option menu default gray border removal
Should low cardinality flags be indexed?
Retrieving a specific document version using SharePoint's Lists.GetListItems web service method
why does my nested case statement return a character set mismatch?
Issue loading content into DIV with Jquery [closed]
mysql n to m query
Facebook app 100% width
Database Design: Is this a good practice for location logging?
How to Mute Phone Call Stream (uplink) while calling on Android
how to make a parser similar to stanford parser?
CRM 2011 Mail merge templates serialize additonal condition properties on a class inheriting from List<T>
Get hebrew chars from textbox in
How do you display animated GIFs within a jQuery Dialog in IE?
Play, pause, slider not working in streaming video?
php memory_get_usage(true)
Linq to sql with repository for medium size web application
Jquery Outerhtml add extra unwanted style
Which one is the real copy_from_user()?
Accept only certain strings for a method in C#
How can a program compiled to machine language run on different machines?
Cannot get TextLayoutCache value
How to make the facebook share spider not to cache the page
How do you connect with an API in a functionally pure language?
How to avoid duplicate data into Mysql table?
Color on mouseover in FF Developer Plugin
Searching a List
Unable to set (make it smaller) Core Plot Pie Chart size
Sequentially run through a MYSQL table with 1,000,000 records?
Data from SQL Database not matching data on asp page
Chosen Jquery Plugin - getting selected values
How can I use hovering to prompt a change of text in a different div using JavaScript?
Adding class on an image click?
ASP. NET MVC 3 Unobtrusive client validation not always work
Does calling of methods and functions
Check if an input text contains a substring JQuery-Mobile
Find all geometry that intersects a point
WCF : 鈥�The private key is not present in the X.509 certificate鈥�error when connecting to soap service
What is correct syntax to use AWK in VBScript?
TestFixtureSetup skipped when debugging tests
PHP - Cleaning Rich Text Area Input
How to store signed numbers with decimals in Core Data
unknown log wx= wy= rx= ry= ios
Single writer memory visibility guarantee on single processor
Python, sort a list of dicts by an arbitrary order [duplicate]
What triggers finally throwing an AggregateException in WinForms?
Square brackets in URL causes exception in Tomcat
average numpy array but retain shape
Rails to_json different than received JSON
Jquery zoom with a clickable element that doesn't disrupt functionality
What's the difference between a Marionette Layout and a Region?
How can i use an Enum in Struts2 if statement
Standard way to implement initializer like ios_base::Init
How can i share a grooveshark music url to facebook with the music widget?
How to access multiple types of Models inside Collection?
jQuery: add and remove elements as the window is resized but always cover the window
Less stylesheet doesnt get rendered when I prefix address with www
Is it possible to have multiple Twitter Bootstrap carousels on one page?
Why does this database synchronization routine fail?
Understanding deeply nested document structure in mongo db
SIGABRT error when using pushViewController
Adding a filter to wp_edit_posts_query() to prevent hierarchical display of pages
Googlebot Crawl Error 500 and PHP Error reporting (with a strange solution)
Trying to save a User Password using Repository Pattern
Reqest to CDYNE results in urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
How to check if a file can be deleted with current credentials (UAC) (windows, qt)
How can I implement testable, maintainable real-time logic?
Webclient's DownloadStringCompleted event handler not firing
CSS overflow rule includes object border?
Is there anyway to determine the height of a string of HTML without using a UIWebView?
jQuery Form Plugin 鈥�does not call error callback on Internal Server error (500)
Confusion with threads, beginner
VB.Net DateTime.Parse and ParseExact don't work
How to make a custom control validatable?
Where can I get a list of days & months as CSV? [closed]
What is the Rails way to log visits in order to collect data for a recommendation engine?
Using a Map in XSL for expanding abbreviations
Rails: Wrong hostname for url helpers in rspec
Unable to create Excel macros on particular machine (possible Windows Group Policy issue?)
Grey splash screen due to no repainting
In ggplot2, how to choose which geom appears in legend?
c# page_unload firing together with after page_load
Mysql very slow on droping indexes
Is it possible to scan for methods with specific attributes within assembly?
XNA: Moving backwards (if statement never occurs) [closed]
How to separate two different phases of a protocol in Twisted?
Avoiding input element value posted back to server but allow MVC validation to occur
Bootstrap JavaScript Carousel Doesn't Stop Cycling
Mysql/php order by most popular table structure
DataGridView: Copy complete to clipboard
How to revert remote bare repository on git
How do I use SQL Server table name in select query with a variable?
Visual Studio doesn't recognize @model directive
iOS deve with Starling framework: take a screenshot and save it to the camera roll
Run cron job in non-silent mode?
Does Trac modify the Subversion repository it's configured to browse?
Error 1064 <42000> on mysql when i'm trying to create table
How to display data from 3 tables?
How to get size of the windows console in python
Ruby: How do I make a loop that prints an array index position's contents UNLESS it's the same as the last position's?
Java synchronized passing object to alien method
C programming beginner - Please explain this error
JQuery ajax JSONP POST changed to GET when cross domain
C# Return from a try-catch block
Search then sort array based on string input
JSFiddle Demo will not load
I cannot cancel the fullscreen with the method given in FullScreen API
Web Server for existing Java application
Jump from/to loginscreen and send to specific controller (iPhone sdk)
sencha app build production: doesn't combine my js
Cannot load compiled class after compilation
How to get an MD5 checksum in PowerShell
Joining two Tables in SQL, but using an earler Row if no Result on the right Table
Problems hosting multiple ASP.Net MVC3 applications in an IIS7.5 website
Delaying Loaders
Modifying the font, textColor of Closed Caption in iOS
how return multiple values from thread and how handle this value
Quality Center OTA API - TDFilter using Python
How do I access this JSON data in Javascript/jQuery given that it is generated dynamically?
mysql default value
Is it possible to find all classes annotated with @MyAnnotation using a GWT GeneratorContext?
Maven assembly include all jars but one (exclude doesn't work)
Sending email to multiple recipients
Rectangle Coordinate Rotation
Setting the ContentTypeId of a list item throws a SoapException
Retain html client control values on postback
Tuple Relational Calculus query
Reversing a string without using any built in methods [duplicate]
Traversing ul parents and unchecking checkboxes with jQuery
IObservable<> missing .Subscribe extension methods
JBoss AS 7.1 - datasource how to encrypt password
Traversing ul parents and unchecking checkboxes with jQuery
IObservable<> missing .Subscribe extension methods
JBoss AS 7.1 - datasource how to encrypt password
Module specific layout plugin works as .ini resouces but not when registered in the bootstrap file
GWT Html5 Storage for non String values
Java Truststore differences between windows 7 and Solaris (Mule 3.3)
Not able to understand what does find-set(x) in algorithm is
Scheme and C working together
is it possible to start a new session if a cookie is set?
How to sort the cells of a TableViewController based on detailTextLabel.text values?
What are the best ways to monitor performance and maintain performance statistics of python code?
Core Graphics complicated shape inside a stroke fill
Javascript clearing a frame
Displaying JSON results in a on new lines AJAX
Best way to construct a query?
Different ajax calls with polling cycle
Need a jquery slider for a flash made movie
datepicker in dynamic data
create InfoWindow for clustered markers using Google Maps v3
How to add a script element in an iframe for jQuery
Why use a set for list comparisons?
meta tags for google vs meta tags open graph for facebook
Extension Utility for invoking on a control's thread
Jqgrid Get postData
Recursive Control Finder Returning TextBox as Literal
Is there anyway to determine the height of a UIWebView outside of webViewDidFinishLoad:?
IPad EXC_BAD_ACESS Even Though It Runs Fine On SImulator
Air Native Extensions: How to allocate a ByteArray and manage its memory?
Lost with skinned meshes
form action with javascript
Label String not being Set
MonoTouch.Dialog - EntryElement not allowing edit of typed in text
How to return value with anonymous method?
How to save to SQL Server Express database in visual studio 2005
trying to execute a SQL query from within a PHP function
Debian+Remove Files That Start With *
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00936: missing expression
How to test a computer real general performance within C/C++ in a cross platform manner?
EF Code First Multiple Tables to single entity
ActiveX control cannot be instantiated because thread is in a single-threaded apartment. Happens after waking PC from sleep
How do I get JSON data from Rest APi
How to implement bi-directional maps
Match a single character in a DataView RowFilter?
get posterous site_id, php (either preg_match or json_decode?) = no joy
Django - Can I create a global variable that can be accessed/manipulated from different functions in different files?
C++/C Virtual/Embeddable File System [Cross Compatible (Library)]?
scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation not being called?
Jquery mobile and IOS address bar
boost asio sockets cant connect after stop
Can't access models in Rails console
parsing json child nodes with jquery [closed]
How are templates in RazorEngine Cached?
What does `real*8` mean?
Xcode: I just got an Apple Mach-O Linker (Id) Error and don't know why
Bar fixed on top, but only if the scroll tries to hide it
PHP to Update MySQL Database Table
Error property not readable on type Error- on a DataTable with Edit and selection option
php password update on mysql
Database connection works for Cassini, but fails for IIS
Infinite classic Asp do while loop
Getting grid view in google maps
Python WX - Returning user input from wx Dialog
Foreign Key not working: Error code 1005, SQL state HY000: Can't create table
Is there a way to check duplicate images with different names using php?
Cannot invoke method list on null object
Looping through 12 months
Java - Can Client also acts as a Server at the same time or Vice Versa?
In R, how to get an object's name from the object itself?
Autowire ViewResolver in Spring MVC
php if statement equals this then display this
how to get page id when installing a iframe page tab on facebook?
Silverlight TextBlock TextTrimming inside ContentControl disappears
What happens with `map::iterator` when i remove entry from map? [duplicate]
Configure the Drupal 6 module to appear only on home page
Parsing xml data in java
Use of getters in ResultSets
WMI call performance
Rendering all elements at once instead of rendering boxes and waiting for images to load
detecting right mouse double click with Bing maps
Load and parse xml based on string, IE
resubmit rejected iphone app
How to HIDE element based on IF statement when onClick is used
Get hidden column value and omit click on the first column
Ninject UnitOfWork confusion
Dismiss ProgressDialog But Still Leaks
Mod rewrite apache - rewriting only base url
Why does rake assets:precompile in development cause problems but not in my production environement
jquery cycle not working
How to let the inserting to be synchronized, in mongoose? [duplicate]
Syntax highlighting in <pre> tags
No application can perform this action while using Java mail api
MySQL - Joining 4 tables and trying not to get duplicate results
ASP.NET 2.0 C# Insert to database not working
using processing instructions to provide meta informations?
Resources Plugin 鈥�How To include all contents in a directory?
Connection between UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext and drawInrect
how to acess variabale with different 鈥渓ast name鈥�in visual basic
HSQLDB with Hibernate not saving records after apllication end
jquery datepicker range - automatically display the next day
Paperclip - How to control which characters are escaped/changed to an underscore in an uploaded filename?
On-the-fly bank account numbers verification
Create an irregular shaped frame
Cannot create a file using stringByAppendingPathComponent mvc3, why dataannotation validates without Validator Attributes?
SQLAlchemy: Select count of related many-to-many elements
Common link to open iOS, Android and BlackBerry app
Entity Framework 4.0 - Many to Many relationship is inserting records on the left side of the mapping, not only in the relationship table
Error when playing sound with phoneGap
php sort array and rank specific field
Multi Value Setting (Settings.bundle) issue
CoreScanner (Motorola) Events not being triggered C#
Nesting a Case statement within an IF statement
Do unused properties cause overhead?
Why sqlsrv is not loading in php [closed]
animation with sprite 2D android
How to split one string into multiple variables in bash shell?
Starling game resolution in multiplataform
Why array constants can only be used in initializers? [duplicate]
How should OSMDroid main.xml map view look?
Formatting a String to Remove Scientific Notation - Java
Regarding development of comparator
Bash's source command not working with a file curl'd from internet
Php Sqlite3 : insert statment works in command line but not in browser
how to communicate with openstack api using servlet
Trying to insert only unique row into new table
Element reference in 2 elements
changing the color of links in a div on hover
community engine desert
How to implement a Singleton in an application with DLL
WM_EX_COMPOSITED without double-buffering
domains have some common fields,extends domain or embedded?
Need to get song name from playlist into the 鈥淣ow Playing鈥�banner w/php&javascript
Facebook - How to keep variables from app_data after login redirect?
How to restrict FileDialog to specific path
$.getJSON doesn't read my .aspx return
Regular Expression Wildcard Matching
php word filter function?
Sprite buttons on the HUD do not detect a touch event if the ZoomCamera moves from its original position
Lucene query with field dependency
Accessing a class within a class from another class
Http connection interruption detection
Alternatives to SoundPlayer
C# I have an array of superclass objects, which may contain subclass objects. How to test for subclass object & use it's accessors?
Android numeric keyboard
Edit MySQL database via HTML鈥�options?
Eclipse indigo giving error validating xsd file
Move component to another product in Bugzilla?
Trying to have multiple jquery dialog boxes
Spring .NET oracle connection failed
Using events and BackgroundWorker to update UI causing race conditions
Using events and BackgroundWorker to update UI causing race conditions
C++ strings connecting with char arrays
Facebook.init on flash FacebookGraphAPI can't connect
Are Lisp source code files themselves lists?
Listening for mouse (drag-and-drop) events in MS Excel
Wrong output of mahout PFPGrowth algorithm?
More elegant way to put translations inside tags values
php mysql select 4 weeks from month
How to insert a doc into mongodb using mongoose and get the generated id?
Parallel computing in Octave on a single machine 鈥�package and example
Application Window in Eclipse with WindowBuilder
How can I dynamically change the 'wrap' property of an iCarousel object?
How to extend ELO rating?
confusion about oop features in c language,my statement proving that there is many oop features in c also [closed]
Why does string show up in NSDictionary with quotes, but others don't? [duplicate]
How can I make bugs for product backlog items in TFS Preview (Azure Hosted TFS)?
KeyDown recognizes the left and right directional arrow keys, but not up and down
Method for storing a large amount of units, with a large array of attributes
Ruby Exerb: missing File class
Accessing the shared folder in XP using TCL without mapping to a drive
What does PHPUnit Strict mode do?
Get instance failure when trying connect to ms sql server
Unable to save image from URL in C# - using Webclient and DownloadFile();
Blank space in xml after and before textview
how to remember all the occurrences in REGEX?
Is it a good idea to keep Validation and Formatting as fields or entities in my scenario?
JavaScript + event propagation
NSData writeToFile on iPhone
JAXB 2.2 not unmarshalling unbounded choice elements
How can I consolidate my dll project settings into my main exe.config file in Visual Studio 2010 for a C# application?
echo in codeignter controller is not working
datetime format conversion invalid string
Using NSMutableURLRequest to POST a HTML form (specifically the 'checkbox' control)
Datagrid Sorting GB,MB,KB,B's
Is it possible to force a PHP stylesheet import to ignore a string?
Is there a way to determine if a remote RMI Server machine is multi-homed, even if some of its IP addresses are not visible?
Search & replace a constant string with a variable one inside that file
JComboBox: How to get key selection that works with HTML entries?
Regex pattern matches() method java
Image being stretched
Knockout issue with prototypical inheritance
How to Upload text, pdf, doc, zip file via PHP file upload to MySQL
Stop script execution upon notice/warning
FileService run out of memory with large files
How to dump DOM into a variable and detach it from document (jQuery)
Without iPhone, how to take screenshot with XCode?
Search form submission and pagination in Scala Play 2.0 Framework
What is this encoding and how do you decode it?
Calling getResource() from a class on a.jar when resource is on a project that as a.jar as library
Can EF select multiple transformed collections?
Unhandled exception for strlen in C
Initializing blocks C++ & Java
Should I implement both client and server-side validation?
How to wrap a char* buffer in a WinRT IBuffer in C++
Variable access between queue and main ui queue
Display the selected value of a Drop down list in a text field (javascript)
custom error message in IIS
ActionBarSherlock - SherlockActivity issue - Couldn't find content container view
Possible jQuery conflict?
Mobile Apps. IPad. Hepler in the fields
How to put all css files in one file and all javascript files in one file
Communicate with a page script from a content script in a Chrome extension
What is the ideal way to store data in an indexeddb database?
MongoDB Dynamic DB Selection / Creation
Locating child nodes of WebElements in selenium
CASE or COALESCE performance in WHERE clause for MySQL
How can I use function callback ('StopFcn' , 'TimerFcn' )for audiorecorder object in MATLAB?
How to change background color of Windows Phone Listpicker in FullScreen Mode
Publishing to the wall without user authorization
Add value to checkbox field
Does the d3 treemap layout get cached when a root node is passed to it?
Recursion restarting loop (C++)
semi-circular shape of jquery mobile slider
Custom MKAnnotationView with frame,icon and image
XStream encoding broken
Rails3 ActionView Template Handlers doesn't work on Production Server
Deleting markers from a google map help - JavaScript
Gridview itemTemplate control enable/disable using jQuery
iPad -鈥渢el:555鈥� 鈥淿top鈥� is not invoking default behavior
As a freelance iOS developer, how would you go about taking royalties on your app from your client? [closed]
R: Using 鈥渟egment鈥�command to put vertical lines between plotted points
Using HighchartsExport Libary for .Net I am Getting Blank Page
auto suggest ajax for php
Redirect specific URLs to an alternate page
Access to viewbag using javascript code
MySQL query to group messages into a conversation and show the first in the inbox
JSF: Conversion Error setting value '<some string>' for 'null Converter'
Template errors: unresolved externals and inner friend classes
How to check whether a Jquery UI theme is loaded?
How to call jquerybutton click method after postback in mvc3
How would you Open PDFs Stored on Your iPhone
how to create criteria with join in yii
Issue with bundle install using spree from a git clone:
Generate datamapper models from an existing database
Android with mySQL connection, Eclipse?
UIView animation doesn't get called when view is reloaded
JSF issue with back button
Slide DIV from left
Pydev: Send stdout to a real (tty) terminal