LINQ / EF - Using GroupBy to return values to a View
how to show liked link with image using fb-like button in
Not able to create new file using FileOutputStream in Servlet
Python/Plone: Getting all unique keywords (Subject)
Blackberry supporting multiple screens
How do you get category info of a book from
better way of using reduceLeft/foldLeft on list of case class
Struggling with json array
Screen's off when using camera (Android)
Objective C NSAutoreleasePool and release
Why do these regex behave differently
Insert unicode symbols to edittext
How to call a method in the rootviewcontroller from a presented modal view controller at the time of dismissing the model view
NoClassDefFoundError: org/dom4j/Element
How to make vs2010 auto generate method stubs at the end of file
Remote version of flex misinterprets my rules
Get value of sharepoint 2007 Author (created by) field
How to find difference between two dates in seconds in different timezones
Calculating form
Jquery - Context of ajax callbacks not adhering to supplied context argument
Save Tweepy Objects
XSL values detecting string in URL
Sorting divs with nested content
How to Disable back button using Struts2
Use sources files from jar in my webApp
Getting an exception 鈥淔ailed to start service jboss.module.service鈥�for spring portlets
Group strings by longest common substring
Horizontal scroll view is not scaling
Is there a command to export the current plot from RStudio?
How can I support special characters in SQL Server?
Assets:precompile rake failing with a 鈥溾� xC3鈥�from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 鈥�error
htaccess rewriterule syntax
It there jquery carousel similar to mootools icarousel?
signature capture for android using phonegap
Still confusion about Context
Generate random char in bash
WP7: EntitySet loading. One to many relation - composite primary key case
Remember login with OmniAuth
package javax.persistence does not exist despite Netbeans adding the Eclipselink module
Performing one action on multiple tabs(from jtabbedpane) created in a class
How to create nested JSON string
Detached head in git
tool tip does not display properly in IE?
Excel UserForm textbox not updating when ControlSource cell changes
Upgrading magento templates from CE 1.3 to 1.7
Smooth Edges for transparent animation in flash
Access init-param
Apache Camel : CXFRS Server : Need advice for Routing
Converting a String ISO8859-1 to UTF-8 in Java
Get class(es) of active item in Fancybox 2 Callback
How to update youtube video description and add annotation with PHP (and you tube api v2)
Reset JQGrid search string
Splash screen with facebook sdk login that needs nohistory=false (I need nohistory=true)
How to add UILongPressGestureRecognizer to a UITextField?
What is the difference between Event-Delegation Model and Event-Inheritance Model?
CalCalendar issues retrieving calendar by name
facebook request reading and user_id geting issue
Grab user Location on Facebook and append HTML
Prodcut data(image,text) from a Flash website into a file (excel, access, flat, csv, xml鈥tc)
C# TCP Client error processing async message
how to pass sensitive data from view to controller
How to start a shell script in one minute later in linux?
Suitable GUI framework for Scala?
Performance Monitoring Openerp
DB4o database DatabaseFileLockedException
How to get a value of a span coming as JSON response
How do I resolve the ActivityNotFoundException?
Apple Mach-O linker Error for libz.1.dylib framwork
How to stop base static events/actions firing in other derived classes
How do I fix this encoding error in Google App Engine
Google Maps Radius
loop is not working, why is this the case?
Django ajax file upload to request.FILES
NancyFX: Can I force my unit-test browser to be authenticated by default?
Automatically request permission to access current location on load
how to build j2me applications using codename one?
Forms opens two times
Selenium testing tool for .net web application
invoke a view-method from a controller task joomla
Importing relative packages for testing
How to add videoPlayer as an subview?
Set a background image to Listbox item
Magento: Include a specific product price in a CMS block w/o customization
How to get Jetty load resources from a JAR file?
How to format the script that is packed to single line?
TextboxList issue for getting Json array
iOS Master-Detail app: defining protocol, delegates
Rotating Hash for 16 bit
MVC unobtrusive validation only being applied to one nested model
how to change master page label's text after a button click on child page
Rails 3 ActiveRecord issue
IIS web config error
Parameterized Leading Zeros in C++ printf function
How to reset response in Wicket 1.5
is there a way to all browsers ignore self signed certificate?
How to generate avi video from images?
Is it possible to give callback for threads created using Thread class
Textbox, button in extJs Portlet
How to add row on-top of data frame R
Can a native IE7 handle the IE8 document mode?
Multiple instance of partial razor form
Recommended text size ratio between mobile and tablet devices?
Is it safe to operate with and return dynamic arguments?
SQL Server CTE -Find top parentID forEach childID?
Textbox with autocomplete doesn't show layout in MVC 4
Android MediaRecorder - 鈥渟tart failed: -19鈥�
Python gzip fails on Ubuntu 11.04
Removing/Hiding scrollbar from <af:inlineFrame> in ADF
How to activate Zen Coding completions inside Handlebars templates using Sublime Text 2
Android - How to print from an Android device?
Hiding adress bar in mobile web app
Allow only some letters, ban special characters ($% etc.) except others (' -)
Validating File Upload - Jquery and 鈥淎ccept鈥�attribute
Style custom-controls like standard controls
How to get system drive volume serial number
There is a remote git branch but no match local branch, how to delete the remote one
Permission denied error in wordpress 3.3.1
ClassCastException - JavaScriptObject cannot be cast to java.lang.String
Why declare a variable in one line, and assign to it in the next?
Is jQuery a monad
AS3: Call gotoAndStop() on MainTimeline, from document class
open in new tab of browser programmatically
What is the boilerplate for using MySQL JDBC from a Tomcat servlet?
Timer frequency for C64 CIA Timers?
Wikipedia - to - Facebook linked data
Does UDP checksum detect all errors?
VS2008 takes ages to close
convert date from json format to other formats in sencha
How to create a vertical image scroller?
php + mysql: is it safe to use serialize() without addslashes()?
PGP-signing multipart e-mails with Python
addSubview don't release memory
graph api facebook user uploads video
Android widget with 3 buttons. And different intents
DateTime value from Oracle to MySql database
Powershell error handling: do something if NO error occured
convert text to unicode char
Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C: WINDOWS Microsoft.NET Framework v4.0.30319 vs2010
Why does OpenURI treat files under 10kb in size as StringIO?
Android: Get Hardware Information Programmatically
Fql, fetching 鈥減hotos of me鈥�
how to split a number from a given string in as3?
windows form event handling
timestamp convertion in java (windows 128 bit System structure to human readable format
Run JUnit Tests contained in dependency jar using Maven Surefire
Accessing cache in iPad through HTML5, JS or jQuery
Zend Log: Unexplained Error On Page Request
how to create TEMP file to save int value when using timer
Why doesn't the input[type=range] work after CSS3 transform?
JTextField margin doesnt work with border
Firebird .NET Provider 2.7.5: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key
How to define nullptr for supporting both C++03 and C++11? [duplicate]
Create empty Spinner
Pytables - Delete rows from table by some criteria
MongoDB hint doesn't seem to work
Segmentation fault when reconnecting to SQL Server database using pyodbc on Linux using MS ODBC Driver 1.0 for Linux
Building complex JSON using php
Environment management Node.js plugins/methods for Heroku apps?
cannot get to display
Container control does not changes it's backcolor
Android, How to add ScrollView into screen which has some list items?
Rails - index for a query over three table columns
Write, read and share tag NFC on Samsung Galaxy SII
Android actionBar OnClick()
How to show calender in year wise in android
web service java and C#
Binding ViewHolder to get data from my cursor and display it
Chef-solo: deploy: access to release_path
MySQL/Ms SQL latest records with multiple id's
Memory warning creating new object of root view controller
android database not working in multiple activities
How do make a smaller tiled image from a large background? [closed]
How to strip down the string?
Will user custom styling work with document.ready + localStorage?
Change in android app to use adsense in exsisting app that using admob
'Unexpected end of file' and 'error importing function definition' error running shellscript using qsub
how to fetch form inside div using mechanize
Opentaps ERP- ClassNotFoundException error during running
php session validation
How to change a chart title from Excel 2003 using c# and .net 4?
How to read windows environment variable value in python?
add condition in Order by in CAML Query
Start AsyncTask in TimerTask
ArgumentError rails
Cannot Serialize interface
Using legend in MATLAB
Vague error in a simple file handling code on C++
Extract value from HTML response in jmeter using regular expression
android frame layout with horizontal scroll bar and ovelapped images
Controlling Internet Explorer in order to enter username/password
how to call javascript from code behind in
How to develop a Face recognition iPhone app? [closed]
Should we differentiate 'echoed' request fields in a POST response?
DOJO: Unable to display portlet correctly
Can't edit FileZilla Server.xml file programatically in Windows 7 using C#?
iOS, which database to choose?
iPhone application development training using PC's [duplicate]
How to use Dynamic Parameters value in ccnet file
Flexible sliding window (in Python)
How to publish CXF webservice on Jetty server under Spring?
How To Create A Voice Chat application ( SIP Protocol )
Corss-Platform JSON stereotyping / Serializer reacting on type-attribute? (Java/Objective-C)
How to enable/disable a Button depending on the selection's type in WPF?
Slot-machine-style logotype stripe
python IDispatch client without type library
Add all negative values between two positive values
QT plugins compilation issue
Download Files from URL using Classic ASP
PayPal subscriptions PDT / IPN - PLEASE
Alarm Manager : How to Call Alarm Manager at particular time?
Working with numbers in SQL
NSURLConnection asynchronous downloaded data saving to local file for iPhone?
ios 5 change the background of back button in navigation controller to transparent
Send multiple variables to server jQuery
Set up HTTPPOST android?
Build RegEx to put children ul in li tags in php string?
Quickly determine if number divides any element in a set
Using wxSpellCheckerDialog in Django is causing a C++ 鈥渨xThread::IsMain()鈥�assertion failure
How to add a text with font to an image using jquery and PHP
Set active membership provider programmatically
HighLighted item menu when clicked in codeIgniter
Converting site to AJAX transitions between pages (aka full page AJAX)
How can I change the title color in an html page?
Symfony2, Twig: Better use block or variable?
Coverflow animation for listview in gallery
How to remove the decimal part from a float number that contains .0 in java
Core Data attribute count and show the result in a TableView
Is there something wrong with this class declaration inheriting from std::vector?
Can results of boolean operations be compared?
Setting the 'actions' formatter Programmatically in jqGrid
Android C2DM, Sender ID in the Push App
C1Excel error on load excel file
Contact list on iPhone without using contact picker
Select Row from GridView
Floating list beside an image
How to use file upload in agile toolkit 4.2
What is the advantage of adding namespace in web.config file?
How to debug x64 COM dlls on Win7? Native COM dlls couldn't be found in Debug Windows Modules
Building Android on One Machine and Emulating it on Another
What is the purpose of the 鈥渜鈥�values in the HTTP 鈥淎ccept鈥�request header?
Set a Grid next to another in a gwt Page
Project a hierarchical list, to another hierarchical list with anonymous types (or dynamic)?
How to categorize continuous data?
C1Excel error on load excel file
Contact list on iPhone without using contact picker
Select Row from GridView
Floating list beside an image
How to use file upload in agile toolkit 4.2
What is the advantage of adding namespace in web.config file?
How to debug x64 COM dlls on Win7? Native COM dlls couldn't be found in Debug Windows Modules
Building Android on One Machine and Emulating it on Another
What is the purpose of the 鈥渜鈥�values in the HTTP 鈥淎ccept鈥�request header?
Set a Grid next to another in a gwt Page
Project a hierarchical list, to another hierarchical list with anonymous types (or dynamic)?
How to categorize continuous data?
Is it possible to connect to several backends with one ipython-qtconsole frontend?
C++ templates cross definition
66MB Tab Delimited File
Stop event propagation in Delphi 7
Dynamic float layout with CSS
Date and Time Difference between 2 timestamps? [closed]
how to organize configure for plugins
Simple PDO php advice
How to copy an element to another with event handlers
Soundcloud API return only mp3 formats?
Is it possible in C/C++ in Linux to get informed when a specified date/time is reached?
鈥淐an't dump file鈥�error occurs when using Paperclip attachments with Multi-step form in Rails 3
Sequentially show multiple dialogs?
C# ASP.NET over-rule non enforcable business rules
How to send CUSTOM invite using Facebook PHP-SDK?
jQuery and JSON url without calback
runtime error executing macro in excel 2010
Python Tkinter generating a random 'password' for each entry in a list box?
Reporting services: The execution failed for the shared dataset 'dsDataSetName'
long processing jobs in a java web app
how to change datatype of a column in sybase query?
Create irregular image from a image
Twitter API - quick summary
Managing Twitter Bootstrap repository using deps in Symfony2 and assetic
Can I add a spreadsheet row and then format it?
Java HTTP Post Upload not handled by PHP
Simple application using titanium android [closed]
Matlab error with 鈥渓oad鈥�- any idea what might cause it?
Is format String[] whereArgs correct in SQLiteDatabase.delete?
An empty column in DataGrid when using ScrollViewer
How to save managed .NET assembly from memory as EXE/DLL file
blur event handler is blocked by jquery preventDefault() method
Jquery: If form is blank load this query
CSS select element within multiple imbricated classes
How do I enable the pngcairo terminal in Gnuplot
sum 2 lists and get 3rd in f#, please correct my syntax
Date serialisation between two .net apps
Webview can't load content via javascript on htc one x
how can I hide the message thats pop out when volume up/down button pressed
Processing avoid frame gray border if size() less than 130pixel?
How do you use a row from one table as a property in another table using Datamapper?
Aurasma does not release audio resources
How to export an Access database to Excel, using Delphi
Designated initializer and calling it
How to convert a text date to a scoped Date in Rails?
How to sell subversion trunk/branches/tags structure to vss users?
MacRuby NSBeginAlertSheet call gives unknown: [BUG] unknown Objective-C immediate: 0x1 (nil)
Connecting to ftp server
How to update only the month and year values of a date?
Why do empirical results differ from theoretical data in TreeSet's last-method?
Java Servlet request.getRequestURL() logged abnormal string
incorrect checksum in control file error for postgres 9.1.3 data created in osx-Lion and accessed in osx-snow-leopard
Eclipse Plugin Development: Convert plugin project to maven project
2D object array in c++?
How to whitelist Facebook app to send private inbox message by graph api
Examples of SOLID programming principles wanted [closed]
Timer counting in Win8 app
How to log the segmentation faults and run time errors which can crash the program, through a remote logging library?
UITabBarController memory issue with modal view controllers
How do I implement Denormalized References in RavenDB
Rendering head section meta tags in a custom PHP CMS
Inner joins in sub queries
Device Id and Provisioning Profile
Checkbox onclick is not working in IE8 but working in IE9
release UIImagePickerControl in Objective C & IOS 5.1
Rules for Font Substitutions to / from PDF when using SSRS / ReportViewer to create PDFs?
CSS Drop Down Menu, Nested Lists - Child List Items Overlap Parent List Items
How to get CheckBox values back to VIEW
Read only privileges to records in salesforce
AutoWidth/Height for embedded containers in ExtJS4
calculation inside the grid
Starting first Django project errors
Whats the difference btw NSString *var = @鈥渧alue鈥�and NSString *var =[ [NSString alloc] initWithString:@鈥渧alue鈥漖
Get JSON fieldnames without knowing the real names
Handling Facebook registration via my Facebook application - using nodejs everyauth
How to generate a bar code in android
Load document in detail view
Android - Internal Storage vs External Storage when App installed on SD Card
Syntax for Java GUI component names?
change selection background of listview
How to ALTER FULLTEXT CATALOG from dynamically generated script for all databases on a server
Image Sprite in TextBox Background
AVPlayer not reaching the end of playback
Uploading large number of photos
betterway to retrieve recent 10 items from database in django
voice recording ui in android
how can i handle undefined number of related inputText in JSF
Should I use OData or develop my own WCF service?
Htaccess permission denied / Directory index shown
Implementation of increment-operators in android
Undefined variable: error - cakephp
WCF Entity Framework can't access entity childrens
jquery ajax JSON request on Mac OSx
c++ object instantiation using sizeof, malloc and cast
Textarea - prevent user from inserting more than one line break
how to drop a replicated table in both the publication and subscription
How can I populate an IList when I create a class?
foreign character displaying strangley
c++ how to convert my command line argument (MAC Address) to unsigned char
How to get type of file on Mac OS X?
How to restart classic_server of RPyC in remote console?
Finding relative upload path for my wicket project
Updating Client DataSet after Insert/delete query on same data: connection is busy with other command
Google Docs App script: Form content string.replace() method not working
Using different software to diff on TFS files [duplicate]
jQuery Smoothdivscroll ajax intermittent issues
How to hide dynamic content with php?
No play.test.FunctionalTest in play 2.0 how to write functional test?
Android apk obfuscation
Float not responsive?
How to bind GridView Images to a Database in metro style app?
iphone how can i add the events in the calendar?
Rcp with eclipselink enable dynamic weaving
gdb macro symbols not present even when using -g3 or -ggdb3 or -gdwarf-4
facebook access token still valid after logout
In ASP.NET MVC repository pattern, does every class needs to have an interface?
Dateformat is not return true time - Java
Best practices for resizing user uploaded images
Error consuming webservice, content type 鈥渁pplication/xop+xml鈥�does not match expected type 鈥渢ext/xml鈥�
labeling the points in a map
How to implement a RESTful parent/children form in Rails?
Ruby , designing mathematics?
Highlight multiple divs using jquery
How to import/export QTableWidget to some file?
Different screen size and images in Processing
Usage of strings in protobuf-C
count row in table with identical value of two column in sql server 2008
setreuid call fails to re-establish process permissions
String to calendar with timezone in android
How to return begin and end of a boost multi_index iterator
How to get full path of a named pipe
MultipleSeqAlignment object in biopython
Repeater Control and Check box alignment
PHP could have a threaded work?
Which component to use to implement a menu?
nhibernate query criterion api to linq query
Two entity manager instances when making update in the first one the second one selects the old value
Node AWS-lib: repeated calls to AWS-lib causes bad signature
String to calendar with timezone in android
How to return begin and end of a boost multi_index iterator
How to get full path of a named pipe
MultipleSeqAlignment object in biopython
Repeater Control and Check box alignment
PHP could have a threaded work?
Which component to use to implement a menu?
nhibernate query criterion api to linq query
Two entity manager instances when making update in the first one the second one selects the old value
Node AWS-lib: repeated calls to AWS-lib causes bad signature
Hide placeholder if it has been shown before
PDF Export in php
File parameter substitution: Movie creation with png files
Use database Views with Hibernate
get value from ajax request to a hidden field
UITextField placeholder font color white iOS 5?
Removing a UIView from a IBAction registered with a UIButton element
Read file headers using java (closed)
Is there a size limit for data returned by Net::SSH.exec command
Why AutomationProperties are needed in WPF
BS-42e6.gcno file debug
Custom Multiple Choice Listview
Reading an array of strings in C
Sharepoint data retrieval
鈥淪elective鈥�join within data.frame?
MySQL PHP - group results by day/month/year?
Phonegap iOS: How to update the content when return with multitasking
Regular expression adding something in between patterns, while preserving the patters in between
Keeping the InfoWindow in view when zooming map in
PHP: Post ASPX form that uses 'WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions' with cUrl
Idetification between multiple DotNetNuke module definitions
get value of dynamically changed label
Created MMS message in my app, but does not show in native message application
jquery drop down list Salutation with 鈥渙ther鈥�editable in place
How to continue to statement2 while processing errors from statement1 with window.onerror
Programmatically set the 'readonly' attribute of the editoptions options in jqGrid column
Cross server SSIS automated extract with dynamic tables
iPhone : How can we load a custom check mark image for row in tableview?
How create and show listview in onDraw method?
FileDownload control - how to format dates (created and lastmodified)
how add (2003 Version) in VS 2010
How to detect if zebra printer is installed or not
Nested Foreach loop
Unable to start Oracle listener as root user
how to move a Raphael canvas wholely(which contains some objects)from one coordinate to another coordinate to some other coordinate continuously
TimeZones in specific format
Speed up autocomplete suggestions
Android, How to access a common method through two different threads?
How to make the browser interpret the text as html content instead of plain text?
How to add 鈥渋nput-validation-error鈥�to nested controls in mvc3
Regex will not match all of my patterns
Does GNUPlot have WPF Support?
Jquery get content with ajax and appendTo id
Objective C - Make Method Call Itself Only Once
Formatting the output in console.log in javascript
Formatting System.currentTimeMillis()
issues in phonegap android version(1.7)
struts.serve.static=true and struts,serve.static.browserCache=false not working
Android - Two Maps in one App
ways to add programs to startup in ubuntu by commandline [closed]
android holo theme backgroud
i cannot be a message whether it is succesfully logged in or not
XmlSerializer with System.Object objects
ASP.NET MVC3 C# send email like in PHP
How to make the video display from sdcard in android?
Changing Popover view frame on fly
Android: how to show icon in ActionBar but not in the Options Menu?
Java BitSet which allows easy Concatenation of BitSets
How to dynamically log bug into JIRA using script or code
NuGet adding rogue line to web.config MVC4
Word 2007 not Working after Encryption and then Decrypt
Application Object lose data on delivery server
Strange matlab performance when using editor against command window
Javascript loop + Object Issue: How to get reqired item in object with loop
Pulling a survey with multiple answers from a database
Struts2: How to pass a values from one action to another action. Or from one JSP to another JSP. Without using session
Implement own ActionListener in JSF
how to show a div content after every 2 minutes?
Linq to SQl query performance
Compass (ruby) encoding error
Prestashop - customer registration management module - slight modification
How to ignore a part of html code that has already ignore in it [duplicate]
Admob cant find transfer funds link in google admob panel [closed]
Do the openssl X509_verify_cert() verifies the signature in the certificate?
jQuery UI 1.9 Spinner, no Change event if spin only once
ggplot with Strings on x-Axis
How to connect to a local db in robotframework
Jquery Mobile Slider Touch Events
Use XML to retreive/insert data into SQL database
Binding gridview to data from OracleDataReader
Compare 2 string
Howto override a datetime_select with before_validation filter in model with correct time?
distinct query with jpa,jasper report
how to display clickable links in JEditorPane
Problems with recaptcha installation in CodeIgniter
How should controls be set up for jqPlot and JSON data in MVC?
How to test IP address geolocation service
Open prezi from app
escaping quotes issue
Order a DQL Join by count on assiociation
How to change the way objects are returned in spring-data/hibernate/rest
The crystal report display blank page in the first time
MAGENTO - Static page content not output
C++ Qt: Can't compile GoldenDict
CSS Menu - active link in parent node changing color when focus is on child node
Expandable ListView with JSON Data in android
SqlException catch the errors in schema
What are the benefits of using EJBs in a Webapplication?
Get Data from External Apllication ( no server )
Eclipse content assist, only confirm sugestion on return
Copying List of objects by value in Java
How to get the total number of days in a year from the given date
node.js module exports
Page printing help on first page
When to use ===, !== over ==, != in PHP [duplicate]
Jquery fade out all other elms on hover, don't fade back in until mouse off all elms for a period of time
How to add checkboxes under one group in GWT?
How will my software behave if I broadcast with a certain capacity? [closed]
Why does cookie get cleared automtically in JavaScript
Merge two Table in SQL Server 2008
sound record tickling / ticks / noises / spikes
Element position, depending on its dimensions
S/MIME download public key
Android - Getting Started with PhoneGap application
Unknown argument -cp : Spurious errors with Ant
Sort a Hashset .Net 3.5
onblur fires too many times or not at all
Can't seem to add Security.framework
Can I use Timer with no Timer Component?
I have Two mvc3 projects. when one account log in , the other one also log in use the same account name
Can a macro be used in inline asm?
Remove records from db using NSMutableArray
How can I show a divider before first action item in Action Bar?
Android - errors during initialization of Freemarker library Configuration
HTML 5 coding in blackberry
Calling override activity and not following activity life cycle
Common Carrier Shipping Method Integration
SQL: count of count in one query
Set PHP configuration settings in application.ini
DetachedCriteria Creating from code
How to find area of ruff draw or free hand drawn round or any fuzzy shape in java?
Use solr,How can i enter 鈥淎B鈥�can match 鈥淎BCD鈥�
BorderLayout - Control height but not width
XSLT Syntax error
Symfony2 assets:install base resources
Gps Track Detection Algorithm
Send more than 25000 newsletter smtp [closed]
How to restrict data sizes in wcf
To find the common values between the arrays and also need to find the count [closed]
Include name in Grails URLs
Why am I getting many missing class errors when compile in ant?
Is it possible to avoid table view row selection in android titanium
JSON serialisation of NSOrderedSet within iOS
how to send sms to contact saved in database through an android app?
MySQL comparison operator, spaces
detect XP or windows-7 in javascript
how to omit @XmlRootElement from JSON output with Jersey?
Installation of VB6 on Windows 7 [duplicate]
How to set language of accessibilityHint?
SQLite DB populates every time in phonegap
Very basic Objective-c Memory management
trying to find error of the connection string to external sql server
Is it possible to sort a contents of project window manually? (non alphabetically)
Loading geometry from file with Havok
Storing 1000+ images inside iPad's storage
android set call waiting programmatically
Implement the paypal recurring payment using C# sdk
How to modulate with ASK (Amplitude-shift keying) a signal
Stop post request on event
Can I used easyXDM for single-domain window to window communication
Getting Error Message (Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'password'.) while running Servlet
Show multiple apps in selection dialog when calling an intent
SmartGit pull not acting like expected
Conditional import header file only if iOS5
Do I need to tell Apache Tomcat to keep a Websocket connection open?
PHP simple_html_dom -> wrap an element with a new anchor tag
singleton class loading data
Query is correct but give me sqlexception in java
ProGuard optimization also remove #wait() calls
How can I use a custom subclass of a Swing component? Do I need to install it to palette?
Return both text and value from a MultiSelectList
How can I create a view that shows both master and detail information using a viewmodel in MVC?
Target the last word within an <h1> element
JQuery: Drag and Drop inside a container
Spring not finding resource files (css, jsp鈥�
Umbraco 5 - GetMediaUrl in ChildAction View?
Classic form to XPAGES
Please help me .I want get data from sql server
I need help drawing a Hand of Cards
How to fix 鈥淪qlException: The conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.鈥�
How to strip the string to get the URL in the HTML <img>?
limit the size of dropdown list in
ping hostnames using avahi @ Ubuntu in VMware. No resolving
JPA User Registration
telerik expression editor - change return type
get data using webservice android
How can I get reference on TextView from XML layout in AlertDialog?
PDF in XPages without using iText?
Why is that anonymous function declaration allowed but this one not?
How do I find out what version of reportlab I'm running?
ExtJs 4 FilterFn: function unexpected behavior
JQuery Animate .offset() .position() returns NULL
Do code after OnNavigatedTo
compress eps image size in illustartor
Save for Enterprise or ad-hoc deployment not present
Checking and changing TextView text color
Formula for CSS Fix for IE7
Parsing soap response from asp
Show a joomla article to registered users only, or a login screen if not logged in yes
Dialog box not renderd properly in android
Create recursive SQL statement that calculates total number of quantities
Group fieldset element in array PHP
Formatting NSURL
How write stub method with NUnit in C#
Doctrine 2 creating SQLException constraint violation 鈥渓astname can't be null鈥�but it's set
Paperclip post process - How to compress image using jpegoptim/optpng
Select 5th highest Value without using LIMIT
Replacing a character with other in java
Adding initializers in category
Using disable-smart-shrinking with wkhtmltopdf doesn't effect header font size
php parsing comma separated list of var=value pairs
java save changes
Warning users if disabled library features are used in a C++ template library
Generic DragDrop Behavior in WPF DataGrid
Problems with a jquery line when using Razor
Send multiple data between pages
Get rid of misaligned pixels after UIView CA Transformation
error in barcode Zend Framework 2
How to set http headers in dotCMS
Circular moving average filter in LINQ
Remote ssh connection from within Emacs
How can I use open hardware monitor source code in c# ? I tried anything doesn't work
Error setting up STS for Grails
How to get Client TimeZone in ASP.Net MVC Application
How can I resolve a Google Maps API key Issue?
Error while deploying cruisecontrol.war in jboss 6
How to get twitter bootstrap modal to close (after initial launch)
Why does my img tag create two requests?
Add my subversion repository to 鈥渃orp's鈥�subversion repository keeping history of changes
Drupal : How to remove the <p> and <br> tag from content when using syntaxhighlighter
Expression Blend 3d model examples
map in a JFrame using url
CakePHP localization functions in routes
Unregister to an event using WithEvents declaration
Indirect modification of overloaded property - cakephp
Resources - Javascript file strange behavior
Opening and communicating with a subprocess
How xpath read xml spaced elements?
How to configure time out using devise?
MySQL: Select statement and selectively retrieve data
Maintaining special characters when parsing XML with Python?
i cannot able to see whether the application is succesfully logged in or not
Cake php and using auth in layout
mySQL error: #1248 - Every derived table must have its own alias
Convert Bash Script to OpenVMS Syntax
Automate INDEX rebuild based on fragmentation results?
nodejs doesn't consistently fire 'data' event on successful POST from Java program
Linq Query nested List
converting jint to jstring
Repeater with more button
Reload a prefuse Tree stucture?
Outlook Conversation History
Draw gradient around closed cubic spline
Using Titanium, Remove current view or pop current view
How to enforce distinct selections when multiple ComboBox's are bound to a common source?
How can animate a sequence of pictures in mvc3?
What language is this definition written in?
Detail band longer than necessary in iReport
Downloading a small (vcf) file often fails on Android
How to change the database on the fly in python using TurboGear framework?
Issue with execution of PLSQL block in Shell script
Running a Javascript function from PHP script
google+ page vs profile
Flex mobile: collapsible panel
How to format serialization of IDictionary with DataContractSerializer?
mechanize select form using id
how to view azure diagnostics Log
Form Php Validation
How to slice a 3D matrix in matlab getting an array
How to focus to the top of newly generated text in textView?
On Motorola XOOM view.startAnimation causes MediaPlayer stop
Can't disable predictive text
Trying to code a Connection(Channel) Pool, for a Netty Client; What is the best approach?
Knockout and timing of events
PHPUnit --loader: What is a test suite loader for?
SQL and Java return different dates?
Can't get the maven-war-plugin to exclude jaxb jars
Tabs inside another Tab( using Fragments) in Android
Android Bluetooth HID implementation on different OS
Not able to browsing the facebook albums in android
Display AlertDialog onLongClick
Regex - Compare number with Constant
Draw radius border to imageview or textview in one corner in Android
Assembly.Load Processor Architecture Rule
Can't display UITabBarController after pushViewController
can i share the same mysql db between xampp and mamp (mac amp)?
LinkageError whilst trying to invoke CXF/SOAP webservice
Linker error using RasGetEapUserIdentity in Visual Studio 2010
How to multilookup from One Site List to another Site List in SharePoint 2010?
iOS Nested View Hierarchy to support drag drop functionality to allow end-user to configure forms
How change content value of pseudo :before element by Javascript
jsonp , WCF bad request error
facebook like buttons strange behaviour
Facebook Comment plugin is stuck perpetually loading 鈥�is it Facebook or my code?
setting the scrollbar to the table viewer
Django caches login/logout responses
NServiceBus V3 how to config endpoints within WPF app
java unit test of a method interacting with binary files in filesystem
MySQL Time and Date query problems
Suggestions for .NET Open Source FTP SDK/API
trial version of Visual studio .NET or visual studio 6 [closed]
Displaying Meta Description On A Page
A very strange crash. How do I fix it?
How do I publish ASP.NET MVC3 application to azure using 鈥淧ublish -> 鈥漌eb Deploy ? (getting error: Web Deployment task failed)
string data from dbf to c# program
In Moon APNS, what is the logic behind fetching valid tokens, in GetFeedBack method?
Threads being taken from the Thread pool?
icefaces 3 combine ice and ace component on the same page , problems with the style
鈥淐SRF verification failed. CSRF token missing or incorrect.鈥�Django
Slider who to store integers
Can't change dates in tt_news archive when not logged in
Temp table variables doesn't seem to be working when SP is called from c#
Practical issue with MYSQL auto incremented primary keys
Displaying only the last Overlay item
Table caption does not show when it is runat=server
Oracle: How can I get a value 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' comparing two NUMBERS in a query?
C++ GUI Window position
Lab js + Javascriptmvc steal
Does CGContextConvertRectToDeviceSpace work properly on retina devices?
Can't seem to access a JSON-value
MPI Gather different Size
MVVMCross Bindings in Android
URL unreachable without error
Skip the first element in list
Cannot import spring mvc project property into eclipse
Traverse ecore model
Need to work with dll which is included as embeded resource in project
Is there existing code that will convert Japanese search strings in objective C
CSS z-index - Can't set the box to be outside the div
Drupal - Toggle Visibility of Menu Item Via Custom Permissions
How to cut silence in the end of a wav file using Java?
stick footer at the bottom of the page
fatal vs. not fatal error in php?
how to get a Popup by id in OpenLayers map
Active Admin on Heroku doesn't work properly
how to asign javascript values to Perl variables
Create bytes from IEEE 754 single-precision (32-bit) floating point (string represented)
Play framework Jobs JPA and magic
Take value from exec sp_executesql in stored procedure
How can i handle mutithreaded UnitTests of repository to simulate concurrency?
The closed type Component does not have a corresponding IsMultimedia settable property
How to load only the ids for an associated entities
Android: Different image based upon screen size
Getting Google Plus button to show after inserting markup with ajax
Connection failed using NSURLConnection , how to reconnect?
Response.Redirect will Lost ViewState?
Can sqlite3_exec execute several pragmas in one call?
How to receive notifications when moving Window by mouse?
null pointer exception in my bubblesort, and other sort methods
FB App opening in new browser rather then FB Canvas if I use DJango Fandjango App
ApacheHttpTransport [ClassNotDef Exception] [android project doesn't work but console application does] WHY?
500: 鈥淯nable to read application configuration information鈥�
JQuery header moves position when clicking ios 鈥減revious鈥�& 鈥淣ext鈥�buttons
when should i use retain, assign, copy, nonatomic [duplicate]
copyItemAtPath works on simulator but fails on device
How to track usage on a node.js RESTful service with Google Analytics?
How to generate JavaDoc documentation for classes without source?
Facebook like url not working anymore, since Facebook removed the old app page
Why this code return exception?
Newbie needs advice on the most efficient method updating images
Can't release unused CALayer memory when using multiple layers
Don't know how to make search form in rails 3
Merge two select queries sql
Jack audio connection kit + Windows audio
What is a debug mode w.r.t C++?
cake php default routing not work
XML XSLT namespaces
Exception while using Sphinx to document script with command line arguments
WPF shared property
sniffing and tampering requests and responses of web sites, how prevent?
Documentation for Excel python COM object?
why plugin is not initializing dynamically
How ASP.NET CommandName and CommandArgument values are stored?
Update chart data
Hibernate/JPA, get entity-object from XML
Load differrent property file based on input
select value in spinner and pass id of that value to server in android
how to input the path name of folder/file and username/hostname in cacls
SQL Server : output inserted.Id join with inserted temporary user defined table
Need help converting DataTable to XML VB.NET
Return back from youtube to my android app
ABAddressBook ABSourceName
ns3 buffer.h assert failed
Spring 2 JDBC datasource configuration
set the starting row value in dropdown box in php
Preventing google maps infowindow from bubbling
ASP VB - Calling a Function From Server
Converting string timestamp to date
Wait for application window to open then do something
Fade div out when script activates
Return back from youtube to my android app
ABAddressBook ABSourceName
ns3 buffer.h assert failed
Spring 2 JDBC datasource configuration
set the starting row value in dropdown box in php
Preventing google maps infowindow from bubbling
ASP VB - Calling a Function From Server
Converting string timestamp to date
Wait for application window to open then do something
Fade div out when script activates
What is the difference between SASL and SASL PLAIN in Smack?
How to determine membership of user in well-known-groups as Everyone
Need an advice of framework for path on map validation
Check whether a Visual C++ 6.0 project did support unicode or not?
Change in select query
Animate a menuhover with recognizing where the active link is
Old-style classes, new-style classes and metaclasses
ARM : What's the difference between APCS and AAPCS ABI?
MS ACCESS SQL: How to do a nested count
VerifiyAndSetParameter error when trying to record video
Rebinding a background serivce process (Android)
VM specific HTTP proxy authentication
javascript on click change href and open in new window
Different getUser() return with HTTP & HTTPS
Designing a webpage that allows content scrolling only - Dreamweaver
How can I find HEAD back in git?
Setting up a virtual printer with Java [closed]
Ruby if statement evaluation
Get coordinates of selected ( rubbed ) area of image like app Cinemagram
Django database settings bad
Email Batch Scripting
Get IMEI Numer from iPhone programatically [duplicate]
Failed in getting all methods from a ClassLibrary Project file i.e DLL file in
Share C variable with Javascript on an Arduino
Reading EXIF data from JPG
Stop animating navigation bar when pushing a segue
Python convert string literals to strings
to fetch the data from file upload box through jQuery
Cascading Combo Box does not function properly
Com exception in sharepoint when trying to add list item with image
Play framework 2.0 extended documentation
Memory leak with LINQ to SQL
How are these types differentiated?
Rotate a Big Image Loaded on IDirect3DSurface9
how to use nodejs crypto module in javascript
how to make SpriteAsset visible/invisible in flex?
Input length must be multiple of 16 when decrypting with padded cipher
Copying data to local storage from web services using Sencha Touch 2 + PhoneGap
DataGridView performance in combination with a BindingList datasource
visualization google map
Creating XAML From console application
Download an part of a multipart upload in amazon s3
Deadlock with apc_exists & apc_add? (apc & PHP)
Attachment Issue in Intent
A strange way of writing query encountered
Save current geolocation to variable
How to change Label Text into the name of the file Saved
Extended WPF Toolkit: 鈥淏lank鈥�text in RichTextBox
DummyLocationProvider issue
Time taking Asp.Net GridView with 2 million Records
Secure element Access Control on ICS 4.0.4
Do I need to extend ClassLoader to redirect web application resource loading?
How to make a choice of one of the group elements of mixed inputs?
Simplify Jquery code with attr()?
Add date to database in symfony
What is the order of operations with this function call?
Entity Framework Generic Method and Reflection
Convert string to enum in Linq to SQL
masking QT widget while capturing the screen
Creating a vector of boost shared pointers
android on login application to switch between two intents
Hibernate EntityManager persist() and database round trip count
How many ways to operate MS word document in C#.NET
testing locking a file
Tomcat IPath error in Eclipse
Can I programmatically silence Rake tasks?
How to find row and col number of a cell in table
How to redirect logging in akka?
Making an app/service such that trying to end/kill its process in Task Manager would result in 鈥淯nable to Terminate Process鈥�
javascript callback on popup from other domain possible?
Get Formatted Date in SQL Server CE
graph generation in csv file
Parsing XML in a Web Worker
Launching Webcam in Metro style apps
When does a body onLoad gets called?
SQLite With List
How to test encrypting algorithms?
How to use transactions in multiple SQL procedures?
Android video stream calculate frame rate or video streaming speed
Finding eigenvalues in MATLAB without using eig function
SurfaceView keeps overdrawing the menu
Linux: writes are split into 512K chunks
Performance Issues KineticJS
Benefits of reserving vs. committing+reserving memory using VirtualAlloc on large arrays
Is rereleasing own apps (previously released by others) under your company's name reasonable? [closed]
what does FindClass(鈥�.鈥�鈥淸I鈥� do?
How to post external references in playframework2.0
Single thread per channel model with netty OIO
getting vars from $_SESSION throws an error
What is the difference between form data and request payload?
Javascript if-statement vs. comparsion
add days on CURDATE() funcion in PHP
After pressing back button session doesnot destroy
Best practice for Null check in Java
ObjectListView FormatRow flickering
ObjectContext.ExecuteStoreQuery with partial POCO classes throws System.IndexOutOfRangeException
NullPointerException 鈥渁t鈥�
How 鈥渟qlplus /鈥�works
How to make directories according to an output of a program and copy files in to them
Difference between System.Collections.Generic.List<T>.ToArray() and System.Linq.Enumerable.ToArray<T>()?
How to work with android xml in graphical layout using eclipse?
Lazy loading with Linqjs and Knockout
Intercept a process during execution time [duplicate]
TSQL: datetime from character string error
Change the GLPaint brush size outside of PaintingView.m
NSMutableString not inserting the string at specified position
adding source code to build path?
facebook social graph - get events for a region (country/town)
Free and easy-to-use PHP library for drawing elegant Gantt Charts
Jquery variable returning undefined if the Dom object was only one element
How can i implement ambient Occlusion (SSAO) for Horde3d? [closed]
Which ReportViewer version in ASP.NET 2.0 VS2010?
Image Generated Not able to See on TabHost
Why are there gaps between my DIV's?
How to read the value stored in a Key from the Registry using C
Creating a conference with Lync 2010 SDK
CXF implementation of JAX-WS with JDK 1.5
rewrite just the / root directory to a specific page
鈥淔ailure/Error: Unable to find matching line from backtrace鈥�when running capybara with webkit
Compress AJAX hash in URL with Javascript
Binding not working + everything is same as in the example
How do you include a Graphviz diagram in Python docs with epydoc?
Managing Uploaded File Validation using Servlet
message sent when a window is shown
Android Paint PorterDuff.Mode.CLEAR
How to run loadrunner to test business processes
401 error if I connect from my ASP.NET app. to CrmDiscoveryService.asmx (CRM 2011)
What this dynamic query missing and doesn't return a result?
Sticky and NON-Sticky sessions
How to interpret the accelerometer readings from iPhone
HTML join with Ruby, How can i do this?
Verifying 116725 = 116 * 725 or not? C/C++ [closed]
Best Practices on how to maintain images on S3 with the same name and invalidate the cache [closed]
Heroku - how to run Schedluer addon 4x per day?
Why do mobile views in ASP.NET MVC display differently on different servers?
Making a POST request in Selenium without filling a form?
Checksums on TCP
How to disable wordpress Visual and HTML editor?
sql update column 2 with column 1 data
Generating password protected zip files from ruby on rails
Which file IDEA uses to display the name of Android project?
Returning TimeStamp multiple times in single T-SQL Statement
session get cleared when List clear
Install iOS Apps on device without developer program, iOS 5.1
Bootstrap fixed content pane
SQL Server SELECT query, row data to columns convertion like PIVOT
Getting wrong Available Startup Disk Space for Mac 10.6 and above
How to add a controlbar to the Flex Spark Panel component just below to the title bar
Is there any method to exit the main shell before the subshell returns?
How to have method use field from desendant class in java?
how to make sure a PHP script is loaded one time
Does the audittrail module of YII support concurrency on DB updates?
How to print new row in word document using word temp-let
Char array replace characters
NSarray of NSdictionaries
Assigning a value/number/integer to an image
Can't get what I want from a for-loop in template?
Writing to global or local memory increases kernel execution time by 10000 %
LINQ grouping and ignoring column
How do I visual select a calculation backwards?
JS Bookmarklet to open PDF-Files in External Viewer?
Is there a way to get an element by its class name using JavaScript?
Parsing time string in Python
Vagrant Mac OSX [closed]
Globally configure Jackson properties using Spring?
Handling of iAd in iphone?
Symfony 2 propel:build-model not showing errors?
Implement an interface in the form of another
鈥淪ticky鈥�panel on a Gwt application
Special charecters in Windows shows right, in Linux just question marks
Defining Application Constants in Codeigniter
For a given interval of years to get the number of days per week(mon, tue, web,鈥�sun) of the year
Is delegating JSON.parse to web worker worthwile (in Chrome Extension/FF Addon)?
What is wrong with these .NET Controls?
Pinterest facebook like button
Dynamic column name
NSData / NSString Persisting Sessions and HTTP Auth vs Name/Value Pair
Driver loading mechanism Windows vs Linux
Mongoose web server getting current working threads
Show logo on magento session
Tab content stays visible after changing tab after orientation change
Textbox value without Javascript
How to display remote html in an object on IE?
Getting error in css while using it with php?
Spring application is loading properties from all of my properties files instead of just the ones I am specifying in context:property-placeholder
htacess how to convert two query strings to one url
keep application running in background
How to hide master view in UISplitView
select photo from library, replace the background image with the selected Photo
Unknown pseudo-element or pseudo-class ::selection [selection]
How can I used an entry from a Recordset as criteria in a MYSQL query
jQuery Mobile existing action bar implementations? [closed]
C# webservice client not working with a java server
SQL JOIN clause [closed]
why pyodbc query to Sybase db returning partial data with some garbage?
Let Oracle transform OR-connected predicates into UNION ALL operations
Do I have to save the session when the user is logged?