Change TabBarController to Segmented Control
Explode a paragraph into sentences in PHP
Minimum and maximum date in UIDatePicker
Continue using app instance started at boot time
Drupal 7 ubercart product kit of product kits
Limitation of ModelState.IsValid in ASP.NET MVC 3
Initializing in Constructor
How to pass xsl variable as a parameter to javascript function within script tag?
Manifest File not working on ipad device when working offline
toggling between two states - the elegant way
TestNG + Spring + Maven = Cannot load context
Posting image in facebook fan page using c#
What is the the iOS 4.2 (and up) equivalent of Android's RecognitionListener?
Create waterfall chart in extjs using Column chart
Storing Java Double Infinity and NaN values to MS SQL 2008 database
Rails 3 ActiveRecord inserting autoincrement field issue
Omni auth Configuring Force login for Twitter (Rails)
how to save an online image in to iphone photo album
Relationship between NP-hard and undecidable problems
Concurrency Pattern: Object that switches between Blocking and Non-Blocking Under Certain Conditions
ImageEditor with selecting a portion of the image for adding comments in Plone
Bundler failed to fetch json 1.6.5
How to get Svn Changed file contents
config log4j via slf4j
Create a local branch and push to remote with the earlier two commits from my master branch
Is there leak issue of Android's GZIPInputStream
Run Eclipse project from command line
Unable to read hidden field value from server side
How to get default IP address when multiple IP addresses are assigned to PC
how can I use PropertyChangeListner in GWT? or is there any better way of doing it?
Java VisualVM hangs connecting to locally process launched from eclipse
where are the 鈥渆xternal鈥�JAR's?
Why is one of my reference properties not being included when using LINQ to Entities Include()?
How to assign values to a variable iteratively using for loop in maxima?
Android- in air gesture recognition [closed]
Haml renders input element as escaped
Select numbers from array which are much greater than the rest
Magento change password reset email template
Editing a collection in a partial view
What is the scope of a lambda variable in C#?
Android, SQLite transactions and process freeze
MySQL error when quoting `identifiers`
SMTP server response: 501 <>: missing or malformed local part
Error in previewing the Component after adding Enable Inline Editing to Component Template
how to set hindi font in a webView in android
Specifying function parameter type, but not variable
How to get output stream back from PDFwriter in case of exception
Enable Focusable of edit textbox depend on checkbox is not working after disable the edit textbox in android
Downloading a file with php fails
Java Script Currency Format - Convert Code to Google Apps Script
xaml image not showing .source
quicker way of getting all the multiples of a number?
Python 3.2 for-loop
Gradient Position in HTML5 Canves
Excel Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf using relative references
Awesome loupe/magnifying effect on slideshow at Paydirt's homepage
when(scenario) and how does GUID column makes sense when we have already primary key?
Setting SQLAlchemy autoincrement start value
Android Geocoder returning empty address
Unable to load a ListPreference Dialog in a PreferenceScreen held by an ActivityGroup
Facebook App - If the user does not have sufficient credits balance want to proceed with my own payment method
About SQL Server stored procedure parameter
retrieving files from database by their path in jsp
Me as openid provider
Want to do spell checking in Android 2.2
ByteArray issue with Actionscript project
Set a Static Member of a dynamically 'found' class
How to Set UITabBarController to not select any Tab (ViewController) when TabBarController comes to View
Looping until any of the server on different port gives accurate respond in ruby on rails app
When is java main method called?
Does Google Cloud SQL support distributed features?
Rotate UIImageView clockwise
New to AS3, unable to get player to move properly
different results in different OS
DirectX real time textures
How check in junit method was invoked from super class or from descendant class in java?
Python API wrapper design pattern
change js popup name
ViewSwitcher to switch between views
Multidimensional array challenge
Page tab shows blank content
How to query if the parameter is an array? [closed]
When does a dir in /proc/ modified date changes?
Is there any sample for create word document template and assign the dataset values using c#
subview wantsfullscreen leaves 20px at top when rootviewcontroller is ECSlidingVIewController
Adding date and time to a field
Tree issue in PHP
java fatal exception for android program
Enable/Disable Apple Push Notification from iPhone app?
Is it possible to use CBC mode of 3DES decryption method to decrypt an encrypted message of 14 characters?
Overwrite a value saved in NSUserDefaults
JPA Select from (Select)
Replic-Action log error Cannot open Link: TNS Could not resolve the service name
How to pass a global variable to a function which is called by another function
jquery ui button icon change dynamically
Strange variable undefined error in console.log
h:commandButton action is not getting called inside primefaces p:dialog
Creating swig wrapper for C++ (pointers) to python
Umbraco MediaById not working as expected
Crystal Reports display records in column wise keep a heading to the starting of the row
how to open a page in new tab on button click in
Prompting the user for login authentication
Jquery Mobile Application Installation
How to execute sql file via PL/SQL (the name of the sql file is know at execution time)
Getting Gradle to publish a source Jar instead of a standard compiled Jar
Autoplay not working (SlidesJS)
How to get the successive months in java script?
How to Retrieve 1 Result from Custom MySQL fetch Function
Triggering 3G icon
Ruby on Rails server stopped working
MATLAB: Java String[] conversion
Can I set the language of the SSO Facebook screen? [duplicate]
Why exposed types must be sealed for WinMD/WinRT components?
Android byte array to string to byte array
How to use LoggingSettings to read 'loggingConfiguration' from Web.Config
Facebook canvas app authorization
How can I get MFC support apart from creating MFC application using App Wizard?
embed the string in view flipper ontouch
How to update count with ajax
How to export html page to pdf format?
C# get fsmo roles from ad
Non-English Language support via SolrNet
Passing values from 'Controller' to 'View' class
Hibernate Example queries
Remote logging library versus software(logger)
How to use older version assembly in GAC when newer versions are also available?
overlapping images on surfaceview
Detect a specific change happened in a list of commits
Android pdf viewer how it can be implemented?
SQL compare two rows in a table to find how many values are different
Running mapreduce java programs on hadoop cluster
Which jar files do i need to read and write values from a Excel File using POI from Java
ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit: Custom toolbar button
Rails Active Record Association Issue
Cache validation - Browsers validate cookies in cache incorrectly?
Revealing portions of an image on mousover
How to access input elements which were created by jquery
Embedded JDO Field is not Retrieved by Query
Limiting integer data type field lengths
div does not wrap text after AJAX call
C2DM Auth Error
Whats wrong with this XSLT?
How to access input elements which were created by jquery
Embedded JDO Field is not Retrieved by Query
Limiting integer data type field lengths
div does not wrap text after AJAX call
C2DM Auth Error
Whats wrong with this XSLT?
django template if == doesn't resolve right
android ndk pitch shifting
Custom View not inflating
A better way to subquery
How to commit working copy to CVS repository if some files are deleted from working copy?
How to check a particular event is available in google calendar using gdata iphone client
How to get the protected stastic value from subclss in the main scope
How to change button text color programmically on press?
how can I pass php array to Javascript? [duplicate]
Add event handlers to grand children
How to add tab bar controllers to the root view of the split view controller application
Parsing HTML DOM in web worker
iPad app become inactive after locking screen
Project Euler #22 Python, 2205 points missing?
C#: how to pass mathematical function from textbox to function
Best way to reposition 5 DIVs with CSS/jQuery?
How to check if every certain elements exists
Distinct values for a distinct datadate in SQL
How can I let my mom know when her soda drink goes on sale?
how to get information of files under current directory in Linux
jquery mobile splitview plugin, transition from a non-split page to a split page
Confused about the law of Demeter principle
Crop the rectangle region from the image using imagemagick
Getting Array index on item click
How to Remove Previously Saved messages from ModelState in mvc3
Displaying incorrect values in PickerView in iphone application.
Python's new-style classes' base - `object` and `type`
How to Integrate skype chat on website
Class mx.core::DesignLayer could not be found
rake db:seed thorwing Can't mass-assign protected attributes
regex for folders starting with _
iis7 integrated windowsauthentication prompts for username and password
How to change the style of listbox in as3?
Is it possible to set number of records in flat file source in SSIS
Linker error when using a struct variable
Python module import redefining namespace/__repr__ for refactoring
How to print all the values using linq?
Enable Edit Menu for NSTableView
<h:selectBooleanCheckbox> doesn't work if put inside <ui;repeat>
how to change backgroundcolor of uibutton programatically
attempt to write a read only data base exception in blackberry
The type 'basePage' exists in both ASP1.DLL and ASP2.DLL?
Can't add UITableView as subview
SOAP and REST Services in iPhone
Can one use InternalVisibleTo without strong-named assembly in C#?
Facebook non friend cannot like public post from ios app
Bypass 鈥�Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?鈥�dialog box
Using c++ object in c
Android: Unable to start activity java.lang.nullpointerexception
C# use script to create database
Run an .air file as Firefox addon/extension
Single click edittext
gsoap restful c++ client using streaming
Little confused about the directory structure
RoboGuice and ActionbarSherlock seems to not work together
Not getting SendEmail property
Reg-ex, Find x then N characters if N+1 == x (solved)
how to send mass emails/messages to a persons friends on facebook
Can we create derived public type from private base type in .net?
Is it appropriate to use HBase to hold often-changed setting values?
Disable back button
How to pass multiple values in a single parameter for a stored procedures?
Html form to PDF (client side, predesigned PDF form)
Using Transactions with EntityFramework FROM the business logic layer
Android backward compatability
bootstrap carousel: the plugin shows me all image not slideshow
mysql connecting to host
progress dialog with asynctask
What is the right syntax to use in document.write for tags with attributes?
Delete duplicate rows GROUP BY with LIKE
mysql trigger code deploying from TOAD but not from myphpadmin or from mysql console
Matching/replacing cell data with hyperlinks from another cell
How to serialize non-serializable base class in standard serialization?
Nested tables sort order using Jquery
Optimal way of syncing Core Data with server-side data?
How to write subquery inside the INNER JOIN Statement
Repetitive code in unit-tests
Unity iPhone app size is too big
How to keep all fields and texts visible while the soft keyboard is shown
How to prevent bash completion from replacing a character when tab completing
cache in python function
Inviting multiple friends using Facebook SDK in native iOS app
Handling exception while using shutil.copytree to copy a file where permission is denied
Difficult MySQL query returning zero results
unable to start the rails server
In Java why does this return a negative number when searching the array with binary search?
Masking an animated GIF - would this be possible with Jquery or other?
Customize the sharekit for iphone
How to exactly find where memory is leaking in project of iPhone
HTML5 Canvas with Predefined Image
Application not starting until form is displayed to user for the first time
Vim: open a temporary buffer displaying executable's output
Drag Drop Row behavior on WPF DataGrid
How to GET remote JSON or XML API data from within PHP and assign a return object as PHP variable?
How to make a div autofill empty space in html page
change array order in php?
Certificate Revocation List in Tomcat6
Android JNI functions run on main thread?
How to write a VBS Script to Repair a Corrupted Excel File?
tree for ChilNode of childNode in javascript
What does the word 鈥渃oncat鈥�actually or originally mean?
how to filter more than once in Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog()
Differences between these two property implementations?
What is Masking?
Display count of open issues on JIRA gadget
ResultSet getDouble giving incorrect values
How to Change Binding Field Dynamically of Repeater Control?
How to change text in EditText at runtime in android
How to validate youtube videos to check video exist in URL or not?
How to get and compare substring in java script?
Objective C : How to store the sqlite3 database outside the application folder?
PHP getting full image attribute
Clean main Activity after device get sleep
Cloning multiple table rows using jQuery
Serializable Class
Color change in textview
How to load RTF and HTML into Crystal Reports?
Garbage Collection not running for Code Cache Memory Pool
does alloc init'ing a property twice result in a memory leak in ARC Objective C?
Can the synchronous file system api be used in a chrome extension
Ubuntu PPA for Android SDK/NDK?
Play -->Stop-->Play-->Stop audio in touch
JavaScript in xml file
Lex (flex): how to provide input and where's output?
call a shared method in a loaded dll using class name
XMPP Hosting Service
Using iPhone's HDR feature
cannot display value from memory in MVC app
ide for debugging C++ project
Android BufferedReader ReadLine() got IOException - Expected a hex chunk size , How to fix this?
How to use MinGW-w64 with Cygwin?
Unable to push class on tab bar controller using navigation controller
how to remove page link default menu of wordpress
Block direct access to folder, but grant access from subdomain
How do you write a django model that can automatically normalize data?
How to set datetime field in MySql using hql
Javascript - How to do a splashscreen?
Randomly select class attribute in Python
Controlled non UI timer in metro app (.NET)
Scale object fit to the screen in open gl es 2.0 on iOS
Implement Product key
Xcode - localizable.strings - not always working
Replacing existing record with a newly created but unsaved record
jQuery looping through a nested ordered list and getting the index value of each element
komodo IDE -> remote debug php using komodo+xdebug: how to watch the $_SERVER variable?
SUMIF with month criteria
Put Business Logic in ListView Controller to use Cursor and SimpleCursorAdapter or Use a Custom ListView Adapter with Data Class?
page print in javascript
Issue with inputstream and SAXParser
How to write a better zend model class and avoid writing again and again adapters in each method
CodeIgniter: Display Pop up message
How to setup FCK editor in Yii?
why the code can't update the content in the csv?
Session management without using webView
Running WebAPI on server without having to install mvc 4 beta
Common Logging Output
Simplest framework for converting python app into webapp? [closed]
Codeigniter Select data from multiple tables
how to publish the visual studio solution?
Sending video as response in django
how do I figure out the right order to drop tables in sqlite?
Getting error while run the selenium grid demo
how to create a filesystem database?
Lists rearrangement after finishing a query
Entity and ASP.NET Membership - how do I retreive users?
How to find the Apple Push Notification Delivered to user or not from our server?
Parse search results
Use of MDM Vendor Signing CSR for customer
Encrypting data using Win32/MFC
Length of the shortest phrase with given keywords in a large text
Open and Post to a tab page using C#
Unable to View Product List in Home page or category page
Objective-C UILabel as HyperLink
exception handling for servicemodel exceptions
ASP.NET WebAPI - how to pass object with $.getJSON
Where is faster to load PHP info, JS variable or element selector ?
TestNG like framework in C#
openid provider
Returning single select instead of multi selects in SQL Server
ggplot2 - jitter and position dodge together
Add padding on a background picture
What does it mean by a 鈥� channel DMA鈥�
Fetch All Atributes of single person from contacts in iPhone
preview/detail of single list on custom list view in android
Invoking Constructor using reflection produces NoSuchMethodException
How to consume external webservice in sencha touch2
Python - Parse String
Why do I keep getting this error when I try and run rake db:migrate?
What is the Real Advantage to ScaffoldColumn Attribute set to False in MVC 3 Model ID Properties
The url is not constructed as it should be according to the route defined
Apache configuration with django project
Loading a help file with PHP code to MySql Database?
Check if dynamically created richtextbox not in focus
how do you handle and parse JPA persistence exceptions to provide meaningfull message to user
Wget and cURL aren't working with Wikipedia
What vaue to be set for mappers and reducers while executing jobs in hadoop and how to decide it?
memory leaks while adding activity indicator to another view that view to another view
Can you make your web app html5 run offline when not connected to wifi?
Why can't I replace the __str__ method of a Python object with another function?
what happens if do not register the binaries for COM interoperability?
Does the JavaScript method array.forEach work in Chrome?
after i update my notification count, the box has an extra space. how can i remove this?
How selenium grid 2 works?
How do I get the PHP-FPM process to terminate when a user aborts request? (Nginx)
Tapestry5 - using HTML tags in Message Catalogs
command line of process by name
Will too many $_SESSION on a website affect/interfere with each other
loader constraint violation in interface itable initialization:
Objective-C :: Play music by sentence
two jquery UI boxes with two different text size
iPhone encoding removes part of string
Nested Form Submit in mvc3
How to Highlight a custom cell in a table view at regular time interval ?
how to get all image using php readdir method?
Calling button function from user control
How to print out text as HTML in Java
populating combobox in dijit using json file retrived using dojo.xhrGet
Android expandablelistview in fragments
How to get the anonymousType dataItem from gridview_RowDeleting event
How to get an Input Value from a jQuery ajax view request in mvc3
Delete records from a recordset containing excel rows
How to make an an item in a Listbox visibile but unclickable
How to use an image more than one place in CSS
Getting emails associated with a user's Google account within an Android app?
How to Yii enable ajaxLink on pager of CListView?
Adding $ to dynamically created string and evaluating with isset as variable
Does this PHP function protect against file transversal?
Could not validate drop down list of content page using java script in
What objects should not be spring managed?
The getView() method of a custom ArrayAdapter is not executed
array becomes null in cellForRowAtIndexPath
Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'PER_COUNTRY'
Open popup at clicked position
why am i getting : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
Flex Datagrid Editable In runtime
Binding to an inherited (grand-child) object?
could someone help me with my ereg_replace converted to preg_replace
Confusion about superclass references and subclass objects
getKMLcoordinates returns a list of lists instead of a list of segments
Getting Some Selected Text from EditText and Highlight it
jQuery: A special Argument
How to create two windows simultaneously in JavaFX?
Access Local Webpage from the Internet [closed]
Binding to an inherited (grand-child) object?
could someone help me with my ereg_replace converted to preg_replace
Confusion about superclass references and subclass objects
getKMLcoordinates returns a list of lists instead of a list of segments
Getting Some Selected Text from EditText and Highlight it
jQuery: A special Argument
How to create two windows simultaneously in JavaFX?
Access Local Webpage from the Internet [closed]
Mouse interaction with menu separator
Jquery animations do not run simultaneously
Check if a folder exist in server (Silverlight)
Block animation delay working fine on OS 4.3 but not on 5.0
How to handle web method of comment (in chunk foam) in iphone.?
How to perform leet with Python?
Solr query always returning first 10 rows
How can I add multiple markers on a Google Map from XML coordinate data?
Exchange 2010 and root folders
Sending Emails in Playframework 2.0
Simplify square roots algebraically
How to get value out of .getProperty('style )
How to attach SBT classes to Intellij Idea?
C++ Namespace Functions
ZipEntry get parametric checking
Flex, Horizontal align button label
Push from Table View to Detail View
Reset keys of array elements in php?
Unable to build QtMock in Visual Studio
Linux /media folder not showing all disk drives [closed]
scroll is not working on listview
MQTT vs MQ design considerations
Spree Commerce: Multiple colors with its own SKU
jsf-2.0 how to pass a value from one class to another
Summing Large Numbers
checking session variable is set on not in django
How can I generate a GUID in R?
Using acid-state - safeCopy of a function
Andengine Class not found exception
NetBeans not recognizing C++ class members at build+run
How can I use MySQL with Google App Engine?
Use static method or not?
Extjs 4 Mvc Application to Production
Datatables - fnGetNodes() how to push the results back to the server
Retrieve password Tomcat authentication
Android: BlackScreen in Application
how to open a view(another xib) on click of a button in ipad application without navigation
How can I save videos to the Photo Album with specific name
automatic backup of mysql database and automatically send backup data to gmail in windows
Android: How to move a popup window and make this window not block other windows
Datatable data bind with textbox dropdownlist trims extra spaces while displaying automatically
Convert base 32 bit decoded string to decimal
How to handle a hundred thousand requests in REST web service?
Excel formulas at column-level
Implementation of SQL Data Export Service in c#
How to calculate principal curvature directions in 3D mesh?
Heroku: How to connect the database through navicat
Selenium Learning step by step
Data inside a function (package creation)
How to use LevelDB in go?
Draw a shape and save it to the database
It is an error to use a se`enter code here`ction registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level.
Javascript Multiplication and Totals
How to find why semaphore is not locking
Should NLog flush all queued messages in the AsyncTargetWrapper when Flush() is called?
Disable MKPlacemark showing/hiding title in iPhone
How to change the text only in HTML when element has child element and using JQuery?
Translating two dimensional associative jquery array to php array
Android Maps - showing two or more paths within a single mapview
JAVA: FileInputStream and FileOutputStream
Difference between Vector4f and Vector3f java3d
APC Uptime is very low
did visual c++ 6.0 support unicode?
JQuery Function doesn't work while the ticker Updating the panel
Change $actsAs variable from controller
Netbeans on Ubuntu does not offer all project templates
Drupal - Display a block for a specific user group
Is this code ineffective/slow? [duplicate]
JSON Serializer is giving an issue, when the Json string contains string and array of strings
Controls are appearing and then disappearing in javascript pageload function
How to update data available in coredata?
Modifying application startup order via wsadmin
same data for elements in xml
Error applying the if/else statement in java
show value in textfield dialog when checked
C math and zero result
Differences between .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 in High level in .NET
Rails - enforcing a dichotomy using associations
Android: right way to manage navigation history with an actionbar?
PHP - Insert SQL on while loop
Android SaveInstanceState - Understanding
Java - I can't get two actionListeners to work right
How to hold server side event until client side event finishes?
Defining constants with $GLOBALS
sprintf broken in RubyMotion
PHP NOW() Error
How can i upload a file using jquery's $.ajax function with json and php
OFBiz mobile commerce (m-commerce)?
Serialization of partial class
How I calling data in database using cakephp with soap?
Extending/overriding in JavaScript?
Tcl/Tk script to make a button that switches colour when clicked?
IDA assembly patching fails with 鈥渃annot reach destination from current location鈥�
Finding remote/external file mimetypes in PHP
Why mongodump shows this 鈥渟kipping collection鈥�message when doing a database dump?
lastInsertId does not work in Postgresql
Date search Pattern in Python
How to reference an UI element from ViewModel (WPF)?
I want to run google calendar Project on android emulator from google website. But it doesn't work [closed]
How to modify numeric element in an array in RavenDB
jetty:run causes class not found exception for org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext
Unable to start service Intent. Fora Dictionary
How to refresh buttons Image Icons for Java
Coud I pass a StringIO object as a 鈥渇ile鈥�argument to a Linux command line?
Save CPU cycles (improve performance) during copy of char array to string
Customized keypad for a calculator application
SQL Optimization - Join different tables based on column value
Python coding help on graphing?
is UIScrollView or a UIWebView the better solution for this?
What's the best way to escape this string 鈥� b[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+ .[A-Z]{2,4} b鈥�in java
From popup.html, how can I run a javaxcript function by button onclick?
cocos2d background image dimmensions
Trouble with CSS Grid Layout/Image positioning
How to determine when IE (Internet Explorer) browser is opened in my BHO?
PhoneGap application quits once the camera captures the image
WPF Table Multiple Row Header
Netbeans Run->Stop Build does not stop the running java processes
This pointer assignment should produce a segfault?
Looking for the best practice to write SQL in Oracle when same subquery is used twice
How to create a opencv dll for c# window application
How to download a file in IIS?
Count No of times Program has been executed
Determine if a Processor is AMD64 or Intel64?
Starting QTimer In A QThread
Scala, passing a locally defined function into a list?
Programmatically getting selected text font name in TextEdit
Uploading files via forge
Is it possible to create an Isometric Video
convert nested structure to flat key value pairs
Changes spaces in string into OR statement
command substitution in bash with awk
Dynamic named range not working when referred with indirect
How to make specific pairwise comparisons in R
Which iOS 3D Engine should I choose to display iBook Author like 3D model?
classpath issue in hadoop 0.23.0 java on Ubuntu 11.10
Google checkout notification not working
how to remove HTML tag inside the XML tag after parsing RSS?
slideshow jquery plugin
I'd like to set all the values in a boolean array to false without re-initializing it
SocketTimeoutException when ConnectTimeout and ReadTimeout is infinite? [duplicate]
Prevent song playing on URI link click
slideshow jquery plugin
I'd like to set all the values in a boolean array to false without re-initializing it
SocketTimeoutException when ConnectTimeout and ReadTimeout is infinite? [duplicate]
Prevent song playing on URI link click
Java - Android Programming - Loop Fail [duplicate]
how to fire mapView:didSelectAnnotationView
Highlight URL bar using Chrome and Safari extension
Make Flixel (iOS port) support retina graphics
how show all nearby location? [closed]
In N2CMS MVC with Razor, how do you add the Control Panel and Zones?
Parsing ftp url that username/password/path has special characters like @, /
Why won't Jade indent the code?
make addClass reset on click
jQuery MouseEnter/Leave with fadeIn() flickery
'Span' tag binding issues with knockout
Secure authentication using AES
How to Display Tab Delimited Text File Into DataGridView including the Headers?
Calendar program help (string variables)
create new array by cutting key from an existing array over to the new array 2.0 ajax framework throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException error when the input string has ' ,'
Override a method and make it behave static
how do make UI for getting smilies into my edittext?
How do I achieve a clearly rendered rotated UILabel?
Having difficulty wrapping text
wifi chat between two or more android devices
Clojure - the fastest way to extract the last N bits in an integer?
SQL query to find Nth highest salary
Why is NumberPicker (up-down-domain picker) not visibility in Android UI Editor at Eclipse?
Why do I get a 鈥渞elationship multiplicity violation鈥�accessing a relation property?
Change the base class of a razor view in the view code
How can they port the old console game to iPhone or Android?
d3.js update line based on mouse movement
multiTouch and audio
Formatting date time application wide
Getting values from combo box when connected by data source in c#
Smartgwt selectitem key value issue
converting db2 datestamp to Unix timestamp
Fluent Nhibernate: Cant delete an item with as HasMany property
Backup from Amazon S3 [closed]
Can I specify the permission when posting status through Graph API?
JQuery Validation: Dynamic form not validating
select specific decendants using Jquery
Issue with PHP variable when fetched from MySQL
lock on a public object, and sharing across modules
Deleting Entity Column from Model - Auto Remove Scaffolding?
PYTHON 'Unicode' object does not support item assignement
GDB pretty printers for Qt5
XML parser in android
XCode Storyboard: how to create a segue when the segue trigger is not on storyboard
Error multiplying two numpy arrays
jquery - multi-select dropdown and single select dropdown on same page?
Warning/Error using xmlReadFile in C
Getting error when trying to save index path in NSUserDefaults
How to make content non visible outside UIView
Changing the value of an EditText inside onCreate() has no effect when changing device orientation
Why do I seemingly have to typecast window.rootViewController in iOS app delegate?
Android Http Get String Data From Servlet
How to change Current theme to Window classic Theme in Window7 at runtime
Phusion passenger spawner rails app causing high cpu usage
Image resize using PIL changes colors drastically
jQuery Accordion Menu. Expand neighbor div as menu expands
Is there a reason to specify an alias the same as the real name?
C++ : Strange metafunction call
Create Code Editor Style in html
Joomla: Passing a variable into getInput()
Android adapter list not working inside thread() for ProgressDialog
C++ Any advice on tracking down Access Violations?
Need help fixing an error in Java with reading a file and generating graphics based on the file
Validate entered number to be integer or 鈥渉alf鈥�[closed]
NSNotification with multithreading XCODE
Java / Android Programming - Loop FAIL
Why is rack response body an array not a string?
Differences in RegEx syntax between Python and Java
Cannot find yasm even though I have installed it
How to convert yyyymmddhhmm to yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.uuu in sql server
How do I count columns of a table
Scala Swing Table Header
Time series and stl in R: Error only univariate series are allowed
Change the color of 鈥渁鈥�tag inside of 鈥渓i鈥�
pointer to array , assign array [closed]
Accessing arguments with argv
Slow access to Tomcat web application from another PC
Having trouble posting a picture to Facebook via Graph / CURL
SDL2 mouse grab is not working
LINQ; how to get record with max date with join?
iOS: what is the equivalent of an event listener in Objective-C?
iOS NSString issue
Tile size, retina vs non-retina, iPad vs iPhone
Ubuntu to install jdk1.6
Jquery: How do I stop the appending of my text onClick?
Trying to use jQuery Countdown with UNIX timestamp from php
setting a limit on a variable in a function and return error else wise in haskell
CodeIgniter: How to delete multiple rows?
FsRtlIsNameInExpression never matches anything
If Statement not swicthing correctly
SQL Server speed up query with not in
session in a property field
Finding an img in an anchor element
What Code in Newly Created Project Call Window?
Fire jQuery live event with native JavaScript
CodeIgniter: How to delete multiple rows?
FsRtlIsNameInExpression never matches anything
If Statement not swicthing correctly
SQL Server speed up query with not in
session in a property field
Finding an img in an anchor element
What Code in Newly Created Project Call Window?
Fire jQuery live event with native JavaScript
How to connect native C/C++ *.dll to WCF C# hosted in IIS?
Creating a new minor version between two releases
Using ini values defined on the same ini file
Writing a low-level language from hardware
x-axis labels move to top of graph after using
Reading custom control properties returns 0 in a constructor
Rails - a model that can have two different sub items
Make a new branch the master in git without messing up existing forks
Comparison between big numbers doesn't seem to work
Upload plugin - how to override path?
py2neo - neo4j.GraphDatabaseService(db_string) crashes python; no error-log
HTMLCollection undefined in ie6/7?
Combining `where` and `like` statements by using the CI activerecords
WSO2 How to set ReplyFileName in VFS
animate after jquery scroll
Vim convert lines of content to javascript string literal
Trying to update the content of a JLabel
Add style to node of a tree (鈥渓i鈥�
Using Savon and Em-http [closed]
Mongoose getters not being applied in most straightforward case
Google MAP API with PHP and Javascript
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)
Make a 鈥渕atrix鈥�from Django query
Why I have 鈥淪pecified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes鈥�on Linux (Gentoo) but not windows7
Send multiple unique emails at one time
MVC ASP.NET or Razor
Efficient and Accurate way to add items into a TList
Can't figure out foreach loop
鈥�00: Unknown web method鈥�when i send data using $.ajax and WebMethod
Redirecting printf and cout to socket
Redmine - Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch #<NoMethodError: private method `split' called for nil:NilClass>
XCode does not let me change the code
update table from other table whithout join
Finding pairs of mobile nodes in a 2D space within a given Euclidean distance?
How are push notifications displayed on iOS 4?
PHP submit button whenever user clicks
How do I override an 'onkeyup' event trigger to allow navigating table rows with arrow keys?
PHP - file_get_contents Tumblr API never ends
Nunit not running SetUp method in Visual Studio debug mode
sqlite3 multithreading in objective c
NetBeans shortcut to go to the file location in the Project Explorer
ScheduledExecutorService schedule issue
mssql_bind not working in heterogenous server
Regular Expression with nested 鈥淸鈥�
Linked List head reference assignment to link list object in Java
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end
Capture webpage as image send via email
Replacing all ocurrences of any bracket enclosed words in a string
Java: practical use of PhantomReference? [duplicate]
Constructing the Connection String for the DataContext Class
Rails: Thread.Current hash for request scoped data sharing
ASP.NET Linq how to add conditional from / to date filters
PT_CONTINUE returns 'Operation not supported' on iOS
jGrasp Java Break Ctrl-C during Run
How to retrieve a node from a soap response?
DirectX11 programs on directx10 gpu
How to experiment using majority voting in Weka
OHLCDataset: Get item from/having the date
android expandableListView animate slide up?
How can I view shared Google Doc(videos) in Metro style IE
upload files to ec2 from local using scp
Xcode 4.3.2 IBAction button Thread 1: Breakpoint 1.1 error
programmatically set margin/ padding of textview in a listview
What is the difference between 鈥渟oft reset鈥�and 鈥渉ard reset鈥�in embedded field?
Magento eav entity setup failing - Can't create table
How do i migrate data between heroku databases?
li's become '0.' in IE when containing div is hidden and redisplayed using jQuery
first 8 bytes of CCCryptor 3DES decryption are always damaged?
Processing data from another file on drive using Javascript
Unable to connect to mySql database useing just code
regex issue on splitting a string
JIRA account login difficulty
adding linkbutton dynamilcy to gridview. not firing.
NHibernate 3.3 and SysCache
Android: Play audio from internal memory
RVM Bundle Install Missing Gem Error
IPhone App with multiple controllers
Reducing NUMBER_OF_VIEWS_IN_SESSION results in ViewExpiredException
How do I define a class in MATLAB that uses methods defined in separate files (in an @-folder)?
Java - I think my boolean is defaulting to true for some reason
Split text in half, but at the nearest sentence
Rails: float the right type for this column?
I can't write multiline codes in Coffeescript Interactive Mode(REPL)
ASP .Net Web API downloading images as binary
how to remove the string
Insert data using multi array
How do you setup heroku for another owner's app?
Problems with app name from ITunes Connect, trying to use same name from deleted app
Java error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Can a SOA be designed with REST?
Apply ResponseText and put it as inputstream
How do I join two tables with different column in SQL Server CE?
NSString (or NSArray or something) to variable parameter list of C (char *) strings
Rails 3 Deploying to Heroku syntax error, unexpected $end
Need help Hangman program,certain parts of code logically correct but not functioning [closed]
Enity Framework query result shaping
Ipad + How to prevent the keyboard from popping up on jquery datepicker
How to deploy a MDM check-in sever锛�
Extjs4 gridpanel row data not same with json data store
How to split the string value in one column and return the result table
C# console application - commission calculator - how to pass variables into Main()
How do I get the correct count of characters on .NET, Java and Sql Server? (read this in Google Chrome)
Android ContentProviders vs SQLite
How does one set the host & admins of an event created using the Graph API
Cucumber: How to compare table with colspan using table diff
Reading from stdin (file of variable length)
How to embed calendar in monthly view inside our layout
Send checkbox status data to email
how do i parse xml webpage in perl
Android Button onClick Enter text
C# Function Similar to PHP Eval()
Wordpress og:image shows up blank
How to insert data to four tables from one view in Grails?
jquery using .data method to trigger elements in DOM
Android. How to move the imageview(set position/margin) when it is created
SQL select everything with arbitrary IN clause
Why does code with successive semi-colons compile?
Dynamically add new combo (select) box
onchange - the dropdown selected using jquery
How can we use PowerVR examples/libs in Android activity?
Java webpanel commands not saving
mysql search by title in last 100 records
Animating SVG elements by CSS3 transitions
Attempting to use mod_wsgi in daemon mode show default apache 鈥淚t works!鈥�page instead of application
Embed a Executable Binary in a shell script
Backbone render placement
getting double value from an NSMutableArray
iAd & Admob integration
resize a div using onload
Can't Figure out Why JSON / JSONP Isn't Working
Can not post the data after validation
How well does Bing Maps API integrate with Android app?
JQuery simple add class is not working
Tracking progress within multiple threads
Disabling specific cell edit in Slick grid
MySQL join across two tables with serialized data, recursion?
Thread safety when using DTO objects in java
How to configure 'rules' at runtime [closed]
APP SDK 2.0: Charts in the short term?
Android - using different SharedPreferences, how do I get the same values?
How to insert array into MYSQL database?
Performance-oriented affiliate system design
Issues with chained root certificate in Java on Windows Vista?
iOS SDK: How to cause view to flip when switching cameras
Use boost::object_pool can not quit clearly. Am I misusing?
PNG image not showing on IE7 & 8?
Importing SQL to SQLite
No module named registration.forms in django-facebook
Visual C++: Compare Dates
Need to select ALL columns while using COUNT/Group By
How to tell Proguard to obfuscate class names
Magento: Random 鈥淔eatured Product鈥�
iPhone SMS Url Scheme with Body Content?
Difference between Category Home and Category Launcher
Visual Basic: How to replace selected NumericUpDowns with ComboBoxes
How to use ContainsAll in MongoDB
Rally AppSDK: Is there a way to facilitate 鈥淚nter-Panel鈥�communication between Apps in the new layout schema
how to unbind focus.autocomplete that replace default val
What is the unit in /sys/devices/system/node/node0/distance
div doesn't resize with twitter bootstrap
Assigning value from cursor to the text field in Oracle forms
'IO_START' undeclared error appears when compiling the 4.4.3 goldfish android kernel
How do I set a variable to $_GET
In d3.js, linear scale/axis with ticks at intervals of 2^(10*c) instead of 10^c?
Why/how does this enable me to select multiple days in a Calendar control?
Follow / Unfollow Database Schema for Groups or Lists
git and CR vs LF (but NOT CRLF)
DateTime.ParseExact does not recognize string as valid
Spring batch 1 million records - 5 hours
What do [] brackets after a Jquery selector mean?
Changing CSS display style with javascript
.Net 4 Web API receiving NULL data in parameters
In Python regex, how do I make the maximum number of line breaks to be 2?
Rails join tables
jpa OneToMany & ManyToOne
Android: Restrict activity orientation based on screen size
How can I test the result of a button click that changes the Activity's view asynchronously?
Twig UTF-8 encoding of raw content
Haskell: Instance definitions for type families
Applet Web Deployment problems
mpi: MPI_INIT_THREAD provided level of support
Why are nested flexible boxes failing to contain their contents?
Averages of active records
Can't set settable accessibility attribute in AppleScript
what does android apkinstaller actually do?
Kinect Speech Recognition not Working
constraints in accessing a ssl enabled wcf rest service from jquery
If showPopup only goes to API 11, how do I link a Menu to a View with ABS?
Loading a Google Charts example with XMLHttpRequest turns the page white
SqlLite with skip (offset) only (not limit)
Calculate Voronoi Cell Area
PHP installed--code not working in browser
Provisioning profile issue, I just can't run my application on device
_getch not reading input into variable
Mutliple UIView in one UIViewController
Pagination with an array of hashes in Rails?
DataAdaptor.Fill error
MySQL Select DISTINCT multiple columns based on the uniqueness of one row?
Find a color's pixel coordinates
Python WSGI and syslog
How can I get which radio and which option tags is selected by jquery
Problems with dynamic CASE sql statement
How do you get Monodevelop back to using English for its language
Changing time into timestrings in PHP
Scripting Animation blocks iOS
How to access Jquery in Html 5 Web Worker
vector<string> or vector< vector<char> >?
How do I set the wrapper to automatically vertically center within the body?
Unable to Run Apple's LoadPresetDemo The app paused and Xcode gives me me a SIGABRT
Select query that creates a table of monthly incremental entries
Methods in AbstractListModel to refresh JComboBox?
Parsing HTML from a string
Display a comment based on the user name in the PHP login?
Manipulating entity framework to eliminate round trips to the database
HTML/JS detecting areas on an image
Android - how come sending an Intent to my app stoare crashes?
How to render intermediate table inline *as* multiplechoice
Inheriting from Boost MultiIndex with templated class
IRC client active users in past 15 minutes
How to pause my app after pressing Hold/Lock button?
Initializing a 2D array inside a struct error
AbstractAction as WindowListener
how to detect the button event by chrome extension
login in page doesn't redirect with CakePHP ACL
Adding NumPy array to existing HDF5 file in PyTables?
Migration of Wordpress sites to a local WAMPserver, now the pages cannot be found
htmlspecialchars() is translating other special chars
How can I write a regular expression that validates true only if all characters are Japanese/not ASCII?
Preserve whitespace and carriage returns from js output to plain text
Rails 鈥淎ssociationTypeMismatch鈥�Error
SEO friendly HTML5 video (video.js) intro with overlay fadeout
Rails/Facebox - update with remote function
How to implement proxy cache with persistent HTTP connection to server?
WPF Datagrid Source Changed issue
Use value for a ChoiceField in a template
Could This Python Program Be Simplified Or Better Written?
Use python to grep lines from one file out of another file
How to tell browser to stay on current window
Full-text search on MongoDB GridFS?
Array of map destructor segmentation fault
Rendering a texture in another class' RenderBuffer/FrameBuffer in OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS 5
IIS/web.config URL Rewrite remove subfolder from url
Confirming Markdown Files
BSON::InvalidDocument: Cannot serialize an object into BSON
Array of file scanners
Mysql : Select and Delete with a single query
jquery Quicksand linking to prefiltered page
how to make a specific loop on $.getJSON and $.each jquery function?
PHP SimpleXMLElement XPath Selection
How to get Xcode to show its startup screen again?
Android - Shared Preferences crashes on some devices.
How to get a quote for a specific date using Yahoo Finance
Activity not starting from Status Bar Notification
Arduino PWM to Android IOIO PWM
Epson TM-T88V formatting
Error passing parameters into a servlet
PHP Unexpected T_encapsed [closed]
How to excuse an undeclared variable in Python?
How to echo this specific value from a Database
How do I archive an Android repo?
How do I use hadoop fs -getmerge to download .deflate files?
Parallelism in C#
Select the first two character in SQL Server CE
How to clean stylsheets from Joomla head by using document->_styleSheets =
Embedding a php function within a php form template variable
Spree 1.1.0 demo missing product images
Scanner next() as parameter
Wait for the collection to fetch everything in backbone
Why can't I do [UITextView 鈥渟etText鈥漖 from with in a NSThread?
How can I turn <br> and <p> into line breaks?
DoctrineModule 鈥渞eflection exception鈥�in ZF2
Issue with CFArrayRef and NSArray when drawing gradient using ARC
how to save to create table in DB
How to grant all privileges on views to arbitrary user
Yii - PHP error after content saying that LogDetailFilter couldn鈥檛 be found
overwrite context dimension on calculated member (SSAS)
Why capifony creates both folder /shared/app/logs and /shared/logs (symfony2)
Makefiles - Compiling to a different target folder
How do you check for equality between a jquery .html() variable and ruby on rails generated html?
mysql query , gives me wrong number of rows am after
Postgresql intarray error: undefined symbol: pfree
Does procedural language have design patterns?
Start app on device boot, but not run service
jquery/js - i have a bunch of values (strings). i want to send it to another url via POST, how do i do this?
Difficulties in manipulating Amazon EC2 with Android
How do I include a range of lines of a file in php?
ggplot2: Heatmap Plotting, geom_text placement only in selected cells
use variables in Lemon parser?
Is Riak recommended for storing and streaming large binary files?
MySQL REGEX WHERE clause for zip code
java list cannot add class then alter original class without altering the copy from the list
How to Clear the hasfile Property on an asp:FileUpload Control?
In git, how do I sync my tags against a remote server?
How to create a contacts page properly?
Views for many to many associations [ Rails ]
Glassfish Security Realms base on URL
ThreadLocal for multithreaded access to SimpleDateFormat
Determine if a Delphi 6 class object is a derived class using a class name in string form?
Download list of files loop - net/http
HTMLTidy - style sheets require testing
How to queue emails and send by PHPMailer?
CRON isn't working
Export Configuration Profiles from iOS
Underscore js times series
Rails: Nested Form for 2 Scaffolded Models?
Security risk if allowing all file type extensions on user uploads
Summing over a range of value in R (not using for loop)
Concatenate string for @Url.Content with in the Underscore.js template
MVC3 User Authentication link
Wordpress - Listing of categories not working
Accessing other entities from an EF Code-First POCO
Apache Rewrite Breaks PHP SuperGlobals
Is it possible to NOT display NAs in a data frame?
jQuery Mobile Select Menu Data Binding
Constructing string from parameter?
Return large/streaming responses via webapp2 on GAE?
UIImage resizing not working properly
From Game Maker to Python
ActionBarSherlock, use fragmentTabPager effect without tabs
Access image from list of images stored in text file in opencv
Gingerbread Crash When Using onCreateOptionsMenu()?
Why use built in jQuery events
Auditing many-to-many relationships in Entity Framework?
need to delete a line of text from a file if it contains specific data in Java
Accessing files through picker for users who have not yet enabled Drive
Server.Execute Duplicates Dynamic Content
Is there any events after SQL Server job finished?
Fast array access using Racket FFI
cp filename* backup/* (Bash)
Adding User input without rounding (Google Apps Script)
How to set gridview checkbox to checked when I click an asp:button in the same row?
How to check if mediaplayer is playing or stopped?
JSTL/JSP generate url and force HTTP/HTTPS
Webdevelopment in Common Lisp
checkbox/toggle button check/uncheck itself
What is the difference between **kwargs and dict in Python 3.2?
Trouble centering tcl/tk program when using grid
How to upload files directly to Amazon S3 from a remote server?
Rendering Jade template via AJAX and trying to pass/access data separate from the HTML
How do you output all attributes including attr_accessor attributes?
Milliseconds are being truncated by an ASP.NET MVC Hidden Input element
Issues Creating Records In Multiple Tables When Functional Testing With Rails
Issue while updating @OneToMany collection
Python operator overloading and operator associativity
How to customize an error message in a MySQL stored function
SQL MAX in conjunction with WHERE clause
Do Subclasses Inherit Private Instance Variables From Superclasses
Selecting element by ID, in .svg xml
Add content to the top of a scrollview