jCarouselLite and fancybox popup [closed]
port not listening for apns daemon using twisted on windows 7
Ruby Rails Only some parameters are passed to the controller
Changing the default Aptana IP address
how to create a List<String> class object
Set width and height jsp page
requestLocationUpdates recalls onPause and onResume infinitely
How to launch a pop up on the correct answering of a text field in Javascript
Why is Ajax not following success function?
Set Visual Studio to not save Project Settings
How can i add mouse double click to data grid items wpf
rvm -can't set the version to 1.9.3
Cocoa: Simulate Macbook upper keys & Multimedia keys
Load PDF file using WebBrowser control
PHP manipulate string (find/replace if component present)
passing arg 1 of `combine_string' from incompatible pointer type
command not found - error in exec() command
confused re upgrading pre 0.99 Cocos2d-iPhone code to current version - AtlasSpriteManager
How to convert my bytearray('b x9e x18K x9a') to something like this--> ' x9e x18K x9a'<---just str ,not array
how to get details in <em> tags using preg_match_all
heatmap isn't working
Java RMI - Remote Deployment
Django modelforms exclude not working
Android mount system in write mode
Cannot reference items in select for join
Cygwin git rebase fail?
AutoCompleteExtender very slow
Django - Is it better to install pakages to virtualenv/system or include them within the project?
How to compare positions of two elements in javascript
doesn't wrap the text in the textbox in WPF
How to run a Java program on every file in a directory in UNIX?
How to apply checkbox with functions in javascript?
Unable to 'bundle install' RoR 3.0.1
Where can i find a free .Net (C#) library that i can use to scan and OCR documents? [closed]
Multiple forms and one processing page
How to ignoreeof on next bash?
Have a Regex for matching CSS which needs tweaking
I want to call Default camera using 鈥淢ediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE鈥�and start default camera in focus mode 鈥淢ACRO鈥�
passing variables from fancybox to parent / iframe to parent
How to specify Makefile target building order without put any physical dependencies?
rewriting URL to all lowercase
Yet another 鈥渉ow to find the class/constructor name of a Javascript object鈥�
How can I combine two jQuery selectors?
Hijri (Persian calendar) For DwtCalendar.js
32 bit active x controls in a 64bit for windows application
Why doesn't this method initialize the variables shown?
How do I Retrieve the visitor's ISP in PHP?
Inserting 鈥渞aw鈥�XML string into a XElement
Migrating data from MySQL to SQL Server
How do I place threads at the top(bump) based on last user post?
Formula for division of each individual term in a summation
Use MAX only on rows which match ON criteria
How to get and then change this drop-down value to default?
Get HTTP headers on WebKit.NET
Java - override key processing for list
cannot access values of Mat returned from OpenCV functions
Calling a sql file via exec() in php from a different directory?
Create a text file and write to it
making 2 animations wpf
javascript: displaying nested arrays in column view
Animating a square on a panel
How can i recover Blobs after migration to HRD
Creating FTP account automatically, and setting it's 鈥渞oot鈥�directory
Limit checked checkbox in a form
YouTube Playlist API no longer functioning?
Regarding String functionality
How to set tooltip position for linechart in jfreechart?
jinternalframe in a jframe
Improving text file reading speed in X-Code?
How to implement 3d kDTree build and search algorithm in c or c++?
Calling functions defined with coffee script?
How to update database in php?
Force disconnect from DataMapper (DataObjects adapter) before forking?
draw a single pixel in the screen
UIKeyboardFrameBeginUserInfoKey/UIKeyboardFrameEndUserInfoKey: what is the difference?
Absolutely positioned div changes width when making it relatively positioned
The PickView is not visible when I run iPhone simulator
Access Denied error in while searching for files
Loading form input fields into a javascript array and then validating
PHP: how to move array pointer inside foreach loop?
Running the perl source [duplicate]
TextView Marquee Doesn't Work
Java no-argument constructor: Throw impossible exception, or have empty catch block?
inserting a random number into an array where each value is being entered through a for-loop
What's the difference between a 鈥渄atabase engine鈥�and a 鈥渜uery engine鈥�
how does list modification works in python
How do I store a bundle in a database blob?
simple LINQ to XML query won't work
Passing complex type from partial view to controller action via form
Best practices / tools for high performance IIS? [closed]
setup visual studio to winows subsystem with openGL?
Netbeans JDialog size
I need to return multiple strings from a class
how to configure HTML purifier to allow 鈥渃allto:123鈥�in an anchor href value?
Hide and/or Show Table Columns [closed]
How to get the name of a variable isolated from a data.frame using indexing?
Kohana memory leak?
Combine two mysql COUNT(*) results, different columns
Assigning action to Parent elements only, exclude child elements
how do I add objects of different types to a hashmap in Android?
Confused in calling this function in jQuery
Is there a refactoring tool to split a large function into small functions automatically?
Will this getter make a database call every time it's referenced?
Return value from js enclosing function in ajax
Delphi - Comparing two pathnames when one is UNC and one is drive letter-specified
How to populate and access any element of 3 Dimensional Array List
bash: reading text from a string one character at a time, with whitespace
How to make a shadow under a button that goes over other buttons in Android
Put choosen value from combobox to <a href> for sending to servlet
Memcached :expires_in on Heroku for fragment caching
Efficiency: switch statements over if statements
How to mock a method call that takes a dynamic object
Windows Phone/XNA detecting BEGINNING of touch
Unexpected error in connecting c++ program with mysql
Access multidimensional array keys with on-the-fly generated variables with php (need to avoid eval)
I can't run my code
Windows Phone - https post 404
opencv face detection; where to place the 'haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml'?
How to add overlay on my image
Any suggestion to make the following c++ code precisely? [duplicate]
Rails 3 redirecting to strange ID after create
RSpec - Testing that an active record association is set
Trouble with RtfWriter2 (iText)
Adjacency to transposed edgelist in igraph in R
Gui not updating properly (from async)
Converting OCaml strings to format6
Remove pointer to object from NSMutableArray while keeping object?
Global Event for ChildWindow_Loaded
array_walk vs array_map vs foreach
Iphone and Android mobile App creation [closed]
Rails 3 task scopes?
Iphone and Android mobile App creation [closed]
Rails 3 task scopes?
Why does Control.Padding not affect the layout of a docked control?
My Connection already open but why the system said it closed?
Is there a better way of creating elements and appending text to/around them?
How to use cv::BackgroundSubtractorMOG in OpenCV?
try-catch doesn't work with XMLHTTPRequest
How do I fix this function so that I can input a List of any class
Save itens from array on mysql with php
Why is there STILL no sql shortcut to include/not include null values in a where condition? [closed]
Android - 鈥淎 spinner does not support item click events. Calling this method will raise an exception.鈥�
Aligning two lines of horizontal links evenly with CSS
Comparing element values of SOAP Response and JDBC response in SOAPUI using groovy
How can I disable PHP's 鈥渆aster egg鈥�URLs?
How can a renamed file's path remain unchanged in java?
UIPanGestureRecognizer get cords of all touches
Java2D Graphics Spec: Rasterization
CActiveDataProvider not resolving params in criteria
Bezier curve algorithm in objective-c
Payroll Program Part 2 (issue while running
Add a tuple-based check to this relation
Displaying Reminders page from MySQL Database
ComboBox code correct? [closed]
OpenGL perspective x-y-coordinates to orhogonal
Android: MapView.GetLatitudeSpan(), GetLongitudeSpan() Anomaly?
What does the skiplistnode variable 鈥渟pan鈥�mean in redis.h?
Word frequency using C programming and Linked-List but frequency count is wrong
How can I change the label text in jQuery?
Capture screenshot of Active Window
How to get ID from another file in php?
How to use ActiveRecord in deep association
why doesn't the server pick up the path i give it in the image tag?
Mount USB drive in linux with C
What is 鈥渆xtern linkage and with C language linkage鈥�
Different page orientation for JQuery Mobile
Is there a way to control an email service like yahoo using javascript? [closed]
What is the format when I get data from multiple checkboxs? Can I get a list?
Trigger repaint on custom control after being offscreen/obscured?
How I can derive count(*) from another table using LEFT JOIN mysql
JavaScript - for loop throws undefined variable. (SSCCE provided)
PHP: Fill block of an image with color and save the information
GIT Shortest Commands
how can we convert time ticks into locale time in dojo? [closed]
how to async callback a recursive function in WCF?
Using MouseListener to begin or end an otherwise infinite loop
Android - Why won't my Toast message show?
Safari web inspector next match?
Show/Hide multiple divs and toggle parent's background image
Get ground altitude in a reliable way
how do I combine these two video functions?
Show/Hide multiple divs and toggle parent's background image
Get ground altitude in a reliable way
how do I combine these two video functions?
Purpose of shared_ptr<T>&& as constructor argument
Pandas: how to plot yearly data on top of each other
Character Map in WPF
how to get details in html tags using preg_match_all
RestKit loadObjectsAtResourcePath:delegate works once, but then never again
Creating and Accessing Databases WITHOUT MySQL?
Style differences between wordpress.com and hosted wordpress [closed]
Can麓t link a view with another class. Beginner XD
How tomcat keep session
NVidia Thrust Programming with Vectors and Iterators - Basic Questions
Xcode Basic History Function
Remove second appearence of a substring from string in SQL Server
Not able to push sub view to navigationController
Does CakePHP automatically deal with mass assignment vulnerabilities when saving modified data?
Google Chrome rendering its own styles
How to set height of element to match height of another element?
Thread blocked indefinitely - Haskell - Acid State
Autocomplete for Play 2.0 views paths in Scala controllers in Eclipse
Regular Expression Matching for string 鈥渏ob XXXXXXX鈥�
How do I bind an image URL in Adobe Flex with data from my database?
Preventing the dismissal of a view controller in a segue
How to use Ant include non-java resource files with compiled classes
iOS use the volume buttons as input
Python: What is the difference between dict.items() and dict.iteritems()?
Calling From WebView
Implement touchesBegan on custom class
JS to monitor the CSS property change like 鈥渄isplay:none鈥�>鈥渄isplay:block鈥�
VB SQL database INSERT not being saved
javascript weird behaviour
Why django displays unreadable characters in IE?
In Memory, Stand-Alone, Disconnected ADO Recordset
EXTJS grid + JSP data is not loaded
How to handle spaces in search term
How to access other elements in root view from partial view with JQuery
Keeping Form Data on Page Reload
Looping Through Multiple HTML Elements with DOMDocument
Displaying a Paragraph with line breaks
Concatenation of tokens in variadic macros
Entity Framework, SQLite and Lazy loading
How i can leave permanently enabled Django port 8080
Is there any way to place a UIView above a UIPopoverController?
How do you read excel files with xlrd on Appengine
Implementing proxy in Android
Phpstorm ftp setting
How can I make a java.lang.reflect.Proxy from two separate classloaders?
Keep footer for multiple activities
Field of a Foreignkey using Django
How can I preserve multidimensional array information when performing array intersections in PHP?
What is the @color/cream_dark in this Tutorial?
Am I loading my js files correctly in the asset pipeline?
Unreferenced Array not so Unreferenced after 鈥渟lice鈥�
error C2275 error with typedef struct
Custom ASP.NET Membership controls added via button click
Where to place gvimrc and vimrc?
CarrierWave: Single uploader for multiple models?
php MySQL CRUD: Am I deleting safely?
Sql questions bout nested select
Using Python to count morphemes in a file & list them in columns
Horizontally aligning position:relative divs (CSS)
lua: write result of io.popen to a file?
jQuery event handlers - memory usage
Is there a way to link to Meteor.Collections() together?
How Do I Make This Code Set the Value of the Instance Variable?
Trying to take emails in a simple field, getting undefined method `signups_path' error
Get name of argument of function in lua
xcode app: safari won't go to app store link
Restrict unauthenticated access to files with mod_rewrite and scripting language
Expiring page cache from a different view controller?
Jumping to a Ruby bang method using Ctags in Vim
what's wrong with this SQL statement causing column count doesn't match value count at row 1?
AutoCompleteExtender showing all 500 options every time
Comparing string from plist mutablearray with identical string. saying not equal
Class Tree vs Structure TreeNode
Fancybox 2.0 easing and animation
What is the best way to loop through integers with at most k bits ON?
cocoa:Can not find webView object
Call selector on static methods from separate class
Purpose of const boost::shared_ptr<T>& as function argument?
way to check for if sql row exists?
Using index_by to add the attributes of duplicate keys
Rails 3: How do I delay content submission so users can't spam rapidly?
CCSprite + NSCoding
SharePoint2k7: Custom List EditForm annoying field labels, how to remove?
Rails Image Re-sizing on View display?
Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF
Delete empty/whitespace lines? [closed]
Get data up until last day of previous month in MySQL
How to CSS for today's Internet? [closed]
In JPA mapping class to primitive
How can i consider future web browser releases when developing asp.net mvc web application using Jquery
Excel---Counting duplicate data
Robot class - Java
Trying to create an email signup form but get undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class
Alphabetic Regex in HTML5
how to get specific parts in a page using preg_match_all
JAXB @XmlSeeAlso causing tight coupling to domain objects
Excel Macro ordering PivotItems
Excel Macro ordering PivotItems
Using foreach loop to send $var's to another .php page?
Write to Linux sysfs node in C
Issue when inserting Chinese data with code first and mysql
Setting Time Range in AVAssetReader causes freeze
python setup.py configuration to install files in custom directories
Ninject 2.0 InRequestScope() causing me problems - dependencies not being disposed
Mount USB on Linux Single Board Computer for use in a C program
Marking method parameter final, value of [duplicate]
How can I mimic the redis MONITOR command in a python script using redis-py?
How should I create my classes that are related to a db?
Why a function with protected modifier can be overridden and accessible every where?
why do I keep getting this error: routing error uninitialized constant messagescontroller
Short ASP.NET Date Program
Retrieving mySQL password/username for phpmyadmin, using MAMP
Is is safe to pass an Android Button object outside of an OnClick() handler?
How to clear data on database after each run?
Changing perspective of HTML5 <video> tag
C# waiting one second in running program
How to compile mod_wsgi with Apache 2.2 & Python 3.2 for Windows?
mysql count() row entries per column above 0
HTML 5 Video not working on Ipad and ipad layout has black portions on the side
Specify JRE/JDK when starting Apache Tomcat 7
Name Instance Variables Dynamically Ruby
How to make PHP BB Codes with RegExp?
hierarchical multi-part key value store
confirm choice in php page using javascript
InnoDB Bottleneck: Relaxing ACID to Improve Performance
How to compare inheritance with several classes?
Weird z-index issue, floating list items not showing above heading
Where do I go Java EE jar shopping?
Mapping Collection of String and Enum with Ebean (Play 2.0)
File Creation/Loop Problems in Ruby
Where is the appropriate place to put JavaScriptMVC files in Django project
Resolution Change Positioning
the best way to place async mechanism in the MVC app
Creating a project from the terminal
How can I get line feeds in Ruby when writing out to a file:
Cross-browser audio dysfunction with jQuery
How to check if a value is greater than one number and less than another number in Lua?
Simple while loop until break in python
My trampoline won't bounce (detouring, C++, GCC)
Rails 3.2 Active Admin, Change password while logged in
Text edit by users and saving the previous versions
Weird results when splitting strings in VB.NET
why it throw the runtimeexception when running the application
Going back two UIViewControllers using segues
How to start the MediaRecorder in Android 4.0
Exactly how does the defaultValue work in Symfony 2.0 NodeDefinition?
Should events raised by controls be on the UI thread?
Image Pixel Replacing
What does class Derived1 : Base {}; mean?
Syntax Highlightable UITextView on iOS [duplicate]
What is the best approach to handle dynamically generated unique DOMs on a page based on a common single template?
When editing Drupal's .module files in Dreamweaver or Notepad++ how can I make the PHP code appear in different colors?
Coding Java with NetBeans?
Spring REST service: retrieving JSON from Request
Xcode 4.3 crashes when using LLDB
Manually create a multi-sheet file for excel from C
Checking if today is a Wed or Sat with java.util.Calendar
jquery: remove select options based on attribute array & other select box selection
CUDA: Know when compiling device code (preprocessor)?
An array of objects as an argument of a function error in c++
What's this (undocumented?) call to GetFileAttributesW()?
count markers displayed on map after zoom in and out
How to use Delphi to execute a .bat file properly
Kohana ORM Display Information
Calling Java function with arguments from StringTemplate?
Why do I have to add the files being tracked before committing?
Flash cs6 and Flash Builder, workflow
yaml front matter in a haml file
UIView controls not drawing until animation completes
NSURLConnection - Can upload image to server using a 3G but not 3GS
How to wait until Workbook.Close finishes?
Specify Image Height px/% in ASP.NET in CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
Facebook wall post: Losing url params when redirecting to canvas app and requiring authentication -> mobile
Regexp which can work with undefined number of tag attributes
convert an int to a char*
Why isn't Entity automatically completing the relationship?
Is there a way to 鈥渆xtend selection鈥�like ReSharper in Visual C++ 2010?
Using the local browser as an HTML-based report rendering engine
How do you connect ADB to a Nook on a Mac?
want to add template in mail code
Should I have 2 activities, one for viewing text and one for editing, or vice-versa?
Converting json to array with recursive method?
A simple way to Iterate on XML tree and extract data from it?
How do I create a static library out of my nested templated classes?
Where does this code go? [closed]
Android XML Layout: Begginer Programmer
WPF - bind images horizontally to ListView
python cgi + a web interface for running batch commands?
Is there any way to load css and javascript from a string?
App rating data in Apple's EPF feed
How can I change textual dates to numbered ones in Python?
Is it possible to have sharper drawables when Android rescales them?
Realtime form validation not appearing in some inputs
Vector data written to binary file isn't the same when read back into another vector, why?
Publish in DNS that all mail is S/MIME?
Jquery Masonry infinite scroll page navigation in php
select_tag and upto - whats wrong?
Realtime form validation not appearing in some inputs
Vector data written to binary file isn't the same when read back into another vector, why?
Publish in DNS that all mail is S/MIME?
Jquery Masonry infinite scroll page navigation in php
select_tag and upto - whats wrong?
How to tear down wcf service after each web service call
Add empty 鈥渟eparator鈥�row to databound WPF DataGrid
Error Exception in thread while decrypting image
Find a circuit in a direct graph [closed]
Parse nested JSON in Java
How do I apply proper perspective to this OpenGL ES texture?
How would I render a dynamic definition list using angular?
what is difference between ConnectController and ProviderSignInController in Spring Social
How to Capture Num Keypad Keys using cvWaitKey openCV
dynamically function call from String template
Playing YouTube video in jQuery mobile site. Custom thumb
How to show which method pointer a variable points to?
Easy way to find x y coordinates of mouse?
php loop session variable
MAX and GROUP BY don't return good values
Get X and Y offset of sf::View
Duplicate Symbol Error from C functions in Objective-C
How to save cakephp object within model
How to check at compile time that an expression is illegal?
Generate signature (hash) of MemberExpression
Testing the behavior of a page through a named route
XCode 4.2 CoreData Adding Data to NSSet one-to-many Entity Relationships
鈥淧ush鈥�Notifications to user
Java - Printing all pages from a Book
How to dump a complex template type in windbg?
Reflection in TDD
how would I detect if 鈥渕ultiple鈥�attribute is supported for file input elements?
load google's page into string
Excel Macro That Programmatically finds a matching cell
how to learn RPG/400
How to modify a column in an Adobe Flex datagrid, populated with data from a database
R: Interaction Plot with a continuous and a categorical variable for a GLMM (lme4)
Where should code signing be placed in the build/publish process?
Removing duplicates from an Array in Java
Reset a video on mouse out using HTML5 and Javascript
Grabbing POST data from UIWebView
Java, when calling readObject() on an ObjectOutputStream it is only returning one value
Wrapping elements with the same attribute
Throttle AJAX Request On KeyUp and Paste Events
Stretch div vertically to its parent, not to the whole page
iCal4J with calendarServer would fit this application?
Echoing php in h2
Implementing an MS Access database inside of android application instead of SQLite?
bash forgets export variable
Best way to store and retrieve (user's actions) in php/MYSQL?
Which Python 鈥渃ore modules鈥�can I leave out from a custom build?
Wanting to prevent someone from taking a snapshot
Xquery: Turning a Link into a Variable
How to configure iOS application icons in trigger.io?
Unable to ssh to Amazon EC2 account. (public key error)
NLog: is it possible to change source name from code?
php search array key and get value
Is it possible to display the DNS of a computer using PHP
Generate Report(.docx) from Excel Web Part
copying data from a webpage to string in cpp using cURL
Moving Devise edit_user view to a Modal
Wordpress - Oder by Taxonomie using get_post_types and custom post type
jQuery itunes image slider
Discrete Wavelet Transform Return Large Values
How can I constrain a method that takes an Action<T> to only allow delegates from a specific class
Matching Sets in MySQL
How do I eager load on creation of new objects?
How do I write this query in Rails for auto-complete using JQuery Tokeninput?
interesting mobile safari hidden content issue
Using indexPath.row to get an object from an array
Following code in a constructor generates warning
How do I install wxPython in virtualenv
How to check if all checkbox are unchecked?
Remove punctuation after preg_split and capitalize the words with more than two letters
Binding and Overiding model's Equal and Hashcode
eclipse compare editor stopped showing detailed differences
Live Video Streaming on Windows Phone 7 using VLC?
faking/simulating typing in Vim
Android Screen Rotation firing multiple AsyncTask Threads
Java code for selecting and comparing cards (without Arraylist)
Working with derived classes as JSON
addProximityAlert and BroadcastReceivers
Calculating connection rate (ms) (latency)
How to create numbered changelist using P4Python?
Add dependency on Shell32.lib to WDK makefile
Struts 2 .json URL extension
JavaScript/DOM - Help removing my inline JavaScript
create screenshot of webpage using html2canvas (unable to initialize properly)
How to Replicate XMLHttpRequest For JSON
How to parse text into a struct using boost::spirit?
Storing parameterized partial-HTML pages for use from an ASMX service?
T4 Code Transformations using C#
FB Asking for Permissions When Click on Open Graph Activity Feed Link?
XSLT Matching a template to change an attribute just once
Redefining the Index in a Pandas DataFrame Object
Page Rendering Issue with Django and Twitter-Bootstrap
How to dynamically create buttons one after another?
Flex SWFLoader - Relative Root Path of Embedded SWF vs Parent App
Running gives wrong numbers, but debugging works well?
Cannot handle Uploading in XMPP FileTransfer using Beem-Asmack
Running gives wrong numbers, but debugging works well?
Cannot handle Uploading in XMPP FileTransfer using Beem-Asmack
Error 'failed to load external entity' when using Python lxml
play video over my content AS2
ListView in AppWidget 'exceeding' widget dimensions
Double Click on a WPF ListView - how to fire a command and not use an event handler
Fortran, How do I get Fortran to ignore lines from a data file that has random spacing
Is there a nice way in trigger.io to handle OAuth?
Stretching an Image while preserving the corners in HTML5
why stack heap collision is not implemented in different segment
MongoDB query - find one of each from tag array
How to create Type which contains String with limited length in Haskell [duplicate]
Avoiding dots in output to CppUnit
Altering characteristics of 3-party buttons (!) in Xcode
removing duplicates from list of lists and preserving lists
NSMutableArray replace object
Calling UIWebViewDelegate method 鈥渨hen I want鈥�
linear-gradient using CSS3 PIE in IE9 not working, IE8 does
Domain User doesn't appear in Active Directory
The differences between the CLR's
What makes an uniform buffer object active?
Incorrectly calculating dialog box position because of dynamic image loading?
How do I use this indirect relationship?
how to parse a hash url?
Get all array keys that is not equal to X
How to create a file in IIS instead of returning a 404 error?
Using an image in the Settings Bundle of an iPhone App
Node.js apache bench test
SQL server 2005 XML data import
jqGrid with Zend Framework (zfdatagrid)
Where to set cursor in ExpandableListFragment extends Fragment?
Quick FTP server
How to setup DNS records for 1 domain to use 2 servers?
does javascript's setInterval() method running consume noticeable processing power over time?
How would iOS reminder functionality be implemented?
Can I create a thread without a function in Java?
Tools that can be used to debug .NET Assembly Load failures
Weird C++ bug, program works fine when 2 print statements are added, segfaults without them
Android: How to connect to an Access Point using static IP?
In javascript, what's the most efficient way to I turn tags into links?
How to avoid memory leaks in Cocos2d for iOS on class properties
Select specific row from mysql table
Php file can not connect to local sock
How to ensure a CPropertyPage has been created BEFORE user clicks on it in a CPropertySheet?
How do I implement a switchable grid/table view?
Colour-maps in Gnuplot and Mathematica
why are aggregate functions limiting records
How to randomly place 2 unique points on a 2D array?
Implementing nested templated functions
Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial
Cross domain AJAX call and Access-Control-Allow-Origin
RequireJS Module Versioning
Memory awareness and large data
Extract image src using JSoup
How to write a Dictionary (collection) object to file (VB .Net 2010)
Ruby and SQL Server
Escaping <? on php shorthand enabled server when using require
php PDO vs. Custom DB Class [closed]
Java - Finding duplicate entries in multiple arrays
Foreach loop only looping once?
RestKit Managed Object Context goes nil
Unable to find an element using webdriver
Fastest one-liner way to check indexOf Object (not String) in array in JavaScript
How to transform adjacent XML lists using XSLT
Why does function return type need to be of type (void*) for threading in C?
Instantiating a class in C# from a string
Echo state neural network?
How can I load a picture in a function?
Add X-Frame-Options for all urls on a web-site except a list of enabled
String value for c:set throws NumberFormatException
Getting NSRange of string between quotations?
turn off mod_rewrite for subdirectory
Trying to get sybase db to connect via isql command line鈥�Gui RazorSQL works
Random text list using javascript鈥s there a way to email it?
How can I bind web.py to localhost?
mysql chokes on certain characters and mssql not
sql server database diagram
COMMIT OR conn.setAutoCommit(true) [closed]
Is there any C++ style guide that talks about numeric literal suffixes?
trying to save image picked to appdocs-not hapening
Placemark kml info not showing in iOS version of Google Earth
NullPointer in an Class array
Dimensions of a Dashboard App
NameError: uninitialized constant - Un-allowed syntax in ActiveRecord?
java - copying array list
Creating a :remote=>true post using AJAX rather than rails
Mongoose populate throwing error
C - expected expression before '{' token
Average of multiple averages
int instruction from user space
Unexpected error when publishing photo to page
Under IE8, Page_Init isn't getting called
php script ran from crontab times out if other scripts are ran at the same time
CGContextShowTextAtPoint and euro symbol
Setting/starting/adjusting looping segments of C4Sample
鈥渓arge鈥�image files not getting saved using paperclip in production
Unexpected TableViewCell highlight delay
How can I make a pop up that creates other pop ups?
how add a dropdownlist to my MVC3 application
Executed shortcode nested inside another shortcode with PHP in Wordpress
Unexpected TableViewCell highlight delay
How can I make a pop up that creates other pop ups?
how add a dropdownlist to my MVC3 application
Executed shortcode nested inside another shortcode with PHP in Wordpress
How to find first element of array matching a boolean condition in JavaScript?
Eclipse - Change all font sizes
Wordpress: Function not running when importing posts via RSS
Why do I get class, enum, interface expected?
How to create a partition without Windows assigning a drive letter?
periodically updating the time on posted comments with javascript
Practices for database testing in Symfony2? How to isolate?
ValueMember of ListBox VB.NET
Correct DNS setup for custom domain with subdomains and CNAMES pointing at them
Solving polynomial equations in Python
String range in VB.NET with multiple occurrences
Format Code In MonoDevelop
MVC Model is null after calling RedirectToAction
HttpServletResponse. Is there a way to make cookies secure and/or http-only without using response.setHeader
Deploying Java war and Rails app to Apache in Amazon EC2
For loop not executing at all?
Creating R dataset
oracle query with several filter conditions
Arduino uint8_t variables
Preserve Whole Object VS Don't Look For Things
Java: How do I perform integer division that rounds towards -Infinity rather than 0?
redirect to another domain, but keep the url
JFrame Close button
Jboss 5. HttpOnly session cookies
Reverse has_many with polymorphism
PHP doesn't execute before HTML
Android: Limiting Layout Scroll Range
How to publish in Activity Recent block?
jquery POST does not return any result in https
Django 1.4 in windows 7 鈥淣o FlatPage matches the given query鈥�
Menu to launch GLSurfaceViews
How to build an application that displays more stack information in Process Monitor?
report memory and cpu usage - matlab - on multicore linux server
jQuery Dialog Only Shows First Time
d3.js building a grid of rectangles
Regex errors in MySQL (same regex works in PHP)
Working with the asset pipeline
PHP echo href issue
access associative array
Is there a 'clean' way to omit a static type declaration?
How to get the attribute value of a XML node using XPath
ASP.NET MVC3/Razor C# two sides/interfaces web application
Network application
How to use a Scala sub-class constructor for a member within the super-class?
How to add border around linear layout except at the bottom?
How to list Windows Services from within a Service
Ghostscript rotate pages
Django, Set some values of a form field in the model
How to match few words with spaces - preg_match()?
FAT 12 Implementation
JavaScript can't get value off function's array parameter
TPL's Parallel.For creates and destroys threads too much. How do I keep the number of threads constant?
Algorithm to iterate through image pixels
Why HTML1113: Document mode restart from IE9 Standards to Quirks
MySQL query was working before, now it isn't?
PHP Detect where page is loading from
SQL Server Compact made an unsupported request to the host operating system
Creating a dynamic bit of text in the middle of a paragraph
iOS Objective-C required reading [closed]
How to copy java.util.list Collection
Perl: Capturing correct return value from 'system' command
Vertical text spacing changed in Android 4.0
Haskell algebraic data type pattern matching
Mongo query giving unexpected results
nested namespace route going to wrong controller
how to generate a PDF in your HTML code(javascript: jspdf, downloadify??)
Show/Hide only show current content
Android client-server communcation format
Why can't I read a db4o file created by a Java app in a C# app?
SQL OLAP Cube and dimension
How can I limit input to digits at the Linux command prompt?
Xcode hanging on Analzying Generating dSYM file
I need .slideToggle to work on hover (jQuery)
Write to a Text File Resource in Android
C++ Strip certain tags + replacing HTML special characters
alertDidEnd: What is the Mono equivalent of Objective-C's void*?
NuGet, PowerShell, and ExecutionPolicy
Counting number of occurrences in subquery
front end mysql, deleting a row
Why do I get the errors ambiguous field or unknown column in field list?
adding php to html frame
JSF 2.0 change datatable row height
TextBlock-only window in WPF
How can I check out only a part of a git repository during a bamboo build?
Outlook 2010 overriding font-family from Arial to Times New Roman
stream parsing algorithm speed issue
Create a frame for content without images/bg
Calculating at binary level in javascript
SQL statement with forumla
Failed to load viewstate. The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate
I have some trouble with the delimiter
unix timestamp to hours ago
Paypal IPN - store data on database, update and delete
Facebook publish_actions permission doesn't work
Error implementing UIWebView to load local html
Access file before it's deleted
how to substring input with various languages in ruby?
What to use as a string delimiter?
doctrine native sql query update
Show A Total using Numeric Input Fields in Flash Builder 4.6 Mobile Project
Class calling with strings [duplicate]
graph - How to find Minimum Directed Cycle (minimum total weight)?
Arduino clear buffer
support for uialertview with text field
.NET and Direct2D rapid draw crash
Scala matrix library to calculate large fibonacci numbers
Will removing a iframe stop a file from uploading?
Error in perlipc documentation?
What should be the result type of this function?
problems with the url of an anchor containing an image
Why json string from obj.getAttribute doesn't want to parse?
Should I convert stored Markdown to HTML, or should I just store HTML?
Post always got http error 500 : ASP.NET MVC3
PDO DBLIB Scope Identity not working
GWT: example of an 鈥淎dmin鈥�and 鈥淣ormal-mode鈥�application
What does .draw() does in achartengine?
Compile HaarTraining, OpenCV, MacOS [closed]
How to populate data models with default data in Liferay?
Boost C++ thread
mingw32 gives error when I include ddk/winddk.h
JavaScript/DOM - Give a newly created elemet an ID
How can I alter the incoming documents on replication in CouchDB
CakePHP pagination numbers()
mysql - what does a : before a value in sql mean?
Limit Virtual Memory space for malloc()
Android - How to make a spinner that changes two values
What kind of matrix is in Matlab: 鈥淲 = ones(1:numEntries); 鈥�
mnesia dir setting in emacs for mnesia cluster testing
Running a command in a Grunt Task
WebView keeps exploding
mouse events on div position absolute dont fire in Chrome or Firefox but do in IE
PHP array sort different ways
Jruby - Create jar, no such file to load
How can I get the top categories by join in LINQ?
Converting a String to an Integer
Is it possible to get TeamCity to stop & restart Amazon EC2 instances for build agents?
Nesting of layout tag in Magento xml
Sorting a ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> by a date range
In Java, why is my multithreading not working?
Eclipse Plugin Development - Drag and Drop UI components
How to added customed jar into my android project ? (I added core.jar into my android project but still class not find exception.)
CSS3 rotate - rendering problems in Firefox and Safari
ListView in AlertDialog is repeated
selectedvalue of combobox in datagrid not getting set - silverlight mvvm model
Left callout image not showing up in MKMapView annotation view
Sorting a ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> by a date range
In Java, why is my multithreading not working?
Eclipse Plugin Development - Drag and Drop UI components
How to added customed jar into my android project ? (I added core.jar into my android project but still class not find exception.)
CSS3 rotate - rendering problems in Firefox and Safari
ListView in AlertDialog is repeated
selectedvalue of combobox in datagrid not getting set - silverlight mvvm model
Left callout image not showing up in MKMapView annotation view
VB MVC Re-using a partial view for multiple models
Detecting collision of two bodies, each one has different shape
Amounts with 鈥�鈥�fail jQuery unobtrusive validation
BizTalk Setting up a recive location and port using the HL7 Adaptor
hbm.xml is not generated even though the <table-filter match-name> exists
Selecteting element if previous TD with CSS
Batch file equivalent of CURRENTDIR=鈥�PWD鈥�
ASMACK. Create new user and add to a specific group
PHP deleting a file from a subdirectory?
mvc webgrid ajax paging
What are the pros and cons of Anchor Modeling?
Eclipse - Android GUI designer incredibly laggy and memory intensive
Behavior of cd/bash on symbolic links
PCIe 64-bit Non-Prefetchable Spaces
Sequential animation in jquery
Solr configuration
Issues with displaying comments under respective articles
Rails migration change sequence or order
Thread Safety for Parallel Tasks in .NET
What process should be done with mysql commands and what should be done with Java?
CSS webkit animations 'stacking' with multiple elements
Javascript Array 'Literal' - Is that just describing how its created since it can be changed on the fly?
How to create an installer for a Java EE Web application in a single installer?
JavascriptResult puts javascript to the page as a string?
Git Integration with phpDesigner on Windows 7
Socket Communication not reaching server
Start Transaction OR Begin Work
Monotouch Dialog Custom Element and GetHeight not being called
Is there an equivalent to memcpy() that works inside a CUDA kernel?
Python OpenCV 2.4 writes half-complete PNG video frames
ruby - rspec, how to handle raising a TypeError?
Dynamically expandable JVM stack
Returning GROUP BY results as separated variables
ExtJS 4 How to cancel all pending edits in a Grid with Cell Editing and Store data from remote source?
Translate huge amount of text [duplicate]
How to make my application accessible outside of my network [closed]
Is glibc's system() call safe?
How to turn on progress bar if jquery post starts to take too long
Cannot get websocket connection to work in Chrome 19
How can I avoid file fragmentation while writing hundreds of multi-megabyte files?
How do I add data validation to a web form field using ASP.NET?
How to use Date objects in local timezone with Backbone.js sync?
treating multiple URLs as a single 'like' object for fb like button
Test Client can not connect to WCF Service self-hosted in winforms application
Android & sqlite - Do I have to create and replace the database before accessing it? or can I just open the db and query?
How to initialize array in java when the class constructor has parameters?
Moving colorbox's captions to top of box?
What is pendingIntent in android? [duplicate]
Logging propagation while using multiprocessing.Queue()
Matlab convert to binary with upper and lower threshold
How to get value from another model and save on current record
cannot be resolved or is not a field error in android in eclipse
Any way to grab a logo icon from website URL, programmatically?
How can I get a jpeg image to display in my Webkit Qt app?
Can anonymous created object be removed from memory (Backbone.js example)
Why extra data (integer) is not sent in android notification intent?
Print star ('*') diamond in C with nested loops?
Python for iOS (like RubyMotion)
update an object's foreign key value with LINQ to Entities
Context in an Android DatePicker
template type as struct data member in SWIG
ipad : event.touches is randomly undefined?
Using a Facebook access token as the resource owner credentials in OAuth2.0
Google Analytics showing wrong page extensions
Build a linux module without source code
Confusing Javascript issue validating form. Input field value works, but saving object of input field doesn't
Dojo dnd target and page loading
Set Color Select entire row of a DataGrid, and MouseOver Behaviour after Changing Background Color
Can you change the order of fields in Jira?
ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Model binding with Base and Derived classes?
Add Statement in high level assembly HLA
Is there a way to get the current scope level in RSpec?
When I publish my LightSwitch app to Azure staging, the production deployment stops
Javascript: Conditional animation of DIV layer
Jquery panning slider - Image width based on screen resolution
Communication from silverlight to winforms via webbrowser
Calculate frequency distribution of array?
CORS with Dart, how do I get it to work?
Match words as single hit
Delete HEX color codes from a string (PHP)
undefined reference to symbol even when nm indicates that this symbol is present in the shared library
C selective #define
C - reading from file (pretty simple)
How do you allow URI encoded characters in CodeIgniter URLs?
XML Not Loading in FF or IE, Works In Chrome
Loading a store within a loop using callbacks ExtJs
Rounding numbers to specific multiples
Override a protected method, and try to call it from the super class
Unmangle C++ DLL Function Names
Accessing abstract arrays
Java error when using phantm to scan PHP project
It is only displaying delete message in second row only
Implementing a 鈥淏oth, Either-or, but Not Null鈥�Requirement in a Database
could not initialize a collection
Error: Class 鈥� Entity .. has no association named
PrintWindow - Capture child window?
Hierarchical Query, Subquery Linq to Entities
How to build notepad++
forwarding a request from servlet to jsp giving blank page in firefox
PHP attributes from simplexml_load)file error Node no longer exists
ImageMagick : How To Convert & Add Order# to PDF
Prolog construction of a list using =../2
Using convertDateTime tag in DataTable component and every ajax requests re-creating Managed Bean
.htaccess OnRewriteRule keeping extension the same
Detect SwiftShader WebGL renderer in Chrome 18
ViewState variable breaks if the worker process recycles
Does PDFBox Support Spot Colors and Separations?
XPATH - Path to a node with conditions on different levels
Accessing a GWT Servlet from a seperate GWT client
How to avoid displaying the dialog for choice of webcam
Converting char[] to uint16 (unsigned short) gives wrong numbers
associate cakephp model to non-cakephp database table
Run/Debug OSGi application in Eclipse
MEF vs. Reflection
WP7: Windows Phone 7: EventHandle seems looping
multiple markers at this line
Why can't I make a TH runat=鈥渟erver鈥�
CSS/JQuery: Animation effect on hovered image?
Custom Build Step in Visual C++ 2010
Adding Content-type to Pear Mail
How to deal with Hibernate create-drop mode with multiple apps connected to the same database?
Trouble sending email from .net program
Accessing JavaScript object from separate window
Form Evaluation With PHP
How to automate hg bisect --extend to follow common ancestors?
Decipher Rails 3 Code?
java and .NET webservice interoperability: outputing a decimal with only 2 digits in the SOAP
knife-solo to start configuring chef-solo not working
Global variable in JavaScript not set when using getJSON?
jQuery .load to load SOME of the contents of a div from another page
didSelectRowAtIndexPath with several sections
MonoTouch + MonoDroid: Can project files live in same folder?
SQL Scripting For Sub-Novice
using google protobuffers reflection in python
How come iAd events are never fired
Greasemonkey script only runs when page is reloaded
jQuery Google APIs fallback: Why does document.createElement() not work whereas document.write() works fine?
Selecting divs within td
Oracle: Restricting 鈥淥ther Users鈥�visible
How do I run a virtual server on same IP of main server but different port using Cherokee?
Setting up virtual hosts in apache 2.2
iOS: Compare the image against image
How to get the latest played Spotify songs
ASP.NET MVC Role Authorization based on Site/URL
Loading an array of arrays from mysql
Split a C++ class declaration
Heroku and application home
Using node.js and Kue, is there a way for my code to grab the next task regardless of type?
Can't get rid of AbstractController::DoubleRenderError
set CookieManager every where java?
Double Elimination Tournament Algorithm for byes %4
C structures with dynamic data with CUDA kernels?
Best practice on controlling worker threads in windows (native)?
Getting the rows returned by a subquery as columns of the original
mongoDB : updating an objects using dot notation (multi-level object)
Unrecognized element exceptions after conversion to web application
About *-bearing registers in Dalvik bytecode
Validating Alpha-Numeric values with all Special Characters
How to have a persistent array in RESTlets for multiple requests to access
How to delete temporary files in MATLAB
First 鈥淚mageView鈥� second 鈥淩elativeLayout鈥�- works, but first 鈥淩elativeLayout鈥� second 鈥淚mageView鈥�- doesn't
Extra line in output when printing inside a loop
What are Critical sections in threads
django modelform BooleanField checkbox
LatLngBounds from polygon in a kml file?
ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xml.serializer.TreeWalker
viewWithTag does not return object in search
MongoDB Sort Array
Call a HTMLs Javascript function by POST'ing
How should a method of a category of NSMutableArray delete several items from itself?
draw9patch showing the border in the emulator
python setuptools - how to include a config file for distribution into <prefix>/etc
How to add my custom view to XML layout?
Whats wrong with my site's code?
What is dx.jar in the Android SDKs?
scanning .o file in xvi32
CSS margin issue
Using C++ with assembly to allocate and create new functions at runtime
c# xml special character encoding
Game session Sound Playback / Recording
Logic programming with integer or even floating point domains
jquery ajax call return JSON parsing error
uplodify onUploadSuccess not working
HTML text area tab support
Resizing a JQuery Draggable element's containment parent while dragging
Wordpress - Add support for more then 2 menus
Keeping a numpy ndarray subclass as the return value during a transformation. Safe to set __array_priority__?
Router Configuration CakePHP Remove Pages in URL
javaScript to return a new array of paired values from an array of single values [duplicate]
How to call a windows form app from ASP.net
google maps API v3 not showing up in browser
Replacing HBase caching with a separate Caching product
How to call a windows form app from ASP.net
google maps API v3 not showing up in browser
Replacing HBase caching with a separate Caching product
Using session variables versus Request parameters when persisting data between pages in Zend Framework PHP
Automapper mapping an object with HAS-A relationship
In FSMs does one State last one clock cycle or more?
Is it idiomatic Python to use an abstract class for event handler callbacks?
android how do i construct a list view that dynamically generates radio buttons
Load a Single Large Python Dictionary Encoded as Json Without Killing Memory Usage?
Oauth - how to test with local urls?
DateTime manipulation
What is TKey in System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<Func<TSource,TKey>>?
cfwheels - updating nested properties with a composite key table
What is the right way to organize Jersey resources using inheritance and generics?
Update number of rows in section asynchronously
Grid movement game [closed]
Why can I modify the const pointer in C?
Get only 鈥渧alid鈥�points in 2D interpolation of cloud point using Scipy/Numpy
ListView without items on first pass
How take a photo using JQuery and show in canvas?
Css absolute position and overflow:hidden don't go so well
Data scraping the page JUST written with PHP
Scroll TextView like Marquee in android
copy contents of cvs diff in a file
Dilemma with window.onbeforeunload and image
UIView UIScrollview - frames, bounds, center confusions
Perl tab delimited file with rows and columns
Spring bean not injected into CXF web service, Why?
Same ValueStack for 2 different struts apps
php check file extension in upload form
Metro-style data input form application
Creating Page Breaks for Chrome, Explorer and word in html
Aggregate only that rows for which probability condition is satisfied
jquery animate a hover
Java XPath query does not get text in node?
Image Javascript pop-up [closed]
Make SVN repository public
Visual memory debugging application under Linux?
matplotlib, can plot but not scatter
SQL - Stored Proc 鈥�String or binary data would be truncated
Display ModelState error returned by JsonResult in MVC 3 project?
NullPointerException in FragmentManager
Route polyline is not displaying google maps v3 with DirectionsRenderer?
Can I get advice for hunting down unwanted JavaScript on a Magento page?
Add PDFs together in Java
Linux+C/C++ : Created .so and binary using libc-2.11.so and trying to run on a Linux machine with libc-2.5.so
JSF/Facelets ajax view render issue
Trying to get property of non-object in MAMP
Creating multiple routes for one controller
jQuery Dialog bug when opening it for the first time
Fixing 鈥渟tretched鈥�XPage extension library dialog box in IE?
epoll/non blocking event driven IO
Bulk extraction of Oracle BLOBS into files - advice/tuning help needed
what is a good invalid IP address to use for unit tests?
Why is argv parameter to execvp not const?
Using TFS with VS2003
How to swap the sprite in the CCSprite object in Cocos2d-X
How to display customer orders that have been placed
error C3861: 'cropImage'*: identificateur introuvable
how come my images aren't showing up so crisp
jquery's .serialize is sending GET not POST
MVCSiteMapProvider Dynamic Node always returns the first node for all pages in the breadcrumbs
Why does my recursion not return but end up in a stack overflow?
Is Fortran 2008 backwards compatible with previous Fortran versions?
Saving multiple entities using ASP.NET MVC3
CSS3 3d Flip with Jquery
Core Animation implicit animation doesn't fire for newly added sublayer
Mixare iOS Integration
kAudioFileStreamError_DiscontinuityCantRecover in AudioFileStreamParseBytes