How do I find currently loaded mode (syntax) in Ace Editor?
RestKit Object Mapping: difficulty using setObjectMapping:forResourcePathPattern:withFetchRequestBlock
How to get the row of the matched statement?
Using Matlab FFT to extract frequencies from EEG signal
jQuery UI Tabs & IE8 CSS crash
Delphi: how Add text to an image and save the new image?
Regexp for a double
Plist reading weird behavior
Send email to address from form input
Display a div with space between div and trigger
html_entity_decode in FPDF(using tFPDF extention)
std::set<T>::insert, duplicate elements
contain floats without cutting off specific items
Confusion about static keyword
Slidetoggle a div after all dynamic data removed from it, jquery
Textview's value not updating while extending LinearLayout
Deployment - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
How to make scrolling LinearLayout android:background=鈥淍drawable/imagesliding鈥�
Use same actionresultmethod for multiple viewmodels?
Rails migration - many belongs_to to same table, multiply FKs
Converting from google maps to open street maps (osmdroid)
PDO Prepared Select statement for checking if a user exists
Getting value from preferences?
casting between short,int,long,double,float in Java
Jquery - Validate radio form field type within visible fieldsets?
MYSQL error after trying UPDATE a paragraph
Does code comply with Liskov's substitution principle?
cross browser input buttons height and width
Here is a Volume Render result, how to interact with other 3D object
Hover is not working in IE 8
How to convert Base64 string to image, then bind it to GridView in a Metro Style App?
Rails on debian - no bug install
What is the best way to store this information? [closed]
deleting lines from a text file with bash
Fixing PyMel import error 鈥減op from empty list鈥�
Create hidden field element for each drop
D3D9 Application not working w/ Intel HD Graphics
Custom back button for NavigationController for every screen
How can I filter out a folder(not load contents from it) so that it's content's do not show up in my ListView?
Remove an assembly from the path of T4 generator in VisualStudio
Unable to correctly import oracle date data-type column into MYSQL date datatype column
GroupBy a Dictionary based on key
Calling a member function of every element of a C++ vector
App not deploying in AVD via Eclipse?
Handle hitting partial URL in JSF
EWS - Find last calendar modifications in Exchange Web Services 2007
Why isn't my application entering my if statement
Preventing iPhone Auto lock via application's plist file
Add Side Bar via CSS
How does a client communicate with a Windows Service on a machine with multiple adapters?
Excel VBA Date Picker
Batch Script + Multiple variables
-(BOOL)insertSettings:(Settings *&)pObjSettingsRefPtr; is causing declaration error [closed]
Shifted by negative number in java
Remove unwanted spacing between lines in TextView
get scaled width and height of the image using java script?
CakePHP 500 Internal Server Error on Dreamhost
Does XamlReader.Parse() work differently from a BackgroundWorker thread?
Perl - using sed or tail to remove first line of a file inline and return 1st line to a var
Access of local storage giving security error after cookies are disabled in firefox
yii script publish and register
Reading db2 clob from binary download
jquery mobile radiobuttons doesn't get the styling
Magento UPS plug-in
cassandra-cli set right after delete in batch mode, set get lost c# prevent firing selectedindexchanged event while changing index from serverside code
RegEx - Parse Csv Text
appendChild does not work
Android notification with buttons on it
php MySQL getting difference between strings
Good framework for a web application for graphical query interface?
Tablesorter Column Width
iAds Doesn't Load Ads
Python - Selenium - Generating Mouse Click
PostgresSQL Index performance gain/loss takes effect after a short amount of time
Mustache templates: how to refer to external file in backbone view
How to troubleshoot White getting 'stuck' on build server?
undefined reference to Class::method C++
Something wrong with SQL statement
How to detect the skin color of face from the source image in ios 5?
How to programmatically Scan available wifi networks in blackberry
R: removing duplicated entries if they come within a year
How to debug an existing project in eclipse
Is wakelock needed in broadcast receiver for ACTION_SCREEN_OFF
Android There is a way to merge/glue/stick couple of wav sounds together?
How to scroll images horizontally on a blackberry
Nesting Backbone relational params for Rails Controller consumption
How to correctly update SQLite?
Code coverage tool for Go?
Do I need a primary key for my table, which has a UNIQUE (composite 4-columns), one of which can be NULL?
.net patterns : capture fields in a multi-line log file
Oracle based entity continuously fails with Invalid Cast C#
set up mongo db on rails
Dealing with Images in adaptive and responsive layouts
Remove pageName variable of a Omniture instance
How can I solve fatal compiler errors when installing GLScene into RAD Studio 2010?
c# mvc3 razor - alternatives to foreach loop on matching List items in Model
Strategy suggestions for removing special characters in java
export jcomponent to pdf with itext
Silverlight 5 not printing on some printers
C - Returned value is partial and not full
jQuery and jQuery UI on the same page
BroadcastEvent, alarm function android
Capture rendered HTML page with Javascript
How does one store 'packages' of multiple products within a database
SendKeys.Send NullReferenceException
i need sbt 0.11.2 to build the mongo auth app for lift
Setting a views height is throwing a null pointer exception
Eclipse formatter settings
Inserting new tuple into sql in c#
Data structure to represent automata
App works fine in wifi but doesn't work in 3g
Reset build number in Travis-CI
How to load lots of php generated images on a webpage
Where can I see profiles in mvc3
When browser start implementing JavaScript, how would one start using them while supporting browsers one or two versions older?
Google maps geocoder returns Not found
recovering from 鈥淐onnection Reset By Peer鈥�Indy TCP Client
Which capabilities is required in the simpliest application to accept it on marketplace? [closed]
How to update a record using nhibernate
How do I bind a google maps geocoder.geocode() callback function
Malformed access token
Characters Method not Capturing all Data for Element - SAX Parser - Java
Access a component's fields from a custom deployer
鈥淎ddress expression must be an lvalue or a function designator鈥�when passing an object's address
Stop parent event jquery [duplicate]
Android 2.2 vs 2.3 - soapaction vs SOAPAction in HTTP header
Which CPAN modules should be installed for this script?
Checked items in Multiple Choice Dialog
Given a date how to get Sunday & Saturday of that week
Google Maps API V3 Search KML File
Sorting randomly with grouping in postgresql
ProgressDialog in a separate Thread gives **Uncaught remote exception!**
CSS Notifications fade
How to catch RESTEasy Bean Validation Errors?
What's happening when shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation always returns NO?
Can I upload large images to my server through an HTML form without using RAM?
ServletWrapping Controller URL Throwing 404
How to make pip update submodules of a git repository?
Init dynamic object to be used as a certain instance of type
Calling a function on every element of a C++ vector
Creating Scheduled Task in JavaScript
Evaluating an XPath expression in XML
Looping in bash for preparing awk's input statement
How to map some properties from an associated tabel
writing XPATH Expression
How to get GPU information in C++ before the drivers are installed
Customize the addlink in Admin changelist, by conditions passed through querystring
Looping in bash for preparing awk's input statement
How to map some properties from an associated tabel
writing XPATH Expression
How to get GPU information in C++ before the drivers are installed
Customize the addlink in Admin changelist, by conditions passed through querystring
File.createNewFile() randomly fails
How to identify and close an instance of opened application in C#
Java regular expression. Alphabetic, with spaces and apostrophe (')
QRCode+Perform Respective Actions After Scanning
Request a file with a custom header
Regex multiple matches on same line
Iterating through specialCells range without memory leak?
Error when using SetWindowsHookEx in Windows XP, but not in Windows 7
Graphing problems
Can I use regex to match every third occurrence of a specific character?
Referencing variable,it executes the function,however adding strings to the variable,returns function as string instead of value
Reusing ExtJs code for Sencha project. Actual experience?
How can I integrate Openid based login in my webapp
Postgres trigger function
CSS - Prevent popup from getting hidden behind other elements on page
Bypass Node Delete Confirm Form in Drupal
Give element name programmatically
Javascript JSON return error with unescaped character
How to get Device IMEI in Java ME?
how to get UserController.CreateUser(userinfo) procedure in dnn?
Facebook API login fails with FB app installed on phone
Most concise String.Replace to mask a password [closed]
Specifying the HTTP proxy for the J2ME Platform Emulators in Net Beans
PyInstaller NameError
Linux : How to delete Multiple Files at once?
Use response value in child window
Jquery decimal mask for latitude
Creating Percentages instead of Sums using melt/cast
how to create multiple instances(Users) to firebird database for windows?
How to find file extension if the file has been renamed?
Programmatically compare row data from 2 CSV files
jQuery change divs html with pauses [duplicate]
Can LDAP Schema be changed at runtime?
LDAP search multiple DNs in PHP
Before and AfterBuild Target in Visual Studio not firing
Difference in speed from one script to another
how to create large image clickable from different part
different output with mono on linux as on visual studio on win7 with calling a webservice
about call Chrome API or Chrome Extensions with Javascript in Chrome
Error when inserting multiple MySQL foreign keys
Speedier std::insert, or, How to optimize a call that Instruments says is slow?
How would I re-position my 2nd bg image 鈥�url(repeat_bg_right_side.png) 鈥�to the right side of page using css?
Sitecore scheduled task only runs every hour
What is the best approach for managing static information for a site, while implementing the Search API across it?
ios/SecItemDelete not accepting a SecIdentityRef/kSecMatchItemList
Oracle create table with column comments
about linux module printk
Ideas for rendering HTML *within* Raphael (SVG/VML) shapes
Iterating through all of a user's feed using the Javascript SDK
How keys work in muenchian grouping
mapping controls to viewmodel
mp4 movie does not play with the flowplayer iPad plugin
EQATEC Profiling Error - An item with the same key has already been added
How to test that async controller is really running async
Implement folder sharing in a php/mysql application with multiple users
Plone 4 : Broken Product. Missing Dependency Error
VHDL: can not have such operands in this context (sobel filter)
for loop will not loop
Unable to connect to Glassfish using any debugger
How to load the text in button dynamically based on the store value in sencha?
Add a whitespace at the end of the line in Jade
Class Cast exception in SOAP
no route to host error 113
CURL get external page cookies and use them in my page
JTable refresh are not displayed
android, push documents from pc to android device
Custom tags handled differently when using getElementsByTagName in IE / FF
Updating file permissions only in git
array initializing
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL (same domain!)
Append an int to a std::string [duplicate]
Changing javascript array name,value pair
How to get all elements from a list without the last element?
Enable full backtrace-logging in production
How to display errors in jsp using spring mvc
Getting the last occurrence of a day/month in PHP
Can cairo load a PDF?
Populate files into a listbox from a folder in C# windows forms
Spring Security - How to render remaining login attempts in JSP
Open new process from a java application which is started by a windows service
SQL server 2008 - Insert into table from SP, using two input parameter list
jQuery select and unselect image
Managing multiple NSPersistentStores with PersistentStoreCoodinator
how to vertically align text next to a float image?
go to another page in applicationDidEnterBackground in iOS in device
How to get date in jsp?
How to replace link to hyperlink in RichTextBox (Windows phone)
EWS call failing to retrieve an email, but only for a specific email
Error 404 when loading images and css form Plugin - CakePHP 2.1
Is there a Java implementation of an indexer in mapreduce?
Remote DataBase Access Any were over the internet
Detecting word boundaries and the language for each word from UTF8 buffer
How to have render big chunk of html inside a javascript forloop
Fire OnPropertyChanged on the entire object when one of its fields changes
How can I change execution level authorization at runtime?
How to have render big chunk of html inside a javascript forloop
Fire OnPropertyChanged on the entire object when one of its fields changes
How can I change execution level authorization at runtime?
How prevent submit if input are empty with javascript
Migrate to Amazon SQL Server RDS
Is Zend_View_Helper_Cycle efficient?
Set different column colors for each column in excel using Perl
How can I get a filter to work with an Event Calendar webpart?
How to set animation when I click on button at that time move image from left to right and right to left in android?
Script run on server or client?
MySQL left join, less results
Driving Direction- Google Map
PHP/MySQL - Add multiple values to the same
Divs won't position right. [closed]
Multiple content subfolders in a MvcContrib PortableArea
How can I Get Bitmap From Project Folder?
How to get the age of a Web site (not domain)
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.List<T>' to 'System.Linq.IQueryable<T>'
Summing two polynomials
Androidplot: create Timeline
SharePoint read-only field not visible for Records Center rules
How to deal with dictionary on client side?
how to find the pixel perfect collision in scaled sprite in cocos2d?
How to retrieve USPS shipping rates in coldfusion?
Preventing Jenkins building (thus re-deploying) released versions of Maven projects
Animating text in an Android widget
get specific value key pair using JSON.stringify
Check GCC version in runtime
Result query based on every month
Why the parameter 'proxy' is not used in jdk dynamic proxy implement?
Nodejs and Coffeescript install (Ubuntu 12.04)
Java server socket doesn't reuse address
How can I load an InfoWindow after a small delay in Gmap V3?
subarray models mapping issues with gridpanel extjs 4
Keep the push.php file and test APNS connection using MAMP?
When running nginx + python flask + python-daemon: upstream sent unsupported FastCGI protocol version 91
zoo/xts - can't do math on 1-cell subsets? R hangs
How can I stop a reverve propagation of a link with Jquery
Symfony2 Doctrine Parser error with DQL only
Qt: Curve editor or something similar?
WP7 MVVMCross Detect RequestClose or BackKeyPressed inside ViewModels
php dynamic images
c# / LINQ - Average the number of enquiries per day, week and month over a time period
Integrating and Automating Build Process for iOS, Android and Blackberry [closed]
How to store a uiview in sqlite
Rssi Value Difference Between Different Platforms
Access class members from anonymous function in javascript
jQuery manipulation only once (JSF, Primefaces)
Counter increment in Bash loop not working
tablelayout delete tablerow in android
supersized jquery plugin extra field
What is null when importing the XML?
CSS to display a popup at 20px from top on a scrollable page
Reduce slug size for Heroku with Play! 2.0 & Scala
Where to find python-interpreter error codes?
Javascript Prototyping: Using multiple names for the same class
Add animation to head and arm (mesh) which is acquired from 3D scanner Kinect
JqGrid - Display two text boxes in one cell
Rails delete associated many to many entry within simple_form
Too many AppEngine Datastore reads from GWT client
Getting Facebook error 11
McCabe's Complexity Metric and Independent Paths
Signing Apps Taking Forever
CakePHP pretty URL redirect
Display image on strstr match
document classification using naive bayes in python
Using Commands in my IRC Client
Click event not firing
Python/Django: synonym for field 鈥渢ype鈥�in database model (reserved built-in symbol)
Combine two selectors with one jQuery object
encodeRedirectURL generates warning
converting jdouble to double of type c
how to connect backgroud thread if i am lunching my GUI thread again in Android
How to Add SSRS Column Programmatically
Facebook page-tab app - doesnt send 'signed_request' to canvas url, but works okay with secure canvas url
Close window using JavaScript
NetBeans Remote Connection
Reduce number of logging libraries in project
Web Service Passing Value error (asmx)
JS/jQuery get HTTPRequest request headers?
MVC Intellisense
GWT panels and widgets
How can I implement facebook-like avatar upload?
iOS: Dynamically drawing on canvas(context)
Extracting Java class names from Javadoc with regex
how to know the exact file size just before uploading in c# [closed]
How to write something in sure fire reports without using Assert?
mouseenter/mouseleave event doesn't fire when the target is animated and passes under the mouse pointer
Java Play! Framework 1.2.4: Exracting link value from Mockmail with selenium
Android lyout stick buttons together
how to navigate new user to different page when he logins for the first time using classic asp
Large structures parsed using boost-spirit
Switch between two textareas only when pressing Tab button
Load bmp file as texture using auxDIBImageLoad in OpenGL
Java - Printing a class
Actionscript 3 - Toggling visible status of a Movie Clip
How to create CellTree with MVP pattern
Django: MySQL no such table: aidata.django_session
crawl images from google by using image sample
Type 鈥渕otherfunction鈥�of some sort
What is ANR Dialog in android?
How can I close UIWebView after submitting form in the view?
List all rows with same values in a column - SQL
Coffeescript setInterval in class
Android : Fill yellow color proportional to on Touch over the image
How to save an option for background.html in popup?
Bash: Using Python-function Ceil - How to do ceil of the product of two variables?
NSMutableDictionary initWithContentsOfFile - null
How can I have two classes share the same variable definitions
Search multiple XML files for string
jQuery Mobile + Photoswipe, loading gallery with ajax?
asynchronous JavaScript static function variable
Drag to Scroll In iframe
Time since pubDate
Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: Can't upgrade read-only database from version 0 to 1
Try to install django-cms in a shared host
Drupal 7 - Print & email Pages
Flexslider (jQuery): Pausing automatic animation
Struts 2: Sending values of form fields from jsp to action class
Does silverlight plugins DateTime.Now may cause unreliable data or security problems?
Do changes in SQLite automatically get reflected in MySQL? [duplicate]
Transition from COM context error in WPF when fetching large amount of data from SQL
How to maintain activity when user press the home button or back button without stop,exit,submit the activity 2
jquery php image upload using
Changing virtual path and enabling/disabling sites in code
In C++ can a class attributes - public,private or protected be set/changed at run-time?
Tkinter canvas updating speed reduces during the course of a program
Teamcity email only 10 changes are shown, how to show more changes
Why return an enumerator?
VS/MSBUILD: Copy output files of sub-project without adding reference to exe
Sroll bars of scroll pane (having a textArea within it) not appearing properly in java swing GUI
ggplot2 polar plot arrows
Using OpenID with PhoneGap and Window Phone 7
Hide touch keyboard
Drools - Creating a KnowlegeBuilder Faster ?
My alarm not remaining silent during a period of time?
Google Maps MarkerClusterer v3 Return Cluster of Marker
How to import classes in Java without eclipse?
How to make a symbol remove itself at a certain frame?
Log4j not working with Jboss 7 AS
WSImport generates conflicting XMLTypes for multiple Dynamics CRM 4.0 WSDL's
Save/download Product data (image & all the data associated with product) from a website(External URL)
Using procmail forward emails to another account keeping a copy
Cannot debug C/C++ code using eclipse as debug information is missing
extJs livesearchpanel for data grid inside the extJs portal
Creating duty roster (aka schedule, time table, etc鈥� using R
Get Pixel color fastest way?
Two of the Same UIView removefromsuperview error
Can't push to github website
iPhone - Get City name from Latitude and Longtiude
Creating duty roster (aka schedule, time table, etc鈥� using R
Get Pixel color fastest way?
Two of the Same UIView removefromsuperview error
Can't push to github website
iPhone - Get City name from Latitude and Longtiude
what's wrong with my simple script?
in Iphone safari browser, getting error message while loading javascript whcih contains href
xmlstarlet count comma separated
XNA Rectangle overlay on an texture for Intersect collisions
Fill a number of text boxes on an aspx page till generic list has been looped through
how to fit the size of the imageview to it`s father view
Architectural decisions: ASP.NET MVC & Entity Framework
Change UISegmentedControl titles programatically
How to prevent Symfony2 from escaping html
Access API methods in NON IE browsers not take the full width of screen in samsung galaxy notes
Custom editors for Expression Blend
How to load and process files one at a time, using PowerShell
Paypal Integration - Add to cart button
How to assign Store value to hidden field
Sonar 3.0 installation error
Copy a mysql table content from one server to another server
How can I implement a multi dimensional array or array of records in Python?
java source file with all possible syntactic constructions
dynamically add remove control form linearlayout
Select directly into hierarchical user type
Dynamics CRM 4 Delete Plugin not running
Early binding of Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WordBasic call in VB.NET
How to Convert negative decimal to binary number and and use shift operators in Java
Error configuring Coherence Cache on Oracle Weblogic server 10.3.4
click URL causes Force Close error in ListView when using SimpleAdapter
Diffrence between language and framework [closed]
Send a SOAP request, where to start?
How to benchmark the Resque perform method or the Resque Job class?
To LINQ or not to LINQ: Regarding LINQ to Entity/SQL/Object
Conditional block is not working in cruise control
Binding Controls to a Settings File
Facebook Post through iOS sdk, sometimes misses the picture
How do we check if a command line argument to a shell script is within quotes?
How to Add Page number in Footer in PDF by Itextsharp
Xsd Validation Error
ASP Login Control Reset Button
Why does Heroku continue deployement even if rake assets:precompile fails?
Timer firing on the wrong interval
how to obtain selected values from a rich:orderingList?
How to restrict Combobox to Add Duplicate Values?
Internet Explorer not loading js file
Attached NSMutableArray data in E-mail Body?
How to configure nutch 1.4?
Intercepting system calls at user-level without LD_PRELOAD
Loading nib file for universal application
Checking filesize before download of multiple files
How do I override the core jquery file with the externally hosted jquery from google
RSpec Error while making RoR tutorial
HTML non SGML character number 3
Implement display shell script log on browser
How can I implement Apple Push Notification Service on ios Application?
SQL Server 2005 trigger to update remote server
How do i flush memory in a Python program with C-library?
Yii:Dynamic update ID for AJAX action on CGridView
Python within python
Generate all combinations for a list of strings
Building Jar file using Eclipse Indigo
How to properly kill sessions in zend framework?
Jquery animations working correctly in IE7 but not in IE8?
progress 4gl - forms and frames
How to prepend zero to a number along with formatting it
arithmetic expression: expecting EOF: 鈥�08 +1鈥�
passing url to another page using jquery
iPhone, Store Loads of Photos?
IllegalStateException in ListView.OnItemClickListener
Oracle equivalent of Postgres' DISTINCT ON?
SQL Not Auto-incrementing
JSF to JQuery Component Integration
Array base pointer and its address are same. Why?
Validating the phone number with a regex ruby
Toggle append / remove video with jQuery
How to implement .NET database layer that maps queries to a single stored procedure?
Java - Swing GUI Window Order
multiple markers resolving
WP7 Bing Maps Zoom level based on Push Pin collection locations
Initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast and comparison between pointer and integer
How to exclusively select a radio button in two p:selectOneRadios
Jquery function is working with button but not with div
Can we use DFA to parse regular language specified by Context-Free Grammar and generate the parse tree?
receiving an image from a socket and displaying it
How to show image in first row of Android ListView when loading ListView?
Asynctask tcpsocket Android
Serlvet getRequestDispatcher.forward() work's unclear
HierarchicalDataTemplate issue
Allow Requests to App_Data
Rack app: can't activate rack, already activated [duplicate]
C# - Entity Framework - Join method
is Dynamic form rendering in iOS app allowed?
How to display view while doing a background process on android
Rearranging multidimensional array in PHP [closed]
Android Facebook with SSO - Interface not implemented error
Implementing session management
Android: Binary to PDF
Rails i18n: changing de.errors.format:鈥�{attribute} %{message}鈥�has no effect
Implementing session management
Android: Binary to PDF
Rails i18n: changing de.errors.format:鈥�{attribute} %{message}鈥�has no effect
I can not access my variable in EasyTableView delegate method
GWT Library creation
rails 3.2.3 - javascript - application.js - link_to_remove_fields
How to specify SPACE as thousand separater in GWT NumberFormat
How to find the path of subclasses, between a class and an instance of one of its subclasess?
Implementing the useDelimiter method
libboost-system linker errors when cross-compiling to x86
KeyPress event blocks KeyUp event in DataGridView .net
Node(s) removal via Linq to XML how it works
Server thread hang
De Morgan's laws with yacc
How to apply a formula to a vector in R?
Load the data into the grid using json object
How to stop JProgressBar on parent?
What is a solution of 鈥淢ultiple ResultSets were returned by the query鈥�
How to call IBAction in subview?
Where is the ria service config when WCF Ria Services Link is used?
How to access file given to cilly in my CIL module
Testing NSFileProtectionComplete in iOS simulator and device
Vertical and horizontal align of image
How to create canvas effect with Imagick?
Hibernate giant query optimization
how to change the position of uiimageview in a textview while editing the text
How to map security role to ldap group in websphere liberty profile
How use GoToState with DataTemplate in METRO app
How come my node.js code errors when downloading a page?
How would I create a wish list?
Select table.* as prefix_[table.columname], is that possible? (or easy?) [duplicate]
Error trying to publish a built-in read action
testing for double in visual c++
Why do SQL errors not show you the error source?
C# Commit changes in DataGridView to DataTable
What is the best way to save UICulture in ASP.NET?
Serialize inherited property declared new with Json.Net doesn't work
Changing the order of TreeSet elements to customized output
Google Picker authentication flow
iOS AVPlayer streaming music issues
Java multiplication of negative numbers
Regex replace text between delimiters in python
Conversion of Audio Format
Ecore decorator
Why the command line utility hangs when invoked through java program?
Refering to columns from more tables having the same attribute name
Closing a dialog mvc3
Applications of KMP failure function
how to disable overlay in jqModal popup
Powershell/C#: Import and Invoke Nested Modules
Closing a dialog mvc3
Applications of KMP failure function
how to disable overlay in jqModal popup
Powershell/C#: Import and Invoke Nested Modules
Advantages of stack-based architecture of the JVM's instruction
alloc-init objects within +(void)initialize method to reuse them multiple times
Issues with .NET reflection
Wordpress dashboard RSS feed for theme messages
Mapping object that contains a ptr_map of abstract base classes
Parsing using Dom produces type mismatch
How to change app icon within In-App Purchase?
Video Editing ASP.Net
html5 / jQuery Slider - slide to related answer (with slide-back button)
Tracing memory allocation
how to format a number/date in play 2.0 template?
Mailchimp ASP.NET VB List Subscribe Groupings Using PerceptiveMCAPI
NSTimer v/s CFRunLoopTimer
Why the command does not give output?
Getting data from Ip Address or COM port?
URL should change in JSF navigation
HTMLPurifier allow attributes
how to load images in web page fast with preloading and show activity indicator while images are loading
How to get unsecured page's url in a project?
Opa : adding data to <head>
Android map doesn't show
Alternate way for setting permissions for J2me application
Get the unread mail count gmail
Android Custom Launcher Application
Is there a maximum Time Stamp Validity Duration when a client is set to a future datetime vs the server
Call the render function when creating a new view
Formating text + creating elements with JQ
Using CF 9 Script how do I upload a file and rename at the same time?
Android c2dm registration failed
NFC Receive NDEF tags from Android 2.3.3
can't convert Symbol into Integer + Rails 3.2 Nested Attributes
Macro string: what does #define __T(x) x mean? And __T(#x)?
Can a JQuery plugin be called on a JQuery chain of methods or does it need to be called straight after a selector?
Creation of views based on roles in salesforce
Multiple forms on single page rails
Function cvFindHomography ,strange result [closed]
WCF service listener
鈥淔loating-point invalid operation鈥�when inputting float to a stringstream
Setting button tag with variable
How would you 'force' users to fill out a profile before viewing ASP.NET MVC site?
How to Inserting Form values into mysql database using codeigniter [closed]
Registry: Delete key for each local user within system
.NET DbProviderFactory and Singleton
Unable to import binding 鈥楳age_Api_Model_Server_V2_HandlerBinding鈥�from namespace 鈥榰rn:Magento鈥�for magento integration
How to present big_int?
Extended list view: Show text input inside once clicked
Planning news ordering system
java android socket connection
Looking up unicode character set of language in JS
OutOfMemory on AsyncTask in Android
USER_PRESENT Intent for GO Locker
iOS JSON serialization for NSObject-based classes
gpio pin is not exported in linux
Mapping Dapper Query to a Collection of Objects (which itself has a couple of Collections)
Encoding issue with email sent from form in ASP with Hebrew text
Best way to test with Math.random in JavaScript
How can I export an eclipse feature for multiple platforms?
How to send a text from one android client to another through server?
Downloading files with WP7
ASP.NET - Keep DropDownList selection on repeater DataBound
JBox2d - world.getBodyList() goes into an infinite loop
Rails - Basic model conventions and basic association confusion
How to read wav file data frames in iOS
HDMI API for Asus Transformer (and others)
adding a bold and underline feature for java text editior
Wire up button created at runtime
MFC Application Updating Only Current View
Order by a SUM with multiple joins in codeigniter
Writing an ItemRenderer in Actionscript in Flash Builder
SSIS: copy tables from MySQL to SQL Server 2008
Sending data from client to server in Spring
Vertical and horizontal scoll at a time in gridview with infinite scrolling IOS
How to remove border around the DataGrid in silverlight
Cannot get $.getJson to work, something to do with username and password
How to define that one of menu items is active by default?
Gtk# statusicon disappear
Is there anyway to get the PayPal web view to rotate for landscape mode?
jQuery Mobile - How to place a solid border round the page
can create a google map by lat, long in jquery . google maps api
cURL: Post values needed? [closed]
table row background image [duplicate]
Create regular expression to get attributes in CSS
Ember data find vs load
MemoryStream and constructing an array of bytes
Window width and animation changing on the fly
How to delete longpressed item in a grid viw page load on clientside
Keeping user logged on, on Android an android app
Form control within Groupbox control
c# remove application from taskbar
while reading inbox mail through exchange, i am getting the following error. 鈥淭he remote server returned an error: (440) Login Timeout.鈥�
How should I put this XML object into a javascript dictionary?
Line continuation characters in Javascript
redis sharding, pipelining, and round-trips
MYSQL JOIN with AND error
Delete a specific Column in VIM/gvim with out using Visual Block mode
MYSQL JOIN with AND error
Delete a specific Column in VIM/gvim with out using Visual Block mode
Blackberry: Using SpinboxField Control in a Non-touch Device (navigation problems)
WSO2 data service, change schema where results are returned
xcopy with MsBuild
Ruby copy an array of arrays
Maximum allowed cache in iPad
Strange Focus Issues on specific Android Honeycomb tablet (Orange Tahiti)
C2DM with App Engine Python returns 401 error
Idiomatic Ruby for creating an object representing a node in a tree that's aware of its parent
how to remove progress dialog When value is selected from it?
Placing Divs side by side, with equal column heights, inside ContentPlaceHolder in ASP.NET
jQuery .slide and .slideUp. Not open
Weird javascript appeared in a page
Select status wise rows from duplicate rows and distinct rows from table
Get a delta, using a TimeStamp Column in Linq2SQL
Using Time of Day In Conditions of find while Ignoring Calendar Date with Rails
How can I correctly modify a generated XSD to overcome a known .Net bug that causes exception 鈥渃s0030:Unable to generate a temporary class鈥�
media query - can I use seperate, independant stylesheet?
hand tracking not working after a reload of openni dynamic library
how to get the values of an attribute of an element using XMlElement
A table with random values from each table
DWR invoke error in Javascript sending and requesting files for S3
Starting an Activity from Fragments
Developing backend Webservice and Database for iPhone App for Standalone person
handle jsonp with varnish
jQuery loop to generate hidden field for each 'drop'
Flex, Change the title of a view based on previous view's data
PHP foreach overwrites previous reference [duplicate]
Parsing an XML file in Objective-C
Resize Div pure CSS if possible
How to get Device(iOS,Android) CPU and Memory using Javascript or at client side
Comparing chars
How to get checked combobox in dojo
Window oppened after double click on progress bar is immidiatly dragged into background
Set a property of the master page using jQuery
Remove XML attribute using JDOM API?
can SVN use slash 鈥�鈥�as the path seperater under MS Windows?
Batch convert text files from LF line endings to CRLF
How to show first message on form load and next one after 1min?
Twitter Hashtags rss feed
File is not readable with Excelwriter and phpExcelReader 2
How to return a static class instance in c#
Search mysql with two search terms
how can I make a filter with the content of a div using html parser in java
Joomla 2.5 language code in URL. How to disable?
Outputting JSON object by key
finding matching rows in matrix
Reducing coupling simple example needed for beginner
Phonegap filetransfer working in iPhone simulator but not on device
How to find out all pixels in lines drawn by user in Java Graphics
How to customize PMD configuration file generated by Sonar from pom.xml?
Not able to read JSON from service
Java example: Is this really accessing a static method in a non static way?
Reverse proxy just the homepage
ScoreLoop in iPhone
Jquery.tmpl with WebSql Result set
subtract 2 datetime in mysql ( one in 24 hours format and one in am/pm format )
Search in mysql database - unserialized data
UISearch in a UITableview Xcode issue [duplicate]
iOS : If app is not running in background,calling openURL crashes app on launch
Classic ASP pass object attribute to SOAP
Dotcover and Lighthouse produce no report data
jquery datepicker validation
Highcharts line chart tooltips not showing correctly?
javascript anonymous function syntax variations [duplicate]
Use findAll and then Sort in vb.NET listOf
Children views are null after inflate
git pull from branch complains about which branch to merge with
c++ enum and using them to input from user
sequentially call a function and reload the page
jQuery plugin to play .swf and has playback support
VBA + Matlab: Pie Chart trouble
command for distinct gives only one selected key value, it does not provide whole document?
mod rewrite - file extension might be present in URL
get sourcecode after javascript execution with curl
Android, Multiple Apps, Multiple Customers, One Keystore
Cocoa enumeration
POS Printing Speed (Epson TM T88 series)
Unknown Publisher still appears on correctly code-signed VSTO addin built with VS2010
how can i reference something in the /values/strings.xml file programatically?
FormData is not defined - Firefox 3.6.28 alternative
My app has 128MB heap but uses 1.6GB of real RAM. How can I find out where the 1.4GB go to?
Facebook Like Button Not Displaying: 鈥淣o polyfill registered for object鈥�
BizTalk 2010 Prevent output of Property Schema
Toggle-Animation only above certain window-width
MVC routing not working when default and custom route refer to same controller
android shared preferences implementation
Flash - stop animation from looping
Is valid to use EntityRepository inside another one?
Libtool creates static library only - I need shared objects
Download file Error 2 , FileTransferError.INVALID_URL_ERR
How can we access a binary from GAC irrespective of .Net Framework
regex &align:%HORIZONTAL%,%VERTICAL%
how to check if the user chose a choice in a spinner
Trying to display a javascript calendar in a php page
NHibernate: Is it okay to manipulate the repository directly from my entity classes?
Need to write a trigger
Get the list of data order by the way it was inserted before by C# MongoDB Driver
Need to write a trigger
Get the list of data order by the way it was inserted before by C# MongoDB Driver
mongodb mapreduce function does not provide skip functionality, is their any solution to this?
Android : Listview stuff
How can I stop this Database error?
how to display latest recent posts in my facebook page to my website
Spring MVC 3: Define own Datatype-Binding
Service loader does not locate service provider class, even though class is in same JAR file as META-INF/services
A button bar on demand, in wpf
Regular Expression to match prefix
Incoming call type in android
How to Send Emails in GWT Application
String to HashMap JAVA
Display Buffer in Other Window in Recent Emacs
Threads not executing concurrently in Netty UDP server
WPF datagrid rowheader when binding to dataview
login screen before splitview ipad
Value for checkbox is not true when checked in MVC 3
Type error related to date conversion updating a table in a Postgres folder
mpl_toolkits.basemap does not resize properly
Sorting a linked list with alternate elements sorted and reverse sorted
How to correctly initialize, use and save a UIManagedDocument
timestamp convertion in java (MS-DOS: 32 bit Hex Value to human readable format) [duplicate]
RichTextBox does not display all my text.
Find key in string and only show the part after the key characters
Java: client, client, (threaded) server, streams client info, JPanel created but messages(?) block start of game
Access iVars and creating UIImage in background?
How to send more than two values from one form (takes values from mysql)to another using php $_GET with 鈥� and &鈥�
Using maven profile for artifact versioning
Concatenate two strings, 'present working directory' and the 'app.exe' filename to frame absolute path
Symfony2 returns class does not exist on entity load
When is the Layout of an activity loaded in android?
Altering a MySql table causes a key constraint fail
To give less weight-age to repetitive words in result of Full Text Search
How can i store xml groups into a dict in correct grouping order
Qt Instances ID change at each run
CSS: Convert vertical menu to horizontal
How to make pip install requirements automatically after cloning/checking out a repository?
jquery looping and copying classes to parent
enable_profile_selector with FB javascript SDK
Assistance with an SQL function [closed]
Eclipse - run a task on Eclipse shutdown / exit
Line chart in c# using data from database [closed]
how to inject a jquery code to a HTML page dynamically
How to save params string in function?
Enable text box when combobox item is selected
Modify the triggering event of an event handler
Handle http requests in different class
Generate unique id for paypal cart
joomla pass variable between views
viewmodel return null on HttpPost
database of song remix's/covers
Haskell Alex - error in wrapper template
How to add a second x-axis in matplotlib
Constructing Json for JqPlot Bar Charts
remove amp; from value in mvc3 razor
Custom Validator/Constraint with Arguments/Parameters in Symfony 2
Get month after and before given month name
.Net Application for Creating SP's in SQl
RDLC Report grouped by month and year in ASP.NET
learning java/spring from python/django
Adding custom font to project, programmatically add item to plist
Using a jQuery image slider to a multiple pages
How to display date and time in magento website?
python trick needed to convert dictionary of functions into dictionary of results
Hit an URL once a day
HTML Image Maps stopped working?
How to access (and edit) data from a paused activity without using static or calling startActivity()/startActivityForResult
Get the index of an object I just added to an ArrayList in Java/Android
Search for any given string using JAVA REGEX
create a kind of personal aggregation of all chat, group messages and different pubsub publications in xmpp
How to map primary key to non-primary key in EF code first?
How to add hyperlink in subtitle on callout view using objective-c
error while unmarshalling 鈥淭ype mismatch: cannot convert from XmlAccessType to AccessType 鈥�
What is the easiest way to add a code snippet to third party Joomla theme?
Rails 2.3: how to get ActiveRecord errors types?
ITemplate inside FormView.InsertItemTemlate disappears after postback
how to change my date picker show in only month,date ,year, and time
How to make a JFrame visible only if the control button is pressed twice
Haskell HXT Pickle
How to extract content from a given url's document using gwt?
How to load images from a web and save image to isolated storage?
Ancestor/Parent of objects in bulk upload
Permit access to SQL Server?
How to check Ant version inside Ant script
Formating query output : using sql or php functions?
How to match a multiline regex in Clojure to parse a Groovy source file?
How to get info why new activity doesn't want to start?
Rails caching on Heroku acting strange
What is the purpose of File and Folder with same name in Zend Library?
how to find what processes have written to a file on Linux
Whole php array into variable鈥�Or something similar
XML Schema with enumeration
Scraping a website whose encoding is iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8: how do I store the correct unicode in my database?
Validate xml against dtd from string
MySQL: query'ing results [pic]
How to create Achievements
How to get platform-specific path separator in C++?
How to login to node.js server using basic authentication?
Play/Forward video in 2x 3x 4x speed - iPhone SDK
MySQL: query'ing results [pic]
How to create Achievements
How to get platform-specific path separator in C++?
How to login to node.js server using basic authentication?
Play/Forward video in 2x 3x 4x speed - iPhone SDK
Startup Directory
an empty buffer socket
Which Android logging framework to use? [closed]
Arguments for usage choice: RavenDB vs SQL Server - performance, reliability and simplicity [closed]
Syncronize access to resources in Java (Spring MVC)
Dropdown OR Combo with Textbox controls
Facebook 6th June 2012 Changes
Are the compiler-inserted methods (through type erasure) volatile?
why aren't my buttons working in c# application
How can I find out the dependencies and build rule used to build something in scons
Sonar, Sonar-runner, Gallio and NCover 鈥�Gallio doesn't run :(
PNG transparency issue - faded images with black shadows - border in IE
In AngularJS, how do you find all the scopes on a page?
Could not create constraint in sql server 2005
Which bit is on for an integer in Java
Invoking KeyPress Event Without Actually Pressing Key
How to use same class library on WCF and Silverlight application
jquery statement - issue of selection
DDD: Layer for reporting (View Model/Report Model)
Only float value with dot (not comma) in input - jQuery
How to merge mutliple lists in drop-down selection based on checkbox(s) selected?
Getting warning Incompatible pointer types assigning to 'NSMutableData' from NSData
How do I get values from a dynamically created android TableRow?
How to add security headers to soap request in php Zend
How to know if my Android SmartWatch extension is inactive?
gobject and subprocess.Popen to communicate in a GTK GUI
Disable button when datagrid is in edit mode
XSL for-each call template on nodes with specific value
Runing (Executing) EcmaScript in phpStorm
How do you prune an object to its base object in C#.NET?
Scaled speed of planets and moons doesn't add up?
How to put iframe in to canvas
How to validate value of bit in byte array in java
Drag an item underneath a list of div's
downloaded content using NSURLConnection does not display on my iPhone?
how to create android app to take backup of the phone
Downgrading from Storyboard to XIB
Sitecore: Caching by custom param in code behind?
How to get variable from form1 to form2 with { get; set;}?
How to access parent grid id from subgrid in jqgrid
How do I handle JSONP with WebAPI? [duplicate]
LINQ - Distinct by value?
Closing statement after database operation?
Strange behavior of child UL on father LI's animation
redraw pie chart in highchart
Add a Button into PrefrenceScreen : Android
Get attribute data from xml using sencha touch 2
Long running Android service is getting recreated over and over [duplicate]
use user defined number to create countdown timer
SysML FlowProperties and FlowSpecification in Enterprise Architect (9.3)
return UIView to portrait after YouTube video in landscape
post only visible to all other users
Like button and Like box not showing only on some pages of my site. On the rest it works fine
Calling a controller before index.jsp loads
How to convert image into byte array and byte array to base64 String in android?
fast way to network transfer a lot of small files with PHP
Java : How to resize buffered image in pixels?
V8 order of instantiating the variables (multi-thread)
Unicode Not Supported in Java Swing controls
matlab try to write the max function
Upload more than 30 Files in Php
JQuery stopPropagation not preventing event bubbling
Lead Field Data through Class and Display W3C Validated Result
Element.hover not working on Raphael Javascript library
Localization App crashes on Android 4.0
IE7 issue with header
What do these line numbers mean in this error?
Declare IDisposable for the class or interface?
SharePoint mobile client development options
JMeter Correlator + Interleave Controller reset on sampler error?
jquery :- get div element html
Reading and executing a simple predefined programming language in Java [closed]
Sending request back from POST
MIPS help (convert from c++) - Initializing an array of integers and computing the max
Using LIKE operator to retrieve header codes only
~/.rvm/bin/rvm Vs ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
Can we create Email Inbox in WPF application
Convex Hull - Determine order of the points
Magento SPC price from issue?
Using setInterval with PageMethods
use alternative ForeignKey in Django form
Checking whether an object exists in SCCM using vbScript
How Can I Access an Alias Value in Controller?
MySQL database - Got error 28 from storage engine while accessing from webmin
Is it possible to use same OG action on 3 or more OG object?
jquery undefined global variable
Null Exception on User Control with ajax controls
WinFormsControlLibrary in
Can't get data from textbox
Jquery slider - reducing slider-handle height
DataModel must implement org.primefaces.model.SelectableDataModel when selection is enabled
Fluent Nhibernate and DynamicUpdate
Div (not sure if its div) automitcally resizes when I click anywhere on the page in Chrome [closed]
How to use the column names specified in Excel file's first row within a package?
how to change the UISearchBar to replace the search icon inside the text field with text
DataModel must implement org.primefaces.model.SelectableDataModel when selection is enabled
Fluent Nhibernate and DynamicUpdate
Div (not sure if its div) automitcally resizes when I click anywhere on the page in Chrome [closed]
How to use the column names specified in Excel file's first row within a package?
how to change the UISearchBar to replace the search icon inside the text field with text
Bigquery Improving the accuracy problems
Why is this Current Directory not being used?
How to design custom modal dialogs as regular view controllers?
Read/write character bytes from MQSeries
Is there a JQuery plugin that keeps an element constant as you scroll down the page? [closed]
LAMP stacks for production use? Using PHP 5.4.x, Apache 2.4.x, MySQL 5.5.x
Using strtok to split the string
Download a file from dropbox
C basic interaction over for loop
find a query string in url
Android LruCache in Android 1.6+
Wicket SelectOption<T> returning null on getDefaultModelObject() call made by Select<T>
WCF Methods takes different time to execute
Java Library to generate interactive Graph
formatted output: columns
Convert SQL columns to rows
Imagick not working
Show values of WebService tables in message box
httpadapter in Esper CEP implementation
How do you send a JSON encoded object to a PHP function that takes a PHP class object as a variable?
Strange Query using Hibernate and Oracle
XML Field - Query
how to implement file filter in java
Can not run syncdb with Django and mongoDB
USB bluetooth in Ubuntu 12.04 on Virtual Box
Visual studio + MySQL on Mac: Virtual Box vs Parallels
Securing a Multi tenant SaaS application
glDrawTexiOES on Nvidia Tegra 3
Difference in operation while using Macrocontent in Normal Mode in VIm/gvim (Delete a Specific Column)
Django users post to twitter
mysql variables and loop in stored procedure
fast text reader c#
Extension methods on System.Collections.Concurrent collections are thread-safe?
Hide/Show UILabel with hidden property not working
go to jsp page by hitting back button
ereg() to preg_match() for PHP 5.3/4 migration using regular expression [duplicate]
Disable radio buttons after set as buttonset()
Dealing with Enums in Asp MVC Telerik Grid and Entity Framework
Link to a specific tab from another page
How do I make naked if statements into a compiler warning in XCode?
Uncaught Error: No polyfill registered for object Facebook JDK
Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service
Magento: How to get the id of the just duplicated product programmatically
Creating a Transparent Child window on top of non-transparent Parent Window ( win 32 )
Hide div depending on horizontal browserviewport
why is it displaying same result in two rows?