Define choices for inherited column in SharePoint list using Visual Studio
lazy evaluation
python regular expression findall, need to remove inexact matches
HTML weird GET parameters
Axis, Java Messaging Service, and MIME Headers
Authentication from desktop app
anti-escape a string in Django [duplicate]
UIPageViewController, I can page forward but I can not page backward
How can i check if JSF content was defined?
Rails 3 - automatically testing specified type of specs
reuse JVM in Hadoop mapreduce jobs
PHP - Count the time with microseconds, react on a whole second
jquery validate - hidden radio buttons, on show(); and interaction - 鈥渆lement is undefined鈥�
Throttling Netty connections
Avoid duplicated function in jQuery
How can I synchronize TSC across cores?
Hibernate :鈥渄etached entity passed to persist鈥�error [duplicate]
VB.NET Cartesian Coordinate System
Handling Javascript events not handled by other elements
Access Authenticated User's information in Django Model
Block main thread until UIWebView finishes loading
Hyperlink to open marker infowindow on Google Map
Tuples in Haskell How to access second and third elements
Sencha touch 2 list inside a panel
How can I group on the created_at field and return only the Date and hour
How can I get this to print to my file instead of the screen in my Perl program?
Plone Unit test has a no module found import error
Reloading SVG with JavaScript [duplicate]
I'm getting an error in java and mysql connectivity..its related to date comparing in java and mysql
PHP sort array alphabetically using a subarray value [duplicate]
Use JFrame instead of JDialog in Netbeans Wizard
Cannot install sqlite3-1.3.6 ruby gem in windows xp
C++ Mac libraries [closed]
how can i write a driver without any library or frame work?
Remote debugging Java web app running in Glassfish
Jquery mobile submit form with a dialog (straight POST)
tt_news: fancybox for images inserted in RTE
android app title naming
Converting a date string from a timezone to different time zone
Converting a date string from a timezone to different time zone
javascript clock trouble running timer function?
iterator in a 2Dimensional Map
Spring Security: invalid-session-url versus logout-success-url
Why can't I iterate over (Int, Int, Int) with Map? [duplicate]
How do I create an object in TimerTask in Android?
Storyboard gesture recognizer
I created an array of TImage but they aren't visible [closed]
Want to extract street address from a Google Maps embedded iframe
Filter statement precedence (specially with joins) in Sequel
MySQL update two different tables at once (CRUD)
How indexing works in magento?
Checking if a table exists and if it does not exist, create it鈥�iOS/SQLite
PHP. How to store empty arrays in ini files if you parse them with function parse_ini_string()?
Parse an INI file
Creating button with CoreGraphics in monotouch
Issue with indentation in HAML-鈥渞est of document was indented using 2 spaces鈥�
Tally ERP 9 XML XTTP Data export
Masstransit Not Handling Correct Values
How to render JSON in Rails view
How to cancel TimerTask safely?
AVPlayerLayer stop play when enter background mode
DELETE FROM `table` AS `alias` 鈥�WHERE `alias`.`column` 鈥�why syntax error?
How to define my own 鈥淒ynamic Web Project鈥�wizard?
How to use the context created by the runtime API from the driver API
Symfony2 saving xml file from repository
drop menu as menu control
How do you insert a variable into CreateDirectory()
ActionScript 3 and mxml
Pushing data from an ASP.NET MVC Controller to a View
Add links to all cells in gridview
maven integration in eclipse new project checked out but can't navigate
Mail-in db with attachments not appearing in the Body field
underscore js - renumber template rendered element attributes
Getting System.TypeLoadException when using NMock with NUnit from command line
Is it possible to hide rows according to some condition?
InvalidOperationException because of different ObjectContext objects
caching search results effectively in redis
How do I use moq to assert a function is called in c#?
IE 8: Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementsByClassName'
Memory-management in iOS Programming
How to secure WCF service hosted in Azure called from Monotouch?
The Select method in Telerik grid
Supply Source for <div>
Geocoder gem: is there a way to record IP of someone who merely visits the website using geocoder?
build a php session handler with neo4j database
JSP - Get score from a jsp quiz application
How can I change HTML code of an <asp:Panel> on Server side at PostBack?
user->uid alway is 1 for whatever user? drupal
JPA/Hibernate CollectionOfElements in Scala
Send email from Delphi 2007 app
Synchronisation on Object
c# assembly, friend assembly
Possible bug in Series.interpolate
jquery method as a javascript's class method
MSVC cannot send function parameters of 16byte alignment on x86
MySQLCommandBuilder and foreign key
Mysql spatial distance query in where clause using in
How does Twitter do noscript redirect and what's the point?
Sqlite view vs plain select statement performance
Webforms ReportViewer pagination without showing the toolbar?
nhibernate log to stdout
Ajax binding vs Server binding
In Codeigniter 2, how do I use native sessions?
Java, main code stops when the thread is started
Can I generating route helper methods dynamically in a view helper?
Dropbox - request to link with app is invalid
Start activity
I want to call webservice first then generates table view in iphone
=default in class constructors
Multiple counts on different tables in same query
Creating a grid like layout in Android
doctrine 1.2 performance, creating a large number of records (~5000)
What the difference between lightweight process and thread?
jQuery UI Trash Icon
Accessing private fields using reflection for a huge POJO: 卤1?
What is the correct way to encode HTML in JAVASCRIPT + JSON and decode it in PYTHON?
Use javaJVMLocalObjectMimeType for local DnD and serialization for external drop
XAudio2 playing delay
How to let JSF pass through HTML attributes
How to calculate decimal digits of precision based on the number of bits?
Parsing a Lua table to Xml using luaxml
SQl Query Results by Year
Eliminate sudden additions/deletions in D3 line chart transition
Jetty is locking files in sbt
robots.txt and Google spyware
Stop page scroll after the page reaches certain point
Disabling the keyboard's send button when nothing has been typed yet [Android]
error to translate jquery code to coffeescript code
Setting special methods using setattr()
Liferay changing the default redirect page when a does not have the specific role
python regular expression date formate
Mobile browsers: update element on back button
Image Resizing from SQL Database on the fly with MVC2
setNeedsDisplayInRect: causes the whole view to be updated
Dojo grid implementation in zend fremawork,
Show a text popup in C#
TokenInput does not handle plus sign well
Javascript named function as an expression
Does elasticsearch have the equivalent of 'cores' like in solr?
Check when Jquery has assigned a class, then do something
How to dynamically populate the values of a select element with a radio-button with KnockoutJS
Merge EJBQL query with CriteriaBuilder object
facebook login and posting error
What is the syntax for
Do we have Quick Watch in visual studio 2010 express?
Transform vector with repeating values into a matrix in Matlab
Flickering in ListView control (OwnerDraw, Virtual)
Find dictionary items whose key matches a substring
PHP session and Ajax
Insert an image after every x words using jQuery
search within an array with a condition
Upgrade N2CMS to latest version collected from github trunk
Stored Procedure in Oracle SQL Developer
Android requestLocationUpdates minimumtime + minimumdistance don't really work
Mysqldb INSERT INTO syntax error in Python
how to get boost::posix_time::ptime from formatted string
ORA-24408: could not generate unique server group name
Displaying Time Intervals
MYSQL - order from table by X starting with id Y
How to speed up sandbox lwjgl game?
customize jsf validator msg
Registering GPX (or XML) file to open in iOS app
Implement UITableView from different ControllerClass as Subview
How to reload TableView data from AppDelegate.m?
error rc1106 even using the latest sdk
iOS Foundation: system font size
using sys.argv in python and passing parameter to an instrument
Is there a way to make this Pulse number infinite?
Refreshing image in Safari on iOS
Powershell - browse for folder - a better way to do this?
DataGridViewRowCancelEventArgs doesn' t fire
MotionEvent.getPointerCount() is always 1
How to invoke a method on a servlet or controller after the web container has successfully started
Installing data files into %APPDATA% with distutils on Windows 7 X64
Application Context destroyed and SessionFactory as well
Product preview button in magento
What is the latency and throughput of the RDRAND instruction on Ivy Bridge?
Alternative to grep
Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered a failure when it started a worker process to serve the application pool
Security issuse about header ('location: some_page.php')
How to prevent the Menu to close when clicking somewhere out of its bounds
JTextField's and PlainDocument - how to print the string at the remove event?
Rendering text in XNA using DirectWrite, Windows API or anything else that isn't sprite fonts
Track Facebook ad traffic to page tab
Custom Facebook login button text (HTML5 version) - FOUC
Turn event into a async/blocking call on Windows Phone 7 (C#)
Symfony2 and sudo privileges
How can I get a JavaScript stack trace in Firefox?
Hide div when click on a link inside it
Backbone and document.title
Get system block size in Java
Unable to redirect to another page [closed]
pandas reading csv orientation
Binary search tree analysis
EXC BAD ACCESS after hitting default in switch statement
Disable soft keyboard
Passing a static readonly value as a CommandParameter via XAML binding?
Is there a way to disable 鈥渦ndocking鈥�of the keyboard?
alarm in my application
How should I implement a tree node class with respect to the Liskov principle?
How to get key Value from cookies which was set in javascript, mvc3
Specifying a member function as a callback in C++11
How to disable the spinner when using search function in datatables in a Rails application
Get all keys that are pressed
Memory leaks in MFC application with threads
How to call constructor if function has the same name
Panorama Control, Tap
What is the difference between a JIRA task and a GreenHopper Technical Task?
How to avoid the unwanted use of 鈥淎ttach to the process 鈥�in Visual Studio 2008 in Windows XP?
wpf RenderTargetBitmap of Viewport3D on a web server (off-screen)
Change Select List Option background colour on hover
ActiveJDBC concurrent requests?
webpshere profile restore command
Suppress void context warning for overloaded operator
Maintain Database Relationships Between Keys in a Database with Guids and Another One with Integers
Content Porter to publication with different name
web mail not sending from one site but is from another?
After register new assembly in GAC, Visual Studio doesn't find any dll
applet signing - lost keystore password
Protege Stanford JessTab error
What is imprecise column in SQL Server?
How and why do they redirect their robots.txt file to their homepage on their site?
DIV border displays oddly
Use Solr to search HTML Markup?
Window containing an Applet
Autowire HttpServletRequest? To solve Locale?
Eclipse Tool tip
Kohana date warning message
G++/MSVC++2008 difference for calling inner_product() in a matrix implement
How to sort the Resources files into one folder in VS2010锛�
WPF: how to pass value of cell datagrid to textBox after editing
c function chaining possible?
GWT Editor Framework, how to implement an effective reuse of the editor
How do I convert HTML code to Confluence-style Wiki Markup?
android confusing crash
Changing Ring Profile in android from my android application(location based ring profile changing app)
Faster poker hand evaluation
Surpressing JavaFX CSS errors in Eclipse?
SQL CLR Integration - Define Function Parameter Type
How to change the iOS Simulator SDK [duplicate]
Android Services, Activities and Handlers?
reading file metadata using lua
Simplest way to convert java objects to xml [duplicate]
Complex pattern substitution in Makefile prerequisites
MySQL query breaks on certain WHERE condition
Powershell variable expansion when calling other programs
Javah Error not found
How can I force grep to only return files and ignore directories?
Java : Remove empty columns in Resultset
Need to disable 鈥渃ontext menu鈥�on right click and call a function on right click
What kind of datatype is this?
Standard implementation of RANK
Is it possible to subscribe to event subscriptions in C#?
Magento If Statement Purchase Order
Filtering the loop by category using Ajax in Wordpress
Selenium Webdriver throws RemotingException during test run
Send HTML formatted mail with MAPI Mail
Windows servce won't run if no user logged into server
Use SQL INSERT to Create Directories with FileTable
App Crashes without going through my code
Which is the best algorithm to find a longest palindrome in a given string? [duplicate]
MKL Intel C++ and quasi-random numbers generator
Latency when pausing/stopping WaveAudioStream
Error (150) Generated By An SQL Script?
Different Virtuemart cart message if empty
Autologin using ASIHTTPRequest in a web based form login inside a UIWebView
JSF 2.0 Tags not appearing on Tomcat 6.0 Server
Search Multiple Columns Returned Most Matches
Android downloading [closed]
Stability issues with WPF MediaElement (MediaFailed, slow-motion video), are there workarounds out there?
IF condition in SQL query
SQL foreach equivalent for query
How to pass values in jQuery Mobile?
PHP - Is $_GET still functional with spaces in the URL?
Conscientious print to stdout from Python daemon
dojo 1.6 DataGrid cannot display lists?
passing object to function
How to make a controlled computer cursor more accurate using an android device
NullPointerException report from play store
RequireJS dependency sequence
Apache ab will not work - ab: invalid URL when testing python cyclone
Imported certificate to Java keystore, JVM ignores the new cert
Swt LAyout: to able to layout the ocntrol
div's height fit container div's height with auto-scroll
Error in changing the background dynamically
Mememory Corruption in @property
How to call Outlook after clicking a button in Java Swing?
Dropdown menu with transition
How do I decode the following string in PHP?
How do I decode the following string in PHP?
Netty server not shutdown correctly when running locally
Rails 3 Routing: non-CRUD controller
Does anyone know how to convert binary data stored into a database back into an image?
Check if explorer has administrative privileges
Symfony2 and multilingual website : what solutions?
Class structure guaranteed to be the order of access
Set PHP variable to MySQL data in foreach loop using array
ipad frame max size is not enough
match any a-z/A-Z and - character after certain regular expression
Ext.NET 2.0 how to get the value of datefield
Setting focus of input field in externally loaded swf
Routing error 鈥渦ninitialized constant Info鈥�
Can't lookup OSGI services through JNDI
Metafunction for type conversion [duplicate]
Why does the size of my div change when the vertical scrollbar appears?
Modifying a document's ContentType with Sharepoint 2010 web services
OpenGL ES issue - should be simple?
Android bootstrap
Issue in setting date using calendar
Avoid retrieve 'echo' print using ADO recordset in VBA
ListView background image crop
Gridview Population
How to syntactically improve include statements
Deleting content of folder with shell script
How to make sure that solr returns results sorted by location relevancy vs keyword relevancy
Crash Log - Can't find crash
Graphic for retina display not working for IPAD
The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List ErroR
Matlab How to easily loop round array
Is it possible to Refresh a Related List on a Page Layout?
Redirect a POST to non-action url
DefaultLabeller with Date as a prefix in cruise control .net
Creating tables in a pptx using Apache POI
Android cursor error - 鈥渕ake sure cursor is initialized correctly before accessing data from it鈥︹�
Issues With LINQ to SQL Query
Jar dependency management in Kettle
Why do lots of programmers move commas to the next line? not working for
What is ActiveX container?
Javascript - Check if email configured
Access 2007 truncate
Popup menu on click of a button in action Bar
FatalExecutionEngineError on InitializeComponent when using IValueConverter
Multipart PUT upload using Curl and PHP to a REST endpoint
Selenium grid 2 over cygwin
Table fixed column not working when the description is on two rows in the same td
associative array to nested set
Context Menu with TabHost issue
groovy metaclass replace superclass method
WPF in WinForm using WinForm UI style
how to convert (aiff) files to any format that runs on windows OS(.asf, .asx, .avi, .wav, .wax, .wma, .wm, .wmv )?
How do I tell py2app to use/include 32bit Python (for wxPython)?
Can we have relationships in a SOSL Query
css3 transition on load
How do I install Perl libraries in Cygwin?
Optimized insert in chuncks of millions of records, MySQL and PHP
Zoom in into a marker using JavaScript link
jquery - fancybox - Syntax error with URLs starting with '/'
How to avoid false positive on SQL query checking for IS NULL?
Edittext without value force closes my App
what alternative to std::not1 is to be used when using std::tr1::bind or std::tr1::mem_fn
POST request on Rails backend from iPhone
How can I programmatically interact between iOS and OS X apps?
Getting Default Checked Checkbox in CQ5
Stopping at the first machine code instruction in GDB
Using Stored Twitter access_tokens with Twitterizer
How to find if mapview pins are overlapping and zoom?
Activity's public void onLowMemory() method does not called by android framework when system runs OutOfMenory
wget vs load page with QtWebkit
Activate web scoped feature on site definition
html/javascript/php run script onclick checkbox
stair-stepping when using a pty (through ssh) and piping to more
How can we sync files between two branches in git?
Android: Use precompiled libraries?
how to import data from sharepoint to excel using macro
MySQL table doesn't exist when it does exist
Android - wizard type activity with adapter backed data
What is the procedure for calculating the working set?
Ruby 1.9 with special chars
How can I get the newly entered text from a textarea?
Data Attached in E-mail?
Delete my application programmatically (Android)
Save webpages for offline access in web app
Android activity inner class - change reference to parent
CSS span tag in paragraph
Twitter Bootstrap Popover/Tooltip Bug with Mobile?
Style tag_list class from Acts as Taggable On
How can I get the position of the cursor in a console app?
Authenticating Dropbox leaves open Browser
Android Admob Query - Lunar Lander
How to type-cast char* to int* in openCL
FTP alternative to work on a shared file
How to get a list of posts Facebook user posted through my app
JavaScript Inside AJAX Content to Self-Reference More AJAX Content Using jQuery
Android GridView Items Resizing
How to configure Android emulator for simulating HTC Mytouch slide 4G
Java code transform at compile time
Intercept field access of java objects in Rhino
MySQL 鈥淯nknown Column in On Clause鈥�
Refresh List View
How to set timeout in RestClient gem in Ruby?
Is there a standard library or function to parse Strings from JSON [duplicate]
HTML5 - Page turn effect
how to check if user is online with c++ desktop application
How can I add my own layer on someones webpage?
Can't ctrl drag Views to header file
Dynamically loading assemblies for a plugin architecture
Use AppleColorEmoji font in iOS Safari
test for overflow-y:auto returning true on android < 3 even though it doesnt work
How to ftp CodeIgniter with Netbeans?
Setting up visual studio 2010 for azure
share non-renewing in app items subscriptions between multiple ios devices
Short SQL command to return true if no field contains a string?
Set day of year DateTime
Time complexity of random.sample
Can we issue 'iptables' commands via the '/proc' FS?
Tomcat maxSavePostSize value?
Android: Get local date format as it is in String with letters, not numbers
sysctl from Mono on Mac
Admob view set to GONE keeps receiving clicks
Make UITableView tableHeaderView clear, with all other cells white
Topic Modeling: How do I use my fitted LDA model to predict new topics for a new dataset in R?
OneToMany relation with multiple join columns
Why does the serial BT data I received get chopped out?
own mp3 player from Android to BlackBerry
Cant execute Socket.on('connect',function(){}) for the second time in same page
Oauth verification error
Check if a CALayer is already added as a sublayer
iOS5: How can I find out if the iPhone user currently has a passcode set and encryption enabled?
Use :hover to modify the css of another class?
Kohana 3.1.4: Database_Exception [ 2 ]: mysql_connect(): Access denied
Describing a string array in a wsdl file
how to get full path of StreamWriter
passing pdf from assets to sdcard
Check the type of derived class
JQuery animation running faster in ie after first cycle?
From PDF document to JPEG images in AppleScript
Algorithm.h and Objective-C++
Zend - No property exists by the name '' [closed]
What is the benefit for user to get third party cookie?
On gfortran static link and undefined references
MYSQL: Date indicator for the past week
How to list values of a group in a string in Microsoft Server Reporting Services (Visual Basic)?
Git cloned from svn repository doesn't recognize remote
Adding class that overrides an elements background property
How to use where clause inside NOT EXISTS in sql?
How to load a webpage as nice and as smooth as it can get
Applescript using if/else if and a list
Need to call server side event using __doPostBack
The required resource (jsp) is not available when accessing a .jsf
Change Label[,] properties at runtime
ClickOnce deployment with MSBuild -> How to pass the current build number for application version/ or autoincrement
Not able to run jbossas7 on ubuntu on rackspace cloud server
Last day of previous month in XSLT
Android Saving a file to internal memory works while to Sd card fails
Visual Studio 2010 - Interop.ActiveDs.dll not getting copied to IIS Publish bin folder
iphone:On click of one button the title of button should be print on another button
Modal Confirmation Custom Dialog Box
does Javascript have many trojans and viruses like Java applets? How to best protect against them?
SSRS+MDX+scalar axis -> Evaluate Y-values for missing X-values
Vim inner tag blocks for Django templates
drag and drop picturebox
Stability of Netty 3.5.0
How to extract HTML tag content with python HTMLParser
Unwanted bottom margin on floated image in short parent element
how to 鈥�url mapping in filter?
Cybersource undefined function cybs_load_config()
how to use multithreading in php
Why does Visual C# express 2010, becomes slow and choppy, and the handles in Task manager become excessively high?
JQuery Fancybox borders are not calculated properly when drawing content area
Aztec (DB) Barcode Generator
Is there an API call to get all the sata hardware devices ?
What is the best way to create html around hidden fields added to a panel?
Maven: what is pluginManagement?
Entity Framework Data Annotations and multilanguage
Is it possible to install and run two versions of Dreamweaver, older and newer?
unable to get location in webview
How to detect if JavaVM is downloaded on Mac OsX 10.7
Multiple assignment operations in one lamdba expression
Java Enum Type Coding Convention
How to click on row and pass variable using managed bean
Showing progress in notification bar
How to build Flyway without all JDBC Drivers
Bash script Validations/Best Practices [closed]
SQL Server - evaluate a function in a dynamic query
Meteor using a local connection results in error: insert failed: 404 鈥�Method not found
how to run a c++ parallel executable program with mutil-thread on JVM?
Is (Java) XSLT Transformation capable of multi threading?
Cannot use ArrayList of type char as method's argument
App crashes when attempting to make an SQLite connection/statement
Creating a data warehouse with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
Allowing Resize Only From Bottom-Right Corner
Java EE declarative security, Cannot load group for JDBC realm user
Cocoa screensaver preview
SelectOneMenu Ajax Update remains one step behind
Comparing timestamp dates in MySQL with date-only parameter
960 grid css : How do I change vertical padding between divs?
Data from @RequestScoped bean is cached
How to create a simple map scale bar in geotools
Mysql LIMIT in subquery
CakePHP find query across multiple datasources
Delphi xe , unit dbExcept , not found. was in delphi 2009
How to change jQuery markup to display html
Syntax Error While Learning Loops
Scraping Google - Number of retrievable results not matching total
HTML/CSS - Inconsistent a href [closed]
Slow Page loading when using ExpanderView & Binding (Windows Phone 7)
SQL Azure reports by e-mail?
Long time between submit and start time of a command in OpenCL
PHP: Array passed by reference to a function?
Import Drupal user accounts into Rails without requiring users change their passwords
@Generated Annotation, how do we use it?
excel different SUM.IF array function
node.updateInfo is not a function while appending node in extjs
Backgroundworker.CancelAsync() not working
How to get a paragraph to flow after a floated header starting on the last line of the wrapped header
Redirect user when not authorised to page in MVC3
Empty JS Object
Sorting on meta in Mongoose model
Spring, property file, empty values
Representing swing components in UML class diagrams
Flex. pushView data Object being converted into a String
Dynamically create x509 certificate in iOS
says there are errors mysqli
How can I sign OAuth with proxy
Trim last 4 characters of Object [closed]
Splash and downloading data
WCF webservice is not returning the correct status code when the response header is modified
Create a deep copy of an array C++
Linking to an external library with Premake
Action Message tag in struts2
How separate method calls with eclipse?
Set HTML content to the mail body of MFMailComposeViewController's view
How to avoid QNetworkRequest to send the RHELP verb to the FTP Server?
How do I embed a video in a knowledge article?
Create list upon feature installation in Sharepoint Server 2010
Automatically play next item in listbox
JMeter configuration: Performance testing after Login
perl: connect in a while loop
writing test in modernizr for checking support of overflow-y:auto in browser
why is stack memory size so limited?
How to stop draggable from being dragged beyond a certain position?
TFS2010 - Work Item Types - Link to a program?
varargs to printf all arguments
could not work ssl connection properly when keystore file changed dynamically through web application
Multiplayer turn based game in android [closed]
Python extending with - using super() python 3 vs python 2
Shortcut Key to Navigate from Code-Behind to SourceView
memory management in Objective C,NSString
How to skip a line from execution in windbg everytime it hits?
What are the rules for filename matching initWithNibName?
How to manipulate the window list color?
Lyx: runninghead always right [closed]
applying themes to my android app dynamically using spinner selection
Corruption of InnoDB tables
How to load data into listbox from text box?
Environment specific Persistence xml in java standalone application
livequery not working in ie
Silverlight tri-state checkbox databinding to object property calculating value
Light Mono Installation
Convert GIS Map Data To SVG?
Moving inner div over its parents and neighbours(overflow and z index dosent help)
How do I set session or global attribute using Spring 3 MVC Annotations
Selecting item from list in mathematica
Can't add fb application to Facebook page
Change each UITableViewCell background color in iPhone app?
How to mark all CJK text in a document?
Missing Event actions and Procedures in Firemonkey
Newbie to twisted and cyclone - How to get redis callbacks to work for a simple get request
creating an NSString in objective C [duplicate]
How to achieve Inheritance in magento Module Development [closed]
how to fetch json data from a remote server in a backbone.js app
IEqualityComparer on Dictionary inside Dictionary
database column to constant value without the need for a property in the entity class with mapping by code
NSNumber with locale and exponent
Updating listview android on textchanged StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
How can I store the favorite links of a user in SharePoint 2010?
Passing data from global memory to local memory in OpenCL kernel
Google map radius
Rails: rake db:create:all (could not connect to server)
Failed to create timer on Jboss5
Full width hero unit in Twitter Bootstrap
Iphone get free space
Read Model in JSP as Java Variable
preg_replace special chars
PHP Web Service Clients: Guzzle and xsd
How to get reord in Hibernate if there is indirect relationship among 2 tables
load a page within a div using ajax and after submit load in the same div
How does one reboot from an ash shell?
Calculations with COUNT()
How to make something like Liftmagic [closed]
Understanding entities code generated by Spring Roo for GWT
Copy face from Image
RGB buffer to JPEG buffer, what is wrong here?
JavaFX View Navigation
Launch JavaScript from Website / Exit Application
NRE when using NUnit [duplicate]
preload images / text so when .load is triggered there isnt a delay
Accessing GUI JTextField objects that are dynamically generated
JDO / GAE inheritance + abstract superclass NPE
Send multiple variables with PHP to AJAX over JSON doesnt work
Why is FileInputStream closing
Getting Error while configuring ADB
Block Check Character (BCC) error burst detection
Getting error 鈥淭imeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.鈥�
How to serve static content with embedded Jetty?
Add comma as a word separator in diff
Ruby's double colon (::) operator usage differences
Execute sp_addrolemember on specified database in SQL Server 2008 (or an alternative method)
Why do most books recommend that the assignment operator return a reference to *this? [duplicate]
How to achieve gravity=鈥渃enter_vertical鈥�in a RelativeLayout nested within a LinearLayout?
how to test jsengine in firefox with the affiliate js files in firefox source code?
backbone sync override, append url with query string?
JasperReports: dynamic query string with parameters
Datafield on textbox
jquery fancybox error 'type'
How can I restart git bash?
Loading a specific data-role=鈥減age鈥�when jsp loads - jquery mobile
VB.NET Writing to a certain file (essentially creating a new XML element)
How URL encrypt and decrypt in Codeigniter. Every Refresh encrypted value change
js refresh page when user modifies with console
Java Multi-threaded server communicates to individual clients but not to all at the same time
how to generate a signal when a Data is written into file?
Mysql query help to display results less than given date
test for error returned by TOC field code
How can I set the value inside a field to a table td with Jquery?
ComponentInfo{packgname.LoginActivity}: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
Error Inserting Entry With Text Column That Contains New Line And Quotes
Cronjob - Running Scripts and Python
re_write page outside wordpress folder
Python reorder a sorted list so the highest value is in the middle
What is the best way to check if a subclass is of a specific type?
How to change the UI of an activity according to the commands received from a service?
Why does NSLog() not do anything if it's after a method's return?
JSON response is changed as no of item changes
Deserialize object with struct declared in external library
Is there an actively maintained DOM implementation for C#/.NET? [closed]
Recently SVM implementation was added into Mahout & I am planning to use SVM. Anyone tried it yet?
Can I fix tabs on top of a viewpager?
Service For Connecting to External APIs for Contacts [closed]
How to call MKAnnotation Method in another Method using Objective C
RoR when use to_json function, how to package extra information in it
IntelliJ IDEA GUI builder 鈥�no Java code generated
Ruby - Find the top 3 longest words in a string
Report Parameters Location in SSRS 2008
Jquery Autocomplete ignore dash on search
Common play way for both audio and video files
Generate tree from Child category in magento
per fragment lighting and window to camera transforms
Common play way for both audio and video files
Generate tree from Child category in magento
per fragment lighting and window to camera transforms
order columns by name when using SchemaExport
One-minute periodic service
type mismatch accessing an array
Notice: Undefined variable: mysqli in鈥�on line 63
TDBGrid status bar for column agregate
Custom RoutedEvent in UserControl not found
Is there a way to use Canvas in IE7 or IE8?
IOS Local notifications [closed]
AOP : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: error at ::0 can't find referenced pointcut
LDAP web page authorization
Overlaying the google map API with custom paths (iOS Development)
My post requests are pending when multiple POST requests occur
Issue with code behind ASPX
jQuery resize doesn't work properly
Shell: Wait that a file has been copied
PHP selecting from db to display username?
What restrictions exist on the number of the requests to the Facebook API?
jQuery ajax function returns an error
Invoice management gem for Rails 3.x [closed]
Get a given day from Calendar instance
Sinatra 鈥渃an't convert nil into Hash鈥�on multipart form submission
why does bf like button shows comment box for some and not others?
Compare XML fragments & return differences
Use of class typenames in python
Optimal OO Design for a Mixed Instrument Portfolio
Too many arguments to SVN import command
REGEX no numbers or ( )
Entity framework and n-layered application
Memory leak caused by Event Handler on a Website?
Permission denied in Android terminal Emulator
Astyanax Composite Column
Display information on popup window/tool tip using java script?
Animate simple ContextMenu
Enumerable Range is not working quite right
objective zip not working with audio files and not compressing existing directories
Nested CachedSqlEntityProcessor running for each entity row with Solr 3.6?
How can I serve pages at
ActiveRecord before_update not work
GlassFish V3 is not creating ConnectionPool and JDBC resources for Postgresql while deploying the application
nested set model (hierarchical data) mysql - concurrent users insert new node in consistency way
importing large numbers of variables into namespace
WCF REST getting response 504 json data too large
wxpython paint event infinite loop
How can we set the Header of CellTable Dynamically?
what does const mean in c++ in different places
After localization i get clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1
Recognize a red ball's position in an image with JavaScript?
Make sure all dicts in a list have the same keys
Paypal error during paramiter parsing
How to avoid having duplicated code between animated (completionBlock) and non-animated code
Does mysqldump retain index information?
Embed a local HTML file
how can i send information from composite to entrypoint class?
Facebook Graph API ASP.NET Post image
Does an assembly's signature need to be authenticatable?
creating an event of dynamically created an element in JQuery
What is the equivalent of Android permissions in iOS development? [duplicate]
SQL server 2008, datediff returns wrong value
Appstore icon glossy effect?
Mysql data query returning an error [duplicate]
Can't return std::vector in a C++ function, compiling error
Store element in a set with two possible index
How To Generate Multiple Calls To Function With One Arg In Sequence
MEF + MVC3 - Showing view always fail
How to see that is Activity running or not?
Detect if page was access from google result or not direct from my domain
Fancybox: What is the best way to trigger fancybox iframe from another function
Mysql Subqery issue
iPhone OK, but not iPad .. Why?
C++ pass by ref compilation error
setup apache as a service on linux
How to find Median
How to find a process?
Trying to serialize object to XML
How to map Domain Object Properties to Columns
Submitting form with values containing special characters
IE fails to show html background image (colour is ok)
.serialize() not consistant in all browsers
RDLC multiple column report with portrait Layout
C# query and comparing entries in a CSV file
Delete an object in core data
Preventing Garbage Collection in the Spidermonkey Javascript Engine
IIS 7 rewrite rule and Url.Content issues
Ways to increase Visual Studio productivity with excessive amounts of RAM
Editing data in Listgrid's filter editor doesn't lead to fetchData
Transparent tabbar with tableView under
Create my personal browser language [closed]
java parameter replacement in a String
PrettyFaces: make all jsf pages 鈥渆xtension-less鈥�
loop through objects
How to hide the 鈥渂ody鈥�statement in css and javascript
jquerymobile ajax issue
Reference to a div without IDs
JS Submit() Access denied IFrame IE
Interface Builder tab bar view lying on its side in iPad simulator
'ZoneDropDown' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level
create subdomain dynamically. (Apache tomcat 5.5)
How to connect to IRC server/ parse IRC MSGs / PING-PONG handling in C language (code provided)
Object reference not set to an instance of an object in winform when binding a datatable
Three table join
sql query for year part of date
jQuery slideDown for 2 html cases
Draw Rectangle Over ImageView for highlight that can be zoom in-out in android
Sending packets in a Java Applet
JavaScript DOM changes in touchmove delayed until scroll ends on mobile Safari
jQuery animation is slower and lags in chrome on server side
Scala: Create a generic Quartz Job class
Regex for matching domain and ip address
Differences between 鈥渉as_one鈥�and 鈥渂elongs_to鈥�in Rails
Checking file existence on FTP server
YouTube GData API - Query for videos with a specific duration
IOS UILabel showing white line
How to rerender a particular column of a rich:datatable?
Django Celery tasks dont finish and constantly remain pending
Emulating step graphs using Infragistics XamChart
Does GLSurfaceView.onPause() destroy the context?
In SQL server, does setting all values for a Text column to NULL reduce database size?
Border of asp:panel
jCarousel - cufon disappears after the first rotation
Error with binary storage tree fstream
error while validating radio button with knockoutjs extend method
How to get reference to running service?
Rails Model associations but different databases
Android: tranparent activity does not work
Nested Category table with Category and SubCategory
How to loop through gridview client side?
Calling a Python script from a webpage
From .mexglx to .mex
Show images in some columns in jtable
Android java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Is it safe to use wxTCPConnection in a public network? URL rewriting Help required
Loading image from XML-Android
What is the difference between new Thread(void Target()) and new Thread(new ThreadStart(void Target()))?
Can't gain access to my database created though Visual Studio?
SQL deduplicate from two columns
XSLT - A generic rule in apply template to include multiple nodes
How to add interfaces to a class programmatically (at runtime)
How can we create dynamic textview?
Flex, access object into a variable
extJs gmappanel inside extJs portal
ksoap2 nested items with similar namespace but different types
How to fetch class instead of array in Doctrine 2
integrate simple java app with ADFS2
Java True Global Variables (Eclipse for Android)
How to open contact form in shadow box
C#: finding nested array in MongoDB document
Android Camera Surface View
Create thumbnails using PHP or manully add thumbnails?
CDO.Message .Send causes script execution timeout
How to find database name for exchange server using c#
how to read only one packet data in async boost?
FoneMonkey not working with XCode 4.3.2
Scala Classes, Objects, Case Classes, Literals
return false does not work in IE
Javascript form validation error message for textarea screws form
Grouping by ShopName Count Different type of Customer(membership)
Incorrect scaling of Pen when using Graphics.ScaleTransform
How to port the awesome PhotoScrollerNetwork in MonoTouch?
Bash: Concatenating strings fails when read from certain files
distribution profile not displaying while posting app on appstore?
Idea's for making a workbench type interface [closed]
How to remove suffix from string?
C++ and Fortran: Error accessing arrays in a Fortran common block from C++
How to index multiple words as a single tokens in hibernate search?
Matplotlib axis with two scales shared origin
How to convert QR code to number?
MongoDB Mongoid delete value from array
Create database from prestored db file on SDcard
Deep Copy Constructor for binary tree
defining variables in excel formulas?
Javascript variable to html page 'script tag'
Semitransparent triangle shape in the middle of a submit button
zIndex IE6/IE7 fix using jQuery?
Django error
Regex for [youtube=Link] to Link
Google collections - modifiable iterator from collections.filter?
Ajax check if username exists
Footer automaticly resizes css
PropertyGrid readonly property on object-level
How to alert the user when there's no internet connection
Drupal 6 Form-API Set Reply-to address
Fonemonkey not working with XCode 4.3.2
Access owing instance of variable
Using coordinates values for position
How do all requests end up in routes.rb in Rails?
Adding Caliburn Micro Screen(UserControl) to a Canvas in WPF MVVM?
Delay in looping of audio playback with Firefox and Chrome
Cutting files into the clipboard with SWT
Stackoverflow API for fetching user details returns wierd symbols
The method name must start with either findBy or findOneBy! (uncaught exception)
Wordpress - action when post is deleted (more then one)
What's the difference between records and tuples in OCaml
Compare the dates and show the values in a table view
NancyFX: How do I deserialize dynamic types via BrowserResponse.Body.DeserializeJson (unit tests)
Create .mdf/.sdf file dynamically
NancyFX: How do I deserialize dynamic types via BrowserResponse.Body.DeserializeJson (unit tests)
Create .mdf/.sdf file dynamically
how to stop automatically check on check box [closed]
How to check if all spring placeholders exist?
NSOutlineView not updating
JS $('x').myfunction is not a function
Prevent div from slideDown()
DBI + ruby-odbc fails with Bundler involved
store the pointer of object directly in a pointer vector?
Accessing Web Service in C# from Excel 2010
Android - finish activity on animation end?
PhoneGap screenshot plugin return base64 encoded string (iPhone)
How to find the return type in VBA
AddUserIdToMytimes .. Error - SQLite3::SQLException: duplicate column name: user_id: ALTER TABLE 鈥渕ytimes鈥�ADD 鈥渦ser_id鈥�integer
Transient sectionNameKeyPath & NSSortDescriptor NSFetchedResultsController
Opencv slow code: Is something wrong?
How can i find the technology the website was written in? [closed]
Every time i scan NFC new activity created
check if function has completed its task using javascript/jquery
Google Maps API - geocode() doesn't return lat and long
Auto updating radio check
Flip animation between two activity
paintComponent paints twice
From where can I get a library for c which will help me to write a C program to decrypt through 3DES in CBC mode?
Remove GridViewRow from jQuery
Service invoked too many times for one day: tricreate
New Record Does Not Show In Datagrid Inside Updatepanel
How can I get all the results with searching Google Programmatically Java API?
Enforcing DataTemplate constraints
CSS: set div height to height of the container, but leave 10px space
With Entity Framework Is it possible to create an entity that is not mapped on a table of my database?
which client receives the message from a queue
PHP: printing array coming from a class
Mac Sandbox & file-ioctl
PHP advanced search [closed]
How to call c# button click method from javascript?
Get UserAgent for user's default browser
Sql COUNT column by date and select the correspondent date
Marshal.GetObjectForIUnknown alternative for Silverlight
C# Enyim Memcached - namespace 'Enyim' does not exist. Missing assemply?
NullReferenceException when using NUnit
jquery slide down many images in sequence one by one after page load
How to start an css effect when website open
jsTree Context Menu selected item?
How can I get the conference ID which users need to call in from a lync conference programmatically?
How do i implement autosuggest functionality along with remove button?
Python FTP Upload Multiple Files at Once
The default connection string for Membership framework in ASP.NET
JSF 2 ui:repeat: group every n items inside a div
jQuery - Read data from text file with .get/.load - force reload?
Writing unicode data in csv
How should I `java -jar a.jar`, then exit java but keep jar
ObservableCollection not updated when doing a second LINQ query?
Unable to find an entry point
Rserve exception when running a 鈥渇or loop鈥�
API for Checking errors in passing arguments Desire2Learn
dynamiclly allocate and free in C
Multiple mysql database usage and management in php
Programmatically take a screenshot from service
Downloading and saving images in iOS
Moving svn folders to own repository
Image Slider in windows app
SQL Azure Data Export Service using C#
Webclient.UploadString() sends an empty string
jwplayer within a jquery tools slideshow
php alternatives for standalone web allpications
How to targeting Specific Elements with Common Classes, using jQuery Toggle?
using LINQ to recieve all data that have property active that is true
JpGraph small demo is not working
Setting colors for prompt in Git Bash on Windows
Where does 鈥渄ata-toggle鈥�attribute of bootstrap framework come from?
How to move out of auto-completed brackets in Intellij Idea (without using the arrow keys)?
Entity Manager Type and Associate Transaction
onReceive being called infinite times
firing a command in terminal from java program
WP7 - access private variables
how to display image and file name from sdcard [closed]
Http Status Code 413
SimpleModal popup doesn't center until browser is resized
Track number of impressions of a widget running on a remote website
How do I modify my 鈥渄ownload鈥�function to work with 301/302 redirects?
How to bulk delete from element collection in jpa
Events in a Backbone view that can be added multiple times in the application
Symfony 2 - hide the whole website with a HTTP Authentication dialog
.NET Process fails on Windows 8
Slide view while touching button - IOS
Disable XAML UI designer
Good way for Spring configuration organization with DDD approach
Query for fetching data from two tables
url rewrite for jsp/tomcat
CSS Sprites - using just one piece of an image as a background for part of an element
New acts like create
How to tell if OpenMP is working?
Getting the set of all email addresses a gmail account has sent to or received from
Issue during rendering using C# in Compound Templating
Devexpress XtraReports Script editor Crashes when pressing two consequent single quotes
jquery mobile select menu doesn麓t fire onchange event on safari mobile?
PHP session not registering the first time
Getting links from web page with python
JS check if two textfields are not empty
Handling invalid (wild) GPS fixes sometimes returned by a device
Import CSV files from BLOB to Database Table
Read Write File Through Multiple threads
Creating a Table Using Closure Tools
Closing WPF dialog box from contained UserControl
How to make python 3 print(' ufeff')
Debian, apache. Log files eats up all disk space [closed]
Pull changes and merge files from github using php?
what is the correct configuration to connect midlet to servlet
Automatically create GMail filters based on externally hosted word list
How to check that Image is already exist or not on given path in GWT + MVP4G
URL rewriting not working correctly
PySide: multiple decorators for widget slots
Raphael Drag + iPhone = Sad Camera App
Textfield to pop out a keyboard which contains the phone keypad/numbers only
Is it possible to install Sitecore CMS on Mono on Linux or Mac?
Extract dates from facebook - date of established friendship / date of when person joined fan page / group
Rails 3 application speeding up
Cakephp 2 jquery post request
Control sum in network connection
Reusable component in wp7
How to unregister SensorEventListener from SensorManaget?
Flex: use the selectedItem of DateGrid in an function
Is there any easy way to redirect to session expire page after session timeout without redirecting to formauthenticationloginUrl
Unable to set cache capacity in cassandra 1.1
In Java, which objects are put on the stack and which on the heap?
How to change BeautifulSoup's parser?
BarcodeScanner isn't loading/showing
Display servlet errors in JSP using JSTL or EL
Casting DataRow to Strongly-Typed DataRow
How to use table alias to distinguish multiple properties after joining MySQL tables using groovy
Reset cookie life and session Id in PHP
for loop with more than 2 variable
jquery function on dropdown select
devex pivot grid does not total calculated column
Why cudaGLSetGLDevice failed, even though it's called in the first line of main function
Downloaded file transfer failed
how to change spinner simple dropdown item to simple drop down list
Using a delegate with varying parameters
Python POST request - set whole raw post body?
php session start error
How to get location usr sap <SID> JC<InstNo> j2ee cluster server<n> log programmatically using SAP Netweaver
Contact numbers iphone sdk
Offline Permission change 5th of may, 2012, publish_stream after the 5th of may 2012
Getting driver files for a particular device
Phusion Passenger 3.2 experimental
Call a different style sheet only for ie8 with JavaScript (media queries not supported)
Outbound SOAP Handler to edit full SOAPMessage
Editable SQL GridView using Java JSP and Servlet
How can I clear history show error message in struts project when I back the browser's back button?
Where is the error inside this code?
Maintain source positions at runtime with Antlr
How to add javascript library to Sublime Text 2?
How can I make a large grid of buttons (24x20 or similar) in using winforms?
Android ListFragment is to confusing
Segue from UISplitViewController Detail to Master When Master is a UITabBarController?
Changing IPad simulator resolution for Xcode 4.3.2
opencv copy an cv::Mat inside a ROI of another
MySQL Grouping to Display Zero Records
Friendly_id with two parameters?
Check whether cl_mem object is valid