Switching on error messages in phpThumb
Pinning parallel process using UNix system calls
Need Realtime updating in JTextArea
Django admin, many to many field, several duplicate entries
Computing the css style attributes that a given html tag has
How do I create a redirect from two different urls redirect to just one URL? (see code below)
Using Svg to draw shapes then animate with easing/elasticity etc
Object Oriented PHP return database row and access array elements
xts merge memory performance
TBitmap.Create not working in delphi console application
error connecting to DB with PHP
GoogleMaps created a md5 that doesn't work for my app
Best file type to store a single value in, for multiple access:
iScroll not scrolling on iPhone
How to initialize a NSMutableArray in Objective C?
Can't handle AccessViolationException in C++/CLI
ERROR 2006 (HY000): MySQL server has gone away
(Target: Object) not working for setting UIButton from outside viewController
Multi-threading with ports [closed]
Heroku Boot Timeout (Error R10)
Android creating calculator app
how do I set Cache-Control header for Cloud Files with Fog
How to go about listening to a range of memory addresses in an external application and echo the result with ReadProcessMemory
Button with BOTH color and background image
replacing input values in a form through ajax
Solr and product SKUs
Unable to build EntityManagerFactory - Spring and Hibernate
Why am I getting RichEdit line insertion error when I call Delete in OnChange event?
Boolean operations
Flask/MySQL WHERE IN clause not working with just one entry
Variables taking two different values in an IF statement
Could not find linecache19-0.5.13 in any of the sources on Windows 7 x64
MySQL FK violation causes mysql_query to return different values on different hosts
How to add Android calendar events that do not become tentative meetings in exchange?
Extract Text From Word Doc Binary
Google maps 2 destination fields
Can concurrent connections, concurrent users and total users vary?
Removing a character from a list in Scheme
Is there a way to programmatically determine where a sound is coming from? [closed]
Default ruby in server
Any security issues adding a strong name key to source control for an open source project?
Facebook API Search Results Filter
Refresh view after action in Eclipse RCP
EF 4.3.1 Migrations Seeding not working as expected
Not all parameters in WCF data contract make it through the web service call
More on ComboBox
nhibernate composite primary key
Select jqGrid row, populate server side control - phone number skype or other issue?
Alert after page load
Get certain nodes out of a Parse Tree
storing the package names returned by ql:system-apropos into a variable
Ruby On Rails Javascript
Merging text files in C
Registration flow using FB.login
Interacting with the terminal program from php?
Deploying Rails 3 app with git post receive
Testing on iPhone device without SIM card
How to resolve 鈥渋mport org.eclipse.wb.swt.SWTResourceManager鈥�
I want to access the orientation and accelerometer sensor at the same time. What is the right way to do this?
Powershell adding values together
How to access client cookie (with session ID) created by node.js Express?
Node.js: declare node_modules globally, or locally on a as-needed basis?
Why does Valgrind reports an invalid free() after a realloc()?
How to create nested ResourceCollections in ember-resource - is this the correct way to do it?
Do I need a USRP2 block in GRC in order to use the USRP2 hardware?
How to run JSF 2.0 in Google App Engine 1.6.5
Output different while using debugger versus build&run C++
Can not get the correct index for element in 2d array/list
.htacces url rewriting
Why can I refer to UIKit classes after removing the import of UIKit.h?
how to output results of STCentroid to STContains function?
鈥渟trlen(s1) - strlen(s2)鈥�is never less than zero
Update database with LINQ to Entities
rsync against a maven nexus repo
SSL syntax - how does it look?
Hibernate doesn't find setter for a property (org.hibernate.PropertyNotFoundException)
An app that make through cocos2d engine, Is it possible to distribute as commerce? [closed]
fgetcsv error inserting into the database
Crashing in a for loop
How to remove index.php from URLs?
animating a large number of rows/sections in UITableView poor performance
Persist an async jquery call to WCF between pages
replace CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes
Save & Close button javascript
Adding an image inside a custom dropdown menu?
How to see all SQL statements sent by mysql-connector-java?
Save & Close button javascript
Adding an image inside a custom dropdown menu?
How to see all SQL statements sent by mysql-connector-java?
Java: extending an object to another
How to preserve whitespace in dynamically added javascript DOM element?
Can't access an object's context in window.resize()
Phonegap Json request
Learning jQuery and getJSON but having issues
C++ Object to XML for communication
Get immediate first child element
Get the visible UIButton that was touched while animating when 2 or more views overlap?
Reflection error when using F# sprintf 鈥�A鈥�on Windows Phone
Can a program harm your computer? [duplicate]
Trouble with Return View();
jQuery - jqGrid populating method in multiple events
Access + VBA: Currency change. Regional-settings
HttpWebRequest from AudioPlayerAgent
How do I leverage HTML5 Cache Manifest with Google Maps Javascript API V3 for a faster experience
Drawing a blank with jQuery.slider and Ajax page refresh
Visibility of wireframe model [closed]
How to send a zip file as an attachment in python?
Is Joomla 2.5 much faster than Joomla 1.5 Querywise
Display array of JavaScript objects
Multiple comparison operators for one variable?
Java Servlets: how to obtain functionality equivalent to the <url> tag from JSTL in Java code?
Failing to show images in templates Django
TimePicker Dialog retrieves on create time, not current time if activity remains open it wont change
How can I delete a database row in this example?
JSON object properties are undefined in Maps event handler
previewing ringtones in ACTION_RINGTONE_PICKER android?
Need to get video title of HTML5 <video>s and <audio>s
How do I *automatically* create a frequency histogram of individual alphanumeric values in Excel?
How can I make Django-Tastypie override a resource if it already exists?
Oracle Apex sample projects help and code
Another java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException, but index < size
Write Hash to CSV file and then read the values back to form a hash
JQGrid 4.3.2 error in getAccessor function when reading JSON data
finding out common words in various documents python
Join one data frame to another by membership in a range
Reason for installation through Chrome Web Store
View is not taking any value on android
Maven can't find parent POM
Class Pointer Losing Members?
Join query problems
restore native setter/getter
Why does 'this' changes when you stick a method in a variable [duplicate]
How to match unicode characters with boost::spirit?
bathroom synchronization and queue of threads
Can you check to see if there will be any results
How to Drill into lowest granular data using SSRS, from SSAS Cube
How to have external app as requirement for installation of app widget?
Joining two tables but removing rows already present in another
Image in UIButton is darker tharn original
How to pass argument?
Obj-C: How to improve repetitive method implementations using method forwarding
Displaying data on a website based on selection in a dropdown box
Should I launch a Thread to parse some xml?
Object structure for creating a 鈥渨izard鈥�form view in iOS with multiple input views
find mean or median date of event
Pinterest Navigation Bar Box Shadow css
assembly heap鈥rying to study for a test [closed]
SQL Check Statement for Zip Code using escape character
Preserving the floating point & addition of a bitwise operation in javascript
why disqus/facebook have a seperate javascript file hosted for every website when integrating them to your website
How can i make two redirects after a user logs in a page using Spring MVC in liferay portlets
Why does signtool in command-prompt return 鈥淲indows cannot find 'signtool'. Make sure you typed the name correctly鈥︹�
Wrong Margin with Printer Brother QL-560 using java
Using ranges in Matlab/Octave matrices
Have require.js load my files only when I actually need them
Compare two files and make a list
LINQ Basic performance of comparison
hiding multiple movie clips
elasticsearch: get only the elements that has a certain non-empty key from the url
Segmentation fault and Valgrind not stacked address errors on a Trie Tree in C
AVL Tree Compiles and Runs But Crashes Instantly
using data.table to flag the first (or last) record in a group
What is better: Select vs Threads?
Creating Pages for Django Admin add_form Inline Children
replace tuple in list of tuples - Haskell
Using sempaphore and calling wait() and signal()
why does my Form application give me a Format Exception was unhandeld warning
How to delete the default constructor?
Whats the node.js server-side code to process the incoming req from phonegap ft.upload?
GHC package conflicts
What steps run when it executes the '@article.user = @user' code?
display: inline-block; weird spacing behavior
MyISAM vs Innodb and Innodb related tables
Can I return a JSON when exception happened in ESB actions on JBoss SOA-Platform 5.2?
Using hashcode() modulus length of the array returns with null pointer exception
svn updating checkout with new files before commit results to errors
including Qt headers in Visual Studio 2010
Validate only dirty inputs
WMI and C# - no result
Collecting form data from a form with php and sending it via email
How to define one route to handle request with page parameter and without it?
Webkit font rendering when iframe used to embed flash content
Linq-to-SQL 3 tables, get result as List<string>
ITK DICOM series registration
Regex to get Google+ profile ID
Browser prompts to download php file rather than it being rendered
ITK DICOM series registration
Regex to get Google+ profile ID
Browser prompts to download php file rather than it being rendered
How to enable update option in SQL server 2008
Element is already the child of another element - wp7
Visual Studio Breaks on Exceptions for Async Calls Instead of Being Caught in Catch()
button bar item not showing it has been pressed
iPhone - Network code inside model classes - Code Design Issue
VBA Worksheet Change Event
Devise. Create username automatically based on his email
Layout with fixed header and footer, fixed width sidebar and flexible content
In C++, is `var << ifstream` the same as `ifstream >> var`?
Haskell Monadic Operations on Lists
How to make these functions stop interfering
mouseleave won't trigger if cursor moved before target is visible
Some routes not working after re-deploying rails 3.1.4 app to /suburi on nginx
Drop event not firing in jQuery UI.
Use page variables in Snippet (ModX, 1.0.5)
curl_multi_select always blocking for time out value
How to read a CSV? ERROR message [closed]
php/.net web login bot - out of curiosity
Form submit with custom controller function
Dynamic iframe in a Pop up Window
Is it possible to monitor every file creation on a Windows drive?
What's the main benefit of using eval() in JavaScript?
Time stamp in spanish?
How to neutralizeCSS definitions without overriding
Delete all characters in even-number position
How do I move my text formating to CSS when formating changes a lot even in one line of text?
Converting datetime to/from decimal to preserve milliseconds in MySQL
Intersecting Polygon in R, importing polygon for Spatial Clustering Analysis in Spatstat
How to implement a rotating control on Android?
Remove a parent branch in Bazaar
Finding a ray that intersects a polygon as many times as possible
Java graphics not showing up
Android time zone confusion
Updating Backbone.js View becoming a mess
Is it possible to get the view the .java, .xml, and the image resources in eclipse from an app downloaded in the app market?
Rails server no longer runs: no such file to load 鈥�savon (LoadError)
How can I properly identify an identifier?
onTap of a google Map always gets called android
Rewrite rule that removes query string from URL and redirect
how can I return array from php to javascript using ajax
Load image with Javascript when clicked
Sending data over the PS/2 port
Passing PHP array into a Javascript array without AJAX or JQuery?
Add integers as strings to a variable bash
h:inputText - does not put input in beans?
How can I determine the remaining element of a given class using jQuery?
replace space with 0 in c
replace space with 0 in c
Using AVAudioPlayer for piano samples 鈥�memory management
Ghostscript grayscale conversion still contains colors?
Apple updating iOS app
STL's vector resizing
Is it possible to use OpenGL ES on iOS through RubyMotion?
JavaScript Mediator pattern; Component name is undefined
unresolved external symbol error when importing libraries for OpenCV2.3 in Visual Studios 2010 Express C++
PHP how to filter an array that contains something?
Install & Configure openssl on Jboss 4.2.1 on linux server
Drawing a route on Bing Maps in WP7 Silverlight
How to post on facebook all friends wall?
Returning to a ScrollView from where i left it, and returning to a page by the back button
HTTP request and PHP process
PHP file write with a new line
c# byte arrays - signed & unsigned dilemma
Javascript Object Prototype Reference
Cancel xmlrpc client request?
Storing only the last 500 records for a user in a MySQL database
Android MediaPlayer buffered data reset after seekTo is called
Fermat's factorisation in C++
Correct way of placeholders in paramaterized query from C#
Java: Getting multiple lines from socket
Fitting the page to the screen
Android Graphic designing
c++: creating a timer/alarm class that can call any function?
wordpress web installer system
Direct URL to 鈥淚'm Feeling Lucky鈥�for images
Customizing entities in EF 4 and making use of the validation features
Rails routes for particular setup
What are these symbols in a decompiled code
Why does my TableViewController gets send dealloc?
XCode: Unrecognized selector sent to instance
Highlight Google maps polyline when mouseover a placemark link
Exported service does not require permission: what does it mean?
Django Pagination Not Working
jQuery timer in meta refresh redirect page
Apple Mach-O Linker (ld) error in very simply program
replacing spaces with &nbsp;
Wrong date output of dynamic Rss feed
Adding a small image in a list?
counting issue with NS Managed object and NS ARRAY
JavaScript - for loop does not correctly allocate the x and y
Loading an image?
Fast bounding of data in R
Memory leak in WebTestCase or in Symfony2-Kernel - how to report to the gurus?
Tell if STDOUT of Perl Script is redirected
Where can I find the Spotify 'Apps Flow' document mentioned in the Spotify integration guidelines?
C# Arrays vs. Streams
JpGraph: How to control x/y offset, margins and color in v3.5.0b1 when using AccBarPlot?
Java array of objects with array issue
Writing into a document using Javascript
Converting a language specification into production rules (not sure if it's a CFG or CSG)
Update field by 1 PDO
Using JavaFX in a Netbeans Platform application
Iterate through NSData bytes
Network Connected Printer not available in ASP.Net Application
Use ApplicationBar Icons from other assemblies?
Client-Side: Accessing Windows Azure Drive?
Access + VBA: Correct creation of database
glDrawArrays crashing in iOS - multiple Line Strip
How can I turn an fir1 stop-band filter into a multiple stop-band filter
slf4j with glassfish is ignoring logback
Similar program to Team Foundation Server
Cascaded Shadow Mapping lookup decision / gl_FragCoord.z
How do I use a SharedPref. in an ArrayAdapter class file?
What is the difference for the PHP app running on the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk or the general instances or servers?
Multiple Presented View Controllers and Rotation on iPad
Cannot call method appendChild of null
How to create data flow diagrams using Java
Menu not working with on page anchors and out of page anchors
How to solve 鈥渃allback not fired鈥�with Vows and Node.js
How do I create a new, uh, thing in Angularjs?
Can't get new value from a text box in side a gridview
postgresql plpsql function with IF ELSE statement
Handle button click event of button list inside UIScrollView Monotouch
JavaScript adding decimal numbers issue [duplicate]
how do i get PHP / REGEXP to match all keywords, instead of any?
PHP query returning true but if statement still being run
Debug application running outside Visual Studio
Android sdk- Get remote XML content
Bizarre Core Data behavior when fetching unsaved data
knockoutjs nested observable object and coffeescript classes
The following processes: -cmd.exe -java.exe are locking the following directory:
How do I pause a stopwatch, then have it pick back up from where it started?
Google Play application compatibility
How to integrate a Java Project in a Dynamic Webproject
How do I set Django/South to use transactions in migrations?
Strange logcat filter behaviour
Change background image of Navigation Bar buttons
Android launch RunningApp activity by service from other application
VBA Access non-repeating combinations
Caching web app launched from home screen on iOS
Get pixel representation of a string rendered in a given font
Sum of column values in C#
Two /gen folders on Linux?
Django: Return errors form in json to template and receive with JQuery
Haskell type dessignation
Browser/HTML Force download of image from src=鈥渄ata:image/jpeg;base64鈥︹�
How do I find the angle between 2 points in pygame?
How do I find the angle between 2 points in pygame?
CGImageCreateWithImageInRect incorrect area?
how to carry the value of <s:actionerror/> from one jsp page to another?
NSMutableArray, add sprite and remove last object (last added sprite)?
Resolving Sinatra and HTTParty method name clashes
convert time to minute and second
Visual Studio 11 and handling msvcr110.dll
PHP/mod rewrite to different files?
Android / Java : GC_CONCURENT when creating many String's [Solved]
issue with converting data from server (PHP) to NSString
How do I find the average slope of a 3-D surface? MatLab
FileReader and BufferedReader
Css IE styling issue - How can I correct this simple navigation menu in IE?
sending email without MessageUI
How to force dataProxy call in form editing if editurl is set in jqgrid
Converting HTML to XML
HTML, CSS and javascript editor with tabs?
Java: InputStream too slow to read huge files
mono gtk hello world failing, 'Missing method'
Selecting an asp label control using jquery
Rotate and zoom entire 2d scene
Correct Use of Mongoskin
Parsing serial string data into an array (VVVV to Arduino)
Why is c++ telling me that no [] matches the type I pass in?
Parsec positions as offsets
Xcode 4.2 Codesign
Convert Latitude and Longitude to point in 3D space
Return subset of properties from a node through Gremlin query
Unwanted padding in CATextLayer
Is to possible to round only one corner from Toolbar?
VLC like control panel in Cocoa
how to make link text 鈥渃lose鈥�instead of cross icon appear in jQuery dialog?
Resources not found
Input type file styling
jobberBase php installation is not working
Output language/format for toy compiler
Android get image from gallery into ImageView
Ruby On Rails - namespaces
Customizing TestNG result xml
Can an NXT brick really be programmed with Enchanting and adaption of Scratch?
UML: how to represent use case extension for two actors
In Go, how do I capture stdout of a function into a string?
Facebook Open Graph API returns: (#200) Requires extended permission: publish_actions
Custom font displays artifacts
mysql group by table b, inner join table a for a random
Adding LOG.i() to the program
What's wrong with this LLVM register number?
How to create an arbitrary System.Drawing.Color out of a string?
Which static analysis tool to use for scanning data flow from one method to another?
Save user data of html5 game using wordpress
how to connect to firebird DB on android
update a UILabel when the cell in UITableView is selected
How to release user touch on UISlider?
disable select all highlights of jTextfield
LBA to CHS Explanation
Java PDF generating library
Have the ability to set Java application as default file opener?
How to not push a segue into the Nav Controller Stack?
Formatting a float value
How to to read data from json feed - Windows Phone
update the section header value after a search is performed
O(1) lookup in C++
Compare Strings Javascript Return %of Likely
Why does Python's dis dislike lists?
Is it possible to use EL conditional operator in action attribute?
How to programmatically extract Windows Phone's LiveID?
Codeigniter - Add a product with the same ID if options are different
Make phrases enumerable?
Page hit counter - how to check it really works
How to Email the specific range as email body in outlook with attachment is a sheet of workbook or workbook itselt VBA - Excel?
Doesn't Redirect JavaFaces 2.0 Primefaces p:commandButton o p:commandLink
Why does this slot get called twice?
Checking 2 dates existing on different forms
jQuery .each being applied to broadly
Java - Writing, reading and modifying strings with parameters
PHP 2D Array - Syntax issue [closed]
Set Window Resizable
How do you use Linkify to issue a startActivity instead of doing a browser link
How to get parameter with variable?
Allowing multiple types to be convert to text per timestep
Error reading session data when try 鈥淪ession::instance();鈥�in Kohana
Time Picker dialog will not show
android splinting Strings
Fastest way to zero
ios awkard image loading (url to nsdata to uiimage to uiimageview)
Is Digital Certificate private key really private when created by own bank [closed]
Graph API iOS picture
No SQL connection
End user Documentation sample project
How do I cache data from sqlite to listview?
How to make this end trimming python script faster?
Kaminari: Objects do not shift from second page to first page when objects on first page is removed
jCarousel in IE7 & IE8 not working - Error: Invalid argument
Why does a Java server lag if your RDP connection lags?
Set program to 60FPS, but runs at 120FPS?
delegates and protocols objective
Git for Windows using Beyond Compare
Haskell Understanding Monads
Resize an image wtihin an a ref, within a div
HAML Ruby - conditionals
Set Value on dijit/form/FilteringSelect after its already been created
GTK entry typing signal
which layout should be used for this example
Scala: Equivalent of WPF Canvas and Polygon
How to attach image view as an email attachment?
Privileges issue
Random text, slow and laggy
Objective-C selector overload
simple jQuery addClass() doesn't seem to be working
sqlalchemy foreign keys / query joins
How to retrieve zoom factor of a WinForms PictureBox?
Appengine getRemainingMillis return 10 minutes for cron activated servlet
Are User Defined Functions supported in UniData
Why is out-of-bounds pointer arithmetic undefined behaviour?
Execute multiple jQuery effects on the same element in parallel
jQuery function gets called twice for each click
mongoid creating differnt collections on mongohq
Rails 3 - how can I customize text-label in label helper?
JQuery Range Input Listener
Why do notifications make opening another activity instance?
Mono4Android Cant upload to emulator
How to put UIActivityIndicator left in navigation controller?
How to tell if an SQL date is still in the future (not a query, I already have the desired row)
Dynamically Allocated criss-crossed pointers
Scheduled task: Service / DLL / Console application
How to make a view have a semi-transparent border and show the view below
Can I pass a structure into a function that takes void*?
FreeRTOS built on windows xp to run on a Atmega32 [closed]
Close Button Not Showing in FancyApps
Workaround for Apache Ant Install Bug
Why can't I instantiate a managedbean in jpa?
Program crashes when trying to Add Element to Existing Node
Extract phone number from html in Python
php syntax with 鈥�鈥� use it or not?
ios navigation controller
Is creating git diff patches then manually editing the before applying a valid workflow?
Different sizes of Fancybox window (iframe) for different links
Changed resource image with another, recompiled, but the old image still appears
Avoiding the service locator with inversion of control while dynamically creating objects
FLEX, image draw over the image
Convert an image to an RGB array in Javascript
Am I abusing the flush() call?
How do I include ul tags inside of a razor code block?
Joomla/Virtuemart help needed
C# linq group by
How to navigate to another tab from one tab(pane manager model) in blackberry?
Can watir-webdriver click a css background-image or at an arbitrary position in the browser?
NSDictionary acess for only one entry
why nullify instance variables when destroying a stateful EJB?
Converting html entity to text
Converting html entity to text
How can I create this complicated layout using only CSS?
rvm install rails on Mac OSX 10.7.3
How to create a OR statement in one query?
Heroku using production configuration instead of staging configuration
Why can't I open a file for reading if (theoretically) I should be allowed?
Error when creating jar file: NoClassDefFoundError
How can I make a countdown timer?
Website urls with no extensions
Creating divs with different id's
Facebook doesn't see my opengraph meta tags
can we post/put/delete using jsonp-cross domain in asp.net webapi?
playing multiple mp3 files in a single page
C# Guessing Game - Windows Form App - How to configure a 'PlayAgainButton' and keep total score
How to handle an entity model with inheritance in a view?
how to attach a body to a rope and making it swing to another rope
Android: how can you tell that a View has become Visible?
How to create proxy process which redirects stdin to child?
CakePHP 2.1 : HABTM saveAssociated and keep exists data
Import SCSS files from parent directory on Heroku Cedar
using JGAp (genetic algorithm library) and the duplicated chromosomes
Two animations one after another
xml in flash actionscript couldn't loaded due to wordpress permalinks
one page design
Build a switch based on array
Multi-threading a merge sorting algorithm
HTML page in FancyBOX
Google Maps native directions iphone MKMapView
how to develop dbms independent application using Microsoft tech?
Find and print equals in a list
Read webpage and store in string without using libcurl. (C++)
iphone dynamicly call same view (using storyboard?)
Does Java Crypto JCA Provider really require windows dll?
when should I used Lambda or Anonymous method?
Don't understand why Backbone collection.create doesnt POST an array
.NET MVC Server_GetLastError always returns missing view error
App loses display [duplicate]
Serving up pages using Rack (PHP style)
How to check if the user has internet?
Dropdown list in asp.net
article:nth-child(3) > p:nth-child(2n-1)
How to retrieve a variable from postback and use it in JsonQuery
Facebook C# SDK Windows Application
Call stack questions
passing parameters to rewrited urls
Magento CE 1.6.2 - how to make customer attribute read-only?
How to draw non-scalable circle in SVG with Javascript
Preventing Sign Extension with Byte Mask
Drawing multiple solid color squares in matlab
Strange behaviour when encoding cURL response as UTF-8
Strange behaviour when encoding cURL response as UTF-8
How does CLR match the exported names during P/Invoke?
How to take a item selected from a list a random to reveal corresponding list onload?
Iterative Threaded Binary Tree Traversing with only constant extra space
Ico looking distorted when not highlighted
ListPicker Windows Phone 7 exception
Is there a way to automate simple repetitive tasks in mainframe terminal window?
鈥渁 struct has public inheritance by default鈥�
Webcam - detect QR code, take snapshot and decode
Return X509Certificate from Web Service
Using 鈥淎S score鈥�to return relevance score from mysql fulltext search
JSP Quiz application with database access
getItem vs. getItemAtPosition
Inline variable in the Play framework 2.x Scala template
Unpack string into array of objects by using format specifiers
Accessing HttpSession outside of the originally receiving thread
how to use FindingAPI of Ebay using C#
How do I manipulate subdomains with Pyramid's url dispatch? [duplicate]
select an input from another
Add Dynamic CheckBox Handle CheckedChanged Event ASP.NET
Is there a google voice api for sending text messages?
Silence shutting down
search value between 2 datetime in c#
iOS: draw over video with OpenGL
Trouble fixing binascii odd length string issue
node.js express.js routes slash css
String split returns nil value error in lua
How can I prevent displaying a file in address bar?
What is the connection between鈥渘ew鈥�and 鈥減rototype.constructor鈥�in Javascript?
.pro registry zone file
Is Form Based Authentication possible in trial version of SharePoint online
Android twitter connection/authentication intent bad formed?
How to get the 2 last values from a list in recursion and in tail-recursion?
TabBar Controller not rotate when a ModalViewController is presented
Why is RailwayJS not considered to be a RESTful webserver?
Create an exe with jar file AND resources
Border around Input Number?
VAO performance
communication with stagewebview
Regex JavaScript image file extension [closed]
Invalid object name 'dbo.TableName' when retreiving data from generated table
Editable WPF ComboBox does not fire PropertyChanged
Templating engine which can record some block position [closed]
When should I implement my authentication scheme? [closed]
Android SDK tools rev 19: Issue with external jar files
Rails - Select Model that matches two separate association conditions
Preventing line break after <span style=鈥渄isplay:inline-block鈥�gt;
Powershell: NTFS paths in file metadata with New-ItemProperty, Set-ItemProperty?
ads in universal app + ad persisting even when viewController changes
Simple boost smart pointer syntax issue
Django filter on queryset intersection?
Storing a value for each ComboBox item
codeigniter routing issue
Unfortunately your app has stopped working鈥�android
Processing.js and File Empty or File Not Found issue on Github pages
Parsing JSON object with Windows Phone 7
How to extract the keyword from tynt API using javascipt?
Embedded form in Symfony2 and saving to database
free() not deallocating memory?
How to enable PHP support in Netbeans?
Can I modify the ShellTile BackTitle and BackContent from a scheduled background worker?
CakePHP Router::url not working correctly
Android Client app with Java EE server
Android internet connectivity check
Better way to Select Multiple indexes via xpath
Packets looping forever in libnetfilter_queue
Custom Windows Phone MessageBox/Popup
How to control css3 animation rotate direction
Materials in OpenGL-ES affecting other textures
How to give higher priority for a user thread than kernel thread(work_queues)
I need to iterate to the end of a column in Java on an Excel Sheet with Apache POI
JavaFX FXML not working same way as in SceneBuilder (sceencast)
Eclipse Error When Testing Minecraft With No Mods
What's image request with get parameters
How do I get the rating summary in new products section on my homepage?
Receive the HTTP status after a request with Spring MVC
Facebook auth screen different on iOS/iPhone
JComboBox item listener
How to draw beyound view translation limits?
project euler exercise 5 approach
A few rewrite rules, causing 404 to not work properly
Get Clean Image of a Windows Form
Partial and text field in rails [closed]
not getting any PayPal IPN
Why NServiceBus ForwardRecievedMessagesTo and what are the performance implications of using it?
CUDA development on different cards?
Lab.js and jQuery with $(window).load(function() fire much too early
list concat in z3
Tell if a page is in memory?
Android bitmaps in xml leak memory?
Typecheck weirdness with lists of lists
Clickable url within facebook social plugin
How would I print this?
Kannel PlaySMS configarations
When do I need to call ReleaseComObject?
Git showing changes from other projects
C++ Combine object to onother Object (LinkedQueue - List)
Gridview sorting with bound fields
PHP for loop within for loop. Trying to sum multiple array columns to get combinations
cakePHP display Form elements inline
CSS Menu aligned horizontally
Get return value in shell from external erlang file
XML and Telerik RadTreeview - HierarchicalDataTemplate
Suppressing warning on only one occurence
Shortening code to add a variable number of objects to an NSMutableArray
RelativeSource vs. ElementName
Android Spinner widget
making auto-updating, facebook-style time formatting
how do I persist changes made to an array inside an object?
Low memory warnings followed by an app crash
Value retrieved from a float is 0.0 ?
Yaf Framework based application doesn't run
GetTotalMemory allocation in C
Package protected access modifyier with dot containing scope name
Add content to a new open window
List Iterator Not Iterating Over All Elements
zf- phpunit - best way to mock / test $this->getRequest()->getParam('controller')
JAVA DOM Parsing XML File without getting elements by tag name
Backup and Restoration of Running Schema In Another Database That Already Have Other Schemas
Visual Studio 2010 only x86 build option?
IE7 header bug navigation out by 3px
How can I reassign opportunities in Salesforce based on number of opportunities per account?
Separate a string around a certain character
How to convert dictionary into string
About android SMS port
Normalization - IDENTYFING Transitive Dependencies
How can I generate ID with Prefix, Numeric Number and suffix?
Simple fadeIn always lagging
interrupt processing by thread or process
Java.lang.NumberFormatException Error [closed]
search List<string> for string .StartsWith()
Json returns 'null'
nodejs server-side simulation
need some idea about how to manage roles in my application (ASP.NET MVC3)
PHP Pagination with SQL Server 2008
variables value unexpectedly changes?
How does one overwrite a rb_ function in a ruby c extension?
conversion from derived * to base * exists but is inaccessible
Remove unwanted headers from email (For Security Risks)
How can I prevent encoding of the characters < > in an xml document in my C# TBB?
How to attach sources to SBT managed dependencies in Scala IDE?
using javascript in android webview
CCRenderTexture eats up my memory
How to return only needed match with preg_match
jquery click to play video
Turn off Like button - Soundcloud Widget Parameter
What is significance of cud (compilation unit data) array value?
Ubuntu : rails server fails to execute
Removing all embedded documents
How can I use regex to replace all $#8211; with &ndash; in javascript? [duplicate]
Removing all embedded documents
How can I use regex to replace all $#8211; with &ndash; in javascript? [duplicate]
Eclipse Makefile project and Visual C++ compiler
MVC3 parameter use by layout
NullPointerException while traversing a ListView
html5, javascript - Adding ability to Tweet a section of a page [closed]
Data security around _id and _rev in CouchDB
Writing a specific if else statement on Python
Writing raw data to a file and using bin2c
Navigate to another view when the code enters the 'Success' or 'Failure' blocks
Linked Lists C++, output not showing in display function
C# generate soundwave at real time
Mod negative numbers in SQL just like excel
using ahDoctrineEasyEmbeddedRelationsPlugin to embed i18n Translation
file upload and live worker in GoogleAppsEngine with Python
Transparent proxy - how to spoof source IP address? [closed]
Disassembling a String Into an Array at every '<br>'-Tag
How to load a div with a flash object, but not display it (element loaded, not displayed)
jQuery.css('margin-left') returns incorrect value on mobile Webkit
Invalid Pointer Operation in Delphi XE - Because of IFTHEN?
How to create an Image object from a CanvasPixelArray
NSArray subtraction
Scala: how to initialize an object using default values
Conversion between String and Date in client-side GWT
Is it possible to get the domain name of the script included by a script of a folder with a other domain?
VS2010 shows implicit variable to be of type 'var' instead of the actual type
theme_hook_suggestions in Drupal 7 // Can't get my theme to use my suggestion
Disabling submit button until all inputs correct
Proper text encoding for GSM Pdu 7Bit to avoid chars like 鈥�
Sliding banner 90% HTML+CSS3 10% JS
Custom font family static resource
Yii add filter to a virtual attribute in CGridView and make it sortable
Bind Textblock to Textbox in MVVM Light
heroku db:push not working, using taps gem
Windows Phone 7.1 Local Database sample
SQL Server Foreign Key relationship against two tables
How do I allow move construction and disallow assignment and copy construction of a class
Are there any extended jQuery Effects available?
YII - fetch a record if found on creation page
PHP: Strange behaviour with class extending abstract class and implementing an interface
Django: Making filefield only available to logged in users
How can i save a encryption key securely on a system (openssl,c)?
How to Stop Service when onPause Method is called?
Why does QPainter clear the widget every time I use it?
assembly disassembly
iOS: how to point to current control on current TableViewCell
What is Scala REPL's tab completion telling me here?
Handling Incomplete Data (Data Sparsity) in kNN
Antibot spam protection on contact form
OpenCL for searching a set?
IE7 button not styling properly, error in CSS styling?
Retrieve data using AJAX in CakePHP
CSS file isn't being refreshed
shell_exec not running in background?
Where is the GridSplitter in WinRT?
SQL server 2008 fast retrieval
java iterator in a nested map (Map 2D)
Is it risky to convert Float to Double in my asp.net mvc application
Xcode 4.3.2 error message
Redirect user to custom URL after successful registration in Joomla
install xcode in Mac OSX Lion vmware image
WIA 2 on Windows 7 鈥�Delphi
How can I retrieve a blobstore file by name
populating SMS message in android
'this.el is null' while creating drag-drop feature in treepanel of ExtJS 4
Sqlite3 DB is only storing the ID and not anything else
model form factory not displaying correctly
Erase PowerPoint pen drawing and annotation
Sharing Permissions in Ruby on Rails (CanCan or CanTango?)
Calling a MySql routine/stored procedure with an EJB Query
Amazon Product Advertising API C#
best tree wavelet packet for python
How to resolve AVCaptureSession v AVAudioSession conflict in iOS?
What is an Efficient way of doing Overlay UI in Java for a game?
a simple 鈥淲ait鈥�animation in ios 5 on a viewcontroller
What are database schema decompositions and why do we need them?
JSONPath Query to get Node-names?
Asp.net WebApi supports json, xml, jsonp?
Right to left in Liferay Portlet
Classic motion guide with movieclip stops action after resizing
Google Refine recipe for reconciling messy entities in two databases
a Redirect_to from Destroy action always gets DELETE verb whatever :method I declare
Create System.Windows.Media.Color in IronPython
How to get the dimensions of the visible part of the JScrollPane based window?
jplayer multiple mp3 file links in one page
Launch Ogre BaseApplication without Setup dialog
Function for detecting quotes in Scheme code
How do I develop a non-UI client-side GWT library?
Cannot override a method because of a name clash
How to make Normal div on top of absolute if they are children of relative?
How to insert data into database?
Mimic the black Google menu
Commonly occurring pattern for callbacks, but why?
generate Dynamic Checkbox in ASP.Net
SOA and web applications
Language Feature Orthogonal?
Difference between these two regular expressions?
Mysql/PHP get post.userid from a column with the row selected by post.postid
How to make a simple javascript auto scroll widget like Google News?
Stress test a WPF application to find threading issues
Try and catch not working
ServiceStack PUT validation
Page 鈥渢emplate鈥�layout. HTML </head> header.php vs page.php
No Growl Notifications with Rails Tutorial 3.2
How to parse CFG's with arbitrary numbers of neighbors?
Error deploying with cap deploy when using gem paperclip
Strange Button behavior in RelativeLayout
Dynamic Huffman Encoding on Deflate - RFC 1951
Photos don't show up in News Feed on Facebook
objective c method call from javascript file
Stimulsoft Report Section Control in C#
Slow Arduino serial transmission
JSON 鈥渦ndefined鈥�when looking up CRM 2011 systemuserid
鈥渘o valid constructor鈥�when serializing a subclass of Path2D.Double
I want to put db tables in same database. how? in ios by sqlite3
Game in assembly language
Problems with multiple query mysql
How to apply OR between all booleans in an array?
Can't send a message through Java socket without closing it
(Struts2) How to add new parameters into Action instance from an interceptor?
Binding to a property via a ContentControl, using a DataTemplate and DataTemplateSelector
Html title attribute showing up in-flow, inside element, when howering over it
if values from one array matches ANY values from another return true
How to scale date based event systems, such as Google Calendar dealing with million of events at any given time
MIPS addi instruction to array base
Virtuemart 2.0: How to exclude the base price from the total
Replacing $_GET to make it work from command line
ActionBar Sherlock Menu Item OnClick
How to save an Excel file created with PHPExcel, without dialog?
Jade layout can not be found in subdirectory
Tool for visualizing impact of code changes
tomcat and apache http together
Android: Programmatically make layouts from XML
c++ mfc library issue on 2003
How to Count Page views by unique IP
php script to detect links needed in jquery [closed]
ActiveAdmin doesn't take model translations on main menu
mod_rewrite Add another rule
Categorise data by using group by in SQL
jQuery slider doesn't load images first time site is loaded
How do I consolidate build artifacts from subprojects in Maven?
Linking two tables and looking for association tables
OpenCV won't compile due to unresolved externals 鈥�LNK2019
How do I invoke non-GET/POST HTTP methods in Play?
PHP MYSQL get array numbers while fetching
How can I check if an element is in map keys in C++?
jquery dropdown auto-submitting for all options except one
Parsing Apple JSON
Can I use multiple ActionListeners in a single class?
Generated tests when scaffolding
Can I use multiple ActionListeners in a single class?
Generated tests when scaffolding
How to add remote proxy to all WebClient requests
Dynamically filtering clientdataset content
Mysql auto update event
Insert POINT using MySQL Workbench
What are the issues to be considered while creating a Robust Multi-threaded Scalable application in Java?
.ajax is not invoking a CFC file to post data
Setters/Getters not setting/getting
save button does not work joomla
Caching methods in ApplicationController
jQuery UI autocomplete: dropdown disappears when Chrome loses focus
How to use ajax post on webmatrix webimage helper especially in webimage.getImagerequest()
SOAP request in iOS
When multiple registerForContextMenu calls are used menu item info is null
Implementing an UVC driver using the Android NDK and a raw usb connection for cameras that are not supported by the kernel
iOS gyroscope to make virtual horizon
Code-first relation to aspnet_users in C#
Foldr compare acc to empty list
json callback flickr api
Accessing instance variable from anom. function in coffee script
Recursive extension of a variable in c#
How to call JSON-RPC services using RequestFactory
c: reading from files
Button moves when adding multiple line text
Trying to insert an entire Table using innerHTML in javascript
sum hits for every week in mysql
How to convert to Korean initials
backbone.js and gmaps4rails maps initialization
assign params hash with javascript variable
I get 91.199999 instead of 91.2 when multiplying 15.2 * 6 [duplicate]
su without password within a script
How to save css stylesheet pointer on php session?
Best practice for using resources in a WPF project
Metro APP - BitmapImage to Byte[] or Download Image from Web and convert it to a Byte[] Array
Fittext giving me odd sized headings
how to store scrapy images on Amazon S3?
How to stop value changes on UISlider triggering UIPopoverController
inserting a new document in the arrray of documents
swing - get component clicked on JPanel
iTunes API for GIfting, not just Searching?
Dynamic variable creation language [closed]
onChange=鈥渢his.form.submit()鈥�for dropdowns
Netbeans and Hibernate
Stop bouncing at start/end of webpage (OS X)
MATLAB generate combination from a string
Can I jump to anchor / tab using OnClick?
character error fortran 90
Exception in thread 鈥淭hread-4鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException?
Constant 500 Errors on Heroku
Constant 500 Errors on Heroku
JSON - using PHP's push_array
File upload to AppEngine Blobstore
LINQ to SQL get one-to-many table column result as array
How to find the last chain property in the object?
Variables in a list
execute mutiple object methods parallel
Hello World will not load onto an Android Virtual Device at all. Why?
how to force the a Jquery function to fire only one time for the selector
How do I use Homebrew to install Python libraries like Py2Cairo
splitting a diff file using regex in Python
How can I use a 'native' pointer in a reference class in C++/CLI?
How to connect a boost::signal2::signal to a pure virtual function?
Connecting a client-Installed C# application to an exported SQL Server database
How To URLEncode Facebook Post Data in C#
maven, hibernate, spring problems
Caching read-only entity beans in EJB 3.1
Trying to use the GNU Scientific Library, but weird linker errors occur
Read memory from process at dll in C#
cuda-gdb exits with 鈥淸1] stopped鈥�when it hits a kernel call
Calling recursive function inside a loop
c++11 optimal parameter passing
How do I determine if text can be converted to Date?
Cannot get cron to work on Amazon EC2?
SharedPreferance lost between activities
How to return an async HttpWebResponse without blocking the main thread?
Auto excute SQL query after a fixed time in ASP.NET
Is there a way to attach a debugger to apt or javac?
can't get the results of select query in an array with javascript
Proper Handling of fetch errors for Mongoose?
Determine if child window was moved by user or because parent window moved?
Datagrid Column Collection Changed Event
Firefox 12, cannot play a sound file. Specified 鈥渢ype鈥�of 鈥渁udio/mp3鈥�is not supported
Cell.cross() returns error in Google Refine projects
Algorithm for sorting some nodes
standalone assertion libraries?
How do I get size of the screen excluding Unity side panel in GDK
Change opacity of a TreeItem
Expressjs session only persists on localhost
How to get specific file details under windows?
Run ruby script in rails
Update primary Word document through embedded document
Why doesn't the title tooltip work for floated elements?
How to set link font for TTStyledTextLabel
Facebook app with error
Why rounded corners when changing a Win32 window's parent?
What is the best practice to display a list of items that may change via HTTP POST (PHP + MySQL)
Facebook Application get user information
Can I change the convention for string column generation by EF Code First?
iOS implementing a 鈥淐ontact View Controller鈥�
graphael charts with dynamic data from database using ASP.NET MVC3
Reading json to create an array of objects with jQuery .each()
1st mobile site
SQLite query to find primary keys
HOW TO Pass VB .NET Arrays Hashes to VBA via COM?
Styling a GWT Button with CSS
Creating a RichFaces popup panel as a Facelets subview/composition not hidable
I'm trying to write a shell script to replace a few lines of text in a file with a new value
VBA: Robust Database creation
WCF - Works fine from a console-based app but fails from an asp.net page
Java MAT histogram class with 鈥淯nknown鈥�tag
ios casting objc pointer to struct cgcolorref
Regex to match text inside HTML tags
Observable Collection is not updating the datagrid
How to call a function in ajax to php function and wait for response
How to grant elevation with Delphi
android:prompt is ignored
ViewFlipper inside a viewpager
How to get all the Posts from a User
C# draw box set cursor
Using gmap4rails, how do you render marker-specific auxiliary HTML content, alongside GMap?
Design templates in a class library at top scope
why is my php/mysql search string only matching the LAST keyword?
Is this a correct approach of using abstract classes with an OO approach?
php - find link to image in text and convert to link
Why Fatal error: Class 'TM_EasyLightbox_Helper_Data' not found in C: xampp htdocs magento app Mage.php?
ARC memory management issue with system sounds
MonoDroid use Beta, MonoTouch use Release?
get all html as a String from HTMLDocument
Regarding Group Layout
jQuery Mobile, transparent black overlay effect
Checking website for a link using PHP
passing a php array item into a javascript popup window to be edited and updated inn mysql db
Custom MVC Framework: How set links in view files [closed]
PHP register script with sha256 encryption
Display Dashcode Browser in App with SIngle NavBar
Ajax Code To Display Data
Jquery class selector and hide()
How to select data from a row in a MySQL database
Send mail with PHP (phpmailer) via Office365 in Hostgator
jQuery UI: Date Picker trouble?
Editing an EJB entity
Is it possible to insert items at top of a ListView / ListAdapter?
How can i show a ProgressBar when mediaPlayer is prepairing to play
formatting circular area plot with point in ggplot2 using r
php explode on a string containing chars like ' t' , ' 0' etc
Hash missing value, throwing exception
Convertions between decimal and base 36
MVC Routes/RouteDebugger work when deployed to IIS7 but not in Cassini
Why is this java applet code not picking up every MouseClicked event?
Why is this java applet code not picking up every MouseClicked event?
How to refer to a data member of an object inside nested objects?
PDO prepared statement, correctly used?
Show view attributes inspector in xcode
Codeigniter 2 and .htaccess - how to implement 鈥渄own for maintenance鈥�mode?
Erlang and current date time
Child class doesn't recognize module imports of parent class?
Insert more keys in JSON iPhone
how to extract ranking and reputation of a website from alexa?
How can I disable all the submit buttons then re-enable specific ones?
How to fix a flickering effect when tabbing into an input field that uses our default value / placeholder plugin?
Insert frame in between frames in flash CS5
Add text to web page from code-behind
Script is working ONLY in step-by-step