if statment comparing day of the week in android java allways returning true
How can I use the 'subscribe' to receive more msgs with predis?
ios image processing software auto crop to borders
chipmunk collision too soft
Combining Multiple Sites into a single Git Repo
Array.Contains() throws index out of range exception
How to Set File-Location for Files Uploaded using NeatUpload
Python lambda's binding to local values
Windows service can't read appsetttings in OnStart method
regular expression false delimiter in wordpress
Java passing BufferedReader, DataOutputStream and Sockets to a runnable thread class leads to socket exception upon writing to stream
security-role-assignment, migrating from weblogic to jboss
Windbg: Unable to walk the managed stack
Express, EJS, challenge with testing for undefined
What exception is thrown when DirectorySearcher.FindOne() is called and AD is unavailable?
Simple web crawler in C#
MySQL & PHP decimal precision wrong
Adding a new page action to the sessions scaffold in Refinery
Remove black flicker on first show of Winform with TransparencyKey set
Count a lines in a RichTextBox wp7
Get file system structure of hosts on the same LAN
Scroll snaps to position of anchor link - unwanted behaviour and inefficient implementation
鈥淭here's no Qt version assigned to this project for platform Win32鈥�- visual studio plugin for Qt
QTranslator and UTF-8 combo give me trouble
clicking in a link inside a div loads in new window
Export Silverlight Datagrid to Excel using COM object
Reverse triangle lookup from affected pixels?
what does the scope resolution operator used in a class name mean
Android Activity Workflow
Reverse triangle lookup from affected pixels?
what does the scope resolution operator used in a class name mean
Android Activity Workflow
Django and UnicodeDecodeError
Storyboard animation in UserControl whilst working hard in the background
writing Insert statement in a Stored Procedure
Is there a way to prevent iTunes store URLs from launching the iTunes app in OS X?
Generating CSV document via link
C# Regex match a french special character
Accessing a hasMany Association in a Sencha Touch 2 list tap handler programmatically
Sitefinity Community Edition
MongoDB retrieve records using $or in C
UISwitch won't stay as OFF state when dismissing UIPopover
Error caused by pressing backspace button on the soft keyboard for too long
Incorrect rendering of ASP.NET site in Chrome - fixed when clicked
Conditionally replacing the last characters of a string
AvalonEdit: Highlight the text in between Beginning and End elements
Update notification vibrate/ringtone
JSF put context back after modify it
javascript function call timing. The best way of implementing this
How to turn on/off airplane mode in IOS 5.1 using private API
Read file into ByteArrays of 4 bytes
Segmentation fault while accessing an object inside a vector of object
How do I remove a dependency from an ASP.NET 2.0 .MSI installation?
Camel's routes configuration in java - use one common class?
How to prevent my button's onclick for5 seconds
Toast delayed until after drawing complete. Why?
Changing Google Maps v3 MarkerClustererPlus Title
Combining columns of CSV files of unknown lengths but same width in Python
undefined method `valid_options' for nil:NilClass with simple_form and Mongoid
My GPS returns always 0 - 0 (HTC One X)
keeping variable alive in a javascript function
Android - Advantage of using ImageView over background property of a simple View
Adding panels to SplitContainer in Windows Forms
Can't get HAML syntax right for the copy of a form button
Target .NET Framework beta v4.0.2 instead of the release v4.0.3
Vim - Reversed search hotkeys mapping
Random answer possibilities
How to populate list view with three array? [duplicate]
What fields does SDL Tridion 2011 search use?
Validate ExtJS CheckboxGroup checked boxes
Javascript FF Slow Chrome/Safari FAST
Heroku CLI: How to reference an app by custom domain? (Example in documentation not working)
Getting the Average,Min, and Max of numbers in 2D array
Django allows .gif but not .jpg image upload
XMonad - How to make a window appear on more than one physical screens?
Local variables in class definitions / scope
User changed user id in AD (got married) but old name is still displayed in asp.net app
When I load the same sound n times in Javascript, will the browser just get the sound from the server and then copy it to n different objects?
Digg authentication using Oauth
HTTPS data returned not saving
After losing the focus on the JPanel screen in swing, screen don't show the content
Is a temporary facebook login to share a link possible?
Make a key behave as another key
External variable declaration and definition
Identify different versions of people鈥檚 names as the same individual
Vim - Show data type
How to check whether an ajax request has allready been sent with Jquery?
Drop down menu shortcut for left margin Resharper helper icon like inline Ctrl+.?
What's the GTK header I need to include so I can use lookup_widget?
makefile automatic src file detection and dependency generation
Bittorrent socket handler design
Customizing an icon breaks DataGridView?
Perl regex subsitute last occurrence
JavaFX redirect to web page
using a partial function for catch block with scala
How to query table to get one row requiring two joins to two separate ID?
pass null as a value in query string for DataViewWeb Part SharePoint
Using Hibernate and LEFT JOIN to load default values from separate table
set video duration with tag
jQuery filter object by keyname
Putting a code fragment in a table without blank lines
GAE or Maps API3 Store Locator with Python? (Easy Version)
View not listing the contents of database in ruby on rails application
How to use count in php?
Make a 鈥渉otkey鈥�to focus a TextBox in WPF
Alphanumeric and Symbol validation in Javascript
Rails Add rolify role via user form
Obtain a result of a SQL query with SUM
iterate over POJO properties and set it to another object
How to restructure Maven multi-module project?
Adding a custom variable to get_posts
How do you make a REST API and upload files in Meteor [closed]
Amazon SES aws for not existent/wrong gmail address
Visual Studio keeps creating event handlers that are already defined
About Java subinterface subtype
ios sqlite row with ? not read
GDCL Mpeg-4 Multiplexor - Filter's can't agree on connection
stacking two sql tables (2008) with different column names
CSS placing elements without affecting one another dynamically using javascript
Excel Download from ASP.net page
Serving pages only in facebook canvas
NSURLConnectionDelegate. How Do I Cancel an Authentication Challenge?
How to compress log files with NLog
amazon webstore redirect by continent/country
How can I make my plotted circle smaller in R?
Is there a more efficient way of creating a list based on an existing list and a lookup list?
how to setup a globally used broadcastreceiver that manipulates views in android
Is it possible to select all input text on iphone device when focus / click?
how to create non removable account
amazon webstore redirect by continent/country
How can I make my plotted circle smaller in R?
Is there a more efficient way of creating a list based on an existing list and a lookup list?
how to setup a globally used broadcastreceiver that manipulates views in android
Is it possible to select all input text on iphone device when focus / click?
how to create non removable account
Load local CSS and JavaScript files when developing, live when pushed to server
jQuery.ajax event not firing properly in IE8 (except when Fiddler is loaded)
How can I get the raw JSON dictionary from ASP.NET MVC Web API post?
how to read the input star and calculate the distance in a method and the call the answer in the main?
how do I avoid getting the empty namespace in newly created XElement?
how to send datatable column value which contains array onclicking of that column, to javascript? Please help me out?
How do I change the target app engine account in eclipse to deploy a new app?
unable to perform headless PDE build using AJDT in eclipse 3.6
Sql Server string interning
Perl Inotify not responding to append (ie, echo 'test' >> file)
Grails Unit Test Buggy Dynamic Finder
jquery mobile: Google maps api > allow user location > remind this preference
what is the feature that must be provided in a webhost so the ipn works
php FORM script not processing [closed]
How to zoom a circular region with Cocos2d?
Confusion about web services
substring(0,4) on jquery html giving null
Can't mass-assign protected attributes: integer
cannot delete (rm) a file in c program but can in shell
Access variables of defined in parent's init method
Save, merge sometimes doesn't commit ? Why?
Regular expression to filter out 鈥� {鈥�but allow 鈥渰鈥�
Filter Pivot in Excel
How to sort a column base on a substring of the values in each cell with JQuery DataTables
Chidamber and Kemerer tool for metrics for other languages other than Java?
threshold in AchartEngine?
Hiding PickerView and Box To Show What Was Selected
Asp.net MVC Block a user from accessing entire application on certain conditions
Is it possible to restore the encoding to a modified STDIN?
I cant update a row (MySQL)
PHP Mail function and foreign domains
Fastest Way to Retrieve a Single Int from SQLite in c++
Dictionary/Database key value retrieval
create 64 bit jni under windows
If else code help in try/ except block
How to Delete a Row from multiply tables in sql?
Divide et impera on a data frame in R
jQuery: Execute function on document.ready() and window.load()
Raphael JS: how to find path of an SVG image?
how logback watches configure file
How to prevent lost file permissions after switch between branches in svn?
Why I can not do recursive commits to subversion with monodevelop?
Binding ColumnDefinition.Width to a DataGridTextColumn does not fire when the usercontrol loads
Case Insensitive hash (SHA) of a string
Oracle SQL Custom Wildcards
How do I update only a specific svn external on first update?
UIButton calling selector crashes the app
Changing glibc but nothing happens
WCF Service with X509 Certificates and Java Client
JavaScriptDeserializer exception parsing JSON reponse
Advice on FParsec
Is there any standard way to create drop-down menu from QLineEdit without QCompleter?
Rapha毛l.js: How to scale a circle's fill image to fit the circle?
How to implement a parameterized method in an interface for using in the Spring Framework
C#: Correct Encoding of escaped Unicode-Characters in a local string (i.e.: not u20ac)
Summing two followed row in one using SQL query
Referencing PHP variables that don't have a value
NSRect coordinates of links in a WebView
Cakephp saving related model data creating blank record with one field
Monotouch NSInvalidArgumentException Camera
Castle Windsor: How do I inject all implementations of interface into a ctor?
Using OpenGL ES 2.0 inside CCRenderTexture
select a div preceded by an input
How to deal with Weird records in FLAT FILE?
SQL Server Agent Job Set Up
EntLib logging to category
UnsatisfiedLinkError - how to create the c++-DLL?
Rails performance when joining databases on different servers
Play framework 2.0.1 - Server only responding to the first requests
Folder to subdomain
IE9 erroneously redirecting to mobile site
How to get struct member with a string using Macros C++
SQL Server 2005 db Restore cannot complete
Using reinterpret_cast with ARC enabled
Prevent globbing after variable substitution
MultiUserChat get chat room user?
define a function returning struct pointer
How can I test if a link is opened from my app using UIAutomation?
Java event is killed when a function for audio playing is called
Javascript - Onclick event happening during and only during page load
Mapping an ArrayList of Object with XSD file
Avoiding Multiple Location Services Alerts
Trouble accessing registry keys containing { }
Subprocess change folder permission on Picloud (an AMAZON EC2 server)?
I need serious help in changing the vaue of a column within the same column by going 2 rows up and changing the value
how to trim text of richtextarea in gwt
C# Webbrowser Automation
How-To support Internationalization of JQuery Mobile Offline Web App (i18n)?
Losing Gesture Recognizers in UIPopoverController
What's the proper way to use multiple String methods on a variable?
Bind ListBoxFor (Multiple) back to Model
What is the best way to work with files in memory in C#?
Open an image with Android Gallery
Datetime and offsets in .net
What is the best way to work with files in memory in C#?
Open an image with Android Gallery
Datetime and offsets in .net
ios - SizeToFit on UIImageView not working
How to get HTTP Status code and message using jquery
picturebox image in c sharp
how to change style to error, input, and label to formhelper in cakephp?
Not all code return value in this method
Why does returning false stop propagation with jQuery while it doesn't with POJS?
IE8 Display: table child size
Show Dialog everywhere if I don't know the current context?
JRuby unexpected :
PDO Class bindParam() not working
MySQL UTF-8 coding
F# 鈥渇or loop鈥�optimization
The type or namespace name 'Name' could not be found
Radiobutton wpf binding
Android market publishing: 'android:icon' attribute: attribute is not a string value
How are error-handling statements formatted?
When user enters correct text, an image rollovers/changes
MATLAB slider step behavior
jquery apprise in conjunction with autocomplete
How should a thread pool be implemented in C?
Entity framework projection or
Applying CSS styling to only the first <li> in the root of a nested list
How to record a video from a QGLWidget?
How to receive the first n numbers in scanf?
How to craft an xpath so it includes not only the full xpath, but also the value in the child element that is referred to
opa: google analytics
A duplicate JSON file in iOS app is preventing the app from building
Sencha static top and bottom bars for page changes
Nested HTML tables error, missing table near page break in print preview IE
iOS Safari cache on Back Button
How separate stuck input box and submit button from each other in Twitter Bootstrap?
How many content provider we can implement in one app?
Is there a Java local queue library I can use that keeps memory usage low by dumping to the hard drive?
Recursive make is recursing too much and requires a dummy prerequisite
Setting up a persistent connection using node.js
Saving Android Preferences
Getting nearby places based on the User's current location
What is the reason of high CPU usage on a 64 bit OS?
Can't find 鈥渙rg.springframework.scheduling.quartz.JobDetailBean鈥�spring + quartz
How to properly print RSA* as string in C++?
f# console app doesn't work. c# console app does
Lion - Xcode 4.3.2 sqlite 鈥渘o such table鈥�
iOS Getting the value from a TextView in xCode
jQgrid dblclick cell update filterToolbar
Using the Parse iOS SDK with RubyMotion
backbone javascript setTimeOut method
Checkbox - Centring the button
Create the .cspkg and the .cscfg files to upload into Azure
Parameter tuning for 1-class classification with LibSVM in weka
UTF8_general_ci collation taking a couple of seconds to process
How can I add a trait to a case class?
JSHint won't let me use 'forEach' in a 'for' loop
<!DOCTYPE HTML> declaration causes div contents to NOT display
Adjust height of Storyboard-created UITableview to height of its contents
Having trouble accessing a directory from a php script from a wordpress template page
Live streaming video with overlay on web-page for iPad?
How to fetch data from row that is indexed to another table row?
Too slowly action a music button
How to escape comma and double quote at same time for CSV file?
Get onscreen position of current seekbar progress/secondary progress?
How do I minimize the number of array accesses
Using MySQL LIMIT on query with LEFT JOIN
Split main into one function
Image Map Creator/Generator that allows for the easy addition Javascript onclick events?
How to Create a sprite Image
how in SQL to sum up (+1) and down (-1) votes using 1 and 0 values?
Conditional styling of a table based on a drop-down
Adding additional data(watermark) to epub files for better security
Not sure how to do this 鈥渃onsolidation鈥�type query in T-SQL
rotating rectangles in javascript implementations needed
When is JDBC transaction opened within JTA transaction?
LD_PRELOAD socket functions java
How to get the selector for window.location.href using jQuery 1.4.4
Handling NULL in Dropdown list from Entity Framework Stored Proc
Getting the dates of the current week in Android
sending email with cakephp2
Importing multiple UTF-8 files with varying number of columns
How to print an array of integers
JPA: how to map SQL Server uniqueidentifier type
Python - retrieve info from dictionary list & syntax error
Jquery - how to get the object(node) of the textbox inside a plugin
JDOM Throwing Parse Exceptions with bad ascii characters
convert system string to char to be passed to _mkdir function
convert Function so as to give 3rd state
Select Statements SQLite and iOS
How do you assign a column type when loading csv to datatable?
Spring Security : How to access a protected service from the init method of a context bean?
Jenkins - trigger post-build action based on parameter
Creating a equilateral triangular grid over geometry
Can we set RelativeLayout or LinearLayout logic in ViewGroup derived class?
setTimeout is not working in XUL 7
Transaction handling while using message driven channel adapter & service activator
How to get text from online .txt file quickly? (c#)
Python - Subprocess module- Ghostscript- 2>&1
What is the fastest way to render json in rails
Grails controller unit testing MethodSelectionException
java and mysql load data infile misunderstanding
What is the fastest way to render json in rails
Grails controller unit testing MethodSelectionException
java and mysql load data infile misunderstanding
FogCreek Kiln Always Gives Error 鈥淵our session has expired鈥�On First Try
as3 calling a function in another class [duplicate]
Toggle Button in HTML
When dumping assetic, using MopaBootstrapBundle, Runtime Exception occurs: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
Running a ASP.NET 4 app in .NET 2.0 app pool
Why GestureOverlayView is so slow?
Does setting a cookie with jquery.cookie and then testing for its existence confirm the browser accepts cookies?
Convert char columns to nvarchar, in order to change the codepage (language encoding) for data already in the table?
IOS5 iPad popup controller delegate not sending messages to parent controller
How can I diff and patch/merge strings instead of files?
nhibernate mapping error
Jaws and virtual PC Cursor mode: is Jaws supposed to automatically switch to forms mode when encountering a dijit combobox?
Convert Vector to HTML5 Canvas (DXF to Canvas coordinates)
Symfony2: How to build multiple registration forms with FOSUserBundle
Thrust: summing the elements of an array indexed by another array [Matlab's syntax sum(x(indices))]
Dismiss modal view then perform segue to open a second modal view
Calling a SQL Query returns the old value
Viewstate and TabPanel
Flex/Bison - start condition
Converting a Brownfield PHP Webapp to Zend Framework
C# language, Calculator
Conflicting static vars with non-static ones in changing values
SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1286 Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'
jquery accordion not working with contents received from AJAX
uploading photos to news feed
WCF Authentication working inconsistently
C++ and FULLY dynamic functions
What is the fastest way to bulk insert fixed width flat-file data into Oracle 11g r2?
jquery slider animation playing fast after window is minimized
Link PayPal 鈥淒onate鈥�button to Wordpress 鈥淧ost Comment鈥�button
Can i use NSString to save/load image?
less css mixin with parametric A as default for parametric B
how to access unicodes which are stored in database or file in java
htaccess Mod_rewrite with accents
How do you determine which X displays exist?
Creating connection from ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2
Is there a way to silently run a bash command after a file save in vim?
Button push and button release events in Android getting mixed up
How to detect User typing in console vs. Background Task using BATCH commands?
XSLT sorting a part of xml document
jQuery 鈥渁lert鈥�fires but setting img 鈥渟rc鈥�is ignored?
Using vector<wstring> with Boost.Pool allocator
Is it possible to know if a serial port is connected/disconnected in linux?
objective-zip Xcode 4.3 issue
PEAR::Mail 'failed to add recipient'
Converting a jQuery function to support runtime elements using() .live or .bind()
How can I schedule a reboot mid-way through a wix burn chain?
objective-zip Xcode 4.3 issue
PEAR::Mail 'failed to add recipient'
Converting a jQuery function to support runtime elements using() .live or .bind()
How can I schedule a reboot mid-way through a wix burn chain?
html to pdf converter by ajax call
output parsed raw xml using jquery
Facebook PHP API: $facebook->api('/me') always return info
How to enable or disable network card and send packet using Assembly language?
Select part of the text in a div
Jquery Title drop down with other to be editable
Word Press site isn't displaying the wysiwyg editor content?
iPhone Unittest with Warning
unable to get length of string
Extract data from Text
Inserting and sniffing vendor-specific information into beacon frames with Android
access to parent HTML document in an included js file
How to exit a thread's message loop?
Spring Roo Hiberanate makes extra SELECT * before SELECT with limit and offset
Understanding _tmain in Visual C++ console projects
How to access binary data within a string in javascript
Cartesian Product of multiple arrays in C
EF4: Define multiple foreign keys
IE7 CSS media queries Intermittent loading issue
Enabling strict mode for multiple JavaScript files
-moz-resize event
Which is a better filter for the following noises?
Meteorjs models/collections are accessible on client side. Security issue?
No bean named 'dispatch' is defined
How to print unsigned char[] as HEX in C++?
MONOGRAM AAC Encoder generates file with no audio
jquery.bounce causes content to disappear in Firefox only
files exported from Photoshop always register as changed in git
Can I refresh an XML comment in Visual Studio to reflect parameters that have changed?
Problems getting objects in Stage
TTS: Ivona SDK for iOS - impelentation in Project increases the app to 200MB+
Can I use MYSQL spatial extensions with sqlalchemy?
showing blank screen every time while i tried to post on facebook after user has logged in
how to enable cakephp media plugin to upload pdf files and docs
How to use webBrowser control in c# to get user google latitude and longitude?
Titanium + Stack Mob
Kinect Skeletal Tracking Not Working
Module padding in Joomla 1.5
jQuery two dropdown menus? (dynamically)
Two div blocks on same line
Add camel route at runtime in Java
Mobile HTML5 API integration support
How to establish authentication in apache or nginx based on my rails application?
MySQL Stored Procedure with Dynamic Result LIMIT
Get files of plist type
Overriding Default CSS in ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit's TabContainer Control
Overriding Default CSS in ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit's TabContainer Control
Automatically expand fold when going to a line number
How to spefic the body id attribute in JSF 2?
_NT_SYMBOL_PATH adplus windbg issue, not able to set name
Loading a fact table in SSIS when obtaining the dimension key isn't easy
Hex to string conversion
Dividing by 100 precision
In-App Purchase Products not showing in iOS 5.1
How to correctly handle errors when using boost::filesystem?
java - tree structure method
How to pass arguments to my application that include the - symbol on gdb?
Disable UpdateProgress in UpdatePanel with ASP Button OnClientClick
How do I set/get session vars in a Rack app?
Storing dynamic fields with Doctrine2
Knockout.js: ko.toJSON does not convert viewmodel to JSON
setContentOffset loses precision?
ASP.NET Ajax - OnFailure - Get error text
How to randomize Keynote slides
FlushFileBuffers Error - Handle is invalid - Error Number 6
Getting Jersey's JSON POJO support to work from embedded Jetty?
Android Background color changes using ViewPager in ICS
How to attach a tap event occuring outside of a view to animate/dismiss it
Console wont print - AllocConsole() issue
Adjust size of iFrame when the content expands
Issue with centering while keeping header in fixed position
Are pixels ever not a square on a monitor?
Is there any format or convention to making a web site template? [closed]
Create 鈥渟ound bars鈥�similar to the bars in windows mediaplayer
How can I measure the performance of a javascript heavy webpage on a client computer?
Not getting current data in UITableView after XML Parse (using NSFetchedResultsController)
SQL error - Multi part identifier cannot be bound, and cannot convert nvarchar to float
activate Caching in Webkit .NET Wrapper
Android: how to import an email attachment?
Codeigniter pagination not rendering pagination links
Rails 3: Before Filter Issues with Session Management
Clean git repo on Heroku
SQLBulkCopy doesn't fail, but doesn't Insert
Django: How can I find methods/functions filling in the specific template
Twitter Bootstrap Customization Best Practices [closed]
Obtain Picasa AlbumID
Datatables ajax sorting
Access ACL entries
How to display fields according to a value in an other
How to access via javascript that exists in page1.aspx, a hidden field that exists in page2.aspx in a frameset of two frames
Defining a variable with optparse in Python
php parse array values
RSA decryption with openSSL
OCSP Revocation Check On Entire Certificate Chain
Add new row in a datagridview
iPad : UIButton requires many tap attempts to caught action
Run autobahn application with twistd
Multiple body lines 鈥�pear (php) mail
Wicked-pdf times out in Heroku
500 internal server error on Tomcat7 while trying to do ajax getJson or post operation in jQuery + Struts2
Delta Compressionin .NET
Restore SQL Server 2005 database without overwriting DB users
JButton adding properties
SecKeyGeneratePair returns errSecUnimplemented
how to convert from struct tm to long int in C?
When I send a JS object to a Node.js server and ask for the same object back, the server sends back a modified object
Given a string that when appended to my domain would give me the appropriate url, how do you generate a link?
Unicode normalization through ICU4C
Get time without time portion or timezone difference
Store MySQL table to file (sqlite?)
Facebook in-app showing up in different language
IDispatchMessageFormatter not applied through ServiceBehavior
How to add history item from Redmine plugin
Dynamic key in bean:message in Struts 1.3
Can not retrieve data from the socket
Is it a good practice to pass IQueryable as parameter in a Service layer method?
gstreamer leaking memory when not using pulseaudio
Fullscreen jQuery fadein/out animations stutter in webkitbased browsers (Chrome/Safari)
php and newlines: what I need to know?
Ruby on Rails User Confirmation not updating a parameter
Chtml CheckBox click on checkbox but still marked as unchecked not changing.. Submitting through ajax
python-oauth package currupt
Strange behavior of dynamic cast and static cast
what name function php I need to use to read setting file permissions on windows?
getting URLs from PDF using PDFNet
Drawing pipes/tubes using HTML5 canvas
Dynamically change width of a label
simple html dom unable to handle forward slash in find(id)
how can I shadow the .el files from the Emacs directory with the ones I specify in my init file
SSIS MySQL Copying Table to SQL Server
HTTP: 鈥淓RROR bad Request-Line鈥�
An object with a temporary EntityKey value cannot be attached to an object context
Why does li value sit lower than the list number in Safari and Chrome?
Interlocked.Read and 'long' overloads supported in the Portable Class Libraries?
TCP communication stops with firewall on
Can't run program in debugger?
How to always start from a startup activity on Android?
WPF UserControl component editing by XAML
Dependent text fields
When creating a DAO, when should the backend connection occur?
node.js query and clarity of understanding [duplicate]
What is the SQL Server system table that contains information about stored procedure parameters?
Deploying WAR to Fuse ESB get 'FileNotFoundException: URL [bundle://248.0:1/com/bookstore/app/]'
Modulus of a really really long number (fmod)
Storyboards, Segues and Different views for different orientations
setRequestHeader Error When Saving Canvas as Image on Server
What is the SQL Server system table that contains information about stored procedure parameters?
Deploying WAR to Fuse ESB get 'FileNotFoundException: URL [bundle://248.0:1/com/bookstore/app/]'
Modulus of a really really long number (fmod)
Storyboards, Segues and Different views for different orientations
setRequestHeader Error When Saving Canvas as Image on Server
NSURLConnection delegate methods not getting called
Adding jQuery tab and Going to Tab in IE8
Arduino read string from Serial
netbeans project sharing
SLF4J version mismatch and duplicated binding
NSLog shows values, but context doesn't save data
knockout mapping toJS bug? empty array items
How do I stylize a blog page in WordPress
How to display this message within the correct row, not within all rows
SQL Server CLR TVF to return two new columns into dataflow
Static block covering main column and left sidebar (on 3 columns layout)
How To Use Update Function In Repeater Control Dynamically?
fancybox - popup window size
nHibernate and QueryOver to serialize for processing by a Web Service
dataWithContentofURL returning (null)
iphone app development and marketing model [closed]
Load portfolio items with AJAX without reloading the page
Date manipulations in D3.js
SQL query to get top 10 of a new column generated by SUM
Downloading a CSV file using JSF
populate dropdown list from database when editing form MySQL
I want to to join client's sqlite3 db table with server's mysql db
How to play a Sound Effect in Android
Cannot set text in ViewPager
Track limit on SoundCloud custom player?
Threading in ASP.NET MVC 3
Create and use translation resources in an HTML5 web application
Change format of script list in Chrome dev tools?
Encryption mismatch between Java and PHP
Bug in geometry Hit-Testing
Unable to get UIAutomation iOS UILabel value
Using MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP to access data from a web page returns truncated data in Lua
Get string of the keyboard key
Use of yield and return in Ruby
Why doesn't redis SADD work with an array as an input in node.js?
converting unicode u sequence (like u041a) to normal utf-8 text in php
How to create external redirect for below internal redirect using .htaccess
Can SQL Server Data Tools work with SQL Server 2008 SSIS?
how to call soap server using nusoap
jquery serialize returning incorrect values after previous async page update
UpdatePanel and modifying controls outside of the Panel
jQuery - Looping over all elements and removing those with a specific attribute
Can I return a string using the @helper syntax in Razor?
How to convert an originally Latin-1 char[] from SAX parser to a proper UTF-8 String?
ASPX with DNN: Line Break in Generated Souce Code
can I perform a query inside of JPA entity to get back a single column
TCP recover connection after hardware disconnect
Android - Understanding View.getLocalVisibleRect(Rect)
In which session/memory does ABAP store static attribute values?
LINQ filter Datatable by n Columns
Overriding Calendar Style in DatePicker
How can I freeze a JTable row selection inside a scroll pane
How to adjust the path that Emacs' compile-goto-error gets from the compilation buffer?
Where can I get the source code for the WTP(Web tools platform) [closed]
PowerBuilder application - Debug
jquery UI draggable + sortable (cancel receive)
COM smart pointer how to reset to a new instance?
Need to retrieve all groups a user belongs to鈥�in C++
Multiply submit in one form. More than 1 submit in one form. Or more then one form in 1 JSP
Can not activate a virtualenv in GIT bash mingw32 for Windows
asp.net mvc - Data lost on post back
Resource limitations on php curl
How to add a placeholder to a GWT text input field
How to get the document ids of all documents accessible by a user in google drive?
How to pass an array of strings or a string vector to an IN clause in a parameterized SQL query?
How to find id in silverlight data grid
Android sqlite with multi thread
Out of memory exception while trying to pass an object to a groovy template Play Framework 1.2
鈥淟east frequently used鈥� algorithm
Getting the last User ID in Zend Framework
How do I use linq to compare a list to a lookup?
Loop through radio buttons on a form using a construted variable name
How can I fetch all items from a DynamoDB table without specifying the primary key?
How to I put a dynamic php page into the jquery accordian 鈥渁ctive鈥�section
Why can't I call UIComponent.setValueExpression()?
InvocationTargetException when using AccessControler.doPrivileged in a signed applet
jQuery UI bug: dialog close changing radio buttons
Delay making virtual machine role available until startup tasks complete
Self-subscribe to PropertyChanged or addition method call in setter?
Improving mysql query?
Translucent JFrame border JDK 7
Oracle SQL - JOIN performance in comparing null values
How to display a popup window within onGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt
How to set gridlines for every value on the Y-axis in achartengine?
datastore: deleting entities outside transactions
How to call a method located inside a C# DLL, from VB.Net, with late binding
Flex - How to Unlex?
Performance difference when running same Java code Windows vs Unix
javascript / html5 - text to image
Sort a Query by a field in a related (belongs to) table?
Grand Central Dispatch - display first image when it麓s loaded?
How to do a Unit Test for a custom Data Annotation
Using data from fitnesse table as a variable
Route images in View folder in Asp.Net MVC 3
Active Admin scopes for each instance of a related model
Resource ID nvarchar(MAX)
Using Kendo ui web in mobile
How to *correctly* upload a WAR and its dependencies to Tomcat7 in Ubuntu
jQuery - Text Description Hover
Problems with auto generated SQL Server Compact Keys
set_error_handler vs set_exception_handler [duplicate]
Retirve Entity Information got exception using session.laod when after session is closed
Referenced webservice showing but not working
Rationale for JetLang (Threadless Concurrency) vs Java Executor [duplicate]
Virtual Memory, LRU, and Page Faults - Homework
Call MVC action method by javascript but not using AJAX
Manually select artifacts and create a build using Jenkins?
Need Realtek's rtl8188cus (WiFi USB dongle) datasheet. Any advice?
Yii: BELONGS_TO relation returns null if I change its name
Is it possible to pass a variable to a function by reference? [duplicate]
I need to retrieve SQL Server objects information in java
Configure maven-shade-plugin to include src/main/webapp
Android server contact service keep alive
Google maps places to Custom List view
find top 3 values with an inner join
鈥淣SUnknownKeyException鈥�message with non-existent item
CSS issues in IE7
Accessing session varable from WCF service by parsing sessionID using jQuery
Regenerating Querying Database
mySQL JOIN query for users with 0 assigned records
Can we really display data in tabular form in windows forms?
Android tabs with views, still dynamic
Search and write lines of multiple strings in python?
Python always returning Network is unreachable because of old ipv6 configuration
Batch delete data from SQL Server table
Stuck at the last step in recreating the paper rotation effect done by FiftyThree
Forward an email and append additional text without losing format of original message
Undefined symbols for architecture i386 (yes, once again鈥�
Multiple MySQL queries with different tables in one
Alarm app for iPhone sdk with Music
Delphi XE2 DataSnap REST - 鈥淥ut of memory鈥�when i try to download a big file
How to access to the items in Applications folder
Downloading latest jar files
Can you access UI elements from another thread? (get not set)
sending email with sendmail - django
In Mvc 3 razor view what is the best way to conditionally render html based on Nulls in the model
batch syntax error(s)
How to get statuses of a random facebook page through Graph API
Must Check box to submit form
Some questions on C language (C89) [closed]
Load ASMX service as XMLDocument
Readable CRC error count property on USB 2.0 host controllers
Populate asp.net dropdownlist with number
Installing PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4 IBM Cryptography algorithm on Oracle Java SDK
How to get statuses of a random facebook page through Graph API
Must Check box to submit form
Some questions on C language (C89) [closed]
Load ASMX service as XMLDocument
Readable CRC error count property on USB 2.0 host controllers
Populate asp.net dropdownlist with number
Installing PBEWithSHAAnd128BitRC4 IBM Cryptography algorithm on Oracle Java SDK
Doctrine2 gives me only first instance of related objects
Css change second element
Need to right align decimal number in ol list
issue 'attempt to index global 'base'' within protocol fields creation
asp.net responding to html links
Select from two tables using 鈥淣OT IN鈥�in LINQ in Entity Framework
how to calculate the time taken for the image to be loaded in the uiimageview
How do you test that a form text field has no value?
How can I save an object that's related to another object in core data?
crashes Application class
What causes Windows 8 Consumer Preview to lock-up / freeze / hang in Oracle VM VirtualBox?
SQL AS/400 - Extract product price per store
ISGL3D Transparency issues
Mysql - Shoul I use ID columns?
Table join in CodeIgniter with Active Record and GroceryCrud
animated gif not displaying in safari windows or mac, advice required
Visual Studio 2010 C# Run/Debug on Remote Machine
Encoding Data NSString with Mail
Change color of bars depending on value in Highchart bar-chart with MVC3
Android: can't pass variable to a third activity
Compiling automation proxy with MinGW
404 error and .htaccess
Filtering 2D Arrays in Excel VBA
How do you explain the result for a new DateTime('0000-00-00 00:00:00')?
How to provide password for Capistrano rails 3.1 app deployment to aws ec2 ubuntu server?
How can I make script for recursive downloading all empty files?
Getting some HTML code on response of ASPX page
icon in JTabbedPane is not shown
How to match the regexp globally in a file
How to use template to show a model(kind) which has one-to-many relationship?
Direct address table with non-distinct keys
Live streaming from Android app to Youtube
Apache Camel and CXF: Mutlitple cxf:rsServer tags .. is this possible?
Treat Xsd Xml Validation Warning as Error
Is a content provider a single blocking instance?
Coloring one character only in jTextPane
Splash Screen for iPhone and Android Web Browser
How to Handle Access Percentage Fields?
Why do floated elements appear before non floated element, even if they come after it in the markup?
Qt, Google BreakPad and MacOs
XNA BlendState with SpriteBatch
submitting form through javascript and passing a variable with it
creating setup.exe
Get Global Address List (GAL) from Exchange Server 2010 SP1 using ExchangeService
iOS - a NIB's view used across storyboards (for design & animation logic)
kUTTypeAppleICNS lossy?
Fluent interface pattern and std::unique_ptr
How can I make a Progress Bar class that's value can be Updated from the calling class
How do I configure my DbSet to map to a specific table within a specific SqlServer Schema?
How to display JSON data containing arrays using Jquery
How can I stream videos using JW Player?
What is the best method for attaching a single key/value pair attribute to an enumeration?
HTTPS request with Cocoa/objective-C
webRequest api: does not handle requests to favicon.ico
Fusion Tables - how to use no polygon colour for null-value cells?
Sort and structure some address data in an iPhone app
msysgit 鈥渇ork: can't reserve memory for stack鈥�
Create Visual Studio Solution From msbuild .proj file
Insert file to Google Drive from .NET WCF service
Splash screens on iPad 3
JCheckBox not being rendered within JTable (JRE?)
Changing color of selected listview item
Using SQLCipher with Mono for Android
I am using Geotools to display a road map of Bangalore
Full-screen gallery scrolling problems
Halt closing the div; if hover over it
List of select data in Entity Framework (linq)?
asp .net 4.0 app on IIS7 Error 404.17
RSpec: ActionView::Template::Error: undefined method `full_name' for nil:NilClass
VB.NET: Multiple Lines in email
Selenium. IEDriverServer.exe does not exist?
URL Redirect with BlogEngine
Iterate through a map of lists?
Is there any way to dynamically delete or disable a JavaScript file?
BroadcastReceiver fires after the activity is already created
jQuery scrollTop doesn't scroll
Where does IProcessHostPreloadClient parameter values come from?
asterisk how to create outbound calls
How to zip a string?
find pair of numbers whose difference is an input value 'k' in an unsorted array
Not able to perform any operation on a file created by batch
How to use remote browsers for js-test-driver task on Jenkins?
Is there a better way to see if a file is being written to?
log4j Console and SMTPAppender: How use multiple appenders
SOAP client only works in Google Chrome
How to show a list in MVC
How to paste a file from Clipboard to specific path
generic base class that implements interface
web worker postMessage process order
SOAP Client receiving empty stdclass
SQL Running Total Grouped by Date
PrivatePub & Faye-Websocket not working
Why retrieving system info return null point of exception?
Building SoundCloudAPI Fails with Apple Mach-O Librarian Error
Tomcat and Eclipse server configuration
LZW decompression algorithm
jQuery: fix a div at the bottom edge of the window when scrolling?
How to update the text in the UI from the background thread in Android
Is there a way to encode unicode into a human readable variant of base64 (in python)
Doubly linked list Fortran. Print from tail to head. [closed]
Is there a way in javascript to detect if an element has any events attached to it?
How to debug protobuf-net missing types?
GWT: Integrating 3rd party webservices and exposing via REST / gwt-RPC to gwt-client
Should I add a destructor/finalizer to my class that contains a Dataset?
How to use a windowhook to simulate a keypress
SharePoint Delegate Controls (GlobalSiteLink3)
Cannot get records back from Google App Engine
lint error 18 Symbol 'CsiNetInit(void)' redeclared (precision) conflicts with line 21
How to customize DataGrid header?
Spring Validation 鈥�Validator is working, but errors are not displaying
Update/Insert into table
What options for Secure Database For Mac OS Xdevelopment (esp. Core Data)?
Do fragments really need an empty constructor?
Snapshots with Castle Windsor child containers
How to use epublib jar in my android application
Animating a jQuery script to color text
Do serviceAutoStartProviders run in combination with App_Offline.htm?
700 Google Crawl Errors caused by AJAX?
Assign Some Text to particular line in UITextView Programmatically
iOS ASIHTTPSRequest switching between HTTP/HTTPS connections
Detect if a .lib was built against debug MSVCRT
Webdeploy with WebMatrix and external DB for BlogEngine
creating two new database tables for magento
ASP.Net button not resetting to default
Jump form not working correctly
Can I increase the timeout for apache pool to reduce creation of new objects?
Video/Audio Codec for Silverlight video conference
Why does reflection return such a weird name for a lambda?
CSS div is not floating next to image
SQL SUM with Repeating Sub Entries - Best Practice?
Customize TDBNavigator buttons in C++ builder
Custom UserControl binding in a Silverlight DataGrid template
Why isn't n n breaking lines when saving text to file?
Configure NHibernate hibernate.cfg.xml file to have more connection strings
web request ios
strange behavior of returning a vector
In-Place Editing With Meteor: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null
Notify Icon mouse move has an empty location
Bash programmable completion when typing 鈥渇irst command鈥�
Is a session attribute local to the web application?
parallel using plyr
Custom UITableViewCell width is resized on tableview reloadData
Is a session attribute local to the web application?
parallel using plyr
Custom UITableViewCell width is resized on tableview reloadData
Android: Reposition control below another control programmatically
Prevent a(signed out)user from viewing logged in member asp.net website pages by hitting the browser back button
Not less than zero - make a variable which is less than zero to zero
MS Office color scheme not applying to custom form in Outlook Plugin
Overide <a href=鈥溾�> when using jquery .load to get content
iOS PhoneGap 1.7.0 + Barcode Scanning Plugin issue
Optimize sql query
Removing navigation properties from POCO-classes in Entity Framwork
Why does this C# ThreadPool sometimes drop work items?
Merge videos in c# asp.net using ffmpeg
Proper way to fix input type submit parameter not available in posted data when form submitted using jquery
Integrating multiple query condition
Spring dataSource bean definition failing
jQuery Add Tab Creates Extra Span
How to get td values on radio button selection using jquery?
TinyMCE text editor reset
Is it possible to change the ylim and xlim when the plot has already been drawn?
Preventing Form closure from freezing Invoke calls
Symfony2/Doctrine2 searchable behavior?
Place custom character between numbers on a string
C# - Hide Command Line Window
CSS - Apply style to cells of first row
IIS Rewrite Module rewrite map performance
Delete Specific record in RMS?
What sound formats does Sifteo support?
Python try connecting to multiple mysqldb hosts
ActiveRecord::MissingAttributeError (can't write unknown attribute) in Rails
Mail Not Sending From Server, Told To Edit
Grade E on Make fewer HTTP requests in YSlow for my magento website
How to hide user from login screen using .NET C#?
multiple threads-not able to access class member variables set by constructor
gdb --write won't save to 64-bit executable - 32-bit works though?
How to create JSON format string in iphone?
Evaluating mongo DB performance
doctrine2: explicitly fetching without cache
How to use move and scale UIImagePickerController in iPhone?
Java(Android) JSON(HTTP) exception
Databind a List<System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image> to a repeater
Is there an easy way for me to iterate through a collection and create a report?
Stack corruption; what is supposed to happen to a variable stored in a register across function calls?
Sencha touch 2 - Displaying a nested Model in a DataView
Write text file in appending (utf-8 encoded) in VB6
How to move UITableView vertically
Is couchdb suitable to build a wiki engine?
NSLocalizedString and app language
Having trouble deploying ad hoc testing version of iOS app
Most efficient sorting algorithm for sorted sub-sequences
NSLocalizedString and app language
Having trouble deploying ad hoc testing version of iOS app
Most efficient sorting algorithm for sorted sub-sequences
Linq - How can I create a DateTime from time values stored in three different columns?
action_send mime type for links
Converting a C++ program into C#
optimize PDF files (with Ghostscript or other)
How to log puppet agent and master
Spring MVC + Apache 2 tiles + Spring security configuration exception
C# Linq Char arrays Except() - Weird behavior
How to map a SolrNet Query result to a class?
Creating a db in chicken scheme
Consolas smaller than Verdana
A a little bit difference in the operation
Characters written in R become invisible after suspending and resuming job
Unable to set a breakpoint to debug an add-in project in Visual Studio
jQuery append on .each
Mediaplayer throws Error(-38,0) on reset()- and prepareAsync()-call
Python wxTree saving the tree to file
How to deactivate scaled image preliminary smoothing?
How to link button to flash file using flash cs5
How can the value of a javascript function argument survive across page requests?
How to get an error page for a 410 http status code in Django?
Why won't randomization work (MATLAB)?
Why does Tomcat work with port 8080 but not 80?
Appending a value if a key has already been submitted (checkboxes in a form) PHP
PHP Nested Navigation
icacls run from Wix CAQuietExec behaving differently than when run from dos command line
Not able to configure Idea-3g NetSetter in RHEL 6.1,System is taking it as mass staorage not as modem
line break in DataTable and GridView
Optimizing SVG-based sprite-sheets for CSS3 HW GPU acceleration in the (mobile) browser
How to make Facebook log out from my application
Where can I download older revision of Android SDK?
Create setup without writing to registry
Facebook like button are not diplaying when anyone are liking the page and never are not showing for others
Git selective commit
Add a scrollbar to a dynamic view
Error when using a forked gem (active_admin) from Github
FB.init and FB.ui doesn't work in IE7 in Canvas application
check if primary key exist
How to parametrize fields of a SELECT statement?
Unable to get the location updates in monodroid
Debuging of jar contents in Intellij Idea
Android - how to add gain control when recording
Upload Images/ Files in MVC4 SinglePageApplication
RedBean (ORM) Get Bean with his relations like other Bean
Get Assembly Build Date in Azure Web Role
RVM and Passenger with two Ruby versions
Should Javascript Input to HTML form onSubmit with # action to PHP $_GET (all code on same file) work in theory?
Send push notifications on android without using C2DM
Restrict URL tempering in Spring Framework 3.1
Css for textbox
return value optimization vs auto_ptr for large vectors
calling a spinner from another class giving exception
Window turns black in OpenGL
keeping databases secure
Remove an item from an array?
how can i use position bottom to animate a div to the top of page
Detect mouse click location within canvas
Add widget to homescreen from Android application
How to return correct enum when checkbox is added to a messagebox
Where can I find a C program to implement CBC (Cipher block chaining) decryption?
How do I publish data from the server and listen for changes on the client in Meteor?
jsp translate xml to html using xsl
Get WPF combobox SelectedItem property using MVVM pattern
Boost interprocess message queue, open and close
jquery using xml as html in IE 8.0 and other browsers
What is the correct way to deal with JSF 2.0 exceptions for AJAXified components?
QR Code Scanner w/ZXing error
Javascript being printed instead of ASP (classic) output
How to Google + Style Text Input Expanding Box
Problems linking to library after Ubuntu upgrade
OPA: replacement of the topbar
I cannot get jQueryUI buttonset and button to consistently work
Tool to merge partial classes into one class?
Non-symmetric android TableLayout stretches (some) columns
Thread-safe state with Warp/WAI
ActiveX calling Javascript functions
wpf keyboard navigation behaviour
How to access personal bundle update site from eclipse marketplace
How can I validate non-model properties?
Classic ASP application Memory Leak: Issue in setting up Windbg
HTML content only scrolls with scrollbar, not mouse wheel
How does Integer.parseInt works
java.io.IOException: Permission denied with Xuggle
String formatting remove everything after </table> tag
How to log data to a JTextArea (or JTextPane) from a thread that doesn't have a swing component init?
PHP appends localhost to out-going email
Is it appropriate to use Property Injection in a base class when a dependency is only required in the base class?
Android app 2.2 port to 4.0
DIsplaying Comments under an Image
SSAS - Cube browsing currencies displayed in USD format
castle-windsor - return different implementation according to call against another component
Does C++ ofstream file writing use a buffer?
For which scenarios my solution to this puzzle fails
Timeout on webview Android
Go back to starting view
Assoc Array manipulation - array(鈥渧alue1鈥� 鈥渧alue2鈥� to array(array(鈥渒eyname鈥�=> 鈥渧alue1鈥�, array(鈥渒eyname鈥�=> 鈥渧alue2鈥�)
C macro that creates an NSString variable with the variable name as the content of the string
Upgrade issues - What is the connection between JSF, Myfaces, Trinidad and Facelets?
Preventing Duplicates SQL Server 2008 and Classic ASP
Refer to an object being initialized within the initialization?
How to copy a folder in the same directory with different name?
Problems reading from Oracle
How does boost::optional<> handle local variables?
How to update WCF service references automatically
Images not showing in second ios app target
UIPickerView selection loops automatically and doesnt stop
if div with id has certain text remove other div
ANT insert prompt values into files
c# object defining property nullable or not
visual studio breaks on handled exception
UserControl vs. MVVM: two depending comboboxes for lower and upper value selection
Using C# to execute HTML on webpage to download PDF file
Spring web service - How do i extract the request?
Div Hover not working in IE 6
WakeLock under-locked exception using cwac-locpoll
Keeping touchesMoved within bounds of view controller
how to add the attribute to each tag while retrieving data from xml using XSLT
Ruby On Rails Devise Install Problems
Who to ping to know if my application can access the Internet