Javascript functions working in IE but not in FF, Chrome, or Mobile Safari
Stanford parser- tagging with financial instruments
Animate text movement with html5 and / or CSS3
Is there an iphone photo thumbnail viewer and browser that is easy to use?
Entity Framework add first row to database from a List?
Linux: When to use scatter/gather IO (readv, writev) vs a large buffer with fread
app rejection related to background service
seding data from angularjs to django
jQuery fadeout element on hover
Facebook Connect - Android
drupal admin section
Error when update table by using MySQLdb
SQL statement, selecting data from specific range of hours
Keyup only after last key with jquery
Enforcing a choice prior to viewing MVC and Web Forms pages
Flex: application is confused when passing variables to custom component
Rails' *_url helpers with custom (not 80) port in production. (Nginx, Unicorn)
PHP on IIS 6 as ISAPI, which process isolation mode?
Can't count words from richtextbox to label?
JSON.NET - Can I hint types in XML to be parsed?
vert.x mySQL Javascript driver library
mysql slow query sql statement is not as slow when executed from mysql prompt
Moving Sqoop data from HDFS to Hive
JQuery Mobile changePage alternative doesn't use transitions
How can I use a String in more than one file? [duplicate]
InstallShield 2012: Cryptic error code IISRT: -1204
Static Properties/Collections Not Executing Properly Inside ASP.NET Application
Tridion 2011 GUI Extension, how to include css file?
On HTC One X, light sensor won't work when screen is off
first two results from ls command
Dynamic picture depends on attribute
Use sprite image in ul list?
Disabling Google Website Optimizer in dev and test environments (but not production)
How do I delete all data in a Cassandra column family?
OpenCV Mat data structure
@ symbol in Drupal modules
Is it possible to transition the removal of a node on a treemap in d3?
Can't get PhantomJS to work with a simple example
Deploy iPad App - Enterprise or Developer Licence
Old version of Wordpress on new PHP. Error reporting
How to combine two projects in
Eclipse how to add a widget to an existing Android project
Inline XSD schema into an XML document
How to remove old build files from an existing app install/bundle?
PHP and Xpath, filtering results based on greatgrandchildren
how to use join for more than two list in caml sharepoint 2010
Is there any benefit to using std::string::size_type over size_t?
Magento upgrade 1.7 caused following error
JSF2 ui:include pass variable number of input param
Calculate sum of textboxes inside nested grid
how to use join for more than two list in caml sharepoint 2010
Is there any benefit to using std::string::size_type over size_t?
Magento upgrade 1.7 caused following error
JSF2 ui:include pass variable number of input param
Oddly formatted SVN repo to Git
Calculate sum of textboxes inside nested grid
Calculate MD5 checksum for a file
Enterprise Architect: How to show packages as groups in a diagram
Amalgamate unique methods from multiple classes on interface?
Android app resume issues
Java Constants Instantiating by building a string
Unexpected NullPointerException assigning arrays from constructor
Reference local Groovy project in Grails app
Pre-increment in PHP with magic get and set defined
jQuery Mobile delegate vs live vs bind
Android - Load PDF inside webview
php IF statements inside `array()` function
How load image trough ajax with personal http headers in javascript (sencha touch 2)
How do I overlap PNG images for a 鈥渂uild your own t-shirt鈥�product display page - javascript/css/asp
auto registering JNDI resources
Entity Framework 3 - Filter Elements in Chained Navigational Properties
Capture data before a postback (User Control within a repeater)
Showing a previously selected answer when a Spinner is reloaded
How do I pass a Perl array as a scalar into a subroutine?
Creating an image of a website given a url [duplicate]
Very complex SQL query
Trying to 'undo' several CSS options with an inline statement
Insert array of colors into foreach loop
Temporary offshoot of SVN repository
Preference changes only happen when restarting the app
IIS and RestSharp -> Response body cut off for 40x error?
Mobile web framework for existing javascriptMVC web site
Using jQuery to change style of clicked element and removing that style from other elements with same class
Spanning body text across multiple fixed height columns
Automation of a password protected website that changes URL's daily
select boxes with like info disabled on selection in all dropdowns
hidesBottomBarWhenPushed for a custom view
custom DataContext and remote database
Trying to write a query for 3CX outgoing call duration stats for the current day
JavaFX 2 Media from file with a relative path
Is the check for zero needed in this case (after modulus and addition)?
How can I print out the string 鈥� b鈥�in Python
ADO Command running multiple SQL statements: can't get error message back: USE THE Connection.Errors collection
R check for missing columns in a data frame
Is there a way to quickly compute the signature of a string for help detecting string changes?
Oracle SQL query to exclude rows containing non-numeric characters
SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service Authentication Required
How can I replace the implementation of an object class used by an Android Activity for my automated tests?
Windows API - Repeating the same messages when needed
Icefaces opening jsf and icefaces jar files hundreds of times
Dataview RowFilter is changing the Cached Dataset in .NET 4.0
Get the terminal's name
simplexml_load_file not a valid URI issue
Jersey hello world gives 404
Oracle 11g Text: Composite Domain Index - FILTER BY on columns from different tables
Binding SQL LINQ result to datagridview
Writing to file, file being used by another process
get first occurred only in an array
Is it possible to adopt a process?
R - generate all combinations from 2 vectors given constraints
Autocomplete script getting Object expected error
confusion regarding wild card parametrized types
Overlay view over video in iphone
rails-translate-routes gem: Is it possible to translate routes but keep (some) original ones?
FQL NOT IN Equivalent operator like <> , EXCEPT, !=
ASP.NET MVC3: password protect a page
how to get loged in user's session id membership provider
Use of server side MsgBox() is wrong in web application?
Moq: Verifying protected method on abstract class is called
Javascript - Large background image load time is holding up my onLoad function
Delegate AVAudioPlayer for audioPlayerEndInterruption method
mod_rewrite for sef enabled joomla site
Creating a dropdown in using Rails
Perl: Redirect STDOUT to two files
Why does a log file have the extension swp?
Interacting with mysql through sockets
using Custom Error Page in IIS7.5
After creating XML with DOM the header includes UTF-8 ?
Dynamic alternate right left alignement
Safe way to pass a date param to an ajax call to a MVC action
Error while binding values to form field in extjs
Kendo grid not calling MVC action
Wrong year set when converting NSDate to NSString
Specify ghc options at command line via cabal (cabal-install) without editing .cabal files of packages
SoundManager2 SWF Load Issue
Source line length limit
Unit test (connect to Analysis Services) fails on TeamCity - but not on VS 2010 on the same machine
CGAffineTransformScale modified after device rotation
Design pattern for iOS Puzzle Game
how to call a function on a controller when Tapping on TabPanel? Sencha Touch 2
How to convert milliseconds into minutes?
Retrieve JSON Data with AJAX
How to define a generic class that restricts to only a certain set of types? [duplicate]
MediaElement.js - Best cross-browser filetype/encoding to use?
Compiling using GSL and OpenMP
Is it possible to pass a class as an argument when the same class has initialized?
ASP.NET: Wrong event is fired when I click a LinkButton
asp:Button wont fire onclick event
How to store the data's selected in a selectManyCheckbox into different objects?
Where does the forge.logging.log (etc) output go when running on the real device (IOS or Android)?
Compiling using GSL and OpenMP
Is it possible to pass a class as an argument when the same class has initialized?
ASP.NET: Wrong event is fired when I click a LinkButton
asp:Button wont fire onclick event
How to store the data's selected in a selectManyCheckbox into different objects?
Where does the forge.logging.log (etc) output go when running on the real device (IOS or Android)?
How to switch directories using C#?
click event to div in list not working on ipad
SQL Server - XQuery for XML
Why is there no image when running from a .jar file?
Huge PersistentMapping persisted on every content object save in Plone
ReReplace any word that begins with @
How do I modify the 'Format' dropdown in CKEditor?
Implementing Topic Model with Python (numpy)
Google Drive SDK Sample PHP Exception
How to add 'Ext.require' in Sencha Architect 2
Can I set locale/language on iPad keyboard in a web app/UiWebView?
SQL Query condensing
Building latest Vala releases (make check fails and valac can't find shared lib)
Magento addAttributeToFilter with Mutliple Select
check the last commit message in subversion
SQL Server Best of X matches
Linked time axes (x-axis) in a matplotlib figure
adding spaces between variables [closed]
Create a table in spreadsheet with PHPExcel
iOS - scrollView and setContentSize
Combine 2 simple SQL Server queries?
An additional id field is being added to my json request in extjs 4.1
Is it possible to wait for a file to be created to continue in c# [closed]
Illegal mix of collations for simple stored procedure
How do I make an expandable image button in ASP
Close a java modal JDialog from within the owner class (a JFrame)
Im trying to parse all links from a website but it dosent workwhat could be wrong?
PHP SOAP server not returning value at all
Configure Komodo Edit for Python 3.2
Issue when debugging with jboss7 maven plugin and Eclipse
Bluetooth on Android : how to check whether specific MAC addressed device is still there around me?
Immediately start ajax call if other one is still running
Jquery modal plugin
how to assign a python variable whose name is generated on-the-fly?
Wiring multiple independent Spring Applications using Maven
Create all possible combinations of items in a list using Linq and C#
use amf remoting with mvc
Android: how to get POIs in Google maps?
Async CTP NullReference or ArgumentNullException (Windows Phone)
What is a high thread count in IIS7 Worker Process Indicative Of?
Correct way of doing multithreading inside Tomcat/Jetty
wpf RowDetailsTemplate focus
Can I set in the IIS ARR (reverse-proxy) cache for dynamic pages?
How to use umlauts with ruby's URI library
Fourier integral/ Fourier transformation of an oscillatory function with FFT
Defining a variable with jQuery from a different form
CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long when running main() method
How does one set up a proxy and test with browsermob-proxy?
Blackberry Bold browser - h3 (clickable element) - browser inserts blue background
Cell factory in javafx
Code to fetch intermediate certificate automatically
Merge two data sets using AWK
Why is closing my splash screen causing my main window to never display?
ios problems with downloading an mp4 file
Interface based design and optional method parameters
How do I get substring of multiple array elements using substr function in perl? [closed]
Find Maximum in Array with Repeated Elements
proper concatenation for if isset in a php variable string for an HTML input value
How to print result of _each method in eco template
Need Small Help On Windows Phone 7
Add foreign keys relationship to Entity Framework Database first
Get each tr then the first two td
How can I replace certain carriage return line feed followed by a dash with a <br/>?
Web API action names
Valid arguments for parted [closed]
How can I ensure users watch whole videos?
Difference between Row-Modelling and EAV
Using global variables in backbone.js .. best practice
Android - separating List strings
Two sprites spotting each other
ASP: Copying a file path in full into my code-behind method
Efficiency of adding a listener to a jQuery class set, compared to using $.each
Sharing a tweet in Android
AutoMapper Dictionary Flattening
ASP Menu Control is null when using nested master pages
Execute java methodes via a Python or Perl client
AspectJ and Maven
Can you create a .java file in a c++ program?
Passing number of threads to Jmeter script
How to modify source code without re-running cfx and Firefox when debugging an SDK add-on锛�
how to call delegate method, iphone
How to do raw mongodb operations in mongoose?
Having trouble exporting and importing Oracle tables
Rich snippet is not showing for
Why should we use JoomFish in Joomla! 2.5, if Joomla! 2.5 provides multilingual support?
Configuration class not found for JAR with Hibernate dependencies
Using Knockout JS and Twitter Bootstrap.. pre-pend icon looks good in IE but bad in Chrome/Firefox
XAML ListBoxItem Gradient Color Animation
Reconnect to NamedPipeClientStream after connection lost (.NET)
Same C++ 'if' statement, different results on Linux/Windows
Ruby on Rails - Has_many, Mass Assignment issue
Can I display a page's social network activity without asking for user permissions?
SDF (SearchDataFormat) Requires Atypical JSON
Any reason ReSharper will not work when viewing SQL files in Visual Studio 2010?
Timing page render in Play 2.0 Scala Framework
python2.7: logging configuration with yaml
Bootstrap collapse plugin - how to collapse sideways
Converting OCaml to F#: can F# map a list of values directly to a list of identifiers?
Get last created directory batch command
Search combined 2D array values?
How can C#'s string.IndexOf perform so fast, 10 times faster than ordinary for loop find?
Ruby return statement does not work with super keyword?
T-SQL inserting query which consist error into another table
QT nightmare with 2 simultaneous database connections
Adding button on top of Grid
Browser does not use utf-8 but meta tag is set
Zend Framework and Jquery
Creating a similar function to 鈥�鈥�from Plyr
how to access Cmis without a password?
How do I search for the content of files in a Perforce depot (P4V)?
Is it possible to create a thumbnail from a doc file as well as .xls file in ipad app [closed]
Add yaml parser to php.ini file
How does code execution work in regards to the jQuery ajax call?
ASP & SQL Server error : Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal
How to compare DateTimes when ActiveRecord returns time w/ timezone
How does this make sense: *(void **)(&fptr) = dlsym(handle, 鈥渕y_function鈥�;`
Copying files without logging in as root
How to Expand a Box Size Using jQuery Without affecting Page Layout
PHP - string to 64bit number
Linq Get next n records
Django file system
Permanent rooms in BigBlueButton
Magento: How to get products by tag name?
bash prompt - exit meaning
Can I pass on the iOS app in binary form to be code signed by third party for app store?
jQuery animate scrollTop not working in IE 7
gfortran Error: Missing leading left parenthesis in format string
Opening InfoPath form from a SharePoint link
GCHandle.IsAllocated does not return false for weak handle to destroyed object
Highstock charts error: this.labelBBox is undefined line 30
High memory consumption with Enumerable.Range?
Will ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) always close connection?
trouble setting NSWindow and UIView BackgroundColor in a loop within a method
Highcharts Pie Custom Legend, possible?
Using execSQL for INSERT operation in Android SQLite
Javascript scope of variables not working properly
Jackson overcoming underscores in favor of camel-case
Deploying Liferay 6.1 Theme
PHP $_SESSION Returning Empty Array Even When Values are Set
jQuery UI Autocomplete categories with count mechanism
Visual studio List of method names in a class
How to clear cookies in Sencha Touch 2.0
linux kernel/sched.c - find_process_by_pid - how to use it from a c application code
How can I load a remote file using file_get_contents()?
Javascript scope of variables not working properly
Jackson overcoming underscores in favor of camel-case
Deploying Liferay 6.1 Theme
PHP $_SESSION Returning Empty Array Even When Values are Set
jQuery UI Autocomplete categories with count mechanism
Visual studio List of method names in a class
How to clear cookies in Sencha Touch 2.0
linux kernel/sched.c - find_process_by_pid - how to use it from a c application code
How can I load a remote file using file_get_contents()?
Python : How to avoid RuntimeWarning in function definition?
Passing data between ViewModels in MVVM WPF application
C#.NET Regex: need help on writing group expression with exclusions
Computing the Follow Set
Creating a screenshot image of a website if given nothing other than a url? [duplicate]
guava EventBus : would/should this be GWT-compatible?
Executing JSON in Selenium
DJANGO: Add 鈥渟elect all鈥�choice option to ModelMultipleChoiceField?
get stream of a socket object in c#
Subviews added with storyboard over hand-added subviews?
Android: Best way to do reverse geocoding in MyLocationOverlay?
JNA try to Access native DLL and get module not found error, Dependencies are missing
set current user to self-created User object in Google App Engine
Oracle 11g - Sql with TimeStamp
AndEngine: The sample example not work
Customising Repeatable Wordpress Custom Fields
Office365 Sharepoint Webservices access via Java - Axis2
Java applet strange runtime performance difference
Inconsistent page redirections in php
Catching application crash events
Can any one tell about the Grid view in Ruby on Rails?
jQuery validation - validate specific rules/methods on keypress for specific fields
Lookup on two values
namespaces in c++
Using Sizzle to parse XML files?
Zend form elements coming from a database
Crash on new activity
moving PHP MySQL web app offline
ObjectDataSource which returns a DataSet with two or more tables
Regex over multiple lines with special characters
How to extract the IP of the string using RegEx
Need to print a PDF from .net and select different trays for output
Migration of blobs from database to the file system in jackrabbit
Pdf file in UIWebview with password
Named Pipes error in SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2010
Facebook Javascript SDK Dialog Issue
Split a string to form multidimensional array keys?
Common Menu/Masthead for websites using HTML5
How is the ListViewItem.ListView property set?
How to maintain the value of a variable VB.NET
Track websites hotlink my images
Ajax ModalPopupExtender positioning issue, not aligned in center
Perl - Redirect loop when redirect and setting cookie
Detecting different operating systems and platforms
Is it possible in WCF REST 4 to return HTML as one of the response formats
How to change the text color of a UITabbarItem and how to add a custom TabBar in an iPhone Application?
Playing an HD video in Android's WebView
Why is using a HTTP GET to update state on the server in a RESTful call incorrect?
Redirect rules in windows host
Trying to execute a C program from PHP and output to a web browser
How to get the result of a scheduled job in play-framework?
Windows 'for' script
string to byte array transformation c#
Insert text at specified position (i.e. after 100 characters within <p>, add 鈥淩ead More鈥�
Transparent OpenGL FB background increases Xorg CPU load?
Work with different branches at once
beautifulsoup findall
Sphinx HTML documentation generator: Duplicate class attributes in one HTML file
How do I convert this IQueryable<Patient> to DbSet<Patient> ?
QWidget::setLayout: Attempting to set QLayout 鈥溾� on Widget 鈥溾�, which already has a layout
Obtaining assert info from a truncated embedded linux (arm) core dump
hex colors, possible combinations
Import Objective-C header in Objective-C++?
Image does not refresh in custom picture box
Removing 2nd smallest element from a binary Max-Heap
how to round DecimalFormat in java (android)
Grouping and counting occurences of a parameter within each group
Setting a minimum/maximum character count for any character using a regular expression
Cucumber cuke examples syntax
get all data between <div align=鈥渃enter鈥�gt;</div> with java
MVC3 and JQuery table row cloning best practice
Need someone to update these out-of-date MySQL commands(Error: near 'USING BTREE )
Open a connection with Jsoup, get status code and parse document
PHP ereg_replace
Any significant technical difference between JSF non-AJAX submit and a 鈥淍all鈥�AJAX submit?
Delete Contact list data without Name field
PHP submitting form data with returned values
Adobe Air: drag & drop grouped components
Restrict user access at component level within a stream
Eclipse C++ project using Mac OS X Lion tools (gcc etc) error
Trouble parsing Unix Timestamp in Android
Next and Prev button not work when click both
Stage boundaries and randomly moving objects
.NET MVC unobtrusive validation and custom model binder
How to prevent auto-scrolling on ListFragment in Google TV?
copy SSRS 2008 report descriptions to another machine?
How to rotate a whole HTML5 document?
Looking through column C from 3 to bottom? Excel
PHP Get all email adresses from textarea
Can we force the Postback on click of a submit button (MVC3)
Log Parser - Query through MSUtill and Read Record through C# codes
memory leak while bitmap processing
How to save and load checked checkbox like a save file - php
string.join to List<string>
How to store incoming result as an id to a NSDictionary
Does django comments support pagination?
How can I filter these search results in JavaScript?
Does MySQL have an admin-only mode?
Marshal or Serialize an ActiveRecord object
FMDB EXC_BAD_ACCESS when inserts to database
How can I display the location where an exception was thrown with Write-Error?
Rails with remote Test Postgres DB
Orchard cms, how to make a list of content items on admin menu
MongoDB update multiple documents
repository cloned using SmartGit but shows <missing> in Directory panel
name of the android:drawable bookmark/favorites icon
Access ModelAndView object in a JSP with jQuery
Inserting data into a child table based on master table primary key values
Horizontally image movement based on the vertical scroll
How can i use operators `new` and `delete` within shared memory?
iOS - Change button color after button press does not work
Does VB6 have a way of specifying function aliases?
How can add items in markup for user control?
Formatting time for ical export
Cannot export to CSV after data alignment
toggling attribute value of anchor tag using jQuery
mac app store productbuild error while archiving application
How to set content size of UIScrollView dynamically
ListView ItemTemplate and ItemsSource don't show expected value
Asynchronous update to ObservableCollection items
Why does my response.sendRedirect( returnURL ) end up killing any domain cookies I've set?
Should we use -moz-border-radius attribute these days?
Installing phantomjs on ubuntu 11
Can a server force browser to wait without changing webpage code?
iOS and ARC : How to retain self during asynchronous operations?
How to escape all regex special chars but not all at once (by Pattern.quote()), just one-by one
Java & Compressed Archives (RAR, ZIP, JAR) [duplicate]
Cant get MethodInvoker to return a bool
c++ thread concepts
Google Remarketing Javascript
Determine if page is not ready yet
Retain the selected value in html.dropdownlist
Contact Form misbehaving in Wordpress Templates
XML.InnerText Null
How do I make a synchronized method in perl?
getJSON no output?
Drag activity like notification android
Solr Highlighting with hl.q
How does this function definition work in python?
How to get handle on current BrowserWindow
valgrind doesn't accept newest version of glibc
add2virtualenv (virtualenv wrapper) does not work with scipy
Expanding string with multiple substrings
Bind radio buttons to enum in a specific list of objects
IE7 z-index layer bug [duplicate]
Detecting the search settings of a SharePoint 2010 site using PowerShell
Strange Behaviour of Group by in Query which needs to be optimized
AWS IAM user policy to restrict access to specific SQS queue
Counting number of files at a URL in XCode
How do i remove the last character, from a list of reserved character?
Is it possible to get the property of the folder on the server through FTP
no parameterless constructor defined for this object MVC3
RoR Active Record unknown attribute
Is there a way to capture 鈥渃losing鈥�event in iBook widget?
Adding a row to a google spreadsheet
Binding Variables to Kohana Messages
Is there a way to see what commands are executed by eclipse?
Install pip and virtualenv, a chicken and the egg dilemma?
apns-php sending push notifications using production profile
DIVs are not floating all the way to the left in Firefox
Symfony2 form validation with STI (single table inheritance)
how to dynamically create view group?
Binary SMS receiving on Android: dynamic receiver registration
Android api level 8 - ProgressBar not updated
Substitution variables in DOS SET
How to organize the code if I want to initialize database before each tests?
Best way to update checkbox prefefences
PHP Mysql tracking visitors scalability
Accessing js vars in parent window from js vars in iframe
RSpec: How to test file parser
NSDateFormatter 鈥淢onth鈥�in 3 letters instead of full word
How many columns am I suppose to have in this situation?
Printer code doesn't find printers under Windows but works under OS X
NullReferenceException with Entity Framework and Multithreading
One-to-one association in Rails
Is this the correct method to transform two 2D points to one 3D?
suggestion on tkinter for python 3.X
Plotting 3D data with Gnuplot
Edit Excel 2007 (.xlsm) file in PHP
Can't install jekyll-bootstrap on my github site
Buffered and unbuffered stream
Adding classpath entries using Gradle's Application plugin
pointer to array type, or what's happening to 鈥渁rray decay to pointer鈥�when adding 鈥渢ypedef鈥� 鈥渃onst鈥� 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�amp;鈥�
PHP MySQL WHERE cell is blank not returning information
!clrstack -p not giving the values of the parameters for the methods in the call stack
Using CSS to Swap Out Images and Text (Pictures Included)
Trying to pass a dictionary of functions fails in python when using a separate file for data
Using BeautifulSoup without Installation
Invalidate CRL cache
Process.Start - unable to send output to log file
python write file syntax error
Buffered and unbuffered stream
Adding classpath entries using Gradle's Application plugin
pointer to array type, or what's happening to 鈥渁rray decay to pointer鈥�when adding 鈥渢ypedef鈥� 鈥渃onst鈥� 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�amp;鈥�
PHP MySQL WHERE cell is blank not returning information
!clrstack -p not giving the values of the parameters for the methods in the call stack
Using CSS to Swap Out Images and Text (Pictures Included)
Trying to pass a dictionary of functions fails in python when using a separate file for data
Using BeautifulSoup without Installation
Invalidate CRL cache
Process.Start - unable to send output to log file
python write file syntax error
Use images having unique .jar file (Slick 2D)
Why am I getting an error in derived transformation while validating datetime field?
How to compose SMS via intents without recipient
xstream primitive deserialization doesn't work?
Issues of gcc optimization with rdtsc
Warning about global variables / module variables used in procedures? [closed]
Unexpected result from an if() statement processing my own function
populate a form from json (dojo)
HTML/PHP adding multiple textfields and put it all together into 1 string
Double border style not working on outlook
Overwriting JS function by switching files
Facebook fql query pass it to javascript array
ruby on rails css behaviour
Where do you add the merchants email address to the Magento back-end
Transfer Data from Excel to Word using Dictionaries & Bookmarks
overwriting parameters.ini in symfony2
best location to write a unit-test (java)?
PHP - MVC Framework - Maximum 6 includes per action [closed]
Toggle script need to be changed [closed]
Image disappears when I create a .ipa or binaries for an iPhone project
TypoScript : make transversal MySQL query without use of `pidInList` option
Why does firefox not appear to be caching images? [closed]
How to send data via telnet?
Auto generated ID from DB in ASP.NET
jvm crash due to using jnotify or any other reason
Fragment inside a ListView - Wicket
Is there any range slider to select a time period?
log4net AdoNetAppender not logging into sql azure db in web application
xpath expression for child elements
Can you cache data to view it offline later?
displaying text input and password input elements in the same line in IE8 and IE9
JavaFX - create custom button with image
C# combining 2 string arrays into one with unique values
Sync framework provider for iOS
MSSQL database lock stopping my application?
Where can I get the latest FluentNHibernate build?
How to check if user is logged with Zend Framework?
Sending email text/html fails
How to display C++ output in Xcode output console
error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
shading and masking over pcolor in matlab
Interchanging/Swapping values between mysql fields
Authentication & session helpers in Webapp2?
Which is faster: 鈥淪ELECT * FROM table鈥�or 鈥淪ELECT x,y,q FROM table鈥�(from a table with 4 fields)
How to get the jQuery element (or attributes) in a click event in Backbone.js?
Bad result with encoding when Selecting arabic data from SQLite & andriod
php mysql best practice show selected in dropdown
In ElasticSearch should we use default_field in query String for nGram analyzer
Validation with exceptions vs IDataErrorInfo and the new INotifyDataErrorInfo
why getting error :Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type numeric
Is there any way to inject a css file or javascript file dynamically into the head tag of an HTML document.
find square in image
Joining two tables from two different libraries using java, DB2, spring and hibernate
Initial download of website into github
sorting NSMutableArray contain NSArray using sortedArrayUsingComparator
Facebook AS3 api log in box did work, a day later it does not
DirectX SDK include/librarie folders via MSBuild and Visual Studio Express 2008: missing
Production Thin Best Practices
xcache.var_size is either 0 or too small to enable var data caching
Grails - MongoDB and custom dirty checking
How to deserialize xml to object
How to span child process with administrative privileges from parent process with administrate privileges in C#?
Php check if string contains multiple words
PayPal Sandbox Access via Mono
How to go back to default xml layout interface?
CakePHP 2.1 + AJAX Search / JsHelper
.NET Cookies still working even tho' I have disabled cookies in browser. How?
Marshalling list of elements in REST
Entity Framework 5 Invalid Column Name error
MVC4: Two radio buttons for a single boolean model property
select random unique records from mysql db using php
Android: Using WiFi over LAN
TextBox validating doesn't work
Grouping Consecutive Numbers on a Dataset in JasperReports (iReport)
Intermittent KeyError raised and can not reproduce it
WCF, how to self-host callback?
How to use custom classifiers in ensemble classifiers in sklearn?
How I can use google Map API V3 for Flex 4 Application
Adding submenu dynamically for smartwizard 2.0
Connect two UIElement with Arc
convert json to array via javascript [duplicate]
Jquery How do I change +, - on expandable section
C# - Windows Mobile - Bluetooth Pairing
close custom Dialog android
google maps api v3 rotate a polygon by certain degree
Is there a __enter__ and __exit__ equivalent for all functions in a class?
Is UML a domain specific language (DSL)?
Programmaticlly upload synonyms to google search api using java
Fullscreen VideoView isn't Centered
Getting creation date with svnkit
how to use js to jump to a specific element like using hashes
Ordering on two criteria, SQL
How to display data in a ListView once you parse the XML with nested tag?
Processing (iterate through) several (HDF5) files and several nodes in each HDF file
NSNumber causing a SIGABRT
The Location Services authorization dialog leads to app being deactivated?
typecast string to integer - Postgres
How to find the boundries of a content item in a html page?
Google Drive - Access via HTTP XML Post
Can I modify the email that's created from a WI when I click the 鈥渟end work item to microsoft outlook鈥�button?
Handling measurement units in NSTextField
Find points betwenn two points?
MVC3 (Razor) - not changing the UI Culture language on programmatically
Pipelining using HttpWebRequest in C#
鈥淐ovariance鈥�of the System.Nullable<> struct
Ajax.BeginForm call JS function OnBegin
Manual install of nivoslider on wordpress not working
Usage of X-AppEngine-Estimated-CPM-US-Dollars in AppEngine
@OrderBy for and nested properties
How to group events from different queries together in an array by time
codeigniter session custom data lost, but not on localhost
Tool to convert CSV data to stackoverflow friendly text only table?
Cannot deserialize an IComparable field for value types
How to prevent compiler from optimizing away breakpoint?
Dynamic page URL
input buttons and 508 compliance: do they really need labels?
Use JSF to generate HTTP Error Code pages as well as Exception Error pages?
Facebook Latest Status Updates
How to check time range
Read XML File Content from a ListBox C# win forms
get several links inside specific div with one regex
JBoss AS 7.1.1 not picking up my JSF implementation
Orchard cms,create a list of selected content on admin menu
Add a label custom field in Salesforce Page
Client-Server Socket: Not reaching if statement [duplicate]
Android - Adding TextViews to a ListView Dynamically
Is validation a cross cutting concern?
JavaScript won't work on my rails app
Rspec + Capybara + requests: have_selector not returning anything
How to access servlet-context in jsp/struts2?
How to check in command-line if a given file or directory is locked (used by any process)?
Unknown column 'login' in 'where clause'
Is there a way to prevent Yahoo! mail from displaying the mobile version of your HTML e-mail without breaking the mobile version on Blackberry OS 6?
How to prevent @ModelAttribute from creating command objects from request parameters?
Value '' could not be converted. with Invalid SelectedValue and empty Source
How add two images side by side in a UITableViewCell?
Hadoop Ecosystem - What technological tool combination to use in my scenrio? (Details Inside)
window.onpopstate for android?
Coding tic tac toe in C [closed]
Adobe Flex ExternalInterface Call to Javascript using ActiveX
WSGI App not found - 404
Typo3 missing page type icons
Submitting Facebook open graph action
How to show images after uploading with Plupload without page refreshing?
array of strings in a constant with #define - objective c
maven site unpack error
NSMutableArray Count
c++: invalid conversion from `const char* const' to `char*'
What's the meaning of the partial derivatives of B-spline as given by scipy.interpolate.bisplev?
Boost Unit Test timing mechanism
Get Control/Form object from IntPtr Handle
Glassfish 3.1.2 Apache2 loadbalancing with mod_jk
Install script for OmniBrowser for Pharo 1.3?
Converting from mysql to mysqli (mysql_fetch_array)
Retrive rows from spreadsheet data using google app script
How can you pass YUV frames from FFmpeg to OpenGL ES?
Can you recommend me an Android Book for a Java developer? [closed]
Cascading DropDown Remove Previous Selected
Django queryset filtering by ISO week number
How to config or modify Drupal to completely remove Drupal's login, even for the admin?
Video not playing through video.js
Counting occurences in a table
Surface view drawing thread - busy loop?
Grouping by case field
mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C: wamp www inc prod_list.php on line 3? [duplicate]
How to enable Kerberos authentication for remote EJB call on WebSphere?
how to fill areas based on cliques?
C# how to change the microsoft installer(msi) content created property value in the details tab of its properties?
Ensuring files are closed promptly
MYSQL Query Speed (Search vs Query)
Rendering bug in Chrome
C++ ROT13 Function Crashes
Why does my fopen() randomly stop finding the target path?
Java clipboard not working
How to output an UDP broadcast result to http server in Node.js?
How to get your process name in qt?
Array fill in C
PHP mail() function not working properly
What does the @ symbol means on a Procedure in MySQL?
executable JAR file not showing resources
Run sql server job from .net code
High-Order ScalaCheck
How to pass a file as a parameter in the web service call in objective-c?
How to Upload photo into Foursquare API in Iphone
Modelbase (inheritance) with Spring Data JPA
How to get all tables of a MSSQL-Database?
Does the Webkit console not know how to work with observables in KnockOut?
How can I filter google map markers with listboxes?
How to add exchange snapin using iron python
Make webservice schema validation treat empty tags as missing
OutputCache's VaryByParam doesn't seem to be working
local variable scope in linq anonymous method ( closure)
How to unpress a jButton?
Using default parameter values with Ninject 3.0
sorting the column by clicking on the column's header
Correct positioning of two divs, split
C# Zedgraph Change Line Dash Length
Cocoa enumerated variable name as nsstring
What are the rules to update a view? [closed]
Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense
Java GIS framework with custom shaped markers
Android - Sliding Drawer Hang Out (Stuck Out)?
How to encrypt decrypt with RSA keys in java
Why my ruby application works locally and does not run on Heroku?
ListBox AutoSizes by item height
Error when saving model with django form wizard
Can I do execute function during recording audio signal in MATLAB?
Use Boost to ensure template argument inherits from some class
Roles and system roles greyed out in SQL Server 2008R2 Management studio
Boost Numeric Constants Pros
Query all rpm's installed as non-root?
Understanding SQLite conceptually
variable length c array
Allow users to select and change icons in a multi company program
Intent is not working
Rails complaining about missing paranthesis when I am not expecting to have any
How to show SQL errors in SQLite?
Using layouts from others classes in vaadin
Postgresql - is there a way of knowing an INSERT error code to determine if I should UPDATE because of a duplicate unique restriction?
How to retrieve images (decoded if possible) present in a wepage using XPCOM
twitter json - unable to convert to jobject or jarray using / javascriptserializer
Publish with Mercurial to Public Enviroments
Update progress bar while copying a large file
Enabling Wifi direct in Android 4.0
Write more than one database results to csv file
How to use Jerkson with Enumerations?
how to unit test a simple tcp client/server on one local machine/host?
Change Facebook like button design
Arduino Sketch compiles and then freezes upon uploading
Modify the max zoom level of a Google Map Type
How can I setup a simple Mercurial back-up solution from a workstation to server?
insert Code before Build
How to automate Hibernate boilerplate in RMI remote methods
jquery mousedown event function cant pass handler
How to stop the treeview collaps event after mouse click
Can JavaScript function execution be interrupted?
side by side divs with same height
Java executor to call external executable only slightly faster
jquery mousedown event function cant pass handler
How to stop the treeview collaps event after mouse click
Can JavaScript function execution be interrupted?
side by side divs with same height
Java executor to call external executable only slightly faster
Div slides in after scrolling down
Amazon Silk Browser - Considerations for Mobile Web Developers
how to get rid of 鈥渘ull鈥�when concating string in groovy?
Change of facebook meta tags according to actual page
Timeout error uploading 2 GIG file (resumable upload in Appengine task Python)
Netty (Dummy) for existing service
how correctly set xml to RichTextBox in Windows Phone?
ASP regular expression only allow numbers bigin with either 7 o 8
ruby sinatra openid app replies with 鈥淣once already used or out of range鈥�
Timer in application_start to switch 'current deal'
Apache MyFaces ERROR_HANDLING Context Parameter VS javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE
how do I parameterize an event, in c#
C++ Destruction Class Error Occur
Display error message without redirecting to Error.cshtml
Create xpath with key using dom4j
How can I fallback on old avatar if changing new avatar results in an error?
T-sql - determine if value is integer
(php) Passing a class member to a function which calls a class function
Post request spec results in 401 unauthorized for omniauth-facebook & devise
Converting string to int in linq to entities on big database
DB2 SQL to delete row if no foreign references, or update otherwise
how arguments are passed to codeigniter method
django-debug-toolbar not showing up
ASP.NET impersonates NT AUTHORITY IUSR but impersonation is disabled. ASP.NET bug?
Adding text to Sharepoint enhanced rich text editor using JQuery
How to execute another page in
How to prevent Jenkins from SVN checkout to workspace folder while using multi-configuration jobs
Rails 3 - own validation message isntead of 鈥渋s not a number鈥�
Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string in store procedure
Delete duplicates from a composite primary key table
Missing information in Ebean-Stacktrace
How to use WiFi on an iPhone to send serial data?
Is it OK for a jar file to appear twice in the classpath?
JQuery, possible to add a css attribute to a dialog button?
CMS uses jquery 1.7, theme uses jQuery 1.6 == conflict
exception handling in wdk
Firefox PHP Include and CSS
How to bind external methods in Router.routes in Backbone.js
Rails 3.2.3 returning index instead of static page from public
Python Scripts no longer run
django internationalization: counter is not available when marking strings for pluralization
Linq Argument Expression is not Valid
Can't change Fault detail element in SOAPFault handler (in handleFault method)
How to write text output of a C# application to a text file
require a java inheritance design tip
ViewResult Not Rendering Page Content in ASP.NET WebForms Project with ASP.NET MVC
Drag Event for Polygon using DrawingManager
SQL Parameters Not Accessing In The .CS Form
Wrong HTTP Response Code from ASP.NET Web API
VBS check a list of files
'linker input file unused because linking not done' when trying to setup QT creator & Cuda
Know what option in combobox is selected in C#?
How to count the number of changed or added lines in an SVN branch?
Google Analytics Timeout (kind of) when Opening New Windows
How do I hit a URL daily with PHP or Perl as a scheduled task in Plesk?
REDHAT: Unable to open eclipse
track mouse position for making a hole in a canvas HTML5
Joining remote paths in Java
XPATH EXPRESSION: removing a node in between
xUnit.Net - is it possible to ignore an entire namespace?
EOL character missing from file on Linux
Total number of members of a group
can anyone tell me if a class extends view than how can i can i call xml in it to show buttons at bottom of image
My picture doesnt show up? (newbie Q)
VB.NET Trim does not work on XML InnerText that contains a vbLf?
Not able to select from access db in vb with comparison of numeric values
Create UIImage cutout
How to handle database exceptions: software design
Clean up and validating ViewModel with MVC, how?
Drawing text with canvas
JPA query 鈥渙ptimization鈥�
How to get count of distinct rows using groupby in nhibernate?
Download Files From Resource Library in c# .net
Non repeat comma
Decimal to Hex - Cocoa/Objective-C
screen effect with gd2
How to create an AVD for Android 4.0.3? (Unable to find a 'userdata.img')
SQLite connection in ANDROID
How to improve the below code? [closed]
Parsing a kind of csv file
Need suggestions for using HTML 5 based chart components for my webapp [duplicate]
C# .NET 2 exception: External component has thrown an exception
couldn't setup local SOCKS5 proxy on port 7777: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
On building a head tracker for your head mounted display using your android mobile phone
Is it possible to target the Actionbar Menu Button on lower API levels <14?
cakePHP virtualField within condition of another model
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '107.24'
Change Link color on div hover
How can I prevent a button from disappearing while selecting a cell of TableView?
Incompatible pointer types sending 'NSURL *__strong' to parameter of type 'NSURLRequest *'
Ruby `ensure` is not running
Update() not working in MongoDB
Processing a list and creating a filter - insterting -AND inbetween content
Prettiest way to declare a C array either fixed size or variable size?
Will mountain lion allow uikit to run natively on the mac?
CodeDom sequence of methods
Complex SQL query need to add a row if it doesn't exist in another view
How to get device id in a onRecive function
How to use a copy (or same) object in multiple threads
Smooth vertical page scrolling using mouse wheel and scroll bar
Android InApp Billing - what are really nonces for?
How to display compare products,recently viewed/compared products in category and product page only?
Query Syntax in mongodb for sql 鈥渓ike鈥�- i am using java
How can I pass a full security roles list/hierarchy to a FormType class in Symfony2?
IE 9 has opacity on a child element and I cant stop it using captify
Load balancing with layer 7 or layer 4
Unable to Remove Local Notification from Lockscreen
Errors shown near 鈥渁sync鈥�keywords, but build succeeds
SQL Server Substring with CharIndex used on nested XML tags
Zend Framework submiting 2 forms with 1 submit
How to create two input text field inside UISearchBar
Passing values directly to prepared statement method PHP
blast given GI NCBI nucleotide database
file inclusion in c
MathML - left subscript and superscript
Creating connectors using Pervasive Connectors
Replacing a pattern in a text file with a random value
why can't you use List<string> instead of string[] when using Directory.GetDirectories(鈥渃: 鈥�?
XAML - InputBindings prevent MouseLeftButtonDown-Events being fired
How do I immediately select and show the content of a hidden jquery ui tab that is made visible on a button click
Double queue synchronization and performance
Wrap image with a text
How do i create a custom django backend for django-registration?
Android : Understanding drawable folder
How to give NSWindow a shake effect as saying NO, as in Login failure window
Java String to int binary number conversion
Microsoft Project 2007 to/from Microsoft Access 2007
Handling ELMAH errors from malformed requests in ASP.NET MVC
IP Address of the machine in PHP gives ::1 but why?
Remote QuickBooks functionality API?
Get the Gmail profile picture of a logged in user
asp sitemap for a folder
Generate Dynamically Checkboxes, And Select Some of them as Checked
Cat with wildcard
How to write to a debug console in VB6?
UBUNTU: XOpenDisplay(NULL) fails when program run in boot sequence via rc.local
Automatically click href link on document ready
An alternative approach to URL Rewriting and Postbacks with Global.asax?
Tab bar for all acticity if we navigte to one more activty in (andriod)
App Engine AppID
wx top level menubar event (python)
Checking if ALL form inputs are empty with jQuery
iOS: Grouped UITableView issue
How to generate checkbox field according to integer value in database?
Javascript regex all names starting with
Find coordinate at minimum distance from list of coordinates
Galleria Fullscreen not working on IE
Simple encryption of a UTF-8 string where the result is NULL terminated string?
Multiplatform library for accessing system resource information [duplicate]
How can I force iOS safari to ignore EXIF rotation?
Best solution for managing email-related application on a LAMP stack
Repeat control refresh error
Are apps that bypass the System Print Dialog allowed in the Mac App Store?
jQuery pop-up menu on Internet Explorer
backbone.js model is not a costructor into router
Searching records with Entity Framework and MVC3
Why do two-byte characters get broken in a JSP/Java request.getParameter?
PHP - Undefined variable and other errors
Jquery Megamenu 2: Position of subnav items 鈥�Firefox vs other browsers.
Deploy BIRT Viewer 3.7.1 into Tomcat Server 7.0
Find and replace regex for visual studio
Error when im trying to convert cpp with std includes using Emscripten
iPhone:text of UIButton not getting 'nil'
jQuery DataTables Plugin - where do page change occur
I get no multithreading when compiling for release mode
Is it possible to use a path like 鈥渁aaa/{x},{y}鈥�in JAX-RS?
Filtering JOINs: WHERE vs. ON
Custom Widget in a Custom Widget
How to set Shape for particular value on line chart in jfreechart?
select change event
Generatate layout (XAML) programmatically
Powermock leads to ClassNotFoundException for JUnit Plugin-Test in Eclipse, when referenced from third (plugin)
Store a Task of IList when only passed an IList
How to set noindex and nofollow metas in symfony framework?
Magento - Products not for sale
In MonoDevelop how do you turn off the verbose comment generation when typing ///
get position (index) of td element identified by class name
Static variable initialization in Constructor java
Accessing dropped item with jQuery/Ember framework
Wordpress to Drupal 6 Feed
<h:outputtext> prints HTML as-is instead of actual HTML
Can't catch native exception in managed code
What is a signal in Django
C# go to line on word click?
inserting Dropdown values in Database
how to make html <img> tag revolving effect? [closed]
zend dojo forms when layout is disabled
select sum() in mongodb
Facebook Connect Login
Remove dragging functionality from item when dragged/dropped
Canvas getImageData not working on Mobile Safari
SignerID cast to X509CertSelector in BouncyCastle library
storyboard apply push without clicking on Button for(modal,push,custom)
Wp7 serialization security exception
UITableView scrolling when Keyboard hides UITextview
MMC Snapin Error
Change gnome-terminal title to reflect the current directory?
How to configure custom domains in SAAS solution (Windows Azure)?
JQuery.address - remove # from url
Binary Search Tree - search function return object (C++)
Dynamically set height of element in order to make it overflow: auto?
delete a row with many rows in dependent tables
Using HTTPS with Monotouch and WCF
Can I export the data stored in datastore to an Excel?
.NET Portable library missing BitConverter.DoubleToInt64Bits, replacement very slow
Static Method on Domain/Model Object with Repository
How do I seed a database with static data using Entity Framework?
PHP Graphviz chromium scaling issue
Split a string into with colon using regex pattern
Action update in towerjs controller does not work
Restricting Google Shopping API by
How to send mail through more person from this code?
Zipping files after TFS build is complete
passing json data from python ( to leaflet's javascript library to display on a slippy map
add uilabel when no data is shown
Wix - how to override UpgradeCode when installing an MSI file
Checkbox on right side of text in ListField
Easy way to override toString() in Java
Null pointer exceptions Debugging
Automatically wrap WordPress widgets in a DIV
Xcode: Instruments 4.0 requires Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?
SQL - Need to insert data from one table into another where 1 field equals another
Dependency hierarchy view for maven in Eclipse Indigo
What is the best way to use REST in wp7 [closed]
include and use scalaz with eclipse ide
Sharepoint lists linked to SQL server
Determine whether InnoDB plugin is installed in MySQL
table background issue (left, right and middle as images)
Prevent scroll bubbling
Mule 3.2.1 CE: Extract a value from an input XML and remember it for later usage
Get which day of the week the month starts on for given input
How can I detach a thread in a CGI?
jQuery hover not functioning properly
Store JSON string in Entity Framework 4.2
Shortcut for cleaning project in Eclipse?
Delphi applications and the TSAWARE header flag [closed]
How to import local image using knitr for markdown
Android get JNI Library dir
Can't get access to json data returned from controller
How to open a local document in MS Word/Acrobat Reader from a web browser?
Restler custom routes
How to override server jar with ones from WEB-INF/lib or use them instead?
How to get Hibernate Search to index
Persist and object referencing a singleton
Add Control Value before another Control value in C#