Linux C: how to know the default interface for internet access?
Trigger on a timer using jQuery
how to change icon for parent node when all of its children are deleted in jqGrid Tree Grid
How to deploy a database programatically with C#
How to check the document scrollTop?
Compress/Resize jpeg and get the Base64 in Javascript
Magento Top Menu suddenly stops writting 鈥淎ctive鈥�Class
Throw extra exception to avoid code duplication
VBScript - Database - Recordset - How to pass DateDiff value in the database
Pass a dictionary as a parameter in Http.Post in C#
Static method access to non-static constructor?
How to use a css file for a specific page in drupal 7?
Delphi: Changing the Button Color using a Class Helper
Javascript Regex Zipcode validation issue
Display static content in Wordpress if page/post empty
is it standard to use undefinded attribute in html [duplicate]
how to store data
Is this a pattern?
How can one get a property name as a string in managed c++
how to use string argument of a function in a jquery expression
Attaching a base64_encoded string in emails - Codeigniter
How to manage string slices with less overhead?
filetype setting lost after reloading all files in buffer
Using lists in prawn
Install4j: Howto copy and modify a launcher at runtime
Change link colour if it contains certain text
Read sharepoint page title from list
android load local(in Asset/Res/External Storage) pdf file in webview
Handling overlays on Google Streetview custom panoramas
autofac how to select an implementation
How to create a custom manager in blackberry
jQuery `.val` reporting a value for a select, with no option selected
how avoid excess serialization for Google page speed?
What regular expression should I use for this sample?
Android 4.0 c2dm issue
Getting data from HTML table into a datatable
perl (good practice): lexical filehandle for socket
Report Viewer Configuration Error
Show other domain using DNS instead of iframe
Cassandra Amazon EC2 , lots of IOWait
How can I deploy my websites using Git hooks?
Simple SQL nested select query no longer working
VisualStateManager change background of templated control when HorizontalAlignment = Stretch
autocomplete on button click jquery
SQL query distinct - group by
Symfony 2 Security Component : use loadUserByUsername from controller
Renumber MATLAB figure without saving and opening .fig file
Mahout - FileDataModel: Delete file(s) after refresh?
Simple SQL nested select query no longer working
VisualStateManager change background of templated control when HorizontalAlignment = Stretch
autocomplete on button click jquery
SQL query distinct - group by
Symfony 2 Security Component : use loadUserByUsername from controller
Renumber MATLAB figure without saving and opening .fig file
Mahout - FileDataModel: Delete file(s) after refresh?
html5 canvas array of images- draw image to canvas
Should right click on a textfield move the caret just as left click does?
extjs app will not start after creating it in Architect
Threading + TabControl in C#
I can't update Django's RedirectView. It keeps referring to the old URL with a status of 301 Moved Permenantly
game ranking position
We're sorry, but something went wrong. - with Rails, Apache, Passenger
Java FileUtils copy backup directory
Varying variable in PHP
yaf integration with blog engine2.0
Android install error
Exclude data from being captured by loop-back mode in WASAPI
What are 鈥�:operator new鈥�and 鈥�:operator delete鈥�
Lua Lanes: attempt to index global 'os' (a nil value)
jQuery - problems with select/options + click/blur conflict
ASP Error passing object as parameter on Soap Method
Convert .doc to .docx with c#
ENOBUFS when using http.get
Javascript generated ul looks different in internet explorer
How to use jquery to shift focus to scrollbar
I like to retrieve three values in a record from Mysql through PHP(using '?' AND '&') and send it to the other form using $_GET method
Is it possible to call a batch file while compiling an inno-setup script?
There is no build compilation issue once a class is removed from a jar?
Declaring RelativeLayout footer in code
Clicking on fb like button increases the counter by 2
javascript collapseToStart() error
How do I implement annotations in C?
How to inject Spring dependencies into Message Driven EJB?
iFrame to communicate with website
How to resize/remake jQuery GalleryView slider on window resize?
iOS allow app to import unsupported file formats
What are reasons for Exceptions not to be compatible with throws clauses?
why this wrong in robot.txt file even after specifing URL?
Xlib - draw only set bits of a bitmap on a window
missing play sources when using sbt gen-idea
polyline snap to road using google maps api v3
load balancing thrift traffic
A bubble sort in Python,use to processing list
Open NFC target doesn't appear on the AVD Manager
Webview reloading on Orientation Change in Honeycomb
Need to access sqlite database using Javascript
SharePoint webparts page that consumes webservices times out on not to heavy load.
change the main menu color in asp menu
i can't be install db-mysql on node.js project
How do the new Scala TypeTags improve the (deprecated) Manifests? [duplicate]
Default.png - en-gb / Worldworld Localization
Programmatically deform planar texture to spherical (3d) texture
C - Freeing a pointer to pointer [closed]
How can I give remote access to my visualsvn server
XML Parsing with regards to Reverse Geocode
Fire ManipulationStarted manually in WP7
MVC Upload with Postback ( or maybe it is called Callback )
Slow Performance of Amazon SQS compared with RabbitMQ
&&= in C#? (boolean expression) [duplicate]
VBA performance issue - Check before performing task
Android - Adding multiple views dynamically
Reloading a page with iframe in FF3.x
Upgrade ios deployment target from 5.1 to 5.1.1 in xcode 4.3.2
Setting canonical tags for categories in Magento
Modify WebInitParam in Servlet 3.0 when the project in packaged in a WAR
renaming classes in iOS
how to use Yii namespace
Android - How to interact with a view after it has been animated?
why to use resultset!=null does it check for null
inflate in merge
Universal Right UIBarButton for UINavigationController
Send XML File to client
how to do max-match search in JCS (java caching system)
Model's property in javascript code
how to split the grid header using ASP.Net with C#
Cell Locking on Save if data has been entered
Regex not finding string
How to bind gridview control using jQuery?
Double quotes(鈥渪xx鈥� changes to two double quotes (鈥溾�xxx鈥溾�) unexpectedly while read string from file using Python
How to set the value of a HTML file field?
Which is the simple way to export a database from SQL Server including all tables and data into file.sql file?
Create ipaddr-py IPv6Address from byte string
Force 鈥渕essage鈥�on SVN commit?
Working with DTMF tones in android
Remove the link from a Featured Image in Wordpress
How to open iphone mail application from my own application?
checkbox color not desired
How does ImageMagick perform under high load?
Copy permissions / authentication to child threads鈥�
Is it possible to call a UIEvent between viewWillAppear and viewDidAppear?
Way to edit style of another webpage within iframe, even superficially?
MySQL not a valid ressource
how to store and retrieve blob file in sqlite in corona sdk?
IOS AddressBook update contact or merge records
C++ convert character array to uppercase ( no MFC )
Webservice returns EndPointNotFoundException
ROR + Generate Text Report using XML file
Integer variable no longer usable after forall construct
How to test constructor of a class that has a @PostConstruct method using Spring?
How to denied display images, PDF files - and allow only download them?
Concatenate regex s+ w+ 鈥�perl
IOS allocation problems with MPMoviePlayerViewController
Merge 2 screen with 2 entities
php: how to know what file has contains a php function that is called [duplicate]
To Find a Particular line and copying a specific content within the line using bash scripting
Get user submitted date into a variable
eval() and global scope
how in uibinder grid set text in specified cell
Event for dismissing onscreen keyboard by clicking the keyboard button
how can I get IP src addr from a raw socket
Google maps not rendering
JTree rightclick behaviour like in any Filebrowser
Wordpress Theme Twenty Ten how to position the comments box above the posted comments
dynamically create radiobuttons and labels
Uiwebview in uiscrollview tips
No Suitable application record were found. When Validating Application
Add a class along with class specified in the skin
Merging Query Result into single row - Oracle
How to duplicate Magento product and add a new SKU with only one 鈥渟ave鈥�action
Javascript- Swap layer and grouping
PMD rules confliction:A method should have only one exit point, and that should be the last statement in the method
boost::shared_array assignment crashes application(VC++ 2010)
different repositories of different project in same query
Modifying struct members through a pointer passed to a function
Why use Abstract factory pattern in C#
Find out what exactly XMLHttpRequest is requesting
ObjC - Automatic View Rotation
How to review all datas in one pages in
Text user interface showing a list of items, displaying more information for particular item
Want to implement delay in scrool to scrol smoothly in Scrolltohorizontal offset method
Link tracking with javascript
Is it possible to inject code from script into running rails app
Ruby - Rails - encrypt stored passwords in rails' source code
Google Charts - Stacked BarCharts with dates on x-axis
Function selection for copying string in C++, with focus on performance
Post request with query string parameters
git-svn not working, reporting 鈥渇atal: cannot exec 'git-svn': Not a directory鈥�
Win32 Application in C# .Net
Java - Manage Token - Struts - severals sessions
rubyrails 3.2, cache action and ajax call
Sleeping an Application
Download audio file on html anchor link click independant of browser action
Using concat in where conditions, good or bad?
fancybox top position
Hashing or encrypting variables to be sent in a url
Add a IF 鈥LSE statement to stored procedure to skip duplicate primary keys
Open-ended tournament pairing algorithm
how to empty textbox if data entered not in autocomplete list
Download audio file on html anchor link click independant of browser action
Using concat in where conditions, good or bad?
fancybox top position
Hashing or encrypting variables to be sent in a url
Add a IF 鈥LSE statement to stored procedure to skip duplicate primary keys
Open-ended tournament pairing algorithm
how to empty textbox if data entered not in autocomplete list
How to run xml data(getting as the response from service) against a XSL and get html output in C#
Improve 鈥渄rawString鈥�methods text quality
Passing an argument into a FOR loop
Freeing memory allocated with newCString
Add a DIV below hovered image with jQuery
Unable to delete achievement
Invalid input in C++ stream
Insert After Last Item by jQuery
DotNetNuke - Header, Content and Footer
JAXB maven plugin Two declarations cause a collision in the ObjectFactory class
O_DIRECT flag not working
Execute an exe in remote pc - C++
Calculate the number of loop iterations with varying increment
DataGridView virtual mode with a simple list as a source
IsolatedStorageException in windows phone
How to display the data on the table view which are fetched from the web service in iphone
Get & Parse Facebook Graph API's JSON with Classic ASP
Links between documentation (sphinx) and django app
Keep value of File field after form validation with Spring MVC
fancyBox 2: formating title
Package importing issue in jython file
cannot find adminpack.sql in postgresql 9.1
Mercurial how to create patch for one file in repo
How can you embed a C++ game into a webpage?
fail when creating shared library with libstdc++ statically linked
Adding Jquery Plugin to Backbone + require.js code
How to configure a pg_search multisearch on associated models in Rails?
how to find the available memory before store a file?
Marquee and static UILabel text
How to scroll to selected row in GridView
using Dynamic to add methods?
Sharing same stdout between 2 processes in win32, c++
Heterogenous computing using OpenCl Vs java
Efficient way to filter an Object Array on a specific property?
Python: What does 鈥渇oo() for i in range(bar)鈥�mean?
Why are my database navigation buttons not working in c#?
Mac Sandbox: testing whether a file is accessible
Remove trailing zeros and use 6 decimal points in Matlab
When Injecting Javascript into a UIWebView from Settings I only get numbers?
Interplay between UINavigationController鈥檚 addChildViewController and topViewController
vala interface with get property - compilation error
How to read an enumerable without a loop without losing its scope?
Upload pictures to my app
How do I insert into a table a mixed query
Listen to rightclick on svg element with Raphael.js
List of Entity Framework Code First Default Naming Conventions
objective c regular expression
Passing array to controller using jquery Post [closed]
jQuery Trigger a click on mouseOut
UITableView to UIScrollView
How to output PCM data in MFT
In Android, How to shortlist the Ordered Items without taking the previous order Items?
How can I use a viewmodel property in my GET action method without filling it in POST action method in MVC?
Accessing all the email IDs for each contact from the iphone contactlist through code
Changing returnButton while editing freezes keyboard for 1 tap
C: Are #define directives global?
unexpected charcters appears after writing it into a text file
File Copy in C#.Net
CSV to XML in Powershell
GHUnit gives allocate_pages() error after conversion to ARC in iOS Project
Fetching current loggedin user using spring security
php remove invalid chars
android book page scrolling with transparent background
how to compress request using ASIFormDataRequest?
How do I specify a view to be pushed as Modal in MvvmCross? and the html iframe (the html textarea)
wordpress allow user to change their role
Possible to return Json data from C# class library
how to send email wth email template c#
Adding string tags to each value of jQuery Sparklines plugin
Silverlight 4 & VisualSVN issue
Animate continuously onMouseover using setInterval
custom Sorting order - configuration in mongoDB
Why does CodeIgniter store so much data in it's cookie?
How to override an XML element with the differences in another?
How to queries from database without model in Rails3?
MySql: Mapping Table or All data in same table?
What does the type option in the hibernate console wizard do?
Create a custom icon from a drawable or layout in Android
How does this work? x<<=3 = -8 where (byte)x = 127?
Server-side RequestFactory related error with no stack trace or any other details
Apache2 not picking up the correct index.html by default
VARCHAR text is not equal to Char text while comparing with LIKE operator in sql server
change the class name of a when mp3 finishes to play
Xcode 4.3 stopped building XIB files
Could not load file or assembly 'applicationname' or one of its dependencies. THe module was expected to contain an assembly manifest
Anyone have a workaround to bug with save and send with outlook add in?
adjacency model , given an id return the leaf nodes
Blocks inside NSMutableArray leaking (ARC)
Upload photo from client's webcam
iOS - 鈥渕ultiple build commands for output file鈥�- can someone help me debug this?
String.Contains doesn't require parameters in c#?
How does assigning to a local variable help here?
How can I reference an Excel worksheet without hardcoding its name in VBA?
Custom Page vs Plugin Slug
Unterminated String Constant error in javascript
Finding the most common base [closed]
Javascript with jquery datepicker using knockout
Make sure both threads finish execution before executing a piece of code
Instantiate default class loader more than once
Implementing Custom Authentication Provider using AbstractAuthenticationListener
Berkeley DB SIGBUS error
Reinitialise code that fires on keyup event when user's click on a div?
What is happening when I press Control-C in the R terminal?
How to solve NoClassDefFoundError preconditions?
How to remove layout scroll bar in primefaces?
How does the unit testing for decorator pattern in c#?
android ndk build issue (..ld.exe: ./jni: No such file: Permission denied)
NancyFX: How do I check if query-string / form values have been correctly passed to my handler?
Anagram - find the word solver [duplicate]
How do you instantiate a java.lang.reflect.Method?
How to connect Android phone with microchip controller device?
Android:Exit in application
MongoDB Cannot successfully extract 鈥渃olumn鈥�names from cursor/array
Monitor directory content change
How do I check GPU usage of Android device?
get iscsi ip from initiator name
QPropertyAnimation: animate a window from a straight line to full size
Converting signed binary string in two's complement to int?
HTML & JQuery: how to add array to displayBox
c# enum constants map to unique integer values
Passing Objects between View Controllers in Objective C
Multiple (left, cross?) JOINs in MS Access
how to apply Fourier Transform function?
So searching only works with loadonce:true?
If time and date before php
Timer that works in the background
Jenkins simple theme plugin examples or tutorial
Using boolean logic on time (javascript)
Does Street View has any cost? Can I use it on Windows Phone systems?
Helicon ISAPI Rewrite proxy not forwarding requests
excel file to count total rows in macro
jquery get selected value from dropdownlist? Not text
Value not getting selected from an Autocomplete on Mouse button click
Incrementing a value in template lite
How to enable :tsearch dictionary for pg_search multi-search?
object invoked has disconnected from its clients
How to encapsulate the logic of parametrized messages?
Pass by value vs Pass by reference
how to check whether phonegap is ready to use or not
Storing encrypted data in database using Security::Cipher
Git: unrecognised branch name
Dependency property error
When does one benefit from executing a garbage collection in R [duplicate]
Jquery not functioning correctly (not waiting?) [closed]
Android Fetch installed and default browser in device
PHP File Runs Fine Manually But behaves unexpected on Cron Job
How to define a generic parameter which should extend Map or Collection?
PHP: Convert a german date format (%d.%m.%Y) into a valid unix timestamp? [duplicate]
comparing two Lists in C#
Invoking video player application on Kindle Fire directly from WebView
Multiplication of large number with small number
Web application development to desktop application development in java
How to find mood from song [closed]
How to solve this NoMethodError in Home#index in rails?
How can i access only the specific textbox on clicking an icon next to it
Save embedded Word Doc as PDF
ScalaQuery not creating DDL?
How to define/declare and use variable in Squirrel SQL client 3
Remove watch on YouTube logo on video
Jquery google map plugin, adding event listners
Jquery Swipe detection on object for Android mobile site
how avoid asking for FB.api('/me', function (user)) for each page
How can I get the html5 video element's width and height
Does a commit on a Python MySQLdb cursor affect transactions in progress in another cursor?
Open an iframe containing XML
How to get the next 12 future dates
Ruby form auto submission Mechanize::ResponseCodeError
How to solve 鈥淣eed imported data reference鈥�while building with runtime packages
Return a cloned object from Map in Hazelcast
How to display special characters in SQL server 2008?
PL/SQL functions [duplicate]
How to check the CRUD permissions to an object for a user in Salesforce?
How to know about network details and uses in ios sdk
setText on EditText and TextView not working
How to efficiently intersect 2 or more cassandra slices?
WP7 HttpWebRequest how to know when multiple requests are completed?
GWT: Expose the service implementation class as web service
How to use Talend to read/write SAS files without installing a SAS server?
Removing excess padding on primefaces button
Limiting an attribute in Rails
mongoid destroy_all followed with count result in cached result
Convert 1D index from blocked data to 1D index of whole data
Using $(this) in setTimeout();
how to remove a contact using context menu in android
Problems with iScroll on a div with jQuery Animation
SecurityException when calling Sharepoint Webservice from Infopath
PHP: Using a variable inside a double quotes
Why do I get this error: 'default' is not a best match for any device/locale combination? [duplicate]
Number of files in subfolder of Resources
Controlling the camera flash on the Galaxy Nexus and Note from within a service
Light options for kiwiViewer
Hadoop Daemons not stopping
SecurityException when calling Sharepoint Webservice from Infopath
PHP: Using a variable inside a double quotes
Why do I get this error: 'default' is not a best match for any device/locale combination? [duplicate]
Number of files in subfolder of Resources
Controlling the camera flash on the Galaxy Nexus and Note from within a service
Light options for kiwiViewer
Hadoop Daemons not stopping
Pitfall when including Java applet in webpage
KnpSnappyBundle use image inside response
Intranet site Content Management
How can I stop sourcing a (t)csh script on a certain condition without exiting the shell?
Oracle on Mac OSX, access from a virtual machine
How to stub get/set of simple types
Using matplotlib how could I plot a histogram with given data in python
C# log4net: DateTimeFormat with blanks
Multithreading in Async
refer to an image with an array content
filter csrfmiddlewaretoken while posting-django
Wcf , iis configuration to return list collection
How use default locale if translation missing
how to draw Password field just the way we draw Ember.TextField?
java.beans.VetoableChangeListener cannot be resolved
how to retrive just 10 items per page in django
Make .php files show as subdirectories in the address bar, hiding the actual filetype/name?
Max count of buffers
Different result in ASP than in VBScript
Extending delete method of GridView
Wordpress menu in drop down?
adding a textView underneath another textView
Is it possible to open multiple ports on one program?
Android C2DM Registration fails INVALID_PARAMETERS
Time table Generation using Genetic Algorithms in java
Logging Application Block not logging to a file
Load multiple application stylesheets in asset pipeline
Mockito: List Matchers with generics
cakePHP hasMany not joining the SQL query
Can't read the text file in metro apps?
Bash script to select a single Python function from a file
String.Format - how it works and how to implement custom formatstrings
button not showing animation effects
How to delete remote branch with dots in the name
Rails: nested form binded to an object 鈥�problems with select box
server.mappath not working in after publish
Playing sections of a movie
CSS to PDF,the css in Flying Saucer : -fs-table-paginate result in border-collapse:collapse invalid
How to load CRL path in openssl 1.0.1?
strange sqlite error in gosqlite (golang)
How to disable 鈥淥pen in external viewer鈥�and 鈥淒ownload鈥�menu automaticaly showed from webview when a pdf is loaded?
XmlSerializer not using XmlSerializers.dll created by sgen
Selecting a single record with Doctrine2
Updating the database from dataset after altering it in c#
Openssl : What does RSA n e d p q parameters represent?
SVN says folder has been modified
How to do a direct insert into SQL Server 2008 service broker queue
Android : EventHub.removeMessages(int what = 107) is not supported before the WebViewCore is set up
How to inject different dependencies into WebApi Controller using StructureMap
Caret position not keeping track?
Exiting two concurrent queues with three threads in c++
Reasons to use full-blown git rather than tfs via git-tfs
MySQL syntax error for INSERT
How to access secure soap web service basic authentication in Windows Phone 7
superscript characters in string IOS
display in textView basic operation result android
Instantly rebooting from Windows batch file - bypassing system settings change dialog
multiple google chart in one page-strange thing are happening
Unknown pseudo-op: .global
What is the difference between 鈥淟egacy Version鈥�and 鈥淪table Version鈥�
How to dynamically change a property that is being accessed
Dynamically Create SubMenu using MvcSite map Mvc3
When is it a good idea to use the Django template tag 鈥渨ith鈥�
javascript click and hide issue firefox
CGAL: Difference between normal and weighted 3D triangulation
Using account manager to get OAuth token
User.Identity.IsAuthenticated use in generic handler
Returning Rank with Full Text Search Contains Query
What is AsyncTask?
Create Log4j xml log file
Switching between threads in C#
jenkins: How to eval parameter value based on other parameters
how to use live and trigger together?
Count for the selected lines in eclipse editor
Amazon S3 client connect through proxy - putObject getting NullPointerException
R package equivalent to Matlab's Bayes net toolbox for network structure learning using time data [closed]
Does the 鈥渂lur鈥�event fire only for HTML form objects?
How to find index of element inside IEnumurable Collection using C# [closed]
Play video on YouTube in WebBrowser with help script
Unable to delete files using Java
Wrong document error while appending a node in xml
transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server(provider:TCP Provider, error: 0-The semaphore timeout period has expired)
How to make my app not to link to some lib? `QT -= `?
JAVA Macros for Android Use (Does such exist?)
ava.lang.IllegalStateException: getOutputStream() has already been called for this response
Use regexp_replace function for last 5 digits
Someone told me that it is saving memory to use numbers directly instead of static final int fields, is that true?
Relative layout change through java code
Cx_Freeze - How to Include Modules
How to Include namespaced Files in PHP?
How to do Feedback form in IOS?
How to display HTML 鈥渇ile鈥�fields normally in Google Chrome?
MongoDB showing error when it finds a blank entry
Why can assembly instructions contain multiplications in the 鈥渓ea鈥�instruction?
C++ BOOL (typedef int) vs bool for performance
View model property is null on POST in MVC3
using JQuery validate plugin
Working Set Selection Programatically in Eclipse
Creating Between Extension Method checking value between two datatypes having same base class
ld: library not found for -lFlurryWithLocation
JPA detached entity as part of a managed entity during merge
JavaScript closure and the this object
combobox not being populated
Undefined reference to typeinfo when linking with nsRunnable
how to call a specific function on every ajax request
could not run the cronjob in ruby using wheneverize
customize the jquery tabs
Singletons and class loaders in Tomcat web applications
Java applet shows a white square when in a .php file
Access despite deny from entry in htaccess
How to test the script deployed with crontab
How to Zip an xls file and send it to an email in SSIS
CSS, Images, JS not loading in IIS
Multi Thread Processing in Java
User ID insert in SQL trigger
How to fix jQuery UI dialog size during dragging?
refactor nested switch to objects
Replacing default Home Screen Android
Keep tracks on e-mails
Generate delegate methods for a visible property of a parent class
Reading data blocks from a file in Python
How to set order by dynamically in SQL Server?
Making work with log4net
Making sense of some bit magic in the Go standard library
How to redirect entire asp website except one folder and one page
Version control as a way to keep users up to date with important data changes?
Add field to Orchard ContentPart and record is not working
Using meta tags with PHP for search engines
generic trait taking a class and it's companion object as a type parameter
Meta refresh page AJAX stuck when redirects too quickly (less than 1.5 seconds)
Detect User's Browser [duplicate]
JQuery ui dialog resize after open
How to invoke cron job from php script?
Merge resources into app.xaml?
Android WebView fail to add multiple javascriptinterface
How does Facebook combine SSL and non-SSL content?
How to set CommandTimeout
How can i get String Variables from a given String
Is ther a way to use MSBuild inside an application's code to build another application
SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle][Oracle]Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019
How can i transfer all records in 1 data grid view to another data grid view?
Printing the full content of a div when using jScrollPane jQuery plugin
Ruby: How can I get all the key elements from an json format?
How to set CommandTimeout
How can i get String Variables from a given String
Is ther a way to use MSBuild inside an application's code to build another application
SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle][Oracle]Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019
How can i transfer all records in 1 data grid view to another data grid view?
Printing the full content of a div when using jScrollPane jQuery plugin
Ruby: How can I get all the key elements from an json format?
How to access the 'direction' property of a UISwipeGestureRecognizer? [duplicate]
Hide mail server's credentials in source
Memory management with C array in Objective C
why doesn't the exception get printed?
Set size on Dialog box
Can you define an entry point in your Plone product to run a script as if it was called by bin/instance run
Need Excel sheet Formula
re.findall and regex
Get URI for a stored file in StorageFile (WinRT)
EJB-@Singleton to manage query results
struts 2 redirect java.lang.IllegalStateException
How to delete substring from string?
Possible options for storing hierarchical data
How to run salesforce apex trigger on more than 200 records
Different background on each menu element on Wordpress
How to change the ListView Daynamically from a separate class?
regcmp pattern $0 meaning
Getting Unix timestamp of this
Receiving corrupted Stream on Server
RunTimeExcception is checked/unchecked?
unable to form SQL
Converting URL into clickable link using Javascript
Symfony2: Call a Controller /File on EVERY action
Assigning more than one class for one event
deadlock and or return before thread is dead
Prevent back button after logout
Format of Date Time Picker
iOS : Initialization of UIImage
Set the select box to its default selected index using jQuery
Fetch top 5 customers from Mysql table
Can django-pagination do multiple paginations per page?
Processing large documents on server side
Singleton class implementing an interface [duplicate]
How to make the height of two divs same, irrespective of its content?
How to handle inheritance of a function with many parameters?
Dangers of converting file-based project to directory-based project?
Constructor in ViewModel
Loaded Simultaneously in Parallel?
html nested forms: simplest method
Object is not a known entity type
xml serialization error on bool types
How to 'check' all checkboxes in the list to 'check' the single checkbox?
Inconsistent display of UTF-8 across app: garbled in some places, not others
Convert bit vector to binary in Perl
How to add image to DataGrid group header
exception while adding database tables for magento
Possible to manage linux services from website?
How to calculate <LatLonBox> coordinates in KML for a Image Overlay
Need help understanding currying using groovy closures?
AsyncTask with android:noHistory=鈥渢rue鈥�
Standalone XULRunner Application on Mac OS X 10.5 Error
essage: OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Unspecified error SSAS and SSRS installed
How to return the comparison differences when comparing two complex objects?
Using a regular expression to find a link with a certain anchor when using mechanize
Truncated response received using HttpWebRequest
What is $product in bundle id
Airplay resuming issue
how to show the single button in uilocalnotification [closed]
How can I transfer audio buffer to play it directly
Delphi to VBNet Code Conversion (How to?)
Min and max value of range validator?
How to avoid necessity of Admin. privileges for Visual Studio with IIS or COM Interop?
iPhone Safari screen.availHeight and statusbar / toolbar / addressbar
Connect to SQL Server 2008 from Webhost PHP file?
How to request optional parameters?
ITaskScheduler and the IClientSecurity interface
PhoneGap Android Calendar Integration
basic use about EditText in Android
On window resize do not modify width or height on any element of body
configuring a ssl for a web with specific script
Referencing DBML project in Console App (.net)
Compound literals in IF statement
How to specify logback as project dependency?
What to do now that asihttprequest's owner stopped working on the project?
How can to export Google maps data and understand them for creating new navigation software
CSS Wrapping rows of <span>s issues
ASP.NET MVC throws error when id is null
Oracle Hyperion Foundation Services
Flush a socket in Python
Face detection and face recognition technology in phoneGap
visual studio 2010: error code -2146232576 (0x80131700)
Conditional navigation in JSF2.0
Perl Text Extraction
when is this called : - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
Qt - dropEvent for QComboBox not being called
how to add windows form to web page?
Installing `numpy` within a virtualenv in Ubuntu 11.10
Youtube js API - seek backward in time not working
Sorting DataGridView
C compiler not finding header files
maven plugin install in eclipse, Missing requirement: 3.6.0
Limited edittext on some samsung devices?
How to prepend a header in a text file
failed to get latitude , longitude using google maps , get_lat_long_from_address
How to drop a node on an empty dynatree
Slide Toggle two different css states
Plugin: WP e-Commerce Errors immediatley after activating plugin
How do I get the position of a form and the screen it is displayed on, and restore that the next time my form is displayed?
Android, official download location for google play apk for testing?
Confusing data annotation validation
java.nio.channels.NonWritableChannelException when try to get backup apk file
Slide - Scroll To - gallery displaying images page - centered
Add type restrictions to multiple type parameters?
Issue regarding Java to XML conversion and vice versa
Extjs store find all
localStroage of html5 store data in the form sql table is their any solutions
Why are HTML forms sometimes cleared when clicking on the browser back button
How can I extend jquery's .ajax() and create custom .ajax2() for my use
How to create a stored procedure in ADO.NET
Excel VBA cell character limit
How to get, in java, the entire html of a page loaded in part from jquery
Jquery ui show() method conflict with cookie in wordpress
exporting a video file in reverse order on iphone
Vector Sort JAVA
FB.type is not a function
What does comma do in this string sequence?
memcpy structure failed
Incell Editing in datatable for primefaces not sending edited values to event
disable writing of character on qtextedit by overriding keypress event in pyqt4 python
How to test android app web service calls with robotium?
Xslt validation error on decimal values
How to align icon in the center of the button in sencha touch?
iPhone app Rejected with iPad 3 crash without log
application not working on android 4.0
Floating element in footer in final version 1.1.0 of JQM has weird behaviour
OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget on loading DICOM images
How to change $model->attributes value in controller - Yii
comparing Query results
Query the Description Value of a Picklist in Dynamics CRM 4.0
UITableViewCell Selected view appearing under cell labels/images not on top
How to change DrawingVisual Fill and Stroke
edit Create View generated by Database-First Model in ASP MVC3
Codeigniter with jqGrid: use csrf_token
how to search on a same field in 1 table
ASIHTTPRequest with SSL failed on iOS 5.0/5.0.1
Old 16-bit Application Causing GPF in WIN87EM.DLL, intermittently
Can and should a Maven POM specify if it requires Maven 3 or newer?
Grails not encoding the uniocde characters properly
This block must only be used with the source from which it was created
How to save arabic words into oracle database?
Sql database in Visual Studio 2005
SSL subdomain redirects to main domain
php soap client for uk mail webservice api?
SSL subdomain redirects to main domain
php soap client for uk mail webservice api?
Play Framework: Rare Slow Requests [closed]
How to couple or decouple actions that may deliver inputs and outputs to each other
Xcode 4.3 Tableview Blank
Select distinct list of all elements x of all records in sql xquery
How to keep socket alive in ios?
Creating a table on the basis of a field
Query being fired but insert not reflected in DB
Save a BufferedImage as a TIFF file?
Opa: Iterating through stringmap and forming a new string based on it
Oracle database mobile server vs Couchdb
PHP script stops working when handling large size of string
Recognize that which key user enter in a textfield
How to change the DisplayName of a table in ASP.Net Dynamic Data
How to test message similarity for scheduled Facebook posts?
android repeat action on pressing and holding a button
bluetoothchat application showing errors
how do we use media wiki format to edit email templates
How to search a string in a pdf file [duplicate]
How to implement drag and drop feature
Jetty daemon and useTestClasspath, what am I doing wrong?
Compile iPhone only app to iPad device in xCode
What methods exist to retrieve the time zone setting in Java for XenApp?
tar exclude single files/directories, not patterns
show gmail screen directly鈥�not thru selection
Access to war file name from Config.groovy and Datasource.groovy
how to save dynamically created objects using NSCoding and NSFileManager
Call function outside window.addEvent() - mooTools
Redirect all HTTP request to HTTPS request without code change
For AWS, how do you set tags to a resource with the ruby aws-sdk?
Improve image quality after draw string on it, in c#
Autocomplete textbox not working
How to deal with CRUD based off of a users login with MVC 3
Qt's QProcess still thinks a process is running after it has exited
How to get XPath from an XML?
Struts : How to iterate until a value is reached
I want to know something about CoreData using in UIImagePickerController sample code
Error in database while executing codeigniter
What is the difference between *ptr and ptr* in C?
Retrieve data from model to controller
How to tag UIImage in UIScrollView
Cannot access form values via HTTP POST value in controller using jQuery's .serialize() in codeigniter
Does SVN upload only the difference of a changed file when committing?
What's the meaning of if(a,b,c,d) in C Language [duplicate]
Web Services development with Eclipse Helios
Stumped: phpMyAdmin, browser and query browser return different results for same query
Group two table with timestamps in common and sum amount for each month
MongoDB startup 鈥渘o such command鈥�exception on Azure
Flex AdvancedDataGrid Drag Drop select item on hover
Is it possible to deploy a WebRole on Azure with Cloud Numerics used for computation?
Customizing 鈥淒one鈥�Bar Button on top of UIKeyboard using UI Appearance?
Dynamically add script tag to JSP document and set script body
Flash ANE SoftKeyboard
mapreduce -concepts
how can i manually give the x,y of an image?
Turn non-interleaved audio data into interleaved
User Likes a Page
selenium locate no id or name 's elements using javascript
how to use custom font in phone gap?
Authenticated Referrals Not Displaying in OAuth Dialog
Any format to UNIX end line format recursively
Android: How to programatically create multiple imagebutton views?
How to test that a certain function uses a transaction in Rails and rspec 2
Mule logging: Interceptors or Logger component?
How to get iphone device token for push notification?
Mapping a POJO to a table dynamically in hibernate using annotations
Symfony filters out my script from loading
How to look which room is available between 2 dateTimes
open source tools for AI
Label is not hidden in WPF binding
How to set multiple cookies in one page using php
Sencha touch 2: map marker titles
Please suggest how to create a section in Android list
how to display file download dialog for PDF in jax-rs?
scala Range for Long
`java (0 % 2 != 0) == false`
How to turn off 鈥淯se wireless networks鈥�in Location and security in Android settings programatically?
How to generate Exception objects from Java Runtime Exception in Thirft IDL
How to get name and email of every person in address book contacts
Do directories in Windows have an inode number?
HTML5 - flip book page transition [duplicate]
Too much native call does not affect the speed
ASP.NET Ajax postback suddenly stops on IPhone/IPad
Showing warning message when shareing on facebook in iPhone app
Trouble accessing a XUL element from JavaScript
How to count with template lite
Finding the Bounds a Location falls in?
Difference between 鈥淓quals鈥�and 鈥淪equenceEqual鈥�
Kaspersky blocks the netstat command in vb script
Generate csv file on user request in google app engine
Wait not working in Firefox browser (Webdriver selenium 2.0 +Java)
git directory conflicts with remote repository
List.Find and CompoareTo to get the lowest value
cake php import library with many php files which include other files
Derive Entity class from a NotMapped class in Entity Framework 4.1 Code First
typo3 Template Auto-parser plugin not visible
Search and reload datagridview
set a google freindly http header error, when mysql database error occur
how to open an apple unsupported file in our ipad app
set a google freindly http header error, when mysql database error occur
how to open an apple unsupported file in our ipad app
How to find the total no of result from following string
Html5 - Css styles are overriden by jquery mobile style
error when convert project from vc 6.0 to vc 2010
Can't get port.emit and port.on to work in a Firefox add-on
How to download and load downloads image in Custom UITableViewCell?
Add Swipe Function in HTML5 Video Player
popen handle across persistent connections
Make in_array like query with MongoDB in PHP
Can not dismiss an action sheet here
What is the better approach of adding elements to a list C#
Leverage browser caching , modifying .htaccess file , - not working for javascript files
How to create a Between Extension Method
Stored procedure conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type int?
Dynamic Error Display
Android robotium testing
in Ipython notebook, Pandas is not displying the graph I try to plot.
Why can't you modify a collection in a for each loop
Configure XmlSerializer used for WCF
C++ map<K,T> Initialization
virtual path change
html5 video not working on ipad
Get database field non null values which contain both null and not null
Clojure: ns-resolve -> get an agent -> call send on it
C++ variable declaration is treated like a function declaration
SSE2 integer overflow checking
Why is my JQuery UI Datepicker only translated when it is clicked?
ASP.NET MVC split into multiple projects
Name cannot begin with the '1' character, hexadecimal value 0x31. Line 2, position 2
How to get the complete autocomplete list on focus using autocomplete extender?
GAE webapp2 unicode flag in URL pattern
UIViewController not keeping state in Storyboard
collision detection between two lines
Auto following a twitter user
How would Zeus(load balancer) handle the closed connection
In Unix shell, how to Check user's permission ,if the user doesn't have, how to produce an error message?
jquery datepicker date +1 is adding 10 days
Pull values from all database row's for calculations
Mule ESB can be deployed in Application Server
When to use SQL natural join instead of join .. on?
How to Override PackageInstaller Dialogs?
Missing entry point GdipDrawRectangleI
How can I get the Current Servlet Object in a filter?
Setting Button Location for Macro that Generates Form Control Buttons
How to keep a maximum count of ten values in an array?
Testing LightOpenID in Localhost
Why Rails provides less number of time zones support?
Mysql database connectivity for flex window application
How to identify why the hadoop job is pending?
awk sum a column and print that sum on each line of input
鈥渕achine sleep鈥�+ WaitForSingleObject + finite timeout
Double click the shell script in linux
NHibernate - Execute SQL to populate DTO
Android : Alternate colors in ListView using ArrayAdapter [duplicate]
mysql: serializing an associative array [closed]
Facebook Actionscript API 'Facebook.Init()' call is suddenly returning null session object. Why?
Cruise Control clear case integration
how to multiply two float values and there result must be shows on button title
calculate the date after 12 weeks
Test singleton with jUnit
multithreading-Shared file access in c#
Do i really need use AsQueryable() on collection?
WebGrid with Select * Like *
Fixing Google Places with wrong catagories in my area
Trying to view pdf, Doc, text, image file using jQuery
How to remote debug a Win32 VCL application built with runtime package
Xcode 4.3.2 is missing iOS 4.0 simulator
abstract machine concept of jvm
CSS: Box-shadow layering
getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS in my main.m
Does RubyMotion work well with facebook-ios-sdk?
How can i print my webpage directly without getting print dialogue box using
Android: How to tell where an error is located
what is a cached string?
Images not displayed when using supersized with Cakephp
How to verify the certificate for the ongoing ssl session
Redirect a part of a URL with .htaccess
Better understanding of Java I/O
How to maintain server login throughout the android native application?
strange dependency of time to delete rows from table on number of rows
Anyway to get Simple Modal jQuery plugin to work like the Pinterest modal?
Insert Page Break at specified line number Word with
Scala video materials [closed]
Porting classic Perlin Noise to JavaScript: Getting periodic pattern. Why? (JsFiddle example)
Delphi XE2, Intraweb 2.1.23 and cookies
Validation using regular experssion [closed]
can't save record
Code for Human Detection using OpenCV GPU [closed]
.htaccess redirect from every index.html in anywhere to www/index.php
Getting extra lines in CSV when converting from a HTML table
Offline WYSIWYG Mediawiki Editor for GitHub wikis
CSS and JS Linking Without The Protocol [duplicate]
Corresponding <UL> <LI> simultaneous hover highlight
How to remove one page of windows phone backstack?
Security for XML Database
Ajax deleted items are shown after refreshing the page
centos free space on disk not updating
Android Widget Broadcast Receiver, update Activity class automaticly
getting .class for List <int> in java
Shell script showing errors while executing in Linux
unique constraint violation exception in Hibernate
Never ending loop while setting focus to control on validating event in cantrol validating event
iTextSharp XmlWorker: right-to-left
GWT: CheckBoxCell and Selection change event
Change background image in sencha touch
long delay to start TCP SYN after calling HttpURLConnection.connect()
Android: MapOverlay - Current location
JPA: Parent changes not reflected when querying a child
Add TestLab Navigation in Control Property Window in SiteCore
Splitview MasterViewController with multiple table views
Format String For Total Hours of Timespan
understanding dom0 event model of javascript
How to get all the address book contacts from iphone
Error in uploading file from diskfileupload
Deploy solution through sharepoint designer - 2007
Rewrite Base in Joomla Issues
How to add a table view, and a uibutton as my home page
How to create a android.graphicsPicture object in android
How can I get rails to not precompile assets in vendor directory?
Java: How to call a function whose name is stored in a string variable
Failed to start an activity from a service
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ::
JQPlot bar chart OK but pie chart not OK 鈥�using same input data
how to blur all list-items text except for (this) a:hover
Splitting a bit array into smaller arrays in Verilog
using Log4net and Activator.CreateInstance
What are the advantages of QAbstractItemModel over QStandardItemModel?
Objective-c: Override a method across all sub-classes
How can I transform this Backus鈥揘aur Form expression into a Regex (.Net)?
registering com dll in wix
Attempt to get HTML from website using PHP cURL does not work
how to modify the read only elements of boost multi index?
How to check whether a file or directory denoted by a path exists in golang?
Form Textarea Resize Icon/Handle is missing in IE/FF?
What do the keys in facebook's newsfeed/timeline link url represent?
Is the concept of Algebraic Data Type akin to Class definitions in OO languages?
Knockoutjs (version 2.1.0): bind boolean value to select box
iis 7 + http custom handler error: could not load file or assembly The system cannot find the file specified
Checkbox won't check
Testing IObservable 'dispatcher'
Facebook connect is not working
PDF Creation from a word template
How to move the DataContext definition from code-behind to XAML?
How to change permission in 11.04 version of ubuntu for root in the file system
Issues with variable used in reading binary file
jQuery snippet that won't work in IE7
MSI.DLL functions loads mscoree.dll & mscorwks.dll
UISlider for setting duration for CABasicAniimation
Hightlighting records on adding / update in xamdatagrid
Testing IObservable 'dispatcher'
Facebook connect is not working
PDF Creation from a word template
How to move the DataContext definition from code-behind to XAML?
How to change permission in 11.04 version of ubuntu for root in the file system
Issues with variable used in reading binary file
jQuery snippet that won't work in IE7
MSI.DLL functions loads mscoree.dll & mscorwks.dll
UISlider for setting duration for CABasicAniimation
Hightlighting records on adding / update in xamdatagrid
Does multicore CPU schedule multiple threads of same process at same time
MVC3 ValidationFor on Input Tag (without EditorFor)
Configure buffer list to store non-interleaved audio data?
Matching string with regex containing colon
Get the values from console(FIREBUG) using jquery
Mercury installation
Some of the outputs from cygwin just can not be read with bad encoding?
Animating CALayer anchorPoint
How to define a private grid in WPF
Ruby OptionParser throwing MissingArgument
Jquery validate messages & rules not working for all fields
Browser Auto Select file through File Input Tag via Browser Extension
LINQ DateTime Aggregation with GroupBy and Group By
How to serialize arrays?
jQuery looping animation jumps past animations
Two Select query help needed
How to list files using dos commands?
PHP regex 2 different pattern and 2 different replacement
Enable or Disable Iphone Push Notifications inside the app
How to store data on apache server?
No readline support while using pdb.set_trace()
Extjs:Assign value to hiiden field from store [duplicate]
Struts 2 Jquery Ajax Form submit filenotfound error
Facing error while getting values from URL (javax.el.PropertyNotWritableException:)
My Settings.plist is not being read properly
create to dimensional array of integer in objective c
Custom Jquery Datatable Parameter
Android: Display Captured image in img tag
Inserting new column to an already existing excel file using jxl api
Simple Postgresql libpq code too slow?
Need your suggestion with conversion [closed]
javascript fadein/fadeout, fading out img flicks on top in firefox
build a simple BlackVarianceSurface in python
XML Serialization of member variable as xmlnode
Adjusting height & width of pop up window on resize to maintain the aspect ratio
Warning when deploying JBPM 5.3 to JBoss 7.1.1
Extracting .js files from a website / file using beautifullsoup and python
c# error : length cannot be less than 0
Unrecognized selector Error when saving an image using UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum
ProgrammingError: column 鈥渪xxxx鈥�of relation 鈥渪xxx鈥�does not exist
build a simple BlackVarianceSurface in python
XML Serialization of member variable as xmlnode