Jquery not connecting to .php
clisp converting between infix, postfix, prefix (i'm trying if statements)
System.out.println , System.err.println
Loading Libtiff in MATLAB R2012a
Javascript string.indexOf('') causing webpage to hang
Error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: entity [closed]
Displaying jQuery's Datepicker in the center of the screen
Google Docs Api Python Prevent collections resources to be seen in Home
Using telnet to communicate with QNX Neutrino via TCP/IP in C++
trying to create a javascript object
Detect phonegap user agent on the server side and forbid non-phonegap downloads
How to view and modify static and global variables in Eclipse CDT
Should Interface implementations be independent
javascript script block is not rendered in django template
Parse String to Token, Export and Dynamically Echo Values
Tab and Shift-Tab smart indent on selected text
m:n relationship must have properties?
Twitter Bootstrap responsive utility class usage
android browser location bar doesn't update for fragment change
What audio formats are supported by TTS?
ASP.NET error log
Is there a good macvim git diff?
does mongoose have an isDirty check?
Replace part of a filename in C#
Chef templates and how to do a for loop in ruby
Update single row in a WPF Datagrid
Table Insert and Updates using Google Fusion Table API gives 403
Way to create Textbox variable in Razor similar to <asp:Textbox> tag?
I don't understand this egit error I got when I tried to push upstream
Getting Class reference of Subclass from Superclass
Drupal: Managing a 鈥渉as many鈥�relationship with the views module
Integrating public git repository into private project (without submodules or subtree merge)
How to load a javascript file containing ajax call asynchronously?
UITableViewCell transform is repeated inversed
.NET Routing Actual URL
Animate HTML Tables for smartphones
iOS: device orientation events never arrive after startup
would I need an adfs-proxy for external domain name different than domain name used for internal dns?
Why cant I process my ajax function if the form submits?
Prevent XSS in Spring MVC
c# : how to get all item url based on a keyword using FindingAPI of ebay
asp.net mvc3 webgrid shows error
Recommendation for tools for testing various elements on my site [closed]
FQL: select events of this week published by a given page
Not sure if my 10 threads are reading the same .txt files when they are started
Coupon code to unlock free shipping (magento)
css for the table layout
Filter extended properties by contact id
HTML5 Local Storage Error
$$$, security concerns with using AppEngine in a client/server relationship with Android/iOS App
override eclipse property view
jquery filter not working when context element provided
What is the proper way to call this._super() inside a ViewState?
Use of Popcorn + jQuery for animations
create select JPQL Query throw exception
Ruby on Rails - Controller changes not getting recognized
Jersey Grizzly restful server throws a strange URISyntaxException on Linux
iOS : transitionFromView - label in 'toView' not displayed
Xib ViewController
gsub! with Date.strptime not recognizing my date
C++ copy a vector structure, but with different objects
Show/hiding <video> container produces pluginApi errors - mediaelement.js
Django translation plural not working
Is there a good C# wrapper for the Asterisk Manager Interface? [closed]
Unicode error handling with Python 3's readlines()
Unable to save entity changes: identifier of an instance was altered
Redirect if the user is logged in
Is there a shorter way to check for a value in M2M in a Django template?
How to combine GridView and item insertion functionality?
CSS webkit scrollbar show/hide
cocos2d runAction in loop
Sqlite with FTS on Windows Phone
segmentation fault in linklist program
Extract specific strings from line in file and output to another file with modifications
RoR: Polymorphic Associations: ID and Type are nil
Hiding type parameter in a signature
jQuery Automatic Thumbnail Scroll Script?
Using Java to extract data from google Weather API
Writing extension for Alfred, output to window?
changing a file's single character
R idiom for switch/case
Mysql: 'common' column doesnt match error? when exporting data from SPSS to mysql
parsing invalid anchor tag with BeautifulSoup or Regex
html/jquery - Nested forms for file upload
Android Game Thread Advice
c# check elements in xml
Create animation to select an image
Android Ruboto IRB - How to start demo irb server
Dynamic resize of Vimeo Video (or Youtube)
How to use muenchain grouping in .XSLT
Can't seem to get PHP login to 'stick'
Create EditorTemplate for a ViewModel instead of a CheckBoxList
Qt, no such slot
Databinding error in using TemplateField
android tabs with interactive views
Very slow scrolling in JScrollPane when using per-pixel transparency
combination of hashmap with arraylist for making complex structure
Lower bound : resource required by an algorithm for some class of input size n [closed]
Json string to a js array
initialising a 2D Binary Indexed Tree
Open graph action submission
A live autogrow textarea?
Submit Wordpress Form dropdown with Jquery onchange
How can I change the scope using control method of a Controller in ExtJS 4?
AppSDK 2.0: Where do I go to access?
execute a task before shutting down RMI server
tomcat scalability ejb
Database Message Queues
Android SDK not found by PhoneGap/DreamWeaver CS6
Objective C Hello World error
binding an editable combobox and detect inserted text in wpf
Overlapping Pattern Match warning with custom data types
How can I get the session IP address from Openfire with smack?
Dynamically adding HTML with Javascript which has <img> tags. How do I tell when the images are loaded
JSON parse returns null
GWT Clipboard Past Buffer
Returning Variable Page Route Value to Page (URL Rewriting)
CUDA concurrent kernels serialize when using events
Passing Dynamic arguments to a function
Apache mod_rewrite mod_proxy redirect
shell script can not save output from command line into variable
AVAudioPlayer Does Not Respect Mute
one-time configuration for a particular context in rspec?
Create WAV From One WAV for Left Channel & One WAV for Right Channel Using NAudio
Javascript nodeValue not accepting new variable
Run ndk-build from ant
jCarousel with keyboard : wrong focus using the tab key
Characters not displaying on site from database?
Programmatically select text range in TextEdit
Is is safe to kill a Mercurial (hg) process?
Opa bootstrap samples
Toggling class not working well
Imagick install error undefined symbol: MagickGetImageBluePrimary
Growth functions of Algorithm?
PHP REST client API call
Which signals can safely be used to kill a Git process and which not?
PowerShell script and loading / calling modules at runtime
Best way to iterate through a Perl array
Is there a way to enter touchmode programatically?
While Dynamically loading xap using MEF how to pass a parameter to the xap file?
How can I display a Unicode string in the column header of a DataGridView?
Position absolute but relative to parent
Ensuring that only a particular user has access
Should email 鈥淒ate鈥�header be sender's local time or UTC?
Custom Listbox Scrollbar style Issue
How can we access a one class object in another class?
Python - How to declare and add items to an array?
JavaScript bookmarklet not working?
php/jquery - check if image in url really exists
How do I get a class reference from a String in Java?
Really long message cut off on socket receive
c++ virtual method isn't being called
Cross-browser file drag-n-drop solution for JS?
grep limited characters - one line
CMAKE - How to properly copy static library's header file into /usr/include?
Jquery validate and a list of select box
How can I dynamically store expressions used for Linq Orderby?
Exporting a ListView to Excel
how to pipe into awk script
copying column from table
What's the relation between WS and socket.io?
Can I see server logs or something equivalent on AppHarbor?
C programming. Fork and pipes
SIMD instructions used in assembly listing
View Helper, Partial View or Something Else
Multiple rows update without select
how to suppress FATAL output from ssh on perl using the 鈥渟ystem鈥�call?
Escaping a full string in H2 insert statement
How to Parse List of Object in Java
how can I make rvm create my gemset at capistrano deploy?
Asp.Net MVC 4 and Entity Migrations causing project models to not show on 'Add Controller'
The links from my pagination script disappear after page 1
regex() and regcmp() functions not in LINUX
Scrolling all but the top line in a multiline textbox
https certificate logout/relogin
cake php email helper - internal error
How to use normal sql in ASP.NET MVC without EF?
How to keep the version in the file name of a library included in a eclipse-plugin with Tycho
using Moq and generic type boxing issue
SSIS lookups - unknown code determination
Cannot add/remove class with jQuery in IE8 and below
Using node.js and socket.io with PHP application
GoogleWeather cannot be resolved to a type
Updating a DP when needed in view rather than on change
ncurses multi colors on screen
Is it possible to call a non-exported function that resides in an exe?
Submit Form dropdown with jQuery
Do we have a RopeJoint in JBox2d?
Internet Explorer Local Storage
Django - filtering related objects in 鈥渂ackward鈥�relationships
Intellij Idea's Completion Style for Bash
Comparing two images for motion detecting purposes
XML Parsing With Linq
CSS header doesnt go all the away across (Safari 5.1.5. and all other browsers too)
Problems with: Access 2007, VBA, Parent-Child Forms, Recordset Not updatable
Get iframe's element by attribute using javascript
AndroidHttp Exception NoClassDefFoundError
generating thumbnails in Alfresco 4.0.d
Oracle foreign key relation
Sessions on IE work on localhost, but not on shared hosting server
ESS cannot find documentations in specified packages
Fit code/image inside my table?
How to calculate FPS on device level in android
iphone app unable to access server - previously working
Knockout js: making the new input name unique
How do I run arbitrary code when a Java HTTP Servlet session ends?
Difference between List and Array [duplicate]
php file renaming while running - is a lock possible?
Changing a PHP value dynamically with Javascript
Is there a way to have divs 鈥済reedily鈥�grab width?
How to manage multiple svn repo's inside one project?
Code Upgrade - Export to Excel 2007 and up
Geocoder not returning the value of the city
Android - Show App is in Development mode
Recursive checkout with ClearCase UCM
WCF service clear buffer
How/Where to appropriately call controller create method
How can I generate basic documentation from a Relax NG Schema
Tie a custom savebutton to itemtemplate textbox
Discovering blocking erlang threads
What are the risks in disable MySQL old passwords?
Search query with validation
read single byte as an unsigned byte
Generate so file from eclipse in windows
How do I prevent my exe4j executable being flagged as Bloodhound trojan by Symantec Endpoint?
Getting subelements using lxml and iterparse
Full image size with Fancybox
How to match entries that have commas?
Nginx - how to upstream frontends to a path e.g. usig location but 404 error
Can a WebView's history be permanently stored?
Facebook long-lived and short-lived access tokens, and their expirancy after offline_access removal
transform excel format
li element with delete image on right with css
MYSQL Making sure two cronjobs don't process the same request
Android Dev - Text based game within an app
Leaks when using RaptureXML with XPath
OAuth issues with Codeigniter/i18n URLs
Sparse columns or normal columns?
Multiplying two variable names on mac os
Custom validator of a bean field using other field values
Creating a DateTime object with a specific UTC DateTime in PowerShell
Simple Android onTouch Event
MVC C# TempData
codeigniter-paypal. doesn't redirect to paypal in iframe
Google Maps API (v3) adding/updating markers
Getting SQL Server values from a view on a different server
What is the best way to create a sitemap.xml? [duplicate]
Running Sinatra within a MacRuby app
DotNetOpenAuth Simple Demo, MVC & Razor
Passing multiple arguments to a threaded function
Is it possible to insert the record using multi dimension array?
php converting all passwords in DB
Get index in a IQueryable result
Facebook access tokens expiring for unknown reason
Is there a way to list all files and their targets in Xcode4?
jQuery Dialog 'Close' conflict with ASP.NET UpdatePanel
create animations from Javascript using embedded SVG in XHTML
Reading the sum of ASCII of each word in a sentence
passing JSON data with hebrew values problems (UTF8?)
ASP.NET Boundfield changes when I update another gridview
Totaling a column in SQL
exporting multiple access tables to single XML
Android intent-filter for uncommon mime-type
C# Threading, How to make a thread run a method with params? [closed]
JQuery - Show only first paragraph of each article
Applying PHP script to a file with multiple lines
replace text on your page php something like element.innerhtml
JProgressBar in JTable not updating
Getting DynamoDB working from Erlang
How to convert Texture2D to MCvMat
Haskell type declarations
Inserting into a database in Android is failing
undefined method 鈥index_path Ruby on Rails
State of Erlang and C/C++ integration?
How to draw a smooth curved line in WPF?
Can Adobe Premiere CS5.5 or CS6 do clip spanning with a Canon XA10 camera?
SessionHandler issue
Svg clip-path within rectangle does not work
Wordpress Conditional Sidebar Section Based off of Page ID
Mergesort: what's up with the last step in the merge operation?
Widget displayed on app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ds.cpuoverlay&hl=en
Convert multiple images as pdf with multiple page
鈥渂undle install鈥�fails even though bundler-1.1.3 is installed
GridBagLayout fixed widths for buttons
python multiprocessing Pool: processes spawn new copies of main application
Get closest/next match in .NET Hashtable (or other structure)
Wordpress shows forbidden from another server
Getting records from mysql which are in mm/dd/yy format
Changing the behavior of YouTube API generated links
IValidatableObject in separate assemblies
qApp Not Set and I don't know why
PHP Gettext - No translation
html simple anchor link doesn't work in opera
how to style DataPager Control
Design a class that returns multiple interfaces in a unified way
KSH - Capture Script's Return Code Before Exit
Uploadify calling CodeIgniter controller multiple times
Different ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] per environment
How to reserve a multi-dimensional Vector?
Implementing Google Translate with custom flag icons
Apache solr coverting to xml
Where is file config in the past ~/.ssh?
Parallel batch file download from Amazon S3 using AWS S3 SDK for .NET
Error when stopping a service and OnStop never getting called
Get user by distinguished name using System.DirectoryServices.Protocols
EF 4: Update model based only on fields that exist in the view
Servlet java: differences between cookie and session [duplicate]
iOS - import vs forward declaration regarding setAlpha
Why are functions not available in global object?
Working with closures in JavaScript
Erlang syntax error
Rails Routing and HTTP Verbs
js popup open and check it's status on another page
how can i call GWT method from swing application
Spotify cannot find my app
Why does NSBundle mainBundle work, but not documentsDirectory?
Linq to entity performance issues with large set of data
Server IP Getting Indexed, Redirect to Domain + Path in HTAccess
jstree move, drag and drop
Cannot get to $rootScope
SSAS Cube characters not showing properly
Tools for running and monitoring jobs in cluster
JAXB write arbitrary text as first line of XML file generated from stream
Is it possible to import messages into the Android emulator?
Are the sorting algorithms used by NSArray stable sorts?
LINQ to Entities - get amount of functions for every (role, function group)
Calling Functions From Past Frames in AS3
Java app startup with computer and be able to see system.out.println?
How do I sort these values using Bash Script in Linux?
How to create a modal window in JavaFX 2.1
Can the list of favorites be extended using a Data Extender?
Do multiple requests on a RCQ file
Adding your own custom page to Wordpress with its own custom script
OpenGL Render to texture Coordinates
Unity framework files
counting number of empty inputs with a certain class
How do I display content grabbed from external websites?
UItableView reloadData does not set the cell display properties properly
Calculating Time Difference in Prolog
The operation cannot be completed because the DbContext has been disposed
linker input file unused because linking not done - gcc
Selenium.click Timed out waiting for action to finish
jQuery Index of Hovered Button
jQuery: Attach additional functions to existing event handler using $.delegate
textbox onchange validation event prevents from clicking a button
AS3 - Finding the Y position of a rotated object if X is known
delimiting format
Automapper - Map array of objects to one single object
h:selectOneMenu change event with p:ajax
Javascript and scriptlet : can it be done? [duplicate]
php Regex match all text inside apostrophes
Image Center Alignment - Works but Not Perfect
Test integration between two rails apps
Can a variable be recognized as an int or float or time if its stored as a varchar
Are main principles different in OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0?
Will excessive commenting of code slow execution? [duplicate]
Android Default Text Selection Behavior for a WebView
c# moving label with picture box when moved
PHP Date, International month names? [duplicate]
Strange type inference behavior of Collections.emptyList() and/or Java generic methods?
2 Flash overlapping no interaction on Firefox Macintosh
鈥淒ifferent鈥�Parallax Scrolling effect
What's the wrong with the number of days?
How to change the zoom where the markers are clustered in gmaps4rails
Need an advice about mod python pagination
In the iOS SDK, how can I help my users send MMS intermixed with SMS from my app?
power VR vs Direct X
How to sort responses in Objectify?
Saving to database from VB.NET WinForms
Invoke Java method with parameters from Freemarker
VB.Net DateTimePicker edit calendar portion
Async http client (ning) creating more threads?
codeigniter ajaxfileupload.js script error- You did not select a file to upload
XML Schema Choice and attribute
Localization depending on iOS market
Colorbox onClosed Function to effect parent page
Using LINQ with MySQL database that can change in production
Printing a DIV at specific dimensions
Boost Program Options Add Options Syntax
Change log4j settings in Camel TestSupport
Setting the property variable in Hive
VMware ESXi: Automatic restart of an VM
Xml Category on product feed
How to mark links, handled with javascript as visited?
ConcurrentDictionary Pitfall - Are delegates factories from GetOrAdd and AddOrUpdate synchronized?
Shared codebase for both mobile and web applications?
Confused with setting up Segment Registers
Bash: how to take a number from string? (regular expression maybe)
How to open a Safari window into Google Maps without iPad Maps app hijacking
Custom marker view with own interactions
Android Is it possible to use menu with themes
Customized UIPopoverController?
Cannot find converter resource
how import a mysqldump without ENGINE specified in MyISAM
Redirect users to mobile site with htaccess when I have two sites hosted under one account?
TinyMCE Custom Dropdown Set Text
In jQuery UI, how to prevent the 鈥減ulsate鈥�effect for running millions of times when called consecutively?
Qt - how to set audio playback starts from the beginning of buffer?
bash regex doesnt match 鈥渁t least n times but not more than m鈥�
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException while attempting to load dynamically a class in glassfish
Obtaining the highest terrain elevation BETWEEN two geographic points
Outlook 2010 - Insert text
Adding Integer To NSMutableArray
Why can't I have a short float?
what is done by std::locale::final_cleanup and std::locale::__the_classic_locale?
jquery prompt freezing
Why would iterating over a List be faster than indexing through it?
ios: Why is a temporary load of XIB, to get frame height, corrupting memory?
Need a stable link to an Excel file with a variable file name
Unexpected behavior w/ sum() function
wxpython Timer Event Interval
Create report in MVC using LINQ
UINavigation controller doesn't open in landscape mode
AWS Bucket Policy for restricting public access to bucket but allowing referring domain
Core of APL, J, K
Can I use the ST Monad inside a Get Monad (from Data.Binary)
Core Data Performance issue in device
Triggering an html file upload text field?
C# WPF Data exchange between Page in a Frame and MainWindow
Eclipse The R class is not being built for my android projects
How can I limit the size of an individual field for an apache log?
Metro App global variables C#
Redirecting PHP to Multiple Redirects using Query Strings
MonoDevelop - Wildcards in csproj file
embed font into pdf using itextsharp
all_reduce with booleans
YUI3 equivalent to getQueryStringParameter for obtaining query string params
Why is my PHP Database query returning 6 rows when only 2 entries?
Show partial view depends on the calling Action and Controller
CSS - Grandchild inheriting class from a different parent in IE only
How can I do this with Smart Pointers?
Cocos2d : how can increase my sprite's position.x every time I create it
Facebook possibility to use one like button counter with different urls
Automatic calculated fields
Powershell Pattern Matching Regular Expression
ConcurrentHashMap put vs putIfAbsent
Foreign Keys on Models (code-first)
How to change the default heading of 'alert'
When do I need to register a Bitly app?
Parsing a string within an XML document using Ant
How to use tokens in 3-tier web-app using WCF
UITableView won't scroll on iPad, but does on iPhone
the UnsupportedOperationException in RMI
Command to locate a given directory
Mouse Event from one class, how do I listen for it in another class?
How to configure iPhone/iPad file associations with Xcode 4.3?
CSS3 background not printing
Plupload : error 鈥渃ode鈥� 100, 鈥渕essage鈥� Failed to open temp directory
pjax URL not working
Print All JVM Flags
Force a specific localization to be used for a target
.htaccess rewrite /dir/sub to /dir
Using @selector in RubyMotion
Site is not indexed
Dynamically change Tweet Button 鈥渄ata-text鈥�contents
Similar gallery to this one for joomla only in HTML and CSS [closed]
JQuery form control with radio buttons
Keep hover while on scrollbar
New module inside a module 2 in javascript
CSS Padding from floated div
Android - How to get text that user press on it?
Would like Autofac to not register any interface that has more than one implentation
Nginx and auth_basic with cgit
Recursive Linq or Sql query to get topmost parent of each category in self referencing table
Is there a way to detect when a field mark with 'can grow' has truncated the field data?
Filter by a measure value
How to unistall xcode 4.3.2?
Clean way to return an empty mvc partial view
Lua_hook and lua_Debug->event
Wordpress Dropdowns
graphs divisibility
Linking together >100K pages without getting SEO penalized
Missing Microsoft.Windows.Design.dll
Unity, how to get text into Unity
django.http.HttpResponse does not deal unicode properly
F# quotations on Windows Phone
Creating a custom control panel just for p.a.registry XML entries
Getting error : java.lang.Stackoverflowerror
Variable returning 0 instead of an actual value
JAVA ODFDOM: How to get integer values from ODF sheet
Php pass array to JSON
How does facebook full screen with javascript?
How to access controller in zend module
WCF service proxy times out on Close
AsyncContext in Servlet 3.0 infinite browser loading
Reading XML from webBrowser control
Bash script to automate ASP.NET form submittal?
Powershell script to Install SW on VM or host using Application from SCCM 2012..?
Compound logical tests in bash
Bash script to automate ASP.NET form submittal?
Powershell script to Install SW on VM or host using Application from SCCM 2012..?
Compound logical tests in bash
Selecting subset of columns from a datatable
An error occurred with ayamapp. Please try again later
Using pthread_mutex_t in cpp
javascript / threejs - detect when a key is released
check if Integer is Null or numeric in groovy?
Replacing TreeView with a non-GUI option
Deleting specific columns of text in Emacs/XEmacs using the keyboard
Resizing a UIImage, or CIImage, before cropping, stretches the images?
Is it allowed to use any decimal value in CSS keyframe animations?
Operating matrix sequences
how to insert a vector into multi-dimensional vector?
Max and Min for an Input
When using drag and drop tracking areas not detected/defined
sharing mouse click and key press events through windows (or handles)
Bottle Static files
Selecting value on a table less than a specified time
How to add a working s:TextInput to a s:Datagrid HeaderRenderer?
How can I do like APP 鈥渙carina鈥�without mic function
Displaying an array of objects, one at a time through a single dialog鈥�instead of several dialogs
Mysql Update Syntax Error Python
Perl Time, date conversion Error
javascript prompt box for reCAPTCHA
iOS create custom/compound action. scripting? activator addon?
undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class - where's the error?
how import a mysqldump file locally
Selenium, click on element, hangs
Using NSUserDefaults to store image co-ordinates
Android - switching between Development and Production Web Services
Roadmap for Push Notification & C2MD using XMPP
How To Make a 鈥淪mart 404鈥�Redirection Script in PHP?
Scrollbar on Android
Java Queue implementation issue
jQuery ajax in js file
merging multiple mp3 files
insert or update columns according weekend
Symfony2 get current environment in response listener
Possible to use iscroll pinch/zoom with overlayed divs?
Swing: creating a JScrollPane that displays its component centered?
Regarding compartor condition
VBA: Unexpected Behavior In IF-statement.
Vim python#complete doesn't work for 鈥渇rom .module import鈥�statement
Jquery dialog with Iframe not working in IE9
Page curl (Up and down curl) like it happens in i_phone
Required Field Validation on numbers with no decimals and 鈥�鈥�sign.
Chrome adding cssClass to HTML element
How do I satisfy 鈥渆nforce_srid_coordinate鈥�constraint with GeoDjango/PostGIS?
changing the image of a draw2d button after creation
Tastypie ordering of nested relationships
Eclipse tomcat https configuration for localhost
Couldn't load xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace
javascript pattern, parent children siblings tiers
Oracle: Error while registering Oracle JDBC Diagnosability MBean
Converting a HTML(with external CSS,images and background colors) to PDF on the fly in Java
libcurl c, timeout and success transfer
What does this GCC error 鈥溾� relocation truncated to fit鈥︹� mean?
Google Chrome and Safari, my website gives extra space on the right side
How do I get rid of the erlang prompt on every line of my logs?
Why MSTest does not copy referenced project libraries?
R: 鈥渁pply鈥�statement to take the sum of the number of non-NA values across multiple columns
Spatial index hints don't work in SQL Server 2008?
Add rows to a table with jQuery
PHP avoid static classes to avoid dependencies, but I need to use global everywhere
LevelDB: Implementing an iterator to enumerate by key prefix
Style analyzer for WPF/Silverlight
Finding size of max independent set in binary tree - why faulty 鈥渟olution鈥�doesn't work?
Firefox 12 not updating using jquery post
Generate animated GIF with HTML5 canvas
InnerHTML not working with <SELECT> and <OPTIONS> in IE鈥�fine in Firefox. Ideas?
How can I split a string into words in Java without using String.split()?
Squash image into window, unless window is bigger than image
Efficient way to crop a strip of a BufferedImage
Why was Date.getTimezoneOffset deprecated?
What does Google Picker API drivepreopen do?
How to display previous day and next day dates in html using Javascript
Why is my 鈥渃urrent directory鈥�listed as root (鈥�鈥� when I run my application standalone?
TimeVar Date for googlVis MotionChart R
Reading byte from floating point (Javascript)
Key for storing user info
Can I use catch(e if e instanceof SyntaxError) in Node.js's javascript?
iterating through queue with circular linked lists
how to attach the file using telerik Rad Async Upload to a mail
how do i get an div to stay in place while text around it gets bigger or shorter
Twitter, OAuth, Hammock, TweetSharp and Windows Phone 7
Removing html image tags and everything in between from a string
Alternative to hashed SSN as a key in MySQL
differences in the Introspection for applicationContext xmls between windows and linux?
3 Div's in a container with a Dynamic Width Centered Div
JQuery and business application like ERP - Kendo UI
symfony2: trying to render a form in the template
Weird behavior of SMS app
SQL Server 2008: Bulk Insert taking forever
Jquery change <p> text programatically
Servelt Database Connectivity: JDBC, ODBC, Connection Pooling and
How to get full HTML code onClick using jquery
How to emulate Vinyl Scratch effect in Audio Processing?
segmentation fault: 11 in C code
Unexpected input while building package in R [closed]
Apachesolr query - filter by text in fields
Hijacking a variable with a userscript for Chrome
Print value of javascript in php
Tomcat redirect taking user outside the domain
sizeof operation on char array [duplicate]
Bad performance when offering files to download with HttpListener
Having some issues in InventoryController class?
Creating Sub Directory via SQL INSERT using FileTable
Correct Syntax For Anonymous Function
Decide in Clang if the visited CXXRecordDecl is class, struct or union
SQL to return a merged set of results
Checboxes input helper PodsCms
ClassNotFoundException after upgrading to ADT 18
How to wrap rsync with interactive login using Java?
Using regular expressions in Fitnesse to test currency values
file() [function.file]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration error
market link with GA Android Campaign Tracking
Custom Orchard CMS 1.4 Module Editor Shape Not Rendering
point subfolder to subdomain - not affecting main domain
Multi-client java architecture
Extracting the month and year from a Timestamp on a Unique check?
Update database using data from Excel using SQL statement in Server Impot and Export Wizzard
Xcode with .cxx_construct
Django request.Get passing variables to next page
HTML table triggers mouseOut on mouse move between TDs
Randomize AI pathfinding in a game
IntelliTrace logs from Windows Azure Worker Role not working
Check whether the array contain all element of other array?
What is the correct format to input a date parameter in an Oracle database from c#
regex extract value from the string between delimiters
Using Roboto thin or condensed
Is it possible to convert PPT to images in Windows Phone?
No MVVM Light templates or snippets with NuGet v4.1.21 install
Export Prestashop products
Ruby on Rails: Multiple polymorphic association
Why can't I throw an IOException from my Parcelable.writeToParcel(Parcel, int)?
Array type with range assignment needed
Query for counting items under parent category from a different table
opening an attachment with httpcontext
Error installing capybara-webkit on win7 x86 machine
Android Map Activity becomes slow overtime on Honeycomb
vertical text align in relative div
How do I compile libmpg123 for use in a Mono for Android project
Debugging a SharePoint 2010 Custom Activity
AVL Balanced Tree - print last 10 nodes
Scaling application [closed]
ViewFlipper with several ListViews
How to trigger queries based on $variable value?
I need to create an array of links for a simple image gallery
Gridview and FrameLayout improperly places images
How to trigger queries based on $variable value?
I need to create an array of links for a simple image gallery
Gridview and FrameLayout improperly places images
How does Ajax work on JSF?
Type.GetFields return an empty System.Reflection.FieldInfo array for public fields
Multiuser Embedded Database
How to send POST variables to External URL ?
Using Gson to display map of enums with their properties
Wordpress slug issue with non-latin characters
How To implement LuceneNet using Amazon S3
Dimension reduction methods for images
Binary operation with singleton expansion 鈥�scalar output
css multiple backgrounds positioning
presentPopoverFromRect is displaying a popover sideways on rotation
How to create stackoverflow type buttons?
mysql update a column with an int based on order
How to make an if statement to show xml attribute based on current time
Is Android's FragmentTransaction.commit() Method Thread Safe?
Combine expressions for Where statement [duplicate]
Rails starting in dev, says server is [duplicate]
Neet a simple example about Multi client - server in C# [closed]
Facebook open graph - Use object name as title in the Recent Activity Log
Tombstoning with MVVM and more than one page
Object-to-bytes conversion
Biasing random number generator to some integer n with deviation b
Deploying CakePHP without document root?
Contains method for a slice
wpf combobox trigger for Validation.HasError
hGetContents being too lazy
NSManagedObject dynamic attribute update in willSave or validateForUpdate
How to combine multiple assert_that in Hamcrest?
add page number to pdf document (itextsharp)
Display UIAlertView on certain date?
Should I leave the root account in the user table of mysql DB?
Strange behaviour of the Eclipse project Window
How to send commands to a subprocess
ListView with Vertical Gridlines and Background Color
if statement not triggering
Get controller name and subfolder in codeigniter
Looking for good Java audio compression library [closed]
Generation and detection of tones
Issues with cron
Posting a Tweet using Oauth
UITableViewCell initWithStyle:UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle is not working
Use side effect of static initialization for one-time initialization
intellij Querk or not
Integrate XML into existing views
How to handle WinForms control click event when it's not a double click
PHP PDO -> Prepared query returning error ( same query not prepared working fine )
Issues with assignment operator and c-strings in C++
How to get the directory of an argparse file in Python?
Updating MATLAB waitbar fails after first update
What is the syntax to declare a C++/CX WinRT property with implementation in the .cpp file?
Unable to pull changes from git repo
Compare two inputs on submit
findstr Windows command regular expression
Scope of new memory in C++
How to use HidD_GetHidGuid() in c++?
Validating strings in PHP for JSON output
Prefixing private methods and properties
Android Beam: suppress 鈥淭ab to beam鈥�
How to create dynamic html [closed]
Updates to an uncommitted Perforce changelist in a code collaborator peer review
runhaskell - how to make a script compatible with ghc 7.4 and 6?
Client-Side Data Storage in IE
Updating a MySQL table
Delegating events to a parent view in Backbone
text-overflow and multiple line div?
ASPxUploadControl getting file size
Retrieve List of Cells in Excel Where Column Equals Something
OwnerDrawnElement background color is black until selected
Doctrine2 - Get entity ID before flush
Reading large sets of data in Java
Oracle how to alias a column that's a computed atribute in inner select statement
What is the Proper Way to Destroy a Map Instance?
Specifying VisualStateGroups in a ListView
How can I call a function repeat when user press a button until user release that button
Align arguments to columns on multiple method calls in eclipse
Why does this cross-domain request workaround work?
Declaring a new renderer for TabView component
Python number format muddle
Missing parenthesis in Oracle sp
Nested loop in scheme
OpenISO8583.Net BCD Formatted Track 2
how to extract a number string member from a char array
In ActionScript 3.0, can you use addEventListener for one class to react to the function call of another class?
If element contains the word X execute Y
2D Array Declaration - Objective C
How to make simple autocomplete-like DIV that reacts on focus/blur events of input element?
Stream MP4 video onto iPhone directly from S3?
selected item is blank from drop downs in a list view
Django - Wrong date format on template
How to find the smallest number in a mongo query?
GDB CallStack Adress virtual or physical?
Custom argument attributes in Python suds
Installing iOS app with iTunes has no image
how do you escape shebang line when generating a shell script
How to add a custom colorful Image to a tabBar in a TabBarController?
python, using multiprocess.Pool to spawn several subprocess calls
How to cancel TimerTask which has been finished?
Design/Architecture for a 'content editors' Java EE 6 web app
No way of setting RSVP status for a user when authenticated as an application
Postgresql - full-text ordering of sorted out set
two jcarousellite sliders with same navigation
save data to another array, memory management, Objective C
Outgoing websocket in PHP
How to use sql*plus in Windows command script to control flow?
How to set up route varialbe based on rails 3.1 environment?
using urllib2 in Python. Being detected and rejected by server
serving all static content of a website locally
usernametoken-auth rampart/axis2 1.6.2
Connecting Android app to Gmail IMAP using AccountManager
Uncaught ReferenceError when executing on different computer
Windows AWS Bootstrap with files from S3 using CloudFormation
Multitasking System
can't fix this ConcurrentModificationException on android
Drag and Drop not working when loaded using SWFLoader?
Joining many-to-many relationships
define PHP class on the fly in a zend application
row count on dataset different than row count on datagridview
Image does not show completely white despite it's correctly white
Intermittent Foursquare API Response is 500
Indenting bullets
How do you set a default value for a Html.TextBoxFor( 鈥�) text box? [duplicate]
bind commands to hide event without calling .trigger('hide');
Dataview in asp.net
Again on Activity lifecycle: onStart is called when it shouldn't be
MySQL error on DELETE
How do I correctly use setInterval and clearInterval to switch between two different functions?
Modify code to make it a Navigational based application
How to calculate columns which have 'string' value
Css relative positioning
Avoiding to loose the line breaks ( n) while reading and writing files
Baffled: PHP Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0?
Expander as ListView Item
Parse Array-like string as Array
Stopping Alarm Android Application
Recognizer Intent not able to define its constants
How do I get a fully-qualified assembly reference if I only have the class name and dll name?
How can I group objects retrieved from database tables that have the same properties?
Data Mapper design pattern and many-to-many relationship
if statement doesn't seem to work
Wordpress port redirect error
How to retrieve data that contains null value for some field in sqlite?
How to handle IPC between a service and an activity (and its subactivity)?
Matlab Error times Matrix dimensions must agree
In vb 6.0, how can we know if a dynamic array have been initialized? [duplicate]
Processing a large (12K+ rows) array in JavaScript
boost thread error
Marker unclickable underneath a polygon
How to define which field a treestore should display as node text with ExtJS 4
Installing libv8 for ree on Mountain Lion fails
delay in alarmmanager .. when two alarms exists simultaneously
(Un)folding a sheet of paper according to a pattern and giving the order of the layers
node / mongoose: getting to request-context in mongoose middleware
How do I create a help file/description pop-up for a custom netbeans nbs file
how to replace Inf and NaN with zero using built in function
which one is best for chat applicaiton? socket programming vs rmi? [closed]
Creating PDF files in GWT webapp
Difference between Animal a = new Horse() and Horse c = new Horse()
html5 audio element return src with jquery
Regex: php match url [duplicate]
no launch activity found in an App widget
Error while connecting to Access database through Excel 2010
Ruby: implement a new way of commenting
Json.net deserialization of data type ConcurrentBag
Error/StrictMode - two instances from activity
Set default compiler for linking C code in Python package
Logger Method Design
Union of arrays in PHP
Static array and dynamic array
Java - Map URL subdomain to Servlet in subfolder
AWK - print only duplicates
How to call a function in the parent html document from an embedded svg
NSOperation in global queue
WhiteHouse.gov Data - XML > DB
Setting up a has_many through filter with Active Admin
How do I set the WCF error message return format in code?
upload multiple files in Codeigniter using html5 multiple attribute
Divide a tablelayout into 2 columns in Android
Marionette Backbone: CompositeView error 鈥渧iew.model is undefined鈥�right after collection.fetch
How can I authenticate user in Play's 2.0 WebSocket?
JSF t:dataList the getter for the value is called before the action listener method
what happens if default value is null and convert to string
PHP: Parallel cURL Performance - RollingCurl vs ParallelCurl [closed]
How To Access Items in an Editable Area?
Convert all branches in TFS 2010 hiearchy to Folders
Element eElement = (Element) nNode; crashes app
Key Listener for JTable containing JCheckBoxes
Recursive function calls of unnamed functions JavaScript
Writing/reading structure to/from binary file in c++
Do we need pointers?
Magento on IE throws a Javascript error
CSS: fix dt-dd margin
python create method object for string.Method
Selenium. Cannot click on element?
Where to find the JSR 223 TCK
Grouping javascript method functionality into a javascript 鈥渃lass鈥�
Weird behavior of re.sub with utf-8 strings
testing username and password for iphone app review
python create method object for string.Method
Selenium. Cannot click on element?
Where to find the JSR 223 TCK
Grouping javascript method functionality into a javascript 鈥渃lass鈥�
Weird behavior of re.sub with utf-8 strings
testing username and password for iphone app review
zipped using java.util.zip getting unzip inflate error
Authentication with public keys and cx_Oracle using Python
Implementing a Generic method
Batch: insert lines from a .txt file into a .txt file
in the DB2 sql procedure - select query result - if condition - substring
Google Map activity - network connection required
Check multiple HTML check boxes by value - bit twiddling
nginx 408 connection reset by peer [closed]
Node: never use try-catch?
jQuery validator issue on Zend framework checkbox
Using fadeout, fadein in JQuery with img [closed]
pager control. Hide previous/next programaticaly
make two array as one
Rails - Factorygirl - Skip after_create Calls
Good Coding Practices [closed]
Oracle Update: SQL command not properly ended
Cloud Files Meta Data: Any reason to be concerned with custom meta?
How to rotate an image in a UIButton?
.Net & JQuery - Cross-Page postback of part of a page
Is there a way to create Polylines in the Google Earth API using the Google Maps v3 DirectionsService?
Extract signal from mp3 using multimedia file block in Simulink
How to track how long it takes to do something in SQL Developer
need help in start with GCD one method - many calls
Does Linux .so functions have independent stack of share the stack with the caller?
Imagemap works only in IE
Unix permissions
Rails: Exclude certain assets from being precompiled
Selenium + Firefox + HTTPS
Java: Is there a way to print to a receipt printer via USB on Windows using ESC commands?
How to save form data in a cookie (dojo)
Slider with Multiple Handle and Background Color for content
PHP/mysql, Using foreign keys to get data from another table
Scaling an Actor Application on Amazon Beanstalk
text-indent deformating img in html
NodeJS socket data splitting
How to execute mountAndroid?
How do I get the original SKU of a bundle product in the cart?
R: Selecting rows from a dataframe based on a set of values of interest appearing in certain columns
detect if one object crosses other object in canvas
Moving through Detail Pages of Recordset
Log4j multiple pattern layout
Splitting A Hash Into Multiple Unordered Lists
simple example for using require.js
Find and Update a WPF TextBox's Bound Property (From the TextBox)
Find and Update a WPF TextBox's Bound Property (From the TextBox)
Paragraph indent in Windows 8 with c#
how to change the bullet color in tinymce
How to boost ADB install speed?
FragmentStatePageAdapter duplicates ActionBar menu items
Maven jetty plugin, servlet classes target path
big-endian ip address into 4 byte binary with php
API to get the preferred block size of a DMG
Generate of all drawable sizes from one (large) image automatcly
select a limited amount of results based on column
Create a nested JSON object dynamically
Consuming web service in automation add-in?
how i can use Eval() as parameter in aspx file with ListView
Get the value of the child nodes in a xml with unknown depth
ASP.NET MVC3 Template. Trying to split data into three columns
mysql query scope_identity error
Java Unmarshal list of objects with JAXB
What happens to a context before Thread catches an UncaughtException
Populate radio buttons from an sql database php
How to get id vertex by name?
Python Ctypes Passing in Pointer and Getting Struct Back
php - uploading custom images on product page via AJAX
how to manage linux tmp space with C [closed]
Cannot access memory as SSE type on x86 but works fine on x64
Why do these custom accessors cause EXC_BAD_ACCESS when trying to save managed object context?
PHP PDO - Echoing only one result of select query without using a while loop
System.Addin get HostView from token without activating
converting currency via API for specific day in the past
CSS vertical-align:middle not working in IE7
How can I put several requests in one transaction in IndexedDB
default event add/remove implementation
How to post an mutable array to web service using ASIFormdata
Can I/how do I set up a heroku instance such that multiple users can administer it?
Has anyone been able to get TriggerIO to work with parse push notifications?
C++ Instantiate class from static function
Persistent authentication with Google API in Ruby
jQuery get string, extract id and wrap text
AJAX to load XML with images
How can I make sure that my click function executes one time only with Jquery?
Resizing images and JPanel on JFrame when JFrame get resized
unable to find valid certification path after reinstalling JDK
Navigation Bar Spacer Not Correctly Positioned
How do I properly set up a jQuery Ajax call to do cross domain (or no domain) requests?
Horizontal scrolling background-image with jQuery
Creating Qt app targeted to different Linux distros
divs and overflows
Having no luck at all even getting basic dojo to work
Google Maps: Get coordinates of a street block
Javascript - slidesjs not work on android (ok on all the rest)
Rake not recognizing .ssh/config file
Finding and controlling ethernet watchdog timers
AJAX Call is incrementing itself by +1 each time it's called
Implicit conversion of Objective-C pointer type. Bridged cast issue [duplicate]
Refresh Gridview without Refreshing the Whole-page (ASP.Net)
Facebook like counter displaying site likes not article level likes
Blacklist all, then whitelist public files
PyQt create another main window when pp.Server() is executed when the script is put in exe
Custom Transparent Dialog (windowBackground non-existant?)
How to detect face recognition using Kinect?
x86 assembly: how do I use a semicolon within a string constant?
Strange behavior of regular expressions in Ruby
Mysql + big tables = slow queries?
Uncaught ReferenceError: namespace is not defined when namespacing in coffeescript
How to edit items in a Gridview
The parameter is incorrect. at MS.Internal.XcpImports.MethodEx(IntPtr ptr, String name, CValue[] cvData)
Stacking one picture box on another in the designer view
calling object members - javascript
Site for uploading images for prototyping?
When using a DVCS in front of Subversion should I merge or rebase before pushing? [closed]
PHP Wordpress - Call latest 3 posts
Trying to get a string from another class
How to ensure images load before generating PDF?
Detecting bad UTF-8 encoding: list of bad characters to sniff?
CSS Positions and floats everything is overlaying
Finding a line/string of text in HTML using DOM
PhoneGap + Android + media queries
Does/Can Asynchronous Session method live longer than the servlet Call
javascript - passing multiple values
How can I use external libraries in C++?
Not able to create a simpl械 application in RoR
Advantages/disadvantages of int and Int32 [duplicate]
Check if a String has a Greek String contained
Compiling openldap using Visual Studio 10 Express
Website source page: How do I protect my website?
What's a clever way to find all nested classes in a C# project?
Filter the results using n-hibernate via matching with another Db table
Cakephp - HABTM record won't delete with unique set to true
Dropdown in MVC
Parsing $user_agent on velocity?
Rails CollectiveIdea Audit i18n
crystal reports--Display 3 details section one after the other
How to map symfony2's form collection field to a doctrine's array type field?
Writing Tests for methods not exposed to UI - general help needed
Export Gridview To Excel File - Error
xcode not showing some files
Is there a simple way to write a custom function in LINQ to Entities?
How do I access INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES on a specific database
404 Posting Content to Desire2Learn
iOS loading wrong style sheet based on media queries
Reading Desktop Icons via ListView (LVM_GETITEM) - Windows 7 problems
How to reference <a> within <li> with jQuery
Sort an array by alphabetically by second word
Alarm android application
Changing server behaviour periodically
Does EmberJS have an event which get called after a Handlebars-view has been updated?
Huge CPU impact LinkedBlockingQueue
Wrong User when posting Open Graph Actions
MySQL Workbench. Semicolon after comments before statement?
Sqlite weird rawQuery behavior in Android
Dotnetnuke user not registering