Displaying Xquery (.xq) Files in a Browser
iOS username + password connected box emulation in AIR for mobile (Flash Builder 4.6)
Issue with Imagick and also with phmagick: Postscript delegate failed / No such file or directory
Something is wrong in this if else statement?
Setting up ssh keys for GibHub
cakephp model same table different schema
What is cordova.xml for in Phonegap?
Changing mac address with cron
Private and public methods in RequireJS objects
jquery pulling a dynamic value for an ajax data value
Error on Like button
PyCharm JavaScript References Across .js Files
html5 video works from any file on my computer except for localhost
Resume AVAudioplayer after interruption ends
Crystal Reports 2011 .Net 4.0 OS Installed on E: gives error when running report
Enterprise Library 5.0 Logging using CustomTraceListener and ConfigurationSourceBuilder
How do Homebrew, PIP, easy_install etc. work so that I can clean up
Interesting issue about java and linking 鈥�amp;鈥�
How to stop a link from activating when swiping over it
Multiple images per transition in jquery Cycle
unloading a DLL until it's needed
How to avoid conflicts in grammar
Convert Integer to Hex with result always having 2 bytes
Integration services string lenght need to be truncated
CLOCKS_PER_SEC not actually clocks per sec
heroku staging or new app in heroku for staging?
Bind datasource to a datagridview
Java Annotation C# equivalent [duplicate]
Removing specific strings
XmlDeserialize conditional Deserialization based on Attribute Value
heroku staging or new app in heroku for staging?
Bind datasource to a datagridview
Java Annotation C# equivalent [duplicate]
Removing specific strings
XmlDeserialize conditional Deserialization based on Attribute Value
Rotate My EditText 90 Degrees in Android
Selecting and editing cells in Excel with OpenXML SDK
Need 301 redirect rule in .htaccess file
Ec2 Passing User Data to Windows Instance at Launch
Unable to load WSDL. If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL
Making a Dictionary List with cx_Oracle
After content is loaded using .load, JqueryRotate stops working
usb plugin/out in linux
Save data to a user session
NHibernate throwing 鈥淯nable to resolve property:鈥� but property doesn't exist *ANYWHERE* in project
CSS media queries issue with iOS devices
Getting the latest source
r creating a summary table of how often a type is used
Objective-C .mm in initializer and class factory method
Sorting a list consisting of integer pairs
Master Data Services: Bypass member Name and Code input?
Selectively masking in android canvas
Http get request in Android 2.3.3
layout_gravity not working inside LinearLayout
EventStore & RavenDB Persistence JsonReaderException
datastructure for parsing a file in C#
Populating a simple UITableView in MonoTouch with UITableViewDataSource - how to use UITableViewDataSource
MSMQ and WCF contracts - future enhancements
how to put array contents into a variable [closed]
Setting foreground for whole Windows Phone's application
Dojo date constraint to a single day per month
Kohana Change Password Error ORM Driver
malloc in C: same sizeof before and after?
Pointers and arrays in c++
Mixture of Experts of ANN and KNN
How to change the tab thumbnails/icons depending on user language on Facebook
asp membership provider explained
Options for passing data across HTTP redirects
Different Types for the Same Column
Plain Text Files Without Text Mimetypes
c# google weather xml getting
Special characters in property name of object
select a row in datagridview programatically
Any pointers on cross correlation functions in C/Java/C++
Is ResultSet.getTimestamp(String, Calendar)'s use of the Calendar object thread safe?
all-pairs shortest path algorithm that actually saves routes?
DJANGO: How to Output CSV with model containing many-to-many field?
How to execute console or GUI input as if it was actual Java code?
Select records skipping rows in MS Access
Comparing two matrix and took the value if match the criteria
Extend NSSlider class by appending a NSTextField to it
Bug in my NASM program
Multiple short rules pattern matching algorithm
table generation R
WP7 - ContextMenu doesn't show on Hyperlink
IIS PHP connect to MSSQL using Windows Authentication
What's wrong with this simple while loop! (C++)
change account domian for straoslive
Copy all contents of all files in a directory with a certain suffix
FilesInUse cannot be modified and CloseApplications does nothing
Division in Java always results in zero (0)?
Undefined behaviour in Json
What causes Outlook 2007 to prompt 鈥淎 program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf?鈥�
How to make a fql multyquery with the PHP SDK
connection server name
Reload data for UIView UIViewController?
Semantic Web - immediate benefits [closed]
Getting googlemap traffic data (estimated duration)
MVC4 FileResult PDF corruption
Problems when using SpriteFont to draw text in XNA4
Phonegap App displayed with Plugin-Name on Android
Which MySQL data-type to store Tweets from Twitter [closed]
How to populate column data in one table based on an id match from another table (using the data from the matched table)
SNMP Trap Truncated?
Does XCode take a snapshot of my app when submitting?
What is the correct / legal procedure to obtain permission to install Android Market or Google Play on a system that's in development?
Check if mysql table already exist
How does Scriptella perform in comparison to SQLLoader when utilized for Oracle?
AFNetworking POST file fails (echonest?)
Change color of javascript brackets and operators in Visual Studio 11
OpenISO8583.Net BCD Formatted Message Type
Using Java API in Android
Python Copying Files
Pass Context to another Activity
Keydown Simulation in Chrome fires normally but not the correct key
0 results on query even though rows exist in Database = 2 databases, but why 2?
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object?
Connect from Oracle server to MS SQL Server in Java
how to solve ffmpeg watermark 鈥淣o such filter: 'movie'鈥�AND 鈥淔ailed to avformat_open_input鈥�
MatLab - nargout
Unit test a DAO
Can I save a stream-only track locally for offline capability?
Handling incoming messages my broadCastReceiver does not work
Calling a stored procedure using vbscript
Displaying 鈥渘o records found鈥�alert from inside a CFC
How do I make an image shake/wiggle when clicked?
PHPMailer randomly stops sending mail after around 175 sent emails
Accessing DOM APIs in Firefox extension
qml/qt: How to get QMetaObject from QDeclarativeComponent
SQL select from table - only including data in specific filegroup
Calling a stored procedure using vbscript
Displaying 鈥渘o records found鈥�alert from inside a CFC
How do I make an image shake/wiggle when clicked?
PHPMailer randomly stops sending mail after around 175 sent emails
Accessing DOM APIs in Firefox extension
qml/qt: How to get QMetaObject from QDeclarativeComponent
SQL select from table - only including data in specific filegroup
Error 鈥淚SO C forbids forward parameter decleration鈥�when passing a struct pointer to a function?
Manually getting the output instead of output redirection in cmd line
Vertical align contents of 2 side-by-side auto-width DIVs
Scrolling a div vertically using Javascript in MVC3
Strange use of 鈥渇or鈥�cycle in Javascript, please explain
static character array size at compile-time in c++
reading an object's attributes and properties using recursion?
queue<string&> errors
DELIMITER / Creating a trigger in SQLAlchemy
Connecting to SQL Server with Netbeans 7.1.2
Mongoose for product system with different attributes depending on product type
python unittest assertCountEqual uses 'is' instead of '=='?
How to get play! framework running in MSYS bash
Full and lite versions of the app sharing the data files
jquery zoom in and out on a specific position of an image
Nullable types and assignment operator
鈥渟qlite3.h鈥�missing when pushing Rails app to Heroku
jQuery css function not working across all browsers
Too slow data insertion while executing trigger
Endless recursive calls to initWithCoder when instantiating xib in storyboard
Django template datetime.weekday name
KnockoutJS binding fails in IE8
Android PagerAdapter not calling instantiateItem
Phonegap IOS Running HiWorld Sample App Produces 鈥淓XC_BAD_ACCESS鈥�
Python: write floats to file, and reduce number of digits after decimal point
Winforms semi-transparent PNG over semi-transparent PNG
Makefile improvements, dependency generation not functioning
Google Adsense in Colorbox in Wordpress
Populating listview in separate thread
301 URL redirect using GET variables
Google's autocomplete in my form
Java Hadoop: is it possible to read the contents of a file only once?
Authentication php mail
Why can鈥檛 I seem to use background-clip?
Python py2exe No Sound
Margin in a clear both container not being applied
2D Arrays in Java? [closed]
Server 2008 RC2, IIS 7.5, ASP.NET and Requests Queued Poor Performance
Rails 3 - How to trigger a method/action from view
identifying the tag of a UIImageView
Line of javascript is being skipped and causing an error below in code
Reliable Way To Cancel ItemCheck Event On CheckedListBox
pdftk field names for insertion
Using jQuery to replace text breaks images
Appending using jQuery
What is a good shopping cart gem for Rails?
Grails group by date
jquery ui's鈥渟electable鈥�- need to call codeigniter model function
Python read a file opened by another process results in UnicodeDecodeError
jQuery disable events not working
Enumerating events occuring in time using reactive extensions (rx)
Referring to other instance of class A in class A
Running a basic web server
What are common industry standards for creating game assets? [closed]
How to highlight a cell using the hex color value within the cell?
Facebook oAuth Connect results in 502 Bad Gateway when redirecting back to my application
Rspec. Multipart Recipients
TYPO3 tt_news : No code given
Why is it better to use Vagrant instead of sharing the VM's Disk itself?
how can i emit a list of values from a mapper or reducer
How to make the FirstResponder 鈥淒one鈥�button on the k/b blue on a iPad?
How to access Default en-US culture, not as defined on a specific system?
What is the most effective method to rewrite www.example.com/?city_name=鈥淣ew-York鈥�to /cities/newyork
C# app that does not access sql server db when run with windows task scheduler
Starting with facebook app (need guidelines)
How do I obtain all the GET parameters on Silex?
Loading XML to an XDocument with a URL containing an ampersand
jQuery logic filtering
AS3/PHP - Textfield's text by email keeping the formatting, colors, etc
OpenGL ES 2d rendering into image
Perform multiple search-and-replaces on the colnames of a dataframe
git-new-workdir: Commit in working tree A causes bogus changes in tree B
Regex for moving periods at end of sentences not abbreviations
Problems with making 2D terrain in OpenGL
Parsing json file with changeable structure in Python
Best practices using JPA to load object from query with a list member
Inotify change to another class or object
Parsing a text file in order to fill a HashMap
JQuery need to call data-rel=鈥渄ialog鈥�in the first page or opening page
Getting associated records in Rails
MySQL join operation to get info about post along with name of user who wrote it
In which situation are those Facebook IOS FBSessionDelegate methods called?
The 'add' event does not seem to fire when fetching
Countdown timer for metro App
If I write a custom property getter method, will KVO still operate if the getter returns a value by accessing a value from another object?
Linq join without equals
Java printing: creating a PageFormat with minimum acceptable margin
Input button click is not invoked through JavaScript in IE9
TypeError 'undefined' is not an object in Javascript / Jquery JSON parser
Is there an easy way to autocomplete block variables in xcode?
Double dimension array sorting in O(n) time
Tracing Native Calls
ASP.NET Pageflow Info
How to declare Chrome extension to handle 404 errors
How do I Insert Into the <head> from a template file?
Distinct by order date and products SQL Server 2008
Mapping extended entities with multiple ID's in Hibernate
How to calculate totals by week start and end dates based on date column in the table?
Width: Auto not working for IE8
Gain names of the column based on comparision between tables
Using SQLite with iOS鈥�strange warnings
Add element to an XML file on Windows Phone
dynamic typecasting of managed object properties when doing setValuesForKeysWithDictionary
grails lesscss-resources plugin issue
Ajax post doesn't populate data to a dropdown select list
Individually throttled torrents with Python
Why are my SQLSRV queries not executing?
Handle special charecters while writing xml through java
Recording the time when you compile a source
WebLogic: URL mapping doesn't work
What do the numbers in stacktrace.js correlate to?
Entity-Relationship diagram
SSIS and ETL speed
Grais Rest: get a Json object from a 鈥渓astName鈥�and not 鈥渋d鈥�
Spring HibernateTemplate Saveor UpdateAll() replacement
JQuery droppable wont drop in div
maven deploy fails on jre1.7
Django MPTT - how to query based on URL segments
Listview alterations with a 30px bar above?
Python BeautifulSoup - Possible to get X number of links from page?
how to make an anchor url via foreach using grabbed URL n TITLE
C# Generic Events
storing datetime in session
How do I interpret audio encoded binary data?
Authenticated Referrals Not Displaying
Change properties of any control within a parent form
Why does the linker give me an error in the virtual case but not in the non-virtual case?
Can Selenium web driver have access to javascript global variables?
Transfer c# code into c++ (Microsoft c++) version [closed]
MonoDroid: Getting 鈥淭estFlightApp鈥�like deployments
Calling ConnectionString from another class in c#
Is Android API 2.2.1 too obsolete to use?
Strings file Xcode - Remove the first and last + ;
load picturebox image from database where image column may be null
Sencha Touch Issue with Stores
Java OO design 鈥�associate a (key,value) pair with the value of a boolean variable
Tcl determine file name from browser upload
Call WCF (.svc) service from VBScript, WScript, VBA, etc with parameters
Extremely basic division equation not working in c#
Mysql result row to string, UNION
ASP.net MVC create related object using partials
Setting gravity for auto generated TextView and Button
SEGSEV, segmentation fault on ENTER opcode
Keydown event doesn't fire on an embedded form in firemonkey after overriding the keydown event on the embedded form
Forcing JSON JAXB to ignore 'type' properties for polymorphic types with Jersey
Parse and output TypoScript in TypoScript
How can I run GAE projects separately under one application?
Datepicker: seems constraintInput is not working in any browser?
Splash screen never fully loading before being closed
Searching for multiple values using VBA in Excel
PHP combined static and non-static class vs 2 separate classes
Get human readable name for BuiltInParameterGroup enumeration values
How to format detailed app description [closed]
Best way to declare N number of workers in a supervisor, without knowing N beforehand
Salesforce Refresh Token OAuth
How to passively monitor if a new TCP connection is being made in Linux?
Storage class declarations
Server running on background?
Global API security checks with ASP.Net MVC3
Do this dispose the child objects or not?
selenium web driver - how to use waitFor for AJAX
How to deep copy a hashmap when working with multiple threads
adding 1 to variable each time
What's the bzr equivalent to git clone --depth HEAD
Handling no connectivity in Android/Google Maps
Entity Framework LINQ insert command failing. MVC3
ibatis TypeHandlerCallback for multi column mapping - Money object
Wordpress sIte doesn't work after transfer from local server (database issue?)
How to create example data set from private data (replacing variable names and levels with uninformative place holders)?
Basic layout of appcelerator app
Using JAR parameters in JNLP file
Facebook application timeline tabs
Mapping non-contiguous blocks from a file into contiguous memory addresses
Constructing a PIVOT
Python: What's the right way to make modules visible to a TestRunner?
How to save a QStandardItemModel?
Using Jquery/MVC/Json to return a Select List to my view
Authentication with a Java Restful Service
How do I specify strike-through text style in Android?
What's the correct way to listen for a Google+ Hangout state change?
Textbox list for jquery doesn't work with jquery
Maven Copy in build phase
Output PHP to Textbox [closed]
Flex: DataGrid column formatting of numbers
How do i spot the case when the user authorized the application but the secret was wrong in PHP?
PHP Do something on MySQL Row Added
What鈥檚 the easiest way to preview data from an image column?
ConvertRect accounting for UIScrollView zoom and contentOffset
Meaning of 'this' inside jQuery code
Adding JPanel to JFrame
WCF send and receive string?
why the interactive mode of my gnuplot installation won't rotate when it will for batch.dem files and also for Octave
Validation in WebForms
How to view Outlook calendar appointments using VB.NET
ASP Alternating CSS Issue
dapper.net, how to flush ConcurrentDictionary?
C++ multiple inheritance
Model binding on POST with query string AND form parameters
Trapping an error in python
How to write a C++ wrapper for C in Eclipse?
Getting a base class pointer (parent) in a base-derived (child) class object?
Copy an object and subobjects in Ruby 1.9
鈥�13 Request Entity Too Large鈥�Error Rails 3.2 Passenger Phusion
Jruby/Vert.x, Setup issue
Github deploy keys, submodules, ssh
Is it possible to nest any DOM elements inside of an option element?
How to configure Nutch to avoid crawling nonsense calendar webpage
Necessary to escape a java regular expression in matches()?
Code giving unexpected output in c
How to reference an existing chart in a google spreadsheet
Facebook SDK didLoad:result = null
gridview loop issue
different size facets proportional of x axis on ggplot 2 r
JSF 2.0 commandLink in datatable
Scroll bars in IE 9 + Silverlight 4
Can I use a progress indicator without using threads and asynchronous tasks? [closed]
Removing numbers from strings
Combine Hibernate Criteria API with Lucene via Hibernate Search?
Issue with using and ODBC/MySql
PHP - Indirect modification of overloaded property
Running android app on the mobile phone and on the emulator
Sort letters in huge string
Importing GoPro MP4 videos into Python/OpenCV
CSS center layered dynamic divs
Install kernlab package on R
Need to Strip URL of everything except Node Number
WCF-service with xsd generated dataclasses returns empty objects
Sending one of multiple forms with jQuery
How to lazy/async load various elements(data in labels) in a View?
Best way to compare CDN performance?
How can I link to callback functions in Lua such that the callbacks will be updated when the scripts are reloaded?
How to stream data structure or record through NetworkStream?
How do I inspect the filter chain in rails (3.0.8)
How can an executable .jar file be run without the command prompt?
What does 's' in visual mode do?
colorbox, show the gallery from arrays link
Alternating background colours for my comments system [closed]
Working with arbitrary inequalities and checking which, if any, are satisfied
Microsoft IIS 6 returns 500 Server Error on my php requests?
Obtain text fields from a png file
xml one record per line in c++
How can I force a specific value in the implementation of an interface method?
colorbox, show the gallery from arrays link
Alternating background colours for my comments system [closed]
Working with arbitrary inequalities and checking which, if any, are satisfied
Microsoft IIS 6 returns 500 Server Error on my php requests?
Obtain text fields from a png file
xml one record per line in c++
How can I force a specific value in the implementation of an interface method?
iOS bottom align a TableView in TableViewController (StoryBoard)
Single Rails codebase, two servers, two routing scopes
Rake task for running a server in an independent thread then killing the thread when the task is complete?
How to ignore users in VS 11 Sql Server Database project publish
how to combine two grabbed variables using preg_match_all?
How to create JSF form with AJAX data validation
Function getopt in C
Disable item quantity and shopping cart in paypal
Facebook event comment.create not firing
How to pass data(selected/clicked cell value) from TableViewController's Cell(Disclosure Detail) to the next ViewController loaded?
Recreate test db from development db in rails/postgresql?
C++ : unresolved overloaded function when using function pointers
Setting up Zencart with Paypal
Does calling a C++ constructor from another member function/constructor execute the initializer list?
JPanel notified by LayoutManager when resized
Access controller from other controller
Chrome (Webkit) Storage API - Unable to write to a serial port
Objective-c Array not deallocating objects when removing
xcodebuild - 'Code Sign error: Provisioning profile X can't be found'
MySQL average temperature
When does a web browser request the src content of a dynamically created iframe?
Embedded FLV Plays in Fire Fox and Safari, but not IE
ASP.NET and WCF Authentication Options
ios error on label
Difference between linked lists and array of structs?
getting json data with d3.json() from php not working
Is there any way to have slanted box-shadows using only CSS?
Adding Rows to a DataGrid the Old-Fashioned Way (not binding)
Alternative to sqlite OR a better way to handle date / time fields in sqlite
Hibernate SQL Exception
Autocomplete blocks in C#
What is equivalent of Winform Control.Handle in Silverlight?
How do I query column names that contain square brackets?
Loading PictureBox Image From Database
Can a 鈥渞ich domain model鈥�violate the Single Responsibility Principle?
Error message 鈥�Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch鈥�
Rails 3.2 with ruby 1.8 syntax problems ( unexpected tASSOC, expecting '}', unexpected ':', expecting kEND)
pause until event/function is completed with jquery or javascript
NHibernate load child elements/collections with Criteria API
508 Compliant data table without headers?
Jquery Showing UL list structure before loading CSS ddsmoothmenu
Android Libraries for easy Multi Touch implementation that includes Twist/Rotate etc?
How Can I Save & Retrieve an image (bytes) to SQLite (blob) using FMDB?
MySql inserts high CPU load
action is always return null
python mechanize: create and submit a form
Python How to check for no return
Show the exact header PHP made for HTTP requests?
Integrating Grails with existing web application
How to scope GA *and* GWO cookies to a single domain
Python Walk, but Tread Lightly
ipad rotation in iphone project
Migrating actionbarsherlock to version 4.0.2 (from 3.5)
Django Template tag to allow bold and italic elements
PHP file() vs fopen()+fgets() performance debate
Javascript: How to retrieve the number of decimals of a string number?
Best way to compare two complex object
How would I format a list of dates within a struts 2 select tag?
How to send a json string back to jquery
Sql Server management studio 鈥淚nvalid Object name dbo.xxxxx鈥�
Show XML tag full path with php
Search in Path which created by SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH in Connect By Prior Query
Creating list of similar nodes in Drupal 7/Views 3
How to transform C code to JNI Code
Trying to save/load image in app error NSInvalidArgumentException
Why 'getopts' within a function fails to work?
VBA Heroku integration?
Is the iframe tag allowed within a trigger.io page (not a tabs page)?
PostgreSQL UPSERT Trigger returning id
WPF Sub-MenuItem Opening on the Left Instead of the Right
PHP Toolkit / Easycom giving iSeries message
JSF 2.0 - Checking & redirecting if the user is not logged in
Running PHP in apache
Eclipse 4.2 and Java 8
Google App Engine HRD - what if I exceed the 1 write per second limit for writing to the entity group?
limit download speed using apache mod_throttle
Clickbank api for getting the receipt information
Why do I get an empty data response?
iPhone App with only portrait mode
'%deb%' is showing up as '锟絙%' when I send a $_GET a query?
MVC 3 remote validate field has a complex name
editing a file on external server with php
RoR using Chained Selects jQuery Plugin
How to add text to dynamically created DOM objects?
Sequencing Events Over Network (Networked Turn-Based Game) [closed]
Passing a map from spring context into webflow jsp
How to handle pages with stale CSRF authenticity tokens in Rails
Fedex ship label print to Thermal printer using Java
How do I completely disable row selection in a CellTable?
JSF/Bean #{} not rendered/parsed
Navigation to other activities by clicking on certain words in text
How do the different browsers handle timeout with synchronous XHR
Using Ormlite in Conjunction with Android's Content Provider
Using Ormlite in Conjunction with Android's Content Provider
What syntax is used to SELECT a constant field value from a JavaDB database?
Uploading large files to Amazon S3
the type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to String
With Xcode 4, what is the proper way have a main project + a shared code project?
Chronolocation - describe a temporal equivalent for Geolocation
Flowing the editor elements in a MVC fieldset?
Is there a way to have two simultaneous maven builds populate one local repo without collisions
Android: How do I get GSM signal strength for all available network operators
PHP DOMDocument - InsertBefore multiple times
Java/JVM or Node.js/V8 for a WebSocket streaming client application? [closed]
Can't delete FileField's file in post_delete
Cannot assign to a read-only property
RSpec isn't generating spec files for my models and controllers
Haystack queryset contains None elements
How to add rich text into CoreData and then print?
Query string parameters from Javascript do not make it to processing PHPscript
Python lambda with regex
Facebook App --> Printmedia, Is it possible and where to start?
Error with crontab running a jar file
socket cannot be used as a function
Ant exec as different user on Windows
'Cannot Find Symbol' error when using a 'for' loop
Counting statements in Python source files
Errors when linking a custom Apache 2.4 modules statically with httpd/apr libraries on Linux
Accents not showing correctly in workbench but ok in php website
node.js & mongo schema, looking for some intro material, maybe tutorials [closed]
refer to image in directory which is parent to current path
Issue on steriotab system
One Provisioning Profile for multiple apps?
Resource id #7 when using fopen and fwrite in PHP
Serialization of big objects
How to project and resample a grid to match another grid with GDAL python?
ios compare boolean from json
backspace issue on linux file
JPanel in JTable gets focus on mouse click but not on mouse over
Prevent accidental clicks on Google Map APi attribution/logo in mobile app
CakePHP 2 & Translate Behavior: save multiple translations in a single form
Ubuntu 12.04: 'unicorn_init.sh start' works, but 'service unicorn_init start' does NOT
Are 'POST' cross domains ajax requests allowed in PhoneGap / jQuery Mobile apps?
Listview issue with item background
Asterisk thinks outbound call is to fax machine
t string error in if statement in function
Integrating Mat Lab Functions with C#
Private IP in Java
Accessing Legend Item text
Need to load the URL from excel and need to execute using Ruby script
Various exceptions caused by the Android Fragments compatibility library
command to compile c files with .a files
Can you simplify jQuery code, so i became more dynamic
When is finalization method in unit called?
javascript not working after jquery ajax call
Bean is populated on instantiation but its fields are null upon destroy [closed]
ColdFusion Deleting a session variable
Executing SQL Functions in Coldfusion
How to continue testing an iOS app, using UIAutomation instrument, even after the app exits?
raphael.js IE8 and Jquery
Turning a UL into a styled SELECT
POST from iPhone to PhP not working
Table view cell selection with slow fade away before transition [closed]
Task dividing for a PHP script
How do I turn off formatting for .js files in Xcode
Get a user's Most Recent SoundCloud Track Links
Populate a combox with many names after formatting them
Server side script in C# return different time from what server clock is displaying
Datasource for dropdown overridding static value?
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
How do I set the style of UIToolbar programmatically in iOS
Adding controls to custom panel in design window
Getting the user's local time into my Rails app
Get day of the week from stored datetime
Way to view all symbols/files in a given VC++ exe
How can I Attached NSMutableArray Data With E-mail Body?
loading javascript on ajax render
three.js - how to make camera look at an object during a tween
How to determine what artifacts are built from a maven reactor plan (ie: including sub modules)?
Select parts of one table and count rows of another
Holding down on text in iOS does not bring up the 'copy' button on jQueryMobile Dialog when using ajax
Run PostgreSQL CLI (psql) in bash script without password prompt?
How to get information about all active TCP connections via .net
How can I auto-format Razor output with indentation and line breaks?
django multivaluefield & multiwidget - make one optional
Does the Microsoft's .net CLR inline small functions at run-time?
images not displaying online in cakePHP?
Shaping Entities (Custom Columns)
Intel AVX : 256-bits version of dot product for double precision floating point variables
How would one expose secure access to a node.js server running on Heroku?
How do I add a line break at the mid point of a string split by whitespace
ios: is there a way to print SEL action?
css problems with ul list
Can you ever alter the structure of an indexedDB database after it has been opened in firefox?
Python's String class count() method
Library for waveform plotting
selecting jstree items and populating divs
cloning rails git repo in aptana 3
XSLT template for any node not already handled?
Mysql Query Left Join error
What is the difference between Linux and Unix? [closed]
Calculating With True Radio Buttons in PHP [closed]
mdb's substitute for gdb's catch throw?
MilesJ's Forum Plugin and CakeDC's Users Plugin
Android Launch canceled! Error in console
undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class when trying to create a record in my database
parse out wikipedia's IPAc
which line break for Macs and Windows email apps? r n or n n
Ruby Regex: Return multiple matches after a pattern
C/C++ Visual Libraries [closed]
Best way to pipe a program that reads only one line of input
Error with PHPass on authentification
Avoid traversing included system libaries
Quotation mark SAS (+) PROC FORMAT value,invalue
Modal prompt class name in iOS?
self.navigationItem.titleView setNeedsDisplay slow to refresh when coming from a async queue
Spring + hibernate + form
perl 鈥渙r鈥�error handling: multi-statement on error possible?
VBA Editor Data type mismatch
Removing scientific notation in the tick label of a Matlab plot
mysql join two rows with shared column entry
reading config from file
java.security.AccessControlException: Access denied (java.io.FilePermission
jQuery selector difference
Discrepancies in OAuth client implementations
iOS Split view controller - changing image in detailViewController
Ruby: Ice cream with decorators
Merge file from feature branch into trunk
GNUplot 4.2 syntax errors when trying to use set style line
Double-checked locking - pitfalls?
resolution independent grid for animations?
VBScript exporting table relations from MSACCESS to put them back in later
Get the Previous key in a LinkedHashMap?
buttons resizing them selves?
Faye, Rails and Net:HTTP end of file reached
Determine which file has an error when running YUI compressor from Ant
Spring returns FileSystemResource instead of ClassPathResource
trying to get CSS3 spotlight effect working with touch events
WPF Binding & MemberwiseClone Problems
colorbox close button with iframe
Can PostgreSQL COPY read CSV from a remote location?
Future mocking concept in mocking framework [closed]
General database design: Is it ever considered 鈥渙kay鈥�to create a non-normalized table on purpose?
Widget appearing to not register clicks
Objective C Category & Two Classes
Creating a Multi-Statement Dynamic Table Using PHP and SQL
Show form errors when updating an object from a different controller
Lightbox Gallery Issue
How to get an attribute value as int using XmlReader?
Setting vim omnicompletion colors (Pmenu) in vimrc not working
System.net.mail attachment gets .xml file extension
asynchbase tutorial? [closed]
Compare nullable types in WHERE clause of Linq to Sql VB.NET
asynchbase tutorial? [closed]
Compare nullable types in WHERE clause of Linq to Sql VB.NET
Accessing Detailed logs in Tomcat
SharePoint 2007: Create or add zone without Designer
Dictionary Textfile UNIX
How to compile expat with iOS SDK 5.1?
Manipulate elements of the DOM that are dynamically loaded after document loads
Why is PHP template not retrieving correct data from mySQL database?
Equality operator while checking condition in C++
Rails has_many dual relationship with other model
PHP blog comments not working
PHPMailer and 100K file limit for attachments?
Timthumb get error on server
Delete object in a has_many through relationship with :dependent => :destroy Rails 3.2
How to set header for restful api authentication using RESTclient Addon Firefox
Setting android TextViews and Buttons in the code
Rails Routing with Unique User Identifiers
WPF bug when using DataGrid and IDataErrorInfo?
nvidia cuda thrust abort() called on find_if
fields_for - loading all records in the has many relationship?
C# Override and Access Modifier Keyword Preferred Order
Delegate PickerView's delegate to another view
lava lamp menu url
SQL Re-sequence Records
How can I get System.Net.Http.HttpClient to not follow 302 redirects?
How to get Next 4 digit number from Table (Contains 3,4, 5 & 6, digit long numbers)
Character encoding that won't change the higher bits after I set them
errors compiling a program that uses the WordNet library in C
Call another ViewController without using storyboard
EGit Clone Does not work
CSS Layout - Vertical Source Order
How do I 鈥渃ancel鈥�a CountDownLatch?
Having to Datepicker at the same time with Twitter Bootstrap?
Categories and Subcategories Database
Does multiple runs make it parallel?
Passing multiple arguments to SQLite via Ant
Wrap view in a box in xml
PIL and JPEG library on Windows
Javafx 2 chart and freehand zoom
Wildcard Character in String
Logging credentials passed to a WCF Web Service
google drive/docs api in kindle fire
Mixing python and C++ via std in and std out
Are there any tools to convert matroska (mkv) to/from text files?
Django + uWSGI via NGINX on Ubuntu 11.10
Securing GWT application on AppEngine
Status of pins in RS232
Remove day from date format in php
Set playbook native application orientation
Find the number of business days between two dates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Python: interacting with STDIN/OUT of a running process in *nix
Is there any tool for displaying ActionScript class hierarchy?
running an SQL query and ordering by number of rows from another table
EditText user input to command line ( echo 鈥渦ser input here鈥�ect. )
Decimal Degrees to Hours, Mins, Secs in PHP via a variable
MS Residual functions in R
Using Handwritten Number Recognition by Yan Cheng, Cheok?
Catchable fatal error: Object of class SimpleImage could not be converted to string
How to set a GUID field from C# code
How to make small changes to a UITableView header but basically keep the design
Dynamic s:View title
matplotlib, define size of a grid on a plot
how to loop throught Dictionary
Using same function in multiple class
Swing: rotated stylized text?
Map: mix regions and markers
PHP assign mysql_fetch_array(data) to a array variable
How do I run Django as a service?
ORCHARD: Displaying specific widgets for an Error/NotFound and the LogOn page
Any Problems with sending javascript directly from rails view?
CSS not rendering on Chrome for Gwt application deployed in AppEngine
Trying to upload video file in php, but it's too large
Obj-C View to PDF only renders first page
Conditionally map two columns to one field with Fluent NHibernate
Weird behavior with Javascript getter/setters
Broadcast server discovery
How can I protect dynamic 鈥渃reate credential鈥�statements from injection?
KeyStroke class as a key in HashMap
Finding the peaks of a spectrogram
wpf validation refresh between tabbed pages
Can PersistenceContext be propagated across EJB calls?
What is the best way to develop a multi-user web frontend for a Delphi / FPC client/server solution? [closed]
MediaPlayer throwing IllegalStateException when calling onStop()
Can't create Facebook Page within app settings
Oracle Solaris Studio memory leak with cout
Cannot find button 鈥淪how Selected Element only鈥�Eclipse Java EE
How to get width of a string in plain c#
Custom UITextField created programmatically doesnt bring up keyboard on tap
unable to get Facebook Share success callback
Ignoring 鈥渏sp:include is not recognized!鈥�error in Aptana HTML editor
Flushing session when the user hits the 'Unlike' button?
Delete records using integer list
Using Source Code on duplicated project
Remove all extra space around a button with an image?
What happens when you run the same command from two screens in unix?
Web Design w/CMS
How to pass javascript variable values inside expression engine as embed tag?
How to test a sql server connection windows authentication from .Net Project Test outside the domain
Linking C program with C++ library (GCC 4.5+)
How to call another view from app.js
Issue with batching the project
Dynamically change Jquery UI sortable helper?
Generating multiple confidence intervals from samples of a normal distribution in R
NEON assembly fail to build for iOS in XCode 4.3.2
Algorithm for probability of following a path
xcode 4 interface builder name objects
How can i prevent a selected item in a listbox from changing its color?
Replace a controller action at runtime
Is it alright for multiple people running .net app that is stored under same network directory?
How can I get the selected code in Eclipse?
ASP GridView get row values on button click
webdriver firefoxprofile user agent not working as expected
File not found error in Asp.net 4.0
W3 Total Cache not loading CDN jquery before cached javascripts
Load RGBA bitmap with PIL
cloud services payments
Starting multiple remote servers with Akka
Celery workers cannot access the database
Dependency Issues Running a JRuby Thread
How to organize the handling of database connections within functions?
How am I supposed to add a JSP file to my application?
Why does the character stream read ints?
SQL Azure Data Sync - How to acces API for Data Sync?
Converting from object_id to something useful (name, email, etc) in Rails
How to use SharedAccessSignature to access blobs
Filter nested dictionary in python based on key values
Hazelcast file persistence (MapStore implementation)
Algebraically interpreting polymorphism
How to insert customer details into Orders table
How can I replace all numbers within a certain type of parentheses (throughout a document) with numbers that are a fraction of their value?
Add CTRL-Click on XML Document using Visual Studio 2010 SDK
UItableView with multiple images and setting onclick on each one of them
lua function from c++
c++ how to create a function, that prints on terminal as well as file
Serial call to same AJAX function only returns data from last call
Matlab som access generated data and parameters
How to limit results display on a page from foreach func and break it to several pages
difference between .gitmodules and specifying submodules in .git/config?
What is the Rails way to account the statuses?
Ajax not working when fn() placed in external file
Visual studio tool is used to monitor runtime function in .net application
Database context change
NSCoding and saving/loading default values issue
How do I access an ASMX web service using a WebClient?
One function that will work with multiple elements
JavaScript/jQuery - Array list does not go across whole board
Files in a List
SQL Syntax to get AGPA
Bootstrap Tabbable Nav Setting Tab-Section2 Height to Tab-Section1
staging database always picked from rake task
JavaScript/jQuery - Array list does not go across whole board
Files in a List
SQL Syntax to get AGPA
Bootstrap Tabbable Nav Setting Tab-Section2 Height to Tab-Section1
staging database always picked from rake task
Rails 3 - Object.try syntax
f:param with condition
Counting query result without executing query, using sp_executesql
jQuery - Unserialize a Serialized String
Styling select field with jquery?
How to Show Accurate Category Post Count?
Optimal XAML editing with Visual Studio 2010
LINQ query to transform CSV data
Different layouts in a viewpager
NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Unknown predicate type for predicate: BLOCKPREDICATE(0x70ad750)' Error
Cropping Pictures in Android by keeping Aspect Ratio
How does MOXy handle empty arrays
How to share the progressbar's progress in two different activities
wp7 - Recover files deleted by Isolated Storage Tool
findbugs performance detector
Update MySQL Row When Updating Using Another Table
Source code variable search-replace (bash?) [closed]
What is wrong with this method?
Database not being found鈥�iOS/SQLite
Using .Net's built-in authentication in iOS applications
how to create a Custom list model in Java
strange breakpoint in c++, visual studio draws flower around it
How to open the select input using jquery
Binding between threads and between managed and unmanaged code
Use the base-class virtual method
What is the URI for SMS Draft Content Provider?
Image(s) placement over a image in Android Saving memory
PHP - Pear: failed to open stream
SendMessage simulated action is working when mouse is being moved only. Is there a way to solve that?
Php parsed html table and count specific <td> similar to another
Do I need a Service1.cs in my windows service project? [closed]
End of file error when adding a stored procedure to Oracle [closed]
Why do the pages blink/flicker after transitions in my jQuery Mobile PhoneGap app on iOS?
noob issue about knockout.js and scope
Underlining a span element
Why wont Rails save the joiner model? Normal behavior or a bug?
Filling some QTableWidgetItems with QString from file
鈥淐ross-thread operation not valid鈥�if ComboBox.DropDownStyle == Simple
Why the lock in this code is not working?
How to handle properties that exist 鈥渂etween鈥�entities (in a many-to-many relationship in this case)?
Using caliburn micro to create pluggable modules
List passed to action method has no elements
MYSQL/PHP Highest values of two fields: Two queries needed?
HTML 5 / File API - filter file type for file selection dialog on form
Magento - Credit Memo 鈥淩eturn to Stock鈥�not updating Stock Availability
How to change the iframe's component's value right after the iframe src change?
How to add a shadow to an UIImageView which fits the shape of the image content but with some rotation and shift effect
Is Encoding not an enumeration?
How can I protect my site from HTTrack or other software's ripping?
Script to exctract data from CSV and generate http_build_query
Debugging perl CGI
jQuery, how do I call a url by checking a checkbox
Deactivate UAC in Windows 7 for a specific program
64 bit explorer plugin registration issue
Iteration bound variable?
Load a draggable movie clip on stage in ActionScript 3
how to trigger JQuery .draggable() on elements created by templates?
How to put initialization of my own connection pool in struts-config.xml?
Simulate d-pad center key to touchpad for android phones
TrueType Font rendering in Java?
Under ARC, are Blocks automatically copied when assigned to an ivar directly?
How to create multidirectional infinite/circular scrolling view like the HBO GO iPad App
How can I load an html file without issuing an http request using jquery?
Fast way to find a intersection between two sets of numbers, one defined by a bitwise condition and another by an arithmetic condition
Viewing a Gem's Source Code
How to get php request URI without context path?
A better way to mark location on a map
Regarding Dependency Injection principle in simple java class
view Prepared Statement
invalid operands to binary * after passing variables xcode
Python objects compared to .NET objects
Parsing date from xml
Matplotlib uses broken pdfmarks in latex
Implement ROT13 with PHP
Excel Macro That Copies data from one column, pastes it in first empty COLUMN elsewhere on same page
jQuery: really simple self-made infinite scroll
Use HTML form--> select results as an option to create a table View
Call from AXIS2-Webservice in IIS causes Error (500) - Internal Server Error
JQuery: fadeIn does not work properly. Content is only a short time visible [closed]
Repeats the previous item between n and m times in wingrep
How to debug further based on Valgrind output
liveSplitters set to false but still show up in BorderContainer
Binary Tree findHeight
launch Process in windows mobile
MBProgressHUD issue in main thread.
Form`s data disapears when page refreshes
Variable values
Is there a JavaScript API to send logs to a cloud logging service (like papertrail)?
Best way to create formatted text for rendering to an image in iOS
How to get the Selected index and value of a radio button inside an unorderd list using javascript
How to JSON serialize an fx:Model
REGEX to return list of all Capitalized phrases in a String
O(1) indexable deque of integers in Python
How to change 鈥渘amedtuples鈥�into classes in python?
UISegmentedControl segment width of is not set when the background image is set
Transaction inside of code
make html text unselectable
Is it possible to make changes to a line written to STDOUT in shell?
css transitions determine new assigned value
How to get all the media files on a computer
Deleting documents in a batch by expiration date in ravenDB
Saving settings for VIM on virtual box
Redirect User Depending on Language
Possible to combine an Indexer with DefaultMemberAttribute?MSDN has a broken sample
Eclipse JUnit Arquillian without Maven
asp.net mvc forms authentication with no membership
Trouble Maintaining Constant Update Rate
How to hookup validations for a mongoid embedded resource
Wondering how best to extend logic for checking if IPv4 address is in a given range to IPv6?
How to serialize or deserialize a JSON Object to a certain depth in C#?
Java.util.ArrayList.sort() sorting algorithm
How to handle exeption that has been thrown from DoWork handler of BackgroundWorker?
SQL statement workflow
Simple web application filter doesn't filter request
ASP.net MVC3 save last page a user viewed to display when they return to site
Methods to control environment when starting a lettuce test suite
Detailed description of 鈥淜nown IDE Packages鈥�to safely remove unused packages
PHP: Stream PDF (make PDF accessible only from webpage)
RenderTransform vs PushTransform
Combobox newly selected item event not functioning correctly C#
Use html5 canvas draw a circle but only show a part of it [closed]
Android application stops receiving c2dm messages after a while
Why am I unable to use Qt with Visual Studio 2008?
can nested iframes work?
what is the proper syntax for php if statement escaped inside a link
Can I have git gui and git bash and eclipse git plugin looking at same repo simultaneously?
graph - Shortest path with Vertex Weight
SSLVerifyClient not asking for certificate
Is it possible to get building data from Google Maps?
jquery and RadioButton changed event
How to represent multiple parents as rewrite rule?
how can i apply complete css on ajax response using jquery
string format for currency ( negative value formatted with braces )
Google App Engine HRD not working in Eclipse development environment
Get a pixels/units relation with opengl es
How to <%# Eval() %> and alter a date
Reindex just one particular record with sunspot
Android XML.parse() not finding content:encoded tag
How to reload implicitly linked dll
Soundcloud embedded HTML theme_color option not working
Play mp4/youtube movie while recording with camera
Unit testing window.onerror with jasmine
How do I get the original values of in an Update SQL Trigger
Why it's not possible to get the Runnable embedded in a Thread?
php : Retrieving number in the URL
Facebook Like Button Missing after liking the url
Slow Doctrine Find
What is the best technique to find the root cause of a slow JSP?
LINQ query to return all records matching all subquery criteria
Using MySQL, What is the best way to not to select users that exist in a different table?
Non-generic IEnumerable to string
AIR for iOS: create enterprise App without the certificate
how to `git ls-files` for just one directory level.
Cakephp Facebook Plugin - Sharing through an action
Writing dynamic URL paths WITHOUT mod_rewrite
FileNotFoundException when creating a Scanner in Eclipse with Java
undefined method `first_name'
Use dialog controls without stealing focus
R: Integrate: Max number of subdivisions reached, roundoff error
Rails 3.2.3 Asset Pipeline precompile does nothing
EclipseLink Throwing Exception?
SQL Select newest records that have distinct Name column
Silverlight: WaitOne synchronization in async call not behaving as expected
WCF server/client conected clients checking value for server
How do I create a Multidimensional Array in Javascript?
Why do I have to choose either local or server versions instead of merging (VS11/TFS2010)
&#0128; HTML entity for Euro currency symbol not visible in GMail
How to work with a 2D array with unknown dimensions?
UI C# sub ArryList
How can I disable or specify the number of retries in HtmlUnit (java)?
Database abstraction for distributed Java?
htaccess rewrite without redirect
How to view GoogleAnalyticsTracker.trackPageView's sent data?
How To Run a PowerShell Script As a Job In Jenkins
Operator with C# dynamic?
Installing JCE on Ubuntu Server 10.04 with JDK 6
radio button blur event always checked
Oracle composite index for range query conditions
Any Way To Check For Client Peer Certificate Without Throwing Exception?
Message.CreateMessage in IErrorHandler creates different message without wrapper element / namespace
When I try to create a Range object in ace.js, an 鈥淚llegal Constructor鈥�error is thrown
Date Insert fails through phpMyAdmin SQL Console
Kohana - Post javascript code with 鈥�exec鈥�regex return internal error
SQL Syntax and a missing value
Use of .NET 4 SmtpClient to send multiple emails in one batch (Send vs SendAsync)
TCP Sequence Number
ios App for Sleep/Wake Unlock?
Handling asynchronous task completion when Activity is in or out of focus
Where is SQL Server Management Studio 2012?
C++ Member function as a global function's parameter?
backtrace function inside shared libraries
Why is my 2D range not being replaced by a 3D range when using repeat_formula in Perl's Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module?
Orchard New List Feature Missing
Generate ADO.NET Entity Framework using SQL Server 2008 R2 and Connect to MySQL
What should I do about MQ between 979 and 1200?
JNA with 32bit JVM on a 64bit OS
Validity of JavaScript Type Parameters?
Perform SaveAll in Visual Studio while sharing screen via Lync?
echo an array in __toString method
Including a text file inside a jar file and reading it [duplicate]
Using RequestContextAwareTag results in java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: setJspContext
Transform Method Input With Aspects
Unable to load tor with Apache
Low quality image on retina display
Eclipse crash with mistake:unhandled event loop exception out of range CashCode
Background Image not working with HTML5 Boilerplate
Table view cell containing button always seems to have index 0 when button is tapped
Proxying Multiple Subversion Repos with nginx
php email sending errors
deleting all folders that aren't linked in a directory with bash
Download files from a server
Can't compile first opencv program, '/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcv'
Accessing values from Alfresco's alfresco-global.properties file
issue with QTtestrunner in cppunit
Iphone sdk - Weird behavior when comparing NSNumber